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Paris Delves Into Past For Gowns
tan., lit a J..M.J many i,f Hi- tin ts i f the
"! fcamt l-v J m k. I "I. .11 ley Sii Inic .
lid.Kn J, iii ai, tti.tr" i, Hints, anil I
i'H' ri ! I.. i !.('.. n h w t,, t In
1 1.
I 4 VflA .S 1
r7 4
j .v"
Tltf rut; lit will r!i, I for Its t it I
Hind ii'i tins un.vr ulen ill m tut
1 1 - I'M iiiiii; fitttiv I . 1 1 in ih t" titiiiitc
iMH itri' i vi. lit. I m all tlu-ir i-l'ifv
Thf loveliest Ht l.-M 'f I'm iiui day
h.ie all l.i'. It t.'iiv .l ainl title II-1 '
'I'll: ill I I'lllV lifi i.lllllll'lli'i") X 1 1 - T I hi'
If. tine
In-.l.-ail i1 Hi.' nil I. la. k ft stnnii , fn
faMiii-il l.e-: i ..r, an- in for a 8. it
m.ii t'l fi tnltits an. I tlaiiiK I' Mil'Hia
lions SI t . .t lit Inns haw fcUen way
l.i ill .1 1 '' ! s m in r i a ' 1 1 1 1 ioiiits.
tin.- t,f Hi., in. .m heaiitiful (if i li i n n
wrap is hhiiuii al.oc It in cf itay
slhtr I'l'iM.iil. heavily l.attertied wild
In tils
I'ri'tn (Vi . linsl. vaka town Hit' uni-
i a- I.mln-f ami I. in. Imiiiftl frmu a MIK
ti m iif. This is a si , If I'aiis is f i -Mini;
at the pnsiiit Imn, ami It ii"in
ii i in hii'iinii' lai.' nf iln- iih sl pHpulir
I fails til I lif Kf is. m
Br AworUiU'd Vr-
rilll.ToN'. Win Nov. :. Anthorl
tlcn (if t'alumi't Cniinty lire coiifroritffl
wiih a myntfiy tmJiiy In thu midili-n
ili iilh (if Mi-h. 1 r;itik HthinltliT. wife cf
a farmer da-ar Chilton, which ocdirrcJ
within nil hour after nhc hail Kiten u
i poisoned t lioi-i'lati' Ih'ir nttarhed tn n
N x (if catnly whli h nrrivctl nt her hotnt
ly mail.' AltlioiiKh ho (Uetl Tm-Htlay
postal Invent iKatom liave kept th uf
fair m i rt t until totlay.
Kitvht (hiltlren war left mntherlcn
l y the death of Mr. St hncldcr. No
lut han htfii fiiiind, authorltlen K.ild to
day an to whether the mysterious ramfy
was mallei! or un to who ent It. TIip
parcel, act oMini,' to nn rnlsK of thu
family, was fuimd In the mail Imx at
thf hiii ldi r f.inn. With thu Utx of
candy wan a letter addicnrifd to Mm.
St henltl. r In whit h It was e xplained
that the chocolate Uir which Waft tied
ontsitin ih,. MIX cf rnritly had U-cn
cruchitl l.y handling hut that it wan
very Hood ainl Inti'iidi d for her. The
letter wan niKiicd hy a ( Iom relative of
Min. Schfii Itl. r. Thf woiiinn. ai t ordlioc
In a Malerncllt lecuted from thtt
SiimeidiT home, detilen nho ever tnalli'd
i he li of candy or mnt any letter to
Mrs. Schneider.
Mi.h Sihin ider Kavp Mrth to :i child
fiM- days l fine her death. Slut wan
visii.d Iwlif nfter the child w.im Isnn
In- lr. J. W. CoKKlim of Chilton. Pr.
""k'ti"' fain Mie watt in excellent con
dition lieftire rating thn tandy. lie tv-nf
the contents i f the woman'M utomai h p
.Milwaukee for examination.
I huvc nome (laim to I dim un "i !.
timer" iiiynelf. Iiuih.k my mijourn m
thut nertion of ' t a year ! u is
Hi i .:;( 1'ied.nl wiih inv fl.a pfitnt
'"I .i- i la- 1; ill a M-l . t-i t ). ,,f
'l-'X a lid is Mill l. ii.i: it ., tht .o
II tll'l.f I klllll HIHIIt 1 IllliLT II' l,,v .urn
I'.i'f.e iilsn. ,i !t i(iii:h I was i . tnoi le,l u
"' ; r.. mi i. m ,,, , tr,
mi iil ts there was ii. i ilrui: with
in i.iilen and 1 la. utht m n vi-iv
n.i ai;c- mipply cf nrct twain H in that
I. lie.
"For exainl'lf, the Seii'ni'a'n ' if wn
In the utaKf where tliero in tin- niim
ternlic itdiliiK of thf kin when- er :n
t;nn istiiiH and an h tj was our llm
eiitiru hotly It ttm I"' Imagined h- w
much torture Mn was under, its nine.
I eM-d. ct iiliniH"! Itehlnir Ih much mi le
severe t.i endure than pain.
"I tind M vei.tl niinple n uicdiei w'.th
t ut iinilis and kimwiiK thu I'niiipoci'
(i"ti i f I I. n k Kunpowtlcr (which wati !
If found ever where at thnt pt-riod) It
in curiftl to me In make a piiRte in ti
I and np h . 'ihii-h done 0'er
ii nt;r. Ii .lv and to my mil nfui Hon and
I Hi.. . relief - f my patient, ;t W
I -i Iii. A l.f k' fill cess ''
Br Aunriatisi PrrM
ST. U d lS Nov I" - A 1.
IiiK that thti "hultets aie la a
ls.lt tO St l.tC.IIS llfiellil.i f ',
C'elMlcenll. tol lilt r I'l elliiir
tier I
ih" f
of ili- in:
of Ti am
Ill's, llll.
U'list r
the I..
ua.lv .
Iv piiat, voiir im it'itinn to tin
In nines, althoiii'h Wf lire ul id
st is colldllK. The Inllltt.s lilt)
wan n et ived at the i.iavm s oil
tin lay.
Kollowinii receipt i f tin- letter, which
wim niKiusI With a lead M. m il . rawl.
'American war M'teraiis." nn.l wan
written I" crude ham) t n IcU-it i.apct.
police officials iiiiiioiiik ed that ail.leit '
precautions will he taken to protect "tli(.
TiKei " when he Is here, ii It hum: h it wan
thoUKht the letter pitil..il,ly was written
I y a ciank. i
The hUter I'Ote a loci! postmark dated
intently, and read as follow'
"The vmii of the Tlk'er to Ann i t' a is
Ileal lute Collars.
Heal litce c..lais ami iu:!s .h,. i,,.v
Kl fatly In ih in m.l l-r t Ii. .I n I,
Hint M-l i t ! i is k s t i y In.-, a u
tun. ill ones ale c.'iatlv l.i-.hunt .1.1
"Ann rlcin War Vrti ranc "
A un ilar letter was received a few
i'a ai:n l.y Aitlnu Mayor Alie ami t
thud pi etln I iiiit tli it Clement rail wtnild
no to his eiave If he onto tit St 1 h ti ' a.
I was foi waul, d to the city effn i.ils hv
jtflieial t'hailis ('. I t.i we fini.i Clip
lr. Ilniiy !'. llovt if IaniL- Pe.ic
"'.thf, has written a . tier to Sun F. '
I nil ii. asking for Information nhout
Will Tliiiiiipsoii. i,iW ,,f laihl'nk, mid
. in nl th, I '. i r j 1 1. 1 1 1 1 1 p uiiet is. Ir. II . I
said that he was the fnt ihvs.',a n of
I he I'anliandlf and went to Tascoha In
the fall of is". Following Is i.ut of
his litter I., Mr. liuiin;
1 1 i iiik rim nr. d oiir iiddress t hi oiikIi
Hi uitisx t,f :, mutual fiieml, k
K in. I am wi ituiti m.ii for the pin pose
f f,ct'ni tin- present ailduss of a Mr.
Thompson, wrm married a Miss I'ittlt.l
Uoiueio, formerly of Tasensa, Texan,
and who have resided at Ainanllo.
Tcxhh, for Mime e.irs.
"Jin k thinks they have move 1 from
thole ninl thiiikd you tan Rive inf their
pri'Hitit address. Inc liidiiin hm It iti.tl-
ln also tell.s In, th.it ,,u ,,!, ,, (he
Panhandle old tuners mid if ni you may
ho Iniiristeii in a etniy that was punt
id Inif recent l and I it in nciiiIiiik you a
copy under Ht'lsnate cover.
"1 struck that ltrt of the werld In
I he fall if .tin thf fust phtHlcian
to p rattle,, my profession m th- I'an
handle, and I have kiilei) l.iiff i:,, nwht
a In ic Ainai.ll.t Is now lutlt. So you '
Triiinned With K"il Mil.
A lla'k Velvet ctisttiiut. i., or i; ini lly
trlinm.il wild iiianv tows ol l.iht r.ii
kid. Small ! an l.ke j . 1 . .i 1 1 1 r - of th. i
hid arc thf imlv otln'i i 'nl.i llihint nis.
Mole niul l.rtiiinc.
A muff fiinr, I'aiis is a i.iinl .tlfaii'
(1ra'.l with Ihite s. !iiis . I lai
I l.n f dil id i nt hi.os in thil t.nh pain
i hows thf points t.i the I tie III. del' It
Two of the ,s. in. ties are of imde and
fin is of t i nunc.
tiitfii liunic.
A Vi I v !o'iK Kl'ei i, pliinif Is allowed
to follow the Iroi.l Imn of n I ,i, i
.. it'll.' mIv.I hat and him; In tlio
thotihlei in a i t'.i.i.!.. en the left
"SUtV TIIT 4 r IliXt..
l'e H!ue Htar ltcm'ly f.tr Kt rem.
Itch. Tetter, or I'lioked Hindu, Uliiu
Wtm, Oiapped llaiidit and Face, Scalp
diocawni. nld Sorirt, Hml Sorea on ( h.l
flren, aito fur Fist tiou' lc. JuHrun!s('
I T City Dru Store.
Try the Williams Trtnlmpnt
85 Cent Bottle (32
Doses) FREE
dust ls-i-tnse ou stut Mii-d iv worri
ed, mid tind H'iff ! i;s iml ,ims ami
must leu. a iwlii'i' h. id. I.iirn;rc and
lnaruiK down .ams In the hn. k woin
nut htfotf the dtv I- tms do not th nU
you h.ivi' .t t.i n ihtt (cinhtlifi
lie rtroln;. well wiMi no sti;f J. l'its.
.oie inns l s, rlifiouatic pains, ncluntf
knit or kid'ov tio'iMf caused l.y lesly
to ole udds
If you slitter Xf in M td.hr w. ikn.
with l-umi . . od us painn. or If m-u
if in ami out t f l-i'd half ft i -i '
tl'.en n nliilit. '! will appreciate tint
rest, corn fort ami strength thlst treat
rnen' f huh1 kimv
We want to pioe thf Willi an-tt Trf tt-
rtU'lit Ri'ts leslllls Im l:tle, lt..'TH. K Id-
HV in Ita'.Lll. I'.l.id.h r weakrii-'S and all
ailments caused hy t t lu. nth' ai Id,
tin tnat'i r how i linitin i i stul t.i i n
If y..,i h. n, this t . li. e w.lh VoUf (
rttnie und nddie we Wi'l tc von -tn
IT. cent hot tie (?? i.i -i ft. e lea-e s. n,
Id centti tit helji pa) pn-Iai'. isokriK
rf in Tin' lir I' Will mi Co tn'i'i
Y :M". ! (i lti.il It I :.i -t II t ...p.-i
Colin Send Ht en. e an I V w .1 m i l
t.il hy iiaro I "tt .-ii. ii'iiu'T i e-,t
Ixi'tlf Mil chill Kes preiiid llltlv one (lee
iHi'tlr will I k, m to th name icroh,
aUdiem, or fainily.
Winter Styles in
Trimmed Hats
Fashion's most favored winter
models nt prices av:iy below
.that you would expect to pay
Other Line.-; at J1.0S and $2 9S
rtar?r ij - 5s n.
lT 1 A.U t
TT is the ii
stores tl
iiiuiioiisc l'ij ii.u mv. r of our enmliiiicj
that lnls inakc these pneos pnvsiliU
then owr policy uf (jink sales ji nl small profit
UiM to ymir saini:i. .luM lucatisn our prices
nrc much lower than cii ;n' ii'iistcincil tn pay
in C do not fail to sc" f. r mmiim !i that they rep
rrsrht saxiTicjs and snenfi-c m f It in in tpialit y
aritl style
Tailored Dress and
Street Models in a
wide Selection
105 e. 5th St.
1 ViwSS 1 ri
$1.00! Bill
Will ( lean and Prraa
I allies or Men'
Ihiniles (leanlnf.
rrtimni Sertlce
Stewart, The Tailor
rimtie fiH'j in K. Fourth
We ( all Fur and I Mirer
Unusual Value, Rare Luxury,
In this Sedan
Everywhere, the Hupmobile is a
family favorite.
It combines smart, dignified ap
pearance- sound, enduring construc
tion and weather-tightness; luxu
rious finish and appointments, with
the mechanical excellence for which
the Hupmobile is celebrated.
Its ease of driving makes partic
ular appeal to women.
Compare it at every point with
any other car at anywhere near
its price ,and you must arrive at
the conclusion that the Hupmo
bile Sedan is undoubtedly one of
the most unusual closed car val
ues on the market today.
A demonstration does not obligate
you in the slightest. Phone us today.
Owens & Patzig
113 E. 10th.
Phone 2286
Eye, Ear, Nose and Tkrott
Glasses Fitud
liualnalluDj 4 Co HaMi
Bari7 ta4 DtaMMf
rumm m utt
Niaa BUf. iaurtOt,
J. F. BROMER1 , D. C,
Amartllo a OrKtaaJ Chlropraatnr, Bk
UbllabM na yara. Complata XMaj
BorTira. Phooa 1011111. Mw lra
ton Watr Bulling, aaroaa frB KM
ourt kouaa.
Stelnwjv and ntlnr fumuua lanos
('talogui on requi-at
I hoii,. lii:"t V I' ll I1n 12kJ
Aniailllo. Teiaft
A iilr ol
l.i i i ly f.it.-d in lime ltl help you
s.ne onr yen.
will riot if stoia, them vihen they art
t unit. I fimn vf flian and over taut-
llfClsteied t ip'otiieti Istn rati help yoU
save your eyes
Tth mid 1'' Ik I'lione 10HI
1 HufiaotHk
I. r. Broraert, II. faM1lWd Br
feara, alao X Kay aerrlca,
IKfllMO. WnIni BUf.
Blackburn Funeral Horn
Fnueral Dh-ectora and Emhaitaart
I Tonuil AmbuLaora
Phone 21
Life Insurance for Transportation
k . i
Internationa! Motor Tracks
' at .
As the Ir.tcrn .tu'rMl Motor Ti iu ks roll
out and into riv-ir u orl. ol v: nm tot.ii!-crsnianul.;c;un-rswho!'alci'i.;.rnl
portation nior. with th.vr ii.iulini; prolv
ioms,c;ch tro.A i .u:uv.:.t!ical!y"iiiured
lor life." Ei.ch on carrio- a l ive Infec
tion Sor ict'lVijy .hi,h ';o.ar.;ntoosfree
ir.-jvciion oi t'.o tru !, .1 i.mil..r inter
valswith liP-.ni-ji-vi'.oi'l iv; orts on the
truck's condition. Thi- lite in-rM.vtioh
plan is i:;ch:iw!y !:;m ! aiion.il, and is
made pes-;. Me 1 y our unu-ual service
Heulv of thi-. f'.-. ..o T. .i' V
u it!i :iore than v t -turn.c;vrionco-
. t :
t..ou r truck lacu r: w .i
tion a Coir.ran ; ir'.,n . '.:
trtiks in its own or.:a!... .
k'H'A- what actu..! h.iu..-'-
ti l-u.-ines ainl oro t'.i. : 1 :
lor ja-t ci.e purrxo, "Lnv T : I i
It is impo5?:V.!c to hmiio :!.
in this system cf insv' tu n '
Whv i.vl come in aiul le-rn i
In ptvtion Scnicv Policy? At :
an !vk over the various rr.oii. . :
S;x-cI Truck to the 10001K :
Jntrrnationnl Hartt. t
U a Compdny
-!'.'. ninulac
: .: j; two l.irpe
.. u-r coristruc
,:.vis ci r.iotor
I Jut lnt riuis nsl nit Ss . u! )iriivtrt b.dy
":.ji!i tn.tt
:.i..!i in ii
v iwn.-T..y
' r '.:u,;v.
:':.(.' I'r.v
(TV 0' . yr
1 li aw slmv 1 rui k v ilh C il l! '
- -
" l.MTl
l '"l and Lincoln Strerts. Amanllo. Texas

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