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AMARTTTTIjO D)ATnr,Y NEWS 1 Pictoes-Comlcs-FeatoeTI I
, I Ddily News Magazine Section
V ..
r .
' ' '
Uven above the organ strain, the
excited congratulation, the kle and
tenra of moth and the rest, there kept
weaving through Connie Utile mind
the acme on-heard melody, th last nnt
of the fairy tale: -And o they were
married and lived happily m aftrr."
Connie wsa tired of th nunnifM if
thin, th familiar, the etpectrd. Cer
UUJy. . tha lilt I ivy-clad church d
HumervUle waa familiar enough. And
lb peonl "M friend Issuing from II
Into th sparkling June sunlight of th
Wasroru'n town that waa home in Con
nl. wer fumlltur. tun. Hut now it waa
tha vary familiarity of everything that
load It Ineffably previous to her. Con
nl wanted not a Jot of tha picture
i hanged, not petal of it beauty out of
f murte. now that aha waa married
(how amart Fred looked in hla weiMitiK
tot heal, they Would II va "happily ever
after." FYed loved her. Klia Imed
Fred. Who wouldn't lova Fred, know
ing him aa she knew him! Only 21 and
already being promoted to the New
York agency of tha Oypay Motor Com-l-any.
Handsome and wholesome and
clean. Iladn't President Owen filmaelf
aald. "That boy'a face aella more rara
for ua than two men'a talk" aa ha or
derfd Fred directly front the )Udna
office to Nw TorkT
What alae waa needed to rumplets
tha prophecy hut Ufa Itself? Connie
read happlneaa In tha radiant pride of
her hridrmuld aa they fluttered alxHit
her; auw It in the confident amih-a of her
married were achoolnuitra. Her own
parents were proudly happy in her mar
riage. And there waa Cuptiilii Uule.
Fred' uncle, beaming aprnvul. Hub
waa a hug, grtuled Veteran of the seas,
who knew men and women aa be knew
the bridge of tha great pawieiigir llnsis
he had commanded until hla recent re
tirement. Anything Captain Dul i
irovad of waa sure to come out ull right.
; Cnl and Fred hail manugvd to
w.k their way through the loving nioh
to their own amart little "C.ypsy" "The
Car TluU Takea to the Kant" prem.nl
from the firm, the rar thul would take
IIihii along tha mud to hipplne-a and
fitlnie at it waa now taking them on
their honrymonn. Unci Hile cume up
now. .regarding the Hula black, red and
hick 4 craft with opprolntlon aMning
fiomfhl Jolly, tanned face, 11 leaned
In through tha window.
1 "fljsxl luck to tha marriage alilp!"
he whispered huaklly. with a ahade of
aw ouaneaa In hla keen blue eyes. "And
may tha waather b no atormler than
need ha tit put (al and coinage Into
tha voyage."
-. Mutiny Jib Nam.
, Connis laughed bapply.
"Oh, w'r not going to ha at lea.
1'iici Mid. It' In be lava in a oottaga."
"Il.iw tout . a nappy little klchenett
enaitmeplT" grinned Fred, a tar ting tha
rar.- "War to be in New York, you
"No, alH" Connla'a rirmnaaa mad
l'nrle lal amle. "All my Ufa I've
dreamed of ft white colonial cotuur
with aolid green ahuttera with little
ireee cut Into their lop, and whit
fuffly curUtna, and pink ramler roaea
nd aim old fiuihlimed garden with
liullyhorka and "
"And an tlectrto elevator to take you
t'P to your tenth-floor cottage."
"I aay no. Mr. lYederlck Collier Dula,
r-o living In a rookery for your wife.
Vliy I'd aiainer try to Uva In a bureau
"Avaat therer t'ncla Dulea big voce
cut la laughingly, "You aren't launched
at, and already there'a mutiny
"I'll quell It!" Ami Fted klaaed Cm
til fiercely, to the delight of their aa
eembled world. "And now. glddap,
iypy. Vt wiggle on. tl'by, folka,
we re off!"
. "Alon at luM!" aang Oocnle aa 0
f). hauling a trailer In which rodo the
making of a Hula camp, hit th high
read. "Oh, don't drlv too fuat. Fred
.ui h, thla roud'a bumpy!"
I'nd waa too crammad with Joy to ra
irwd the warning. "Here we are In
et.ow form, off to hew territory, dead
aold to each other, aat.NfiK'tton guaran
teed and a bright year ahead!"
Vlleavena, Freddie, you talk aa If
trarrtaan waa n aelling campaign!"
' "Well, wa aren't aelling our mar
rlaxe, lajrllng. tx:t thla here marrluga
of our la going lo help ma noil a M
of (ivpaya! You know what aelling auto
mobile la In a burg like New York
hit If the game la aelling yntirw-f. nd
nr one hulf of me la you, and almw
ynu'r the neaieat and aweeteet and
irtil and amarU'et wifeh-l In auto
mui'llu ru. I'll aee that my cuatiriiicra
and pieHMia 1m't overlook my on
U 11."
tNintiir pn1rred.
"You're fooling, of rourae, dear. Itut
:l I thittialit you meant our houae lo lie
aurt of amiei to your aulraroonu,
n'ilh'Mit taking hla eyra from tha
rd. Kted leaned hla cheek ariinat hla
".Iriow icoUrt Indicatea apot lo he
hlMed," he at4g whlieeiL 'Mulck,
wmnan. hefoi yon motiaiat ap-
Connie did a alia waa hid, and for
t her liny worry.
WW tontine IU llerf
They diov In happy ailenc for ft
while. Then, With Ih tteraletence of
hildgr. Ih thought ttom hack at
t'onnla of wlua Fred had aald of
"aelling youraelf" aa a pal any
aetttng gam.
. tf roura. )er," her voice waa
tow. aa on thinking aloud, "you
wouldn't even think of mlilng Imai,
fteaa Into our our home."
Fred waa ton fthaorhrd In aludylng
lb way (lypey took atifflah ahw ta
catch th not of Incredulity la
(Mia'a aueetloft. Connie' remark
cam vaguely, mac Ilk an academic
rpthia than ft definite prole.
rvVelt, rtartingeat. I .! irtly
rlac ta park Orray In mtr Mvlng
rwt, and a II tram that. Rut" h
mil a me aerloaaty, "la Iher aay
feftaaa) If I raft are a gtted eroapect
Wh la at tha aaaaa law aVveat
WMfta) aatftf. Why I ftwavkta't ra
IZKD. lUnt or her or It lo my caatle and
introduce them lo my wife?"
'.Mm no. Only after a hard duy'a
work, I Imagine, you'd want to forget
huainea and Juat reut at horn."
Connie ventured, voicing another of
her rherlahed conception of married
Fred gv ft about of pride.
"Want to forget !ypy! Not much
I don't llecauaa you und !yp ar
going to he migh'y good pal". You
know, lt mm ahow you how lltlki
ah I Jealoua of your'
Filing the wheel with ft little trick
ha knew, he took both hand off It
and hugged Cnnnla Into auddvn hreuth
lteire. Willi a iueat of mock
alarm, ahe atruggled. Hut Oitmy ran
on amoothly, atralght aa ft die. In
the middle of tha road, even taking
a angnt nena neuuy or ner own w
"he tliut?" Fred laughed, abating
hla wife and reaumlng th wheel.
The car that leave you free! Recom
mended for lover. Iloneit, Con. that
Un't had line to pull."
Connie waa very fond of their
flypay In particular, and all nypay
In general. And t'onnle loved Fred a
enthuaaam for tha ear. It waa the
aluff of which aucoeaa la. made Ihla
concentration of thought dreaina and
all ont'a waking rnnaciouanea on one
thing, and that thing ' man' life-
Itut when at duk they -cwma out
full Into th fac of a gorgeoua aun-
aet atralght from raradiaa aurwy
promla of tha beauty ahead of them
at whhh Connl fell herwlf peech
lea with adoratlon--Fre4'a commrnt
Pretty ua a Oypay atralght from
th work, lan't Mr
And Connie wlahed ha had uaea
torn other figure of com par won.
"Itoftghlng It" Mai ftaar.
Home oua humhla) and tiny and
rough hut home and ouraT
Connl atepped awny from their Ilt
II folding ramp taJbl aet for dinner
and with ouupread arm took In th
pretty arena.
OypY, ahlnlng wth waahlng and
car after tha trip to th lake wher
the Dale were camping, aerved aft
foundation to th Wnt. '
Outaid th tent proper waa tb
temporlaed dining -room, set Immacu
lately aa only a horn houae wlf could da
It. Qypay'a engln did duly aa aaalat
ant atov. Beyond their llttla camp
bona tha lakj In tha paatel color of ft
mild aunaet. I(lngt about them th
deepening dark of pine wood.
Fred In khaki ramp toga, freah tun
on hi boylah face, eaally looked th
movie lover. Connl. in khaki, too
knlrker and aMrt and high laced boot,
her red brown hair bruahed amnothty
hack Ilka a boy'a. looked no lea a fig
ure from tha allveraheet.
"Home, ehr bragged Fred. "Walt
till you ae th hom I'll fls for you
In New York. Thla la all right oa
a camp. - And look at flypay. Lor' kiva
her, acting na half the outfit ward
robe, atove, emergency bedroom aay,
Con, I bet I could get up a booklet on
th fine point of (lyp a a camping
"I dare any You could, dear," Connla
mllrd, a tittle put out at the Inevitable
way Fred a mind ran off with Cypay at
every turn.
"And I'm aure our horn In New
York will he a darling. Itut Juat now
till la our home our vary first home,
deareat, mad with oar own hand
and-" t
"Yotira, dear and bteaaed pretty
hand Ihey are," h broke In, taking
Ih hand and putting them to hla Up.
kluaing hack and palm and finger,
"They could no for an adr
Th hand atopped hla Una, and
lapped them auftly.
Now don't tell m they'd look fin
m .M a . wl laMt.nl m.9 O mm f. au
for an advertisement of Oyn-yr ah
V7 Z .17 . : L "," v
anything but thla first horn of our-
fhla Amp first eonf m-p nur tiMlla
k. A a. I a . a .Li-I.
thla dear first roof over our
Fred! Oh, I love It."
a.a a ,, . A , . -..a
wm hq, rrr4 iiung wv nisi
chest and apulnted around th plars,
But It lanl a patch on what we're go
ing to hav when w hit tha big town,
h, MoualeT"
There It wa again thw but City.
Alwaya that thought. Fred'a rr
mind waa pulling over toward hi ahln
lng goat. Impatient af delay, anty tol
erating what all th worot knows la
Ih on perfect of bbsa on
earth, th honey aaooa, i
Far lb flrat lime Cnnnl fdt a cloud
Pa. If tightly, over ber vortert drra
tha glanced at OypY ftgid for an In
tant It attnost aeemed aft Iboogh a
hM fwrsaftalltr had Invaded pboir
ft-ftr firtoary t rreitta own mvYta
T. ftiy dear" ah rushed to
put ftr artM abstat husuj-yow-r gad
hungry fur th city tonight, ara you?"
"No, aweet. What a funny o,uetlon."
( (ionic I 1ft Whirl.
Cwitile a tiny Uoad at the aay FieJ
thought of hume turned ever toward
New York auuu paaaed, drowned out by
th big methopoli iiaelf when the Imle
arrived in their Oypay two wi-ek liter
For hour thy drove about the grud
ually lntriilfylng city before itiey
reacheil It heart, AutimiMlle IUw.
aher li flyny ealrmoiom and Fred'
office were hraied.
Member of lb aelling f.neo whi
had been notified by I'realitent Owena ol
the iKilea' coming, had prepared every
thing but a home for them. Th right
hotel had tn found, dittea for the flra
lew evening' entertainment marie un
even aeveml apartment pniect hunt
id up.
"11 lnlcrrted in u," ran th com
lny'a auigan, "and '.'ll return th
It guv Connie a thrill of pride, there
fore, in lrd and hi emiiloyer. when
with their arrival at tha New York
Aiilearoom the major part of the aelling
Mtarf turned out for them.
Frad. fk-ry with plcaaunil.l em
hiirraaNmcnt, waa Intrialuceil in a idwen
men at a t Die, and In turn Intmliu'ed
hi tluahing bride.
F the nut few day Omuie waa in
an esclled whirl. Tle:r rn on the
Igliteenlh floor of a murvelnua hotel;
th rti-ltlng hum for an upartment
Connie' at-iitlmental dream of a whlti1
colonial cottage hud to Im Mitponeil
till their plana were more aettlcd. ehr
decided th heavenly theater and af
ter theatre dancing and Jan: the thrill
ing whirl and clangor of life In the
heart of New York: the giant hop; the
uellig the lira n r,dea mi bua to; peer
ing tnto aeooud atiNy window aa Uiev
Jiggled along by the lovely lludeon'
rim: Ih alemen frlenda of Fted'e with
htelr aauve anphlntliwtliHi: all atlrred
Connie Into a alale of mrntat rhaoa. Bhe
aaa living at too biaulhha a lo to
torm any Judgement aa yet.
When ahe dd find anything that
nuid her uneasy ahe aetia hly dlamlaaed
her nilaglvlng. tilling hemalf every-
thing waa In o t4iiinrury a abit thai
worry wa uaelea.
It waa. not till th following Mondav
Fred'a work would begin, and Ihl wu
only another phaa of their honeymoon.
It had been Fred a idea lo break up
their ramp five day earlier than thev
had planned lo put theni the aooner In
New York,
"Nothing like being on th ground a
few day before actual work atari, eh.
I'rettlne?" he argued. And Connl
could not deny th worlhlne of th
If there were anything to worry about
he told herself aa h lay In her linen'
aheeted Utile twin bed In that Ull ho
tel, ah could find It In her heart lo wlah
Ih tlypay war Dot ao rapidly becom
ing the favorite with a certain typ of
There waa aimethlng alioul Ih car
that appealed lo tha gay, th newly
moneyed, Ih porting, theatrical
tremrly aophlatlcaied crowd.
Ruleaman, Fred among them, were he
Ing coached by a (lypey Motor Compa
ny bulletlna to "Show your cuatomera
you'r a lodg brother. Mil. B a Ro
man In Horn. hll yourself and you
II a Oypy!"
Hornet hlng about It aouad4 rmln-
oualy to Connla through her dream
for Km!
Fred Locate A He
On Hat urdu y afternoon Fred ram In
buatl.hg with eiritement.
"Get your thing on quirk, m
darllnt. I'v got a bmn for you.
Oh. Con, but It' a pippin!" '
A flood of queatlon and ft few ml-
giving were In Connie mind. Hut
wlnely h put them off.
Oypay fairly took th comer off
New York In Fred'a cagerneaa to get
hi wife to their new home. II
wouldn't ted her anything till ahe aaw
It. Itut he knew from hla Mcliemenl
It would h. a aerloua matter If ah
did not like what he thought ao .won
derful. Anxlu1y aha wanned the atreet
they went through. Waa It to he the
nolay. over-dreaaed neighborhood wllh
the frightening mminta n of apart
ment houae. row fter row. each on
a crowded city, with not one diatlnc
live loui h 'lo ahow one own home
windnM from a hundred thmiMtnd
other? Iter premonition proved true.
A viiat cliff teeming with population
waa Cleopatra Court. IWfore Ita act-in
entraftcea (tood fiair or five machlnea,
guy With color und metal trimming.
Thn hallway waa a Mure of marble
and gold, liveried doormen, telephone
oM-ralora, eletalor runm-ra; atone Jar
of puhna, ornate eln-trollera, lapeelried
aeata and banging.
"Fn-d not nH here!"
"And why not here?" laughed Fred.
'Nothing' too gimd tr my girl.'
How could ahe find word to tell
him thla wa not good enough? A
Vinton of a aweet. while cottage and
a garden ahot through her mind, but
Connie hckl her iea-.
eki ttl.ihka - trt tUm filnlk
fl M ) ,urM.rllrt,a,nt
open th door of a three-room aulte.
.smalt but eeedlngly mod
, . UM f
etceedlngly modern, down
ng Icehot
and th nook outside the kltrhem-t
I a. lrAnnt 9 ft hftlit ihM at r K i at m. II
I '
Look at that vh-w. Con. old dar
ling! Ymi ran ae llroudwuy front th
angle. And you aure ran hear It!
Listen to thoss horn the voice of a
big city, singing, eh, what, dar: And
look al Ihia and this"
lie snapped on electric lights, pulled
open riosela, gaaed In rapture al the
shower la lbs baihrnim, the glsss
towel rack, lb "built-in" snap dmhr.
the fires of mirrora.
Connl regarded It ad with stiffly
4 smile. Oefure th wel-dreaed
auprlntndni. in the fac of Fred's
sjlhuauitm, ah had not courage to
eapra her?.
Hut at meattoo of the rent, ahe nt
tered ail Involuntery cry!
"Why, Fred tea mors hUn a I
room bow at borne"
"Maybs, but " Fred raught th
light twitch of Ih superintendent
ll; h had len known for a "hick"
with hla country bride. II led Connl
"Never mind the rent; we'r not
Pickering her I'm going to mak good
und the money will come. How do you
line it great, hey?"
Not even to avert Ih horrible anset-
or of her flat quairul with Frd fa
tal one, perhaps couUI HXir Co til
keep the heariai-h out of her rye.
First Quarrel Laoana.
Fred stared in alarm at th tear III
Con n Ira eyea. ,
"Why. my dearest, what la It-. Pon't
)nu like thla place?"
The aurprlil diaappoinUnant In hi
voa-e waa an evkleut Cimnle fait th
iijxi nltnnl. nt muat hear It.
"Yea. yea that I. I couldn't ft'
talk It over at the howl?" h atanv
inemt miaerahly.
Ied looked putsled.
"npiae I giva you our answer to
right V"
"Hull youraelf." Th man' Indlffef-
eric waa Impreaaiv. "Your taking th
i nance, not I I nan I promla too hold
it without ft deposit."
Fred had the ainn.ll townaman'a fear
of the big city's opinion. Ha reached
lor hi wallet. ,
"How much?" he aakxt ,but glanced
rneaally at Cmutl daliUng at her aye.
"If you r paying a defxieit," ah amid
on an liiiwught breath, "thar la nou
ing to wait for or U Ulk liver. Why
waste lime? Mign h Uaa and let's
have dona"
Fred writhed under th ailng. I4ka
all men. ha loathed anything that aa
prnxlitwtn a axons. , V. .
"It won't bft muuh. Con." b whla
pered, 'Juat to aenura n opt Ion, - If you
decide you don't want It, of coarse, w
Connie had th sensation of Vuddrnly
being shut in a cell. v 1 .
Over her head. n avery akU. 4eeMUi,
and alal arouraL Iftyera ftftd lay ara of
tham, lived peoj'K klrangwi, brn titling
ber In, aliuttng off light and mr, shy
nnd simplicity, rtrubiaT th very heart
out of all alto bad dreamed of aa her
And Fred waa wanting It thla. tbla
ragee, thla trap, thl -UWtlry bos hi
which ahe could not move or bavo any
frewlum or pride! Fred waa with theui,
these people, and not wfm her.
Hh muldnt enrtur th thoagtit of II
i-f I hat arnsjanl siipertnteadsnt atand-
In, tther , staring. Itodttenly sbo turned
nd ran from th room. Kha didn't wait
tor the eletator, but daabed down th
RtaJr. '
ed followed, frightened, and angry,
'ending fur her to atop. But h bad I
rat.-h hold of ber and M ber In hla
"ta-t go of me! Tat m out of thla
place or I 'll go mad!" .
"Fur heaven'a aaka. Con, b reason-al-h!
Why. I thought yoa'd tv crtury
a'ont II."
"Thoucbi! ah anlJied hysterically.
' Ymi ilmiiaht: If -yiai'd havo known
a hat I've dieainnl i a a hiane our
borne. I wnnt a Utile house wllh a gar.
ih n and-ih. you knew it, you knew
It und you bring me lo this thing
FrtHit one of Ibe apOrtinenl door al
mptly there Issued a human bird of
puradla. a goregnua, ' over dresaed,
brightly cotiiplc.-tl.m-yl. hejeweled wo
man d.ffuaing a heady prrfuin. Kite
miK WA LIVINO AT TOO'v, ... .rung
ataroely saw Connla with hanbkercUrf
pressed lo her trenaJiug Up, but wa
luit pleaatDtly aware of Fred.
Thiers was but ft glab fim her e
and the elevator swallowed her and
Ibe foolJah-luvklag, costly duglet under
ber arm.
Caoftle and Fred Hum.
A the crnate lady entered the ele
vator there brofca froto poor CVnula a
muffled ivy. ranlc. hatred, outrage,
calamity and dwpir a poke In that
IngU sound. All aorta of aenwbllltle,
ome of thern o deijy hidden that ahi
herself waa unaware is their etUatence,
wer being kiceniied. And by Fred'
"And you wuni m to live In thla
thla awf aT plao," ah gasped, "with
peopto l.ka Hial. Connl flicked her
Hand In the direction of th cotnart ek
ed woman.
Hh suddenly broke off. whirled and
sped down the t-pa again. Fred wa
budly fiightetitd. The taater h pur
ued her Ih more dmprralrly ah
plunged ahead to escape.
Itesching th aldewalk, as an wa
about to run heaven know where, ha
caught her arm and fairly dragged her
into their iwr.
From th dparat rome-sndgo of
her breath Fred knew ah waa on Ih
verg is? hysteila. II drove home with
out ft wurd. Rut graduallg hi panic
waned and hi anger waved.
How aliurd II waa of Connie, how
innonaideral, to behave In auch a way.
Hero ha was, g.vlng hi every thought
to hla work, hi futute, their home
all for her.
Hupiioae she had M-t har heart on
certain sort of home, was It auch an
awful thing lo rompromls wllh dream
especially when ha needed to b In
th thick things. In th ilty, among
penpl with money, who knew how to
lie? .
They hurried Into their room at the
hotel Ilk bit of wTnkag drawn Into
a maaiatrom. connis nung rrnm ner
th light scarf ah wor and asnk Into
a chair by tha often window, har lip
working as ah tr'.ed lo bit back up
welllng anli.
Fred could have worn wllh th agony
of It all. Ilia temper rose.
"tsh. what lB-th matter with yi!"
he shouted,- hi own nerve breaking
Hh Inked at him wjh th eye of one
into whoa loving heart ft knlf had
besn thrust. '
"Ob. nothing. Fred., I hv ben run
over- amsalied. crushed Into tha dust
of tbo road, that'a all. THurt that' what
I ant lo mr-HointMng on Whl'V 10
walk to your career. .
"ff voor kind of peaol ftreUT-,
kind of pWi If .1 can't Hv tinder
th asm roof With palnta women, in
thla horrible., nolay city. Why that' be
ca us 1 am unreasonable, a hum aruiut
Ing from you. a l.ttl dlartplln. ana
that aetlea me" .
"Connla you'r talking ror. taimpiy
raving. How can you aay auch things
to mr. If' did not realise how hi
voiro bad risen. Tbo amart of her word
bar mood, ber boatilo glanco, mad him
tagger further and further from aeif
control. "Yod dare aay thl lo mar
Connl jumped from tha chair and
stood quivering. .
"You needn't bellow llko than if our
Ufa ft to b mashsd. If wv'r a mu
tually dlaguatrd wo want to part bH'a
do It decently.
"I'd rather th nelghix- d.dnt think
wo were a pair of drunkard having a
quarrel. It's plain you don't rar. You
cut th ramping abort. You rhooas that
ptar to llv in. You think omy or
TYsd ilcrd hi hat and flung cut of
tba room without a word.
. .. Coaruo 1aaM rred.
'irr sum minutes after Fred laid
ftuna himself out of I h room to what
ever desperat thing he bad reolveo on
htttfXtrmk,nt oenss of out-
rag kept her from earing.
Then ah wondered for a fleeting
a Ma a., mam HI,! aha ttt-ndee
'lha th n, lrt snow. Rush'ng to
,w ....a utiM ,krA down on Broad
W as that unseeing ynuiig man, plung
ing recklessly aToa the stream of traf
f.n her husband? A gray shark of a Car
almost devoured him. Another lurched
eldrWuy to avoid a stdMwtne.
rred seemed nt.livlmi. A aiirge i4
ifdestrlsns bln-ked hi path. He plung
ed through and diaapiieared
Hhe frit a shuddering cold and Hos
ed the window, hhe sank iiimmi lite
nrureet chulr. H-r very mind snd heart
reined frnaen.
This would not do. Frd was a high
strung boy and the fact that he usually
held himself decently In check nwle liU
trHenl nmod the more to be considered
It would be beet to talk the thing over
again nuielly. Bven If Ibe end "f every
thing had cisne. they coi.ld at bwrt ar
ranse things thmishtfully. rc-over what
they could frotn ths wre,-k. instead l
Munalng bllmlly Into what?
Fred wa protuihly at th Mh-sronra
now. rnbsollng hlmaelf with Oypsv. th
sllaufdeient concern of his Ule. With
. I, trill of relief Connie grssped th
lelenhone she WUld Show nun now
to keep cool utld-T cBlastrohe. Pec ha pa
If ho nIicwviI a spark of the old feellnr
fur her they might liiak another fry
at what a few hour itefuee had seemed
no fair a future.
Khs called up Ibe Oypy salesroom,
Kh waited n ltlertiUtiatle lime. Al
Ovnv aaleernt.m," ealit lisrsh
voice, "wliaddver want?" .
"I'd II t pk to Mr. Hals, one
nt the aatramen pleaee
' "This is the watchman. Th plc I
rtoed. Saturday afternoon. Nobody
Hut I m anro "
T hey no one hr. Call 'P M""'
The telephone clicked dead.
Caanls atowlv reoUre.1 th receiver.
Then he took It up sgaln and railed
tbo hotel desk. It was ft bitter thing
to auk the question
"I.d did Mr. link- leave word wher
. -.a Mrs: lale." aald the rhrk. "But
. raa't b far. II rushed out aa though
WHKIIK." he auw someone he wanted In catch,"
Cotmle llisnkeit him. There waa no on
else left to k. Hhe knew not an ad
dress, not a human being In all New
York to whom ah could turn for help.
lBiilr dim bed her. If Fred did not re.
turn anon, h could think but on
think. Men did commit deM-rai art
In Just sin h circumstances,
Har l!a and throut wer parched.
Bli ced the fkN-, tearing har hand
kerchief to shreds, starling at every
sound In lbs outer ball.
Th lenakai wsa growing unbearable.
What did people do when Ihey needed
help dasjierately? The police? No ah
couldn't apeul lo them.
Why not? Anything but thla annihil
ating suspense. Hhe loked at her watch.
Three hours sines Fred had ' gonst
Conni sprang to ih leleihime, and
with every nerv aulvrr, aul-latd a
call for Millce headquartera.
Fred MedMatea on MarrUg.
Frsd stalked mil of the hotel, hla
heart one raging brula.
Ktunned and furious, aching ' and
frightened, convinced that th whole
fklr structure of llf wsa toppling, It
mattered not wher he waa going only
to bo moving, aa an ofust to tb frcnay
within. i
He w glad to find htmaelf ultimately
on Ih river front, where few were pas
In;, and none Intruded on hla tumbled
thought. ' ' .'
Ill future and her lay with Ih
groat city and Ua waya and ah grossly
furious that It took her from her small
town waya and dreams!
Ths apartment he had found ha fait
to be id-wl near tbo (iypny aienrooma.
In Iho midst of everything, in ih asm
houae with ft least all pmefiertU buy
era of flypaya. aa Ctinningliam. thr head
salesman, had already .bad him.
And Connie thinking only of ber cot-
lag and her curtains, her garden t'nd
her flmrera, would risk hla amblUin
to gratify her anlppy little llel.
Lovelna-cottage, forsooth! What at
aaw for them waa love In the vertex
of Ufa Lova that meant growth. l.ova
with a purpose to climb snd lo do!
rlelflsh. and firtiehly self sit, K wsa.
If Connis wer the kind of girl who
lived only for herself, very well. II
would suffer th shattering of hi dream
of a partner who loved her mate U-ttsr
than heratlf.
But Connla loved hint, he kites- ah
Then why hadn't ah ena enough to
to ae hla development and auccess nt
among th haunia of men? tXJ ah
think be could earn enough to aat ary
her needs by sicking In tha mud of
IVrhapa aHflahneas wa loo hareh a
name for It. Fnolah, headstrong wer
more aultahle words. Con couldn't h
really selfiah. Hut heausirong and ten
acloua yea.
Fmotlnnat, too. and Impulilv In al
most any extreme. Irhaa at that very
moment ahe w conti-niplatlng wan-
ihlna mad. Cnntemplatlng? Connie nev
er contemplated, hhe acleO.
Freil slunced at hla watch. IM bait
been iie front the hotel two hiMirs, In
thai lime atiyth ng cihiIiI ilevrbip In a
h rainstorm.
Ferhntis If he talked to her quletir,
eirUinnl hiv the t lieu t ileal and snort
ing tt In Ck-opalr Court wsa Junt ths
ibe s--t that lM.iiahi nypsya: now tne
hmd sal.mnn himself hd reriamend
e, the apirtoieiil bouse for that very
reason: M-iham alie would Helm,
And If she didn't? Writ Cnpnle
inrant miH-e to him than Ibe sdllng of
a few cars. He turned bnek to the hitiel
l.tit wus wMin cinfu-mt and ubvlnuMly
walliig time In finding the straigniesi
A pssneiby loid him be wa rar trom
Itristdway snd Th.rty rourtn tre.
t-Ved hilled a passing lavl. The thing
eenv.t to crawl. II urged nve td.
kt II more
"I r'tta follow lb"' traffic rule."
narUd the driver. "We'd land with the
...,1.. ir I drnva like you want me to.
r-,,1 n talk and hurry." Fred
M.rv. Were nulllltft '
Tlie hotel st ta-t ted etitrn-d ort thr
. ti.. eurk leaked at him ruviuiuily
"I'ol ce Ins4d.ttnrt.ts are on mr wlr
.Ir Itllrr hurTV."
-LOrd 'WMI has she doner' h cried
inwardly and katpwl w the ata.rs.
Haieel ReewncUlallaN CsSWe.
ii mmm lth Ibumpina heart Fred
manssed to re. b hla fli" nd romn.
II lunged In. bis eyes prepsred for
death and the end of everything.
From the telephone a disheveled fat'
nr. turned Its fa-'e lo him. ghsatly
white and tremuloua. Cnide stared
through misiod v at th man et 11
rUnstns lo the dors k nun.
F n instant, each waited for tb
other to pek. Then, with a sub and
a cry, thev were clinging together,
shaken, liicreduhiua. feeling the whot
epiode waa a nlahlnsirs.
Fred could not find strength enough
lo prr-s her to him aa tightly aa ha
lunged. Connie burst Uito wild tV Of
anger at herself.
"Oh. don't Fred-don't feel aorry tot,
me. I duni deservs pity, or your lovlngr
word, oror anything. I'm a pig. I'm
oh, I Ted. if you hadn't coma wbaw
yon did, I'd-I'd liav died!"
lYed put bark tha hair from her wot
face and klimir.g her tenderly, murmur,
"IXir litle oU kM, ther' nothing to
torture yourself over. I love you you
know It, don't ynu? 1 wouldn't touch
thai aimrtmetit if Ihey gar m that
whole houae for nothing." '
Hhe preaaed her fac hard to hla. - .
"I I telephoned there, asking for
you," ah told him brokenly, her apeorh
shaken with after -thcstiirm snba. You
werent' ther but I told them wo'd
take the tb ftrtment. It'a oura,
He held her a little away from lilin,
aa mmethlng ItiMpress bly nilraculowa
ami precious. .. , .
"You didn't! Why. my darllag, you
know I don't want you lo 1st anywher
you won't b happy antf H . . v
"I'll be happy with yolu anywher.
Th rest doesn't matter,"
Kh hid her fuo agulaftt hla eoat. A
weet ralut eiivebaied them.
"LlHtt-n dear," Fred atld auftly "wo'r
going out Into tha suburb lotnorruw
iiiomlng and find ua a liltl whit ctoi.
onlal cotUge with altultora Juat Ilk you
"It waa Cunningham mad ma took at
Hist apartment. It'a full of Jsta folka
who'll buy riypsy. IJut, I'll get 'em
anyhow. You don't auppposo I'll llv
anywher If my own girl"
tilie ant upon hla knee they'd been
In th en big choir, th room afforded
and li4t hla fue aotaninly btwn
her hands. . , f
- "I drni't suppos any urh tWng,
FrMldiar Hh spok firmly. agerty.
"But I do know we'r going .to llv
wherever thar' th boat chanco of
your aelling ay!. What's atoro, I'm
going to help ynu."
Fred railed upon High fUavsn to
witness I ha l k pnaaeasid th only real,
genuine, absolute angel on arth. -
But Into tha minds of both ther rm
up unl.lditen tit t.fitrelcoWt tbo"ht of
th ) over-gliding, Ih over-d xated
halt and tho overtbeaaed, 6v. taint- ,
ed woman that belonged to their I
- - Voir oa. ih WlraA
Within two weeks th Daktf wor
tabllshed In their thrrMftOiBo la
CUoistra Court. Th acatomant of bay
ing f urnllahlnga -waa a maraifuf opiato
for th ach In Connie' heart over th
shattered dream of tha colonial cottage
with aMlsTen -lUnda, Tb ach bad
subsided, however, tram rare tftln to
a soft of wistful resignation. -
"If for Frd, aba trowld tll haair
over and over, drowning lb prompting
of rebellion with th thoukttoat alon
make mating possible. i
Uesplt all. iba sUlny-naw liltlo bomo
ram to hav an appeal of Ita own ftnd
Connl bustled about her mlnlatur
himekpbig Ilk a canary m avnay
brees. Cuunl had-alwaya lovod "old
fashioned things," and now aho real
ised how skillfully invention and mod
ern de:gn combined th charm of Iho
ild with iho convenlenos of th now
and houMkeeplnaT horamo an setting
Uttls gam. Electric toaatsra, perrota.
tors. Iron, washing machines, alt wr
Ilk lo- lo her.
Fred plunged Into hla new selling tor-
r.tory with charactriat!e aingto mlndd
nM and waa reaping bta reward. Ufa
ran on hlythely for some week. They
ud to part aai-h morning at th -
bus-. Connl following her llg lord
though to the gat of tb oottaga.
On day ah want with him, bound for
som shopping. As th lvttor toppea
two flight below ther entered ft strik
ingly efficient looking woman, of tb
purely business type. Her tailored
clothe fitted aa msptr aa ber mind eb-
viuuidy worked. Her far wu devoid of
artifice, handsome, but ao Mpreaatv of
th business mood that It hved ft mil
in personal speal. Hh seemed obUvkou
of every other passenger In th oar. j
Th Imlea wer haunted with ft
of hiving eeen hr befor. They whis
pered a comment or low when aba left
ths rar and Fred naked the doorman
who she was.
"Her .' Hon't you know? Why, sna
iiaiina fuller, ih. rst'a whUaevft of all
bond salesmen. Ooeh. ah kilows strand
and Wall Ike 1 know me tobacco nag.
Funny part of It la how ahe looka
whe she's ff buwnee and drssord tor
th play! You'd m-ver know ber. allie'a
get a Ziegfield Folly girl looking Ilk
Mother Hubbard!"
Himultaneouly lo Ih Bale rams
recollection, hhe was ths "painted
lady" they had i-ncounlcred on then
fllM Visit. '
Some womun!" remarked Fred wllh
n-al BtmliaiK-n. 'Two in one. Bus new
ml pleasure. Day and Night. And tot
the rkie to ml 'em well,
t mi hart a ha.-a to lest hla eonvtc
tlon that very evening. II and Connie
were Just finWitng dinner oervea
proudly from the ehming nitcnene
when the phone bell rang. Connie ana.
wered. . 1 ' . .
This Is Ilanna Fuller," aald ft
i.u-. self assured voics, mootu. Inter
e.le-1. seductiv.-"Forglv tpy breaking
in. won't yu, but I understand mr. Mie
la actllng the Oypay car. I'm Interested.
Will you ask him to com oown na
have a few minute ulk with mo?" .
(Continued Neit Hundayl
Trm. farmer are heavy asjrchaeero
of farm tract m since the beginning of
th wr. figure show. Ther are nomo
ll.ono tratior In Teaa at preeent,
Nitrth Teas la tb smU grain region
of the state. Motor truck ar also In
consldershle uao on all up-to-date farms
in Texas. Loads of llv to erven ton
are hauled. A popular practice ta to uao
tractor and In omo lnunneo tbo
mailer farm truck for harvesting
grain by attaching them to wheat bind
era or hauling a train of wagon full of
wheat or corn.
The awrag Individual remember
three-fifth of what be acta ftnd ano
fifth of what be beara, .

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