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tub tribune bral'kort. 8.c.
Wednesday last when the rump Legis- i
latum, as the Republican house is culled, (
met thev found that owing to the absence : j
of Tom Hamilton they bad no quorum j ,
and there was trouble in the camp and j
mining uouiu we aone nil ~6 p, m., when
Hamilton was got in by strategy and the
bouse at once took measures to prevent
a recurrence of such a dilemma by admitting
to seats the fire defeated Republicans
from Barnwell county.
Thursday morning the Democrats cap- ,
tured the representative hall having .
gained an eatranca about 10. a. m., and ,
the astonishment of the few Republicans ,
present was great as they saw Gen Wal- ]
lace take his seat in the speaker's chair j
and call the constitutional house to order. 4
When Mackey entered ho ordered Gen. j
Wallace out and Gen. Wallace ordered t
Mackey out but neither ol?cjed and both ]
speakers gave other ordeft but all was t
equally void. The Democrats took poss f
ssion of one side of the house and the t
Republicans the other and so they remained
all day and all night Mackey
sent fr.r tioops to put the Democrats out '
but Gen. Ruger declined to interfere. '
Friday morning found both bouses in 1
session every member holding fast to his 1
seat. At twelve o'clock it wn6 promised '
and expected that the troops would nr- '
rive to remove the Edgefield and Lautens )
members but the hour passed without a
visit from the soldiers. The most nota- '
ble event of the day was a speech from '
the irrepressible Tom Hamilton. He 1
warned the Republicans that the course !
they were pursuing would end in a row
and he prophsied what afterwards proved *
truo that it was in contemplation then to '
admit more defeated candidates to seats.
I* is said that i mn really shed tears over '
the ruin that his parly was bringing '
down on the state. George Reed gi c<md (
ed Tom in his denunciation of the
admission of the Barnwell crowd. Gen.
Ruger finding that the public sentiment J
was so strongly against him in his inter- (
ference in admitting to the house only
those that Dennis wanted in, telegraphed
his excuse to Washington and endeavored
to throw the whole blame on hin anlvnr?
diuate officer*, and docs not intimate
tbat be bad his authority from the Pre si '
Saturday passed without anybody be- |
ing ejected or any collision between the j
two parties. Tom Hamilton delivered a
speech and afterwards went up to speaker
Wallace and was sworn in, and N. B 1
Myers did the same shortly after. The I <
Democrats bad sixty-seven legal'y elected <
members who answered the roll and the <
Republicans ocly 68. A tehgram was
read from Allendale stating that Silas 1
Cave who was alleged to have been sworn 1
in as one of the Barnwell contestants 1
had never left home and that the man in 1
the house representing himself as Cave
was a fraud. The announcement made a 1
sensation on the Republican side of the <
house aa the trick, which must have baen
known to many, was not expected to have
been found out so soon. Nothing was <
done, however, in regard to the case and
no explanation offered. Late in the even- .
lag ine nepuoucan nousi rammed to
eats the fire defeated candidates from 1
Abbeville and it was intended to admit '
all defeated Republicans all over the '
tJtate if necessary to keep up a quorum. 1
Holiday was passed by both houses in
their places each side bsing convinced
tbit a crisis was at hand, many on the
Repablican side anticipating a di?p^sion
of their opponents by the soldiers early ]
on Monday morning.
Monday morning when the Houss was J
called to order Gen. W all ace stated that '
he had besn officially informed that oae I
hundred armed men were about to enter J
the hall to eject certain members on the '
floor. That the fores was acting under '
the direct order of Governor Chamberlain '
it tha* if tk. f :-i-J . 1
the United States soldiers then io the 1
building woald aid theartned force iu
ejecting the men who were to be turned 1
ml With a view, therefore, of prevent- j
ing bloodshed and of preserving the 1
peace, Oen. W allaee advised the members '
to withdraw, tinder a solemn protest. He
said it was not essential that the House J
of Representatives should meet in the |
Capitol but they weie lawfally required i
to tr.eet in Columbia The Houso then !
adjourned to Carolina Hall and were accompanied
by Myers, Hamilton, Reedish
and Weatbury. Macksy's hours then went |
iuto secret session. In the Senate the time t
passed that waa appointed to count tba '
vote for Governor and the body adjourned 1
r ithout taking any action in the matter, j
'J be Conetit?tonal Honse of Repreeen - <
tsuiej assembled at Id o'clock yeaterday 1
iMoraing. At It a. in. Daniel Bird and *
John Gibson, two coloredjispreaentativee ]
fr? m PaMeld county, who have hither- i
f < .iofi I vvi.h tlie bayonet house, ?ook
their stats in the constitutional house
and were sworn in by Speaker Wallace i
amid great applause. 8. 8. Bridges of
Ncwbirryalso took the oath before
speaker Wallace.
Ah ssrs. Gibaon, Bine, Hamilton, Gray
and Wallace were appointed as a committee
to meet and co-operate with the
Congressional Committee, aoiv on its ,
way to Columbia. The house then adjourned.
'1 he Senate met yesterday and was infi'imed
by the Rump house that they
would count the vote for Governor at 1 p.
m. An effort was made to scat Senator
Maxwell from Abbeville and on r vote
Iteinir taken it wis a tic but Mr. Gleaves
defeated it l>y his vote and Mr. Maxwell '
has co wait. The Republican Senators
then proceeded to the chamber of the ;
House to count the vote, the Democrats 1
refusing to attend. The returns wenthen
read, when the names of Edgefield '
srd Laurens were called objection was
made and the votes of those two counties
were thrown out. A few tallow dips
tuuished light for the noble wnrk in
which these worthies were engaged, the
gag company having shut off the gas
when the Democrats left the hall. The remit
as announcedwaa Chamberlain8G 210,
Hampton 83,071; Chamberlain's majorty
3,145. Qleaves majority was given as <
1,099. There were but 54 legal members *
n the house at the time the vote was ?
:ountcd. The defeated candidates from I
Sdgeficld were seated in the morning and :
here are several counties yet to hear i
rom where the faithful were left out in i
he cold, but are not forgotten. <
The News from Columbia givca promise f
*( a speedy settlement of the election of (
Governor, and ns the constitutional house
io-v has sixty-four members with ccrtifi- ]
:ates from the secretary of state beside the
egally elected members from Edgefield j
uid Laurens, their recognition by tho
Senate cannot be much longer delayed. (
rhe Rump House has seven less ot its (
original members and is casting around
tnd taking into its embrace all the rejected
candidates it can find and promises
loon to be short of them and then who
will be taken up the Lord knows. It is
'xpected that the lawful body <*ill be
declared so tomorrow and Governor
Hampton inaugurated this week. Until
that time business is at a stand still, and
i dread of impending war par.ilizcs all
nduMrv. Gen. llamnton t-mil
that there wasonlv one thing thut could j
rob the people of victory, and that was j
m act of vioh-rc". lie went s> tar a*
to Bay thai if the verdict of the people ut !
the ballot-box w is not respcted, they
would have a military Governor.
Many Republicans here sneer at the
larccof counting in Chamberlain yesterday
and arc willing to bet on the success
af Hampton. Thcj expect the whole
bogus house will go ov.-r before ni my i
lays and the Senate will have no option
but to recognize the lawful house ol representatives.
The sudden change* in tho weather
during the past week have been equalled i
anly by the feelings of the Republicans in '
our town. Their countenances showed
delight at the interfere.icj of troops ou
Tuesday which gave place to blank astonishment
when ihey beard of the cap
tare of tli* house by Gen. Wallace. Rumors
of tha in tea tied interference of
troops to eject the Laurens aud Edgitieid
members restored in a measure their
ipirits, but they were again on the ragged
edge when n?ws of the dtseniou of
Myers and Hamilton was received, and |
they acknowledged that Hampton was ;
^ IMIUg ^ituuu.
The court of Common Pleas was adjourned
at Marion Wednesday on a petition
from the members of the bar, who
took the ground that as the orders of the
highest tribunal in the State had been
let at defiance the judgment of a Circuit
Deurt would be of little avail.
Congress met on Monday, and in the
House Mr. Randall was elected speaker.
The credentials ofC. W. Buttz were objected
to and referred to the committee or
elections. Committees were appointed to
proceed to South Carolina, Florida, and
Louisiana and investigate the election
rauus ana lett for their destinations yes- j
terday. The committee to this state is
tnmposed of Abbot, Baylor, Stringer,
Eden, Jones of Kentucky, Phillips,
Banks, Lawrence and Lapbam.
The resolnti&n provides that the committees
shall proceed to the respective
States to investigate the recent elections
m those States, and the action of the returning
boards in reference tin rctn, and
to report all the tacts essential to an honest
return of the votes for Electors for ;
President and Vice-President, and to a 1
fair understanding thereof by the people, |
uid whether the Electoral totes of those ;
States should be counted.
Whatever there may he of shame or I
reproach connected with the extraordinary
proceedings at Columbia does not lie
it the door of Wade Hampton and bis
lupporters. We doubt if the citizens of
New York or Massachusetts would have
gout* through a similar tnal with equal
redit. If,In a eontesUd election, when
lioth parties claimed the Legislature of
thia Slate, federal troops bad been stat ionid
at Albany; if the soldiers had taken
possession of the State House at
midnight preceeding the day whea the j
mmmmmmmmmm? mgMBBgawg?
Legislature is required to meet; if tiny
hod barred the entrance . of members
claimed to have been elected by one pol
iticnl party; if they had thus given the
organization of the Legislature to a party
which had to strain the law to giro
it the false appearance of a quorum, we
doubt if the citizens of New York would
hare bi en as patient, as forbearing, as
self-controlled as the citizens cf South
Carolina showed themselves to be when
federal bayonets hedged the passage to
the legislative hall against persons who
had a colorable claim to take pnrt in the
The bearing of South Carolina citia< ns
in the great trial to jvhicb they were subjected
was admirable. There has never
been a more critical and dangerous conjuncture
in the history of American politics.
The whole country had its attention
fiaed on the proceedings at Columbia,
and there watt a great strain of anxiety
and apprehension hat scenes of violence
*nd bloodshed should set the whole
:nuntry on firo and inaugurate a new
:ivil war. Public passions arc in so in3am
in able a st ite that a mere spark
night have kindled a conflagration of
* lush the consequences would hava been
The credit of preserving the peace *t
Columbia ia due to General Wade Hamp
;on the Democratic candidate for Gov;rnor.
Ifc had only to lift a finger, lie
lad only to signify the slightest assent,
md the state house would have been
rescued from the federal soldiers and his
supporters could have controlled the
organization of the Legislature. 1 be
federal troops were only three hundied,
ind there were at least eight thousand
democrats present in Columbia accustomjd
to the use of arm?, with amis probably
upon their persons, who could have crumpled
and annihilated the small federal
force had they given way to their indignation
and their sense of wrong. It is
fortunate that they have a leader so
strong, so sagacious, so sclf-poised and
so thoroughly trusted as Wudc Hampton,
lie pirfeatly understands the situation,
and, if we may judge by his conduct be
will make no "mistakes. There was danger
at one criti.al moment that the excit?
d citiz< as might press their way into
the State House in spite of the fidrial
soldiers, but General Hampton came torward
ami niaJ* a speech tw the incensed
multitude waicb calmed their passions
and caused them peace*bit to disperse.
His snpporlers have too much coufid?:tc >
in Idiu to do unything against Ida wLln b
and lie understands the situation too well
to permit any r sort to violence. lie is
too c'? ar sighted and cautioas to give
the republicans ?uch an advantage.
It is clear vnougli that the use niuda ol
the federal troops was witboat any constitutional
wurrant. At the viry utmost
there is nothing which they coafd legally
do beyond the pres rvation of the
local peace. Cut ihty undertook to
decide what members are eolith d to scats
in a State Legislature. 1 hey assumed tu
overrule the judgement of the bupreate
Court of the titatc and to divide that
clainian.a to scats should not wpp<ur to
present their claims. There is no fedctal
law which authorize* this kind ol intirfcrence.
'1 lie constitution and laws of
b< alb C'niclioa muhis the Legislature
itself the sole judge of the election of it?
own members and their tltl.-sto seats,
bin the fedctal troops took the question
<>ut of their hands and decide in advance
that democratic members should not only
be excluded Irom seats, but that they
should not even he allowed to enter the
legislative hall to piesent the evidence of
their title. There could not be a more
wauton, monstrous and indeiensible violatiou
of law than this assumption by the
federal army of a right to decide who
had nnd who had not been elected to
the Stat e Legislature.
"I am .well aware," said President
Qrant in his special Message of January
13, 1875, "that any military interference
by the officers or troops of the United
States with the organization of a State
Legislature or any of its proceedings, or
with any civil department of the Government,
is repugnant to our ideas of Government.
I can conceive of no case, n.ot
involving rebellion or insurrection, where
auch interference by authority of the
general government ought to be permitted
or justified." President Grant on
that occasion, shielded himself from censure
by professing that the interference
with the Louisiana Legislature was with
out his direct sanction or knowledge
->? ' ? - -
...u hi ticar iiimscii more fully he made
thu sound statement of constitutional
doctrine which we have just quoted from
bis Louisiana Me-sage. But can he pretend
ignorance now? Can he expert any
body to believe that whnt was done at
Columbia was done without bis sanction!
Unless he can plead ignorance and disclaim
responsibility now, as lie did in the
Louisiana case, he stands condemned out
of his own mouth. Butwbowii) accept
such a plea with respect to the trnnsactiona
at Colutnbiaf
Judged by his owa declarations the
military interference was utterly without
warrant or justification. For him to repeat
hi# former plea of ignorance ia this
case would be ridiculous. If he ordered
this plain violation of law, or if, with so
many reasons for supposing it would
take place, he did not prevent ft, he must
shoulder the whole -responsibility.
Judged by his own declarations to Cor-j
I grcss it is a monstrous violation of law I
and of tke spirit of our institutions. <
With that message oa record we do not <
see how he can escape on a plea of ignorance.
If tho law is such as he described
it he has clearly made himself liable to <
impeachment by this new interference
with a State Legislature. Unfortunately
for him the impeaching power is In
the hands of his enemies, and there is no
reason why they should not exercise it.
We presume the irst business of the
House of B presentatives, when it assembles
next week, will be to vote his impeachment
and appoints committee to ^
draw up the articles. It will easily be
m.ide to appear that President Grant has
not only violated the constitution bat *
sinned ngiinst knowledge. The passage
we have quoted from his Message leave*
bim without ex -use.? New Y<?rk Herald.
Tom Hamilton made a speech in the
House on Saturday last from which we
make the following extracts:
Now comes the trvirc hour T lcnnw
? => (
the severe criticism to which I shall be
subjected, hut I am responsible nlone to
my God and to my country. My Repub
liran trieuds charge me with the downfall
of the Republican party, and I repel
the charge with the scorn it def-ervra. I
am a Republican, and I here in this verv 3
seat nominated Daniel H. Chamberlain I
for Governor of South Carolina. If Mr.
Chamberlain die not get the requisite
number of rotea to elect him it was not
my fau't, but it was the fault of those
very leaders who now assail me, who pro
claimed to the colored people all over this 1
State that he tvaa a traitor, and a thief 1
and a Democrat. Iam not the alare of
one man or a doaen men, and now that
the returns ahow that Daniel H. Chamberlain
is defeated, I will not be made
the willing tool of ambitious office-seekers
by giving my vote to corruptly coant
bint in.
I am responsible for what I do to day
to the Republican party. I Toted the
Republican ticket openly, but, Mr. speaker,
would it be just tor me to come here
to-day Hod throw out votes in order to
elect my man because he did not receive
the majority of the votes cast in the State? ,
I cannot listen to any audi purpose, and
I care nothing for the scorn of the renegades
and advcuiu; era. They can turn
j their n sea up at me. I aak them no odds,
i and 1 ask that tha leaders send down t
Beaufort tlie strongest tutu they cin find
to opp?se mo, and when the roll is called
here, two ycais hence, I shall answer to
mj name. I suited yesterday that I
would stand by the muu who received the
highirttTote.ireptat.it today, in my
pinion the verdict of the people at the
i?ailot-box has been in favor of Home
Kmv, and against a stranger holding the
reins of government in South Carolina
any longer. It has got to come to that.
1 have discussed the organization* of these
houses, and 1 hare declared in every
speech that I have made, that the Legislature
claiming to be organized here under
E. \\ . >1. Mac key is unconstitutional. My
Ouol have I uo right to think so and
suy ao?
Bvlorc y.,ur officer co.ncs to arrest me i
let him be sure he is tight, or i ma; be
compelled to visit upon hiui my revenge
I lor all the insult* heaped upon me by
j this b <otiil iluu. If ynj think you
*re right stats your position. I hsve explained
mine. I do uot ssk you to let
me do as 1 please about the matter, because
1 intend to do that anyhow. If I
think a man is a thief I will tell him so
. and am responsible for the result. Differ
with ins if you choose, but do not
attribute those motives to my actions. I
have always held th.it the gathering ol
Republicans in this hall is so for nothing
but a muss meeting, and that if the mat
ttr couldn't be settled woqld decide for
myself who wis the officer to bo recog;
nizcd. Make your threats is much ->
you please, but when you come to put
your threat* into execution, make your
You call me a Democrat! That is no
new name for me. I have been call a
Democrat in Beaufort for four yean. I
don't quarrel with anybody and I do not
And the Democrats such terrible bloodthirsty
people as you try .to represent
them. I have never seen their boms.
You say Hamilton and Myers have by
their votes the power to save the Republican
party. I do not consider that I was
sent here to cast my vote to elect Governor
Chamberlain when I believe he was
defeated nt the I all-box on the 7th of
November last. I do not conaidcr that
the Legislature has a right to declare a
defeated candidate elected. Ws dont
coiue here to make governors, but as 1
understand it to represent the peoplp.
It is useless to talk now about frauds.
That has been done on both sides, and it
was your business to prevint it. You had
a majority of the munagers and the commissioners
und fheriff* and canvassers and
all the United States tr'xtps to secure fair
play. Ifyoucometo talk about fraud
you come to near home. If you don't
look sharp the Democrats will show ??> #
! there were in the neighborhood oft
| 8,000 bogus votes cast in Beaufort county.'
Lei the public and not this body be the
judge of my action, and whatever the verdict
may be I shall bow in submission.
If I had notapoken yesterday your so-called
committee on privih gesand elections
wwuld have seated some more bo?iis'
meinlwrs/- I have here a certiflca> of
election from the secretary of Mate, and
considering that this is the legal and
Constitutional Rouse of Representative*,
I now pr >p no to take the oath before
you, Mr. Wallace the Constitutionally
sleeted Speaker.
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