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f T A ATT V"ltJWQf,,,P Kcner"' WW" 'f aiiiHitunity, shall to some
LslAJ XJlxLLl X XXj ll O extent at least. asit tlvc farmer in idacine on hi
J. I NL'NN General Mur,
ita. 1- ruri.
EtBiortal DfpartnMtit 4T1
IfeaJaeaa Oftiit fit
- 111 Wart Fifth 8!Hl
Only Morning Xewatper In lha AiMrlllo omiatry.
Covara the Panhaudla o( Taiaa. Eaum New Mtxloo, Huutli
ara Cclorado an4 tVvntrrn OkUbnuin from twt.va to
twanty-four hour la advanea nf Daver. Pallaa, Fiat
Worth, Oklahoma City and other papsna earotaf tale
frapWo 4itt ho.
rntcrrd at a ltd rlaaa matter at tha paatuftka
JktparMo. Tvimk. undor tha Art of Man h I. l7.
farm more livestock, as an item in his farm diver
sification plan. ht animals to Ik- ned in this re-
(arranged bj,.ut according t expert advice are tin
vs milk producing cow . tlir hog ami the hen, in ntim-
jbers governed by the cauicity ami facilities of tin-
Hum idu.il producer.
It has been said t atctl!v tint m fntin ha
ever been sold under mortgage foreclosure, on
which vwre kept ati'I milkrtl a many a five good.
; producing umv I hi is a ureal endorsement and
the people will assuredly learn to think consider
ably more of the milk row, with the increasing
av!;tioi t get biiitics on a cash basis.
In the effort t make this highly desirable
rl't'v ill -asr of loe buiiie men in llie til
lage, towns and cities nr.i.t join. The man who
would pass hi part in this great program to an-
About ThU Time o' Year
lliy. EimtiiiiiTa liikuUilly U Hi"
MM'ift of lii-r lire. KiiKlioid iMiinnt IiuVk
mi liuliprml-nt rtnt n f" iJW ttttruv
i nil Ik-i flunk nnl llviv ally i tklulmiunit.
- - frUfeiCltirtiG.-. I.ATEX
la Teiaa, Oklahoma, Culm ado a 'Ml Nw Mailco.
1 Month I .Tb
I -Montha IMol other, is not measuring ti to the highlit standard
I xa'rh? .' 'so''1 a ','"n- r'"Ur service to the producer i
Dallvertd by carrier la Amarillo anna aa abova j to pcrd-rii a duty to all other dementi of society.
I Martin . ! vHtus .,'and it mut therclore make appeal to each and
Montha Y... j a ! e crv cojiciciitii-it nan.
t Tr
In hi s ch hi f rr thrrficfr and momher i
of the P.ticr and cllT!. l.ittol. Association.
Tuesdav in the MU-ion llieatre. ('. . ( h.mdhr .
Tha Aaanll !rcaa la airlualvrly tallied to tb w
aot athorvaw rrrtliK-d In thia rtr and alao cthtr lo.l "f -hita. Katun, stated emphatically that I ax
t iuMihd hrin. ! rijic a few otitta!ulinir. iiotahle exceiitions. th
AD rtshta oT publication of ap-iil diitLbi hrrHr
ara alao rtamad.
RpM-tat Aawrtatd P.'raa Lnl Wka rrU.
The convention and show vrt.wiU awmhled in
Amarillo Tucaday, exemplified the spirit cf kin
ship, without regard to the difference imposed
by business and proicion. Hundreds of people
thronped the hotrl Uhbies. and men and w.nuii
of the entire I'lains Country of Texa r.iingleJ
il!i each other anj with the friends from district
more remote.
It wit interest injj to note the spirit of democ
racy characterizing- the fathering-. There were
some of the "ukl timers'' here, and also some of
the newer and the younger ilement. but the pirit
of the early cowman pervaded the informal jn.r
tions of the day's meeting. The open handed, 'wel
come stranger.'' attitude of the chuckrwagon days,
was amply manifested in each ami every group,
gathered to talk of the pat. the present or the
all-absorbing future.
That the desire to penetrate the veil hiding from
view the future months of the present year, and
the time to follow, was strongly present, none
could doubt. There was an expectancy readily
evident as th- rank and file of the visitors listened
to the tittr-ara of thane who are on the pulse
of finance, or whose business has drawn the.n
during the'recent past into connection with ?l.e
sources of money supply.
This desire to know what the future holds, di
vided time with the jollity incident to another tn
null meeting', tn the interest manifest in the en
tertainment program, provided for the Automo
.Lile( and Style Show. The people of the Plains
Country of Texas show a great fraternal esteem
during, these periodical Rithvrr'g, and through
these latter A great deal of go.d is accomplished.
All barriers are broken down, if indeed they exist
at any time, during these antvt:.! convention and
howentertainment seasons. The first name is
the rule, and a spirit of good ft llowsl.ip prevails.
If nothing elae resulted from these events than
the renewal and extension of friendships, all ex
penditures of time, thought and money would be
fully warranted.
ring a few outstanding, notable exceptions.
law of upplv anil demand, dejn initios the price
of a commodity. Me deph red the Agiutioti which
has tended to intensify the hue of domark.it ;ii
between classes nf lni:ies, and .i I that the'sp
wi re magnified by agitators, politicians am' other
who had but spiill legitimate interest in th" greiit
game of production in this cotmt.y.
The speaker jninted out the fact that bankers
have been blamed by the unthinking with respon
sibility for the prevailing depression, the lov price
of i:.rm products, ami in his judgment i: would
not be at all strange if they should be charged
w ith responsibility for an epidemic of measels or
! & mi l aa"tv
1a P V I ' V"vv7A..S ARB FICTHViljr 0a J tY
va'V ' LL hou ishtt tt wnv- J
i t t !
HY KAY II. '. o i':n i.i:
tlf 1 hf.l. 111. M lit fl' I-'". "'I'l
. ,' hi lii .11'. ill) . H III. v li.oc ul
smallpi.x. In offsetting this abiird cunt ctuion. .'ukr1 ,..,., f . ,;,,n...
Mr. Chn Her stated that hi own bank, by reason n.,u4u- h.ui- i tao-. ai i if thy
of unsatisfactory prices for wheat atvl other great juv h.t' . a e ! oiui.. ihiv.N in not
farm crop has suffered in the past tntho inoiv.hs ; '0J.;;.';; n,(I whiit w ;
at t roxiinatelv a shrinkage of five mil'iott dollar ' .aS l y a ! i. ii 't. of i .i.i
a '
in dejvsits. This was mentioned merely to how
that if he had Uen empowercl to hold up the
stronger prices and demands of wheat, he cer
tainly would have done so, without any solicit v
II. 111!
..I t.t.i: i.iil.in iililiu. ami
in ,. ! ua.ai. !ol : l'"'
J i; In inlyt.iU. il. Tin- linn
,i i il l tin' lu in li u n Hit"
,i mil. ii pal t Ir'.'it V i th
I'nl. lln'iert ' l. InK'Twill otu- rma.
iliilnol in u Ixturo m Mm-olii that
W Hliliit"ii liul nit ' inly Ix truna
fin un it intu a Kti l enirrioliiK unit that
ho nn lotiHi-r knew unyllilnu ulxuit him
.. ii liuiiuiii Ik'Iiik.
In ilf nf tin- fa'l tlml t l-t tin
Many nun uUw vvlii) kurWAIii'uhuni
l.ln.nlii III (In- fli'Vli. tin' pliM-ow i-f
iliiinnik' lil'ii Into ii Kliil I'tiKiaxliiK h:m
i :'!;. iuIvhiih l ihi fin- Hint It la il'-ill-l-lul
If th" iirluiiml l.liK'oln will or l
niiM ti.l I'. i hilnlv tin. I.lni'ulii lhat
, iii-m i xlhU wiailil liiui- Ix-i'ii mi uttie
.ll.lliuii In .IiiiIko I." u. III. Ilavl.l IhiVlM,
Wllll.iin II. I In nil ii nl l.aniin mi. I
; l. liiiln II.iiiUk; mi (it t-r ull'.'iiuir In litis
j invn iiilniinlNliatliiii liiui t" On
i:r...wo tlml mi vol with Mm.
'I'lils uhi IiihihJh h ii mav Ih-. ii i .irrl. d
'.ilimwl In It ullliiiali- ruin 'i:mhh l.v 1c
.t int wvxiiy inn. iiiimii Hot- i-r tin'
jl.ii In MciiKil.il t iilviii'y. In ii vi-l-
i iiiik- i-iitltlnl "Alnaliiun l.iin oin, Man
jiflit-il" Kvt ii l.ltii-i.ln'a ntniiiu.:; t :".
j till' tll- lilli- mi tlii nUlit "t lit1 iihm.-k
! in.t : n-ii In pli tiiri-il un m l i-f n lly-
j mils myntlrlMii. V(. un- I ! t tli.it
'till' llil'l lit SJlli II II 1 1 It I till- thrill.-
hit'l I." l.imi.l.r. I In- i-l iy un alUioiiii nt
Hi- u.ix lli'iiklnx i-f tin IhIIiI- il.nn h
r.-iii-'. i f t Inst It ' 1 1 1 . nf 'ill ami Itii
iii'l.iillmi iinri-y. if Jiwi I'hilsl rtml
! h I . id i iiiImk i:i :ini ."
1 It ivnulil In- Inli i'i ntliiis In liavi- I.Im-
.Iii'h r..:uiiii nls im III J. till W i
II. '!i ti" in-' lijiitK t" nii'.K" a MrMl:ili
. I' l.i'ii. iilili-'imli I. In I'MhiiUm ui tidl i'i
. -1 t . iiiiiw.li i hIi'i- '.iniiKulli'ii l-ifii'.
. .1). V l i.lllil In- pi l:ll. il.
Ni limly -iii iih"t iii. i" p:i"Nl "i
.itiiy Ihiin In- ukuIiisI tin' clinic in
.l..i.m ft' iIi.ni' 1 1 tu li-i'ii n't Hi'
h.ii n i ill if Iiin n)iiiI iiml I ui:i--'l u-.l
it t i lil fi-M'. it puliNl H p-i.ln'-lv
I Nl . . . I'.ll- i f tlll.Ki- ll'l'M' Jl 1.1 Nl
f lii.i'.-i.v lln ii-rt Ir.inii-ii if Aii-iii: i
..mi!-!-'s In I-r i.t!,nl f til' ili.r
. ii!ltliN tllilt lllMlli l.llll lltltlli'tt IN til
, l-l i Si"li lii m.ni-II')' :in tin' H'lK
ui' iiii- if nn il Ins i it t ivaiiu- lint. Ni v
Vi i! W.-i I.I ll. iii.
Thuii'lN In u
ui.l th. ri, .
n it.la r '
;-i.k Iir;. .
is ltll'MtV t '
.'.UN uii". !' .i inn t Kill. I f. i
i-'i. I i' vnli. ut a l' in iim.I l- Kit.'.
...,t ti. ia . a SiiiiiI.iV . h-x-l r ii. Ii. r ,
i..i i;i ' i:"Sil Isf.'ti- In- r.m i1miiI4 I
til-' i . : i;i . la'.i.-ii. Tli.il km. I .-f lift
in.i I. a't tfi. l- it nil.' i -1 - ill.. i
!. iI-xn. v. li. 'i iniy ,i,. ii .is a o il
.V... ::iiii. -i:i'l I V'.'i f-1 1 a li-t k-'i r.";
W f oil ii. n ii" li"t .iv I. .ui l
l.ttv - uii; pii'V'-sitli.ll. I. A'.n'.it i-'.l v.ailt l-t a hill.'
i. in.ii'y llnti:s K"ii'w a 4'ia iiri-l g-iiii- tl.lnw ti eat f.-r our-
if tlif .--sJ l'.-i" 1 . Ki". in.-1 far .' I:a- l- ii uMa
Si ill In In-' I. nl .hi l'- t CO lv Y t a'.! this '. f.iiii;!. 1
i a fi w In n." .oiJ Kt'tff ' that Ni-'iim to In- t!n i-ci- imw-
Mi y
.1)-. " i
s!i. i.
i .11'
H Mtt sWIHV.
M.ii-S'ai:-. v i 111" KUi "t if !
I t'y T'.ui s.l..y .
i : r f I1'.- ! i'.' I. nl uiiiv
i , . . . I it'll. In- t. in .l liliti-
s- If ti- ' lii in l!.!'" i.v;-. n liitln-r
tl .in Ii. tt-t i. ti li.sh i nl't. r'.iy.
IV: i.l,:v. Minn .V!.t -Si- In v'a ilii'.t
In h"f t. i r f tit" I "tot- I Sitt.ii l I"
rn ml' : Iii'ikI ! r IvkI-iivI I t th.
I.t .-ii-s f Ann ni iiiN. Sin- n N'M iMiiK
fur li l-li liul.'pi'iiili in r. Tin- n lin il-.il
.i.' Id' r.-N. n hi- f.ils ih.ii In i 'nr ; V " .l. 'i t . a ;ly "fit" t." l! in.iv l-' itnit In tin- fiulit f"l' liish lnl. xnd
f tin- jru'H " In f " t If hi" ! " iis I thr v - : a '.-1' litif" Imt ' -i . . In;..; is Sm'i l' In. Sni-t I In ;ir.
.. ".-it ! n " fi'-in th" l-unl.'i f lif" t. -; li.i I-nn v" i'.i-iii. if" t- l.i.v nnf ' 'i..:l.ii u :r ii-i iln- .I. .-trii.ti tl f lln
Few men could have ma.l a stronger pre-lf.-r a f. iho a-ti mh .n. f tiit m.- i.i i .f us Nt.tv .nt nf nu i;i n i-u .i ..ti.: if nniy n im-itm imi.'-
. . . ' . ! r,ul ii;r-l-.. 1 TI'" k'.n' th.it nn '.;t .1. n t :s" :i liiui f-r " kiww iiiltni " I- !: ! :.il.
sentation of the fact that barring &!t arnvrmaiitics . h u f .,j .hl. lh ,,., iM. ,. j,(n -t m,n m... s, i .. v h a i.i.-i..a-imiiNt
all unusual events tending to di;nint the regular '-r ian irj. J thu t
1. 1 us : i
... ., , ii i f.rr All' K.iTiK m .ma iru. i. n
order of things, the law of supp'y and oetnaml 1 i , ,11.),.i-,, , ,ilv. unj.
the one that must and does govern ail commodity I tht iho ti- n t rh.n.t ua
, . , . , . , . ! l-j, ii.,.. iv I that If mri in-tin
prices. Hie ranking about manipulations, being i h i ( ( ,. iiiit , r i! iy iu Ui.r ,hu, ,
for the most part thr weapon in the hands of the
Agitator, the designing politician ami the itnthinK
ing citizen, who has not taken the time or trouble
to study into the proposition deeply.
Serious complications may be avoided according
to tl.e opinion cf the speaker, if the jieople would
reason from cause to effect, instead of seeking
some man. or body r profession of men against
A Int if 1'l" 1! UNthlt VO-lllO Shi- Nlii.lliil liNt.'lll-il t.i.V.ltll M-Hll-lt
'.mli n if th" "itiiti . uii.l iiiMv-jkh.' Is a Ihi' .r liiv. K:il tin's., wit..
: v- hi. I. nt vh it wim i l.av l uk". j hmr In i' l'nul. iviii'inln i' ih it mil' tkmt
v. w th.it th.. w:iv II llluj'iltv of jhiiN Ins n :i l.-m. kin-!ili un. II Ii ml-illf
th" 'W nun f-1. Thi-rp 'ain't' liu null 1 1 -- Ktiti-h ,i:i.l t It.. I tin- uv nf
hu'i' K' "ik tn i-nt aivthltii; "i r ' j .. in - :.t .1 will t1 'i " JuM niii'inl
-a vil.h t. Wo 1 1 U I. nn th.it a h.-... f- t tin v i .m t, Imt tln v nt" I i-n.n .nuiiv iliin iisl fnr n bi.ivhi in
llkisl li-illl K'l.n. 'ut that i.N -tf wif ,i,k nit a . t if nn.-n v. lif iinHNO'lh- on.l.'i t t.n.iiniif l.lwult th tn
its -''nsli:n;! "luii .l -il. ! ' .It w.-uM(i.v w .:i tint k. k. fir th.it Is n--t th.ir ,Vi.iiit KukhsIi Ninikini; nall-.tm In
In- iitiui.il-i.' f.-f un tu nij." T-. Uri',. Y.t. Ji-t I...HHM- tiny w.ar tin t..ili1.
iitri' hntnl t tf'.l him tint th" if,.iutN I n . r-ii .n Hint tiny niv in-t I. it:in h i itri.I wm-fully In Inr
Aas th- ".N in -I that Nh- K"t all of hiii.vm. tiiattn. ut i f luLui'l In H''i.t..:'-
'ir elw-ki1. lul v an i.-.;l!v Un , fl , u m..-ltv rf tho iw.iJ. In l'--' '" t t .!' in il'.in ! a. .i.t ari
nlna tn il In i J'f w' ,n"uil" "mi j,) r,.i, ,n
.t mik-l.t in l- ta put nun nn t.:n
u.iil. II" I's.fei 1 at ti "h a Kiln
th It f-iTtf lint r -"nil l"l th" I'S'k nl
I J- li l! sit ! f in h I.;. II Nt.-r ii atfl told
whom blr.me for undesirable conditions mav be i w th.t h- h.in i nn.- u iiam if
- .... .. ..I. L la. thill I'INl IN lollC
'odged. Hie recognition of the common Ionds ! . hl, ',. l f i .j, f.,,1.,,1 . r.m
letween humanitv, was a plea voiced bv the speak- ian.ii" .. mi. h- i. nh u- i vmi
. i. 1..'. mI...Iu.. I..... ..tia.
?r, as a means of getting away from the fault- , m,u,iv l
finding spirit among men. J Tin kj.v inM u m mr .-n . nt any
unn iimi i i.iy un ii.im i.- ...
ii riNiNit for tha
aril.- in.n tl .it is aim. vt .n inl. uml '
V. lit.- t!N i ll.li'lnll alnl MU' Nil'tt't
in oi i'1-i.i.'nn ih'-y ni" K i' it t-i hi' '
liiti t til- l-i-st. Aln.il , i'.o may imt 11
.i r ,k" i" w in t-iiiity ymi nc, lull .
I 1 Mill a ti'-isl I'i.n". lil iIinhh arc
I-... :t. ;-!. 1 . ,rlsHlv his a iltifi .' W
Ua . i- a k i tl inn".
" U'I'-l lll lt (liNU
ti- n f th" i ii..it-.
In:. m. In litv.it-n!
ii -I nii.iii itiNNulJ
inif f i -it on.- I" h- r
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spirit among men.
Now that a banker in Arkansas has learned to
Quite unlike conditions prevailing in the days of
the past, there is but little distance intervening
between the business man ami the farmer. The
fact is that the greatest number of business men
are farmers today, ami it is more essentia! than
ever before, that the farmer shouW be a business
In view of this blending of interest, it goes
without saying that to assure the welfare of so
ciety vvithout regard to the distinctions of occu
pation, there must be a genuine co-operation be
tween the business men and the farmers. In or
der to asure results most desirable, there mut
be recognition of the common interests of all the
people. The day when "cadi fellow for himself
and the devil take the hindmost." was an accepted
rule of action, is u more. The banker, the farmer,
the merchant the iiulutrial w rker. if thinkers,
have long since been converted to the fart com
munity of interests must be met by concerted, co
operative action.
The banker and the mcrihar.t in joining hand
with the farmer in eff. rts to put the producer on
a cash basis, realie that thrv are at the same
time, incidentally at least, helping themselves. No
banker has ever become wealthy lending his mon
ey to a firmer who was not able make his pay
ments, ami no merchant whose merchandise con
tinually finds its way ino the hands of the im
poverished producer on the farm, has long leen
able to stay in business. It has therefore become
apparent to all who have an interest in the com
mon weal, that something must be done co-operatively.
This recognition of all-incluive resjK.nsi
bilitv has brought forth demands for a program.
and this in turn has been evolved by those who
have long been working in aiear impersonal way
This program presents a scheme whereby the
, banker at". 1 the merchant, and others interested I
a t"t tn usk nf it m-NiN r man. Imt I
'.h.r l nt tiling nt t.un If r : tl '
lhfi' vi.' ai" iii l'iK to I" Ji'-t as truth
ful im if i an. N'-t that vo think
havf tn tail l. .H.S.- want tl.tH Kill' s
frlmJslitp. In l.n t If uro irn.il. th"
lil.'N Will . . I stt.lv th.t.k lif ii.
mlnlst.T ami li"t f-r.r i - ! any!
.anry (Uinine. 'i- ian Uam . I. at I
inifir i- tr..l.i init-.r l" a '-.it 4.. In ' -"' """!' .'O''" 'if i.-iu.-i.-ii..-
t nhn c ii" nf th. No uniiN K.4 taiiKl-sl , " " ' ' on n an ui.ni .. i.-k.i
.v Im -.' ..lalNl"H ! W I. It i.t-l VS. I. II W.I
ifl Willi
fit rf'UmlN llllU lis-.- mil Nt.p
tn.l If Iim an- gnins. II" t .IJ
us th.it -v v, .ul.l It -fill'" thriH- tnntl
.1.. n . K. ( v. a ti Ii ia ft In if ni-.-i-Ns.irv.
hoot, a fact admitted by Henry Starr, ami that Jt))( ,hu, n h.ii t.. .1 t- i- a-
iiiiitt.ir.t a it K-iinis- ,,nnI in hank vaults .14 was wluti" man ami trll thi- truth. ow mat i
lonei'p in Michigan, the other day. the bank rob
lers will have to ur armored tanks armed with
machine guns and wear gas masks a la world war.
Isn't this terrible, and that too. just when the bank
rranking industry was becoming safe. sane, and
well established btisines. Truly some men have
i hard time extracting the coin whose title and
Nissfssiiin really belong to others 1
0 f
When it is known that Randall countv farmers
Ssoo-a-piece-pigs, none may longer wonder why
Ssoo-apiece-pigs. none may longer wonder why
'.his section of the state is attracting attend from
ill over the t'nited Mates, he live-ones in the
Plains Country nf Texas are glorifying it. and II.
C. Roffey, purchaser of pure bred stock for his
future herd of blooded hogs in Randall county, be
'oiigs to that class.
r. .
The Clarendon News says that if the success of
the Chamber of Commerce banquet is any index
if work of the organization for the incoming
twelve months, there are good times ahead. Sam.
voit will find that the program for the Chamber
hiring th ear. will lead even the great bampiet
.hiiii is t il fresh in the minds of all those win
vul thi' ple.vure to be present.
From all over the country information i
Panhandle Press
Ml 1. 1 JON MtllS AI'AKT.
Y.'l.:.:itll JrnilllliiH l'.IV ill lt" il pl'
... f" iciPiu-ition pi mini. It nn-
i.'n p.. rtty lu.i iiLnik? mi n.i ..:uil
nl ," . In :n liuanc U Iff. l' ll.llllil f Vi.tr.
TltiN i t-.iii- nf th- I'.ryin pl uik: ' Wo
i - .'4i. to th" K-' .il nf lh" M
ll tax l.ov it in I nn- nps siil t.i ih"
if.: '"it. i-f i Kilis tix l.iu I'i. ii
I t '.-I.-t ILio ii-i; c.i.l.il to Ml. -a W.
I II . 1. 1,.. , f i;1(. "tu ,. i. r iinmls'' nf
(H-.uring into the effect that thousands of visitors
will be here for the Automobile-Style Show dur
'iv the annual convention of the Uuyers and Sell
rs Association, February 22, 2, and 2. The
committees r.re expecting large representations
iron every community in the Plains Country of
Texas. This i"going to he a real show!
Pottr county roads are graded and will be
ready with out a limited measure of work, for
the surfacing of which they are ao much in need
as a mean of withstanding the constantly in
creasing traffic-, flood roads will greatly facili
ate the ImsJ'irt, of all this mrtion of the stair
Hut th main thinit a:.lsl lu aay ,
this: Our frl.tnl t.s-k us nut In th '.'
... .. .. i a
'taik till-v ami aif r I-umiik ii .imiis
f "nlift'isliC ioV.ii mil' a-Nil.- t !J vs
hat hi- km tlml v.- ' jiul u I'u-'r
ia J'.Iin turk.y, Imt thit In- ill-ln t hull;
,t BKUinNt iin. It- fi.t In- oil In-j
Aant.nl im to 1 nl Ih" arl l n Ih't 1
ll8 icainf K"t Ntiti I'll lhat b" wi uM
sitk un un uml thi.t v.- ilnln I
' a s'iin. Nn that a what w- call
t man. If . win arr a--l:nt M
irnfit. if lN h" iil (aii'l ll..'
nf n.
Th. n In- Ins a tt i f f- nl.ni: n '!'!"
iut ut th- I 1 1 - h that i oi-ii'-v h i' slif
Vr. nt fO'itt liKiiitt imi'lm "in tf
hi .li -his In sii t.i ul .ir In- li t- ONfi'l
ia si-r iiim li I'm N..tut!lv l n I
hlnk x- mil liki- U. Inn l'"'i ' '
iMi-k t' n it lll I- ' '"
ti f u nn a Ml . a. All will "
In n to till linn that If ."'" lik-'
..in.- i f I K-I lno'i H.-iv. ' If In-at.-ti.N
tfi." ".l-.k"'' ' il! "" "':'
lli'.l tn inti-t i tirst-lf . Imt If hi- l'-n t ;
. will liavf lh- Uaah nn htm. Hut.
IUnI tn In- p"...in. - villi aa' iWl'l h' f
Nfio . t t. i v Kiiv with K.I m-s liil
it.' we nrv Knina to fiml a s iy h-
tN.ka lik- a T. It. patl. tit. V .in" If (
nn inrunN puiilliNln
Jt N rinlly X.inny to h"r Jln-s.- citys
alk al-uit ' . tail.'" '' On i f thnt
Mlil y. sl. itlav that Ih" lsl tin.'' h
aaa h'li . all li hinl to .1 . bn tn put
il fnot in th rail ami riv hi nam.
hsr. Of mursN si rant flU'iO' onl
nIihI kiml ..( a ia I Ii" lia-l r-f-iini
tn. Imt ! Imaeinf lhat It rnouM muk
Mr. V.InO i h.iv "h. ai t failure " Il
fa.t this f. l!o N.,1.1 that he hail lathr
hae n il.-an "i-...m.- than to uov
irinr nn tin- pi ohil.ltlnn tl. ki t.
Annth'-r 4l pumh.'i" ln Otat h
hal U-en hit)- int.' '4'.. that h knew
very trail liih- umiitry nnil that ao
'.ir UN h Kl."i ha'l IM-M P ' l amtnl '
in n iirhlK.i a n. la.t I lint l.e u
Mia.tlM. tliitt it en t'f- T.-M" I'anlun-
'I- v.u fitll f "ilnjol.- r j rs.-' fnrty
. I 111." !f tl .N N tl 'I. . til" fill
i'i! I.'.i tl lllltii IS p,- .1 nil t.i W.
1 1 Hi" p.i ss.l. nt a Lit: "A puiili-
n. i- n p"1. f. iil.lt ami int... t tl.li.
ln'-.-ilv im ii.-n l. i. Nli.'lll.l .
t.-ik'-n m i Hi- ti i.-i -i iti'tit. imtn-nal
-" ' i'. I munMinl " .Tits ..ills fur
i. '. .1 i. : t ni. ti e;p . I iiltviv. t Ii
r.i: li .' 1 t 1. 1 h -I..- win f..i Nt .1"
Attention Visitors
Check your Hat, Coat and Luggage at thi" Aum
and Stle? Show with the
American Legion
The American Legion is also serving refresh
ments of all kind" in the building.
In America classes with the FORD Quality and price considered.
See the Ford at the Auto Show.
Cooper-Irvm Motor Co.
Office Phone 2343
Service Phone 2211

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