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"The Merry Milkmaid"
High Hchix.l Auililiirluui, Friday, Atrlt
22 Il and 1 otee Club
Uund Thrnnua lliirmon, Director
Art umnii rrt One
Tht Milkmaid gioi'tliiK to the curl)
tnurnliiff 1 an wired by the Farmer
httym on their way to the field, itnd th
tinkllna; bclla. from the paature land,
Join In the merry refrain.
The fanner' brlRade hold morning
parade and drill to the d.llsht of the
milkmaid. The Judite imam by and
cttlea ihi iuetlon of low.
Th Commodore. In th bUNlnr of
ureaMlng heart and cnrnlnij a llvHlhood
la aurprlcd by the doctor who knew hla
!aat loo well but by flattery and
smooth waya he evade the doctor.
Tha Quern come In from her morn.
ln walk and welcome the returning
maid and henra the aiory of a love
' lorn makt, Jthv Jtvugar (the Commodore
In reality, appear and win the dynv
, pathy of the auaccptibln Dorothy but la
Interrupted by Farmer Jlm'a apiwnr.
; anee with hla hnnrt ronfenon of love
' but U rebuked.
Ruth relate a bit of romance and
Monica tell Dorothy' fortune, nt th
rlnae of the rrornlnir The Karmer lloya
return with hearty demonstration of
welcome. i
The (nippy mnlil remnno work and
Unten to the jucrn'a reveliition of her
aud at Farmer Jim In the depth of
despondency neck condolence from
Farmer Joe and the Judjce.
The Jolly Gentlemen receive, a eur
priaa from the Commodore untd'the r
rival of the Doctor whn ring a death
knelj to the brave "man of war."
Margery learn of the myterlou Ufa
from the Judge and with the Queen tella
the atoiy of the hell, which I taken
tip by the entire Hrtimde and the Happy
maid, and after veier, echo the ntmlna
at the cloae of day. to the melody of tht
wedding bell.
The bridal iwrty appenra nnd all
am "Hall to the Farmer' Hrlde" and
happlne reign In the heart and
home of "The Merry Milkmaid."
CM of Character
The Queen . ,
Dorothy ....
Margery ....
JuanlU ....
Itlanrhe ....
The Judge . .
The Doctor ,
The eddlnr
Farmer Jim
Farmer Joe .
The Captain
Kdlth ftcwall
It.ichel Dunnaway
Mnble Thnmpaon
Oi-rtrude. Lewi
.... Helen Montgomery
Catherine Clark
Grace Knorpp
.Kathleen Whittlngtnn
Dorothy Allen
Mumy flrady
Mar)' De Hawycr
Mil due I luckier
Mildred Merlin
nitty Attebury
Curl ThnniM-n
Dick lllvina
Dick lllvina
.Harold Flunim
Fred Fyfe
.flrady Word
Two Jolly Farm r..L wi Dmtnon nnd !
rat Whlttlngton
The Jolly flentlcmcn. .Hviinet Mantcr
eort and Jack (latton, (lien Fraxivr
and MarV (llvi r.
The Farier' lrlgde John t)ake.
Clordon Itutler, John Hcllar. t-on
ClUvln. William It. Ifewnon. Jack
(hddlnr Clyde Duller. Ollbert
Campbell, tlennle riri-etihlll, Wave
Wealey. Ralph Trollnger.
Drldnl larty
rride . MiiIh-I Thnmpaon
...i-.i. ,......... ... i in., r miiiiii
nower C.lrl Marguerite Btil.ler
ae (ilendorl and Alleta Ablmtt
Farmer Do , Milkmaid. Villager, etc.
I'lano Zelnm ThmniiN, Juanltn Hen
deraon. Vlullna Jewel Morgan, Hobcrt
nutiHall Astell.
Haxaphone Frederick DrUcll.
Cornet T. It. Kennedy.
Trombone Mr. Oecar Wine.
IJt of Kong
1 "1'it With the VMTy Morning"
Hntrance Choru
5 "Merry Hell"
Anita, Janet and Chorua.
I "Forth to the Field"
Hung and Drill, Farmer Hoy
4 "The Honor"
JuanlU and full Chorua
6 "Iavo"
Judge and OirV Choru
(Two Jolly Farmer"
Two Jolly liny nnd Chorua
T "l.ln of the Town"
I "8are Me" Duet.
Commodore and Doctor
"While the Morning I tony
Ik-am" Queen.
10-"Wlth Flowing I'alla"
Olrl' Choru
II "Whither Hound"
12 "Muid rteware" Duet.
Queen and lorothy
13 "Tlie Story"
' lu-ggar
lb "Ik-autiful Maiden" Trio.
Q(M-en, Dorothy nnd Farmer Jlnt
IS "Merry Maid"
JuanlU and Chorua
Hi "A Vender of Uicea'
17 "One a Little Maiden"
Ruth and Choru
IS "The Fortuno"
Monica and Choru
"The Farmer Hoya"
Queen and Full Choru
;0 "Happy MhIiIn"
Queen and Choru
21 "Lullaby"
w Queen and Full Chorua
JJ "Home People"
Judge, Jim and Ji
3 'Joy 8hull He Thine"
!4"Jolv Oelltlemen"
Ryl Peer"
Commodore and Jolly Oentlemcn
Doctor nnd Farmer Jim
;; "Tw Milking Time"
"The Bella"
Queen. Judge and Marjorle
A "Home Iteturnlng"
81 "ViNPcr Hymn"
J! "Ding Dong"
j"Weddlnf Prnceiwlon"
Full Choru
34 "Halt to the Farmer' Hrlde"
(Herbert Wlllhnrn)
Amarlllo baaehall ai-aon haa tarted.
Whiu the flrt ime waa not aa uc-
eeful a It waa honed tn ne. etui tun
could not he counted a a calamity. In i II
hiMi uk. In Unit It I'l'UiKlit out tin
weak iHilnl In the teiini.
Tins Im y on the loam me cumliiK nut I
with more m-i mid cnthunlJinin, tl.-ti-i'-1
nilneil tliut another defeat Mill not be
marked lip ngiilimt tin in The 111.11 h In
trying to remedy the defect brought
out In the frt iimiie, nml ve believe
he will aucceed.
The Htiple of Aiimrlllo allowed Unit
the)' 'vere tx-hlnd the tium by the I nice
number prewent at the flrat game. The
lieople of the town have t'otifldchrn III
un, and we iniiNt Jutify their coiifl
deuce, fan we do It V We ciiii!
(faille lMckctt)
The xenlor nnd Junior Kiinlloh depart
meiit are now reading tlld Tetiiment
Narrative for a cIukkIc.
Tlil iNMik wiih rcprinluci'd from the
atnrle of the (Hd TcNliunent by K. C.
Baldwin. He Im given u a book that
I clear and canity undcrtood. The au
thor h'l hot di'Mtroyed the beauty of
thi ne old atorle In reproducing them.
The Ntudent of KiihIIhIi hnvn not
been allowed to utility the lllble In
achool until recently. There are aome
advuntiige in mudylng the fillile; first.
It give a great dcul of hlHlnry; aecond.
It teaehe the lennonn of the lllble;
third. It give the Mtlldellt better kiiowl
edge of the Hebrew language.
The IWIbllltle of A. II. N. at Hie
( ail) on lllnlrlct Meet
l4 roy (llenn Frarlcr
At tlm prcdcnt time Amarllln Miami
a better chance of taking the dlxtrict
met t at f'anyon than he hu In the
lat two or three yearn In both track and
literary event.
In track the Aninrlllo team I hnw
Ing good form. On the JOOyard dnnh
Fred Fyfe 1 without a doubt the lnt
man out. nnd would lie luird to bent In
the 22(iyard iihIi were It not for hi
knee, which prevent blm from running
on curved track. Alva (lamer i n
fnnt man on the half mile and with uch
men a Taylor. Iluditu. thike. Diwnnn
and Turner, the 440, the lelny. the hunt
c and other running event, we are
very hoH'ful of all the event Junt men-
In the high Jump. di-u throw, hot
put and Mile vault we hve four or
five winner In Tndlock. who Im been
Jumping nround and htxive the ntiite
record; Iftiwuon on the hurdle and
broad Jump with Alva (lamer a clone
aecond. K!m ran take off the dlntrict
In lxth hot put nnd dineu throw.
Iionuld Fuller I the pn.mlMo vuulter
with Itnliert liil a clone mi-ond.
In debate a giMMl telilll with a RimnI al
ternate can lie plckinl from leed. Har
der, Tin mi p m nnd Fruxli r. A utrong
team of glrta In dcUite ha already
heen wcliftcd, romiMineil of Itnehael
Iiiinawiiy nnd .Mabel Thompson nnd a
" " have llattle Mae Wnd.
in iinw Kii are very eiiong in
Frmleile D.lw-11 anil ('.lady Whitfield
m the enyNN of the achool, while
there are many In the cllng content.
Kilyth Hcewiild and Carmll Hay are
to teprcw-iit im In declamution.
The Kck-nce lciaiiineiit of I lie High ,
Kchool i
(Durelle .Morgan)
In the Amarlllo High HcIhm.I the I
wli ni"e deiiartmeiit I very crowded. In
, - . .
,,,r "m "'" ";
,WV ,'",,ll " ch ni-e . every cti.nn I
over crowded. The nclcncc which thl
echini offer ate: Oeneral clcucc.. Init-1
any, phynlcn, chetnlNtry, phyHluloio' ,
mil homo numlng.
Mr. linker I hunt of thl ih inu tmeiit .
nd with Ml McClum y nn hi aHint-
nt, the ntuily of them- acleiu'e I very
The only objii-tlon that one mlgb'.
have to thl department I that we do
not have a lalnmitory that I by any
mean large enough to Juntify the Indp t
.-I.I.I..I ....ii ni.i'.ut ... f.iiu- iiii.tiiu titiitrf
. II, M... 'U-'I,. . ... .-.. ',.'..r. j
wniK at n aingle 'tlnn nml no one
......u u .... t.i MM i
iuil iiii ii. me r.-iiiii.i uiiiuiiiii. ...
work. Hut we arc going to hnve n new
High 8' hnotf then Junt watch we "act-1
etillHtn" gtww! I
The (.row Ing Knlhusiiinn of the Seninr
,l.....li.. U...UI.I
...III i.lllt- t.l.l.- niiiiii.
At the In glnnlng of the year the
.I.AM...I .... limy m. It'll i.l ll Tln.V
ni Hied to think they had no time for.
1 anything hut work. There wero no)
1 picnic and very few purtle. Tlie imr-'
He they trliil to huve were not nuccen
: fut. The main caue of their failure
! wmi In-finme there wa nn ciithuNinnin In
' the rlun and no one cared whether lie
' went or not.
' At the prcacnt time, however, the
clar I Nhowlng more clan aplrit. In l
that they are combining work nnd fun. j
1 At their clan meeting more Ktuib-nt
. take part, and In thl way making them
more Intercut ing tn all. When picnic
and iHirtle are planned, more Ntudent i
conicrte than did ut the In-ginning of
the year We are hoping that In-fore
Vie have the Tools You Heed
and at a Price You'll Like
It' high time you Julticd the yard In-uutifiil and
gulden brigade, livery d.iy now you'll we Hie i n
IhiiHlanllc home owner at work on yard ami gar
den. You'll find at our nlure n L-onptete line of
thene Implement.
Hoes, Rke, Spades, Weedert, Forks,
Wheelbarrows, Etc, Etc.
Electric Hose
Weara l.ibr a I'lg' Noe
ll'a the kind that tltra you
mo! for )our mum) , and
(he kind that won't kink.
Amarillo Hardware Go.
The HiMine Thai .peciaten our HuoIih-m
Corner Alh end Pidk Street
till yen i i i. tin- b.iHhfut elinl.'iiiM
will come to llfv, wnd huw more cntliu
iiiHtn In clan affair.
The Hume Nursing Coiirse Found to
lie l'r Ileal
Kutliiyn l'i-t l lntrr
Thl Im the flint vein- that Amarlllo
llil'.b Hi hoi'l ha offered n cmiie In
lb-tile Nlllxlllg which lia .ili-aily
proK n to be V I) n .it t ) 'ill utid In l.
fill III I M l)' WU) lit the gllln.
How tn cure fur the ck, prepire
ilieti of different int fur the Hick, and
lire fur the nick loom lire ruiiic i f the
niont linM it nil lenaon that have In ch
taiiKtit. Nut only In thl mudy B"" l fur
(aching un how to cure for our own
body, hut it Will lie exceedingly helpful
III la I i life, when We lire called iiih.ii
lo iiKHlnt the Kick.
We have learned, during the pant
week, home H iiinllin for eiich cominnn
lllineiiln a headache, Nlii plenHiienn,
and etye. Iiirnlng tin ne mple n inr
(Hi n, we not only know how to relieve
pain, but linw to wive the cue I of having
doctor. It en II ln readily Mccii thai
(hi limine I beneficial from nn eco
nomical un Well u a practical nluml
l.ll Wi l III ihIiciiI Hi
The pupilx who have uuiked hard
Mint I e. up In the'r gi'aileM during
their four year' hltth hind iiiure,
ulwuy look firiiii to one cnptslul
event at the end of their Mentor year,
tiuiiicly, the niiiiiiiiliig up anil uveriiKlng
of the iriuile to dii'iiln wlm I to oli
lulu flint lini'uin, Hume time that In
Very tin id In decide un euine of the
iiveiiiijin are no very near the mine
an to haw- to In- cmiliil tu Neverul
declliilil place III older to determine,
the hlKhent.
Tliln year lb rln rt Wlllliurn won flint
In. num. white (ilndy W lilt fit lit wa u.
Iok n. ci ml. The iiveragi m of theao
two weie M 11SI' nnd H4 lilt rvnpecl
tliy t'.- ll ( ti. n
l.aHt Mmi. I;, y Hie phyntt claHH, un ,
br M Inn Mi'iiiiv and Mr. lUiker. rmi-1
din tiil nn Inteci Ntlng enN-rlment on
em Ity of Mound. A It wa neeeHwiiy
to nliiM.t n run, the clnnnen. cither In
.'in or walking, went to the end of
the cur truck on Polk nliicl.
It wa lalnlni.' but nunc of the buy
and all i f the gli l gut rl.li out. The
tnlu Htupixd when we weie nady to
I... u-. .-b l. Hl.lAM I.. ..,..., .
..Kill ..'.. 1MIIITI, I" HID I'K.VM-
, .. ... ,. " ..
cut Intel i-Kt unit very li.mructlvi-, it
relievMl the monotony of the clunn
(My Mllto'i J. Mnnatt)
(inly four inoie week until achool
I out for one lliliil of the Ntudent
'x-d.- of the A. II. f . A Kreut inn
lority uf thene nie wiiIoin, who are go
ing out of "n. limit fe. Into life'
NchiM.l". We who nre reuminilig wth
to Nay tliat thin Im been one of our
Ih nt yell in.
Mr. Milnloet. piln -lpal of A. II H.,
nhoillil be hlghlv pruln.il (T hi Won.
rtcrful work ii h the leader of the Rchmd.
It WU Mr. .Mi Inliwh'n coiiNtutit effort
that ha put old A. II. 8. done to the
Wll.l. IT T TO t.O
illy Wllmn Tulll.
A very Iiiiimii taut iUetlon conic
orn-i- Into every young pi-inoii' life.
Vlilx nueftion in. "Will It miv to go to
,ifch sn-lumir Winn the gr.olo h.Ihh.1
u ,.,11,,,.t., the ntudent think long
mid hard n to whither he will con
itnnc in hi lux. I or go out Into the world
nnd M-k u money bringing inmltion.
When lliuiii-litn of the buHlmn world
nnd n puKltlon nre foremiwt In the
tl 1 1 ITT
riione 3M
PR (Lnrt ffl
! ffl SALE fcfl
Tj April 9th to
rVj One Cent I One Dollar W
jefj More Co., Ine PV
Mr "Fet where"
mi uu a n u u u
Ocean Liners
That the pi. in of I lie lnleriiulii.ii.il Wiilerway Cuminlnaluii iNhaalen
from 't Hill ten willed would Im in (M met lit Ihll'nlt unit drew I'li'iNllloeniliillMI
fur I'migieNM and the ('auinl.aii rHrliaim iil. Four of the Piiili rn (li f I lo rlghll:
II. ('. Ilarluw, I'liiciigo: e (Ii.m i iiui W. llnrdlng, luwu; II. ('. Cradiier, Chi
I'agii, plenldellt; C ('. I'liilK, Vice prenldent.
nliident mind, there nlwnyn ui Iwh
WKtnii of the freedom Hint iiiikM Ih
derived from a poMltlolt; the l Inure,
the good Juli. and the moiwy; on the .
other hand wln-n the boy In (Linking
of the m Iiih.I the vlNlon tun v ni l' of
lung ha id nlnily; tlm long houi lu the
mliiNil room; the time waalcd-nn he
lhlnki u ml the money nM-nt. I
While the Muih-nt I thinking of,
thi ne thlngN, he munt riMiH'lulH-r NeV- !
eiiil fact fur" the high Iiih.I edit- 1
cation, lie munt think of the four
happy year Npent with hi companion, ! " ' coiirw he will look back, when
th fun he will have while with them i h" I" older, anil wlnli that he had tak
birth In nchm.l end In la I life. Then I ''" ,n" opioitiinlty when he had every
he Mhoul'l think of the knowti-lge gain-1 ndvnnt-ige of youth, of free tuition, and
rd and the develupinent of the inlnil ' yuiiiig ntiil alert mind, and had gone
I i.tl of which he may acquire In u high
, mhiH.I coiiriK. 1
The Nliident liillHt Hli renlire tlmt
Hie only time to get a high m hool ed I !
i ntioii I when tie I young. There will '
be no time to ret Oil When he I old. I
1 he pt'ineiit 1 the time. He mind do
It now! Ank anyone who, ha had n
high n.'hnol i ilncsllun, If he regret
the time and money npctil, the long
hnrd I ou: of ntudv? He knew the time
and i-ionry he r.tent wn prepirlng
hi 'i f'r the bigger and better thing
III life. Neither Will the atudrllt ever
" 1" I IU IIIRH lllllll inw'
. . ..-.. l.laL M.. .1 M!.....
T, ... . . ,
! who hnve not had
one are uaually the i
I one wno refnt ma tart, nut the one
, who hnve. It give nee the npoorlu
j inly to lin t hi, life work nnd then
n ii'i" ine niii.ieein mm oeimiti to tin
and that will .et fit him fur the work
he NclecN.
A high k hrx'l ediicntion In nceennary
now. Mont firm ixX"-t and ib-mnnd
i lie of Ihelr eiupluven. That I the
ouentlon nkei of nil npplli nnl. nml tn 1
get the luh theV are eXMile to nil
NWi-r In the nfflrmiitlve. Why? He
en line n Mr;h Hchmrf edueatlun tmi
pare one for the bigger thing In life.
It pell the Ntudent to overcome tlie
ol Ntui h of hie. that are nur In come.
nnd to puh hi way upw nut, toward
tho better, bigger and higher thing
of life.
The boy who gin tu woik at four
teen limy turn I2r..0na In a life lime,
while the boy with a high ncIhm.I lu
intion will earn thrii- time thai
f S&?f: .fii.'!' it
I I . II
The Tender Magic
of Live Steam
There's tender inrttfic in the live
Ftcam with which we press your
garments it's rnarvelously gentle
and yet wu.erfully tflicicnt.
Tliis vital force, as it surges
through and through the fabric, has
the ime effect on woolen fibres that
life-giving oxygen has on the human
system it rejuvenates, renews life
and youth, and at the same time it
Things cannot go wrong with the
American Steam Garment Tress
which we use in pressing your gar
ments there's no possibility of
scorching -there's no iron surface to
rust, no hard rubbing to roughen the
fleecy woolen fibres and leave seams
and pockets shiny.
Keep your garments wholestur.e
and looking lit -you'll find it an in
vestment in jersonal priue thrt's
Panhandle Steam Laundry
201 Pierce Street Phone 244
On Great Lakes
nmoiiiit In i,e Name length of time, A
lay In I. oili w liuul n wio-th fifteen
i'.i Main niid ii nn. nth worth nine him
lied iImIIiiim, lloyn Mini have gone
throiiKh liinh m hi ml nre earning at
tA'MyfiVc, nine hiinitred il.'llar or
more ii year Ihaii I In we who have gone
(u work al fourteen.
Ai.d thi n the nludeiil will nay, "Nn
II pny?" b inn Im Nine It paya by
welng the Nlli.i'NN II Im made of .
men and Wumeii In the Imnlnenn
If he din-M nut take a high
,0 '' ''hool.
" Ion I'. OIK In.
The ntudent of the .-nlor clan
gathuel lifter m himl TilcHtlaV after-
iioi'ii. April r.. fur a pluilu. Alnnit four
o'clock Neverul car luad of tem hei.
Ntudent and en in left for ti'lirlen'a
nnd liurlium' riimh about 12 iiillu
from town, (m arriving there the fun
ntnrted with a great China lii-rry fight.
After hinrtilltle hnd died down mine
what nevcrnl of the boy entertained
ty acalliig the aide of a amall ranun.
A awlti h fight Ntnrted and noun
NWltche were In. lug wielded by every
one. The nwin Ii fight wa halted for
n uioinent bv n fight and a great cron
country run fur a bottle of olive. The
olive wei-e Ninm lllnpotaeil of and tho
NWItih fight renewed.
Junt In-fine aupier tlnm a allghl
wnier fight wa Niarted but the cry
of "i-ntN" broke thl up. Kupn-r wa
rvel 4if lio on, i-ggw, potatm-, bun
ll nd eiiffee. Kverymie had plenty and
(hero wa Nome left over.
At wvi'ti o'clin k the fire wa put
out "nil every one ilepniiml for town.
I t u In ic that the aeiilur may have
many ini.n- affiili a nuix-i-nmVuI a
thl one.
A. II. N.
iThuriiti.n Hlanchniit)
A I t. t two week ago Mr. Miinn,
I from lha .'literal Unnerve Hank In
to tlie
A leaner
D ll. talked tu ILi li MchiMil tu-lerit
llUlUl CMt.llillHllll.g l dl III lli'oi'lVB
t ank In the high Ii.hiI here. The
i.tiiileiilfi were vei v in'n i enl.ll'. over
the iiie.ip ii and ni ( i.l iv tin Imnk
ill i u V. i I e c!ei . d. Tli.' I. ink ui. II
el Tlnirndi v unit nlliK. AH ..
The full' Ming illl'ei t .r-i i 'e elei ! d.
1 !- Wt r I, Hiinle 'rudKliiKb!!, I 'lit
V." I ill I it ittuii. Ill . inn WhiMiiigloii,
Villil I II. Hl'iltll .'.tin xnl , LuiMiden,
M.illle Ainu Clyde I'm", lluiiald
I. I'.il.ln ItalikliiM I'lKK)' Ma
i j nun Mill Nniii v Workn.
The high nthool NtiiiteiilN are gulng
Into thin work with the kei m-t Inter
im ai d It In eieitn Hint the Amu-
HI. i lii:h H-hiul will haw the Inigi-nt
ri.l I Cenct'w Hank In the elate.
111.: ( IIM'F.I. lAIIKIM S
illy llaivi'v WiiHuni
m A mil r, In. i tui-1 i lunge
of Hie iIiiih- exiiilMn. lie lead UN
Hie w upturn In. in ,n iiortlun of I'm
erlN, un llinfl. .. ve U ahull lei
lure Nlmwltig how thl piiNMiige of m i p-
i "
If . . iMina.n.' M.V.lilM tiv .-
II ' , i J.H4 - I
I I fcv. mm M 1
I f . '! t V,, ; 1,Mt; yC'T. -- I
I if - ' U'V .a ; '
Imi' " "
J - wn '.w s, ''TT"
f v- .fi. fi' T "
It makes and unmakes the history
of wtirkls. And il affects the des
tiny of every individual every day
of his existence. Hut more than
recording events and figures it pro
motes character and efficiency, or
irritation and profanity, according
to its use or abuse.
Get it it's only a matter of jn-rsonal choice, and costs
no more than just any old scratcher you inight pick
up. With the larjjc new Hunt display case we have
installed it is easy to find the right pen. Get the style
and point you want and buy them by the box. It saves
you time and expense.
j Vfc Panhandlers Printing ..
"Cur Uustntss to to Help Your Buslntss"
Your Spring
need not be an unpleasant, hack-breaking; task
that you dread to begin.
Dragging up the rugs to beat them and in order
to clean the floor beneath is unnecessary. All
the work, even to cleaning the dust from the
walls and woodwork, can be eliminated by use
of an
Phone Us for
Nunn Eledric Co.
417 Polk Street
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Yi ylia, clerk; und Jodie Koati-r, book
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Hchiml. ;
The total output of cm I lit the Ranr
I in nln In 1I2 wan mote than f .000.000
toll. '.
I ! I H
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Tliln week -kind "OunnlKht I'm." the new bookv
about tirriiiii arene of the ItaiiRor oil hoom.1
It hlNtorknl ficllun familiar and real.
' Phone 79
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