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J. B. NTNN..
J. L. Nl'NN. . .
(toners! Manager
Managing LJlmr
Kdltorlal Pepartmcnt
Ilualnexs tiff lie
Ill West Fifth Street
,4Tl '
Only Morning Newrtper in the
Amarlllo Country. Covers the lanhan
die tit Texas. Katrrn New M.-il. o.
Mouther. Cnluisuo and Western tkl
horn from twelve o twentv four l.iwr
In advance of Ihnvtr, ISilU. F'rt
Worth. Oklahoma City snd other I
carrying telegraphic dispatt hs.
Entered seoand class matter at the
aotlomrt at Amarlllo, Trias, under the
Act of March 1. If..
II Texas. Oklahoma. Colorado
aad New Mexico.
t Month t 70
I Mentha lilt)
Months MM
1 year V
Dslivertd ty carrier Ir. Amarlllo mi
ne above
1 Month I "
I Taar
Ml"'n t.tirJa
Th Aaanrat4 l'ra la nrlulTly j
ntitlH to th ua fur rpuMliatlnn "f ,
U B.wa dtattrhra rrrdlt .. in or n.1
D VT i rininru . 1 1 . , , i -' i . w..
aiao thr loral nr rul.lihi-d hrrrln
All rtxhta of publliatinn i f it-lol
tfUitrh bvrvln ara alau rrarvtd.
pacial AaaurUted Ifaa lraard
ThTr naa i-vr in nnn i..u,
town, or rity In lh jthw-ncr of I.ujU
hdlrlf. Tlie fart i that ni l.thn ill- '
ronaUi'tt.l tommimitiia Kavr l'ii
Itlorinod Into oomud. ral...' trtiMirUniv j
by rraann of th. Ir f.l hut. la. ami pi-
If ntUlly rood lowna hava l-n tnf in.il
to th ranka of mlioi nty throtiah thf '
lark of hiti-l fa llitln.
No town, nty or Mimmuntty l auffl
cWnt untu Itailf all hav ni-tJ for thu
eutaldit world, and the outnltl. r will tint
coma and rrmain, if imfrt imliluit
to hia nrotwr rntrrUlnment. h.i not
li nnivi.!.!
Atnarlllo a whole d.-tlny U hound, d
In lart meaaur through h.-r ability, or
talk cf It. to adeuatfly provltk- fur the
comfort of atranarra within lir rl.a
The propoid new Amarillo !lnt.l U lm-1
perativo tn the growth and future wi 1 -
fra ot the community. it the pwiple
ft aolldly behind thia vrnture. and put
It over.
Amarillo a aUndlnc la coing to be. in
tfca minda of the great outride areaa.
what the hotela make It. Tha ietie
of thla tlty ahould he content with nmh
tag abort of. lha beat!
Of rourae there are t.!onl trage.
dlea, oentiiiinal rot he tie and holdui'a.
thraa uaualljr played up moat prominent
ly, an thai the outlook aema prarUc
lly unchanged, but lt la a' fact that
none may auoceaafulfy deny: The Crime
Vava la dead!
Fortunately for Amarllln. tha ware"
never Ururk. UUa city or gectloa of the
country. Thla la true In pil of the
apparent efforts of aome of the "would-be-tough"
tn create an atmoaphere for
It. There were at leant two facta, pow
rfol and perauaalva agalnat the Incuba
tion and development of a "crime
wave" for Amarlllo and the Immediate
outlying territory- (T1' of theae reaaona
waa the character ol the people of thia
portion of the aouthwi-at, bold, fearlcaa.
utatandlng and unafraid, and the other,
m the perfect coordination of the
forrea of the peace officers of county
and city.
In one tn1nre, w hen an officer came
face to face with a "would be" he frank
ly told hlra that If there waa another
showing; of that sort of horseplay, the
offender would be dealt with In a man
ner not calculated to give blin the grade
of notoriety for whkh he evidently
sought That live-wire caftan
enough, and so tha "wave" went glim
mering, like a fading shadow brfore the
From alt over the country', the "wave"
evidences have beeit, weakening. Thiy
have totally disappeared from many !
caUlies, and In others the program luia
laled into such Insignificant- as to
make It negligible.
Unqueattonatily the attituilt of the
American Legion haa had a great bear-
Ing on thla aituation. for at every turn ition civlng the lrnprei..u that Kl Pa.,
where the peace of a community stt-med would I- ncTm.inently w l'.liln the rank
to be threaten or Jeoirdlled. the for-. over which the elephant f!..'it.t l.i
mer meii-at-anns were on the Job with graceful outline to tn,. .r... . ..f i,.
tenders of assistance of the kind that j Mt leal favor i n in..iti i f i,,mm. i,t bv
gets results. The young men. thes n rolitorlnl iracrri h- r on tl,.- Fort
fighters In forvign fields have convinced j Wuth P.ct rd. who say' "J'.epublicans
the world that If they could fearlessly "f VA Puo city an J tounty were wild
fight the Hun. they could also mtwth Joy. Thev iwld tint Kl I'.iso h'ld
without flinching the worst their own lar.d.-d In the rt publican ttilumn to st iv
erring countrymen could offer, In de
fense of American homes.
Fortunately, then, for the whole of
society, the crime wave i Ud. even
If Its pale ghost doea parade fur a while,
to terrorise the meek!
Unquestionably the Mexl.an outlook
la more hopeful at present than it any
Urn since the fall of the Diss regime.
Th fact la thai under President Obrt-
irnn, there are far more hojieful poswl-1 w III t n id nwaki tung to the r- pub
billlies than were presented during the lime who have so ...iif,d.-nt:y likid
rule ol 11X. I'remident tlbregon has!ii"n ti.- In ak in tl... i. tn. r i';. tin.
ahown himself tu be a man of forward rpr. wntnig a h tman. i t h tt g. of
looking view. He has evidenced a ' party nitltu.1.-.
friendliness for Amenca that will prove j ,o-
helpful to him In his fight for recon-! A -lean up" c-iu-.p-iiirn among the
strut ting his country. If I approach to VMexi- an in Tent without .i.rts.
America has smacked of genuineness. I going to hue the iffe.f of g n.g a
and a never la-fore, there is a growing by in.re.iw t. he impul.'i. n ir.ur.t
rec Iprts-at regard between the two It- f the .,utb. rn !( public Now th .t the
publks. , t otid.tio-i l ive !-. n great 'y imi.rovid
While there is a bo fulness In the j It is well that these n fugn l- tv nt
rteaefit situation, there Is a fact that ; Intn th- land if th-ir mttnl'y. so that
resnalna. th me: llobhed t4 the r Ihi-y may 'crow up' or "blew tip" with
mM . of adventure and the alken(tr.r eo'tnr me , nii.ti i.,ie neuni
sbwa of disUfiee. Ji ai' holds no bud I- self s.ii nf.. log i rough to Attempt to
ti pmnt fur he American home rjrel'- slung wphniil tbese worthi.s
rJt-it rnmirii1 ti ftr." of-
frcd by America for her people. It hfir j
lon said 'AiiwtIi-h fiT Amctlimi,"
ntul lit tlir I iu.nl lit iu rnl sciir, tin ud :
v . motto. ti adm..til'lnn In Just a
,n. ml y, j. ,i f,,r ,, xuiiti " ,
Tin I" not t' flint Amnl.iii'
HUM'.) Ill.iy l..t . u. , ,, g,H Jti .
tmit ii.' to d t. li i' tin ml an. I i tin r n--
'iUllV I'f Mi-Mi 'I .Vf,!re WOtld t I. ;
.orr.'t t'i .i th it Am. i can tin n ii ml .
tin tn .. ni.i ii. t N u. ! It., lit nt tin 1 I
il of tl. two I-1" I l.i in Hi-, i'i !ni. '
in.T! of oth r f.in.t.i and in . ii , '
k.i'ith i t It .. Hi. Ci ni.. 1 : . r . Tin '
I . . I'l.l i i l li lll.illl H lli.it til. )...i. ,
1. 1 king liotne i. iru A in i ii ;iti will ...
d. ip.il.t. l nil. I tl.miliiii-i.nl. .ill. I that j
-.1 h. '' n t ! t . Ii. n r." got .i' ii i '
l.'n t.tig in th" smithem Hi public
In i.iti Hint in. i tl-..-iv iu . y I f., in.
n tip i'i Aim n. i tin n i,i l t ' r i nji
I fi' 'll l-'lllil. il Iv .1 I I i IK ft 'i 1. 1'.
iKit i; t'i li.ni III ii'Vi.ovn t"i; li .
f.i Ii. til Lis i.l' it , l.iml I. ut th. ,.
nr.' f. w ,.i I fir I. tn..n Th" thitm
f ti.ori. hi lif.. Him.. .1. .1 Iv A fit' ri- '
' 'ii. r ,r. "tin M. unti Am. il .ui i. iN
ulW.INl Inf.. 11 till- lilltld. Ili'l till' lM
I il!.. if l. a. ,i, f., lil..r. mil. nf
J,Ms o.lliln :l ll.i -it 1)1 lining l.i, e In
II 40 M '" ''''l'''
.i i.tt. nipiiim w m i mi, .i k. nil
i. mi, i.n t tl.l.- l ir.i!u.n,
i im, i i"i i-.it t Mi- ! ir 1 1 tin ii tint t lii
f"'1" lii" to Ihiiim If. mnt
i nt on tlmi'icu In nn rtnli ai rn,
, , r ,hin ,.,, .. BWBl. f ,
itii.ii or fri.
f li.ui. i'.
I it m.itti r tint i In ar
Ann i ii-.irs an. I :i r- "niilv" I'lurmi
w do
'mi- fc.1.r in;- j
I 1in it m.itt.r tint t hi-v .in- .iv
II' HIM till' M l invf -l.i iY li.'r. In
.,. , .,-
Tl,.. ttliu ,,,,.,. ;hl , i
r.-lt-i.-n nn.l uof. to r. .11. n . .unu t
, ,,. ,,f ,,, (. , ,h ll ,
i'im,si. r.. ,. Htnrttn:.
1Pm,h nn y.. tl. it unto i i.r . f
,h(. ,. ,lM ,,f thlt. ,M , ,.., tn lt
, ,,wn , ,h). h,.Iir llf f(li
"The fit id in th" world. In thi rL isan I
that run Imn ..'l.d 1 t lit fhi ixtlana
j of the nirth' Ifiar Ihi iinrortiitkite t'hi- ;
, m win. me iryinit for tread and ahlv-
: i riric in the tn.i:
T" lh" riinrf. you nro for. itn.
i " nJ ,hink " n"nh th. y will lovr
I Ani. rl.Mi.a far n.-n.litiK out th. ,f.. U,,t,
j " htii In thin rmii:h. 1 1 u. 1. i hiliinir
j"f "'Hl-'n!
Am. rl.-a. while mmi lalninit of -hard
1 "r"' " matt, r of f.t.-t aluttnl
; l,h n ,hln neidful tn ti.mfortal.lo
living. Frotn theae atnn-a of plenty munt
Iw aupplitd the food for utalninif the
Uvea of the atarvlng 1'hiin-ae. No otht r
nation In all the wnrUI la able to met t
the need of theae tr ratt ly wr.'ti h
ed pt ople.
!" r yeara the rhriattin r. Ileion hna
been aetking an entrant Into china
one of mi. h mamitude n wnuid
I'.'' !
nlfy the phiiimi,.hy
f th" Chrit. Cut. :
the woik w.i, alow, ittt.nilnl ty atiffer
Ina and anrrtiw1. hewrtm hi and nniriiih.
and rvrn all thia. with nilj.d heavy t-x-ptnaea
In the form ol r.mh outlay, the
dvaneemcnt lua U-en nit-rely nomlnul.
conatilered In the light of t hinn grtat
Now cornea in the o n d-air. In the
form of a famine. Ptn.pi. tki not. to any
apprerlthle extent, forgi t or fail to love
the hands that feed tht m. Fen the de
aeitid. hunaiy dog. shows lusting gr.it
ItutU'. TtUay China, in her gaunt, ahlv
ellng hunger, her emaciated form shiv
ering in the chill blunt, lift h. r l-my
arm and cries nloud to America: ' Help
u. or we ptrlnh come nuli-kly, or we
Thi la Christianity' opportunity to
demonstrate the nt-erity of its tLiiiim.
t" the famine vli tim of China. ThU is
ChrUtlitr.ity's ha nee to revial the vital
spark of it underlying actuation.
Where la the appeal of prayer. If unat
tend, d by eviil.-nna of sinevrity?
I'riy for the J diKi.OOii atarving Qil
n. tialay in term of cttuh. clothing and
f.nttuff In the nam.- of the Father
of the t'nivers.. and w.iteh the fi.llow
Ing '4 rhrlnli.nl'y groiv by Ji apM and
In. und. Withhold nu. li prayer and earn
the title if hypo- tit. , i'l.nnd
through indiff. renie. promptnl ly at If
lhnta and b.Koliy. To In- fhrivt i.in 1
to love huniatiity, and to Inve liuniMnlty.
l,to il. In no ra- In mlnistr ition of
mt r li -a,
undi r t;.!' I.uri!y.
o- - . , .
Thut the d Iiineiat III 'I 1ml. jm tub tit
who sw ung sn sttonitly Int., the r. pub-
i tl .- n column nt the ,-.vt i. ronl t .-c
, In the rt publican clumn. Tin Ti untie a
jeltv e. ct,i,n'wh.-n the republicans put
l full ti- k. t in the f. Id. Tht y siid that
, thi r ptil'lii n nnd r,i 'ndent who
fetid th" r putlli-.m na'ional tick, t lat
!ver, we.ild t ot" for the r publp in tnu
i nlmipal thi y.ar. Ily a vo)e of more
thn two tn one, the il. ni'i n t sw.pt
the field" This will I- th snry of
"breitkirig th.. id si"Hh" ov. r whlih
so mui h n.isi. wn made bv the r i.iib-
The nut t.r. ,.. ntial t-l.ciiun
IT a Time at bsut.
: t v
X Kkdf fL ,cnWWk
Tin' f'li..uinu iit.rihiltiri matt, r l
t llii from a rei ent i-i..- of tli" North-
wentt-rn Miiiir. and it iii.-n by rnmon
of lit leal v i ! tli
A Katuwia tuillir tentlliia to the fat
that Mr. VV. M Alliotin. of Utinton.
Kan dm. author of the foliuwInK Icttn'
to the lliitchtnnoii New. I what he di-
ut rkU U on "holii-wt t.-Konllii K dill
farmer." It i further evident that he
I u plaln M,ki-n farmer, for. wlul" hi
ciiiiiniuni. ation may ! aomewlial lui l,
lug in itiio'i of dutii'ii. It Ih imHi.Hllil"
l.. tut!..!... Ii;h in. :iiiii.i mill ltti Kitl.lile
1,1. Iv uhi.li In. r. ., Ii, . II in In
.a ,i ttiit h. il" in t .i.".h.. ti. In-
'Siilknl . the 111. Ill Wh'i farm tin'
f-ariin i ."
IMit'T N'. wh: '
I hail iiitind'd to t!o to th wheat
k-r. vM-rii' in.-, tiim down tin re but cir
ciiiiitati.i' lh i which I hiite no con
tiul jireM nled on front loining. but
thin an- several IIiiiivh ctmnit ted with;
it th tt tl.. not .'k trull to in".
To hear sum of thi ni talk the wheat '
grower I iilwoliit. ly at th" nn n y of the ,
Chluigo Urd -f trinle und that he Wa .
rol.Utl every time he wild u tuhe of
gruln and that the tmartl of trad" Was
tin catiM- of the lH.uk in wtnut from i
the hii:h MilnJ down to th" preaciit
pine wln n In f a. t I dmi t think it had
nn thing to do with It, tut the same
thing Hint iiui.l cattle to tn .ik froin
nniK Hint cau.i Lulu- to iia iimhi
, .. .. , .ih.
J ci nt down to 7 nnd x c nt und ho,- i
demand, but Ih" Jaw tniiih would have
us U'lii ve that tin supply ha nothing
to do with the price, but the gumhlcrs
a they call them. nl.,,iit-ly control
th price of ovriytlf ig.
If that i thi' rase why I sugar
cent when a year ago It wn 31? Why I
nre H.t,m- 11 1."., a y.ur ago l? . ,; , ,.vl:sTi ,N-, T,.. April U.-IMaiis
TheV liliike It big noiw ulmt the 1 Ml- ...
,r..r.,i, f. ......ii.ti..n nmilf'i' ' "t n f ii t iinmial il-andt r
how tnui h mom y ji inakinu. Th
fact I that the fruit crop of I'.ilifuriiia
hu mad.
I ... 0,1.
no ,in y fur the last four your,
year or last yeui's crop I
not Iwyltlg eX-lue to a tl yi tie t xeept
th" oflli .-li of the us Inticii.
You can g to Culifornlt now and ymi
will s.o oiaioie anil lein.'ii ri-iinT in
th- li".' und no tii.ii K.T r..r tlnin in it i
Mill p.tv lb" xp.lie of Ihe plck!tig.
cards lick.-tl up In the un haul.. "Il'lpj
TmiriH lf " Now If the usst iiition 11
ten h a Womh-rful life inr. why Oil '
ci rditiuti
I tu t . iii"itile one thing
tl ire a.- luts of rff.. n In It th tl I. iv
i.u salaries I'lu t th.-lr mom y fut
l.d that is the w y I 1- K nl this I !
In the f"ik .li.imi
tlnt-k lu.-lt ml. d.
of the nncieiit
Th ,l(,.,,(e, ,,r4f r n(M)r ,
foi.lin' s dime In a ole pair o' tnaiirr.
"Tli iie i ted" I a I nrd djohlu' mil
ul a side lMii.
0. . . . . . .
l L V-.LiLLLil 1 1 LL 1 1L1
I ain a fnin.r mil li.r. U . n all my
,f.- and il.ai t think the Icanl of trad"
trr coat hie one cent and I never niw
(In linn- lluit 1 had to ak foiilt otic clte
t.. m il my otipa for me ' They tiilk
iil-iut atutlllxlng Hi.,, market and fixing " lo m " an" n,'n "", un"
the mm k. t Jut a It mill It. That In v"r MW '' tlnu that 1 could not
Jut th. thing that com th. Kan-i ""''I "' wheat if I wunt.il to and ell
fanner from '.n to 75 cent a hush' I and ; f ' wanted to.
Ih" 41. "mi timhel nf whnit lift In T,,ee Jaw Hmlth tell the farmer let
the f irmer luind from l.it Nov. mlr ! hitv,- control of your wheat and we
and I Nfeml-r could have liit unbaid- ' ' "h"w "'" gamblers how tn sell
,-l on the gaml.l. i yn I.1:', to l.'.riu ier , h"t nnd It won t com you anything.
b ihel but th-.- life Hiiveft of the Ht.r hut y..u iniiHt put up I4 ht head nnd
!, m.t .....I ' N i. I.t oik.in." a wl....t " or four tliou-and farmers tlitf
pn. .i, il.t.l.illd ill We l. .11 k.t I (Ml if htind It over, g.lite It nice
von f.i:ui'i HI (it:'.'- not t" fell u 1",l' ''; 'hen the farmer that hnva
i, i-hi l for I.-." an eleator iiniHt put up .'i"i more o,iiirk.
At it mn tinis ut Parti i.Ik night A tin . little um. und till they are
in N.ivemUr there wn one of th"e doing thi for the pint farmer.
. nr. ul7i ih tl.. ie and.'oti of the farme.: I iv I j.ltl fnht.itil. but thi new
.i,;i. .d to In Id. bill ne farmer wl-r j .'' of the wheat grower setting the
thini the re.t. did not amce. but the , l'rl"f of hi wheat, ha li-n teted
next d .v h. went to the man who run i flrht h. re In Knmu with thi crop,
the tleviitur und sold Ills crop for li.r.n M' f Irecv. y and thut bum h t th- l- ice
a tu-o. l. The rest of lh. tn bad lh Ir "t fall nt aUmt 13 nnd un selling
ltft uhmit 11.41 today. If you can act the
Tbt I Just .me InHitiiice of how the i !'H- e of wheat you can on-corn and ev-gaml.l.-r
rolilNil that f.u-mer. Why is , ry oth"r article raised on the farm.
thu h wheat left on the f.iiui- ' Whv slop nl wheat. The farmer la not
en-: The main reuaoti these ualtutur ' n tmd off an the cattle nnd hog men.
g;.i,g ulH.ut over sute telling the! but they are easier worked by the men
faiinef how they were Uing roblsd by .who farina the farmer.
the .inielei and Just listen to "No.! Tours truly.
I hold x i.tn win at for .11." and wheal1 W. M. Allison.
l ,. ,
from Ciiii.uLi . 'Uiru.g Into Mmiu n nil I
' ... '
f te. wlip li will lit i!iil.lnl ufl-r Paa
i. i,i 'ai. ion Tout n. mi' nl of Itow.
an i,ioli!lv iii'Uinu ouiplellnn. a.iol.l
p i! to W. ; i:.'. snii-tary of th" Hit
vet. n I:, ai h m- latinii. The let, will
l.i-t tin. tit, froi i Miv 7 tu ti. In
iiusne. and will ! iti.lete with tvnit
in whl'h the i lid t dioiiratinii will nn-
kNI ,,. ,m f,lVt.i.
, a itf.iii.t on o!iiliig "Ut'. In Id ill
j. ,,,,, , i,.nk, .o I I'-os IliK the lull of
i.in. tin lm. and iil ti i f tli.- f. (e
,u , ,t,1Mi,. tmlv young folk ft out
1'. to
.'a ki ii old an- tliiil' l'. I'iIIuW-
I' K th" .oiou.il.nn ii'lellionl -s
,u ti i m i "I ill ind it w a
a ihil
ulniost tin eiit.rc ! i f'h i f tin
S-awall boii.
Tm team captains with th-Ir woikettitt salary f r myself, or mcmUr of my
will meet for lunchi-on ut th" Amaiilln family, there would U no profit left
hotel on tin- third day of the mmimign i f(l. ,j,vl,,., fr the sti k ubcrile
t.nlay. A 1 s ppi ry" meeting was In Id I
Tuentliv and a livt lier one 1 expecU-d ,r"'
)-1V -In order to ckar thi sltuntion ur,
l.a. h of th. t.'im ha but IID.niif tn'und to conimlt myself In u definite wu,
nil-, ii,. I ::' i if the total amount i , williiighl letter locnih of the
I. ...I U.i, i ii -I and wn itiM.rt.il iitK,, K that ih.-y may till their t u
Tu. -.l.i'. Inn. hum. The t uiiiulgi to turner my sttiludt In thi matter. I
nn- nr.. i.-nt fiiiidn to give Aiiianllu , Win p, rt,. that I would not
a . .'iiiniuiiitv hot, I tu tni" t pressing de. , xMt my salary In lie more than I?.
inatiil- . ih. ui'ist thorAugbly oi ganis-; immi a year, and I would guarantee that
l .-aini'.iiKii tor waS'il In Ainu lllo. . ,) TP w m M, w,aiy w hats.H-v. r paid
The hoanl of i'ity Is v. lop, n. tit I it, nny other mt'inU'r of my family. In
l" k . f i'. and to j.tvve ii earnestness. I , hiding m father. Is-other. or unlily
.ten oi-inlr is a rub-" i ll-r to st.s k i-unnei tnl with myself. This. I I llvve.
Hit ksl. n. all agreed tu take a lilsntl nhould niski. ihe mutter clear III regard
li-iie "t it... Miik an. I lh" rest Is l'4tu stttary.
.Ii-tll,.ii.i ..in,, ng the i Hir.-n In b.-ka -There ls' ery 't)aun to I lli-vo that
f ' mute with the addition of these 150 riMimS
Th. in.iittr of Ihe ilnry if the tiuiti Hi. Il t.-I Amnrillo should make even
an i f tin- new hotel wu brouibt . jls'it. r profit In th future than In thy
ut on. t,f the piti-tUig. und t'oloml K.I the )ist. since the Income will l great
. Tb' tnpis n h i wrltt-n a. Mt. i ' y enhanced and th" overhead will tie
ting ut lent nil liuiuir) i n that scie. i iih-iiumiI only very slightly.
In hi letter t'l.lont'l Thumiwun ay - wish to thank you for any nlslst
It has mm. to my rmini' that a nine nil i an n -lidiT thi prije't. since
t, real iu.it. v petipl" un- asking Ihi I urn sue- that yml f-l It Is one IhSt
.;n-tn in r''aid in the fin no ing of J will m.-nn mm h In tin upbuilding
lt.-w II. .i. Amarlllo- Whit will
Kii.- '-t Thump-am want n n salary f.r I
i.uiii.n.itiu II. v lb. til? Tin f.-ir. ofi
.iU.M'. ltgnlii
arid th" north, t iking the innliey that
the K.iii".ii fatnier oiiiiht to have hud.
The l.o.t fitful ii.' I have mt'li utated
that t'uiiinl.i had h i Hn.iiiin.iMift huh
"l" v.h.-at loo the I nltnl Hut...
Tint put a ntop.Kanitiia vh. at going
" " r u M ,hp r r
fM-m K"lo -"I lui-auae our inllln roultl
nut ei tiiM-f with V cheap tvh.nl from
My contention Ih that thin wheat
iriiiwi rii' p'tol talk li.t. cont the farmer
in. .ir on thia out' ciop thin all th
hoiitilK of tiaile in the world I Intend
to keep on ralnlnic wliMiit tut I urn nut
going to let uny of lhem felloua tell me
Iturrton, Kunsas.
ni. At night the ntjecn's ball will
h. held at the put illon on the l ach
The second dav of tin fete will Wil
ms another parade this, tune of the
iiiowiiup in which oleander Imlnkn!
iHituim i.ll. mul other vi lli lc will lie
fi nt nre. While t.ther flowiri may le
used It laid down by the committee
mi nt ranv.'lnelil that tin oleander
muM te tin thief motif iu tin il.-. uta
'n I.. O-H-t'iullv illuminated finals will
I m ad" tin l.nuli viu.l on the second
night of the fete.
The third mid last dav of the merry
making will It the ih cmsioii of a "luiltle
of ol. nnd. i " street dancing nnd n
biithlng alii lev lie. I 'iir.es f'.r the tn
I lull fluiil und iln oi at inns, donated by
in. i . hunt of the tllv. tiggngate sever
Ill thuii.,n.l dollar.
Aniiirilln." .
ii.l ,iwtii.,s n Persia
last yt-nr
till In li n trin k lit iiayln tiuaii
tlilia tii.ii I'liiiliuiiilli' f'Hy. 'It la a Mr
ilii-uviry fur tlx' Piiiihnntlln aeitlon
jitnl I'unhuiiille fity will nink "Hy
..f liiiiH.itiiiii-.' if thr ilimovtry .rnvi
it iiil lm. tiii. Ml. "r fil'-nd, K.tttfr
m hit.- of '.In' r.inliaiiilli' IIiTmIiI Iiiim inaili'
In fnitofi.' fniu u ii.'Waimiir i'W
IH.lnt. U.. v. .nit to "i' him hold th'
(i. I. In il. i to tin tlila lm iniml Htny
wlh hii liiinliH Hinl tcruw ua the town
j;ruvM. Thr iiiM i.w ry of oil In Hit' !"'
Iiainlli' nitimi will ilruw kmi ulutma
frotn nil ni'. turn of Hie l-nltml Htati-a.
If tin' In LI m ait miliKlaiitial na Ilanxi r
hi. I nth. i T. .ih fi' Mi. thi iM U tl.ntim tl
to l- li ni'iteiiient ami nMi:uliittun
III tint m.Ii. The mmiiIo who tn
flic land will U- th. firat unit KnatrHt
to Ih- f in fitt.il. Tim nmt will l Ho'
- l.i -nv it !.. il. it'll and " iirianoti-ra.
Tlii'ii' will i'i In the rank und fid
-in i.il Uilt .til who luiuine Intinntnl
in oil -i'. k m In lin-H tin not niiiko nioin '
mil of t ti ii itm Ktini'lit. Th' l e la iinii Ii
inn It Ini.li.y lout III tlirw HHi'tllatioPK
i ii tn i niiiili'. Tlir f. ' iiiuke miirii'V
ml tli.' iiiaioiity low. The liliitm-y tif
ih. I'liil.anilli' fiiM will Im the hiMory
.1 a'l oilii i oil .'h IiIm. Tlii' f M hl will have
it h il.i v ami n out or reai'h tht aland
hull ..-ill. 'il. Tin' lUaiwin tievir mut'll
latm. Id' lm nivtr luiivlit a dollar'
worth if i, II cliik Wo havin't linn h
in. any or i.iiith if thu wurld'a Bund.
I, ut what wo have liaa Intnl.' !'
Iin.l I.iIh.i . i lorn- iii.i atl'.n to Lllhillicn
and noiioiny. Thi I the only mire
way to wcuHh In tin or nny other j
country, till sH'uluilon ha brought ,
xx nil Ii P. ii ftw and ha liiipovcri-rted
tin nuiny. All can t v t Ihe oil j
i in.e. All can't win In speculation, j
Some iimn li-i. mid oni" mut ami do !
nm. We tave often M tin I through
i..e i I. in. Hi lb:it we w.nild tntli. r.
Ii.ite our H.-t tion of t veii priisii'ly. of :
nn snd (.t.-adfast prot-icrity lliuii nn
II l4M.ni that could n nte to this sec
tion. The Itnii'on I not fighting or op
posed to oil dfVcloVp'ii'ht., Hut we are
iplMicetl to the wllil sMi'ulatl.in lnc- -il.
nt to same. We have known many
l-opi lo low their all In this kind of
sim ulation: The price of oil proierty
shuulil I' lns.'d on. II protlui tli' Mil- :
tie. til land i worth lot more than it
will piodilcc ill crude oil.-kuey Ilea
con. I
Without a duiibt. VAtr rimlth's ud 1
vlec 1 f und. In the newly tlbx ovi red I
ml field in Ciirson county proves in lie
a field of real value, un doubt million
will Is- made. Vet these million are!
not going in In divided f many would '
upMise. The few will accumulate, '
while other lose their all. I
The man who "plav the game wild")
ha a few- chance lit win und many
mme to low. It's the fellow who I will
ing to hold hi head und nppreolule
anuillcr shlng in life Hint will get the j
most out of life, , . i
Il npia-nr to the News inun that un
let plant n nd 14 hmir electric servl ;
would lie more I neflt in I to Ciinyon j
than th" trin'ig of natural gun which
would cost the people n lu " holm nnd 1
Pr. mln nt among tin visitor In
Aiiuirilln Tu'estiy wu Mayor Y. I.
Ki hi i f Pa n i pa who I greatly Intel cMtrd
li the oil deveti.ninent of the Pan-
handle terrltiitT. When nked nhout the
ituutl. ii near Painpa, Mr. Kil.l wild:
' I mn ekil'd ever the outlisik. In my
Judgment we hftve nn oil field nnd I
mn encouraged to tell, ve lluit tlu lat
Ktologii'ul Infnrm.ition nt hand Indicates
that ihe underlying olt strata will show
u yield In keeping with the gu already
developed and Indicated.
"Ceitainly we. of thi so. tl.in of the
state will Moot have our dreuln of th
pnt few year, ii a reality. The oil
is here nnd It I going to Ih ilcvc ocd.
VV are planning the sinking of a well
T. II. Reynold tm taken nelive man
agetiiciit of Tim Man's Shop nt 4(5j
Polk street. Mr. Reynold purchiinctf
thi store In Hoptcinl r. 19:0. nnd Mikr
llollamli r has lin the minuger.
Mr. Reynold ha l-en In Amarlllo
for the nt ix year. He was formerly
with the National llink of Commerce,
and was mad" cashier of the City Na
tional llmk iikiii Its orgmlJitlon. He
resigned that Misitlon January I, and
since that time hu len inurtlve.
"I Intend tn cuter tn every man In
Amnrillo." wild Mr. Reynold. "New
good an i nnuite now. and should to
hen any iluy. It will lie my policy tn
huy the lt gootls I run and to sol
them nt n clow margin of profit nnd
c If n store mil on that KimI won't
make money In AmarHM."
Houston Reynold I l-tter known
to hi friend n "Judge," and he said:
"There are a lot of my friend that
seem tn think that "Judge" can't sill
gut-In, nnd t want them tn come down
and Judge for theinselve If "Judge" Is
a salesman or not."
livir l waa raised for the Salva
tion Army nt the luncheon of the IJons
flub at the Harvey House Tuesday. The
fuinU were ralwd In resMinw tn a talk
I.y Captain Ib.lhrook. wh'i suited thai
without suint frtsni siims mmrters.
Nilviitloo Army wtii k Vu.ulil have tu be
given up right away.
More lnti-reatiti)4'Atork was urged
ty J. N. lu-osl. y, presith nt of Ihe cluh.
The presitleiit pnlnlnl out what other
club are doing for the boys ol the
lountrv. The Pnnhandlc. he asserted. IS
better shntV than other aertlons of
a hli-h ronsumplhin ml". A "Is w
slon line from Arrillo mhU-h would
have cost more th,i thirty IJinu-nJ
dollar a year ago ouUJ now be built
fur uiiuut twenty thousand. This is
getting down close to irewar Wc'
We U liovo that this proposition couia
I l.iindl.d kally either with a stock .
coiiiln xvlii. h would ow n the line
fr. in Amarlllo and '" ihe Juice lo lha
lm . I plant nt m I. c.t than It could
M prottu.f! In Canyon. r " could I
ba n.ll.'d by a bonus. The News would
iiiokI prefer t s.'e a bonus puld to local
c. ncern which can develop something
that hii.w liuvt nnd liitd. ruther than
tug dii p Into the p. k-l the people
of (hi community for something un
l-nown nnd with a ti.lhlc limited fu
t lie. rnnon I vitally Intercstetl In
mi Ice plant und !4 hour service, and l
Ihe thing that ran readily be devolnned
und maintained through a little Uvul
cMipeialloii.- 'andiill Ci iiuty News.
Jlegirtllisii of wlii. li It limy lead, un
questionably. It I the duty of a news-iMIN-r
to siu tv the 1 1 Interest of
It t inunily. We delight to see a
mail who kImihIm out t'f tthat be le
lievi to riuht. a Clyde Warwick
doe. Whether we agree with him In
hi pit iiil-i . wo have udmlrutlon fr
nn honest man, und thi I the class
In whl. h Clyd" Wurwick l longs.
I.AM) ON 1II..I, I.00.MM
llepn sclitullve C. It Kteven of Huf
linger guve out a prcxa Interview lust
weik In which ho said th.it li rould
not wherein West Ttsi a would g!n
anything in the nUiiicting t the
stule, for ljit TeXJ tvould Mill liSVS
the Imlance of mwer. Ax'irding to
Mr. Xti vens, the r dtstrK'tliig bill would
have givm Wi'Mt Tcius a net gain of
one representative and two senator.
There is something wioij with Mr.
htevens or hi figure. Vhis senatuib.l
district Is its birga in voting strength
us ur three of some of th'. liist Tea
tlisiiii t. and this retuesetitittlvo dis
till -t I us lurge a two or three F.at
l'ea ditrlcls In u.puii'tiun. Acitgd
Ing tn Mr, Steven. If you live In a
lightly H..ulaletl district you should nut
expect any rlKhl. West Texas dosen't
want nny advantages. Weal) Tela
want Just what the constitution guar
antee to every ciliMn. rrgardleas of
where he live. Whatever the gain
In senator und representative we are
entitled to, be It large or small, it be
longs to u a Ameiicsn cltli' n. The
constitution say that the state shall be
riilistrlcled every ten years. This was
for the iiiimim of read justing the nopti
la tli in chung" In T. x. It is ioIMm
that some of the counties down in cen
tral Texas twhl.h tttevens calls West
Texas) have lost In population but the
population In Northwest Texas has al
most doubled In ten year und we cer
tainly are t nilUed to consideration In
the law-making hodie of the state.
Canadian llecord.
Just now, when the people in tbla
section of the state uie "sore" over tha
attitude if tlovernor Neff. In the exec
tse hla veto liower, It will douhtleaa
I well for everyone tn keep Ma popu
lation and reprttxMitlve hat ' ou
Htniighl. West Texas, or thut section
known generally u West Texas, ihty'dd
hnva much more atteui-tlvn at the hands
of the state offlrluls and t- legislature
than It get. This should and will he
reioi-ilietl long in advunce of the fulfill
mi nt of the separatists' dreums of a ds
vid.tl Texas
'ii t far from I'ampu. The site has lieen
PiNoed upon by expert, and there la
not an element of serious doubt In my
mind but that we. will win. If we go
deeply enough to strike the fortiiutioti.
"I.e.tws In the vltlnlty of tht pYorsv
sltlon of which I sneak, eleven miles
i nt of Pnmpn are going from 15 In 113
ler acre. It 1 tnu of enuro thai; some,
are selling for lew than the first named
figure, but the locations area not what
could be called preferred.' hut art Tu
tht r I" favorably placed.
"We. feel that Pmnptt n destined In
Ih in the middle of un excellent ter
ritory nnd nro working on that basis.
We expect to In in at the proier lime
to reap the benefit from the develop
the country, nnd he decried the tenden
cy Inward pessimism. .
"The truth said W. R. Crte, a new
member of (he luh. "wo talk optimism
with pessimism down In our hearts. We
must rrnt only talk optimism hut feel
optimism," said Mr. fiee. which he rec
o'mmended ns the way back to nor
malcy. ,
!. O. Ordway. secretary, gave a de
Inlltd repot t of the Fort Worth meeting
of Texas nnd Ixiulslann. Recommenda
tion bawd on what he learned at the
Fort Worth meeting were offered by
the secretary.
Novel itertalnment. In the way of
8.ntt'h bagpipe music by Norman
Raleigh, waa n feature of the luncheon,
A theatre party and evening dinner I
In be nrrnngi-d for members of the
cluh and their wives In the nrnr fu
ture. E
The Iwdy of C. A. Rhue la bring held
at tho C.rtgga undertaking rlort,
awaiting Instructions of relative in
New Jerwy and Pennsylvania us to final
Mr. Rhue was found dead In a Bitting
iMisture at hi home on a farm two and
i half mile north of Amarllln MondrtV
afternoon. Inuuest by Juatice of the
iVaeo C. O. l-iindl rcaultcd In a rr
diet to the effect that death canvt from
natural causes.
Mr. Rhue was 11 yenrs old, and hid
l-en a sufferer from heart and atom
a.h trouble. ,
I nlfurma Have Arrived. '
A dnsen neat gra uniforms for
Amarllln ls.ln club hav JmJL?
CHi are of the same color at t auoT
with ml trimming. ks ar.ti .
white. Across the front of Uh7sE. '2
, ..ii".iiii w-cre dtuiaiMi k- :,
Icirach rttTh,...BrLW...11
ryinrt "

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