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awClrcalatioa doable that of any oth
er payer la Haaeaek County.
CAMPAIGN OF 1868. Meetings in County.
We are requested by the Union
Republican Committee to announce the.
following meetings. Let tlie Kepub
licana of each locality take' measures
to secure a good attendance :
Pleasant tp., Saturday evening, Oct
ing, Oct. 12th.
Mi. BLANCHARD, Monday even-
. . .
ing, uct. ixu.
The Committee will see Jtafcvgood
speakers are provided. v
tif t
'k of wood will be taken
on subscription at this office if delivered
Wood. County Fair.
of the bVrfr
0001117 M11 ft 3jtj
Thursday, j7Kdayt and Saturday,
15th, 16th, and 17th inst.
The Returns.
r&rZ ara brontrht in on' the nteht
of the election? Eepublican Headted
quarters at squirt
...rf..tbn;n to Bftrlliv'a
i . . .-lAr
mi ,
.51 !
Between East Sandusky street
District No. 9 School-house, a gold
crpwjt4iejBlai Tlia illndert wtUflfc
liberally rewarded by; leaving, it at
the Jur.fltoi: lift il
Meeting at Mt. Blanchard.
J. B. Dunn, Esq., will address the
citizens of ML BlanchardUa fflie is
sues of the campaign. .next Monday
Meeting at McComb.
CoL James A,rBqpewill speak
abject of county finances, on next
Monday evnis lefc-ll inrw out,
and hear th's 6dloKef o we are sure
this important subject will be ably
sad fairly presented
Meeting at McComb. Base Ball Match.
gWe bilf wille play
ed between the Base Ball Club of
Fiadlay, and that of Marion town
ship, on Fridsy the Jthe second day
tt?JiXl4PPB. Jfhe
game promises to be an entertaining
Miss BctaiB fSodding, whose name
was Juisapelled ia our article on the
scheols last jeekfcWitt please accept
sa apology for the blunder. How
ever, there is sboe ioonsolation in
the Mctfest it gives pi an opportu
nity to say that Miss C. is one of the
most efficient 'teachers in the build-
Assault and Battery.
Philip Hancock was arraigned be
fore Squire Bjeardslej last Saturday,
on chitfjte of tssaaalt and battery,
vposB ths persosi of s little son of J obn
C. Sffltttf f "TJnlon township, and
fined ie9., dollars and costs. It was
sn aggravated and cowardly assault,
without jcanss ja jravpcation, , aud
the prpfetr&fcr tnxj U Serf IhknV
fal.tha'e'escaped'ao easily..' : "
Assault and Battery. Personal.
We hsdthe pleaaure of a visit a
few days since from Jason Blackford,
HsgUUf, fwho !sn6n a visit to his rel
ativeilla hi plaeeT Mr, JBlaakford
looks as thoagh tiie Western climate
sgreed wi him. We wish him abun
dant succpas yx all save his politics,
which., we srsvery happy to say are
of the Had we don't endorse.
A Visit.
We were honored IsatWadaosday, by
visit froca ' Ber. Robert McCune,
one of the associate editors of the To
teao JOaac Mr. McUune was in
attendance at the Congregational Con
fersnce in: Bus; plac. ; Hebrings u
Ijuuu news 01 uiq uuuruuing luuui
tion of the Black, the weekly circula
tion of which has reached 75,000.
Long lire (fee Bladj sad long may
Mr. McCune be one of its editors.
A eommission of lunacy was held
in the Probate Court last Saturday,
in Uncase pf it. Ar. Thorpe, a took
agent from Indiana, who was brought
in from Jackson township by Mr.
John Woodward.- As Mr. Thorpe is
s non-resident, and on that account
could not be sent to the Asylum or
County. jtoimry so w sfcmtTfto
the County Jail for safe keeping and
proper aoedic .treatment , until his
relaUves can be heard from.
Hancock County at the State Fair.
W notioethAtMa. James JeUy,
of Wasajngynt wiuWp, waa award
d the first Nahmf orrthe beat stall
ion over ns ea p)d and under
two st the SuteFair. The horse is
wononnoad bv rood iudp-es the finest
jn Cate; tiBg onjy Jains months
old. sad weighing 9bQ pounds
Hs ts well put opsid has the ap
pssrsncs of a horse five or sixears
W 1m notiss that A, B. Strother
Es of -this township, was awarded
premiuau for iuas different' varieties
oi appies.
Hancock County at the State Fair. Congregational Conference.
erence of the
Congregational Church held a session
ie-this place last Tuesday and Wednes-
J- jndcbted.tothe Secri
Brtary, Kev.MTpt ,l.rook foe a
y of the ThiEulcs, which we"are
obliged toliy over until next week.
"Schwab House."
Mr. Geo. Homan, formerly book
keeper a"Jlie FindJay 'Foundry, has
jr I Is Vwe"-Ku'i nonse, and
completely rehtted and refurnished it
throughout. Mr. Homan has had
some experience in keeping a hotel,
and is a very clever gentleman. We
commend him to the patronago of the
public. See his 'jdj in ,ouf adyrtif
Deserved Promotion.
iVe-iAara wMJi pleasure tbat our
. . .ti i ...
townsman. Gen. Moses B. Walker.
has: Ibeen tpVomoted to the rank of
Colonel in the Regular Army, his
commission dating from July 23th,
18CG. This is but a fitting recog
nition of the services of one of the
most deserving soldiers of the late
rebellion. It gives us pleasure to see
jthat our government does not forget
UlOSA Mho stood OD an Jrvl inc her
ueqtnse, wncs iojai peart ana etron
arms were so much needed.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
time 801 apart Ly lho ASricultTiral
IhtflVsty re-upiioflbi
thl rmers, mechancics, mer-
andjtruitt, the ground cleared of rubbish,
October 15th, 16th and l?th, is the
lcitizen8 of the Cxmly. and it is ex.
r""IMa,,v t";,""uJr """f'BC,
. . inrii. 7 r 4
! erytLing (jn : the , ground iif n
readiness for the Fair. The fences are
the track finished.wejls dug, and ample
sthMsctei,an'it tfotngiiordmains'
but for theood citizens of the county
WsnyhefterornWweareto havea
. TiOTi out es mats.
Banner Presentation.
The Republicans of Madison town
ship were at-arded the prize Banner
for the largest delegation to the Mass
Meeting; last , Wednesday. James
Harsh Esq., on behalf of the citizens
of Marion township, will make
evening, and Col. Bope, will receive
the banner ti i behalf - of. the gallant
vAteTii Matfison. "Trfeoccasion
will, without doubt, be an interesting
one,' "as"' both gentlemen are well
known as able and eloquent speakers.
CJhe flsg will be gaitf presented tol
the township giving the largest Re
publican gain over the vote of last
year, at next Tuesday's election.
Banner Presentation. Sudden Death.
Dr. J. J. Blecher, a resident of this
place, tdied fi.uddenlyf on Wednesday
evening last, 'of Paralysis. When ta
ken, he was just returning from milk
ing his cow, and had a pail iu each
hand. He bad strenstU rnoutrli to call
for help, as he sank to the ground.
He was taken into the house, and
every effort made to restore, him to
consciousness, but all was in vain, and
he breathed his last at about ten o'
clock ypi, fhi fatjJ ie, is the r
attack of the kind he has suffered.
His age was about thirty years. .
Dr. Blecher has been a citizen of I
Fiadlayi for a number of years, and
his loss will bo- severely felt by the
many friends he has made. The fam
ily of the deceased have the warmest
sympainioa oi me commuuay m vneir
' ; ;-:f 2l . .'A
For the Jeffersonian.
The .'question is 'often asked
"what has become of the 150,009 lev
ied in the last eight yeaTs,br'ur
Pcounty DemocrWlc ofllcialsIorVidge
N-i2 ai. .1 riTLjt .
purposes aiouet ' ' v niie hispaieui
s every one, that while the nioney is
gone, we have not s good ..bridge in
the county; The question is answer
ed by a good Democrat from the
country. We now learn somewhat
more of the "Croninger bridge," in
regard to wh!cim- article "appeared
last week, showing that five ' distinct
contracts were made in building the
abutments alone. ' Our informant
says that there are400 perches 6l stone
in the abutments of the bridge. Most
of the -stone was: qasTiTed nescitha
bridge, the balance a mile or two oft
The contractor gets 9 1,600, or 4 per
perch. One of our best stone masons
says be would gladly do the work
fortS00,andtuake nieseyj The con
tractor is a Democrat,
A new bridge is' beingfeoil. over
Eagle Creek, on "Sandusky Strait, id
Findlay. The contractor iho builds
abutments gets $209. .t
AH n
1 to Jo was ioJ tsar away .the 'old
bridge, take down the ld,abuJmsBt
and build-up the newj-rith the Stone
already tbere All he furnished was
tne lime, sand and labor, v- ne eon
tractor" sayf it cost him ;'l.
made $174 profit in iwo3r vtrse
day's work of s few handset A qsick
way, to geurich. KuX he is t, Detso
Four hundred collars were paid
for fixing the south, abutment oj the
Gillespie' Dridge work worth only
from $75 to. 8100..
lucse statements are made in good
faith, nd are believed We askux
county oUIcials, are they true r in
so, itft'-nb'exftnWlh'af yoi. aafertt'sedl
for proposals.- tbrf 'are 'bouiid' lb
know.orWgeS' tofohnatiod" of the
approximate Srue oftb Wkfto be
done; and reserve, the right to reject
all bids that seem to b extorionaU,
in order to, guard agaiBst'combina-
tioss by bidders," failure to bid,' or
t"- "i v w WMPyyUhe
Though, at first thought, it smacks
somewhat of immodesty, yet we find
it fast becoming 'customary for met
ropolitan journals to present thsir rea
ders with the photographs of their
editors-iachief as an incantiveq form
clubs for the paper. Touched by the
progressive spirit of the age, our co-
temporary of the Courier presents to
all his readers an excellent likeness of
himself in this week's issue. As a work
of art it ia unsurpassed. The artist
Las chosen the particular moment
when out venerable cotcmporary, carpet-bag
in hand, is about to start for
the country to enlighten his readers as
to the precise amount of salary. Jie re
ceives as "editor of the county print
ing," or "not a cent lost by defalcations
jn Hancock county." The likeness is
an excellent one, an J tho readers of
the Courier will no doubt lay it away
carefully to look upon
List of Letters.
tkfiwilliam Mathers.
CoL Neibling furnishes us with tho
following Est of lettr;, uncalled for,
at the post office :
Elizabeth Anderson, Sarah A. Bnrk,
Mitehel Beam, Sr.,,, Xathen, Baker,'
L. Mi Bond, Charles J. Barrell,' Ste
ven A. Burrowes, John Blair, Miss
U. lienders, Henry llolty, Harry IL
Clair, bamuel T. C hristy, John Craw
ford, Esq., Rev. D. CsnrWbelL Eliza
beth Dair, R. G. Dunn &Co., Con-
rod Deno. Matt Davis, Kulen b enc-
timaker, Sarah J: DerietJohn Eng
land, John Exline, Joel Esky, Mattic
A. Uoll, barah Goodwin, H. tiring,
Touisa Ilntton. Alford Hall. Jane
Heck. Elizebeth . HonrfvWrs, JfieheW
Karler, Willie Keal, .Paul Kemmer.
Harrison H. Krouk, Jeunio lvrouk,
William Lyon, Jacob Long, Mary Ly-
on, Zelica Miller, James M. Mehan,
John Monroot, Emetine Myers, Char
ley Mahan, bam 1 McCrory, Lucinda
Mclntire, W, Miller, JilUe M. .Miller,
Mrs. Martz, Jaiae Pbters, Maryetta
Rowland, Jessie Run, Mr. Riant,
Charles Rentz, Henry Swank, S. T.
Sutliff, Lydia Ann Schoch, E. M.
fch'aw, Jeanie feampson, Chalmers P.
Somer, R. Scott, Lida Scott, Mary
Smith, Henry Swank, William R. Sto
ver, bimon Penmngton, 'Oliver lake,
Hiram Harris, Molly Taylor, Mary A.
Taylor, Robert Taylor J)avid Wagner,
Henry Witmore,; JJeUssa. V. Walters,
Sallie Ware, Sophia AVest, M. C. Wal
ters, Jonathan Witmore, Annie Wil-
hon. Tart Ward, Charlotte Walters,
William G. Wagoner, Oliver Walker,
Important Decision.
law for railing wiuhhi some sup-
The District Court in session some
weeks since, rendered a decision of
great importance to juoicial and min
isterial officers in inferior courts.
The case, originated aa fcjlkiwst
George F. Orwick, defendant In er
ror, was arrested at the village of
ML BlanehapdOB.the 0U day of
April 1867, by Bobert W. McVay,
marshal of said village, plaintiff in
error,. for disorderly conduct, pro
fane sw earing, drunkenness, Ac, who
carried him before the Mayor, and
delivered him into the custody of
said Mayor.
The jBlayo viUiout nyf written
affidavit or statement under oath of
said marshal or any other person,
took fiisdiction Q theicsse and tlie
aconsed not betngf ready or trial was
remanded to the village prison under
the care and keeping. of the village
marshal, to be forthcoming at a time
to which the case was adjourned,
without 'any written warrant or mit
timus from Baid Mayor. 1 ",, .'
Judge Mott, in the Court of Com
mon Pleas, at the January term oi
said Copjfchtt?th'.sPiMaa
tried in a civil action for damages for
false imprisonment, charged the jury
"that it was necessary in order to
give said Mayors jurisdiction of the
case, that he-should have before him
the affidavit joC the, officer or4 some
other person, charging the accused
with some specific offense Known to
the laws and ordinances of said vil
lage, and to give the marshal author
ity to Jurtaer detain. or unprtson Ue
criminal, it was necessary that ' the
Mayor make an order or mittimus
in writing,-snelixcJeisnjieto
the marshal," and that an entry upon
the Mayor's docket to this effect was
not sufficient to protect the officer
against an action of false imprison
ment . JS a.-1 X O
To this charge of the Court below,
the plaintiff in error excepted? end
filed Mtfpelitiftrfn'eTror in tho Dis
trict Court to have the judgment re
versed.: 11 '". v "
i : The case was conddcted by John
M. Hamlin and Henry Brown, attor
neys for plaintiff. ia -error, and by
Shafcr & Awrersotr,"WrHiani Grilibea
and M. D. Shafer, attorneys for de
endant in error. , . ,...
Ths case was well presented to the
Court, snd argued by counsel on
both sides of the case. The Court,
composed of Judge-Weleh f cf the
Supreme 'Conrt,-and,ji Jndges' Mott,
Pillars and Conklin oi tbe uommon
Pleas Court, took the case under ad?
visement until the evening . session,
aad then rendered the following de
cision, three members of the Court
concurring:' ' That the Court below
erred in charging the jury as above
set forth, Judge' Mott alone dis-
i , 1 nis aecision seems xo ue an im
portant jroo jn tins tofajluyf arlts
been the practice, as we understand,
in our Mayor's Courts, to take juris
diction of minor., offences- where' the
t accused ia arrested on view or mfor
-i i . . : .
t)laintsodsa4h4elfOfelhrm fftd Co
simply enter on iue uot&ei wuat uis-
position was to De maue wun me
prisoner ana not in. , uxauy . v w w
deftver to the"ftfficer a mittimus1
Great credit Is due Messrs. liamiin
snd Brown in carrying this case to
the District Court and there getting
thelaw in the oaselearly defined -Thus
far the officers of the law in
said village have been protected in
kheir legal acts,1 notwithstanding the
repeated efforts to break down the
copomtion and he offlcsrsveand oaf
advice to persons wanting to get on
a drunlf, or who wanto jkeop firtfif
the hands oi tnese omcers, wno are
elected for the protection of the pub
lie to co some where, else : and law
yers wanting business had better give
their lime and attention to something
more honorable and. profitable than
knmnn aotinna asrainst officers rf
posed technicalities.
Republicans of 1 Hancock county,
give next Tuesday to looking after
your own interests, bjr placing good
sji&truefnien in offlce--whJa-will ex
pend your money judiciously and
econonOBDically, and it will pay yon
many per cent "ifC: CT:
The Hancock Jar? sbsosiak has
passed into tho hands-ofE. G. De
Wolfej who made his bow to his pat
ronalaat week. The paper was also
enlarged to nine columns. Wewisli
success to-both the outgoing -and in
coming editors. Ba?08 Pioneer.
We feel under obligations for the
many kind notices we have received
from ouflbrcthiejl Cbf ihe'pVess, but
our neighbor, incommon with some
others if jmisakenYitbreaTfrjo
the enlargement of our paper. This
we spakofnuBLiee to-oucprede-eessorl.'MeSs'rsy'Etfckes
to whom doe-credit " should fee given
for enterprise 'Which1 has placed the
Jkffkusojh9 ja f the j foremost rank
of the county papers . in the Slate
And wc might add, that we do not
pSPjK8fl; ; to,7ict the - paper get any
smaller uoder onr care.:uf
MUErnY-BUuUiNAN.-On theClh lnnL
by D. B. latilxley. Esq.. Mr. John Muriihr
una Miss fciiy m. liuonHiiiin, un ui mis oouu
BlIiNIIILL. l.OY At tlie rmitlenoe .'
Ctut. Cue. la tlclral. Kant. !. by Rev
wm. Voung. Mr. jusaiiu Uariiinil and m
Sallie E. Vy, all ot Uilu county.
II ART TAYLOR. In McC.nib. Oot 1ft,
b Kevt Wm. Younc, Mr. John Uart and Miwi
tsuza J. Taylur, ail or inn county.
HfcMzff--r.IN!f.-Oii tlie 1st of Oct.,' by
Ota IfeVL'T. J: BYmm.Mr. AdamSnjellzer and
Ulna Elizabeth C. Linntali of this county.
OGDEN MARTIN At tre residence of
Mr. T. 11. Taylor, of Liberty township, on
Mondar. the 4th lost., br the Her. It U Hoi-
lyday, Mr. Clitton A. Ogden, ot Findlay, O.,
and MiiwAlBuida Uartln, of luwi. .
t ' T ' :
. POWELU On Tbuniday, Oct. 1st., Mr.
Samuel Powell. Sr., of Liberty towuvhip,
iigod GS years, 6 months and 7 d:tys. . ,
i . U ,M r fir " 1 ' f ' ' i r.'
BTHrWK.J-AV Tie r8liience ot h'afRther,
Anthony A Brownt I-, Oct. 5, It;, Frtuk
lin A. Browo, agea i yenri.
BOYLES On the 12th of Bopt., l-iC, Mrs.
Pnninnlha Boyles.. wife of Mr. John Boyle,
o4 Ubrty tt'Wn.ftiip j l ' H
irhaseceaied had naarlj ultxmoit her for
lioth year ; had been a consintoiit and be
loved member of the PretibyteriaD Chursb
for a cumber ot years, and died In the full
bope of A bte&ied immortality." Bhe leaves a
husband, four children, and a large number
Of relatives and friends to mourn hnr lox.
Findlay Price Current.
ITnHf, KB, NoJ 1, ......
FLOua, per barrel
Cork, shelled.per bushel
in the oar.,
OtTS, per hushel..
Chop feed, per ct. ......... .
Bran, per vat.... ..
Bi'TTEB, per pound
Eiius, per dozen ...
Lakd. per pound ;ir; .,
Tallow, per pound. ...Aii.,
tC0 (Ml
...00 to M
...... ftP
.... $1 7S
I 0..
... S.ttftsn
... wit)
.. t fVJiv
j 10
Bees Wax, per pound.
Salt, per barrel
Bides, per pound.... green, 'Jx'.ii.
Calf 8ciN8, per pound l.'.(i41G
.... JV310
drv, 1020
. 4M6
uouwTitT a p, je n ion n . j. . . j . .
Pt.ix esani ier bnHhl .1.
... n 00C,2 K
:LOvkaSbu.:per btiRlal..i. $0 (HK.ti 00
TiAfiTH KtBa.iertiusheli.1... fj oo(2 SO
llAas, smoked, per pound It.frcls
Siiori.bKKH, nmoked, per pound lt'(l.'.
Hkanm. per biiMhel lMbt,l m
PoTATout, per buithcl new iu 7 .6l 00
ArrLEH, ereen, per buxhol 4i'C'(.0
..dried, I 0tl 50
CawCEKS, live. at l Mtilj
Tuuirr, live, per lb. (KK.tOO
(iKKsa, per pound 0
Dl'CliS 0OA,00
Obimhid ilous.... OtoOO
Inva o i..T oo
FicATHDa,perpoun4-...;.A tnfiC'W
fKl.TS.... J... '..I.... 1:"J M
Raus, cotton (O
Soaucit MitLAiwKH. per gallon.. oo
Winil, ier Miund 3iftlo
Local Business Notices.
Road it.
, ,
It would lto-Wtll niough to read the
article 44 Wanted to Know," in another
part of this column.
Elastic Spongo.
This substitute for feathers, hair,
fec , though it lias been biit recently
introduced in this place, has been in
use in rthe Eastern cities for some
timo,"an? rweivca-Ulie Wghest com
mendations from all who have given
it a : trial; It is' cheaper, and more
healthv,' than feathers, and is equally
luxurious. Call on the agent, Mr.
Bullock,' Railroad street, and see the
articleV- ViJl.f:-.;ii.-..r1Ji
Selling at Cost a Humbug !
aUo not deceived, but come, to the
Empire Store for bargains. Come
early....' . ....
A Groat Saving.
We would say .to those -of our
. . . . . -. . - . j
readers .whahfitJit tb'eet'AUewing
Machine, that they can buy the Elias
Howe, with all .the . latest improve
ments, at L. Leppelman's Emporium,
in Fremont, O.,'for $53. - This same
Machine is sold by agents and deal
ers at $65. Give him a call, or write
hint to; send- you5, one by express.
Fifteen dollars is worth saving these
times. ?r I n21w3.
Grand Mass Meeting,
toliucl meetings -are generally
well attended this year, bat the larg
est concourse of. the masses may be
seenxlaijy at the popular, grocery
house of Davis fc Green. - The mem
tars of this firm are not neutral.
neith'el ( kre they indepeijdeiji i jfpf
their customers) but they do not
sell politics, but the best quality of
everything ia their line.!. They have
just received car load after car load
of goods, and more coming "till yon
can't "resVp , They'bavt. reduced the
prices so thatW person -can live on a
dollar, a.week,,if , ha -don't, eat too-
mHch." "
. i.
t J - .4.1
at J. Kemble &,
Boots and Shoes,
Lwiil bo Closed'-W. A I H ) ! A ' 1
It is
hinted that
hereafter, on
day's of politica meetings, our friend
J. S. Patterson, will be waited upon
by committees from both parties,
and requested to closo up his store.
Thero is quite general complaint that
the low rate at' which he sells' goods
diverts the attention- of the people
from tho .. subject in discussion.
Whether this would be constitutional
or not, we are not prepared to say,
but upon one point we are willing to
hazard an ' opinion, viz : The best
place" to buy ' goods is where you
can get the best goods for the least
money, and it can do no harm to try
this plan at Jos. S. Patterson's
Oysters ! Oysters ! ' '
O. S. Maltby's Oysters, undoubted
tlie best Oysters put up' for sale, at
L. E, Green's, by tho Can, or Half-
can, or cooked in any style. . Call and
try them.
I shall keep fresh ish during the
rest of the season, cheap .. as . the
cheapest. ' ' -
n20w4. ' L. E. Greem. ,
Blankets and Coverlids, at J, Kern
ble & Co.'s.
Wanted to Kcow.
We want, all persons who are in
deiited to us, to know, that tlie first
week in October is our time for gener
al settlement and that we will make
no exceptiops, but, proceed to collect
all claims unpaid at the expiration of
tliat time. S. k J. M. Hubkb Jb Co.
n 1,1 . t
Clothing for the million, at J, Kim
ble & Co.'s.
The Bight f - : '
. . While wq may.have some good
weather before cold winter sets in
it is the part of wisdom in every head
of a family to see that his household
is well provided with'sultable cover
ing for the feet1- J. M. Neibling &
Co. are selling an excellent article of
boots and shoes at very low prices
for this purpose,' as our readers will
find by1 calling with them. They
can suit all tastes, sizes and condi
J. Ecmble tfc Co. are still receiving
new goods daily.
Might be Forced. t t : . ,
Davidson Js Martin have received
a beautiful stock of goods in their
line, including stone, china, glass
ware, fine table cutlery etc., all of
the most boautiful and neatest pat
terns wbith they intend tq hojd ins
til at.er the Fair, as they could make
a fair display with such goods. It is
possible, however, if too many per
sons" do not call before tha Fair, that
they might be able to supply the de
mand. Call and . sec , them at all
. .... V
Prints as low as 8 cents ier yard,
at J. Ivemble k Co.'s.
Will bo at the Fair.
Mr. D. IL Pugh, Agent for the
Wheeler and Wilson Sewing Machine
at Williams' Hardware Store, has
had on exhibition one of the Lamb
Knitting Machines which has attract
ed a host of visitors for several day s
past Mr. Pugh informs us that he
will have it on exhibition atthe Coun
ty Fair, where every person will have
an opportunity to see this wonderful
and useful piece of mechanism. It
is claimed that it will knit over 20
garments and will complcto a pair of
socks Tn thirty minutes.
jtest stock ol Indies' Dress liootls
in the market, at J. Kemble A: Co.'s. '
Stop Your Hair
From falling out, by tlie use ol
"Rarrctt's Hair Restorative." the
Premium article. Sold by Frey fc
Ettingcr. t "
No family can afford to be without
the White Tine Compound, for it is
the best family medicine known for
Lung Complaints, Throat Diseases,
and Kidney Troubles. We know of
no case where it has not worked well,
where a fair trial has been given.
Fresh Oysters.
Go to Davis & Green's for nice
fresh Oysters, received direct from
Baltimore this day.
Distance lends enchantment to the
view. Particularly is this true of
Scrofula, or humors which blotch
one's face. One bottle of J. W. Po
land's Humor Doctor goes a good
way, and six bottles will drivethem
out of sight. For sale by W. L.
Miller & Co."
We wish to call particular at ten -
tention to Seward '& Bentley's Con
stitution Bitters, advertised in our
pspcr this week. Their Bitters are
said to be the finest tonic of any
Bisters heretofore iu. use. - They
have been used in many localities
with the most gratifying results, and
are recommended by- Physicians
for the prevention of Fevers, Fever
and Ague, and all malarious diseases.
They create a healthy appetite, and
strengthen the whole system. We
are glad to have them introduced in
this section, and hope they will tako
the place or all the poisonous com
pounds heretofore palmed off on the
invalid as Bitters. From what we'
have beard . said of them by those
who ought to know, we are satisfied
that a fair trial will convince all that
they are as represented a superior
medical preparation. They are sold
by Frey fe Ettingcr, and S. & J. M.
Uuber&Co. i :. : y
For a Cough, use "Seward's Cough
Cure."? ; c
Fi-nr fe Ettingkr's is Headquar
lert for School' and Miscellaneous
Books, College Text Books, Writing
Paper, Slates, School Ink, and all
t'inds of Stationery required by
Students, which they are selling
CHEAPER than any hpusc inNoith
Western Ohio. '
m:ciAT; notice,; Vi
lliey keep an Menlitt, mid tend for
Bools, ly Imprest, at tluy are wanleil
Jiovlt furnished in tfiit way come at
lest rate than if tliey re , kept on
hand 'iiisloel. '"Books arrhe three
days after the order is yinn.
Frky fc Ettikgbb's is also the
place to buy Pure Fresh Drugs at
either Wholesale or Retail. Their
stock was never before so complete
as now. and their facilities are such
that they arc ablo to ofTer.ArsVclass
.... . - . .i
roous or everv description in men
line at the very lowest market price,
and in no instance win wcy allow
themselves to be undersold.
: Muiie-jBejadyJor tho ChmpSigA
The 8ilvk CdnsaT BTai, bf Kind
ly laji are happy to announce to the
public, that they have secured the
services of Professor F.rE.' Wildman,
of New York, to take charge of the
band as leader during tlie fall cam-r
paign. Music will be furnished to
political gatherings on! reasonable
terms. ' '
Call on or address
7f xT- V. H. GOODWIN, f
- Managers, Findlay, O ,
Purchase Only Tho Best.
I bittlrsi
important ingredients, the necessity
oi which are plainly indicated, are
omitted, because of their high prices;
in outers, tlie proportions and com
bmationsof tlie ingredient in
defiancewdf all ' settled ''principles of
pharmaceutical chemistry : others,
again, arc more .shams, mada up of
poor whiskey slightly bittercd with
aloes and colored in such a manner
as to deceive tho unwary, and are so
nauseating as to be unworthy of crit
Icism, and to the patient the remedy
is worse than the disease, whiloyears
or exH.nencc and trial have proven
Dr. lioback's Stomach Bitters to be,
just as recommended, one of the
best remedies extant where a stom
achic tonic and stimulant are requir
ed. They never fail to strengthen
the weak, impart vigor to the strong,
ami are, in every particular, just
what a stomach bitters ought, to be
If you have symptoms of Dvsnerwia.
take them freely to aid digestion. If
you reside in' bilious districts, they
should be taken as a sure, prevention
of Billons Fever aid Fever andvAgW,
Liver Complaint, Jaundice, and in
all that class of diseases where there
is a general depression of the nerv
ous system; loss of rausculs'f energy,
weaicness; laseiluxie, want' bf appe
tite, faintness, chilly sensations and
aching oi the "bones,c- And, as a
remedy for female weakness,. Leu
chorrhoea, ox Whites, Koback's Bit
ters have no equal. They are pre
pared with special reference to this
complaint, .and act like a charm. r A
few. diy9 4rial' will satisfy the roost
sceptical of the real merits of this
really valuable medicine. Frcy. &
Lttinger, hole agents, Findlay, Ohio
Manhood : How Lost, How Restored
Junt published, a new edtlWo of Dr
- P Uuvrf II (JeitrW Ksanr on the
br railed earoi(wlthut Anertleine) ol
i.iMrmatrrn-a, or Neminal Woxicness, In
Tolniilary Homiual Louses, Inipolencr. Hen
lal and Phrsin.-J Incapavltr, linneilimeiils to
AlarriaKe. etc., also ounsumption. hpllnpsy,
tnn r lin, iuuucnu uj eii-iuuiueeaoo or Hi
ual ekiravacanue. i '
Mtrrm-a, , la a sosled : envoli
centa. O ' ' i '
The cdlpbratod author, in thin admirable
esuHV, clearly demonslratcs fnim a thirlv
yearx' BucceKuful practice, that the alarming
consequences oi wii xouse may De radically
nurcd-wikhiHtt tka.SanKMiR uSoiWeitornal
nieditnne or -tne applieation l Ut:Aaif:
potntinc 'nut a moiia of cure at onre simple.
certain, ana cueclual, ny means of wbicli
every sutturer, no matter what his condition
may be, may core ulniselt choaply, private
ly, and radically. ' '
a'iiiis iciuro snon:a cent tne bands or
every youth in the land.
bent, under seal, in a plain envelope-, tn
Any auureas. puaipaiu, on receipt i.r mi
conl, ur two pusi suubis. Also. Dr. t:ur-
verweu Jti.rriace l.uide, ' price 20 centn.
Address tho 1'ubltHlierH,
t'll AH. J. c. CI.1NK CO.,
f 127 roifin. N V.J fnKfrlidi.-e Uix !.
' AVOM'ANi1 " 1
and Irauorktot reUiioiM- witktfc ' tiy
itiMlaln, their peculiar organization, and the
otlioea thev perlurm, are sulijnct to many
uOsiinK. treaiora iri.ia inese ooniributn
in no small degree tn their happiness and
a-ellare, for none nan be happy who are ill.
Not only en, but no one or these variouj
female complaint can lone be suffered to
run on without involving tba general health
of the IndiVHlaal, ami ere a prwdaoinx
permanent HioknesM and premature decline.
Nor is it pleaaatit to connult a phyaioian tor
the relief of those various delicate affeo
lions, and only upoa the most argent neces
sity will a true woman so tar sauriaue br
Hreatest charm as to do this. ' The sex will
then thank us for placing in their haads
slm nlespcoiflcs whluh will be found eflca
clous In relieving and curing almost every
one of those troublesome oomplaints pecu
liar to the sex.
IIklhsold's L'lTHAor or Ruoait-nomlred!)
suffer on in ileuce, and hundreds of others
apply vainly to druuilats mid doctors, who
either merely tantalus them with the hope
.it a cure or apply remedies which mie
hem worse. I would not wish to assert any
tliing.tA wojthj do- inrnsnaa to-tliK afflio,--ed,
nH ? oblicud to sa that, aTt&.gJs
maviiaj Vyel tn.Aea4e'vealBlaUob
of th-Jiijwers t'i lit-, Iry laborious ej.ioi-,
menwaCAolrKome aar and foo.l.jr"fiiie
aieiftm fi1uii,4i ase of te;vand"re, aid
ireoaitt ohM.tfcjrtoi it is lar blip par caused
By ikes I ffrMatjon, 'applied to. tba mtiooiu
nitet)rsuM tlio,varhia USehV ; W . j;
. When revltartag tlie csui4 r these dist
tressiBg 'eomplaluU. il - it most, palulut tr
upoa.iheai; iJtls but amp: junttce to the
sugci f raMnuarata a 'ew--o trie m;iny ait
ditiODal causes lllch V larKaly ad-tot the
ILeiheakh,- hftHiier-of vrora.in In all
classes P l"rw.f , and wbieh. Msejuently f
aJ1eet-iiHrp- orf teae dlreotfy, thtrweltare oft
the ntare ojioma Jnsattys Tlrr aaana that
xlits Jor fcrecoefrair ioaiaii jtul mar
' - MmMm .I,. I
MHgo7cai41hjrE?tr ISat mrtiua-dftsign
sd ar oarporaT aeveWewiPrit to be waataa
ajn4 pervortBH rathe resuaiouW drens, h
early ceasooaenl.of sahool, ri4 aspeditlly
ia Use uubealsby' essiiersent-ef the. bait
room, .hus, with ,:Hre body hacjotbed.
and ther Bilsd anduly extfltew by pi ensure.!
peryartlnj Bui night revel the huts d-f
siKrte Hf aatura & slaea and rait, (he work
oi aBtruuisua remaiFacceaip.efieu.--!In
omaqjje"hce'ol tWa early Btraiottpoii
oer system, uui'tte ary aaarTTt required
br the delicate votarr to retain har aituaiuin
insjlo,alrcj' dity. ttaa agrHrf
lof Ine evil. When "n txciiement I
is over, anotner.in ,pnseotita aacpa the
niad morbhfly sensitive to impression, whie
tha -ajow .Constant restraint ef fashionable
draaa. .ahaoaifeeltft IWhiiiaMiri tba tstMlaa
indispensable to; the attaiament and reten
tion or ortfAQic lialtu and stranjito-f.-tha
ezposare to night air '; tlie uddeohaae at
temparatareir Ut eomptete' pfostratloe pro-
bv m oancimr. must, or Daces
isity.) BrodBoe u,eir tejitimate wrToot.- At
tasw.aai enry, marriaaaieAi'e the eiimax or
mfserr.aud.-tha an(ortunata ene, hitherto
so utterly regardle- of tba plala dictates
and rem.iDHtranceslof her delicate natare.
I. . .11. . -3. . .
uscinntB nw nnwHiiuK suojeoi oi meaieal
treatment. Ibis is but a truthful pioture ol
the experience of thousands ot our young
woman.- !':- . ' li
Long before tha abTtity to exercise the
lunuous ot tha cenarattve onrans. thev- re
quire aa eduoation ot their peculiar ner von
ysiem, cooposoa of what Is oalled tha
tissue, allien is, In common with with the
female breast and Hps, evidently under the
control of mental emotions and associations
at an early poriod of - life; and, as we shall
ibsequajuMy see, these emotions, when ex
cessive, lead, long before pubsrily. to habits
which sap tne very "to of their vioiims ere
itatufe has . self completed their deveiop-
for Female'WefiknesS hnl liability,
A'bitas of LaneorrfiuBa, Too Profoss Ben-
Ktruation, Kxbaiistlon, Too Louk Continued
forioas. lor rrwapsus ana nearmg iiown, r
Prolapsus Uteri, we Ur the joaat parleot
eueclno known: Uklmbold CuuruukD Kx-
TSAct or ' flroun. Directions lor use, diet,
audadvloe, acoomimny. -
reaialea ,ia averr period or Hfo, from In-
fxney to extreme old ate; will find It a rem
edy to aid nature tp tha disvliariieiif its fano
lions, btrcngtu is me glury ol mauuotMi aua
womanhood, tlrlmbold's hUtracl buchu-u
mtve strnngthentnt than any of 11m prepara
taiusofllark of Iron. Inrimtelr saier, and
more, pleasant.- HeifnlMnd Extract linchn.
having received le induneiaant f the most
promuieul pbysiciaua Ui. the United 8lal"s,
js now onoreu to aiuioiua uuiuaaiif as a
cerlaib cure lor the lollowng diseases and
avmploiua, from whatever caase originating,
tieneral Uebility, Uenlal and Physical i
prosKlon.lmbeoil' ty, IMter natiaUus o( KXu
ui the Head. Coulused Ideas. Hysteria.
General Irritability, Reatleeanesa and p'ljep
lasness at Might,, abtonea el a)uaular kill
ciency, !(M of Appetite, Dyspepsia, Kmaci
ation, Low hj)irts, OisrganiZAtioa or Para-
lysitot tlie organs oi ueneration. t'aip na
tion of the Heart, and. In faclill ta cou
comitants ol a MetroCitand iuhaitatodWtate
of the svstein. To ibsure the genuine, cut
this out. abk lor iieuuboiu s. lace u
other, bold b Urucgisu and Dealers every
where. Price $l.2j per bottle, or six bottles
for fo 50. lielivored to any address. De
scribe symptom In all eommnnioattrns.
Address u. T. utiiiMiiuuv, urag ana iuem
laal Warehouse, iai li roadway, N. f.
None are Uenuiae unless done Up In steel
engraved wrapper, with fitc-siruile of niv
Chemical Wareuoase, and elgnod,
i U. 1. HtXUBOLD.
sepiaXto. - u
TSTearlv Opposite
Are receiving ancf now
i t r . t v
iJif,i i
" . ALSO A riSB ASSORTMtST OF . .. , i .
ctoTns, BeaverS, . ....... - ; ...... ". r.,-,
-- :r- ' f ... ... ...
U 7-1 , . -- -
Lm hv in great variety and at
ffut ft I '
.fWe srralso opening a' large invoice of ' ' "' t . .
; xO i
Making our - Stock , unusually ' full
. n if i!- ' ciose uuyers.
.. , i . i - : ; -n . . . i . . .
1 We do cot propose to blow how much cheaper wo can
.'BnU'wo Wlll.ayaiu jtruly aay,
As we have BO-expensiye Store Rooms
poruj cpnnecuoa
, fiai' 1
A t-l
"Tir A s I7
t jCTAWt'!
St4 -! It tftl. it '
1 "Xlxi'tfe : ofXolodo, Ol lio,
Wlio baa roccived the latest stylos of . ; . t. .. , i
', .-'' 'And is prepared, on a large-scale, to take orders, which '' ;" "'
I wet- V- a& ,
'at as
t,07, HATES
"TirilSHEO V0RK can be done; '
... -
Bottom ."ortbc Market Nowhere!
FlaffiieliS at 35
- -- : -V t - t -r-. -
!-.. ..laifj-tA" .'!. :! i ' . ' I I'' :
- - " -.Mil '...- a' i
Weare; tpond to Bell ten- 'thousand
) Bell ten- thousand 'dollars
'V.'fthe next, sixty days.
the Court House,
opening sn elegant line of
' .
4OPLINS, ' . ' ,
and well worthy aa examination by all
that we, can and will sell for. ( ,
and. from five to ten Clerks to .sup-
witn tne above we have a . ,. : , : ....
If I
. f .9
SfPERIIIENDED "BY . , , ....
elegant ami FlNEtV
i - ' - '
Cents Per Yard,
'dollars worth and want to do it in
New Qeodsl
Rew Go?ctsI
press 1 " Making !
W OOLlinforDa' ber frteaaa that aba baa
received her
lIi;LiNEltXOt)6 D S
Corarr ifdng all the Latest Btylaa. 8ha keeps
on hand and makes ta. detail kinds ef
HAT&MMfi SWiXTtfr. aad atteoda to re
modeling old styles, atraw work and dress
making. Work-rooms over B. B. Barney &
3nyder'a Storer 8aJea.roemen door -north
of Carnaban'a Store.
pryL: -. : ' 'i - fu 4 (VLmaaAT.
i t It UI aaattiaary tV-.M i
IteHtwrc Liray Hair ta 4UOrix.
Inai laiar. ,.it, 5...
It keeps the hair from falling out. It fa
l he beat" dressing -in tha world, making
1liles, still, brashjr hair, healthy, soft and
For sale by all Druggists.
fi. P. II ALL A CO., Naahua, N.H. Propfra
ESPKCTPwLLY ans ounces that ha ir
prepared to furnish all kinds ot meat at
tha old stand. Ha wlU pay tho highest
martet price tor
rbeae having good beet eattle should brii
IlhemahtLg. I'BU. KABti.
Not, X. IseavlluSaU.
1853 Eistablinhed 153
!,. ..... i y: '
1YI. Bullocli,
, . ..-.:. - '
Vanufactura aud dealer In alUkiads of
Fiirnitiire, Chairs &c.5
i . i. .
Aheape'r than feathers or liajr. and lar
superior. The I.ighM-iit, ft-i.t and moot
elaallc and durable maUnal known for
t : ..... , f ,
i '.
rerfontlr clean' and "'frea from dust. Il
doaa not pauk at ad. la always free from
ineot life, la perlecUr bealinr. and lor ine
uick ia uwoualed. Mperial altoution given
to furnishing Churches, HaIIh, Ac.
' ' n. Btn.incic,
-,' : Agent tor rindlxy, U.
Ijidles, who. during certain periods are so
much troubled with Custiveneaa or CoiiDli
tat Ion. eaa find certain relief- in Bobaok's
lood Pills, which can he taken during ail
slagea of pregnancy with perfect aalely.
3jU by Prey X tlttlnger, Findlay. O.
l-ty i
The Broad Gang Double Track:
, .-' TO M'
. This Eallway extenda front
Dunkirk to New York 460 Miles,
Buffalo to New York 423 Miles,
Salamanca to New York 415 Miles,
22 to 27 Miles the Shortest
, itoute.
AH trains ran directly through to New York
1041 MILES without change of Coackeal
Prom and after May 11th, 1868. Trains wil.
leave la connetlon with an Western
. lines, aa follows: .
By iiaw York time from Union Depetae -.
7.30 A. II. EXPEES MAILS, from
Dnnklrk, (Sandays excepted.) fetops at
HaJamanaa 10.00 A. hU. and onaneete at1
, liorneiUvlIie and Corning with tha 7 Si
A. 11. Express Mall from Buffalo, and ax.
rtvee In New York at 7.4 A. kf .
3 25P M. iiGirranro express;
frVini : Salamanca. (Sundays excepted.).
Stops at Horaellavilla S.U P. If. (Sop.)
Intersecting . with tha 2.35 P. sf. train
from Iiuftdo. and arrives tn New York at
7.40 A. M.'-
PRESS, from Dunkirk, (Sundays
- exoepted.) Btop at Salamanca 7.4S P. kf.:
Olean 8.20 P. Jl. (Sup.;) Tamer's 10.13
A.M. (Bilt.,) and arrives In New York
at 13.40 P. M. Connects at Great Baud
wilh Delaware, Lackawanna and West
ern Itailwar for Bcranton. Trenton aat
l'hiUdelplna. and at New York with Af
ternoon Trains and Steamers tor Boston
and Mow England Cities-
from. Dunkirk, (-Sundays excepted. y
Stops at balamanca 11.51 P. M.. aad een-
. reds at Uornellsrille with the 11.20 P.
: U. Train from Buffalo, arrivini In New '
. york.3.5ii!,P-l";
Time from Depot cor. Exchange
and Michigan S treets :
' PRESS, (Sundays excepted.) .
Stops at Homellnville 8.09 A. U.. (Bkft.);
Bnwjnehanna 1.13 P. M-, (Dine:) Turner's
7.05 P. M- (Sup.,) and arrivea In New
Yvrk D.'ii P. M. Connecta at Great Bend
witi Delaware. Lackawanna A Western
liailroad, and at Jerxev Citr with Mld-
.i..i. L' - . i,i,. A r .. ; i
road for Philadelphia,. Baltimore aud
i i. i! h E.tiii.na . i ai ii .ir . idiivi it n
7.30 A: M. EXPRESS MAIL, via Avon
and 'Hornclisvllle (jusdas excepted.)
Counecta f.t' Elmira with Northern Cen
tral Hallwav for UairisbarK. Pliiladel-
Vlii:t and the South, and arrivea in Mew .
ork at 7.10 A.M.
(Daily.) StP at Hornellsville 6.10 P. 1?.
itiper,) and arrivea In New York 7.40
A. M. connecting at Jersey City with
Mvrriiiig K:v(iress Urain ot New Jersey
Rallrottd for Baltimore and Washington.
PRESS, "(Sundays excepted.)
Stops at flnrnellRvllIo. It. OS P. Inter
aeotiftff with the S.60 P. M. Train from
. Dunkirk, and arrives In New York at
' 1M8 P. II.
,'fcnnday exnopted.) Stops a Susqua-L-rma
7.4 A.M.. (Bkrt-:) Turner's 147
p . . (Dine.) and arrivea in New York
. r Ii II l'......!. it 1'lmlr. Mill.
' NorUi vii Central Railway tor Harria
, h..r j-tllndolphia Baltimore. WashinR
' . . -..iMta rtoath. an.l at Nw Yrk
UMl Mll'l f . .... .
with Afloi "won Trains and Steamers tot
B.fon and ."w EuRland Cities.
Or,!v ..no Trail "n Sunday, leaving
lliiifalo at ! 35 1. i.'.. " reaening aew xorK
at 7.40 A.M. .
. Bortonan.1 New Kniland PassenRere. with
llioir tfa-Kaae, are trA-Tflorrsa frtr oj ekmgt
hi New York. j , i' - r-..-
aj- To pleasure traveler the life of tha
Erie Bailwav prpjinnts many ohjeoU of tirter
est, paaaiiig" tiironfti the heautllul valleys of
the t'bentun;. HiiK.jaehai.na, Delaware aud
Kamapu rivers, an ever ciianem panorama
of aaiure '.4 beauties command attention.
The best Vontilated and Moot l.eviirinue
Hleeniiiir I'oo.-heM i-IV THE HllkMI
accompany all n.iil rains on this railway.
And Jan amy m tktuf h J Iktr Route.
Which can he obtained at Principal Ticket
: Oiticea in the Vvest and South-West.
. beo'i Sup't. 'Uea'l Pass. Ag't.
To Teachers.
J IMJtS of Hancock County, will meet at
'.he School- Il-mae in District No. 9, Findlay
township,' for the examination of teachers
on the following days during the year IStiS:
Saturday, March 7th.
" March 21st.
i " April 4th.
April 23th.
" - May 9th.
" Kay 2rd.
' JuneGlh. -.
' Aug.UU
PepU mbei 5th.
September 19th.
i . October 3rd.
October 17th.
" November 7th.
I . November 21st.
; . . December 5th.
December 19th.
examinations to commence at half past nine
o'clock, A.M.
Each applicant is required to par tha Et.
x. ulnars a feo ol fifty touts on entering tha
Al applicants are required to furnish writ
ing t,vuonouials of good moral ebaraoter,
.Vioae h,u,e bsen engaged as teachers la
ibtain t.,,",,, fTom their last employcm, wiio
will als'rt',y tu tllir laithlulnesa aiKtatio
ress as tea ihera; which testimonials will bo
ept on 61b. . ...
NoeertiflcHe w''1 issued without an ex
amination; no P'' examinatione will ha
held ; no cerlii. :at9 wi" autedated ; no
candidate will be admitted for reexamina
tion within three wontha alter a second fail
ure. Applicants . V requested to furnish
Hpecimcns of ponma'hip.
Those aho- fail to .ximply with tho abova
raquuutions will not b admitted for re-tisam.
Illation. i i
By onlor of the Board.
lau-lyi Heoretarv Bar nt kiaminara.
Doalora often recommend other bitlere be
nausf) they have not Uoback'iC Wa desire
to caution the afll'Cted sgainst purchasing1
any el them; buy i'obark Siomacn Bitters
and none ther. ii you would comtmt disease
Sold bv Krr.T A Kllinger. Findlay. O.
Th'H ladder Is a combination ol a step and
extenaion raihler. It ts ftron? and light, and
is changed lr m a step ladder to a ladder
twice its leiilh. or can be taken apart aud
used as two step l:.idr It is the uist con
venient ladder made lor store, w ork shops.
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