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I ;;
J. B. NTXN- m. -I'ublUber
J. I NUNf...-.....0nral Manager
PAVID M. WAJIREN. Man log Editor
Editorial Deportment. .a ?!
liiialn Offlo.-....
111 Wart lYfta Btrcas
Only alorolnf Newspaper la tb
Amartllo Country. Cover tb Paahaft
ale of Tuu, Eastern Nw Mesioo.
Boutbera Colorado and Wtra Okla
bona from twelve to twnt-four hour
In advsnc of Denvw, Dalla. Fort
Worth, Oklahoma City and othr paper
MrrytbC tlrrtblo dispatch.
Entered second-clan matter at th
poetomo at AmaiiUo, Thu, nnkc lb
Art of March I. 1171.
la Txa, Oklahoma, Colore
and Nw aWxloo,
1 uontk . I .70 month .1.M
I mootbt M 1 fear....... T.IO
Deliver IT oartiar la AmAr"U nai
aa above,
la Texas. Oklahoma, Color
1 ttntb....l .70 I sontha....KU
t months-... Ill 1 roar..... IJ
Heboid. Ci-xl 1- my salvation; I will
trust nod nt be afraid, lor tli
Jehovah t mV strength and my
iig; be alo I Imsmmuo mr aalve
lion. Isaiah H:5.
It require a great deal of boldness
snd a great deal of caution to n.ake
a jjreat fortune, '"! ' n au huv
roi it. it require ti n time on mu'h
wit to keep It. l:ulh Waldo Knur-Ron.
By Stanley
If rr'uircs consi'lcraMe v. rk t
j;c-t tlie local color in this feature.
Intt t'ir News li.is (lfci-l'-'l t' start
it nijain.
'I In- first one t.irt - t'-lay atil
tells :i1"iit a little c.xi nt on Wot
1 il'tli Street. If yon Kt "tartf.l
to naliiiK' tlii feature, xvr l.rlicve
tliat v.ni will follow it reKularly.
A fly lays aoottt 7"' ttfff)
'IZK'- seem to li.itth.
All tin- wt-rll i- a staff., ami
there ;irc jilt-iity of stae r'''li-r.s.
III I.oihIom uotucn art
live tai:arics on their hats, llin
of a feather floi k toyctlu-r.
Health hint :
Inc. loii is to
I lie .surest v. ay V
l.t- a rich relative.
A man i-
woiM. 1 hat
w In re.
flying aruiinil
won' lit t him
I'loriiia. ieoria. aii'l Smuh
Carolina --tr ioj.ioo a re in wut
i melon-, hi fore sthool let "lit.
whisker cmiti-st
shows they arc wolly it not wihl.
A tnaine
live in Un
clothes are
ouiilr say they
wiMi'ls tiakt'l.
coining tlown
I.earninR the tariff is almtit is
easy as nninashin a si raw l. rty.
Knth slinks dirt as if ho is play
inj; jiolitics iiiste.ai of hall.
lletnjisey ami the
losers race
Detroit Rirl hiking to I.os ,ti
jjeles says sin- will riile hack. It 1
often the other wav.
Kiissia asks finaiu ial sin Tor hut
tin U n financial sucker.
Men once hroke horses hut now
autoes hreak imin.
A skinny irl ti IK us the
of follv is a short skirt.
Years ami ears a'o people gi.it
tnarrieil for keeis.
Tho Aaao:Utd Traaa U afduatvaly i
ntltlad to tb uaa for Tapublloatloa of
all tivwa d:apti'h cradltvd to In or no)
otherwla crdltd In thla papar and
alo other 1 oca la nawa patillihad harala
All rlftita of publication of apacUl
dlapatrbaa herein ara alao raaarvad.
tpaclal Aaaodated Iraaa Laaaad WL-
tfSSLS ZZZIZ a, I -n,r ,-r., 7r ,, . r i, tlie
ehamrter. aUodln. r raputaUon of j way they seleit th-.ir heroes.
aoy Individual, firm, concern or cor (
pcratlon, that may appear In tha col California
umna of Tb Nawa. wlU ta gladly cor-!
rected. whan called to tha attention of '
tba alitor. It la not the Intention of
thla nwpair to wrocitfully or ;
Injur any Individual, firm, ooooaro cr ,
corporation, and eorrectlona will ta '
mad wherw warrantod aa proaalnantly
aa waa tna wroociiuiy ponuanaa raier
enr or artlcl.
'1 he senatori;;! election in Tcx
:,s to!ay is one of the four or five
imjort.nit ones in the nation
'J nil v. it may he sai'l that people
of states other than Texas are in
terestvil in the results oi to'lay's
lei tiotl.
I.alre I.. Mayfiel l was the win
ner in two Democratic primaries
lie receivtil mhstanti.il majori
ties ami Ins heeu u cepti-'l hy
most pcopk. as the regular nomi
nee of the Democratic party. Ma
jority rule was ti'ver more
i h arly imhrateil than it was when
M ay f n hl i aim: through with flying-
colors in two primaries.
Tcxans have enough sporting
Mood in them to admire a man
whu ove.rcomcs diffii tilties and
who makes a g;ood fight. Marie
',. Mayfield has made a stirring
fight for I'nited States senator,
lie won despite all the opposition
that could 1 e mustered against
him in tin- iprimarics.
Today the Democratic party in
'JVxas is on trial. It must elect
a United States senator and F.arlo
Mayfield must he that man. Ik
has gone through the preliminary
ampaigns ; he was nominated hy
the DIKI-.CT l'KIMAUY of the
Democratic party. His opponent
was not nominated hy the Repub
lican party i-i a primary, as the
election laws of Texas hold nec
essary. Neither was he nominated
as an independent with a petition
tonatining at least to per rent of
the iiumU-.r of persons who par
ticipated i:i the primaries and
also of persons who did not take
part in those primaries. M.iy
field's ; 'tit lit was not nominat
ed according to law. There has
hrn no doubt about him being
ineligible to run .is an indepen
dent or on the Republican ticket.
Friends of I'.arle J'.. Mayfield
jhotild go to the polls today by
the tens of thousands. Max field
xxorkers should get the vote out
today i'i the Panhandle. Lovers
of the Dtniocratic party show
that they are deterntiiMl that Re
publicans shall not destroy the
party w ith the help of disgruntled
1 lemocrat .
(o to the polls early today. Tin
process of xotiug xvill br simple.
In the Panhandle counties in
xxhich May field's i.amr. does not
a; pear on the ballot the voters
wbould xx rite in the name of
1.ARLE l. MAY1TLLD for Uni
ted States Senator. You may
write in his name under any oi
the several tickets fur senator.
Sometimes we think the man
who never acts a fool is one.
One hazardous calling is calling
a man a liar,
Yc understand the man who
predicted an extra cold winter is
still at large.
A burglar in Detroit took a
home nude cake and no di uht the
cook felt highly flat ten d.
Some tow ns are lin ky. Rerna
dotte, 111., has no phones.
The shortest distance, betrvcetl
two joints is by taxi.
Aviators are flying at night in
(lernianx ; but in iuerica, board
ers have always done that.
New ruling says, you can git a
htter after it has been mailed
Don't tell the women.
Texas oil drill-.r went -'Rxm
feet without success. Now xou
knoxv the depth of despair.
Ton nuny reformers righting
the world's wrongs are really
wronging the xvorld's rights.
Many of the readers of the
Daily Nexxs Will rrmem!T the
feature "lhe Town tiossin" that
was published a fnxv years ago.
'Ibis feature xvas localized and
iravc some tK-rtinei.t romments
on local citizens and events.
The feature was first run in
the News and then published in
the Daily Panhandle, until is was
merged with the New. After be
jmMthed a di'rt time in the
JsTew, the feature xxas discontin
ued. During the fast year, there
have been ruany requests tint the
News riuLIivh this ieiU.f . :;t;
Zs 1'
"A nuui !tn art like a Kti-rriUlln'
4C lra be ak frr t-rrdit, hul a wai
an H he wearin' KiHi tw-Mn' an' amile
rwr ptirtlest when tw rluirce a sack
mm meal, aad Hmrr Muut. III
fash fimrery fib). Th family Axtor
ust hate a lime liiralln' hi palirala.
r.nc - ii
li K;WDl tVtl.fACE
Jt A'tO DL)r- MU'TAF.'V
in -s
iiV I VJ t.
H Iff
i i n ii
Mt, TO
1 '
rrT' c-.c, !
-a--.,- - ' "T
l7 i ; m
!SS - A LITTLC fj &0 ALWAYS .. f'oTTSM NO-NO y -
I .-4f-fA iSA.CKt li C'JEiS K AM sir J 'T? A V h"
S7iJA$J lTSt5EtNH 7 I 0U,CK" It
".Vi," aaid llw iiire inn.
We're all different.'
Till: TWINS MT MA Its. .eol.witb on mv rkht eyotirnw nml one.
Aw. iv to Mjt wrtit Mi.- wiiik. to hunt I 'I foar. In t-aeh of my rtir. I can't
for Mi.tner ; lt Irooiu. I h.-nr ait well a a I H4 a thouminil year
M.iih iH u nl.ir, a Mk tol one. mid you ! uiro."
ran m- It 'init nny nililit xhn thai -(tuoJneM iilivi-!" cukikmI Xlek. "A
nmii!i iNti't too lii-iKlit. or the cloud too t liuu.-:inil yemnV
tliii k. 01 tliH air too f. !!). j "OraclminV .Kelnlmed Nomy, "Ara
Wi-i Hint h uin-if tlif Twins went, i you a olil that?"
The (tint 1011 tiny h.iw wan a "Ol'ler." an id th aquare nmn rrave-
HiiUiio- n.an uhn man a lit them in a ty. .xihh a million, i in oniy nionn
1 nmt-t iinniMimi i ly way. now. When I'm two million I'll turn
j "II' II..:" e.illt-il Ni k. "I thin Mam?" to lin "
' "Vih," HiiHWeroI the d'Hiaic man In a' "Ami what will you do when you'ra
I Jerky vol. e. itlini' million "" aki-d Nick,
j "Will, we're huntlnK for Mother! -'I foiu.-t," h.ii.I the man. "I'll huve
I i.fiMe'a luooiii." Nick told liim. "Did to ank norm Ixxly. l'r-rhaa I'll Junt dry
;.0'i It?" j up and Mow uw.iy."
j '(m.f," luiMYi-red the miuare man! -This in n ii- r jdaoe," derLired
iti'lftly. 1 X.iney. "Is eviTjiiody like you, poor
"Wa it lately?' ask.d Nam y nurly. thinK?"
"Wh:" aiiHwerod tlu man. "(inly "No." said the aiinurc man. "We'ra
iil otil u hiiiici cl yi ni x nun. She mv. it ull different."
a ioIiwiIi off my l. ft eye laow. I winl( ' (To H- Continuudl
i.hi- would route l;o k. Th.-n 'M iiiiollu r ' K'ot' l iKht, r'.,;,1 XK.V Service)
T 5
ft EWE
r . m
(Contlnursl Vtan Our Last IwueJ
,t . s Episode Eleven
The Nar of IMnei M
THE last sound that Mike Clinch
heard on earth wa tha de
tonation of hln own rifle.
Tiobobly It waa an apreentlo eound
to him. Ha lay thtra with a
(ileoannt cipresiilon on tila muxsive
foaturva. Ilia watch had fallen out
of lilt pocket.
It i 11 tii n aMued Mm with an elec
tric lurci picked up tho watch.
Then, holdlnf the torch In one
liiuid. ha went t hi ouch the dead
man a " ( kcu very thurouelily.
XV In n ijiiliitan.i hud lltiwheU, tKith
tniys uf the Tat tnoroeio cane xvtre
fail of ,)';. Ai.d Uu;ntuna u
fiiil of wonder und 'lplcioil.
I'lmulctly hn lookeil uon the
d.nd iiK-n the Kllttei lnir eotitems
of thu Ji-wel hox hut ulwaya hta
IM8 reverttsl to the dc:id. Tiie
f.ilnleKt nl.iidow of a emtio adtfed
riiuch'a lipn. gultitimu a lira grew
Kiaver. Ha auld alowty, like one
who doen h!a thinking aloud:
XVhat ti It ou have dino to ma.
Tumi Clinch? . . . Ara there, truly
then two nets of precious etnuea?
two Flaming Jewels? two gema of
lliostle liko there never has been In
all thsr worl" keep' only two
Uioic? ... Or la ono ml false?
. . . Have 1 her one act of paata
fiiejilinilita? ... My frien' Clinch,
why du jou tic there an' ainlle at me
j ver' funny . . . liko you are
amuse? ... I am wondering what
you have dona to mo. tny frlen'
Clinch. . . ."
For a while tie remnlned kneeling
e.ito tho demL Then: "Ah. tuh,"
he sold, imm Iu'IImr the morocco caae
and K' ttlng to hi feet.
lie Moved a little way toward the
ox.n trail, utopped, in mo back, atood
Ma rifle auatnat a tres.
For n while he was busy with fcla
eharp Spanish rli;sn linlle. whittling
and fitting Urn tier two peeled
twlga. A crom xvas the ultimate re
anil. Then he plaei-J e'llncli'a haiiila
palm to inlm uiKin hi ehet, laid
tha croea on his brwict, and ahlned
U:e reiu'.l with comp'.ai ency.
Then Uultitana took ot hla hat.
"Iaml Mike." he eald, "you were
and ha curbed her. i l it orat -ly.
thoroiiRhlyi wixhln? her Muek mis
rhaiiea awake and usU ep, living or
di d.
' 1'reserttly Q'llnttin.i i!rpt uffcr hl
own faahlon that to nuv. looking
cloflely at him t". co':M dlaeover a
Rllmmer und r his lowered eyellil
And ho Usteiid clwiy In that kind
of sleep. Aa though a rl.ii.loA-y part
of him were detached from hla 1-oJy,
and mounted guaid over It. ,
The luaudlhlo moveim nt of a
wood moupe Venturing li.to the flre
llt ilrcl awoka 'Quintan. Again u
diopplnc leaf amid d.Hl.int tdrrhea
aauke Mm. Such thing. And o
lit slept with wet fett to the fie
and hi rltle ncroaa hla knrea: and
dreatiK'd of Kva and of murder, and
that tha I'lumlns Jewel waa but n
macs of clu,
At that moment the phi of whoo
white throat Quintan i wun dreum
lug, and whining faintly In hi.'
ilieama, stood alone outside Clinch'
V. eel l l ol
It, III 11."
'- 01
pMmp, rifle In hand, lMenlnfr. f cht
lug the creeping dread that touched
her ulemler body at times aceimsl
to t'i-h her very heart with frost.
Clinch 'a men had gone on to (;hot
1.0 e with their wounded and dead,
wher th. ra wa fitter ahelter for
both. All had gone on; nolojy re
mained to await Qmch'a home
coming except Eva fctrayer.
The ri!tht had turned froty.
Qjlnuna. wit t'j the knee and very
tired, moved alowty, not daring to
leave tha trail heeaue of alnk hole
What h hd to have waa a fire;
he realized that. Son, w her off the
trail. In h!g tlmtr if pnlWe. ha
must bu'.ld a fire and master thli
deadly chill that wa !owy para
lyxln All raaaw of move:a at.
At aCrt be, Ain to a maoa at
pine. Drat grwst fianta tortnfl
Into night, and, looking up. aaw
atara. infinitely dUUnt. . . . where
perhaps thoaa thine raited aoula
drifted like wlapa of vapor.
When tha fire took, Qutntana'a
thin dark hand bad become nearly
uaeleea from cold. He could not
hare crooked finger to trigger.
For a long Um b eat clut to
th bias, slowly maanaglng hi
torpid limb, but aid not oar atrip
off hla foot gear.
. Later h at and drank languidly,
looking up at th tara. apecu'.atlng
a a to th poeslbl preaenca of Hikt
Clinch up thcr.
What a cha Cinch had led him
after th Flam.ng Jewel. And now
Clinch lay dead In th foreat faint
ly amlllng. At what?
' In a very low. pa1onleaa vole,
Qulntana eurl mnnotonoualy a
he ci-sj into th fir. In 8paalah.
French, rortugueae, llallnn, h
rurl Cllmn. After a Uttl while
h remember.! Olnrh'a daughter.
It wa rot yet dawn, but th girl
cou'J en lure th atraln no longer.
w'u e' otrlo torch and rifle ah
a'arysl f r th foreat, almost run
nln at fint; then, among th firet
trees, ii-.uv.ng with caution and In
allenr along tho trail over which
Clinch Rhnuld long lnce hav jour
neyed homeward.
But nw har can Id ah d.tcover
any knaAt) reerMlng Tier step
father' itaat great, firm atrlJe and
aolld ln.p int which ao often aha had
tracked through rnoaa and awal and
which aa kaw ao wall.
Once when aha rot up from her
kneea after cloee aiaminat'.on of tha
muddy trail, aha becam awara of
tha alighteet taint In tha night air
atood with delicate nostril quiver
Ing advanced, atUl conacloua of tha
taint, listening, wary. vry ataaltfcy
Inattnct alert.
8ba had sot been mUtaken: enme
wher In tba f oreit thcr waa amok.
Somewhera a fir waa burning. It
might not b yry far away: It
might b dlaUnt, Whoa fir? Her
father'? Would a hunter of men
build a fir?
Th g'.rl atood ehtvering In th
darkness. Ther wa not a eound.
Now, keeping her eautloua feet
In tha trail by aens of touch alone,
ah moved on. Gradually, aa ahe
advanced, tb odor ot amok be
came mora distinct. Eha beard
nothing, aaw nothing; but tbcro was
leek ( f mi. oi." I:i l.i
lie stopp' d l-h'ii t.
the f.on!, pale '
tiny ilvulct tlnv.i:i-
a spring, :M.d lH S.de
mud, imprlir.a of a icm feet.
The tracKs wi-ie hii.iiII. i.iiiow.
Hliimiiir tl.an impon's in.id.- I.y imv
man i-ho could th.iik uf. I'ndir Hie
(-1 1 11 1 r..t r of hur torch tin v wcuuiod
uuite fresh; conUiuts tic ntlll
sharp, sumu leady to eruuilde, and
water Ktoinl In the lnv-'s.
Aa ahe atule alom;, d.mly shining
(hn ti.iikn. lifting her head In
ccHnantly to lis'eti and peer luto tho
tlarklu.'H.s, her tiulck eye cuugtit
something ahead something veiy
slightly different from the wall of
Link ohsiurlty a vague hint of
color the very vaguest tint scarce
ly pcrrcptihlo at all.
Hut she knew It was firelight
touching tha trunk of an unseen
U ee.
Xow, soundless over damp pine
needles she crept. The scent of
smoke grew atrcng In noelill and
throat; tha pal tint became palely
redd Mi. All about her tb black ns
owned palpotle seemed to touch
her body w.th Us weight; but. ulieal.
11 ruddy kiow etalneil two huge
plnis. And presently ahe aaw tha
fir, binning low, but tedly alive.
And, after a long, long while, ah
saw a man.
lie had left tlie fire circle. Ills
prick and hotted marklnuw still tny
there nt the foot of a great tree.
Hut when, finally, she discovered
him, he w searcety vlalhle wher
he crouched In th shadow of a
tree-trunlt. with hi rlfl halt low.
red at a ready, '
She itralnsd her eyes; tut dis
tance and obscurity mnds recogni
tion Impossible. And yet, somehow,
every nulverlt.jr Instinct within her
was telling her thnt th crouched
and shadowy watcher beyond Ui
Cra waa Quintans.
And every concentrated Instinct
was telling fcer that had kill her It
h caught sight of har; har heart
clamored It; her puleca thumpl It
In her eaia.
Had the girl been capable of It
she could hav killed hint where he
crouched. Bhe thought ' It, but
knew it was not In he o do It.
And yet Quintan had 1 '.id that
h imnnt to kill her father. Th;it
wa what terribly concerned her.
And tht re muut I a way to stop
that dangerfame way to stop It
short of murder a ay to render
this ir.nn harinliss to her and hers.
Xo, ho could not Kill him this
way. 1'xccpt In extremes he could
not bring herself to f'.r upon any
human mature. And yet this man
mutt be rendered harmless some
how somehow ah S
As the problem presented Itself
Its solution flashed Into her mind.
Men of the wilderness knew how to
tak dangerous creatures alive. To
take a dangeroua and reasoning
human waa even less difficult, be
cause reason makes mora mistake
than doe Instinct.
Stealthily, without a sound, th
Ctrl crept back through tba
shadowa over tha damp pin
needles, until, peering fearfully over
her shoulder, h saw the last
ghost tint of Qulntana'a fir di out
In the terrific dsrk behind.
4Hlr. etal, ah moved until her
aneittv feet felt th trodden path
from Drowned Valley.
Xow, with torch flaring. h- ran.
carrying her rifle at a trail, rtefor
her. her and there, littles night
creature fled a humped up rac
roon, daszled by th glare, a barred
owl still struggling with Its wood
rat kill.
She ran easily an eelle, tireless
young thing, part of tha awlftr.es
and allenc of th woods part of
th darknaaa, th sinuous celerity,
th ominous hush of wide, atlll
place part of It a eery blood and
puis and hot, sweet breath.
Even when aha cam out among
th btrche by Clinch 'Dump eh
was breathing evenly and without
diatres. (th tan to th kitchen
door but d.d not enter. On peg
under tha porch a smr or mora
of rusty trap. hung. h unhooked
th largest, wound th chain around
It. tucked It under her left area and
atarted back.
(Centime U Oar Next Issue)
New Mexico
Huy Tessa Seed.
Sperial to Th New
CAl:l-st!AI). Nov. C Manager
limn .f the Otis fJin and Warehouse
eoniany. returned this week from
IsilntM In Texas where he purchased
over -liin ton of rot Ion seed for the
Mk mill nt Loving. With the 3m ton
"f local seed now on hand it Is believed
ihnt Hie mill now has a supply fur the
season's run und operath-ns will U
started next Monday.
dm I (iris Convention.
fsperlal In Tha New
Cl.OVIS. Nov. ,C Chum won the
ll'l'J convention f the ytate Federation
of Women' Clubs nt their annual meet
ing III Albuquerque last Friday. tfunU
1- and Ijis duces Were contender for
the l!i;j meet. The determination of
the fiimal session tif the club women.
1'erslilng I'asse Thriugh X. M.
J'KMIM;. Xov. ti. One of the lurgent
crowd over men In this city gathered
at the lisal station t)i- last of the week
to m-et Heneral John .T. I'ershlng, who
passe! thnnm'h the city, en route to
Milnt in the West. The n.-mral ap
pcared on the pi ii form of his private
ear ami gnv n short talk to the hun
dreds i if children who were present.
Has IJ..1 h I-g Severed.
TtATON, Xov. . i:, ye Ilomero, nged
?." year and Well known In the northern
part of the mate, lost both leg when
he fell inib-r the wheels Of a moving
freight ear In the Santa r yard. Ito
mero was gathering coal along tha
track a rid N-lriif rather deaf did not
hoar the approaching ear Until It struck
him thioutng Mm under the wheels.
Riswell in Ct-lrbrale ArmlHtlce. t
Special te The News
linswUX. Xov. C.-The atores of
this city will close Armistice Day to In
Insure a large atttid.ncs to the various
cxei cites to Is. had. Tho entertain
ment features will imlude a hoi so abow
at the .N.-w Mexico Military Inatltut
and a tnammouth isirmle. There will
bo a football game at o'clock and a
ilunce ut night.
Tueumeari lo Have (iln.
Special to The New
TICI MCAKI. Xov. . The big cotton
rln nt Ran Jon xxhUh ha leen under
construction for some time, la nerly
eompleted and will la ready to atart
work In the next two week. The or
iMiration is capitalized ut $50,000 and
the gin. when completed will le one of
the most modern plant in Ihe state,
There are nmv about "5 bale i cotton
in the yards and It is thought that th
nop in this part of the state will keep
the plant busy until the last of the year.
Panhandle News
Cation Marketed at Canvon.
8 per ial to The New
CANVON, Nov. 6 A bale of cotton
e-as marketed here last Week, the first
on. to be hu.e,e,t to Canyon. It w.t
grown by IVstcr Ji.os.. M tho suutit
part of the (mint v. Interest In cot
ton lafsing Is growing In this . tion
and it Is thought that there will I t
enough acreace In this Immediate vi
cinltv next year to Justify the build-In-
of a gin.
I jir "sr,,.r,.,i ,y Arrlih-nt.
Sperial U The Neva
CHI! HllKS.s. x..v. i. w. K. C.irrl.
son. tiu.k driver, waa painfully In
Juied h.re lost w.s k xvh-n he ft U
from a truck and wu run over by tho
trail.-. His left .iir conipletely
seter.-d by the whe.-l of the trail, r and
he wax uriortiNcaius until he hmi .e(ti
biounht to a hospital hcrv and llw
"o'lnd dressed;
lloiiley t imnlv Favors IxnhI Koarfs.
Spw-ial I The New
CI.ACKMNiX. Nov. fi A commit
ts ha b(s-n apiHiinlod Ik is- to drcu-lat,-
a a-t:ti(in asking fur a l.'in.ooil
bond issue to in print' the road of
iN-rib y County. M,t Interest is being
I nwii.ifentisl in the propoHliioii and an
evtensitt uui.ign Wll In- waged for
j Hi"' project.
I Make Another Itrrp Teat.
sperial to Th News
CHIMiKKSS. X.A-. . Ixwation ha
be. n n.ade fr the second deep test
, hen ft.r oil I.y A. K. Anderson. Th
: well vil! I. old on the JYank M.
1 Oitens plais wst-of town, and will
be drillud J.Ooo feet If nsary.
Islellliie ilalma Youngest Kditor.
Sperial lo Tb i
KSTE1.LIXE. Xov. lirtellln
'aim Hie youngest newsuer editor
in the stute in t)w H-rstnag of Ikean
Oiltort. sa.n (if .-ditur Jerry llw I ion of
I Men, phis Th first iseue of the New
I mder Id management has alt tho
I 1 1 nut i k s of t real rwaaistper.
Court 11a lltisy Session. , .
I Sperial la Ta New
I FljUYHAItA. X..v. Tba Dietrict
curt of Flovd evunty t looed one of ita
j busiest session her list WetsV having
tri.fl U vtti raw by Jury. Xine o.n-
vii-ttu'ia out of ten trl.s f.sr fr!-n-j
I- s is the rtsjnro of this term of co-jrt.
! Hereford (ntun Assure.
ifi:ia:ixjj;i. Xovv . MoN utan
U ai-re t.f rtitton hav Iss-n ple-lg-
t tst h-re t y the farnTS fur 12J. Hi th
eaniiwign Is-lng fostered by the Chm
Ur of C'Miimerre. KeveraJ offer have
been made lo build gins her If cotton
la plar.ttd, (
To Hue Itsbbit Ih-lves.
Iperlal I Th New
M.l.n.XN, Nov. 6 a number of rab
bit diixcN Ure being piauiusl for Chrla
nuis w.sk heie. The Chamber of Coin
nieree Is emounigii.g the drive and
It is isiinted i, ut t1Ht they will not
only b.- gr.sit sjHrt for the sirtakei
but of fimt kwiit to the farmer of
tb.a M-etion.
.M.j.aii Has (urine riant. 1
Srss-ial to Tb Nes
Mi I.IIAN. Nov. The M-Lean Po
Uto Curing I'Uint here 1 m full opera
tion. a number of men Is-ing employed
by th- firm. Although the ,ry wcath
tr effects! tin- crop to some extent,
many i. sn t a y Id of loo bushel to
the acre. The oh nlng of a curing
Plant h.re lu.ins a sure market for
this valuable crop.
I anions ,t to be in Rodeo.
Spoeial to The New
MKMI illS, Xov. -Many fsmou
eowU.j and eowguU will uke prt
in the big j: .sj h.-re Thursday, i.
day ami Kitui Jay. some cf wh(lm hav.
aireaiK- airiv.d. "Hugger Hed" Kogcr
III n. t a. ...... of the Judg,, and among;
the rulers who di I. herei are: Curley
iriff.th. w(r, and s.. Uuth Wheat.
Ixhs McAnally and Iteathel Ilea, Tho
prics oft. ied total $:.000.
irpUiw W e, ke4 XMr Memphis.
BperUI t T N.
WKMI'HW. Xov. C-An atrpUn be
ing ilrlv., by its owner. Avlatm- Dunn
r this pia.-e and with (;e, Callahan
i. a iMssemr, r. wa compk-tely wreck
ed north of here last Week when a
f .ired Winding was made tn rough eoun
trv. The s.UWnts era4M without
at-rlou Injury although th plane Und
ed sideways a hen makiog about ntnrty
mile r hour.
. . f MUmtl U larrVa.
Sperial to Tb Kw
AIIAMI. Xov. g.-l. Fitij,
formerly of Ms.mi ,nd Misa I'rsula
Sh.s-iiM.ker lVmld.T, fobirado, wer
nu.rri.il last ws k ut Onssly, Colora
do Mr nta;eraUl la Stc4l Deputy
I'rtk C.snmissioner of Colorado and la
very well know hr.
Wherk-r Knlliuiaslie for Roai. '
Special to Th News
WUErXEn. Xov. ,.u a recant
no-oUug of Ui Coa.mercla Oub her It
was Staetsl that YX'beeler essjld rilM
a Isji.u or lloo.eoo fr tht pronoaed
ntiiruad ttrouku Wbrs-ler troai CtilM
rrs to cana.iisn. ,v. n. Tiadal waa
pftntf d to nwf.T with Cblldrea busi
ness iihti roncer ii I ng tb projett.
Wnero th.t terresit.-ig t,f negro popu
litltm Is highest the cancer oath rata
I lowest.
taVa'aV VVll VViVi Vi4 sii
a a aa a-a a

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