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"What remedy is there for tree splitting!
One former recommends, whenever a
forked tree is fonnd, cleaning a small
limb on each fork of its loavee and lateral
branches, then bringing them together
and winding them round each
other, from one main branch to the
other. This will cause them to unite in
a year's time, and is a pericct security
from splitting.
Does soil have any iufluence on eggs ?
The poultry in aud about Amiens are
the most celebrated layers in France;
the reason given by oue writer on the
subject is the soil of that district, which
contains a marked quantity of silica, is
highly favorable for egg laying purposes.
The neighborhood of Boulogne is said
to havo this same quality of soil, and
when fowls are removed from it their
fecundity oeasea.
What are the effects of drainage f
The most important effects of drain-i
ago are the deepening of the soil and the
lengthening of the seasons. Boots of
plants will not go down into stagnant
water, but take away the water and they
will reach out after the plant food below
the surface. The week or two gained
by drainago is a great relief to backward
springs. Draiuage also increases the
effect of the application of manuro.
Which produces the best keepers?
the seed from onions planted out in the
fall before the rains begin, or onions
raised from seed produced by onions
kept until the first of March ?
The keeping quality of onions, aooordin<X
tn ffWifnrm'afn"""" J 5 *
D ?..V.UU>IIUU1C1, Ut-JICUUH rniicu
more on the soil in which they are raised
' than on the time when tho bulbs which
prodnce the seed are planted. A dry,
sandy loam will prodnce better onions
for keeping than low, heavy land. Mnch
also depends on how onions are cured
and treated in the winter. A second
growth allowed after the onion has
ripened will in itself spoil the onion for
long keeping.
D*BNtlo Hints.
To looson a glass stopper, ponr around
it a little sweet oil, close to the stopper,
and let it stand in a warm place.
To have corned beef juicy after it is
cold, and not as dry as a chip, put it into
boiling water when you cook it, and do
not take it out until tho water is cold.
Stove polish, when mixed with turpentine
instead of water, and applied in the
usual manner, is blacker, more glossy
and enduring than when mixed with any
other liquid.
To remove paint from ootton, silk, or
woolen goods, saturate the spot in
spirits of turpentine, and let it rnmmn
several hours, then rub it between the
hands. It will crumble away, without
injury either to the color or texture of
the article.
To prevent chimneys from craokiug,
place them in a kettle of cold water, and
gradually heat it until it boils, then let
it oool. They will not be brokch by the
ordinary fluctuation of the flame. Out
ting them on the convex side with a diamond,
to allow room for expansion by
heat, will, it is said, prevent them from
Any poison which has been swallowed,
intentionally or by accident, may be rendered
harmless by swallowing two gills
of sweet oil. An individual with a very
strong constitution should take twice
the quantity. The oil nutralizea every
form of vegetable or mineral poison with
which physicians are acquainted. A
heaping teaspoonful each of common
salt and ground mustard stirred into
half a glassful of water is a good antidote
for poison; this vomits as soon as
it reaches the stomach; but. for four
some of the poison may still remain,
swallow the whites'of one or two raw
eggs, or drink a cup of strong coffee.
Mentonable Nucceallana.
Sheep well kept in winter rarely suffer
from ticks.
Feed cattle given to gnawing boards
and rottou wood as many, corn cobs as
~ill TC?l
j va>. X- con mem irom tLo
band, repeating this whenever they retarn
to the habit.
Gather a few barrels of road dust before
the fall rains set in to dost catt e
and fowls with daring the winter to rid
them of vermin. Road dast is also an
excellent disinfectant.
Black walnnts intended for planting
should be gathered at the usual time iu
the fall, and covered with a few inch' s
of soil daring the win tea. This covering
prevents their freezing and thawing.
When the ground is ready for
working in the spring the nnts may be
planted. Care should be taken not to
mjare those that have sprouted. l>o
not plant near other trees, and place
them where they are to remain, as it is
a difficult matter to transplant a walnut
tree. Plant the nnts two or three inohes
WaUmelM Vinegar a*4 Mjrrap.
\ Both vinegar and syrnp oan be manned
factored from the watermelon. About
ten years ago, while on a sheep ranch
one hundred and 1?
from Loa Angeles, CaL, from whence we
reoeived our supplies, I took a fortygallon
oaken cask and filled it with tipe,
or nearly ripe, watermelons, all being
braised to a palp or into finite small
fragments with a wooden pounder, as
they were thrown, in. Then the head
was replaced, and every day we changed
. ends, one resting on the ground. In a
little time the rinds of the melons changed
to a palp, and the whole mass was
formed into a pleasant bat not strong
vinegar. Bat by the addition of a few
anarts of molasses, we drew oat oooasionlly
from the larger pack into a smaller
one. supplied with the plant, or "mother,*
all of whioh made very fine vinegar.
Since then, gardeners manufacture all
the syrup they need from the melon,
the juioe of which is reduced by evaporation
according to the usual simple
proeess of the sugar maple syrup in this
country, and is about the consistency of
ordinary syrup, ooane in grain, but nob,
and of a fruity flavor, very pleasant to
Um taste. Seme prefer it to any other
far domestic purposes. There is no
great expense attached to its reduction.
In these times of rest it may stimulate
others to a worthy trial. |
Iwterestlsc I tea.. Iron Hone u< Akroorf.
Congressional nominations : Maryland, first
diatriot, Daniel M. Henry, Dem ; New York,
third, A. W. Tenney, American Alliance ; New
York, twentieth, Jobn H. Starin, Hep.; New
Jersey, first, Clement H. Binmckson, Rep
The steamer Arbitrator, from New Orleans
for Liverpool, struck an ioeberg at sea and
sunk in twenty minutes. The crew escaped in
boats and were afterward picked up by a passing
vessel. Loss on vessel and cargo, $350,000
The official figures of the Vermont
election show that the total vote was 05,613,
and the Republican majority, 23,527
Hostile Indians continue to arrive at the agencies
in small bodies, and arc immediately disarmed
and plaoed in confinement Fifteen
Indians attacked a party of whites in the
Black Hills snd killed two of them, named
Oanen and Reams. The whites took up a defensive
position and fought off the Indians,
killing or wounding ten of them Tno
famous Emma mine has been sold at a sheriff's
sale for. $114,194.24, to satisfy a ju Igment
against the company Thos. C. Bhipmnu,
who is jadge of the county and probate courts
or Oregon county. Mo., and also a Baptist
minister of high roputo, has boon arrested for
illicit dietilliDg..... The Spanish cabinet has
decided to tolerate Protestantism in Spain....
An immenso crowd of people witnessed the
simultaneous hanging of fonr Indians at Fort
Smith, for crimes committed in Indian Territory
Charles Eighmey was banged at
Ganandaigna, N. Y., for the murder of George
Crandall, of whoee wife he was the paramour.
On the scaffold the doomed man mado a short
speech, in which he stated that Mrs. Crandail
and a Mr. Webster urged him on to the deed ;
bnt bo forgave them. He died easily.
At the raising of a Hayes and Wheeler polo,
at Lancaster, Ohio, a guy rope broke and the
pole f 11, killing three men and wounding
several The San Domingo revolution
atill continues One of the spans of tbo
railroad bridge at London, Tenn., over the
Tennessee river, was blown down by tbo wind.
It wae 180 feet io length Mr. Gladstone
addr.resod a very large meeting in England in
denunciation of the Bulgarian horrors, a.id
tbe moral support England gives Tu'k?y.
Nowark, N. J., destroyed over two thousand
dogs daring tbe past summer Tbe
noted Wm. M. (Bosh) Tweed, of New York,
has been arrested in Yigo, Spain. Somo time
since the authorities learned of his being in
Cuba and made arrangements for bis capture,
but Tweed was informed of it aud depart^:
for Spain in a sailing vessel. Tbo Spanish
authorities have been on tbe lookout for bint
over eince. and on tho arrival of tbo vessel at
tbo port named tbe famous fngitivo was apprehended
with bis male traveling companion
and lodged in the fortress. Tbo American
minister Das applied for bis extradition
The President has issued a proclamation declaring
tho Hawaiian treaty i stifled and in
effect from this time on The natives of
Florida island, in tlie South Paciflo, attacked
the ship Dancing Wave, and killed the entiro
crew with one exception. The ship Laura
Lind run aground on another of tho same
islands aud tho natives killod and ato the entire
crew Congressional nominations :
Massachusetts, fifth district, N. P. Banks,
ltep.; New York, first, Iiov. B. J. Reeve, Prohibitionist
; Pennsylvania, eighteenth, Oeorge
O. Waller, Rep Twenty of the temporary
structures on Elm avenne, opposite the Main
Exhibition building, Philadelphia, were destroyed
by fire, at a loss of nearly $100,000.
They occupied the entire space between tho
Transcontinental hotel and the Ross hotter,
and were mainly occupied as eating booths
and places of oheap entertainment. Tho excitement
among the vi.-itors at the Exhibition
was intense, and f ally sixty thousand crowded
that side of the park to witness the conflagration.
Tho Oermania flour mil!*, at Fredericksburg,
V*., were utterly destroyed by fire.
Loss, $50,000 ; insurance $20,000 Contributions
are beiug raised in the different
large cities for the yellow fever sufferers at
Savannah, Qa Tho Sioux Indian war is
practically ended for this sot-son, as the troops
are preparing to go into winter quarters
Cotton crops from the South Atlantic States
are slightly unfavorable A number of tL?
Servian troops have been shot for oowardice.
The various States of Central Ameiica
are augmenting their armies aud preparing
for action .... A rict occurred iu Lima, Peru,
on account of the populace disliking the ministerial
cabinet. The mob was fired on hy
the military, and several wore killed ami a
number wounded.... Ail the Cboyenne Indiau
agency buildings, exoept three, havo keen
swept swsy by a flood. The papers and records
were also lost During August tl.e t
various mints coined $7,152,300, of which
2,921,700 was silver coin A oonflsgration
at Jamestown, N. Y., destroyod the large
furniture establishments of foar different
firms, an J also a lab and pail factory.... Hon.
Selden Connor was ro-eleoted goverm r of
Maine by a Republican majority of twelve
thousand. Tbe Republicans also claim the
six Congressional delegates The boiler
of the Northwestern Line Packet mil), at La
Crosse, Wis., exploded and ruined the building
and machinery. One mau was killed and
a number wounded. Loss, $80,000 Ethan
Allen, the famous trotting horse, died on the
Kansas stock farm A small force of
United States soldiers has taken oharge of the
Mexioan town of New Laredo, to protect the
property of the American and foreign citi-.
sens from plunder by desperadoes, the authorities
being unable to do so. This is in accordance
with an arrangement with the Mexioan
The secretary of the treasury has issued
a call for tbe redemption of $10,000,000 of tke
five-twenty bonds of 1865, May and November,
ooupon and registered A locomotive boiler
exploded on the Baltimore and Ohio road near
Frederick, Md., killing the engineer and fireman
The principal railway men of the
Wxt k.? ? ? ?. -
.. |>vwrau Higgvuor VO HniDgt (M
freight tariff. They declare their intention
not to do oarrying for the Eaatern roada for
leea ratee thao they offer merehaots
Thirteen paeeengera were injured by an expreea
train being thrown down a thirty foot
embankment near Greeneboro, M. 0... .Spa n
hae eent another detachment of troope to
Cuba to help enbdne the lnenrreotiooiete
Oongreeeional nominatlone : New York, eerenteenth
dietriet, Martin I. Towneend, Sep.;
Buffalo dietriet, E. G. Spanlding, Rep.; Maryland,
fifth, E. J. Henkle, Dem The flnt
day'a abort range rifle matehee at Oreedmoor,
near New York, drew an immenae nomber of
riflemen from all parte of the eonntry. The
match at two hundred yards bad ouo hundred i
and eighty-six entries, and was won by F. J. I
lUbbeth, of Providence, R. I., on a score of i
forty five points out of a possible fifty. ]
Forty - two of the marksmen soared foriy 1
or over, which was exceptional'y gcod shoot- i
ing. The next match was at a five t.undred
yards range ; all rifles of over fifty oahbor to 1
shoot six hundred yards. There were one J
hundred and fifty-nine entries. Mr. H. 8. 1
Jowell, of the reserve of the American team,
was the winner by the complete soore of fifty
?ten consecutive bull's-eyes?shooting never j
before equaled in this country and but once in
England. The second prize was taken by 1
L. M. Ballard, on a score of forty-nine, in 1
which he was tied by Mr. O. Overbaugh, both 1
of them of the American reserve... .A freight
train on the Pennsylvania railroad struck two 1
oows near Torreedale, N. J., and threw them 1
directly under the wheels of a passenger train,
which was pawning in the opposite direction, '
forcing several cars from the track, by which
four men were injured.
The Republican State oouvention of Delaware,
after nominating Presidential electors,
adopted a platform enumerating the olain e of
tbo Republioau party upon the confidence of |
the nation, and congratu'at>ng the leaders upon
the indorsements recently reoeived from Vermont
and Maine ; denounces the Domooratn
as being actuated by party desires rather than
the true interests of the country ; demauds
non-sectarianism in the public schools... .The
sultan of Turkey has ordered the great council
to consider the terms of peace with Servia.
The Maryland Democrats have adopted
a platform favoring specie payments, nonsectarian
sohools, and the constitutional
amendments, and denouncing Federal interference
iu elections Nominations to Congress
: Now Jersey, second district. Dr. J.
Howard Pugh, Rep.; Pennsylvania, twelfth,
Hendrick B. Wright, Dem.; New York, twentysi
ventb, Elchridge Q. Lapbam, Rep.; Massachusetts,
ninth, W. W. Rioe, Rep.; seventh.
Ben j. F. Butler, Rop... .There is a prospect of
insurrection breaking out in the Basque provinco
of Spain A riot occurred in Amsterdam,
Holland, on the government suppressing
a fair. Troops were called out and attacked
the mob, killing one man and wounding fourteen
An earthquake at Messina, in the
Mediterranean, caused considerable alarm, but
did not do much damage The internal
revenue reoeipta for July and August were
$714,000 more than the correspondiug months
last year, wlr'oh wonld iudicate a better business
prospect Eighteen thousand peoplo
were present at the annual gathering at the
Salisbury (Mass.) beach.
Too Democratic State convention, to nomlnato
a candidate for governor in place of Hon.
Horatio Seymour, dooliued, met at Saratoga,
and on an informal ballot Hon. Lucius Bobiust
n received the groatest number of votes,
when tbo nomination was made unanimous.
Hon. Jobn Kelley withdrew his name as *
Presidential elector, that Horatio Seymour
mix lit head that braooh of the ticket Hon.
Lucius Robinson in a descendant of a Puritan
family which settled in Now England, and was
born in Qreene county, N. Y., in 1810. After
graduating at the Delhi aoadomy, paying his
expenses by toaching, he studied law in the
oflice of Amass J. Par.Lor, and after a short
praotice was chosen district attorney of his
native county. He afterward went to New
York city, where be waa appointed commissioner
in chancery for three successive terms.
He was elected controller by the Union party
in 1861 by 109,000 majority, and in 1863 was
re-elected. In 1865 Mr. Robinton ran for tho
same positiou on a straight Democratic ticket,
and was defeated. Iu 1870 be was beaten by
a Republican for Congress. He was a member
of the constitutional convention in 1871. Ia
1875 he was elected controller on the Doinccratic
ticket, which position he now holds.
The international rifle match was shot at
Creedmoor, near New York, between teams
from Scotland, Ireland, Australia, Canada and
America. Tho terms of the match oalled for
each team (of eight men) to shoot at 8'JO, 900 and
l,C0O yards, and repeat the same tho next day ;
tho team sooringthe greatest aggregate of points
to bo considered the winner. The first day's
shooting resulted in the Americans scoring
550 out of a possible 600 at the 830-yard
range, 518 at the 900, aad 609 at the 1,000 ;
the Sootclr 535, 528 aud 623 ; the Irish 635,
524 and 523 ; the Austral aua 531, 524 and 490 ;
the Canadians 521, 476 and 493?the aggregate
for the day standiug : Scotch, 1,586; Irish,
1,582; Americans, 1 577; Australian, 1,545,
Canadians, 1,490. Johnson, of the Irish team
did the best shooting of the day?counting a
complete score of seveuty-flve at the 800-yard
range by flftoeu consecutive Lnll's-eyos.
Mitchell, of the Rootoh team, made fourteen
bull's-eyes and an innor at the 1,000-yard
range, counting seventy-three out of a possible
seventy-five. The second day's shooting,
while good, did not equal that of tho first?tho
wind being a little fiercer and more fitful. At
me Muo-yard range the Americans and Bootoh
tied at 525 points, the Australians scoring 822,
tbe Irish 502, aud the Canadians 492. On the
900-yard range the Americans made 515, Australians,
491, Irish, 485, Bcotch, 4C2, and the
Canadians 465. The grand total now showed
the Americans forty-four ahead of the Scotch,
who wore four in advanoe of the Irish, and
they were eight beyond the Anstraliana; so
that the 1,000-yard range was shot at amid
great exoitement, the immente crowd of
spectators breaking into wild chef re when
t leir favorites made excellent shots. Ti
S3ore of this range showed that the Irith ha d
eonnted.585, the Americans 509, Australians
Ml, Bootoh 489, and the Canadians 476?giving
a total for tho day of : American, 1,549 ; Irish
1,592; Australian, 1,517; Bootoh, 1,477; CJanadiaa,
1,433. The grand total of the two
days' shooting stood : American, 8.126; Irish8,104;
Bootoh, 8,062; Australian, 3,062, Ga
nadian, 2,998?thus giving tbe ohampiouship
to the American team by twenty-two points.
Three looomotives end fourteen cere were
totally wrecked on the Lehigh rosd, near
White Heven, Pa., by ooliiding. No lives were
loet.as tbe employees Jumped from tbe trains.
Adam Hermann died in a New York
hospital from hydrophobia, after suffering
frightful agony and horrible foaming* st the
munto art. reabourgb, uu j;ngli?b woduu,
seventy-one ;ura of age, endeavored to
prevent Daniel Bourne from bealiug bis wife
in a New Tork tenement boose, when the man
struck her on the bead with a stick of wood,
killing her. The women were sisters-in-law.
The natives in N t'al, South Africa, ace
defeating the Boers at all points, and the
latter havo asked their president to beseech
F.ngland to make the republic as one of
her oolonlee United States Oongres
lional nominations: Connecticut, first district,
Joseph R. Ilawk-y, Rep.; Tennessee,
lighth, J. D. 0. Atkins, Dem; flist, L. MoFarland.
Dom The funeral of ex-Goy.
Henry A. Wi s. at Richmond, Vs., was attendsd
by an immense cone ur* of people
Wells, Fargo A Co.V express insert nger was
bound on board a train a few miles from bait
Lake by two masked men, who took $15,000
from the safe and escaped.
The r?ntillan
A communication from the officials of
the Canadian government, forwarded
from the British Possessions, was some
time since received at tho State and
War departments at Washington, making
a statement that the Blackfeet Indians
bad received a present of tobacco
from Sitting Bull, and a smoke was had
over the proposition of their tribe joiniug
the hostiles on the war path.
This was finally deoided in the negative,
and since then, in view of the
probability that they might be subjected
to the vengeful ire of tho warriDgSioux,
the Blackfeet Indians became apprehensive
of danger, and have asked whether
proper arrangements would be made for
their proper protection in the event of
the Sioux coming down upon them as
enemies. The Canadian government
have signified to the Blackfeet that they
did right in adopting their peaceful
course, and that they will be protected
as far as possible with such force as it
can provide.
But as they aro at a long distance
from where Canadinu troops oan be furnished
and as they cannot be well
marched during this season to the oountry
of the Blackfeet, they are authorized,
if necessary, to arm and equip for
defense in the employ of the Canadian
government 2,000 of their tribe to be
used in defense of their interests and
homes should they be attacked, as they
apprehend, by Sitting Bull and his warriors.
Provision has accordingly been
made by them in the event of tho hostile
Sioux going into British territory
for refuge or warlike operations to me.t
them with armed resistance, and it is
understood that tho United States government
will also make a demand for
their capture and surrender to its
forces, when found there, to be punished
for tho transgroesiona and outlawry
tbey have been guilty of on the plains.
This the Blackfeet, it is expected, will
also aid in carrying ont. From these
facts and the movement of the Sioux
northward away from Generals Crook
and Terry, it is believed Sittiug Bull
will be heard of ere long in the British
Every one, at timee, fee's the necessity of
some reetorativo of the Vital power*, depressed
by mental or bodily exhaustion. In Bnch conditions,
let every one. inet- ad of flying to the
alcoholic or medicinal stimulants, which mu-t
be followed by depression equal to tbeir excitement.
reinvigoratc his deranged system by
tho natural tonic elements of the Peruvian
Byrup. Sold by all druggists. *
"Mamma," said a.young hopeful, who
against his will was made to rock the
cradle of his baby brother, " if the
Lord has any more babies to give away
don't you take 'em."
Ohapped hands, face, pimples, ringworm,
saltiheum, and other cutaneous affections
oured, and rough skin made soft and
smooth, by using Jcnii'EB Tan Boat. Be careful
to get only that made by Caswell, Hazard &
Co., New York, ae there are manv imitation
made with common tar, all of which are worthess.?
Tho famo of Glenn's Sulphur Soap
as a remedy for eruptious, sores, burns, pimples,
blotches and rheumatic and gouty pains
has spread far and wide. Physicians recommend
it and the demand for it constantly inoreasee.
Depot. Critteutou's, No. 7 Sixth
iveuue, New York.
Change gray hair to black or brown with
Hill's Hair Dyo.
Farmers and stock raisers have frequently
told us that they have seen very good
reenhn from giving Sheridan'* Caualry Condition
1'ouxler* to cows and swiuo before and
after tiioy drop their young. The powders
put them in good condition, and givo them
strength to care and provide for tho sucklings*.
We have often wondered whether
tliero ip a person in the country who does not
Know ana appiec.ato the valuo of Johnson'*
Anndyim JAniment a* a fatally me Jicino ? It
id adapted to moot all purpotMit, and id the
bett pain ticutroyor that can be used. "
Fortunes for A lib.?Agents wanted.
Addroeti bullion Mining Co.,176 Broadway,N.Y.
Sen advertisement of James' Bittern. *
*5(> or BlOO BOFNTY.
Act of 1866 renewed. Sjldierr. Widows, Children, re
rents, wnte terra ot service, amount of liuunty reo- Ired
sendtrfr stamp to (JouL. UlNUHAM A (Hj? Attcrnmi
for Claims, Paten's, Land Titles, Washington, D. O.
The Stnrfcets.
saw xosut
B <ef Oat tie-Prime to Extra Bullocks 08)69 10)|
0minion to Good Texana 07 9 a?k
Milch Cows BO 00 9C3 00
Hogo?Live 0CJ<9 0.1*1
Dressed 07*9 0>X
Sheep 04 (A 06
Lambs 01 9 06*
Cotton?Middling UX9 111!
Floor?Extra Western 6 14 0B 6 73
State Extra... ?... ? 6 86 9 6 60
Wheat?Red Western 1 30 9 1 23
No. 3 Spring 1 12 9 1 IS
Bye?State Hi v( (0
Barley?State S3 9 1 00
Barloy?Malt 82 0 1 >6
Osta? Mixed Western .. 4 9 46
Corn?Mixed Western...... 88)69 68%
Hay,perowt. 60 B K
Straw, per owt 60 9 80
Hops... ,76's?30 0663 76% 10 9 30
Pork?Mess 17 30 9 7 40
Lard 10?t|? U
Flab?Mackerel, No. 1, new 18 00 Oil CO
No. 3, new 7 6) 9 6 00
Dry Cod, per owt 8 00 9 6 (0
Herring, Scaled, per box..... 18 9 30
Petroleum?Ornde........ 14X916 Refined; 26>4
Wool?California Fleaoo 14 9 36
Texas " 14 ot 34
Australian " EB 9 41
Batter?St* to 90 01 88
Western Dairy............. 88 A 84
Western Yellow............ 91 A 9)
Western Ordinary 14 18
Oheece?State Factory 08 <g 19
State Skimmed............ 08 48 06X
Western 08 A U
Eggs?Rtste 23 H<9 24
Floor ? 00 A 9 00
Wneat?No. 1 Spring........ ... 1 18 48 1 18
Oora?Mixed 80 G% 68
osts m 0 m
Kye...... .. . ..... .....Me.... 94 S 98
B xriey. ........... ................ ? 0 ?
Beef Cattle?Extra 04 4? 0614
Sheep 04* A 06
Boys? Dreaded M 0 (n
Ftcar -feunoyivanis Extra 8 7* 41 iB
Wheat?Western Bed.Tit 1 08 f 1 (B
Jtys...M. ...M.....*.*. ........... 64 0 15
Corn?Tellow..... 89 m 59)4
Mixed.... ...m. ...... ....m. 8' 48 87
^ate- Mtred m. 88 it
Fetroiaam?Ornda. It ?lt Reftoed Jf*
Beef Cattle?Poor to Oho lee 00 g 1 IB
Sheep 1 60 48 8 8o
I>ambe.................. ...Me 0 00 ^ 4 80
He was fond of getting up little shocks
for his friends, and this was one. "I
would hare l>een left all alone over night
at that out-of-the-way station if I had
not been lnehy enough to catch that
traiD. Fortnuate, wasn't it?" ,4Y??s;
did you hare to run very hard to get
it?" " Oh, no 1 I sat there fifteen minutes
before it came along."
Great Britain.?At present the whole
ooustituency in England and Wales
numbers 2,340,763 electors, consisting
of 843,803 in counties, and 1,484,8-14 in
boroughs, and 12,116 in universities.
Tn Ireland there are 230,773 electors,
and in Scotland 295,420.
I I?t to Aate. Sample free. H. Albert.Eorton. 1W.
diOii/i month. Oo'flt wor'h SI free to tmnh.
" " K?cel?lor M'l'? Do., 161 Mich. At.. Chicago.
AOKNT8 wanted, no alarr or cc-mralMfon. New ba?lAdd
row J. B. MtlllT A Co , St. Lonle. Mo.
ACTUM A The only euro ramedy. Trial package
no A II 111 a. fT.., Hmithniqht. Clare land. O
(til Ik > Day. Employment for all. Ohrnmo A Noral'y
J. " * Catal -|nie f rw. Keltoii A On..IIP Ntvau at ,N.Y.
|l>k) lll'TMT NIC FK. lleet Obanoe Yet. Write
Wii at Once. COLLINS A CO.. 2 Clinton Plaoe.N.Y.
crr ? Otlyv a Week to Agenta. Kamplae frkk.
frOO ?p / ? P. Q. viokftry. Anrn?ta, Maine.
r-a /. - U'?l u.i * - - ... _
**a a - rmovMU) milt 1 Tcmftltt. Hrcd
*5/ *'? P 'or olronlani. K. M. Bodtne.Inrttanap'a,Ind.
ProiUnble, Pluannt work ;hnndredi now employ* .
bnndreda more wen ted. M. N. I.oant.1.. Krln. Vn.
UIT TTC R'li'J end HUKR self-core
JL I JlJ J -it^r M>nt FRRK, i hare no bnrabng medlolne
to eell. K. W. PUTNAM. ?5 Kaat Broadway. N.V.
A GKSTH tVANTEII to collect am a 11 Picture*to
a copy end enlarge. Money In It. For partlonlara
add**** If. P. (1KROULD A OO.. Oonoord. N. H.
Iff nilTT^T7 sfa^' rojitrffy with Htenoll and KeyQhock
IT! 11 il H. Y Oatalome and eemplea B?FK.
lllUliij 1 S. M. 8oenoer,847 Waab. St..Boston,Maaa.
TA if* _ _ made eaay by Agents rolling onr
IVl fill P \J new honreh'jld article. Addreea
I.. B. Knows A Co.,Cincinnati,').
Till' XIMIRTR.1IAN. Turf, Field Sports. Agrlrnltnre.
83 per rear. Hpaclmen oopy free.
O.J Ki>STFRAOO..Pnha..O Mnrray 8t. New York.
(fi>1 A BIONTH and traveling expenses paid
for Mnlrmnrn. Wo peddler* wanted.
Addreee, Moottob Mawtryp Oo.. Otnolnnatl, Ohio.
dlAPA A ittoelh.?Agents wanted. 36be*tre'.l
Hs Anil Ing artlolea In the world. One Bam pie five
QfUUYl Add'aa JAV WRONHOW. Detroit.Mich.
<e #a WtTtlHElt. A Great Senaatinn. Rami 'i
4 ITnlct ae<f Out/U frr* to Aq*nt?. Better then
<*** ' Oold. Addreee A. OOULTKR A OO.. Ohlcea n.
A genta Wrented.?Twenty Wx 11 Mounted Obrov
xV for SI. *?J a empire by mall, poet-paid, VOo. OoK" '
FTit Ownao Oo.. 37 Naaaan Street. New Tnrk
lo'lfc DucuuuU l.> AnuU. J. II. HUKKmtVS SONS. UOSTO: .
We aend Plants! THF I Oheaper by Mall,
of tried varieties I Dill I.Alt poet-paid, then
of Small Fmlt. I NRRHFRY. 1 Other* by Kiprerr. T
Oatalrgne free. I.A' HAM A ANTHONY. Olayton.D .I. J
<11 Llkeneeaea of Ilnv** and Wheeler, or Tl Ivv
dm and Frnilrlrliiu ?Oe??. Addreee R. 15.
ADAMS A SON. Chatham. OolnmblaOo.. N Y. *
A ft T1 lllllfl If yon want the beat selling artl< !c I
Alif N I Ja In the world and a aolld eold patent "
nil I yla | |J lever watch, free of coat, write at I
once to J. BRIDK A OO. TflA Broadway. N. Y. j
( l|w||JM| No publicity. Time eho.-t <
WW V IVI Tonne moderate. 1,000 teettn o- <
olala. Deeorlbe caae. Dr. F. E. MaRaB.Qnlnoy.Mlrb. ?
-a w? mm /"a 1*W road* alroag; Baahlklaeaa our. d .
..I IC. IVl w I a T tha Body maitv vlforoua : Yalua / .
tllOC. Srut Fr?? AiHrrn. H I. B V RN. Box ?AC9. N. 1 . '
(l**l|a|l everywhere. Bnetnea* uonorahle and Hr t.71
/.fill Car*. Particulars BKNT rati. Addic-ra
Vflv " WORTH A OO 8t Ionia, Mo.
AIv JL Ili I-P to learn Telegraphy, end ea-n t
845 to 8IN1 per month. Rxtra Indncement*. The loft- I
art. beat and wu?t reliatla College In U.S. Send stamp I - "
Oatalogne. Add'a TcmORAPH OOLT.gQk, Bnffalo. N. Y <
Agent* Wanted! Medalt and Diploma* Award > I <
or ,lWN'N Centennial BIBLH 1
1SOO Illuetrntlone. Addme* for new clronlair
A.J. HOt.1I AN ArCO., 830 ARCHStreet. Phi's.
<lbr?ter, Penn., Reopens September I 1.
Thorough Inatmotlon in Oivtl and Mining Engineer!, i
the Glavrlca. and Rngllah Branches. For Olronlr *?
apply to OoL. THRO. HYATT, Pres.. P. M. A. i
DCI/m l/CD Little Olant. 7-Sh"t. Self-Aotlnr j
nCVlH.VC.ri Cylinder, with Box Outridi"!-, I
w^mwmwwm 83.SO. 64 pp. OiUlnxn* fr.r.
Nponlof Ooodi, NnrelMM. Run Booii,i>t?. NewOon li
for Agents. BALDWIN A CO.. 111 Nuun 8L. N. V.
YOUK own Like . m In otl oolora, to fthow oar w< t '
painted on oirnLtti'M, from a phaUMrrapb -r
tln-tnw, free wit i the Horn* Journal, S2.50 n jr? ?r. i
Sample of oar ? > rk and paper, terms to agenta, etc., 1 < > ,
otr. L. 1\ L'.M IIER. MUI Vlllace. Krle oounty. Pa. j
rat 1.1 t CI ?The oholoaat In the world?Importe :.'
J. ri A > prloes?Largest Company In Amerfci ? '
tapla article?plasties everybody?Trade omtlnnally inoreaaln*?Arenta
wanted ererrwhere?beatIndnoemei la
?don'i waste tine?send for Circular hi
ROB'T WELLS. 43 Veeey 8u. N. Y. P. O. Box 1 287.
A flPUTO Investigate the merlta of Thelitis
A ItIiII I t\ tratedWeekljbeforedetpnnlnl .il
AUIJ11 Jl Ma upon yonr work thla fall and w titer.
The combine- Ion for i hie eeaaou aurpas-ee anjthl t{
heret.-fore attempted. Term* * n' fr-e. Addrne
_CHAS. OLUOA8 A CO.. 14 Warren 8t .New York.
1A AAA AHKNTH Wnnirtl f?t;<> < > >!(/) ,
1_"a week, or 85<H) forfeited. New nnv lt
le'.cbromo*. stationery pack anon, watcliee, j?welry,?it .;
apeetal terms alven to agents; valuable samplee, w< t
catalogue, rent free; a 16-karat sot Id gold watch glrm to
premium. R. L fatTCHiB, 1 I Dey Street, New V or:.
A N(>VELTY.* r?^
f 'nrtlw. containing a rcene when held \o the right to)
designs), sent post-paid for 28 ceuta; 6 packs. 6 natc >,
91 .No other card printer haa the same. Agents wants- 1;
outfit | tic. Card Printer. Look Box D, Ashland. Mr
?rt?" S1 ? aa c aifayearr. llluitnted ra " to-Am, of<* :
I i 1 Z m #fl tns Chime*. ..ravooi. and theutllul Pletn j
y.1 . "r?-3g. r ..a. ..f Doled nKu.woawr, and Plaeld^nU
P *1". Floisl Addrvk?,Vialtlnx, Reward, Motto, Comic, and Tr*i
|*I.'*"rill. 1!?6 ?molr?,worth 45. tent i- .ti .U for *f? KOt
i ' I.' 'KOKIi S bO.N.'j. IMliVUl.V^MAis. t.laMiihul J_.''
FKI.T t'tKPBTINtlk 20 to 46c. per yard. FKI.T
(IKll.INIi* for ror.ms In place of Plaster. FKI I1
ItHOH INfl and m I ? | N <1 . For Ctronlar auj
8*mplJ. address U. J. FAY, Camden. N. Jersey.
. The LOVE R 8 'liaanrdc C'Aord. MEl
I wonderful and and amuaing Inatrument ever Invented. Bec i l
conversation can be carried on from different rooms, across the
street, kc.. without detection, a child can ?i?e It. jr^Agpufa
Wunlfd to late orders tor it. Rell? like li?t cakes Hamplei?air
sent for lot*. Addresa Tlctebcr k Co.. Wlihaiuaburgh. W Y.
[ MEDICAL ADVICE sin <?hronlc I)!trs?*s, Cimc- r. I
' Catarrh, Rupture. Opium Usbit, Ac., SENT FREE on r -eel'<
ot stamp Addross,
I Or. Butts'Dirnemsr? No 12 N. 8lh St.. St. Louis. K i
PKNTH and a 3 cent stamp for /><)
, I White Bristol Visiting Cards. Print?I
I II by a new process. No nloer ones ever
seen Prloea nerer before named. Ismeat
variety ever ahowm. All other kind*
correspondingly low. Circulars, S cant stamp. Inducements
never before offered to sgenta. Territory lot
being taken.
W. Q QANlfQN. Box 27II. Beaton, Maes
It sell* faster than any other book. One A went sold
73 ooplea In two day*. Send fur 'or extra terms to
Ageuta. Nstiowai, Pvbmbhino Co . Pblladelpbla.Pa.
Farmen, ranters and hired men of America <
eholea from 1. 2t HMMMI scree of the beat lands It
Iowa on R. R. terms, at 85 and 8*1 par acre. 8*nd a
poniai nam for nor map and oamphlat. or oall on tha
Iowa R. R. Land Oo.. 92 Randolph Sr.. OhloaTo, or
Cedar Raoldt. Iowa. JOHlt B. OiLHrnx. Land Q.>m'r.
For a baaotlful r> hit* Orort
antwlnod In o?ntllnl roam
dari baokaronad, In
IKSf nlAKSlS Frano i nil eolor?,llxM Inobaa
and a Ho?to-i Wnokly
an pa*" family a to 17 paper,
?W|sBV^F -or throe m >ntha. Chromi
W^BaLW fKl and pa para mallad promptly.
Tha baat offer ont. Addr? ?
OTyQ B FUR. Oil.. JS3H Wa.hln.ton Hi..Boston,Ma a
u fefc /
Maw. a. make -e-wr. M1 IU t Clraabi. AH| V
hM>M hd ?r Till. t?. Uim mM. ? M? iu
Ua* I Ilk* Maain |a lU ???W, m4 U*k tfc*
ibeuurst Attd hc?| Riund
MlMBklng prim lnir prfatrt.RBBMHi
w* Mil. praw. *r Till ly?l,l HI. .Vd . MM.,,
r?.*Ca?.?.o^? nvr. UOI.L- BH A VJ.aa*
70TOQ AKiaiSA pesp,3 C3.. 63 Vumy C:., NiwYork.
Information W anterl
A Oarman by birth, and speak. p?? Pnr'lah;a.e,
from 40 to 4S yrara, a*>on'tlra faa? a<i inoh-i to bnl.hr,
brown h.tr, a indy mnataohn. aharp brown ay a. flv forabaad.
btab obi ak bona*, thin Iliarlln. Kn(l!?b
br blrtli.li a low alxad woman, h ta a mw ata-?, .ray
balr and dark ayaa; kfi barn all years ?* . lallfag r.iy
oMId with thrm, a frlrl now el.ht raari oi l. Ilaht oornplailOD,
ll.h' bina ayaa; hare no ot'^ar oht dr n ; *25
raward. M.S. KRBlNOliOUSB, 19 i Via t PoU
Btreat, iJhioa.o, llllaaka
_ i
Sulphur Soap
All Local Skin riiskases;
Permanently Beautifies the
Complexion, Prevents and Kemsdies
Rheumatism and Gout,
Heals Sores and Injuries
op the Cuticle, and
ib a Reliable Disinfectant.
This popular and inexpensive rrmeJy
accomplishes the bams results
ap costly 8ui.pnuR Baths, since it *
permanently removk8 eruptions
and Irritations of the Skin. ?
Complbxional blkmisiies arc always
obviated by its use, and it renders
the cuticle wondrously fair and
Sores, Sprains, Bruises, Scalds,
Burns and Cuts are speedily iieai.ed
by it, and it prevents and remedies
Guut and Hheumatism.
It kemovkb Dandruff, strengthens
the roots of the Hair, and preserves *
its youthful color. As a Disinfectant
of Clothing and Linen used in the Rick
room, and as a Protection against
Contagious Disease" it is unequ dvd.
Physicians emphatically endorse it.
Prices, 25 and 50 Cents per Cake,
Per Box, (3 Cakes,) 60c and $1.20.
X. B. There ll economy In buying the Urge cake*.
Sold by ell Druggist*.
" Hill's Hair and Whisker Dye,"
Black or Brown* 50c.
C, N. CklTTKNTON. Propr.7 Sixth At. N.T. j
Correspondence Invited. Agents Wan ltd.
W*v mot make vour Rooft la*' a lifetime, end i.fe t' e
ipense of e new roof ever* 10 or IB years. It cm be
lone : If jou ate Slate l'slnt. It ?111 not o- ly n stst the
fleet* of weter e-d wind, but shield you from Fir*.
#>/./> hoofs.
Protect your Bulldlnc* h? u-l r Slate Paint, wbl h
teltber erotke In winter nor ru e lu anmmer. * V
blngle roofs can be painted. I nkfng much bettor. a? *1
aeting longer than nno rltlc g'e? wit ou? lbs paltt, tor
me fourth ths coat of reahlraili'ir. On rf. ra ed ehitg-t.
t Alls up tbs holes and pots*, and rlrw a new eulrtnmial
roof, th?t 'a?t* for yrare t ?rW or tcarped ahlogl s
t brine* to their plaot a and A-.#p. hem th re. Tbl* paint
e<]otre? no heatlne, la appllra vl h e brash and eery'
irnamsntal. It Is chocolate color,when b et applied, but
ihanrea to a uniform slate color, and la to all Imsuts
ind pnrporea elate.
ox tix on mox roofs,
.he red oolor is the beet paint In the world for dnral.tll'r.
It haa a bearr body, I. easily applied, expands by heat,
>ontracta by odd.dries alow and nerer cruris nor ecu lie.
jdo cuti wjqsii s oi may omer.
Mill*, foundHm, factories mad dwelllnra m ep-riol'si.
Materials rompl. lt for m e.w sleep or flit Roof of Rubbar
Roofing onet but shoal ha'S M o price of resbl"Alti>7. .
For Private housee, be-ne mad huildh in of ?(f dwrr'iiIon*
It 1* far superior to any other rooflrg In the ?> rid
ror convenient!^ In laying. *?d combines the wam.niiil
ipp s.sno*, durablliti/. and /tr.-proo' quol'tle- of tin, lit
me.ihi.d ih. rori \n Tnr or G rw v*l I wed.
" How to ?ar?~resbtnellng?atop lanky elf.-ctual.y and
jheavly lo roofa of mil k.uds," a UjO page book, free. *
Writt) lo.dliy !
A'fir York State Rnoflna Co., WAmiteit.
Roofing Contractor*, 7 Cedar RL, N. Y. * ?
FIMII.Y BITTRKa*. Indiomtiok la reltevrd
with one does Dynpkpria, Constipation, Hrerv
acb, Jaukdick aud ISilioi rncm cmed In a eho-t
and Lirii Oompi.aints cured In a few days. Cures
Pilu, Kbtbipi t.ae. HoHorcLA.UixiKRa, Boil*.and nil
3xmx DlsXARMby purifying the Blood. They will cot
Intoxicate, bnt will cnre abnormal thlrat for strong
Irtuk. Try tbem! M S. JAMKS, M. D.. Proprietor,
Brooklyn. N. Y. F~o- Sale hr Druggist* Price ISI.Qi
i" Patton's American rjjle!
The Preaa oalla It " toe best." S It- where flimsy "Pen.
lennlml Ilbtorlee" bare no obai or ; IO tO paaea, Illustrations.
Autographs. Map* l narta, etc. /Vt'ee tow.
A 95 Steel Kninrlnf (u w at emorlal Art Ha ,
Centennial Kx'-nsltlon) irm to fnbeorlbera.
CANVASSKRS wa i ?i on Liberal terms.
J. B. ROBIN A- ' it.t Near York aa< '' Iengo.
jgZ, 1874 Turbine
Ham nlsplncrrl hnndreda of other
Turblnea, but Iihh never been it*
melf dlaolnrrd. Pampblat free.
"f he Beet Trues wit'.out
Metal 8prlnga f.rer Invented
S"Tt etIIDr C/*vJ No humbug claim of a eertuim
^LPIlPl tj i i radlca cure, bnt a guarantee
?' * oomfortahle, seonre, and
aatlafactorr applUnce. Wo
\ ? till takr bark and pay full
price for all thai do not Prloe, single,
like cut, 94 : for both aldea. ?<i. Sent by mail, poatpald.nn
receipt of prloe. N. B. TAi? TVu?? will euro
more Rupture* fAan o?.y ' f tho$e J or I. hirh tx'rarainnl
e'ai . $ a.r made. Circulate free. I'OMKUOY TPCSS
CO.. 748 Broadway. New York.
TO AGENTS or any who need work.
Dan DlQmut'i new book, w tb Introduction br
Mark Twain, la juat ready. It la tb* richest In text ana
Illustrations ae*u tor a long time Are yon out of work
or dragging >!ar( < n rome dull book f Go for thla one.
It will flU >our pockets aura Don't d lay and loae territory
yon want Send for olrculara at otce. It oosla
nothing to se them.
A Mastmpixc* or Whiting, Drawing, Hnoravino
and Printing.
On* hundred and twenty first-class Pictures (many
whole page) from Drawings extcaled on porpoes for
tbla Work. Accompanied by fall, aooarate and elegantly
printed Letter-prosa dssoiiptlon*.
Retail Price, ltd.OO; a liberal dlaoonntto Agents.
Address all orders to TllOMAH O'KANK,
Pnbllaher, Bookseller and IStatloner,
IRQ Waaaao Street. New York.
North of Ireland
iand Scotland.
State Line Steamers
Belfast and Glasgow.
New and Elegant Steamers making qnlok and oom
for table Voyages. Sailing Thursdays.
Cabin Passage, M&o to M70, aooordlng to looetion.
Retarn Exru r.lon Tickets at favorable rates.
Hlrsragr at l.ewe.t ICatre.
For Passage or Freight apply to
AUbTlN BALDWIN A OO.. General Agents,
7ll Broadway. New York.
Pain ! n blnnalnjr. It looatas dliMw. Wbintm
the bowelbooome IrrafuUr, use
Tarrant's 8eltser Aperient.
It will ww mooh pain and daneer. \jitnn lom^tlaM
la an nntraged b* (bn harden pna la mala In carry
through th? heerileaannea of her chlld-ao, that aha npenly
rebels, and pnnlabaa faarfo'lv. Don't neglect tba
proper treatment when tba tytrptoire flrat appear. Ra*
aort to tba aperient and get well apeedlly.
TWO Ho, .18 __
?*r il?t ygg law the adrr-Jii
lent In thle paper.

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