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Amarillo daily news. [volume] (Amarillo, Tex.) 19??-current, November 27, 1921, PART ONE, Image 2

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n! I
l.i atnnnih.ti tin- -il,l!ily, i.,v r,
Mi.il l" ;,Uif for future 'iiif' -fn "
inurM heti) a milt i,f for, rial ,,n-
Th0 lunrat ralul.lt i.f poiil'rV -vf
bwt, ,U4 in thia flon r.f II, n.'i-s'r? !
la a s j i 1 for tt,r Pann trull.-pl.itna ;'
Til-Kutr I'i ultry fthiw. a-ionlifa f a
atatnirr,( ml- Ra'uriiy l-v th tmti i
Ixltr Arurtftmtnt of tlta aliow.
ar. if i'4;4,'ttl .i.-.rtjn' it.Iv "'!
dO r.. ''I ' (v ' II,' r'- iB''
iri.nl on ir,lj al.li-a
lii I'riiii iV..
Ar.' iii.r i f ' I im4' .i.M. ii i -.' t '
Ihr K.int nf tn1u.il ' utrr'i mi lit In .r;n
. 'K- ' ilui HiK tin- iLn Ml a w n i f
mtini:! f !! uri.li- .. v.l.t fi a !
. l-ufi if in t,nt ri.iii if f n-lrn I'"'
ffi- i ml iH.t.(t avaii-ma i.ii f 'Inni-"''
. i! Tin' ii. r 'i 'l mi'- .I
-li-i'iM U- a tMra.i! it U.f f'r. t"
!.-f.i iin lil'pi ry u . ri .1- . rrli'i"'
aii'l a ,t. i ,.,iiii,,t'. '. ri'.i't.'l
.v im ili'it Ilf'- i f 'In Ani.ru-in A I
"K!i'M ilr.' fr l;iir f"i ri.nl a'l''i
,,11 a i.i Ui i 1..11 of ii mi ipli' ui'l' r
nl'" Im n .iiii ul mil,
1 , ,,, 1 I'.r.ti.h iKiki-nniiin. wti.
li.iixj il i' "" i 'l ' n ' f ni &"
...,.-t 1.. iiiiiiii'tii hit m.-rf illy un'll t"
.'.Hi.l.- .f 'h AinMinn omirri-aa Via . 'ration f' r aur.a n g-iUitii.tn
. , . I,IW '1. f'lfl'I'I'M.
j h . : 1. lit iiiiiin it.' rt.iv i 1 '
KaMbita Will bun to arriv ri'tt h i.f tii. ..h w.ul.l I' v
wwk from ff jrruni;tiir T-na '" !. -r, f. 1 n.if .M "i'i,
n n tMTI nt I In f'la' f'ir lh ' It "fii'l''f "I I' tm't.-al
tr.trl of th f 1 v itefi tw.w frt1rr , 4n
W4n.li7, Imc. 7 nnil tloin HutnLiy Tin im,h i. t.. f..- ..,ti.t m ,
ji j ' fii'l i n .r. 1 1 M' li'liv ami t tfn mi
A t'iiftu.nt frmr n1 t.uln ' '" ""''"r til "iuii,i"i -ill i.!""'
ti.V Cf lUrrforil Btati-4 ) "l tl.nf ii .i'Vl h n .luln'fi li 'lm lii .
lUrrfotf it to atnffo a pul'rv f ' "l n.lt."fi t '' ' '
ah'r Ilm In J.in,ar. ftn-J tl.it ) .1i.1l naMa in i'i.h n -
Dginaroua hiMtor wnulil r,m to j ' ' J'i'ti' l it rn t-hlnv III r,mt
ktirUm lv t,(npft for prl a. I In ' " '"'K' . ltlani-.lilihitlln.il',
MU1 fTiftt ffu-r "flan " tjfca wifTi" fif ' " l'itriintl'.ril - .inuiiHi"ri if
lh brat rrs homr with 1K:r, i ,r r" '" '"Mri "'"'v !t'i"'i""
tio. ift to -t li.tu rtm f.r tti , 1'' " """""i- ,
how tnrr." j '" n;--it nx'"-'! I I'V t n- n.iif'i
rmriium lit. ratalor nitrm't , '
liana and all i-m iiMMtnrT for tda I'1" l)ilrrrline.
minima nf ixmltry rihil.ita havn l-.in A : r. . i.r ii" f"irii'. mn. 'I. n .f I' k
t-irl anil mar l uird ffi.in tha '" '" ' 'nmit'io nn-fii,. I'ti-I
MfUrr of thr ahiiw, It. W. I'uka, at '" ' H.ii1n.a nni:r H-ti f. r a "
Hut Aurl!lo Hty ll.ill. 'in in f Hi" "if.r'n.i plun In I"
If la rfprtf that hun-lriila f.f frrn 1 in f, I'l. niit r-lHtn.nahlia i m i( ii ti'.ii
rra In uniUrirr, t th. "Tmii I"armi'f i.'''l"a" l. f In iih.iii ...iimi
fi'ifrau ".1Tt'n Imy" tur4 tUK will !, ' 'Iih iI!i i? i'i f .w f
t iullry ah.nr, ami thnt i.r mIiI hiui. nt mi I'
funlfcitlon a rnafcln a. lt ffi.rta I ' "'' "M' ' v hint .11 '..
t.i m tft tvrry onr in aifpfioinr. l" "" ta " H - nf Hi. .ih-i n.i'i in
la rn of tfir titbit fxiall.llitlia In th '" Vl' l.ml, li.-ml i f
I'tiltn' f''ii"!h-i. thua rni mirurlnr th,r,'"',, f' ' ''l''". w ll" '.'"" 'I
f-r'nrr fo rllvrralfy In lila fifmliiR. j"Uii'.',"'i.u Uii H b im' i.nlv ' '"
Tli Klitura of tir uhi-rn In th I 1
rat.hjn!1 PUiiia Hn1 anrrniiii'llna 1
cmjntrt hnvr Un Uiil a ai l.il In i
Teach Your
Children to Save
cIiuy each child a share of our 7
Cumulative Preferred Stock and
teach them thrift early
A SHARK of l'io Cumulative Preferred Rtoclf
ii tlx Southwestern llell Telephone Corn
puny boueht for each of the chtltlren now
will come in hun) fur their education later. Mran-whJ-
its iosv.ion tesaches them the habit of
vi'alifiri tu U- .r acrit at Hi nix-nlnt
f th ahfiw, aa hava rli-icKalra to ff
rnfioanill Plnlna ChamU r nf Ciim
mrrte fnri fliijr
Telephone Company
Asks Subscribers lo
Tfn H ulliiai uti-rii fU-ll Tl. .h. .iir
'ii...iny la i ff. run: a llmllnl nnii.iint
i.f l" .!, f,,r x,, iir,,,,, ,,( ,f,r
l'nti.lnv In ft. aiuiKnit n ml i lm uhni
tliriuti.nit Ita iirll.iv 1 1 1 1 1 ti'ima
M' h m.ikr It ..i.U' f.,r MV ,
I '" "' anl.airlUr to li niiin a al k
hi lilur i llu- fi-iiiiMiriy
'"i a furlh.r rxi.iiimi.,, if t
rrMi (.ll'iiptu tl.i. . l.in,,,,v ., i,ff,.f
ant.tl., f, ,, ,h(. ,!.,.
In hiv- rv ti. ii..iii. ,im r i..,i.f, (
rflirrtly n .,. H,. ,,,. ,,,,
Oma Ma m-.. ,a ln,-ll.. th. .lHn j
ulna if .ii.) 1 11 1 1 1 m i,f i.iirilmw. i f tlir I
ivrurlfli'a Thia la n., f,nii. n, j
f th '.ll 1 1,,, U.,M'M ,.,t M(,,. II,.. I
Mimi-any. .,t thi h .t,li, . j
Tima n9rn iu.lt. uiiliii. it. I
l"K urn mill, . t u sHl,
f It. .'ivin t'mnai,, U,,!,,., .
ant fnr.lirra a". I Inlni-at l
.'M all' ii M .-i Mly (!,.,( .,,.
no r.al r, fr thi, ,rt h, (i( .
Il nff.'tila iatfi.tinK ,. tl, l.Ni,t,
finmnlra. ll,. .inn tallMiva m, f ..- '
ali.h,.!,, ,,,,, .., f )lUrM (h j
opportunity t,. ,.m.v,. fr t,..lr ,, j
flal nnl iiii.H.nt f :nl. r.
To llr:ir Mr. I'rnnbaikril
Mi I'.'i. v V l' i.iu'.ii. ;i r of An
l.i.. fi,n"'i-i Ti ia i liil. woiii.hi. ii.i
i. , iliv l-n-nii In i'l H Hll'iwil ami lui.
fl I U .11 'I 4'llllll lf H lllMt.lt V ij T'
I..- ii a'" I'll rnr' nf t AiiiiiiiMu
l.. i.a I'liil, Th.-v.i inrM. wlini Ki.ni
ii iil l. a miti. n tii il il. Mia I'rri
nvim r
CrttlfMil t'ulilh Art-iKinlaiit
Amarlll.i irr l4llj
AuiIiM X)li-in Tai Mallrra
Cumulative Preferred Stock
lnrt in n buiititi
nilh it tonstant
JtmanJ for 11
Good in yield safe as the
Southwest it is an ideal in
vestment for onyone. You may
buy for canh at $100 the share,
or for h first payment of five
dollars and monthly payments
of five dollars.
Come into the local office or aik
any cf the telephone employes
for further details. If you pre
fer, consult your invest men,
Southwestern . Bell
Telephone Comp'any
Last week Lee Williams walked
uptown on two crutches. He
came back on one and forgot
where he left the other one.
Will somebody kindly return
this to
Williams Sign
313 Taylor Street
& Poster Adv. Co.
Telephone 226
County Records
Marraitl) IVriU
TU' ( urr,.- t,, K T Mill. . . 1 1 lo !
M I and .,i ,,, 3 ;,3 ,.U.M I
K T Mill-r. i-tna. to M Ij.amn,
til-l Mllir na ll.Vr; J,o ' rr,u
inrvn I W I'. Mattln. in. .,t . ,i k j
H. fuitia, J,.o v. -rn.Kmi'.n to W I
' Martin tin. ..i ,. u. , H H ; V. '
C llriuin. i t,a ( ; M 11, It,,,, II . i
T.iO. v.rl L l 4 l.lmk 2 I mi. H.-inona. n '
II , y ,n,na. r.'Kl. ..t I
. I'lk Us. '.',ii..a; VlrtinU T.iy
i". t.' m y iiink.,,, nun. i.,t m i,i(K-k
-ii. i.
llwJa nf Triiat.
'f W fia ,,,, ,.',,,. lo ll.n Sl"in-.
1 ' 1' .' I.I.- k r.H l A s .
v. v. r,i..M. r t.i j. r, cui.
Tl I. I T, ,. ,
An,, a t.,r Krin.r to T U,i- o i
I. r,l l.i. fcl.irk s- o.a8. 1
M-iJlV lirlta.
'iTi s:.i)m.ii. i-tvir. to M v
Imjii, I ! l.,f t ,1M(4 i ;;,( ,.,
;- VV Willinrha.n lo C M Hun.,.),
ia : ,,,,,.k ij S .
l W Kuni o K s Ilia Ki-ai $ ,,)
l t l.l.fc :;i Mollnml '
V li.'T, nl to K ItrltHin. H'4
I't 4. I.N. k ...M: y N
. t. W.iii.. Win, A tiun.1. a. v, ;il
I-ta Viiu II itut.i, to ( ..ri4 IVvtilv.
1 ta 4 S an.) i I,!,. k J : K ' '
Jhn t.. Ci,i4 liv. Iota T lo i: I
a ."r. s i Th.i. ruin.. ..t ;.o 1
" '.Vi! s r.ti , ,,,, ,(H i, .;: ,
Mr. M I ' likl.. to W C ,
'' f.-t T ll'k Knk'. V. f
-1-t to 4 l 'rt). F I f.n .,t ;
'!' :.' K:ik).' !
I '
Saftly slmuM In llif watt liwuitl in jn.ikiii iuc?t
iih nl. An in v csti r nwi.i it l liiinc!l t use every
rauli'n nssil!f in selecting liis investments, there
fote, we li.ive im ;iMiyit" to offer in extending ;in
invitation to tin eitiens of the Panhandle anil.
Plains section of thU State to avail themselves of
this investment opportunity. Statistics prove thai
no organization, financial or industrial, irrespective
of the location or section of the United States in
which they operate, can show a lower percentage oi
losses in proportion to the volume of lutsiness trans
acted as do the liotidand Mot -tae Companies. Ie
meniher that appioved honds and real estate niort
naes arc to le our seem it v.
Profits ;irci vital interest fo anv of us tluriiiL'
productive r .icctuuulative period In life. Statistics
prove that the investors who take advantage of the
opportunity of comhiniutf a portion of their capital
in the organization of a P.otid and Mortice l'ark
iur Institution not only receive mainuun dividends
from their investments, hut enjoy the privilege of
watching their original investment increase many
times in value hy minimiin the losses an investor
receives the tnaximtun returns.
Service is a guarantee ol perpetuity to an organisation.
(Juotiu from an article published in the Kansas City Jour
nal: "Increases of as hiyh as lWK)' , in the volume of farm
niortae loan transaction., are reported by Kansas City
houses, (ireat interest is manifest anions harm Mortfiae
and Commercial Hankers of the Southwest in the heavy vol
ume of farm niortae loan business. It is a reflection of
confidence in the Mast in the future of the agricultural in
dustry of the Southwest. fr the bulk of the fan:'
niortuae paper created is join; to larye buyers in that tcr
titory. Commercial bankers are interested in the business
because it is providing a source of funds for the liiuidation
of many country bank loans and in turn city bank loans to
rural bankers." hat financial institution can j;ive broader
service than a P.ond and Mortae Company?
How Money Invested In Mortgage & Trust Companies Grows
Commerce Trust Company, Kansas City, Mo.
( rnanied P"
iu.lei.--U PMS. P'P'and PL'0 50r,t per annum
Exchange Trust Company, Tulsa, Okla.
Oranieil P'lS
Ntt ieict ntauc of profits the first vear S'
,t t peiceuia-v of profits the second vear
First Trust Company, Wichita, Kansas.
r;,v1' li"l 12 annually
Dallas Trust and Savings Bank, Dallas, Texas
Surplus and undivided profits SSc-of its capital
f"i-.i i ri'ia parka nitarta th
i i i
yl.-,. m,m-r In Auatratia alirar ZH
b7 ilaih . !
6. L Voung
The Cash Garage
VV (,-r,i"al t' f r w..ik n jIJ
mki ,4 rar. a.lilUr, Hull k.
LaJC Alii 'i. on. ar utlty.
Ak trj xr m n4t hav it-ra
f - if Tajr knna hia ltia.
fta It m be tn.jrth y.jr to
al i""! Kt ayi'ia'fi'l. ny ijua
Ual trjcanrd fiia,
J'l a fif.a ptaa at (J W.t
&ab hui-t.
Phone 1186
ock of this institution is beinuc offered to the citizens i
. i.u.ij. .1 ........ i.i. . c ......
im t mmties at .ir, per sM.or. .i.niv- s-'
'I he e.tpit.i
the Kuili.tndV I
hare with the application and balance upon call by the temporary Imanl.
Those vvishir.- to avail themselves of this unusual investment opportun
ity may do so by making ajiplication and inclosing cluck for the amount de
sired to
S. C. GRAHAM, Financial Agent
Smith Jluildintf
Amarillo, Ti as
Telephone J 1 77
Financial Agent
S. C'. (iraham. Mj,rr. Loan hept.
C. f iraham ("oinpany, Loai'.s and
luv estments,
Amarillo, Texas
I'ra I jnbry, Cashier
National P.ank of Commerce,
Amarillo, Texas
Madden. Trnlovr, Kvburn iS: Pipkin
Attot IK
Southwestern Bond Ik
i ' r.. 4 . I f

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