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Use Tlieta Liltf Dui'meag EnwS
cr and Watch Your DuaiaeM
TM My News Pcsge of Qm
l per word, tor tub Inarrtloa
Minimum rliarga 33
Caah with order.
Other rwtea on weakly anal tnontlilj
bama. AO rlanklded ad appear la bulb
Tlie meeting plica for buyer and
m Ib ra of Hie I'anliandle. For quirk
reaiilla a mi a rlaaalded ad.
, j
W- i ll . J. JLL Jl J ;
For wk beginning
rn. i4tn, i20.
Monday To p. m.
failed font-lave Aina
riilo roiniiuind-ry Work
n K. T.
, TwwUy too p.'m. fnllced meeting
Amarlllo Lodg work tn K. A.
-i Wcdncaduy io p. m. Oillea meet
In Aiiinrlllu Italic work lit F. C.
. Thuraday 7.1)0 m nt.-TalM Convo
ontlon Amarlllo Count II work In II M
iiid 8. M.
, Friday T.00 p. m Hegutur Convoca
tion AnMilllu Chapter.
Ton RENT T wo modern rooma fm
Bghl houaekecplng. 703' Monro St.
Won RENT Modern fumlahed rooma
(or light housekeeping-. Cull 1105 Fill
Snor. I'hon 461.
WOK LENTTwo nicely furnlnhed
rooiue, can be arranged for light
aouackoopng. Apply U4 Madlaon.
l)It RKNT-One front bod room.
Gentlemen only. jo W. ttb.
XII KENT Itocma sua Taylor, rhwtt
Foil KENT Two turniahed houaekerp
iK rooma. XI 0 Lincoln.
Toll RENT -Htcnm honied rooma and
(rarage. cheap. I'hona 79&-1302.
KHOM AND DOAItD. 103 Duchanaa.
OR RENT Two room. furnlahod. "or
Vnfurnlahed. KM lluchanan
fxm RENT Modern bedroom; fur
Moo boat; gentleman. "03 llarrlaon.
ROOM, AN I DOAItD 404 W. 6lh Bt.
FOR RENT Light houaokiplntfand
nice fnmt bedroom; rcaaonabl price.
00 Harrison. ISiS.
BEDR(X)M Clue In; gaa heat rhonil
61. I0 llarrlaon.
J)R RENT Three unfurnlihej rooma
la atrictly modern home. 1101 LIB
ln 8t.
roil ItK.NT Nice U-drooma in private
bom to gentlemen only. Clou in; gna
brat. Call before TJ0 a. m or afttf
I JO p. m. 404 IVrce HI. I'hona 30.
FOR RENT Three, furnlahed houaa
keeping room, no llarrlaon.
Full KENT Modern furnlahod light
koua. keeping rooma. 7o Jnekann.
lloomera and boarder a at 107 Taylor,
Foil RENT one nl large aouthat
rwin. gaa and light furnlahod, Ui
IPOi llarrlaon. I'hone 193.
One nicely rurnlnhod light hoiie-kccping
room. llna heut. os E. pth 8t
I light houaekooplng rooma (or rant,
a children. COS L th at.
FOR RENT-Futnixliod bed room, duet
In. I'hone ::u.
FOR RENT 3 unfurnlahcd rooma. Gall
at 9UT Fillmore.
FOR RENT Some nlee- modern tied
rooma. Rate by week. I'hone 1133.
Harrim.n Hlel.
FOR " LENT Fur!ilhed light houee.
keeping room, alao furnlahed bud
room. (10 Pierce Ht.
J'oli RENT Two houm-keiplng rooma,
modern. I'hone 1 597.
i i
Foil RENT NUtly fnrnlHhod a.mth
l.eil r.fm ii ml Mi'-rtinoM. 510 Monro,
l rail 13HS MfKT . oVIoek.
IU KE.NT-Two fornMiol light
l.iu:.. ;. i im:,; rixM.in, ihj In. I'hona
H'K l:i:NT-To npfnrniheit vxin
101 l.ln' In.
I"tR RKNT-i'rmfi.n.ihlo aloam healed
tO":ti, I'l.iM irililr pili'ia. Rold Untel,
11 I! RENT Nliv trout bedroom, cmi
ianiirh.il. I!i'iu und RiriiKv on
'a'r iiil. Meidn tiekl rticr. I'hou
Kl'R RENT Four rooma and hrenkfnat
room In now modern houw. Call 1351,
or at kOi Adnm. '
IXtR RENT Two (infunilihcl room.
400 N. Uu. Imn un Nt.
Hilt RENT Two new mudern &-rooin
I rlok bungalow a, nil hultt In featui ee,
gaa. etc., ttavment, aidewulka, garage;
one htork front vng. muthwtnt part
i t olty. Rhone Ml or 131.
nU RENT KurnUhed InhIiooiii. (Ion
tlentan piefeirod. CliMin In. Reaawn
able rale. I'hone 15M.
'FOR RENT lUtl riHim, roinfuitnlile,
convenient to Imih. (.'heap. 607 I'lorce
KtR RENT Front beil rtMnn, private
rntramv, lit iM-r month. CtMi Jaekaon.
FOR RENT Tw o light hou' keeping
room, alao one Ih-iI room. 71 Mon
roe Kt.
Foil KENT Front lx-d room, gaa heat
C03 llarrlxon.
l"OR RENT To couple, modern fur
i-lwhed nparlmcnt. ltefoivnoe reiiuliod.
710 I'lorce l.
FtiR RENT Two modern furnluhed
hoiiarUt-pliig i-oma. lint Huchauun.
Milt RENT Rooma. imi Fillmore.
FOR RENT Red room with rloaet.
white enameled s i n lea, llabt. boat.
I'hcne and Imth. I'hone (54.
FDR RENT NIcoW furnlahod bed
room, gna heat. clee in. lot Van
KJt'D I'lANO for rem In AmiiMII
with pi Ml. go of low lna ni apodal price
and h.iving all rout paid apply on pur
i haae price. Muat U' willing to rent at
loom u montha. (live full ivferen -ea
In find letter. The Knlabt Campbell
Muaio Co., Denver. Colorado.
rOR 8ALR One 4 room plaatared
liotiae; modern. Want to noil at once
I'bone l'."0 or 1720.
4V li .
Roal Estate
Rooming House
J! rxni houae In beat of
reiialr, Uluglng In good rev
enue, will take In good Ma,
amullor huuae or good car ai par'
paytmnt. IVke will ault you.
Realty Co.
2nd floor lUy-JohnaoD
I'hona 133
We have a client with a nice home and
rlahtcen airea of unencumbered lund
nonr the college In Clarendon, Teiaa.
Th la client alao haa tlO.OUO.OO In canh.
Ho dealrea to trade hla home and money
fur an unencumlcrt'd aertlon lietwccn
Claud and Amarlllo.
Three hundi-ed acrea of well Improved
land In Cooke County with good loca
tion. Owner alt tirade for good Maine
land and go In debt eome 110.000.00 or
Write or phone
We have eome beautiful Iota In liughea
addition at attractive prlcoa with ruaa
omtble tcrma.
Home dealraldo eaat front lota In Ban
Jacinto cloae to highway.
Good modern four room houro welt lo
cated. irlced right and torma rcaaon-
live room modern brick houa built In
fiuturea, fireplace, and baaomvnt, to.
iilod aouthweal Nirt of city. Irlca
iilOO, email cuoh
like rent.
aymeui biklunca
Price Oil & Realty Co.
Mia J. T. I'l lce Mra. Fern Curtle
RiNini I
L National llntik of Commerce Itldg.
Rhone SMd 146B
Good Investments
I room plant, red houae, aouthwoat iwrt
of town, now loaned for year at 11100
per month. Hmnll ravh paym. nt. Uil
ince like rent. Rrice I37&O00.
room modern bungalow, evml bual
neaa pi'Uiorty, enat front tt, (0x140
foot; income on ihia proicrty la 9300.00
per month. Price 115,500. If you are
looking for aomethlng worth the money
phone ua for an apMlntmont to ace
thla place.
Furnished Homes
room modern bungalow beautifully
furnlahod. aowthwoat part of town,
enat front lot 75 fuel and extenda back
Iftft foot on the ittvcmcnt, glvoa room
for two more houm-a on thla Int. Thla
la an ideal homo and an rxccptionally
good Investment I'rice IA, 500.
7 room attractive home nicely furniah
cd. 71 ft. lot by 140 foot on I he wve
mont In aouthweat wirt of town. I'rice
f 1 0.500.
IOxUii. ft. iIoko In on car line, I1SO0
K0t40 ft. on Monroe 8t , good location.
31550. Torma.
50x140 fli t on IMvdort HI.; WOO, Torma.
3 lota by lH-nvor Round lloua-. 350.
(J.mmI Iota on Houth llmrliion from
ll50 to 33500.
Now ro.'in colonial bungalow. Extra
fln I.n iu Ion. I'rice 1500 Thla la a
little beauty and will make an Idonl
holm , ,
4 room modern alucco bungalow, gar
age, lawn tree ami wnlka, di-xlral.le
location. Hirgiiln at $5.nnn, will take
In giMid car aa imi it Niymont.
Ixrnk at thla $500 buva room modern
houae on cant front CO ft. lot. Juil two
hounoa off the yi em.nl and on car
line. Wllka. treoa. windmill. Will take
liberty iMinda or car aa nart iinvmoni.
Thla I priced worih the money. $5250.
' PHONE 1413
FOR HAI.E OR TR IRK room otn
plrtely fnrninliej heme, with dreaaJag
room, halh, buller'a pinlry and floe,
large cliew-t, g 1(09 ItaiTlnon. Kvery
Ittlng built la. Servant ttoti, garage,
well and windmill and chicken hound
lawn ahade tree and cement walla. I
will malt good term. Will take In
ma!l car or vacant Iota la good loca
tion, with earn money aa raah pay
meat, or will take la amall or plaea lo
cal ed right, or will take In a amall leaar
rloa ta While Park, II. V. Tanavr.
Real Estato
mom mid. 111 houae. mio Tyler tr
only fKOOO.OU, flSVU ciiHh. baliilicv by
A g.Hl riMnii hour, well and windmill
with good out biilldlnga on nltout I
acrva cf ground Junt nulnlde the city
llinlta t trade for rl.at in houne and
lot on aouth aide, or will make good
price and terma mi the an me.
A g.MMl rooming houae now doing a
giaid profiinble liulmia for aulo at a
reiinoimlile prii e.
4 I1K.111 modern huueo completely fur.
ulahid on Nortb aide, will aieept aa lit
tle aa 1500.00 aa cnah iiuymcut and
good terma on the balance, .
A good rooming hnuw on North Hide
at a am rifle i li e, will coimiikT a email
reh iMtyment or a amnll houm. aa cuah
payment, or will exchange equity for
good Iota, or might coimlil. r a good car
aa nah payiitent.
& room houae on Houth Rudiunan, cant
front and good lu'iuhuoiliood; fliimi.oo.
. 502 Taylor Street
Phone 2206
Tii r- t'
1 KAU1',
tr.00 enulty In 300x140 feet Hantn Fj
5500 acre ranch 00 mil. of Ainarlllo,
110 acre near Amur II lo.
MO acre ranch 10 otllea of Amarlllo.
well Improved, living water, 300 acrea
4llni. at IIS. will take fZO.OOO In
good trade.
Room S, National liank of Commerce
Thone IITI '
Want a young ndlk cow, freah. Half
1C11 I'lorce Ht.
clolhra a aierlally. ltd riorca Bt.
WANTED Nuraing; hwpltai trained;
would help with houaa work. Call 1553.
Mra. O Rcnr.
WANTED Second hand awlvel office)
chulr. I'honn 104.
WANTED I'la In aowlng; chargea rea
aoiiublo. 130 Enat Fifth.
eTANTED Ooo Clean cotton rag at
Daily Newa office. Aak for Mr. Camp.
WANTED For Carpenter Work of aU
klnda. I'hona 10f.
WANTED Tour cunning and pre
lag. Two-piece ault. 11.73; throe piece
fuiu, 12. Wa can aava you from 310
to 130 on your eulL Smith A Tarka
Phono lf4t.
WANTED To buy second hand furni
ture and gaa atovea of all klnda. Beat
eaah price paid. I'hone 3903.
CLEKKM, linen, women) over 17, lor
Foetal Mall Horvlce. 113 month. Ex
lierlonct. unneceaeary. Fit Free nartl
culnra of examination, write R. Trrry,
(former Civil Hit vice Examiner! II
Continental Ilulldlng , Waxhlhgton, D
WANTED Man or woman, aalary Vt
full time, 7Sf an hour anare time, aril
Ing giiarantocd hoalory to wearer. Ex-twrleni-e
iinnocoaanry. IntornatluuuJ
Hoalory Mill, Norrlntown, I'a.
AfiENTH 0o n hour to advertlao and
dlntributo aamlea to ronnumcr. Write
luli k for territory and partlettiare. Al
bert Mill, (ien. Mtr., :?57 Amertcau
Rklg , Cincinnati, Ohio.
WANTED Ho u tbtectlvc, 30Oin
weekly; travel over world; exiHil.nre
unnoceoiviry, Amerl.an li-'totlvc
Agency. 411 l.ueaa, Ht. Uiuia.
MAI.EHMAN HMi liiltv. Wo manufac
ture Ford aoccniry which Inlereal
eory dealer and owner on eight. Ton
cun make 1150 weekly. Motor Prod
uce Co., Indlaiiapi-li. InJ.
33.50 PER DAY paid one lady In each
town to dlatrlbule free rlrcuLir l"i
I'.-imoiny Non-Alcohi'llc Flavoring. Ier
manout tmNition. F. E. Iknr Co., Chi
cago. ej .
( ( UjltKI) Miti, 3: 00 nanln offer; 35.00
ault iJter; write for free aimplea und
ele. Kni.kerli.M'1.1 r Tulloilng Co.,
Dpt. 1115. Chicago.
MEN Wanlo.1 for Detective Work. Ex
perience ur.ni-cenn.irv. Wrllo J. Ha nor.
foliiiiT 1". H (iov l iK-lectlve, Ht. Imla
MEN wanted l iialif" fr llrom.-n.
briikemoti; exiMrlen. unm-ocmiaryv
Transportation furnl'Mntl. Write A.
Rent.., Hupt.. Ht. I'tiln.
WANTED Roprenentatlvee every
where tt aril low ret priced guararjed
automobile lire nnd lulvo on market.
P-lft profit In te nnd.'. .Icr.bin Tiro A
Rubber Co., Mailer Rldg.. Chicago, 111
WANTEI A 1 a.ilonman. commlnaion
baaln. Inimt N- nblo to finance clf.
flood prnptmltlon to llKht mrty. A. 11.
P., on re Now .
WANTElv-Young man to represent
collivting firm In each cltv c,.miI nion
ey, nparo time. No oxort,nco. but pre
fer one with lo nbllilv. Write C. W.
Small. taOT liiu hanun r'l Phone 2421.
WANTED -T cue lor
or hour. Mi Lincoln.
ihihbon. ikiy
WANTED Po-ltion by
n inotoiii ntrni ai apher.
WANTED Cook Apply
St.. Phone 42.
ei pel l.'iu oil
Phone U4.
tu Fit I mora
WANTED I'nfurnlahed houee. aouth
weat part of tow It, by Fib l-i;. Pliona
WANTED Widow lady want wanlilng
or will are fur cbll.lifii by day, week
or moiilli. 4(v N. I'.u. Iiaiiinl Ht.
U'lV'1'l.'ll U ..... ului ih.ii II A.
rrtllng npm e In Hotel R. Klnlvr l.iiuln.
im-nti. nod Menu Cover for C.if.-a.
Old iwlubllahed firm. Hl'iate inun pre
leixil, I. lit aoli'iidi.l oppirtunity for ninn
and wife to travel together, if wife ii
nnlenlii.ly. AdvoiHalng ottporleucf
In Iik, but Hot uliH.ilutely nceentury.
Cdnh advmued oil coolrnct. Refer
ence rniuinil. (live lolephone Dum
ber lo arrangv Interview. 11. W., care
IF Vol' want to aell your lug, rait
Manning Rug Cleaning 1'lulit. I'hone
WANTKD ltnmn and board, after
March 11. Aililicnn I. D, care News
MIR KAI.F1004) loada rkh dirt. 5b
KoIgM Iran. Co.
FOR HAI.IC 1000 loada rich dirt. Mo
Knljilit Trana. (o.
FOR 8I.I-I000 loada rich dirt Mc
Knlglit Traaa. Co.
piano. 301 N.
FOR HALE Nlfio tg. Mgbon type;
Roland Clilnaa. II. A. Ferguaon.
Ford Hodan lined 11 month, aell at a
bargain, canh or term, 1001 Fillmore.
Hcfety Hatch Incubator, uad very lit
tle, aure enough bargain. 1001 f ill
more. ,
I Mil Touring Cur for mile. Cult 30l
W. 14th to woe cur. Rhone 1437.
Foil HALE CIIEAI'-Funilture for bod
rHiin aud dining room and g-i range.
Call 1104 Fierce.
Grant Hli. 350.
Oakland Six, 3100 00. '
Itoo Hlx.
IkMlge Touring. .
Uokk Hli.
Overland 4 Touring.
And Two One-Ton Trucka.
All Priced very Roaoonnble.
rborta 1311
FOR KALE 1 large window with
frame complete with caalnga for balf
price, 710 Tyler.
For hale or
car. Phone 6!0.
TRADE (lood Sfdun
Foil HAI.E oil TRADE-Ry owner, a
new modern plunter.-d 5-rooin bungn
low-, with convonlene.-a, aouthweat part
of city, 0110 block of car -lloei Would
hike dcnlrnhh' o or lt for my eiulty
Tornit on balance. Want to (leaf direct
with buyer. Phono fl. C. Weaooat, 551.
IXtR HAI.E A good Afcii'a Furnlahlntf
flmiila IIUHlnonn. Reaaiai for aelllng on)
account of henlth. Poat office RuX 553,
Amarlllo, T.-xaa.
SODA FOUNTAINS All alaea from
to 30 feet; now and aecond hand. Soma
uaod only few men Hi. AIo drug anl
confoctionery fixturca. 81 mil eaah pay.
mcnt down, balance earn' monthly rave
men I. Write or wlra Gronman l'oua
tain Company, Dnllaa, Trxaa
PEACH TREE HALE Elliorla, Victor.
Mamie Rot.i. Carmen, Arp Roauty,
l'inon, Mlxon and Chhu-ne Cling, riUnl
noire OctolM-r; 3 to 3 feet, 20c; 3 to 4
toot. 25c. Plum, Hlx Wc.'ka, America,
fiold. the liont 3 tn 4 foot, 3.ic. (lunran
tool. rlprna from May toK-tobor. Uuia
wood Nurorlca, Wlnna, Teiaa,
liiar of hnndnomo aorti fountain; cigar
and randy canon; cyrboeiatnr; rld-trt
raah roglater. colling fan; drink mix
cm, table), chair; minnlei outfit. Ix
cati d at Ml. Pl.-nn.mt, T. xua. Munt I
moved ' from building next ton day.
Outfit uaod nly few month. In flmt
claaa condition. Will give purohaair
benefit canh payment made, aot fof
balam-e duo. email canh payment down,
baluive eaay monthly iwymeni. Write
or wire firoamm Fountain Comimny,
Dalian, Texaa.
roil Prt i.r. r 111 noun- ior room,
n'odern houne, with privilege of renting
.,.iti, I'li-u -.u At .-I. In 4ii
ti-..r.ll llo.lm 1.111. V. I. II-tie 01 11
houae, very roHinhle, cloao in
.1 . ' .1 r-. v,n nii-l wi'n rm piia
r.Hima. could give pon.-aln alioi.t th
25th. If. (1. Ruiiyan. .
Our Service Will Please You
We endeavor lo maintain our curb tor vice at 'ho biuh.-nt cf'el"i. . .
W try to give you gaa, oil. lot your tiro, and fill up your 1 0I..0 1 1 ".
the ahortf at poaalNe Hmo, ai you can be on your way.
Sinclair Oil Palo Duro Gasoline
t'ndr Ihl net vice wa drain the old oil out of your engm h 011I
the crank ia- and refill with the r inect wr,ehi . f Miulair till to uit
your car.
11 1.1. link of ArrroKii:s and thifh
The Andrews-McDonald Company
Eighth and Polk Phone 2233
wt.l Ut IWt. Texim. I 'all be iimi-iI lit
pien. nl lMaM.ii or nhlppcd olwwher.
ConalHlIng i f thlil v f. nil foot counter,
1 oniMniitjoii milk and wutr mh.Ioi-, he
box, atimU. I m only f.w m.milia
Will aell for linlali.e due, Eany nmiitli
ly imyiiioiit. IktiKuiii. Write or wUe
(iccHinan hounluln Compiiny, Dallna
Ft'R HAI.E-Tbree Ixiln, two dlennera,
one kit. hen cabinet, wrtln'iul iMM.kcan.',
Ihre, nl.ivor, lllinirv tahte, nowlng ma
1 hllie und 1 hull n. 305 llucliaiiiill.
ADVKRTIME Hole Ih Mulled free.
Mandnrd Advert i-lra; Agency, 411 Vlo
torln, Ht. Lo'ila.
RKi 101 R F.X IIW.F ( O.
Kuoin ho on. Ulvlu Uulbllng.
Phono 2(110,
If you I111V0 nnvtlilng lo rent, nell or
-ap, come to hto iik. Will try and
li'ulch you. Nothing too large or too
amnll Olvo i a trial I all wo aak,
IIIU 101 It F. II ANOF. 0.
No. 7, Hli In llldg. I'Iikiiv "WO.
Foil HALE He cheap rug. Mannlngg
Hug Cleaning I'Unl. I'Ikum- Soh.
MR RENTER Would you buy 11 gm4
homo, with from tno to ir.no canh? or
n good Fcrd enr, I 'lion. 21:1 2 or 1250.
Call now.
FOR HI,E Nattmiil Canh Rcglnter;
cmnl) Into i.iMi.1. At a barg.iin; ul
alx month. Crynlnl ('if.-. 4o Taylor.
HUXTIUCITr TAt'tlllT by erta.
Earn while you -arn at homo. Elec
trlcal book and proof loaaniia free. Tour
eurccM giinrinileed and xinltion
cured. Wrllo t.Mluy. Chicago Engin
eering Wotka. 1300 Huuiiynhk". ChlciigiK
FOR RENT Hirlctly itHMlorn room,
Phno i!4. kon Tnylor Ht.
WANTED tllrl lo woik by Jhe houl
aofl Taylor Ht , PhoUe (H4.
ClilLDM llU'VC'l.E-ri.krd up by
email child either on atrvet or from
nut downtown. I'hone 3033.
H R HALE (lurne. 75 car. 3500 gal
lona filling atntlon, repair almp, nccea
aorica. Middle Went I'opulnticn loo,.
000. Main thoroughfare. Widow will
iMfj proH-rty, bunlne-ai ia- liith. Value
340.OOU. C. M. Villi. 1475 llaiuiltoll
Ave., Ht. 1 ,011 In. Mo,
We now have in Amarlllo a fine onniple
player piano which we will clone out at
atieclal price. Cmh or term to reapon
alhW parly. Your "atlent" piano tak
en in trade. Write at once for parti'
I onvor, Col.iradu.
laiti at mod. In. Iiweat prlcoa. Quick
dellveiy. Aak for price, tmpcrlor
Hhmw Cum. Co, 3200 llrowder Ht., Dal-
hhia. Texaa. - - ,.....
New and n--.-..ii(l hfind, fountaliin, von
feci lot cry, carboiiab r. ding fUluroa,
Utile nnd . halm. Hhow cane, wall
oaoe, complete outfit. Terma If do.
aired. Rcckhaiti Fountain A Fixture
CO. 3-tl Elm Ht., I Ml Inn, Texaa
FOR HALE Elgin r.nlil.n.-o Iota Im-tvi-on
liwery 1'hllpia win ml und Ht.
Anihony'a Ili:illal. at a bargain. 31. R.
Moore, Mummcc, ( ikl.i., Ikx I.
LOST Colli, dof, red-brown
color, white rturkinf . Collar
with onwner'a name in ink thera
on. Bears City tlog tag No. 56.
Phono SS4.
I)HT-Polr glaaaon, with celluloid rim,
In bl.uk caao, Finikr plcaae phone
CHILD'H niCYCI.E-li.-ked up by
amnll child either on ntreot or frota
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TO TRADE Fine half ncotlon agricul
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Honiara. CiindyinuKi-r Co., 13th Ht,
Philadelphia. Pa.
FOR THADE Irrigate, farm near Mer
(nil, Texaa. In lUu Orando Valley, for
city proH-rty or mrrclumdlae. Phone
WO or adrona P. O. Ibig 317.
First Semi-Annual
Big Boned Poland China bred sows and ffilU, Lclia ' LaJtt
TUESDAY, FEB. 15, 1921
W are setlmff in this sale some of the downright big typis
high baked, deep-aided, good footed, strickly snodern sows
and gilts.
MR. BREEDER ' . ' '
, i . ,
Do you need any of this kind? But few of us have enough of
the kind we are offering. We are cutting close to make this
the best offering that has ever gone in the sale ring In the
Don't over look this opportunity to get son of ' these
right kind in your herd. If you already have the right kind, a
few more won't hurt But will enable you to bo ready for
the great demand that is almost sure to come this fall when
the realiiation comes that though the population is increasing
the hog supply is short.
It is your chance to beat the cotton king. If you will coma
to this sale and buy a good Poland China sow. Bred to a
real boar. ' It will snake you good foundation for a herd of
good sows to raise market hogs.
You can jar loose from the cotton king. Begin to make
money ant! acquire independence. The farmers of the north
paid $250 and up for their land and make money raising corn
and hogs. We can do the same in Texas with cheaper land
maiie and hogs. And we have the jump on them with longer
growing seasons, climate, etc
The country is full of feed and no market at profit and
the only thing we have to do'now is to feed it to our bogs and
send it to the market on the hoof. .This sale is your opportun
ity to get started right with little money, you can buy real
hogs in this sale for less than you can probably buy them
Don't lose this opportunitybe our guest sale day. Re
member thiat but the man who plans his work and works bis
clans is the man who is making money.
If you can't come send bids to CoL Tom Morton or John
I alderman. They will represent you and buy as cheap as
you can.
W. L. Butler SSois
51 j ii
Old 0. Tcllem S'tv
'In th old dnya When a man
tmiight a now pair of jwnta th
flrat thing he did waa to Iron out
the rronaoa, but now ha Iron
"em In. .
"When a man' itanta bag U
the kneea It' a aur algn that
ho a l.wt InUreat la ' Ufa or hla -bualneaa
la laid. One IMIar aient
on proanlng a ault will put row
N-p and ginger Into a man thaa '
the anme amount of liquid re
freahmenla In the old day. Call
No. 23a and, prove lhlj , .
"IT tell 'cm banana! you'r on
of the bunch."
I'hone 238
1M E. 6II1 St. ,
amall child either on at root or from
atore rtuwntown. Phone 3032, .

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