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Amarillq Daily New
j , VOL XIII. No. 225. Ataociated Prei. Service. Leased Wirt Report. AMARILLO, TEXAS, SATURDAY MORNING, SEPTEMBER 30, 1922 -10 PACES IN TWO PARTS
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STILir,1fltJ IS
lir AaaarlaUd rm
fAltMKI X. Y.. Hrpl. ?.-.ta inca A.
Hlllman, mtiltl mlllmnit,lro lainker of
New York, today had hid flchf In di
vorce Mr. Ann I. Hllllinan ami dis
own II by (iuv Ktllltnnn and was him
self found guilty of lhr rim re he mailc
against his wife the luirriitugc of an
Illegitimate child.
Mr. Ktllltnan. It was Indicated tonight,
ha a not given up the fight. Ilia lawyer
would nut any whether they would sp
Kill from the finding of I he referee
should thesn he upheld by a aupreme
court Justice, but I hey were reported to
have niad mnv Which e.-cmlngly
make clear that they have not conced
ed defeat.
II announced by John K. Mark.
guaWlan ad litem for (luy Hlillman thnt
at rwighkeeia a week from tomorrow
lie would ftak Juatlce Morschnusrn to
confirm referee Glcaaon'a findings. Aa
e"n na thla announcement waa given
out It waa learned that the pUilnllff
will geek to have the matter pliired le
fore supreme qourt Justice Tompkins
Inatead of Juettce Morschuuser on the
mime date.
Moat of the open court hearings In
'he caae have In the at licen In the
hand of J untie Mnrachntiacr. He waa
the one who granted Mra. Htlllmnn
alimony of o,oIO a year and It wsa
Juatlee Morschauscr who granted over
proteat the shifting of the trlnl to Mon
treal laat aprlna-. There Mra. Hlillman
presented aome of her moat damaging
The reiMirt of the caae. filed here thla
Morning hy Daniel J. fllesson. the rcf.
ree. gave to Mra. Htlllman a complete
Victory in her defenae of her own honor
and lite giaal name of Ouy. her 3-year.
Id Htia waalw vMotioua In the
counter a l lark ahe Waged against Mr.
Hlillman. The referee upheld her areu
atlon that the Unkrr had lived with a
firmer nro-idway ahow girl. Florence
If. Ieda. In the manner of husband and
wife and that he had acknowledged him
self the futher of two children horn to
Mra. Leeds.
Mr. fllenwin ruled that Mr. Hlillman
had not proved hla allegation that Mra.
Hlillman had violated her marriage vowa
In her conduct with Fred lieauvala. half
la-e.il Indian guide formerly employed
hy the Htlllmaua al IhVlr aummer ramp
In Punada. Ho alao found Our Stlltman
to lie the legitimate eon of Mr. and Mra.
Hlillman. The hanker In impugning the
legitimacy of little fluy In November.
Il. had charged that lUnuvala waa the
baliy a fut her.
Aa a n-atilt of lodsy'a victory, fiuv
H'llltnan retnina ht right to share with
hla two older brolhera and hla alatrr
In the K.ooo.ono truat fund established
for them hy their grandfather, the laH
Jamea Hliirittan. and In a settleim-m
l:7.loo.lno fund to he distributed when
Jamea A. Hlillman die.
The referee not only found Ouy Kill).
iait not to 1 the eon of llrauvxla. but
said he did not dlarover either aufflclent
of aulaitantial proof on which to laae
any finding of adultery (n the part of
Mm. Htlllinan.
Mr. Htlllman failed to ovcntatic thr
prrmiinptM.ii .,f legitimacy of ,n(1
strongest known to the law. the report
M. The evidence prcacnted bv the
I'lalnllff to ahow there had been no con
Jugul rrU.tb.na between hlmaetf and
Mra. Htlllman in the year a preceding
Jluy a birth waa held by the referee to
be unconvincing and unaallsfn. tory.
Mr. Htillman'a own tniaconduct waa In
self aufflclent to prelude hia obtain
ing a divorce, the reimrt Indicated. Mra.
Htlllman did not aak fiar a divorce.
I clearly appeared without contra
A ct ion. Mr. (ileaaon found, that elnee
nwst aa early aa 1i and ever alnce.
even while the divorce trial waa In
Progreaa. the plaintiff "has been Inti
mate with a woman not hla wife, known
aa Florence II. I-rdn."
' It clearly appear.." said the report.
triat Mr. Httllnun .-.- - .
O'alnlalned her aa hla wife, that during
thai lierlod ahe haa given birth to two
rniWren who have lan rrconli.-d by
Mm aa hla children: that he haa auppll.-d
her with mot.a- rare and jewelry, aupcr
Jlaed her hank account and haa borne
the eame relatione with her aa a n..,
(rdliiaiily doe to hia own wife -
9f Aaanlatea rxaa
NKW YORK. Kept. :-IU.-e g.xra
I Aqueduct track today literally
Wngered (4i a ' dead one."
Uwwito. a two year old filly owned
by Juniea It. Kn.lth of Ollf.anla. ran
away while g.atig to the Urrirr In the
firat race and waa lin tailed on a picket
while attempt. ng to ladt thnaigh a
fen., dying within a few mlnutea.
Jn-kry brie Hamte earaprd unh irt.
The horae waa aald to have been
heally larked and left the Um a
two to one favorite fur the race, a aix
furbing daah.
The Jockev flub took no off If la 1
reiinlti.in of the accident I Hit wagara
were held binding under la ruling that
a hurwe la considered to have ofCcuUVy
aurted la aa event after the jockey
bM wi-tMd m,
Train Crew in
1 ' i
When thia Gfl-ton frdKhl englno
Mow near Crewe, Kiml.iiid. the engineer and firemen, Ita only occupant
eaeaped with a alight ahaklng.
Jumping Into u tank of hot water
uft.-r an cvpliwlun at Maaterm No 1
well la-nlmldy aave. the life of I.. U.
Sweeney Into yeaterday afternoon. IVr
ry Atidreea thuuahlfuln.-aa in t.-aiing
away hi i luthlng when hia caught fire
I lie to the aame exdiMiim pnilaiMy
rll ti t tit from being buure.1 alive.
The ctpkMlnn li.iix iii-d uImm.: 4 ba k
it the gitMT. Hweenev'a plunge Into
the In nk of alr.xliiig wnlcr aculded him,
it l uiil he la a.it'erlng aa mucti tioin
;l. acaldlng aa from the b.una.
ndce, iu me4 mf( bla eittiH.
w.i burned nmi dhout t V. Ii-nd.
a.'i ilddera and b.' lurt if ilr ImmIv.
Ijtte yertcrdiiy nfterniHMin he refuaod to
la- i li HKlriiu tu rellevv th p.i.n.
hn.'iicv waa limned f i hi head to
ft ltd had not bt jitmix ! Into the
iiih It la bellt-Vcd I, at be wit U I UO'e
I een i requited.
No h-tulla nf the cxpl.wMin had iM-en
received here late Uim mglil "nl it U
Mid that the earner un tin', und f con
trol tuber in. ti at tb- w.-'l . r 1 1 tint ccm
I'liinlty Hl.-d ili'ivi' ninl. id iiv niid
y Aaanriatrd Fmai
MAItln.V. III. Kept. : The atale
lll liola la preeired t' go to Ir al next
a-eik In the cawa of the TI men indii-t-
d In ..mn.ctliMi with I lie I'errln nl"
'tlllinsa lut iNloa Huly, at;iti-a'
ittnrney of llluniM-n t'ounly, di Ur
h tonight.
Tin. IrtuU Mr at! to lieuin N'ovein.
her II by Judge l. T. Halt a ell of Wit
liamaon t'liunly circuit court tixlny af
ter att.N iirya fH the d"f nae aaked Ih.t
they be NaiNMiel unt.l iictl Jaiiiuirv.
Htatea' Attitnev Duty aald the iiroa.-
rutliai wna confident of ohtalnlng ci.n
li t una with the large amount of ev
b-m-e It had mllcrtcd and fa" that r-a-
in waa ready t in n the trlxla aa aoon
aa Milile. Juilg-4 HiltWell M'let'd
NovemlH-r 13 ua a .ntiipiii'ine ln-twecl
;he n nienii of a,iHiing attortieya.
r AMMMial Ttm
HVILrt,SK. Hept. Furmer Al
'reil K. Smith waa maidnat.-d for gov
rner at the ilemiM rati.- atate i tnivrn
lion here t night.
fiertmd" I Hereon, the e,'h n like
voung woman found In a aupaae un
ima-tiMia caulnlon unir lh idd lov.
i-ry-Phillini a In I Thui Mlay morning
br. ke h.T alienee rter.v anil tilk
ed too. I. Tlaniwon .tea l nt rown'v
atti-rney and i It i'hehlr. il.-iut
The girl mid alie y-i.uail fron the
ar In whnh her mother. Mra. F. M.
Catt.iaon and brother. Karle and Kr
n.-at were al riding. Hhe dci-lired a'l
waa uninM'lniK ah.n tulo-n to the an
Itarlum and Bald ahe refuaml t. talk
Hecauar ahe had a ln In her . h-et.
Mlaa Pattetaiai or Mra. Homrlaidy.
fir a lie admitted that rhe had bc-n
nurried but hadn't lived with hr hue
hand for nve or alg year, aald ahe waa
feeling ill wba bar faaiilr
Miracle Escape
toppled over u bridge and air mk 30 feet
phvalclana. Tlie tneii wcie wn In
al.eela and auttaniilillea t:il- Uh
them to the city.
X. H. (Iiiaga hurried out the n tr'i.
highway with two phyvliian jn-l mat
trr mrtv aliout oiehnlf w..v in ha
fltV. The men Wen Iranai'.-ri. d t-i tlio
nuict.b.'K-e and 1-n.iuHt !; i.ih uiy a
i. !.' urn, riarhli'k th.-ie r t ' i tit
Hwevticy la a brother of Mra. J. O.
Whltlingtnn.. w hoa.- hi el mi I h i I e n
lioin'nent In "II drilling 'lr I j hei
f-i wvcnil tenra.
I -i I .eaoaa -nt tdr rxpl.Lm ta un
I I new n. Huddenly there wna n fluid and
lh men la-gun flichllng for Ihdr I. via.
uaterao'i No. 3 la a U.lHMt,- .1 ml k'
f-Y t gaaaer. The hold la dow .t .'.i A feet
and wna one of the moM in'l: reling
iiib In the field la-til o: men w
liailtlng to thia well to l Him Hrwt i.iil
n.l tmt n the field neir-t .''ariHn
Hweeney and Andri-e were li inly
men winking a I til Well when the gaa
epl.Mled. They were underrate irg. Tti.t
well la binning and will be hnrd to r
extlncuiah. oil men auv. Th rlir wna a
lot 1. 1 oa.
r Aaanriatid Tnm
RT JtiH.V. N.-li. Sept. 29 The fana
dan Pacific Hallway comMiny'a rteam
er KntpreM plying between Ht John
mid !ighy. N. H. went axliiae near
llaH-o. N. II. In the llay of Fundy.
The eaae wna m her way to th a T
rt.lll eiamengera. Karly reHrt dd not
stule whellnr lli-ie had icrn any bwt
of life.
Bjr AMwiatid PrM
TI:.AI:K.N.. T.j. H.-,.t S Mia
Siiale ll ik '1. w. e.-nteii.-H to five
e .ra In the Teaa I'. nl'entiary on a
hai-ge of ai.ianpl.ee t iniirb-r In thr
i'im County diatrti-t court at Und.-n
lat n ght. The vliilm of the munler
waa Mam (iriffln mm In liw of Mra
ll.ikx. who waa killed June II, mi.
Charlra Klngaton laat la tidaT waa con-vlt-twl
hitd aenlrni-ed a I yeaia for
hie murder. Afier th.- killing of Or.ffln.
Mra firlffln marrlnl KlnKaton. Kh al
a harged with be ng an accomidli-tt in
(he murder and l yet to Im tried.
through Antarillil and mid ahe wanted
to g,t to a iloctor. Hhe f liiltmil that her
f.tinity I. I.I hr th.) wei-e . king her
a phya'clan. but Inirtewd ( ft Aurnrll
I .. t.iklng the rnd hw.ting to the liw
ery I'hilliiai a. hud. When ahe aaw that
ah Dai being tMl-n away front a dor
tor. ahe juiciwd out. ahe declared.
Certrudc la atlll n Ht. Anth.iy a 4n
itarltim. Her family lm were h'.itcd at (hn-
n'-i -NiW Ve-n. turned baw. Thrv
have proniiaed to aend tHe gill iim nv
land rkithlng .h can rrjean them
I officara aay. Hhe often "palla aueh
i'etunta." orrhrre d-rl.nre hrr .la-vther
told litem. And an there you are. GT
trudo ha enoken. There ain't nothing
loure to UU. That' alt
Ry AMertalrd I'n-M
Fite nun, three mine aurteyia-a and
two miner were killed and three
m'nera were injured allghfly In an
eiplosinn In I lie lake I reck Mine,
one and one half nillrn nurlliejat
of liere, Hi1 afterntain
Tlio dead are:
I'aul Ileal, Mine) or, J J, married,
(oll'iimllle. III.
1st Halle), aunryor, S3, alngje,
t'olllnaillle, III.
Harry Kliaw, 3 aurveyor, marri
ed, Iwo rhildren, ('oOlnavlDe, III.
Marrua Klavalhh. miner, M, fam
ily of five. Jolinatim Illy, 10.
IVIe CaatroU, niha-r, alngle,
Jidinaton City, III.
The Injured Include:
Jamea (eower, 33, and M JetUtliM,
S3, mlnrra, who were allgldly ever
come by gaa. The name of the third
per ion Injured rould ant be learned.
About 3!u men were at work In the
nine when the eiploalon oreured. and
ill but five of t hem were reacued. Hrv
n lulnera, Including lh three Injured
a-tire limnlaonod for a ahurt while but
ere taken from the ahaft by rnatn-e
K-aina haatily called.
The exphwiioft ia brl eved by mine
ifflcbila to have taken place when the
i hree Burveyor. carrylnng oil burning
aiitia ini the r cape, went Into an unua
d entry In which a gaa pocket bad
Va-med. The two inlnera were digging
oji I nenr thla entry.
By AawrtaUd f reat
WAHIIIXOTOV. gept. . Taking
note of puldiahed reiairta quoting the
Hong Kong Telegraph aa aaaertlng that
letlera had laen diacovered ahowlng
that dlacuaelon had laen held by Bun
Vat Hen deimaed prceldcnt of Hoilth
China, relative tu formation of a triple
alliunce by China, tier many and the
Mitaoow aovlet government, the (lerman
emboaa)', ae vera I daya ago made In-
nulry of the Ocrman foreign office and
announcement waa made tonight that
a reply had hern received declaring that
Cermany at no time had coneidertd
uch an alliance.
By Amwlaled Trml
NKW YUUK. Sept 21. Attachment
of funda carried In four New York
lainka to the credit of Hugo B tin nee.
German Indtiatrlal magnate. In connec-
lUm with a I2.0S5.US breach of con
tract auit filed by Jamea A. Tillman,
promoter, revealed today that Htinnea,
through varloua financial arhemea had
made altcmpta to fliwt bains fir hun-
dreila nf milliona of d'HIaia in thla
The a'' -. hment order algned by
aupreme court Juatlco Waaaervogel
waa placed In effect by deputti-a of
Hhrriff Nagle of New Yurk County.
The fumla. the exact amount of which
waa not diacliMd, are had by the
National City llank. The fluaranty
Truat Comiainy. The Kitultahlt Truat
ConiMiny and Holleaon and Cnmny.
Tillman, duacrilvd aa a financial
promoter, claimed that on May I,
he entered Into an agreement with
Htinnea. which neteaaltated the trana
fer to a flwedlah roriaaatlun nwttrolled
hy Htinnea f certain agenrlea for d
v. Iilng trade with the United Htatea.
The agenciea were owned by Tillnian.
he atatcd. and he aa to become, under
the agreement, managing director of
the 4lnriU office at Hbakholm.
te'.tttnea, Tlllnun'i atatcment con
tinued, waa to furnlah collateral ee
eurlty that Tillman might undertake to
e.-cure a bain of li:J.eai wa in the
Cnlted Hla lee.
Thla amount waa needed by Rtlnnea
at the time. It waa aald. f the pur
chaee of American raw material.
Inatead of furnlahlug thla collateral,
the atateinent ciaitlnurd. Htinnea con
ii-t.-d a b of "fanciful financial
acheiuea aa a aort of lainacea for kr
many'a flrvafielnl affiliation.' which
Tillman though w-iaild never lie eer
Laitlly cntertaind by Ameitceu bank
Iba-m't.a-y llurna
J VCKMiN Miaa. Hel. : Kie gill
tudent and leu teaihera n.nowly ea
eatart with ther llea when the girl'
di-rtMitiir) i4 the l.lntiilx 'ouh Ag
ricultural HchiKil waa totally dul toyed
by fire today. Pupiia and teajrhtra
creted in ewcsulng but bat all thelg
personal effect. The lues will reach
I10f.00t, ,
Will Visit U. S.
i i . - 1
King Atfonao XIII of Haiin, a ior la
loving nionari h, and hia consort. VTie n
Victoria, announre they'll aoon vlait
the I'nlted Rtatea.
The Mieaioil Oil (Vn.'iny was yealer
iny iiKTged with thtt Amurillo Oil Can-
a.ny and he o.IUil tiirk art al
Tlie ne-v cnmiNiny la making pinna to
lay a piH' line to the ml ft. Id to ilK-
gua hers for Induatriiil ptiriMMoai. The
line will not run t"to the city however,
an offH liil id the oo,niiy wild venter
Hy thia merger the Mission Oil m
tv.ny. whkh ia the sime aa the Jones
Intereata. (1"ed back Ita one hidf In
tereat In hnMmg of the two cnttiinli
and Ukea uut thla Inlereat In atiab In
the new rointwny.
Three directors are to lie rloHod, fnatl
the Mission CmitMtty and three from
the Autarlllo Oil Nan.nv and these
ll-rce Will elect the seventh dire. tor.
laying i-f the Industrial gas le line
to a int ner the clt), will lagln aa
n aa the line can be financed, one
irf the mailllo O.l Cooiptiny otfielals
Id yesterday.
saeial to The Nee
I'ANII.WliU H-ol : -4-lij.i linn
n the i-art of th r.ili coinin.tti'e to
'he Ku Kin Kl-.n ualng tin- fi.r
(rounds for staging a ur-'b' wud
the n4M-. Knbihla to uw th" muln
ti-eet . f I'snhaii'lli- 1'r ni..r. hing !
night and eiay away fiom ih ti.lt
suMiti'U ah.re It waa fr-rni-rlv an
nounil tlie isiinde would ! held.
On.- hiin.li.tl thlitv ai'ven KUnanten
ltt cipatcd in the -ra li- whirh
vm-Wi-I by a fairly large crowd.
tpsrt.l la TW Nm
I V.VVtiV. Held ri Would vu start
on foot to t-nt. r . . ell. ge nine hundred
n-tl- away wh.-u thi n ur- riwiny other
S. I11- s mm h nmri-i ' 'I hot is ea tlv
wlwt i"iff,.i. H.iuv -f 1'iHpus :hritl
did 1 1. itr hi a self suptssj-tmg aliident
And (or thr tv.i two uai. bas len a
studtT.t in tie West T's Slle No. m.tl
P. II. n V!h the ui n.nit t.f liool
onr a abu time aav. and me Inn
mu.-h rm V aii'-.l from Ma . tinnier
'tM and lenllsing tint a rsl.rosd In k
et with other inniMt ixiis"a frmi
Cotfi s Chrlsll to Ca'iv.m wui.M amount
aptirviiinolely fortr r fifty dollars, h-
aa confronted wuh a real pr.bletn.
Allowing himself viral Lta to IKakr
the Juuroer, Ucnry aUrtea out oa foot.
CONSTANTINOPLE, Sept. 2-Tb situation between Um
Britith and The Turkish nationalists wai eKtfrmcly tente tonight
A note from Mutpia Kenutl Pha to Briftdicr CrneraJ Har
ington, the Britith commander, couched in a hostile tenor, wag con
tioVred by British military circlet here a doting the door to pa
cific tettlcment of the ttraitt situation.
I'AKIH H.-pt. he alillnillon of
MidinuiiiMil I, Hull in of Tut key. Is not
e 1111-om1d4.l1.1i but the sullsn haa
1 vpr -sieil the il.n ip to alMllcnte In f ivi-r
of bis cousin, in-cording to a lel.-giatn
received from the Angtara narealam
dent of the Hnvaa agency who altrlh
utea Hie tu-wa lo a complete dispuch to
A ll.iv:ia agency d ilm from Con
NlMiHlno, I,- yeatenbiy mild the aullan
Imd been iilidli-nie In fuvor of Ihe ae
iwrent but adib-d that the fi" waa in it
No War Art Nereaaary.
Br Aaasriaud Vnmt
1lXIKl.V, Hept. 29 n connection
with le 1 .or I a clrrulnted In the lulled
Htatea that war had lxn declarrd by
(Irent llrltaln on Turkey It wna minted
out UUy that no declaration of war
would I nii esaary as aace never has
la-en enilf-luded tielweel. tlie Iwa miiii.
tries. Their relntiona are still govern
ed by the terms of the armiiHlee of lilt.
Ht Asssrhtted fnas
NKW IIKnrtilllt, -faaa.. ftd. SI.
The Mm ml of Nnuslien, n Ituixard'a
Uiy. oa-oed by V. fami-rnn Forties of
lwtori baa Im-n a4-.te by Oeiteral
John J. I' railing aa the plure where he
a III write hla memrira of Dm world war
By AsserlaUd rts
TAtfiMA. Wash.. H.-tt. :t -rlfty
thousand pells miilnly from Alaska and
Hlbertn were "old here yeaterday at the
teguuir fur auction, and buyers fron
various mrts of the iitunlry. and on
tioin (H-rniHiiy wld $l"0.00 for the lot
By Aasnriatrd Pro
KUW Yil(K. H1I. :! Miss tier
'rude Kderle. IS yearlold. aensallon id
the Wianen'a Hwliiiining Aaaoctalii o.
New York, ciualbil the world's reeurt
liar l.'.Oyarila. but fi.ll.il In atteoipta lo
lower the womiii'a slamUnl fi 100
and 2? yards. In a t"e'al iwn t.slny
In the Hrightim ! h 0sn air Nd.
Br AwnriaUd frtae
HVHAil'HK. Mcpt. 'i-rWmcc l.v
ernor Air. V.. Hntlth id New Yak (Ity
end Mayor tniage l.,inn of Hbne-bidy
Were unanlmoiislv eimted today by the
d.-nis--ratlc wlnle nsiveittlon for (over
nor. and lleutctinut governor, reap I
By Asrlatei I'm
AKIUJ.N. ., H.it. :J.-llsriy Krohu.
Atk.n. declalvely i.utsilnted fh-orge
Kdade. faMfornla mldle weight In a 11
round Unit hero tonight- New-paper
men sa'd Hhadv never Li tided a diavn
bau Mima.
Br Awwiatsd rest
NKW Yl:K. Hept r-Hrlven to
i.-Hs rutloii I.) her .i.ntlnM-l ri futtl
4 hi ofl. is of Itatert ige Murray lvin
miii tmli.v shot ami s.rliusly wounded
Nina I .g.iuio . but us gul ai.d then kill
l hlumlf. TIh- ah.Hiting .c-urri-d in
the ftil aisutmrnt.
By AawriaUd frma
I'llli'.VHi. H-i. Austin tlran
villi-. ". I'h min urKirr loan and tlie ;
aullior of ' If the I il mine In hl :
I'utfo " ili.l at Ins hnie here tiUr 1
CmiiMl!.. (r4-l isti-l at Oxford t ill
.ritv In 1 . He war a im-mlxr .f
th. Irs tTul. . Iliii-ago for In era I
' It a leng imd. ' ! Il- iirv In ulklng
n th.- trip. ' l.ut tliei.- ate luM it fine
I,,!!.- tlrtti.ig inrs l-tw,-n h.re and
((-riius ' II- oint.Mn. d. "I often a.--
nr.-l r:d.-s fi'itu ot.e to n to the ..ther,
md in amir instances r-1e f..r aev.ia!
mlk " Ib-nry arrle. In Cmvon In
inn t" tepoit for the first fitlU
l-t ai tli e.
Tie .ii. tuiicnt who finds IIhh to
n ske oral gi .ibs In bla is hiwl WOlk,
. in lis own b Ing. and take part In
'lo xll.-K.' i.thl. tlca. He has made his
f..-t .1 I. tl--r during the sit two year
imI IhsI yeir mse S letter In basket
loll. If.. Is very iwiputrr with the atu
dent Usly and fsculty. snd I considered
one of lbs last all arvund atudcDta la
IP ArssrlsUd Tins
HT. lilt IH. Hept. -A warraa
waa laaoe Imlajr by preset ulbtf attar
tiey Mueller of HI. Louis rotJMljr lor
the arrest ad Harry Jlrrna. ntaalng
1 garage nroprlcliir sf OakvtDc, Mo
w lien police eWUred Ihe aoanect of
'having bunted the body of atlaa
( eieste Kthnrider
order la erHt
In hla enrage la
Ufa loan ranee eorav
Ilrrnn haa hern nileaiaf sinra Na
day. At firat M was betk-vsd that ko
had hern bwrnrd ta death In Ihe firs)
whkh destrayed bis flame, hsl later
bivratlgallet h.iwed, acrrei-f t
inlhnrllies that Ilia gravo at Kiss
wi hnelder In Mount Has ImmUtf
had been robbed ami that the uran
laler was ealabUJe-d lo U Ut tlrtka
of lite lire. , . -
The war department today advland
the ladice I hut the n,(ia policy which
Hrwin tik vut worn ' ha waa In the
army had lapsed. I It nil atlll haa ft,09f
nsiranea in a-lvalo dmiiainlea.
Another the-a-y udegnued tialajr In
connei tion with the tntery wma that
llrcnn had arranged a fictltloua death
In order tu ib-aert hla wife, a tlereaan
war brdlc, lailk e said. - - '
Mrs. Ilrrnn atlll la Iq. custody.
HAI'l.T HTK MAfllE, Mlrh, Boat
JJ. ('utifeaalng that they were part tea
to an alleged plot to defraud an Insur
ance comimny. Mra. Iluth . Knudaoa
md lHffd Harrison, .her. .brother,
plea.led guilty loday to a chares of
illegally diainterina the body of . Mm .
K. ('. Kairrhlld. Hentenc waa defer red
until Ihe linriiila-r term, of court.
Tlie grave rubbery occurred at
m-uminond Island In October Jtll and
La-si au 1 hurl ties imxxted trver the caaa
unlll Mrs. Knuda.ai and her brother
ar.ie arrt-aled In Vlaconatn last sum
mer. They are reported to have dlvulg--ed
a pli to obtain a women'a body.
Uks it to Haul! Hte Msrb-. place It in
an atui(wmei aiaiso ana oarn ino
building. The Isjdy was then to be
offered as proof of Kr'. Ttaudson'i
death, and she,. he brother and another
man. who iiffkura have 'been unable
to Hnttlfy, were to ahara th Uiataraaot
fund. . '
NKW OflK. Held, M.eSeTcrml per.
anna were burned to eValh In a fire
whbb bmhe out early today In a (Ivo
alnry apartment hewse at III ll'sat
ItHtli Htrrrt. rlamra shouting from the
windows maiie It alasbat bwp Seattle for
fireinen to eider the buildlnf from
arallng ladders tlarswa mp frant la
si reel, teair bodies were reasoved front
Ihe opper floor. Three nrrasra
aged to reach that floer.
What An Audience
of 30,000 Means
butiday's lug New will ba read
by mere than n.(aj issopki In the
rardMindle of Traas, In Nvw Mcklco
ind ik la noma. Think of what an
tudlenre bkt that meant from th
tiindiHilnt of the advertiser.
Whether ha be the displajr adver
tlw-r r the clasatfted r r f. lb
News wrlll be read by so many
rhnusand wrsorta that reau"J tlmoat
nvariably follow.
Test rampaiitna nlwwya shew th
ucrl-ity of the I wily News as a
Ira wing medium. Tb Ntws Idea
keta the great lltnhaodks country
with the burst news snd that make
Ihe ailvertiamg all the tnora vahi
tble to si irons.
rtaaairie.! rates are moderate. Tba
-luasiri.-d clinnna can be owr
rliarlng bi use fi buying, selUna-.
renting, or Jjt shoo everythbu).
Wh.-t tier vou iiii.neas auaa or
m Hate la.uvldual lar itufeaente4
In Handay's vkvasified cxdumns. ,
Phone 883 ' '

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