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marbllo Daily New
Best Paper
in WostToxas
VOL XIV. NO. 38. Associated Pre mi Lcated Wir Service.
wmm mm bictiw flBElcoNIROL OF YAP IS1AKD
CHICAGO, April II. (By Associated Preu)-Eastera railroads,
appearing befort th United States Railroad Labor Board, opened
their drive today for sweeping wag reductions for all unskilled U
bor, and in some instances, for shop and train service employes.
Over protest of the labor organizations, the board decided to
proceed with the consolidated wage hearing of disputes certified by
S3 railroads from all sections of the coantry. The board decided to
proceed immediately despite three vacancies due to the fact that
congress has not yet confirmed President Harding's appointees and
that one member is absent Five members, a quorum, remain how
ever, and the board ruled there was no reason for postponing the
ease. I mtZZJ
Scores of exhibits, most of them dealing with the cost of living
and wages for similar labor in other industries, were Hied with the
board as carrier after carrier brought its evidence forward this af
ternoon. Nearly two score roads had finished their presentation
when the session finally adjourned. Following a protest earlier in
the day by the employes, the board bad extended the time limit for
each sides testimony to five days or five hours each. Tomorrow an
other division of roads will present their evidence.
Amarillo must have a new hotel as a nucleus around which
to crow a bigger and better city.
A hundred Amarillo cititens will be on the streets this
forenoon and this afternoon soliciting support of the propo
sition to build a great modern hostelry the New Amarillo
Those who want to see Amarillo grow and prosper, and
not lose souw of the prestige and advantage that are al
ready hers should not withhold liberal support from this
Dosens of salaried people are rallying to this enter
prise because they want to see the city go farward, as it w
entitled to do without the handicap of limited hotel facili
ties. Money put into the Amarillo Hotel enterprise, is money
pet into Amarillo it is for the development of the commu
nity. When the rush comes incident to opening the oil field
in a big way, Amarillo will need supremely a good hoteL
All those who love the city should get in on this enter
prise you 11 be given an opportunity to help. Join the com
mittees at the luncheon in the Amarillo Hotel at noon today.
WASHINGTON, April 18, (By Associated Press)-Wai be j
tween Panama and Costa Rica growing out of the present bound-,
ary dispute, will not be tolerated by the United States, it was :
learned today authoratively.
Both governments are understood to have been informed that
the obduracy of Panama over the acceptance of the White award, i
insisted upon by the American government, must not be made the '
basis for renewed hostilities.
It was not learnned in what manner the United States had
made known that it would regard hostilities with keen displeasure,
but it was assumed that representatives had been sent to both Pana
ma Cty and San Jose.
Official reports received here recently have indicated ' that
peace on the Isthmus was again about to be disturbed. These
said that Panama was mobilising her army to meet any aggression
from the north, while Costa Rica was assuming a like attitude and
' had been assured either formally or informally of the active sup
port of Selvadore, Honduras and Cuatamala.
WASHINGTON, April 18 (By Associated Press)The American and Jap
anese government have adopted equally firm attitudes vith respect to the
status of the Pacific island of Yap. The diplomatic exchanges between them
on the subject is continuing, but those tcday were made public both in Wash
ington and Tokio. They consist of two memoranda and three forma V
Japan, in itsjast communication, received here during the closing days
of the Wilson administration, insisted that it had been awarded a mar,dal?
for the island by the supreme council at Paris on May 7, 1919, and that it
cculd not agree with the American con tenton that irrespective of any award
or mandate ether nations should have free access to the island for the land
ing and operation of cables.
The viewpoint of the Harding administration, as explained today in of
ficial quarters, is that the question of whether the supreme council did ac
tually award the island to Japan on May 7, as contended by that country and
disputed by President Wilson the state department is of secondary imparl
ance. The American point at issue, it is emphasized, is the recognition by the Allied govern
ment of the orinciole laid down by Mr. Hughes that the United States, as one of the
principal allied associated power, has an equal right with the other in the former over
seas possession of Germany and that those right cannot be disposed of without the con
tent of the American government
Administration officer believe that th? soundness of this position will be conceded
by it former associate in tb war. With this principle recognized, it is believed, the.
detail a to the American rights can be worked out without great difficulty. .
Press dispatches from Tokio today, said the newspaper there seem to think that
Japan would adopt a passive attitude in dealing with the mandate issue, ' ,
Japan, it was pointed out, adopted a very positive attitude with respect to Yap In her
last note, which was couched in plain !angua?e. The Imperial government said in order
for the United State to maintain successful')? it position that the mandate for the Island'
was not warded to Japan by the supreme council, it would have to prove not merely that
reservations with respect to it were made by President Wilson, but also that his views
were accepted by the council. i
TEXARKANA, Ark, April 18. (By Associated Press)-The
Miller and Bowie county death list baa been reduced to sixteen,
two of the reported dead having been found alive. Approximately
fifty persons were seriously injured, while many more received mi
nor injuries. Red Cross officials report sixtysix families totaling
20C persons in need of relief. Houses totally destroyed number
forty-eifM and eight houses were partially wrecked. Total damage
is estimated at $250,000 in Miller and Bowie county. Only one of the
seriously injured, Florence Polk, IS, whose back was broken, is in a
critical condition.
TUCUMCARI, N. M., April 18,
The McGee well was shot at 9
o'clock last night Unofficial re
ports by parties from the well re
port that immediately following
the shot, the ground was cover
ed with oil 100 yards around be
fore bridging set in and the hole
It .will probably be several
days before the hole can be clean
ed out and the result of the shot
at to producing oil determined.
Pump material for the Gulf well No. 2 is ex
pected today, according to report from the well
Monday night. A 500-barrel tank is on the ground
and work of installng a pump and laying a pipe
line to the railroad, it is said will be going in a few
Location by Fitch and Hall of Bartlesville,
Okla., of another test well near Gulf No. 2, has had
a very stimulating effect among owners and leas
ers in Carson and Hutchinson counties, but no big
turns have been reported the past two days. Offers
are being made and many inquiries are coming in
by wire and mail about acreage, b t o'ncrs display
no anxiety tc let fo.
Nrw Tml fomldcred.
The IMion Creek Oil Company awna
a nuuilter of tract, near In Filch
Hall location, and th-re la mum Ulk
of drilling on IMunn Creek by thla rem
nan-. The IHxon Cwk Company alao
Km holdings near lh Vj hle-Parka well,
and a I nil near lhal well by the IHxon
(reek Company la probahlr.
In cleaning oul Ihe Whlte-rarka well,
oil haa been encountered In Ilia aame
iHI aand panned through In drilling Ual
fail, la emptying Ihe bolkr In the clean
ing out proceM, oil had run down I he
ravine ZOO yard, according lo vlaltom
returning from the well Monday.
Ileaulla lit the fthot put off In the
Mr ( ire wl m-,r T'cmcarl al t s'riW
ni y nK-h are mt definite known
vet on neeo 't of hrHgl'tt lmm"SMy
fn'lowlnc the - hoi. the. hoa bridged.
nreven'hT o'l rlalnaj In H waa H
free by the hot. One report frorS Te
riimrarl aaya a pray of oil praceded the
Mrigrlg, rorerlng the ground for aoroo
rtUlance around. Major ReM. who waa
at the well when the ahot waa mad and
returned Monday night. However, be re
port lh only oil ahowtng ea the aur
far waa lhal ued on the rl machin
ery, and thai II wUI be nawnary
clean oul th bridging bafore It raa be
determined whether or not the MoOee
well aliowa oil.
FiimnciAL siTUATior in this
.uvin. T . Ai'ill l"i -Tbe finiti
i :M mt' uti. n 4 Ihe I'mImI eMail a ami
mT Tr.NW Trdy fair and
Marmt-r. Wednesday lair.
I. S. h-piiMWMt l Agriculture
Weather Hureau.
Tenna ratine ty at A ma
atenl.. :
.3". it ;t. m
.! , X i.n . . .
. I 1 p. in. . . .
r i iii. ...
.'.t , 3 p. m
a. hi
7 a. in
a. in
a. in
ia a. in..
i a. hi r-
II. th. i-l t. rl. In 1
. 2
Il'ghest )errdj)
joet, S3.
Humidity Itala.
' t m. m. X.
rry tmieniiire M " t
Wet temperature t .
llumlm r M !
PureraM: Tueeilir fair.
ih-. .,lly .f Ti HitH l rli.il iliK ll ii'li-
M li i.il.ly ninl Trtms i-inii.ir.'itlvi'l.v
Hh kiiii: 1 1 In 'fine khtH" ii 4 tn.fiti.in
kit .-.wiilili. -lie). IM 1111, .miiimIi...IhT
i( iiiKUritinv ami Immkihi; haul tmU.
Mi 1 1 til kikI Hint . jiniiKni v ill M"l
' fit un iiltvwhm' mill th..t If the p uplo
Im4i IK f:l inii' In the ,iii
I I hi flll;tll till k t'l Tl H fiH" I'.'.'l
' ia i I) tuiKlit.
' It I my iiiiiiii tii.il tin' fl'i;itu UI
i tiuitii n in i Kurpiis iiiiiUt;iII.," ailil
Mr. Il i'il Tin iv h.n Imvii . Rrw IiijiI
!iiiil'liliiti k"ir oti tuiK-i lli Itrt l
Un- )nr unil Iwiiku an' K'-tllng th. tl
.. r In Iiit eliH;i'. N Mli- it l
tri:i- I hut Ihe lunilm ifllte a ht lit
nii'iii-y. It muni In- niiii'inl.- nil Ihut th'
' fiii ti. It t if thi' iT"p In In lull
mn anil lh' nuts" mill m- rr.ly 1k
j l:ravc than tlie hi'-' inr f I hi- m-xt four
. ni. nih. lit tlw I.hiki hI. At that time
; the cttiin irnp In Ihe ICI.i tlrande al
i lev. the wtMNit rrvp In nurth and weet
and lh.' intlle will he imivlng.
It la vny iiettaaary f.T all the ieiile
of Txae lo gr a bold un thmai'lva
and help lo the very limit of their ajitl
H v 'ull th.' wr trt ihniiiRh."
B Awrt.irtl PeiM.
Xi:V VtiltK. April II -W '.. ' Tiiv ',
fi't" Ji luia.in . i r;m "ili" r.nnmiiiii j
i i. d.'.-liirctl tml.iy l'fnri' willlnif fur :
KlisUnil un thr I'eilitf. Ili.it there were
Ihive wet" HHitH In ihe t'tiitnl Htiilra
- New Yiik. I'hlniKii ami Kilttiit"ie -lint
lli.it New ink ii ttli' "wetteiit." I
Mm " mi lil Mr. Jihtinii. "you ih lnk
i th Ii,n Ix-tti r in Ink lillt- lhi tltitiklna
In isimmI fur It lll not l.iil limit. The
M'irll will so ilr Nfmi' I the, anil!
Ilthln lhr enl4 the I'lilteil Hliilea
a ill In. Nine ilry. j
Mr. J.ihniii'tt will Iv a )inr, 0 i -In-f
whd h m-i l.nl he eXi a In lit
MKH. lli nt.lNH I. Ml ST
v ttokni;v iki:h
f AnerialH I'M.
at. ite auplenie inuit
April M -Th
ti.liy il'i'ri'eil
j Mr Kmma J. ft-caiMI tnuxl pay rnun.
ei ie i t in. w incurriHj in ueieiiuina
lei agiiiiM feilera I charge if alilinK ,
her Mm, Ornei Cv and Krwln It. to j
evtt.le th drift law Hhe fought the !
fee aa eiceaaiva. Xlra. llergdiill aa j
ronvtett-d on thi federal chair'a and an j
.-n a penillni;
Dissillusionment came with the end of her 30
day honeymoon, according to a sensational peti
tion filed in district court Monday by Mrs. Myrtle
Sewell, formerly Myrtle So well, asking for legal
separation from G. C. Sewell.
After a month's married life, Mrs. Sewell pic
tures her new husband as the most loathsome of
men and charges that the marriage on his part was
but carrying cut a conspiracy between Charlie Bar
rett and Sewell, by which it was intended to aid
Barrett in his defense against the charge of mur
dering her first husband, Wiley Sowell.
Mrs. Sewell goes further and charges her hus
band with importuning her since the Barrett trial,
to meet Barrett with a view of settling damage
suits filed by herself and minor son for damage be
cause of the loss of their husband and father.
mvTiNiT.n on r';r. two
' Iii.iiihiihI .Inn," n tiegru whoao
i "ill tuiine In .1,11111 a l.ihln. Ilea ut
the Ih it Kiml.ii linn Uh five fill
l t Wi'iimN in hla .l. - IM.imi.'IhI
.lim a" H It-Ul In the nullity
J.nl iiilitiit prelliiilmiry h.iul'iij
ltn ihiiiui' if KhiMitlnir h.-r hue
I ..ikI.
The lift i iv ti.uk .l u e iiImhiI J
h i . k H'ltnl.iv in. t-ii Intc In Nrirrn
l"n lintni-.liiiti-liiy MIi.m I ii ir the
hi linit the n. urn mniiiin m 'it t
Ihe HI I Inmw Htl.l H'lt reliii-re.
h. iwlt t.i Kheiitf r.inti.n Kian h.
A Iiiitt t'i her utiiry tn Ihe ef
llreta ' I ii'iiiiiuiil Jim" liiH ut. J that
I.im ir- aian a .-.-t hhi- rt-iuaed.
Kill lu n el'iiillie tier .'Ulli )'.
"I iiiiinninl Jim" n it niiiklna nt her
ulth hi'th nui.r ml liit. h.t wh.ai
hhe r.-.ti.I l.) (lu. tiM- i f a 1
milia r ICi-iiilnglnn an.l emi.tled flv
chamhera lnu hla Ixxly.
tine hullo; etrui'k the vli'tlm In
the nuiulh, one In thn mate, twn
enteteit the uliilianeii and on
pleneil the artti. "liiatnnnd Jim"
uaa in ill inn k at a lata hour Mon
I ili nlKhl.
' IIWI.KKH tll I, t.l KI
rt:l.. Trxia. April IS. Mht-rlff
Itrewii hiH received infurmatlon from
Au-tiii ttmt th- ailjutnnt gentral haa
nrli n-il It invera here for the trial next
U'eiln. wlny .if Until Hampton, negro.
rh.uk.r.1 Hith irimiiiiil iiiuiault In ran
nin niuiily.
Thi. ijm i f U t' Moitnin, an oil
i ih iller anulnat thu lvunh.Hi Vvtruleura ,
inmiHiny waa begun U-lura a Jury In'
diRtrh t court Xlomlay. It will b con
tlnued tiatiy. , .

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