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Amamllo Daily News
Daily News and Daily Panhandle Combined
VOL XII. NO, 211. Associated Press 3mlcei Umd Wirt Keporls.
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MS Mill
CHICAGO, Sept. IS, (By Associated Prtn)-A successor la tbt
farmers Finance Corporation, the $100,000,000 fiscal subsidiary ol
tho United States Grain Growers, Inc., on an even greater scale U
tinder consideration by the United States Grain Crowret, Inc., who
lio are the directors of tho finance corporttion, it announced
SAN FRANCISCO, Califs Sept. 13. (Dy Associated Presa.)-A
true bill charting Roecoe (Fatty) Arbuckle with manslaughter in
connection with tha death of Mill Virginia Rappe, wai voted late
tonight by the San Francisco county grand jury.
The vote of the grand Juror, It was reported, wai twelve to two
fur a manslaughter true bill.
The true bill, it w said, will bo returned Thursday in the Su
parlor Court.
85 Are Drowned
In Floods Which
Hit River Farms
TAYLOR, Teiaa, Sept. 11 (By Auociated Press)-As the flood
waters of the San Gabriel river and Brushy Creek mode in William
son and Milam counties the list of dead now amounts to IS. How
ever, all reports are unofficial and made by messenger or people
passing through the inundated districts. The limited telephone and
telegraph facilities of the smaller surrounding communities were
almost completely wiped out by the flood an dtornado.
The flood victims wero found mostly along the San GabrUI river,
a usual typical stream that rises In Burnet county and crosses Wll
liamson and Milam counties to empty Into the Little river. Brushy
creeh took the toll of life south of Taylor,
The newspapers here compiled the list of dead. While the news
pa per men said that all of the dead reported had been reliably ac
counted for, they could not vouch for the eiactness of the list How
ever, attempts at verification proved almost futile but the few that
i SAN FRANCISCO, Calif, bept. il. (By Associated Press)
: Roscoe (Fatty) Arbuckle. motion oicture star, was a silent spectator
The Information came from J, M. Mehl, assistant to President j '"lay ". Mlio Virginia Rappe, an
Custafson of the U, S, Grain Growers, Inc., and from President J. R. ' n0M mttro' "
Howard, of the American Farm Bureau Federation. concluded and will bo resumed tomorrow It was announced when it
Mr. Mchl said that a statement would be rnado public in a few as proposed to summon Mis Zey Prevost and Misa Alice Blake,
j show girls, who wero guests of Arbuckle on the afternoon of Sep
Tbo farmers I m.nr. Cnrnnration was incoroorated in Delawaro 1 mr S at the party In a local hotel where it is alleged Miss Rappo
tut encountered opposition from the securities commissions of In j rrcVvtf Jn resulted In her death, wrv f led stood as reported. Names wero available U only a
diana, Minnesota and other states, largely, it was said, because ! ! Their tsetimony was not offered today at the Inquest in order fw wtMIWw
the concentration of power in the board of directors, ( y ""go iirsi appear oeioro a special session m mo wm7
"Th t. i i. hvmt u ikm grand Jury tonight. The grand Jury last night considered tho Ar
-ahum iiua ihm i it. ri' 4TW V.i.t yixt 4 I buckle case but adjourned without completing its work,
..Ksv m ..hvr row , k.. v Ui . . ' rrevost was a witness at last MgMs session of ino grona
uWteMHMW aau.nvm t-4 (Jury d District Attorney Matthew Brady today announcod she
!!l?Mv . :i:irrr!!: then told story whkh differed from tho statemen she had given
; his offko of circumstances attending tho Arbuckle party, Brady
' said he was conducting an invostigation to Warn if any inducement to
change her story had been offered Misa Prevost
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eon mm year
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Ihr ktrlt v , rry lw l,l,
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l" M,l H,kl, M lilrl VV n4 K ft ttaUM
! M,k ItamhM M nri4 .4 M,,-.4t,t Im IK (tiM(v Tk UU
l u,fc MH4 Mi.
In II. HH tUltH IW mM IK(
TV MM la trxt-t In T)lir IKI
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A IKr M l rKml rt,ww
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r'll In hnNl.
Mi. Irhut.l Mil l KalH
i K . h tw i k ft - k. 0 t ft k -- k A. ft . , ...
WASHINGTON, Sept 11 (By Asaomted Prm perforations 4 v4, T (w .. 9
rnuiml I m eit4s nrofitt tae fornother yoar un w u ikn4. in rr-r h ; v, kk i, km, iki Ma
woum oo rewrei to ray tm frwna w '' , ,, ,,k.nik k k4 uu -rti ,UHW M k iki. k.
oVr decision today ol the Senate Imanco cmmitteo wkhK fmatly t k .v k4 i
otrov4 Iho rtsvkisa m tho House bUl refoalUig thoso taaes otM. nvTtxtxn iv Tauh
SX-"1-"' """"'hnnson ess? nnms wm pq
Iron per cent rnsteod elll 14 f cent efftivo jMMary, 13.
TVat Hanson Pot No, S4, Anwrkan Ugion, go on record as
f avorvag eintineoit of actional caumssl to oaaUt tho pcaoscution
in the case ol tho state ol Toaaa w Earl and Orrwie ACty, chart
vKi l l A V.Mf,.X
, , Vk IV IW ,Av,
,V !' t .x4
I. V, I K,-
v IV k,,ft v IVt I ,!
t:iw wx g. o. p.
rare com
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Ih SNMMn,aft ftwMNNawy V
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wft at W it Uv vmIUx iI K
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KUir ,.vi,U..m' u N 4tlmuJik-.
ll'l, S - li - -. .t.liliU I til'
ol UviWssqms in AmarCW. Sovorol talks worn
! tiona m AinorSU aw) atepo wore ouggoatod leiomaBy by whkh
TW foot beciws mteroatod in the Burma cose bocauso tho oV
evoked woa a fotvae aerviro swan. CV, A, J, Callwoa C G TVaonp '
V, aV Csteo and VY, It Browwoll wore aoneng thooe sswaking,
Dv CaMwed so! that tho Wo ol every onao. whether ho bo an ;
AvMfkon LegwM om of wV woa sn yefiaedy 9 kwWssnssa woa oM ;
tffi lh urge! that tho Awiooco Leg km hV Anvtj-.
cilha a aalo a4 aawa city en whkh to hvo,
Vm..um,uu t 11 1. K Kft V 1 11 -
c,.K Vl K"l VMMftU WK AK lM ftMft ftU K
U.Uft wul4 voum K.uftH KM iKft ,ft,4 T4Sj KKV !
ivi'vt iii 4 Uft m eut Oftm
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thl Ul v.lllA.llli'U ftlll, K FVt'K4 AA
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The rluli vul l t u n. 4 (1. 1 i ft ifti'K
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K.l. !. M'x.H..I. M,,-llk, I., lit ' Ml.' "'" I'- 'f I , l k V 4 II I - I I I Mil' I V'" Ltl I"""'1 ft U.l.l... V- 4,h-iV ftv'l '
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i;.,.ui , v..i 1. ..ii. 11.. ,.f ..um i-.w.i. hmIi,!. oi S-i --i,i S 'tyii H ""f o3viv
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A r. v, li. k.'U nip .Ii l.llirl In l.t
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mill. 11 ttllli Ik. ir ,iiMi.,ik In hmii
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They Were Qlatl to
Sleep in (emetcry
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lull lh M'lMl l' ft,. II I.i I lw lie , .Mil,
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LONDON, Sept 13, (By AttocUte . et,-.rx uvcyPc4
hai arisen in the liiK negotiation, premier )t 9vfe, la,
t CairloiK, ScotianJ today receive lTX BoUti sryrcWx V
Lamonn D (a!ira, and JoscpS VtCfstK, another inr
tentative, according to an offiiil communication. Uiuv tua'HV
and Me.r. Boland and MiGrath, ar returning & DuUu lait the
prime miniater's explanation of certain point I ii tne oyernimnt,
proposals for connideration by tKe dad rieann-
It is said that Mr. De yKra' reply dt-alin witl tho utitioiy
if accrptinrj or not arcrpting the inyitatioiy to aconfcreiua vtiH uo
be delivered until Friday or Saturday.
tl It. tin I. 1 n. ! tin. 1 'In I. 1 1. 1 il Ii
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I kM-
NiW XORK, SV U ti AuMKti rtoaD-Jo WiUiatm
H Sae4(i l I VMiv tyittoxg an Metal oViUhI town tWy toU
too Ma) ta4 fi it U tWe fon ooi aotlmiti to ootiato
levnt ovietie mbist, are ipMtet to bo itffernog witb tko coa
titfttMMS ligbtl 0 (Uttflkt.
vAaj( eeVMtiwisv be aaii NiWUb boUs its soeetings by tbo ligbt
ol bMi wa io t.it pWea ao4 tbo Mobees ol orbkb oroar orbite
sut au.4 subv bkb atteoafts to prevtot oroVrry itisea from
eojvjing ! coititolKM4) vigbts, freooViaa ol STMocb, toavskoace
ao4 (i,bt ol Uia) b pari U Pofw? subject for Uestlgatio. by
in4 iiMv, maoo invb bebaniof oo tbo pari ol a secret oociety
U coaupiiavy, atvl tbo law ao bo browgbt to bear upon tbeoa.
oatiuyUai bis Va(0, JKidgo Sbefvpar4 aanlt
wbe re U U btre tbat ao be brougbt to boar opon any grott
o people ol trit ositiu. mblcb admioUttrs Jostko b tbo
U I. A ft I''.', 14 I'lMlIU, m
m i,i ' It. I'. t till )l II M KOI
, Unl..v ,11 i. h-4 K,. y ft
-k in i..l ,' "I t H'fttl ,a It
t. . . I'.' , ti. 111 lk4 i. t iu,u( 1 1 IK,ie
. . ..I 1 .'. 1 ,1 iik ik , u.a
ll l ' u, i ll u U k v4ll
Jv.lft U.
v4,ftikx4 li4l
iinIm Ift MtfttiHti-ftr rrrU "IKtr !
ttiuiw wntMttaHi ftw tit tlatanc
ik i, V, t fthftk aiv nnijftrikinf
l.i W cmjut I uf IWIr (vtkiW
ili. n.'
'Wk.n 1 4 la that UI f tf.
lutft ii hiftir H k fthat ditrrao
la Wifta IM l'nH4 gtals Sl
I-; V-Uktiiu In Kg!,' fc

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