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-IrtmfityO.HoT.STth, 1357
ajfu, we not.,jirbliMrlf la eittkd Ui elr-
a.sUnn tfcf Jlnwit Ww, There ere
,"k"' lm wo'4. Iftollciied. , j
It teems vhaf the 'Administration
rftally dor approve of the most ran
wily fondue! of tbe borhs Cbhstitn-
tloryil Con vcntion ' In the attornpt to
""ton vuiisiliy(lp; yppn 111 MO-
I'ta.of fyausat without their eonient.
Tii WM king ton Union, the mouth
jHeco tT Uuclmnnti, in speaking of
tie disposition to be , inside of. tho
Jontitnlion remarket -,.
The veod question is aottlud
the f reblerh ' is solvrd thu dread
IjRnt of dapper" is tm?sod--nll Her
fans trouble about Kansas affairs is
over and gone. Kansas comes Into
the'UuiOn tfi tlitt' plVlioiplft of tlie
(rrnaf art tir1ii(!lr-organized hor and
Kehrasfta ad territorial p6veru(nunt..
Another iter is added to tho'irpiib
iicMit tonstotlalioti, not shining on
(KWitea T 1 trTff ,' eonflriirt-atfdrt and
l.liod, but IefidJH(J-1ri 1 1 glit to tlio
peaecfal pnrshltsof a contented and
prosperous tooplo. I
'TliiBchpcfO BfibtuiU the coneti
tntjon to tlie vi Jiito inhabitants ol
Kanea acknowledges the people ol
the new state to be lio only tribunal
that cap "rightfully determine What
it domestic institutions shall be; and
t..n u;. ...i.-.i'prcially
in the great principle of jypitlar ov ,
On thu Utdny of Icurn-!pearauce
her next tlie electors mny meet at
tneir proper places ol voting and ex-'
press their opinions by ballot on tho'
question of slavery or no slavery. ,
a majority bIi all voto in fuvor of.
!prfo,L' n - ,r,,,.Pi-viioir which
main in the eonsti.-ntion. ami in
inaiesivanDRS a siuve statu w rp.
chape it will bo laid bvforu Congress.
if the greater number of ballots'
be cast the other way, thnt provision!
shall "be strickeh but, and then every
oegrp ih the state, or herealter to go
there, shall be free, excej)t the lew
an now therq in the legal oon-Liana
altioti of slavery.' ' '
1 lie special Uutails of tho provis -
tons for taking tho buiiho of tho peo
ple, so far as wo can Judge ot'tLuin
M this distance, teem to va aJmira-'Kotteti
bly contt iven for the purpose. It it
ball not result in a trim ejfprcssion'
of the popular wishes, it wi.l bo the
r...i Jt, i. ....,i .i i
fauu of the people thcmsidvcs. Hut
we have no right to doubt thnt
will be fairly conducted, or'
that the defeated party, whichever it'
may be will cheerfully submU to
will of tho majority ."
As the scliodulo shows, tho Con
alitiitinn ia In fin aiiKiniirn.l in ttnu'
" " w U..U........ ... .Mill
way: ''Constitution with Slavery ,or
Constitution without Slavery;" and
the people are compelled to swallow
the Constitution no matter how they
vote, and yet tho Washington Union
makes itself notoriously ridiculous.
by asserting that this bare-faced
fraud 'oi'lvs iull nrm-tlnnl ami fair
, t .r.
effect U the areat vrincinle of nonu-1
lar sovereignty. .
No little ado was made by the De
mocracy over the fortunate inven
tion, that gave birth to the popular
sovereignty dogma. Why the iucop
tion of this new doctrine was attend
ed with a general cackling among
tbe tall thanghai loaders of the Dem
ocratic houacJiold,and they had like to
have fallen out among themsolves.as
to who should have the credit ol
brooding this fledgling. O yes, they
bad uat discovered that it was a
Democratic doctrino, that "the peo
ple of a territory should be left free
to choose tOeir own institutions,"
nd Buchanan's Administration was
to Inaugurate just such an era.
Well, how faithfully has it been car
ried oat! Why, a Convention elec
ted by fraud meet and frame a Con
stitution, and provide, in tho Con
stitution, "that the right of property
ro slaves now in the Territory, shall
not be interfered with" -that the
president of tbe Convention shall
have tbe appointment of the judges
of fbo election to bo held, for tho pur
pose oi permitting tho people to de
cide on an isolated clanse of that
Constitution tbat those only who
voted at tbe first election, shall be
permitted to vote on this pro-slavery
sjppondsge that steps cannot be
taken for the amendment of this Con-
atitution for a period of eight years,
and although the greater portion of
be aubjixt matter ol this Conslitu
, tion, U obnoxious to tbe sentiments
of nine-tenths of the people of tbe
territory? they are to have no voice
1 ia Ua adoption. While at the same
fiVM a (area ia played off, by allow-
ing4he people, to vote on a single
tsjUuao, embracing a simple gener
ality on tha subject: of slavery, the
t Cjaastitutios) proper contains a clanse
acurlng ooutinoaoco of tlie slave
relaliow already establisheJ, thus
fc knaSinY Kansas-5 to all intents and
porpoaes Ajjay.e.ctU), U admitted
with aaca a Constitution. Such is a
.:rsctrcal application of popular aov
tjrelgotj aam noderstooj by Presi-
r'"M,ai4 carriailUitoer-
decide on the fundamental law, bM
are also deprived rfjhekt of elerfJ
inirf J"KUf ICCIMIS.? (
This act of MnkiigatH tyfannyfc
in keeping with the wMe bourse ofl
the AiMSniaVatlaii towards Kansas
since its first organization j acd it
amounts to nothing abort of an as
sumption that tho people may of
right be deprived of all participation
in the rrork.of lyglslatsnn; foryfjthry
may justly do ucprivoa oi me right
of flecf Jlnga" 1W Fot-nultonp-
lor v lilch tfreare tollve.they may,
ilh cqtiai jostico, to deprived of thu
rix'jt of taking say part the legis
I at ion, that is to be bsBSd on the
Constituiliiti'nt a fundamental taw.
Indeed thu Constitution way be ao
framed as Ui control all Tut ere legis
lation;' and ' completely iie tip tfih
lianas ot legislators. . it is tliorelore
of Um utmoet-importance to tbe poo
pip, to haro ar'say aoln its adoption.
KANSAS BOGUS CONSTITUTION. Descent on a Colony of "Free Lovers."
scvcrolt dealt with: he was
required to give bodsjor his ap
trtiynty. at the pext term of the
Court , Bllj in of wlioi, ,0
... i . , , m.
c?'l"n,.ttod to jail. The others
were admitted on bail, with tho un
it derftandinir that if thev left tlio coun-
iUt,w,,uU "ot bo fwwtcd.
(retnriied with her husband to her for
But mer homo. .
Thcro haa been a society of those
known as "free lovers." located at
Berlin, in Erie wunty, for soitie time,
telio livo t.ewti stl(i MMMloet
luct to thur peculiar ' ('JrfoclpIOs. by
entiruly ignoring the marriage rela
tion. The)' ooifttntititry around, bo
cauio o completely aniioycd with
their unblushing acts of licencions-
ncss, - that complaint was lodged
nninet thenf, and they were acjor
diiit(ly arraigned before the Mayor of
Sandusky C5ity, dne day list week,
Tyler, thd" lading aplrrr,,' Whdl h-ad
induccj",i Irg.v.js . to abaqdon
her husband in Now York," Was fta,
ty not to return, their rccoffniranco'at
. - w . ..
Mrs. Lc wis
Slighty Mistaken, Neighbor
trouble among the reckless politi
who of tho Jim Lano school not
rrom thu administration." Hancock
ker by tho Democracy of Kunsas, in
,.,., 0f his rejection of the
i , . l- i n , '
..Iruudultnt returns how judge Cato
,. , . . , ,
thu!,88UUU niWamtw.requiriiig Wal
election ker to i;ivo certificates to the Dome-
cratic cundidateahow one of the
tl.cbo,.J(,r ruffiung thriMv,toj to attoot
. "Govcruor Walker finds his chief
The editor must certaiuly have for-
8tori raised ugainst Wal-
lOiamon unless uiuec ccnmcaiua wciu
jiorthcoming, and finally how tho
Deinocracy met en matte in Conven-
Itioii at Lec'ompton and denonnccd
Walker in thq bitterest terms, and
callut! upon thu Prcsideut to remove
him. So formidable was the oppo
sition and so great 'were thVthreat
of personal violence, that bo had to
L...v n, ,loii,, nr tli trnitid
o.. 1 1.-.. v c...JDer
came forward and profeied their
OIKU. - B Biuuiera. .im iw own mu .
t. -i ...i e.....A .i...s....
vices to sustain Wulkcr.
The Administration at Washing-
ton irinits JudKe Cato to occupy hi"
.. .7.
Pvml,u" ,""'6
tious opposition to Walker.and has in
no way given hiiu any ' aid or com
fort.' W Idle he was confrouting tho
Froe Stato mon,he was readily back
ed by special proclamations and U.
S. troops; but when tbe scales were
turned, and he was brought in con-
with his own party, this
....... r.
Administration fouud it very eon
venient to be silent and let ului fluht
bis buttles alone.
We ruako these statements to re
fresh friend Ilollabuugh's memory,
which seems especially treacherous
in matters bearing hard on bit own
l3Seustor Sumoor has returned
home from bia foreign trip, with the
purpose ot taking bia place In tbe
Suuate. lie met with a Warm recep
tion on his arrival, 11 is healtu.tbo'
improved, is uot entirely restored.
Who Can Answer!
Why is it that our neighbor of tbe
Courier has not found it convenient
to give an opinion as to the action
of the Kansas Constitutional Con
vention? Speak quick, and don't
wait for a cue, from party leaders,
tCT Tho unemployed in New
York, aro still keeping op an agita
tion. They now propose a grand
rally, for tho purpose of tarring and
feathering tbe Oeutral Park Com
(O Dr. Demont, who 00 several
occasions delivered a course f lec
tures in Findlay.on Ancient History,
was convicted recently io Nor walk,
Ohio, of tho crime of bigamy, and
sentenced to four year's confinement
in tbe Penitentiary. " '
OCT A very decided opposition Is
made to tho re-eleotion of Mayor
Wood, of New York. The citlaens,
without distinction of party, Lave
oominated Mr Tiamaa aa tbe oppo-
ailmrrafiAllaljt ' Tlittlr aiinMtaa hv
t f) ,0(JO'uf Aoritt U WaWS lafat-
vri . "...
Miil'a Point, on SaturJav la.t
riaSlar Marble Werks. 8ee advertise
nentafMt. T. BkTbnririhPin4lirBlir
w hpltir Ppl MnifeSt th properJiiitl
bf ualtin oajl theehmiM t home, in
pteferenct to itndinf sbrotd, whtn ihrj
need (njrlliing in the lint of bit butinett.
What Wd Waal and What W oaM
ofKood drd o. ...t,.BBii. .n
Waal. Wt want toma ten or Bflm eoidt
don't w.m rough, ren, ifu ood, f'P'-Bafw-ajtetriteriftl
which s roirketcio b found no pl'iei 1a.
- -i i .mm., muamm
Wheat MarkaL Thf price of W beat in
Finditf b,$ declined to 61 cli. "Nt.ttion
bTincioed,iurrtbisto Be forsrsed
ir the rttet it the different Mereh.rit
Mills In the Stnte, where ston t biriet cis
M found foi'Whett ta'CloioSitt the'of
pries of Wheel remains unchanged; rsrfsinejiinua
fromlSctt. M Wajited,le fOetrf WHm.
JTIoar Harkttrioai ha declined is
Ciaeiasati, w jwiict;. taniing
,MJe .4,40.,.'i ... I.y,,,,, ,
new froa!
4;)I ,
( tv: t, l
rrk.Mnrkt.r-Thrre hat tees scsrcelr'a
aiiyalauRhle4 WiolTcrea' in inillar ret.
Bumi would be wilfins togiveabontl4,00.
Jn Cincinnati, pork i bringing tbout $6.60.
At Chicago live hogi are bringing M aodj
4,40 at Louiiville, 4,00. Mott of tl.it i
hniiKt. in " ..-.r., . .
tiviv, ranging fivm four to l)ele rnoptbt.
lUrperyMagniine Ilarpe: fur Decem
ber It en enrtabls.'JIt It wvlt tlfed with
Teiuauien-aoingaMtier, ma.ie euractlTe br'
... ... j . ... - '
annum. . . .. : t i
(CT, It isaaid that tho War De
partment dcaign aendiiig recnforce
ments from'Orugon n4 California
to Utah, as aid can reach tlio cxpe.
dition sent.. on, sooner from these
poiutsthaa a'ry other.
CO" A very severe Uro occurred,
last Futurdav, in Dottlilor's Block,
Cohunbus, by which property to tho
mount ofl 0 or $15,000 was de
stroyed. " '
OCy Tho Filing Cloud, bound
from lliifflilo tfi Pliif nrn run nalmrn
br which
. : ,--"
aeveu of her crew .were
ffj" Members ol Congress are an
nounced aJ'arrivIng at Washington,
in view of the forthcoming Congress.
IO" Very heavy failurpg' aro re
ported in England, and the Dunk of
England haa advanced its rates to
ten pr cent, tho highest they have
over been.
CCT" The storm on tho Lakes dur
ing Iddt Friday and Saturday, was
very severe. Quito a number of ves
wis were driven ashore and wrecked.
DCT Ex Senator Seymour of Ver
mont, is dend. '
Cheap for Cash!—Half a Loaf is Better
than no Bread.
Lmnirni w.rj. n, 121 r...,t. nr
warraatcu to stick.' or uo P.y. .t
f'!ttcenu per written page. 1 have written
i:1 tr my father, Qaosot Kwami. at a
amelT,ilo",h,,P' 0,1 wcondiquarewcttofths
Dm a Sib I would null luapeolfully ao'
licit tour ..,....,. M.. r., .... w;...i f
work you may want u.e to du, as I with to
all U money I can. Wore oonIrueno.e1rw",01.
i.g my 33sd quarttrly eampaiBn' in the!tu0
school room. I will wrilttlor three cvuta
r ' .
'oi all kiadt of copying. Ac. Settlement
M k'J1, t coV1s. c.
Mtitioua in comniou OV.il auikuua in thu
Court of Common Picas, carefully prepared,
and can easily write from 00 lo 1000 wuids
per hour of mnt kimlt of writing. I hope
you may think my tmu reasouablo.anJ my;
wurs, (.anoulil you cliooie lo employ me,
and aatiifactory. ,' I
Uy the kiudneas of Mr. V. Vikloi,
I may generally be found in the Treaaurer'ajaa
or at hume, in tlie room formerly or. !
ivnun uouse, aim uroia iireets, i.iou in
. '
News Matters.
Schedule the bogus Constitution of
Kansas as adopted.
Sec. 1, That no inconvonience
may arise by reason ot a' clmnge
Iroiu a territorial to a pennant btatej
government, it ia declared that all
rihtu, actions, prosecutions, judg
ments, claims, and cuutraets, as well
of individuals as of bodies corporate,
except the act incorporating a bank
passed by the last session ol the ler
ntonai legislature, which is hereby
duclured null and void, shall continue
as il no audi change had taken place.
and all processes which may have
issued nuder: the authority ol thu
Territory of Kansas, shall be as valid
as it issued M tho name ot the Stato
of Kansas. ,; .1,
Sec. ii. All laws now in force lu
the territory of Kansas, which are
not repugnant to this constitution,
snail continue and be or force until
altered, amended or repeated, by a
legislature ttsseinuiea uy tne pro
visions of this constitution.
Soc. 8. All tines, penalties, all
forfeiture, accruing to the territory
ot Kansas, shall enure to the nae ot
the State of Kansas.
Seo. 4. All recoiruiaaoeea here
tofore taken shall pass to, and be
prosecuted io the nauie of the State
of Kansas; and all bonds executed to
the governor of the territory, or to
any other officer or court, io hit or
their official capacity, eball pass to
tbe governor of the State and their
successors in office; and for the nae
therein expressed, and may be aned
for aud recovered accordingly, aitd
all tue estates or property, real, per
sonal, or mueu, anu an judgments,
bonds, specialties, casus in action.
and olaiini or debt! of, whatsoever
decripbaa of Iho territory of Kansas,
shall qu' to, ana res, in th State
of KaaassM waVJw sjrl toaawlla-
.eorered in tbe same manner, and U
aim extent aa th aama could
hnurJtion.,,, iho 1 residentof tho Conven
ation ol said poll books, it shall ap
flict (pear that a tnajority of the votes
..(titory of Kansas, at the time of th
aTOTrfi limcAft Mf b eOnttn Wtf arti
aMsswd4avsay coart ot tU,aitas
tho atlUlOflty or th
ftit tortttory 6f I
A hntd atSr! i
80n.of d"ttth' resignation or Oth
make " 1 resident pro tem., and
,otl?r to retained by Judges
irutiaiuuuju mo uvinuiuuuu bu rati
correct tied, to tho Congress of tha United
Eq!,'Stutea for adliliSilOD into the Union
a sovereign Slate.uudcr said Con
Oilice, st i tut ion. liut if upon suchexamin-
hare te! bjT'fyt) territof?Zika-Joi
a. rhichMSff
r" ' ir' & t
a lerntonai to Htt)a!civaeifcdii
and whkh sffaTI ttierT be vfndrg(
a trva u - liidmsi ' hui sBSFaWBUuaasi i
snail oe prosecutod to judgment in
the name of the State; all action at
law, and stilts In equity which trey
be Tfcr.dihjf In the coorte of th w-
which shall have jurisdiction of
subipct natter thereof. " .
Hoc. ,6. , Alt OfBccrs, ' civil aid
mUitary,' holdlflir helf bfflcee undBr
he yplttfd SUM,
Kansas', shall coV
spectivfl roftU nottt tW shall
cxercis,e fberr f'
couniy ana lownsnip
ivmvni euaii iiuniimio io npia met
respective oracos, onmst ron.ovM b
law of tho Leeislature DfOVido
'l' by the Constitution. 4 "' " '
Sue. 8. Thia Cohbtitotion shall
bo submitted to the Congress of the
United Stales' at 1t8 ftexf ensnlng
e88lon, ftnd KS 800H 88 oliclal in-
!f..v.l.iorl haa hpAfl ruceivw
is approvaJ ,o ti.o sumo, y tho MK'
llllsr.K'11 UI uiu oiuiu ui ivaosnn ns
l c-i..i. 1
oneofthosvcfolgh States the Uni
ted States, tho l'rcsidcnt of this Con-
.!,. i. i ,s.
nnnii lorug mo 1.1 wuiailiaiivil
to convene tho Stato Legislature at
tho seat Uoyernuient, within thirty
uays alter its publication. ' Should
any vacancy occur by the death, re
signation, or otherwise In tiff Lee-
islature or other officio, ho shall order
an election to fill such vacahy: Pro
vided, however, in case of refusal,
absence or disability of the President
of tli ia Convention to dischargo tho
duties heroin imposed on him, tbe
President pro tcin. of this Conven
tion shall perform said duties, refu
sal or disability of ti e President pro
tetn., a cotnmitUe consisting of
, or a majority of them, shall
discharge the duties required of the
President of this Convention.
Before this Constitution Is sent to
Congress, the President of this Con
vent ion, or in bis absence by reason
of his death, resignation or other
wise, tho President pro torn., shall
by proclamation declare, that on
the 21st day of December, 1857,
at the different election precincts
now established by law in tho Ter
ritory of Kansas, an election shall be
held, over which shall preside three
judges, to be appointed the President
ui una iuiivuruion, or in ins ansence
by reason of death, resignation or
othcrwiso, tho President pro tern., at
wuicuTcicctton the Uonstitution fram
ed by this Convention shall bo sub
mitted to all the malo cizens of the
Territory of Kan-ia, over the ago of
twenty-one years for ratification or
rejection, in the following manner
and form: lue voting bIibII bo by
ballot. The judges of said election
snail canso to bo kept two poll books
by clorks by thorn appointed; the
ballots cast at said election shall
bo indorsed-Constitution with Sla
very, or Constitution without Sla
ver. One of said poll books shall be de
posited with the .President of this
invention, or in ins aoscnce.by rea-
t .- ... .
w.1 V-" loriuspcc
,: ' : I i . .
'on. Ins absonco by reason of
t i a 1 1 r. t Vi roaiivnn 1 1 An tta I ma in a a
lil I I a, - a Til. a.
urn iwuuuu uro iuiii., s un iwuor
more oi tliia Convention, fliall ex
amine saui poll 'jooks, and if it shall
apjnsar upon said eauunution that a
IllSlul lty Ol votes Cast at said election
be iirtavor of the ''Constitution with
Slavery," be shall immediately have
uasi ai saiu vieutioo oo in lavor Ol
tha "Constituthm without Slvrv
than tho article providing for Slave
ry shall bo stricken from this Con
ttitutiou by
the President of this
or in his absence by
icason of death, resiirnationor other
wise, by tbe 1'resideut pro tem., and
Slavery shall no longer exist it Ksn
sas, (except that the right of proper
ty in staves now in una Territory,
snail in no manner be interfered
with,) and he shall immediately have
transmuted tlio Uonvtittitton so ra
tified, to the Congress of the United
States for admission into the Union
as a sovereign States, under the said
Seo. 0. Every male Inhabitant
who is a citizen of the United States,
at the time of the first election, and
is above the age of twenty years,
shall be doomed an elector at the
first election to be holden in this
state;and any elector qualified as af
oresaid, shall bo entitled to be elect
ed to any office or place under Uiis
stato constitution at such election;
anything in this constitution to the
coutrary notwithstanding.
Seo. 10. The president of this
convention shall issue writs of eloo
tion to three housholdors in the
aeveial counties roquirintr them to
cause an election to be held for gov
ernor, secretary or state and treas
urer, representative to Conirreaa ol
uia uoiieu states; monitors of tbe
state Legislature; and all other ot-
... . . . .
floors, elective under thla constitu
tion, io their respective counties;
distrieta and places of election: on
tha lint Monday and day following
oi January in me year eighteen
hundred suid fifty eiijhL which alee
tion shall la all other reapecta, be
jooaucuxi m ia manner pre sort oea
by the now existing law In Uia ter-
ritory of Kansas; aud all retoroJ of
said elections shall be made to the
E resident of tbia convention who is
erebj k authorized to ryoeiya ex
amine, and oonut.tUa v6toa ; aq4 te
declar who is elected; W'sSf 6fB-
oen iti ua duly eleeted shall antr np
tieTefiajTT tlx the salaries.
and eonne In the discharge ol
in the discharge ofl
fra dnUetof theist respeotire afflccs
tre eiacci
..rf. :
ii..i..Mii..r .iMU't
and nm
Sec. .tl.i ;UnUV
ai.r unt unie:. x-ss atnre
m r:t.L cis ui swliii u nsica miLU auir imvi
visions' f 'Vw Constftitiow1k
erwise d.r,ct, the.alary of the gor-l
emor shall bo $3000 per annum;
the salary of the lieutenant govcf
noraklilt be doobtef.tlte p.y "of
State senator; and the pay of mein
innn m sa n, I '
State senator and the pay of mem
hersohe4MMlatrira bImOI be
etvlbrs 'oVvlontil ttterWiee
.vidld hjtlaa first laaislatiisa. Uinhifisai
of ail officers
other than th
ese elected by the pco
pie at the first elocttdft.' ' .
Soc. 12. ' This Constttntlon shall
t.Vd AfftiAi1 atari tv, I. fn. r.M nt
.rv. .i;tl..iuwn!,.
i i.r. .A.t .' . . r'
Bco. 12. Oaths ofoflTeo
administered by any Jndjre
oiiuo peace.orcicra tianycourio
recorded or tho lerntory or stato ol
ui" " x",UiU,u '
btnte tnny otlierwiso direct. '
f5ec. 14. That after tho year oho
thousand eight hundred and sfxty-'of
four, whenever tho Legislature shall:
It necessary to amend, "alter'
and chanffo this Consurnt on. ' thev
shall rrp'"v4 to fi 'ttrr
t , . i. i
Uha'ncxi ironerai election, iwo-thiti it1
oi tno momners oi cacn lionso con-
cnrrinif . lo voto for or aminst callinz1
. .
a Convention to
- rt
a Convention; and if it appar that n
majority of all the citizens or
Stato havo voted for a Convention,""1
tl. l.niUt,ira .I..II at if. n,t ro-
ular session call
wn8i.tora- rrtHnymemWsBStherel,njfor(:.jto.n
may be in tho IlonSO Of lpresent-
atives at tho timo, to be chosen in
and by the same electors that chose
the Iteprescntatives; said delegate!
so elected shall meet within three
after said eloetion, for the
of revising, amending or
the Constitution. Uut no
alteration shall be made to affect
right of property in tho ownership
of slaves.
' ' i
4 i.'ff.
The Railroad Retrenchment.
The four great competing railroad'of
lines running West tlie New
Erie, Now York Central, l?ilti
more and Ohio ai)d Pennsylvania
Central-have recently adopted plans1
which are calculated to harmonizO(f
their conflicting interests and to re-'''Si,)n
docu their hitherto suiierfluous ex-',e1u',,M
penses. Tho basis of agreoment in-star"1
eludes a uniform advanco iu tho
ratea of fares and fruMit to tho
principal points west, and the ab
olition of tho system of ontsidu run
ning, soliciting and bill posting.
Knelt company isalMolimitol to but
ono oflico in New York city, Only
one advertisement of any company
is allowod to bo bung lip in any ho-
tei anu oinor public place?, llie
retrenchment in theso respects will:
thousand of dollars annually
each of the railroad. The rito
tho farca ofnamprneri tOHOmnnf tho'
no into went To no follows: To Whoul .
ing,lro.nSl-2 50t.15 50, Ci'.!"".tl,
ro. 1Q r. o,. r ....nt., r......
A v ,u wuioiiiiw, iniu
9.1 m oa no l,ii.,.,-,iia r.. in1
13 00 to 2t: Louisville, froiii""'
)23 50, Indianapolis, from ID1
' 2? fe W ,t0
50 to
iroinzuoroov at. xne raiea
freight havo been advanced about
80 per cent., aud, as well as tnoio ol.
fares, aro higher now than they have;
ever been. It is the eoneral custom.
howevcr.on all railrouds, to bring
tbe freight rates in the fall. The
new tariff of faiea went into effect!
on tho 1st, and that of the freights
on the 15th instant. .V. Y. ve.
The Virginia Senatorship.
Tlie Richmond Daners continue lobe
.1 1 1 1 - . .
almost exclusively with the
Wise anil Hunter controvrrav . llin
Enquirer grows more emphatic, and si
.... .,.. ui.....
IUn (.Vllaiiuiiueilt. w IDI TBIT UlUlll'i
.. . .
ly that Mr. Hunter is not the mnn for'
tht Senaiorsliip and that hit letter to
Mr. Leak prov-s this conclusively. ,
The work of killing off Hunter will
forward very vigorously. Nothing'd
but sn explicit renunciation of ths 6re-,g'ld,
eaters, and an unqualified endorsement;
ol Mr. Buchsnsu's stlminisiraiion will;
put an end to this persecution. Tlie
continues lo demand such
endowment, and presses its demandlto
with sn air which
ncn imp ies mat a
pec tad, if not in a tout,
sponte is not ex
mat maaes it inconsistent witnsenator
Ms-paat to g,v. th. call any .fecial
- ' '
Gen. Walker's Destination.
a Tmut .lava min. llial lha nlliinalH iIhii.
... 6... , u, w..6..K.i,,l0
lination of Walker and his filibuster
, ..... ,, i...... .jm,
T atTi.u in"c. 'if Vn J
to warm a reception mere, may be ie-
o . .
garded as not sltogelher destitute ofi
. ..... . . a
plsusibiliiy. in the muurbed comii-
tion of sffairs on thst island, Wslkef
might render msiorisl sid to the Do
minican rebellion sgsinst the greet
champion of negro equality, the tin
neror Fsuttin. and secure s controll ine
3 a -
. . ... ..
I hit, st present, seems to be a more
promising feld for filibustering than Ni
earagus, where Walker could hardly
sustain himself for a week. Cincin
nati Oax.
niiuence in the pontics oi the uisnd.:over,
Later advices received con6rm
the capture of Delhi. The garrison
at liuckoow naa oeen reiievoa oy
Gon. Iiavelock just as the enemy
were ready to blow it up. A large
portion of the oity had already been
captured. Oen. Neil had been kill
ed. Tha Kins of Delhi had surren
dered, and his life had been spared;
out uis sons aaa oeen snot,
, . Telegraphlo advices in advance
of tbe overland mail had been re
ceived at London, a fortnight later
than tbe previous Intelligence.
Delhi was in complete possession
ot tha British on tha 31st of Sep
tember. Gen. Nicholson died ofl
wounds received in tha assault.
Tui LaTsarr. It was rumored in
Liverpool on Wednesday that the
Bank of France had stepped pay
ment, but it ia believed the report
g'w out : nf another' a4aaca h th
1 rtea or aiaoount,
Brigham Young's Proclamation.
- jj,
tJveJpu.jjej faith of the s
protfoirtsfsiy, and our I
thiithsssts St aa
Our opuonenuhsve svsile.l themself
prejudits existing sgsinitut, becSute
of out religious faith, to send out a for
think midabls hoat to accomplish our tetroe-
wflonaoitunitj' af dolenrtios "uiir, from
" ".8ung comnimoe oi
tltelol,,or sent to inquire into
the troth, as lacwtomary
? ,Uch ",e! W kn0W lho,e ?."Per"
iMU8 with an ,rme(1'
merCenarv mob. which haa heen aent
letter writers, aahamed to fsther
iho base, tlsndsrous fsltehoodt which
tlmy have given the public of corrupt
officials, whe hsvs brought TstW sc
months cusations sgainst ut to screen them
pnrposo selvet in their own infamy, and of hire
changing '""S Pe end towliug editort, who
tliePr?J!l"u.10 ,ru h .f0'imhy lut:r8 .ake
our country, and upon which the
York'jovemo ont is bated. Our duty to our
and 'stlves, to our families, requires hot to
timely submit to be driven and slain
without an attempt topreserve ourselves,
duty to our country, our holy te,
ear God, to freedom and liberty ,
,h,t w' ,bou4 not ,Juie,l'
nJ beM ,hn ,fofiin
'.round uf "!llcb elclated to en-
in the Territory 01 Utah, lo'bid:
First Alt armed fortes of every da
save '"'Pi'0" fforn coming into this Territo
to in.fy. under any pretence whatever,
Second Tuat all ths forces in said
' . , ,
Tlurd--Martial law ., hereby declar-
tC.inon Vf" ffij T.
person thai, he Mowed to
oip.sl or r.pSM inl0 or lht00 h or frorn
-his Territory without a permit from the
proper officer.
upthis fifteenth day of September, A. D
eighteen hundred and fifty seven, and of
le lodependoncs of ths United Stsiet
CiUesaa of Ijb: Wt inn d b
hatfla fetctl fthaYara HtvulSrfc.rv as-
,,u p,i-"vr' f v-,-7
. '
" 'TZZEZuti n
. ' i .
on, intuited ana b.urd- jar
- a . . . a
tssattA Kn nlttnlrl an1 thn
cipa butchertd while tlndsr the
govsrnruent lor
Tsmilias driven
ihat ihtlits ia
die barren wildtrnett snd.thst prpttc
(ion smonc nottiis ssvsger wnicn wste
denied thenl In the bossted abodss W
Christisnlty and eivil?afiei,1"'
' The censtitutioa of our -oortimon
eosntry narsrHsss unto us all that
ws do now or hsvs sver clsimsd. : If
tlio constitutions! rights which parts in
iuntous ts American citisens wsrs ek
J ,'llrtwndedtc Uuh according to ths spirit
. . - b,r6of ini, fftlrlr ,nd
im ,;,uy mnillettit it i. .11 that
we could sis sa tbst ws. hsvs ever
non. " Wi hsvs hail no pntiloee nor
tne it ie, ioui and uniutt anr am
.i . i
uS",n" utoeiora me nnen. ,
1 "', not srnmant hat not scondeicsnu
.inn. . . k. I. .a. K..t . 1. sua. la .. .
dmtii . r iniiu. uui itioi avails u
Wm .
against ui si tho imtigstion ofsnony-
Tha issue which has thus been forced
upon ut compels us to resort to the great
first law of self-preservation, and ttandj
in our own defense s right cuarantced
unto lit hv the penina of tne in.filntinna
unlawful military despotism, tuch at
can only emanate, in a country of con
stitutional law, from usurpation, tyran
ny and oppression.'
Therefore I Brfghsm Young, Gover
nor and Superintendent of Indian Af-
" V" ' UV"6 u -"j""'""
'fairs for the Territory of Utah, in ths
name of the people of the United States.
'.Territory hold themselves in readiness
w '"oro""'."0"" w 'P'
any and all such invasion.
rpi - i . '.. . . Lit
Third Martial law is hereby declar-
Given under my hand snd tr-sl st
'srest Salt Lake City. Territory of Utah.
" Amsnca ths eighty second.
Brigham Young.
Robbery and Punishment.
"i Jiiiau uiiis, 01 uuruuuu town
occupied ,,- fiatQn . bbed hu
. ' . . 1 '
" "ct" - u. uu
"IuJur pretenco of backing a letter,
bo entered the room, opened the
nowdrawer with afatse key, and abstract
to the money, $120 of which was in
the balance in notes. The bills
ho gave to an accomplice. lie then
wont to Norwalk, purchased. a suit
of clothes, went thence to Monroe
Ennuirsr snlvillo. thence to Sanduskv. and then
Detroit where he crossed to Can,!
1'euetcutiary lor three ycarstnd.
ana me menauers or '.ne uouse
Oii the 2d inst. a man named
Afifviia Tit 'f!ljlliinr! 111 tha ainnlAir
. i.'ir- i. 11:11- 1 m'
pioyer ot "Jp collars, under tne tol
i lo wine circumstances: Tho money
, ... ,
. ....... I t in m r . 1 1 v.. n i . H ma ra ah m ...I
officer jone8 8Urted on hl8
. t -rrflatod him near London.
s.ri . i i.n.! k..i. m
, 1
j;, p,, f
I wus empannelletl, an indictment
found, and ho placed upon trial.
( I(J wftjJ lence(j ,
n company with Kev, Julius Caesar
was cooreyeu lo the btato
I-oluntary Total Abstinence Soci
c.tv ItutiTiilA. in I Tikliiniriiia nn
v - -
nursuay last, no bioou.ijt reiusee
liifiil tit A W a m A lf liU a Arirm
lu u"ulji .vu-
plico. Plymouth Adoerluer,
The Next Cong ansa. The elec
tions for members of the national
. m. .
House of Kepresentatives are now
l 1.1- , II
mav be noliticallv clam tied: Demo
crats 12S; Republicans 92; Know
Nothings 14. lue uouse consists
of 234 members 118 constituting a
majority. Ihe Democrats have I
maioritv of 22 over both other Dar
ties, which will be increased to 25
by tbe reception ot three new mem
bers from the new Stato of Minneso
ta. The Democratic party, how
ever, haa no well defined policy in
regard to anv of the ereat Questions
of the times, and the difficulty of the
Uonifress wilt probably be not In the
passage oi Democratic measures, but
in discovering what "Democracy"
A oartv of Indians having arrived
at Ontooagoa from tha bead of Men
ominee River, bringins: wkh them
some riek Sjtecuneas of gord-boanng
quarts, and rapreaentiag tbat tha
conntrr waa rich with that mineral,
the gold Aver at onee began to raise,
and sons of tha leading men of On-
touagc aUrted-taiMdiatiy for the
up-rtvw eountry tosaatnlne into the
trutbtot ua atory. if lb report
should Prove correct, a rush' lo tha
VptrL4XM rtvailtag that to Osli
fornia will ensue. San. JitguUr.
Locre lirN "lOtfhion
SquareXHe wJC blied KTc ctn
tribntiN thef f si tingtdi? bfonee
monnnfcrf 1 but leol tiedT J rflbot
see," hernllVliaUentthisaVat
nte wHIjfoto rfa, aid five httttdred
dollars fist grew tfail MnBttnley to
pay for the gratincatlon or oth
er people." "Ileneflt to youl
Why, sfrrfl wflTbenetlt yon more
than anybody else. The statute can
be seen from every window of your
hoo.se: it will be ait orMrneot, and
add dignity try ttiryTiWe neighbor-jjaade-daSMl
it ssiU asaaisdaally rsasiasV
vou of the Father of hia fionntrr
the ImthoftaT Wasrjlngtdnl" Xhl"
answerea uia incre, -i ao not re
quire1 M statue to remind me of Mm,
for I always carry Washington here '
and he placed his hand upon hit
' TliAn ffif- ma tall trA. a.'
blied the atiDllcHtrt 'lfthat ia so. all
I have to say is, that yon have got
Washington in a very tight place."
' I Hi i..ii ii i i
Art you tick, no matter, what organ is af
fected depend upon it the bipod, which is
the food tnd luatenthee of every organ, la
full ot cormptioa! Dr. Roback'a Sctndi
aariaa Blood Purifler sad Pil It, break up
the aource of disease ia the fluids of tbe
body. Thar purge and purify tha elements
of the brood. Uence their quick and corn
plete curee in dyapepsiacrofa lo, eruptiona,
fitt.tumors, nerTeuaueaa, kidney complainta,
piles, weak stomach, low fevers, debility.
rheumatism, headache, want of sexual vigor.
eto.,eto. Th! .renwdrea are astonishing
' , ee Advertisement.
How to Piea" BtAirr. Nothing is
more becoming to a man or weman than a
beautirul luxuriant head of hair, and a wo
man's besuty is certainly incomplete with
out a fail complexion, and he or ahe who
neglecta these great and important adorn
ments of nature must expect to suffer the
mortification of premature baldness, and a
wrinkled face and a 'allow skin. Nothing
it necessary to preserve these essential at
tractions but the use of Prof. Wood's Re-1
storative. (Looiavillle Times
Paot. Wood's Hue Ristosatits. We
have had occasion to use this famous
preparation of Prof. Wood's, and after thor
oughly teating its qualities, we find thatL,...
where the hair ia thin it will thicken it,
gray it will restore it to its original color ;
lilewise, it gives a glossy sppearance.aa well
keeps the hair from falling off. This in-j
valuable ingredient is for sale at "China-
man's Tea Store," southeast comet Fred-1
crick and Baltimore streets, by Mr. J. C.
Given. 'Bat. Clipper. 1
Sold by all good Druggists,
Mtaeicu. By the Kev. R. U. Hollvoav,
liu residenoe in Kind lay, on the evening
oftheUth inst., Mr. O. W. HarToa to'
Miss AatNoa Sanulci, both of this
- . .. . .
o V, i . . . , ' . I
5".V B L' J'S1- . Sc,"",b ",,lel ,n
FinJIay, Mr. SmutL KLwi.tr and MaTiLDA
Ui.t-a-r-ln Dayton, O., on tbe Ulh inst.,
Anns Cutuo, wile of Thomas Clkos,
and mother of Mn. foataor, ol
place - - 1
la her eharaoter were blended all the vir-iPreaa
,k. .,lnra nai.a A. a atib faukliii.
that tdora woman. At a wife.fauhluli
tsa mother, affectionate, and as a Iriend,.,
true. During Ike long period af her perioJl-,
ical illness, she bore her afflictions with a!
Spartan forl.Ude, a-d .ppo.ated.h.,
ofcoovaleaence more toueprepaialion, for,
tha welfare of thus she was about to leave
ud her, than Ihe ailopWon of specifics;
forra safety. Ue.th crowed her'
threshold With barely a momcafs warning;,
and thus baa S numerous connection in the,
Atlantio and PaoiCo 6ules been brought to,
.. , , . , .
mourn the loss of one who was evel ready to.
answer tbe appeals of parental affection, and:
administer to the necessities of all mh
came within her circle. But she has paased,
to her reward tbat bliuful immortality to
,. .... , , ... . ,
which she looked, and for which she lived.'
Tbit tribuU of leepect is paid by one, who'
' , '
appreciated bet worth, venerates hel mem-'
orv and lamanta hm lui
ery, and laments Bar lets. .
" Tit this that wards tbe blow, or stills the;
Disarms affliction, or repels bis darl;
Wlttia the bret bid, purest.apture. rUa,
Bids trailing eoaaoience tpretd her cloudless
'''" i
Special Notices.
Clark's Female Pills.
sir JameTclarke's
Pnftrtdfnm a FmcripdtmmfHirJ. Clara, Af
Jl., Pkywirian Alraanfasoiy e la Oaara
Tblt invaluable SMdlotae at aofalllnsin the
cure of all thoaa paiaaui and daatferoaa disor
ders to whtch tbe bautle oanalituUos II sub
ject, it moderates all axeeat, and removes all
obstructions, and a speedy curw nay be re
led on. '' ' '' ' '- ' '
To Married Ladies
It la peeullarly salted. It will, Id a abort
time, brine on ba Btontbly period with regularity.-
. , .,
Each bottle, price one dollnr, bears'the Got
enuneiit aunip of.Oreat Britiau, to prevent
These pills should not be taken by females
thnt ai e pregnant, during tat fhrmt abiat mtmtlu,
ae ther ana aura to brtns: on BUeomani but
at every other time and In every other ease,
titer are perfectly safe. 1
I.! ..11 kfu.u.... ,i.J B..lnal IftanHnn.
Pain In the Bock aud Limbs, fatigue on slight
exertion, Palpitation of the Heart, Hysterica
and Whites, these Pills will effect a cure when
all other meant have tailed, and although a
powerful remedy ,do not contain Iron, calomel,
antimony, or anything hurtful to the consti
Pull directions accompany sack package.
Hole agents lor tbe U. (Jutes and Canada.
(Late I. C. Baldwin A Co.,)
iUMnUr, N. Y.
H. B. 11.00 and S pottage atampa eaoloaed to
any authorised agent, will Injure a battle ot
tue puis oy return muu. ror aaw uy.
A. il.vurr tj. j mw t , tnfiiH
rindiay, O,
June 19 iBST No. 18, la&S-ly.)
Special Notices. New Advertisements.
neoM eoir. , aaaa. aaorx. . awar aaowx.
GO IT St paowx. Attorneya and Coun
sellors at Law, and Uenentl CUIeolIng
Agents, will give pronqit aUeotioa to all bua
lueat eatrutted to thar care,
ornoa Second alory of " Bead Quarto ra"
Block, nret door Durtb of heed's Hotel, Pli.dlay,
iiaaaiock eoanly, Ohio. Nov. 17, '7.
A cianos to Dispose af Lands aad Seal
Xstau la oeaeraL
' I n' i-
ffUflt uadertisotd has etUbllshsd a Real Ba
X. tUgcyln
and wlU attend to tbe pare hate and sale of all
ktadw of Meal deitata. aualt aa Parma, towa
Lola. HouMt and Lola, Ao. to tbe redestDtion
of deltoqeent landa, and to tbe payaneea oTaav
nov. ir, laoi, , d, a. Braaa
,... ,..u ,m . . ..
IT1H13 Journal haa won a national repu
ai tation for its excellence at a Qeneiet
FamilyNewspapetand ita high Politicaland
Literary character. Published ia the heart
of New England; on a larger aheet and with
a greatet amount of matter than the Boataa
I weeklies; with a day's latet newt thaa tha
.New York and Boston newt of the same
datei representing more faithfully than thoee
Ijournals csn or profess to,theuslingaiahiB
! principles of New Englaad, ia morals, awl-
itica and religion; and made up withespee
tt lal refererce to the tasieaand ents of New
England families, whether settled in tbeis
couDtyJorisiual liorues or
gland a review of the Marl eta aad Mono
Mrs. taiy Affairs a Summary of Beligiodt Intet
Eiq., thittigence a letter fiom Boston by one of Iba
moat brilliant wriU-it conaucUed with tha
an Agrieultural Column Editorials
lh Various Topics of the Week Origi
lues m, ini,Seleeted q.',lef poetry Uxteur,
ia ,u 0Tel forty solid columns of Bead-
inf is ench number.
The Hepuulicau it under the editorial
Hl,torT of Western Ma aobusetU, tnd
i"TUb Bay t'ath," aud several other expel-la-In
ieod writers.
j2 WlVS:
0ne year Oi eight copies 10, and 20copiea
b 20, with one copy ealra to the getter up
f lh1e1c,1ub ' eilhfr. of 'he "
Bank bills current in the capital of any
sfate received at par. Address,
Springfield, Mass.
l)KTliH Kfc-i.sKK'i iiaTATK. Nuiice ia
f harchy given thnt th-aubacrlherwaalbia
i nay, by the I'rohulo Court, in and for Hancock
cnunty, oluo, uiipoimcd AilmmiktriUor on tbe
of I'eler Keier, liuo i.r Untlk-k Wwnahjp.
i Ham-uck county. Ohm, dcceuMod, and haa giv-
eu buuds aucurdiug toluw.
j AdmlnlHtrator ol I'eler Keiaer, dec
Xov. 24, lull. 3w.
r I N .D L A.Y
(Hiieceaaor iataasnui Boraxa,X
TTAVrxo made hurt adSrtlene to thla ee-
11 inbliahment. D
tnbliahmeni. ianow Draaarata ntralek
u order, evervUruiR pertainiiif to tkla kranob
of buainasa, oimaletloe aaaJnlv of -
ateaamaaU, Twmmh S .
Htooea, Man Ma, TM.
Topa, t mrf atyka n4inlHf.
Alt work done br the beat workmen, in the la-
teat and moat approved trle. Those desiring
anrthine In nnr branch nf biiMneaa. are earn-
eatly aolieued l1 emit, a we feel confident that
our awiorimeni le wormy tne attention ana
patrmrnte nf tlila community. We reel deaMy
aure that our prices are aa reeaomtble as argr,
and matin 1owr than tome we kaow of Our
torma will he ritrerned to aolt the eonrenlenra
nnAaaUkte nf.ua saatiiaa tosranatiaeataarti
ins wun ua, or our TruTcimi, ngpma, win d
fairly and honorably dealt with; Orders from
a dialance prompt!? attended to.
ear Uhop ou. BiuUroad alreot, a few ataya..
earn ol Main. T. B. THHIFT.
Nor. J7, 1A17.-Iy.
riMIK IIKST ARTICLE Jest reoelved, and lor
X mtle chciiii, nt l.iMowoaTUT'a.
Nov. M, IK17.
BY dnien or slnglo package, at
.Nov. an, -v. tANOWoaTtfT't.
AM. kinds of country pmdaea In exchange
lor RtHita nnd Hhoaa. at J. D. Hiol.K,' 1..1.
of the Blue Boot, two doora north liallenlina
X rirmin'e. Nov. 17. 1MT.
The Beat Newspaper ia New EatlaaaV
The Springfield, (Mass.) Weekly
transplanted to distant
portions of the Union Tat
presenu more attractive featurea fot a iea-
era! circulation than any other New EasTem!
pip, .
Jt lhe ony newspaper in New Kaslaaw
published on a large quarto aheet-eigbt
.psesuf sis columns like the New York
Tribune and Times. It contains each week
full Summaries of the local newa of New Eaw
1 C1 K'.''!" h' V"", ''f--On
,D b. M f rTZ'r' ST.
curt h..uae, iiulie ti.wni.fr irallny.iu llauco..k
county, ohm, will Lo sold lo tlio highest bid-
der. the lulluwuij real e.tato, us the urorertr
ol William kihut-iuakur, duceaaed, to-wit; tho
weKiiian hi me aouiii-eaHt quarter ol aexuon
sixteen (IS,) in tuwiwhip oue, south i.f range
nine eaal, unutaliilnir emhty aerea nf land, mute
or hi, free otitic incumbrance uf the widow 'e
Tuuu or 8iLs.-Ooe-thlrd of the purebaae mna
er in hand, on the day nl sale; wid the residua
thereof ir. one and two years thereafter, wiUt
inlereat from the day ut aale, to be secured by
mortgage on said prummi'S.
Admr't. of William Hhoemakr, deeeaaed.
O Nkal A BLAvareaa, Alas.
Nov. JT, 1867.-41,
The tubecribet hereby offers, at Publio
Auction, a complete stack af Groctiea,iucB
as Coffee, sugar, tea. lioe, aalaiatua, tpicea
pepper cloves, cinnsmon; ctudltt, toap,
ilaroh, Chewing and smoking tobacco, cigars,
a large lot of imported liquors; wiues.oidei,
candies. tugKilict wita bia aalooa attuietk
tuch as tables, chairs, stands, plates, dithea,
pitchers, csttors.lauips, candle ttickt.kaivea
and forks, tta aud table spoons, oystet stew
em, ice cream apparatus) soda fountain, pat
eut ale pump, relrigeralur, show catet, tea
chetti, clocks, sugar boxes, stoves, Ao.
l also oner lor sale, an excellent Hoaea
and Lot, a two story brick, with all Iba con
venience! oi a oomlurtable dwellinc. locatedt
on Main Croat Street, in Pindlsy.
Alto a iiiie-Leateoa the property os Maim
Street, tbe grocery stand wkirb 1 am now
occupying, one of the best business locali
ties ia town.
The suction tale will bet in "on Hoadar.
December 31st, and be eonunued aattl all
it told.
The paiticulart tnd terms of payment
will be made known on thedtyt of sale.
Findlay, Wotenioei IS. 1667. tw
Hat purchased tbe entire ttouk of Ooods be.
leasing w - ,
Aad now otters oue of the best selected ao4
oheapeat slock of
Qasantware, Glassware, Kardwax
That can be found in thla community. A eaa
from, purohajere le aolielted, who, for oath.
wiu ana taa .natt Bargains aver eoerea ut
par tha hlgaeal price fot BaMar,
Peatbara, Wheat,
worn, uaia, ao., sto. ,
a, Oats, ao., avc.
s. p. Ukos. ;
Pthphv, Novembers, ISM.
BMantayTaWTha bewtaasoeianattl
v utiewBLVe.
T7X('MJrUBl AarK-C. HAZUCTT a oo..
Hi (OSkvbythaBottth-Saatooniar MUtoem's
ttiuik tuoea,) rinoiay onio,
an. All bustDontu the Hue of BaakhiesiS aa
prempUy tteadad to. (AprUiaiMI,
Ii ABSata, eaa aa taajatiie tbcee Sa Bat.
I brotdertd Collars, at t Mswsu'S.
3J ;Br. JsrJL. JLf JL

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