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KOiN PuUlaher
.General Mir.
.Mauacina fcOiior
BVJltorUl Dapartmteit
Ilk vet Fifth Btrtat
Only Morning Ntartpaprr In the A'narlllo country
Cerara Uu Fanhnndl of TKe. Eaetrrn New Mcileo. Houth
era Colorado and Aratrn Oklahoma frm twtle to
twenty-four hours la advance uf rnr. Dallae, fort
Worth, Oklahoma City and otbtr papare carrylflf Wla
graphM dlapalrbca.
Knter4 m eacmdrlaee matter at tht rxwt office at
AmerUlo. Texae, under the Act of March I. II'S.
Is Triae, Oklahoma. Colorado and New Mtilco.
I Month I
Maiitha 12 1"
Month Me"
I Twr To
pUrrd by cerrfer In Amartlle aant at eboe
I Month S .75 !
I Montba i:
UMiha it::
1 Tear
The Aeeoctattd Preae in ncluelvly entitled to tba ue
for republication nf all nc-wi dira'rtir credited to In or
not otharwtee rrtdiied In thli paper nd aiao ether local
news puMlahed herein.
Afi rtghta of tiubUuatloo of special dispatches berelo
are ! reemred.
ispartal Aaeotleled Press Leased rfte' rWtloe.
themselves a to think- tin nimn-v tint into this f
'ntcrtaiuirtcnt fund a a donation. It U not a !
lunation, lnt an investment in the most cotnpli
nrntarv Mtiscuf tht term ti-t for the lirt-ct . per-
onal hem-fit of the investo', but for tin g'd J
of the community, including the investor.
Investment in the cntcrtainim'tit ftml of t lie
Hoard of (.'ity Development is an investment for
the greatest good to the greatest number of pco-;
I'le. Among the various conventions scheduled
for Amarillo, is that of the I'ai handle Pre a- ,
sueiatiott. Ibis will hring together all of the
newspaper men an. I newspaper women of thr
I 'lain o Country of Texas, with a slowing of thr
rofrssp.n from ailjoining state Kightlv receiv
ed .ititl e titrrtainei! these newspaper people will
le given a most favorahle virw point of Amarillo..
in! their attitule Inwards thr city in the months .
) come, will he (Irtcrmme'l thereby. I his is but '.
me of the conventions, i.nr of thr most j... initial.
Iv n aoM of it ahility to puhlish i! ii'ipn ion
in audience composed of the entire o unit rv .
Fvt ry convention 1 1 1 ! 1 to he here ihinng tht
. ... . .ii.. . .. . .- . i i... -
Iprrsnn vi.ir, is jiiriui.oi .i i.ium o'i iw
this hi la f. I is leprn.lent entirely on the atttMtth-;
relln te.l hv Am.i I i! . at t im of il.i viit . (
he peojle eomjoing its tnemherhip. No ti
ventiott can he aleiiatel nitcrtamcl without;
tiinils. a:il since thee are at tin time hrtng 1
gatherr'l. now is the opportune for invest
a .
Make Amarillo a real eonveiition center hy j
providing the fund with which to entertain the;
people. 11ns is one of the t;fc of thr whole poe..
olr it mu't not he overlooked !
vnnu iwMiii
H I 1 1. III! I Mllllll.ll
THE COMING STORM 7 .n nrrii nnniiinrn
i 'i . m Dttn unbnniLu
-a $ r- .Li
4 r a. V
Last Thursday night, the lirt emi-anntial-all-mcmher-get-togcthcr
meeting and hanquet of
the Hereford Chamher (f Commerce wa held
ith approximately two hui.drcd and fifty. live,
fnergetic, determined, co-operating citizen pres
ent, undor the leadership of President P I.. Mc
Donald. .
. In this meeting recognition wa given to the
activities of the Chamher. During the six month
of it existence, the Chamher if Commerce has
made itself felt in the organization of a fair as
sociation, has been instrumental in building the
best sales pavilions in the Plain Country of Tex
as, has secured the puhlication of much matter
telling of Hereford and the Hereford country in
the press of the Plains and in the l.yc"r centers of
the state, has assisted in the promotion of good
roads, their upkeep and marking, has inspired the
organization of an efficient volunteer fire depart
ment, has fostered better and more lucrative farm
programs, has, launched a good roads bond in tK
catrpajsn. and lan but by no means leant.. has
eliminated every suggestion of a clique, clan or
faction, and evidenced the same by bringing to
gether men, women and children from every part
of the community, from every phase of society,
from every school, from every church, from every
lodge under the banner of common desire for ac
complishment in the interest of the general good.
Despite its brief period of existence, what
organization could bring a Utter story of ac
complishmentpurposes fulfilled? What organ
ization is able to show fruits of labors richer, rip
er, more delicious, or more to be desired? None
may do so, for than the showing of the Hereford
Chamber of Commerce, there is none better. It
has taken hold upon and included in its forces
the churches, the schools, the fraternities, the city
and county officers, the rural and the town popu
lations, and from all of these varying elements,
ii has gahtered its inspiration and defined its field
of work.
s uivr vrttt ivvrerrrv im uidii t m
it iri V CWW 111 HTlllilibV 4
Under the leadership of Toney Chisum. chair
man of the Convention Committee of the Hoard of
Cily Development, a campaign is now on for the
provision of funds with which to adequately care
fuf the conventions to le entertained here during
the present year.
Through the provisions of the City Charter,
no funds derived from taxation may be ued for
the entertainment of conventions. Whether thi
provision is wise or unwise, may be a matter on
which taxpayers differ, and yet it is the law. and
no deviationm fro it may be made. In view of
this law, if Amarillo is to be the convention city
of all this. section of the southwest, her guest
must be entertained from 'a fund raided in some
manner other than through taxation. The com
mittee has gone over the convention program
of. the present year, and find that the budget
must consist of more than five thousand dollar
This has been apportioned to the'regularly sched
uled convention, according to the esttm itcs'of
thpse handling the different event, and it i an
' 3ainced that Amarillo will be able to acpiit her
seif with honor through the exnliture of the
ruins thus allotted.
. ' Every business and professional man. every
live, wideawake citizen is in favor of Amarillo be
Ih ti. I.ee Satterv. hiie is doing excellent work
in the Texa legislature, lni fact h evidenced!
in many vvav. hut perhaps in nothing i it indexed
more fttllv than in the publicity being received!
by him through the Associated Pres and other
mediums for the dissemination of new on the ac
tivities of the legislative eion. Scarcely a day
ha pased during the present session in which
the name of I.ee Satterwhtie ha not figured, in
the public prints.
For this character of service the Plains Coun
try of Texas, is justly proud. It has been a fact
long recognized, that the northwestern and west-
?rn sections of the state have had only such rec
ognition from the state as a whole, as ha been
forced out through exceptional merit. The pres
ent instance of broad recognition i no exception
:o the general rule. Lee Saterwhitc. through hi
tirele efforts has attracted attention to the mat
ters for which he stands, and ha drawn around
him such a following that silence cannot be main
UiLicd by d.cclTcr in other sections of the state.
This special mention of the work being un
Jertaketi and accomplished hy Lee Satterwhite.
is not intended to be misconstrued a reflection
by unfavorable comparison, on the activities of
the other members of the legislature from thi
iectior, of the state. On the contrary, general
ogn" ft -e is taken of the exceptionally good work
of all "..embers from this territory. It is gxd
.vork. and the men as well as the specific dis
tricts from which they were sent, are to be con
gratulated. All of the western jortion of Texas will
-ooner or later have recognition, but it seems
that it will come as a result of irresistible force
irought againt the "power that be." Like tent
ncrance. votes for women and other measures now
ecognized as being wholeome, fair and good,
rcognition of the rights of all this portion of
the state, will come perhaps only at the end of
i long seige. If this is found to be neceary.
:t will not Reflect a spirit of fairness from other
ections of Texas,' but it will be pushed to its til
umatc it inescapable conclusion. The western
.ections of the state will tnist on having due and
idequate recognition.
o ,
Panhandle Press
,f r' .. r . I nut. n:iMt- 1" l'ii'0.ji. r
It. M.I. IM - Till l O il M!" I If 1111.
r.. . ii.-. t! . i ilniM o: tin- nn.irriif
S.v.n hutt'livd nnl forty two lU und
JJ J.-iiit o-itmii hid I"1" into
.lucd m tin- Vth . r! it ir.' up to tb a
wtt U. Thirty ImIIk. f ! l f f t.
..pt two it tl.ii. h:t' ..''! l'ai
1 ... m
imf n. t a o ..luti.'i .virv-i run
h.. l.Cl lr.trmluisMl hi'' tl
.it lomnntt.-i-. TtvyiK tlw r i"i-
tuM.ifi ii tuunl. ri: I .fisl.it jr.'."
Imi than 1 1 ia rir..nn ''m
; tr iln in t riod. mI th. 'ivf insh-J
l uities . n Iwin L in- Iti.tin
1. 1 iT'
i Ii ll il tf IIW.lV I'f till
M. i.-. hi lit." thi-
wit i. i i uii (.micoK i i i.?
TIho- ir.- Ami rn-an ntuil. nt i f 1 r 1 1
ifh t'l.t" h" n"" nri' firm In thvlr
kill.il Uli.f ih.it flu- Tint tiith 'V. 1 1.
m i v .;! i'"t I' liK 1'iitl.iot the VViIuii
u' r.i'isit I'nm irr hrr.
l.l.r.a iw- bin :i hr.il i" t'i Iiih-.
An rilirititi if hnh wiv the tiinJ
tlu hi- ii M"ii'i: ;i'vir. t'tiy I nffuntiil ty
.n..ri:itliT Mil, ir.sk.-a 'vt...m thut 'n- iu ii.nn. m.irj .ii.wu ...
;h.- iihl.1 N'liil u.ll ! ii"- ..Mrwh.lmlrKlv Toi. nml Ux
nmtry In ti r.n t th- nt.it.-" I.tiim-a y.-..i n t.loj.l C-.tbi- ilmtni-t.
(..-uii.uUt.. iljr.w th- 1 v.-ir anj IS'Mr t.irn.sl ntun.l l.l-.y.l IS.s-.rp..
i h.ilf. tuit'-r IMrvvm im n.tm. tit to k s... .......... ......
..v Hi) i. A iv far an sutl.iv l-r.-l-sl
' .. ....... ... r.
U....1.1 i. ...I.......I Iwhiimi ll In ls a -o .1 i.imi ik- i ii- .....i"
I. m.itmtr.it.st thnlMI Hi .hyirl!y V1'
i-r i Mi :i!Iv unknown, running un
y.i ;. .
kI .i i: I'Tiiiiii-M m:vj.'rity of s.O'xv
s.. Ki...t :i lilt nt th- li;iii.ll Tlnntri.j
l.int Siimliy. vull Ui shown itunn to
m.irr.ov ut th- l.iUrty Thi-.itri'. This!
will th- fnM film to In- nliown at
th- H-I.nili. tii-w th.atri' on Fourth
Htlsit. Whlrh hl JUHt lirt i.lliltfj.
nml It i ii HttortK roitii'llmint. Imth
to th- film ami to the urtf.inii.itiun
whiili hioiumtii it. thiit th.- iiwm-r of
ih- t.il-ity fhoul.l auk thiit It In' th
fiint film shown lit hi thi-utrr. The
IhiMIi- will Ih- nilmitt.il fn.
Hffu l ilii of th- Iu al liUi aiiiJ )"
t-ntiy th:it a itn-nt il.nl of sml
lion- hv th- Hhi'Wlnit nf tin Mnom-hrnrt
film nt th- 1st 4111U. It Ik i ntim iti s that
,. n-nrly lifty n-w ini-niU-ra will l of-
tiluitiil lin tin- oiBiininunn num nuv-
II, .v . "iiili;H III Ainiullln tmik a tie
! t ui. U (! f.HWHiil timt rvi-nlnit whi-n a'
! jrioui if I-imIiI" nut ami i-lui't-U
I lis nl roiiiiril iitul fnrmulat-d jilana to
j niii y mi Hi'- wMk for th )ri.it ynr.
I 1 hi- in-' Hi' k wik In hi ill thii Flrat Huu
! tint hull h '
1 . II. N'inliifln wna rlwl-d rt
'iln t i.l thitiiuti'll. Thn vln ieal - ,
'il'iitH. 11 riiiiiiiilH-lniHT, trinaurrr anil
1 v.-oil Hlmiiliiiif ooiiitultlPiD wrra atna
lis t. il CiiHul-iil UmJiiuIn wim din
11 .m i. '.n m nliitlvr to th NutloiiaJ
UmiiHil of l'"" Si-oiit whli-h aiw-tn tin .
I 11 null)- n Ni Vi tk. " . ,
Wi- nr In n. In th iiitri'M f tha
1 I.. of Annul!!"." A. '. Imiin. lli-liMty
! iiiitlmiiil 1 xi'i-iiliv. who hna Imh In
tin- i iiy iliiilim tin- I'lixt f-w wvi-ka to
1 K-t tli- niKiiiilxntion mm till, told th
' iiiiiiu il.
'Tht ii- 1110 riirwist.n tj(0 and 1100
Iovh tun' vwi'i nwl illrt-i-Uon. DuritiK
thin- inotithn nf th yi'iir thy ar not
l-usy. Kiinitliig la an outdoor rduou
limi'il wmk with n ronmrurtlvn pro
num. Thi- Iw-va mid 'h l-ul tru lu
lu u. HnutU'R will tmih thi-m tho
I hy-i'-iil i iilf-a l v Klv-lmt thmi l-tmoua
ii Hint a Id and ixt-rolM-. rt will (tva
tin- U'Vii ilifuilt- inmriu-tlon."
I Mr. Imnn inpliiltud th wmit of tit
vnrioiiH i-oinmltti'ia of how th troop
will li in MiinUi il, how th iMtya will
' work. Ih liH-ailoti of th auiiiiiu-r rninii
1111I th triilnlnK rmiOMi In i-ltlxi-nahlp
1 Hint will ! Klvrn. Tln-o arout trutipa
huvi- 1 .1 1 It i lHiinlf d lirtd two toor ar
miilii w.iy said Mr. I)iinn. Il hnltavra
that fiiiii'ti vn tioui'H run l di'Vopd.
I fif tin li'tul Imdiri't of, r"0 nd4
o laii'V nn th- work, 1121 In nota
I nid 1 Im (in li ia li--n aulM-rlii't It w
t r-rmoiiiir-il hy th rommltta appuint
1 id to 1 alt- thr fiiiuU. A ti nn tlx llat
ii 11 11 mm lum liiyn i-.'ittVusaiHl. by. tli
; t iuo .iiiyintis (tiuiipa. iTmlny ttJid
.MuiiViy fit ti:i iffort will t mud
1 to t.-i lo th rmalnliiK amount of th
I.i.i'k'I If th- ti'lul (unila at nut
iuImsI tin- hi out wi i k -nn not enntfup,
( it win Htiitnl nt th inn tint.
j A i-i nuitutHin w iiil-mril and n
I -iHiiiirittii- of thru- 'iM.ntil to draw
j u l ylnwi that imiy tx- nvHwny to
(iiii'i t.thi 10 -il). of Ih Im'al olKitnlr
I tun." Thm i-i'iniiiUti of tin will
( lonniHt if A. A. Crahnm. V. A. Me
1 liitorh mid William Ilovii. '
! Th i.flti-rrN iii'iiiiliiinl witp na Cul
film whlrh m.-id- i,,wa
.s.,,l:,. - to ftmal. its Mt-tn-M in ' h r" lf ,"' ,.,,t ihildon of .l,.-.-ad m-iiiI-th.
h- i:. ,l.y ,MTil thit wa , o-f. .,.,.1 t- ' ;. '.., I -naytvaiiu w Zlmm. , llul. who l.i tui. d nt
, H iff i !' n l l . nn.t II l Jii".
think n.-t T".-ir -Hy t" .my un-
nii-i-irv 1I1 l.i y i-r Hiown-r iim 1:1
li.ti t of th- I'Cisl .tiir. th r.-Til a.
1. n h.in l'-!i l-t " th- h:mi
inuti.:i!ly iv.ry iliV sirr It ronvin'-l
hut th- f 11 1 thit tin- hJicv In-r.-aiM' in
h- nt it- aff.iir un 1 J -til to th-' in
r-a. in 'i'.il.itisi!i und ioWm li.i
ii"i 'I'll'- t.Mt mui h 1'iisiuM lor uw
on to h.nulM' it In th- t.nw 1
a "titn- i.st Tat v. ti-. or n-
.ll. tl.l hi HMX lilllft H.-tl lt'T.
Mi.U-. th..uch. li.on"a i.itfonn x
i liiT.s th- niit'.r. II- Ht'l on thv'
i-iink" r-it il wn wiist.-: iiUilihh u K a
m!iMlii-: !-.i;i- ti:itl'-n. i.ml l.ritnf
In, k !!.. -.-I ity S.111 AniMn Stii ml trst
th- first fchowitiK of th- film, will l-r-tun-
niriiii toiiini row. Mr. .1111111. rinan,
In mil. h U itiK a Iw uti.r of Ik tti r than
avt-iui;- alulity. Ih th'-roUk'hty i-nthum-d
with hi p.i' J'-'t. iiml tln'M' who ntti-nd
th- riMiihitusI movl'ttf irtur nml !-
I'n-ltl-!!!-- P. II. tJindiTKln. , .
Vi-- I'l-ild-fit J. N. Ili-aiily.
Vl.f I'ri-Hl.l-rit V F. I'hllllpa.
Vliv Fr-tld-nt Wm. Hoyc.
CiimniliiHli'nrr A. A. f'.rnham. ,
. To nsnriT C M. Mi-Tull""th.
.dinlnltrallitfl Comniiltra,
.1 X. H-anl-y. VU- l'r.
Tioou mininiiatloii II. C. I'ltikin.
Flnan.x C. A. Flsk.
I'uMli ity t.lndwiy Xtinn.
I'amr and famii Kiiilpmi-nt II.
Itank Join a.
K'iiiiiin nt nml 8itwlli--IltncklMrn.
ttvli' S.-IVI.-. l.n 1. Marra.
'Training Ciimniitt.
r. F. Phlllpa. Vl(-rrra.
8iwrt Karl Ftuiim.
M-nlUl-J)r. U. M. VtirkMt t '
f.vhu-A. A. I.ntniikin. ' '
Art Tra hs nml I'rnfta ('. II. lluli-
I h II.
! Court nt Honor.
Ju.lir Win. Itoyi-i-. Vli I'na. and Ch'h.
. Frd Hon. J. F. Itromi-rt. Jark IM
waidi. -tiry flornh. II. W. t'.all.rulth.
IMI'ltnfi TIIK
.tuilulna' fr-n nsiilta iht.iinid thtr-
pir.l.il n r ifful-'t p.arly a half itn- ln l"n m.T-. work on th ro;idn of
ury im-'. T. n i.r..ir a 0.0 l no ninit ii n- mmii hhioik m-
Own H-tffi' ! nt fur i-nwa mid th 1 m-mtli th-m in any ninllar M-rinl for.
I. mi-mU-r Incur thnmirh iii. n- I 'h. f..- .r i;il irrid-H ar- I
...i-i h., in th.-ir nf.n.lini- on th 1' C 1 si .111 .h. .1 Tlu- 1 .MiimisHlotl-rK ,
i-hhioiih: th- 2t ii-l'litl'if'al d.iy f-vii
tur- at th- Lil ity toummiw will av 5-o Fair. W. A. Mi Itito-h. I.. ." Whit.
with a 1 1-in uiuli rt iiulaiK of th- ln-nu- M-mltrr of (inral CiMliii lL
tn ni Mim. lum t. and what It iIhh All' 11 Carly. Pr. Klllouuh. Jnhtl Mr
, r 1 hililo n. j KularHI. W. R, O llrl-n. I.. Jui-i.Iihou,
1 Juilp- F I. Worki, C. I., tinsyn.
1 Many riK-il if i.l.ttit.r live only onr
it two xi'iiin. thiit is. tiny an annual
u I'll Mil. .N.
Mi- (.-limy i.-.r - th m os tiilon of
-ir- rlt;. n in Ih-ir pr. Brain f'-r toad
.iiniov. m-nt
It t"-tt ni-ix-nra th.it .1 sims road t"
S 1 1 .t t -1 1 n-an-r a nwailiility than
it :ir i.th-r tun-. Itrimo county and
Mil- r.' ivty r i In ly n-iH.rallnjr tt
1 Inn iiiov-ninit. and it a-m mor than
,r. tv.il.1.. th it Swish-r rounty will Join
in In 4-wmt th- i-.tim-n of tho lwr
John Mi'! Sir ii hi. th- l n- witmn of nti,( omnty to p t a rond that
ipvlnnt M.n.ii.y. h .or.f. ns-,! that tiin.wi; if, r ,h,m a '! uutli t for th
t-ntimimy w i rjuroil mid hun to'.d of (utn ,...j, t nil dis rram th iiit of
" mukiiirc sni-ir rro ri iinvi.w ricr-
il lit thit fiic-.li- protwil'Iy wi.'ild nuf-
flro to t th- work .Ion without muk
ina n lur-l-lilo on th niimU-m and
without th- i' X J-M iv n-s-msity of hh--ial
n.Hi n t r. t ih- tn-. vnji.iry l-siu-nit
11 in iitt-ndxl to. Wnhit.i VA
8-tit-iiiUr ITT I.
t fit I t'o' fit lin-t.
th- fimt Cunt l.
I'or Aral, Mironir and Nrvoui
Fjikl llulldlnf 1
Buying Tour
Tim rajneata
Amarillo Motorcycle Co.,
COS E. Third rhoM U?
fith and folk W.
rhona IKS,
h- nn uin;.m. . uml -r wl.i.h lv
.-wihitl hy th -r'-oiitl"i II
firmn thi- ii-v.-lMtn.na rrr.tlv mail, l-v 1
l'iill-m:n Htrd: nnoth-r titncn1
iirninst toonrr who r.H-nirri-tl nm. I
! r-m. i
in. h- onvtrtlon rf M.sriHy un ,
i-vl-ni- th.it ninth td f.-w a -Hi nf
rwnnt.itlura hm nM-urr.sl. all M.nttnr '
In 'hi- dii.itli.n if M liirin-ni -. Ihiy!
hud w-Itcht i Tii.jth to m.ik ilovnnor ,
St.'ih-n of 'alif-irnin uriwillmi! to taki- '
r-sHin,.iuty f.,r Mixiniv'a d-uth. l:ut j
m fir thiy li.t n4 Indi. t th ri I
-mor la f.irrml trial lm( lni..-iil.l.
to Ir-nm- a pin di n whi. h will niak il
' !MliU tfl lr' lU.n.V' .... ..Mi. ..f am
to this a a rule is found in widely separated' ou,Hin,..i inii tmnt. i.d in th
cae of those unfortunates who consider them- !'"" r,',rn'M, "f,"",, him- kJ-d
1 nun h-. ijr- a n.- inn in r.irt.
Th- 1. in.- of Muon-v In Inifxv'.int Ih-i-.ius.-
it mtiilv.a th honor of o-ir Ju-
il', 1,1 ......... v.. ... .1.. 1 1
i"H fewer ea.h and every day. May the day vw.a Un .-.-n .iiu..i,.:.ty to th- r i.ii.'.ii
ionw when the trihe shall have passed from the '' ,':,r,r' "Ir '""rt" t o-.tcta.
H.irth j . . j
Any man whi would offer intoxicant to one
whom he know s to he rendered a less worthy cit
izen through the use of alcoholics, is an enemy to
good government, and should be so stamped. The
lay of the "Boozer" is gone, ami society has ad
justed itself to the change. The only opjwisition j
selves superior to the laws of the city, the state
ind the nation. Hut. these are few. and are grow-
Sweet Milk
1 5c Quart
n tin nf Aniarlllo'n Its4 Hair
rtM.iit:i .4". k. t
ohtkopatiiic riivsimx
(ienrral Oloiathlc and Eya, Ear,
Nna and Throat Serrlra.
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P. A. Zehringer
tTalrh Maker and Jawaiar
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Osteopathic Physician
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"Alwtyi Good EU"
109 East Fifth Street-
i f k
Amarillo is expressing her faith in the
ability to secure an ample water supply in the fu-1
ture. She's planting many trees, and these cannot
thrive best without water!
No one thing in all the city reflects more cred
it than does the public srhm 1 system, on the com
munity as a whole. The great need of the schools
"f Amarillo is that the pcojile shall recognize
injr a convention city the convention city of a11!t,,ir ,ni relation to this nol.U- worV f..r the en
thit nortton of the southwest. All such citizens
ire aware of the inhibition placed in the city laws
lgainst expenditure of money derived fr m taxv
'.ion on entertainmenti. therefore thi is equiva
lent to saying that all realize the necessity for
raising the fund by individual free will subscrip
tion, representing the investments of the whole
citizenry in the general good of the community.
- fc.'o elf respecting citizen of Amarillo want
mf other citizen ti pny hi part of this enter
tainment fund. It i an obligation of honor, carry-
'JlJhh'Jshevt possibiliticf for the benefitof
tire citizenship.
Let tis remember that livestock experts d ,
dare tha' the shows being hell in the Texas
Plains O unrv this month will witness thr trans. J
frr of some of the best blood in the world, ("ana- i
dian. Hereford and Amarillo will be the scene'
of some of the m-ire itnjortam shows. !
Itootl-Mr Ika Mom h
Hopeful, optimistic attitudes are great forces
for good, and on the other hand, the tesimistic
.11 L.. Li :u:t:, V , 11 -I- irartn lr t hanuarU thU K. Tb'
Make Cutieura Soap
nd Ointment your
tvery-dir toilet prep
arations. Bathe with
the Soap and hot
water on thing and
retirinc uairur plenty
of Soap, beat applied
ith tha handa.
Smear any nn of
pimple rrdnesa Of
roughntss with the
Ointment and let it remain fitre
minutes btfi-e lathing. Finally
dust on a few grains of the ei
ouiutelr perfumed Cutieura Tal
cum. it takes the place of other
perfumes forxthe Urn.
iMvUtwkfwkrati MtwfiWiU
ltM. 1
1 I
P. rnamined M-iiilifieall-, (ilaaara vS. '
triHiitd In nur avsn nlm to meet )wir 1
spnlal reiiiiirrnx-iiln. Sm UI equip. Mr a I I
meiil fur trstlnf rlilldirn'a , W JL I I
Kit-lush Optometrist and 0dlrUns. ' ' daw
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EatabUsbad 111!
AeeounUnla aad Aadllora
Income Tat 1peUllatl
ull SIS Kay and Johaaoe) Itldf.
Ready Made
Hand Tailored Suits
Specially Priced
Let me ' figure your
Painting and Paper
hanging. Am In poallloa la da IVM
tlaaa Work an abart. BwUec,
riioNB im .
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Kmn nntniK air . .f

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