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. JL. ttKAlt. -I 1 J I Editor
rtXHf MtidilHQ, Ang. Utb, 1857
Republican State Ticket.
F&Ll5'"r. cnAlt, ll.n.fltoo,
W nilrtinif Oarrt-Sur,.-
kLLTo ncllrf, pf 7'ruinkoJI.
iV Te.rr e Mal,
:y. . eoM, r rmnkUn.
AXIDisO . Rt'ilCI.r., of I Hilton.
Kr &rd at Puhlic !,
JlcOii SUJt'KKtSUIiiltKFIt,
of I nwftniTifl.
Breslin's Bonds.
TheDcinocrAcy in 18j3.ru their 8ih
ot January Convention, pmeed a res
elt.tlou jo favor o an Indopendent
Treasury, Ant) tho sauiu year elected
their cauflldtKe iorlJo.voctior (Medill)
candidate for Trcninrcvl$f cslin,) and
tiocretaiy of Slate .(Trevitt.) and a
large majority of the Legislature.
TbUsmoli?guJlatre refused to pa
any act fort ho establishment ol' an
Indrpeudcut Treasury, and not
this, but faLLed to puss any law ru-
ouirino- eomnohut security of the
lauc U which the iniUiu iiioiu-y
waaVibe depoaittd. Broslin tlic
Treasurer, moreover, waa pt rinilted
ia have the control of the Trcatmry,
for nearly ten moutha without giv
ing' bonds, notwitliBtunding it was
made the duty of the Governor to
require tho Treasurer, immediately
after his induction into ofllcu, to give
bonds to the amount of $250,000,
and hare the aame depositod with the
Secretary ol'State. Gov. .Medill, all
.i.t, .1 ' l-., r tl.it 1W
,....., w. -
lio was placed in the most rcspunm
bU position in the publiu trust with
out givinir security, and Trevitt, Sec
.retary of State, knew that no bunds
Jiad.been deposited wmt nitu, aim
Morgan, Auditor of Slute, was andi
tinu his accounts, all this time, know
ina tKftt Tti'.t'in wus not a li'j;iil
.'..(W.. M.b.M.t ,viw( ,iw iiuuuie i
aoe tlmt the Treasnry wrt-i eroijred.'ool
gaipit robbery. Uuw was it
ithe inceeding Hepublieuii Admin-
Why Governor Clutae did
allow Gibson to hundlu a cent ol
the public iuouy, -until the ino6tjbo
,am4e Sfoqrtiyyevejr givvo by any
was fuKthcumin hs tlic,
law required, Anil -tl,y ,IJej)iiblioan'ty,niid
Jgislalure-fnsod aunt, proviJ.'n
that all banks selected as places oi
epnelte tor tho Stuto ,lwnda, lit- re
quired tO glvo gOod-)iiull:ll BC't llli
t, for the Bafe-kePiiinjr. o,f thu funds,
to diuablo the amount ilepoidted.
rule, uotwithstnn-
.ding all. Jhe noiye about a ludepen
duut.Trea6ury,tho juldio.iu'Jiy wae:ihu
ileQflited in all aorta of bunk, villi
out any security bein exaeted, n
siuy Attention given b) tlio anlveney(
ofsuehbapka. illenee thu Stte lost
Urge amount through tho
ofthe banks, Jnvrliich tho State:ljiilH.IiJCBliii,
were deposited. iXever in thu.hio
j-y of the Statu wao tliuro suuli iii-rieJ,
"limr with banks onil -other mimiudjoleiice
-itaWJpli.Ticjilo, by St.'-'Hiciali
ihrrc was during , Eri rl n a tein:
and tlmt too nftcr tho Ieiiit-rftii:ti:d
-ratic party hud rcovcd in 'thcii'JJiave
Couvcntion, thatsuch aeoiiineLulatiiig
wns ruinous t I ho iutcrnots of
fcjiulo. The Dcuvcnitic Li gihlatu e
iiut,.ai)(l deliberated, and adjourn
1, nud tel'used 'lo aIo anything to
remedy tli ii wh, tiuJ as a conso
spieuce, tin re wna itio .i Htraint im -
jKsed ;Upoti the Treasurer 'to prevent ;
his squandering the public money.
Jt'o ihow the difl'oreiice between the
tliuojji of tho iDeiuoorucy, as ut forth
ilreir platform wf in.j3.nnd their
as embodied hi the action
am f the succeed iug Dumiicrutic Legis-jeuat
Ivtruisa, nd in the conduct of tln '
Deiuocratic Htate olfirii-rs, we givelthy
lutev 40 J-lauJv iu that noted plat
"lfl. llUel, That th separa
tioM of Hie moneys of the Statu from
the bankiua! institutions is iniimm
tV for th $nfety of the funds and
th nghtt of the People, we are there
f,m in fnvor if an EXTIRR DI I
Vet the Dim eratie Administru-
tontIiat was mb&cipiunily elucted
py the people, on the faith of and.
AjJedtfysame much nearer divorcing
heTreS4iry ana its in meet contemn.
hn,iaLrrcipg thu Treasury and
hi Banks. It is qotiiii'ioua fact
Jhat Brwlia pewJttfS'l to use
ft RoWIe rnoqey during his whole
stenn .of office, iu fouuding 'Will Cat
Fared Speech a Columbus.
tVa Jaawst rawly- suuti auch jhi w
' Mm tttsinrW k bvttlfoglng, as was
iiJiI Jij tlissiieech 0 Payne at
CJidaAUbaMUjOf, aceuig um nonjina
ly hafis bsbsiot4tetioted with bis sac
p4tfi& si(siiiK aifoogey. After
ro.lOraiog" Ibk Dral lott Decision
nto wmark' ofrthermattejr
(aoihsf matur to bs cbarjed bone
oiilylyem. hsving in view the. obstruction of
ol him a'torrelher. IIo intimates,
withithut tho (i-iubliuun Lpjjislaturo had
jiu inodijled tho law. that nwle em
4atrat(oiit bcz.lrinoiit a peiml otR'iiSo that lires
not lin could not he punished, Jf this
tho ciwo, how does it come that
Ureal in wna indicted for einbiz.lo
4m4i,otcur incut in tin; Court of I'juukliii Cotiti
w hy hits he lotind it necessary
to Ike Ihe country tocsenpo nrint
Vytio, in one of their rexoliitiuu
Uudar'Dcmocratio HtlopU'd, express o hope tliftt holh
jlhihliu and (lilmun would bo nt-nt t.
JVniti nti .ry, i.'thero was no law
'to reach their case,
Tho IVople ol Hancock County
will not hftve forgotten thu speech
mJ0 by this same Pay ne, in Fin
the lull ol 1SS5, uheu Medill.
mid Morgan were candi
jilatep, mid how larueHlly he advoeu
their cl-iiiic, and with what vi
lie ut lucked .Mr. Chnsu. Ii
ii;-. Puyna hud hud hi dusirca grnt
t.ipfud, Ihcslin, instead of being nr
cilice, for mnln 7r'(nior.t, wwJJ
been engaged at present inspee
Jbtfct on tho public money. Il
thewik tho stump in his luvor, und tlid
pons spuech. by inviting the unterri
fjcactico jcd u fall buck, and bitch on to his
Jail as ho is jnnt about to turn a
"grand Biiuimciamill," right into
thn-kost of Iho lijjlfcV tl'hc fall
tM- to eateh tho words &i they ful
upon them (the Jiepublicane) ii, thai
tha money obtained,, by heavily If id
iimi had been squandered,- they had
allowed tha Treasury to ba plundered
and had net lha power to a frail tha Of pa
of tha plunderar. . )
Una haf or lha paoula a monay ngs
been stolen, and tha thief gon unpun
ished. It shan't avail tha chief Repub
lican lenders to say that tha tha ft was
ona of tha preceding Adminisl'stion.
Why tha repeal of tha only lew b
which ha could ba punched! You cov
ered it up Tor ail hteen month, until all
(venues were closed for i ta exposure.--
Thia plea, Black Republicent.shall not
avail you! lha sworn omvain m mc
law, counted lha monay In the Tree su
ry, and found ll represented there.
Vou hava accetiled it of Breslin, and
it has bean got out In defiance of law.
If it ha been by collusion of Banks,
why .a u that these bank, anu uroRara
hava not bean brought 10 anaccountf.
for stealing and plunder before sixty
lava expire.
I doubl not if the fathers of (he Dem
ocratic church will give us their prayers
iind counsel, and if Democratic young
men go with me where ihr standard con-
fuleil to me leads us, we sliaii retn.e a
victory, in glory and in value, grace
ful lo our arms, never alt si nod by ihe
Deiimcracy of Ohio. Every man is a
regular cominuiiicani of the Democratic
Church who voted for James Buclisnan.
As lo ihe Legislation of the Ut two
ilio'ia of ihrt ct:nersl government, let
llhem.by a Dumocralic Legislaiuru by
one act bo sirickon front tlio slutule uo. k.
We will not witnma llie suhmissioii
of the white race, and will under the
wise dispensation of Divine Providence,
renuuie a superior poMiiou over black
As (o thu collodion, safe keeping and
distribution of public money by the
next Dumotratic legislature will be a
final and complete divorce of the Sialo
Treasury from Uanka and Bankers. 1
accept the nomination, and give you
inv hearty thanks. This occasion is
an augury of favorableo men.
In ihe contel 1 ask" you not to gf.
wheie 1 would not lead. I, aa eieiiiluid
I. ... . e . I.
'ilgo,n tne lormos
,jt uM1(llBrB, all along the line
This speech, in diption and eptr
it, is a rare sppciuien ceituiuly Of
the dignity mid gitJ taste ot Ohe
who ia seeking tho highest office in
the gift of ho eople of this State !
Its Ifadinir ehnracterietic is tho liw-
cathin l of pot-house cant. Nwth'w
id ma nc iv iK'u'tiu uonors maKe a
fr a crime, oiuuiitted tiiifler it law
that, Payne would mnko believe, d:.""
not exist I Ami why furihermoredid
the CVn vciitin, thtit iioniiuatcd
ail ho could to secure his election.-l-ti
has in his epeech above, ignored
tlw fact that Medill neglected to have
Prenlin give bonds, until nearly ten
i;iouths ol Ihr seeond teiui ol ollice
hud expired, by w hich neglect, prob
alrJy releasitig his buil then given,
Iroia all responsibility for his mal
ieusuncc. Ho w inds up this pom
I'roiii his precious lips, and help tn
bear them to thu ears of ihe dear peo
ple. They must leavo tho inauufuo
turit.g of the thunder altogether to
him. Ho says; ''lri the contest ask
you not to go where do not lead.
, as standard bearer, will go in the
foremost rank. Let ua then charge
all along the line." This "F' is cer
tainly a very important personage
and very modest tool
Know Nothing Convention.
Tho K(10W Kuth Convention
met ut Dayton uu the Oth, and nom
inated a full Sluto Ticket. They hud
juite a timo to got Any one willing
to allow his name to be used on their
ticket. At length the following were
made to stick:
rr (Jnrr. rETRR VAX TRirjIP.
for .W. Oimtntor. tt. T. NASH.
f nr Utah Trmunr.-JOH. HAKRMAK.V.
Wjr ar..W. B. IRTIIt'B.
l-vr UtcrMory nfmoU.r-C. C. AUI.K.V.
for gtyrssw yudf.-dOUN DBA Vt.STOBT.
The Convention was called as a
'great man convention,1 and in nam
bora all toldainoiiDted to 88 persons,
most ol whom vers from Cincinna
ti. : ; The Nominating committee
made s droll report, bejug 1n sub
stance that having fitthxj ju obtain
jog the) consent of theur choice men
to serve as candidates, they 'bad to
ot ia Dot made up of the choice men
oi thia fagnrd of Fil monism, ia tho
name of common sense, Low can
they hava the face to ask eopport for
itl Thia last, feeble, dying efl'ort ofj
Know Nothingism, aliowe that it had
but a thread bnro constitution at best.
Democratic State Convention.
' l',,t" o" pfgrn.. Which bhall
lit T.
Tho Convention of the proelavery
Democracy, met in Ouliiuibiia on the
Otli, And uomiuated tho following
Governor -
II. H. l'AYN'i:, of Cuyahoga.
Lkut. O'oo.
W. II. LYTTLE, of Ilainilton.
itul'je tfStijneme Court-'
11. U. il m.-u"i --
& 0)
, rt,,.ti . .,r flf r t,U,0,
liouiihfPiihVio orit
A. h. l'ACKLS, ol Kucas
'Ireitsui'er of State
AlUiailS, of Monroe.
Tho moRt formidable competitor of
I'avne in thu Conventiou, was Judge
Uauia-y who failed in receiving the
nomination, on uccount ol his nntag
oiiisiu to tho extension ol slavery
heretofore. On this pound he. ro
ecived tho bitterest kind of opposi
tion from Payne's friends. The
'lain Ihaler of July 23, n most vi
lent advocate of Pnriiu'a noni illa
tion, had thu following, hi tide in re I'
erence to Jmlgu Kanncy,
"1'iuf if thu lulluwiug, which we
Iind in thu Lebanon Democrats Vit
hen, ia not entirely iguorod by the
J mine, ho will find it hard sludding
in a Dougluss, Nebraska Dred Scoit
"Judgo Douglass, in his Kansas
Nibrsbkii liill, couteiieled tlmt L-on
!ros had no power lo pass laws es
tahliHhiug or prohibiting slavery in a
territorv. and that the MistotiriUoru
orumise was uu imconititutional
meaHuro and consequently void.
Tho Cincinnati Convention took thu
huiiiu view of the question. Jud
Taney, backed by all but two mein-b.-is
ol 'thu SiiLiremu Court, ho deci
ded in thu Died Scott case, but here
comes up opiijui ol Judgo uuIumI.
Itinney. which knocks these decisions
all in the head and the platform
of ili. Diiiiocruliu party, into flinders.
l... ..l . r.''tUfair,ll OI'
Conaiess in 18 is. The Judjo h.iv.-:
1 have no doulit of tho power of
toiigrcss to erectl i-rritoruil (nvern
nieiits. mid TO I'liOVlDK YO
i?y within ru r: tki;i;i ro
dud'-o Kaiiii v, it issnid. Is a can
didate for tlii- ( iuvei iii'riii, and ex
pt'itii Hi i.iii'viul:e iionnnauoii (!)
Kilht-r the I li'iiint ralio I'lu tr h ive to
back 'Mound oreil y f:iit, r Mr. Uau-
'Ihe Judge we presume; did not
ignou''tln.Si! Hriifiini nt.., and hence
he ('. Mini it hard sled ling in u
DcMiglarf, .Nelnc-ka Ind Sent I Coll
venlivii' he was defeated, P...vne
iwceived 1ST Votes i-nd P. it. but
89. Th.' Hiicccssl'ul winj ol iiw
I icd Sc. tt purly in this C'.'tivi iitioii,'
Wire the iidhe.eiits ol Don -his.
.1 -..! . 1 . 1
inu bht hi iiut.jca'ua ui ii.p poi
lev OU thu Sllhieet ol','.iverv. V. 1
- -
Moritti, hereto!".-.' one of tho most
iili, hei'etof..-e one of tho most
proiniiiiiit and iulh.iutial of the lea
ding Detuotriits, und who had high!
rxneet I'.iollS for thu Treason i-him
wnssl i.ighterel moot ui.i.i-rcii'i.lly.!
1 luoot uuiii -ieii'iilly.l
by the stieceris ol an ob-euie ii.ilivid
iiitl u.i.iie.l MrrU, of whom noihlng
wus known until his name was hro't
before the Convention. Tho Con
vention d.'tro not nominate one who
hud lived such a near neighbor to
lilenlill, lis did Mor'HI.
The Convention adopted a plat
foi 111 iu which the Died S.:ott deeil
ion in end'. iced iu its l.u ti and
bivii.llh. lleueuthu Denio.iaMo par
ty of Ohio, take the grouii I lh if the
blaek nun, u hell.t r lKud or tree, is
ii'.t 1101 eaniiot bu in any sense a uit
iz 'll ol thel 'luted Slate-i, ha.S Ho I ighl
nndui' the t'oiirtilutioii, hill is to nil
iutU'.itrt and purpoxus a th.ittel, t
be lined as suits th convenience 01
tho white population; and further
more that the shivuhoMor litis a per
fect right to take his i-laves with him
and hold them as such iu i.ny live
SlateJoiMeiritoiy 111 thellnitedfcitates
Such is grogroosivo Democracy.
A resolution was introduced into
theCoiivontion, consigning bothllres
lin and Gibson to the Penitentiary,
which met considerable opposition
on part of tins friends of Orcslin, bm
was finally adopted, alter much heut
ed disetiiisini..
Ihe K.'pulilicaiiB havo a uu to
contend with u party, not having a
particle of sympathy with our free
institutions but with pnuilavervprin
ciples no little intensified, ready to
devoto their wh do energies for thu
building up and Mrengthening of the
institution of slavery. It remains to
be Been how far I hey can blindfold
tho peoplo as to' their trito position
Walker Retreating.
Walker has raised the soigo ol
Lawrence and mndo a most ingloil
ons inireat, lie rode all the way
down to Lawrence- from Lecorapton
to got a fight with Jim Lane but was
treated so courteously that he roturn
ed ashamed of himself. JIo next
marched down body o( troops to
'knock lip a dust' with the people of
Lawrence but all to no purpose, ho
aa a trophy to prove to big allies in
the Sontb, that be was death on 'ab
olition isU. 'Oapting' Walker'i cam
paign knocki the Grey town war com
plctely into the shade
.I.ateb, Since the abovo was writ
ten, we have the news that Walker
had returned will: hi forces to Iaw
rence again., ; The tree State men
hooted alter him, and jeered him io,j?
J mm so,i
for his ridicnlotu ojr.cii.8e i han-.,rt
Lawrcn '' ii'i'-'-lpecially
iMoV WHS aL'ttlnT.xcited.aiT.Vhoha'.Siai'e.
determined to come back and
them that he it not 'afeacd.'
Walker Retreating. Republican State Convention-Complete
Harmony-Croat Enthusiasm.
Ju-t ax wo goto proas, wolmverc-jtionof
ceived the news from the pUM---
au bluto Convention, and cannot,
tlurefon', Jay before our readers the
paiticiilaM. v"". -.-"
finv. rin vsK u na nnin-
in.iio.1 l.tr nfclmntion. "Very delegate.
ill tho convention (siting .'''
, , , (V.,. .., nofi,-IS.iiintorho
hearty support. J he gTet pas, .
prevailed, and no. "
heard to dis
y of the Convention'
Viv I nilitlrJlHBlll lb'VUUC-U mm
JicOMlant note
lUl i i itu iiiiniiMi ui
The rcsohitit.n, ado, ted, coiukin,
m strong terms, the. treasury deful-
cation, and oppose in tho inost deei
dud manner tho Dred Scoltdeei.ion.l
Harmony-Croat Enthusiasm. Mrs. Cunningham again.
ilrs. Cunningham has got her-
self into a new diftb ulty. As she
could only fall l.e.r to ono 'mu oi
... . . i
... . ..
' fc -.-' --F
Surroguto decided her his lawful
wife, aha undertook to 'manufacture
to hand, an heir, by feigning to liave
given birth to a child by tho Dr.
- -
The Ittct that sho wu about to at
a trim was laid forherr.v which
a tiap was Uul lor Her iy wi. en sue
.......s.l..f..l nuixilir Hiul lit lflVV
under arrest. Tho cri
pimibhuble by confinement in the:
Pcniteutiury, not more than ten
CUl S.
;ht, and Is
i;.cmer.t in
Election in Democratic Candidate
Election in Democratic Candidate Defeated-Emancipation Candidate
emane.pat.on candidate, in Mis.,,.,
is elected over Stewart, tho regulai
... "
1'f.iiiicraiic nominee, who wa on a
ported HMi.-i ;:i! 'y I y those iiiteretg
ed ill lh.' p riii'tllllioll of shlVerv in
... . 1 ,. . , "
Mi.ouri. II. s victory was iw ui
looked lor us it is signiiieant. Tin-
uuiii'o.'i ol .-l.tverv, w;u tho lea Jin
utieitla-!. Th... ti te.i,..t. nart o;
' .-.
ie iMiii..e-.-itio A-linii.utr.ition, .,
i i ... ...
.-. ! I.
lOf.-e hlil . I Oil IV lll-IM, II ;i : UI OlIM-ll
the liberal l.l-ll of Miss.ilfi to
proper so50o: th. ird.ity. This
went for llneliariiiu, hut
,..l I.,'
lall, b
nine or ten ihoti-tuid of 11 iimj n-itv
Payee Badly Exposed.
tt 11 l.-.vilo --l ' lelil.on
the article I., illioth T c jIiii.iii, frou.
il... .V'.f.'. 1. it I ::.-. I'o.t'.i Hi
. , 1 Vi 11
t - -::c: ' - b..' t'w I yr.
b..;.htrt of lliO gi.'llt t'n'"J
"o.i.plish ill i'!y d iva'"
It w.l. l.'B.eii that 11. IS., I , wh.-lilXI
the I l.-lii'.er.Hic P'irtV I .111 ! etr 1:14
! to free celUm. he mis It rumpali'
free Hoiler. uu 1 would i. jt ntep oil
bin n-eesoil platlii.tn event, a v
tl. I i .1 '..-.i- 1. luevei- lh it l!i...
iimtv Iuim hecoiue an ally of slavery
..uitv ha-become .01 !lv olslavury
hu U lonn I j ist 111 e.ii ne-'t nil advo
eute of prod.ive.v priie:;pl.m; aiiow
-.,,.,, tll, ' ... ,,, i......
such pm.eiplea n ho thmKs will ol
. . 1 . ..... ll . . I '. . .
eviltu in. n ru imiR. i) it. iiiu "B.r.i
.. . .
ilaV . id Whom hu HIluiU' iH.nsi
I,..f,.. ..... ...i .....
"',;'" 1 " 3 T
lesson Pay.,.1,,.1 e,,...,,!,
Judge Warren Abandons the Democratic
.1.1.1.... V..i'.l..i. I. .mr LiHiii'ii n un
i ......
em . lent .p.rlsl; und who w ua elected
to the Supremo Court ol tho
by tl.e Do. oeratie party, has come
out in an able loiter iu o n biti-ii
out in an huh. io ttr in o, I '
tho t. latlorm adopted by tin; Dred
, ,, . - , , ,
Scott l.oi.euitK.i., ntColninhus, hitt:
week, lie takes open isoie with'01
.ho party on tho Dred Scott
iho I) em-.('rahy will find it 'har.l
sloddi.i!'". t'111-iiinlK.re.J hj thev w ill
. ..
Ki.,1 i'...,iw..!e..a u iti. .!,..!, ...,ul..e...-..'
I -
T...i.. w..i.. ... .
run us independent Democrats can
didate for the State Senate, from tho,
Fraukliit District, but in coii8eqiince'nviii)5
of the cndoisemeiit of the Dred Scott1
decision; and tho flippant vaunting
speech of Pay ne after his nomination.
lie refuses to give support to the par
ty iu any way, either as candidate
himself. ir otherwise.
Indictment of Breslin.
Tho indictment of the Frauklii
Co., (i rand Jury oi. tho 1 Utli of Ju
ly, against John O. Ilreslin, for em
bezzlcincut, sets forth that he wa
Treasurer of the State of Ohio o
the first day of January 1S53. who.
ho uulawl'ully converted to his ow.
use 1 100.000 of the public money
of the State of Ohio, and that h
unlawfully made way with tho same
The same charge, lor tho same sum
is mado as to the 1st of January
1854, so as to the first day of Jan
nary, 1855 tha same as to the first
day of Jan nary, 1856 making
amoant of flOO.OOO. It Io otboi
CooT ts. preac-iitod the same charce
for 1853-4r6-and-8. dividinsr tht
sum of one hundred thousand dol
lars into bank bills of tha severa!
denominations of ones, twos, threes.
Latest News.
Latest News. A Demagogue Unmasked-Henry B.
Payne Denouncing the Fugitive Slave
Payne Denouncing the Fugitive Slave Law, and Demanding its Repeat-
The Record.
, Ti,eft wts a strofig feelinjfi as
donmjr in the North portion ol tl.e
.gamstit.'and ihatTeel.ng round
aj1owl"P"f"?"bJ' r"ou"0" " the
(je mtn (Q )caril (hal ,n 185i Mr.
Mslave d.ivers of iho South. As
Loth adedaml roe againsi
J .. stv9 Law
n,10 ".'u,;! live Slave Law.
'0 lttV before a theofficinl jour
im Q ,sL.nste of iho State of Oliio0n
for iheye'ar ai.-f v pruposs tn
. . v. ... 7 I .
,onl with auggestions. Let us appeal
the ri-cor.l.
she1.. "'"'"" - : , the
(loj.0 of p.,preM!niat,vea sent to the
ate.:w;r,,;..b. ;,,., ,, j rl lhu
t",,..-,i l;ur B HI--II liii- ii's
;p ,s.,o.ib .1. I'ayrn v
:'M )
so nnioiiiiin aui in niyni.n nm
': .. i .1. I.. l... ' .1.-. ..I, il i.
"' !,.-." .-i
-eeur-.s a failliful coninliHuco with all,
".heohliuHtioasi,, n,y.,.eCor:.BOn
,llt;0ll r C,..,.- Siates. ., w,l l as
i ahovo rei-oluiion win pnsed by a vote
)f J0 q 10. n(, 1 ..
Slute.'.m.j,, , ,u affirmative is thai of Mr.'
fMvne. (I'se 013.)
l)urlo' ,,,H p"dnncy or tins re.olu-
,'.ion. Mr. Walker moved an meu.li.iciit
... r'.u.....
-..iu'es, cannot t.e no ume.i ie, a.
i wii0r7v;
,0 "Mrg Gei
K,tch Blllliioward, voie l (or the Uoiort -
clause, but all ihe rest, inclu-
M'- Vyn; vtrd against it.
Henry B. Payne,
Dred Scott" pro Slavery candi
date for GovernorinOhio.was a member
of iha Ohio Senate from the county of
Huvahoea id the veer 1881. This waa
after Ihe passage of the famous, or rath
i si.vaActbv Con-
After iha uiler prostration of Mr.
fat ne lo the behests of the slavo pow
er, and the strong pro Slavery serai-
. . -V O. . - I"
munts ne uitereci bi mo oimo vhii
the party whicn nonimBleil him
Payne pretended to sympathize wui
"is consoiuenis in ...ai,u.v ...u-
eMlllionor,ie,omi,.eerin;; and tyian
. ,e .i.v ,rH.,..r, .,,,1
iur mcyeui - t
.ay belore our
.i... ...... t0111rast them and his cour!o'min
with his picscnt potion.
It - lrr,l!'a.ll''V""r!!?,,!.IVei'ln
inliaiiiJu " -V " , ,..lul
Lf them the sacrifice ofevery snt.a.i - ...;"
i ,.ri:l i. ait I an fan 111 Hi lHAl IV
. .-vo , u . -
is but one of the thousand instances,
, , , a
within the last six years of treason to
f.in,n mi,l frea labor by the dema-,Hioii
OEuca ho insuli oar common tense by
... . j ii..;.'.
IliiK ilienclves Democrats, llut it
is worthy a careful perusal and ' Pre?;!
,h. iolUing join, resoluthon:
the:''' " , it,Ilre,fll.ltivesto
o ..L. r. .in n.vininl rHKniUllOn;
' , a 01'ir Ucpresoniativcs'to
fu lci,ail l0 u(,a all honorable means
!, bt:iin mi immediate repeal, modifi
, r.i... .... f fT.i.i.
I :'".:.;:.. i .1... v.... I.-.. Sl,.i -
m r'- U.-.I.'.. U I. IV I U&l.l-w '
i..... ...! .,, ,n
iuw. "IT' jV",..j. u'' f .
'si.. t nio n rcquiTBaci w
"'v;, .
endi of our Senaturs . . ' . '
r" ' .iii- imi
iiuku iiiioii. f.Senute Journal 1S50-1,
' , . , ,, .
Morton moved lo lay these roso.
"il.ons oil the table. ,
lI,,oii liiili iii'itinii h veas an.l
lM).KWflfe ,!., flI1, .Mr. '.,y0 vot.-I
V J. Tim motio.i was ht. (I'age "its.)
-ir. union nnv.-1 io r.ner i
...... . .. .
, v.r. i-av iik vntj, x".
Mr. Gitf.'f nmved t-i Mnke nut t'.r-!
I . ; I... Mr
ur i irjr.-tlt :in i';.T'mi,i, ......
! IV'"' vuf.l o. (Page 70S ;.)
l, l: . ...I l, n.'.L.. nm I ,h
... ., . r. ,1 ....I"'
word -be h. f.nv t!..' w .d a requested
l,,c iu"-
A!.-. I 11V lil! I O'.Li K I.
( I'a 'e
701 )
,...1 .1.... .1.. f.,.,1,,,,
t ,ii. .-i ; ,,,
r.f (aid loolulioim find
1. hi it-ii i 1 it 1 v
i , '." 9. l"u "" 1 " ',e,n' ",1'""-.wu
ted xj. (1'b'.;',v
I T:i.s rj'tluii.ii:
, ,.ll,lei a1 ,
'.'.l n 1 dlli'ini; lie:
.. it the. ;...!.: 00;i t ii' i i'i i.miior
1 .v. v
1 .1 ir .i
. f ! Irui.i lii stand
Hi-nini on litis hit.--ci. v.i . .
, r0 .mi Uee (m l'Vieiiil UciiUions,
lepmie I lliu foll.iwi.i" resolution:
ll-rdcd, by ll.e (ie!..-.1.l Aen.hly
f tlic- .State of Dili",
nit W111I0 lliu
ii'ii.'r.il A -fuiiilily vvi.iild
luillilul ohseivanre of
law III. 1.1
. .
W" ' n ': . ' " "i" ... .r
i,0(.lu, Mlt. r .r.nni.ii.ip their best
bnu - rests, ns well a n hifc-li .luty they
uve aliku to ihemM-lves and their tom -
ler ol.iinn m lim i.hh.h f nw ..i.-iv
i -non eo.inirv, it would most oarncsily
r,.co,nm M, ,., U.nu-res-iho necessity
,. . . : r.. : .1 !..
i . .. r.
ri. t it ties a iree g.-v ji o uii-ii i
ii... 111
i .i.
lealoui ro, the r.'jhts ol licinon.
f I'iitio flllO.)
A t.irvar nu niu.)i:)ts atanieiiihiv nt.il.e
. .
A--l il the said law, in the npiriii.n
- '.f ihoir libcrtv. we ll.en reeo.iuiieud
...'.I I ..f.. ' I I I
lh" Clival ofsniiit law
Mr- UoiS9f lnvei1 tosinend said
V, ' .,. r" .,..,.,.,,.JeJ.
-'i ovi.lc-H, O Bl iiilCll'M M.BII lieiirici
J.i. u ...... ....i; j:.
ifM.n. mi i hi a wi... .1 ...ii H.ra in
run such a tremendous risk at this
Mr. Paid. e moved h. add onoiher
resiilnlion h lol lov:
"iVjdci, 'f'l, Hlhe law I'u.nmoi.ly
ealle I the futtitivs law, being a law
I lint ni.,k"S fjr'Urei-viiluiice vor.clusive
.( the moan) 'a right to re caoiura and
i-eturn his slave; that denies a juiyjtrial,
lure-nr thtwhvre; that provides for the
ipiinuii )iit of swarms of petty oflicars
to exi-Liito u; tl.at gives a double com-
lensalmn to had every claim setup in
svor ot tt.a master: ana pays (he ex
iens in any case, from the - public
reaury .can never receive tha voluntary
cooperation of our people, and ought,
thernfore, to be repealed." Page 012.)
Here is a most inflammatory , Incon
liary, treasonable,, disunion, abolition,
black republican affair! Let us, for a
moment, imagine such a document in
troduced into iheDemocralic State Con
vention on ihe 6th Inst., for adoption.
w aai wouiuoave been the (he response!
And yet, on lbs passage of this resolu
tion the vote stood, yeas 33. nays 8.
sod among the Dames recorded for itt
postage stands that of Mr. Psyoel !
(fagewio.l .. .
2ucn is the record or a demagogue)
tvcit fuiillv luii
m il- not ut-in la
in 1851. Waa he honest then! ,Ia he
honest now? What has wrought this
wondrous change Id him? Why does
he now indorse, embrace, and glo
rify this very' aslf-same Fugitive
Slave Act which, id 1851 he denounced
and repudiated? Stat Journtl. '
Platform of the Douglas, Nebraska,
Dred Scott Convention at Columbus.
iheirlcongratulattons to the Democracy ol
the Lnion, who staid the tidoolsec
,ioI)al ,almlici8m which was lust
tionai lanaiicism, wuie.n was iusi
'sweeping the tho vessel of State tip
was thu quicksand of disunion,
3. iltuceJt That wo have every
Mvn.a - , -
. CJLticiuiia.ti platform, if fairly carried
.he'nut l,1B com,t,y. u''e. 01
'"""'uiK)n tne uniiso Ol ino uiMiig powe.
I . I ...! .. ...l ;.:..
in uw naiN iii locm ii. inn. i i.ie..
g ',.lfL..J That Win. II. Gib
nm, j,,,, G. Brcsli... by thoi,
eillU,0111Blll , ihpublie:
uf,--tion. and wo cordially in-
di)C tho eiiyC'tino, cntineiatcd by
iu 1ii!1,"!",,r'
,v Mr. Jellerson iu his resolve" ol
. .11 i .
no authority but reason tor our,
no authority but reason for our,
ii.n.a.,ii u.u . v,
, I
i,:4 warmest ill ni'.i'.w,
oi;ttnd also by imposing salutary checks
I .. . .. fi ...... . "
1. Resolved, By the Democracy
of the State of Ohio in Conventiou
ou assembled, that it ia nnn of thu
first and highest duties of the peo
Dle.of.a Deuplu of, a republican Gov
ernment to obey tho the laws ol the
country, whatever they may oc, un
til modified, repealed or pronounced
unconstitutional by a Court of com
petent jurisdiction; and that all at
tempts to evado or resist this high
obligation of our national compact
id an act of rebellion leading to rev
olution, and should tiuvcr bo thrown
upon by every lover of tho Union.
2. HeaolveJ, That at this, the first
Convention of tho Democracy since
tho Presidential election of 185U,
tho Democracy of Ohio present their
- .
Ad.IrOSS, fO dlpO?f? O. onivu-
tf.e actual res
- yius o, u.t; u-m , c,,.... ......
AW,7. That tho crcat doc
11 low ayinvviMiiv
trmo ol popular Bovreiguty ursi pro
. - '
claimed to tne world m too juooiar
of Indeneiidence reiterated
ire i ii.Jorse'l bv tho Kansas No
braskit Aot, and reafUi'ined in the
ii'hern and aoutiiern i.inaiiciHin
noroetnitv the existence
. " . . "
political opinions, we tieem u juop
ler to express deep grntheation at thi
..rt.. .iMi'miint-a of tliu Sniretiin Cmrl
. - .t... IT.,Jf.l St.!,. in t l....t.-in,..
UI fci.U iiii " ' -
i . .... i ... ,l,. ii,,,.. .. ,.'
!wl,V'l,'i . , ,i """"""
regard to tl.e
ersHuil Political
ir.svnviu um t IfllltlMI I. H II J I ll llll'l
i . . .
.Mulun una Il-itUoi kd. w ne I IkIV.
1 1 ice n maintained by Iho D,-m,erat.c
. fuity and formally avowed by it in,
..... '.... , , . '
'Mhi - eu Nationu Convention.
! 0. JiiSnlciil. That lliu lato ib'I'.il
. . . . , , ,
1, . JM . , ......M. VI... ..t-.....
. i.,vi-i.ii.il i- dom in I ll. .f tl... inoneM
'imp.'i iotisl.1 tiem in I tn it the jiioik
'd tho peop.e, placed therin, should
hn gu tr.hd with joalom care.
1VUI l"' t1"
we reassert and rein lor-io tlio iv
i Hiives in i n? i K-uioerai i( ; mate e,.ni-:
vontiou ol the S!h of J.uiuare.
. . . : .
I . I . .1 . ... n -.i
.1. liflll.S f I i 1 1 St. i V t I 1 ..It ,Tt I J
s1" . i ;
... . . . ,,
inn' ui i-;lii; il ii.iu ih i'i nun wnr
,"U;V ,' . " L" I(, ,
"- ....
, Tr,...sl.,.v ..t :L1 ,H l.e tho ll.
.mocracv of tin: Lnion, alter a con
..- . ... ..
1 .- . I ...... .. ... . ...
iinueu Mruuio tor veari., ikw 111
i.'ucticlo oiiei'Ht.oti, v in liciite.l am
i'"' ",,u "us eia.meiii hr
ith-it tins Deiii'iiMey of ( i-iin va u Iu
tor of tho enaet'iieiit by th'-' fy'g
l.iiure of .1 bjvt.'Mt, sinid.ir in it
".1. 1 j.riiieiiii.'!'. tor Ihu t;'.l ' hei'i.inir mid
'., ... ..
i . s .
of the ; luti.li o"
me mare.
7. Ik.-j!iv!,
PI. at WO Hi'e i;i fa
vor ol uu economic .1 11 hnmi-tru
ii!..ii ui' tint rnt. 1.1. il 1I1.. I'...!..!.'.
..........,,, ,,. ....j ,,u .,'
... ... .1.
jonc-v iieitiiui'id. 111 lois 1 1 hi.-, 111
oiuei. cui.:ieiu 101 i u.i in
itinu. i.i ri-i.
.reduce the
111 -.11 cfiiiii. 111 oruer i
burdens of taxation b
. f
restraining tho operntiuus ol th
government from projects of puMii
;uxpynditure. not necessary of erseli
tial to its strictly legitin.ato purpos.
, . l ... . ..... . ....!).
iiiuiicvh, niuiii, him wj IIU51, wo.
. ' ' ...
receive tho rewur.J ol iiii.piity.witii
in tho walls ot the Ohio lVnitemia
.!.:... ....1 .1 I. .........
Mob Law at Leavenworth.
Suspicion tell
,.,. I "II, , ,1 ,, I
iC'fowd collected, aud
, ."-age- y mis recen.iy
Ihjo enacted at l.eaveiiwonh, ol
which wo have gitcn tho telegraphic-
i,e.,o.t. The St. Louis JJemocmtJ.
. , - t . k ,. ,
gives full particulars. On rriday;;,.,
mght last (.July Jl) a man named
Jity, went
m.-i ..-.u itiiin...i,l i. l,.i..lri.nnnr na.
.... . " ..I
U.... ..I... UV.Lv,.bU ... U Ll... .. . V u . ...a,
,.ivur w.el.u ll0 was b.-utallv murder-1
UIVH i i.v.o tu .nnv. u .... n ...u
i,...l I'.iii.wu 1. KL'ii n i..'L- a.n tlw.l
upon jbaiuea, a
1 it was agreed
he should bo bung on the spot,
! A ropo was procured and put around
j lj' e;l. when ho agreed to confess.
De said that he and two men, ono
!amod John Quarles, from Sonth
ijiirj inn., mill olio ma iiioi. ov wiiien
Stephens wua robbed and murdered,
,and that the same men had inuruer
H tllllt lllV VlllilV lllb.l tv
ed another man, a short timo before,
and thrown the body into tho Mis
souri river. Ho stat?d also that
ho and the men Kuowlton and Quar
les belonged to an organuud body
of about twenty-livo men, who liv
ed and carried on tha business of
robbing and murdering in Leavon
worth City, on the islaud opposite
tho city, and io the towns oi Law
rence and Topeka. lie then gave
the names of the gang as bo eould
remember to tne authorities.
As soon as I3aines had finishod his
revelations he was committed to the
calaboose, a one story stone building,
about sixteen foot square
crowd then went off in pursuit of
ss . - .
(Juarjes ana itnowltoo, and in a
short time had them arrested.
Among the revealed conspirators
was win. Woods, the proprietor of
the greater part of Leavenworth is -
land, and regarded by bis acquaint
noes an bonest man and good citi
zen. A party proceeoea at once to
arrest btm, and arter making a tnor
, .L V'l J , ,v l3 l.w.l I ill I 'I. uw I'll
rom ju j,L.riiM.i0n; and that it will
1 ificro.tf u in brilliancy an it aiuroach-l
'. ,'
; ., .r v.siiin us lor tne lv t
(t is impiK,il!o. ut present, to answer,
i'll.:,ci,j uu s:i..n; u-tr moiiors imift
lS.vr,.i.....,..l I. ,,.i;... T.v.v
twenty five hnudred doflara in coun
terfeit Jnoney, lot Of counterfeiting
plates and other Instruments', and a
knife and a pistol belonging to the
murdered man Stephcus. At these
conclusive proofs of the correctness
of the confessions of fiaincs, the
pooplo were deeply moved, and held
counsel together in large and email
parties during the night.
Thu clerks of the steamer Emma
give the name of Dainea aa Payno.
w no, mey say, is quae a yonm, and
madoafiill confession ol the deed,
afld also of the numerous achcivo
mcnts of tho gang. Tha crowd kept
Quarles and Payne, for tho purpose
oi nndmg evidence sutucicnt to con
vict thcui ol tho crime. Alter con
siderable deliberation, and the deli v
cry of a speech by Judge Lccoinpto,
who endeavored to quiet the ex
cituineiit, tho crowd, fearing inter
ferenco from the troops in tho lott,
tookQnaiks to a treo below town,
und bun;; him. Soon after, Payne
shured the mime fate. On Sunday,
us wo passed down tho ringleader,
whose name is Wood, and one Night
or Nighton, were in tho hands of the
enraged people, and were to bo hung
on Sunday al'ternoon. Wood was
tnakiiiL' his wil' and his comrade.
Night, was writing a confession.
Wood is supposed to bu very well
oil', probably Irani success iu his dia
holicul luKlci-lnking-i.
It is worthy ol remark, that some
twelve or thirteen eitiy.s could
Saturday. iUU Jonrnal.
i . a
.,,,,, ... ... ,,, , .,
l'rom . or the l uuiet Alt tt see It.
i-i t
Aim toiiiei. , "
tin on the night of Jtma 22J, and
by Klinkerfuo, and recogutod at
Puris on tho 4th ol tho samo uiouth,
has been observed with BulHjiuiit mi-
ii,t..nfa.i to tr-.ioe iu oil.it. l'rom
tl0 observations of Messrs Vilhir-
oe nu and Lepsissier, at the Paris Ob-
................ ;j ln..i,.;,l ,. I... t.
cS until it can bo seen by tho naked;
.... . It veil! i, !,..., r.i.r,m.., tl.r
It will, in lew!, approach the,
tho samo dktatieo us the1
U 'n al.nscvrUiiie I by its move-
ulXnli, the p isitmi) ot rts perihelion.
:i,l iudinatioii. to its oibit.thut.it is
it.,. .1 ,. I' V !,. .1, t
.l ...I...... 1.1
.Vll eill. 114.1 1 V.J, " .ll 11 Wl.ll 11 Wfc OllllV
. .. .. . ... i i . ... . ...... ...I1
.nueuiuiu penu.i ougyro iwi, iuii
- ""nil uiiii"iint.rti
IHI II Mll.o K....I.H.) iiliii,iliu.l I.M -
i : !. Km. :i. .i...t
c.;,.tll. .
lj en'it bo.lv iu M iietimiin
r' . lk" 'I "
lllll-.l. tl tllllL'O r IH l: L- -i iri 1 :1 M -! eil
a'lil'.iiih. il
""'-i"-1 "
!.!i-'....l U,, vein,.!. .,... I. l..l
'itiw inn.' lo caicuiait us oroti inore
' .j . .c-I v, and to compare it imove-
-d.-sely, and to e-.tuparo
' . . - t
However, nru uit-a. jc i not rm
I . .1 u . . .1
.w... ' "
,.......f..i f 1..11.1 .j . t .n. . .
I lo harm, ... consequeneo ot the,
ft. no'UlieSS Ol 1 IS Orilll IIOI till"
- .........i ...i.i.I'eJ
[Con pea new of no ataxia Gazette.]
LA VR NEE, August 3, '67
'.m, ;,ll hi trooon iliiite.l in 1 I in' riv
, . . ' . . .'
,ur u-aVltl' I In) p 'OlilO ih l.il'.VIVIieii
1 ... 1 ...l.l.,..l I.
! ,1 e c "S'l r,u d
u ' !. C ..nm i,r f 1 1 ,
.'Hill i" ,1.1., 'tr. ... v ' . '
M n( ilvont;()11 to 1V0 Wulk.
opportunity to wt'hdrnwgraoe-!
,-, ,,!, , i,.,.,,, Aalianitfil oi
'". ". '.'""";, Aatiamui oi,
in s cxim.ii, ue is gum to reircai duck.
(U interior of tho Territory.'
1 (I .v. W.ili.er h.ivti. '. r.viinii.e.l
'Wate'iiit-i l l-! p o,i'.e of l,!wr.-ue
till 011 ai w!ier 1 1 ; 1 1 : 1 r -1 I. iieeann
!. iirlii.V luh-.'.iii'j.l ol liiimt '. I'l
h.ell lor st-ier.l days cM'tiii i ''ti'
,, si.'.li:i.U S r I .e. 1-olH OiVVh
:t iril-Jrteik rer v i i (lLi..ll e.n'.l l .
t,;,,, t , .v .,r ,vh it imrii ne
' ,i,,v hn w,b:if ht nijhf a e-uiriei
,.,,,. ,, (, . jv" ,-,, V.ilker' cnni
; .vitln'iespi.ti h. t, aird III niori.inj! :il
s o'clock Walker's l.uti.m.Heiinip li.-ur
, .VWivn. e was br
I'o'ci-.i. ..;, and hi
loi't wit ii rati I t ie I nnvelili'i In
"'I.U'I lill C.lll.VCIIII I III
i ,v uttnek him. und inked Walk -
iu,. f,,,. a;,i i,t i,ssoiit;or hiin -
Sl'lf (I SilW lli.ll this llluruillg) did
not think the fort in any danger.
.. , , ., .. . . - , . .
J he whiilo thing is
4 wu.uu iiiiii is uiiuersioou
Awuv ,.,iMn n(.w.M)ll.)(.r rc ,wrWr . am
out , ,,t uuJ ,,., of Uw.
" "l,u
Col. Titus arrived hero hit nigh
From Florida.
Col. Loomis, successor
Hainoy, in Florida, has been unable
to capture more than two or three
Mpiws, of tho Tallehassce and Sem
iuoles and these state that their
warriors aro so hotly pursued by the
; - - ,
troops that they cunnot raiso any
l.i.it.j sra itrtu in n ata v ! ru nnriili
viv'i'Oj uiu uu si s. i raj
tion. The old gamo of tho last thir
ty years is still being played in the
Oig-Cypress Swamp. Neither Sam
Jones nor Uilly Bowlegs show them
selves to tho troops unless iu superi
or u umbers, and then with a view to
their destruction; ns in the caso of
Capt. Dade and his party.
Late from the Iowa Election.
The Iowa Oity Republican of the
6th bas been reoelvod, Irom which
we glean the following:
Intelligence irom Poworshick
County has been received, statins:
that tne new uonaututton nas reoeir-
a ! . t a ! l I
ed a majority of 600, and the . whole
Republioan ticket carried.
Jasper County has Riven 400 ma
jonty tor the new Constution. Tb
entire Republican ticket is elected
Cedar has been reported as har
ing elected the sham Deraooraiio
tioket. This is not so. Xne whole
Republican ticket is elected, as we
Tub Caors.-The wheat crop in-
this vicinity ia being secured is good
condition, and is likely to trrot lr
abundant yield. Tho corn it com
ing forward beyond expectation, and
should nothing befall it, it will ba
mil au average crop. OaU never
Irmbnil l.Mter? nnd mir farmers will
soon rejoice with a I'garnor well fill'
ed." M or end Journal
Hair Restorative.
The demand for this unrivaled preparation,
for tha hair and akin la beyond the possibil
ity of s boubt, and its sale is creater that any
other Hair Restorative that has ever been -
before the uublio. Tens of Iboussads or per
sons who were bald aad gray, and others '
whose races were covered with blotches aa
pimples, sre now, with their oo (lossy hair
and with faeea comely and fair to look up
on seen daily promenading the streets of all i
the princ.pal oitiea of the Union, sod by
their influence spreading the fameof Wood's
Hair Restorative thronghout the civilised
wodd. But the trial ol one bottle it more .
convincing than all we could say tit awhvle
Newspaper column.
il'rlt does not itye but gives life, health,
and beauty to the decaying, falling, awd
dead, restoring, as if by msgic, that win eh
was supposed lo be irrecoverly lost- Heada
nearly bsld and others nearly white. atedsi
iy charged to their pristine besnty, and fa
ces covered with pimples sre rendered as
smoothe as an infant' a aud blushing ss arose
all by ilia use of I'rof. Woed'a Hair Kcstor-uti-o.--H.
Ijmu t'emmrrrial I.M.
Sold Uy all respectable Druggists;
Dr. Roback's Great Medical Discoveries.
' -
iScnndinavian Remedies. See Adver
temptsuohaforgory tiscnieni.
notcriailf Bm, crtiv9 efre(.,ainolni.
Dr. Hoback'i Scandinavian Remodies
are overturning all ihe old theories (
modicine. They reach the blood "thro'
i U . .1 , Iiiia r aa lla at aainl aha-ai
Tha herbs ol which they are
linn-lu are from iho mountains of Sweder..
and this combination of vegelabe tla
. . ...
nieots is superceding a the mineral)
i.iio, hemes. Uvsncosia. couehs. bron-
chitis. bilioos compainls, fits, nervoua
affections, hysterics, scrofula, akin dis
eases, rheumatism, headache, pains Ut
the barfc, sestual debility, etc. are re
lieve) with wonderful rapidity , and there
ia no mnlady originating in a morbid
coudaion of the blood or oilier fluids of
ih bo.lv. that does not vield lo the
Special Notices.
Clark's Female Pills.
l-.tdjnm Vf crijif Hrti a 911 t,1we, M.
., ihyMiciun ExtmortKnury tit the tyitVit,
rtils hivahmUlo me.liuiiie Is uiifniling Hi tho-
i .. .... .oi ..a . .
.nils ui uir iiiiMo u t i n ii u iiiiimuriiuji u aiiir
. . .... .
jt. n ..K.erH...aii exeesa...m r,m..vc. u
'iini.-iiiiui, I a specify tine mar be i..-
To Married Ladies
" br.HK w the im.i.tl.ly period .11. reu-
kV.-i. i...nr.. ,,ri.-a.mo .i..iir. t.oarsii.e :.r
ernimtis ranti t i;ie.u iiiitiau, topr. iut.t
i it fini:iiiiariy nuiit-d. 11 will, in sum I
i-i.Mrt. duin.i; tu !.. thr .uh.iI,,
i -' - im- ...
nli mucarrtaxri hut
u 0Vt.rv
nth.-r tinio ami iu rverv otlit-r eir,
1 :..--. ..P ,.TI. eny ....
i ...r. ,.r x.-rv.,... ,,.isj...,.ii ArS-rit......
r.un u iw tan inn i.w, i;n,iii.- mi sis.,1
. x. rrie.,. ,flt.,t,r. u U. Il.-a.-t. Ilvsi.n ..
. ..... .. .. .....
tliin- nit aiis f.i :! !, mid atlhtuli :
; r"W '-rfn! ri'H'tly, t nt ..- iii:t;n Ir-Mi, r.tl.niu I'
ui tte i v , in ,i;iy iiiJti - li.irtlul (it Ihn riitli-
I il l .PiT.'ili.n aivnir iiy melt pi.rkar:.
-I . a, .ei.l. &u Uu I. !:ip.4 anil ranjiU.
.(Ill M.ISIIS.
' (r.ilc 1. I'. H .IiIvviii.V Co..)
lth-l.i!tr, .Y. V.
N. 0. l.'i at:J ..-lai-i. stautj.i, nurlwril tn
'inv rei1 1. ti...... I .ui'i t. iv ill iii-nr a t..: 1 1.- d
:1m- f.:' !,y rciiicn in, el, l-'ur s..l.- I
.... ;...v un jtv. n.rfdr.
ruiiltav, 11,
(V .. .
New Advertisements.
m. .... u. iv, wm m- nn.'.;.iiy
i '.'!;.!. II. I'. IIAIiK.
AiU'i-i 1 1, PS7.
J c?
Xianci .
l ( ) Vt.H. '
.. i..il. Ijlr Ie, i
i LiKiu i.A i, in I'lilmi (i..
efe' e.illnly. lliu... f.,r ,.,,.
Khiei.'i . al I lim "fli. e nr
u. il. l-.;. -ll. C. i'. 1-OMKItnV.
i t x ex -y o d
l'i.J'."'"'" !!!"ti
lltriT ve.ir
... I HU'. h HHP VI Into III lllll I. II'.', ,-
tli.ti- n tin- liv'e. lurnriitatton iirit.rwlifi'.
I .......
u,,rt,. .j .. J,, lain, l llll '. laku IIik ll.k.
.i.i. in i. k..t. ..ri'.... . 1 . h i. .. ..n.i i...
'i.n.in.i.iii i..r i.i.i iti.iii.4.in.i ii..i.aiiant.i.. ai
i"ur "!,xl t'""'"-v ha'rJ " '' iA,i
I Wll.l. rn.ll. l..ui.. ...i-h laim. my .iivio
X leMiiti'iiiv, ivliieli iii liloasiii.tly oUu.iluJ
.,, u.. ,. i'lt.s!,yieri'ii. oiiun.ii, on liar-
.I.,,.. , in,... It. ..M. ......
"" -" '." v....
V-' V:ii V-.V:;"?:. r""oLoVV
'1"! ;i"v..".i si.uu, iwodm.rs so.uu ot i.arrs
"j ,'r Ti'" 7U ftr"1 '" hu,u,l"1'r- F ,rK
j..ti.tT. gvB" " ,.
l Til
11 JJ
1 w.uilil respectfully inform the .
ClllMMI .11
and Kiirruuiidii.K cuiiutry, that I have pur
ebancd tlio slock ut
Watches, Jewelry, Ac,
of Mr. C. B. Wilson,
hii.I Imve removod tu the mom two dnors south
of llcniloi sun's Kloro. 1 have jukt received a
now 8 tout of
lUHlovei-ylliliiBolooln my line, nil of tt'Ulcbluf'
lur ut lour Uijurua,
Mv Goods were all soleoted br mvself. and
are idl of lha latest uutlorus. All Uok1s sold
Witrruuted ua ropresouled, or tbu mouoy re
fuuded. ', j
IVnlftia. .nj ljlolfB Cvr..lltf I h I .
ed aud Warranted.
Also,jQwe1ry repaired lo rtet and substanUal
All wor
I work entrusted to my oare will
DromDtatunUon. at reasooaDle prices. ,
The public are requested to eall and examiue
it at
Wl llVUfti 1 .wiiM.iMyi. - - --
Ot I lorAW i ivn
to all who may favor me with their patronace. '
Old tiold and Silver taken In exchange for
Goods. - '
N. B.-AU work left with Mr. Wllaon.prevlima
to tha Ume of his selling out, will be found at
my shop. Blgn of the Big Watch.
y ims-laV, Aug. 14, (April IT.) 1S6T. ;. ,
STACKS and Piles ofTloklng, Btrlpea, Apron
Checks and PeUnea, at MawaaJe) ;
rxee! Tr
B. POWKLL, Agent ta Ftndlar, for the
- uiAiMiur. biv lui.. fluntrm. u on.
season for bill planUng, with every variety ot .
the Cboioaat Fruit and Ornamental Trees.
Persona Intending to aeleot trees for rkll plant.' '
Ing are requested to oall on tha undersigned be ,
uurea lo lurnisa oiuwoa ui iuuiuwi wuotr, in
Sara nukkiiia Durohaaea. and examine lha omt
oguea or the aoouester nurseries, and obtain
3oea. ... i, bTpOWBIX,
rcnouvy, uiy so, isor.

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