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Amarillo daily news. (Amarillo, Tex.) 19??-current, November 27, 1921, PART THREE, Image 19

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llc.Yiii s-Kci.l Tlelil.
' Weill; HnV Ratttiiiff j
An ! way in mop window tiwuj
i-MitlH.ir W t.w fit niniill wisUte In b-i
Ojni'li'llrtir. inl Swai lug ho
Mr. Auto Owi.vi . w h n loot' y"u- mutator fdic'i Hh ttmi-'rei "
aoluilon. uret:t yn C the "W l iiinMiii- of ah-chnl and Kiyccrine.
Ahohol alon in very injurii.u to your radiator. Ut niic one i entire
the aolulton that kin ma vli.it he in (Mm;.
8.ifety Ftmt. Urine your car to ,
S & W Oiling & Greasing Station
303 Taylor Street
llllltictllly 'hi uk
i iiowirful
We Render Every
Electrical Repair Service
For your Car, 'Truck, Tractor Storage' Bat
tery, Starter, Generator, Magneto, Ignition.
Service Station
Vnwr rv7r Vnunn
s - x 1
CHASSISbrarins jjrowolil from incorrect
or nrclfTtH luhriration, transmitiirc th"
had effects of oM ape to every fart of the
car which it made apparent in terms ff in
rread depreciation, more repair, ar. .'
hitler maintenance costs.
Crassi fearincs can be snccesslully
lubricated only tindrr presvire -Alcmhc
the crease info close fiftinp bearings
under fino potmds pressure,' pushing out the
crit-lndrn j;reasr remaining from previous
Alemite systems are made up in sets to
fit any sire car, truck, or trarfor, at prices
ranging from $7.8i to $10.00, depending
on the numher of hthrication points. Faiily
installed by anyone simply unscrew thri
grease cups and replace them with Alcmitc
Come in and let us demonstrate what'
.. Alcmite will do for your car in preventing I
the ravages of premature old age.
II 4wt fmw(in
I IN mmm nh AIp. i
mmfm Hip htm-
! . Jf lnfatiit I
'. I iM.r.
' I I - I .M
I lkr.H
I llll 'kit-! II.
I If. Clf.i
I .raklt I
PI fmm wmH fill I
.Inntt. labrkial - 9 ...
mmf anliitiftr. ml ,t up i.
itatfv ytmitfl rfHt'Kt e. k
at Mirli iJni lt. ttrrJrnml
Mrlfm Mils, frit, mtl, U4
NOTFlf flic car winning first rrie In Hie Auto lneclioii tinted I
Miulpneil llli At.KMITKS wf will make Hip owner a present of a .VmiiiiiiI
ran of ihr (-m.u MlMIK'K Lubricant. '
Andrews-McDonald Company
Klltilli nnil I'ldU l TO SI ITI.IhS I'liour
ltrlhiit.Mi AI.KMII'K I .u luteal in
plnno-wlic attachment to the bolt.
The win- mukeH the Im-htIiik lwtt aclf
UtflitrntiiB mid preclude trtulu from
th: oiiri.T.
Nral The IahU.
A impli- nnil unit .iitana of xiv uiinK
i;irc tlri'i UK 1 1 11 xl theft Ih nu.'iilnl by
IIiIh ik mI.v imlciitiil ttl- lot k. It tit a
lujr Into which a lumliliT l k him Lcfii
built. The rear i.nt ft Hi'' liK a
renter hole of fit with the hole at tho
bottom of out tire currier, wo that a
threndid itud uWl Ih imh.1 throuKU
Thi eciri-H l he Imk to tho carrier.
iweeii the edite ol Hie .I'.men und
tlie lelt fl.tliuf. Sufi wood hlioiilj I,
iiMi'il. '
rinit wiiii iiot siMd.
A new lot Ml i f f.uu k luir Im dio
KlKlled to roK with the tenn Vol.til1
find of Indus. A iiiimIi'I until I Intf
iieNed Into ft Bhetl forms a "hvt hikiI"
Factory Trained men in'every depart ment Equipped with Factory Testing
Air Ih-ie lh-.tril.utor.
If. In Mho the ritdutor. water out
nvi l the toi mid wet the dixtl ll'lltnr,
this mny nhiH't i UN-nil the current nnd
prcMiit the eniclne from utartitiii:. To
which cotlditlQIiM ii,e tuel Ht the Hlnt .
While it I iK'llted. 1 thi method
the I'lilK 1 ho kept flee from t:ti
ir otl. - 1
Will add more lo the appearance
of your car than anything.
Ymi slimilil rci;ur for O'Mtr wf.'llur ii"
liy lt.ixiti your curtain- uiadi- storm proof.
l arr specialists in repairing ctu'taiiis, tops
and uptiolstcriti.
It u ill cost vim nothing to yc-t an rstiiuatc n
the cost of the repairs you need now.
dry the dltrhiltor n move the noT.ln
ri in (he tire iiiini mid di V off th
Wntii wth the foive f the nr.
Many Activities
Are Arranged for
Franklin People
! The mil n v hiiinuii Intt n s :i ti it n-a
Iwlin h the imi'loves in lln f icti.rvof the
rimikllli Allli inohile 'olilliilll v lit hyra
j iim find In inii'iertinii with lher d;illV
wok iiffnid mi IntereMliim md.linlit on
In- worklnic condition lit one of Amer
ic hei ktmr-ii iilnntH At u tiui
vi hen ii h iietlvltic lire lein 'in t illed
In inmiv iilineM the I'niiikllii Council
oiitinue to their vtilue iih ii Htrt
j 'if the ItiiiiK th.it iimlii' an iiistilntioit
I woi III While.
j AumliK the feiilur- w hi' Ii l'o
(luovd mi ft h.iiiIiii with the "ni0
I'milMlll elll'loven Ii then !l. H-f
ttind. Whli h h i :m i"h"! :i -t ilewld"
IP Olll' l lo IH'nX llji flllol" f' I t!i'
'ind. oulU distribution fwlieme h;i
been ii-d cut. nnil Hu- l"i.inWllii
wi.rkcr n'i "I'l.-iin iih . hiKhK'Udc
mill; diirini; vcikinit hour the yeir
round. Over Tlt.nnii t,inl of milk wcrf
imlil diiiinK two month r-enlly.
Atliletii. ti.. buvc ulway nliiyed
luiv.i i Jilt in Vnnkllii life The Ki.lfik
j lln Iiii'ii niiliihil tlifl .l.c e liolh In
' r;it ami 1':'I In lh" ntnte wide Indll
trial I.eiiKuc mi l t nt Ho- . w Vork
' Slle )' lil .
I 'or the nwin wle. w.iiiIm lo fit himself
, (. i :i U-t.T oh. the I "t n li k ll II Tl niniill)
. lioi.l olfer nn iiincii.il hihh I niiitv
1 ' ' MiiM lcnt umli in l'-r coiuli:"t fie
n'"li(1iiy cIhhmim for Mil employe wh
wiii to tike nilNtili(e of lb'' Colirt-i
tlvij then- t'l ill"), nntlii in itii . blue
in lilt leUli'K. mill in obiiie sl'i 1'tne
! Id e and them y.
I The iiRuratiuii vti in nNo. inn'iicir
ifidcn Msnh '.'! hinilone a kh.iI d'-nl
tow mmI kindliiiR I t . . fiiiioc Mi- xiirli
i of hjiiIiiIiib uni'eig eiip. ., 1li is
ei,ih ii"' Hal N4HlM ni OiJoli'T II
(to the r4 Fraaklinil'M Iwe iikm I
Hon met with ia"ov4l. The mmnvrj
rf fh ni)"r prlr of llftl immoti1 I
fr"lii M nrildc'n Jib to nil liiM.rHHt j
eHUtl' )Mi.ti"n with Hie levcl'i!
' ruenf HvHn
Fillmore Street I
To Be Closed on
Saturday Evening
In nrdr to n M'.fully enrv "il the
pl.-in for the uulnnmMb' rehw, thi
'ity I'nininlMMioii ha mven ici uuwdon
o the I'lllltiunille Auloini'tlve le.iler
khih Litlon lo lo'iipy Klllitiou. Street
ictwocti Fifth and Kixlh during Situr
Jny lift' linx'li. le eiiilM i 3 ;einrii
.raffl- ever llu ioitmn cl the street
will tv tlomMl.
The t'nininlNHlMii reiiKiiired the o
01)11 Olle fol the Koi'd I't the K' Deiltl
public nd readily BKiee.l to niet in
the fuithemnii' of the daii.
If your child est ravenously at time
ind at othei time tun no appetite at
ill, bili out for worm. White' I'leatn
Vermiiuif la the remedy lo ue. Ii
rleara them out. 1'ilce, 3ic. K d b.V
liandal Druf Co.
"If Your Car Don't Start, Just Phone 100"
i. '.i
The T. M. Caldwell Co,
Fifth and Tyler Streeta ,
Amarillo, Texas
Consolation Prizes
May Be Offered in
Exhibition Saturday
J. 1 H
Uphohtering andTrimminj.
1C6 W. 6th St.
Phone 520
Thr.l e all' aoioe .IK'
i-nivn in
ibe ltiihanils who tin n-.l f t l
'l.e f tb fle i. iti lot the Rf tel
IiiiiiiIm'i of p'.iO' i'i 'h'- c'nt'ic h",r
Ifvt Hihirdiy n ' i ln'r'l bv mu h re
imu In wi "if tbe .! Kit iM tiTr t r
tn h-riHi nurnbei of .'.nl. I oind
"(and a If I I h " It 'iss I .ii -I I'ed
ii fnlilv r;i A .tiII.'.i it .' th it to ikitiiT
IhiMf rh'i w aul i, ii. i i- fnr l"W
HIT nwhltl n i.lr'tf tn'.tie Will
I fflH il llV oil" of III- I.M I 1 o' til"
aiitciiwilxe i.it ii
By ludsin II. .;Mul! i f the i n.rd
I lie m l le jihle ! ilet ill.lie h"W t'l
a'lnin nu'-i. fir l"'. ' Imi h I'
fof Cfflcjelie;
Sla.wxi I or ieat.
iii.i.M;t: KTAHo.VT. s'"v c-
A (ol.ll of l;l,IHii .! . I 1 .11
l'(.r.lB Stulc tl ill one .l. Willi ;ii;
aMot' ! i n,"io ,; I In the A A
M e tiori 1 ih- irn.i.it Tbrktrivliiir
?!; nil e l-t'C II A. M C. Ill-fe
; 'I llii' t'tiln r T' .! ii iln .
Hi" f.il iU' mile of It fir t 11 ii
ennui 'iiei l t. ; I the ite la '
Tu-ila.. ar.d irni j'ioi-.h art the crowl
,' .. t i i,miii-i I'li riin
! r.K air l. in.- i:.ol li- ri-i. ii
k.mi'if .pe. I' b-'mii'
IVidie War.
Uj ..l Pr.
UiWur . ?r. .MiJ. ; u. Hir ;
n.'H.i.r t:en. lei. - ! etrolli-T !
(lie i t mclMi.er.t Klld n.Alitei gtTi- '
il nt in-riu.nnel m thi air ei.un il dar- ,
lr t, A in an 'ldie hero oa !
' AmhiIoo.'' thiit iri'.tirnt to hun thera ,
would lie another r In five )er. i
"There will I no d Uraion.'- ha.
l c7.f.J7 71
(Jit JJfit'
Simpliiil) -f l'in. u:ililv f mater
'i;l and Superior i;l:ide of w'orknianship
Imilt into the .W'I'.KV Lim f Power
l'.inninur. rhrthintr and Kcad Uuilditar
Machinery guarantee l-mi,' 'i'1' ;,,1l rc""
ndtnical service.
Some AYKKY alvantnuve . " r "Hx-r
Ti.tctoi s are : 1
Opposed c.torlts length flistri!iu?es
tin weight liottfl l.rtween t'loi.t ;ind
tear wheels.
Ilt.ivi. Shoit I anksh.itt -It i. pi.uli
r.ill; unhreakaMe.
l;. i i -val.Jr Inner (Minder Wall Which
en. ihles Us lo it- h.iider tnateii.i!. tloi'
i:tfi longer, hut when it joc ur;ii o r
it i easilv and (heaply replaced.
Ailiu-tahle (."rank .lialt r,ov---'.na!.i-
mi to take up wear in main In : nr.;
v itlioiit leafing down the uiooi
(.i.tsilier lniii low ;;ratle ir! ii.t1 '.
.:nd liiiiiii it ALL.
You --hould inetiale thi-sr .i
lea'm t's of the AYLK Y hel re
m. I, m
TMC 111
ill III".
. : l.;r
Ak the Man Who Ownei One'
ld '"It Will tllt bV a iit.tetl leiul

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