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1. U. Nt'N'N ....
3. L. NTNS
. . .Oneral Manager
. . . .Managing Fdib-r
Editorial Irrtment 7
Putin- office J
11A Wet Fifth tStrwt
tmly Morning Newiaip' hi the AruariUo r.iuatry
Over 1h- Panhandle of Teiaa, liintwn New M(U n, Houth
rti Colorado nd Wr'trrn Oklahoma frcim twev to Mr
four h--ur in advarv; ii l liver, Iiell, Fort Worth. Okla
fcorna 1'i'y end other pi-i tarrying irk graphic diiati h
Entered a awond t-luaa natter at t ri- poatoffjee at Am
fHlo. T' under th Aft if March 3. U.'J.
In T'M. Oklahoma. I'olorado and New Mnieo.
1 Mor.th I ."'J
Month 2 lo
f Month 4 i
1 Tear
lielneo-d by rrler In Amurtllu fume aa above.
1 Month t 7i
I Month 2 2j
JJ. nth 4 00
1 Tear I.4K
Tha AwMicUitnl )re U et.-liialvt-ly entitled to th liar
fr rrpubti. atlon of all newe dH'nMche credited tn it or not
(j!hninr ireditej In tr.l paper and alv other hxul new
ubl.hrd h'rfin
All right cf ubll;alH of apectel dmpatchea herein ara
a',M r-eiv-d
Ao luted lic l-Hd Wire Herli a.
Any rmne,u reflection upon the haracter, landlng,
t reputation f any Individual, firm, (.-...tin. or eorpom
t.on. that may apirfiir In the column of The New, will U
gia.ll) .one. ted, when called to th attention (( the editor.
It la in it th" Intention if thia new pii.er to wrongfully ue
tr tnj'iri any individual, firm, ronx-rn. i.r cap. ation, and
n rr tn ii" Will made, wh-ie Wii.iarit.il, a om.ncntly
a Him u. ruefully pulillahed refcrem , i, atlu If.
I'ulWn F. 'i"htdiias, whose excellent wmk f r l lit
!' mK rat if p.irty, lu1tlrts gavr ti tlir liiitcil
Stairs Statr V(lr(iv Wil-tui a il tvar lime
rciliit ;unl wrio rrtrntly viitrl with frirtuln i
Mtnc f tlir it a'lin muniuHitii s of thf I'auli.iii'lli -I'laiiii
(."i.imtry, i luiitinuiiii; Ins i,inii.iin fur the
Sc-iiate t'i su t rr! Sniatur ( has. , Culhrrvni, (lie
irokri ati' I iln rt j'it ( t r.in statesman, now i -
4 UJ 111' till" J.l.li p.
It i-. time now, for the "iisith ration of a real
man, for a real j'lare in tin1 upper lioii-r i,f the
I'mtfil States ( mitres,, t ullen lliotiias w known
tlirouhout Texas, an l lnlc it is a f.nt, il"iiltles,
that ii't all love lum. f..r Lt hat npposcil iuuut
u$ woiil'l r lrarr amoti; llie people, there are
none ulio fail to mobilize in luni a fighter of no
mean i.iliSie. I he people innforiiilv look iijm.u Imn
s a in.iii of un-h.iketi iirne, uii'in si i.med integrity,
inii!. isv, , pr'tn iplc, with t lie w illiii'iess to he
if lee. I.e. ill Mij mrt of A pl ilU iplc.
Iii tl.is l.iy . lt ti the worl'I i-. in the pincss of
te-in.ikit,t;. v. hen was il ever more nerfssary to
have a man m the Senate, m ( ..tigress, in rverv
-lae oi h -).., n-ih.lity an. trust, th.ui rijlit now?
Cullen ;..rn,is i, me. ,,f the threat inasrs of his
fellow i omit : mih -ii. I ts n. line is a hoiist hold wortl
aru-'HK th"-e knew him first when he fiarlrss
ly attake. ;...!:ti. .il ( nine in htnh plat e.s, and almost
mjj!ehaii.h-.l ;,r.l ah.i.e, went into a hattle that
liH.kfd l;ke t.'.tl.it-K so mm h as overwhelming de
feat, hi:! he won out 'J ti"iisl . an I the passing of
the da n- f ih'.ir! .!. in. .tt -t rati s the PK'iteolis-
lieH of '.'.Is v !.' - . !!.
Note the fi' ;'f m the ( hhiinie Daily K-
trrpr e :
"Hon. .'..!.'' t n Ihi.tuas. i.i'i.lidate for the
I'llltrl Stit' s !!.... Wis ii the tits today He
I'aid the r ;'.- i . i ii r of I I, t I .n:erprie. a personal
isit and this iit l i' tii : tip political activities of
the jasi I'.irti. ti' iti . mil was the convention in
v ! i i 1 1., v. t'..l'tntt was re-
- t, n I fine, lie wa
.. . the s,,rmtest political
11 '1 e is.
i n . . t . . l, airmail at the
i t month", previoti
m'.n i's to I'.ahiuiore that
. r i ', oo.ltow ilson f.r
: .; : i' d at I loii'tuti hurst
t! i:iv.itioti of the state
If I llih-ld Ilia MHir Irum llwlr de.lrr or ha
rurd lha r ..f lb idiw l fail; iir hata ralfit my
morwl mtwlf alon and falhrrtw halh Om orn
IHraf; If I hata uran any prih fr want f rMtilnc.
or any nair Minil rorim; lin M wiw arm fall Imm
my hNild.r Madr, and nut arm Itr bridtrn frar Uf
UJb 31: l. H, 19. II
ae stilled the tempest and h'- finished hi fcptech
in triumph.
"It u ;n evhil.itn.il of physical and moral cuur
iire lot i'' to he reinerrilx r d and likintd l a aimiUf
i.eri' iue r,f James Stephtn II' n the historic
W.IMI roiiveiiti'.n, when he l.i,l,ed the "cor nation
ai kit s' into sih-m e."
He wa a fighter then, .mi J he is a lighter now,
for the primij-h of righteousness, ain Texas will
lo her serf proud to elevate lullin V. 'Ihoinn to a
..hue in the Tinted States Striate.
! JUK l I'OPK.
Kaniestly, honestly, iiuerily. do we really want peace, whitc
wir.geil and beautiful, over the f,l(e of the earth?
'Ihcre arc those who in their unthinking, will tand aghast at
thii qucation, viccd in all sincerity.
It h.i never dawned on the people as a whole, that but f r the rhi ist..nn:y h i i-r r -v.-r.-i t ptia. u
element of clfUrincs, eating a a blight at the heart of a compara
tively few individual, this world would long since have been robbed
of the jKisstbilities of war.
Ilinmlf shielded and sheltered fr-.m the t-ossibilities of ldil;
tontact with the mmds i the envioy, tl.e lormer raiser m
atlulu In world Rruwa tnatwa.
;A. i i"r M Ka. I.y hla rplendid ac-
t;.n. Thuiiun M It.it. in il.. Uim W
ii.il h.'l.'lay in AikHiinii. Li U kf.AMi
a. -Th U.v ..f Kaltb." ha r. t.-M rtl tl-ai. h i lHlenKwl t,.. world to Vow
art., '.in- th- w lHh i.f mankind j it t l-f In H' d- tnnea given ua nine-
K. iiini t-i-n eentun. i. th- f..uiidvr ul 1 Hen n ntu l a nif.i.
Can the world. In thia monieiit .f ao-
.e.nt. I.ut d:i..l.l.ifd In poeti..-. O-sein- t.l. lf.JUii.u am.
ii-rnt l.u. d i.o hmior to Hi n .mo. ! ;.f(r J l" iKnun? tlwt hall.-nif.'? Can th
I ut .artfully av.,,l.d tinulat..-., of ll.a tt'.vernvi.i of ..thw Ufa tail to lindar-
I si.nid that (Jus. inor MelUa ha rint-d
Y. t the,.- I Ml-r.. in tht wo. Id out the unlr -MMl.te way of racap
... w m.liil a j....t that .-.- the ;.cat fo.M tno iH-n.a i
T. i. hi r ii. it a .Ii m nier hut a an in-
Cun the national government or tha
ulanned with the l.eh, of hi wardords, the tii't terrible and ; ,,,. ,,r,.ti. ai ...an. I...J . xl'n'l
jiMnneu, wiui ui- in . y (,iirl,u.), ,uilia!1... (., ,1.. they i.iff.
ctive war, the world has ever known. ;.nd may tr. Uod ot tnc (.uiiUy th at . (wt , ,h
l inverse rubs that it hall be the last.
rrf.r i in atill to worahip
l he le herous goda of
nation and tha wolld. ! .ra u. amy iu "
I'm .1 r.i.k...li..n have ru .d I ie l.l'-'U.l Ilium in i.-.-.j..
Had the call to arms sounded in the tar of the German forces. f(,r ,nnjwind of ai. and
. r i L. .... ..I. I ..v.r hivf been 1 'n r launa lh;it H-.. ie are
been a summon to death f.r the Kaiser, it would never have wen mm,vnra a via-
issued. The ruling figure in Germany qualilieu lor a piacc m .-.ry mil ire m-,i io ovum mm
,t the fiirhters ot wars. " " "T.7. "I , "
H lll-M'l 1 11 ui"i'i'i
Trt tha -allcd t"-" " 1 r"n ho
Aniarillo has been tommied that v!.e niiijl have sons were slain in battle.
i Krcat regional fair. It is demanded at h' r haiidi
iv the various nterprisit i' lointntmi'tes hv whii h
cLiss to whiih he beloiu'ed. the makers, but p
m. i t.:. u ill. the iiitoxicatiii ' uree of vvar-m;..
..c N-ui.vu .... ,.s..T.. , " r n,,w. ,uh, ,hl. wlM ;l, W1.t.rtj at
and thin made Mire that he wa out oi ine raujje. u. ...o.w. . . hvf t,nn lui) ( llf4lity ve
:n s.
r . .. . I t : 1 . ' . . .. ,
Mr it recalled that neither the rvmer nor any o.n; o, n.s ma..r uy mr ... ....,.
he i, surrounded, in and out of the Panhandle and
I'l.mis of 'lexas m tin , ortmn of the Southwest.
'Ibis is no longer an tmpty a-,.rtion, but is a
fail that is i n rally a. kie-w le-! d lure and cle
wline, lo rea-h other on - i!r,,hle expoMtioiial
iif rj. rises, the people of tins p..rt":i of th- state
uni t s,ij, then elul.iis ,i h-iitf way, in'.nli:i a K'eat
.xK-use and delivering their j.r. - Iu- ts in more or
lcs of damaged coinhtioii Amari'lo is a railroad
enti r. easily ac.essihle to all puis of this jhu ti"ii
.I the Southwest, and tin, is one '! the reasons
whv t!ie fair should he laiitu bed, and that on sin h
i stale as to ii.tiip.itc with the needs exiting
of erlpl'l'd and million mnre of tarv-
, , .- ,i . i,,.- .1... I'.-.-.l then'- "'if w. in.-ii ami niiureu y i.iouiw i
For many years, the people ot the earth have thila.i.l inni. ,
A vo.i Id i riiHli.il l.y thi I w in IninVn
4 il-Hji.-ilr and fear in anKlinf to what
dread pa P'af uenllty ht led It. Kr..il
this wilfully blind l.-aderhll th worU
ii On uiiV in mck illinv. It ha wor-iliiM-.l
ut lh.' ol.iieene ahi'ini: of praeti
uili'v too loop, nnil now it numt Inevi
f.My turn to that thimt whl. li It hi" ao
Ii hit di!iiin-l the heart of man!
It I not eii.'UKh to loay that disiite-
itp.u n... ... i.i i'iii.ia 1.1. WM lltllMl ttt
wars. 'J his confcTemc begin its work three short years after the I 4.llK,i, iw IU:iii.u.w i lnHnn
in a win i'l or i. it. ml an. I pianu nun
. . i . . .i .. - f
selves lo be desir.ous of world peace. I hey nave laiKeu preuny o,
brotherly love, of the fatherhood of God. and mouthed emptily of
the "peace on earth and good will towards men." voiced so many
centuries ago, but are we appreciably nearer to the consummation
of this dream, than at the beginning?
Friday was the opening of the conference of world leaders called
for the purpose of limiting armament, and t litis heading off future
in ex posit ion in Am; illo is the tact that this portion
'd thr lountry has every interest m lonuiii.n It is
) gnat plains section with soils that differ but niea-
f Aniarillo Some of the new paper m this portion
f the state have taken on avion to s;iv that Am i
to I" l'(l.
.41. At;:.
Iiomii'at' . : r 1 .-- :
the entr-il f ig'i: - a.
4oiiVei.tn.iis ev r 1 ' !
" I I. o ma- i,.cl i- .
4 OTi eni :.,:i ! . !. .
that sl. t f .f . I '
turned the ti'!'- -..i :
. resident I i i i-. h
out at .tt :.o-.: .
"V.l.ri. Il,.n..i
tiomniati. 'i the c!
i- i; . , ! son-, h to place in
. of tin- 'prohibition caucu"
k trmp..rary . I a rni.i.. lit lit in broke lnoc and
it. on tr.'i-1 p- i. I 'in d'-vvu. 1 liotn.is
i on ( hairs, hoots and
mush of the band for
lr vain the chairman
the opj
itOcl III- g'onr. j Me-i
cat call- mirj;!e 1 w, wh ti -three
quarters of an I,. .:r
j utmdrd for or !' r.
"John lle:;ry Kt!,. tr.e-l t.. vain to calm hi
faction. Jake i.' . ir, t,, tju. upr.,ar. Fx-
cited delegkte tm I fm.,.- Hiomas tr..m the
platform by four
proper this-, and if there be no found.itioti in fact
for the statements, let her action denioti-trntr thr
rror oi the i barge-. In either event, there is no
lime for re-eiitment, except that shown through
n tion
I .it 1 is r Aniarillo ha been properly rebuked, or
inju-tlv i titii i-ed. and regardless of whn h it a fact,
her our wav nut i the establishment of a regional
fair of adequate proportions to meet the demands
again! lit r
o -
Whether D t;i"iiatic or Iv'cpiihlu an, every Amer
ican will give tar to the utterance of the I'rrsi.h nt
f the Tinted States, out of consideration for the
office he octiipic. and al-u that he lias been snf
liiieiitly esteemed to as-ure his elevation to the
nio-t exalted poltical station in the I'm ted State
1'iesi.letit Harding metitlv give out the follow
ing statement with reier'-iue to prohibition: '
"In everv lonmiunttv men an. I women have had
tn oppoi tunit now to know what prohibition
mean- Ihev know that debts .nc more promptly
;ianl. that nil n take h -ine the wages that otice
were wasted m - ilooiis; tl,..t fatuities are better
ilothed and fed. a id tii .re nioiiry finds it way into
the saving- batiks I he liquor traffic wa. destruc
tive of inn. h that was most preiious in American
life. In the fa- e f v. inu h evidence on that )oint
what v mi-si ! t;T i. .it - man would want to let his own
selti-h desire u '.urine lum to vote to bring it
l..u k ? In a i' thi r generation I believe that liquor
will have dis.ippe.it e. imt iiu lt ly from our Militiv.
ut from i.ur ru inot n-s "
"firing of thr last shot" in tin? World War. Hv swiftly time passes
and h'w merciful is the memory of humankind that it allows them
to forget the horrors through vvhih they have so recently passed,
.seceding into the rich, purpling shadows of the past, the wounds of
yesterday are not so acute, and the pain is numbed, the wound arc
healing, leaving the less painful though livid. cars.
How terrible was the co-t of the last war in the measure of hu-
Anotlur and perhaps tin- greatest one rca-on for!,iUn lives. It is shown upon authority that fully lo.oto.aw citizens
were killed in battle, and added millions found their way into tnc
grave as the direct result of war's brutal demand-, and still other
millions were left helpless charge on society, thus rounding out
i.rK- unli .Iii.iati.- ...n.htiou, .nid rainfall about la rut. of bitterness, a measure m flesh and blood ah.uc. that 'tag-
he same, and the same high tp- of white Ameri- lrrs the processings of the human mind. In addition to this there
!,, r,t,eiis. jwas a financial loss aggregating $isY..fv:).ori. affecting all the
Ill the recent past there has been nui. h criti. istn i people of the earth, whether or not they were tiravvn into inc
brutal maelstrom. After that i the debt, and the incident industrial
;nid financial penalties, attendant upon such a mighty disruption of
rill., is a foreflusher, that she i a bluffer and will j the affairs of the world.
n.t bear her part in a great, .instructive program.! With these horror fresh in the eyes, the Irirts and thr ears
If this be true, it is high tune tin- city realize it, ,,f u. conferee, with the gaping wound iu body and mind, with
i:id takes tip In r burden of responsibility through ;U,j,,ir (,id that can never be filled, may it not be hojK'd that the
winch to meet her niibilit ie as a tenter of the pinplc will demand a getting away from the agencies that produce
war: Selfishness, greed, individual interest and de-ires for per
sonal glory!
Some have seen fit to criticise former President Wilson, sonic
that in the early days of the world's frightful upheaval he "he kept
us out of war." and later, that he should have plunged us into it
more quitkly. I'.ut. the facts remain the same, criticism changes
nothing. War is based on selfishness and greed. Hunkers are
now convinced that more than force is required to settle questions
involving the rights of individual, or nations. It i al-o an admitted
fact one war makes way for other wars, that the oft repetition of
disturbances, create a laxity of attitude, a degradation of standard
that work in no thing for the good of the people in interest.
None will di-pute the fact that the man who has once killed,
find it much easier to slay, than does one who ha never been
brought under conditions before, where violence seems to offer the
way out. It is the same way with nations who-c moral fiber has
given way to the desire to settle their differences through the ar
bitrament of arms, until they vecome warlike in their spirit and
attitude, and look with less favor on the proposals of peaceful ad
justment of their difel'criicc-.
For jear-. a movement has been in progress for the abolition of
the pistol. Numerous states have legislated against thr wcatmns and
penalties provided a- a means of piiui-hing those found in possession
of it. It i admitted by tlm-e who have made a study of the sub
ject that the very presence of the pito is a banter to the man carry
ing it, to use it in such manner as to make him regret his action,
when he ha time to cool and to reflect. This knowledge is nar
rowing the field of the pistol, and the time will unquestionably come
when it will not be carried, even by officers of the law.
I'.ut we come umv to the time when praver are offered f"r peace,
when the great nation of the world, through suffering, have been
brought to a common understanding. The absolute and wasteful
futility id war h.i been demonstrated unquestionably to the satis
faction t.i all. If any nation could have wrung a perfect winning
.i i .1 . t : il - - I .I-
While ih.s ,. t. i. pvohi'.tttoiiist must not over- inrimgu mc -pirn or organize. i n.ne. nrrinany v a cmiue.i To inai
:....k the f.ut that there remains minh ot lighting (distinction, but it wa im. Lie. o nation in the world history.
,,, . ,,. n ,, .,M ttrt for medicinal; has more signally failed than did Germany. She went into the con
, in ..e" ., -uhti-rtuge. It is extnnudv doubtful j t'ltct with the most perfect program, with a system that was polish-
: I t II I."! 1 .1 I i . 1
it beer ha-t v. v - .v. I a hie. and there is indii.uta-CU ami imisiioi m uciaii. i ne tneorics r.ai neen iemontraie.i
Shall let Millar Wad ua to the
lisht or do we prefer darkneaa?
!.. we daic try Chrltanlty for one
Tha following pt laiiiHtlon by f)ov.
Th"iiiu M f Arkanaua ia thr tnl
r..r the f..r K"iim aril. Ie. which ia ropy.
ilKhtwl hv lh National Kditorlal Ao
. piion, 121:
do dwlnto Nov. 1 a a legal holl
dav. to he known aa The Iuy of Fail:
and. mindful of the tragical year b
hind and of the dreadful potentialities
..I the future. 1 dn enjoin all good cltl
tn'. on that "lay to ffT prayer t'r
th.' aiic . iw of the disarmament confer
on. t : to in know l'.lue the right and
--l.tu.-a of their ncipW. lhatwever I,
hi nation, hi rare, or hi creed; and
aa evidence of that faith which I with
in i Iii-iii. at the hour of noon, on aueh
Dav of Faith, reverently In apeak tha
all.Koil'al word My Neighbor ia Prr
!,.. i." lioi-ini:. without wlf iighteouane.
tt.Ht where Arkan darea to Iei4d. tho
world may not four to follow."
lly AMlKt.W M. 1..UVKKME
It luak.i no ihtfititnc win .or. o I tion. It ia hard to hold any great city
goied. If there are ftaun. h defenderfl ' within the law, but vnst Interrata r
Of law and i orient ut Ion, lini'lneabli" Minie the eoimlanl for tifititlon of all
ee.-rnle f law vu'LitUn, anywhere in through a patriotlr publle aentl-
the land, they are In New York. Ita1 merit, n the only tuolectlon for prop
pi.f.a x nl.le. insiixt.-Tit mid peraistent erty and busiiieaa.
iu m.holdlng law and condemning It W ith what -ontinlency enn thoae In- -in.llifi
ntioti. With a fine fervor It flimntial New Ynk Mra. which liava
laiuluit .onteii.t for co'irt in and . n. ouiaxot lor.tcmpt for the Volatnad
out of i.Non. The country would not law. and promoted dialoyalty to (ha '
Imve it olhei Win-. Kveiywhere through- innatilutlonnl provlaion for prohililtlon,
out the t'nit.sl 8tat.. tho New York argue for the enforcement of labor
,iy ,i.w, pa,-, have ranked high In ". r building law .or tanklnc
. , , , law , or law a on any aubject, after at
t ,..,r advo.-H.Tr of re.c. t for law. for , ,, nronth oul R pa,,
. o.iKiltiiiional provlaiona, and for the timlar conatitutional provlaion and
ol.. n. e thereto nw-piwiry for the .IM,.rn h,w, which they hapten to dia
.nihility of widely. Nul.o.ly aiiicted llk(. f,,r that, what right haa any
a cloven hoof. , man to condemn the lawleaaneaa ha
Hut ainio the prohibition amendment dmlikea while voluntarily violating taw
mid It enforcement law enme into Iiiiiibi If in order to gratify hit taat for
exiHteni e, many of tho rei.w table alcohol?
tii-wNM'.T "f New Ymk have made If we mistake not. Nwe Tork pa
pitiful display of cliil.lHi petulance pera hav eatart.-d aonicthlng likely to
and vl.iou attack on law enforce- iover them with ahamo In tho future,
merit. They have loaned th.-ir mptil.-ir : (Note: The writer of thia arllcto la
lohiinn t- th-' propagation of eon- editor and iihllnhT ot the Chicago
t.-mpt for U.tli law and the Contltu-1 .loin nal of Commerce.)
"Af'.-r a.-v.-i .1 Iioiiim' Havel our pun-I ln-hi.lc, who kliowa but we luiglil meet
I'll- of 'The I'.iK ll-iun-.' tea. lied the ! m ine beam, or Kiiuipin' that would
I .inlii camp. . j f. aie me uw fully, whiih I wouldn't
"K loo me and Al, being tired l.y U.e ills'.
I' ng Hip. hurried off to bed, Iv.ivillg 'Hut we haven't seen half the
F u ;. Wu.y and I all atone to Ml up. tlunv. and off by himself ha went.
''I II tell von. l.-t exploie for our- "Fiiiiling the kitchen first (which are
elve' . il i.:ne.l Fuzzy V'.'uxzy. '.'11 Ix-ao.' head.aai t-i m. and eating all
'That w.u.'iN vei :,ie, but you're, he wanted he tu.-d exploring. Hut
a I ai and hn t nun. I the i"l.l Weulhur soim how h- f. It l-.-t tired, and it aeem-hi,.-
dn,' I told him. e.l to ki'oiv colder all the lime.
" Vmi ie iiKi.t. I u.poc." and with' 'S.-.-iiu: a t.ice, warm ciH'ncr, he lay
these ..Is he -.aid 'C.Kiilaiglll." I (low n to aleip.
"sUtur-lay no. in pas.-d with much "Nt-jit morning what did Horenoe'a
fr-.ln and ulee lor the hil.li ell, but Mother we .' A brow n bear CUl hsd up
S. in. lav the snow a. ne down i-i fast III one oi ll'T if the kitchen, and ahfl
.iii-l h.iol thai the line pimin.-d t leave .ailed the ihil.lit-n to come a-v the fun-
was postiH.n.-d. l.y aight.
' Suo lv mm!, nii'l trues we aie "AIlM it taiti-d to pirk him up. tiut
mowed In.' expLuti.-d my Mifstms Fa- . la.-' Ih.ic lay Kiwdust all around the
l her toy la-ar,
" 'Sr,oe.l ir;" n"-.it- . Alhert. , 'Tin caused rn-.r h excitement. After
' 'Kxaotlv h- .' i .-pii.-d hi un. le. rue He and threap were aei-uied. the
"Then time will l- no h.l for ua, Is-ai recovered, and told f.f how a rat
th.-i.lit 1-1' ici-re. a- he watched the had unavved a h"le in hi ptetly blOWR
white fiakes rno-e iloun f fur.
"Ntv httle .Mimi:.h anil Al plav.-d un- "The tiAt .n the folks left for
til -lik tn. ii retired early for the long 1 ..m.-. Know Nt-'n.i having ended.
Miti-r iiat ' "I'lizy Wuzjsv- wa very happy at
Fuy W'uxy I. iv ing anot h- r nation leaving, fm- h.r another rat might get
lor a prowl, lnvitel me p. J. ,, hii... i. ...... as he . ailed it."
t ut I told Inn. in.' ih..t th. weather We w ill next read about "Thnkgiv-
wa utill t.n. .old for ilijng and' n.g Ia.
ly sV :. ONM.lt
A bntt.-iflv ran- h I the lnt-re' ing j of i mth from home produced rocoonfl
:.inl 1'nrative vr-'ture f.f a Maine wo.ju t hit of keeping the caterpillar
matt. tVhile tie ran-h d- not jinv where it is wit.o to get the eoenon
bio pi..,.! that f l .s ruuied countle.i thousand- jthioiigh the channels of practice, the rehear-als had been many, ami
if them, a- we'i a- wrekuig the happine mid (tt the imperialistic mind, there could be no failure. The machinery
mora!- ot a.M. I thrr..inds. a 4 supplemental dem- , ot hate had been so matured and finished that humanity had n
lustration "t -t- Irstrn. tive powers. Prohibitum-1 p'-v e in it. cxicpt to put the war machine over for its own sake,
ist- wtil I .ne t-. in.,! thi viper just so long a iti, vtr.v I- w.-rked in tini-on with every other part, and the Kaicr
i- allowed u- 'h r 'aw . tr.n its noisonie. shiny IhiHv,
a the war over head looked upon it and prnonounced it terrible, hor.
. , . . t . . ...... ...... ... trtr.. 1. ilk ,-iirss.,lfi H'liin.l sthi.-li .u.rhinnr .or ...
a iiir-e. over tin- p.ur.s oi men, caiicmi s --, ...o,..- .....v.. ... maun,
fe. fotis of .h ath and vi.e i:i it- c.-ursc. t earth, could stand.
"it.i!ie.l j.t..Mr i i the form of investment- of J The very perfection of this machine, made its demonstration of
tronev. t-me. th. rjjht. and lalx.r. -ire required for the failure of the arbitrament of arms all the more inescapable. It
the subuiiMtt. n ..f t' is damnable traffic. "Medn 1- lioul l not be hoped by another nation no. not within a half century,
ual." indeed' I ; oin whence Cometh this cry i"r (that the preparations of Germany could be vjrp.iscd. That would
"in.. Initial b-. r" N"t fr-.tn t!te o-called sick, pn- lc daring the impossible. The failure of armaments -lands out o
manic, but 'r..tn t!i .sf mtrrftcd in brewing. a:td itilainlv. m accusinglv frightful, that it seem the whole world must
"Thorn' ffiit.-ls (f4rh-re. around lum cheering handling t! e 'virage. tu-ly well th.e word of jic and understand.
With this demonstration, with the heart ache of the world o
iitiinmetnly pre-ent. there -eetr. to be rca s( n to expect that the
liim on One ob'rep. f,,;; ,ire4.r who tried to i r - .!rnT I iar h--they arc true!
drag him fiotn the .:.t:rni was kt. ked bak into' . .,
the cr'iv.'l hr Jhoma- (, then began otir f lhe Jf ,nr viichrt attitude of nui. 1 . ould have , otr'r reme n..vv in r-ioti will tenj greatly to tree the Work! from
rwist Uniting- tpreihi ii'r hir-I from a 'I cxas !l,rt.til.t ... pit iv.tn.inv ririrn w.-nl I k,ti. in. e 1 1 ri ,t.Mvv. and awful bur. 'en. under thr weight of which, it ha
jJatfwm ajfam-t the h- i -r Uafii.. lh. a3iv of J;,4Vi ,, t,,:.. ..in. 'h;. v trv wtknig the fVn t4g-.-r"g .luring the , , rti-nrs ..f ih.r p.i-t. "I he ta-k to whivh
j;d not hear him. but ll.e re, rters ..n the platform jme hi ..pp. -He: 'thec men are called, is a supreme one. an I one on which the praver
.rr an w.-il ti,.- . hi. ken farm which
-he a'so owe. ir ali for V woik.
oi.ie it i foim.sl. The moth lav their
s'K mi th- bark of tree, on leave.
and in i.'h'-r plaiea. The erg are
vir.Nller eoioi.Mi.-.it. and nowhere near do, ly ol..-TVed until the caterpillar,
-I knee an mvtr-,ei,t A few I-oxm. 1: ,.Ji ih.. embryonic butterfly or
-.ii e l...ik. m.- ct iv.1 and earth. o, th. h .t. ii. Th-n the caterpillar I
form the whole otitf'.t. ,i-li-.-.l on a fee hran. h until the co
in the eiiy da; .f hir v.ntjre he ..km-, h:. l-vn form-d. The latter la
J p.-n.i.-l iii n tin. him the . ...ns pl.o.-d in tli hnt hing lux to remain
from whi.-h the butterflies and moth i. ml the moth t.nea f.th. when the
r hat. lied in the woo la near her p:o.eii s r.ited. The mot ha ara
home. I.ut f.-r wiine time he l.a t n ' i iiit,-, B-id a-.d to Collector, achoola
breed. r c them rn the rie-h Hitching ard rnnw-um.
re are man- fa-fired at horn. (.Note: prir-.t4 In Deremlier Topular
The great difficulty In the t.reeding M hard. Mamzlne )
t'juK down Ihoma terrmc arraigr.niet of hireling!
f the aloori y.ho were trit g t deny free jeech
'i a Tenaa Iemorat.
Firul' li J-er.'iitcuce an J lilmr.e'i and c ur-
I hat rrgiotul fair of whiih Anunlhi'i leading
pirit have le-en dreaming during the jiat everal
year, will lccome a reality in the early fall of tpjj.
of the entire human fanulv -hould ln centered, for miccc. Let
tlw-e who thirst for bl!. a- a medium for transforming their
ware into gold, perish with their thought, but let "peace on earth
and pood will among nicn" abound and endure, forever!
The wages of Love arc small. o small
You scarce nrght know they arc paid at all,
A glance, a smile, or the clasp of hands.
The coin of a heart that understands;
A name soft whi-pered. a lingered kis
'I he wage of l.ove arc paid in this,
lint. O. the magic -uch coin can hitv
The waking j.y of a davvn-flu-htd kv.
Drudgery speeding on skylark's wings,
Sor.g- in the heartbeats of common things,
An-! f:re!it -h-.dows of evening hler.t
W ttt: pcaif a-td comf.-rt anl all content.
The wages ,,f J.ovc are small. o small
Di.e Mam- lo-.i'd s.,y that they c.-t at au."
Yet lives are lov.tly and hearts t ill aihc
In biter lack for the wee coins sake;
And miny a i1k-clad life of eae
Von Id brater it pit'r of gold for these.
-Martha Haskell Clark.

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