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2. E. NUNS Publisher
J. Ik KC'NN... tliuwral Maaacer
JOB L. POPE.. hlaaacinr twine
Xdttortal tVpartmont.. 4TI
feuslnew Oftlc ..........Ill
. Ul West Fifth Street -
Only Morning Newspaper In the
AaiartH Cvuatry, Cover th psnhan
61 4 Ttxaa, ttstar &ew Mrvico,
rknithero Colored and Western Oklaho
ma tram twxwe to twsatytour boar
In advanc of Drnvcr, ISxllss, trt
iVrwta, Oklahoma CMy sad ottier p
r carrying. WlegTapUo dtstiatcbea
tetsrc s acocd-cUa matter at ts
pot oft to at Amanita, Texas, under th
Act of March I. lit.
! Tun tUahoa-.a. Colorado
and New Mexico,
I mmui I .:
t Month I! 10
Months .14 ;
1 fr .17. I
j a I
Delivered by carrier la AmarUlo same
a bov
. .
1 MMiak
Moraha t!.:S I
Months 14 h '
I Taar $
Tfca AaaocUtad Preaa la tflut-ly '
entitled ta tha Mea for republlraUon of
II rf dtapmarket credited U in or mt
rtharvlaa rradited In thia paper and
a too (Khar hwal new a publiahed het!n.
AO riM
of t pedal
pacUl Aaaoclated Preaa lae4 Wire
. Borrk-.
It nay aouad parullar t aay that tha
Monotony of farm Ufa la driving tha
boya and tirla from tha runtl dlatrfc ta. i
nd yat thla la axa-tly tha fart.
TbI fart vaa oli-ed In a rerrnt
aptach by Ctdooel tinnier Kolka, hvfnra
rontaranra of tha National Child Xa
ber Cornmlttea In Milwaukee. 04imel
rolka It tfco-preaident of the nmmlitea
and cacrrtary of tha New York Chart
tie Aid MaodaUon. Ho haa mvntly re
turned from Kuropa whera he haa Iwrn
kalpiaf to organ U tha new child wri
ter program of tha American lied
Cross, and la aprrlaliM In matter per
taining; to young Ufa.
"It I U farm population that la aav
taf Europe, and It la the farm popula
tion that muat a lan prgarrv Amark.
for farming la tha haata of our prtaprr
Ity." declared Colonel Folka Three
atat amenta ar worthy of the graveat
cwaldaraUona Tbey carry with Uiem
fuadaawataj facta and w may not with
Impvnlty Ignora thera. That tha young
poopki aav been leaving tha farm at
to great a rate, la generally acknowl
dged. and It to also apparent that tha
U tamer ta of Colonel Folks ar found
d ta tacts.
n went on ta contraat tha problema
that tar tha European fanner with
warranting th men of hi own
ary. "Thera." b aald. "they need
s4 and toola. They have the
mad and they bar th labor. In Amer
lea thay bar all th naceeaary suppllea
Sat Implement, but tbey ar losing the
hay and girl who ahould oonatltut the
futur faming claaa Juat at th ag of
Utr greaUet potenUoa nacfulneaa.'4
' "Th young' people ar deserting
tha country for two reason." added
Colonel FoUa -monotony and Urk of
." ZNsaiasing th former cause,
at on: There to Utile stimulus In
t Uf a It ta lived In most places
! tncsntlT for th ambitious, or la
miration tor those who feel the Impulse
to now and big things. It seems Uk an
r-re wring round of monotonous
drndgary calculated to kill just those
sail tie that make youth valuable to
th race."
8 advocated TlUUsatioa of th
ehonl as on remedy for this tUsrast.
octorlng that th teaching should be
hronght Into touch with th children's
nvtosnsMnt, ahould deal more with th
Eaetora that make their natty existence,
and las with Ua history and geography
( distant agw and lands. "City peopi
DM4 too much." be assarted. -Farm-or
spend too UtUa particularly on thsir
children." '
It Is declared by sUUatickjia that the
by romen from th farms. This Is sc " . "'luw-ten. to demand y.
conntad for In th fact that th houe- "T1 ru,r vk Ux mn th
lr of Storms aimiedumvar. ' SI!-, SIL
M, f -tortalmnent. amument Ltntft a.,., n" "T"""
storelopsaent that comes to members ,.f " " "''u Mo- rt Jrour "ur- of
their set Bring m the town, and cltle.i,OVr ,hkb,"k" r. t ihe vlt Is
of th country. They have no sU..UM
taa the monotony of their daily
routines of drudgery. Thrir ham ..ti.
vlronnrnt i not conducive to cheerful-
nes. Tbey ar overworked by reason
of sack of cosvemeoces, and under this I
perpetual grind and strain, they g to
ptoces, sadly. Thia brings them into the
MtAtm ftlafltlit.tfia f. . .... . .
- .,,w niffiytiij m- ' ' - - .ii--ii. rainer niiae .
capaduted in number that ar nothing lh'n ,hr "! "one over." Voter ar '
hort uf alarming. t last realising that their indifferent-
Ther la no grounds for wonder there- '0,"'', " "'tr' misuke. They are
for, that th young and amhutou of u,'n "r attention their in
U country ar seeking the diversion ! lv"Ju'1 resp-sisiirtllty in connection
me unan cocnraunilH-a They seek to
soap th fste of their elders, they want
something better. They sre entitled to
something better, and If they ar to
M . . ...
continue, as they, under proper condl-
Mono should, on th farms, they must
This brings th thinker to th que.
tlon: How does this problem ff-x mT
lt affects vry man and woman, every
hoy and girl In a very material. In a very 01 ln" soul destroying poiimn. and sec.
direct sense. There Is no getting sway!or,- ,h her are thus who contrl
from 1U Th broad fraternity of ha-1 bui ,0 rrlmal a.inm of the firet
snanlty Include ua all. and It matters ' individuals through supplying
not that man may Toe a banker, mer-i ,0 ,r'he f. their wans. It Is diffl
chant or what not. he is related to th I cult '" "vslne by what mode of res
of all wealth, which e a saris of
land declare la farming produc-
noa on ta farm. It. therefore, follows,
gta aTrsea the night the day. or as does
th shadow th substance, that to make
th Unacr nor prosptrtfus. to U m-j
cress iIm prosperity of society at a
a hoi.
1 1 . ... . i r .
I 4 lit eii ine inrmrr w ne-iw wiiii'
. . . . . . . i . ii
lory living rondiisma io mass imwuit
program that Will Interval th child
mi and keep them alth profit and con
tcntment on the (arm, la lha duty snJ
Ihe privilege of every class, engaged In
ether lines, according to their several
Into th perpetual night of tha Mind
haw In-n projected ra of light and j
happiness through I hp activities of Miss
Winifred ll.lt and tho Committee for
lighthouses for tho Mind. Fiw of us
know Miss Hold, and that shs has for
tha pant fifteen years devoted her Ufa
UMva.-rve.tr tit the task of ovcrcsnlng
in as fu'l measure as iswsthU-, the hand- j
hap if tho blind f tha Cnlled 8tatcs
It I Mid of Miss 1 1. vlt that rim the
outbreak if the World War she. ha
given u yesi d personal service
' jeaiw m ieriiria
abroad tu the direction of the activities
jof the tVminiltr fur Men Bllndi-d In
i Ratlin In rYam-a and tha Amehran
-ajntniitee fr llollnc IttlUn 1'Utid in
Tht wiirii la on that rnunt aiixl to
huw"v Tha
t'ommlttteo for
UirhihiMiara fur tha Itlind l n-milarly I
cig.inUrd and ilmrten-d and liwa at Ita
hett men of untiumUolied standing: ;
Chairman. Kmnklin I). ltorvrlt. fi r-!
mer Aeiuut (trtary of the Ny. I
lreaut-r, I.ria U CUrke, tenlnt of I
the Amrrv aa Kichange Niitional lnk;
honnrary treaxurrr, Anrtiew V. Mellon, I
sevrt-l.iry of the I'nltrd Stales tieasury. 1
Alteody the orcanlt-itlon has attini t-'
ed the attention of 1'nanlent and Ml '
H.tr.linis rth Die 1'reaiilent and hia 1
a if have met Miea Holt and some of
the viunt iIks whoee "d.iys ar datk
nrM." Ta clJvf executive haa shown
de Interest in the Lighthouse and I
Mr Harding ha been photgraihed In
i-omimny auk those aho "s not. even
at ninUy.
In that dny ahen the eym of
blind see. and th ears of the douf ar
unstopiied. thi'ss a ho ar giving their
Uvea to the noble a-ork of making light
er of the burdens of their fellow beings
who ha this terrible handicap, a III
undoubtedly hear the welcome: "Itlesa
ed are cr As th beloved teacher of th
Justy celebrated Helen Keller talked,
aang. saw and beard for her prolog,
so has Miss Holt given of her multiplied
eyesight to the blind in horn she has
manifested audi a great interest It la
Indeed a worthy work.
"Fi-iiNu M).lKos, of mop its:
Oh. you delinquents under th Feder
al Income tag law!
Tou certainly have a day of sorrow
coming. Next month th government
will send out Its flying squadrons
for th "mopping up" of delinquents.
Three' squadrons ar made up of th
lroven invincible men who ar famed
fur "bringing home the bacon.' It may
be that you ar ' hard cooked, but it la
Intimated that this rharnrfrrlstic will
n4 "get you anywhere." for our bo
loved fntl Kamuel. apecialltei on such
definite tactit hlmsef. so Jou"ve got a
backdown coming to you. If you'v gono
Into th air!
'hen It comes to "cutting Ice,'' taes
diamond ioiat specialiau of tho Fder
si government will be found to he "sit
ting g"d." They are to be sent out for
no other purpos than to get results.
Tbey have all the authority In th world,
snd a "mer man" will find defense in
only one thing: "Honest to goodness
straight from the shoulder facts." Sub
terfuges in the far of th "flying
squadrons- a m be leas availing as a re
sistant force, than a "feather in a whirl
alnd." The men who ar to be eperlaTly com
missioned to anlre in ith "flying
squadrons ' are experts. They are scien
tific accountant, they have had much
ckrlial exiertenr. they ar able to "se
through" sll propositions presented to
them. The tad Is that under their cn
missions they will have the right to
"shave down" the oqu covering aur
rounding facts to eu h a degree that It
becomes transrent.
J , In the light of the determination of
j l"n le 8am to dig into your private af
, rlr. tu dissever tho reasons ahy you
' """"" wm WK 'Pl
those h make )ment U tween now
and July 1st.
" I
lt ' sumption that the men!
." "'", "ut 'or ofios within a rea-j
"',,, ncrt time. f)r election some.'
h"t m"r" lb" esr hence, a re des-'
tltll d til till. ik-M . I
wnn sum matter, and they have had :
a "change of heart." I
fftatment are not Infrequently hmrd
. I to the effect that new corn whisky la
"us,'le In this n-nnnunity at am-h and i
u h !" This sutemrnt. or . hrse-1
!r '' sut-ment reveals two deplorshl;
lmtJm r that ther are those who
' " unfitly engaged In th rrunuru-tur j
soning a man I aM to justify hi se.
"oris when through his dirept of
law. he encnursgea. a.l and stwts law.
leesnct l' pun-hasing a ridui-t thit
is nrt jierniittcd by law- to be maiiutar-
I ' a
. A I smsm nam a gam ssbsBj a
If Anerlsttd hm,
i:ll.V Utiva. June :i Millions of
dollars In reoily ensh r Kolng to Kn
glnh. (Iinimn and InittJi firms fimn
the Italtlc stales iMaum. of the ulunt
unl'llevable linfamitlHlit' of even the
larirest American firms with forelirn
traiUng conditions, and even geogra
phy, say American heie,
linens of big orders for which cash
was actually la the. Unks in New York
have been lost because of what Aiuert
tan reia-eseutaslvea In the Italllc. slates
term absolute stupidity.
"It is lime." said one of these Amerl
tana In Klga who haa had to puti-e
many orders r (lermany and In Kng
tand a hen ans-rlca could have hud
them." that th hvada. of American
re Hi what the aulordtnie In chaise
of their . foreign traiUng deai tinents
are doing for thera. .
, .."Host of them, .brought up on so
called American etociency swti-ma
that may a-ork well at home but ar
cbsotutely hopeless 'abroad, try to do
business In Kuropc according to 'form
ti' or 'form SV or whatever form they
would apply to similar deals in Ameri
ca. "To Illustrate, not long ago I had kn
tirgunt cash order . for IU.imh) suits uf
underclothing for a Baltic state. I tele,
graphed to s big American firm. 'What
our price 40.000 suits hiwvy under
wear cash against documente New
' Two or three days later, a hen sum
bright young credit mnn had irinX to
digest this telegram, I received a I ul'lc
saying: 'Wlr your rdit rating and
"Now. I supMe his 'form ::' n-qiiir-d
him to d thst. but wired U.-k,
'My credit rreferencet are cash In New
Tork bank. What sje your pi lees.'
"Home days later J receiteO a tele
gram saying- Trier- oar twenty' .a
something like that.
"More valuable tins- was loot In an
exchange of telegrsrea asking what
they meant, per gannent or ier suit.
The result was that I wired an Kngllsh
flim. My answer from It was coov
pMe. Just what I wiitd. The te.
gr uii gave the urk- a-r suit, weight of
shipment, probable date of deliveiy and
everything that 1 wanted to know. The
Kngllsh firm got th order and look the
isn m tne ,wr Tork bank.
"When I write Ann-man (nm
CSIalogUeS. I get cili.gues wlllmut
prkes. I aupH ae, they Hung it la un
dignified to prim them. Then I wtrte
abe martin
'slos piesident of the Childress Htate
Home folk are so si urk np thai they ' l"lr He was Ihe our randldnle In the 1
refue t' bow f lh loetllal.le. Uh.ilminds of prai tlcallv all the inenih.Ta
tae'd wissdder a piece s' real down
right aewatkonal news would be. Is-!
atooian rrluse ovrrment job."
for prlii lists and get price lists with
Cllt ClltiltcgUl-.X,.
"lid man or Hrlttxh firms print com.
pbie calaloHUcs, Kivlnif Just w lint one
wants to know. Thev sae vuliiiible
weiks nf in .t it cot resiondenie ntul get
the oiiler."
Another Ametiian In tiade In Illm
allowed the oi icnnoiidint a lablcgi-mn
from one of the like ft oil companus
m Ami i'l ii, In reply to his telegram ,
j W hli h Mill "guite me
, coal oil delivered lilgn."
price rcti:iil
The answer i
reml.: ' Crude oil has gone up in cents
a barrel." I
"Now," said this Amcrli-an dealer, "I
didn't want to know uUiut trudo oil (
and t haven't time to (liruro out whut i
fffiH t n rls In Its prb-e would have on I
coal oil that was badly -Attn till by my
"In m my of sm-h ridiculous esses I ,
have telegraphed directly 'o tho head
of firms In Ameiiui optuliiiuit the
situation and have rci-elvcd prompt
sutlsfai-tlon. Itiit haven't tho time to
write all of them. So the ticrmHii mid
Kntrllsh net the orders."
Incidentally, peiiiapa half of the )r.
tcis -nt liv American firms to thu llal
tlc states laiir only two cent itaKc
t i m w, launng Imllguunt piwMtlve
I. livers to llg down In their pi kets
to pav iMtst tge due In rubles or marks
or whatever the unit hapiaqis to te.
Home of them U-ar fanlaMtic ml
tresses. auh us "ItiK.i, KussU, via
the Pacific. One letter in reply to
lequest to ship for is nil a big coiihIsu-
tneiit or giMMis from ,fw icik to i;ur:t
ssid th flnn was sorry "but had no
shlijng facilities dp the I'm ifl -."
f-peeial Is Th News
I'LAINYIKYV, Texas. June Sl.-D. M.
Johnson, a I". 8. Postal Inspector. seiit
Thursday In Plulnvlew mnpplng nut
the bound.irlea and routes for fn-e malt
delivery si-rvb-e for this city. Mr.
Johnson was seslstcd In hi work by
poatmater Will rUockton and I'Hy
Kngineer It P. Kmyih. The large num
ber of sidewalks and street crossings
will enable Plalnvlew to wi lire the new
delivery si-rvb-e over a large territory.
(pettal Is Th Nee
TAIMKA. Texas, June St. Talioka
high eehmil In now a' I'lllaled with thu
I'mverslty of Texas, snd graduates may
enter the university without taking ex-
sinlnallona. H. T. Csvlness, siiaiin-'
tendent of si'hiNils here, annoum-vd to I
SiNorris Is Elected
Childress Chamber
: Of Commerce Head
Kprclsl to Th Nfr
t 1III.IKIISH. Jiitm 24. With a bilge
; sttend.tnce of the mem's-riihlp, the Chil
dress fhinils-r of I'ammerco held the
iiiinual eltiim; (rfflctsw Tuesd.iy
night, seln tlng W. 1. Norrls, preHidetil:
! T. L. Htnlin. vice preslib-nt;
I llos-rs. treasurer; and four new di
rectors: J M. t'rawford. f'harles Isirsey,
W, K. Cox and Tom llugglns. The five
holdover direi tors are J. ). Me. Minn.
J M. MK Ialn. 1U rl Wilklrson. J. M.
'Cdews and Held II. H.-ott.
I te-rolary T. Paul lUrron rendered
.his annual rcMirt of tin- organisation's ,
jsitivltles. as well as a well founded
(mini lil r-Miit. Knllowing this, there
wei resolution wswi tavorlng snd
' i omiiii 'tiding the two rcporta.
j President J. C. Thomas, who retired'
! f rum an active year of work, made a
i brief M.ih whli h was followed by a
I vote of thanks from the membership to
jihe rehiltig ptesblent snd director,
j W. !. Noina has Won the Hwitoti of 1
I president i n hn merlin as an active,
i piogn aHive and faithful Winker, ile
I haa Just completi-d a two year term as
la director In the organisation, and la
to whcn tho rentMmsilsiity of piloting,
thw Chsmla-r of Conmierc should nat-i
urally fall, I
; Rjr AMorialfd Vip
I 1KH MolNKK. la.. June SI. Newly
ariixi-il from his work among the 4.
onn.nnii liemlitary members of rrimltinl
Irllx-s In India, the I lev. Kaimiel Tl.
Iliwiliii, tliv militant mlisiiiiry who
"wenches the gospel with V.Mo In
his hand, and a revolver In his tockct"
sml who wus awarded the Knlser-I-liunl
meilal by the Victory fur his ser
eins last nlnht contrasted India's
method of dealing with her criminals
with that In vogue In the t'nltcd Plates
! at the Northern IMptlst Convenlon in
rbls Ity.
' His work, he said was "a curious
mixture of the law anil the Oospc."
I rim the Criminal Tribes' Act gives
I him ivrtnln maglsteiiwl powers over
Ihe Kavall si ttlemeiit of irtiiilnal In
which 1?' niemU rs weie enroled when
Rev. Itnwden left India. At times, lie
siil. I. he had found it necessary to
tarry n revolver, in quelling a rlt
bctwi-on two caste, or In sulsjulng
the rela-lllon of Jju t-rimlnala who had
Just Uvn m-nt to the settlement. Hut
he le lured that tiuiny of those who
hud to be the most severer,- did nil nod
at first. Iiecame excellent ritixens
"under the law of work and the law
ul worship."
"We have three tribes under our
cstv, the Dongn Erukolas. the Don
gas Iiasarlea, and Imgi Knrrhiras."
i he espkiined
Dimsa la the Teliigu
The I v in if a Kruka.a Is
j word for thief.
n coniiuon snmik thief. Tho Dong
Dasarl commits roblarles which arc
rcroKtiUi-d by the dce, laxause he
rotis with vioii-ni-c, brenklng an arm.
a leg. or the head of a victim.. "Kill
hlrnlu Is the Telugu word for si Is
sore, and the Donna Kntthlia Is so
ruled la-causv It is his luthlt to carry
a hiiiull mlr of silsiHirs, with which tu
imp the noses and cars of victims, in
oulor to more easily remove their
JswtK The Dial r Lt Hustinteiident
of polne told me tlist so far as he
was nldc to learn these thieves got not
more limn 10 kt cent of the amount
they stole, because of the high toll pik
111 by the lei-elvers of stolen good.
and bv the sulmrdlnnto hjco In thu
wy of graft."
lo li i rlmlniil which comes to the
KiiVhII s-ttlcmeiit, and to other Set
tlement" in charge of Ituptist mission,
siies, eeeii a few of the sick or aged,
must i un his own fiMnl and clothing.
If tiothliiv more. The settlement takes
contracts for buildings, repairs, road
work, forest reserve wwk, etc, and la
In . charge of nil liilmr for 40 miles
uioiinil. I .nut year the ieople of the
Si'ttlenieiit i II mill lilMiiit 12.0110 rilM-s,
and the governmnet ptild out (sdio
riiiiien for siiiiMils for the children of
the riiiiimil ti I,i h. The law of work
hus proved so cfrii ai ius. the mission.
firj mild, that half his Mople could now
lime thi-lr registration as thieves con
Clliil. and make kikmI cltixens.
"Ilrouvhi lnok from hiding In the
Junk-lex and confined within Ihe noun-
duriis of the settlement, they relad nt
firxt." Rev. Itowdeii ibH'lared. "We are
slowiv '.e tu convince them that It la
lor their own lt good and that tha
pulille th.it they cho'iild remain, and
jeiirn the leiaons we have to teach, (lid
liiTcilnarv ihleMs, aome of whom hav
l in In jail a ilorn times, learn the
giic or UUrtv, with a dally salute
of the fbig. Home of thv young nun
and w m attend n is lit schools, after
working sll day."
33 I'KOIHvS t tMU (TEI
Bl AianrlstMl Press,
ArXTI.V Texas. 4'harges of insani
tary exiiosure of foods, Insanitary res-Uiii-mts
and slaimhter miis. butter fat
delli lcni-y In P-e cream and sales nf
damaged foodstuffs were Investigated
In fifty-three towns of Texas In May
by the food and drugs bureau of the
Side Imnrd of health. The nsieetnna
numlicred ?!. Twenty one pleas of
guilty were entered and t'J32.4& In fines
collected. In one rlly 22.000 pounds uf
damaged foodstuffs wcrs destroyed.
S Aaanrlatrd rrvas.
AI KTIN. Texas, June St. In the
record and miers ueNired for sul
mission lo the supreme court of the
I'nlted Klatis by tho counsel for the
Cherokee Indians ntul AssiN-liited Hands
endinvoi lug to rnover npproxlinutely
l.ri0O.tMMi ai res of land In Hast Texas,
the history of the dmllnirs with Indians
la ilinrly si t forth. KihihiIk of treat
ies snd activities of the Texns Repulillo
are nuod-d and cited in the notice find
moilon to file the bill with the. supreme
This nofl'-e was received by the at
torney geneiiil and Coventor Neff re
rently with the liiformiitlon that It
Would Ih pn m uled tu Ihe supreme
court on November 14, r':'l. siiklng
pcl'mlanlon to file It. The attorneys
for the Texas Cherokee and Axsoclalcd
Hands are ti.-orge V. Fields, Fllxah N.
7.otiH, William Hulxcr und H. I.
The bill In substance claims that thn
Texas Cherokees and Assmialeil Hand
are the legnl owners of the acmige they
rlulin In Ijist Texas by virtue of n
Ircnty iiiiuIk with them when Texas
was a Republic and by n declaration
prior to that when Texas was fighting
for her Indeimideiiee, This latter In
strument, the Indians claim, was made
with them in order to Insure their
frlcmlliiicMa in the war between Texas
and Me xii 11. It la t forth In the ori
ginal bill of the muiiNcI for the Chei-o.
kecs that "by reason of this neutrality
and frli ndllni-HS the said w hite people
of Texas won their iinlcN ndenoc and
freedom from the wild Mexico."
The Texas Cherokees and Associated
rtnml are compilsi'd of tho follow lug
bands mid tiiU-s nf Indians: Kbaw
nets. iMawaiea. ' Klckspoos, QuaH-s,
ChlN't.'IWS. ItnlllXieS. J.IW.IIlleM, Allh.'t
mas, Cih IiiiiIi'S, Caddos of the Nadu-s.
Tahovcattakes and l'natiiiUos. The
land that was given to them by Ihe
treaty was dcNciilM-d mm follows: "Ly
ing west of the Han Antonio road mid
iHglniilng on the wist nt the jm itit
whole the sold rmid cl'oiwes the river
Angelina and running up si Id river un
til It rem hes the mouiith of the first
large creek below the flnut Hhawiioc
Village emptying into the said liver
from the iiort beast, theme runnlnit
with said 1 nek to lis main source, and
from theme n due north line to the
Kahilie liver and with euld rivi-r west.
Br Anoriatfd Press
CRF.K.M II.I.K, June ri. Texas Is
the birthpltoe of 11 iuv farmers'
emii ty.
inanixatloit o( the Alio 1I1 an Agil-,
cult ill al AsMmiatlon has bi eil under
Iskin In tlrecnvllli' by n tiumher of
Point. Tons, farmers nod land owners.
The 01 ganU.it Ion Is chartered In Texas.
The pllipi.ne of the nnH.ialon. lie
curling to the charter. Is to "organize
tne farmers of the Cnllinl Plates for
m.itual protection In their piirsulls In
iilHlng, cliiHMlfyiug. carina for nnd mar
keting their produitp; ami ns menus
to these enda to charter subordinate
orgiinlifjitlons, piesi tilling thiir Juris
le lion and uctlv iliea."
Th illrectots of the lisso.intion are:
.. V. liumpliri y. D, S. ISnples. II. I.,
rt'vwsrt nnd Jchs Mmith of Point, und
W. II. Camp of (in en villi-.
"We have eiideaXoli'd to guard must
securely against any ilaiiger of polities
ciopliifc Into our ranks," said Mr.
Humphrey, the president. "I mo very
striking feature Is that the reserve
funds with Hccuiniiliitlons remain the
pioM-rty nf the memla-r until his ibsuh
und then go according to his direc
tions." "The nsaoi liitlon bus not, and shall
not linve, any capital stock and is not
1 rsM-ixed for profit," the charter said.
Ti e iictivities of the association will
Mart when organlitlon la 1-omplvtid
.Mr. Humphrey said.
Road Tax levied.
Fprrial to The News
PRiiWM-'IKI.H. Texas. June 21
totuili-ti' returns from the special nnl
tax electimi held here a few days ago
how a majority for the tax of over in
to l. This etc -tlon was to levy a l.V
cent tax Pi additional to limit How
ie vied by the commissioner' court.
This will lie used in general road work
and esMealy on tho highways
through the county.
l'4ibles Intereai Mary, liui 11 of Fngland, mis-e than iin.x tiling .n In Ihe
Hhe had ipille a family Iterself. Hlie ms a gn-at deal iif nlteiitlon
un- sins net ins is at Mot mis Hospital, Loudun, whlih she officially
lb other day, -
( then starting where the Han Antonio
road crosses the Angelina river and
with thu said loud to the point where It
cnews the Nehea rlvrr and thenos
running up Ihe cast side of said river,
In 11 northwest direction."
The hind In iueston constitutes what
Is now the eon 11 1 lea of Cherokee nd
Hinlth snd pin ts of Angelina, Husk and
Heslite the dii-larntlon when Texas
was seeking her Imlepcndenia and tha
1 treaty giving them the land after they
! had succeeded In gaining It. tho polnlon
: by Attorney tleneral (I. W. Terrell of
' tho Kepublie of Texas given to lTesU
I dent Ham Houston on Hcplember 10,
I DH2, Is cited In the Instruments.
It Is nilted In tho bill thnt the In
dians settled In Kast Texas In 123 and
that they were recognised by the Mexl
'can government; that they continued
; to occupy tho lands until after Texa
had gained her Independence when a
' military force Invaded their country
' regardless of the treaties and deolnra
' lions mid drove them from their hold
ings, some of them fleeing to Mexico,
' to Canada und others lo Oklahoma;
some Joining the roving tiila-s of th
Western Cnltcil States.
The fact that the only isirtte that
ran biing suit in the supreme court of
the Culled Waos ate the CliUed Hlates.
foreign nations and viates of the I'nlon
! is uccotiuied for In the bill by claim
' lug that the Cherokees and Assis-lnted
ItandM were nt that time a foreign na
' tlon ami still constitute a foreign na
f tlon, that they were recognised by Isilh
Mexico and Texas Republic aa a for
eign n -ii Ion and thnt the trestle of
Texas have never la'en abrogated Shd
are still In force.
The lights or the Indians to file th
suit I siipHirti by reference to va
rious hixtoiies und books of Texas.
Tlioinas Jiffcrson's quotation RS to
the r. ghts of the Indians In his orders
to (ioncrnl Kimx on August 10, I'M.
H cited. "The liidinns have n right to
tln lr kinds ltuleHndent of the Htates
wiihln whose lines they hnpnn to be;
und no net of a State can deprive thrill
o the siime without their consent.''
' The iittornev general's dopartmrnt
started Investigation of the fuse lm
miiliiitolv iinon recelvliiR the notlc.
'Texas Will be rt presented la-fore th
supreiiie court by Attorney tleneral
Cimt-n nnd Assistant Attorneys lien
cm! Kil ling nnd Taylor.
Camlldatcs for the cltixens' military
training camps to le established
throughout Ihe country this summer
will b given free physical examination
bv any physician connected with the
t'nltcd States publlo health service.
This service has 140 stations. Any
young man who desires to attend one of
the training camps may secure the
llecenMiy physical test by taking his
application blank to tho nearest public
health service station. Thla arrange,
metit was made In order thnt candi
dates might lai anvrd thn rxiense of a
phyaleal examination by civilian physi
cians. Arrangements are being com
pleteil whereby candidates may h ex
fiinlned by officers of the Medical lis.
serve Corps. Kxamlnnttong nre also JQe
en at any military ramp, pout or
Sleril to The News
Pl.AI.WlKW. Texns. June SI. A
circuit of Duns- Jersey hog sales was
arranged In Plulnvlew Thursday. At
1 hut tune the following sales were ar
ranged for: Roomer's Utiroc Farm,
Lubbock. August K;; Helen Temple Hog
and A 1 fill Tu Farm, Plulnvlew, August
J. I. Hammonds Duror Farm, Floyd
nila, August 10. The sale circuit was
arranged nt a meeting of breeders st
the Helen Temple farm at the invita
tion of IS. K. Prewilt, manager.
Junior Hiccmen have la-en called
by Chief l.yle Peterson to meet at the
City Hill this nftcrnonn at 4. Plans
for future activities of the young cops
Wilt ho discussed.

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