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VOL. i2, No 2.6.
The Associated Press Report of the
Day's Doings as Wired to
the Tribune.
The Last Spike of the Fourth Rail­
road Line Across the Conti­
nent Driven Yesterday.
Sufferers From the Virginia Epidemic
in Need of Nurses, Medi­
cines and Physicians.
New York City is to Have a Billiard
Tournament in January or
February Next.
The Colored Citizens of Georgia Hold
a Mass Meeting to Consider
the Situation.
Interesting Items ot News.
The Last Spike.
HUNTINGTON, Ore., Nov. 25.—At 3:39 this
afternoon the formal ceremony of connecting
the Oregon Railroad & Navigation company's
system of jads with the Oregon Short line
took place, than completing the fourth trans­
continental line. The last spike was driven by
the officials of the Oregon Railway & Naviga­
tion and Union Pacifio roads. Immediately
following the ceremony a special train of the
Oregon road ran down to the Idaho line,
crossing Snake rivfer bridge near the line. The
entire distance from Omaha to Portland, Ore­
gon, is in complete readiness for traffic.
Through freight will be received tomorrow at
both ends The track is pronounced by ex­
perts to be the finest west of the Missonri
They Want Belief.
RICHMOND, Va., Nov. 25.—Accounts of the
epidemic in Wise, Lee, Dickinson and Buchanan
counties are heat trending. On Guest river,
Wise county, within a radius of four miles, are
thirty cases of disease. In one instance a
father, mother and six children died. Many
persons die for want ot attention. Business is
suspended, all being concerned with the sick
and dying. Six persons were buried in the
graveyard in one day. The disease is assuming
a milder form in some localities. Not less than
175 of the best citizens of Wise county alone
have died. During tie last few days the disease
made its appearanoe in Iiee county and several
deaths have occurred. More worthy people
never called more loudly for relief than these
they need nurses, medicines and a committee of
intelligent, phyBrians to diagnose the disease
and stop its terribh march.
A Billiard Tournament.
NEW YORK, NOV. 25.—Maurice Daly and
Joseph Dion gave a dinner to Jacob Schaeffer,
the billiardist, tonight at the Hoffmann house
as a sendoff for Chicago, where Schaeffer will
play Slosion a champion and balk line game
month. Maurioe Daly announced that he
and Dion, Schaeffer and Sexton had each
pledged $250 to make up a puree for a tourna­
ment in this city if billiard table manufacturers
pledged a proper amount. The experts and
manufacturers had a conference and it was
afterwards announced that the tournament
would be held in January or February.
The Colored Brother.
ATLANTA, Ga., Nov. 25.—A mass meeting of
colored citizens was.held tonight to consider the
effect of the change of administration, on the
people in the south. By request, Sena
torJOolquitt spoke. He said the two races would
be brought nearer together and would under­
stand each ether better tnanever before. He
assured colored men that their rights would be
guarded as zealously by a democratic state and
national administration as if they were white.
Governor Cleveland's recent utterance assuring
negroes that every right they possess should be
protected by his administration, was read and
received with the cheers of the colored men.
The Chicago Senatorial Buss.
CHICAGO, Nov. 25.—In the Lsman-Brand
election contest after protracted argument in
the federal court today. Judge Blodgett ruled
that the baUota most be produced before the
grand fury to be examined. The ballots, how­
ever, are to be canvassed with a view to ascer­
tain whether the ballots have been tampered
with in connection with the senatorial election,
so that the investigation is not expeoted to
bave any bearing upon the Leman Brand sena­
torial light exoept in a general way. The ean
vass began at 2 o'clock this afternoon and was
not completed until late tonight. The result of
the jury's work was not made
pnblio officially, but the Times
will state that the Brand-Leman matter was
examined and it showed that Brand, democrat
received in fact about twenty-five more votes
»I.MI he was credited with. on the tally sheet
while Leman received correspondingly fewer,
making Brand's majority in that district about
sixty instead oi ten that the ballots'were all in
proper order and consecutively numbered, and
r*so. I
that Brand's extra vote over other democrats on
the ticket was due to the presence of some hun­
dreds of republican tickets Which contained
Brand's name, not pasted on, but printed in
regular form with the rest of the ticket.
For the Mississippi Heservoir.
ST. PAUL, NOV. 25.—W. W. Harley, of Brain
erd, Gov. William B. Marshall and Capt. O. C.
Merriam, are special United States commis­
sioners, appointed to condemn certain lands
lying around White Fish tn1 Cross lakes on the
Pine river, a tributary to the headwaters of the
Mississippi, for the purpose of completing the
great reservoir system in connection with upper
Mississippi navigation, met today at the office of
Clerk Spencer,of the United States district court
to perform the duties assigned them. They will
probably be in session several days before the
work is completed. The land in question covers
about 2,000 acres near Cross lalte and Wbitefish
lake in Cass county, this state. The princtpal
owners are the Northern Pacifio railrbad com­
pany Central Trust company of New York
Farmers Loan and Trust company of New York
J. Deane David M. Clongb James Patten
Henry B. Fr=y N. L. Pine Benjamin F.Nelson
William M. Tenney and Hugh W. McNair of
Minneapolis. It is the duty of the commission­
ers to appnuse the value of the land and issue
affidavits to the amount of indemnity to which
owners are entitled from the government.
The Ohio Rioters.
COLUMBUS, Ohio, Nov, 25.—The officers of the
Columbus and Hocking Coal and Iron syndicate
report that the grand jnry at Logan have re­
turned indictments against but twenty parties,
who participated in the attack on Murray City
the night" of November 4, and that they are
charged with riot, attempted murder and arson.
Seven of the parties were arrested this after­
noon at Murray City and placed in jail at
Logan. The sheriff and posse with special train
are scouring the valley in search of other
lie Feels Sore.
BEBLIN, Nov. 25.—The North German Ga­
zette says the Duke of Cumberland will con­
tinue to be the determined adversary of the
emperor and empire. In view of' his intimate
relations with the centre party the government
cannot consent to make Brunswick the head­
quarters of a Guelph policy or sacrifice the
peace of 45,000,000 people to the particular in­
terest of any house, ancient or distinguished.
Another Crematory.
LANCASTER, Pa., Nov. 25.—The Lancaster
Crematorium, built by the Lancaster Crema­
tion and Funeral Reform society, was dedica­
ted this afternoon. The body of Mrs. Freder­
ick Besiler, of Jerpey City, sometime dead, was
then reduced to ashes in a little over an hour.
A number of applications for cremation have
already been received from different parts of
the country.
A Misslnir Skiff,
LEWES, Del., Nov. 25.—A skiff from the pilot
boat Tnrley, containing Pilot Marshall Bertrand
and two sailjrs, after putting a pilot on the
steamship Pennsylvania yesterday morning, put
about for the Turley and the skiff has not since
been seen. It is feared all three men have been
A Trifle For the Make.
VIENVA, Nov. 25.—An iron safe in the late
Duke of Brunswick's villa, at Heit zing, which
was bequeathed to the Duke of Cumberland,
was supposed to be empty. Investigation,
however, revealed that far from being empty, it
contained coin and paper money to the value of
-An Immediate Surrender.
PORTLAND, Ore, Nov. 25.—Oregonian's
Sprague, W. T., special: Sheriff Cody has just
returned {from Davenport. When the mob
caught sight of his posse they' immediately
surrendered and allowed the records to be
removed in peace.
It Was the Cat.
NEW YOBK, NOV. 25.—Daniel Shea, aged 70,
and Margaret Miller were next door neighbors
on Marion street. Daniel was kept awake by
Margaret's cat and this morning he killed the
animal In the evening Daniel and Margaret
quarrelled and the woman was fatally stabbed.
doing to the .Exposition.
BROOKLYN, NOV. 25.—The Eagle says it seems
to be pretty well settled that the president and
oabinet are to go to New Orleans, and about the
time of the opening of congress there will be
a large party of congressmen made up to go to
the opening of the exposition.
Thrown From the Traek.
TUBNEBS, N. Y.. NOV. 25.—The engine,
baggage and two passenger cars of the Monitor
train were thrown from the track this evening
just west of this station, The switch was turned
wrong, locked and the switch light pnt out no
one was hurt.
The Mahdi's Foree.
DONGOLA, Nov. 25.—Spies report that the
forces of the Mahdi encamped around Khar­
toum number between 15,000 and 20,000 men.
Cattle and native prod nee is still procurable for
long distaiccs south of Dongola.
Don't Want Local Option.
MOUNTPELIKE, Vt., Nov. 25.—The house de­
feated the local option liquor lioense bill by
123 to 72.
The Chicago Senatorial Contest the
Subject of Investigation by the
Federal Grand Jury.
The Minnesota Democrats Celebrate
the Election of Cleveland and
hendricks at St. Paul.
A Former Lisbon, Dakota Man, Said
to be in the %ands ot
The Nation's Legislators Will Take a
Trip to the New Orleans
Mr. Blaine the Recipient of a Hand­
some Cane—A Coming Pugil­
istic Event.
Miscellaneous Items of Interest.
The Brand-Leman Contest.
CHICAGO, Nov. 26.—The federal grand jury
renewed its investigation as to frauds in the
Second precinct, Eighteenth ward. According
to the face of the returns from which Brand,
democrat, received a plurality over Leman, re­
publican, for the state senate of over 200 votes.
The jury called before it the largest number of
vpters, all of whom declared that they were
positive they voted republican ticketB with the
name of Leman printed on them, implying that
the republican tickets in the box had been
placed there after the close of the polls.
The Daily News, Springfield, dispatch says,
"The Brand-Leman case was reached by the
state board of canvassers this morning. Mem­
bers of the Cook county canvassing board ar­
rived early and corrected errors and then they
were stopped by the state board, who proceeded
to canva3s the vote of the county."
The Nation's Currency.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 26.—The annual report of
the comptroilei of the currency shows that dur­
ing the year ende^ November 1st, 191 banks
have been organized with an aggregate capital
of $16,042,230. Circulating notes haye been
issued these new associations amounting to $3,
866 230. These banks are located by geograph­
ical divisions as follows: Eastern states, ten
banks, with a capital of $810,000. Middle
states, twenty-five banks, capital $1,812,250.
Southern states, thirty banks, capital $2,991,100.
Western states, 103 banks, capital $8,905,880.
Pacing states 5,-capital $380,000. Territories
19, capital $1,143,000. Since the establishment
of the national banking system, February 25,
1863, therrf have been organized 3,261 national
banks. The total number in existence Novem­
ber 1,1884,2,671, the largest numbe# in opera­
tion at any one time. Eleven national banks,
with an aggregate capital of $1,285,000, have
failed and been placed in the hands of reoeivers
during the year.
Taken By Vigilantes.
FABGO, D. T., NOV. 26.—The Lisbon Herald
will contain the following regarding Osman
Benson, formerly of that place, who went to
Burlington, Stevens county, a year or more
ago: "The past summer two strangers have been
noticed in the vioinity of Benson's place, who
would absent themselves for about two weeks at
a time and return with from, one to two dozen
horses, alleged to be bought from Canadian
settlers. They were not suspected by the set­
tlers, but a few days ago vigilantes surrounded
Benson's plaoe and took him, together with two
strangers there at the time, to parts not known.
Bumor has it they were all hung. Another
account says they were taken to Montana for
trial. The facta will probably be learned with­
in a few days."
The IB aval Anprooriatlon.
WASHINGTON, NOV. 26.—Representatives Ran­
dall and Long, of the subcommittee of the
house committee on appropriations, having in
charge the naval appropriation bill, had a
conference with Secretary Chandler today in
reference to the appropriation for the navy
for the last six months of the present fiscal
year. The subcommittee favored a continua­
tion of last year's appropriation bill for
branch of service, but it is understood that
Secretary Chandler expressed himself in favor
of S' me of the senate committee's amend­
ments of last session, in respect to which the
conference committees were unable to agree.
Secretary Chandler will give his views to the
full committee on Monday.
WASHINGTON, NOV. 26.—The president ap­
pointed George D. Anderson, of New York,
Indian inspector, vice Brown, resigned, and
Charles F. Ashley, of New York, Indian agent,
Colorado Biver agency, Arizona, vice Clark,
Ohio's Striking Miners.
COLUMBUS, O., NOV. 26.—Four additional
striking miners, against whom indictments bave
been found in Hocking county, were attested
today, making eighteen in all who now lay in
jail. The
of ..Bond, the only one.
paying seventy cents in the vslley.has been
closed under contract with the Columbus &
Hocking Coal & Iron Co., that the output should
not exceed 50,000 tons during the year. All the
mines now in operation in the valley are paying
50 cents. Developments are promised in the
oase of burning bridges tn Hocking Valley
Minnesota Democrats.
ST. PAUL, NOV. 26.—The democrats of this
city, aasikted by delegations from Minneapolis,
Stillwater and other places were celebrating the
election of Cleveland tonight and had one of
the largest political demonstrations ever seen in
the northwest. After the procession, speeches
were made by Gen. Brisbin, Hon. Ignatius
Donnelly and Hon. O. C. Merriman, the latter
two recent candidates for congress. The city
was brilliantly illuminated.
(Struck by a .Locomotive.
PITTSBURG, NOV, 26.—The Commercial Ga­
zette McEeeoport, Pa., special says: This eve­
ning, while a young man ncmed Kennedy,
aged 17, and his cousin, a young lady sixteen
years old, of the same name, were. walking
along the Baltimore & Ohio railroad track
near De'nniler station, a locomotive rounded
the curye suddenly and before the young
couple eould get out of the way they were
•truck and hauled a distance of twentyfive
feet. The young lady was killed instantly and
the young man, who was terribly mangled, died
in a few hours.
Bold, Bad men.
ROCHFSTEB, Pa., Nov. 26.—Six masked men
entered the residence of George Young and
Levi Weisman, near Beaver today andfafter
terrifying the occupants bound and gagged
both men and several ladies present. A search
was then made for $600 and a large lot of
jewelry and silverware taken. Two hours later
Young aid Weisman succeedrd in freeing
themselves, but the robbers had made good
their essape.
Will do to Slew Orleans.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 26—About fifteen sena­
tors and,twenty representatives have returned to
the city and most of .the others are expeoted by
Saturday night. It is the opinion of a number
of those who have eturnea that a majority of
the members of congress will visit the exposi­
tion at New Orleans. They are it doubt, how­
ever, as to whether both houses will take an
early adjournment for the purpose of making
the visit.
A Match For Points,
PITTSBUBG, NOV. 26.—William Madden,
backer of Charles Mitchell, the pugilist, has
telegraphed $25 to the sporting editor of the
Commercial Gazette as a forfeit for a match
with Dominick McCaffrey, four rounds for
points, at $500 a side. Mitenell will fight
John Gillespie, in this oity, on Saturday night,
when Madden will complete the deposit for the
McCaffrey mill.
Blaine Caned.
AUGUSTA, Me., Nov. 26.—A. Ad&erson, pastor
of St. Patrick's church, Cincinnati^ called on
Mr. Blaine this morning and presented him an
elegant cane in the name of bis church. The
head of the cane is of beaten gold enclosing a
orystal, beneath which is seen a picture of an
olive branch with a dove perched thereon.
Father Anderson made an eloquent presentation
address. Mr. Blaine happily responded.
Permits Destroyed.
NEW OBLKANS, NOV. 26.— The eastern and
foreign mail leaving New Orleans Sunday night
was burned and a large number of permits for
space in the exposition were destroyed. The
managers of the exposition state that duplicates
are being issued aB rapidly as possible but
applicants in eastern cities should report at
once the non receipt of permits, in order to
avoid delay.
The Mignonette Cannibals.
LONDI N, NOV. 25.—The case of Captain
Dudley and the mate of the wrecked yaoht,
Mignonette, who were tried for mnrder, Nov­
ember 6, having killed the boy Parker to keep
themselver alive, and against whom a verdict
in accordance with these facta was found, will
be heard on appeal by Lord Chief Justice
Coleridge and three other judges December 4.
The question as to whether murder was com­
mitted is then to be determined.
They Want the Bell.
PHILADELPHIA, NOV. 25.— The mayor received
a communication today from the mayor of New
Orleans, enclosing an ordinance of the New
Orleans city council requesting that the o.d
Independence bell be sent to the New Orleans
expi sition.
Hotel Burned.
HALIFAX, Nov. 26.—The Royal Hotel, New
Glasgow, owned by Chisholm & Niokle, bnrned
this morning. The inmates barely escaped with
their lives. Loss, $15,000 insurance, $8,000.
A Safe majority.
ST. LOUI8. NOV. 26.— The incoming legisla­
ture of this state wiU stand as follows: Senate,
democrats, 27, opposition 7 House, democrats,
99, opposition 41.
A European Shake.
VntsNA, Nov. 26.—Five heavy shocks of earth
buake was felt at Graetz, capital of Styria,
Collected by Associated Press, Report­
ers and Transmitted Over
the Electric Wires
To be Put into Shape by the Night
Toilers of the Daily
And Bead by the Many Patrons of
the People's Paper in the
Early Horn.
The Wife of a French Deputy Shoots
a Slanderer in the Palace
of Justice.
An Ohio Doctor Administers Poison to
His Four Children and
The Record of a Day's Happenings.
A Parisian (Sensation.
PABIS, NOV. 27.—A tragedy which caused a
great sensation occurred here today. The wife
of Deputy Gloria Hugue, with a revolver, shot
and killed Morin, a commission agent at the
Palais de Justice, becaus he had slandered her.
6he fired six shots at her viotim, four of which
lodged in bis chest. Hugue, who approves bis
wife's action, together with Madame Hugue, was
artested. Last year Hugue and wife prose­
cuted Morin for defamation of character and
secured a sentence of two years' imprison­
ment. Morin, however, by a system of
dilatory motions, carried' the ca?e from
court |to court. Madame Hugue became
angry, and today, hearing that the assize court
of the Seine would grant another adjournment
of a fortnight, proceeded there and upon the
court rising for luncheon Madame Hugue,
her husband and counsel descending the stair­
case met Morin, when the tragedy ensued. After
Madame Hugue had been arrested, which was
immediately after the assault, she declared to
the commissory. of police she hoped she had
killed the man who, during the past two years,
bad been killing| her by itches by his atro
cious calumnies.
Deputy Hugue has been released. He states
that Morin continues to send insulting letters
and postal cards to Madame Hugne. Mrr.
Hugue says she would long ago have killed
Monn but for her husband dissuading her there­
from. Morin had declared that Mrs. Hugue,
previous to marriage,was the mistress of Lenor
mont, whose wife is trying to obtain a opera­
tion. After Morin was wounded he wrote a
declaration of innocence. The publio is enthu­
siastic over the conduct of Madame Hugue,
whose acquittal is expected.
He Wanted the Children With Him.
SPRINGIIELD, Ohio, Nov. 27.— Dr. John Max­
well, yesterday atternoon, after sending his wife
to town to Bhop, administered to his four child
ren, aged from 5 to 13, a combinat on of aconite
and chloroform, then placed cloths saturated
with chloroform over their faces and placed
them on the bed he administered a similar
dose to himself and laid down to die with
them. When Mrs. Maxwell returned the eldest
girl was dead and the others unconscious.
Assistance was summoned and every effort
made to revive them but during the night two
more children died. Maxwell revived somewhat
and was placed in jail. He refused to talk. He
left letters saying he was tired of life and
wanted the children to go with him to avoid
suffering. He had recently been indicted for
libel by another pbyjeian and this, together
with other business embarrassments, ia sup­
posed to bave incited him to his fearful act.
Been Beading the Tribune's Figures.
FABGO, NOV. 27 .—Special tables prepared by
the Argus and corrected by official returns show
the total vote of the territory as 82,140, with
four counties to hear from, where the vote will
be about 3,700. In the eighty counties where
the official returns are at hand Judge Giff ri
has 68,000 votes and Mr. Wilson 14,COO, making
the republican majority 54,000. North Dakota
records a vote of 31,000, and South Dakota
51,000. In the north there is one democrat to
nine republicans and the south the ratio is one
democrat to four republicans. South Dakota
has 9,000 more square miles of territory and ia
the older portion. Yankton being the capital
twenty-three years ago, while ten years ago
Fargo was an Indian reservation, but Cass
county now pays one tenth of the territorial
Going to the Exposition.
WASHINGTON, NOV. 27.—An excursion of
several hundred business men and capitalists
from New York, Philadelphia and Baltimore,
wdl visit the World's exposition at New Or­
leans on the 8th of January. They go for the
purpose of gain information as to the com­
mercial resourc of the south »ni the future
prospects of opening up niw avenues of trade
with thatsection and ha republio of Mexico
and.Upanish Americi markets. The rarsion
iatswill go via Cinoinnatti and Inuisville to
New Orleans and returning will visit the prin­
cipal southern cities.
Sixty graduates from Girard college, Phila­
delphia, will visit the World's Exposition as a
delegation and will be entertained by the
French citizens of New Orleans in honor of
Stephen Guard, the founder of the college
and great French benetaotor of eduoation.
The Bay at the Capital, j.
WASHINGTON, Nov. 27.—There was a very
quiet but general observance of Thanksgiving
Day. All the departments were closed and ser­
vices were held in most of the churches. In the
morning the fire department paraded and dur­
ing the afternoon thd colored military organisa*
tions marched through the principal streets.
The president came into the city from the sol
diers'|home cottage and attended oburoh he
afterwards drove back to the home, where he
took dinner with his daughter and Mrs. McEl
roy. M-
In Germany.
BEBLIN, Nov. 27.—Two-hundred and seventy
Americsns were present at the Thanksgiving
banquet in this city tonight. Herr Stoekenberg
asked graoe and United States Minister Kaaaon
called for three cheers for Grover Cleveland
the next president of the United States, which
were heartily given. A telegram was sent Gov­
ernor Cleveland, informing him that the Ameri­
cans in Berlin drank his health. Minister
Kasson also proposed the health of Emperor
William of Germany, in response to which the
German National anthem was played by the
The Jiife Saving Service.
WASHINGTON, NOV. 27.—The chief of the
life saving department, in his annual report,
says the total number of disasters during the
year waa 439 total value of property involved,
f10,607,940 total value of property saved, $9.
161,454 total value of property lost, $1,446,558
total nnmber of persons involved,
4,432 total number of persons saved.
4,412 total nnmber of persons lost,
20 total number of persons succored at stations,
552 total number of days succor afforded,1,319
number of vessels totally lost, 64. Investigations
held after each case of loss of life show that
twenty persons who perisbc^ were severally
beyond human aid and that in no instance can
their loss be attributed to any failure
in duty on the part of the life saving
crews. The number of disasters during the'
year exceed by twenty-three the nnmber of the
year preceding, whi cb was seventy-one more
than any previous year in the history of the.
servioe. The amount involved was $3,365,220
greater than in the preceding year but the
amount lost was $124,434 less, while the amount
saved was 3,489,654 more, The assistance ren­
dered during the year in saving vessels and
cargoes was mnch larger than in any previous'
year. Three hundred and ninety vessels, which
is fifty-three more than in the preceding year
having been worked off when stranded, repaired'
when damaged, piloted out of dangerous places
and similarly assisted by the station crew,
there were besides 245 instances, 115 more than
in the preceding yea?, jfhere vessels running
into danger of stranding were warned off by the
night signals of patrols, most of them thus
being probably saved from partial or total
The Coon Is Safe.
PETEBSBUBG, Va., Nov. 27.—The several
military companies of this city, which were
ordered ont last night by Maj. J. S. Cary at the
instance of Mayor Jarratt, to resist any attempt
that might be made to do violence to Eugene
Glenn, the negro who murdered Wilmar Hol­
land, white, on Tuesday night, and who is con­
fined in jail, remained on duty at their armories
until 6 o'clock this morning, when, by instruc­
tion of Major Carey, they were permitted to go
off duty. There was no other attempt to take
Glenn from jail.
A Pennsylvania Fire.
A LENTOWN, Nov. 27.—The building oocupied
by Schlegel, Ziegenfuss ft Co. and Bitter A
Boyer as a furniture factory and planing mill
was burned, lioss of Seblegel, Ziegenfuss& Co.
is $10,000 Bitter & Boyer, $3,000, and the Pretz
estate, which owned the building, engine and
boilers, $8,000. The flour mill of Pretz, Wien
scheimer & Co., adjoining, was damaged $5,000
and the building of Elliger Beal Estate associa­
tion on the opposite side of the street, $2,500.
The fire is attributed to incendiarism.
Fargo Insurance Company.
FABGO, Dak., Nov. 27.—The Fargo Insurance
company has just been completely reorganized
and now is under control of experienced mon­
eyed men of Chicago and Iowa. W. W. Walker
of Cedar Rapids,Iowa^s president A. D.Collier,
late adjuster of the Cedar Bapids, Burlington &
Northern railroad,ia vice president W. A.Lowell
of Chicago secretary and I). L. Fry of Chicago
treasurer. Arrangements are being made to
enter actively into business backed by large
A Call On the State.
CINCINNATI, O., NOV. 27.Jk-The exposition
commissioners have ordered an assessment of
25 per cent on the state's guarantee to meet
deficiency caused by the expenses of this year's
exhibition exceeding 'the receipts about
He Flays Whole Clubs.
NEW YOBK, Nov. 27.r-Steinitx, the champion
oheaa player of Austria, today defeated twenty#
one members of the Manhattan Ohea club.

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