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LOCALS inil.fi
Darter Hill won his own gain
riOo'e Pennant Wianinf Caster split even for the series with Jin
Calloway's Texas Leaguers as they took the second tilt 3 to 2, in a
fast aa interesting contest
With the score standing Z-all Dmer crashed a ringing double, to
center tending Haaley, who had been hit, home from first with the
winning tally, and Lefty Ferguson, who recently trimmed the Cat
ters in both end of doable header when he wat here with Lubbock,
marked up a game in the lost column.
HOI pitched superb ball holding the Dallas Giants, or Marines
as they were formerly called, to two hits until the seventh inning,
while his teasunaUt were pouncEng Ferguson for nine hits and
two runs. '
1 Tha Onaaert counted Is tb second an
tw atnglra aad a Uoubat atonl, ram
bark In the fourth for another tall?
araea) Byn dotibesd aad Johnson and
Chaney followed for aingtea. but after
havlrg emaated la tha seventh on turn
tRi and a walk, tha DaHaattea knotty
tha aeora la tha ninth when orrara by
llaatey aad Moora wuh a bit batsman
let UcDonald rroaa tho plat.
Elmer held tha rUaata to fire cat
trd aafetlea anil waa iwrer In (tanner
aaarpt tww Innlnra when fast fielding
retired tha Ttxaa LaMgncri with lata
aa tba tacks.
Oa tha olher hand Fsrguaoa waa ran
ataatly la hot water, lla waa oieep.
tlonally wild at lumoa, aad tha wlr not
Un in front of tha stand aocmed to
ba In danger of twine battered down
br hia amasrooa wild haaraa against
tha fono.
Tha cam waa faat and snappy and
waa aapsrially featured by tha fielding
of Skinny Hoars. Gaaaer ahortatop, and
Canaailey playing aocand far tha vlsl
tara. Tha umpiring of Hortan waa aa
badly off form that It detracted from
tba Intoreat put up by tha earn.
Zavrenport win fac lusar Sfapet to
day and another goad sama la aaoored.
Tba count la bow Uad for tha erlea and
today's tatna will ba called at I o'clock.
wnen taa record crowd of tba aeaaon l
aapecte to ba en band.
Tba Bos Scare.
IiaUaa Alt R II PO A P.
'. aa teste
laraarnjow, rf 4 t t 1 t
McDonald, f S I t t S
raentllrr. 4 t 1 I S
runaway. Ik S t S
fooler, rf S t I 1 4)
Alrnadrr, V J 1
"ieli 9 1 4 0
p 1 nil
m Taws , st (tilt t
Awmtw AB K II rn A K
I t t 1 I
Zk 4 a 1 1 1 a
Taxacr, cl ....1 t t 1 S t
"M. 4 1 a a 1 1
rr 4 e t 0 t t
lb 4 l s 11 a 1
1 1 1
J r 1 i 4 e
.41 3 It H 14 4
...tot ate iaii
eit itt tti-4
m ya, Fmuaoa. mB.
"-aa a. nm u ooabw aUra,
wag. awaiiwtid, CaaaaCley to Uailo-V-
a aaaea, Taraar S . Iiha.aa,
' ' " " 1 1 a vaaaawsB) ,
KSTwwmml. Flrat mm bafla. Ilifl
.Tba nma la XVtafl.
nallaa riaq fmanod. Braamkmwaa
out Meant to Johaaon. McOoaaid
iu4 ta TiKkcr. 2fa runa. aa biia.
Aaiargte Macro u hi Ur tvli
taOaSoway. Meaaar atrack out. Tack
aa aad ataia aacaad. Brera 1ft
aa ana ta dw oanias. 2io raaa, aa hita,
Pallaa Coaaelloy waa throw out by
- uway eraoaaad U Jobaaoa.
CarJay triplrd acaiaat taa oonur fMd
AieaaaaVr fliod ta Uaabry. o
rwna, ana kru ao arrara.
laaarMa Driwn opcd ta Flags
Mtaaoa aarM to aaater.
wu a sratiaoer to abort Jabaaoa took
third oa a paaatd baa aad acored oa
coawa staal. Uaalry haed to FTacg
arba atapped oa tba bag tor a douUo
aiy. waa raa, two btu, aa arrora.
aainaa Erwia. FWnnn n...
aat out in order aa eulkea. No ruaa.l(t Joif dub of AmarUlo are n pert
m ana. aa arrora.
wruio MtDaaald toaaid out Hni.l'" amenta. Mill Creat now baa a "lYo
oa waued and advanced oa a wild
rjtrh. .Mtaaar pappad to Caaaelley.
Maara atoet third. T acker popped to
CoanaSry. No raaa. aa biu, aa arrara.
IbaBaa-iLil anao BrawnknCa taa
nnwwiaii aicIXjoald groended
to Jobaaoa for m faat pUy. Coanelary
atncled to tmimr .iu - ' - !
eat at tba plat trying to acore oa Byar
e aacwad. No raaa. aoa an.
-Brera SnnM.it tn li a.
aaeced an a wild piuk. Browawaaoot
patckartonrat Joha .TI
ana arror
er acamur Me r-wlU- . " poaarble ahape f.- the t.ur
aJ w,r!. wm. ,"ur,m"" a bg -.n aW ua m.
ZZ. JZ tLZZlJ I th"' ,b r 1 ru l w,.b
t!T?i Oaaaeaey. Oaa ran. the big nw mtl. which tbey bate
"" " aeTwra. Ireauly f-e- that work.
rutk. I
IbaltowuiVflray went eat aa a feati Ckire. aetrouonikal record go Uck
r 'are t Jobaaoa, Confer kAnc4.jto XK B. C,
yesterday afternoon when Ama-
Aleundr pnped to Manor. rTrkln
waa tuaaed out by Moore. No runa, aa
klia. no ormra
Amartllo I lienor alncli'd to ahnrt
Tucker lirvxt to Connlly who iloubled
Mwnor off flrat Uyera alngUU to left
and advanced on a wild pilch. Hmwa
aaa thrown out by rUvg. No runa
two Mt, no crrom.
Ihjtlaa - Kanruaan wa out Itill to
Johnann. Flaa flld to b-ft Prownlow
aaa m( on Juhnann' fumMe of hi
grounder. Mc-lfcmald walked. Conn-l-Iry
wa out Meanor to Juhneon. No
runa. no hire, on error.
Amartllo Juhnann alnaled thrnueh
hart but waa eauht aff fait Chaaay
fouled to Eraln. TUaley ainaled to ren
ter. Itlll popped tu Caaaelley. No
run, two hlta, ao arrora.
Italtaa Cailuwny ground.-d to John
eon. Conley walked. Alexander alngted
la cAter but Conley waa beaded at
third. Era-la Mngled ta right, acorlnc
Atosaador but waa oat at aecond trying
to make it twa baaea. Una run. two
blta, no e rrara.
AaaarMIe Moora fouled to Erwln.
Maanor filed to ,AItandrT. Tucker
waweq ana atnw aocona. Byera waa
tbraarn out by Connelley. No rana, aa
hlta, no arrora.
Eknth. '
Dallaa Prncuenn douhlM to U-f. took
third tn D'era bad throw to acond.
but waa caught at tha plate, when ba
tried to acore on a wild plieh. HU1 cov
ering home. No runa, on hit, ana error.
Aanartue Brown grounded ta Oallo
ay. John fouled to Erwia. Charter
waa out Oalloway to Ftrguaon. No
rana, no hita, no errora.
Dallaa McDonald was aafe at m,
ana wnen tuuutr dropped bis fly ta
oeap Center. CoaneUey waa tuaaad out
ayaieanor. Galloway waa bit by pilch-1
ed ban. Conlry waa aafe aad McDonald
scorad on Moore's error. Hill Inter,
cepted the throw from center and Con
ley waa caught at second. Alexander
tUm d toHaaler. Una raa. one hit. two
t rrara.
AawOla JUafc-y waa hit by Frrru
on. Illll doubled to kaTt scoring Haaley
for tha winning ran.
Tba tuurnanent mmmltta rJ k
Country Club rerrlred nmirea from the
touniry Club and the 8hamr k
V4f CkN that Uey would aead del
Rate u take part In the corning gnlf
luurnament to ! held ai th. r-.m -
Ciaa hero aovt Ortnber II. II and 14.
liqaMlaa aro comaig in aakina
whether winter axlf will he played, that
ia If the bail 1U be played from the ll
' tha lt improved and tho canrrutte
labea toadviae that winter gi4f will be
Played from the Utrwaya. however if a
laJJ la oft tba tairwaya U will be con
eukwd in tba rewgb and rnuat lm phiyrd
from the h. Th. .u ..1. . n
Chaner bratlera to truab up on bunker aboia aa the
Amaruio rnuree la wll bur.kered ad
Uioto muat bo played from tho lie in
tba bunkera,
Amanita grlfrra are now getting buy
with their pburlnc and enr tv m
an "d'ld number out on the two rourw
1-ia.ytna; aruuna aad praruriag. H.ll
i'ag to enter mw fJteen awmbera m
wa to alrtrg harm to their ntewieen
and e-tlontly ther are g'4ng to try to
"kriag bonwt the bat-oo' with their
Ckriron. riainview. I.uUmmIi.
with her bunch 1. fieri 'hMch t.U.
.AkUene. Ban AnrHn. flwvftwater. nal
irtiwiifr, j i
Tarumc,rl- Wfc-hiu FaUa nd
many other are etpected to amd Uam
; many other are etpected to amd Warn
ana MiiviOua) to with earh orber
In the tournament Prrpuratlona are
'etna made to taka rare of wane ta
hurwtred rlfra.
The Oretia wmnul are tuey r-
lB rTn" 'mg thetn
Disappointing in the 1921 Series, Billy Evans Says, Babe Doesn't
Look As Good Now As He Did Then
DOtStUft "tr lORi StTtES
aeawBBWBBWB.waaw' . M W jav. w. BBBk j. . a
NO tPlfHtra C)TJ2 IO"R ft
If tba New York Tankeea are firtu
nale enough to uke irt aaain In tht'lpuuib in tb Yankee offtitM-
world aertea what part will Uabe Kuth
While Kuth ld the Yankeea In bKUng
with an average of .111. the claeh with
the fitanta hla nhowing at the bat
4 diatppuininient.
Never baa a player gone into a wurld
aertea carry in auch a burden on hH
ahouldera a Ituth in the lZl ilaah be-1
tvM the lilnnta and tha Yankeea He!
had Juat finished one of tha moat aeh- out eight time during the wtii-a.
aatlonal year ever eoyed by a ma- In tb lulw d'f-ne ! want to av
por bwgue player. II had broken all that nobody ever played the gnme In
lugging record by making ( born worae physical nmditlnn. A terriMy In
runa, thua acllpatng by fivo hla beat i fei'ti-d arm maiUi it iniltile for hira
tirevioua rerord. u take hla natural kw.ng and fon-rd
Rererd tt4 ICtS him to retiuiln out of ecverul gamea.
Nor had ha confined hla ltt bitting 1 Due to hla failure to hit, the i.
to home rana Aaula from hla It bom-j had It that he quit under fire. In Jue-
era he cracked out 44 twbaaa hit
ami It trtpk-u. Ilia record for the ee-
ma waa tot hita fir an average of .171.
riving bin third place in tba Aawrrlea Ithe ae'tira luat year. It took real nrrv-.-Ljatgua
batting average. Juat below , to play, conatib-ring the londitiun in
Itatlraann and Cnbn. hn h ha rnt-r-d th aerie. In pr
Tba baarhalt etperta who predicted , haio phyakally, unulde to do himself
victory for tba Tankeea baaed much of j Justice, ha wa ronuntly "rou-fl" for
their hop on Kuth'a awaiting ability. 'hat failure to bit
Wf aaaWfltfttwal tVwaat
ST. WCM. Dept. 21. Bt. tMiia bad
to rhiladelphla tuday t to I and dropped
to four and a bait gamea behind New
Tnrk la the penaant race, aa tba Taak
won front Cleveland. The Ift-owaa now
(in do no better than tie rt ap in th-"
rwiaJriing gantea acbeduled aad to do
thai thy will have to win thtir four re
malning ganva and New York will have
to kae It five gamea still to b played.
SVora by laaiBga: K H R
I'btladHphl . ... it 114 aot-4 II X
Mt UmiIo lat aa ll 12 :
Nayliar. Hani and Ivrfctna: Van
UUder. FruMU Wright and Collin.
Bumnwy Two Isiaai hits. McOowaa
Itouaer, Jartibaon, fhorten, H.ab-r:
tnieei bases. Miller: baa on a lie, off
Nay lor J. off Ham off Wright I:
na-fc out by Naykc I. by Harria X
by Van fiitdar 2. by lYaett 4. by
Wright I.
Yanks Heal ladiaa.
By AsserioM trmm
CUiVELAMi. Kept 21 Poor eup
hack of kherrod Hrnith. fwuier
lironklya pit' ber. a bo burled his first
gkioa for Clevviaad today, and t'hle
who aoTMd him. onalad tho Yankee
to taaa the oscmd gam tho arl
T to 4. ftaroiastvo born ran by
flnauna and Uardner f.gurrd In a four
rua rally by ChrvvWad la toe fUik wb n
lThe Ttahe waa fliture.1 to !
Kuth did make one hue run In thf
1'j:1 arriea. but It waa a waatrd effort
It ranie In the ninth inning of the
fourth gnnie, with no one on. and th
Yankee lMten. 4 Ui I.
Throughout the aerii-a. with the e-i-eplioti
if the et-coiid gutiie, in whiih
Huth drew three h:inm on lulle. the
pitcher on the fiUnt'a taff workH on
Kuth and mad him hit. Kuth etrurk
the I muat aay that auch roninu-nt win'
decidedly undeerrveil.
1 liabe Ruth certainly didn ot quit In
nam Jones waa driven from the box.
Iloyt relieved Jonea.
fr-ora by Innlngn: U If E
New York 2o ani 21 a 7 S o
Clevrlund MOO 210 OftO t II 1
Jone. Iloyt and & hang. Mmlth. t'hle
and o .Wiil.
KummnryTwa hiie hll. Wood. M-
Innle, I'lpp; home runs. Humma. Cnl-
ner; stolen bane. 8i-ell. mr ,n balls.
iff Jones 2. off Rmith 2. oft I hie 3.
strut k out. by Junes 1, by Iloyt 3. by
Umlth 2, by I'hb- 1.
John on
CIHCAU. riit 23 Chuagn pound
ed the veteran Walter Jolini hard to
day and a:ly ibfiwted Waslungton S
Hcora by Innings; I: II K
Wasblngtun . ... o2 Ooo (o 3 I
Chicitg,, 2i uiO SU - li 1
Johnson and lapuii; teverette and
Kuounary Two b hits. oit 2.
Hards. Wily 2. M'til home rj'm.
M'stil; base on balls, igf l-verettv 2.
off Johnson I.
tMmii Win.
I'lmuilT. fcVi.t. II l irtroit clung to
thj-d pU.e In the Amerewn Ingil
atanding by the narrow marcln i.f hi If
a game tonight aa a result of their ile-1
tot lodny at III bands of lloetisi I
to 4.
fiiae by Innings: It II K ;
IV too !: ;ini Mo ( i
Detnnt . ........ wm ;n 4
tvdiiii and Rl Khmke, OIun. John-
Col and fcusaler.
Hummary-To l-tee hits. Itrlehel. J.
ridlins. I'ratt, Clark; three lats hits.
lYatt; bran ran. Memky; st'-len baies.
Klgaey Z: kaao un balls, off W. t4Un
I. (iff Olson 1; atrack out, by Ehmke 2.
by W. Cuilina J.
thx hilt I
P.ulh tb-en-iw tn-dit rather than cen
lire fur hia play in tha erne luet
lyi - nr. The only r Miriam that might be
offtrrd la that he etaynl in the game
i tlr. ly Iini long after bring phyairally
What ubout the lube Ituth of !:..
nhoulil the Ynnkei'S aguin get Into the
ei ice?
It 1 my opinion that the liul Kuth
of this year la not the aeriou mi-nit-
at the liat that he waa litxt st-amo. Any
numlHT of reaai) roukl be offered for
such Iwl.if.
An i-Ik hi a ei-ka layoff at the atari of
the aeain rertuinly did not Impiove
Ituth'a Iwtting eye or atrlde. In addi
tion the lialw luta auffied from various
phyaiial ailimnt that have not Improv.
ed hla Work.
Then there la the state of mind. Ruth
i worrying thia year. Ijuit aeaaon he
W.n tho iw-reoiilflcallon of confidence.
mine a eye iMieen I -em a Keen tni
yr. He mlsHing the etyle i f pitch.
iiiK be once murdered. Pitchers who
once fard him are taking rhanceo on
hla prowess.
In summing up the chance) of tho
Yat'ki- thl year, should tha New
'Tk AmerkanM get Into tho aerie.
Kuth will not gt-t aurh a big play from
the experts.
Hurh lM-ing the raae. It would lie Juat
l.ke the I in he tu troas everyone up.
Played on
Gsvne CaUed 3:39 P. M.
Today. Game Will be a
Great Battle
Adult 50c ChOdrenltc
Ji AaaAlf
caiiyo; YEnnucQs mi gut
Amnrllln eirt fan Issla night ware
lulrndured lo niglrt fisilball when Tlie
t.oldi-n Naadelorm and Ilia West Tca
Stale Normal 'ullege Yearling UnK led
I he tiller team meting out a t lo t k
ilnry. Ilhln Flay lcund was unua
j ally well Hiihled and I ha crow d of mm
laibly l.aa rented tlgoniu-Jy. Many
I ( aiiyuii router were In I lie stadium and
barked the Yearling.
I The Handle were the fln.1 lo arorr.
I lale 1st Hie flrat quarter Kaufaian and
('MiiM riatiplrled a pass for IS yard
I for a lourhdiiwn. The Yearling broke
i through the Una and Intercepted Hay
laVn'a alleniii fur goal,
j The Yearlings evened the score In the
j second half due to poor pnsxlng by
.Trtldy Ni kl:ius. Amurlllo center. About
'threo Mair iusws lost half the ilitnilie
I f Ho. fi. l.l. one of which Went ov-r the
lAiourlllo gun I line, giving the visitors
nix iMtiiit. key mimed gout
After pluiiKing tin ohm h the Mundii-s
line for subntantlnl gains In the final
quarter, the YearliiiK wit held when
they were in striking dlMtume for n
tourhiUmn. K-y dniiHd lurk for :i
plat-e kii-k. lie kicked iunrely iM twii n
the goul H.tn for three Klnts, making
the final w-orc 9 in t.
Tho g.inie was mm h fn-er from -n-
alt ie than the one Tuitnluv lietween
Clarendon fVlli-K and the Hundlc.
Between halve score if Rtmb-nts par
aded the field and gave yelta for the
Cimlira. Oyer, who played with the
tUndlcs agnlnst CslendiNl Colli-gt'. was
In the line-up for tanyon. He Is over
21 year old ami Is Ini-ligthl fur hl;h
w-IhmiI coniielitioii.
Amar.llo outpluvi-d the vlitr In the
flrkt luilf. Anuirillii recoiviil and r-turni-d
to the 31 yunl line. Anutrlllo
wa hi-Ul and lluydi-n punted, ll'il. y
fumblvd and Amurlllo recovered on the
visitors' 25 yard line. Canyon whs off
ldc and Amurlllo wa held, punting. It
was tnyon's ball on their S yeard line.
Key punted. , Aouinllo. Anderson
mod a run cf 3u yeails. A wm from
Kaufman to Cuit.s netteil iilniut li
yards and a goal. Hayik-n kicked g'l
Mi-mt-d. Anutrlllo t; Canyon 9. The
Itmrtsr etidod with the 111 In the mid
dle of the ftckt
Aiiiurttln puntisl to Cunyon's jn yrd
lino on th fiist play in the m-cisid iiu:ir-
t.-r Cnnynn punted to the mlildlo of
the fi-lil. Amurlllo made two first
down. Elkln making a plunge of 9
yard once. tlivtnlirht went in for
Jackson aa guard. The teams worked 1
with the hall mar the middle of thl
field. Jordan waa arnt in for Dawson.
Amui llln aits isYside for t yards. The
half emM with the bull In the middle
of the field. Amarlllo having fulli-d with
threo aucceOMive atteints to complete
a forward !,
Can h Iturton of the Yearling sent in
Younger for It Thompson at rislit half
uack at the U' sinning of the second
hulf. W. Thisnpaon kicked off. Amn
i Itln made two down. J. And-Titm was
thrown for a of 10 yard. Cunyon
wa penallavd j yards for jittackmg
Andersi.n while he wa down. Then.
NP klau got ff on paaMlng from cen
lr. It waa Just a moment from the
tlnw that Nlckkiua threw two or threo
wild puhbm uatil the Yearlings bad been
given their toto'hdown. II. Itoyh-a wa
sent In for Nlikluus. Key missed goo I
for the Yearlings. Munai-y went In for
$50,00C.Ci IVorth off
mm, mm
Casings on the
There is a
Phone Phone
2S2 E. Fourth St Distributors Amart2o, Texas
Ylncel at left end fur the visitor. Win
wt iil in for Ihisst-it.
CHiiyon worked the ball through ta
the five yard line of Amarlllo. Younger
ta Mule completed a wsa that enabled
this giiins. The third quarter waa up
hia the ball waa at the & yard line.
The beginning of the fnuith quarter
was a thrilling one. Keys had gained
a yard. Haley made another yuad.
Younger wa held and Haley wan held
on the fourth down. Tha Yaarllnga
lacked only a yard of making a touch,
down. It wna Anuirillo'a ball and liay
di'ii punted to the middle of tho field,
riuthrie went In for llnley. Canyon was
IM-nallmd 10 yards, (lullirlia nwdt a
gnat run of IS yard. Dnwaon was
kni ki-il out for a few moments, Outb
tie and Key gained IS yards on a pass.
The Yearlings got In striking distance
of a touidown, but were held. Key
dioppetl buck and made a placa hick.
The sria-e wa then In 4 for Iho visi
tor. Shortly after the gl k-off Mdorl took
Kaufiiinn place. Klklns hrok
through for 10 yards. J. Anderaon and
Cprtla pawned for II yard. Mora Una
plunging and a I mm from llaydo) to
AinbTson put the halt down to lla IS
yard tine. Amarillo waa held for downs,
a fotward iniss fulling on the fourth
dnwn. IMyden waa taken out and
Vauaht sent In. Canyon took tha ball
and Wall dashed through for 21 yard.
Canyrn aoa held and punted. AmarUlo
took the Kill and attempted tha forward
parsing game the final few minutes of
pin v. Anderson and Vauaht mad an
other gain of II yards via the aerial
route. CMui h Burton took nut' Hood,
n Kill and sent In Parmer. Tho gam
ended with the tall on the 20 yard liaa
of Canyon. It waa Canyon's ball.
farcella waa referee, Crudgingtcn was
field Judge, Ultli- waa time krur and
Cnrtrlght waa hialllneaiunn.
The lln-upa follow:
T. Xtckliiua
Basset (
I 'e st Ion
W. Tuompaon
KUiht Ounid
lft Oiurd
Kight Tacklo
laft flitard
W. Xicklnu
Kight End
Uft End
1 lay den
R. Thorn paon
I-ft lialfmnck
Pull IbM k
Ibiaton 4; at Helnat 4.
Washing S; at Chicago. I.
New York 7; at Cleveland 4.
rhlkideli hi ; at HU luk. S.
CbUngo 4 3; at.rkaiton I I.
I'lttsburgh M; at Brooklyn S.
Cincinnati S; at I'hlUdelphla 4.
::i .
streets of Amarillo.
reason ask us.
. .. ' 4

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