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6,520 Arrests, Carrying Fines
Totaling $63,994.62 is Burton
Roactis Record as Peace Officer
A total of 6,520 arrests nude in 12 year, aggregating fines and
coats of $63,994.62!
These are the startling figures covering the activities of a lone
peace officer of Potter County Burton Roach, who retires from the
office January 1. And he is still a young man.
The criminal records of Potter County disclose sensational facts
about this young peace officer who quit the drug business 12 years
ago duo to bad health and has built up in that tirna a record, which
La friends and many officials of this section and state, declare has no
And He's Still a Young Man
Burton roach, whrn ho lioeanio u.r
Iff 4 year ago after wi vinc tin- county
a deputy cotital,o and deputy idierlff
far I Mm, wjm tho yuuwjeat tdui iff In
th Mate of Tcxaa. ami wa dubbed by
lh hhr datlie of th atafe a th "Kid
Hherlff of tho IMiilnn." Today ln In I
priMldcnt .f th. Texan Sheriff's A us.- li
tlon ntvl -wv ill In th futuro devote hi
tlm and rnerulo to thnt nwM iatlon.
tnnliitalnini? an offio at Austin after
January Slh.
Ilutron Itiwti h'i life a. a puaco officer
would fi-rninh iimti tUil fur a 1.00k and
It would nil be InteroHtini; reading but
the criminal docket of the county have
been nearrhed and the hii-h hitht of the
activities net down iiiMinxt hi name
ar recounted Mix colllitlc friend" j
nj A(Jiiilrrr over the whole Mate of;
Tea and n many other t ite will!
r"M with Intense intreit uli.it I'.ur
ton, Tioa.h did uhlU; living Die K-ote
of Amarillo, the Panhandle and To
flrnt It would not I ihiiii-h to all
Mention to the fact tti.it the iniinl-er
of arreetit made by Xurtnn Itom-h would
equal the imputation of any city of the
Panhandle otitidc of Atnaiillo, and I
equal to one-third the population of
Totter fount)'. The amount of 10.1. Mi Ml:!
In fine and col kkww against per
on he hi. aiTixted ha been paid into
the troaaury of this county through tho
work of A hiiikU man.
I lrxt Amt In 1!I0.
The reort which m to follow herewith
In detail rover arrest made by lloaih
peraonally a a deputy connulile and
deputy nherlff for eiiiht year. and an
aherlff succeeding the lite W. M. liar
well for 4 year tip to tin pri i.t time.
As the name. f tho offli-er making the
arrent wan not given In the record In
aonie ntanec it I probible th it the
eet fiKUteji arc alx'Vc those given be
low. Ills first anet Wan that of a loot
leflKcr on April 20. lHIO.
.rrel by Massed.
Arrest made by Iloach fur misde
meanor ns show by the daik.-t in the
Justice of I'.aie court total 3,r.O.'. Num
ber shown in highway irlminal d'kct
I!'.'; county court docket 1 .4 4'; felony
rase l.JsT. Total numb.', rf uiresti
line In iMIferent Court.
Justice of Peace courts.
highway viol ition.sv tl.iu7.Ts. count
tlS.IIS.8S. Total fines and cost tr.3,.
S2. There were In! conditions in
felony caw rairymg a total taiitil.i r of
154 year In the penitentiary.
It la Interesting to note the In. rca
and dWrea In crime bv Tiod a
shown by tho docket here. filtne.
both In nUsdenn aiir and felony im s
u at a high tile during the s-iod
when the ('n a.iloons flourished. Tie
old criminal d U sdow S?. aires')
from Nov. III. l'.'iO to the Rime d.,l'
1911. the last Jc.ir of the open salo.-ti
Thl numU-r i by far Ii.kIot th m aav
year of the II :.ucli was in of!ie, tl.e
year 1''.'7 bcina: the nt-i l-.test in mini
ber of ari-esls with Tu:l. The low rl.l
waa reached In i:H.
different Kind of Crime.
Axaln It I intiTehtinit to note h 'W
when one kind of crime Is Mopped there
la atenden y towanl an outbrtak in hhhh
other direction. The re ordn show S.'.J
arrest fi r intoiii .ition diiruiK the last
year of the on k1m ii. The follow inu
year showed th' numlsr redimd ti SO
nd the aeiond year to dl.
ItootlecKiHK whnh at one time mhiu
year ago was a rapidly vanisi.n art.
haa .ne Isin nn-ihcd an a re-.ult of
tinerrtalnty and rhanKe In b Kislat ion.
lndirtnie.it fur lootlcsini; hee i...
ped frwn :! in 1HJ to .'. during the last
term of court, s months, in 1'iU. In
June, 1111, not a s.i.kI'- airt ft was m.iJu
for lntoxi ation.
lowest Kbit in nil.
The lowest ebb of i into i Mini- in I'M I
Then money ! ami' tv. and oi.ii iry
to oft accept! d statement along this
line, the rflevt seems to hut' N'rii tu
Increase the amount of i nine. 'I he year
1M hosl a alitiht improvemert over
ll'i. but PIT. wh. n Amen, a entered
the woild w.il. won one of the wort
trn a shown l ai rests, f im j ttHi
ikxiliiR of the vilnori.
The year l'I Nliowed a njirke-l de
rreae. i:verone, even the crinunally
Inclined, it t h.-li). n too bu-y try in
to win th war.
Since 1M there i.. len a HrxA
and rapid Inc.euse la the s'ro'it.t of
crime until the lat few m.mti.s. when
ikn of a Is tter day have been n i'rt
ed by official.
Arret made ly Shei iff Koarh dur
Inic the mst four yeirs are U, Zl,
i2u, ::: i ;:. ami in n:: n t..t..i
of T'O The rrs.it of in:;: show or.!
a.atnali ul.on of fie Ie-tii'r busi
titoa, vt It .lis. loses an m rc., i f
ni'ire than ."2 -r ci'iit ov.r HI?, tlu
year following tM war.
Kind of Crime.
Another item of Interest ti the tu
dnl of criminology i the omp.rative
prominence, of the various crnn a
shown l arrest made bv I:m h in
ah durir.c the n rio of 17 mr h
n officer. Arr.st In ea h follow i
Liquor viola'ion bud with 341. burglar?
14J. forrery I IS; theft om r 1.0 S: -!
Mult to mtird r S5; rot.!-!-)' S3, swm-'
dime 32. rape til) white :n; irjjiy Zs.l
emher.lemeiit 17; pandering 13; l.urgl.ny
of railway car 1: itintung i fill 17:'
horse, atealing 17: te.-rmg stob-n prop
eitv 1C; aju!t t'i nh 1". iui rlrg gam
Uing ho us. II: w l.it.- 4p..iig II. pi- !
w ket 11; aawtnlt to rm (all white)
12, a'tllnc mortgage.! protrtr 10; lile
err It; obructing traffie j; b,gmv 7;
hurclary and theft C, oVf.siol ng e'tta
Unk 4. nret 4.
The ahnva and t' ther ffer.e mike
1. 1 the (I arparl ofens. fr wlich
that portion ,f the record brckvd
showed arret to have Uen made.
M'tuor violation take the pad for
the 12 year there have l-cn tinn when
bill few ..r,..t. .,., K m.,,1,. for
that offense. Ni'Xt to this often., come
bii KUtry, forio ry und tin ft of ovtr
Urst Auto Theft.
Auto theft Hiipplanted home Ktealinif
iliiniiir this is'iiisl and r.-l. cited the lat
ter off. Use to the dump heap. Tho fust
jii rest for the theft of mi auto in Cut
ter fout.ty was that of la. hard KvaiiK.
on (s-tobi r !i, l'Hii. K .as st it.-d that
not more Hi in one or two cars had U on
et- 1- n in Toiler I'ouuty wh. n Itoaca
aiiesi.,1 fv.niH i:ans was first con-
i' leii in , nisi. .n arid then broiiKht
h ie and uix. n a i year term f,.r theft
I of a Ibn car owned by Nol.l. s ltiu.
! t irocei y ( 'oinpany.
I Siine that tune the record hhows that
j if oiin want to engage in the Iiimihi
of stealing automobile for a living h
I had ltt. r pursue Ins busitiesa elso
jwh.i.. than In Cotter ('..unty. fifty
i eight more iiirestM havu len made If
Iturtoii I:. Mih f .r at.to theft h.iiio his
first or e in l:ilt.. an aveiagx of la a
l.ar. It ..in readily Is- seen that stolen
cms i.'mh. ml tluo'.igh the nriesl of
thieves havo ana utit.d t thouautid id
A Liiico jier cent of the 19 arroat for
auto stealing have l-en coiivnted. and
many of them are Mill serving term n
piisuii. S 'or. and scon. of cats have
ls-en r. 'iiv.-i. I when- the thief was not
cnptuied and thousand of .lollsrs worth
of other property I. as l-. ri recovered by
1 1. at h as an of; in r.
Murder Nr.
Asv ;lt to nun. I.r ionics m( -i the
list of crime and murder tie robbery
fi r s. vetith pi n e with ,'.J arrests. Two
arrest have been made f..r sheep st. -n
:ng Cunning a still is a In w i f f. ! so
but in at rests have l en made on thl
hat gv
I '; kp"i k. t-. do not seem f have
found Amai iUo a i. sirab. pl,-i. n In
wl.i. h to oper it., am) i),. is one of
fense seldom i i.muiitt.s'd tiHle line
rest w.i mole for aison und one for
attempting to wreck a passenger train
Mi.-t.ff lb oh certainly has a ngl t
!. Is- pro id of Ins le.-ord for running
..n auto thicw lb- ..is i i.ol,. b.i.g
'rips into other co.inlii and ha ...p
In l ..ns ).. loiigm hun. In .Is .. iiul' s
iw.iy fi in ,ei. e his broken Into
imi.cn of into thievisand I'eioVeied a
manv a- ! I ai s stolen I y cue orgmir. d
gong, opct itit.g in two or three h'.i'o
an I WoiUin in a (ham of c.li s c'..iU
mi: for s.vi.al hundie l mil. s.
II- s popular among the is-uco offi
i . i of T. v is and New .b xi. .. ai d I... .
had la- us :-!. no of w ..rn of a .f
.1, a . . I!.pll.s.il.g nut l IMIpolt.U.t
At or e imir he was the youngest slier-1
iff ill th- state. I
lie ha lead- iiiliy rapt lire. of ni. r, j
wanted in distant n.itr and lias
sot. ally n.l ns far us falifotni.i and,
iliiu to get hi men. j
At pr. siit Sheriff Coaih !. pu sl.bi.t
cf ll.o T".t Sherilf Ass... i. it ion, a
signal re.ogmtion of his alil.ty and
pormi' i n- e as a p. a. e cfficcr. i
Now nt the ng.i i f .I-. I,.- I retiring
fioiu i. flic- on lu own a. .-. rd and Will
inak- hi - hea l, pi n t. I s at A :'. n wln i.t
he W.ll .1' Vote his time to the state a.s.so
i lat .on. 1
llj WhIc Acu.niit.4iice. j
1'ciii.tps no otior l-a.-.. .fli-.-r in the
S'lii'lim -t is - i s. ..... v iic.,ij.i i t. ,1 u '
i inai.v ot,ii- off. i er or . .i . .11 .n
n.any of tii-ni l.v th:r fnt l.irim a
Cuib ti C'S..'1. T! is intimate a- u un
'.He has ! ii slill furtlor a Ign . t.t.d
I y ,,s i f f : lal . niii.i ti.in 'i! h tl.i
hale la- Sheriffs a ,. I Tax f'dl..t..i
u'li'li. of win. h be is low pi .
Th. ie U lia.dly a " i. f:.. r
Cai.han.lle turn la.t what ..'.
retiiing sl.eiiff I V his fit ft I. ..in.
l .i v. rnfi rte.l to as Mr. Ilai h
aio aiwivs ready to iesp.,i.,l to
v' v.,,
it '
' ' '
"1 '
t K
1 1 .
f J
s--. -y.- - f "'";.' Vi
- sA 4
r-c' . .
t :
' ' i 7 '
w ,f i .-..
... - . ?
h I 'itrfsiLAm.a . .rJ.J
1 in t.
IK imon ii
f.f.g -i p.
i ffi. . i h.
for i:
. f n..ii.y
bit p.ipc
tiotl lilIM- I.. . II the -ill ,. . '
I lnn iitary iii.'u m In l p.
New York, fhicago, Is
: is and "th- I i Hi. .
At ".lie t ire l.s:, is.. (,f ,i dlllg.neo
ill t of..', it.g the law :.i ainvt ti... n.
it. ! il i ' 1 1 1 1 1 uln-ws 1., ibjl.U.l
"The in. i.' . ill Ca ti,'. .1 Cn-fr '' and
"! I. '.inoi. n Km w of lo:i u! ov.r
i In- i oiint i y.
Never li nt Man.
In all b.s i. u as a p, i ,- of :'j, ( r
!l. :. r- sti'.g 111..! io,-, i f ci ti,,
o.. if t l. I.I I 111 - :lel e. lie-, p. il. ,
l.'ooh ha .i se, .l- l U n, . ,
l- nan, i.' :' hi, be I-. - i s 1 1 1 1 1 1 I ',
l'o liill.-. if.
II- b 's ' ade n a ii'.' 'in- Is pi ..
(en ! : - II. it a:e pot sli- :i (.-, II ..
'.Mi Ie .- i . 1 i.. i n.lit. l ..- . t.,-
I" l.l a la.d pi the Sol.tl, I'l .. i w I
41 ,.i.s Hi II I II-. I",li'i: .i i lot
atT.'Xi- . i.-. in, ii H .i I, t, ; ., ,,..
mg pit i so. i.;... nig I'..". M. v.. ts ii, , , r
;trret no I r '. r nir oi l-i .
ti" lev, h :ul
st.-d 31 111 I gall 1.1. tu-
At itio'lier ti w t
he .. t.-s'e.l ?2 l'i "I ' I
all w i - i i a !,i w ,
a '
Announcing An Old Established1
Drug Store In A New Location
ffter the first week in January we wi I Le in our new location at 422 Taylor
Street in the building formeily occup;cl by the Palace of Sweets.
The Randal Driijf Co. several years aga adopted a policy of small profits on a
large volume of business. We believe that this is the riht Lusiness policy and
feel that it is responsible for the remarkable business which this store has and
is now enjoying.
We also feel that the new location lends itself admirably to this policy
whertby quantity buying and several thousand dollars less expense a ytar we
can still closer pursue the policy which has made the Randal Drug Co. suc
cessful. A policy which means a saving of hundreds of dollars a year to the
patrons of this store.
The Rexall Store
i i.d in
ll "l;e ft ,-ii:(?
i il for th. ft
i tho good.
i,i ' r f1 '"
nd '
Is. I
I i'l
I 'l oik
i - ale
I. I
I nl i.'iiir-j .
oci imIoh l
I. .- and In n
's t , th.. ...
II. 'erv ii-w
. . ill.-d t!..
I s ii h ns
inn st.-d IT tram-
I I them throii.h j
Mvj.,ll. j
: his fficc Sheriff j
. and ninny other
ti n e I Cell ll.l t IV l!h
"There's one New Year's
Resolution I am going
to keep"
in t!
p il t of the
I I:
si I
I till
I ill. I
- v .
. t ,.
l'i. Ked
I'a . v tv.i". .I
on'. I I i d-
:! . ' .. a I.
I' - f v
il. c.m.I
!'.-. - its
r s' .-..is in
Send My Laundry To The Troy
During ll)2c
I the I
s t ae '
. Ib
Th. y ;
. v. iy
reiuei ii, J ni.mv of thetn are fre.piet.t i
ly "in i plni; into Anintillo ;.t tin ir en n j
ex-e to . e Ill i il on ofin i d btisme .
Nor h all this reciims il om t. y (
collie alsoit Wlihnut a suiuiir (.-ri.ej
jM-rfortmsl ly Mr !:. h and In nsso !
ciate Niitiierou lone dist.i'-.ce trips
ni.t man bunt have I n mid- bv Inni;
' hi i-vi s. nal rxine. t. a. cti no j
.1 it offi r of other Texan coui.tea.
or othi r .t . I
Wk Itroutht Note.
Mr Hn-u h and I.. method of rp.r
Blackburn Funeral Home
Puneral Dire Inr and FmhaJmer
rrnmpt Ambulanrc
Phone 21 !
The B. & M. Bunch
Wish t. thank one and all of their friends and
customers for their valued patronage, considera
tion and pleasant busintai relations during the
past year and trust to rce Hem nKro frequently
during 1923. Here's hoping this will he your lucky
The Bunch
Ben Bo'hwitz
Don Crosselt
Mike Hollander
Mel Cohen.
I have never seen their work excelled
'iVs-rymc.i are so courteous
ar.d painrtaking dealing with them is a i:i-?.st:r
'Send It to the Laundry"
I. N. VERNON, Prop.
!1 I'
jll.l 1
i: i
n I!
s ill
:ii f
Special Order. .tertitr! for (
Weddmr. I tr.
Mrs. W. T. Stanberry
1MI Tjlrr Wrfrl
We Appreciate
The business and friendships we have won during
We shall strive to make our candirs even better
during 1923 and if you are not a regular customer,
we invile you to become one.
Texas Candy Shop
715 Taylor St.
' Right Decisions
Right Words
Rinht F.r.d.
i . -1
mem. tr.tvi;
Rig.tt Self.D.
i i or
: i.i'
i) 1'
A Very Happy New Year
Cigpest, Best and Quick:. t 'r.
West Tex a
515 Polk Street
Phone 450

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