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Amamllo Daily News
0 mm
hevrral lllcli Officials i( II Japanese
Army Hat llwn Removed m Hi
IU-.iilt of an Investigation, U
the Claim Mailt,
fl AMMlrd rrm.
WASHINGTON, Fib. Regret on
Ihu r( of ttio Japanese government
uvcr ttir fatal shooting of l.lcut. W. 1L
Ijuwdon, an American naval officer, at
Vladivostok, rnrly In Jnnunry, la rclt-
crated In the reply n( llml government
to Ihe iidI o frtmi the fulled HtutuS
The Iiim was cx pleased ly thi Japan
ese government that "(hit government
f ( tho fulled Htiitce will fulty appie
f elate iln sincere spirit In which tha
Juancac government liaa acted In dinb
lug wllh tlilH most unfortunate Imi
alt nr."
The J.iincso government Informed
tin' American government thut Major
General Nlshihur.i commanding tha
Jaancse garrison at Vladivostok, (mil
lM-n removed from the active llHt f tha
Japanese army, and that various offl
Cora under the command of General
Xlhiharn hud la-en subjected to pun
ishment uf varloua dcgrece.
The state dcsirtmcnt made public
paraphrase of the Japanceo govern
men fa reply. Imacd on a cablegram
fmm the American t-mbneay at Toklo,
to whom the communication was dellv.
rrrd yesterday. Tha paraphrase folio a:
"A moat thorough nnd exhaustive e
amlnatlun wan conducted by the court
martini, resulting In the removal from
Die active lint of the Jiinoso army of
Major Gononil Xishlhara, commanding
thn Japanese garrison at Vladivostok."
The court nmrtlnl held that General
Klshihara had lmn buIIIv of a mlalt
torprotatton of tho Hirrnrks' rcgula
tlnna and had thua Incurred primary
reeimnalhllity fur tho unfortunate Inci
dent, lie haa Is-en deprived of the oonv
mand of the garrison and of the rank
uf brimdler commander, which ha prvl
ously held. The Wrack officer of th
rank of major ha been adjudged null
ty of rt'HKnrllllity In the matter and
sentenced to confinement for thirty
Unys. The usalst.int harroeka officer and
a lieutenant have tiren sentenced to a
similar punishment for a perl'sl of twen-
ty iluya; the company rommnnder haa
tettM enlelM'Ml to a leaa Mrlod.
"Tho tumnuinder In ehlef of tho J.i
auem exiHlltionary foni In Vlndtvoatok
haa ald a visit to the I'. 8. Albany and
ixpreHard In the roinmandlna' offhvr of
the fchln hla rrirret at the oivunem-e of
the Incident. The ariitry who fired tha
fatal ahot hna leen held t' he earuaed
by the ordera and net lima of hln an
IM-rlura uon whom reaHinallllliy waa
Huuarv'ly plheed and who are to Im pun
l.shiil aa Bliva stated. The wnttv, how
rver, waa found entity of deception In
hia .teatimony aa in tho clroumHtanrea
of the futulity and fr thla baa been
Ct)NTlXl bD tN 1'AtiE TWO!
t.ST TI.XAH Weilnenlay and
Thursday, crneratly t
The ilexll Mime t I be rnrth one
And into n court rom tH'k lata
JuM iih a lawyer, with very Krava
Wna prm eeilliiir In minie tlie poluta
in a ernte.
Now a lawyer Ilia innJeMy nover
had eeeli.
Tor t bla ilomlnleii none ever had
Tla the fnillt if mv insenli." his
limJeKty theuulit.
"That none o fthee lawyer havt
ever la en i nimht."
And for hia own pleiixine In- had
fell a iltHlre
T.i eeiiie l.i Ihe eiulh and the rca-
on lniilrr.
Now. when Ihe fin-l lawyer hud
ei'tiie t" i'Iiim'.
The ii'unw l eppiwIiiB btm feurlea.
ly rotH-.
And heuiNil aueli abuae on the head
i f the flil.
That he .imule hlui a villain of all
men Ihe wirt.
i:aeh eliilined he waa rljjhl nnd th
ether waa wrmiR:
They apnrrrd nnd i imtendeil and nl-
guetl ao b'titf
That, eoncliiillna he'd heard enough
f the fun.
"Old Nick" lurned awny and wllto-
qulaed Ihim:
Thy have pu.Ud Ihe court will
Ihelr villMlnnua cavil.
And I am free In confoM they hav
ptiailed the devil.
My aneiila were llBhl; let lawyer
If I had them, they'd euchre me mil
nf my Ihrone."
Went ruhllhiii Co.
nnrnmnii rnnm
n fiULLLbHUUN rnuivi
From Ihe arrival In Ihe city of a dele-
Katlon in car from I'lnlnvlrw about ,
o'clock IIiIn mornliiR, InlereatinK. en
trrtnlniiiK nnd rcllnK rventa ' will ;
row il tiHin each i tlur until Ihe I'uiur
f midulKhl, mnkliiK up the aii-ond day i
f the Huyeia and Hellera t'onvetition !
and Auto nnd htyle Khow.
Two Ktar atieakcri, Judiie William r.
liainw y, of Ihe Eleventh IHalrtet Keder- J
ul liem-rve Hank, nnd Joe II. Mercer, ,
Hi ciilary Tri naurer of Ihe Kaunas ;
l.lvihtick Ax'lutlnn and memlHT of
Ihe Kaunas Kmitnry lloard. will be
heard nt the Mixaion Theatre In the
on iiih.ii. That Vital subject to live. !
Ktoek men propoalnK auienalun of the -
ili tint freiitht rale Increaw, will
aim come Up. I
The Auto and Style Hhowa In all Ihelr
invitiiiK aplcudi r wilt le at their Im-mI
I'xIhv. und a reM-tltlon of the suralnR .
vrowda of lnt iilcht la promlavd. With
iiMniii k JuiIkIhk over und rlblHina
uwnrded, Hin tionltiK by that lulmitabln
auctioneer fol. Kn-d l!epp-rl will lie..
Kin ut Ihe Keiiyon barn Ui 1 o'l lix k in
the afternoon. i
To IuiiiIhIi vent to the eiirnival spirit
the triple event him awnkened. arrniiRi-
inentu luive lioi'ti niNite lur ilaneinK m
the hall at tlie Htlye Hhow, In Ihe
islackburn hall on I 'oik Htieet. and at
the lirookmoni Cafiterlu hall tonight.;
To add n the gnlty of Ihe occasion.
The lilun iK-vlls" liavc returni-d. and
will furnish mule for tlw Hrookmont.
Jcesi 'a orchestra will play at the Mack-
burn hall and the l-ep lllvcr Orchea
tra with Ihelr )era and entertulaer
will aiK-ar at the Auto and Htyle Show
,r Ihe CisiM'r-lrvln ItullUlng.
Wording to advance Information, i
then, mill he 3S to 60 cars of people in I
the l-laitivicw nciegniion esiie-ru wo
.... . . ... ... . .ii.
. . ,
.iu I nine, ami every car. u n ossureu
vlll Is- l-sdwl lo caiMicliy with the II v.
an bturn out! The 't-rty will lea""
oVha-k. AtloVI.sk. a!
Ilium lea ai . i ..
simmlttee of the Amsrll
In Ins Automotive Aasisiatlon will
. . ... . iiii,
have Amarlllo to meet and earort the
.t,.inileuHltoia to thi city.
There was m t a hitch In the first
lay's program, nor an untoward eveni
- . ... . .
to mar inr w , Z
with riglsti-nil Herefords. and a few
Holstelns. and Ihe Konyon larn '
fllle.1 to Ihe limit wn me n.an ore..
sniiiuil. In addition, ten more pone
were Imlll and fllM with fine Duns,
filled t lh limit with Ihe high urea
... as fnan the farm of II. T. Neely and
,tn, r I to lie up not later man noon tomor , reaannablenes of the proposed redue-
In ihe Judging of sale rattle. Tulle row the entire federal operated system. ton."
captured Wth grand championships. I It la estimated by labor leader that The letter aald that numarnua com
t..hti keim a liinlor bull calf raptured i more than I0.0W) men will he Involved. , panles had Indicated that prevailing
the blue ribbon, and . f.llutchlnann'a
.Victory l.as K'h. Junior heifer calf,
waa awarded prlxc for female.
The blue ribhon awards tor nistai
and femalra were:
A Bed Cows C. M. Carpenters Anna
Uurn. first; Neely Urn' Plnhey Wil
son. eiiid. j
Two year olds Pronger Prist , Ku- .
Iiertlne llth
k. i.ii-r Vini-l iia rrmtger urns.
Iteautv Mlam hard, first: II. II. Conner's
Mis Carlos 41th. arcond.
Junior yearling-!. C. Iliitcliliis.ura
Vlitmy Ijss llth, first; W. M. Gouldy'a
Huslc. sci ml: W. T. Womble- Flor-etui-
G , third: Protiger I'.roa.. Know
ltlnn. hiii.1. fourth: W. T. Woml.le'a
Miss Arthur r.nl. firm; v . i.. le-nneu -
Itille lieiinett. sixth:
Hophia. seventh.
Senior heifer- P. I
Junior heifer calf.!. I . tismrni'S ln-rnrr action wiih taken on mandate as f..i.wn
Mary 1st uimm H. 'crested great surprise In league Ts- "A" Grent Hi Main mand.itoiv
Hi'iilor champion cow Pronger P-ros. circles. The gradual withdrawal of over Mesopotamia and Palestine.
Iliits'itlne lllh. - 'Ameri'-an representatives from Ihe rrum-e . i Svrta nnd l-lnnon
Junior champion feinab G. C. council's commission connecti-d wilh: Tm- "II"- llelaium mandatoiv over
Hutchinson' Victory Ijiss, ISth. .Mao ix-sce aetivlties had tended lo confirm German I'.ait Africa: Franii- nnd Great
grand champion female. the opinion that the outgoing admlnls , Itritaln over Togo Land and Kamerun.
A'd Hulls P. H I arley Sidney
t ali flax, in st : Carter A litter's Honest
H. V. seci nd; J P- OHliorne's ISesU Mil-
Tw o-v ear oldi-J. P-tornc Carlo
Senior V nrllng llvrmi Gift' lU-nU
Moles' Hist, first: W. T. Hm-Vi-s a
Sin Shoitwny. second.
Junior yearlings T P. I"W b-n'
Palo Fulrflax. f'et: I!- H Conner s
IScau Slanway. second: Pronger llroa."
IVail Itliiiicliiird. S.'.rd. third, G. C.
Hutchinson's t-su Oliver, fourth: HV"
ron Gist s Sir Moon's Paragon, fifth.
and sixth: W. V.. Itonnett's Capital
Htanwiiy. U'th, seventh.
Hi-nli r bull ciilvrs W. V.. Itonnctt'e
IsiiihIiI Santos. Snd. flist: vv .vt. nuui
i'B King Stanwav. aceoml; T. A lo
.-n's ISol.ln Fairfax, third; W. tl.
Col.b'a HetM-ater Imnald 4th. fourth.
I'osottliHl weather conditions lonsld-
cord, tho first day a attemlunoe ex- tnl,.,VBt w II h whli h the council learned woman
i-inlnl exia liitiotis al Ih lluyers and;(,f ,(, IM,n,iminioatlon of Ihe state de- .
H-Hers Conv. Iitleli and Auto and HtvW , ,,,,., ,! n. ,.iKXy delivery, and, WASHINGTON, tel.. G.iu.il op
Shi w a. Hy middle of Ihe afternoon, hie ij., n ,i,,ft.r,., p. his request p rtunltli s . r the 1 iti-w' of all of tlu
lei h4.lies wore crowded, and by even-! ii... ,.,,.. 11 will iHwtMne all final de-lsllinl and as-ciated urwera. whether
Ing. Ihe lobby of the Amnrlllo hoti -
was a Jam. Ii ge aa It la. the Ciaqter
livin Huilding In which I locati-d the
WASHINGTON, Feb. W.-r.eab
dent Wilson expressed the determin
ation today lo devote himself upon
retirement In private life In a con
tinuation of hi efforts toward a
world eaee.
J n hi first publli' littcrani-e slnrt
the Novemlier election, the presi
dent. In rerelvlna a delea'allon from
the Wnodrow' Wilson elub of liar
vard rnlverslty at the Whlta
House, declared he had no Inten
tion of wrltlna a history of tha
I'arls ieace conference. He added
that waa a task he preferred lo
leave to the profession!! I historian!
aa the public mltfht be prune to take
Into consideration ihe personal
equal I'll In any account of thf
pwe proceeding he mlKhl write.
After their visit members of tin
dele- t Ion stated that they "were
deeply tmiiressed with the great
heart of Ihe president aa he seemed
in reflection to think over the
question of trace," and said that
they were "deeply touched by the
president's faith In the ultimate
aiiionipllsbinent of hla efforts to
ward ience and by the nlinnat bril
liant good humor with which ha la
leaving the White House.
: mm i'i
f if.;
Br AMwkttcd fnaa.
MKXKX) CITY, Feb. II. The threat
ened general atrike of the rallrok
worker resulted In the Issuance of an
order today for Ihe federal troop in
the garrison along the government ope.
aii".. -s .o.o.n
rated line to be held In qurtera to
await Immediate disposition for atrike
, i,i
i ...
It in rcortra here inni troops ana
mkffn h(V, ,Irp.,y rlnshed. with
im. casualtle.
The afternoon newspaper aaaerted
... - -
lhat the government ha decided to
. . . ,,k ..-.
nir"iiii"i"ii ii"ii i'"ii
"no mai iuii mmiary proiecuon
no insi mil roiuuiry urou-ciion em
bo given workmen w ho desire to con-
j tlnuo at work
I Mny aoldler who have had rallroaa
xerlence hive been enrolled a mrlke -
f , h , (f XiUM 'Z m Unm thm ia 1 V.
nusirlea ana decline in inn coat or
rc4da Fr.ncl.co Pere to recognlxe tha!,nir .,. , ,ha oplnhm tho com -
railway men a unions ormigni me mrtsi.
; although W rector I'erei aaye only 4uilt
jinat nuini-r win ne on atnae.
1 The government, through President
iniiregon. haa announced It w ill firmryiroad Ijilsir Hoard a decision of July M
laupport Ihe director policy.
Rr Aunrint.J Prn.
PARIS. Feb. :: -Amlmssndor Wsl
Aithur lU-ene's i lace's notification In the council of th recall thut mandates of type "C". the "luiron The matter wss iIikikkmh! of l
! league of Nations tialay thai the elate I'a. ific NlamN and German West tpointlng a cmnnuiloe lo determine
Parley, Mary deirtmenl of Wsshlngton desired lo Africa, were decided upon two months , whether or not to propose nn Amarlllo
present the views of til" I'nlR-d States
trat.on would have all such Initiative
; tl, t. n,,w Bi,m-i nment
The text of Secretary Colby" note
Kill not Is- generally known until to-
jni row . , (,, uneN'-te Interven-'
'Hon Is IcnriiMl in French circles, and,
i m,ieng others ulsn w ll h evlilont satl-fsc-
tln. as showing that Ihe new world
' still mulntnln contacl with and Is still!
, Mrr,..t n the old Worlds prole
, t,mB
j Notification i-f the Inimlueiit arrival i
i , (,, wlo-n mandutes was
th,. first 011111011 in the agenda of Ihe
t.)in,ui Whlh sH-nl nearly Ihe entire
,,, ,lw.ma the reply In the
; American amlMaaadoi 's letter and ex-
..hanging views uiam those inundates
- 1 which the American i-l
rvatlotis arc
til it llkelv In touch.
The councils reply to .mtmiwior
! Wallace, slgm-il bv In . Ihicunha, ires.
dent of the council, exprewseu the lively
l ',-ion relative lo Ihe fiani of nmndales
- I nw tinder diai-ussion until receipt of
, tBt, ,-onmtunlcsllon.
I The note tvolnts nut thut Ihe m.in
Plan Now Being Considered lo Reduce
Ihe Wage of Common Laborer;
OpiMsdllw la Becoming
Very Bltlef.
Br AsKwiaUd TreM.
Ni:W" YtiltK. Feb. :2 The Aasneta.
Hon of Hallway Kaecutlvea today aent
to the carriers a letter recommending
that the matter nf adjusting wages of
common labor to lower levels lie left to
the Individual railroads to carry out In
accordance with comlitiona prevailing
their territory.
The Mter. algned by W. W. Atler
bury, chairman of ihe lalsr commlltee,
nnd nuide nubile In- Thomaa le Witt
Cuylvr, chairman of the association, act
forth that the currier have complained
that they hud Is-en criticised for not
reducing the y of the common or un
skilled lalsirer lo wage levels prevailing
In other Industrie.
Mr. Attnrbury'a letter said ho had
suggested to Ihe I tall road Lalsir Hoard
that pcrmleatnn be granted enabling the
-nrriera In use these prevailing rate
a minimum eonle for railroad npl''!muiiUlnaldH In bia remarkable night
i .a I ..a lkK luaatal AuiA.A art .
rrl.ruj.ry 10 that thla mattor cmtd bilhl tnm Han UUgo Uat night, when
V raised only aa a reault of negotiation-, a mountain peak loomed Up Just aa hi
between the naida and their employe.
To each Individual carrier the letter
left tho determining or wnal in new
1 waian-M should be. when they ahouict l
proMied and Ihe naming of tho claaaee'
employea to be effected.
The procedure or eatatiiismng new
- .. .ilt.
wnjr.- tm unnKio-ii mii""i
..., lw, ......rd-.ncn w-iih
tho transorlallon act and dmlslona of
J the Cnlled Btatea lbor Hoard."
. Mr. .. . .,. .nir. ihle.
t.Hy , . dealre To meet and
I '.' .... i..... . ..
ninirr nn ou y wrmmrii nirrwnue
,,.. ... !.
- . -r-
skilled fntK.r prcqsiaed lo be Involved;
the endeavor at eurh confer to neg.e
Hate a aatlafactory reduction in wwgeal
.d. In event of failure, the eerllflca-
1 tbm of the dispusie to the United State
uiTr ihjwi'j rip ii n ii'.'' v
ti -a M tab sii.i. si IA-. mm ti
....in... m.mmm in ..(K.r in.
f pnny, lend lo sustain ino justice anOi"- "7" -
rates a wage of common, unskilled
IUNr In their territory had greatly d
' rlln-d below the rates eel by the Half
!dite and the agcnd.1 ie of ls- "A"
A-ia Minor If Central AmerP a. It
ago and ptiMfhcd The inundates are
Gnat I'.nt.iln
over German Southeast
"f" J.iiniii ninnd.itory over
North Pacific IntamK Including Yap
Auitrulla over Now Guinea: New Ze
land oxer Hammt: Groat liritain over
Nauru: I'mon of South Afrliu over
Hit n Hoiithwest Africa
The cnn. il iIci-Iih-iI thut the man-
date . oniinih n shall In- rnnitsHH-d of
h, fl1. liimtrN h.wois -Grcst
Itrltain Pinnce. IU lalum and Jaian
wiih tin- other members chosen frinn
,,,,,,,,, rciirccittuiivcs from Itslv.
',.rtiia.il Holland. Swiib-n nnd x-rhap
h.- t Ulti-I Htat-s The m net Inn of an
American icprcsonlatlve Is still under
di'iil'n, tin-re Is-lng diffori-nces of
opinion s the propriety of si loct ins
an .meil--sn under the iMcsont cir
, i-miixtain -es. Ortlinarlly It Is de.lm.-d.
there would have Isi-n no olijvtlott.
Funl.nn representative will a
mcmlets of the l.iiiyn- of tuitioi s or
imt. In former i nomy t. ii1l.'ile. tn he
I administered l.v tlie.Sllli governments
WASHINGTON. Feb. -Frlenda
of rohlbliion rnforcament In the
House today won another Iwtlla to
keep liquor beyond Ihe reach of
those not iermltled to handle f
drink II.
After a flare up that threw the
House Into lillter delsite toward tha
rloao nf a eaceful hnlidav aesalon,
the prohlltltlon furies rallied fob
low-era and put Ihrouah a mntloa
dlrei'tlng confereea on Ihn deflo
leiicy hill lo five the government
fl.4nn.0ii0 In laesk lip Ihn liquor
traffic from now unlit July 1. II
was Ihn top figure dtacuaaed.
Itefora Ihe vote waa taken, how
ever, chargea flew thick. Chairman
Good of the appropriations commit
tee declaring enforcement agents
openly are winking at Ihe la We
violations. Kepreacntatlva Vol
atead. author of Ihe act, cams back
with the charge that attempt was
being made lo break down the
machinery of enfiavemcnt through
failure to provide adequate appro
priations. TIMEMTAL
By AtMM-lstni I'ns,
HHONTK. Texas. Feb. !:. Ueulen
mil Coney, tmnscoiitlnentul flyer, bare.
:! missed crashing to death against a
! airplane emerged from a heavy cloud
! j,,,),
The aviator arrl.od at JO a. m. to-
- " - -
day. deeeendlng to replenish hla
line aupply. lie had awayed from bia ae -
)pt.u rou(p imut of two anvero enow
. , , , -
mar"m "nl u"r
When ho laiaaed over Iheltocky
! llountalna tmlay he aald tho anow .
! . .
U'n Th" h"," "h ',0m'
caused him lo uae tin hla maollne aun-
- ----- . .
ply whn he reached here. After obtain-
" "ui'i. -.,r ,
hi Journed. but hla motor failed.
Major IUtharda and a mechanlo ar-
-v'd )'ta P-
, o a lelogr.m. and tonight the machine
an rmur iu nunm iiwjt Wi
- - i
JBcasonviiie. i ne iieuiensiu III
ke off tomorrow,
! n landed Iswlda the track, of
Railway ha thought ha wia following
the Texa and Pacific tracks, he aald.
Amarlllo. thn Rpntlr
suggested by Mayor lon 1. Marra atjprrra eorresiMindingly high, which of
the semi weekly luncheon of I ha I Jons comae predicated a great Inflation of
Tuesday, as a slogan lo be offered
he club; Hunshln City" waa an-
r NUggesiton, ami J. liny tavoren
larilln. the Queen City of th
Pliilns." for Amsrllln has lieim knmwn
is the "Queen City" the past JO yea re.
The suggest lon were Ihe outgrowth
i 'f n prm-mil that the ( lull offer a city
sli-gin Mini n -.rt at a future meeting.
f Q. Chandler, of the First National
Itank of Wichita. Kan.. wa a guest of
the chili and delivenil an Interesting.
talk on "The Cio Club as a Character
Pullil,-r." !
The matter of collecting along with
lues a sufficient sum to creste a ban-
fund fur the year was also brought
.ip and riicuod.
j Miss Krnestlne Smiih favored th
cluh with a reading, nnd Irving Tui
tion r nd'-rcd a violin solo, uei-ompa-nh-d
by Miss Umra Mae Mi Alpine i.p
illie piano.
.1 h Kdu hi repoi ! um enthiiHiastie
i h..n i f the semi annual meeting of
the I'iiiiti.ui.lU- Pislrn-t Ph-'togratiher'S
Am. 1, isll-ni. in Plainview the first of
the week. Pra tlcnlly all towns of the
Panhandle 1110 n-pri w nti-d in the asso
ciation. The Plamviiw meeting was the se.
oml m-iwikii of the aKws'lstloii. the first
Unit hi Id in Amuillln last fall. IM
wsidx I" pielliiit of tho HsstK-iatlon.
Mi Kdwards ai-comimntcd him on the
ti ii to riamvlew. Claud Gray, of thn
C.cav Photo shop. 11N0 a member, ul
. iendl the meeting.
The Mission Theatre waa comfort
ably filled when President W. E. Her
ring called Ihe convention uf the Buy
er and Hellera of Livestock to order at
10 In the forenoon.'
The convention was iqiened with
prayer by Ir. Henry F. Hrooka, and
aililreeaea of wrlcomo delivered by
Mayor Lon 1). Marra and Judge It W
Hall. Mayor Marra extended welcrmi
in behalf of the city and Judge Hall in
behnlf if the Ituyera and Heller of
Livestock Association.
C. Q. Chandler, of Ih Flrat National
rank of Wichita. Kan., and W. II.
Fuqua. of the Flrat National of Ama
rlllo, ssskers of the day wire given
earnest attention.
f handler High Uglila.
Following are acme of the high
llahl In the address made by C. J
Chandler, Wichita, Kanana, before the
opening session of the liuyer and Bell-
I er annual convention:
The t'nlted Ktalea although having
only' all ier rent of Ihe World' popu
lation and seven per cent of the land.
In 110 produced: One-fourth of Ihe
world'a wheat, one-half of thn sine,
sixty ier cent of the cotton, two-thirds
of the i ll, three fourth of the corn
and eighty-five per cent of the auto
niohtlis. Offsetting the ginerslly accredited
statement that there ia a growing
shortage of livestock in the world, fore
shadowing an Impending meat famine
at a near dale, the following data was
given showing cattle In several of the
greatest prcduclng countries In the
world (excepting India, whose rattle are
of , airfrrt-nt ty
' )(, hc wr
-not laef- before
1 lief ore war After war
rnltcd Btate. ...M.Mlooo M.ISI.nofl
Argentina Sf,7,nim IT.ODO.OOO
Canaila i.Ml.000 10.0&1.000
Austrslla U.74:.000 11.040.001
Fisnia 14.HU7.OnO 11.116.000
Great Hrltsln . . .ll.m.Ono 1I.J11.D00
Oermany I0.M4.0rt0 17.2:7.00
Thla statement shows a gain of 11.
C'lO.nno head of rattle In Ihe t'nlted
Mntea over the prewar count. With
the exception of Austrslla. France and
O- rmsny all the countries show a gain.
and the aggregate Incresse ia far in
exc-ee of th. aggregatn l.aat-lo lie ex
J act the net Increase is ten million five
niinnrva inn inirirvn intiuMina nrnii.
liat year gave the t'nlted Htatee ih
greatest grsln yield In Its history with
a comlitned showing of five billion alx
hundred and ally-three million four
hundred and sixty-four thouasnd bush
els nt wheat, oat a. barley and rye. Ut
must be noted that these flgurea do
ro Include the added million of bush
els of the kaflr grains produced in the
great plalna areas of the southwest.)
While last year'a export of fresh beef
snd bacon waa many tlmee greater
than In 1114, It was appreclndly less
thsn In Ihe litre years nf 1917. 1911 and
1911. The three years last named gave
hravv ilMianH fi r entitrt meals, with
nieata sold i-allr- ! way of roinparl-
sin. tne rianirea snw insi in ivm me
fresh beef exin.i ts fnan llils country
. showed an aggregate of t.3!.44
1 iHiunds as sgsinst 33S.?.".1 7 wunds In
Id 1 ti. In IUII the ImoiiIi expnrteil was
JOO.HM.'.M, sgalnst .l.lVJ47.l:i In ll.
fliml tide e;iort figures st lnflntcd
nrlies. mo now aluitteil against re-
j ciuiiil cxis-ri with modifnd prli-is.
I A commoilitv decline table pre-nted
shows that Willi the Ingle exci-pllon
of wool, no i.ne Item nhows a lower
1 imiii.m in 1:1-1 tli ni was shown in
M(H , H Htl MW.rage of i-enta
,,,,',, ,,H,.r txnn , to the war.
M1 Uir ,i llv the same level
(, ,,,.war !i ls. while Ihe following
,,,,),, 1 it.- us nre given, representing
(,.,. p, nn, rot Cattle. 171
,., ,1 t-i me ctt. n 1 1 ;... nnd Ili.Oo
whent t ''I nnd II v; sugar f3 4i nnd
An-tlm ir.ieie"tiiiiS ni l of figure
uwn l- Ihe iM-akir was that rliow
leg the let"! ii-unt of oillk ami other
cattle lo the utale of Texas for the
.H--t tweiitv eai Mibh i-ows III
Texas at lite ! of lW.'P, olio lull
lt n one hiindri d and eightv four thou
sand, vhli h o n n un of three hundred
n d tweiitvtuo rlion-inil nine hnmlml
und s-ent five. While this Is true,
tin re has l-etll s ilii-llne iu the number
it sll itlur cattle In the twenty years
con ml, if four million twenty thou
sand one hil'idriii and seventy. three.
Attention was called to the fait that
the total value of cattle In the t'nlti-d
St.it. s nt Ihe Ix ginulng of the present
year wss greater l-y ll .M 3.lnl,an0
than pi tor to tho war. Tho hogs of
the I'nltid tSates ure Worth more than
one third i f a I lllloit ilollais nioii- ttian
plollsly to the war The hIk-i p rnf
shewed an im i.as.- of twelve million
vn bundriil thou.md thi yosr a
comiwml to (sin
II tile cwrlv St.llt.H of the ri-Uel-ailW
;eaere tanking system, I was of the
opinion that one great central laink
- would s-e the count rv In-tter than
Mrnibem of Both Branches of Leg Ula
lure Ar Busy, Many Nrw
lli:i Have Been '
APSTIN. Texaa. Kel. I -The houae
bill by Morrl of Medina propoelng to
inend 1 ho LSNin prohibition law o that
lef ndants undiT the law could be con
virtrd on the unsupported testimony
f an accomplice of th purchaser of tha
Iquor waa killed In th houa, today
when an amendment to atrike out th
nacting clause waa adopted by a vote
if II to II. Thla prnvlalnn waa con-alm-d
in the original Dean law but waa
itrurk out by Ihe thirty atxth legisla
ture. Th aenat devoted moat of th af
ernoon ss1iin to debating th mini
num wage law by Senator Murphy of
Iturrta. the measure being finally paaav
d by a vote of 11 to 4. An amendment
v Senator Dudley of El Paeo fixing a
minimum wag for different claeae In
ha same occupation and even in th
ime establishment wa adopted. Aa
he bill waa finally passed tha admin.
strsMon of Ihe law la placed under th
Jurisdiction of lha Industrial accident
board and exempting town -if 1,000 pop.
.lation or loss from th tfferta uf tha
aw. Tha aenat refused to substitute
he hi use hill by Toer of Williamson
' the Murphy bill.
The hones passed finally the bUl Jby
ollard of Van Zandt and Thrasher of
Travis providing' for allowing abaante
"Her to cast their vot In primary
lection only. Th bill by Miller of
Dallas, tetabllahlng a legal rati for
aewrpaper advertising of two cents per
word for the first Insertion and one-half
int for subsequent Insertions on th
etme matter thereafter, waa engross a
y the houa. Thn rate shall not exceed
'he raise flxsd In the bill. Tha bill by
lohn Davis of Dallas, extending time of
'he commission of appeals to th last
Saturday In June. 1123, waa angroesed.
"nder the present law creating th com.
mission It would hive been abolished In
tune, 1921.
Tha educational bills were furiously
k-hated In the achate du.o.g tho morn
ng session, only tn meet defeat when
'he vote on the measure was taken,
loth bills were by Senator Witt of Mo
Lennan. nn oklng to give authority
o school trustee to dismiss a teacher,
irlnclptil or nnerl:itndent for mlscon
luct In office, the other proposing a
xturae nf study In publlo schools.
Senator Falrchlld of Angelina eXfereO
two amendments to the Utter measure,
which, after bring adopted, caused tha
iuthor of the bill to move to Indefinitely'
vostpnne, thereby killing the measure.
The amendmenta which sroused tha an.
'hor'e ire prohibited any boy who amok
d rlgarettes snd any teacher who Used
-.obacco in any form from being connect.
d with the public s hoots.
In supporting hla amendments, Rea
ltor Fnlrchlld aald that "you have)
etopimd drinking by law. now I want
to stop rigsret to .smoking by law." He
tlao dei iarixl that cigarettes were "ruin
ing our boye." lie was asked by Ben
ator Murphy of Harris If It waa not
true thut the Incoming president used
cigarettes, tn which ho replied that th
next pn-siJiiit waa not a school boy nor
did ho attend the Texas public schools.
Late today the annate took up tho Mil
by Senator Parr nf Duval, proponing to
rcis-al the present minimum Wage law.
which law haa never been enforced.
After considerable dohato the Parr Wll
failed on engrossment. Late today tha
house took up th public utilities bill
introduced hy Curt I of Tarrant, which
ass pivpnrcd by a .committee appointed
tiy Governor Hobby to draft the roes,
ure. It cornea up when the houa meets
tomorrow, aa it waa pending when the
house recessed over night.
MrsKOGKK. Okln.. Feb. II. Dts
regarding tho advico of tieiaga Waahin-
ti 11 In his farewell address haa brought
on tin- pre, tit difficulties of the I'niled
Mates. Jiiit John I. Williamson. Jua
lice of the Miasourl state supreme
11 t.it. told the iMhvention ihe kla
toma I .eaj; ne if Young 1 Viiiim rats here
NEW VOP.K. Feb. . Hoc
Is-rt Hoover said her tonight he )
4 hnd ihw-iixiM-d with President- 4)
t hi-t Harding over the telephone
the acceptum of a caWnvt poet e
4 laTfeiiil lo blm.
4 Mr. Hisivrr'a statement follows: e
4 "It Is true that Senator Harding 4
' and I have bad a conversation
"V or Ihe telephone this evening
t" my aii-eiKunce of a post In
,4 the cabinet. 4
.-anoan.. "ikh ie W
ie aulre ronaldoratlnn and equally e
! they ait not mutter for in to die-
cusa now-.' g
1 1

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