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r v.i
J. K. NI'NN .......
J. !. MNN...4...
, .(Irficral Manage!
, .Managing Kditor
Editorial Depitrimi'tit 4TI
Duilnvta Hff. t3
lit Wvat Fifth mrn-l
Only Morning Nrwapupir In the
Amartlln Country. Covet the I'mirum
dla of Trxaa, Kaatcrn New Mexico,
Southern Colorado and Wcatern nkUrm
ma from twelve to twcniv four h"iii
In advance of la-nvcr. illa. Koit
Worth. Oklahoma Citv ami ctlirr pa
per carrying Icligraplili.' iliaimuina.
f.nK-rru a viuhi.im nwtiier mi xne
t...t. .... i ....... il.. n-...,. ,,.,a. .. 1 1.. 1
Act of March 3. 17.
In . Tvs.ua, Oklahoma. Colorado
antl New Mexico,
1 Month I .To
t Month li to
I Month It on
1 Year IT. o
lMlvred by cairlor In Auiai'illo aainc
t Month '1
I Month I? !'
C Months II .
l.Year I" '
Tha Aaaoctatrd iTeaa U exclusively
entitled to the ue fr reniilli-ain of
all new diajiati'hca rreditrd to In or not
tthorwlae credited In thia pamT ami
ataa othrr lirnl newa published herein.
All rlohl of publication i.f arocbl
diapatrhc herein ait alt renrrved.
F pea. lal Aaaoctated ITtae Wire
mm tiik tvoKUt si ii v.ha
Anil the wrld wnt in-ai-c. while.'
the tMtlitklana are haggling over tho
kln4. thada or comWilon of iH'are that
lll be beat for the people. J
In recent editorial paragraph thej
Browawood Bulletin aaya: "Japancaa
-witen want peace. Amnican womrn .
want peace. Brltlah women ant e.t-e. j
French women want !-. Italian worn
en want peace. Oiwk women want peace.
rullah women ant pea re. For It la the 1 r
Women who Buffer moat In time of war." , Amanllo will on lr In the uUiUt of
Thla edllorial wrttr could have extend- "Mr ' irrttcet oil flelda In tlia
ed the llet of the womrn of thenrld. aoconllng to the ronflitcnt oil
Itatlona of the earth until all of foiwama of thi aho aie In the beat
them were Included, and
that al.vnt '
would have exprraaed the number of
the wumen who are longing for urceaae
of aorrow. the fruit of war.
Our own country daalrea twce men
and women alike are In line for the
Mt-aatnga of eace, hut thry are denied '
the fulteat meaaureo of It through the la again to lr intrrriipted for another
fa-t that the 41lirUna are not aura a, in r.f deaaiatlin by war The at:ite
aa to the parthular lirand of oae that if affaire aenma the ml la veYy un
la beat fur them. Thai la to aay the pol-! nl-le. and there munt ! mm h work
I tit Una of thia and other countries of acciaiiplnahd bcfe "alia well." uxor
the earth. It might be ronalderod a trm , there,
porarj , a paMre race under one a
arkeme of the other, and ao the dream , The atatrmrnt ia made that Cullan
of the wmrld bring enduring peai-. K. Thomaa will la- a candidate fur t.
there u a heaiUncy. lut Ihe day will 1 Kenate to rhailea A. TuIN nrnn,
ctawe for peace-time will develop a ) , Imt I hat he h not atatrd up to niw.
tern, one whereby aoe of a permanent J Vrha thW I a ahuwing of m-t. Ft;
ort will bo uahered In.
There nxay I an Imperfect appllca-'
tioa or working if the a. heme f. a
time, juat aa the machinery of an auto-
bite la atiff and unwieldy In tba be-,
lnnlng. It huina and whlrra aa It gTtalihrl..r tax." That i not a great ronx
Ita bearlnga lubricated and the rough J ;Jiment. but H'a letter tf. r (W-raanyt
4area worn n a trifle. 8e It la with I to no -yea" at all. fir 0 ruinly ihera
every new law. There waa a time when a bachelor tt coming In the- atw
the entire world knew that prohiUtion mn of a negative muionar to the "pro
cf the aale ef akohulir Iwveraava would 1 inwaI."
never be effective. But It la effective. ( n ,
and la growing ateadtly more ao with j Flag Iy lom-i June Mth. and Ama
the paaaaga of time. Peace machinery. r:io cit.ien. alxonkl n.a f..re that on
allhvugb aaanewhat ohettnate In the be- that dy the Natanal t'ol. ra trunt la
ginning, will glvo reaulta aa It lxim rtllu4 m,, f.ag and mure i-.a .. ra
lore acruatomeal to the Uaka to which t;n ,4 ih.. mltir. aM. ,t,,n.imu tt tin
It apithva.
Tho wwld
WUI have it
eoaverted or
la banging f' aace. and ;
wVn Ihe politiriana ara (
eliminated (
WHhrajt d-arr to he unkind. eai ki.
ly tmeie who uar tb-lr lt ffat tn
gixe the people the new a, it la a f art
that mane retarta are much oveHaar.
The cwrrreik.ndt-nt rralitra that hla
atury 'muat rlut h and h4d Inureat. f
kbr attarteo arc to go over, and thia lead
to prrveraloa of tact diatm-ttiana ne.
Urea aid autlxarlaxal by dieting
The following, taken from the Fort
Worth llecord U a oaae In point. U
lutrative of lb evil iT Ihe urge of ik
atre to "iday up" a rtia-y to "put It
Xewtair cajtreaaaxJ. nta and pub
licity agenta for apecial Intervota work
ed overtime aefiding out b!o"d curdling
ntaterlal eonceraing the alW-ged lauul
kattka fwugttt bttweea the ao)U.eri and
the atrtktng mi net in Meat Virginta
and Kentucky. They waa-ked ao ferxe
rtoualy and aa I4ud4hlrtediy that be
edi tuurf the luiUW-a'.ajrlr Journal
fired thia a4 at them. The piocheta
Of the Tug I liver Va'hjr In la-
more IJ1 tnuv d than the outUwe.
WtikW o aaylr g a gml teal ' Acontd
Ing to the taameprtHVrit and the puln
Hetty agenta there were hundreda ,4
aaea armed with machine gun and
rifle and automatic Hti4e In the op
yawing rwinpa. f r Week thry filled the
aky with aonJie alid the thurdt-rmg of
their guaa rexrrla rated ar-a,nd the
aorld. After the d- xr t7 aee lit In '
the tn-ea ir aa the mountain rrag the
andrrlakera found two dtd ttv n and
tta atltgiaMie oe pidixldual auffaftrg
from gwnxl Wound. If the rxtf rrim
dttita and the uUait) ir rtt bt kiaa
a ehred id truth Ihe rtt urat markaOM-n
In the Wta-Wt are the mountaineer m.n
ara in T'nrw anj Krrtu- ky. and
the gwanta at.d autniaat gunnaHt are
aadlv tu we-d if a otitic ua target prac
ttce." A caa-T. t ran. f1at of What rofty
4t4 aacair m ilo ni"M tti-ltrt pn - -
ably migM am hate fotnd Ha way Into,
tha rrlagtapru.- d.l-! hea. hut what!
Waaultt ha -e beeo taa aURereWce Ttie
raoratf iatxiUr K-aU) woul
ae - - aufuwH aa t!ef
iwt-re, ami
1 amplitude
Umo Would h-ivc laan
r tragedy wiiiM'nt ii.,
Amtillht Ik tin building HI' li I Hoy
Scot Ionia. She lt iMacttd '
jat.v where l i li w hundred to more
ll.iin it I hi uaiml. Ihe niitiiU-r I" I- no-
'mnllim to the "pinali" ilt Into the
1 inivi.il' by tluae vvho tire In h:i rv
( ll'r movement.
Cxccllllvc Hi in V N't-alilgi' alalia tlmt
tin lux mi' iimlilyuv' I't Ihr wk (
llio Snuil. niul tlii'ii there will U' il
jo'iitlci- if taiulpnuiit Mo atatca thai
one of Ihe Hung very Wily mnl.'l l
n awtmmlhg a'l. " Vllmilll" In I" t fit
.,,,. Miff,
u"'' u 1 " " ""
i limo In wuli r, fur tin-
.laiya to limn to lin. iiml rnjoy Hi"
atrr Hi.iirtn. Hi- hia tnolr wmr iii--
tiK.ttlon In nmiiii In n Mill) a c-i'l if
n'lffu li iit I'lff. niul l m t li" Ilni-'l t"
iliinU that tin- rnU'iinH- l nil., llii r
li, n-li
A f ' M'.ii'n .in" I'l AtMiiill" i mm -mi
nt wxa nll.ii"l (of Hi" ill ti'li'i'iio iit
"f an tut r ) tlmt wmil'l lnl to tli"
ll lI'llKllllO'llt I'f II JHH'I, I'llt till' Worlil
Wiir laino on. ami imi tin' ni.itlri ttit
li .''miI In iliil'lN'l lliilil I.'Liv. iiii'l
wl'l riiiiiiln In till 'i"li.li' nut'litum
until im'iiii' mr fi'iiiut w ii h mifll' I' lit In
! r-t In tli.- nmiiii; t)n to tiiki'
ttlrlHM loa llli' Work Im lilt lit t
I'VtlliK tho mt lli llio.
Till rity liii" l'i li! e niiinlir if Imii
who nil' 111. I t lnitiliiK In'" to "wini.
Tin y Inav Imt iitvt .ixii lx oil llir "ill
Uiiul." it 'i'l if li") '"i. II" v li"Ul'l lul
l. ilnihtl tin- I'lt'lliKi' 'f tin li'l.
mi hiNilthlul n it oi'i'lii-Htii'ii. The tout
! r of 'i o iilnitf tlwa inunniniit fir
tin' rl'inil i"l m r7t.iin for tin- rltv an
H tthuli', alioulil it 'i iv i' alliiilii.il. I
a matter t Imt lli- l a -ili.
it y tt pi'i urliiif It for the i lillilien.
Ilutnliiilx i f ! aiv ilnniniii it t
rnre the thine t" Hli h Ivy are nor
mally rntitleil. Thry a-e wiaklng on lhi
pii'er ileveli emetit of their mimla mill
txliea. and are drtermimil to make of
thi inaelvca tilUi-na of the higher and
l tier t .e, and If It I prnviMe to o
itnerM. thry ahouKI ml U denied
the faiilitiea Imuleiil to U-m ieulta In
I'liymtal and inenttl linlnlng.
I- ltli to km. Irt It U hoiirU tltat
the rity may be in piMitton tu aili
!i4uatrl foir with tho attuiition ahin
It arrtvra.
Juat now It la a oiMntli-n whi lln r the
work of r habllltatien In the old win Id
Jnualtty ratiar ahv with -litii ian
An eeu.ne atat.ie ffcrmany did imt
my a .uili.g l.rid. . It waa
like a citlaen marrying lit aviMit the'
bour In the li.tnvat it Aineiti-anj.-m.
jstote new in the reiiiT la a rrg.
ular mit of the reader- inter at. The
atorta trx.it ailxrtaf win out. while
other lo- out!
Mr. IKaiMi laann t., hae attraitid a
great ibal of attnilliai. ixan If he did
no gd by rva.axn of hla ht of ijuxa-
T1xar who hax-e Uxrd ba-g mjiiy of
tba nt, diaUre that hard Work I the
ia. nl 4 thi ir ntlnuaj tliturc on th
The f!a- luxe a Ud f-r ynu gel them
firt. for tmy are a i alal. tit aa Will aa
la atlferou.
If there are tn- wh'i lalaxr that
Ain.trlllo i not aifr-'ntel with a water
jw.JJetn au h ahi ukl ia-.ault with May.
rt Mart a i.J Mhei meiiila ra i f tin- City
Ciauniiaait n.
I -n't t Juat aafjl the Way tornir
are lalng nominated by the iTuH
fightet In Slleata? It'a ! Ud.
11 ua n-tiHtiila-r the !.!!! gime
la-twern the l4arUn and Kiwanian
)inly. Kry taut InxcaP-d goea to a
aorthv laiiae.
Mwe wb-r la idaj In Anmlllo. and
wa and iwani through whnh it may 1
' pn-xiihal ate la trig cranbreal
in 1 tatjtge ! tta affaua of tha
V beat thia tr la ah.aiiii: rilt of
piirr pn laiia'eai of th-- Urid Into
W I a h thr laaal Wai ilril!. 'I 1.- ai
rat urn la eraultirg in (a- wheat.
Amanllo did h'Oaif pi id on Mimo
Hal ,r J f.ar't la"
tt the ha la 1 of piatir.g your ttome
eaaomunity -it ha no .' in if
It' ay to know whit a wions with
i,'e eimr Ml-' lar atait aaoaelxiaT
Might wr I.- ia orncg?
Tea. It ara ax a ram Juat brba-e It la
l'ntiHT Iv,
Ui.- t ou any (av (14
I ' ' '-f
$ 0v i T ' V
,r? '"V , i i 7aifTaf ' '
P? AMnriattd fin.
I'll AKIjOTTi:. N. '.. June t Ai initl
iiintily ten hoiim.i, ritt n null em
:il)ea In I'll 11I1 ltt nnil Ann.iMlia xxe.it
n trike titax tn rnt at airilnut W:ie
xdi.'itn ia The .ni! iil,i 1 1. n I
"nileialnil to litxe Imi-ii hIhuiI 3.i ir
Forty fixe M.irrled Hurliig Mj.v.
ThelV Weir ffltvflX'e HOllTluee lli-en-
'a IkkuhI lix- I'otinly i'I.ik I'liti-mn
tiling '.Jt, t? le.Mldlnr p-emHa in.o-.i
. t'itv I n- tr II. It. Ji m nnil
trr wne t In t.i Uiiha In the
t ilut I:. the lui'iltli.
The axeiui: if in.1rii.1ge liivim Ik-
l.vit nra one ano ooe hvlf a div uinl
'Ulitx nelk I'lttioan I" well plena. I
with the mull mi-iiml naMiiil fur M.iv.
tf 1 th -r mi iuli" ir.i'." aa Knxl nh'-wing.
'40 airtii'lia xv ill luixe In-ill autlwiil' I
t U- i1t.11 in I in I'fttiT cunty dur
ing i!rt . ,
I'lty l'il .Lin a nl'i Well
lcai.l wiin t;- !ii.xx 11. s In low- l uiM-i-c
f"r the nil-nth and hiixmg two cot
tugxa Hie Ktart fel w.irrnniid In i fin
nine aa inanv next i.il.m. (,.e June
a theie will la- iii.n ri.iifv Inana a.
11 h aie iiiimo I. nth thHti bullillnf
a-r-nlta irvml f.-r May. Health titfl
nr Walker i. jiiatifi.sl t... In aaurtng
n-e tatlea than either in.xiriig.a cr
nUling la-rinlta ir June.
u.i m vin-i: noK
freial la The Na
TI I.IA. T.x June t Kx.ry buat
i m In ton n waa i ! a, fn in ! 3n p. in.
'n 4 3" p. m t-'l'ix. In i-i'kr tn attend
Hie mi mortal iiimwh uixi-n by the!
meihaii legion. In memory if ifl
run f the Wotld W ar, the 5nlh-;
Vmerown and the fix II War. Short
talk were made bx- i. II. Cultirtl. Hi V.
Wiiiett and Kev Sirmg. "In rlimh ra J
Hi Id ' wa f'-ad by M.a Kry. mid after j
-, aoio l.x- Mia Wnff.ird a prtaa-aalon
i4 forme I. hemb d t.y the latnd and
l.efci'-n !. whnh piaieda In thej
uttcurv, when- the gravce werv da-o-j
Nealr Trial Mart.
The trial ia I:. I.. rSeale 1 hatgial
. xth lh f' of a luantity of t-Uan-M
, it an me ,i ,ti air ia on in iiiaw ti-t j
lilt, thr u.y Wa oiaile up ami -xi-
Iji-mv IntiaaPiital Wi-lni-ilav ami the
jiaai- wi.l la a.ntinuid t-aliv. iHfrn- :
,.int iMi-nal a i'l. a of mt gulltv and;
Li -.l..i .1... 1 ... ....ij
j-' ' " .iiv iwiiti.! ii rii".-ii'i"i
ei.tenn- in ma- if ...nxl.tl. ti. Hugh
I. I'liil.tiiira ia uttoint v f.j. f. iwl-.nt
Jl out ' 1 it ro ally we'd like t'
, kano what a iMtlun toiNer aaa a hew
he nrMf Kid fee a ia garaje, alt'
I wr't) slsai htar I' be In rarvii-4 alien
' a (titeaai rarpettlrr gita an eaaimale on
; aamtiti' hra baaiae. aomaa) Hrver
baa a Very gnad time Wnb-aat aJae'a
1I1 1 tit 4
berter than an oaa areuoa
1r "vrTr-'
'Ik 'A
Hanson Post Plans
Business Meeting
for Next Tuesday
Ibmai'ii Iwt Anirilinn 1 .1 thin, will
! fid a Limine inii tina m t Tma.liiy
xii'lng. IJ. i:. Km port 1 1'liiiininil.T.
nnnniinri'd tVednel:iy.
Theie will It- 110 id fuuli' I'l.l'-r f
I lixliiera f.'i' the tini-til'i; Imt It la ex
"liitiil the jH'Ht meiia-ra will tike ui
the matter .-f i4itnlnlng n h nn.in-.it 1
ri.r lima n lNat. ,
Mr. Kild WialneailuV Unit pl.ina
xer IhIiir nm.le for a x.i'iil'iitn to
I '-'iMile a hmne for the l-enm here
but until aani'o ili finlte pri greaa l..i i
lull iil.nl'- the I'l.m will not la. putt
I 1 ly iinmnimrd.
IVrtnll In ItulU
Jun. at.irtial off with thtee li'iililmg
larinita. Onn e.na ! C K. tlrecn fir
1 iiie-c-intf.o bull'ting at Tn Tuvku
Mint, "no xx ia ti W. V. I'tt- rlxo h
tor a f 3 am 1. anli lire at tin.' North
Taylor h'tna-t and Klljah Momli-y xx.ia
ui'ttiorli-d to en -t a ll..ii n'aulenrc
it 4rta Xonh Ijinoln Muat.
It ilUInt IVrmll Total i;u.r,;B.
l'i. tv .xi n building permit a nc.-ie-citing
U3.e?n, wen- laatinl l y the rity
1 Innaa par during May. The Hx eiugo
pi lie M r tmilitllig waa t '.' .xIh. A liirgv
a r ient of them wine for t.in J.i.i'ito.
11 1
tta-ohl to The Newt
Tl tTMC.VKI. X. M.. June t.-Thc
lii .tt r;ii. a tmin of :inl ll"lla p-ihe
! thio'igli here from lniaii.i ii!l-y
CalifnTii 1 tialax going In e'lal- i n mar
;;.il . Ad hea w.y thilt TiH"i i-ne XX III
I cuNal through Tin unimii eoi I n
a iii Vollrx . Thl ci' ea a i tin
I at'ia to i:iiiaol buailo-aa fur tin- loin
itig week.
iim TWiNb mt iiiijiiis.
Br Aaaaeialrd rrraa.
I'LAKKXlmX. T' ra. Juno t - A Mil
for taxing Cliin-ndmi Un ln-loia wa
I nil after mmh ilia-ii"on at the
"Snati" hiM laat night at the Chrpx
tlan Churi-li. The in-cting waa very In
'riitlng Ma well a ediinitlnnat.
Vahhiirn liela foawl ICaln.
WASItnt'UX. Ti xa June I. A g.aal
r-ir. fill hire t-umiay. aim runnel in
the Vbinltv aay a good wheat rrop la
'. r-" " j
mi aaaund. JUny fanini m ar hire
Ihia-Hbing their fall roxv er.a,.a
j - -
I l"'-' T Heoa.
1 WA Kill II B.V
TeX 1. .Iillie
I -Mr
ha rc
1ll"W4li Milling. ! xx H-H'ili 11. paa re-
' t'ltntal Ion,, afti-r wVei-il XXei k III the
i h'ei'l'al ilui lng wbli h h'e ia-eex'.-.l treat
lint Pa- 11 auioua i-jm of piifiliimnl-i.
J 1 Ilia wife, who haa iilao laen in the hot-
ll"W4id St'illng
f W ii'SI'in n.
I Ilia Wile, will naa Ilia" laen 111 uie
I pltal. I alao greatly Improved.
j a.V T TIIK l lY
j "Swut the fly and aavo the UibH-a"
1 1 the flog m the city In al'h ib'iirtim nt
aaka coh and every a---aon In Amarlllo
t-t adopt ti'kiy in ta.oii.rti'in wrh me
"jt th- flv" t an.iialgii which fi-rmalty
i.ilia HalMV all'l.wi" li'llll'Hie oa if
ai.k li ning Willi II time the ln-nllh la-
lairtiiM nt will lV a taninty ia: cent
t .,'ijM fi t all il"U'l f li- tin mil In at
I it office.
1 I'uatet urging th'' diatrUtlon of
' l,r li-a-HC sia-fi-ding flv Wit illalrlh
nil. I In all latrta of the city yeaiord.iy
l x n,e.,lara of the ItoV K i'llta. A t'lt't.
f 1". iai .alra Wa dlatrilnilial TIh-
!iat ra laar Uie plvture of a baby with
Ma 1.1 k arrangial tn II out Stf
apiaatl. "Swal the fly and nave my
life." 'Itableg or KIH-a" la the heading ,
of the l-.atrr which al" baa a picture
..f flv with a human killl fi a head
City lni.alor I Hike haa aiaai liil plana
f.- an Inti rt atlng feature In connectl in
,with "Swat the Hi" week which be
kwplng aeT-l until later In the wk.
,11,. aaxa. however, that excrxiaatv In
marlllo will la- coiivliig a flvawalter
on the ilar he h ia a-beted to try out
hla -xliinl."
While actixe culoiatlcll f a Hie b
Hum tha irf' Ihe fly n t'i laal ia.lv a
,week It la Ihe lb aire id health off k la I
that Ihe awaiting n ait in no all aiimiiKV I
(Vanlineaa ia augf-atitt aa una a? I ha
.htat meant of exterminating flka.
1 Mi-nil xia n' Ihe Kixxiinia 11 ml l.lfii
I'liiha xxill In. Ill it .! O'l una Unit amne
) i-vi'niiiit in t xxia'k t" diacuH the mad
i f Ini'i'eiiNing ami I ni'-..xln Am 11 III' 'a
I ix.iIit aupi-lv nod the
: llU'h M h "'I I'lill'llllK.
nnil if n new I
Thia xxna ilai I :
I I'd Mt thl- ll klll-ll Illl'ltlllC llf till Ivl. '
n,, , ,h(. ..Vty Mmiw-1
v. ,..t . . .. I
Till Kixv;ilim Club llliK-tiaai i theae 1
Miattira in Ha una t.mi Wi-iliiemUv. to.:
iB. 'her will, the l.i.v 8i "U mnvrment.
the Muni, lii.l I. . ml. and th
n nt of ini.oi :i I'aik. the latter auli-1
jii ta being Imti i:ht la fi re the liiih by1
I. 11. 'iin :Wi The 1 lull lui-iiilicra adopt-1
mI the Tom Son na-" iltv I'louiiun -which
Imii'ilea 1.:, g.ia. llVeat'iik and j
igili ulturi.
Hlief till. XX in- t'lai mail" In t he i
r,'a:lnic I'V S. Jf-iea. Clnxla UinUn I
mil Klvurilan; I v. A. J. Cildwcll. A. K. ;
l.iinilk'i . iirem v mui Tlntctrl' nt f'M'j
l ho Vn'loinl Klilellte Life Inauninec,
iaiin..iiiy nt So ii City, l-t.: Deorsc K. !
Uodaiy .m'l Clmtli-a U lin. i;ta
rliina. Tin- tutti r xxele nia-ued by their
Klxxaninn li'wtH if laing tuiaeball apiea.
I'iiiul pi 111 xvi-ie illai-iiaaial fT the
Ibitiu tin Klaiinmn lutxa IhiII game which
i to la- pl-iyial r rl lay aftermain. The
Klw-iitihr. will imet l 4 iMrt Frtd.ty
ufjee-ini-n, nt the .i ng Bell Lumber
i-Kii'imny xx hen- tin y xxill don their unl
forma in pn pm .it ton fur Uie t"M.
Km-1 . iinnii nt nt Hi" nul ling Win
fiii.ti hid ly Mlaa Kithninc I'lttui.ni.
xxlm aing aixeial aobw. She waa lie
I'luiKinlcil by Mia Uiur.i Mac McAl-
.-Ipeclal In The New!
1 Tl CI'M:.l:l. X. M. Juno t. Mmp.
'nt.'l I iy xv.ia filtlng'y ra o-l.filial here
Vi'ii.liix. I'iftei-n hundred ao.ie ua
1 aa tut It-it In tin- I'nioii Tala-inailo for
I ii-xi. tiuili r miapli-ea of the Ano-rl
1. 111 l.i gnu. Till liniiirl'a Mi,'iy of
l'i. ', 1 a xii llmii'iilat" f-r Hie lie
1 uinnilc. A iMia'b' nlino-t a lull" l"H
j folloxM-.l tie' la-ci mi ami 'aniil tu Sunny
, ' Ir H i. ei i x xx In re the pifgraiii wa
i i '.in 1 n'l .I.
i li.iih .il M Ui..l..i'l ti-lilli liNyeil Tu
i'iiiinuil In tin- nftt-rmaiii with a more
of .1 ti In 1 1. or 'l Tiiciiiiiiiiii.
II ti. A J I'in-a if CJillIre". Ti xa.
la in th" iltv ti!'iy dn bualitPH.
" 1
I t Aaeia'Ml Pi
NKW V.iiI:K. June I .- l-'ui llo i- fu ll
ing tialiv of litaity 311 T ia-iii tnx
. m, niartv M'l'IW IliU'l
,,f Ihit ta.-nie ib.xx 11 tn kli 1 1
..untatcn In tln-lr hlntory.
i.rea.niH a lot loa in I
luht of hii lailnt.
exempt hla rt v la.nila fiHiiU the aice
the loweat
That f gure
tllcte la.nila
xer night of i-a aint. .
Hr AunrUilrg 1'r.a.
ii!:T Wii:TII. June l-Citlle
heex-ea IJiait, al-a kn $' f)01i 4.S";
'oxxa t;' l'.i; 4i .'..Jii; hiilev ) IMiH0n;
eauiii-i a l imi'i X.me I.uIIh II Vnt S.J3;
II. imii a . n: xi-mlmi: t."..ui Till.
. Iiklil 7 .'-n'.i 7 .'i"i; iimiIIiiiii I7!'i
im nl l.7''4i 7 S'i; 1 iiiiiiihmi la. 11O I
'i ' '.,. b-.ivv u oi'Vj 1; J."i; rough ''
r.'m; . ;a I j Oil! 7. Till.
Sli"l l.'iii.Jia ti.fM7 '; xt'lllilig
II noil , mi; xx. ih'ia I3.r.nti 4 nl; i-wm
j.:.in-n il-' i.mi ? no.
D) Aanriair4 I'riaa.
CI I It A:i . line l.-r-i lie II. mat
ltat.it. v.'liihl laa f at'ir. atendv; tilli-
rra It in : t- wn : t.p I'M"; bulk i aa
IK;."i: iiU'ehor nil- i-l-a-k. Ici'la. aak
eia and I" -k ra al.aolv. bulk f tl taiwa
and h lima IT. a.'itia ?; imnn'-r and cut.
r a.4 :'iailv J.7.".a 3.7'.; bulk bull
l r.i.1. :. T'i; imIxc t- higher, bulk
x-er 't i it k ..;:
Iliua. K.mMi; ! xx ; laa-nlng atenily to
I Or bUhi-; calve an ail) ti I.m- l"W-r
Dim yi i.ti rday'a ax rage. T'-p ;;
1 nlk IT T.'.' X 11; pin alnaig In l'
I II. lor; hulk ll'it A.
tiap tl.'ioo; atetdv In 2V higher;
iVrn lauiti t ni U; California aM-lnga
fll ir.; hulk native aprtnga lll.natl t J ;
M'U.tvna wrltnrt liua. awa lop $l.i.
bulk H4Zi.
NKW VuKK. J I I ilinu thil
I i nd Mil i'. mini um fi iiin h:ul
! I. en ill ... .in, l,. nml .hit the ii'i'i hid
tii'i'te U'Cer 'i n' N vlnre I In nilil'll
f I'lili'- V muni, i hlefly ii'hiiiii,iIi'
I r ill i Iiiii n in tin r it I "ii inirkit hin
' !.. IMlIhi n"hii.t a II off t"Vip SS.iin.niM lucheln during the bit
II. IT iiml li-e.1 :, 2. Mi with tin 1.1 nor. I ,,,.,. jirgi-y ii a leault. the lve of
I liln kit 1 1'-rl'iK an iilv
Kit lie
; "i. f p tn :i m im.
Til urn ki t xx:i iittlel lit tin ttiltln'l
ith' tll" Una llllae'tlial, f, h pill e.l I'l'
, ing thi" Minia tnxxei' to fin M.nt
llilgl'M-, uinl afP'r kiiii little Inegu
'l.nitv . iillrlna Ihi .line inure m tivc
i t ff.iinita Wiie pielly xvi II uIihui'm il
iini'lml IJ.r.j for 1 a loin r iiml (Ulee
I h M fnlrlx- rti iiily during l!ie mliMIc ol
' 1 lie :.'. bill 1'i'oki' mure all irply In the
!'ic Ir.olinu wh II there WMa 11 linivy
w.'Metn iiml Im il liiuililitl hi. H'lithi'iti
III ill xx.in iila i in Hie at tlmea dm log
the llliy lllld towi-M I'll.ea niAile Juat la
ir 11' the 1I1 a., with July arlling nt l.'.T:
mil liic. at I Vi'. 111 l.ln re.nilina
f alamt Hi tn 4t .i Intu from hlifh lev
el of lnle liat veik. Two moio pli
V;ltO crop lel'Oita xx-ei'e Imiih il la'fore thi
oiii'iiliig. 1 no of them unking Ihe mil
Mlii'i I nml th - dt'tvr.lat' In iii-ie.iMi
S' nt ant with 1111 Imtiiatial crop 'of
7.3.'.il.fi'iii In T.Mln iinii Kill The i thei
lining the ci ll'lltl HI nt tiS.H unit tbi
..di'tn n In in'reiige nt ITS with a in i
KUgk-eatloil of alaiut g IHlll.lXlO lutli a. XX 10
haa IniMiah lh:in the mi-nig.- of leccnt
Ilellif Hut tin- ii'fi li-iil iminovei'
.'tine lite mnviiaa liJiinnim'a gov
ei'iniient IT I MHt xxna intuit' lliat xxia'k
xx ia 'i ' im tnl by the fuvoiahli. wia-Kly
njairt IT the XX out her bureau. Com
pl;ilnta tll:lt lain nre now tienlial wcii
j rei-elvial from a.-ine aia tiona of the licit
I ut moat tiwd'-i conimential 11 1 h hi pre
I viiilmg iimjitti.na aa a.iliaf:irl"iy ovel
j ilmoat the entire South. Thc'ci'iiililloi
a port t'liiii'ioriaixx will i-oniimie w ith a
i'inlitli'ii of i'.; 4 of l.ial your, wliii h wa
the loxxcat tn ra-on unit a ten ymi
iveiage i f T6.7. According In !.''
.nktia the in.iiUe line rxiM-cta a con
t.liin of Let Willi & mid finiaToxx
lid the axi-i.iav of tin eluht privan
1 mlitli 11 flguiia pnl'liklnal la ti' ii. Ot
lie nvti.igo llnao ii i"ita imiImi to a rc
'" ,lo, '
l'r cent.
NKW OUI.KANH. Juno 1. Improve
ncnt In xxemhi-r and crop romhtloiit
1 it the ccttiin lil.ll k. I luxver tialli)
xn'i't tlmt iluiim; the aiiirne of tin
iH-nluu lull pil'i-a xxeto I In 3 w nt
nghi r In iiaionae to 11 aoiuctx hut Ih'I
M- l.lxuaai mm kit than due. I in
.iii-.'l.ili ly urtn- the lull, a wtirving ten
1 ncy ilt-vi'loiMal nml It viu In cxiilence
1 the cloac. I.nle u the day the iiiimi
ntixe inoiilha xxeii- If In ra point un
:i-i the i.irl pilica of yeateiday mid tin
I a. x-. 11a at ml Iim-b of It lo !'i
July hi t trailed ua biiili 11 a IJ.iO
nil ill In I IM ami 1 lowal nl 12.31.
Mori- or lea -tiling xxaa cauwd lx
ul li'Viam friin Kngiand atiiting tlmt
i-ntlim mill wurktra had aguln r-fuaiil
to conaiili-r wage n-iliu lion nml by to
tort liniii the Curolinaa telling ti lling
t atilkoa among niton mill In thai
v I'tl'.n. The lieux lift ai lllng. Iioxvevor,
ill!til fioiil the weekly crop uiattUlltr
uy the Koxi'i iiim nt xxiili h wem la-ltei
than eTiwctcil ut.d In.lhuiiil ttuil the
uii txiia making gmnl prog.vaa In mini
h i tiona. ,
The vtaultiT ltia;t waa nmnliloi'iil
III lily fiiyo ral'lo iH-iuiiai' ( the warm
"iitlier pri'Viiillr.g oxer the licit, with
"lily (iMttl-rial hhoxxcra In the xxet"Hi
v It white lil'latllle la maal'd In aouir
,-.i-i U"li but limaalm-aa waa cuuaial by
the warning of 11 tioplciil iliaiurliaiict'
In the ti ihxxcMci n CuitlUnn rka.
aiMi-iii ntlv bi .'iilial i.orth fir the tiulf
1 1 Mero.
llf Aaanrlated ltr.
Nl;W OKI.KAN'S. June I. Kough
rice 110 ilia; riaaipla d.n'i.'i a,n ka; mill
i-ia reci-lpla a.ime. Chan rice aalea
hl iMakot J.iMtncc nl I J'i3':
CM in. kit lllue I :.. at I 3 Oil 3 4.
ieiin li'e iccelpr xhi laH-ket. I '.ran
ml 'll-!i uuciiiingi'il.
i H eriatiil I'rra.
I xi:w vtillK. June I. Tim market
I ti l" 1 1 f fia- flit 11 It a tial.iy waa loixi r IHI
1 lit r liiillilatioii of old lung ma-nunta
In Ho- aliaom e of mix- mMiiaiit il
1 main, t I'winir prnaa wcie xxiinnt tan
II' Itlico lailllta of ttie I0W1 t. Tlv
1 ii.nrkel opi'iiH at n ilia line of In
I. alnta nml eolil II to 17 Hiima net
!i tr 011 the tn tlx e iiiontha with Hep-
. '1 Hilar lunching H.fll and cloaing at
1. 1.4 bid. The general market i-i-
tl al a mi ilia III f I 3tn l Mlnat.
tl'ly ti. Se-iteinla-r .!; Ihlnla r li.7:
la-ia-ni'a r " W; Jami'iiy 7.l; Man It
7.1H; May 72. Sm'? coffee w.a re
t nl fed III linaleritlo ib-mand at B
l'-r I:lo 7 and ti I 1 4c fur KnnPat 4
I'nrt Mmniiiiil
Mid. Itia-i-lpta. Kale.
N'ew (n l-'in 11.75 1.410 47S
:. Ixi atfiii Il.an .3"l 67?
M.llo 1 1 on :
Mavanonh 1 1 S fi
Wilmington It.M 72
Xcrfnlk II M T? :i
lioNii-n 12.1 I'
rhdii'l-li'Mx .... J
New 5'mk i:ft
Total li-lny II.4M
Total fur wiak .. 7.I7
Total for at a ami . . 1,011.771
Inlerli r Mnvrmcrl
Mid. Ilecelptt. galea.
Ilonatin Il.4 .M M
Metophl 11.75 tM l.rft
Aug'iHla II.S5 ar. 77
HI. Lmila II 75
Atlanta 11.45
Little flock II tO 40 7
Tltia 11 ra) ?!
Total today 11,111
SKYflOCKET 116111
Br Aialt'i Trim.
I Clllt'Ai:i, Juno l.-Wllh liell tit no
,r. .ive if old a hi it left In the I'nlted
j Utaiea yiillo nui'i'ly, wheat. Iradera
iKiuppliil IihIhv with an aulluaMV ahow
'!' Ilint the alxe of the new winter Uop
Ilia iln-urli'd .iKv.lMMt bimheK per-
ihe July delivery I'f wheat here mud
1 akynakrt flight lialiy, anriaaaliig
my pi. x luua iiii'tntl'ti f-r July thia
aeaaf n.
The ai-ma for the day waa rcni-hed
I II.ST'i. Juat 9 unta above yiat.-r.
ii a iloalng f'gure. rw ain-ciilatora
iM-nrial to havit Ihe lindllliaal In tltko
in tin- liinr aid- of the in'irket. and In
he abacm-e of atii ti opiaialtlon tuicea
in M of the time wore buoyant diaiplta
1 goal dial of profit tuking by loiiga.
i;vportiia and mil. ia give algna of
n'loorn ii to thr npiMi'ciit clii tiillmcnt
f I'IimIiiiIIoii. TIio nop liunuae Indi
"iti'l. ililefly In ihe Hmilhwiat Ima
hi 11 due in u rich I d' Kiev M aln .rinal
CIIICAtiti. June I. -Wheal for fututf
k'llxcrleii Jiiiiih-iI up nine wnla :t
i.tiHitcl tialay. July coniriiita rvmhlng
the hlghrat pi lie yet thia artiaon. II.JT'i
big cut In Die rati 11111 dil yield l)f th'
H:i hurxcat of winter wheat auppllt I
'lull of the liniatUK thai hoitiaJ vnl
ao. The market ibaw-d with July
1 1. 3? to 91 .3? a : up 'c tu I 3-4n com.
'iiiaal to ycatci'il.iy'a tlnth. Corn gain
at I THc to !ic. laita I I iv tu Pic
.ml provlaloiia S'jc to 3)c.
i-Mliiintca tiunle pub'liiy by one, of t!n
a at know n exM'i ta In the cyjntiy
cut the winlx'i' iid Hi M'oUi!dy 4',,
jeii.000 bunhelN. 0 falling off of :9.0iK,
mm fro.ii llu- totnl whlitt May I. Wa
the lliillmted nuloonic.
Another lircumalJince that favvi'ed
the bull xua the fact Hint ulthougt
iiii vimtlug tin la gun ut f ir lulih .u
(kliihouiu. hiuVitig in xolume luul up
.miciitb etUI bia 1 withlii'M. wiicn-a
.xjmil I'liyli'g for d'-ferri-xl nhlinnent
xvaa a lli;lit' iilng Influence un valui a-
C "i n, nml oat diviioiHil atrengtii
xxith vxlie.'it. I'll nuii'ixa In hog valuva
I 1 laal pnivlaii'll.
Br AeMxIatid I'm.
WAMIIXHTiiN'. June I. Warm, ami
tdilny wonlhcr which prevalbal IhiHiugli
out moat of the cutton Mt enbleI ho
nop to in ike aatlafactory prog-.' Unr
imr I lie week, nil hi nigh In -nia localb
'ra it wttai ct eiieal la ra"'' tit tally
ii-ir iimiiIiiIiiii ti v nut tonal wet titer and
.ion ri'ianl liiilny ahowial. Vh. ilTt
fhowtal great improvement In llu- aotilli
nat. notaldv In liii-igta. where lal.' ra
I'l.inted t-t 4 ion I n tti-rinliciti'd very
xcll. ui'd In North Curolliia. where tho
1 In ill a have i.tt.iwii up In b It-1 ta-lor
ml a'nml after much exploring. In
l:i 1101 1 lux i "ti l n pxnilni of tnv la It.
tic ii a rt aa.'l planting la i.Im u' tin
lahial aid g-rmlimtl'll aai.'fat tuy,
hilo gial alx t- 'o waa reported Ir-nii
lo cei.iral lai iio,
Conal leial'l .a xil a tlvllv w.ia re
initial hi Al.iuoiiii. (iiangia arl SouMi
t i rolinu.
It) AMorlatcd I'rral.
NKW Ytd'.K, June 1 . ttlnir t nrbea
tor tail ton acod oil tialny f' ve I tho
riti;th In giain nml further .o 1 ia-.-n
li-iiw blixing due tn tlo- 1lglitic
if ki lit hern irinic. Klnal p.-"va xxir,"
cooi-.aliv fixe In twelve p lom nigittr
nlc '.atti l ariiia. piiine rnii! ! Wi;
1 Ml; prime milium r yellow a.t nonil
t.al; July 7 47; Si ploml.-r T.f; t)ec,m-
a t- 7.!l. all bid.
I - Aaenrialrd l'ra.
NKW YOltK. June l.-4'olkm giaala
xven. ateady tidny Willi ImiU iuh t.
'arna rhowed little or lin cliioge. Tliu
Ilcivkim-e of buycta In the market
vna luri,ir limn ua lal. H.t dtnwnd
for unii't 'iir and hoah ry ia:.rtlnued
ateady. A larger coiifidi'iice In wmd
gteal. valuea wa expreaaitl in coiiae
Hioiire of On' new larltf Liw now III
if fiat. V-r't
,i:w Yt'llK. June .The raw augur
imrki-t waa tinaeltled lil.iy. bul In the
in In oaalcry limb r llli-rciiatal olfelinga
f fn-e duly augar Tluro wcr? atlea
ailv of ll.r.mi b.iga of full duty augar
it 3 Mo. t. I. f . c unl to 5.S.1 (or cell-lr-.fiiK"l.
T.f'Hii Uiga ii I'orto lllcoa and
.70 logo of t'ula a i x aiore. at .5 for
telili lfugnl. M'l I a! till' iife 3 d'HI Iwg
or pnrto lllco'a ao d 1 1 ii'uil t' t'
t-utrifiignl. The dialer lenilcroy ta the
aiait iiuuket UA to lio roaaed aclllng
mtaaure In nw augur fultinjH, with
nrb-ea a lllnt lino nrw low groun I for
the inovimetil. t-balng ill the fctwint of
the diy or from tJ In ! I " nil a ml low
el, Jul.' dialing I't 3;t. Keptemlar 3.21.
-unl laa imla r S ' I. all bid. " '
No iKaiigea -a 01 rd In r'f'a-d l'
g'tf. with flue grimiliial IpiKal rt frntn
sn 'a .nn. Kef im il fuiiii'- wn enalcr
fnlliiv.lng Hie iball.i" In lana.'ftm' i-li.
Ing pi loot wen- a to SO point net
lower. Klnal bid"; .Ju'y..75, Augu'ai and
Si pl. tnla-r .5.ini.l nHoWt.ll.
WICHITA. K'un . June'l.-ll t,. Jjiae
market ne owcr; lo. T.iot7.li; 4MI
callk-: market, atrgily . weak: beef
terra IS.r.iin i na; r, hrifera,
1J0i.mi: Miaker ami f a- lor I3.5H
47.53; ati k i-ow m:mI h -lfei- lj.5f
5.75; bulla I. talff 1 im ; ralvea t3.:il7 in
nalhart Slack Ta'im M irkf'.
KAXHAH. CITT. Juno I T!te limb
Live Hti'k roinmlaalon romiatbv add
liatay for Mlnter llrtilhera of tntlliart
Tcaa, S head of fanry yearling ateei
at f.Bft a hundrtal. The eat 1 1- aver
aged tit pound. They trrnua'd Ih -ir
own era llit.lft a head. They ara the
top cuttle from Teiaa on thr nmikut
bvra tuibtjr.
com s

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