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Amarillo daily news. (Amarillo, Tex.) 19??-current, December 09, 1922, Image 4

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Four Aces On West Virginia Eleven
J. USp- w
won irnr, while counting- in their own
tlm nJ'i"i.(!--iit voten Won Uuk lhi
Five Hundred More
Dollars Needed For
Salvation Army Fund
I'lve hundred ilnltiir iiruain b ba
r umsi tixLiy (or the Mnlva'i"ii Annv to
i i.ii.pli te the hmlKi-t of $3," 'i. A pt oJ
in.itt lv I:' '() ha been r:i 1 " far.
i nlir.if I.i W. it. (mttmi. ihairman In i
I I hailfe 'f tin- I :lthHUKn. j
It i ii!-. t.i (hut nil ()',".!' w.ll
l. at wmk t'xliv In an if'"it in on-
I I.I. the Ill l lrn I.V tun. Kilt
It i i.oint.sl nut Unit Ih' entiie bud
ti t m m- etmarv tn Ciirrv "li tin' l' a.1
w..ik uith . .iiiiii.f aiim Chairman
iHtt.n urei-a Hint all Oommh I. m lid
eral I'ltMSidla. in order tti.it the budget
In ,. f ill mined.
I.KIT TO lil'ilIT
ji; ,i:t!: n. ;r.vi:i.
v N t : I A i i. II I I T V
l:t y.H M'.i.i.iM in
i.i's i.ki:i;i:i;
fall. Ih" work of f..in
and J in Sit: mm ut K'.u'l
KlH.tlutll X."lS HI llll
a Ki'lnlioli in mad. "I It..
i iitaln lluss M' i !,! h
Ititnil' Mt tin K la In I :iv .l '
V .1 I
Is 1 i.l M f'.
..i III,
l.,l,l II ,
i;i. ,
Hi II' I.i'
m .'I'l Ml
,'... . I ut
f..i (i. a
'I l.
I J! H .1 I'
I . .11 . I
I .III I'l .1 1
. .i l' i
I I A H I'l ' '
,. ..II'! I. Ill I.I
.r i .'Mi
1 '
i i . i
. i- f
.iti.-n 1:111
i.i . nx .i I.i illiant
ti. .. ,,
,!. . .1. 1 !
i. ,.i l:
..f Hi'
..I I.V
l I1!' I.I' I I '
i ..iii .. i .-. ' h I i.
!'i.". l.'it tin-
.1 I
:.' I, ..li
I,.,. I
' 1,1
i I:. i i. in N
the v.i-s In t In
Ultd III ttir I '11"'
that the li !i o. r it
better n'l itit ii;.
nom tn 1 1: in i ii
thrv Would hi.. I
li i il i''
.i'l. I ,- I
.nf-. ,-.
M. I', i '
. . ..I
'.'. H
". ;it
I, 'I
II, .ri
i Wi
n P
i .n '
Mi ,
l . I! i
T ,
,... i
: ', I
.i ih
i half
'.l.t:. i
il Mil
,1.1. ,.'
.. ,. i' .
v . i,. h.l
.n I"
.' ... 1 ..
. ..I'll.. .I:
; i . iM.i
II. Ml. .ii !
' ,. V 1 '
I. d
! ',"1
I, I l
a:tit i ,,t.
. .1.1,. .
Uiln .1
(..III X
f.ir H.l
ii. i r
I. I'll.
In (iM.Ii.i
i:n . 1 1, i.r 1 1.
: I W
.! M.iSM.- 77 '""1 V'.li'S
I . ;.. nl,., I Mil" I'l
.1 :,. M.t. f. ii i rr
I I. 0,.. ' II I .' Il,' I ,l' .I!, I;.
. I . ,. (.11 I II.' li III 1-1 ll.l till I 1 1
i . ii I i ; t I . , ' I . i i . I'll! I'l"
f. r un 1 1 : if ,. ,.-. tlilt
.ik- i li m!i.. j i I ;. .mI.. .in
I. ilii. nil .i lMini.iti.i
I, mi fni
I'll.' I'
f .1 i.
i.'l . w ,
. i. I.
-.f r .
i i.
ii. i-
i i 1
,' i
. 1 1 ....
. !'li
r in, i.
tn hir wi,
Svi'lr.p i :i 1 1
l.ltH, lMH.wl l
havf i'l. i' I ti
in lh' iu .
lifni it fit r I
A llll.- It li
Vi tin I. n inn . .n I
t 1 N.lniii llll. i . ii'li'l
IHMJIIMlt I ' t ll.'i' till,, lit
thrr l ,i I.i ;. in. I. i,.
no ai ty 'in 1 1 'n f
tlOIH. 1 1 M il I'llij ,'
I") that In iii'im i i' i
nii mi Hi.. 1 i't i'
thf l!i'iil.li. i.i'
till' il. , I'l, K ( , t.,1
r.rilil.i. in I. ,1. -i ,i...
to rl' ilr t li" "-f i. ii-. t..
at lif'l'i" I.i. I. ,i I., il.. I., 1. 1
that th litl.t -Ml ti.,Mi
lJrniuiriti" ii'.i "' : i mi"
Ktork fur ff.nt t.i VI i tli" i!,
T:'piitill''miH rri.nl III , il li, "in
to TVnii i.Ttir ii..rt lv i.f.
atnii'tii' .!unn nut "i.i) I. ui
ccntlnu" tli" limn of nHi ,t,.
hf Ttcptiliili hi IIU-I..U, win, I,
Vfnt th" tnuji.riiy .'n' f urn i
II ' IV.
I .
I '.
! I in I .1.
il I,.
r vi. 1. 1
1 1,-
ii i
t Mil1
t v . .1. u hi. ,i
l.t,- . !. .
i.i...Mn ii f ., t
l'i-.,ie .i.i'i.iTt
i nl i . , t ,, .ii, !( wis m i
it In. 111. ..t" W In. Il M,,
t t
Itl lln-. in tni fitliin; .v . ,,,,
th- fiction.
Itnlh I'.h 'v I.' i..i .ii.i ' .1 ,
In tlic lti,dlii.n fli, I k. id I,
omrthlnt. tin i.utst it
hii-h l tliit h'n i- i.r ti,
vpt.-r rr jv)f i.-'1 l'h i'
thy ar wi;in!f..it!y ,.
ajinlnl'tratlnii, ami tint V
ll-nt Mill", I". ll,, :iw ,,i it,
t li. ' ' , V-
. 1 1
I.',. ',;
,ff. . t. ,1
l: L"lli,ll
r i.f . on
ill-l III
Will I'll
f.fl III,'!!"
i . 1 wfinM I, v , ! 'i i
I . I. I.lilll ' ' , fill 'I 'l "''.
I i I.I. V P. 1 1 Ii . v.m '
I '. ,ln... inn :ly.
In . iv .I- ! "' v ' i '
rti.r l. lw.inl J. IM.i' : I
fi-.il. I S. i it.ir ', I,' . ' i
f i i, . I, . ti.. ,. M" l:.
i .ii' wn. i ..' .ii t . , i.'
1 , III .1 1 1 I I ' W H , I : 1 1
! i." ;s . . ir i'i 1 1'
vi.'" v. ii r i ii '. i 1 1' i Mi
t I : , u :! . i ti.
... : ' ..i'.I
I'. ! ll.li' Itl
i . , i . i: it
: , i . ! t.i
i . I . H..IHI
1 1 i.f .10
1 ', ,. 1 V '. I
. ..... T"" n
i. . 1 tnr
....I., V. ...I
,,Ih, .1
,.i i ) ... 1 1. 'ii.i.. i i' ,. ..'.. fi.r
, . ir 1.11,1'' 'I iil 'i il I "..'"
1 1, il..- I ii 1 1.- i.t. for
I. nl in i "'.'ii. i.,i" t ii- !: .u''ii. mi
i.f.- f. i K' v.i'i.'r .!. !.i-..i '..in..
i i i.i,i .1:1 i i:. t. .Mi. .in ct i . ut-
I.lilll" M.t. I - li' 1). Il, tli" I-..1!.. I III 1 . '.!i
I,..' Inn" i. i 'I tin ii i i". I,, I ' IMI itl
t'.jll III" Mil" III I lU. II.I. Ill I 1,11 I'l'l't
k.i-. 'J.".'i, .in. I I., n tl.. I . i ... i .its
; . ii. I.i m-. Ih" f ii in. r I il-"i i ,ii.. Ii.i it.- fur
ll'll I IH l tl'' V' I.. II," Sll ..l ...,1 1'.fl 1
tllill tlill M,' V Ml i.ll'l!'.' Ill III- Hill"
...ll 'I'll : V. ll !; tl," Si ). 1 1 iltnt
tl," Hi. IV . 'It In. in. C plil. In illi rn.lil.llli'il
.v.i i i I: Killi'ti i.f D.iilurt In
A linn. Ho jcitiTiiMy ni I'm''' hniii (roin
( I in ii'l'.n. w hiTi hi- hHt i ",n f'T tin
I...NI tl. u..Ua aiittfrtlit..i .1 nir I hi. I'lrtl.
stiifti. ii if n.tilition'il v .it. rwurka fur'
tl... r.iv i f Cl.m inlon. I:, flw w.fka
I h.l. li,ia lul.l 43. J ii' ut nm in
f.,ni f.i t if t.utli. tu.iinr with tho
ii ri.iiiiiiii.ii ( li'l fire Iimu.iiiH. u tv
... I ir v t. rwurki con'i n tii.n. It li
-ii., I tint i ;, ii. -ml, 111 iiu-.v n the n.i.-t
,;,t..i;ii" wiitir pyitiri In W.t
I. .ui. ' in
Newest in Lingerie
Spm-ial to Tt Jtrwt
canyon'. r. nr. n. rhiniji
ha ri-turiut frotn th lntrntlmal
Uvfxtivk Hhow at Ctliao and la hlKh
lv ...ml with thla yWn etlilt.lt. He
think that T Standards are not
Itifi-rl'T to thoae it other a'atn In
Piw.iklnit aU'Ut the eijionltion, h aaid In
' The I III. ko Show la auch a dlaUni e
from iur atM k furma that we do not
have thi- rtuitilr c.f anitnula to r're-i-nt
imi mite a thoae within two or
three hundred nulea tf C'IiIiuro. Th
Chli Ko Hh'.w In mm h lancer than th
T ii nhiiw; however, aa far aa quality
i.f the anlmala la ronot-mfd talth tha
exK-iitlon i.f the few top animalat. our
f..t ft'x k ahow at Kort Worth. eMiewV
ly when w-e ronaider the numdeia, ka
on a r with the majority of the ani
mal that I found In Chujuto. There I
a tendency arnona hreedera Of tho
North, however, to take a reater In
tern! In the iIkkk i.f ato. k v4 for
hrwliiiif iiiri'Mea; and they are golr.il
the luilrt' beef rrcid
It In my ireilicti.n that more Tum
t.rn-l.-ra lire jcomc the hiil.y ln-ef rood.
ii H .r. tn fd l.v the more ntile fi-eh'r.
tl, .ti have heretofore done ao I-'VelRht
rat-a ate li-"inlni: t" i-ihoi li.t.uit to
dill, inferior f:t.ph d atiim il t.i mar
ket M.-reford. Shorthorn, and Awcua
flulnt were eKieedingly large. There
.. iiih In In- more lliterext III 111)' II'M O
find than In other breeds for baby In-tf
ptil l'l
Fostcr-Mothcr 1
t tl,. I '. II... I it.
'1 I
I I ...
.1 l! .
I'- !
' ' ll
I .
I. I .'f
. tt
I W I'll t1'
ll I. I"'. -l-'M
i . -i -
lion Utav ut l.im.e ,il I!,. I . I
la th i. le I.,. I, x ill .1. , . 1.
tM- t -tiei nl ;l( 1.
ent Vn if i i.i. f.n
olid r,.-.tii. i. ,ii ii. i
enate and I. m. f..i
Of the l,i t piiiht
for Ih.- .iat f .iir . i.'-i'i
a remoTtl. .-t : it...
aentlivea oi.t i.f m
atatp e:it CH. '.07 . !.
Harding fm ..Mi.. i.!
ITonard Hnth- i laml. .i
tor. up for I- i-l.i't ,.n
tuillt MI "tO ute.
I I. "lUI...
i'l tho
m.l. . i Mi .1
I on in It.: )i
,.i tin- i--. it. i- . ,, t
hi , ml ,i'iii,,-.I ... ! ,-1
' n I. . -I.-. 1.1
-I f-.t f . i '- i r j '-
In I ''.''i 1 1. i -a ,
s f- -r V.' .t i i . 'i f ;
Thin ii , w.t h
K"l'iil.li. .in . i-
Ih taat f .r I m '
i o4 .f I',., tin,-)
. ;.' :
i,;". ii i
!,' '"t.
in tl
m i'.' .
I ll I '
il. nl i- .
I i, i i i ii ' i"
i.f - ,1.-1 ui!
I li i ill' I in
I-.-- i.r : i
Cniil-I. ',
I on! .
In. I .
el..., ,ii
ll.ii. Ii ..
Mil" in I -i ''I
i . ii .1 r.. v. i
t..r i. i.i ,)..
..!... i t i; "
i i-. i.i.-iii in i
. i i ;.. . i in. i
i 'I If !'
i:. . i l,. .in
i"ii., mi w n
.it... :,!,t.,
. u,.r 17 i .. mi
t. l--i I'i
i-'i'ii ili'
,, ... u
. r
.ii .t'j
IN "ll.
' .1 M,a
, il l,, ii 'i
I I i. mo
. ' 'n I hit
t tin 11
to i I
in n.iv
' i i a tit I mi
I. i i k" i 'iin!,. r
i .ii.i 'I In- I!
II. .1 f- II - If 1
.mil I. ill thmi
i i. . l.ovv .mi, it ii n a I
i iin- vi' t'.t y. il. hi'" tho
. f i-t,i .it In-Ill" ll" t il 11 1 -
1,1 !n nil .1 for i I i
' '. : i ..in '..ir.-d v itl, I in-
I:, fit i.. in ..I.- t i pi
Hut ti." i. i 1 1'. v.
ii,, n is,., I,.: i ' .. i i.v i
V . '" i.,r I . ... 1,1 I'l
i -,-l. nl In 1 '.-
,t. for iin i i nor
I I." h ii,, i it..
I'l.'". vo ll IMI
This em M i- I;. nil,lii iin tw
' 1 4 ill., ill ,.' . II ile-
, i- - . f in. i . Hi. in :",: mi.)
I . i.,.i. i .i f ,.- lot., for 1'ieai
w lnl" tlm v.- ir Mia
. i" i . n i i II'., finii, a a mi
lis 17. '""' A -suinini! t li it
in. i iin.' i, ul ,f tl,. :.'.iil.li a 1
r 1. 1 sj i,'"t noil Miin.it
lis .1 . I I V .1 .S S I' 1 A t I'd
(Is. ,1 I, it I II ,. ) .
I ,
.- - 'In I .1. In-. tl.eV ,, 1 ,,.
I ' I lll.l .1 ' ' il, I t lie W o k. i 4 ,,f 1
I I. " '!.'-. V ,.l , s in Iin
I . t IIm . ir ( K ive A.
ilk". I : i ul I,, in I i.r miii
.t : :'! i .I',' , i ,. s.. of
ii- i. in,., , it,,- v., I., for
' i was ' i :.,i i; ,t f..i .i
I . 1 - -. r i . i. n o, i ,1. Ki.t
' :.! - . .1 ' .1 nil of ntsi it
I'i l wis m veil I y
-HI . i.s I II mill :.
i ! I N. t '. And iov
' i- i I. I- I l.v only
in. i,'. I. i ih. iii'.. I ..i- i .i ' I ii r II. hi i
Kl IX it In. III. tot" Wlin ll . I". t,., A
,S.,Ml n,,.lHil Th" I ll 111... I it i. lof.
-.- u - . i f -i ii li,,s y.-.ir. i oiii..ii . i wrli
tin' 1 1. mo. i a' .- Mi'.- foi e.oM-1 nor twn
wain ,ii!'i in. inns. .1 1 ',.1 H'.i"., while Ih"
I:. .iil,l',ui . in f. II i.ff S .!.:;; I'. if
S. n.ili.r tin- 1 1. tin., r itn Vol.. fi ll off
I.!".'. ,i
In toll nf Ih.-" N' it.". I, of. il.l" f.i;
I h.inoi r.il n i,t,i n-s tins ji-ar. with
Hie ri'i-,ii,,i, i,( N.w- V..ik. the Ilium
rain tin I I,,, I iinn no ih IN'i'iiM,' an
vnl.s tn I . i ill; ils, it Mi. r.-siiln. !ut
with In . , 1 1 ; ' , I -n-,1 1 1 in, I.-. is. s in
the l"lllo. -.it,. M.t. . V ' l' f in W est
llmili.l. Whet" III" I '"luoi I I' . Voted"
' I I I1l l,-1 IIS H' I v .it houi"
I. 1'lt.l UK K i the I"
t.-i v I.i t h I i.-n.o. l it-.
And tl," l-i.l t.. ll 1-iMl" l-l the r.lllli'l,
tWo IMIs Will Is fl" tins,- tiullions (if
el.i .il home ll. , i.i I., in- i , I the In
(l" --ll.l.-ll t - Tin- sl:ty III M,W.T will
It its In s) I , i.illv tin ill Ui k Into line.
T, 1. trn,i . a
I'l . ll
. HI Ml"
r , i, I . . .
Ill I '.'l.
I l'1'l-.l
I.' ..I, I ..I
I I.
I i'l'
. tin ,
' is
-., I I
i' .I u
I'l .-
votn in two year !iit I hew ..!
Aid not bo to M.i ir Neelv S n.-ii..r K'lth- '
trtanda Pi-m .. i .it ,, ,.o. . i t ns may,
be een l.v th. ih.llon nliii t s I'r . . i'
In 1: West Vn is lv- i;.iv c..x.li'i .
the Ih-iiio. rati, iiniiiln.. for tin- i-irM-Ji
0t'fv. ;r. X ..'. h Tl .s J.-..I i . .iat ' -''
for Major Ne-lv f.. . n it'.i aoiu. M.-.rsl.i !
I i.n
I. t
In eiirg .f ri'..0"(' i.t.-
li.tlfi't in the IietiiiM int..
a i. i . i . i
I '-
I t,
Th a !
I' i I ' I-." I'l Ml" I;. 1-ul ll
I i- U h i.- II ii.i j
" ' '.' vol. - in tl,.. state
li.s ,. S. II .tor re. eV "d I
.v- i ! I ;.-mh.
t .i 1 1 . s ll.lt" I III V ear,
" ' ''!. I iin ii' isi. nf
I h. I . i rati, vote for ;
' -..'a w i s n ii -, ,, ,, f,,i
' it S ,lol I'i. ill. I lie,
. .in.hiliitc for 1 1' i le. tin ii,
7 , I I s ,- ea s
I ..-s w .s . I, t ,1. ,t l y
' ' 1 , ' - l,Ili i t"H loofi- ,
ii. , i i"i. in i in- vnio '
I "I t.O . ! Ill, , ,lt. . ,M j
w l.ile tile I fc-tii... I .'
tin in over i nt ii .-I v , i
kn i tllelll ihs.lfl. , 1
lime IhiIIi .llt.-s u
i fiitlit l: iml.iii ims .
i-.iiis.' then ilis.if;.-. t
In. me niilv i'it..i I ..f 1:0111; to t-.. I '.in
io.ialn, Willie 111. Iltli-I tin llllili- In J"
I fill , the Kel'iill,, an il,-...f f. .-t ,,,n ai I
the hi,rt' that the iii -ill", .-. n, ay v
i will tty to win
fi lii.C in this. o
I In the mean
i. a-l" for a nl i ff
i. en. out iK'-d Is-
I V ot s v( , ve. It!
1 In- newest material for Tine Iin
k " I.- is ei-rie l aek satin, whli h It "ft
.il I l ,1'ltlflll. H4 Well as llllllitllf. I'ustv
vi.low silk. sIhit 'hiffoti voile and
'i'l" le i 1 1 iin- are the other favorite
in i' i i ds IhniiiK the anmnv-r all man
i "i nl lotion nov.liy inateiuils wvra
in voii'ii.. lot most fall iiimlida me
slim' n inilv in a.!k eii ept ltnmrte.
hand n a I- or i-itiln oi.l.'rid trirnients
lH..er ...lois are estI to l.a
fivi.ied r.al. d. i nrrhid. K"l'l' t
tnai'e follow f. sh rolur In Jopulai it y.
Tailor. I -tyl. s ,!, null, tumnunic
Hie .r. f..,r. . The tr. milling is of
t"i i.f to ton.-. I r.i.liti twml.sl into
fi..wi. , 't Lows, la, c Is usi.it t..in
I-. and a,..tir i. H itna of the niat'TI.'l
A I' lneilv Mi.it Will 4'ietrHte li ne
eaH.iry 111 the ti e.it ment of I heuiiiatinn
liiil.ti d a Snow l.lniiin-'it K' tiR)t
Ihiouich the fieih tn th" Loin' and U'
I ees plolnptlv Thl.-e mii s, li'le.
and ll :) . r bottle. Sold by C.ty lr uk-
p &',
1 cot
Louie Says:
f.iTl tT'- wV j
otir otincw
en tuMiCut qtinrtcr tvmnJ of
Caracas Sweet
Made from only TtigK grade
Caracas cocoa, pure cane
sugar and flavored with
Mexican vanilla beans.
vm-: only py
Walter Baker & Co. Ltd.
LiuMiikl i;m
r(.'.f C.Wr.'J R (ip-l irr( Jtn
l rrom Trinre K.lwunl Inland
Votnea thia retn I. able iiirture cf
io vahiahle allv.v tnr und thflr!
f ter-mtlier, n iat whi haa
rn.o.ljeri'd t hi tii fn-m laliino'. The.
foe nie .'inire.K tbnee oil l:aej
lank Vvir K.ir.n. the laiE'-t bind'
Ins I'UiC T ruvca loxea Jit th
Christmas Trees
Snitat.;.' f'-r rliiinh'-s. S'. Inx-li. I.'dk'ea.
I'l lvat.' und Mum-i.al ! i. W f ili'Im-r
(lies.- in K''d shie Hal" been aupl'lv
Inij tl'.el . i nn l'.il t"W iii i f tho S'.iith
Plains sn Ii .-M r.myi'tt. I'l.ilni'-M. I.til.
le ek. Tnfla. T.ihok.1. Uiini'M, llalN. Sei
Kiav.'H. Ilii w nfii'ld. Cl' Vls with all hire
of trees. Sit" wliat M)J will lie.l
I. nd We Wn't iH"te Von ilehvi re
I'liee, We i;t"W all Fruit. Shade and
( il imnietit il Tt'eea, best n!'ej to tjila
i lunate l ', .Mra In th.a bUHinea In
I'Lunv iew
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Presents of the useful
kind we mutt admit are
the mot lasting.
Why not choose yours
for him ai a shop where
assortments are always
the most pleasing.
Daily we hear wonder
ful expressions from
many folks saying that
they want real things
for the men and that
they like to come to
The Louie
408 Polk St.
The Louie Too
Lobby Amarillo Hotel
If You Are In The Market For
A Fabric Tire We Can
Save You Money
30x3 Hawkeye y $7.00
30x3 Star $8.00
30x3 Diamond , $9.00
30x3V'2 Hawkeye , $8.00
30x3 2 Star , $8.75
30x31 2 Fisk $8.65
30x3'2 Diamond $10.00
32X3V2 Hawkeye $12.00
32x3'2 Diamond $14.00
32x4 Hawkeye $14.00
32x4 Diamond $16.50
32x4 Hood $20.00
34x4 Diamond $18.00
34x4 Hood $22.50
Gilvin Tire & Vulcanizing Co.
106 West 5th Street
Phone 1610
cf tin- Ki'tnuitH ate nry well bked.
Putting a Kick in Home Brew
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at biich a
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alefcoUc bevtiarea, if riven .' t lrt'f) v, if r'.n irV.ty a-
tr4 in the Mm con-l.tlen aa If th-r ht li tiered av.ay fu-nt l-
U M era. Her U rroleaaor Chattea Hmiy iU.i; a kkk la a b-vrre!
vtyrtM hr ubclini It to a tharaa cf 10 ri) y, (,, ,
j In--,
Let Ftttma tmiim
Lioctrr k Mrin Toaacro Co.
Train Calls
Guntry Drives
Open Day and Night
New Open and Closed Cars
Experienced Drivers
Rates 50c for one or two passengers to any place in city
Office 404 Polk St.
Phone 484
Phone 484
,4ii a i

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