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Published Every Friday.
SasLxr SL First Dow Eist of Post Office.
E. G. DE WOLFE, Editor.
TERMS-12 00 Per Annum in Advance.
CTU0AY. t OCTOBER 16. 16
National Union Republican Ticket.
For Preaidealisd Elector.
DAVID TOD, ) Elector
At the. hour of going to press, the
Vote for this county Las not been
counted out. Wc give the msjoritie
for Secretary of State, as compared
with those of Governor, for last yean
in the different townships:
Eagle, ' '
Van Huron,
40 4
25 3
C37 240 149
It will Imj 84-t n by the above, that
w hile we gained in the country, our
majority full off in this township
enough to give the Democracy a gain
in the county of 6 1 . The Democratic
leaders, fearing deie;, j;ut forth al-
most superhuman efloits to cut down
the Republican majority. The "V his
Ley Ring, and the "Court-house
clique' worked untiringly to this e nd
They coaxed and wheedled, and in
ome cases tried to drive the Ger
mans into the support of their candi
dates r Sheriff and Commissioner.
While they sii!ded in doing this in
the country, the Germans of Findlay
resisted all attempts of the kind, and
by their help, Bush and Klamroth ran
about 150 ahead of their ticket All
honor to the Germans who stood up
manfully against attempts to dragoon
them into the euport of a ticket
which they ilaim was unfairly put in
The news we present to our readers
this week, ujon the whole, is very
gratifying, While from local causes,
we Lave lost three Congressmen, our
majority in the State shows a large in
crease. The following table shows the rep
resentation in Congress from this
1st. District, Strader, Democrat.
Mungcn, Democrat.
' u
- -
Dickinson, Democrat
Hoag, Democrat.
Van Trump, Dem.
Morgan, luiwni.
The grand old Keystone State comes
tip te the mark with a rousing majori
ty for the Hepubliean ticket. The
sallowing dispatch is the very latest
at the time U going to press :
Philadelphia, Pa Ileturns from
S3 counties of this State show s Re
publican majority "of 1 3,2 40. A full
return will increase the majority to
18,000. Both houses of the Legists
ture are Republican.
The heavy gains made by the Dem
ocracy in some portions of this State
Lave made the result somewhat
doubtful, but the news of to-day makes
it quite certain that we have carried
the State by a small majority. Voor
hecs, the YaUaAdi'ghaui of the State,
is. beaten in the Terr Haute Dis
tritt The representation in Con
gress stands eight Republicans, two
Democrats, aud one doubtful. The
doubtful District going in our favor
wHl be a gain for us. There can be
nodotivitof Grant' 8 success in next
November ia Indiana.
Latest from Nebraska.
This eallant youn Slalo sends
greeting to 1W older t-isters, by an
increased majority for the Linou
cause, as will le seen by the following
dispatch :
St. Louis, Mo , Oct. 15 An Oma
ha spechd says the Rofrtililicaus have
ran led that city by a large majority
... lutns from iouim West and
South, show heavy I'epnMicnn g;t"ns
I jfl, '-publican, will carry the
tMate by item. J,5ki to 2,imn) majority
stud the entire t by a correcpond
ing majority.
ii .
- Total valuation in Mahoiring.'n
lylor the year IKuS is 1,309,425. 1
The amount of taxation on the same
is $17-1.025, or less than one and
abalf cent. '1 he real and H-rma prop
erty in the city of Youngstown is val
ned at $,722,457. The total taxes fori
Youngstown are 956,810 47. The
city is taxed 2 28.100 on the dollar,
while the township outside is taxed 1
$8-100 cents on the dollar. 1
One of the survivors of Dr. Kane's
Arctic expedition is a street car dri
ver in Cincinnati-
A letter from Alexandria, Egypt)
has been lying dangeronsl j ill at Con
The fishing business at Sandusky is
said to be going on swimmingly. The
exportations are immense.
The Manchester (Adams county)
Gazette reports new corn selling at 50
cents per bushel in that market.
There were 263 arrests in Cleve
land during Septcmlicr, 02 of the per
sons arrested being charged with pen
itentiary bfienccs. '
A New York paper says the mou
keys in the Central Park have caught
the Grecian bend from their young
lady visitors. '
The Tuscarawas Chronicle says that
a farmer in Carroll county raised this
year five hundred bushels of corn on
five acres of ground.
Newark reports 2,289 children be
tween five and twenty-one years, 88 of
them being colored. The increase in
the whole number over 1807 was 124.
Burglars stole over 810,000, most
ly in government bonds, from the
house of C. F. Sargent, iu Falmouth,
Maine, on Thursday night
The Postmaster General has award
ed the contract for supplying pos
tage stamps lor the next four years
to the National Bank Note Company,
of New York.
Mr. Benjamin M. Davenport, of
Kansas City, and. Miss Ellen Camp
bell, of Hopkinsville, Kentucky,
were married in Gothic Chapel, Mam
moth Cave, on the 29th ult
Advices from Eugland rcpreseut
that Minister Johnson is negotiating
for the settlement of the Alabama
claims, with prospermia of reaching a
conclusion by the 1st of December.
A Catholic Churehjust dudiealed
iu Cleveland called the Church of St.
Malachi, is 130 feet by 04, and nearly
wgU to "e eavei. 1 no tower
Lc 2-4
.Two men narrowly escaped lcing
killed at die Railroad Rolling Wills in
Cincinnati, on Wednesday, by the ex
plosion of a shell from a Southern
battle field which they were trying to
Information from Foil Laramie
says several hundred Sioux, under
under Man-Afraid -of-hia horses and
other chiefs, now there, are ready to
go on their reservations as soon as
transportation is furnished.
Dnring the month of August 78,-
102 boxes of chewing and 6,4-6
boxes of smoking tobacco were ship
ped in bond from Richmond, from
which the United States Government
received the revenue tsx of 1250,054.
A devil fish of precisely the same
kind as thsfc - described by Yictor
Hugo, w4b!iht ofFFarralto Island,
near San piMU-isco, California. It
measured eleven feet across, and its
weight was. enormous.
The corner-stone for the new Illi
nois State-house arrived at Spring
field, on Monday morning, from the
quarries of the Hanover Stone Com-
Danv. near Hamilton. It is nine feet
long, bv four feet wide, and three
feet thick, weighing fourteen tuns.
The Assessors' returns to the Com
mon Council of Chicago place the
assessed valution of real and personal
property in Chicago at 1228,444,879,
a. 0 '
being an increase over last year of
436.195.235. The total a-nount of
this year's levy is i 14,000.
The Republic of Colombia, former
ly New Granada, has paid into the
State Treasury about 23,fJ0d, leav
ing a balance of 33,000 still due.
This money is indemnity to citizens
of this county for spoliations, dec., in
the Panama riots, some years ago..
Richmond papers say tjifrt a party of
Northerners, chiefly Pennsylvania,!
propose to purchase thirty or forty
thousand acres of land about West
Point, on the York River, with
view to build up a city there, the lo
cality being considered very favora
ble. A fishing party from "Gibralter,"
Jay Cooke's island, including Mr.
Cooke, three other gentlemen, aud
three ladies, a few days ago, near a
reef on one of the' middle islands,
caught HQ black bass, the smallest
weighing two pounds and the largest
five and three quarters.
John A. Smith, ex-Treasurer .of Lo
gan county, charged with abstracting
a large amount of the county funds
while Treasurer, w as arrested in Can
&da on Monday last, and delivered to
the Shei uf ,f Jogan county under the
exlrajiliuu trcai.y, to Lti returned for
For the present all mails ' for the
Pacific States and Territories, British
Columbia, China, Japan, and the
Sandwich Islands, will he sent by the
Overland Mail, by way of Chicago
and Omaha. This arrangement in
cludes ail Batter going to California,
Utah, 4-c.
Owing to the dense (ag a freight
traiu on the Kansas Pacific Railroad
ran into (he ;xar of another freight
tram ewly on SaUtdy morning,
about four miles west of Topcfca
Kansas. The 0giue and three or
four cars were wrecked, and the en
gineer, John Salman, from nar Fcrt
Waye, Indians, i&slantly killed.
A young lady, while standing in
as open window in Morgantowu,
Butler Coitj, Kentucky, the other
day, received iht shock from a
flash of lightning. On UaV recovery
was found that an ailaulhus tre
sl&ndiu'' ucat the window had been
acciintcly photographed, by the
electric J'ah, upon her breast. - j
The Treasury Department has put
forth, seini-oflicially, a document ex
posing the erroneous statistics in
Delmar's recent statement It claims
that Delmar failed to include a cash
balance of 9 103,000,000 on hand in
June. The public debt statement for
September, it is said, will enow an
increase in the debt of $4,000,000.
George W. Jamison, the well
known actor, was run over and in
stantly killed at Youkers, near New
York, on Saturday evening, by an ex-
nress train on the Hudson River
Railroad. Mr. Jamison achieved an
unnleasant notoriety as the "Con
suelo" of the Forrest divorce case
years ago. -The
judges of all the courts in
Chicago bavo agreed that hereafter
11 proceedings for the naturalization
of aliens shall be had only in open
court, in the presence and hearing
and with the personal attention and
supervision of the judges therefor,
luring the ordinary hours of holding
Mrs. Anna Wallace, a young mar
ried woman living near Richland
Center, Wisconsin, was brutally ntur
lered on Wednesday,' by a youug
man named Neville, to secure $25
which Mrs. Wallace had earned at
picking hops. Nevillo was taken
from jail on Saturday, after the fu
neral of the murdered woman, and
A maa named Xewhoff, a citizen of
Chiilicothe, drowned himself last week
iu Paint Creek, near that city. It w
supposed that his mind was deranged
under the influence of some strong
medicine which he was taking to cure
the ague.1 The medicine was examin
ed by medical men after his death and
found to Iks very powerful.
Altout the middle of next Novem
ber the Episcopalians choose a uew
bishop for Northern New York. The
counties composing the diocese are
Columbia, Greene, Delaware, Otsego,
Schoharie, Albany, Rensselaer, Sara
toga, Washington, Warren, Hamilton
Schenectady, Montgomery, Ilerki
mer, Fnllon, Essex; Clinton, Frank
lin aud St. Lawrence.
George W. Summers, for many
years oue of the foremost men iu
West Virginia, died in Charleston, in
that State, a few. dais ago. He
served in Congress from 1841 to
1845; was the Whig candidate for
Governor of Virginia in 1851; Cir
cuit Judge from Wsl to 1853, and a
member of the Peace Convention in
A dispatch to the Governor of
Wisconsin announces the death at
Helena, Montana, of S. W. Beale,
opce Lieutenant Governor of Wis
consin ; and who served as Lieuten
ant Governor of Wisconsin; and who
served as Lieutenant Colonel of the
Eighteenth Wisconsin Regiment.
tie was shot by fellow named Pio
The little son of a Brooklyn cloth
ing dealer fell into the East River, a
tow. day mat, d was rescued
from a watery grave by a working
man who jumped Into the liver at the
risk of his life, and by great exer
tions brought the lad to shore. The
father, as a grateful recompense to
the preserver of hs child, generously
offered to "iron out his wet flolbes
if he would bring them around to the
Owing to the withdrawal of a por
tion of tha military forpea from
Southern Arizonia, their time having
expired, the Indians are daily be
coming more bold aud successful in
their outrages. Within a few mouths
thirty persjns have been killed, and
fifty thousand dollars, worth of prop
ty dest royed bv the savages in Pima
county aiogj Governor McConnick
has issued a proclamation falling out
the militia, to serve six mounlhs, un
less sooner discharged.
Pep of the most destructive rain
storms cvrr known in Arizonia, com-
sienced on September f, and la&tod
Ava onmnloLelir UnruWncr Dtp
iiui " -j . y rr trt
country. Many villages of the Pima
and Mannicapa Indians, on the Gila
River, .were entirely destroyed.
Large crops have been awept rway.
Harppcr & Co.'s steam flouring mill,
of Pima' was destroyed. A number
of cattle, Leiongjuj to Texas emi
grants, were drownd in the flood.
Govcinor McCornilck and parly
whilo cn route for Preseott, were
caught iu the storm, and compelled
to pwini their animals to reach a
place of safety.
A year and a Llf ago schooner
left Mobile with a hundred aid fty
nesroea on board, ostensibly for
Texas, where thesti people had been
promised work at high wages. It is
now charged by some of the Georgia
papers lis the erhpnner went to
Cuba iustead .of Texas, and tfit the
negroes were sold to Cuban planters
as slates.- As f.Ln man who is said
to have had charge of f.he schooner
is a leading member of the Alabama
Legislature, the Democratic paers
are loudly insisting upon investiga
A he&y and protracted rain uloTV
in New Orlcaus, and coljuued east
wjuds, backed the water of Lake Pon.
chattr through the canal and
swamps until ffifi JJole rear of the
city is jnundated with so nnLroken
sbet cf water from Claiborne strent
to the Lak. Jkf water poured over
the banks of the canal, and on .Satur
day night wm M rising. 7 he
1'ontclisrtrsin Railroad tui i.'rU'
street Railroads were obliged to stop
-nnning, the tracks being overflowed
The rama hjj'e been heavy and gen
eral throughout the State for ILe past
Caldwell, Noble county, has been
made a postal money order office.
T The studenu of the o. w. Univcr -
suy, at ueiaware, are aimosi w a
for Grant and Colfax.
The largest oil refinery in Cleve
land has a capacity for distilling 500
barrels per day.
Twenty-eight Jewish orphans came
from Louisville to the Cleveland Jew
ish Orphan Asylum,
The Chiefs of the Spanish Rcvolu
tion have choaen Marshal Espartero
to be Provisional Chief of the Slate,
and have formed a cabinet, of which
.Serrano is 1 resulent and uenerai
Prim War Minister.
The Delaware Herald says : A little
daughter of a Mr. Gugerty, formerly
of South Columbus, now residing at
Lewis Centre, in Ahat county, came to
her death on Saturday last, by falling
into a tub of hot water. , She lived
btt a littlo while after the accident,
and died suffering the most acute ag
The body of a drowned man was
found in the Ohio river, near New
Richmond, on Monday last. He had
on his left arm tho figures of two can
nons and "B. 6o.' He is supKsed t
have leen a soldier named Hughes, or
Houshe, and to liave been on his way
to Cincinnati to get bouuty money due
Coleman Kceler, who has recently
gone into hop raising near Purrys
burg, carried on the premium at tue
State Fair, against many competitors
from other States. His hois were
considered by hop growers as remark
ably fine sjiecimeus. His experiment
of growing hos in the Maumce valley
has been very successful.
A man named Ballard w as rolled
of $0,000, and nearly beaten to deal!
a few days ago near Ironton, by a par
tv of six men. includimr two of his
own sons, one son -in law, and a man
named Kelly, a relative, and two other
meu whom the rest of the party had
hired. All of the party have been
arrested except one of the Balhu ds
aud one other.
The people of Rnsbia are greatly
excited by the preaching of an old
Muscovite peasant named Alexis Al
exandrovitch, who, after a seclusion
of several years, appeared in the dis
trict of Samai a, declaring himself 1
prophet. He is now going from place
to place announcing the approaching
destruction of the Crescent, aud the
substitution of the Greek Cross for
it on tho dome of St Sophia at C01 J
tantinople. The Russian Govern
ment allows every liberty of action
and language to this popular agitator,
who, besides, does not attack the
laws of the administration in any
way. His doctrines are those of the
Russian party.
On Weduesday last, as one of the
morning passenger trains was about
leaviiis this station, a white man step
ped up to a negro standing on a ear
platform, and holding iu his hand a
fifty dollar bill, requested change for
it, Tlie negro remarked, wnne orat
ing forth his wallet that he thought
he hadn't sufficient "stanuw," and pro-
Jueed a twenty aud a ten dollar note
3l he had. The white man, seeing
there was jiq chance to exchange his
counterfeit not lor good oiey
snatched tho -thirty dollars from the
hands of the darkey aud leaped iroin
the tram which was now under head
way, Tho negro also jmucd from
the train, and followed the sharper
some distance, but finally lost sight of
him, and to this tune both swindler
Norwalk Reflector.
John (juincy Adams, lfemocratic
candidate for governor of Massachu
setts, gave his party's candidate for
Vice President a leu banded compli
ment in Philadelphia the other night
"Blair," said he, "is not the Demo
cratic party, and has been put where
he can do the least possible harm
in the Viee Presidential chair " The
statement that Faank has been put
"in the chair' is premature ; but the
admission of his dangerous character
is signiauanl.
The sheriff of Union county, Illin
ois, euroute to Springfield, last week,
with $20,000 for the State treasury,
fell asleep between Centralia and De
patnr, an.4 upon waking up, his valise
was still under his head. After
reaching Decatur, and opening the
valise, ha found uoiu money anu
papers gone. luo onj.y reasons
Lie supposition ii thftt the rpbber
pulled the end of the valise opeo, put
in his Land and abstracted tue mon
ey. The sheriff immediately tele
graphed to Springfield, stripping pay-
P . 1 1 I.
uieni on tue oniers, wuitu re
duces tha wai loss to abo" 110,
000. .There ia just ana iuh who
could easily have takeu that money
We leave the reader to nod out who
he is, from the story.
Ifi Tt irT' S' .i.r- r..
Sevmour's real disloyalty during
J.ue fc'fcr JS OSliy receiving iresu eiem
i.IiR. aiiou.'' 'A jorrefinriid-int of the
ilochesler Democrat tus'iestrj.es a
remarkable illustration of the manner
in which the sincere sentiment of tin.
Copperhead candidate were revealed :
In the fall of 1802 the Triennial
usOLI Convention was held in
TriiiUv Chnrji. New York city, and
the 8U1 of Obiter was' designated as
a special season "or services' aj'!ropn
Hief.Q fitf condition of die country'.
Alurray uoHinan, ir. , iuiou, uhu
others, move;
yetf and Wyopai 170
1; and Mie cjouiiept Dr.
Goodwin delivered an
speech on the subject, hi which lie
earnestly pressetl their adopt ion The
no t -lav the subject came up again,
the question (ainoa Judge Carjen-
terrs (ol Z?w Jersey) resoiuuon,
ing on the'BUhop loi ferfil of prayer
' 1 .r . . 1 ia..' 1.-1 j:
ill reunion 10 ui --wienea tkihuhvu
now prevailing in the land, for the
aC-iy of our country, and the success
of our arneiij' Hpratio Seymour
took the ,lloor, and made a k4,gpvee:h
in opiiositioh. 'vile was opposed to
PriwJiiqmj? an opuuon against our
p- - - -
''"fseemeti 10 imi e uw .'o;'s uuu
against tha capiat..' He" Leged .then;
to pause before condttHttwg ti,e ab
sent ; condemning thousands and hun
dreds of thousands of brethern, not a
man of who was there to speak for
Great Republican Victories.
Great Republican Victories. Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana.
Response to Vermont and Maine.
Grant Virtually Elected.
The "Martyr" Defeated
COLUMBUS, October 13.
The election is over, and the bal
lots are beinjr couutcd. The vote is
heavier thau last year. There wa
considerable scratching done or
Prosecuting Attorney, especially in
the German wards, aud Delany, tin
Democratic candidate, will run con
siderably behind his ticket There
was some troublo in several wards.
The polls were being surrounded by
Democratic roughs, who were deter
mined on preventing any one haviug
a visible admixture of African blood
from votinsr. A colored man who
attempted to vote in the Eighth Ward
was chased away and pursued some
distance. He sought refuge from the
infuriated mob behind a part ol
ccntlemcn. who were conversing to
gether on tho sidewalk. The rough
attacked the partv. and badly bruised
aud wounded. Dr. James II. Coulter
and II. F. Booth, two of our leading
citlzons. Dr. Coulter hail his nose
broken, and had to be carried home
In the Third Ward Mr. Carlisle wa
severely cut in the head by another
gaug. A Hepubliean was also as
saulted in the Ninth Ward. No ar
rests were made.
Returns come in slowly. Fifteen
wards and townships in this county
give a Democratic gain over last year
of 300. Tho majority in tho county
will be over 3,000.
Franklin county is nearly all iu
Democratic majority 3,300, which is
a gain of G50 Both parties claim
the district, but Winans is doubtless
elected, as the news from Clarke
aud Madison is better than was an
ticipatcd. Keturns from various
portions of the State indicate a Re
publican minority of 1!0,0(I0.
Steubeiiville gave a Republican
majority of 330; Republican gain of
bO. auesville. Democratic majority
2h, a Republican gain of 103. Dels
ware gave a Republican majority of
iuechaiucshurg, Republican ma
jority, 212; Plymouth, Republican
majority, IS ; Kepublu-uu pain, 10.
Dayton, October 13 Vallandig
ham, the Prolmte Judge, aud Prose
cuting Attorney, were all present at
the Soldiers' Home place of voting,
to-day, to challenge the votes of the
Inmates of the Home, Vallandigham
being chief.
At four o'clock 250 votea had been
polled, aud -J'J of those were open
Republican ballots. The ol.jict in
cuallen;inr was doubtless to cause
delay, that the fewest number might
be polled, but Mr. Gunckel, the
soldieis' friend, was present aud
pushed things so that nearly all ap
plied, though many wero rejected,
for reasons Hint only Copperhead
judges would entertain.
Several soldiers, who waited at
the door from sunrise to three
o'clock, grew weary and dishearten
ed, and went away.
The Second Ward, where Sc'ienck
and Vallandighaiu live, gives Schenck
223 majority. Republican gain over
Thiiruisn 60. l'ourlh wrd 50 lie
publican gain.
First Ward. Schenck aud Vulland
i"haui even: Republican gain, 7
Second Ward. Schenck's majority,
233 ; gain 00. Fifth Ward, Schenck's
majority, 10; gain 11. Wayne tp ,
.Schenck s majority, 10 ; loss, 3
Fourth Ward, Schenck s majority,
132 ; Schenck, gain, G7. Madison tp.,
Yallandiguaui, 2)3 ; Schenck, 140
Vallandigham's majority, 141; Re
publican gain since last ycur, 10;
Eighth Ward, Yallaudigham, 5S7;
Schenck, li4 ; V-dlandigham s ma
jority, 8D3 ; Democratic gain, 0
Third Ward, Schenck, 44$; Yallaud
igham, 2o0 Kcpublican majority ;
Montgomery county close, but the
Third District reported sure for
Schenck carries Dayton by 217
majority, a gain over Thuriuan of
224. Gains in five tps , 100. Total
gain, 317.
Hamilton, October 13 Democrat
ic gain of eightj' in this county over
Thuriu au's majority'; four townships
to hear fiora, which are expected to
decrease the majority. Democratic
gain in this city over last year, 146.
Gain of Vallandigham over Thur
man in the county, 163. Five town
ships yet to be heard, ail of which
arc Democratic.
Vallandigham's majority in Butler
county, 1,807, with Lemon, Mormon
aud Riley townships to hear from,
which will swell the majority to 2,
Eaton, October 1311 P. M.
Preble county Allen (Republican,)
Majority, 82d.
Lebanon, Q-, October 13. Six
townships jn Warren county gives
Sehenck 1.2JS majority, a gain over
Rays of Wi imlicaling 2,fl0y majori
ty In the couniy.
Morrow, October 13 Schenck.
two hundred and seventy five; Val
landighain, oue hundred and ninety
eight; majority, seventy seven.
AthflBS. October 13 Athens
township gives gherppod jil2 major
ity, and Moore, for Congress, J J7 ,
a Republican loss of JiJ on the State
ticket, and a gain on tho Congress
ional ticket of 53.
Zanesvlllo, October 13. Democrat
ic, ; last year, lb. Kcpublican
cam. 100.
" Jaucaoter, October )3. Lancaster
cjty and towns'Lip, 'o RepuLJican
gain. Three townships, fiSUepublj.
can gain.
Stculienville, Octoltcr 13. Repub
lican majority, 330.
Richland county The city and
six lowufeiiins uhow a gain of 100
Probable Democratic majoiity in the
county, 400 ; Republican1 gain 200.
Ripley, October 13 H :05 l M.
Union towntl.ip jh full-' Sherwood,
702; Hubbard,37. Last year Hayes
boU; Thunnau, lp. bnuth, for
Congress, p(ji; Barrere, U.
I ronton, (K-touer lii -The cjty of
Ironton aud upper township gave
Wilson 80 ; Sands, 370. Last year,
Hays, 640; Thurman, ;;'J2, Two
other townthios are reported as giv-
ingfc gain iof l!)3 Republican ticket
of 177 votes.' ' '' t
Washington, C. IL, October 13 .
Fayette county Seven townships
gii-e Republican majority of 277.
Estimated majority In the county,
Portsmouth, October 13. Three
iff ards counted,' two ' not finished,
indicate a Repuiiiican majority of
Ittti ; gain fiitfti Uit year;
Cadiz, October 13- BinghauL's
majority in Harrison county, 550.
Circleville, October 13.-;rickaway
!eounly. H but two townships, Coojkill
Democratic majority, 700 in the
whole count-. Republican eain
Sidney, October 13. Shelby coun
ty, one township out, gives a Repub
lican gain I. Hayes had 17a mnjon-
averly, October 13. a inc town
ships in Pike county give 00 gain.
The county will give loo Republican
Cleveland, October 13. Cleveland
gives 859 Republican majority. A
Republican gam over last year ot 223.
Cuyahoga comity, 3,000 majority
gain 000.
Youngstewn, Republican gain 97.
Conneaut, Republican gain 100.
Bullefbntaiuc, October 13. Logan
county, nine townships give a Repub
licau ghm ot 90. 1 he gain 111 the
county will probably be 150. The
probable majority in the county will
m over 800.
Lawrence's majority will be about
Xcnia, Oct. 14 Winans' minority
iu Green county 1.950.
Jackson county all 111 but two town
ships. Republican majority over 200.
Republican gain 200.
Ravenna, October 13. Returns
from sixteen townships give 213 lie
publican gain over lat tall, and four
townships to hear from. Tho county
will give tho same majority as last
fall, 1,092.
Newark, October 13. Licking
county, estimated Democratic majori
ty, l,10o; majority iu tho district
about 1,500.
Kent, OctolnT 13. Republican
m:ionty, 15o, a gain of 1 1.
Ciftitervillc, Octolter It. All in
but two small townshiis ; Republican
gain 200. Probable majority 2,500.
Delaware, October 13. Delaware
township gives a Republican majority
ot 582, a Democratic gain ot 10
Marion, Octolier 13. Eight town
ships 111. Union gam 80, county
altout 425 Democratic.
Titlin, October 13 Seneca county
srives about 050 Democratic majority.
Republican gain 150.
Canton, October 13. Estimated
Kcpublican majority, four hundred.
Republican t;ain five hundred aud
fifty. Old Molly again iu line.
liiicyriip, Ontober IS. Estimated
Democratic majority in Crawford
1,720. Democratic gain 7.
Van Wert county, Republican
majority, 40; all gain. Last year a
tie. an Weit redeemed.
Urbana, Oclolier 13. Champaign
county, 8 towiishis, give a Republi
can gain of 22 on State ticket
A dispatch from Pittsburg says
there are large Republican gains iu
every precinct heard from.
liMisville, Kep. majority gain
17; Veimngo City, Rep. majority 110.
Mesdville, Pa. 3d Ward, Repub
lican majority 50.
Chester Co., 11th District Ra
publican majority 708. Gain of 102
Philadelphia, Pa. lltli Ward,
Democratic majority UOO. 5th Ward,
Democratic majority 1,080. Gaiu of
Philadelphia, Oct 13. Randall,
Democrat is elected to Congress in
the 1st district by 0,150 majority.
Moffat, Democrat is elected iu the 2d
district by 01.
Grecnsburg In the 3d district the
Republicans gain 93 over last year,
but lose largely ou the vote of 1800
For Congress the district will be
close with the chances in favor of
Foster. Covode runa behind his
Washington rTweuty.elght town
ships heard from, give a Democratic
gain ot 44. The county will give
reduced Republican majority fron
Johnstown From all the returns
received, the Democratic majority iu
Cambria county will be about 000.
uocnesier rseaver county gives
MM Hepubliean majority a gain of
Philadelphia, Oct 14. Nineteenth
Ward gives 586 Republican majority
a gain of 08b.
P.ttsburnh, Oct 14. First Ward
gives -3S6 Republican majority.
Fayette Co. Union township gives
200 Kcpublican majority.
Allegheny county as far as heard
from gives a Republican majority of
J,o00, a Republican gain of 1,100.
Carbon Co. iJecKcr tp , gives a
Democratic majority of Gy, a gaiu of
MaHch Chunk Borough gives
Republican majority of 120.
Allegheny Co , Pa., gives 8,000
Republican majority. Messages from
prominent men in Pennsylvania say
the State is Republican by 15,000
Philadelphia city returns come
slowly. The Democratic gain in the
city, four Congressmen, State is very
close. 18th Ward 889 Democratic
majority ; 20th Ward 300; 17th Ward
1,386- These Wards ' show a Demo
cratic gain of 1,762. The Democrat
ic candidate for Congress is probably
Philadelphia The 24th ward give
rt.l-T T 1 I : ;
lyepuuiicau majority.
Snyder Co. qOO Republican ma
jority, gaiu 00.
Lebanon Co. J.50O Republican
majority, gaiu iu.p.
York Co, 310 Democratic majori
ty, gain 277.
tiycoming co. democratic ma
jority 300 : Republican gain 450.
. Erie Co. 4 bout 20 Republican
majority ; gain about t0u.
Huntington (Jb.Republican gain
of about Lo.
Bedford Co. Democratic majority
' Cumberland Co. Aliont 550 Dem
ocratic majority, Republican gain
Lehigh fJo. )len;opralb majority
1,640. Hepubliean gam V. !i ' "-
North-Kast I'enn., Oct 13. The
Borough gives a Republican majority
of 130. Gain 12.
North-east Township gives 54 ma
jor, ty. ReiMibhcan gain 55.
Retnrli!i uli cady hi noiu Piif.sLurg
snow very Heavy jtepuiiiican gams
compared with Williams' vote of last
year. The indications are the Repub
lican m.-uoniy there vilf ececd e(0Oi.
lii Aljeghany cjtyloiie, the ltpi.Lii
eau gain is pearly KOOo. '
Jfirje, 'a, .-U jatl). Republican
majoi ity 5!'3. fainocratiu gain qf
i'ainsville, Repulliaun majoiity 4uJ;
gain of 64,
Ashtabula, Republican majority 184;
jjin of 21.
w&siiijiirto.i i:ve3 75 icernblicanj
majority j gain -f 1Q ' Brajdocka-j
field 44 Republioan majority. ' ' j
Pittsburgi Ia., Oot. J3.-T-rittsburg
nnd Alleghany city give 850 Republi-a--fci
kin Lsscaster city and ten
townships' give ii -IftO'uLliian ain of
376, over their vote of 1&06-. ? -i '"
Lancaster city, -Pa., Oct. 13. The
Repub!! eaca j-'c in- twelve districts,
over tte'a'r'y's'rotfe l( fOf .
l'ennsyivaiua tuecuons. to achuyi-
county, Palo Alto, 14 Democratic
majority, loss of 1 7.
Philadelphia. In the 17th ward a
Democratic majority of 270 Demo
cratic loss 177. In the ISth warda
Democratic majority of 1,183, gain
56. ' :
Rockland, Berks conntyJ -A Dem
ocratic majority of 208, gain 24.
Creek. Democrat 10 majority 139,
gain 21.
Reading. The 6th ward gives two
Republican majority, Democratic gain
19. Fifth ward gives 05 Democratic
majority, gain 20. First ward, Re
publican majority 100, Republican
gain 15. Sixlh ward. Democratic
majority 21, gain 59.
line (irovo. Democratic majority
72. ' "
PhiladelphLi, Oct 13. The Second
warJ gives 1,000 majority- Tioga
connty, 7th district, gives a Republi
can majority of GG3.
Scranton. Ninth ward, Republi
can. 222 ; uemoerat, 1 2S.
Kiusboro gives 94 Republican ma
jority; Montrose gives 18j Repubu-
an majority ; liridgewater 5 Ucpubli
can maionty. J nuadeipiua 12th
ward gives 271 Democratic majority ;
Uth ward gives 10O Republican ma
jority ; 20th ward gives 903 Republi
can majority. 23d ward gives 714
Kcpublican majority; 22d ward gives
103 Republican majority. A I toons
3d ward gives t9 Republican majori-
Pennsylvania goes Republican by
:dout 15,000.
Iliiladclphia. In tho Second Con
gressional District, O'Neil, Republi
can, has 3,381 majority.
Randall, Democrat, re-elected to
Congress in the 1st district, by 9,150
MoOat, Democrat, elected in the
2d district, by 91 maionty
Blair Co. 640- Republican major
ity, Republican gain 117,
Philadelphia Returns from all
wards show the election of Fox, Dem
ocrat, as Mayor by about 3,000 ma
In the 7th Congressional district
Towusejul, Republican is elected by
about B.OO') majority.
Pcnusi Ivauia, thirty-seven coun
ties show a Democratic majority of
a,77;. Last year the same counties
gave a Democratic majority 11,040.
South Bend. Ind., Oct 13. The
Democrats gain 10 in this towuship on
tho vote of 1 800. 1 .
Buck Creek, Ind., Oct 13. Repub
lican majority of W;u,hingtou town
ship, 53 tor Baker and 49 for Orth.
Republican gain, CS.
Uberty, Ind., Oct 13. Union Co.,
Indiana, gives a Republican majority
of 219; loss 13 over 1806.
Iiidiauuolk, Oct II Boone Co ,
one township gives a Uepubllciui im
j rtyof02; gum 150.
aiiaiua Co., three townships are re
ported to give a Democratic majority
of 85 ; Democratic gain 60.
Madison Co., one township reports
09 Republican majority; gain 9. .
Bartholemew Co., nine preemu rc-
ort Demociatic gaiu 203.
Crawford oointy, about I.tOd lie-
pnblieau majority.
Indiana licpuMican Cgngrtss nen
elected in the 3d, 4lh, Mh, 7th, 8th,
9th, 10th and 1 1th Dutricls. 11 e Ut
and Oth doubtful. The Republican
Central Committee claim the State by
from 7,000 to 10,000. There are large
Democratic gains iu the southern part
oi the Mate.
Evansville The Democrats carry
the city by a kin all majority.
Winaiuao prec'mot Democratic
majority 111; gam 1 8
Kiln ins from ludiaua indicate
Republican majority in both houses of
the Legislature.
There are unfailing tests whereby
any one who honestly seeks may
know who are resimnsible for the
wholesale butcheries continually tak
ing place at the South- Here are
some of them :
I. In Brooklyn, a few years ago,
some scores of unoffending blacks
were set upon, beaten, mangled, and
some of them nearly killed, while
ihey all narrowly escaped burning to
death, at tho hands of the preaent
supports of Seymour and Blair.
They were not claiming the Right of
Su fir age, nor anythiug else but the
privilege o. peaceably earning their
living in a tobacco factory
II In July, ISo;!, the Colored
Orphan Asylum in. thia City was
burned to the gronml by a vast mob
of Democratic sympathisers with the
slaveholdiug, negro-despising oligar
chy which miscalls itaelf '-the, Soqlbf
while every Blrck who could be
found,' whether 1 at heme er in the
streets, was hunted like a wild beast,
and, if caught mangled or murdered
One, at least was roasted as he hung
after he had been caught and choked
lo death. Not one of them was even
suspected of any other offense than
lis coior.
III. In the Winter of 1S62-S,
seeing a stoui young man iu a couu
A al ",
try store . neqr iuis my, wno was
rigged out with gun, powder-horn,
shot-pouch, Ore., for a hunting xpur
sjon, the writer casually soij tp him,
!'If) Jiked to "shoot I would go
down to Virginia. f(J,' hercspQid-
ed, "if I were going to Virginia to
shoot, I wouldn't shoot while men; I
should shoot, infers. For what
reason he would shoot them, he did
not indicate-;! nor was it necessary
that hj! slioujd.
IV- When Andrew Johnson was
tressed to favor Impartial Suftrage,
before his apostasy had become uu
equivocal, he responded, ''If the
lacks are enlranchised, there will
bo a war of races," or "they will be
killed." He ncvcrdreauied that thtf
would seek to kill any oue because
of Mjejr piau; hjaeuieat; he meant
that the Whiles woHld' km them if
they were allowed to vote.
V. In no single instance of recent
collision between armed or partially
armed parties at the South have the
blacks failed to be by far the heavier
sutfevers. f they pauued ud q
sligated these wholesale- butcheries,
they would evidently manage to be
sometimes the stronger! better armed
party. .- ' . -
"Vi: The spirit andjwigjiagcof be
Rcliel or Democratic press through
rost of HiP Nouth coutjnqaly jmplies
that the blacks deoertre kjU.nj for
for presuming to vote for Qrant and
Colfax. The speeches of UowelJ
Cobb, Toombs, B. ' II. Hill, Wade
Hampton, dec, imply that they hare
no r'it thss to yote that they
Hrrpirg heii!.iruite n.ghpora firse,r
Inu to (10 80. - Even IJiU's .Iaat cap
tious letter asserts that Seymour's
election will be, understootl as ..de
cided that the new State Govern
ments are nzt ettaHishnlia other
words, that the blaoka .have no right
to vote. - i ' ; ' 1. .
Men-and brethren ! consider!
Daring Robbery---6000 Stoles.
Lat Thursday nitrht Mr. John Bal
lard, a re&idcnt'ol Fayette township.
about three miles from South 1 oint
on"Sa!iday creek," was brutally beaten
and left for dead at his own house.
It seems that live men went to the
house of Mr. Ballard, altout midnight
and forced the door with a raiL Mr
Ballard ran toward the door and wa
immediately seized by the men am!
dragged out iuto the yard, where h
was beaten over the Lead with a pis
tol until he was senseless, and wa
left as dead. Meantime tho oth--?r
. three i rushed " into the Louse,
two- or- them coiner to the bed
where Mrs. P.nllard was lvi"ir, aud
'usrding her while the third Vent up
Uairs and brought out a box in which
as alout '5,000, . which he carried
ome distance friu the house, where
ne broke it open, took out the money
md witli ttio others started over the
aills toward Burlington, where they
crossed the river into West Virginia
1 wo of the robbers were sons 01 Mr.
ftall&rd, by his first wile, oue of them
being recognized by his half-brother.
1 boy 17 or 18 years of age, when he
isked the whereabouts of the box iu
the house. On Saturday mornine
Mr. Barton Ballard was arrested and
brought to Burlington, where, upon
lose questioning and a comparison oi
his shoes with tracks of the robbers, it
was soon evident that he was one ot the
party.. .Suice then two others of the
party have been arrested, and about
1 1 ,400 of the money recovered. Two
others are still at large, but are closely
pursued. . A reward of 200 is offered
which we doubt not will be uicrcased
At last accounts it was thought that
Mr. Ballard could not possibly recover.
He had just converted all his nrooertv
into cash with a yiew of moving West,
where he hail - purchased some land
and made a first payment
T The folio wing ii a doseriptien'of the
two dcsiteradoe still at large :
Daae Ballaniig twenty-one years of
:igo; weighs loO pounds; fair com
pluxion ; blue eyes ; light hair ; five
feet eight inches high, and wounded
iu the left arm, in the wrisf and alove
the elbow ; a flesh wound ia the thigh;
1h as a peculiar look out of his eyes,
which are inclined to be a little cross
Charles Kelly is about twenty three
years of age; weighs 125 pounds;
fair complexlioB blue eye; light
brown hair ; about five feet eight inch
es high i teeth out in front ; a deserter
from the United States army. ' There
is a warrant for him in West Virginia,
tor horse stealing ; is a desperate char
acter. ' ' '
New York, (Xj. 13. The general
iiiipression her is' that Venn) Tvania
has gone Republican by 5,000 to
tO,HK) m-iiority. f 1 -. ' t '
- XmW York, Oct. 13.-!-,Tlie follow
ing La been issue! by the Republican
National Committee:
Fifth Avkxle Rotel, X. Y., Oct.
13. The great States of Pennsylvania,
Ohio, and Indiana, have by decisive
majorities made certain a Repntboan
majority in November. Let the peo
ple prepare tor the final contest, and
ty :iii overwhelming vote elect it rant
and Colfax, and give to the country
safety jroK;rity and peace. :
WM. CLAFLIN, Chairman.
WM. CHANDLER, Secretary.
A fire lately occurred in a Russian
village on the Prussian frontier. The
firemen belouging to a neighboring
Prussian town hastened with their en
pntorender aid, but on reaching
the barriers their passioi ts were de
manded. In vain they urged that they
were on a mission of obvious necessity
the man at the barriers said he must
seek orders from Itis chief Mean
while, a seowiid dettchmeut of Prussian
firemen arrived with passports ; they
too, -were detained. At length the
chief officer gave them permission to
pass, aud -en reaching the scene of dis
aster the men found no fire to extin
guish ; all the houses had been reduc
ed to ashes.
Kentucky Democracy.
Hie real home of the' Democrat iu
party, alter all, is Kentucky. It was
one ot the three States which went
for McC'lellan in 1 304 ; it was the only
State, save Maryland, which Seymour
is certain ot carrying in 1808. It
gives the biggest Democratic majority
ot any state in the Union. It is the
onlytate in the Uuion in which' the
Democrats aV6 holding their own. II
you ask a Democrat now-a-days,
whether he has heard the news from
Vermont, or Maine, or Colorado, nine
chances out of ten he will respond by
asking it you have heard from Ken
tuek'j. ?Wel' Iherefore.'turn ta Keik-
tuikyfar reuQ genuine, Sihton-pire,
unadulterated Democracy of the latter-day
schooL And we find it in
chunks. v One of .the latest Demon
strations ot it was in a Democratic
procession in tke city of Louisville
tjuring the pending campaigh', ' in
which bonie specimens of Keutucky
Dpmocracy graced the banuers and
gleauied in 'he niottoes of theroces
sion. From this rich load of Demo
cratic doctrine, we extract the follow
ing specimens ;
rasy Urant W 1 skev Jnr
uriit,,---i,iuHi orant, ' -jieat lirant,'
a MuMr 1 1 . a - - .
"lJunib Unint," "leather Headed
drant, "Urant s stock r mule
;'Orant's iIicy little ; "Grant
would J.etray Ins Father for money!
-Ulan; the Soldier Colfax the Il.-ih-
ler ;' "Blair, lol Sherman to.the Son !"
to bell witl the Freedinan's Bu
reau!" "Down with Scalawag an.
Uarpet Baggers." "Can Baffers
iiiusi uo Aiiuinuaieii
1 A -11. 1 ...
In the rear of the procession were
borue portraits of Jell" Davis, Ii E.
Lee and Stonewall Jackson
- Th'4 l's .Tial, gejiitiue, Seymoir-Rlair-Vallandighain-Korrest
racy. Soldiers who lourrht under
Grunt to put down tho rebellion, how
Cleveland Leader.
A ncmooratlo daptalu of a Missis
sippi river steamboat recently dis
charged all hiii Lands who would not
avow themselves Democrats; where
upon the Democrats at Point Coupee
uciu a imuiiu uieeiing appytuiiing tne
aet, andytTie New Orleans in
dorses pi. peocfats haye the right
10 employ oniy uenjocrats; -Method
ists have the right to employ only
aicinijtiisia wnrtea may 01 right re-
ruse to employ blacks; and black
eyed men may, if they choose, em
ploy only those who bare the same
oiared eye. "nt when proscrip
Moqlitan'mences, kflw and w,uen wyl
it end f Is it a deirabje condition ol
things, and should It be fostered?
It is a relic ot barbarism. It belongs
to the age of caste and bigotry. The
parly no finds it necessary to en
force Ha dogmas by such proscrip
tion ia in a. condition . bordering on
peed dissolution by atucide. - 44 '
New Advertisements.
Valuable Lands!
I MIS undersigned will .flr lor ml at fut
lie uciin, tn rront el lb Court HoaM,
KimlUy, 0is on
Sttunloj. Ortoter 24A, 1863,
"he MiM valuable lantt $ ' '
ITU aora la ifrtii a oonter PerUf
i.wimliip, aul IU 'rei la Marlon tovaablp,
ttljoiBiBK ! Ranch tioal.
I'trmi niado kaowa oa day. of a1.
ocllttiu JS tw - K, Y iPtXtlXw
Kecutor .Votieo.
Tri 'K s bsiekr lta tba U aubson
I lxr kaa baea apouital. fxMatur t lae
.l-;iland laatawaul J ) aiuel Pull,
r., late t-t Haao-eK co&MT, Onto. 1MUU4.
. . , ANOUKW raArIX.EiaaittA.
Ocl.b 12, lSMi. clltaan 1- 4
AdmiuiHtmtor'it 2V41ee.t
PUE aiultrsiiiiMNl baa sees Ulr acalats4
aad. uualilled adiaiaiatratue of Ue
f Aurubtua W. LaaUar. Ut ! Ik S)UI f
reaneMiea. ilaM All aersuaa laSitWa
lli tale at rqoeto nl Ma-
liate payn)l. HWUZE, i
k m. Naaua. ai-. - acaiiniauaior.
ocllGnoil l
;liiiuitralorsi Moure.
VTOT1CK ta herebr Uvea laat the aader-
tw aiguej aaa beea dalv auiial4 a4-
Hnuiaratr ft ike eaUl of KraaaUa A.
-ro d, Ule ol Hancock oouotv, daoeaaeti. .
IKK A sauwv.
K-tiber 13. 1S. octliaoll J
Be it ordained by the Council of
the Village of Findlay, f
1. That Liberty street ia aaid Vtllax. tea
oorlbera lerininm ol whioh I at HanUttakf
4treU b i and U aaia la kervbf eatadil '
Xorlh Irom . HjonUiaky tuaav to Main C'roa '
treet and there terminate, and thai lb
am be opened a fur travel aa auea aa IS
can be dim aocorUing to law. r .
1. That Ih KtlHiwioe real eatat be and U
ud i bSrebyapiimprlaled tor the aa and
uurive ol aitd street autl 16 lteaaloa
Uiereor, to-arn: tb - ayrey xaoarff ft is
ootd aa FiiRtTn Arenn. iuWiUoo Tauca's
additxtu a t indUr te a Ha olo
unaatiori M sod Liberty airee'Irosai4aa
dusky atreel Iu Uain.l'fua etreel; ala U
iraclioua or prreta ol land Ivn at ol aad
Ujoiaintf iw K C3, !1 acdSl la "The kd
J.nou 10 Findlay and betajeea'aald lot
and aid alley. ' ' I
3. Thai J. A. Bop, whd hi herebr appoint
ad apecial Attorney lo said ViUaf lor that
purpose, prieeed at ono and prepare th
necMa-ary paper ail d bale atay b
i.fettry in tk leai.aos to edVJ lM)o
jevt cuii t-iuplaied by UO4 OrUinaac.
ocil(in2ja3 . . I 1 I
step ladder:
1 -
This ladder is a combination ol a ales aa4
eitrnri-ii ImtJ.-r. Il la strong aud IIkHI. and
ia rhHiid lr iu a ale.buMda l-akMUr
taii-e tt :n.Ui. or can be lake apart aud
used as two h ti l.ktilM.a , It ia tua utoat
lament Ud ler made tut sroreai. work aho(rs.
'arm, k mieis, niliag o,. In aaa. and af of
iho .rndKKt uhts to which a lad ler aa b
applied. Th hiht ol the step bidder varia
lnm 1 to la fl. and arhe etUaded, tla
that lent I h. Call and see it a
PaVII'SON t MAKTIM'S, Findlay, O.
iull7no'J-ir. '
Dealers ottea recommead vUia bKter ke
cauao they hi,- not Roback'a. We deair
to oautin th afll.e'ed i)iiost purohaaiuy
any ol them; buy. Uiuk'a 8 ioa)oa Bitter
and none other, u n would aocabat diaaaa
succesaiully. -Hold
bv r ray A Kitlnj-er. findlay. O.
X t
J. J.VKUS of Uanoook (tunty, will iuLS
toe bouool Uouae I Diltrlet Ho. 9. kiadlav
townahip, for th eiaaaiaaOoa a fsacaara
on th lullMwing day during th year 1Mb:
Saturday, March, 7th.
- Vareh IUt
. i A prill th.
" April Mtb.
" Mayath.
- MyJ3ro ' ' :I
Juuclitb. - i ''.
Auk. IsU
. :t- Bopuatb, iai ,li if.
September lsih.
" OotoUer ib-d. , 1.
October ;tn.
' : November Tt.
" NoveBberllat.' ' f
lieceoiber atb-
Pecambat lata. r. '
examinatioBS to eonmenc at kail vjajt Bi
o'clock, A. U.
Each applteani ureqtnrM in payThKx.
Diners a fe ot Bfty cent oa eoteriaf tha
aaa. - -- -ft --J
All appllcacU are rqhird taf umiak mitt.
lea taatimanlal of f upd aiorej saawsMasr.
those who hav been nxafsd ai teaoaarst
obtain theaa from their laat employers, wa
will also certify to their failhfulnea bimIbiuv
nM as teachers; which lealiaaoniais wlii b
ept on Ale.
No certificate will be Issued without aa a.
amlnaUon f o private eiaaainatioa wtiTt
held ; no carlittcat will ka antedated ; a
candidal will b admitted for re-exualaa-tion
within three atoiiths altar a seoosd fail
ure. Applicants ar requested to furaiak
peciaaena of penmanship. - '
Thosa wno ran to comply with tae above
rafuiauioiuijWUl t bjidi&itid ftu p naa
J ter uf pura jj j , v I
Ian It Kwroltrr Roarri l tmiMia
Restores gray and 'faded Hair , to ka
OaiciNAL Coi6i,'tciaoves DandruBi
cntx. ill nisssEa of rpt VifA
Prevents Baldness, and makes the bait
grow Soft, Glossy and Luxuriant.
ftM ii Oft ft Iks fcuk a t ftj b& .
PreparM by 8BW1RIX BIJrTLBT'
A CHENEY, UrugguUwJiulBdo.W.y. Sold
kyaJJ-Jajgiato K'Vii-1. '! .H 1
for sal by FREVA.KTTI XGR'Whol.
Agents, and S. Aj.M. UUBEK&
VIK, Uoiait Areata.
ocl9, IStiSyl. - - ,
For .Building ftirpat-Ci
Orders solicited. Pvio- a low aa else
where, f f.o. -
Lai kiu'a Harble abop, where, also, order
may b lelt. ' "
t'hlllM and Fever, Dyspepsia,
1.1 ver .'nipiaiui, ana ma t
uey Iieaea Cured.
Eaa eurod loore ai?aes wber It si
bean1 ased, JtbSjt ail ,otb AieUJaavaa1 ttV
binad. it s lhe1oj rtiudy lht,o aius
fu the b lood, aud Jtaa never tailed fai. soring
Dyspepsia, Fever ai d As, and Disease of
Sold by Draggle! and Dealers. . .
DH. ii. B. UAKTM tM A CO.. rroDrletcra
Lancaster, Pa., and (JiloaFO- lLiaol. .
ataylttoiUo3dm.r- !'.'''

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