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Amarillo daily news. [volume] (Amarillo, Tex.) 19??-current, March 20, 1921, PART THREE, Image 22

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f!&?& ' ' " N Tf.' jf! I
ess- , kgMPS
tot? 1921 ia this , (xV
u .-!" - '' . ,' i ..-- S -"
... .7 f
K1 H P
s -4
'urn- . 1 . - .
U ?;L o' lletnp and
TK3 tlaL is
and Gr03r3vr
.rUnesITrail Off DoUiSidea oi iKig Black simw
.and oatmcn. Modfi.1
Saucy Directoire Headgear a h eature ot bpring upenings - Lace
On Big and Little Hats - Mowers ana iMore r lowers ior
Easter Hats - Venetian Red Flames Everywhere.
"DjinS, 3 ras One ivdQ
H Ttl" ftdmltud an uthorlt-1 pe im-n l on all tn hit n w
tl.. mlltlnar tha othr diT. "IB 1'irtuft.J on loaij "
n thulrJ tor. ,
ka ara lovalv Bo dOUbt oni.it
iv.i nut it la a tarrib'. rhrm. The h4!f l a 1 rrowncJ
SrovoaiUeft l Bak th n tyle ona of Ln hmp i'h a nwt ftrh
iWrr . ' ' ln ru!1 to ,h ,run! tf tjl br'm'
j ga wtat oa to aay that. xrpt for;h aeiiB unrurlej !.!! o itn
owr-trlmm4 hat which alwayf Mumta ar arr.n.l uli rnv.i
001 neUaUBg. ea or oft. tb prin rar n4 pln:y of 4.ih ton' Tt.
atsnaory look Ilk aothint at all' hat to worn wi:h on. of tho WW
ialaaa It U worn. Th hatj ar bo- blara frorki tha! uro no .mart jur.
oastac aaa eaahlni whon dragr on' now. And to go with ho wh.io lui
W UB-Ultoa at th propor ar.flo. but and b'.ack fro.k thra i a funn.m
iopUyta la ahop wlndowi thoro U Mark wrap llr.d with white. anJ m
...ki.. ..miui.h allurinc In lham. ! brotdrf(J with whi! i:k. anJ .o-
" ' ....... t .KI.
iutut adnilt ir ra Wh.ni j f ir prtr hut hi onn-,hinit 'umb- ou ,u ,4 a practical and common.
hown thU nrlnK. tho typical Katr .!-. I'lnk in thr o-:..r iliti a thli-
hat of proiulart to b tho flor ioii not.
jnJ It r uii.dil --slower of t-ri'M. IHrnlnrl.- IN.kr. r- I1.lurf.n
-ft 11. Ut mi:.ly veiled with Uc that rom of ti e l i.-'ir h.n tu a
huik Jon to haJow and face, ttrnnts I .ri i .t..- .. : n, ith
T:e nut art o nchuniinly It-' l-r.nm p.v.i.s i"kv lr.. n,l tufy
oiiili.tt that on:- the hopelrimiy plain f athem it.'..t iu t - h on t'i
Muinan h.ui atrwiiKth of mind enough itunn. Ai-d i;naii.i'' 1 -- '
to r.t theoi. !' 0U have tried ha loin; ffAU.-f -t 'rti.w r.ii
on a ituJcl of tho lvu uictured you rud.on. A .!utv f. I u ( er.iy
.ro lot whether or not that hat l tr.iw
ling loa 11 at one ide, mayln a f a' her
maybe u t""l )r a fringe.l-oul rlb-
m choice for day-ln and day-out
;rlng wear. It In Jut a little, low-
bon. or a Lun-h of rherrir or otna-.cro4nej turban of black mllan with
ih ng. Th hat without a dangler of ,,lk 0Wrri In nhaden of amber and
art I aimoiit th exorpMon thl fll,m. oru,,hed around the brim, and
iaon. Take the hatt r i' tured. for a v,rd or two of blaik chantllly drop.
-T.p.e. n. one oi intm-int tP,i 0Vft ,n noweri and tucked up
-port hat wfh a curf oer the ,are and there with an artful tltrh' geom ovi. h p. utt. in Vm n.m re. I
crown : huililfM of something ding- ,,ut becomlngnem cf that little are laid ll.it .!.- .r n nr.J I r.in
i n In the r.. of the Slower bor- hat. Humetlniea the flower are v,o. a eriat del or i.l i .ar!ng in
dired turban ' t dangle a'l the wiy j,.,,. ,,inei'.tiH roue In had.a of miC'.r.ery. rt- l ure It I.- tin- J.-
w.th a it n 1 '.n ne:
roverij wrh ill.' ti'et of the new:
I dren. h.'d ...tn. n ..11 : ' li'
; nrii. )o.i aro Ky-t'A " h-.ir a lo:
abo.it It aji the i..,i 11 dk. . V
U Jiut out n.'iv A'l 'ln r iii')'!i l of
'. n t.a.i red h"-.. h.i'i ti. V '
1 over the eet U.it o.n -ipw.ird t
the back uvi r a I it.'l. -i I T' g r-
Lace. Gloves and Slippers
IfuU almp y c.innot wear too tuuch , Kien th I.mi.e heel of the illpp'r I
y Ikce to plcac fa.-hloti. Thu lateat ' covered with lace. Ulack chauUlly
dei .in'.otit 111 thi l.ice fn n ' -:.'ierj. fuu and gtoiea to ma'.cli a
Ju-t n n.-i . r. I'aru l lire j black evening gown ln't that a prt-'
ill. tt and lilok.j.! The K.ovia ha j ty Idea ?
'.i. a w 1 -' o;i . -he li.ind i'ii'in i.e- j liionde Life ar having a great
rw of o I. 1. .t tii 1. nr 1 x'i nd I vogui in I'.no now. lllon.le lace get,
up ocr 'lie i'Hiua. Th. li' e iiIi.mo I their tmiiie from a ntyle. not a ahadfy
come .n i'1'.'c. in LI u k i.nd l:i Mm .and th. ro arc bionde lace In brown,
very mo I ih era t.n' l..ice miMn ' ..nk. sIhik', iray and even In black,
i-i' worn " h tf'i rii. n ro' uu;e and. i w i' li tint- Hold thread. Itlonile lac I a
our), t.ii) oft. r oppoi tuiaty toiSiaiU:h i. ice nnd the handom Span
ish blonde ha been copied very clever
ly in le exi" nlve ort. Among th
new Lire are black filet flouncing em-
I'l" r or- not u per.ohabl I broldered In brllllint color, Lyon
.'iin.t fur ti e t.n-e usually lac In hadjw dvaign and a new ailk.
I I ! ch ir'illv. h mount. .! ever .itln. lace of lievy, handjntne weave.
J i.-l. 1 j h.ii'i!"i.ini- r'tii Thiy are
ruin il nt 'he tin aire and nonie
t .'mi. at d.nniT In the ri'.t.iurant.
I. n e
in thi'i
All the or..r?. h ili are umart too. Into today' jt of Kaater morn tnll-
ii. I nianl.-ir.n orange i amarteat of linery, but tho two model pictured'
nil. H it uniii.. von are nrher vivid are ,0 attractiv and o amart, room
in . loroinic yourself avoid mandarin nail t0 te nmJ for xh9m 0n u t
iir . I'lir ' m 1 y ';mmih;i t4 mivii'intu.
w Mff-n riM h ir tV rh.nl that U
iti ft-v .a- t.. iiii v.,iiir u'tinirfl.
r.. or..i ..!..! w,.h bl .ck lac 0Vfr ,h ,ow crown-
a 1.1... !he n'hrr li 1 tiw rmv annrt ht trim.
il r.it'H f v i-i" 1 iii in k ui Mr ma 111 - - - w - 1
ir ihlftf which l th Mtropoll-,ed of bjge choker -ollar or wn:u
aa mUUBr-i Idea of ailur in mti:i- ' broadrio'h. That a hit collar and
trt. la tha nrat p'.ac o many ofith whit feather hat will be won
k prlaff hU ar gray. Now gray derfully amart. topping tne black co
a aaoontlally a demur. Dot a daah.ng . turn.
oUr asd a lot of gray hat together. w Mack Hat In All site
bowga ma cf thm may itrik th. Bul ,ht mhit hilt to ,h ciccption
l4h4dr a lovely, or engag.ng. or B:mcil gr, ti rue ihj pr ng
'twaat" w pt ta prnt tb aBj ,b4.y rlne , from wr
Jo of dh which l any wll- turl)ni a.athed in lace veil up t
irooght-up fntlllBr' ftUb. And prta,nnr puture h.u wi'h further
ot nor of th pring hat ar ! apreal.rar f.a'her -l.ke the mode.
hapolOM affair mad of mbrlderd ( p,cturj. TNere u an odd b.cue
abrlc Rightly pold on tho hoadqulu n..,cni tf bn'.aiiro in th.
tty ar convincing enough to Imprea f mr. ,,f f..ather. a tan.
yw4y. Put hanging limply on the !arringtn. nt w.th a h ld exacl)
)d atanoaroi uea ior opiay in; u:trr.ne o.- ili h the or:
wladow thy eipreaa nothing at a.li ln ,n UUn,( nd like 'h
at ambrldord fabric! 80. Uke 'f,.,her. the hut m black of bUcd
II to all. It I not a getful aon for h.mp hn4 rtu; w tji .n a vik
luar untu aom 01 n:ilfir cotubina'ion of sitter and nf
,v MB wora ana Bruin d . . Th. ..' k r.m arcom-
rhtng la for mor ilk tnem. ror paniM ft rr0lk t,f ,
odubtaiy they ar cocomiDg: wltn t,r.i.j ,,:,r,..,ir-., v
tjart Hat Appear la Time I or i a very mjrt mid.i h..t. in black.
raairv made of barni-t'e 1.1 In, the taioi
:.. and liel.l
Tl.i .a nn.
of the ha' the i .. .1 n l l'.-t1 ' ..
rererr'd to. r 101
all hanrlng on w
oft and (iiiiip'V i
irourd. Anr.ihir fi'Wer turhan ha.i iP,k but the effect I alway luit
targlln r:hbor. The uray hat ha ironiln.
fr.naed ribbon .lannler. And the Th( 0.h,.r fl0,T n!lt 1, r, ron.
wo fea'hered-trimuied hat r;..ak XMn,.jn.,', an floored turban eov-
for themie. rrr(J Rllh j4.u.( ,0,1 n pink and
I'lirwcr I'ttr r'-at'r H.H maue had.ng. Hut th danitler of
Whatever o'her millinery t.e ar d nit.le-f aced rlt'bon (blnck cn one
iracted !tu!I:re;
eli.ili "tie .iy. 1
11 grav i.io:i
now i n"t r
r. .1 - p.ipr.ka I
! l otith It I 1 il
.i.-t r ...r' to add.
.1 i"li of in r . k 1 to
Toe r d n tcill nerv
. t .iii .1 . -of! I. urn'
1 iiori l r Hue f.ir I'.
'. d. in ui y. Ilatne,
, particularly atunnlng ahap of rough
brown truw with green plaid Bilk'
i ti .1 o' i la. !:'.
Tun Ni Siort Hat I or I'.aater
Wei k-i'llll
mi'd wi'h vray riM.on and gray llk
fiii.ee, the frlnee arranged Ilk a big!
Ln. ki ornament acroj th front of
Vineti.m red. In tm.i and 1 irnt iiifi-rr ' S'p..rt h.' w.r, not invited to crowd 1 the crown.
" Diffdrcnt 9 Parasols
65 This Ydar
Thu. far. caott of th prlng hU "own drawn up a' n.
. . K .maif fcy mamonth p.n of J
,M Bill pri
that looked
AIli'II 1 rot rft tit too euly
to th.lik about puan U I em- '
.nine waldtube for utunir
time are apt to he hii.it
around" one or two rarerjily e.e tel
rray rorgfe ( jnlltJ(J, ,! u p.. to ,;udv pir.i-
o. cat . p'au out urn- " iin ii.'r r
;'.Mhnie anJ then Uy In the par..ol.
wlil ajwortmeti'i in the nhopi otT-r
I tiO"d
naa. Bat Utti affair
(articBlarlf well uoder vel. Valla
ra auch aa Important feature of
'prtag faaaloa that hya Umply had CQ th. hjw,
a aooomiBOOaio uieraacn ib i fn.'.ter
111 vogue. But with tb fortnight
Wfora atr. big, plctureequ model
legaa to appear asd now th mill!
t. i" l.f. a'
1 '1 1 1 i
'.!' I.'.i'
a d.fl. f.'B'
..f t:.' 1
Nik ln rl.
Iuh!ng et.ojiili.
d'jr !'u-ai. are
tn wladows ar (bowleg doin of th t.ny diriiie :ii i.r m iicunu
g hat a nchantlng in Hoe and up ga.nt a low tuunnd rtoan at
lor that OB devoutly Hope Eaater eitner io anu w.m ju.i i:. ,. j-
pay will bo bright and windlesa o peak at th front. A c "i !u n-i
nat the picture mode'. In bead- tumble down at one .'!. o.ir in
C w worn ln . t.I a hat wearer' ear. to her (houl ! r i;o
a raUird-trimmea mooei joaa. vi uit inu rn i iiuj 01 on
4 on of th most beautiful feather colored .lk and the co. i coral too.
: 1.
. at
Bright and Shining Windows
"OTHINO give the houne u h n of the window and t k t'.e It -ide
llaakmpt look a clouded. ' oari:lf. It 1 iiot hard work :f ..u
I iffmudged window pane. Noth.ng go about it the right w iy. YVn.du
J Jglva It uch an air of good rhetr ' can be made bright and h .ring wii'.
nd proprlty a bright and hln.rg , warm water and iliamm k in al'.iir.
jladewa. Clean Window c. n have it U not nivaiy kj cj o.i r i'.t p.ine n r'a.n u-
hlr moral ffect on the Inma'e of a.iexera. titnen with a ritaneing j.oa lit,
'ouae: vrybody know the q ji ken-1 ritoong wu'er and then k-ioj-.ne hi..!
f of spirit, the ene of c heerfulne newspaper a "me old funho ni d
likt follow th pollnhin (f all the houwle lofiMrtrr .mp.ri;ie. I't
I'.Bdow pan the aunrhlne eenM to if o u-e w'. r and 1 l.aiii" km
lUgb Into th room and all the f ir- 1 Ion, l.n h n'r ai.d ihj:nu n.u-t
iajng lBld aeem to prtk of the be pi-rf. -t'y rlean. and w;i'r n t
taeral good cheer. jchumot mcM be rhaiatd (.Sun ltji
i Fw mald-of-all-work will "do win- h pane tirt wrh the dan.p rhamo
choice. une T.ellni 'tun'
he 121 p.ir.i-"K 1 that mo-;
of thini wul hartuon . i'u -....
kind of iotjme. V. r Kiy ' " or
.re u-id. hut try ofen In c or .
i.r iih- 1 .i..re it- i'"i'i '
t.-jTal b4-V.gti.und and
whi- ti-r ct.e t in.mer oiy n'
uw or mau'.e or 1. u; or i
apt to gr) w 1 h r ver) w en.
Thel 'e p i.n corore.l rir.-n ......
lli re nvl an emirt u no
... .; n d' 1 otat.ve -i-i
, , ot on a rewr.il cojnd
i J if you tan. a plain "1"r"
,:. I- l e'ire ')-r f no ' run' t,. vivid
lui.. u An th . t.i-u'y or ' ral or
iur..i.i-e or l' 1 rn ' or.ir.ae. for 'he
more icnwn' .nil !i.de wi.. lo. .
drab -nd w. ti tn -'.rg ' r
t . . t , , ;. t.i ' - ti - f i-i. i'ti
ui.- t.t g j no
of . . ir-i coral p.irj'o' i n
p.M...e ti.v. e'n.il.t. It Pl.iy be u-c .'.
w II, l.a h or wb.te. or pie Kt.. bat
wi'h fnv ii'lt r hadi in f' k nr
mill r.' r it' ous ai H w.ii fv.r ' f'iiin decora'ion. The il'- and
with, hi) 1 fr '. k or i rf ttciwir rn .t 1 1 ate i'im: placed.
pa.e grj iji'iiri '" ie a.ioioji..n 'i a one in tin- exj. 1 . ...net 01 ai i panel
h..t of k'av 'u f an I o-'r h If 'u of the p'" '"l ',ier and the color- are
carry a ror.i p..ro"'l '"i 11. v not Mi io,fi lid t'h ni'e ln... I'e-
have a .i,.'ul v 1' l.e 't (. jM 1 r km loot-, apricot, M.in lar.n yellow,
fan Whicti a 1 . 1 r:i ri - i linei fro k. .ule m roee. There or- I write rib
'.lie pjraMil to - 1 11 rn a.. M.e cuh.r no pir.ixil thai l.i 1 1 1 111 to uniirt-
:titeret of the t m- 'he mu' titm nnv have lei- M in K-n rib now
he or.l) a l.i'ilM .nl fuf the otti- and t.iih rib l t ppid w th an orna-
pel.,!. tio'e ot 1 . r llj' ui..o.e , nu nt In carted ttory effect. A ring
uii ait"? n pirio ' 1 p:.''it"l of the oame tn iti rl il wl-7 1 lit lie f.-r-
U a.
1 .,
' m aa 1 . . eaaa
' aiVA
re, arc ruii'y red, henna, burnt
Mi'iina, bl:i k nn I . 1 r . t . At the
f.rtule ttid f a le "k h.m.lle which
ou can .: cer )o-.r arm. and
. u.'lou lie li... k n l.i. h 1 male of JaJ
;coiortd .il.lli. , a cord and lael
of 4; 1 1 jii.h. A f-r b. .nil dirfcieti!"
.illitrtr ri I i- tnile of pale nr.iy and th paraaol; th tailored ault black or.
1 ro.-e colored et.k. with pic.itcd frlll Jrl blue.
It. rote 1 ...or. and tlie ro.e ailk panel! Tho lovlloat parasol of th eaaon,
,.t, tutmd und. r a. . iM.er e.Ue giving! r of lac. Ther ar black lac par-,
'iii- pan. I an ovcrlipp.ng effect. A. M0"' nJ . '
!for nl .. th:. ..r..... ernui to h.vej0' of d;" c
! tw..o the pi'io rou- allotment provided 'n vfn " n'? a'0" ?M
ly ..uhion but Mi.h effoft U duo to w.h- r1tfc UlJ
.. . . ..i- Uk of delicat roao Uat ar eochaoi-'
bl IHIiai 1111 Ill V III l'ava win . . . , .
hire ar. tea.l) only ten or a down ln .but of thoy ar. luxurloua,
I'ar.moK thi nummer, will b ued
Ih ..... ...... .d L.i., . I. nn.l
III " " - - ,,. m,A . ,.u I , w.-w
Wrtlk.ng ml.k. (iuiiie of t) model ": wwi-a
with hook ferrule have very long
affair eipnslv to buy, and uaabl
only with garden fet ooatum ot lac
or embroidered net Th aam mar.
handle at the oihor end and when
the paraeol I closely furled It may be!
In., 11.l mist l luwir Miur In day
spl ilii . of ( idor Mi l lil. Man)
IlitlH.I iMrawil Willi llraiib't
1 1 rrole I. ml.
; m :le from ai.y p.ir.i.ol that Madam uj ncht cane. A stunning model
M le b.ut evir thouKli! of- hae you f tne ,rt ha a cover of black and
. e. r l. f"re m 1 n a p ir in.! fiat fa.n'.l) w ),,ie tu(T-t.i In horitontal stripe
I resembled th. one? It l Jut one of ' ,rh wlien furled give th parasol
.tl.e new "d.fTeri ir." p rio! atyle of tt.iiking-ntii k a randy-dtnp center,
bi.lwetii a long black enameled handle
and a white ivory hook at the forrul
end. Iteiow the Ivory hook I a big
cord and taael trimming of black and
white ailk. Ilenn ailk paranol with
enameled handle 111 itching th cover
are 1 . i ed.tiulc iniirt w hen rolled
lightly Into walking otlcka, and uu
ally the hat l henna colored to mutch
1 1
.V let'' X
I In- llnrlitiilii Minliail.' Willi Over
Uipplnu etrl' In ltriiiillng fid
iir Ami A I rllliil m iillMc laluc
the year. Then odd. not to ay weird.
'..a..- Kmm- InArrS fear Indoor dome, and "r-n. w hi n Jim ot ir, w'tti a ilty
aa f any aort will. One mut hev rhaniom. The fla will hir.e like one. wlh do' and n.. -1 m guy color rue end and she i ir:iol n.y b car-: purol have cauirht feminine fancy
jtldd rv1c la thl repct. but j diamond You can ue 1 e o'h for ' on a p.. I gray ground Thie handy r ed el'her end up. I and llil promiaes to b a great para-
UWB haa It wlndow-cieanlcg com-' the Bret part of she proee.a but be ur j unha'l will go with anyt'.i.rg you hvi-n mor convincmir'y nunnlng Is sol eaon. !
r Mi B window-cleaner cometlt I a l.nen cloth, so no am will bchooe so war and will be correct the pt.ru.ol rovered wlih Jide green; Th striped harlequin parasol will
. . . . .k.. .. M,.... r. ... r,. .1 ami ii m Th. il,. . .lib n m V. ir- K .r. Afni'il..,! ana tiun,t.iti!.Mfc mini, anman he Iter than I ha
,tta fell W Cloins ana parapnernaua. ; iru on "' . " "" .' , a -" .i...
T.r e more . irp 1 i '"Lrr;',l8o. " f - j'i"itii noiui ttuiiwnurt n r liral ' " .
; i- "
fmnm Will. .
r Tfif
ar eatrmly formal affair aad (
tremely coatly one too whn thai
lac cover Is of real Chaatllly ar thrad
That delightfully practical comblna..
tlon, tho un and rain parasol la aa'
popular a vr, but on may not got,
aloog with such a parasol aad aa,
other aa on could laat rtar. Tb,
sun and rain parasol is now carried;
with tailored suit and traveling cos
tume, but It I not considered gaj aad'
aainty enougn 10 accompany mora
formal ummr attlr and on must
hava, also, a lace, ruffled or Chinos.
figured aunshad for dreas-up occa
sions. Good looking rain and shin
parao!s ar of reseda gresn silk with
tips, fsrrul and bandl la matching
green pyroxylin, and a specially tun
nlng model Is of gray ailk with haadl,'
tip and ferrule of gray and whlta
pyrogylm. The tailored parasols ara
short, with th atubby ferrula af laat
eaaon and hav a bractltt ring oa
th handle.
nOMPON handbag ar Ih dralr;
rcrl. They ar round and flat aad
open at ono aid. A smart pom-i
pon bag I of tobacco browa fallla'
Ilk, each aid gathered around a flat
rrntrul button covered with th Silk.
The clasp I of gold and tha bag la'
lined with citron colored silk, ltulda
I a mirror of good six and In tha,
oppoalte half of tho bag la a round'
purso for chung. Ther ara theatres
bag of amber shell and of pyrogylln.
Iho ribbon handles emerging through;
vent In th material. An amber shall;
bag ha a mirror In th cover and,
secret compartment for roug and
lipstick. You would never guess ahoat,
the vanity outfit If you happened taj
open th bag, or iw It owcor epeaj

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