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Amarillo daily news. (Amarillo, Tex.) 19??-current, March 27, 1921, PART TWO, Image 12

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"I' i irm
Mr, (i. lUum In Knlerlaln M.fnUra nf
I'lraaur and l'r..(U (tub and Tli. lr
Huabanda on Ttiuradii).
Mtnli Shi,
On Tlmrmlay. Mar. h 3II. Mr. (!
liMUiii will entertain tlii- in.-tiiU'iN ,,r
Ih, I'lraaur itlitl I'r.fit I "lull, at li i
, hotim till liMM A. lam ati.ct AM 1 1 I
member, nti J tlntr liulil :n. i
dully lnl(Ml.
Meadamr lllffnrd Thomptnii and r.. I .
Koherla lu he Jitliil Unalm, l.i
riilllinniKHiir I lul.
M,alamca Clifford Thoinpi ti nml I!
I. Itolarta tu ! joint h.iia.c4 in
the rhilhaniionli' Hub .ri M..iil.n
March :ith. at i jo mlok m ih. ti t
f the former on 11 I .' IVik Htnt
The following rtierHiii. taken fn m
th year book will ! rml.i-. iimbr
the Icailcr.hlp i f Mm i'i ml;;fii:t. ti.
Iloll Call AtiaWlT With Mlllica nf
rrrM'ni laiy lluaaian 'i l hnti. a
Th, IVvrlnptiii'tit i.f l:ii"u;i Miin--
Mra. H It Jack.
ib-rcti- ljinakyt Mi.. Tandv ,
Ovrr th, itriM Hint, hurt. !( Mr ;
Heoutid rhorun if M.il.l. n ifrmn '.,
An rut) Pal !! itIi-m -- M.aa stii.,
Mra. Hlaci. Mr I'arkcr.
Hymn to th, Hun -il:miak Km a
korrv-Mr. l.uk,.
Th, Mualo H x- l.J.i,In -Mr. l:v
W. M. I, rt Hr.1 IU (hun h In
MMi In K,f ular S,kion
Th, w. u v. of th, K.t iu.tui
cnunn win nn-rt in r-ulur m.-j.i,.n in
tha club romnii at th, rhur. h. 'i-Jn. 1
day ftcrnmn at 2 In c'll.wk. i
Dr. II W. lrtn will Iimv, (mrk-c i f
th afirnuon Uin. and durir.c th.
aortal hour th, foil.. in h(.rt inriii
111 t r,ndcr,d:
U,din KUiabcth Tcllrin.
Pano S"l-Juanita Mi-ndi-rmn.
FU'.d nif Mr. Orluwuld.
k - 'uimf Throuih," Mm
. .. v , n
.' h ..int itl I, acrr.
J' ii" tin- aft-riii-on uh
i ftrn.in th, iTicrim.
! h Tri. J..hn II 'Ward and
' 1 ' h h mi, of Mra. !..
"'. ., .
. - l ! h club
- Th. club votrt to ,nUrtAln th,
Tt.v!, Vncnh:,Sh ,'hu,',
Thl , r'.P " :nd' .
Tha f,rfpin officr. ,r ,WtH
tj th, ,n.u.n y,r: Mr. J W. Wd-
kin, i-rrwdcnt; Mr.. J, hn D. Hr-wn.
vc-H-,..drnt; Mr.. J,ur,l J.,hn,n.
remain. w-cr.Ury; Mr.. Colburn.
I Shall Not Pass
ti.. a. .
Hy F. H. Mil
Ood aay. to th, imuI on th, nvw
rathwray cf llf,: "Vou h not ku
thl way bffr you ahall nr m
Ibia road aaln." Evrry mornln that
cotnea to ua la a rcaurris tion frutn t!i
dtad ytatrrday; ,v,ry cvcnUig p..- a
lf In out llf, n,r again tu b
cpetwd for rvlon. Traterday hi rn
forcvar and k-avca but th memory of
mbttiona thwarted, hcp,a bluatcd, cr
Aiawppulntmanta auff,r,d. Tomorrow
alwaya brlnnca to th, futur,, m,rclful-
1.. ., ... ... :
iTniunini cuawq kh ft all but 1
Ood. y,t .till prrimant with rl lb '
tl-portunlll. and MNlhiliti,a that tha '
prrartil cannot r,v,l. u.al d.a -a n. t
elva ua month, and y,ra. h, irlv,a u
only today In which to vrofit by th
,prlnrr. of y,M,rday. and .trinrh
w twin a.i vii gin
IB ourn4vM f. that i .
Frlnc la th. Devil, it U,th In th.
;,ri.n,,;h,i.4r.s ;
Ita aina. It. pen-,rena,i n(j mall,
aa the one who ow,a hi. nwn r,d,m.
tlon purely to the free rc and m r y
of Ood Who haa Ira rlehl to aay
cam mint and condemn mm
children of HaUn than th, chiM
Cod? 'Tor w alao unit were f.l.ah
diaobrdient. dectvtaj. atnlnc divera
luau and pleaaurea. living In mulir, and
enry. hateful, hatlnc tn another" but
When th klndneaa of Ood our Suv.
Icr and Ilia love toward nn-n a-aied,
wot tn work, don. In riKhtenuancM.
w-hlrh w did curative, but acordii.t
to III mercy He aaved u.. through
th waahlng nf r,g,nratlon and re
newing of the Holy Hplnt. whli h 11
ka0r ,fr
Ih. . L- Individuality In th,
Easter Hats
W art juat aa pAitlcular In a.
kartlnr bat to a,ll at popular
prtraa aa w ar In makinc a
choir nf model hat That I.
why thea hat. ar really dla
tlnc-tlv in .tyla. wotkman.h.p
and material. Thera are lovely
fluwerd trlmmd hat.. Ul'.or.-d
b-iw hat, hata trimmed with ft-ly
.wtin oatrk h and many new idma
In ribbon and ornament trim
ming. Priced al ti and I p
The Little Gray
Hat Shop
ii.. I Mia I
V .1
1 M.iaf. IK. ll.
III I,.!!1-! Th.
'll. I'll Ml-- I
. till
H 1,1
tin rl itil
Mn Mm ni A'kIi i ii Mi Vim
K im. a. li M iii.i. II , ;i Mi , , .
illi.iiii-. Mi-. I ji!i. n kii. Mi I. ill. i
:.i.liun ni. I li. ,;ii 'k. t,,i, hue
...i I l.t.. I tin' .. ut'. in I,, in. ii'ii-iiii;
k'i. M In Ma I... ii-..- V m i n 11111111.
I ll.al 'r..i n n in.. x . 1 1 1 i... ill..
i lifi. .ii. S.itui.l.iv A i.,..ii,. win
! n: ii III III. H Ii. '. l win i 'In- . . r
li'r .i'. a in i 1. 1 ... hi. ,
Vlaa Vli. i t,, ill. i'Iii ! I !
"I'll lif'.in in. .,,1-1- ,.i i . i h M.i
h. U, i . , .,, , ,, flft, , .
in:!. ii.. 1 1 h . f i .. i
1 In r l':l n I M
Ian l-.nl,. .it th. M.ii... H
lie. III. Hl. . . ... ,11, V,
n. II iir.il li. i i ..ni..ii. . f
It la Hi-, ii:. aa In r.i lli.il .
!h- M..I ,ir'.. nil u. i .. .,( th
! I'n bI I. r-
. . k win
.1 t ,.i
i.t. i t.iiin'i
. Ii Mi' .m ,
Ii..m f th. in i.f'.ti. r in th. fut'ii..
Klf'y litilr int if ti. I'r.'.l t. i uin
Sun. In . h - I in. .,t th,. t'lmi.li ,.it
irj.n .ift.rii.H ii .ii J .,. t,,k. n t.. tl,..
Iln kiu.in I. .'I'll ii. i Hi .. i 'I. , Mini.
Ui.- .ij... n .'I.I f.l,,, ... , ..ih,t
Htl h'li t
Th. i Inn. h.' ..f '. i- .it., tniklntf
.i up.-. -ill f f . rt t.. ifiti it.nn n.-ivinr
in th. city i.n lUut.-i- Sun.l.iv Ttu rt-!
tf pli'trii i Inn. Ii.'i. win, h lii.UJ i,,. I
w'" "'v' "
r..in r T- K III.
II. tn v K-llituni i.f .,1 M.mi LimI.i
Ii umhi i:t. (Kjth it ". . v.fi' niiir i
tn.l ThutinUy l.y l:. v c t. ( .., ,,,!,
Jnmva Ij.imlut Patt..n. if 'lni. utnl
Mim Kuthrxn Uird. . f Mi.iml Ti4 !
w, marrliil Krlda l.v J IV ....,
Arthur V.Hi an. y... v;,r H
Curia, MVh .f Amiril'i'. u.ri. intrri
'tir,.i I,;. Jmlrf, J - x..,..
Mi M.ir '.in h i . ti ;
' IH I. til l,f l';..
' i. d Tj. Uy l.v K. . i
'. I Ili i h M.i'i
M . w . i iii.tr
W S: mi: h
Th.- at.ii'ri! tn.-..tit.i; if th. V,inm
I'.l- a;iii Ii. M n( th. h -tnc .f Mi
hn I. phn.n on Tu. sl.iv nft. r.
n Thv f !!.' ins nffii-t-ra wi-r, licit
f.r th, ...tninK ,ar; Mr. Ktn.rr
A.hfrnft. prcl l. tit; Mr. J. V i:u,
v-'": Mr. A W M.. k,nhu.l
-Trury: Mr. J K Dcnhof. ,.,.ctary
Mr.. J C lu-al.. irlltnrnuirk.n Mra
f,h lUm-v. , r,t . Mr. "rt?'jhn
. -n jnurraliM 1
Th, tl.ib will m-t April i:th with
Mr. Urwn. Jr.
This Way Again
n.. ......
' p it lianiciit nun
1 1 1.1
pcurM nut ujH.fi U4 richly. tl,r. uH
Jru Chriat our Kivlor.-' V.- Uir
riiy In no p..aiti..n tn t.ik, i xn pti. n
t th, wwtkn,. uml failure, of men
hut .houl. ratlur prny with the t,r.t
l.iiirtyr Kuthr-r lay tlna am tn th-lr
iharifi" und In ln.inv nmttira at leaat
, to 4-xlnt.it th- .pint ,.f our i-
i tletit Invma- Halnr hu l.i ka tn ua to
t,pr,tit linn Mn. m tlmm t. lit.
j 'The lrc,l that t.rinirith tr.rifth I
"mil in irivc.
Th, water pur, tint bi.la th, tblraty
, .
h,lp tli, f.tlrit intr day l.y
! I'm nun
I ahull in.t ,.iaa (ik, In till
I want to irive the .. ,.f j, y f,,r t,..trA
Th, faith t iti.iuer crnwdira- doubt.
. a . . . i
mm iiur.
D. & I. Fruit Stand Specials
Fancy wrapped wincsap apples U, $3.75
Uananas. per dozen 40
Oraii-res, stedlos. sweet a MiL;;ir. dnt n .30
Lemons, lare size, dnzen 25
Strawberries, per box JO
We have a full line of all kinds of fresh veeetables.
We are headquarters for fruits and vegetables.
D. Si I. Fruit Stand
Catarrh and Hay Fever
To treat Hay Fever and Catarrh with any druxec of
success means WORK on the part .t" the doctor.
To merely write a prescription .r adminMrr a "shot'
of scrum now and then spells tailtirt-. '
Reasonable Fee Rates to Patient. f..r Hay IVver and
Catarrh office and home treatment. ' he proper
time to treat for Hay Fever is beft.rc the St. i son
Dr. Claude Wolcott, Specialist
Kyv, IC'ir, N'ose, Thmat and Catarrh
Offers Self as
4. .
Tina ih ! 1, 'hy M.n. r. !;, . f TV. -nt-.n.
V J. who .nMiti.. thit di. w.'iil.l
i, tlie man wh.. wuuld kic h. r '
iiiiiiiiIi ,'. !y f. r 1111 i.h i;,!,. whuh hei
"vther tcfiir. th,- ti,.uriiii:e tn t ike
'lai i hen li- I.e. 1. tn. a t Mi,. r,
el,. id ma if 1, ph. anil a til trim,
from Cei- II. 1111,', n. I.;ititaiiiw..,.ii l,.,
t 1 fl.l lint I., i'Ii.. u l, it I....1 1.. 1.
I 1.1. 1.. 1 'ri..,. 1 . 11,. n,i. r t,,t 1 hiv,.
( . '' I ImI... ' The publicity
I h. ll the a.l 1,.l,, , . ,,,v
I !. lk.' tile l.' l.l'l.l.l .t,,
with. nit
In I I n:llie ,i in 1 1 ,
TI." at , 1
11 a ;
I'm at, 1. J
w IV
ft Hi it turn. Ill wt ttli
li .11 L. t pita ni; il'i thia
A Hit t
ti -
ill. 11 l,...,
I it'll.
I Want In
In .ill tll.it the M.iate
I Wal t to le .lluht ti,,,,, ,,y I,,, n,v;
I 111 HI. I -1 1 . II ml .,a. airain till
T o 1 t tell 11. ir .ipp.-ala ate f..i.l.a
la. alia.. iT'iil In 1 I. led. Tile 111.1,.. 4 III.
I. ut Illl.Mil t" I. p.ill then :, a be. lllae
I Ul..l all' I pi. a ..: l.. : .,t,,t.k.,
with .1 Ii. Ii r tliali tin a mi 'e hve '
tip. I pia.ali.ti.it, iba. . in ai . iKixinif III ,
llc tn.la. l. ., ,nd .h-a. I t.,!.,t,a, l,, nil j
t. I. II pill I..M4C, While 14 the lull lll'.tl'f I
, h . . . , i . ii - i
,,Mt ti,k' u"' ti'Mil-Ui.if noiil t i'i
"i . UT." ,' ,'" ' . "": n, v:
'.',is;:v;,1;:,,:.:: ;
PHONES 619-455
V ; m
A ...... . '
1 y-m
. I . . ..."
0 7
F ll ,
L - . ,
Bride MI00O
. i v-
4 L' llll U'...l ci In. I.' lltl.t.llW ill.
. ; .t.. ll .ii. ii -1 tile i m n ilea , f he
.n l I'll. it .. . . Put he la aupcr'.
n l il llni.' u lm ni pa ier .lci'..i.i
i 'li t: .- licti'lem a uf Ji ana. 1.
i i .'ll ' ml .1 Ilia ci'l' if J., ii, y
i 'i; f. . ta'.p. j. mi.. ap,". hl
.. Ii.'ii it .:. .i.i ,. n, y 1 api''K til
1 ' M- f.i.l ';, .1 l.ltll-l. Tint.- He !
I. I'.c HHP it H:llt. f ill f pi ,
e, t". t.ttinii, fi.iKt,ncMi. Vh,t. ;
- x.'ii Mini iif'-Ki y nccriaa. a..iieiiii
i. pi. .i. !t. Mim. when ilid a wi r, of1
Id. like piaa H a lipa Itf.-iiuMi lie w.ia
"day it u-ilAJ?caen
foot Uli
w.w. 1 1 . i m
' ,M"BMwawwBaaaawa
rJ ""1
lulNilliilclMliKjd? (lutl fointvu in, my
lack of Mticni', and R,tiilcncaa with niy
fi lliiwa m th, fin-, nf th, piitii nii. nnd
iniiKtilnliiiiiy nf my l.in.l. ). ,.,,
tin. In:
hlk itt-nily; It In lttir fur.
'In t uli. l.y lni th. in fi.nr
Mnik Kvlilly: Id in. Iimah wnrd tnur
"! n'd imiv ii.. here
M. -uk Ki-ntly tu tin htili. i hn, ;
Itn I.iVii In HUIi ii Kiiln;
Ti nil it lI IIMI-lltM (W.lt mnl Mlllll
I' tuny tint i.nr ictmilit.
.": ik i . I'll', tn Hi.- yoiiiif f,,c tin y
W ill I. im i-iiiiiitrli In U in ;
k'i Hun life ii m In h tin y imiv
'Ii- f ill nl iintlmm int..,
S .1. (. Iltlv tu ll. tK., !.
;n. in t the .in. Minn In in),
W III . Hlllilx l lf.. ,,. II,..,, y
I.I t Ml" ll III 1 1" i , p:,t'(,
Km 1. 1 hi titlv lii Id,, i ri lnir; kn. w
'I II. V lllllMt ll.lX,. Ii tl. ,1 VillllJ
IS i. Ii.im c iiiikltiilni mm iii.nle tin. iii a.i,
i li in tin m l.iu k nii.iin'
lpnik tiiliflv tu tlic I'I-iiiik; Knnw
I Hi pn ll in the hc:irt ill i p Well;
Tin IP il. tile Jiiy, Hint t i,i.i liiltm.
i;i.iiiltv hIiiiII i II ' im, I l.i . m
I'iIi fur
lllslc Mciniiri
Tile Mllxl.' Il.t III. 11 V l .ilitet I.f the
.''itll.il ll'nl, Sch.ail will ! hc. M,n
i'.iv mm ii :m. April I. in ithe
l.ii'liii II11.I1 Hch.a.l A,-ii il.lv 1iM.n1.
Tll.le will ! lime pi I'll. I ),, 1 ',.llll,
t I I '.' 'ill; 1, m ,, J Juu mi,. (,,.
l ''I. file I u' nil.
I litem Mliitinna will Im. in.nl.. finin
tin ,.pl.,n I, at. Th inllillt.e tn
nl.'.t thia, to l lu'eaa lit 1I111 i K the
X : mltiiil H ti. unit tn icia'lc Hie piipeia
la i.nii...K,'i ,.( M... ,,n, , II.. my Tall
i' W. It Hub, I;, ft 1: m, j ,Vi
nil I l: I'. Worn I.
1 In l.l.lt 1 nie pallnlia i f the Ilia. I
I lit llu tu t hnv, chllitleli in the .mil. at.
Th, itpplnVcil llat la'
I. Amtin a linn , fin in I', a r ; nt . .
. . ly lilleK
'.' In H. Hail i.f the . unii, m Kiiik
In III I'm r ;!.! Hy III lea;
3. I'llKlllll'a rtli.lUN fl'i.lll T.lllllhllllaer
Hy WiiKiicr
I. Anxil '...nia ft 1 .i'i Trnatir,
Hy Widl
.". Mllllllt ,.,1 Ik, 11 .IuhIi ly Mn,llt
' Mb k'le . . . . Hy M.laai Hi t
T. Mdiaiy m V Cy ltiibinat,in
N ir. laa.ia ty NVvIn
Murch, lien .uc I'.l S tint Hu n.
led March from Haul Hy ll iml. I
Mcfiijctt In U Major.. Kv M imt
Kr.nii tli, 1.U ml nf th, Hky Hlu
Water ty t'mtman
Harcarollc from Talea cf Hoffman
. Hy tiffenlmi h
Tiuumi rcl ly K. human
March, Hliiv,...lv Ta.halkow.ky
l.ittln Hual, frutn ll.inai I und Cr,
'I Hy HumiM-rditick
Of All Beautiful
In thl world Iher ar tw
Uvat Bfwm lo ataod out from
all th nwt: A beautiful wo
man and beautiful flower.
Nod our flower to your love
ly lady friend and they will
appreciate I he compliment.
Tbey know our roae and
other bloom art Iba cbolrl
to b bad.
fourth aad -Jacluoa Btrwl
Borrowers dealing direct can get immediate set
tlement on farm and ranch loans.
Mortgage Co.
Rooms 35-36 Smith Building Phone 609
Kuiivial Miinh (if Murliiiiitl,.,..
...H. (IouimmI
Av, Mh rlii Iiy Hchubcrt
Kuncrul Murch I'liupln
riplntiltiir Cliunia fiuiii th, Klyln
l"' hiiiuii tv Which,!'.
Mi nltiir. fiimi ', i.r tlynt. .(lrleif
A"c' IliHth ftuiti I'ccr (iytit ...
MunlillKlit Hi'lint i Itii'thiivcn.
Mi i fntii II Tin Htuui.Vcr.il
At Diiwn iroin WiHiiini Tell....
Hliit, fnmi I. in In killli tt
i'liiili It, from ItltfnMln. , , .Vctdl
j Ji;
I 13
o Lao
,lu. car r7:
You Pick Two
Days a Month
two weeks apart, fur your regular semi-monthly tests.
H you will do this, your storage battery will Inst
longer. jt wj aWays he ready to respond to the call
of service.
Prest-O-Lite Service
whatever battery you use.
Amarillo Storage Dattery Go.
Tli, Miml ( nmidi'l,
In Hi, I'm
Phone 23
I'n. tVlcalu A Ida Wrdl
it Ijiriro. ' Ilnd,l
3U. II, Hhall FiMd Ilia Klixk frutn
Mauth Wan,r
HI. Urlilnl riioiuH from l.lnnirrln
.1!. Tli, Htm in fi oik Wllliuii T,ll....
.1.1. Mil 1 1 ii ilea. ne Dvorak
I III.. Ihuiiwiml ciil.li. f..l i,t tlnanillH
Kna la iiiilviili tit to over w Vcn Kallnh
i f aM i in nil.
is yours
for the asking V
tiln KWlrli IsVnlre
uli. mil.
108 W. 6th St.
W. Glenn
t? n " T'

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