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tor Boys, will be resumed the ft rut Moudry in October
in tho Academy next to the Presbyterian Church.
Terms, Fifty Dollars for tho session, closing on tho
tlrst of July next. Paynblo invariably iu advance.
September IS li
% 1 1 1 1 * '
DR. UEENSTJERNA has romoved bis offtco to
tho building occupied by Messrs. Hanuuerelough A
McCurrv, and offers his prolessional services to tho
September 18
each week, commencing on Tuesday next, the 22d
inst, until the 24th of October, for the purpose of
collecting tlio money ou the returns made. All who
fail to pay will be Double Taxed.
A.. M. KKNM l'.DY, T.C. 17th U. D.
September 18 3
T1X 1ft lilM).
I receive returns for so mticli of the present crop as has
been secured at this time.
Wm. McKAIN, Assessor.
J. A. SOU ROCK, As't. Assessor.
October 2
District S, C., who have a Registered Business
aro required within ten days after tho first of October,
18GS, to make a return of tjie gross amount of sales
made from the lirst of Jul\ last to 1st of ctober, and
pay the per centago upot the same.
War Tax Col. 17th C. D.
October 2 3
south ol Mr. Geo. ^Idea's shoo store. Tho
one is a large Store House, and tho other a small
Shop, containing two rooms. Passcssion to ho given
on tlio tirst o' Junua'-y, 13G4. For t urtlief particulars
apply at this ollice.
October 1) "3
Columbia, S. C. Oct. 4. 18G3. )
"Commandant of Conscripts," under the
Confederate Government, for the Slate of South
Carolina, issued, on the first of October, instant,
an order requiring "all persons who have hitherto
been withheld from conscription by reason
of claiming exemption under the laws of the
State," "to report to the Enrolling Officers of
their respective Districts to he enrolled for serving
" ami vvhr?rr?nc it ic brdil iiv tin. kyciMitiVf
of the State, that all exemptions from military
service provided for by the Convention of this
State and other competent Slate authority?
are valid in law?and should be insisted on, of
which notice has from time to time been given
to the Commandants of Conscriots :
Now, therefore, I, MILLEDGE L. BON 11 AM,
Governor and Commander-in-Chief, do direct
all citizens of this State, holding exemptions
from the Adjutant General's Office and otherwise
exempt by the laws of this State, to claim
their exemptions from Confederate service before
the Enrolling Officers of the Confederate
Government, and to notify the Adjutant Genera!
of the State of such claim to the end that
the question may be submitted for the decision
* of some competent legal tribunal. ,
Given under my hand and the seai oftho State
[l. s.] at Columbia, this fourth day of October
A. !>., 1862, and in the eighty-eight year of
the sovereignty ol the Jhtate.
Wm.1v. IIuntt Sec., of State.
jC3T Tri -weekly papers publish three times
and other papers once a week.
Oct. 9 3
All persons having demands against
the Estate of I'hos J. Warren, deceased, will
present them to me, properly attested, and ah persons
indebted to the Estate will make payment forthwith
to undersigned. W. Z LEITNKR, Administrator.
October ^ 3
For Sale.
Dwelling Rooms on second floor of each, situated
on tho most desirable spot on Broad street, for business.
.The lots run some 90 feet \n frout by 250 back.
Also, one lot containing thereon a large Cotton
House, situated on Rutledge street, 90 feet in front by
250 back. For further particulars apply to Mr Wm.
li. Billings, in Camden, or to Capt. D. D. Perry, at
Flat Rock, S. C.
September 25
- - * - at: * r/- * ? - '
' adj't and in8pector qdnehae8 office. )
Oolfmhia, pet. 5, 18G3. )
| * General Assembly entitled "An Act to
; provide for volunteer companies of Mounted Ini
fan try and for other purposes," ratified on the
; 30th of September, 1803, volunteer companies
of Mounted Infantry wilj .be accepted for State
service, to consist of not less than sixty-four
(04) and not more than (100) men, exclusive
of commissioned officers. Persons of any age,
provided they are able-bodied, will be allowed
to volunteer in companies that are accepted,
will not be enrolled for active service under
paragraph VII of this order. If *a sufficient
number of said companies are offered and accepted,
they will he organized into battalions
i ami regiments.
II. All nelsons liable to enrollment under
the Act referred to, viz: "All white male per
sons in this State between the ages of eighteen
and forty five, including, persons who have
fumishcJ substitutes in Confederate service,
resident aliens, and other persons who have
avoided Confederate conscription by reason of
any civil employment, contract or engagement
and excluding all who have been declared ex
empt from actual military service beyond the
limits of the Districts in which they reside, by
an Act of the General Assembly, ratified on
the Oth day of February, 1803," are hereby required
to report their names and ages to the
commanding officers of their respective beat
companies on or before the day on which their
respective regiments are hereinafter ordered to
III. In addition to the enrollment of the
persons mentioned fit the proceeding paragraph
of this order, for the purpose of obtaining an
accurate return of the arms-bearing population
of the State and their ages, all white males between
the ages of sixtecu and eighteen and
forty five and sixty are required to be enrolled
as hereinafter directed.
IV. For the purpose of securing said enrollment
asfspeedily as possible, the Militia Regiment
of the State, embracing all persons between
the ages above stated |between sixteen
and sixty years,] are ordered to assembly at
their usual places of parade at the times hereinafter
stated. *
V. Before the day appointed fcr the parade
of the regiments, the commanding officers of
beat companies, the officer at home 'highest in
rank, will prepare lists of the names of persons
within their respective beats directed to en
rolled, designating on the lists the ages of each
person, those having substitutes in Confederate
service, and resident aliens, and if exemption
troti) service l?e claimed, stating the ground on
which it is claimed.
VI. On the day on which the regiments
shall parade, the commanding oflieers ot coinpanics
will return said list? to the commanding
officers of the respective regiments, who will
return the same to the Aid-de-catnp of his Excellency
the Governor, who will be in attendance
with the Enrolling Offiecr appointed for
the District, to receive and verify said returns,
and to note and report all persons who may
make default in attending said parades for trial
by court martial.
VII. From the effective men betwen the
ages of eighteen and forty-fivo years, enrolled
as aforesaid, companies, [one or more of artillery]
battalions and regiments, will be organized
bv the Governor and commander-in-Chief,
the commissioned officers, company and field,
to he elected by the men at such tunes, places
and in such manner as he may direct.
VIII. Two or more of the companies will be
accepted as cavalry and armed as such, and
one company of artillery with a battery of four
pieces will be organized, to consist of not less
than eighty nor more than one hundred men,
exclusive of commissioned officers.
IX. The troops thus raised I bv volunteering
# . L O
or compulsory levy] will "be called out at the
discretion of the Governor" to "repel Actual or
threatened raids of the enemy within this
State," and " will be kept in the field so long
as he may deem it necessary for the public
safely," and will "be discharged from actual
service whenever in his judgement the actual
necessity for such service has ceased," the organization,
however, not to be dissolved by being
withdrawn from the field.
X. The regiments will parade for the purpose
stated in paragraph IV of this order at
their usual parade grounds, at the times hcreinotter
appointed, to wit: ,
first Brigade.
42d Regiment, Anderson District, on Thursday,
Oct. i 5, inst.
2d Regiment, Dickens-District, on Saturday,
Oct. 17, instant. 1
6th Regiment, Pickens District, on Mon- '
day, Oct 19, inst.
1st Regiment, Greenville District, on Thurs- <
day, Oct. 22, inst. I
- " ' . *
-j l ... ? ..i.jj i.. .... v
3d Regiment, Greenville District, on Sat^k
day. Oct. 24, inst.
4th Regiment, Anderson District, on McV
day, Oct. 26, inst.
Second Brigade.
Gth Regiment. Abbeville District, on Satur-M
clay, Oct. 35, insi.
8th Regiment, Abbeville District, on Satur-$*
day, Oct. 17, inst. mm
9th Regiment, Edgefield District, on Mon- j
day, Oct 19, inst.
10th Regiment, Edgefield District, on ?
Wednesday, Oct. 22, inst.
7th Regiment, Edgefield District, on Friday,
Oct. 23, inst.
Third Brigade.
11th Regiment, Barnwell District on Thursday,
Oct. 15, inst.
43d Regiment, Barnwell District, on Satur- 1
dafr, Oct. 17, inst. (
12th Regiment, Beaufort District, on Mon- (
day, Oct. 10, inst. I
13th Regiment, Colleton District, oti Saturday,
Oct. 23, inst. i \
14th Regiment, Orangeburg District, on j
Saturday, Oct 24, inst. ]
15th Regiment, Orangeburg and Lexington ,
District, on Monday, Oct. 20, inst. ^
Fourth Brigade. .
% ' t
10th Regiment, Charleston, on Monday | i
Oct. 12, inst.
18th Regiment, Charleston and Colleton'
Districts, on Thursday, Oct. 15, inst.
19th Regiment, Charleston District, on Sat- *
urday, Oct. 17, inst. i
Fifth Brigade. 1
23d Regiment, Kchiland District, on Monday,
Oct. 12, inst.
22d Regiment, hiershaw District, on Wednes- (
day, Oct. 14, inst.
44tli Regiment, Clarendon District, on Saturday,
Oct. 17, inst. '
20th Regiment, Sumter District, on Monday,
Oct. 19, inst.
21st Regiment, Lancaster District, on Thurs- (
day, Oct. 22, inst.
Sixth Brigade.
25th Regiment, Fairfield District, on Tuesday,
Oct. 13, inst.
24th Regiment, Fairfield District, on Thursday,
Oct. 15, inst.
20th Regiment, Chester District, on Saturday,
Oct. 17, inst.
27th Regiment, Chester District, on Tuesday,
Oct. 20, inst.
Seventh Brigade.
20th Regiment, Darlingtnn District, on
Wednesday, Oct. 14, inst.
28th Regiment, Chesterfield District, oir
Saturday, Oct. 17, inst. s
30th Regiment, Marlboro District, on Tiies-.
day, oct. 20, inst..
Eighth Brigade.
31st Regiment, Williamsburg and Georgetown
Districts, on Thursday, Oct. 15, inst.
32d Regiment, Marion District, on Saturday,1
Oct. 17, inst.
33d Regiment, Horry District, on Tuesday,
Oct. 20, inst.
Ninth Brigade.
46th Regiment, York District, on Wednesday,
Oct. 14, inst.
64th Regiment, York District, on Friday,
Oct. 16, inst. 1
85th Regiment, Union District, on Monday, i
Oct. 10, inst.
37th Regiment, Spartanburg District, on p
Wednesday, Oct. 21, inst.
36th Regiment, Spartanbng District, on Fri-'
day, Oct. 23, inst., 1
Tenth Brigade.
45th Regiment, Spartanburg and Won
Districts, on Wednesday, Oct. 14, inst.
41st Regiment, Laurens District, on Friday,
Oct. 10, inst. *
40th Regiment, Laurens District, on Saturday,
Oct. 17, inst.
38th Regiment, Newberry District, on Monday,
Oct. 19, inst. *
39th Regiment, Newberry District, on Wed- i?
ncsday, Oct. 21, inst. ^
XI. Col. J. W. Harrison, A, D. C., is assign- I
ed to the special duty of attending the parades
in the 1st Brigade, and superintending the en- B
rollmcnt hereinbefore directed; Col. J. N. Lip- ?
scomb, A. T). C., in the id Brigade; Col. A. P.
Aldrich, A. D. C., in the 3d Brigade; Col. Wil- _
? n tv.u a *rv r\ j.i -
iiiv/u >" i/uoniivui'V( n> 17. v.;., Ill UIC 4111 nrig- I
adc; Col. J. II. Borkin, A. T). C., in the 6th
Brigade; Col. C. F. Hampton, A. D. C., in the
Gvh Brigade; Col. W. H. Evans, A. T). C., in *
the 7th Brigade; Col. J. R. Sparkman, A. I). C.,
in the 8th Brigade; Col. R. G. McCaw, A. D.
C., in the 9th Brigade; and Col. W. D. Simpson,
A. D. C., in the 10th Beigade; to whom Rl
the commanding officers of regiments will k
make returns on tho day of parade, and render ol
every assistance in making the required enroll- P'
ment. L(
XII. The commanding ofiiccrs of regiments rt
will promptly extend so much of this order as
is necessary for assembling thoir regiments and procuring
the lists of persons belonging to beat
companies as hereinbefore required.
XIII. General Orders No. 36 are hereby of
countermanded, and papers will cease to publish
the same. <
Farewell Addm< of Llcul. (den. Leoulduft
I'o thk Officers and Soldieuh of Polk's
Ueado'ks Polk's Coups, Tenn., j)
Missionary Ridge, r
Sept. 30tli, 1863. ) .
In consequence of.in unfortunate disagree
went. between myself and the Comma nder-mChicf
of this Department, I have been relieved
>f my command, and am about to retire from
lie Army.?Without attempting to explain
lie ciicumstances of this disagreement, or prciiidicing
the public mind, by a premature appeal
to its judgment, ! must be permitted to
sxpress my unqualified conviction of the rectitude
of my conduct and that time and investigation
will amply vindicate my action on the
Held of the Chickamauga.
1 cannot, however, part even temporarily
with the gallant officers and soldiers of my old
Corps, without the deepest feeling of regret
and a heartfelt expression of my gratitude for
the courage, conduct and devotion they have
always manifested while under my command,
Belmont, Shiloh. Perryvillef Murfreesbor[>ugh
and Chickamauga, all attest on your part
the very highest soldierly qualities, and are
crowded with precious memories.
Contending with a numcrour, well appointed
and merciless enemy, for all that mar. holds
dear you have borne unexampled privations
with fortitude, fought with undaunted bravery,
and ever yielded a ready and cheerful obedience
to your officers.
Soldiers who struggle in such a cause and
with such hearts "can never be conquered.'*
Clouds and darkness may enshroud you for a
time, but the sunlight of the future is bright
and glowing, the blood of patriots is never shed
in vain, and our final victory is certain and as
Whoever commands you, my earnest exhortation
and request to you is, to fight on and
fight ever, with true hearts until your independence
is achieved.?Thousands of hearts
may fall crushed and bleeding under the weapons
of the foe, or the passions or mistakes of
friends, but the great cause must never be sacrificed,
or our Hag abandoned. Our cause is "
just and your duty to your country and God
is as clear as the sun in the heavens.
1 leave my command in the care of the
bravest of the brave, who has often led them
in the darkest hour of their trials; he and you
will have my hopes and prayers to the Iiuler
of the Universe for your happiness and success.
Your kindness, devotion and respect for me
exhibited during the years of our association
both iti camp and on the field is graven on my
i.i .?11 t_ _ . i ,i ?:i
noari ana win ue treasuruu uicru uum iv ova
to beat.
Your friend,
School Notice.
T Ess' School will be resumed on the 1st
IrafflK Monday in Oetober.
No scholar will be received after the
middle of October, unlets detained by
No scholar will be received unless the parents are
rilling that the pupil may be subjected 16 en examlation
on the sevornl stadiea pursued.
TERMS?Kor the 1st. td and 3d classes, $100, with
lie privilege of emdyinf the French language and
For the lower classes, $60 per year for the English
Tuition half payable in advance?insisted upon in
II en*?u
September 11
LESS' SCHOOL will be resumed on the
TOfjBPs 1st October, and will coniinuo until July
1st, 1864?allowing a ai-ort vacation at
Terms, $17f> lor each pupil?cash in advance. This
ill be insisted upon in oach case. Children of refuses
will be charged $19 per month. Fuel $2 each,
one will bo admitted into the school after tho 21st
p October. In case of suspension or expulsion no
art of the tuition foe will be refun .ed. Entrance
indition the same as usual.
Parents or guardians knowing themselves in ar>ars
for tuition, aro earnestly requestod to settle up>
September 4 6
\ _
Camden and surrounding country.
.Offlco two doore above the Branch Bank, Camden
> Ca. January Sfi

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