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(Continued r row YrrisJie rvi
itRMjc nrxxKTT rnouitM ron
Th fu'hmlng pnirnm will be rend
red by the lull,, iu-nmtt Miioiarr
H.My of the jh Hirrt Mthdlat
rhurch on WtOtietLiy ft,noi.n. at i
Tho Teaching , j,., About th
Klt.tn of Ibivcn Mm. Jo stnilth
Jnwa 1 1 In,. .Vlatdoniry Mr
aUiwioniiry Command of Jru Mr.
Art. th Orest Text Iith.k of Ml
Miona-Mra. J. ItUtkbiirn.
UlMi"fMry lY.crari .f the n.ir)y
Churvb Mr. CUUn.
rimdln4 "Huly IW-Mr. C. K
ot oig.inlmtlon In America tod.iv.
There ai In It women, tultivuted,
thoughtful. f:ir-vlioni-d nnd aplrltuifl
mind) J. hne cvtry pot It Ion la thua
j X,f,ntn':
nil, tiuiKt nil' umiui in mm world hi
In nay according; to Thy wllL not
MK1.IL NOT 131 .WIJ 1
tr Olln Divla of I t. Worth. Trxv
Who l an rout to her horn after
apendlng the winter month In Cailfor
Mm. auU. Friday fcrr a gut "f Mr
A. n A nti t iron-.
Mr. and Mr. yine Reetrea of Can
yon. Trta. were the week end gucf
of Mr nnd Mm. Rirl Cull urn.
rRKMllTl KIAN cmncti
Th Woman! Auxiliary Um Cen
trol Prrafcyterlin Church wftt meet In
rirulir -n en Wedpca.fciy. Arrl'
I' ll at M oil-ik. In the churrh an
nr. for the Wann taVrn from th--8!xth
Char-trr- The Church and th
Cortimunity AH nu-mer ar rniuet
J to b preornt.
crvTRiL fit'irn or cfntral
' Tho CVntral OoiM of the Centra'
Ptrabytertan Churrh win meet In th
nnrs t. I dork Wedneaiay after
nam. Thj IrMua will b uktn from
the fiuth Chapter of th NeA Tiiat
and m 1U ba Ud by Mr. A. L. TrH-U tt.
Th d lr and aim of thf rwk r.il
fntrratlun tin-Mtli-nt, Mr. Thomiia ().
"Vint. r. iJliiiivaH.ll, la to K-t -o-oi.il-natd
knowlclitv and activity throiiith
th J0.0-)0 clul that form Ita unit.
nd u cndtiivor tu i-oTiii-ntrato the rn
rcka of a million and a hulf "mMii- n
.n thn thiium that III count moot In
the ivcll btlttK of America.
Mr. FIikti', atatc itfcaldVnt. urit-a
that rrprrai-niatlvra trim all M-ctlotm
w In attvnd.imii uN.n (tlntrli t and atutc
MH-tini; thereby artlnif medluma of
f cotton U the c-luba they r rem nt.
Th ll:il. tunty Fi-dcratlon. with
tlra. furl (Joodman n ildi-tit. hna ci-
"did Invit.itlnna to Ihr offlira of tlw
NitT County KvdcrtiUun of Woinoii'a
'.tit to alt. -id their arlna ineetlnit
"rd K'h. which ffera rotrrnm of
i.ten ut ujM.n timely toxica.
Mra. C.oodman'a inndldicy for pre at-
of .rt )fctrl t. tvhlch m-eta at
Hhita h"alli April Ijth-STth, In l ln
t mr'y .-pMru-l
D -l- rai.a liavr l n elected to r-prr-t
vtti-r C.'tirty Kid. r.tli n of Worn--.'a
Clul M '.hi- mwtlnir In Wichita
' -1 n hivf nlrni de'eititi-a from va
rhilut ho ari huy irKirl'iK r.
rt of the yenr'a wk to ln ulven.
D .-rntea elt-4-trd lip to ilato nr-:
Mrs. Howard TrlRg IVttvr County
-' lent I n i.f Women.
Vr. It. It. Masternon Jr. Travel
t'idy Club.
Vra. J. O. Curtia Wotnan'a Club.
Mr. T. 8. NrwlNdd Pelphlan.
Mre. W. M llnyce llt-rlan.
Mm. 1. V. Cide Athenaeum Club.
afrmiUtilNT llll Rl IL
Tmll r. Myrra. ChMr mrectnr.
. UU Aunt In Myrra lrxnit
r'Jude 8t. Cee IU Xo. J. D minor. .
Anthem JchlUte Dee hill.np
Offertory i:cv-rt. huminn-tiuCmant
IVrtlu Mirrh In H fVH C.ound
. Kvininc:
Andante III fmm fuit? Partlett
Anthem "Lout Chord" i. tJulItvan
Cffirtcry. ilrM)' frcr Tantdtauarr,
Mu-d Quarttc 'In a IMKrU-i". ..
Mnrrrt Itter. IVtNe Pattrmon.
Mr. rarry and Mr. I!umihreyi(.
rld--Tirrale"N. 1 fn-.-ti Suite .
The next annual mn-tlrif of the at Hp
I 'i-dcratlon takra .l.ic at Fort Worth.
I n the now Texaa Hi 41. XovemU r Kth
i to lith.
mnrQUt wxa retreaenti-d at the recent
Home Kcon.-micn week In Auatln.
Annufil Citixenahlp lay. Intcndi-d In
..(. uintio thi- entrant- "f forelirteri
: i to Am r !mn cttliu rtr.li. IM In ob
' -rvil every Fourth f July, according
' tut Mm. IVrey V. I niitm-ki-r. whllo
( welcome la almt to I aiiiK-d all Amer
.'11 In yu nnd Br!a who attain their
' marv within the current sr. It I
to In cin.tu-t,-d with th;it diitnlty which
hall imi'croa the nonoreea with their
i .riviltv and reaponttiliilitiea aa vot.-ra
I In the world'a rreatcat commonwealth.
L 1 . Jt
BM' fi-rl? Well. JilHt foliifiirtubh. Inaith',
thifa hnr."
(Tie tvliiftiNl thin nnd anld ahe murn't
talk no mm h nd would the IntervkW
go on, pluae?
t)h. yea. Ind.-od. I'm awfully happy
over th" Met i.f r'ln to live In the
Whlti ll.itiiMv" lu. a.ild. In wnar to
the queation.
"Wlieit mother and Kvi-rett. my I .If
hriithi-r. whii la gi.lng to lie the I'teal
d"iit'a Hsl."t-iiit aeirrtary. nnd I went
to WiiahliiKtuii to the Inauguration we
had nm h it nice time. Wunhlngtun la no
ban and tt' au h a mnfort tu go
out aumc 1'line und have your face i-binn .
wh n yon get there."
A vrry. very arrloua little glil. in-
"And When the Itealilmt aakeit tn '
to tiiiH and live with him and Mra.
Ilnrdlng I didn't know what In any. !
IhoiiKht and Ihiinght. and I couldn't
think f miything thnt'd aound right,
ko I kept milt, lie litlKhcd and a Id
he hoiil I'd nii--pt the Invitation, he.
eaune he ina gi lng to he pretty hue.
mMiie in tlml iS hoiiKe lifter all the
1rlii and txiya he knew In Muriiai, and
that I knew that I wanted to go, I
told mnthir and ahe aald that I could
aftir I flnlnhed the eighth gradu- I'm
going to bring f!amnlie tin re with me,
I d. n't know what I'd da without (!uma-llel.-
(amain I. the rut. alciiitcd ahuw
and I'mrl that he could do nicely with
out thiln hv Kt.lklni? mnjeatically fri4n
1'uturc rc!Ic of the I'rcsiiU'i-.tial Mansin is interview-ih" ' Juncture.
It nti c i I i it i . i ... "I don'l Know what kind of cluthea
jjd. Hi ilJs reception for neij;lilorho(Kl boys and Kin but .m ,., ,mrr lo ,lv,. Ju,t ,h,
I is "cut" bv next door youngster who "thinks he is my 1cau" j a.-ime ktmi i niwnya woi. i rueaa.
I -child not worried about her wardrcLc so long as "she ha$!aMfX;"
1 Sunday Silk drCSS. I'm gclng to bring my party dreaa."
- .. . i I thirteen yeura old. AnJ If Laddie atarta Hhe ruahed from the room and cam
Special to TWNrm. nu) thirg with Oitmullet It will lie the In k honrtng triumphantly a t'linty
I CIIICAOO. Ait' r "Laddie." the canine lloMegow for hl, for IN-aii could l ink aatln "arty dnaa" with a allver
i not-d White Hnuae di. will either have I not get along without Oamnliel. and , Ihce nvemkirt and little puffy aleeveg. It
to denionatr.it that ho dm a not ahare j rt:ilnly would liot in.rnilt him to be would aeem It la thn pride i f thta utter
th. natural canine avrminn to fellmt molcnte.1 ly nny I hinptioua Alreilule.. I ty unni!cd llttl" glrl'a life.
.r wear chain after nait June. A rather till little girl, with aerloua; lnitilr In front, while ahe jxd
Hutiie tlmo In June tlumillil. who la eyui aJul l.loiiU turU. curne Umldly Into i for u picture, the entire nrighlMii hood'a
u cit of whlph ili sni-. la going to ar- the living loom of the Harding liume j young itenm Uon muic tu wutablp at
rive at the White lleuae. c hl n n.-d nt Xo. 444 North Kimball avenue, fhe'hi r ahilne. Utth- hnya Uggl to hold
l' hia initna. Mia Ti ul ll.irding. waa t uddliug a white mt In her arma. j her travltng bag a gift of the lUmlV
V i -. ri
ft -(S-
V' V A :'i
x v a r j . . ss
M..lh.l fciiv Itll tu be Int.rM. " till to t!e tl'tllr" li lie f the lille
IN-ll llrtl.linu-. thlit.-en. al. primly. IIu-hh old - n the little l y vim
after ahe ImhI nit in her "belT i h.iit " , lived tiaxt d( or M.m iicn ril.-d the pilv-
that atiindii In th or of the tim lime h. laiind with pleimi'i.'.
ilid lU.hll.d the cat atlll iLwl." Will A thirteen year-old l y IkihuiI tha
it et.ift !)!" ,' " honne wr-ei-e fifty i hll.lli 11 Were "Watch
iV'rt tiig'reanun-d aha waa nmto mi: ' nnd :iimiI en with n gieat ahow
content o talk iilyul IImi Whit llootie. if ii.ilii.'er me. Mm foe w.ia Nl.lnmg i
the honor of wii h, n nain of th.
ITealdefiL'aha la to mi when alie glad- f
untea fn.m the ilf-hth gi idi- at the llib- PR. L. V. CKADIT
har.1 athool In June. OSrMU'ATIIIC rilVSIfLVN
-The 1-rr-W.oi '' wn i hm iWTk CMeopathlr a.
V lint, ffl"'' 'ivn.. hip "M rucpinvi I" , . . , . -v, a i .
he like. He dm-an't think ht a 'it.' And t 'n ThrB-t
he a a In-'d Juat aa ai.n talk lo me , I tJ4-!3S IUy A Johnann llldg.
aa to any Mlnleter if Mate, jlo Junt fboo Ilea. Fhnaa till
aara that to he nice and make me feel I f"-
at home, of oiiirae. How iloea he make
with recent WAKhlng and hla half waa
nil. I..I" lu k carrtuily. Ti-oil Muah4
and pit i.-niled not to ae.
"Win w m that?" aim waa naked.
"lie think" he'a my l-iiu." ahe aald,
with an nil of fine diwluln eminently
t.ttiiig to the future flirt young lady
M the land.
Fur Arut, Cltronlc o4 NtvoM
Ealila Uulldln
Id m4 rolk ML riMiM im
il:l r.l.'w i) Y
The American legion have ordered
i In- ix'ii.- to In worn on Memorial
! lj-. May loth. Two hundred eppiea
;re allow, d to every thousand a-ople.
t lncecda go to the Kuron-an lU-lkf '
I und.
(iJiun T. MaatemonJ
TIM INHter Ciunty Fi-d'-rxtion cf
Women, at their rtgulnr mi-ettrg April
nd. favored with an addreaa by
J. 'A, M I-etn. cf the Eleventh Fili ral
neacrv d.atiVi-t. on the auhfert cf
Thrift: th RataUUdtment of Thrift
fanka In the fs-hoij. Tnder lho.
C.n-ernirienl." and ty Hon. l-ce 8r.tter
white, our rerraenttive In the b-gta-ture.
upon 'The Advantage of the A.
and M. Cadlece.-" which the Panhandle
nnd Wat Texaa iiei t to aecuro at the
expiration of the preai-nt two -rar term
of the Trxaa a glalxture. The keynote
Nurd.-d by bh w.ia- Kervbe . ecrvioe
to humxnitr throush the rutshliahtnent
r InatitvitHma which aid In the produc
tion of 10 r-er i-rrt Amerbfln il'.lxcn
Mm. (Vorg Thatcher fJuernacy. who
waa president general of the National
I. A It., during the war. ard who
dia Ingulahed herm-lf l y her w onderful
wmk. hna ncvntly leii eb-cted atato
rcr. nt of her heme atatc. K.ma.
Mra. J. L. Smith, vii-o prcaldent gen
eral fnm Texas, leave Tuiilay for
Waahineton tt attend, ft rat a loard
mei ting of -the National fVa'kdy of D.
A. H and alan the national i-onirroiw.
which ronvrm-a In Waahlngton April
Kth. ;
Mr. F. M. ntaW. regent of Hatheri
MrtYory Chapter, win alao attend the
No tnteret i arprl o Hie vlub
wnan'a heart a aducathii and child
welfare. Tie, Indeed, a day of uacful and
reratmctlv activity on the part cf
women: when "etrb-try icxial c!ula are
tiring of mere ideaaure taiwrdir.g to
our own Mra. ITxvhe Warner and lin
ing upf.-r aoovthinc worth .while. apart
fiom the worry, the rtraln and the
enae It roena to JuM amove onc'a
arlf and one another, and with th mt-;
ting aun. no worthy action d-mo. no
diaeoumgcil m4her made liapWer: no
moth.-rlea chlid nude nfer. n child
ks mtn niadi' better."
T Natial Fi-derati.(n of Wn'a
tlutw kt no f the larg t and atrong-
Mra. Sam L. Kay ha lxen preai-ntcd
by the Kather Mit'roo' Chapter, oaugn-jt.-rx
the American Itevolutlon of
l AmariMo. for the office of atato vlc
! regent. cl.Hion to take place at tha
'Twcrtv-awond 8Ute Conference of
i Threo monthly pu'dlcatlona of Tvxaa
arc being ccneidcrrd. one of which will
; W chom-n a official organ of lha atate
feil. ration.
I Oh. thn power of the Tn.w; the IV-
tare and the I'ulplt.
Business Opportunities
Tn variety UiaSneaa, In which wo art 1
rxperta. offer very Urg ret urn a on
mall Invratntenl.
W have a few very excellent opening
for vj7 at .ire, and would be gta
U give additional di-tail to anyone run
tenipUtlng entering thU buatnena.
t Our maty yeara of merrhandla ex
' pretence, trwethor with th arrMcn we
can .-endrr jrott. a -wire auerea to th
, man who bv willing to work.
Addre. '
Lr4lo Hrpartanent. lUttlrr Dock, ,
ItalUa, Trxaa t
lor Standard
ttv t nbm Man
r.etwecn 6th and Tth on Polk Street
"The Store of. Quality and .Courtesy'
J. C Berry & Co;
Suite 39 Fuqua Building
That carry that anark cf
tttUcn. v, .
Our trk 4? tanvfl.
Watette. BOrerwarw a4 OA
Qiaa ha cmpbrra.
Espart watch rilrla
Hagh Whitcomb
ABBariuV Otdeat Jwlf
m mi si
Ererythins Sfeasonsble
Spring Flowers,
Plants, Shrubs,
ItM Vaa Dnrca St
Amarfllo, Trxaa
rhon 1MI
Jr,? ,- a
For Monday
J'or Monday's selling we are jroin to place on sale
are in sizes 14 to --. inese
dresses will be ideal for cool
mornings and evenings. They
w ill m.-ikc splendid dresses for
wear in the car
This will be a real treat for
the thrifty woman.
Values to $25.00
These Smart Street Hats Will
Go in a Hurry
Just rrieliril a hlfmrtil of Sniiirl Tailored Mrwt Hit. They are
In blair. r.uy and brnvn wild while itiMlcrbrini and at llila re
tnarhabl) Ion prk r I bey klnuld go in a bun ) .
Silk Skirt Special
Materials Crepe de Chine. Kumti Kurma
and Taffeta
These Skirts are in Kishion-
able street or dress models,
and are in a beautiful array
of patterns
Values to $25.00
It 'j
Women's Brown and Black Lace Hose $395
On Standard Merchandise -
. . I !N ' 4"
Has established our store as a money saving institu
tion for the people of Amarillo and the Panhandle.
These extraordinary values in keeping with the
uniformly low prices which exist throughout every
department in the Store.
i: .
I.adies high grade black silk hose, high spliced he'cli,
double stles; Miiively standard length 'and
fust quality goods. CI Hfl
The pair V?""
ilk I-'ibre Hose in Mxcelient (Juality. Heavy Lustrous
I inih, and very Serviceable, colors Illack 7C(
and IJrown, at the pair . . . .
t. l.i'drin's Pure Thread ilk Sox, in colors Pink, Light
Uliie and White; sizes 6 to 8j; OQ
at. tlepart OJl'
The manufacturers may. eventually, make a better
child's hose than "Cadets" but so far they have
never been equaled, lively, pair, guaranteed;
all sizes, all colors. ( 'lflr
The pair -VV
Newest and l incst 85c Quality Swiss, TUsuc. Gingham
in lively Silk-Woven Plaids. ,gQ
Priced only, the yard f"
Genuine Peppcrell 9-4 Sheeting, known as stan
dard First Quafity, at the yard ........ -
P.eautiful Crepe de Chine and Wash Satin Camisoles.,
neatly finished with High Grade French CI QC
Vals and Cluny Laces. Priced only . . tV'
White Crochet 1'ed Spreads, size KOx'X), fine finish
and good weight with scalkped cut cor- CO
ncrs. Special at t
White Cotton 15atts, full 3-miuu1 size, for large
quilts. Don't confuse this quality with "Lintcrs."
It grades "Strict Middling" ' gflA
at the roll u''i
House Cam-rising, standard C. Quality, 36"
inches wide, at the yard " 'V
Ulcached Sheets with center seam, full 72x90 size,
and made from first grade Musliu. 7Qf
luich only :
Ladies Genuine "Victoria" and "Kaiser" Silk Gloves.
. in Mack, White. Navv, Gray and CI ff
P.rown.at the pnir
Mail ordms del ire red free i"kll nar of Texas,
' ,f',; Oklihomsi and New Mexico
Adams Dry Goods Co.
-the RitiiiT ri.ti f-TiiK Kiti'iT rltlc:,
Ku4cianr l. Tllti rilR -
Comer 5th and Polk and !0SiC8 E 5th'Street"
The day . " all days that is worth commemo
rating suitably by gift. . .
Our Misses' Wrist Watch Offer of $18.00
for genuine P.ulova Movement, guaranteed time
pieces, is best value in State of Texas.
See our Graduation Watches for the boys
l)oign. st vie and price right. " r
,- ' V -s . 3-'i
t i i ir I i i d '

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