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Amarillo daily news. (Amarillo, Tex.) 19??-current, February 13, 1921, SECTION THREE, Image 20

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m i' w w w w w w av 1 - 11 nrj
All Jlade of
ttoife Ribbon 1
jind Kal f
'.Er3id 12.
Yards of Cording On Taf-:
, ietaDrcsses-Ccorgette
; and CrepeChiffon Satisfy I
Desire for Graceful Fab-:
rics-1880 Frocks With;
; Velvet" Ribbon for Trim-'
Or Achieve One It You'd'
Be Fashionable. I
kail n A;is.!
( wmn
4 y Tc.; '.VTfVi' 's
v .. J -
K i 1
' 4.
t , ...... i
viW 1
Brown GeoffeVLe ,Dronze Bedsa jmd
GoldLsce in One rmbroidercd Crepe
de. Chine in-Vxe OLVier
)f.ri'; .n r('rN l --'.lie hort
j:-r. llie lurn .1 j'l'lrr or.rn:!
I k ir. fie U.f suhrrnl tunic.
; lii'i .iotrl akirt !r.mrti;n HnJ cprk-
am !. ri..n -it t fhut lhi iililUt
The rrft !: S:n. I llnrn.
! nt 1,i'-vu t. !! itiuuk'lit-out c oii-rl
It'll III l' 111 l. .IIU IIHUl HUllfHIVU" i
No, one of !', JrrvuM h4 wht Hit)
'onJ-r.i!v Ur ni4kT t rim " prr.,
fiv ' f. " Ml., it; ui:a lv iur4D a boil-'
l. v I'li llr.l m'tiiM t)lr l!jik. tlf.ith-1 InilV dOvll 1 m
;:.kf l (he max:. .no t,J uiu)ilj vr. -c-i,.' i i -i
a ...Mir ico -iht r.l too M! in th; E r"OCtv WlLIT VI1G
: tut. Tlif fit rf thr plrrurd oIukim LOW JjisLTllTiE
' m.iy t il I'm-il e ay". NoIur.
' . thrrt sn of f: ri pulKd frifnt-1 "... "ZZL t ;- .
Into p!.. r; !itu rvrt'tr r ,.,. . rriy th bc-omlng.-iot a
frj. trji una ..i.n. iw ..inrnoun 4 ft4,b, r r trnig flo,r ,n c0.
frock ! cf trtf .1. rl,!n ml ,1rr.on w;.h Ucfi (
Oeorrt. tn of th ..f:.t. inort , Tni lr.,, ., for iar,,P wom.a 'll.
Iuntri''i! ait un aftrrnoun trpek l
furinul Hi"'. nl hitnJom mi
(vniini in iuiib! (or (orml (
IT will b omn rry hjr.l tJ
fiMM ha nat I't j'!Vr
wl.h on of th ti'r nt t ro k ;'
H(1or4 iorfy. Kor ni'l of th
tuatfM' thl fx 1 la U'jnrhiiic ar II-1
lurri4. Sam, of Ui tnojrt ari
uutl u for l.u'nce th hort-'
itr4. full klnd modrl r.h f.t( J
k4irr kut U of th! ! ar au
tfcorltauva. - All tr food. AoU all'
wiS bt ora thin fomi.if aon. i in that riprt.
boJWf T rt Tli aver-
onun ar hr a ::m m'!i to.i
h:h. Only a tery yoar.j f.r: Ivo
U n aliort-wa.i i rosrum anil
ten on hrr Ut ffct iiui!it or
cunning rathfr thn grarcful. Al
mot anybody ran acMt low !(
i!n. tvtn if na'ura ha not 6n hind
All that U ncftiry
'mush t 'a(T. 'i fr .. !; t'rr n l to
h tk 1 'ir:-n -r I InJ i I! : a dark
!;:i frix k n.bro.i r- :n rhatio
nf lish'rr ttji" anj r-.l v-ry ry nJ
ff.vn. anl If 0u t i'ly th tm
irolJi'ty ycu hIII no: ht an lab
ora: ffect l n . hiv4 wl-h
very ll't' o:' Th- Ibi- of 'h fjll
tunic w runwi'.h ro anj rn of rorda
mo af lta conjervadv than o'h. ' ta to
hav th akirtbanJ vry loo j ontf curd ar- fed In th iirrt nf th
rm. to to ur. You coa!J r th .nrf th iiuid blt of th bodlr. btCW. t'orlinc far t.rr'a. u know
rf lafft-a with dart-nnej bodic vvhn th tklrt bU U attached to ' 'hit prin:
l Now Tork rturant and tUca.tl,.,. ,... ,.,,.. b1. of ,h. bodx. p.cturt t
n wou.a purari ooma at:n ion on ;,, wtlfh, cf ,h, ,kirt puUi th U
. nBn. .or i. tun- , bo41fB doWB ,n,j y,, a loBer Wit-
, d ffct Th coraet haa rai.y ry
T o'hr fru k in tM!
of iiurvion nV.in llh
rt-.bi uidry In :
m Kr-.T 111.
Old Tcsaioned 4
Coydinto and
Cunning Bodice-
plcueoily bow at) I a would not cr
to f pncu.r nfatlon. Half th Mlt ,0 do W1.h lt; th. f,,vtr cu. cfitunir ovr a Barrow un.-nk rt. and i
worn, would" wo Uappraa.nily nl,tB M f, ,,, ,h 0o.aa of th,tb tunic l. ihd ail th- way up I
Twdor If lould w ar t?.a! , COUBt- uady-mad ' th ctr.trr front to thow th under-
tno. Too oinor ml r.n naaa- . ... .v...
l. ..uid "ihiH i a'' ua"7 "
I blouwa alway ar. un'i on lrts
I a modal on trai(ht tunic Una an.
look! beit.
lac glaac. would decide:
CllMn ryU-t-bu? hot for nn. Th
fotrrtrock l'.lutrat4 two-aml-two In
thar plcturt. bowavtr. coulJ b worn
aay whr tad b rcivd othui.ai
llcally. ' Titer ar frock of th cob
aorratltrt typ. rot they ar all new
frweka and oipraaa th new g-yi fe
tarto af th aoaaon. So you ran pick
aad efcoo from today page, for a'l
Ibooo tottamto ar going to b worn.
Coaen The l uU kairt
Kvoryaodr baa ba on th qui riv
boot aklrta. Long ek ago th
putj th belt aberver It
Hofl Fanei. iTrfrrnit
Gorgtt. rrep chiffon. crp
Hii.lM line o; iru
maroon an.l girint. Here U 'h)t,0 p u of $r.f Gi-orgeite
dropped waiaV.n at.n. HP I t: full w,.h b,uf ,,ri,;jin- iri( frlng.
IT It Mudv y.nUrt ly Of lUbhon
U ai k uio.r ribbon In airlpi and
't'.i. tnakea t). p.uant ll'tl froi k
r.ip m Vimnf anil ttrv altn.r tiiatle
giialut Mh-a Krlrd moln:icarct'y anybody lo would
A Btw o'.J-fa'h one 1 t:;ultt la lh'j,re effect th cotum. Hut for a
altuhtd and br.nd-(r.m:rr J frock. Th ; Jt.u:an' thia la an adorable frock.
lone iH:J ff-i t l ai'1'. nlu..'rd. h ! ii It no:? It hi no tleva at all
aah b ing droppe ti'.'.r 'o th hip, land th flat bodice. fltti with dart
iir l.l alAitheii ran uu In th bod.iat th aide. fn'n at th bark. To
rbenlK braid; l.a.k r.ioir rlbbcn.
affron colored t'Venl'.l. and cluter
uf prlmrov-t at 'ho walcltn and on
th ikirt.
CorJing runa riot you perclv In at
nraiie larTeta fruck wl.Uh ha an oJ.I
rectan-lar eftct of b .l . conrrtve.l
l'h jiiped MiUom un'lr th arm U
bOih badlr and live. All the p'l
Ing l dotf with b'.ack velvet and the
front aect'.on of th bod.i- l fitted
nia(lv at th wa.j'Un with rio.elv
Dlntuck The orange tafTe'a frork I
-tiin mnA e.rtnn rren ar to h a I in enn-tnua the l.raijej I tie of the thl child. h bodlr th full aklrt la
upeclal vogu th eion bcai ' kirt trtmmir.g; and th overlapping. g.therd no b.t. no win, no piniaiitn i' r...u K pip ng ;j ai ronui n -
nur nai a cap-. ny a v a' K nut wnn a imanim . i
Ixauiiful farl-. The frock la In
brotn h :de: brown fabric and the'
Le.iJ.ng In t.mn, nppir and brown.
The evening gon l of embroidered
ihtffiin, wl'il gruy rV.A rmbrol.lriy on
black. Th - k rt drapery I epclal!y
crai'eful. hr'.ntng the enilroldcrel
border in oli'luie efTei-t ruther than
n'raiflit a.T .ml the utra'.glit. nar-
yvc ee: of a'l-b'n-k. iliv.iluig th
embroidi-rcil i'rt.i-M of the bodlco I a
rnkinn irLl.t uDon aort. ararel. ! fr,r j.l.o:,lir-J le tan-u or h afcirt even no :eei
line, even ba flaring aklrt ar b-1 ar a vtry good f-r pr.n Thl t.va'ing l.ttl frock It la' Tho atrlpa, feathir In orar.es. and by black etuck-
ing Introduced. Th nw taffeta ar : fTor haa the lrr:gu!ar k r: Jt of mslr ribbon are Jolntd under I ln and ni pper.
root'ly chiffon taffttaj. and aal.n are
of th auppl kind oatm nut- be-
favorlt. Later, printed
w was wj aiut lajamvu
alwaya hu omtbing up hir alv
wkr aw aijrloa ar concerned, and
rait aaa, taoogh aklru ar undoubted
Ir fall, th fullacaa U In a ihort tunic
aad th Barrow, clinging tklrt la re
lafced aadmath. Thla. if you want
raar aklrt both fuller and longer. Th
vogue, on prophet! for warm
weather frock.
Th 0orgtt frork In one of -he
two-and-two picture I -In brown
tone. Tobacco brown Oorgrtt 1
embroidered wl'h bront beada and a
little gold lace 1 ued at the girdle
e.lL.. i. .-.t.a .... i. .v. ..,,. 01 urown riuuuu runn.ua winner
vw-v a wwwaww iv ww aaa tuv ihhh
ad tb length 1 aupplied by a aklrt J
thai aiiBoemee the anklet, if you
waat U wear a full aklrt without any
arrow - aklrt ndrae'.h. you tnuat
feav the full aklrt ry tbort. Don't
attempi ta wear a eklrt both long and
full, ar you ami be hopelettiy wrong
th lace. Th loop of t!e naribi
at one ld are veiled w.th gold lace
And. of court, th ahhow u til
at th aid! Front end (a'-U ah
bow hav brn abandon, d bv fa-h r
and th aide arrangement ta now fav
ored. The bron i-orce't froi k I
la rr aprtng atlbeueti! oroppea over a .n.:-g or o.-que
lace aaoat women will b Interea-ed O'oWa which eho. mtfit ve ee ,
rh.ey IB the coarvatlv frock rylet lB 1B bo,J" -rin' T'" otner.
rfa d. let U tak them BO Brat. iw 10 ,nl P're I rr jn.rry i:-
eu. to lar aa tinea to. i n .ri
Quite full but the ma'erlal it o t.f
that It fall in freight line, and .e
weight r,f the embroidery luik-a the
Use all the etraighter.
It la a blak crept d rhln nio)-l
Aad 1 yea hanker after the gay little
frarkt witb ehoii full aklrt and B
lre ai all, you eta tklp tb wire
tald modla and get on to th end.
On af (he to-end-'o pic u re thow
a fiooecett frock and an embroidered
m a. aiiii frork Ta h other i embroidered with let ben It and th -e
plrrur fell-tanlc model f uffe-ai b4' and th nihil lind wi'h N.'e
and aatlB era aroeented. crp d thine. Th aet-ln elee.e. I
TW w W.MIbv. For Uprlng "
' all nw feature.
tAV . fro-k. hav loot bodlca ufff,t and aVn mod' P-
ri Bat yoaihfal line to tho figure. I tared together have the new f jil ttn'c
aad ihe watetlme la drfpped aa low a , over a narrow undertklrt. They have
j,aible ohlcli caa only be done with i alto the dropped walntlln. even
O on rejolret mor 'h:n th
'argrr womnn at ah li Bow
sreii!y de. cna'ed -. apr.rg
fajihloni prolii." loll! l.net. low
bvi.a and graceful 'kh'. S'h- id a
lilt a-kanc at :h ru e- little t"X J k
el over ltm-at-a tua'ch .r b Jl
then one da- t.t l.n ' ,h
box Ja'kel even in a ein r-f ab-
breMa'ed Jurkv'- ' 1 tre a-e a i),
o'hrr t'jlet.
KtiK.in in genra! IM "rn cr.
i. t. Inly promie- ta be kn.l to un.ple
. i "ure. At a nia rer m ic . . i -
ont are row innilif.-d and nil.ip'.ed u
ha' font pop may wanr t:m
I'tioi; Jonk.nj g-0(-''l Ht;.rr'
ni arlf hme .en pu' nn 'h- J 'b
and 'ti'-y i-vu'" the r rfre time ('
t!i l.i-K-r w'itmn'e J.r-ih'm in rln--U'.'h
ar. appra.tirg eve tr.ev nn
ne ii. de liuniid by 1'ar.t I' I:
rnj il 1 ce adP'd " ampte r-i-
ur.iii pi-' 'in IT to 'o ";"-k be
n- ri .- 1 !n !.ro p'npnr'inn '
i 'f n.,ir-e ' t'r.k:nr ' mw
be in. ..I rt 1 fr trt larr wi.rf
Modification I what te eipert la of the roun I-U cnn'ouM of rhei k and
EVXXISQ Iltllf abort Jacket.
iooe a rnaatlt and trlmmd
witb mraidry. braid and taa
tla hv raglan levej.
wn.e fetv ktnooao ileevea; om have
eet-ia 1-t, Aad th edge of th
lirkM i.v b traight. curved or rut
la puiat. Bu almoat Invariably th
a'tort, clt tefeaU a graceful eaan
iWat.f.at down en id of th fk.rt
wt ki.. hiiI ha enrtnc
tti.ep.4 to a eTor Ahcut n n women
J uf V b wt tvv blu tul'a when I
ii . amta aroi.nl and iio'h'ic ran j
4 j -"' ( Vee from fr. Fume '
Il "fUaerwl" AaaaHII 'TtiCa"-1
aelf tone or b'tk. and chert have'
I atrapplr.gt and binding! of b'ark braid
Rowa of t.ny metal bu"ont ar added
rotnrtlme to th braided model lo
f;ay military eri''.
Tb ftvortd material fir ta t l a
new twill cord 'ike a fn gatard r
Droaty auitt nd tport l.i too w.ll
be of l'k Canton rr t ai.it h it rum
to be tbe rare thtt a)n Kr't for
warmer day promi to be of i:itn
and the linen tuitt lav th eh'jrt,
loote bo I coat which )uu know ar
not wo bard to manuf.ietj: in th
horn oewlng room!
ilu f nrKart deuaaj OB
: fir ron.p mrne. Hv ere
ro' el-'iirite bu' :' groa ninra and ,
mor gay and ornann n'al. To b truly J
am t r ou mo-' ear n.'h our until
t r.ng ti riun io vti. a race ecu
drawn m (jthn over )r, ir vl-.ag aud
border -4 veil fo.i'.ri over yj'ir
r.uftly b'fiu-nt for aprng, eoft,
pretty arTi.r of ba'i - and handker
chief laan lh gfnrrei or pleated
r.ifflet ed; ni he roller and maklag
grveful Jatiitt diiwn the front. V out
of the b!iMi- are wblt or cream.
I the fle.h p.rik bleu la fad.ng from
1 faabloa'a boriaoa.
larger woman' fathlon holda alwayt
in mind, and tb larg-r woman'
clo hee ma' therefore be more or let
contention: and connerva'lve in typ.
All ex'rem nmdea have to be avold
f., all vu:i color, all rakleh eifecla
ft it the 'unven'tonal and conaervutlve
r-ln-he make tip in grace and charm;
and n well dreaied larger woman I
wtuallv th tie ft drexeed woman la her
f..t. Good l.n, graceful fabric, bar
mon'oii" retort and wM thought-out
ai'i-urli' of dreae lend dutmrllnn to
her cot'iiTiieji and becauee the or her
d'eniuker pu'a (ra conidera'loii
mi 'he iilanning f wer mlfake In
rvl and color ar mad than In the
raiment of the Blender womtn who
!i.k -he can rtk any mode that
orne. a'urg.
Ti e lireer woman ehou'.d Brat of all
.ur..,iir her prt.cular lrgene
Mr f i"v Whea anr a flrur de
i..ir' from tb aormal or cla-atr
enea'-irementa. It takea on all kmdt
of 'ou'ne. The large wemin my
uvf a hcarv toro and ab nder. taper
'ni l.:nti m hlrh mean that the ran
i achieve a beeomlng low-walf line
without dlftl'iilty or ah may rarry
moet of her weight In h'p and leg
with a chunky, higb-walated figure
itvovt the belt lln. Hh may have
moet of her rurt at th bark or ah
may r-tv q-j : a nice flat bark with
the full devdopment of bunt and
dltphrtg'n that make youthful bloune
atyiea lmpo1ble, I'tually th ha a
thrt, plump throat and th paddtnc
of fleah over her thoulder make hr
aerk look ret ly ahorter than It la
And usually ah haa a aurpMtlngly
pretty foot and ankle for her fee.
There le not much tupi rfluot Beth
on th aealp or tempi yet th atoat
woman' head appear ta be larwer
lata Ua thla weaaa'a head baewuae
- f i
chin arid th heavier column of the
ne-k. AH theee thlngt l av to b con--Idered
In devtf.ng greful cottunie.
for the larger woman.
Mort t?onien of amp! miu'
ment.i ran dret a go"d ilertl be''er
nowaday by buying frockt. eulta ami
even ng gownt ready-ma te than by
h iving ertumt mid for them tin
et tv y ran i.fford to pttronli th
very bet tt.lnr nr dremaker. Such
expert are ar'U'a In their line, bu'
(lie me ll.irre '.t.lur and the d.-tm ik
cr by-'he iliy rr.nccn'rate uaually on
"fit": ard ft and line ar two very.
ver il.tTennt thingf
And ttr lire thope which enter
entirely to the Informal dinner, ret
taurint and 'h-a'r wear, or erv fur
mul late af'ernuon affair Ilk recep-
t.ont or tea n'l-n (.lie It hoffvea or
atu'e'tna to recc!e llo'h It a m:i er- I
iv$'-4e'$ ',
'.. r 'iy'ip; .
F'.i-rV-'-. ;
III l.r.iMis
AltY piiiow for th perambulatoi
hati bmterlliet by way of orna
ment now, ;n.l tint are carnage
coverlet in match, with buterOI
inaile of lilt t, or tm broiile red oa tbe
coverlet. Heady for ftiat aprlng day
I arc Iniiiia 'u it rnvtrlet and pillow
til pi of tplc-apan white linen with IB
et buttcrfurt if f.'ct. th edge of
coverlet and pl'.lowtlip acallopad aad
embroidered by band.
Uuttetrlta nl.to adorn cuihlon for
th beilroom rett-ronrh. A pretty t
Ii of rale lan linen with a diamond
.thtped n.o'lf of pink linen hem
ntltohed to the center and two r
tonne butierflle In giy color appli
qucd to the rover, half on and hall
oft the pmk cen'r tret ion. The bat
urfllc ar outlined In black.
, Tln mimiI UimiMit May Wear I'.ni- j
I br ilili ml I nn l. If Tlif IJiw Arr
i Hlk'lit .l Nodiliiat Ikixmifa II' r
Miirt- Tiiiii ( liiffim. j
W'om.t.tf ityle fur a large figure.
the q ieetlon of ha. It a very tin
portal:! (juration for the laige woman.
T tiiull a hat topp na a fat fat.' and
fat thou'.-lcra ran make lit . carer
grcit tquc; too big a hal !f th large i
f womnn it n'jt till and ht a very abort j
I n' k --ran be even more arotv;ic. .
i Hit linet are quite at important at
line of frm k nr ttll'eur and th larger
woman rh'uM alwavt try on her ha'a
I - '
1 'M
i. .v-t
.it.; N
piece in itt tr. Kach t p'ettinc and :ttnd I liefore a full length mirror Trimming
graceful In line, and ronv. ya no un-, never tilting d.in at a table, m rrr.
pleatant t isc t1n of r!umy weirh((t t the tl'houette of the whole flgurr
In I' wetrer. yet all th new atvl j the mutt ttu ly th grarefiil ewren of
llair Item rarrfally
I'Uii'd In (iivr lMit, lcMler IJwe
In Tlil .n-riHMM ItxN h Of itvp
HrChliH- ml (ircitr.
aaallRKK 1 awh pur Joy In eeeirgj
tih gold or daffodil ana jonquil
in tb hou- Jutt when dreary win
ter 1 turning Int.i tprlng that It doe
eem a pl'y to mlt It even If y-
have to go without tomw'hlnf e'e
hav the gulden IneptratlOB ' .no
tprlng blountiii. Ther la a a deal
to b aid f ir th anelatat eggar-phllo-opher
who had two t nla
and apent one for byaclntbf No ar
tificial fliiwrrt. hoaever cleverly anade.
can glv you the thrill, tb B of
lifted ep'rlt thtt real aprlng hlaom
In th houte give you at I hi ajnn.
Th modern florin baa a mott un
fltaaaat babit cf maklni as all tc
potlee into gt-l bunehea o much a
bunch, and not on any .count will be
break a bunch. "I'-ut I only want
three or four," yon protett, "juti
enough to put In one of thoe Japanese
fl-iwer holder." "Hiity-g.n.' irnt for
I bunch," It hit uncompromising r
p..: Oaa't you reailte thai it it that
very afaptaat flower holder of yourr
an I ad other won. cn'e -that buve made
h.m take hit canny fand? Kery
bc"y wi wanilne "thier or four"
htiieom for one if tho economical
fln-ver-'V'Ider. . Hit vaee of flower
u ice gun out of fabiin and tb "poor
larut had to do aometblng. you aeel
Hut after all. fetdy ruttomert are
hut he It after, (lo to the florin la
our n-ighboiliood rind tell him yea
lll t In every Monday or Tueaday,
or S.itorlay if b will Irt you bar
your three or four potiet for the din
ing table. And moat probably be wilt
make an exception in your favor. At
any rate don't III tea daffodil lime
It pae-M to aoon. And then doB't
ml lilac tune; or roe time, or mu
pet lime, nr ti'vla oe iiutlgnid (lit,
onre you gel the habit, you will atlck
to It and your corn.r ilurnt i. uke
care of hia aieady cuetomer, atm
v :

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