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I VOL XII. NO. 58. Associated Press s Leased Wire Service.
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With its capacity undetermined the Gulf well is pumping away Whether or not larger tubing will be installed to test the flow ;
keeping up the pace of production without reducing the head of oil. i has not been announced.
The most that has been determined by 24-hour run is that , fcr the past 2S years Texas oil discoveries have been steadily
two-inch tubing could not effect the head, was forecast when
swabbing failed to reduce the standing fluid below 809 feet, oil field
veterans claim.
Report from tha well is that from S o'clock Thursday afternoon
to t o'clock Friday morning the pump averaged six barrels an hour
on 18 strokes per minute. Speeding up, to 24 strokes a minute, an
average of eight barrels an hour was made. But neither speed
showed lowering of the head.
The best that can be expected of a two-inch pump', making al
lowance for the fiveighths sucker rod inside, and on 18 strokes to
the minute, is 180 barrels a day according to Lou Williams, a driller
of 30 years' experience.
There was approximately 180 barrels of oil in the tank at the j
end of the first 24 hours corresponding very closely with Williams j
estimate. The claim of two-inch pipe being capable of pumping j
500 barrels in 24 hours on 18 strokes to the minute, is an overeiti-1
A whiskey still was seized on the old Vineyard place south of Claude
pushed from the Gulf coast to the Northwest. First it was Beau- j Thursday. A complete outfit hidden a way in a bank was found, according
mont, then Ranger and Wichita Falls, and now it is the Panhandle. ,lo County Attorney A. S. Stalling!, of Armstrong County in the city Friday.
Interest ha. shifted from cne fieU to another following new dis Md . connccljon with lhe bootleggin enter-
coveries, and no.e of the new fields has promised as big in possi I , r . . ,,, ,, .
bilities as the new Amariilo field. Pe Though a good equipment, a very poor quality of booze was manufac-
Before the finding of oil, the greatest gas field, noi only of "- according to the judgment of Attorney Stalling. One of Amarillo'f
Texas but of the world was disclosed. Search for the origin of the indicted bootleggers visited the Armstrong County distillery Friday of last
wmm s)icvwt wwav; vecu in nvicn vtvi tin--b jmwm j WCCKf 11 Mm CalU
Hole after hole has been drilled through the tufted pUins. Gas 1 Tne liquor taken in the last raid on the Alamo rooming house was ex
set free from its ages-old imprisonment has been the result. Weird j J C-JJ-,. ,:.L - v!.w ftf Armno wl.-iUr nr nor it wm nf th Arm-
strong County brew. Experts are of the opinion the Alamo liquor is a bet
ter grade than is manufactured in Armstrong County.
noises of escaping gas has awakened the echoes on the Panhandle
Plains since drilling began. Though the gases bore evidence of
cil in close proximity, not until the sinking of Culf Well No. 2 was
the source found. Gulf No. 2 has now taken its place in history
as the discovery well of the Amariilo field.
That oil deposits comparable in quantity to the known gas, lie in
mate, accordin to Williams.
To test the capacity of tha Culf well, largersixed tubing than is tn Puddle structures is the confirmed belief of oil men. That
now used will have to be installed, was the statement of an oil j tru .r-cture has been found and proven, assures activity
man returned from the well late Friday evening. It can as easily j operators that those familiar with the field in all its aspects,
be a 1,000 barrel well, as a 300-barrel well, this man said so far as confidently txlieve result in the most sensational oil surprises Texas
the two-inch piping demonstrates, and though conservative, hU h" y 'ven the world.
claimed the 1,000-barrel figure as a fair estimate. Panhandle's first well comes in at a time that will tend to redeem
The two-inch pipe failed to lower the waU," was the statement J a falling off of production in the North Central Texas oil fields,
f Sid O'Keefe upon return from the field late in the evening. The daily average of the North Central field is reported 7,500 bar
"TUa ra mitnnSna- . lull ArvrirV rflftrriArffin ftkel
CHICAGO, April 29. (By Associated Press)-Everetl A. Hard
ing, who introduced himself as President Harding's confidential
secretary and who took a oartr of Dromincot Chicasoans to Wash
Tho well was Dumping at full capacity, discharging the same ! rels less than a week ago. With a daily average output of 207,250 ; inwion in r for introduction to "Cousin Warren." was
quantity of oil each stroke, and it certainly is a real well," said Lon barrels a week ago, only 159.W.O barrels are now reported, lluik ( jnd;ctej tKy fcy the federal grand jury on a charge of imperson
Sellars upon arrival in the city after his first trip to the well since
production began.
"She's a well and a good one," was the comment of W. H. Whit
ington, after seeing for himself the pump in actual operation.
A night shift kept the pump going last night and another shift
will keep it in operation today. By noon the second tank is ex
pected to be completed so that pumping may be continued without
interruption till the two tanks with a total capacity of 1,000 barrels to the part it will play in holding Texas in second place, or possibly
are filled. : t,vn? the Lone Str State first place in production.
would Avororo
burnett and dtephens County I if ids snowing the greater part i tinJf a tovernmef,t official,
the falling off.
TV. MmrrU nrnilurlmn if iulrBlum fnr K tnilxl Sff wis i Tin- lmll lin.'hl fiirlli- r iliun.l Mm I wofhiNl tr lux i..inliml..n ! lwll..n
the greatest for any one month ever recorded, the output being ;
40,202,000 brrc!i. California with an output of 10,382,000 was
first Texas output was 9,672,000. Naturally, attention of the
country is attracted to the new Amariilo field with speculation as '
with "nwiiinlnv iiiiiI mii ihIIhk Ir, I Aftr On- Iriniiif itrntli ti. n hi k h l
!n rciifiil. nil ,1 iiNxluiiiiil Hr.'i:iiy ohi In mii iflvffi lh rmlwHV rumpiiny
Ihi' .i.hIi. nl i.f tin- 1'nlliil Hliilin." It fT II In liiivmi'fit (it h" prhiilf
nit r. turnnl l f"ii' fuli iul Jiiilu r:ir' ri-1 hi n.l imihIimI "not miffl' U-til
(.c.n l.i T. I'iiki-. funiln." Ill irifl fullimi-.l itml lulrr
lliirillntr rirxl Mllnn tiil iilti'Mllnii ilur- hu l hII k'I In hnvp tirfil i ril iwrr
Inti lh M'i'llinthil miiiMilM. In that ' MifiitM I tui t Uv ten iluhrilii u uli'lm tit
hiiI hr I winl In Itt v iiitiixlurnl 'i unilv (nr i I kiiimn h Hip I lit nl
lilmu'lf In inn n y ri piililli mi li'iuli-K h ! I? !( Oiuilv I'm ixunHnn,
IihIh tini nli wer rfturmd ljf lh
Km nil jury Krlilny nKilimt lo Aninrllki
nifn ilmrKinir Ihr htiM'Ing aflj rvhltill
Inf i if k giiiiilitliMi lulil" itnil hnnk (nr
tin- iiii'imi ( KanihliiiB.
:iih ri' M-rvi-il wilh rnnt i'f
i-iml In Ihn Mi-in'Miti', anil hnl) ''
flxH m 1.1 500 anil into). Tlw r'nl'llii
oiilfil, In mill In Iiiivi- hrii limlulM In
nil Amariilo lnillilln. '
K. Jolinwm m tlo liH'ludnd ' In 'lh
Imi of Ihi'w Imlli lii liy m Km lid Jury
Kridny. Jnh'niMiM ' In charki'd wllh bur
liUry. Ilia Imiut waa fixi-4 at fl.000, In
ili fiiull i if uhlih hi- in In Jnll.
till It III MIVKSH 1101 NFS
rl.l;ill l:i:. Tia. April ?1 Four
I UKilii liniiwa '' ir M llriilly lira
1 1 1, Ml ,y fi-- of unknown nrlain hi
II i.'i Im k IihLiv. T)i liwa will rfarh
iiMiiilnl t'Z.M'it rnil la 'larllv niviirnl ly
iiihiiiani o. ri tlrlnnii with nfftaii nvf
i tin- nlmra ul 111 nml 1 1 J' Chnmlirt
I Hlnil hIh auffi'iftl Iihuhm.
KANSAS CITY, April 29. (By Associated Press) Police to
night began to round up all known radicals in the city. Announce
ment was made that the raid was a precautionary measure in con
nection with possible radical disturbances here May 1.. Inflamma
tory phamnlets have been scattered widely in Kansas City and
Kansas Cty, Kansas, where the packing houses are located, au
thorities said.
CHiCACO, April 29. (By Associated Press) The railway em
ployes fighting wage reduction before the railroad labor board to
day declared temporary difficulties of the present should not be
shouldered off on the employes in wage reductions.
1 UiKnlliiliH Atkril
j Thi' fliliilirLiI m i (oniuini vn of tha
r.tilrouilM in l In' nut
Th' only wiini In inmniliy trll.uluty j.nKlmir. L'tfrlhT niinr mnp uf, t'AMIIKK HHtHU WI.Y UUMt:l.
Amaiillu Ili a anullii'HKt ft lh i My liifniiiiiitinii ahowlna t MKra4iy, water ftf dald Vnm.
i W. I!. 4 i ku. HiiiN i lni. iiil.nl of tin. Imli a nml nihi l Infirt niatl. n. In iri i WirillTA KAI. IM, Tfxaa, April M.
ttiiti r ilrii iiui-nl of tin' Rinlii To naiil ' iimilun of iik prnimnnl muii. Cli ttii aim-1 Two m'-n nnrt n wiannn lmtol tha Imnk
uil.l ill,, i iiv t'.iiniiiiHiii.in r ri.liiy nlnhi. '"' I'""' 'vl i'i' r m-'iil . luiiimn. nkliihnmu. afteH ahmitlnc
, ., , 1 iiI.im.I In fin iiInIi Ifvola nml olhi r iliiln ' nml aniinua'y wnuinlllig lha raahlt-r aar
I,,,,,, Hn.nvi.-ii In lull, ..ml .on- ,,,, ,, 1( WiH,,, ,. , ly rr.liy miw,n. r.nllnr to word
iliiulnn In n ni'i thtti-cii ily illni tlnn la ly , ,,,, B)M(,0 nfrm(1,(lin inn ,iKh-t rn-i lvwl lirn hy I'nhc Thief Huff. Th
mm of tin- lilitKi-at nml. run mill wtilcr j n ii .il niulni'i r wmikl wunl. anil Ih--' ritA ra inmlo thi-lr e-n.M In a road.
Iljrlla In Urn woi lil. iln lmi l tin- rullrini't rullri.ln ami rlly -o -kin tiiUhk hi Bi t ! di r.
nuin. Win ii Anwiillln niiiki a mianifo- i'-' "- i.m. n.ni-.r .. ..n. . (
mi.nl. In t. l ui.l.r ri.mi I lw. M-lt tli.r.- u ' 'l. th.mulil fliKK. Ilnclnii r lf i
will im Ioiiku- l- iiiii-Mii.li IiIhhiI lu r i Afc-rii-.l lih t St. n.u ll iil.llily of I'licn'n ,
ttni.r Mipiih. ami mil II Mir il'. thi ri , I'1""- '
Hill r .,ii.-li.-ii ..f Huh i lty ImxIiiK auf- I 1'il'My Ilu1i.-il.il that if Hn' rilv I
fii i.nt wuUT. a.ii'1 CI. Kit. ""al-l- t.i B'l al.r In-ni iiuir-liv;
I "i hlii y mulit tlo- tl.il att fnrjVX' lln. I,.- hux n iiomiI In nmkp. Iml
-oni.iiltiiii.in Mllh tin- ritv ruiiunlitiiloii I " lnlititl hr.t hm .lan are.
May Tla l it Khlpitlnf.
WAHIIIMITti.V, April A (i-nernl
Hi- up of i-ll Kliiiiliiii at Ainerlt-an porta
i-x.f)t ii llti- tinnt Iwtki-a nn Mny 1,
tiiM-ir. iiiniiin. nt tunlulit, after ntiri
I l:i I ion it ltw. in the ahliplni( lionril,
MimiiimIop nuiicra nnd iimrlno wnrkers
Ai-r- iit lli-il ul
tm I Jl tf wmA roada isVva-fofAment within
i net .... - ' : ' .. j UiimIi In fh lit fun iit.il l.y w. Jt-tt
the past ten years but if any community wishes to retain its prestige , l) k ,v,t,iiiiiiM f.-r tin- niiiuiiy un
it must continue to develop its roads,- said E. E. Jackson, secretary j m... ti... -umi . m. ,i ii.k,,i n, .i.
It liwti .. w w r , I IIiiik aim k lailli'H ln.lii'iil.it i a mill IiiIm-
of the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce at a tfinner given i ,,,,.,.
to the boosters from Colorado Springs last night at the Amariilo J I.. oi,-n,..n ;.i,,n, i for ti.,. K,..ta
j frV ailKai ati-il that x in.i' Mi . l.im K
Hotel. I i-onlil i-fli r wiiin- Mii:ui-Ml.iii fur tin- ho.
In timkliiB thla lour, v.hlrh will luivei Mr. Jm kaon fnM f the ailventnna of ; tnti.-n of tin- preat-nt i-r.-l-l. nm. II.- in
.k it.. iwmr. ..nil nrmvl Ihr. Amur o l"lt til now in' rauroniia. witn niiiiiiai
... ... . , ,i i .-IN-lillinx fH n. l.i III.IIIIH...I..I rinn.i .
men tti aee Ihnt the I'nliH-utl.i to tlnlf ... ' ..., , , . ... K iwitil P
i cliiii.-i : i .1 l-y tin- i iniili.i . li.-n Hi. It
tt lull IIIIII lllil'-.l til I1.TIHI ftlHl Ollll. Ml-
ljui. lt liiiiiiiill it.-lv i luii ki iI Hi.' Simla
'i 1 1. un. I with a-kliiK i nt-h n in lli 'in
uml rti.il.it that it tin- limit put into
iff.-. I Hi.- piiH.w. ii'..n.iiilrM. tli. ir l.i
mr i-'.hi wihiI.I he nil il.-uii nml the
inl(. .-:il-- of n-K w'iiiiM lie r-ilu.i.l
IVMK TI II ON t inrti.K
laated fiftyen d:iya ly the lime we rent
home, nml we will have dilven uvi-r 1,
0n inll-a. there wi-re three thlna whit h j hlhwny wna piv.p rly tnai ko!. Il ,
proinpti.1 ua. the flrat wna In promota atrmmil the fm-t that Inti-reat In llila
IC.hhI rimila. the ae-nnd ! promote Ki""t -m,t hhw.iy Ima ai.lwl.l.il to anme t-1 I
t nt. mninly ihrnunh me run mat n
Ml- tilt J.lt7. .'. '"'II in inH-IM.ll K
hotela. and Inal hut not l.-aat. to an-vi-rtlao
the I'lki-a Teak rt-nlon of Cnl.
(talurdiy ami Nun
day, g.neritlly full'.
I'. H. Hepirlinen of tcrkullure,
Wralliir tlure4ii.
T'liil-nitiili- h-'lira ill Ainailllii
a. in tl II f''
7 a. m N"o" J
ll.M 4! I l. m .
s a. in :.; t p. in
I a. in " I'-
lllflievt r lerihiy In HI.
J. 4.1.
Illsliel rlerilay, SI.
I .ewe I, 4S.
Iliimldlly IW
haa neir l-'ii proMTh- markiil.
The iMMiaii t did not arrive In the eltjr
Unlit H:t0 "Vim k. nr one hour unit u
half lute, iiwliia; M the d.'!ny of the
ii ly their cre n fi w Amariilo ien
pit tn wt'te me them.
Joe I.. I'm, prealditl at the dinner.
InlereatltiB liilka Wire nuide hy It. C.
rtnrnea, prmldrnl of lhe Culormlo
Hpilniia fhrniila-r tif t'ninmeive: t'nunty
JwUo Itay r. Johnann anil W. It. Katea.
Mr. Iturn.n tld a lillmle to th ronil
In rnttr iniinty. nml he anmiiinri-d
thil IiikIiIi- of II !I1I th.-ie woi.l.l I
in inilin nt h ird nut f in- 1'inl itloiiK the
liwrlal tn THe Nrl
SALT I.AKK TITV. flih. April :' -
I'lltlX llll'.-ll th It III I'tHI -IliVl- III Ilk. I
lr i 'Imii IhIiik" ih" lM iikiiIim fi r ill--Itr.-wir.
ni-i- thin ?mi nlfairn e. il pm
iliii.m In tlit Millard I'.iinitv i. .ti
vol nl iin-inliiiiioly at n rii'i-iil m.i tlt'i;
I.. i -I lh. ll aiiil nKaln thi y ur Th
an in- Hi. Will V.I.' Illl-inUl if tin
Mid nmiki'ilnic nHM lutii ii if thi- 11 ih
I'liKT Wt.llTII. Ti-xaa. Apill :.
Sim I oi l wan iti.li. I' d l-y tin- T.ttr.mt
r.iiintk'ianil Jury lit.- Una att-'t iim-ii
on il rh.iip" of iiiI-Ih-iv with III ll- of
fit a rma. IL- I .'i.l'H'il tin' Inihit
Ilii nt tn li.. Im ii 1 1 1. i I K iiti d III the
lii.'.ilup i-l I'. II. I'.fMi-v. i alu.-r of tin-T-n
it oil I'.i.lfi.- t ill.'ii hrii' "i-i'l
'", ni;.'. In Im h 1 1 mill m ohl.iliii-d.
wllh ii on m titatixm uf I In- t nulliitrlnit
il.min in-, if Hi- lint-' dirf.-nnl lull-' !" If' "i't nlid Im Uiliiil n nmiiM
imilx n iit.-ntiK in Ain.iilllo. Only W.i' Inlii.iiion pn-Jiila l.ili Iv.
I'. I l.-KM of tin- S.llit.l Ki' Kill pl''i III ,
It wii not i-.-iiv . iiii nl f-r n-pri m iila-I
llv. i.f ihi- l:. k Iflaiid ami Kui I Wh th ;
K ieni-r to l- iii-hiiI on thi- date a-l. i
luit II mm iiiiiimini lit tiny will nt ti lull
llll'-tll-l Ilil'ltlllU
X I. 1-'. a illl iiKiiin r, nml l. t". I
I'liililv. who i.nri- hail ii proiHiMil U f.ii.,
Ihr a ii v to l.rlni; In wnt.-r wr- ii-itt .
Will ilnnliir nml .I.. I'i'iitii-r, will)
iliilli-m. iiii-I T. II. Kl.iuvlit" r. nwner of
th.' Sl.nn.li. r mm h fn ni whl h he
i lalma Aln.ii llln ran la anppllrtl Willi,
wiil.r. win- iiIh.1 in a Hi in l.i in'. J. It.1
Il.llll l olliprlw ll Ihr ill t.K.ltlull of " III
in Int.-ri iii-d in th- wiiti-r nlliint.il '
pr-M nt 1
W It. I'liri i xpl.tlniil It at nol
wti"l nn-. It i-li i.ii M nt Unit h
h i. I ii fi.i itiiiti. il nml 1 1 "" i iitli n In 'X
ti ml I i Ainiii illo. for tin- S-itit'i I V It
n If h in imi. It iiiih-iI h ii nn. I In In
ti-imt.-.l wi'h t In ritv in arriirinu an
n.l-ii it.- w.t. i iiinih. Mi 'iK;.'"tl"ii '
wa lti.it a. tl-n t- wii.-l a litl. r watrr
hu T. n I.- inPbit'd l.y r- a nt.itiveu
..f th-' 'litf. ii t iilmi.lv i.'i.l Hi etif
I'liililv I. an rrnnily r tin in. I from llii Innl Im.ii iiUiii.I mil ii a reaillt (if Ilia
iifiiml of Ilii' t-mplnyra to aerepl a IS
H-r lent wife nihil tlmi.
ri!lf'Ki. April i'ii.-tii-oi-Ki
I'm l lM had 11. ..1 h -Hitl of thi
pi. lit'lii"ii ni t llll In w.i l.ii'iiL-lit
Ufi.i. f.li-nil Jmlii. K M. I.iinlti
-Liv on it ihiii tu uf iiiiiiiiif.ii tin-. nir
I'll-I' vhlk. y 111. fltM Inf-'l ma
il, ii ii In thi' Hi . lit linn initio lit to
tl- I .ml. IiiM of th- ii.i.iittA mini-
fl'.'lll tin Jlilcr.
Wliauat.' tin HM-niMn'd
pliol'-f t Xl lillllill "Von runt
i-inlti- Mki'V imv mini 7 '
-.V . ," l Ih Jinlu'r. ' It'-i HKaltiit
tin l.nv."
"Vmi i kl.l.llMi mr," mid the
pi -iniT.
' Why. I nr. u:i uIhiuI Oil atill In
my in nMiK-i-, AJInnlk Narodiiwy,
uml I luiy urn- In a at. to. und tha
mini t.-lla mr Imw tu urn- It. and my
d.M pt any i almulil drink to net
will, uml rvi-iybody ut my houna
Innkrit hiH'li h "
.lu.li;.. IjunlU mm,iii..I the hear.
Im; tn nil-. i tiim for the own-
tr of Hi- n. whI'mi r und the manu
Im tin. r of thi' atill. .
ti i ii,.ir i,;..,u,.v in I'iiII.t St.il I iiitn lni. HI l.iM pm'. tin- rlilai
Hi;- lint'. . . ... l vn.i .l. i.l i.f nnnljiine f than a inllllmi t nniN ol
Iiv III I'l.lorn.l.i Spliliua la-mat!.
Till' Vlnllrm will Irave Ammllln tmlaV
int tin n'rlmk. nn. I will aM-nd tniKht '
In ruyton. X. M.
m-i frnin tin- !" I h'lXltii; IhhI Ih i n
ri.mpli ti il. It I i xtH- .'d that m l nut'.
will lhe If.'O iikikn tatl'Hi minilii-r l
I Imi. k In till Vi'.ii- p'l I'll, nlwi numt
a nm C tin X.v.n i ti... I .,f Hi. C-.il.ira.l.. St.rltiira Krtiw.r win irium -i i.. . ni.Ti.un in.-
IVV t.fnliira...SS ! KJ j a..I,,.,.I,I.- S.-ii.l.lhty T.mr a: , -lan laM y.nr w III a. II th. i. . . o,. on .
W.I t.m Pm tin S- i' ' .. W. M.i.kMi.M. laptaln if tin-tiir I mt-ilive l...i. mionlMir t f.
ll'imlilllv . .......II t IMmhoII. thnrman of the nt lali.m
rrifd! aaioitU. HI rltiudj. ' CXINTIXt'Ll) OX PA-JU TWO ' t-xmiiHe tonmnitw.
El smm
mm m am
COWLING CREF.N, Mo., April 29. (By Associated Press)-Koy
Hammonds, a 19-y ear-old negro, under ten year penitentiary sent
ence for attempted assault cn a M-year-old white girl was hanged and deputies in charge of the negro, who was on his way to prison.
to a tree on the Bowling Green road two miles west, shortly be
fore 8 o'clock tonight by a mob, which broke into the office of tha
railroad station here and overpowered Sheriff Charles P. Moore

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