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pxci roua
Nrliruitah S t IS.
COt.DliN TIAT Tra ti roe, 0 Jrlinvih
J ho way nf thy statute; And I
aliall ki-rp II unlo III tnd. 1'aalm
r XrliniiLili H I .1. 5. , . I?.
1 And .ill the p.oiln eillMT"'"! Ihun
aelvea (neither aa on man Into thr
broad pirn e tluit was t r ,'he water
late: ami they aimkn unln lr the
acrltio to bring tha book pf the law
tif Mea, which Jehovah had rntnmnnd
rd to Tame, t And Kr tho prlrat
tmiiRlit the l.iw heforn the aetnWy,
loth roen and women, and all that
fAuui hear with understanding. t:pnn
the flr-t it iv of lh seventh month. furnlah ua hint no to how wo may T-
Ami lie roid therein before the brood M-oiluro in our it.iv uh scnaivia of
! triumphs liy in front of Mary MiOor
mlc Ami now. at this vsatly Italian
, f.wltiR tournament, It rama aa a re
mit, d-T rf f.uii(lir a-rnea to I told thai
.1 girl front tho Tra ranhawllo was
Itut there r, two girls frtim tho
T-a IVmlmndle. Th other was
tn.l..l,t dernier l.in ut v is" yesrw. no
miiiti. limn :i. with tha bar. grav eyes
in. I hp broil. st-rrne brow nf a illvlnl'y
f llic la antra I antluultv. TIip two st
on lrnrh watching tha WfltJ out.
Mies .NM'onnlo with eager, atari hing
glnncr thp i.thpr with evrs. on a great
itiil tnenuUMe abtritioh.
rail for tXM'htf.
"II la linnipnarly intrreatlnir li n
Marv MrtViriiilc mi Id "I hmo been
Mudylng fencing eer alm a I arrived in
Milan. I am oer lure I" nich fr a) mis
npw roles but f'-mlnr 1u,,r culti
vated ri.r. Ilv thr tun 1 bark t
grieved: for tha J.iy of Jehovah la your
trenth. 11 Fa the 1-evltes stilled nit
the prople, saying, i!l yo'tr pence, f ir
'h iUy la holv; fuittur 1 y rrirvr1
II And Ml the j rople wrnt tin lr way
to eat. ami to drink. Am! to bpi4 j'or
tiona, anil to mMe Rrist mirth. Ieraue
they lint tirnlrrtood the wnnla Ihrt
were ib'rl.irnl unto them.
V' NluiM with d-'heht. In otir tinn
t"liv. areal aeaoinlily ll the time rf
the Tt oration, nftir the T'mi'le hail
been built nfh-r the wnlla h.nl l-m re
rhtiibliahnl. Iril by i:rn anil Ni heiuiah.
ht-arlne rriM for a wn-k that portion
nf our HiMe wlil. h they hint. It In
floej an "01,1 Time lnt!tilte."
i may well Imitiite the ekMniile nf 'hlniR fit the bralnnmir of the mnm.n
th.-aa Koo.1 folk of tha alxth rrrtury I ahull I into th- bet aaordiWunuiVt
tM-fnra Chrlel. It l wll worth our in Atneina
while o atu' rlon.'ly the (lory nf thi-aa
teven (lit) aj nf llibla re.illn8. Th lie-
tnlla will K.ve ua vividly the rlrture nnil
bin' thnt rn t-foie the wntrr Rite
from tmly tnoi nine tint I nild1.iv in th'
)'rr..ni-p nf iV-m en ami tha women.
anl of lhop tJmt muM muli re'.ind: and
miilir IHIila r'lihmr. Krn
imlplt. f'n rltlnr lIe of h!m wrra
rlmM n tnen M.r. t'onirn ami rhlMren
were In the aaa. i.iMy. The rru'litiV
the rnia of nil the jm o,o err ntt. Mtivr ' n r, nj ,.,,ul, und' rut.'in.l. Whit
itito Hie l.ik nf the taw. . . . I revi rrn e nuiiknl the nir. Hiib! When
S Ari l Km nnennl the took tn the'ir o-rr l thj lt k all III- .n'lo
Men' nf nil the ieoie f,.r lie wna almvc j t,nn.
all tne ienpl.'; an,l when he oiw-hid It.
al tlhe totA nt'i. up. II And V.rn
bl. Ji-hnt'sh, the, Br.it fiud; and
alt the people aniwrrii!, Amrn. Amen.
It wa iinniher fe nf theea Initlbl4
Amrrii un irl. who In their M"at tnr
novel aitiuipiiietit will yet atUrk the
tudv if the M-rltPtla lofli' la Ha r-
hud t,ia'l"t nti to Hi ayllKlMiia of tha Hindu.
The e.-pmno liad already aima ama
note ii h a piai'titl'iner nf the e"w punch--nr
ana nf Went Tex-a. but now ehe
wh InvrM.aatirit tha reflnenienH nf
.iileto.riitl' Kuropean aamdpUv.
"And I rrally Ilka feni-lnf awond
mm h lietirr than a lariat." aha Uuahed.
The iMher alrl eat immaraed In he
.ln.1111. with not a ahadow on her
mii-.th f."-eheai In her limpid rye,
iiij Nild nothinc
I rmva lor Ua JUnger'a ior.
Now- IIhto w aifoa unicnier am
The i ffrrf nf h: f!.l'N reidlnf wia
mltility and mntiifoM. It anmto the peo
ple'a rnniu'li n. e. It !k,.-, th- ir 1h'lr
pin It filled th'in w ith ron'i rnat'on
with tho llftlnir up of their hand: and! and anrrnn". "All the jne ,e wept wlirn
thev trforod thtlr hen la. and womhliwd ' th V heard thp word of the liw." No
J.hovtih with their f.u-ra tn the ground j wonder, "for the w rd nf fliv! livlntr Lry.rai tnn tiuida Jra'lnf remarka to
rtnn iney rean in me nnoic. in tne and aetlve and h.-irter than any two-M;,ry M.t'nrmlc a two aim leneera.
iw m ioo. uiaiinrnr: ami inry riva edtred aword and pler,-it, even tn the ',,!,. capulnf ma up. vi
dlvlalon of aotil and aplrlt. nf Iwth Jolnta
and marrow, and qulik to fllH-rn the
Ihmiirhti anil liitei.la tf th heiit."
tlod'a word f:rt wound' and then, when
1ha arnae, ao that they underatood tha
9 And N'eh.-itUnh. who wna the rov.
rrnnr. and V.rr the prlmt th pitII
and the Levlt.a that taught the people, it h.H.l.d. he.ila and brlna Jov and
aald unto all tha people. Thi day l .ae. "Me hath t rn and he will heal
holy unto Jehnvnh vour r.o1: mourn ' ua; h ha'h amlt'i n nn l he will bind
Tint, nor weep. Vnr all the people wept. ' u fo:'owcd. Good wrurka
whrn they henH the- word nf the law. ' alnundeilr tlmae io were ohaent and
1 Then h aail unto them. Go your tin- who were pimr were, remember
way. eat the fat. and drink the aaeet. led r:d to th"m portion wera Bent,
and aend portmna cnto him f r whom . .
tiothma; la prepared; for thla day l Se Rit jrday"i Newi for Punday le
hofjr unto cur Ird: r.elthrr l ym.on with note.
nnv nmnu hakes good as
FEf.'CER III niLatl, ITALY; star
In one hand and awnra in "",
their bout. Hoth. It wna reported, had
iKil.l marked attention to ina oirni
and thero wrra humoroua commenta
(hat their awa-daptay uld ba fiad
' aoi3iethlMK mora than mere Interval
III tha tnintxtltloii.
"And I'll lot their fenrlnjt decide whlrh
ooei la 1o tuite nip dinner loniKht,"
thr aln r aiumunreil taurhlnK.
JVie f.nnrw heard thla and bowed
their apiUm aciepUnro They put their
ni.ia ta on, Milutrd and advam-i-d uimn
ii h t'tliep. Their hidy rpilnutdi-d her
interest. Tim lllioily Rill Inado no
ih.niKt' In the nloMii U'd ttanuuihiy nf
h. r a. Mum iiiolnn. R-lanre.
Tin- J 'Out am a Rood nnn. Itnlh men
were f fc-al late awirilainen. Tin ) fi tired
with a' atrotiR at.oUy blade. Our ul
tarkej with luahlim lunaea; the nthrr
nmn a :j',.ide itinv.il In awift Vinlent par
rlea. Afcii" and uaculn una rulnd at
Hie tla r. with tin- t-kritetl ry " la."
(ml II W aa half all limn before the vlr
tor arorVil the ni e.irv tbn-w torn lira,
and riim and tnuk hi pl.i' u braido Mla
"That 'wn an rii'rllent way to ilei Ida
on a. limit' r eoiiipiiiilnn." h e.ild.
Spwial la Tha Ntaaj
Mi l.KAV. Hepf. Tha M. lean
HlRh H had n(iena Heptember It with
iy far tlx" atrnnseiit faculty, beat equip-
tnent and thr moat complete rourao that
it ha thua far in Ita hlatory. W. A.
('in. who for two ynota baa been umt
InU'iidi'nt here, will rnntlnuo hi placo
aa the) head nf the i hmil. Ileakli a Mr.
Cain, threo other leathers In the high
wera relaliMd from laal year. They arc:
I.. I. Iaiiti7, principal and head nf nth
Irtlca: Mia IJlllat Abbott. In ad u( tha
department nf hlatory: Mlaa Mnrvarrt
Miller, heiul of the Oanmerclal Depart
inent. Mlaa Ruth Alexander of Chllilreaa
will bo the only new teacher In tho high
acliiail. Hie will have chant nf tha
i:iiKl-h ib imrtiiient.
The li-n her of tla- Intermedium and
primary grade f.'lluw: Miaa Heutiih
Tui k.r nf Tnlm. The Mlam-a Itlrhle nf
Ib-illi y: Mia HtrniiR if WellliiKton; Mlaa
la-wi nf f'hirendon nnd Mi W. A. Cain
it thla eltv. Miaa Iti-tha Hiiiindi-r will
tea. h the actum! lit I'l leraiiii Crei k.
The limali- of the ei li' I will bo lin
di r the iiM i vialon of Mr. Vlli Hoy.
clt of thla city.
With tho exception ,( aihniicrd woik
In Siumlali mid in tho ('omnii niul dv
luirlmrnt. mi new Work Will bu Mdib-d
ilim pur,
ote fteaMM Ope as.
CUA'IM. N. P'- Tha doa
arnaon nH-ned bVpteniber 1. nd local
..,i . ntleluatlna? rood a hoot-
in. They auv that there ara thousand
a lb oc to be awn 1 lh flfldj and
around the kike about Rundown. Tha
ohh pM-ae-m lueta till December IS and
the bw plucea a limit of :i bird to on
IN-raon In una day ahuoting.
IIta CWtt) VtAtl
0m th 4Jk Again
Qeanlaj tnd Prtulnj
ram KX M Eaa Ilk Bt
AgtarlBa, Ttua
Ihikev'n nid HelliMe Kye Water lie
tlevia Moiu i:ea. lKx-nn t Hurt.
and other famous piano '
Raaletl Tcraag.
Lowel rrtrea.
nmn or ITrllo Our On!
Itrprrarnlallyo la Tviaa
b. r. m nn.tRD
rhooo n:i n
P. 0. nog I!8l
Amarlllo, Trxaa
Th IIoom That fluaraolorg AO
II I'iaBo
A Pleasure
A ''job of priiitinp" here is more than a certain
"amount" added to the day's busncss. Printing
in a real pleasure to us. We take pride in our
work and try to make every job the very best
Loving Printing Co.
114 Weit 7th Street Pbont 181
Hundred of peopla In Amaililo and
all rarer thla section of tho out know
a wh' le I. a, laut lary MiiVM-mlc,
Hand oiiera atar. w ho at hoina In the
1'unlianit!" la aa lllha a rowclrl and aa
good With tha lariat aa tho averag
tiiwhoy. !ut beyond knowing that Mury
MrOni mip hia made a nanio for heraelf
In Brand 't-r and la known tha world
nver. th' hmiM pitpJo ar very Iltlln ac
quainted with her l.fe in fort-im Lainla
Knlbiwing an Int. nut ski-tih of
Miaa M'-Connle l'H a'uJy nf ht
life fioni a rronaI ancle a ahe l
e.-en ovrra.w and It tell of annther
girl from tha Trias ranhandl who Is
with lor. The artu lo wa puldlahed In
tha Kamwa (Ity Htar of Ut Hututty
and was taken front a Mllant rrevn
At tha fencing tournament In Milan
tha elimination bouts wera bring f'Might
4t the ground of th a port i lub. a pret
ty plai-o with grarrful archltrrtura and
Inui h Rrern f'iagOk A arora or twi of
white it id m-u Inungnd alaiut tha duaiy
rourta while aovpral lr. watched by
weary umplrea, thrust at each oilier,
guardi-d. advanced and retrvatrd. with
iuu h ilahln( nf bbuie and rlniring of
nietaJ. and with - eurloualy vehement
ahouta uf "e li." which tho fencer cries
when ha lungr-s snd thinks ha has hit.
It was sll very nrst and Met uie trios
and very, very Italian.
Thn aoiiwon aald:
"Mary .McTormic t-t the Chlutgo
Mn company la hero."
Mho lalt'l I or I o ten.
Amvrieans have not forgotten Mary.
Iat araium fhn truik- her oaati-rn de
but with tho Chirogo comny, a most
mtrrratlnf figure. Pb waa preatnted
as a brilliant f.nd nf Mary UarUcn and
further, as a girl w ho had umio straight
from tha still untamM ranrh lifo of th
Teiaa lnhandlo. When sho dlaplsyrd
a sofirsnn vntos both swet and flnsly
tempered and rut ths pretty stage flgur
that munt for so much, everybody
waa ied and aald that tM-rat!a
Monday, September 25 !
T , The Giant Combination
CQMcairaiCP 1 J
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I 4 O .L .rrMaM4lpi 1 Wirii-i
. W Sr I
ft I a sal
x. ' f
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highest development of motor cooling
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Lowest price in 20 years
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, 1
Ig&ZuZ SrV: .To-inrli-IJlW t fckfaa)
Franklin Detlen In Texw: ' 11111- -
.,,.... e-
Sl rvik Mml, Nasrillo, Ittas
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AMe4Wiasi Masar I af I o.
haaaSk-T els .S.
Aot-4. A. Marr
Ma AMaaiHwissaU t fastsatsifcli.
1 1 ra- rslks MS-r I ar I a, la,
tiaastssi H sVssVwrs M4r (.
rl U iaria-l nMa.ua Harris ( a, " "
lalUsa.lia) Malar fa,
Hhhlta raharrssifcaa Ratr fa. t
W a Ikerrwk UmItIi fa, i
Ma aeka-.HS)OirrtaMd f a. 1
Ssrsgasieaff. H. lUaVosaal
Man halt -J. f . M.aawt
yrrrru to txvcqvTtfiwoJ
IkVaS m - la a I aSlaa rf . ih sn fA
ts aaaa a W1 C.eW irouawa.

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