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Amarillo daily news. (Amarillo, Tex.) 19??-current, April 10, 1921, PART THREE, Image 20

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J. R. tiVXS. .....Publlaher I tno general ixttl i.f the- population (tit-
'3. L.IsT.VN... General MgrL.,.
'JOB 1 ICl'B Managing Ediior j ul' , . , , , ,
i Till alate if affair l I.m U -l upon
rillWHU AV(HU IIJICIII ...... ...I
-4f...-l . .
IUHUIIV Willi , ....I
118 W'ct Fifth Mreot
. , Only Morning Kevapaper la th I
Am&rlllo CuuniK. CMmta I ha l'nnhnn- ,
, cb bt Tmm, Kartern New AUMio. . fvt tin- pr.-rm In whl.h they t in
6mithrn Culordo and Wcat.-rn Okla- uvti tngagvil, mid Ju whiJi th-y me
bom frgm tw-lv to twenty-four hmir ,.,,,
In advance f Denver, Dalln. Port ""tinuir.
(Worth, Oklahoma City and other v ; Willi the imBvlduul cciiimiiuiIoii arc
W carrying telegraphic diapwuhe. interontod In their own urguuiMtliin.
Entered a aecandiUia matter at th ' ,hrr ,h,,ulJ ,ur,," '" a
aoatefflee at Amarlllo, Tela, under Iht hw Ing of broad, nil In lulv yinl
Act U Alarca . lUiJ. , , thy and kln.lly tutu. -in. each 4.r Ike
la Txa. Oklahoma, Colorado
anil Veer UmItd.
1 Month I .70
I Montha S3 to
I Uunthf II UO
1 yar
XHUvcrtd by carrier in AmarlUo a.mf
a abov
I Month
1 Taar ..
.14 00
.U 40
Tha AaaortatiHl Prva la atrlutivaly
4mutld to th uaa fur rapuMiratn of
II nwa tliapatchpa crsif"4 to tn or at
tberwlaa crnlilail In thla (ht and
aiaa othar local nra putliah d hrm.
AU rlfhra cf puMlc-itiim of aiwlal , f thr m-. ,!.. i,f AnvulK i than la our
tUapatrhra hrrln am alao riatrvd. 'ayatim of uMli- h .1. Th!a la thr
tprclal Aaaoclafd JTa Laa4 Win ' th" ,,mt h" " ,l" v l;h '""I'll"
Bcrrlca tho Iiv.-h. aliMlr.i( tli bilitl a. nun-
40m . . , . Ing thi th rwit iLt .f mir jni:ui; iii'-n
, - - ftn j flir ((,.. y,nr that an
1 f alp ti liinir na un nti h.irt'il a. In for
rBOTKCTION OK IXSl It IN IK. , th-m. All h"i...r nnd int.i-i niv dur
TUna vaa wlwn mm and wmiipn nv- r th nn n uml woMirti wlm ar fi'iiai'Vn.
th country lHkrd Ui the llf limur- ' ti'maly glvlni; tti-ir Uvra to ttila tn
an,r unit aa he na thon vulli-U, lth ii'.fuaurulily Iihik.i tunt t.ik
aa muih liidlffcrrnw aa tU y did uvn Men and wi iiun aic html fa- van ua
th aix-alUJ 'atlfmma touk avnt," atauona In life aud ld fi Tvirra.
but that Unir hua niw J. mviirJInic tu th lr a-v nil aMUtl'n, tut '
Thatv ar tiu more 'inauruuer thla la mHaalMi In i-imni'i tliti wtthl
"airnnta." Juat aa (Iiita urv no mt'ii t'tii In ra. Th-r inny the i iiK iairl
"druttunrrn. Thrao ti-rnia luv bo. 1 In tiathina; ho ur mU Mora dun
com cbaoJctf. ToAiy thra are iuaur-1 tliy oio .rth, but vn th otl,.T h inil
anca nvMi and tnauranc afrticifa and th.rr ar thoao ho ara ronatl-nrin'j!? ,
Inauraaca aasta iatuna. but no mere In-; g lvinar tb lwt that u In th-ni, lny 1
aura act "aavr.ta" Tlwrr ar no . nftrr diy. k nftrr wrrk. mouth aft-T
"drumrofra," but the Uml la happily month and yr.tr u.'tr )o,ir. hd will
populated 1th comtiKTiUl trvrl"ra, ' imw, and ran nrvrr b aduat-ly
tbaawwnlnatcra of trade minatunr, of hi ' (jaUl f thrir wi vU-il ' ' ' '
pinra that diaprla gloom aa thr warm That Aniarlllo luia a nirnt.r f IUIm'
niornlrg aun rUniinatra the fra of Intti-r i ban, tWf ranm t . a qia-atlon. .
nlghL Tl'ulta through the ' hJ ili'iuosi-
lYoteciJon la the watvhwia-iL the i atritte thla ftu U fic In th.i aLiaic' .(
tronghold, th' advance guard und iUy annif'.lili'g n; rr thun woikinc fir i.
of the Inauranre mrn or the wrrld ; nu re aaliry. the ehildren rmild not H
today. That the t'nlt.d gtaiea gnrn- receiving thut li h la tlniiia Uirvntsh ,
ntant through Ua wartima Itmuramo i the Inatltutluna. If the hunl.ii iif the .
dignified and aUblllzed the Inaurnne K-horJ wivk of tbt elO' "aa " rarrlvd '
of the world, there cannot be a quea- ! by thran honcat. able and willing on-a
tkt of doubt. The buainraa hai gone , Into thi Ir boinea and prayt d ovit In thf
foraard at a rate alnre the world war quirt houn of the niKht, the t rearnt un- i
never before dreamed ef. mi 6 the end la 'aurioaard atnniting r4 the a-hi4 could
far from bring la eight. The man h , not have brn veUbUetird and Would ,
doea not carry Inauranre, ta conatdiTed jnut be auatiilned. 1
to be atandlng out ai one who ta not i All rlghtnmantaa; all mlaalon-iry
In touch with the great world pulae. j work., all godllneea la not tn be found ,
In View of the growing fivnr of In- ; In the program of the churchi- it ex
uranre of the Variou. 4-ta, typia and lemla tn the a. lila and mnki a tc It
ordVra, and Ibe rrotiti n offiTrd by(frlr in the-gved af the bua and elj'.a.
each, the following uMIhif fn The I frnreed throuith thank Ho a'.umpt ,
tine Gauge relative to a printi-ri' or- ! by bia fi-IInir being, but It la di-alitned
ganJzatlua la TaUa. Oklahoma, from that fuller air-cla.inn may be hud
"Kokomo" (R. W.I rhlllia. a "i h-rnr- j m i tin f itlzena. of th work thit la '
' tr la Tne prtnttng craft of the Vnlted ' being aerompllahed fur the pma nt and
ilatea, and known In every eetaltllah- ' future grneratlona.
ment In the country, U1 be reud al'.b I t it be recalled that a fool may de
intereat: , a'.roy In a minute a work that haa re
"New Itovea. Conn., March 1). ' uulrid kng. pntlent hum a for an nr-
"I have receljit tu Marvh 1. l?:i. In ' tint no e.troute. Haaty. ptaily buaed
Tulaa Bene. Aaan. Emluaed la S rltU!iiin. ierhap nut Intrntionully tin-,
buck a, : SO fur W.irrh April. Mty, kind, may di-eply wound, mny penna
liune and July In Aaan. and tor fj-r nently offend and hinder a wurthv i.nd
aubarription to the rag 1 never g-t ' altoKetlit-r merlturlua program, lt m
-the Line Uauge. The 12. SO aura pro- '
Electa me. I have Ix-en a metnlo-r now
lor three yrara. and aa long aa I have , ia acainat num. a nx-aaure or an In
'duea paid 1 can't gi-t au k. Anyway, atltution working for the general wel
wroe day if 1 can find anything thai , fare of the people.
.KH . t I . 1 . . I l I - -
iq ii, li nnnmu euiriue w
itvcn. 1 find, by holding a receipt In .
fjour onranlratlai, that haaheeah, pru j
alfl arid, aulphuric arid, formr Idihyd.-, ;
meet a4rita of nitre hear my prayer; ' an ernphaalsed the Iraimrtanre of early j
Mra. Wlnalow'a warthing yrut. rr-j cani-iitgna ngulnat thii, that there .
guric. Uudunum ,tltlng a inule'a tail. , rally einaBulo to add, and yct-f gwt '
breathing Illuminating gaa, tbnt rvelpt ( ni. early and lato'
In my rlnthea makea me Immune. Now Attntii-n In ralkd to the eartoon on ,
,eend the I O , laat couple (I gtit No- ! thla ;;e. It la lnlplnl and timely and ,
svemher under aool of an envei-, Hh j Hie the atiry of the unlclrnlillity of
-due receipt ti Aug. 1, nnd I'll take ath flf mt ckm!y. a-i f-rc fully. a !
ji-otll tif jake and try to get evk? ! atArtlmgly. that It la worthy mim thin
"Hend rec-ipt quickly. 'tm eaiug ainie :ery Dna In thr!
; "I am not oenirntrj to thin lication. rtnnt) ia rp)el with tn.-n-itns. uiid !
'Lore to alt. fraternally, 1 the example tho "ll?tl Ixwr" ahould !
. It. V. J'HlI.UrS. ' be follow d to the f ulli-et extent by all
Vuuiu(ini; room ''Tlit I'nlon.'' '. wb aoukl be of at-n-lce f huinunklnd
N.-w liavi-n. C-mtv. through thla ptuae of h'tlth prt-wrvu- j
"I. 8 lloi tu hw.t-n I get ai'k'Uon.
fter I g receipt K'otri.."
j The fnregfMng ia given fi to rea-
una: llrat. fur Ita unuual atyle, and
jaecond thnt It reflecu the fact that men
$t all cWaar even to the arliaur vie-
4ina of aorid-wlde eanuViluat are pro-
t"CUag thetnat-lvea ugAinat lifr'a mla
iar'.unca through the median lneur-
.ance. Thia aeeklng after protertUfu be-
paaka a aanlty. a aualom crtdlUbW
4o humankind aa a whi4c ' '
J o , !
CO TO tilt lU'll TODAY. ,
Iteganlleaa of th communion with liUh pll-ii, to eradicate all bni-lli-.g
which ym are afflllatid. or In whleh p!a-e tr f'. the work will hr.v
jrou are nioet Intereated, you witj find , been Put on a r-nl rendition, and re
nmrthing worth while in the program aulta will he asaund.
fir yoj flay. If your ehuf delight ia
fthe muaical pnajram, theae may be filthy, ao Pathajcie. e gre.it an ag-n'y
iound tn good range and beautiful ar- ;in the apread of dtaiaae a th r'-nU'a
Jray. if it ia the -rnion. men of marked rnrllt It with Vlrg. then tl-.e .-i-y -ria
Ability have bi-en caHed from over thu,ene nf th in-.l Wme vM.-nre f
nun; i'.m., ai .
,an vf ulrt fr prayer and meditation.
jo early and remain a long a yeu like.
The rhurrn'sa ot Amariuo reprca'-r.i
broad range, and none pcrhpi have a
;plrltual need that cannot be met
jthroagh the medium cf the commur.i mi
t-re available. Kor tunutely the atyle
,rf oiatory. the pulpit attiUilei cf the
.arlua mlniatera differ widely, that
K one doee not 0oar or aUf thre
,ar numeroua other who are engaged
ftv th nurpoee preaching to you.
MTith the paartng of th day, wwekt.
month and yearn. Amarfllo a rhurchea
igie U.uwlng an lnne of attiiUnee
and a cjneepending increaa of Intereat. .
Thr la In all probability not thunh
i in Uta mty that Uoa nut huw uu In
In attendance, rvu ant lowing
I with deep inlerel by the inmlhter end
'other church kWi. It l toll.ved to
ih an itiill' iitinn r increnaiai apimuiii
Mty. nrd cirri. with It aimine.- that
Hie him he are executing tu bett. r ef-
nlluT. TIiIn In nn liidinitln (.f ifr.'Uli.
of tipanaion, of a th i e-r coinprctii n
el on if t'i' oNibllllli-a (or git 1 fir. I'Kh
no vailoiia oiii'ifiiittioiii. Thi lua ted
to w I ok i f interne l twf. n Ui'fvi"it
a.-nominnn,,,,, M murh ti rvM-nrr In
.. 7 .
,h" "ral coniilirly roii.t.y ..-.
id It in tH-lliArd ty all 16 l u im at
thf-n. Hutu la a wi Inwua. n (.-.irUiiil :ti' t
inc uwnltlrg p-h ti and ivtv lrnltvi.uit
lii A.imrlllo, at thi- him 1- . rio i ut
al.d vtiji')- it, uail ti ihM i'i-U aihl liotut.
- - o
N.i ItiHtitttlon la d'TiriT l t h li.tirta
be aure tiiat k1 will be accomplished i
by our attitude U'fore we launch a cam-1
Alraady a Vdlerable nunitr cf file
are lit evident, and health en perte havi-;
Aiearlllo U an naplrart fir the priX'-a t
to te atrd.l to the rlenneet r!ty fn 1
Ttxaa. That the city inay capture th"
, giiee without anytoe. if the people atand
' t.Hptlier In the rn.i;i fa; clean'Ineaa '
jan,l rttn. 1"rifntneiit1y pliu'ed in the I
e)ea nf Tcx.ta and surrounding aute.
j AT. inll'i could do no better thing than .
, fi pl.t"" hia-lf l! the "hur.drtd per i
rent rVan cIbm. ' j
I With -ery boti.ihali'r doing tho'
t th.it la paaihln t ex'ermlnal.j the
filth - carrying fly. ti i lrnlr.ata the rub-
If aa a matter ef faet the fiy la ao :
mi-mi .iiiiiiit,.! nwiiK'-o-7 . n it, j-nii
e( thw who wlllirs'y t'.lmte it
Whether or nn ih" lii. e aprtidms
lMe- rf the; Py hare. U. n oefr-
. c.r.Ain It l that lY Inwrct H I
no rwniliff.rnt to th'- h-in;nn raee. tind ;
he ie..r h.e n-;n,l,-, a are .H icsl. ,h, !
higlur the de-i.. if i-liitilinea.
swa-ting ray i-i-; cefain ft 'he e. .
-ntnl rleirn irf !.-s-.n-e as nn "n-
dorr aport." but 1. ahould not to ov.r- I
looked in riatmg up the phvial tro
tra.n nf tlioa who find time h-y en
thrir hand and who aie ekm light
and helpful rxerdae for th promotion
of health Sarat 'em early, wt 'em
Site was "jut n pirl", from
haj ifivJ tliri tih the Amarillo bclioj,!-, lia'j qu;il!iinl lurivlf
as a:i tiffitf assistant. Mie Ij.n!
1,'ikmI nalary. !ic !cccuhi1h-iI to
tiiMVfil witli t!ic Ray, with the uucuncrrncd. Hie aAukc when the
tragic s.ttt i f hi r tuiiJition furccj iscH vj-un bcr. She strug-
f;lr against a l.isin;' panic, and tmaHy adaiittnl first to hrr.sclf.
and then tn the wi-rlJ. through licr rctirrntciit, that she had lost.
Jn her ovcrlmrdetiiti"; nomm, after the diackiirsi of the path
trctehirjr in front of hrr, that sraned imiictraMc and endless.
Raw way f.-r one ray of liht :
ti.r liii. Viitli ttinuriie-s tmsuriiscd by a 1ovi:jr mother,
la t.uu I .i iii i sc HoIliriK k tot k the jauir, broken, frail tiling to her
heart. NW rds nf cheer and comfort were jxnircd into her sicken
ed s, ul. I.ikr threat, liquid raindrops on the parihrd Kras. thce
n-.veet, ruitniR utteraiut s Ml
'lltey wire balm of ln.je. they
jTotnise. liny ojn-nrd wide the
j:l.idnes. with the alacrity, with
drowning man qrab :.t ti straw,
her i-j jKMttmity. She emptied her
back the shitftcrs of her darkened
rteriial love flowed in. hniiRin";
Her hie was transformed. as
f Captain l;ouise. the "gracious lady of restoration"! The fact
that the fruit of her iit mint soon be manifested to the outer
wot Id. that world of which she
uVitd licr of no gladness. Mir
transgression with fortitude and
into the valley-shaijnws of death.
her own flesh. She realized the
the ages. Her soul va washed
life of service for others!
With heart and hands attuned to the- noble impulses of a re
deeming being, no angel of mercy could l.avc been tuorc gentle,
njori filing, m tc resourceful, than thi formerly scattered hu
man wreck. Having been removed before her fuprnue test came,
from Amarillo to the Home in picturf;tic Kl Taso, out near the
fjtnoui l'etshing drive, w ith its
of UJ iy. chasity an I h!r ssing, by
n veritable benedict ioty Sihu after her own convalescence, there
was iMtght to the Hume more
Ltit. Skillful physicians and trained nursr following examina
tion of the tiny mite of humanity rendered more drad than alive
through exposure and pialtreatment, shook their head and tm-
heiviW"gly said there was "no hoiK'." Uut, the redeemed one,
the erstwhile h-prlcss one, would not have it so. She put beneath
the frail little lody of the foreign babe her own tender yet de
termined hands, while her heart went out in having trust to Him
who nrviT disappoints a believer in the time of need.
AU throur.h the long and trying night she. was steadfast, bhc
would tint lessen her gra-p ujh.hi the promises of the Universal
Father to hear those who call upon Htm, a.nd while with nimble
deftness her hands performed the tasks, and her willing feet
ran the errands of the sick ward, her .oul in Ktition insisted on
a fulfillment of her prayer fr
little one With the first rosev
HUK imr. nil till ll.si iomv
fill latldscaiH.', came the answer
broken, the dreatnv, luminous
,, i-iitl
miniature, olive-bued hands were
fact that patient and nurse understood taut the native tongue of
each other, the voice of love whispered a mutual melody of re
joicing one that neither of them through Time and Kternity will
ever misunderstand!
So, out there in sunkissed F.l Paso, out there where two re
publics meet and in measure blend, out there where (iod smiles
tijHin and blesses the broken heart and directs the drooping spirit
eyes to lo-k upw ard, out there where the atmosphere of His spirit
pervades the Salvation Army Home, this tortured human thing
has Ikm-h transformed into a saintly being whose kindly acts of
mercy have glorified the institution of which she has become an
important part!
She was "just a.'pirl." not your or mine, but some mothers
darling. Some father 'i pride. Then came the crash and stunned
by humiliation, loved ones wondered if they "could afford" to
shelter her and share, hcr tltsgTaf , and meet the world ! Nor were
they to be blamed: Their other children, their other relatives,
their other friends, all these came rushing forward at a surging
throng nf contestants f r consideration, protesting against the
"scarlet sin" of sister, of ioumii, of friend! She wa first t in
terpret, Xn know their inner thoughts. She was the first, with
pain-sharpened vision, to perceive,' even more clearly than her
physical eyes revealed, that they shuddered -at thr prosjiect!
Without censure, with affection for her family and friends cling
ing to her as an added burden of sorrow, she fled to the one opcu
door the Salvation Armv!
IlcauteoiK day splendors of unseen worlds came to take the
place of the hideousness of her pight of humiliation and sorrows!
Touched and ressurrcctcd by the hand of (iod, her real self came
into being! The black mantle of shame vanished and in its stead
there appeared a robe of resplendent whiteness a robe of un
selfish service for others, through Christ!
Lumber Company;
J. K. Hill, gnneral mangT e.f the
PAnliaiid: UumNr Cianpany In the
North l'Uina Country, waa in 8pear-'(t,,
'"' S-'turday. f. mil atatea
l a nw ahmie li- which he .-ve
ihey vltl he able t hlp a limited ruin-1
l r of farmer througlrnit thla auction
lo b.'iy bull.llrg materl.il. fencing, wind-
; irjiii. v u aapp.i' a. eic, w nil ii I
In-ed Kid!" nt pie-.er.t hut haven't the
k'aadv eah to buv. If a, man own bird i
t"-! f 11
"'nimny will a-.cjrr
11 mcumbrare-e. thi
anjre a UnycAr l-in f-r'inc f0. 1hr s..er.i1 c . Mr. UiU' Is'
. V . u I. . . . i . u ( . '
" '"
7'.!, '
,.,... hj. L-iiiir.. - . i.u
hbh to nnke a atart at farming. The ,
,ra(P.ar,. i,..,n earn pa ry will rot truke
i ban on a homeatrd. but thia com-1
nv in hir die amh loenii by reaaon
. f ibe f.i-1 n,nt they will b"ld a m- ncw-eeamn for the fornirr Cermnn liner
er.i man'a hen on th finprfnemetita !:iipcrtnr have departed from thelrti
Peieral firmerj have taken advantage ual eutom cf naming hlp after pro
of thia opportunity, and ar making ,vnre of th Roman empire and will
rplendid ahowlnga. It I only another , nam the liner "ftereninrla.' Bnn
Mg effort of thi t ig concern to 11" rla waa thi elf ,f III. brd I ef Sr.f
up to their motto: "Our aim i lo Lvlp linl,
I . '-
L. ruiii
an avtrajjc lioitif in Amariligj. She
"aitic jrofi init niij tfarncj a
Uic fTivolous life atout licr. She
Mir turned tu the Salvation Army
on her torn nod Mreding heart
were wholesome and fragrant of
door of "auotticr chanoe." With
the coKcrncss with which a
this f.nir, misrjitded girl seized
life of its bitterness, she threw
soul, anal the sHilight of God's
peace, rest, joy.
she thefcrrcd brnrath the hand
was in reality, no lunger a part,
arcrptevl the "hitter eup of her
torebeurancc. She went down
She beard the feeble wail of
call to motherhood throughout
clean. She wa sanctified tu a
' .
glistening whiteness, emblematic
Captain Lctu&r, this girl became
dead than alive, a Mexican in-
the restoration of the Suffering I
blush'of morn in. over llie hrufi
OHisn Ol niorilltlg OVCr IIIC UOUil- I
to her prayer! The fever was
eves sloivlv opened, the dimpled
i i I
outstretched, and despite the I
Improve the Panhandle " The Punhan-
l.ur.ilxr Company In looking er j
Into the future. They know that a tho
North Plain Country la developed, 'ao
will their bualne-i groar and e.tltand.
T:i) y wnnt ,0 t, country reach Olat
j.-.t n eennomie growth to which
Rrnt n-aoiiree entitle It. If Ivinka,
M(n n. and other big biialnena arm-
hnrlle Lumber Company in helping
worthr firmer get fttartd off right'
Ul..i, anr ulng good can Kj aecom.
nii.iwH. f.t the nl v.oik u on and
un Kjiraririnn itepciricr.
The js,,, hunille Limbr rompanv'a
Xtrt, pr.-.ident and general manager. Is
. ii... ,itirfn. and hi hia ;nlnd work.
. . ... . I
a live hii.ireia man wno rejur.ea mat,
,Ue Ut nu r 1 !" ,h1 i
purcena el oinT J'liaaea oi worxny en-
nVavor. '
Woman' Name riioaen
Cunaid Line officiaU, n rhooalng a
tti ... atd t-vaBBjaat -awn a' aaaaBaBas-w r- r ear-wt w-a iw; ayaaaa aaaraaaaveaw -M " " -
l ' r
T!;c iVtiii:iiHuiui a i-nuit 1U bate1
, tie new Abo fnan hifc-hay between Co-
naiLnn uml Olaxler by wiiy of lry
i rre-U in.sl up Juat na aoon aa all'
i'rlii-len-l,.a i. .ii,..v-.,.i .. ....i
arru'i'.'i iiicnta nuiJe fi.e wu.k
forward rnTiii.t'e.n tie...i,-.i
Thia la nn.ither i'vMit.i of the live.'"' th' '"cla of progreea, nnd Vu-y
ulr.. mArii ..f 11... ...... 11
hill rmmtv Hii..n.' ri..v i.. i.-
frr nnd lii.iin.vement l-m.i... th..
' n llr the werth i f tilahwaya through
trml territory. ThiVw Willing t. pay
for what they get, too, aa a burtiicaa
Former f. ft. rMnter Hirti.n wna ea -
rorted out of rir-nt IVnd, Kan., nnd twg
rotn,'r orK:",H'" of the x.m rurtiaan
b,r' the peopV go out pf their!
V X" fl,,""""- "'Uthcrn Kople for'
not allotilnir nepre... tn into .n.i ..
,,"f"' ,hp "chMa with the white rbll-
. , 1 .h" ""lt l'r
v'" 1 ":" "lM-'s ii, n uu inn .-rica
1e.pi- the Xn-rurtiain league und
in otner aucii radh-nl organlziitlona. It nny raya or optimum from drying " pieaae. Here It la: "Mir iin'ac la In
'ta aitlnfleil that mobbing ita organtvra "' t,ar Ul" their wrinkled cheeka. I 'eii-jc." We hold nniiil-rlilp In aevcral
will not bre.k it up. but will rather help a a a ,k. h. and waa nt one time Ittat Kx-
It nlorg: Outlawry never benefit thoa
who remH't to It llainview Neaa. ' Amarlllo haa n r.al otl well though
That'a telling It to Vm. nnd In ehout-! r-"n,r l'ph' have ae.-n fit to put out
Ing It back. Jou'rq right. Of roarae, j v ry unfavorable roporta. Threuila
we J.in you in your l.leaa ubout tho.'!' forgive thun. however, If thiy alll
Non Parttaan Lintgue, we've no uae for ; he' P H'lct In the future.
it. but vnen i all wrong, where .
milder and more lawful m.ana would
meet tho n.ed. I'eve thnt fiovernor lat Wna telllniJ I
lh tettth when be aald thnt he w u , l! I hi.pid tht Mr. Com h will ruah
APrUEU XK A liOOII TIIINU. i fri,'J o Went Texas, but w are hon- work on the new "V aa the tatltinjr
It ia now announced with nil eerloua-', '", emifi si that our vif!a hae a aion I now here. We lime Mwlp- .1
nesa that the Owrokea Indiana have ' ''" ''bikeit rtiiiln the lnt f. w wiH'V. our tir.til the awlmmlng .ool U
filed a rUiun for the Te.aa ratthundle, ' f1 waited to be covrrmir a- btanyd iect.it. tloneatly. It'a time tn be ie il
and expect to prnee-ute it in earnest, d that he w ii willing to pnonine any- ui If the ieoplc of Am olllo want a
We have read In hUtnry about Indiana ''' C- n' e ! "iry to note the fact V. M. C. A., why In the dicki na ib.n't
In tlmea fat ebtlinlng Vaat m-opea of 'nt 11 Majority of our oople voted for they aiy ao? Their humming and hnw
i thia country, but they finally retired to hmi- rt" hen ho waa el -t,.,j, nnd Ing la enough tn drlc a , init" traxy.
I the Inihan Territory reacrvutiona, and Bf"'r np ciitn nihid hlmwilf In the . Let a build tho "Y."
the war ilaneea are about over. Wo " , ,
srir,,a -
than it would had th-y rUlmed Alabama ' though ...l i? it ZZ K, Xnn k'""W,n ,'"fl'' wv' ,,rr,n-
( or ajinsaa.-llan County Herald.' I the "oUt;lal pnge." Cut.nfterall. lt ,r'T". vf et luhy grief for tin-
' Anyway. It allow that even the In. la f;ir eialer tn do the ed.tlng than f "'""' hea.la." na our brave. g;ia.l.
inn appn-lite a od thing. The ; iliw usa the mt.tt.-r la-fote a lot of edlbi- "h -riddled, f.arleaa bo) i-ill UiemV
, have no ite.ii e to flock to Old Moxclo. rial f.ilka alttlna around taking note 'em Iota of what riliera.aii calbil
lint wntlM Imi contented tn land In thq , of how we tin tho j..i. And toalde nd tnuko "em apprcehtln their
nr, , n, WWlW
In a bad fix if he waiting to get MM
n m- yiina t .ountry or Texna-there'a
nolhinj atirrlng for him out thia way.
rroRT.ima are out for the i:e.-tiug of I that I put togfther after our imttern. I,nd liitht nnd i lectiV 'H.wer (urnbdnsl
the r..tihn.l- f;iN An btion ut , However, aaeui h fellow- him hi own '" thi'lr eltlrena. Welllngion peopk
Amaiill... Aeril V and U. Thepr. Rium way 1 1 il'ilnit thing nnd no two agree f" M will build the high line if
trom tn upp.-arunee of thing, wifl to
Pi .,. a rnnirement P lake an
demenatrallnn." aald tte Bud
Uil morn in,' aa b borrowed a quarter
V git a hahr rut. I wlah r hoagM
guitar laatea4 4 tunny atlk aldrti,"
:ld SI lark. Uia a' th' lertuU rrd,
Sam jxple have bii'n ao "ib-.id aof
.n the!r belltf that oil would never be
f..mul in the runhunJV thiit Ou r are
tut ailling fur the Oulf Xn. 2. to be
a producer, even though It hua been
"lulitlng" oil for two weeka. When
ne HI Hi oil Kinu wna CIICOIIIIICI -o iiieae
I -real m 'at a turned over nnd yawned. It
Wl their Intention to throw a wrench
came verv near UiUriit ao. i:ut when
'the a.i-omt "nay air.d" waa found, and
when they knew that the fiulf really
""""kid the oenlng of the Amarlllo
ilclU-tn.il. the Well aa a aure producer
they m e n run fi r the unit wnter.
Within four houi a after the Oulf came
in they hud it itiiiidlng S.(0 fi-et In aalt
' wah-r and lit Iru hea in oil. The w.lt
' water In many wnya reaemblea their
teura, but na a-.ire na there la a North
! Ti le on .tunia
out boldly upon th
kti kllii.- tint lMtnir in
optlmlatlc cuaa. he baa an eternal hnte
f"r the ,.Mmsf. And an far aa we
are eoncerne.! Ihe -H.-.lf uairr- tnl-.
nar rnnva on. for f:.d kniwa their teara
. mwn "rM ltn enough mi -
"'e innuii'i iie'j are mmNiiiu 10
'O' In the ah ule In orJ. r to keep the
' At thla time no one doubt but that
! P"' " ho " x-re Inclined tn he.
aom.lioily mluht think mir .,...n..wl
mor,. to be domrcl than their own nnd
. then we would n-t bo the only .nhrty
gotten up ahe.-t In the lnhindle. In
; fact. w wagr the atnertlon that thla la
the wily Vr In the friato cf Texaa
i- mny i.:(pe wltli .ot iioniel.ialv copy.
' in a our eo entriritiea nml falling to
find our vlrtuen. The meeting of the
editor will be ii ple.-iMiut and profit.
able affair without a doubt and next
)ar or the year after we nuy to uhle
' t pull the editorial flk up heie n We
can ttenl the Hi-n.ilonM.lliHKln New.
llere' hoping that you chniiK your
mind nnd come right along. We are
billed for a profitable meeting and want
the entire family here every editor
front all this trrrltory, and then aome
A newapdprr hetidllno nay: "Amer-
j lea to li-ad In tlarmnmont and Jiiphn
I W illlng to Potlnwr We want to he
j aure they av following before w atart. '
I Snyder Kignal. '
That w !lie the aiifeat. the mnt d-;
i pendnbl way. for yu ,.an-t eometlme
. alwar te1. which way matter of thla '
j kind mlnht terminate, If you Ion eight
of tho 'main bW." I
turn it.
. . 1 - . ' B.' S,ll T IT-
i, ... mln VI "r,mny 'icrea
iin in war th K.tlaee declared In' a 1
rained M Z i' " '
?a .SI eel Z A? f'l
tn pj the Cot cf Carmany a twit fn
them to drs th eUim for a hundred ,
jr. mce nor aa are now toln
quoted to the' Oerm.n. who have e.
i luH to accept th reparation d-rauM
-MtT K-'.
nonJ-H -h E -'r
ootft amind go good to Germany and
bar leaeared ymptl.lrr. , t.T. .117
, latrt u .Mgbiawr i ii.tr eaiy tm, ,
UY 1UY 11. MifuUKLU
. ntutt houw, he brciiKht iut n new jwilr
f gUnma. Ami li. n'.n the tn.nl.l,, hea.
The gliiaeea be la ivcnring alm Ma elw
H"n ate abort raiiKil glnwce you rnn't
vieat nx.ia tnrougn tnem. in Met
tney are the aanic na r.ive Twen workml
.... ...-, u
nnd n.-illy thr devil.
tVat T.'Xuna are "aome" and rlclit
thi-v iihnuM n nnd If Mr. NVff refuaea
to "pull Vin i ff he la going to fcirci
n dlvlaion of the pite. Ileally we hof
r'' " t'f 'nnt to run for gover.
"or. Aa the cie now atnud. no have
in r.ni ien. win re innai
"f v"'' a are aUtlonea. we are not
very welt known. te h:ve m-rer
, ''rii' d tn ajw ik nlgRer." nnd thnt
'knmka pa out. In weat Texaa n can-
dainto only hii to aoll'i It white men
negnaa, ullipitora and H'on nrv Uir-
. r,''-
W e boie Mr. Pat chimera bia glaaw a.
This,, drum rropa are getting ii a nil-
ncro: in Aniarlllo na tiika are In the
K.t. and Ul.l. aa th. in la a eltv nr.li.
nan -e ..iMei f auppoie the whole city
.wjii ev.rtuaiiy u-one r..Ke drum rorpa.
"re o"i iiiiiinou un iiov in ino
"ip. we are nt liUrty to any Juat what
I haunted I'.ooater of the Am b ut Order of
Crapihi oti ra. Iiter we wi re clm-a n a-
Hlgli Crowing lairaint of nnother oi
g:inix.ition. Iloth of theae posllloiia were
entirely hoiioinry. but we ure rot goir.ir
to let that fact go to our head, and we
hope that tho monitor of the varlou
i drum coria tome out na will ua w did.
own dnauue!
Wellington repn aentiv.. ImaiiPr.
n'"" "J that they would like In to
''It nrer plant built nt 4 'Ulfiirea
Ch l.lr.-M jvepu, or the city will hulk!
,,l!nt. That ivoiild nn-un nurMaiiy
r'"' l"n lown. I.ef put In pra-:liiw
their neighborly reeling W
-i leiiril about. Clilblie ln.k-.
"oth ChlMi'esa nnd. Wellligton flight
'""ofit by inn h nn iiang nient. fiften
U'ne thiw v.-nOirea pne lilwhly jI-
'"factor v in every way.
. . . .
mi.ke thi editor feel good to e
h"w b'a oil Children merchant nre pa-
trnnlrlng the l.H-nl papcrj na comiKir-
rd wph other paper In tld nnd oilu-r
aectinn of th atate. If ono i nruuud
,h" botel lohbu for a f- houra ho
HI nlm find that the town havlnx
merchant not advertlalng ar called by
" tnveling almn-n- a lnw g In
hard e.iftrlitlon ro' dead. If a fellow
want a to kill hla town, bia club or hi
htialne he only hoi to lake tl "unltg,"
-Clilldrea Index.
' Well, that'' good, and I mlghtv en-
.-fliimclrif tn everyone. tor th b.l
new-iper tJjer "r- k In a venry land''
fnr rr lelmat hualnei hi th. em-
m-mltr. and a veritable aro'irne to h
evil dorr, et th' good work -conunua
V"" hi.tOn oi tho p.-
- rome'genertl.
l yo hlg enough?" v
u.. . .
,t vrr. ,hm
'hiv the win
'kftva i a-in u . .... .
rtUv' .f,eV mrr 7,Tt
hlhlnt create an app,,,,.. an1
. if tfnr aat a Mwe aneeil - ' "
...I "-i!a yHS,JT.mJ'w.
ri,",';;',; . , , ,":n" a'm

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