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Amarillo daily news. (Amarillo, Tex.) 19??-current, July 09, 1922, PART ONE, Image 7

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Am accommodation account Will b
aarrtrd for thoaa who Ultpbon their
d In. All want ada are caah, ao4
tho account la to im paid when our
Collector ralli th following Oar.
f elepbon vent ada ar aa aocomiao.
datlon (or Tb Dully Nw patron.
All mlatak in adwtlrinf tale
Bhoned will b t th aandor'a rtak.
Phone Your IM tj
ut our rolltctor will praaaat tb
bill tb following fir.
Ordara for out-of-town Waal AH
oat bo axxtonpanlad by eaah.
On and one-hrlf cent par word
for od or two lnaertlona. Thro
Ukd mora lnaertlona at on coot par
ffurd per Insertion. IflAlmun. Ad
ccptd too. Siaonpta:
OA Worda. Dally or 8udot aA
fcU 1 tlm In Th Dalljr Newa JUC
aU I time In Tb Dally Now DUC
OA Worda. Dally or Sunday ff
ftUlUxnealB Th Dally Nw !
PolltlraJ AnnoaareaMaU
for judicial district offlcaa. 111.
For county officio. Ill
Por precinct offlcaa, 111,1a,
ror dty offlcaa, lUJi.
j For Exchange
Two apartment building, one with
four S n inn r.pnrtment and th other
v ith two 3-ioom npnrtinenl. flrt rlnn
niir. illi. n ono Mock lavement, on
cornel ci.!U ft 'i t. Price IK, PVI Will
pxrliKiiKM for urn. Hit iroK-ry. Win;
hnvc you to offer.
Two new hoUMtN mill thn-e lt. price
Ifi.non. together with IIj.ooo worth
kimj Vendor Lien Note to cxchrwK
for good rooming "houe well located.
5 are tjact in paved highway to e.
( hnnrjc for good car.
RayByoitin Buildinf .
Be. Ptp-Jf U7f-W. Offica 2771
Ranch Loans
! am prepared to mk loana
on farm or ranch property at
reaaonnbla rate on long tlma
to amount ranging from IS.00
to $150,000 Bee or writ.
Geo. B. Doubieday
At Amarlllo NaUonal Bank.
These Will Meet Your
Pocket Book
C room modern bouse, new. cant front
unj on pavement, price $3 1 .".0. ll.fioQ
coh. and car tor equity, balance 123
jht month.
Trades and Cash
We have tbe, following high law
j propertied rlear of all and Home
rant to trade joy ivr jour iaua.
Mark land and Kort Worth
Two 8-r.a.n, new hu.. en, front. " W"11 ,"k "ttd
mrl ty modern with I'Uilt In f.ntwr. i.lj,t00oo Vtjn couniy black wai bud.
priced tor a few aiy at juv
cah nnd the balance eay.
l-rnom riiw houe for $1 30. cheap
car and 1j0 cnab, balance. 1 30 per
IWDJMrV M. M'mcHi brick propcrtr.
MO.Oftfl Denton County black laud.
SM.OOf alcLrnnan County land and city
t-room nuKlcrn ho.. rortjer fit, ca.t vtvmtt. lWJirr W WW! caU,
want land on South Plain.
MOO.OOO lollln Couiiljr I.UcU land.
ySO.OOQ f Ifalf farm, rlft-lit in lowu. nice
lionie. making money lia alway It,!
front, lot 70M(. ool garaxe, tor 5500;
tl'iMio cah and would take good tar aa
,1'art of cah uyment.
6-room hoi.e. lot r.VM0. rm front
fur l.'.oo, l-ulf each, would take lot a
part of nub payment.
6 room plantrred bouac. eaid front l,b' " "',h P" lifferenre
corner lot, .rke 2i50; 96J umh. lul-
ancc $JU per month..
We will1 trade, buy or all for any
thing anywhere.
L. S. Gill Realty Co.
108 12 Taylor S:.
Fur i-k emlinR July
llth. VK2.
Momlny, July loth,
'.'n p. in fulled meet
liiK Amanllo Cluipter
Unl.T of IN- Molay. work
In Imthitoiy and le Molay dnie.
Tueml.iy. July llih. T V p m. Keau
In- MeetliiK H-'tiita Chapter jitern
Wednesd.iv. July Vi. in fall
cd tneetiliK AiilHI'lllo l.oilKe N". "31.
work In V.. A. Ivuree.
ThuiH'lav. July tilth. T IW . in f'l
til onvMiiti'in Ain.irillo fhaptT No
pti. I! A M . work In Mai k Master
and I'.i't M.isli r il.ni
Fiidav. July Mill. T:II p m llegular
rneelim; Ainaiillo LihIui- No. "31. A. F.
A A M.
rtt dist::ict ji ik-.u.
Henrr H Riahop
Perry S Pcnrwon.
Henry L. Ford.
PorUr R. Uodarwood.
Lloyd Fletcher.
Vi. J. Fleaber.
J. 1 fihaa.
Hfl fol NTV Jl lMiF..
am B Uotlow.
C. I!. Kytt.
J. C. eklllman.
Wiley Pollard.
Thuma W. Smith
J. V. Pottlnaer.
Leu WliitaUer.
Will at Rntnn.
J. F. llckerion.
Foil COf NTT Cl.CHK.
Cd M. inttmaa.
Rn (Vl1lnt
W. I. De (iral.
loll JISTK i: F PKAfE.
H'l.rllKt 1. PI.HP I)
f. ; Utndn.
im: (hi nty fi m . mission t:i:-
I'l ei ini I No I
Notice Rock Island Men
I have two new bungalow fur aula on
."03 503 N. Johtmon St. Thrao hounea arc
luilldt for home, all built-in feature,
walk and cement ti p. Will take lot aa
lart payment, balance like rent. I will
lie glad to ahow you thee hounea and
Junt how they arc built.
W. P. Cooper
(loom 32 Kuijua IUlg. IMione IKS 1
Stop and Consider
We have an extr.i well built, three
room hotme. with lot lioxltti well Im
proved, to trndf for furnltuie In room
i tl k hoiiee.
Rea) Bargains
A nice 4 room houac, overl'kin; the
i ity (if Am irlllo In San Ja Into with two
lot at the low- prhr of 11mm. will taka
in a good car of Nome Klandard m.ika
with Junt u little money. Jf you want a
jU'UUtiful liMiition overliNikinK the city
icome to nee un at oik v.
A Kxl room moilern houne, located
Ion the hiKbway in S-n Ja into JI. ikIh
fur only (IT'u with 11.000 down, iMilance
( room new falifnrnia style bunipilow
un South Limoln. prlie 14400, will take
a lot or a Kood i.ir a firt jjyiiietit.
4 loom niilern liouic on South lluih
nnan utrevt. people leaving ily, niUNt
Kelt, prh r IJ.l.iO, Ret thin in It la a anau.
Have Home trmleM for New Mexico
lindu hi- Texan land If you want to
trade it.
(or jruur ranch or rental rjjj properly.
Have buyer for wheat faim, h 1.1,000
caul!, want 3 payment on balance.
Waui about 320 arrca not loo far vui.
The above parlies want to nuke a
fbauKe. Their pnipi1le are clear, and
making tuone). l- yvun? IX iulrri-Mled
and oVIitu are rating you up, write us.
Have Iwo nice little 3 section rancliea.
clear, lo trade lor Uly pnH'i1. The
above are nam pie, we have larger and
Mualier one.'
Alway in Hip njrUrt for your land
and tattle.
AnxariUo, Texas.
ii'lC.C. Tipton Realty Co.
liilice flume mi Kea. I'linno
Hmun II ruckett Rulliling
For Sal(
111 room hoiike, ino.li rn In every re
HiM'it. nml extra will built, 10 block
New m.lrm five room ImnKalow. oak imiUt tiwt-wt of Iiukujchs center. IT.'OO.
floor built in feature, clow In l-uce,
eimt front corner lot. x14n within nj Two lot on Van lturen Street, paving.
lock of iHivini:. Ct iiace walk and lawn. See un for prliva and term.
Price $i. U.O'tO rah balance eny, , ,
, . . 1 I 1 ur room houae with Iwth. water,
term. oi.M coiiHider lot atii l o rash. 1 ... ... ... i
iliKht and Rax. Junt newly painted and
For rent, beautifully fm nli.tl. f..ur- papered. Imated on Went ElRhth t.. in
room new in.-letn bungnlow to couple. I'he old lnD. 13.000. f.'-.O umh halanc
! I lo .oo per month.
For Sale or Trade j
' pa. Willla Six. RiHjil condition, good
imiiit, vmhiIU lunmdir Jul or houne and'
lot. '
Fl! SALK. .Vrooin h'iue, e;it front.)
J, hiKon. new pitint 13500; lion jHh )
I -u la nee I35.U0 per mo.
For: SALK Kaxt front lot. r.n
IVnc St , t:"0. ;o0 iah, balance to
lll SALK Kat fjont b't on North
Polk, puce f0. 1250 taitli, balance to
E. L. Smith, Jeweler
Powell Realty Co.
112 F.aM .Mb.
riione 13IM!
New four room hotme on &0 ft lot.
one blm k from San J junto car tine.
Thm Iiouhc I" torm ohei ted. and t lie !
back! yard I fenced Nice ciirtli n nnd
rhone 716-453. Excluaive AgenU tree. :5oo. t;&o .inh. buhme ray
Acroas from Anurillo HotcL
For Sale or Trade
What hive you to exi battue for a well
improved .1(1(1 acre farm JHmnK the town
of Ti'Xline? Tin farm i in K'n condi
tion and will Htand clow Inspci lion. It
iNo ha n fine crop on It thi year.
This I a real farm. Would like a Knox!
i Hotel t rlern utoi k of Merch indife in
xi hatiKV for thin
tt have a liiiwr for a K"ih lot
Suuthw.-Ht iit of city.
Sears & Sears
Room S ILay Oynura Huilding
Phone 1198
It a Good Deaaert! We are aa
near to you aa your phone. It ia
Lane'a Quality Ice Cream. Phone
57S. Lane Ice Cream Co. 405
Pierce St
PP. IlKNT Half duplex.
Phone 1J5!.
' 35 Kin J ii into lot for xalc. priced
from $75 to IfiNO on casv ti rm.
Tex-Plains Realty Co.
Itay Kynum Hide. Phone 2111
Choice Homes
I It.-aiitifiil e.t front home in the muth
wet wirt of town, extra lirse Lvinc
.room, fire plan-, beautiful built in fev
iture., hardwood floor, furnace heat,
Jlniae ii i h . trellixj. im . wulK. drive,
i iii n. r lot B.irncc xeriant hoim.-. hick
en v.inl. hnk f.-nce and lot of tree,
Loth fiu.t Mil hlll and loel- lawn.
will have to be een t ! n ppre la ted
.We have thi eeiuivcly and tan ehotrf
In. jonlv by H to:ntment
Nice five room h"ii. In oiithwrt
For Sale
Filling Station and amall accea
lory atore on paved highway into I
city. Addrcaa Box 2, News.
Trade and Sell
liin m rc of land onlv One and -'i
mill of Amanllo. tm -ale with htii.iM
mi.Ii imyment or a'U!d tradt for r. -i-
TWO Well lm.lt ed lot- we Clin fell Wi'll
100 iah jmynient. luiimcn monthly to
uit purchaser. hIi rncr Vit to tr.Tl
for lolse autoinubilc.
St men re.iili in e. tn In Kan Jadnto
HelKht. will fill inr iiiuili canh nv
ment or would ti.nle f r Ford car. bal
ance payable i.." inmi'li. We ran tiade
or eii your piop. rtv. K-va ua a trial.
Askew, Short, Durham
and Parton
Kooiita 21 and ti I ugua llldg.
t :
A (Great B&rgaiB
and Good Investment
One that payi 10 on $120,000 and I hive this property signed up to that I
pan sell for $105,000 on terms pf $25,000 cash, assume loan of $20,009 that
runs 10 years from April 15, 1922 at 8V2 interest. Balance 1 to 5 years
8 interest. This property consists of, two story brick Hotel on one of the
best corners in one of the best cities in the Empire cf the Panhanclle of
Texas. Has 52 rooms, 14 rooms with bath, two public baths and toilets,,
large dining room 30x55 feet, large kitchen, a fine lobby 40x60 fett, all;
steam heated, leased for 5 years from August 1&t 1921 for $450.00 month.
Alfo the following:
One store room 25x115 fee, rented fpr $125 month
One store room 25x115 feet, rented for $125 month.
One store room 25x35feet, renterj for $10,9mot)rh.
One store room 25x35 feet, rented for $55 month.
One store room 25x35 feet, rented for $50 month. " r" 'Vy!?
One store room 25x35 feet, rented for $45 month.
One store room 25x35 feet, rented for $50 month, leased, ) year to run.
This hotel and stores are all brick and plate glass fronts and all under one
roof. Can make 5 years lease on all stores at price they are now rented for
This prpperty is in the very best location, a bank on each corner, opposite
this property. The value is here and safe investment and good income as
receipts are $1000 per month. For further information, write or wire
Dealer in Lands and City Property
Room 9.405Vz Polk St.
Amarillo, Texas
Foil Al.i:- Mml.-rn 4 rm-oi li-nmo -
oijtheast part of town one half bl.ik FOP IlKNT Three-room apartment In l KLNT Tlu.-i n-im fnrnihed
of pavement, buns if i..iim1 .n. S. the Lucerne. Ilu5 Polk St. Phone '0. not .nut :i:n en. I..mJ irrh. to fOu)
Wilhaini l'e ! a-lult on oiveiiieut. Phone lot.
Pill! PKNT-Mmiem fwi ni"liei1 room .".; We.-t li.th H. ' '
lull SALK I'.y owtm. new foui room fr ,Ki,t ,otiekt epliiK. A.ply 1105 Fill
liou.v. witii ImcIi. ntrntly modern, tvininmtr I'hone 4'.?.
Jaiinto lleiutit. Pl.oiie 1HJ. ,
!'K IlKNT Two it funuj-hed for
i :h! li. -.I.eef.ine 7U Monroe.
rdl It I : NT - Tl.: fiirn.-hed IniH'O- ,' ,
Kn-tlnn. 97. i .. .... . ' "I
- -- ic.iirii; iii'ioii.. i i i.iti iiurtn
:p. ?ali: u.th.
lilmk 13 , ii.iti. e i .. f.'K.i'O per a-re.
ash. J P . T.'M ,il. -in i:. 1 4" Itnudway, Put: Iti:.T
New Yurli ( it..
CKM Two tm iiihm niodcra
i-1.. . iniiu nciiii-. iiin(e entranra!
Three i .h oi iii'.'l. i n fur- om-l ir(M.rn or hmm, keepii.K room.
inxln-d npaitni. lit. i.ii.iite biith. m recti- I" ' puwbce. n i.'ir l.rlel
i 111 Ut.-k mll I'll '.tie lnTJ to ..n- -' P ei;,l....
1 doma tilce.,,.,. . ivT-uwuvw.-.-L-.Tj-. ju j,.
!!: SALK- i -in In.
I.u.ne. tiim.ih' ! n liuildimt
. in t lie i i: .i- isnt pa --ment if I iii: i:i:.t -t... ii
,rit..-tvii 1.41I 2'V.s J or l"l f I.irt in iih.d .' o.n t me t . vi. i:it
. i ,. .
ittr vaMEL MAUL
;'t n s.:.i: M. i-
H V ellli rit . . ill ! Il
w to r. P i P. i
I in lo in
of town
.'. 1 f':f-
A I jo '
...t ... t!i ...,lr..o:.i jn im w- mod- t -'LN wanted to cjn.iUf v for firemen
l n t-.niic tot Ph i . . 'a kemrn ; ,i!mi !. e. nloeplng car and
(;mii v. v
:. S..',:h !'. .
Mn-ct Pn
- ir.im Kiitei K'.n i ienee unm-ee.arV,
if'K LKNT -'.ini.!."ev f irni.-ti 1 Tr.itiiu t.itu -i furn-iti-d. WrC W.
si.artmei.t K. f. n iu r.u i-,i:i,iure :. c-. Supl.. Loin.
It of U!V. ' l.one llinl . '.
Well Improved It .If tlon In fir-n
il. I27.f.0 p. r .ii re
A i. .. i
i i I
cli! in I
I 1
hi j . : -ft I o,.i in ;
' iii:i i.ih A.ii.cn i up i:i;r- ii.in-i
V ' t . t A'., fr.e, I , -el "i miiiu Iti'it
1 loi a ! ' ! li J'l"r,,ore.
1 !.....!,.
in it.- t 1 1 1 1 .inr.--
'A ANTKh M iriie.l man P r f.irtii n1
pipe; i.i.i work Phop.- U'm. I'. Hop.
t. n.
Lot on Si iiii li l:
aiitain. Kant fn.nt.
i ' 'i: s i i
h in hi Strci t. A: .i j . ;, , .1
I i
i ti
.il l, .1. L
Lot in han Jui ,ii'. i lb . ,ht- : Imii t;...n
i Near .tn r,,l M l, , I. nr.
Apartment House Of-;
fered at Sacrifice. !
L. A. Wells
'. " on I. lily im. ; i i): ;;'T- i I ... e
111 ln.h li. p'.t l".d .,el-. !.r I..HIS im,o.
i. s. M'.!. : i.i.;. j ., , iM,
!ii I ! . i -tl. :( hi I li I
hi .i K-H..I ..... i . i Hal ' 1 1 .(: i;i:nt r m i i.
. . A Ml. I" i li. X I "if l."'l J,o -..ri
I.. A... '
I i-n.-li
f . nt
r .'i;..'
f .. i.
'A'ANTKM Youtia hoy. no eperenc
n'i ml I'llll'V Klkeiy. Li'iuue In
.) Il
('.III IP.
One of th. bet l.
The Best Ever
. o.ii i n
. ten - .
J. He .i
i... it. i-
I ,i .
I A KM AM l.ll-lf ! !..'. e a K'il p,.,-,. ,.. ., J ,. (, ,n
t.i.m i ' i mm "J 1 IOIi s in il' -
lililllllll I -I ' t I I: -II1K W l l'e In. Ill l''K ll.Ai I i' I li 1 1 f i r ?i s
le c .. II .1' ! .,! .. II I 'ill pi :i J . till I e.-(., -i ....... ,i- , , ..
i KiK' . i '! i A. kali tu ;' '.. 4"" Hi. i
,. .! I,, iv. .
Tl - I. I.I-1-
I aiitti:en' in j T.'.xllu fe.t. it A'tmr St ,. j U A M'KI V" Ii-
l'iP. P.KN'T Modern five room houa
at r Talr. I'hone 15IS.
FP PK.VT 4 room modern limine.
103 ll.in i'iii. Phone ?iii.
1 iiwrt of t..wn hIiihwI new. plantrred. '"e ntv m.iv pur. h m. I within the !?.. Mil f.-rt .it 1 .'mj flev . !:ml Si Jt ;, ,
plllllll In leatme. Hie ll.n e ion n ....-. ,t in, K n- iwfK.tm. 1 '.l or tlie t v, y I, t. H h1 tertlK.
Vlopet. t.reakfixt n.H.k. two wh f j ""lldinK n p! ( ondit . i ml brinic.na i
I'r.n. h iI'VK. i.rtner ..t. w.lk. tree. nm.i nni n you n.n. tn. . ;.h nnJ !
lawn, and fl w i n. double Karaiie. only ' w'nl 'he l.et r. il e-tat- inveit ment In
' ko.'I t i in
.Amarlllo. mil at our nffi . md we will
KM! KKNT Three r. m house,
J'kon. phone 1S71.
JOS 1 Honor '.o rent Inith fin n.-lied and ua M' 'ad to ko into the pri i ..Mt.r.n In de-
lait No lu bl... k I'M S.in Ja.lnt..
front, ng un I'.nmli i "J ..... i.i irr J;; ,
$15 0 noh. Inlmif ! rr month
W.NTKI-To rent Inise
honor, iluor in. Phone 117.
furnmhed ,
la.! ,n l.l.'.i.k Sin J. .!,, Tin.
We are PMmrcd t bml.l t and 5 too... ''" ,,, m.i ti ni nC
; t -u : .
:l o.
f i i.i. i i.w nt r if 1' !: 111 . NT
Mile l lll pi u i , i ' " ' i ' .'
I Kui-ii. M.' I.wlw " '
li 1 I i '
l'K PKNT 1 roomo f in niehed houoe
keeplna lo ndulto onlv 110. Ou per
ninth or by week. 707 Tyler.
KK PKNT Mmlern 5 room houe,
with Karaar. Phone SIS.
D ' "VI O D h C 'moilirn home at m-l.iato p.i.r ptw "" l'"c -"". H
rriCe VJll OC rVeaUy JJ 'T'rm v. u , n meet. Let .how you. i '' l-r month
National Itank of (omieri'e HMf.
Phonr ?H 14l
A-k ImuI our 5 aTr tracts.
I ' I ; V I . I .' ( ,. :,g till- e
i i'. N'IC. l . e ...... o. ,.l . ., . 1 ,.
f - i i. in. i Pt . lo- in. rent (v
M . i o . j'' . . ij ! n.s. , ,
. It !' -O ' ' . 11 V. 111,1; liiil. Jill.
...ed h'-i" to. ih- i. hi.. r . .
.pt t" ! i . I . ' ini.n in.Hiei n I. ..me
1 I r I M l'l;:if ..' It 4 1 H !' . 1;.. . .,.n
I ilfl i e t;i in. fi. ; l . t , . .-1
. . . .. t S li e. I' W .lie
..I'.r. I'd ;' i ' .
, i . 'i: p.i.vr- t
lot OU ' ' I Ml Hint l.et,!
' ' 1 i ' 'l ;l, s: 0. t.
: I.
i . i:
huh;. : r.
Ph., I.,
I I.
.. epn.S
nt L.n-
1 "K KKNT- t ; and .1 l..it bm o...
'.'I Kli-llU I ' "1 I'll t .!! Pl.o'le
For Sale
K'lt PKNT-A.uth aide
iiMMiern iluol.-n ,x hhiih
Phone :5 V.
of atrlctly ia pirree. .YOvlllt. eaol front
aimrtment. : ;,h unH j.,,-,,, MIlt4 er.
l cilt KKNT Pn e i Nni hour at 407
ll.ii rioi.n. Plume (.!!",.
1 101 N. J'dinomi, I tax I IS
IHO ItuihiiMn. ;jvll
?;:. I
. SWO.i
Gaut Land Company,
t r'Htja Pldj.
xie i:;a
- i ; Pnik m
C .C. F. Blanchard
KKNT July 15th. noilern 3 room
ItMltllient lIH Ptelee 10 lliopth.
Phone :ilJ.
1'iiK SALK d: KKNT ne fur and
one .It rnt hmiM', Mtiutly nenlein nnd
nptodite in riery re.iv.-i i s. j
i lioiupxiii 01 phone t'i W.
MMS Ll.NT r"ir r. in mi.brn buna.
u m e. , rent r .io..,),hie rii at It Quality Ice Cream, ia real good
To Trade
Fnf: SALK- r-'nr i.ioi'i ',in .
ojoepnif .,n n f.uo n k Ji.hii-.n ft
I'hone T7i ! Ixirsun if .d i e.'i ..ifr pit
' Hu nt, itinoI t.rioo 'in n.- M.
VATi:i- PoofioTi bv .mic l,.L ,
ti.fM. . il ,n l-oVk. ..:'if til ti,rii
,r 1 1 .oeal r.-: -' ': -o A I ti . N ". ire
K PI . N'T P.
.He .t. In
II I i-'M I : . :
iiii -ti 1 1 -t . .'
i 1 'i:
Pun SALP. f.R TI:Ml7 -r r unproved
. .m iiti.iiini t awl ... i il.i Ko n
li.o.m h-.i.or and onuill .t.n. on lf0i , , . , . . .
... ... , . , ;I m hone one mile . h aot of
1IA ft Lt .bar of debt, t., trad- for',,, ,.,.,... ,u.
ee im nw. Ilmnr 111 "0.0 i ; ert on : lann w un w a..r ,. ,,mrf. , ,.,,.,.,..., ,,,,.,, ,,;.
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Ice Cream. Phone S7S. We deliver, ,
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'h!'.'",r,..,:,.,.?r'! ho,"Lane If Cream Co 405 Pierce hot.d B,r... .,r. .r,n, t.ou.. ,'..-
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Santa Fc Railway
Machinists, Boilermakers,
Blacksmiths. Sheet Metal
Workers, Electricians, Car
men and helpers for all three
classes. Apply in person or by
letter io nearest local
Mechanical Officer
of the Santa Fe Railway
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7 l' m I'l'ilnn h"iioe all it hmlt in
It will anawf for any occaaion,
and juit so coqytnient to tt.
Lana'i Quality Ice Cream. Phona
57$. Lane Ice Cream Co 405
Pierce St.
Real Eatato Notes WanteJ
will l.Ljr Cmlta amount PrU or
acoitJ Ilea, rouathlf pymat aetaa.
is sat rih m.
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K'ot fiont. 7' f' l"t on niirmftit.
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Brock and Kidd
UUtkbarn BWf PIxhm hi
OUNta Wlfbe to vU l oar fl.
loom nukb-rn l.ou la 60 J Kioto,
Nrwljr fmllet tbroua'-out, modara la
every rict. Pbou 14:.
What fa better theae hot dy
than aome of Lane QuiJitjr let
Cream, Phone 57$. We deliver.
Lane Ire Cream Company, 40$
Pierce St
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Polk Mr.- t Ph n. .'4.ft.
M Mill' . ml i o -. ,ri i t :.k p: i ., r
hnmr I-.. m o . I ,. -i u; :..!': I"i e
loot I
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paitieo and M mi r.o lirmn,
Nnr j mxhii noob i n li.Kiir ., ihr ooulh wrt par of the r'.ly priced
lo - II.
Paschall-Sattenvhite Company
PhrrnJt UulbJint riHa ItCS

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