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Amarbllo Daily News
Society Editorials
Section Two
WOUhN I RC.F.ll Til ItK Al
All the women rMlcr of tin- Ifcilly
Ni-n are urifisl lo reml "''liiil-rt-il.i
.Sully," a rvmatmr of a twentieth
rv-fctury vikliur irl. written ly 7.ov
iVvaley th uetiuhiful author of
"Whmn 8h.il! Molly Marry," "Knter
the KlapiH-r." "lAum-hligt the M;ir.
rliir Shlj." all of which hac l-en
trlntNl In thi.H ni-wnpniK-r.
Tim thcim- in the rfirurclc of a lrl
to better hi' mm 1a I imsltion anal to
overcome ih. handicap of oiulron
mi nt Holly wa an Amtficnn On
OcrclW whnw fairy pnhnother w
her xrlt ami who didn't completely
truit her rriniti Charmiint the
tutulmmn youth In tho Imme whrra
ahe win wnploycd nx a kitchen uiall.
Th fctory will rubllshed In two
in-nerou liiHtulhmmt In the iMily
New-.. The first one will lo humlay.
(vtnlN-r 1.., unJ the final inalutlniriil
the follow InK Sunday.
i!nt. rechs ted. Mis II K. 1'eerv; Icp
presitleltt. re elected. Mis. K. I. Par
cel U. ent;iry Mrs. V. W. M IVmalJ;
; tTMumirer Vi W. M. Kic.-: Hble lender,
Srt. tinner !lslup; HMsi.si.mt hlhlo
leader. Mis. I'. I I'.irri llv sis-uil ci v
ile i lull, mi iii. .Mm. (',. T. Vineyard.
MomL-uio- I.. I. Mciiticoini ry aril M.
I. Oliver l-lklr, were hoHtt-NMctt of th
, alt.-l lus.il' It t i- hniie of Mrs. Kaklc oil
( :'iM IVilk Kl.t ' I, ami folN.wlnif the hUKi
. in xi HcxsiiHi. a delightful him In I hour
i VMis hclil uinl 11 short pi twain of inii-l
ami rc.ul ii;s i n el very enjoyable.
MihM finer Ibn 1 -.k ainic u lutlfiil
i vix-.il .lo. Mr. 1!. II. MjiMeritoii
jnive an iitc..,tun: icudlni; rein
and Mis l.h.i'uh Meyer ar a piano
number. ! new iiiemlM r wan admitted
into the HocMy, Mih. II. i. Wilson.
,lLllntV refreshments clii Merttsl to tha
inctiiliTH anl fnc kuc.'I.h.
hiisfmaicy nkf.dij-; run
Iloainnry Needle Club wuh entertained
WVdneaduy oflvrnoon. lit the home of
Mm. Terry Haker, Tom-a Lincoln Street.
A iIoiikIiik color Boheine was develop
ihI with a profusion of iLihlli-n and fi rm
in the fntcrtainliiK MUlte, and needlo
w.rk. hiuhIc and cunveriwtlon were en
jo; e.l until n late hour, when covers
w in 1. 1 Id for a delicioiiii HaLid cours.
Ot.ly club ineniUTH with orcsait.
The lAdlon' Auxiliary to the l-isleral
Shop Craft will hold a ciMiked food mar
ktt .Saturday, tht. 14. ut the City DriiK
Store. A larije variety of ra tables Mill
bo hoM.
i in ii in
mi Jr. I
ailing y'
MRS. MOMI KV M Itl'KlSl ll
ll IIKK HUH K ( l.NS.
An Informal lute lo'di i!l lie irivrn
the number of Travel Study Cluhi
today, la 1 1 40 o'clock nt the Aituirillo!
Hotel All membcra ate r"incs(.d to b
A wrddinu which will wild a wave of
IntrreNt nnd mir rlie throtRli the youiiu
i r nodal circles of the city, was aob inli
l?ed Thumdav evi iunif. ct. U'. at 7::i'J
o'clmk, at the home of Mr. ntnl Mm.
Claude I.i lievi ii. lOOtJ Jai kson Street,
which united in inuiriUKi' Mit LoiiIm'
lieNeieu and Frank C Kami, the lini;
ceremony Nlni; read by the Rev. Stan
h v W. I lay ne.
The yPuiiK brido wore a h.niil-ionio
navy hluij taillcur with hat of navy
Mue touched with cerise, and ucccnsorliii
in corrc.iiiond, wcarim; a cuiNaue of
voioii with fern. The rotiple were nt
tended by imtneiliiile rrlitlliH and Mi.-.
Oliver Rea Kakle, Mi l.uillle Si hmilar
ami lioy llritaln.
Mrn Rand, who In very oiular in
I he vciumrer rorinl circles .f Aiiiilllo.
Ii the iLiuchtiT of Mr. and Mr. Clault
LmN'eveu of 160 JnckHOii .Street. W a
CTaduateH of the Amaiillo llich ScIuhiI,
attending Ward llelmorit School fur two
year, nnd b also a valued lueinlM-r of
the newly orifnicd Mli.ih Club here.
Mr. Rand I a ttopular youni; biiMi-tn'S-s
man of Amarlllo havm m- ii iden
tified with the City I.iuht and Water
Cof here for two year and through hm
fficlrnt work with that orani.itinn
ha rrrcntly reivlvivj a jrcmitiivi to th
loltion of dlctrlhutlon onuineer wl!h
thn Oas uml i:iectrle I.laht Co. at
iw-nvfT, Colo.' He itrnduati-d from I'ltr
duo I'nlvrrnlty In 1917 w here he im-i l.il
leil In electrical en(ttiiecrlnn. and nerved
for to yean durinir the World War
with the A. K. K. in Ftane'. Itoth Mr
nnd Mrs. Rjnd have Nin Ideiitlflel
Kith V"''" p-ipl'ii work In tlo Rolk
Stri! MethcxllHt Churrh here, of whlrn
rhurch they are both mmlier.
The couple wdl rve overLind Satnr
1.y fr Colorado Sprlnjrs and other
l-olnts, and will latrr make their homo
in Ivnvrr.
The melllbei-M of Central
W dni'Mfciy iifteriiiHin iii the
n.v fnl 1.11 Inlf r. tin 1'il.t.
. . . , ..I...:...: .!...-..!.
liillieun .1 i Tl 1 1 a l i in l.-iian . .on . n, . .MUITV 1;,,,, m
1 Iiintinctiin. I ml . ror I ci. i,:
I The Celitiny Table Class lllltT a
Miri'ri"e on Mr. Rrnest Mobley, their
1 teai her. Tlmisil iy evri.ir.K. Menlames
fb-ome Quick, .1. M. Scmlder and .lohn
Spahr met Willi Mr. Mobb y at the
i.ir!Miai;e. Tin- other l.olie Katliered
at the i hurch At a ii;na! cai h woman
took her chair and In a body they
mail hi d In on Mr. Mobley. In all I"'.
attended. It wit a Kieat affair with
mines. inu.-lc and nadiiiB by Mr. M.
O. llililchraml. Mr. CeorKe Quick
ii-'""iii'kI Mm. Mobley with a lovely
fet of Kihcr knives and fork In thn
name of the class. IMiclitful refresh
ment were nerved. Mr. Mobley surety
did i njny the mirprise.
Anvirilloiins are loeklnK forward with
Irb'reiit to the first 8'imlay afternoon
iweirt of thn M-aaon to l (riven by
ttr Ih(lharnionlc Club on Sunday, fM.
at 4 o'clock at the First Christian
Ourch. when Mr. J. leslie Williams,
voeahst; Mi. Radio Rrltaln. orx-mist,
and Misn fieraldine Llvirtton. violin
irt, will N- presentisl In u varied and
ik"l!N(ut prouram. All rauslc Invrrs
of the city are cordially Invited to at-
f OR
Ciilld met
church an-
lesson led '
lo SeW for i
I I.i- It Mill ol.h.m iliilihen tli.it In v..
ben adol'ti'd by tie- Soeielv The after-
inHin was a vi ry .i is.nit one. ami was
ii;.ib'd inofitalily sM iit During the In
fi.n mal soi 'I a. I hour the hnfcssc. .Mir
ilmncs Alrf-rt llixil s .mil W. II. (Jowcly
!ivii I. Kht rrfreshnn nt.
G. 0. P, TO TALK
II. l. Ward, landiibte fur i-otiKivsf
from the inn (s.HKreshion iL-trlrt on
the Republican ticket w;l deliver an ad
tb ess at ' o'cliwk KotunUy nlicht at tha
i-ouithiiuse. Toe ildi--ss will Ik- irlven
In the ibstrli t court n-itii.
Ii-al l'i itiihli'ims yeitrrdjiy did not
iii'iioutK-. whi would preside at thn
ini'i'iiig i-r wnti woiild introduco Mr.
Ward who Is editor of a newspaper at
M. i In ii. i Mi . Vara w-is iMHnlnated at
.-. i ouKr-u.ion,il d.Htrict com mtlon her
it few w - k ago.
ICfpulilicniis heii sil l ih.it Mr. Ward
Would d fend the on nili'Licy of Creorico
K R. I 'e Idy for l'ilt. .l States senator
in hi .uWri ws a W"ll it other cumli.
tl lies Oil the l'i. (I. P. t.cket.
Musician Out of Tune
"ll8 pleasure in my stoin.o h si.iin
Mm ilisiiiss.il ne- mi Ibil I iojl.1 not
'think. I I'I.ijmI out "f tune ami Mid-
Kst nii p-sltloiv N no dii'bo- liel;.ei
I'll- MUd I l-eiHine ibslie irteiieil. Anoth
er tiiimicuiiis utilised mo to by Mnyr'A
Wonderful Heiuidi. uiul 1 uln now en
Jovmi; the lst of htsilth " It I a mm
i j lo. lu.in.lii piepar.tt. on thn: r-'novi
the citurrlial mu' u l'mm thi lnt.sU
ual trio, t nnd ul.i tho Irf laiimllon
which t ins'.- practlciill'. nil s'.oim n h,
liver uud lu!ettinnl ailment, im luillnif
hppei.dii itm. line tli.- will cvniiiiee or
money r-funil--d Sol. I at r.imlal r -.i tf
IViniKiiiy and dr'ii;K.t evoiwhre.
Noli, e lu rel.y un;i Unit the p.i't
lle-Rhli ll'elv "lllilllll; b-W'e. Kill
I ti-ff ituui of I Ik Ut hi 'Inn Cty, Ik l.iln'iiM
County. Oklahoma nnd W. . l.imls.iv.
of Pottir . t ii t "v . Teis. under the firm
nanm of tin- S'iithwi-!crn Stsuiitlei,
i 'oiiimii) . .t d fun having Its if fin. m
the City i I Vn.ii lllo, l'ottr tv,
Texas, ua ii-K .-.e, i.n the :vh d-iy
of September. A I 1!";;
Intcd Scpt.-mhi r .'Mb. A ! 1'.'.':
KiiV Ibil FM W
V II 1.1 M S. V
Ynu will, in Hcnihtti; Kf hi iiiiii-in-bratuy
i f a weildlnR aniiivers.ii y, ad
dress th paka;e to husband ard wif
and inclose your card lie.-irinif a iocs
.ii;e of onnirratutiition.
Ynu will. In issuiiijj Invitations tn t
Wi-ddil'K of ore once WliloW ed. line t h
aaiiie foriii us for Invitation to a fir-t
wcddinK. iisH'm' the tmnie of the bi idn
thus: Mrs. Kleanor Smith CralK.
You will, in dinplavlni; weddiiu; K'ft.
have them iil.ned quite away from tha
teremonlal rooms. A roim on the step,
ond floor often nerves for thi.s.
I IJK1 .K A l. MF
At ,t I I iiiom. Mi .lihiii; ei .-l. .ilioii thn
im -i ami ii'iinn f'at s. isuati-lj .
After her Iruiriaro the Chinese wife
sees no men but Iii bus! and. father atid
brot tiers
Her line . n...-.I in a particular
U--I, on li in. tn iii h.-i man led state.
A fiMl iiiai-Hi t will Im h'1.1 bv ttlfl
I .n-i ut 'I ii licit- A.-s.. ,tn n of M. K'in
b S. hoi. I on S.itunl iv .it lie- I'iuclly
W ircily stor.- on I 'oik Street for th
piiHs.se 'f riirlm; fund fr the pur-
h.iii of new pliivu'rou.iil i-iiipnienl .
Tin- uiot.iei -ne voi'l;i,u: h trd in tho
pr l .iliitii'ii ot a l.ili.'e variety of tempt.
I iii i.i!. tor tin- vile, a mom; which
Will I o I l s i-il i-s alul Jelll s The pat-Kil..U-if
tin- public Will be .11'11'H-I.lle.l.
SOTH F 111 MFMItl.lls
All meinbei t rf the Wisi.lin.lil Clii-lrt
are ru'Slsl to In- pri -4-nt at a no-et
In? to be held thia i-vt mms. at 7 30
o'clo"k, at tin; Woi.lniaii Hall, jik tht-ro
Im liusln -ks of iu.portani-e tn ! tralia
ar-tisl. a
Mi . M.i bli- Sm u t, evancelist. arrived
:n Amiu '.o Times lav f-oin I'arw.. Texas
aril will hold tbo Inst of a veins of
ineetmiit tonitht .it tip CaiTinllni'
lleld Mlsab'ti. Mi Aithur S'rnt. nt
7:0 n'ol's-l; Mr, mart 1s .. most Inter
oMuif aiar .-it'll- ni-'tker. iird th public
in ctdia'.'v imi'nl t" lust P lo-r S.-rviees
v.-ill be In Id ta.'li mm; ' ''' o'cl'k.
!lo!y Trinity Moncsfiryin Thensaly.
buitt In the fimithcentti century, '
ar .-..ssitilo only t. rope nnd ladders.
The follow Injr new story from th
ChHttanof'Ra (Tenn I Times will I of
Interest to Amarilln friend and to tha
many Canyon f.'iciitln of C. Cowan,
former student III the Wet Tea Normal:
M'n h surprise ha Is-eti ih asioiu-d
by th announcement of the marrtiiKP
f Miss Hazel Mae Thotna.s ami Homer
II. Cow .m. The Immtsliate families of
the otitic couple knew of their cns.iKo
oi' nt hut .i, )lo know le.li;.- that the
marnace would tak,. place for reveral
month. They took "liemli have"
MontLiy. M. ami wire m.urletl with
out the kiiow!-lie of any of their ula
tlVt S or f. hind, intendliiK to keep t h'
marri.'ijfo a secret until the first of tho
M-itr. Hvwever, liuhlication uf I he Is
suance of the lii-rliso by the tour.ty
court clerk n.mi llil the toup'.e to con
fess that they had It-en marrit d several
The wtsl'lan will be i f mu. h Interest
bn ally as Mr. Cowan i.- a most attr.ic
HVv ami isjpulur Rirl. She is the o'.inu
i -t daiiKhtt-r of Mr. and Mrs. J. T.
Thomas, of (Ins city. Mr. Cowan l. tha
on of Mr and Mr. M. I.. I'nti in, of
AltU, Okla . his father l-lnu one of
the nost pron.imiit and successful rl
i stale and loan nun in oklah-ina. Mr.
i'owmii 1 uttdidim; the ChattatiooRa
1'etleCe of Law and I connected With
'lie firm of Ctoke A S aio-y. Mi and
Mr. ow.in will live in Ch,-ittainii;a
tiritit the end at the term t f th law col
li kc when Mr t'tm.in will i-.-.-.u,. hl.i
tliploina. They w ill then proUtl ly make
their home in tklahoni.i City, where
Mr. Cowan has a most desirablo posi
tion offeriil him
';rc No Six of tho lir Riptist
yitireh nvh annual ideel.cn of offl
r at i mts-tmir on Wislnessliv after
noon, with th; foll.min nsult.s: TreM-
Anurillo Pleating Co.
Accordion, Rot. and Cowbln.
ttnti riallnc
All Kind! af Button Ma
to Order
Trier a RraaoniMa
Room 12. Kay Bj Bum Itldr-.
fkoM IMS AourUla
peciaO SeJGSmig
Today and Tomorrow
Paying good money for inferior, cheap quality
wearing apparel or materials it faUe economy. Ex
travagant .pending is wasteful. Dependable goods
fairly priced is the Richard'a Way, every day.
Our Weekly Specials are Trade Stimulants that merit
the consideration of the prudent buying public.
?i im h jihsI quality last rnbir (tinlianis
inch Im-sI iinllt Rirdseje, l )ard lor
l im Ii Imported -laimnes.- ( ren-
t!7 Inch Out Inc. Our lest tpialtt i
.16 Im h bmmI ipiaJtl) plain M.inpiisi-lle lh-.iper
:ia :i Inch Fine Ti rr lra-r
:;o inch I hene Fan- Border liimoii.i Sit ins
la im Ii Imported 4 est nine elitt. Im-s lolms
3t huh line ll I'nre Silk Ibnetine
IMI OKTFH Rl l. KIIM.I ll I s N W Mill l. ssORTHl
lOTI. III! sa IvOllA pleas. per Inn
Choice of an Assortment of New Fall Style Canton
and Crepe Back Satin Dresses for $18.75
We Sell Gorclon Hosiery
. :nw-
. I.V
. :.m
SI. Ml
M ' frf.fcS-l 11.11114 Lrlir
IJ.1UI4 Lrnr'
Whtre Women Who Dresj Btt Buy
Furs rrllned. cleaned, mad over
nd new onea mad to order.
The Lperleaceil 1'urrlcr
(tt Kast Slk . ltaoM ti:
Bullet VI for
t ard TaWr ( ovr for ... .
ar1etv s-ts fur
Ilressrr St arts llemstili hrsl
Slnied Aim-mis, tarbms desico
l.unrh I lot lis for
Nanl.lus tn mat Ii for
I'illow ( asrs fur .
7 V
7 V
Mail Orders Filled Promptly
Mrs. Spurlock's Art Shop
New 1 .oration n IUJw) 4 t Ujr Ih-vij Stee
Jl ni l iiuui'iii. l jotiiiiiuuis uu.ipiiuiiLt'auuijuiiiju iuu ' i jsi
j jl I) IHL jl
1 $115' I
1 D I
nave .nis viciroia in ,v
Your Home Tonight
A small initial payment will put it
there. I low pleasant it w ill be, thrse
lonjj autumn nights, to listen to the
world's greatest artist in every field
of music -or to dance to their exqui
site playing, whenever you wish !
Comr in, tday, and let us show
you the model illustrated.
I iHilplele Mm It o( Ii lor Ki t "tils
Mum (celiic Qc.
fill " MIC IX a lUHt
i i, fill i niwi i a mi r t it k
) 4W4'l'i II Ml . t - t
Oood Values in
hisses And
Childrens Coats
The cold days will soon be here
and the children will, no doubt,
need a warm coat.
We are showing Misses and
Children's Coats made of
Broadcloth, Bolivia and double
faced mixtures.
SIZES 2 to 14
Prices Surt at
Pjl Many of the
't If I Trimmed, whi
these coats are Fur
while others have large
collars of self material.
They are all exceptional values
at their particular price.
jMccre-Skisim 6
Onr M.rtU) "ii:r IfFT
Lone Star Stage Lubbock to Spur
Fvery Ray In the t
Lf. I nbh.a 1X0 Mum l.t. S;.nr M Br.
Tn To
" Idahia II.M M " " tVoab'Uw IM "
M l-orerut. SI.'.I 7:3 " " Ralls IIM I'M "
" Hall SM RM - - loreaM H.SS I3S "
" Cioshraoa 80 " Idalou j 0 f "
Ir. Spur S.M ll.0 Ar. l uhboiH lM 11
l.e.sve l.ubhork on arrival ot tlirnu(h train SJ3 mornlnf from fwerto-t"s? to
l il See the Manafer and antnge fur hurt flop for budnesa onl. Tisr
koi or artUlea ratruslrd In our rare will be taken rarr nt. ourtxr aU.
Capillar and lbs-Ire t ara. FiiKr lent est RrUrra
Thorn. Merrill Hotel. No. 100 or Rra. I'liou SU or SfU.
Coats f Oi Cool October Days
An Extraordinary Purchase Benefiting You!
f'a.-'.r.s an orler f.-r 10 Of'fl of these bund
imiio co: for t!.e i.ntrir of nur 7.71
l.T. I . ' Sl 7 .-7i i..i ...... I. n i. ..e ,..,. ... V "t . SW tT ' "J w
W Ail
i u v i r?.-,v r i i . i i t -sTu'v- ti' I n i . ii ii ii -i t i n
thrxe I ttals a rr I he Litest noslrb. em
lirscini; the iiees idea-, su h js the n
Im-II. ide lles. wide lcs-ies Inch "l
Urs. throw rt'Msrs. js well s Ihe ims-e
(tm-eriallxr siiles
'iiuiK . i s e.i.iir .irsl ll.lniss
Iii. .1- in in i iii.; i "iiiit'iic lev, me i-e
it. I. nil-ii-, n-.trtMib-r , stltrluo,
nil. iv .iik t'.r tellsis. lo hrinM. n.iv),
. i - r .t'ltl - rt 1 1 nt
Sizes for Women, 36 to 44, and for Missc, If and IS ami Truly Remaikatlr Values for All.
( 1 iN&riruT'o-
' i I . sV, JtMt '
rt l 1 1 1 i 'mi ii. ii if
701 Polk Street
Amarillo, Texas

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