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Bismarck weekly tribune. (Bismarck, Dakota [N.D.]) 1884-1943, November 02, 1888, Image 5

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Vox Vice-President—LEVI P. MORTON.

for Delegate to Congress-G. A. MATHEWS.
Legislative—'Twenty-Third District,
'^ffor the Coonoil-ALEX. HUGHES, of Burleigh.
County. V",
'f t1|§$ For Sh if E 8 N E A
ft, ij%. For Auditor-E. C. CHASE.
For Register of Deeds—ROBT. B. BOYD.
For Treasnrer^ROBT. MACNIDER.
for District Attorney—E. A. WILLIAMS.
For Assessor—H. P. BOGUE.
Ifor Jndge of Probate—JOHN PHILBBICK.
For Coroner—P. B. WEBB.
For Surveyor—TH08. HEBRON.
For Conn ty Commissioner, Second District—A.
'Jstfy I hereby annonnce my name for the consldeta
tion of the voters of Burleigh county, as an Inde­
pendent candidate for the office of register of
deeds at the foil election to be held November
6.1688. J. H. RICHARDS.
For Delegate to Congress—J. W. HARDEN.
For Begister of Deeds-JOHN H. BICHABDS.
•'S For Auditor-R. R. MARSH.
For Treasurer—GfO. W. BBADFOBD,
For District Attorney—J. C. HOLLEMBAEK.
For Superintendent of Schools—J. H. HUBEB.
For Jndge of Probate-E. M. BROWN.
,: For County Commissioner.—Second District—
Legislative Nominations to Date.
Diet. Name. Party.
{E. C. Encson Union Rep
John R.Woods Union Dem
ol A. L. Van Osdel Yankton Bap
A. G. Fuller Yankton Dem
•a Robert Dollard Bon Homme Rep
1 Jos. P. Cooley Bon Homme Dem
jl W. W. Goddard Minnehaha Dem
C. A. Soderberg Minnehaha Rep
B. H. Sullivan Aurora Rep
1 J. C. Ryan Aurora Dem
(John H. Patton Miner.
I. Atkinson Brookings Rep
Joe. Allison.. .Brookings Dem
(Robt. Lowery Beadle Rep
John M. Davis Beadle...-. Dem
D. W. Poindexter.... Spink Rep
I J. A. Woolhiser Hand Rep
~|A. H.Yost. Faulk Ear and Dem
,, (Col. I. Crawford Hughes Bep
{Geo.tt Crose Hyde Dem
(M. H. Cooper Coddington Bep
O. T. Bigefow Coddington D«m
A. W. Campbell Brown Bep
18 J- O.A.Bennett....McPherson ProD
Chas. Pfeffer McPhersou Dem
'F. J. Washabaugh... Lawrence Bep
James Hally Pennington Bep
W. I. Walker Pennington Dem
LA. J. Coram Lawrence Dem
J. H. Miller Richland Rep
A. W. Edwards Cass Bep
Smith Stimmel Cass Dem and Peop
C. A. Van Wormer..Barnes Bep
Hugh McDonald Barnes Dem
G. A. Harstad .Traill Dem and Prob
E. T. Jahr Traill Dem
T. Harrison Traill Alliance
H. O. Reed Traill Bep
Heo. B. Winship....Grand Forks Bep
George H. Walsh.Grand ForksPeopandDem
Roger Allin Walsh Rep
Bobt. Bisect Walsh Dem
J. D. Wallace Pembina Bep
Peter Cameron Pembina Dem
W. P. Farrell Stutsman Dem
E. E. Henderson... Wells Ind
S. L. Glaspell Stutsman Rep
23 Alex Hughes Burleigh Bep
Diet. Name. County. Party
Aikens Lincoln Hep
White Clay Rep
Bnrdick. Clay Ina
Joseph Allen Tamer Rep
Tnltti 'I'nvmKnll 'IIhJ|^p
John Tarnbull Turner
«J Frank Morris Hutchinson,
E. T. Sweet Hutchinson
I Ed. Mann Turner:
iH. J. Sanborn Turner
J. G. Jones, Charles Miz Rep
_A. D. Mather Douglas Dem
H. Keith Minnehaha Rep
Baldwin Ind
E. W. Terrill McCook Rep
W. S. Logan Hanson Rep
J. T. Gilbert Minnehaha Dem
Daniel Mulloy McCook Dem
J. O. Bard Hanson Dem
D. M. Powell Davison Rep
J. M. Greene Brule Rep
Aaron Data Brule Dem
J. K. Johnson Davison Rep
C. J. Miller Lake Rep
Win. Rsmsdell.... ..Moody Rep
H. H. Sheets Kingsburg Bep
P. P. Palmer Hamlin ..Ret.
Peter Mitholland...Deuel Dem
OleQuam Kingsbury Dem
O. F. Royer Jerauld...
M. M. Price Sanbom..
F. Anderson Sanborn..
A. Converse Jerauld...
Harry Hunter Spink
B. F. Bixler Spink
C.B.Hubbard. ...Clark
J. B. Cook Faulk
J. W. Ryan Walworth Bep
J. A- Lucas Potter, Dem
J. Campbell Hand Dem
Frank Lillibridge.. .Sully Bep
O. R. Van Etten Hyde Bep
M. J. Simon. Hyde .Dun
D. A.
Far and Dem
Sweetland Sully .Dem
Popgtoss Day Bep
A. L. Patridge .Grant Bep
C. E. Daniels Grant Dem
E. H. Compton Day Dem
J. H. Fletcher Brown .Bep
8. P. Howell— MoPherson Bep
HenryHack.........Edmunds Pro
R. L. Brown Brown Pro
E. Dyer Marshall Dem
,F.B. Smith ..Brown Dem
Henry Keete. Lawrence Dem
John D. Hale La wren oe Dem
E. G. Dudley Fall River.. Dem
John D. Patton .Lawrence Bep
Chas. J. Trade Butte Bep
A. D.Clark..... Custer ..Bep
C. O. Newman Sargent Bep
H.J. MaJlory Diokey Bep
W. Fisher Cass Bep
P. 8. Peterson Cass Bep
E. McNeil Cass Dem and Peop
J. W. Bnrnham Cass Dem and Peop
T. M. Elliott Ransom Bep
M. Dealy LaMoure. Bep
IraS. Lampman....Barnes ...Dem
LL. Conse LaMouse Dem
J. O. Smith Steele Bep and Pro
F. H. Adams Griggs Bep ann Pro
B. A. Pope Dem
.W.T.McColloch....Griggs...Peopand Dem
C. H. Baldwin Grand Forks Bep
IQJ B. L. Bennett Grand Forks Bep
E. C.D. Shortage .Grand Forks.. Dm and
Frank Estabrooke.. .Grand Forks.. Dm and
Nathan Upham Walsh .Bep
W. E. Swanston. Ramsey Bep
Donald Btewart Walsh Dem
.C. P.Moore Bamsey ....Dem
E. H. Bergman Pembina Bep
P. MoHnuh Cavalier Bep
John Bidlake .Csvalier Dem
Miohie. Bottineau Dem
A. D. Greene.... ....Eddy Dem
W. E. Perkins Nelson Dem
A. J. Gronna Nelson Rep
D. B. Wellman .Eddy. Bep
.Phillip MoKernan....Stutsman Ina
H. S. Parkins .Morton Bep.
J. B. Welcome .Ward .....Bep
I W A id id
B. W Unkenbols.. .Morttni.... .Dem
Mrs. Brown came In from Steele Sunday.
C. A. Harnois, of Helena, is at the West­
R. W. Child was in from .Winona Satur-
John Kenyon came in from Helena Sun­
Capt. Schrader of Fort Tates is in the
Miss Hattie Robins, New York, arrived
A. Chester, Winnipeg, is a guest at the
John L. Duncan was in from Menoken
Dan White arrived from Sandusky, O.,
William Jones of Menoken dropped in
J. W. Jacquith came in from Menoken
Miss Julia E. Hall of Norwalk, O., is at
the Banner.
F. H. Pitcher of Glencoe visited the cap­
ital Saturday.
Francis M. Reeves was in from Apple
Creek Monday.
C. R. Lindstrom was an arrival from
Washburn Sunday.
Henry Newcomer was in from Francis
township Monday.
John L. Dunken of Menoken Visited the
capital city Saturday.
£. R. Gilman, of electric light fame, ar­
rived in the city Monday.
County Commissioner Barton of Mc­
Lean county is in the city.
J.F.Jones of Menoken dined at the
Western house Saturday.
C. J, Hubbard and wife of Cromwell
vistited the capital Tuesday.
Harry L. Thompson of Menoken regis­
tered at the Custer Monday.
J. B. Roark was in Saturday from Ward
county's political labyrinth.
J. F. King, postmaster al Wales, was a
caller at the capital Saturday.
W. S. McCafferty, the democratic chief of
Sterling was in town Monday.
Charles Ferry and E. Small were in Mon­
day from Fort Rice reservation.
Professor Colby and J. A. Walker were
in from Emmons county Monday.
F. S. Emory came in from Winona Mon­
day and is stopping at the Custer.
George S. Brooks and wife of McKenzie
visited Bismarck friends Saturday.
John Stokke was in Saturday from Mc­
Lean county's immense coal fields.
Judge Roderick Rose arrived from
Jamestown Saturday to hold court.
Jerry Cahill, George M. Shirley and
Frank Davis were in town Saturday.
Mrs. Walter Wood of Portland, Me., ar­
rived from the ea.st Monday afternoon.
John J. Snow and daughter arrived from
Oregon and are stopping at the Banner,
Banker Westtall and W. T. Perkins re­
turned from Winchester Saturday evening.
Monday's delayed train brought to the
city Mr. and Mrs. E. K. Harris of Minneap­
Secretary McCormick left Mondyy
for Grand Forks to be absent until after
the election.
Governor Pierce left last week
for Indiana to assist in the finishing touches
of the campaign.
"Postmaster Archambault of Emmons
burg, one of the oldest of old-timers, was
in the city Saturdy.
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Mull of Phillips
bury, Pa., are in the city. Mr. Mull is vis­
iting his brother, W. W. Mull.
District Attorney E. T. Herrick was up
from Emmons county Friday to attend
the legislative committee meeting.
Dr. W. G. Spencer, A. R. McKenzie and
Mrs. Mack came up from Ft. Yates Tues
day and are guests at the Sheridan.
Observer Whitney of the signal service
has returned from a deer hunt in Oliver
county where he had the unusual luck of
killing five deer.
Mr. Oliver Ziner and Miss Mary Haver
son of Taylor arrived on Saturday's east
bound train and were married in tne after­
noon by Justice Hare.
Henry Stockton and wife of Washburn,
a newly married couple, came up from Mc­
Lean county Saturday and quartered
at the Sheridan house.
E. A. Lilly at one time one of Bismarck's
leading real estate men, but now an irre­
pressible insurance agent of Minneapolis,
is visiting friends in this city.
H. W. Grambs, Beal's right hand man in
the plumbing business, left Monday for a
month's visit at his old iiome, Honesdale.
Pa., accompanied by Mrs. Grambs.
T. S. Underhill of Antelope, who has
loomed up of late as one of the prominent
politicians of the west Missouri country,
paid his compliments to his Bismarck
friends Tuesday.
N. F. Boucher, district attorney for Mc­
Lean county, came down from Washburn
Tuesday. He says his friends have
little to say before election—on the outside
—but the 6th of November will tell the tale.
H. H. Day, Bismarck's popular jeweler,
left for the west on Friday's Pacific ex­
press. He intends to make an extensive
pleasure tour of the Pacific coast and will
return via a southern route to visit his old
hom« and friends in that section.
J. B.' Wellcome, the republican candi­
date for the legislature from Ward county,
was in the city jJFriday in conference
with Hon. Alex Hushes, candidate for the
council and H. S. Parkin, nominee for the
lower house from Morton county.
Rev. Charles McLean of Pembina, who
is in the city and who will occupy the
pulpit of the Presbyterian church to-day,
is an old-time friend and schoolmate of
Hon. John A. McLean of this city. In the
evening the sermon will be devoted partic­
ularly to young people. Rev. McLean is
one of the most earnest and able christian
workers in North Dakota, and his presence
at the Presbyterian church to-day will
bring out a large audience.
I. C. Wade of Jamestown is in the city.
Mr. Wade is president of the North Da­
kota Agricultural association. He, assisted
by an able corps of officers, managed the
fair at Grand Forks this fall so that not­
withstanding two wet days in the middle
of the fair week, the association came out
financially ahead. He is largely and en­
thusiastically engaged in stock ralsingAnd
no one in all Dakota takes more earnest in­
terest in agricultural matters than Mr.
Wade. He is the right man in the right
^Ce.1 Catarrh Coxed.
'v tAvir*-!
A clergyman, after years of suffering
from that loathsome disease. Catarrh, and
vainly trying every known remedy, at last
found a receipt which completely cured
and saved him from death. Any sufferer
from this dreadful disease sending a self
addressed stamped envelope to Prof. J. A.
Lawrence, 88 Warren St, New York City,
will receive the receipt free of charge.
NUBS or N^ws.
Helena was visited with a $60,000 fire.
Ex-Governor Hamilton of Maryland is
Judge McAllister,so long on the Chicago
bench is dead.
General Harrison denies that he was
ever a know-nothing.
Several hundred sheep have been killed
by wolves in Montana.
President Cleveland can't vote. Buffalo
is no longer his home.
It is said that the Michigan greenbackers
will vote for Harrison.
Republicans even claim the city of St.
Louis by 5,000 majority.
George Lucas of Des Moines. Ia., is liv­
ing with a bullet in his brain.
Typhoid fever is epidemic at Macon, 111.
Several deaths have occurred.
Nearly 11,000 persons have been natu­
ralized in New York this year.
John Schaller cut his wife's throat at
Cincinnati and then killed himself.
St. Louis is the first city in the union to
erect a monument to General Grant.
A decree divorcing King Milan and
Queen Natalie has been promulgated.
The democrats will attempt to poll the
vote of the White Earth, (Minn.) Indians.
Jay Gould has come out for Cleveland
Oh, no, the monopolists are not for Grover.
A club house at Moscow collapsed, kill­
ing sixteen persons and injuring twenty
There has been expended to date for the
relief of the yellow fever sufferers, $210,
Mrs. General John A. Logan sailed for
Europe on the steamship Trave, Wednes­
day, the 24th.
A Nordon, Neb., man has been married
after twenty years of courtship conducted
through the mails.
General Harrison closed his campaign
Saturday at Indianapolis witff an address
to the railroad men.
Seventy-five life long democrats organ­
ized a Harrison club in Bath, N. Y., last
Monday and raised a pole.
It is said the Indiana dunkards are for
General Harrison. It is estimaled there
are 13,000 of them in the state.
Fraud to the extent of several hundred
names have been discovered in the regis­
tration of voters of Jersey City.
The Journal of United Labor charges
that the republican national committee has
the stolen mail list of that paper.
The first train through the Wykes tun­
nel on the Manitoba Central railway,
passed through Thursday, the 25th.
At Ylncennes, Ind., Sylvester Grubb, who
murdered his sweetheart, has been sen­
tenced to hang April 19,1889.
An informal vote for president at Har­
vard college resulted, Harrison, 659 Cleve­
land, 493 Fisk, 18 Streeter, 1.
Daniel Hand, a wealthy resident of Guil­
ford, Conn., has given $1,000,000 to the
American Missionary association.
Alfred H. Love has published a letter de­
clining his nomination for vice president
of the national equal rights ticket.
Near Du Quoin, 111., while in a game of
cards, Warren Jordan and John Davis be­
came involved in a fight and both were
It is said that Mrs. John A. Logan is to
be associated with the editorial direction
of a new monthly to be called the Home
Thirteen whaling vessels have been
caught in the ice near Herald island in the
Artie ocean, and their crews are in a peril­
ous condition.
Saturday was the last day of registra­
tion in New York city and a total of 286,
547 names was registered, au increase of
over 10,000 over 1884.
The death is announced of James King,
an English military bandmaster, who at the
age of 6 years accompanied his father, a
trumpet major, at Waterloo.
Two politicians in the third district in
Louisana ought to be harmonious. The
republican candidate's name is Jolly and
the democrat's name is Gav.
United States Swamp Land Commis­
sioner W. D. Farey, was arrested at Des
Moines, la., and fined $100 for treating
a personal triend to whisky.
The Grand jury at Salt Lake city found
234 mdictiments for offenses against the
United States statutes, chiefly unlawful
cohabitations, adultery and the like.
A bar of supposed gold worth $35,000 is
in the United States mint at Philadelphia
and has been discovered to be spurious.
It is reported that other banks have been
swindled by the metal.
Senator Sherman is credited by the New
York Coshockton, O., correspondent with
saying: "We will carry New York and
Connecticut and Harrison will be elected,
but I have no hope of being successful in
The women of Washington territory
who were disfranchised by a recent deci­
sion of the United States supreme court,
will try at the next session of congress to
secure the passage of a bill reinstating
them in their suffrage rights.
Col. Fred Grant said yesterday that his
sister Nellie would not visit her mother
this year for the reason that every visit she
makes to this country is made the occasion
for the publication of malicious faisehoods
concerning her relations with her husband.
Two girls named Lydia Seals and Lizzie
Shelby, aged 18 and 22, were assaulted and
outraged in a stable in a deserted quarter
of St Louis by nineteen men, all of whom
are under arrest Miss Seals is dying,
while Miss Shelby is in a precarious condi­
Colonel Pulsifer, whose suicide was
a few days ago, left a will in which was
the following significant paragraph: In
making provision solely for my wife
I am not unmindful of my children, Qeorge
R. and Louis W., and I intentionally omit
to provide for them in this instrument.
The Fair election league of Indiana re­
cently appealed to the state central com­
mittees of both parties for co-operation in
the work of "putting an end to corrupt
elections in the state of Indiana." The re
bublican committee promptly proffered
financial assistance and hearty co-opera­
tion with the good work. The democratic
committee made no reply at all. How
does that strike you?
Detective Leary arrested a drunken
tramp named Gorden for fraudulent regis­
tration in New York Tuesday. The tramp
confessed to having registered in six pre­
cincts, and was sentenced to two and one
half years in the penitentiary. Detective
Leary claims one-tenth of the $25,000 of­
fered by Chairman Qnay of the republican
national committee, for detection of elec­
tion frauds.
1 1
Phil Armour, the pork king, is in Huron.
The Manitoba track has reached Sioux
Bierly has challenged Mathews to a joint
John Davies, near Huron, was crushed to
a well he was
John O'Brien was run over and killed by
a railroad train near Eden Wednesday.
Sioux Falls is likely to vote down local
option because it has not been enforced.
On the first day of registration 186 more
voters registered in Fargo than last year.
Joaquin Miller, the Sierra poet, while
hunting was accidentally shot in the hand.
John Diver, a farmer near Huron, was
suffocated by fire damp in a well Tuesday.
General Alger says the Upper Peninsula
of Michigan will give Harrison 6,000 ma­
Commissioner McClure has declined the
nomination for conncil in the Eleventh
The Northwestern National bank has
commenced business at Aberdeen. Capital
At Eden a freight train ran over and ter­
ribly mangled John O'Brien of Bremer
county, Iowa.
Sioux Falls expects to have 5,000 men en­
gaged in getting out jasper from the stone
quarries next year.
E. W. Terrill of McCook county has with­
drawn from the republican legislative
ticket nominated recently. Mr. Terrill was
in the legislature two years ago.
W. H. H. Matteson, editor of the Evening
Sun, was arrested at Fargo on complaint
of A. L. Conella, with whom he nad a
"scrap" last week and on whom he is said
to have drawn a revolver, which did not go
The steam yacht Unadilla, Capt. James
Leitch from Chicago, has reached New
Orleans. She left Chicago September 19th
and came through the Illinois andMichi-
canal to La Selle, then down the II
mois and Mississippi rivers.
It is said that Mr. Wright refused to run
for the house on the democratic ticket with
Editor Goddard for the council in the Sioux
Falls district. The name of J. T. Gilbert,
who was a member of the last legislature,
has been substituted for Wright.
City Council Meeting.
The city council met Friday evening the
26th. Present Mayor Bentley, Aldermen
Allen, Dietrich, Williams, Webb, McCrory.
The proposition of J. Mallanney to rent
the present offices occupied by the clerk
and treasurer for one year at $15 per month
was accepted and a lease was ordered
The city treasurer's report for the month
of September was read and referred to the
ways and means committee.
The report of the clerk concerning the
completion of assessment roll and other
matters was referred to the committee on
ways and means.
The report was as follows:
BISMARCK, D. T., Oct. 24,1888.
Gentlemen: I have the honor to report
that the city assessment roll for 1888 was
duly completed prior to the time required
by the ordinance. The stated valuation
amounts to $1,518,726, making a slight in­
crease over that of last year. Pursuant to
a notice published in the Bismarck TRIB­
UNE, the city clerk held the assessment
rolls open for public examination three
days, viz: October 15,16 and 17,1888, and
further, that during this time no one ap­
peared to make objection or complaint
either verbal or written. In conclusion I
would offer a suggestion that the council
create and levy 1 mill as a contingent fund
to be used only in redeeming iots belong­
ing to the city and were sold for tax, and
lor redeeming city certificates erroneously
issued, and such tax as may be ordered re­
funded by a decree issued by the judge of
the district court. This question will even­
tually have to be met. A levy of 4 mills,gen­
eral fund, together with that derived from
other sources will give us about $16,5000
income for general purposes. Our liabili­
ties will fuily reach $16,000 as a conserva­
tive estimate. In the matter of interest
and sinking fund purposes we have almost
$5,000 on hand now, not counting receipts
from October tax sale. The oniy liability
for the current fiscal year will be $2,470
interest on city bonds. As the first city
bonds due will be due thirteen years hence
it would be hardly necessary to make an
interest and sinking fund levy this year.
The income for school purposes will be
$10,684. By 4 mills general, 1 mill contin­
gent and 4% mills school, making all 9K
mills, or even with 1 mill for interest and
sinking fund which would be 10£ mills
—even this would be mills less than last
year and a less strain on tax payers.
Respectfully Submitted.
E. H. BARRETT, City Clerk.
The following bills were allowed as ap­
proved by the committee on claims:
M. L. Marsh, salary policeman, August
and September $ 120 00
Gordon Bright, salary policeman, August
and September
J. W. Biggins, salary, Cus'n Eng. house,
Alez. Hushes, salary, city attorney, Au­
gust ana September
J. Mallanney, rent, city offices, August...
Jos. Hare, city justice tees, May ana June
Bism. Electric Light Co., three montbs,
(as reduced).....
Bism. Water Co., hydrants, three months,
(asreduoed) 1,010 00
Gull Biver Lumber Co., constructing
water troughs, etc 25 65
Webb Bros., furniture, engine house 13 SO
W. S. Moorhouse, merchandise 20 IX
B. L. Durant ft Co., stationery 3 00
Jas. King, oats for engine house 18 53
W. Burgess & Co., ioe 4 00
O. B. Barnes & Co., merchandise 10 05
Bism. Tribune Co., books and printing.. 5125
On motion the council adjourned to Sat­
urday, October 27,1888, 7:30 p. m.
J.1 Tuesday, the 6th day of No vember
A. D. 1888, in the connty of Burleigh
Dakota territory, an election will be held for the
following officen:
One delegate to congress.
One member of the territorial council.
Two members of the house of representatives.
One sheriff.
One connty auditor.
One register of deeds.
One treasurer.
One district attorney.
One assessor.
One judge of probate.
One coroner.
One surveyor, and
One county commissioner of the Second com­
missioner district of Burleigh county.
Also justioes of the peace and constables for
eaeh preoinot which election will be opened at
8 o'clock in the morning and will continue
open until 5 o'clock in the afternoon of the
same day.
For the purposes of the above election the fol­
lowing preoincts have been established and the
following persons were appointed judges of
Preoinot No. 1, district No. 1. shall consist of
all that portion of the city of Bismarck lying in
township 188, range 80. and shall vote at the oourt
house and F. H. Begister, Dan Eisenberg and
David Stewart shall act as judges.
Precinct No. 2, district No. 1, shall consist of
all that portion of township 128, range 80, outside
the city of Bismarck and snail vote at the school
house and Adam Mann. Thomas Foster and W.
K. MoClung shall be judges.
Precinct No. district No. 1, shall consist of
Apple Creek civil township, shall vote at the
school house and the supervisors shall aot as
^E$ediMt No. 4, district
Boyd civil township, shall vote at the school
bouse and the supervisors shall aot as judges.
Precinct No. 5, district No. 1, ahull consist of
Loaan township, shall vote at tbe school house
and the supervisors shall act as judges.
Precinct No. 6, distriot No. 1, shall consist of
township 187, ranges 75,76 and 77, shall vote at
the house ol^J.A.Batesand J. A. Bates, Ed Sei
bert and L. D. ualley shall act as judges.
Precinct No. 7, district No. 1, shall consist of
township 138,ranges75and70.Bhall vote at the
White sohool house and W. H. Bratton, A. D.
Cordner and J. P. White shall act as judges.
Precinct No. 8, district No. 1, shall consist of
Teller civil townahm. nhall vntA of aakiMl
Telfer civil 'townsGprshaif vote 'a"the'school
house on section 9 and the supervisors shall aot
.'recinct No. 9, distriot No. 1, shall consist of
township 187, range 79, shall vote at the Manning
sohool house and Donald Stewart, L. L. Johnson
and Dan McLean shall act as judges.
Preoinot No. 10, district No. 1, shall consist of
Fort Bice reservation, shall vote at the school
house and William Rohidou, Frank Canpsgne
and D. B. Holbrook shall act as judges.
Preoinot No. 1, district No. 2, shall consist of
township 140, ranges 80 and 81, shall vote at the
school houseon section 28, township 140, range 80.
and Geo. A. Joy, J. F. King and Joseph Swanton
shall act as judges.
Preoinot No. 2, district No. 2, shall consist of
township 140, range 79, shall vote at the school
S^S^Srd5alSS? G. McDonald. John Thornwald
and P. M. Smith shall aot as judges.
Precinct No. 3, distriot No. 2, shall consist of
township 140, range 78, shall vote at the school
house and Joseph Kemp, S. H. Newcomer and
Oliver Peterson shall act as judges.
Precinct No. 4, distriot No. 2, shall consist of
tpwnsMp 140, range 77, shaU vote at the house of
Jotai Sogers and John Rogers, E. W.
S. B. Norton shall act as judges.
Prednct No. 5, district No. 2, shall consist of
townships 139 and 140, range 76, shall vote at
the Sterling, school house and Oscar Ball, C. W.
Waggoner and Samuel Adams «hAH act as judges.
Preoinot No. 6, district No. 2, shall consist of
townships 139 and 140, range 75, shall Tote at
DnscoU school house, and. George Price, John
oust and Joseph Wood shall act as judges.
Precinct No. 7, district No. 2 shall oonsist of
township 189. range 77. shall vote at sohool house,
and John Tyler, Charles D. Rogers and Frank
SooviUe shall act as judges,
Precinct No. 8, district No. 2 shall consist of
Menoken civil township, shaU vote at school
noose and the snperviore shall act as judges.
Precinot No. 9, distriot No. 2 shall consist of
township 189. range 79, shall vote at school houBe
and J. P. French, Valentine Gubel and Leon
Brown shall act as judges.
Precinot No. 10, district No. 2 shall consist of
township 139, range 80, outside the city of Bis­
marck and fractional part of township 139, range
81, shul vote at school house, and Oscar Waixi,
John C. Pollock and John Strothers shall act as
Precinct No. 11, district No. 2 shall consist of
that part of the city of Bismarok in township
139, range 80, shall vote at green house andE.
Van Houten, Isaao Boss and Samuel La Wall
shall act as judges.
Precinct No. 1, district No. 3 shall consist of
township 142, range 81, and west hilf of township
142, range 80, shall vote at school house and
Joseph Taylor.S. A. Peterson and Alex Donaldson
shall act as judges.
Precinct No. 2, district No. 8 shall consist of
Ecklund civil township, shall vote at school
house No. 1 and the supervisors shall 'act as
Precinct No. 3, district No. 3 shall consist of
townshipsl43 and 144,ranges 75,76,77,78 and 79,shall
vote at the house of John Peterson, and John
Peterson, August Asplund and Alex Johnson
shaU act as judges.
Precinct No. 4. district No, 3 shall consist of
townships 141 and 142, ranges 75,76,77 and 78, shall
vote at house of George W. Chad wick, and
GeorgeW.Chadwick, W.E. Andrews andG. S.
Smith shall act as judges.
Precinct No. 5, district No. 3 shall consist of
township 141, range 79, shall vote at house of
OteorgeC. Wainwright,andGeorge0.Wainwright
Louis Weethauser and C. A. Carlson shall aot as
Precinot No. 6, district No. 3 shall consist of
township 141, range 80, and fractional part of
township 141, range 81, shall vote at school house
on section 34, township 141, range 80, and John
Myers, P. M. Hatch and Frank Sencori shall act
as judges.
Dated this 2d day of October, 1888.
County Auditor.
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120 00
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NEws-paper in
a 41
1, shall consist
1 S a a
[First Publication October 11. 1888.]
dated February », 1001, buu iwwuou iu um w.
noe of the register of deeds for Burleigh county
on Febraaiy 20,1884, at 11:25 o'clock a. m., in
book B2 of mortgagee on page 218. Default has
been made in the payment of the money secured
by said mortgage. The amount claimed to bo
due upon said mortgage (or principal inter­
est at the date of this notioe in $1189.
Now therefore notice is given that said mort­
gage will.be foreclosed ana the premises therein
described, namely: All that tract or panel of
land, lying and being in the oounty of Burleigh
and territory of Dakota, described as follows, to
wit: The southeast quarter (seJ4) of section
number twelve (12), in township number one
hundred and thirty-eight (138) north, of range
seventy-nine (79) west, containing one hundred
and sixty acres, will be sold at publio auction tc
the highest bidder for cash, to pay said debt with
interest, and the taxee, if any, on the premises,
and one hundred dollars attorney's fees,as stipu­
lated iu said mortgage in case of foreclosure,
together with the legal disbursements, by the
sheriff of said Burleigh county at the front door
of the court house, in the city of Bismarck, Bur­
leigh county, Dakota territory on November 23,
1888, at ten o'clock a. m.of that day.
Dated Bismarck, Dak., October 10. A. D. 1888.
THOMAS MELLON, kortgagee.
Attorney for Mortgagee, Bismarok. Dak.
[First Publication October 10, 1888.]
Octobers, 1888. I
J.™ following-named settler has filed notioe of
his intention to make final proof in support of
his claim, and that said proof will be made be­
fore the register and receiver at Bismarok on
November 14, 1888, viz:
for the southwest section 32, township 139,
range 76.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said land, TK:
J. T. Cram, Oscar Ball, Albert Black. G.W.
Bawlinge, all of Sterling, D. T.
Any person who desires to protest against the
allowance of such proof, or who knows of any
substantial reason, under the law ttnd the regula­
tions of the interior department, why such proof
should not be allowed, will be given an op
nortunity at the above mentioned time and place
to cross-examine the witnesses of said claimant,
and to offer evidence in rebuttal of that sub­
mitted by claimant.
i.™ following named settler has filed notice of
his intention to make final proof in support of
his claim, and that said proof will be made be­
fore the register and receiver of the United States
office at Bismarck, Dak., on December lith, 1888,
for the northwest H, of section 14, township 140
north, of range 80 west.
He names tne following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said land, viz:
Charley Ames, Joseph Jennings, John Breen
and William Breen, all of Bismarok, Burleigh
oounty. Dak.
Any person who desires to protest against the
allowance of suoh proof, or who knows of any
substantial reason, under the law and under the
regulations of the interior department, why such
proof shall not be allowed, will be given an op
porpunity at the above mentioned time and place
to cross-examine the witnesses of said claimant,
and to offer evidence in rebuttal of that submitted
by claimant.
OSCAR E. REA, Register.
[First Publication October 9,1888.]
In Probate Court, C. B. Little, Judge.
In the matter of the estate of Henry Clay Sin
clair, deceased.
Binclair,administratrix of said estate,has pre­
sented and filed in said court her final account and
report of her administration of said eetate,andstat.
ing that said estate is ready for distribution, and
the 7th day of November, 1888, at the hour of 11
clock a. m. of that day, at the probate court
room in the city of Bismarok, in said county of
Burleigh has been appointed as the time and
place for the settlement of said account and re­
port and petition for distribution.
Witness my hand and the seal of said oourt
hereto affixed this 8th day of October, 1888.
[First Publication Nov. 2, 1888.]
Oot. 29,1888.
REA, Register.
[First Publication October 10. 1888.]
1'A Walter Kterland mortgagee, the ismarok
Loan and Trust company, a body corporate nnder
and by virtue of the laws of the territory of Da­
kota assignee and present owner and holder,
'J homas Mellon mortgage dated May 2,18S4. and
recorded in the office of the register of deeds for
Burleigh connty on May 3. A. D. 1884, at 10:30
o'clock a. m., in book 02 of mortgages, on page
3 assignment dated January 11, 1887, and re­
corded in the office of the register of deeds for
said Bnrleigh county on January 15, 1887, at 2:30
o'clock p. m., in book E-t, on page 187.
Default haB been made in the payment of the
amount due on two certain interest conpon notes
which said mortgage was given to secure and the
said Thomas Mellon, assignee of the said mort­
gage, in accordance with the terms and condi­
tions of said mortgage, elects and declares the
principal note to be due and payable. The
amount claimed to be dne upon said mortgage
for principal and interest at the date of this
notice is $206.88.
Now therefore notice is given that said mort­
gage will be foreclosed ana the premises therein
described, namely: All that tract or parcel of
land and premises hereinafter particularly de­
scribed, situate lying and being in the city of Bis­
marck, in the oounty of Burleigh and territory of
'.'akota, described as follows, to-wit: Lot three
(3), in block thirty-one (31), of the Northern Pa­
cific Second addition to the city of Bis marck,ao
cording to the recorded plat thereof now on file
in the office of the register of deeds in and for
said county, will be sold at public auction to the
highest bidder for cash to pay said debt with in­
terest, and the taxes, if any on the premises, and
twenty-five dolls rs attorney's feee, as stipulated
in said mortgage in case
of foreclosure, together
with the legal dkbur8ements,by the sheriff of said
Bnrleigh connty, at the front door of the court
house, in the city of Bismarck, Burleigh oounty,
Dakota territory, on November 23, 1888, at 10
o'clook a. m. of that day.
Dated, Bismarck, Dak.. October 9, A. D. 1888.
Assignee of Mortgage.
Attorney for Assignee, Bismarok. Dak.
[First Publication Nov. 2,1888.]
Nov. l, 1888.
i.^1 following-named settler has filed notioe of
his intention to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made before
the register and receiver at Bismarck, D. T.,
on December 8, 1888, viz:
for the northeast & of section 24, township 187,
range 77.
He names the following witnesses to prove his
continuous residence upon and cultivation of
said land, viz:
Walter D. Briscoe, Valentin Benz, Geo. W.
Moffit and Henry Haughtaling, all of Sterling
P. O., D. T.
Any person who desires to protest against the
allowance of such proof, or who knows of any
substantial reason, nnder the law and the regula­
tions of the interior department, why Buoh proof
should not be allowed, will be given an op­
portunity at the above mentioned time and place
to cross-examine the witnesses of said claimant,
and to offer evidence in rebuttal of that sub­
mitted by claimant.
OSCAR E. mat, n*trf«tnr.
J. A. RKA, Attorney for Claimant.
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