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J, B. NL'NN.,,
JOE U lUt'lC.
.General Manager
.sianagmg LMiior
Editorial Department. ....... ?t
Bualo offtca til
III ffwt fifth Btrset
Only Morning Newspaper In th
Amarlllo Country. Cover th pcnhan
dl of Ta. tmttin N kltiico.
ftoutharn Colorado and WVetern Oklaho
ma) (rota twtH lo twenty four bnura
In advanr Denver. Dnllaa. r'ort
Worth. Oklahoma City and other pa
para oarrylnf telegraphic dispatches.
Entered a second-class matter at the
poatoMc at An'iarlllo, Tetaa. under In
Act of March t. 1171.
tUTBHcnirnoN ratm
tl Tttaa. Oklahoma. Colorado
and New Mnlco,
I Month
Month 1 1"
Month I o
1 Yaar H-M
DllTrd by carrier la Amarlllo asm
aa above
1 Month J ;
Month U
g Want ha U i
1 Yaar 40
pint. Ah la developing distinctly'
atmosphere. Here cordiality and friend-' I
ahlp a- always vldeni"ed. and p"Pl
stepping from train In Ihnt rlty art
conxloti of th mora thuit four thou 1
and feet altltud abov sea level, and,
also of the friendship that I every.
wher manifested for citiens and new.
nmers allk.
Although Clnvl eltlsctis hav th
gresteet of loyalty to political jwirtloa,
they alwaya Join hand and work with,
out distinction for everything that
promls. food for the city. Tha de. .
veiopmenf, enlargement. Hie glorifies
lion of Clovia la their main hualnesa,
while politUul differences ar merely a
sideline medium through which they
ahiupcii their Its. a a mean a to mora
uliiuatfly meeting tha l..ke of going
forward to grvatcr thing aa a com
Tin' Curry county capital la destined
to t.k hr U- e ruth among the trad
ing cities tha southwest, aa a It Unit
to the worth) character of the men who
have lieen tienyid her sim-e her found
leg. and time aIiu have found and
; loved her aline that lint.
Th Aaooetated Press la tclueh1y
titled to tha use for republication of
II nw dlspstrhrs credited to In or not
ctbarwlae credited In this paper and
other local new a puiiilsfte nerem.
AD rlghta of publication of epeclal
Ctpatxh herein are also reserved.
paelal ' AaBXHted Treaa 1 rased Wlr
. Any arroneoug''rwtionj, po tha
Cavanctar. atanding.' ot repnuttaa of
ay ldS14aal firm, t in rent or ecr.
paratJom. that may appear In tha col
BM of Tha Nawa. will ba gladly cor
ractad. whan called to tha attention of
tba adltor. It la not tha Intention ot
tkJa nevapaper to wrongfully uaa. ot
Injure and Individual, firm, concern or
jeorporatioa and correotlona wflj be
(Mot whera warranted aa prominently
wag tba wrongfully published refer
aca ar article.
A few daya ago atatetnant waa niaaa
Agmii w liitt. an oiMhutai from our
, kn1 Itl. nJ JtM' J. Tnylor who la known
I 'Stute Tuna" throogh t)i lallua
Xrws throughout the aoutfi. Tlila tuna,'
th" matter UimJ on the following
aliKt-iv aLitt-uitiit by the tlltr of tha
Amaiillo Newa;
'TUiiivivW' ami 1 If re for) and TulU
nikI Canyon huve no water piolilem. but i
Dm)' ai .iiiiiwliMt alunttr in fta than
Abi.irillo. Il-.it hoing that Amarlllo
I B' t iiwov water ami that every other
(oinmiiiiity in all thia portion of tUm
talc -oui-a mm lullfliati'ly with aJe
qu.tte natural gaa auppliea. Va U-liava
tluit. it wltl ba accomollnhra. too." ,
lu nun. ntlng on the furraolng, Mr.'
Taylor deala daringly with facta of
hlalory, and weavea reworking of our
hpa and prayera gtitcvtully into the
matter, rg;udlng all thia gieat outi
try; "If Amarlllo In a a aurpiua of gaa
meaning the merchantable gaa, not tha
oratoriait then It urgently twhoovea
Canyon, Hereford, Tulia and l'lalnUw, 1 "Mra. AimN." I Unuti, ' a hort while .li.m- n ilntv to every otln-r woman."
and aleo Lubbock and HnyuVr and when I mii hi I hiiiM" n.'l to I "'So on. fair I'ortl.i. I'll liati-n and
Caiutdlan and Clarendon, to lay their 'r",',, " r.N.m mol I ti-i .luv with mv iatiMl- while you talk.
nun iniiiiin rjiint "--.U Keii t im- ihiiiuii,-ih.
i r
Chapter XXVI-I Make My Plea for Grace.
puma aim invir pipea lo procure a JKr
tin of eame. There la no groatar lut
ury In chilly climate than an abuu-
through the Newa to the effect thatbiia of fuel gaa. Tv have heat a
tha American Legion made up of "oiiri r-ndily aa one haa light la luxury audi
hoya" who repreaetit-d ua In the World j a Judua Ctnar nor Kiug John nor Cl-v-War
had need for money with w hl h to luitrw nor 8ulonmn In all hi glory nor
tnaka naymenta nn the furniahing tat
Hanaon roat a h4ne. It waa auted at
that tlma that auhacrlpllona need not
tie large, ao that there would be no os
radon for at rain. Tha hop waa for
Immediate, rather than large aubacrip.
i The people of Amarlllo ara overlook
Ing an opportunity to ba rightly under.
atood In thia matter. There la a doaiih
'of aubacripUoa. Tha legion baa Ua
eye upon tha people people they
loved to represent on tha Uoudieat
flelda the world haa ever known. Now,
there oomea tlma when. In tha ea
rn rlty of pear, that tha rltutena of
Amarlllo hava an opportunity to da
rter thamaelvea, by helping over with
thia furnlahlng and comfort fund.
No. thia la not their burtneaa. but It la
tir bualneea. Thea ar our boy, and
jra have through a veil of mlaty, rrooo
d!l teara, declared: Wa lov you.
boya!" tut, that make It nice, don't
It? Tel. when w come down to the
matter of even minor auberrlptloii, or
investment, ther la auch a lark of
reeponae, that had It hav had Ita
counterpart In th action of tha boy
who felt th unr to rlce, th Kalaer
at Germany would now be aittlng on
thron In Waahington. Inatrad of living
la diagraeo and Mil In Holland!
cUy, thia U putting th matter a little
Straight, yet If a atralght caa. of
.brt iiMii tha nart (if tha "home
weopler Amarlllo ridaena. wa w 111
elakt-ier nor Little Ho I'eep never
had. Ceaar bad to take hla bath In cold
water half tha lime hocauee ttira waa
no warm water In the palar. Reault,
tittle latthing. Tha earn waa true ot
Queen Kluubtth. who lavaxl In a oold.
ilun.p. Illy-vcatilated caaUe aud i ra
puled by eome hlatoriaaa to hav pre
f t red h ucrfumery bottle to the bath
tub. If King and Queene of the uaeter
year bad b-en granted gaa flrra, elec
tile light, r.iovlr.g plcturea, aumiiier lc
and aoft drinks, auch aa mny be had by
t ohI Unit ah
I up a if all- waa l-niiii j "I l"ti t know, Mr. Anit-e. hut I f-.'l !
I "I kio-w that "In- hml U-n Miy Imp- i lti.it If Craie U-uvi lo ri- lu the frame ,
j i y h-r- unit a f' inl of you, o I ( itiiml he I lu you and I, ua worn- j
woiiilii'iil Ihi'iiiiht flu- iniatit inii-nd i i'i, will he held ri-apnnKinie fur more j
' t iKltinaT wiiii h n-. i i'i. m -ltii-r hi u wotilil wnnt to an-
Mr. Anna' f.nf wn nmak like. Phej.nir fur "
luiite m n4 the Hlliihtiiit ctii'oiiraai'- I waltil Intt 1.11a Amre i-ontlnued
i iiwnt. hcithir dlil ehe nt"i me. J i-li.virg with tin yillow pnnlt-. Ho I
I 'I aupiHtw I ahouMn't have oeki'd riai'd on:
lu i." ruehul on. thlnklna thr Miner ' I think mu h wHion a voti rnrely
ih- wholw thlna wax toM the .i t.r. ' v.-t the M.ni .f vi-w of the girl In
'hml If I hml tnkt-n a oml tlmuaht j 'l- im-ailc a-rvi-e 1 am working, you
I woulitn't have, but when he aiilil ' know, ao I fee) tluit I hove aomi-thlng
he wa leaving I colndn't rrfraln of the utile of both. You do not rerog
tri'in aaklng where he Inti-nilml go. i r lite your iMintlity In connection
Mth thi-i- girls and the reHinltillty
m iremi-iiiloua. fi-i iiilly If t lie girl hu
pevi-r wia-ked hi'fore.
"A a cluiua you are the women she
any commoner tiday, hlatory would not, t prevent."
lie what it la. mostly a record of wars. I 'ng bi-fore Mi l Ame Hke
"Hhe apivirentlv bail been amh nn
rxrtllt-iu iimlil. and from the tone of
I er voii-e whi n he ttd me he didn't
know w here he wn gmnc I knew , ' k to for esnmple: Von employ aev-
tlii ie was something wrona-. I I I eml ot . her kind, live quite easily.
m to her to represent
lie K.al In llf
Then make It c.r to that girl you "" "niemm !er wkiithiim ,
of honor la not , ' "" " anyiiuir frr
thought erhap you didn't know ami i 'n well and seem
thiit you miaht want to do something ! "I'll total of tl
Mrs. Km laslry, th 'new rmdi al th'
little Item Kestuiinl, has two grown
son, tine ha a fine ti-mar voire an'
Hi 'other one Is loafln', too. "It's hard ;
In the bad old daya. which ended not a
Hhe ti nit tiei-n ini huppy over the flow
' eii'l'loy that your sense
v rv aeote and vou nnve iloiie an
. k .. . ..... a . .u.. . . 1 . i .. I . ... .. t I.. 4 t . .M .. A
very long ago. th people of all rank. hrr Kn,u.rtx, smile. t she mav think then-" I hesitated
Jvings, queens and whatnot, hud littl "I do know alt about It." he mid nt i fearing that In mv enthusiasm
10 do except gorge themselves with b-nath. Ami then. "What were you -n t-o pliwn-VThsl wherein
roaitcd meats, drink hard Honor mnA I thinking alaiut were you aoing to suit ; kli d may le n isril.il n th
vinir. ami tne one l mieiy
m thli" said l-afe Hud, tday. a b
Ihrew away a circular letter.
tuor ana i
make war. Th. Ui-V .1 seat
hiHite, th need of amusement, th
retiiMl craving fur aweels In th tough
uld time of th battle at and rough
lie'k knight naturally Induced fight
Ing. War was about all tha rtoople
It haa lecn announce that his eg.
rellency Governor pat Neff of Texai, )
is making his arrangementa to visit th J
1'anhsi.ill . Plains Country during tM
preaenr s.immer or fall. Governor Neff.
It will la- recalled. laiUcd a great vote It)
thia tctmr. of the ataf The peopl
were st-ng for him. Rinoe that tlma
"If you know shout It. I an hardly ,
ii'it. for ymi must know what you I
want to do and what is la-si hutIs
there any renl reason why she 1
nhoulil'iit slay?" 1 ventured. j
"None further than that I do not
-vsnt her here." cot.lly. i
Jiut, aire. Ames, you ran t let her
so It wouldn't 1 null! "' I was fr
netting. "U wouldn't. I fair to your
self"' "And why not" she iiirstionei1.
"Itecause you are a woman and ymi
1 f rk h i
1 ame fiiiiu. na I rerirded a the
"The iliffi-rene?'fiiv dollnrs.
"And that all I. Ms. Ames, will form
the opinion ihnt there are only the
rti'i-vs and the arum. Slid her one object
hen will tie money "tunncy no mat-
er bow II mines." ,
' V-'" fllic was purposely evasper-
ullTitr. ,
(To be Cmilliiuml.)
K'o. rlisht I":'! bv Newspaper En
't "our boy a" to ae to Mft r rf ,tre luve been many of hla former
Hot mharraaaed througil laHk of fvwdi
with which to furtilah their community
bom a horn named In honor- of Dr.
Hanson who voluntarily gave ' hi III
'.for hi home, big community, bis na
tion. Who ot m sroubt hav th narv
to meet th memory of this nobl "boy"
whose body rests over ther In Franc,
nd h? him know that w who r
They're badly needed!
apKiert who ar aeeminrty at
variance with hia action. In not a few
.That Uomor Xeff will make a nttm
her of atxsxbr In this portion of th
state, ae'tlng forth hla attitude, to th j
people, seems safe to assume. Ff
douMless a ppr cola tea the good tM of
the people In thia nor t ion nt the atat '
malned on thia aid tn aatety and mak a4 th, rititen out thia way wM hear '
Ing money while h offered and gav ; ,,n n statements touching matter on '
all. decline to Invest In th comfort of hlrh ,Ber r, y,,,,,, j
bta enraradea. through th medium f ju W(ir rlng Au)1tn nmnf
bom post named In hi honor? , Srtt stated to Hon Hatterwhlte
rna your uoec.ij.uone in .ousy; m.resentstlve frnm ihi. M.....
he w ll vllt this territory
nirewa-y Sil(este1 tht.' It
Oovls make claim to th diatlnctlnn , v.sitnr her during
H bring th 'fastest gwrlng city" In I l'"'na Tri Utate K .lr.
th aouthwest. and a visit to thatl,", I'I will meet with popular favor.!
happy, thriving;, busy "fifth largest ' "nt al thia t'nie known, f-r It ha
City In New Mntro," will "onvlnc th ' dl-uaseJ but little.
most akaptloaj. i Th fhet that tne Hovcrnoc la to visit i
Within th pt Ughteen month. ' "'rm'h this portion of the state, wit!
Clovla ba erected mort than two hun-j1 learned with pleasure. The peor.ia " " ' "ur r"', '''
dred new home. Rh baa on of th , will be lnd to bear him. and to enter ! ' ' " 'r w 0-0. ti.i K to
fjrttlot general offlr building on thl " h'". n tbeiaial.n of hi visit, i '""k whenever sde ,i..-,. t 11 e to it
Bant T aystem. modern to th mln- , Wrt W nl ami Kst Wmd Mow
its. ftlsnxt t a nlctureanaa and besutl. Trees disiwtrhea tell of th. el.ein ' " , u' " '""da iM.ilier you on your
fu park, and fireproof,
ska . M 1 a a, VgM.rsl l.a akai l.t.. A J it.. J aan a.
jaany asacao 01 psvms vmny '' 1 or-, m la,rr. la. .m. tine w h. n I'm n4
laid, and at thia vry tbn. th city I r"He. a aui-rintendent of th'n.e to wat.h. th.y t.im th.
maklnar crrDamtkm for lorry mor I "bonis of llousVst. sueceding p. W. ' and it rams i- ifit te a's .'
blocka. It I InterssUng to notic that
that 1
Some have ;
miaht h
V ry timely to have the distinguished ,
the fanhandte. 1
Just how far
r s 1 si
TICI MrAlll. ,V, M.. Bpt. 1. At a
mceling here It wa decided that
haiis. churches and all labor unions
would unite with rtnund up Manager
I 'nn Ti iifg In making Monday the great
est et-iehratlon In the history nt the
ity. Inquiries foreeaat a great crowd
for the round up datea, Heptemher 6.
' iind 7. Kates of one and ne half fare
have la?en griinteil by the railroad
1 11 aiiHueiiieiit from the following points:
Kock lalnnd lines from Hayre, okla.; on
the T. A M. branch and fro ml.ihcral.
Kan., on the main line; the K. I'. H. W.
from Dawson, N. on the Dawson
branch 11ml from Kl Paso, Trias, on
I he main line,
Tci Austin, nationally known rodeo
manager, arrived In th city eater
diiy, and will remain for the opening
d.itea of the show.
of tie P 11 1 . . S'iH'ii. a;u thai H"Wly 1 huii'l.r ami
f ir. R. it. r.aj-ln. for a number of ., . ,h ...
lirn. re.latied. Jtr. Cousin haa man 1
..-.a. 1 1.. a..
1. k.. t t tu ommit. 'rrtenila in the lanhsnl1e mifia "" """ " "
... . m t III T.ik.l-lil..i 11 . '" ' '"
STyieo ana "W"S iwil oonee. - . .1 imgnnn ia 10 ne 1,1
eooararuiateii m her choir of a man
bnt It would ho diffirutt to find a coco
snunlty In which ther I a higher gen-! take the pl.re of Mr. f.wn. Few(
oral a vera of beautiful, moderately ' " have had a broader aropo of
rrtred home. j 1'"" than ha tt Cousins, and h "'
With hoamtal. arbool hulUtlng. and.1" -tla Impress hlrwWIf up the ".V""
... - ' sJld sk L. - at a - a
Churches of a high order, th gream Tor , - " wmt - noo, aysiem or nw would yu like to ...ov
Tle Twin wsted farewell In llnir little fat furry friend.
AH iislit." pr- ioliMd Hpnnkle Itlow. J-.kc Vour ddy waa right. Hut that a
1'ii't It. even If It Isn't fntlng.
end if I'm not mistaken, by the time
a rtilii wal-huk irenlleeman get
! it he 11 I more than satisfied to
f.mt out the truth. We alia II see what
e hull Are y,.,i remlv ! suurt?
Ate ,nir I! nn HUi-f In prrfy 1
-I M-
Tl iy were, and so wa Mr. H-irllikle
:l--w's umlitellH. whkh he inountnl at
n.. Juat aa y- u lide a broni handle
n Vol I! travel., t or. although Wally
9 f it. he ia faat. alan.
(Tm be ( ontlnned l
1'i'fvriaht ft?! t.y Nwa,aer Kn
leltrlae I
6perial wTaNa
It iT, Tesa, Hept. I. Th drouth of
1 he iaat few wiika here was broken
Tuewlay nlaht tiy a gisal shower. Farm-
1 on the plains report an Inch of
rainfall In most places, although the
precipitation lielow the raprock wa
sliirht. but welcome.
Row rrooii on the plains now prom.
ie a very abundant yield, and cot
ton In nioet places will lie eitra good,
altliourh sllahfly damaged by the lut
dry and eitremely hot weather. C.raa
Ing la tola will b benefited hf the
'Thank you." .id Wally ara'.efully.
llle llolipa- to I'll hi
11. w . "We II alai t fur
loo'ii.tam at ofi.e. f. t m
'..-u lo ,l a t.(t.- of that while
lal t.)e and gd l ek"' 1atl.1l the
lairly Wetht iiijiii, and the twlna wa
! ii 11 little fa', furry
over better and bigger thing I tin-j
Vafaiinst Torrsafd by th tieople
1 ma
fiiiviM m i.rrr pRiK.
Seerl! The New
f'UiVIS N. M.. Hcpt. 1 l!.Srt
Htooc of the l-alrr Mtone fiisln 'sn-
1 wo his
.w 4. . rA..t nt Canmrmi enmniuiury stiouM IMVe
.. -a .. a .v.. .,-! greatest ramo around asal ta . t 1 UH '"
mum mm ' """l ' s.-ln
hundred. ;W. ew-operatlng "! In cmnertlon with th gam. J -,,h r4 rrV,, N.,.y H,p
men. ar t i. r outward and sjp. , e plain Onwiry: What bar w pmg ber hand. "Itut tU me. Mr
-l Clovla to ttroud aa bet eommttnlty , thl Hpi mklt IU.iw . "Ttl wa m lutls
toaiT' Hi.tinkle lU.m aa- anv was the hiekv nn In a caiteat
Iheoi li mo t vety i In,- ( f4- n Am-re so f iteteinmrnt. which rsn
tb'1" t""s. I know, but Wally njit l in f'-ve eaiscc.ie iaaiies -f the "Htars
hsv us larre he an a hiansj sroi n'riiaae. ami aa a reault was
awar.bal a K;tse of II S. Mr Hfnne
ana In aervfc Ver teen OHajilha. dur
ing th- World's War. and la well posted
on dctalla i t Ames lean flovernment.
(Editor Not: Ttralixlng that Amnrlllo Is confronted with g
water shortuge, a steady dlmlnlahing per capita supply, w huv
determined to make an InvestlgatUm, a physical aa well aa a sta
tlstlcal and hiatorical survey. The reault of thia work will b given
to th reader of Th New In Installment, each on of th auh
divisions of th artlcl. dealing with some eclflc feature of th
water situation. It Is antic liaited that ther will be from ten to
twelve of these articles, and no pain will b spared to mak thsm
not only reuduble, but dealing with nothing but fuels a they ar
found through Investigation and survey. It la but fair to tha pen
pie of Amarlllo that they should know all th fuel about th water
situation, the problem II Involve and, why such Involvement? To
end of developing, romprenhenslvvly, th Information that I da.
sliable. and will I helpful to News reader .then article will b
wi lt tun and published, has been herein Indicated. Th Kdltor.)
What MTviVf U the l ity I.ij;ht & Water Company prr
forming for the people of Amarillo?
Had we ever thought of thi question, seriously? Po
we uiKlcfotauil the iniioruiH'e of the function of this pub
lic service corporation to the citietH of this city?
How many of us have given consideration to how it
is that the water finl its way out, when the hydrant is
opened in our home?
If aked the (tie.tinii as found in the first sentence
of this article, we xlwulil proltahty reply: "The company
serves us with water." This statement would be fact, and
ve nut the entire story by any manner of means.
Interest will be found in this story, told of the Indian
who was taken for a visit in New York. He was shown
the wonders of the matchless Metroimlis of the United
States the world, for that matter, lie was given opxr
t unities to isit many mutual, many attractive places. His
guide was interested that he should be impressed with the
greatness uf the city.
When the rounds had been made, when days had been
spent viewing the wonders of the most interesting city in
the I'tiited States, those who were responsible for the expe.
ditiou, wanted to know, what from tie viewKiint of this
son of the great out-uf-doors, this tlesceudent of the origi
nal settlers of America, was he most wonderful thing he
had seen.
It was expected, of course, that the red man would be
dazzled by the marvelous disclosures, in one or the other
line that had been discovered to him. It was believed that
although he had not been particularly demonstrative, that
some of the extraordinary things had impressed him deeply,
and that from him some new estimation of the value of
this or of that outstanding feature of the city, would be
Imagine the astonishment of those surrounding the In
dian, when he turned to a hydrant near him, opened it, and
the water gushed out over his hand, and he declared that
this was the most impressive thing he had seen in the
busy, bustling, enchanting, seductive metnnolis of the
entire world. This Indian, as the sparkling water dashed
over hi dusky skin, in fancv, saw his teepee, nestling away
out west, amid the trees, lie beheld its surroundings, and
he thought of the water supjily. and how it was ubtained.
This brought him visions of a spring at the foot of the
hill, bubbling, iirettv aud clear, a few hundred yards from
his domicile, lie also glimpsed the water barrel, the sled
and the pony, as mediums through which the supply was
I m nigh to the door of his aboriginal home.
This was contrasted with the handy hydrant with its
gushing fountain, merely for "touching a button." And
really, was it remarkable that this child of the great open
country should have placed "service" so highly? He was
accustomed to water water, the same, generally speak
ing, the world over, but the difference is in "service,"
So, with the people of Amarillo, it is service, Amarillo's
people could co to one of the wells, with their buckets,
their barrels, their tanks and their cans, and secure water,
hut that would not be "service." Aye, there's the rub in
the matter, the service. The people of Amarillo want serv
ice. They appreciate it i:i manner, but in order to maintain
the service, that Is not onlv water, but water in the kitchen,
in the bathroom, on the lawn, represents both water and
Amarillo has a company devoting its energies, its money,
its investment to the maintenance of service and water.
There have been complaints from many citizens. They
have thought, and have said that there should be more
water ami cheaper water. Itut, have we taken time to
think that the present investment is not paying interest,
overhead and depreciation? Oh, no, it may not make any
difference that the company is operating at a loss, because
the aforesaid company is not you, and it is not me, and yet
it is made up of men who have a right to make a fair per
centage on their investment in this enterprise. The law
presupposes this right, ami the spirit of equity and fair
ness cannot deny it. The fact that the water is furnished
by a number of persons, or their investments, rather than
one jtcrson, or an individual investment, makes not the
slightest difference, as a matter of right, and justice, the
principle involved, being just the same.
The only source of compensation to the company that
has its money invested, is through the service rendered.
The customers of the company are the ones front which a
proer return must be secured, if it is forthcoming. All
that the company has to sell is water and service, and for
this water aud service, the investors have an undisputable
right to fair returns. It will be recalled that under the
general statutes of Texas the earnings of a public service
coritoration are held within check. This law so enhedges
the earning ability of a corporation that it may not ex
ceed a certain er cent. This is the law that applies to
the company that is furnishing water in Amarillo.
If would be astonishing to the people of Amarillo to
know that there are numerous individual stores in Amarillo
whose gross income, and whose net income are far in ex
cess of that of the watcr company. This is not a matter
of surmise, conjecture, or guess, but is demonstrable
through figures, as the records are available to all who
would know the facts. Although sustaining many com
filalnts, enduring the unwarranted attacks of the unthink
ing, an investigation will show that the water people are
falling far short of their legal rate of returns on their in
vestment. The investment of the public service cororation repre
sents a large sum of money, and upon this the people of
Amarillo have water and service. It is the part of the
company to furnish the water and the attendants coinci
dent service, and then it is the part of the people receiving
this water and service, to pay adequately fur it. so that
the company may continue to adequately serve, and that
in a vigorous, aggressive way. It goes without saying,
that when the returns on the investment are not in keep
ing with the demands of equity and justice, the spirit of
right and fairness, that service must ultimately decline.
The water eople arc tm the job twenty-four hours each
day. They with their water and service are back of the
city in its times of peril front fire, they are furnishing that
which is always essential to the well being of the people
and it is for this that they have a right to have a fair re
turn, but are not getting it.
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