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SJw Jmuta SBwrnlfl
Wcokly National Intolligcnoor.
77: VPfillor OVMIXOIUTY nuu:.
The Woji ntltlto doings nt Pyrin no Inst
week li tlial'fJif no-inan iKvprer '" American
Vlitits, litwevcr tiiicclinisil.v H,St-cJ imtl!"
tlic fornix of ixiimlnr voting t jilcMscilips,
Is always (.vorsti. illicit nt last to tlio l'olnt
of (llinii'lion. Tills U osiPi-lnlly two In tlio
Doiuocinllo lnrty, .111 oigftiii?!Wlo.i which, as
it ilofoinls loinlfir Mnni'inncy, I a i.eciill'irly
(in oxomplnr of imiitilar nilo In Hi mm
ranks, what ever Its I'liPinlt's may fay. Wo
havo again ninl again iirnUstil, as sltcnit
tmsly as onr imsltloii of an imtsiilcr to Km
llto' Slain ixilltlrs imiiiiHleil, ngllntl tlio
fatHounloiiiliicciliic villi!" tlic patty Hum
Tim .lri.1.1 m,l Xary ulttion cmitain a com- n tlitl CtuiiinniiwenUlt (on which sri much of
jtUie antetl'c ef nil illicit anil oriprs rffofi'n.'fMt'lintlonal iillllei ilppi'luls) of n rnl.l lilooile.l,
.. ..' . l ..P... 1 ..r kV..A.. .tl... limn iiotlil.iir
"'Tll'll "t'l IU ?i i.Piui.'i-', nil" i.., o
r.utrrort nt llir Vnl Ofllcci nt WnMiliiK
ton 1. '.. ni Nprniid.rliuiOliitlri.
Editorial" nndVuMicMlon Offices, No. 935 b
Street Northwest.
1. J. IWUlll'lT, Killlnr mill l'rniirlctnr.
T. 11. KAMU'l'H, lMilillilicr.
'ico nfifioni tiMishol tvrrji Simtlty morning
tn imc In revel llif inr.y nni7.
, of voters I
;mi tn ti
(At &rvice
Mini niUcrijiliant, to U frtiil in mlcancc, o
f oilmen
Vet Yrsr, irmi.iRo propnl I t2 no
Mx months, iolaco)irpi'il.1 '"
TIiipa inniillis )T.i;n ).rr)nl.l "
WlifnTMrlRiilnilHKatiiinl'li l'Priuinnin '' "J
Orileri tliouhl in ll rate he sent ilirirt tn III
qft'rr, n f ofon 110 tifftnli' commMnn. Suli
miiiliiiin 111 11" nuri ;'' 'Vc Moiir. m.'r,
rc'iftcrctt litter, or elneL 1111 .Von Vi'ilnf'n'
l!-lt1o1 ronmiiiiilriitlniis 1.1111ml ln it ltiriip.1. As
nil piIiIpikv of rin1 tilth, nil iiuiiiiiiiiiIiiII.'H'. n
limllpr In.w hrlif, mtiliwml tn llm IMIt.r nt "I ill!
Sl'Mili ItMntl', niii'l '"' niiiMiiHiilil '' "l0
wrllpt's full mini' unit niMii,.
.HiisinoNimi:iiiniHri'ir.Miii.u 11. iw-
To .I11I111 Slipriiinii.
l'AinniM! MMnS
'.vHMITIIS. .tlllll'SJt I11"'
"Hm: 1 ili'-lii' to call yni ntti'iitlwi lotlio
f,.lllllR MLlRlill'll llin I.-IUT 11.MIWI l' "' i
IIjo (-.rul.iiyi'f Hi.' 'IHMiiiryi'ii llm ti'iuliul l I
l.lMTM'.l llV l.mi-cm l't tlio lll'lll'l.ll lll'Mlllllll'Ill In
r'l.illi.11 tn tlio i'lnlli'im v -.
i.VnniKrrrithiilf l,trt'ihl'r)rniltM tt tfikf
,irt (.1 (".- i.i(;"'",',,'l",""rA' "'""""""""'
cwri'", nmrmfuilt, '" Urll mwiltnr.
Tlii'lrllKlit I" M.lo mi'l "I1"" 11,11 ,',",",l l"111"'
ll -tl"li. I'llliiT l'iall "I ItiloiiRli Hi l,,,,w ' ""'
1lj11l.1l, i.i.rtl.li-IH W Iiili'tli'iimllli lln'illi-
clnlRi'i'r IHfll lft '1,1,,l NO ASMiyiMf.NT
HU1I1IKK1N A'l I MIIIU'I.K I"'. Al.l.llWril."
I 1,1, niLtUai'illrnl'li'lii ii.vilriirliin-iil i-r llio
rlvll M-nli-o. II .hrail'l Imiiiiiloi-ti'"'! ''' ''' "m' ''''
f Illt.nl linMiniiii'ht H11I lm l ii'lHitnl l
1 1111r.1l 111 l.li iiiiiitm I I" It" 1 inili I'Mi'iiK
irnllv. "'""'"
Wiy iifi'i'
Thk minimum hill '
t lliu Washington gar-
lilit niiiiniHily,inin whi'ii- im b-is nl all liai
Uvu lmuii-il lilllinp tin1 111011II1, w I'lnt to ')
lirty i- 11I.1.
It ii tin assiinil Hut that Oiiiiiiih?I''1ii,i
l'lii'lU ii t ' ii-iiinvi'il. Hy all uu-aiis lot
liii i.iniinl ho niaili' al "iiico. D.'htyrt :uo
ilanxoiiiii-". HhN I'lii'llH.
gas iiHiiinimly
as ,stn os on tho
Wiiu i lh" n-t ot th
mliitliiL' :iilvritlsoiiii'iiU of
liaiknof llu'ii liioiithly hllU, whim totuili
iivr ami look at tho onihit:iiit in Iris
chaigiil mi thoiilhoi i'h is onottuli to scan
anyho'lyoll rmni lnliiB thorn f
h is In ho lmi'i'il that tlio now CninmU-
BioiU'i, nlmoviT ho may he, will lot tlm oa-
i....p nt IMiolns ho a wniniiiij to him, ami
when ho untoiH on tlio ilutios of hi ollici) 10
mvinhor tho iiooplo havo fomo rights Mhloli
he is hoiiinl to lesiioet. l'liolps hasil.hlen
ovoi tho iiooplo iiiiighshi'il. L'liiHoquently
his u-inoval has houii ilutoiininoil on.
Kviii-m: Haii: isioiioiti-il lo havo hoaton :i
hiothorof C.mgiii'-Miiaii Mim-li in a iac for
tho "honuis" of a Maino li-gUlatuinliili.
Tlila is a liolahlo vhtory for Hlahio's huh,
ami a rovoiigi' jnt almut sultoil to his eali
Ine. It loininils us of tho stoiyof tho hoy
alscliool who v.liisiieii.Hl, " IJaiigyoii.you'u'
" too hir; for niotolhk, hut I'll go out ami
" mako f.iooH at your littlu nistoi 1"
The question of having boiuo of our many
Uevor fomaln citiuns on the lioaul of school
titistoes sceum to merit moiu serious atten
tion than 11 referenco of it to inluresteil pai
ties, tho presont trijstees, ami tlivir mgeon
hohng it with a suh-coinmitteo. Tlieio is
unonghof avqiaiont nlntrael justico In hav
ing tho niothois of the oliihlieii and our
women taxpayois ri'iiresenled on tho hoanl
to mako it at least intoiosting to llml mil
liow tho dan has woiUed in tlio vaiious
jilaees whole it has heen tiiud.
Wk wouhl call attention to tho extract
which wo have made fiom Sir (li-oigu C.iniii
hell's im ent hook' on AmoriiM under our lit
erary head, hecau-i) it heals out, In its tem
lieiatn way, all 0111 ahnciliinis almut Un
rightful plac-u of fcllver in the Amcri.aii loin
age, tho Bin rcjitltlons giali-gaiiw of tho net
of 1S7.1, and tlio teiiildo hard'hip and,
wiong coolly and designedly inlliited on tho
largo dehtor class in this i.iuulryhy tho
lapid apiirociation of tho htauilaul of values
fiom 0110 of the lowest iiointii to the highest
htandaid over kiiotui, and artilkially cieated.
CoiiBldoring its llritUh, liaril-niom-y houiio,
tho indictment is mirnihlngly .siieiqilng and
The I'.eiiuhllc-au convention at i-'.uatoga
nominated Conkliug'ii man Coinell, and tho
Democratio coiiveiillon atSyiai-uso nominated
Tildcn's man itohinson. Hut wliiln tho
high-toned, fabtidlonsrefoiinorrtof tlio Cuitis
nml KrmtH Blriiw knuckled limlul lo tho
dictates of tho lluioof Canonchct, tlm Tain
many Ucmociats lelt tho uorvilo cuomI, among
whom they Mood llkoatower, and nominated
John Kelly as an otl'ectivu piotc-nt against
jiersonal ilominatlon in tlio pally. After this
let us hear no moro from Kadlcals tho billy
saying that Domociats would wuiqioit Satan
lilmself If ho wero iiiojinseil to theli silf
fiages hy tho legulai c-oiivontion of their
party and stood on tho old platfonn.
m o
Jin. Uavks is credited with tho lemaik
that full silver coinage is all right, hut there
ought to ho moie hilvei in tho dollai, to as
to mako " houeBt nionoy." This does slim
credit to his eenso, Ko Me sujijo when
jjold goes down again, as It may, theie ought
to hu moro gold put In tho dollai to hring it
up lo tho liioney-shaik's htandard again, ad
when greenhacks went down Iheio should
liavoheeinnoiopaiiei in them,or they ought to
havo promised to paymoio, as two dollais
for overy 0110, for instance. Tho statu ol inn
..nrrMinv. nfter all these changes to meet
fluctuations had heen Hindu and lejioatcd
devoral times, (hiBtead of leaving tlio cor
icction to tho gradual woiklngol gieat natu
ral laws,) would he indooil hoautlful to con
template, 'I'm: proposed 'inventlgation Into thu allalis
of tho Soldiuis' Homo hy Cougicss at itb
next (sobsion will uttiact oonsldeiuhle atten
tion, and, it Is stated, thieatons a scandal
with leganl lo the management ol that con
cern. The decision of tho Attorney (leneial
In regal d to pemdons, so favoiahhi to tho
inmates of National Homes in tlio States
where tlitio are votes to ho gained, and
to Inimical to the veteian icgulais ill
the Homo hoio, was apparently iciuleied
In tlm Interost of hU party and with the full
concurrence of Mr. Hayes, who, lll.o 0110 of
his piedeccssors, hclloves In an Attorney
(leneial who decides legal questions lis tlio
Kxecutlvo wills. How Inconsistent tho deci
sion is, is appaieut fiom tho fait that tho
neiuluiiviii uuaitered nt tho Houiu liero
are ceitulnly as much entitled
their money as tho inmates of any
of tho National Homo, ouch 0110 having
during Ills te.nu of seivioo contributed Ills
mite towaids tho mippoit of the Institution;
ami, as only tho faithful and thoso of long
Bcnltocan entei it, it seems doubly harsh
that the small plttancoduo these othcrulso
homeless ones for wounds and malms should
not ho thelis to uso in tho purchabe of such
llttlocatru comforts as t hoy need In their
old age.
whatever In common with tho great mn-es
emhodlod in tlm I)moeraey, and who use
the cnnliol which iulriguo and money gives
them fololy fur their own gain and
advaiiieiiu'iil. Wo knew veiy surely all
along that sumo calnslmpln' wai lapldly ap
pioarhlnK If this port or tiling worn nut put
down In time, and llm wliii-pitllliig ciow, If
necessary, thiown oieilmaid. It seoni.i lo
haieconiii at Hyraiui'. Wonionot lurlliuil,
nor Is It noeessary fin our pnii'O'e, to dwell
iilioHtliodaiuago sustained al this I'avla,
win-in all looms for tin' luoinonl to ho lost
H.io liotini; lo chow what oveiy 01111 miiloi
stands too well, and nhat .I0I111 Kelly ad
mitted In his spoerh lo the folium hope who
elected lo follow him Into teniporaiy elh',
nauioly, that this split In tho Deuioiiaey III
tho Pipe of a sol vilely united Ijadicall'lii, If
persisted III, means luohahh' ilefeal for holh
wings now and a staggoiing sol-hnik In tlio
l'lesldelillal contest shoilly to eonie. I.ielits
ate llkelv to follow each oilier so fast that
they may havo taken a mom fawirable 01 a
widely dillel out tillii while those wolds am
Million. Hut If tlm host wo cut holm for
comes about, and a iiew..eamniRnWis suhsll
lilleit for Kiililiison, 011 whom tluFpnty will
loiinlli', leitalnly a slartlliij loill will halo
hei'il run, and that Is sutlicieiit tovl lur the
Htoial mo would Insist upon.
It seemi to 111 iloaily doiiion-liahle that
the lilaino of this hioik-up louts llpntl K uiillol
I. Tlldoli, who has steadily foieod oil tho
i ilsls hy all the means in his powei, in llio
faie of all aiguiuclit, leluoustlauie, ami
wanting. Al the saino tiuui wo do not do
loud the sooedoi.s fiom the legulai and im
iloul'leil Coiiveiitliiiiof tlm Uomin'iacy. I'.uly
diseiplliie Is haul enough to maintain at tho
host ot tlme.s, wlthoutjustifyiiigiir loiidiiullig
mutiny an a foal 111 o ol legular tallies, Ills
easy lo oln in the uilgar and hitleily un
just ih'iiitiii'hitlon of Tammany and lis al
leged "heelois" whli h plev.'lils during the
alitl-eloition iiiaineiiviiug for plan! and
leaileishlp, hut ill Ihiithiik iiflho h.ittloTam
niany's inlliionee, T.-iniiuaiiy'.s funds, and
T.iiinuany's lighting iwor nio highly wil
I'liiui' and in ileiiriiid lo moot the fnnosof tlm
IVileial oHiee-holdois hi Now York city,
whole tliey aio moie niiiiieioiis and allhient
than anywheio oho In tho Union. Tam
many has Rime on waging tho contest for the
Deinoeiaey in election alter election, while
Its services hale ken lepahl with ingrati
tude, its suggestions sunned, and Its candi
dates lojoeted. At St. houis its sluing anti
Tildon delegation was tieated almost nilli
open contumely, vet any uuu can see now
how liiuih holtel it would havo heen I o ac
cept lis presentation of somo one of a
doen sluing!!' caiididales who would
now be in tlio White House, hatteily in
New Voik, as the time for lenoiiiin.itlng tho
soinldiepuhlicaii Tibleii Hemocrat, (loveinor
Iilii'ius llohiiisiiu drew nigh, .'iccoiillng In the
cut-aud-iliiod (liaineiey 1'aik iiogranuiie,
both the covoit and open attacks on tho New
Yolk city Democratic oiganization giew o
uotoiious, mi shameless, so violent and gall
ing that tlio uatuial feelings of men of spiiit
might have heen pleaded as sufficient eaiiso
for opposing tin instiuinent of them at Al
hiny, and almost as an excuse for tho subse
quent action at Shakespeare Hall, (which, we
with nsurnncei that the (.real l"b'
is with them In this fight. It cecmi
tho height of useless Impudeiico tn claim, ni
ho Is repelled to have done, that "neither
" Tilden nor I!oblnou havo anything lo do
" with it," and ho Is flatly wrong In saying
that Mr. Kelly hai tiled lo tlirlale In Stale
or national convcntion-i, which is Just
what ho hai refrained from doing, and
that " this arrogance must In defeated
"at somo time, imf tin e 11 mi letter lime lion the
"iirrenif." Tliovo could not ho a woiso tlmo
than the present for trying to kill olT leaders
who eouttol votes. If wo did not know how
astuteness overreaches Itself, wo would add
that Mr. Tlldon intil sen that lin takes noth
ing hy losing thi Stalo tit tr.ilng to dominate
It. Ills Vreililontl.il asplralloni nro crushed
oven moie totally than If ho loosened his
grip slightly on tlio patty oigatiWatlon. 11o
can atford In yield foniethlng now later, ho
will havo nothing lefl! and we should think
Mr. !ohinoli would himself draw out of the
dubious honor of tunning a hopehs raco
witlipolltlc.il oblivion yawning for him al
the end of II.
onn showy rim: systi:m.
The only ilraivhack lo the pleasant con
vention of lliiienglneois In Ihls clly was tho
feigned call for our department, which was
tnade In Hie dead of night and icsHiiidil lo
nt lechless speed, waking quiet sleepers
out of their Hist tsluiubois and ilistuihlug all
tho sick and weary along llio mule, Wo
never sen the engines and hine-cai I lages pass
on one of their Ireqiient kiotlesa crianils,
hells danglng, llm louses plunging and
mini Hug, llm apparatus swaying and smok
ing, and tlm men clinging on atthoiiskof
thetl lives, but we aio led tn ileplolo this
whole wasteful, il.ingetous, and baihaioui
system. Wo supposuthalas long as It kiou-
sldeiednecessniy, III cull slashing Aun'ilcau
iitiv, loiiuellsiii!kyehliflny liytttackliig.il
wllli ai mild No. n-iiailo.'.aiid lisklng of
lll'i! as would ho pioperloa I1.1t lory of Hying
aitllleiy going into a hot action, thoso I'.iNo
nt.uiiis ale uoi'ossaiy In keep up tlio disci
pline and aleitlioss of llio 11 hoio ilepailmonl,
and lo have them leady for that leal emer
gency whldi mi seldom anlves. How much
hottei it would bo to illspeuso with all this
fustian slum' of sluaitnoss and luavadn, Ihis
filghlful wear and tear of costly machinery
and liiiisellesli, this poill lo llio wild 1 i.loi.s
and oveiy inn on Hie stieels they pass
thiougli, this illsluihinoe to quiet citleiis
and adopt the clvllhed V.uls sysleiii, with
lis nice adjustment of moans to ends, Us
wondoiful economy foi the amount of gofd
aceoinplished I II is not Inn uiui li to say
that three or four trained firemen, with
a baud engine and appliances, in living al
most on Hie Instant, would answei all the lo
qiiin mollis of hall tlm alaims now tinned
in, esilusheof those which aio totally lain
and nceillor-s. They could al least decide
whether llio " sleaniois" wele needed, and
how in my. riequout liie-dillls and eeieNe
in scaling, pioiieeriug, with scionlillcliistiuc
tiou and opeiiiiiont in lire audits otin
guishi is, would keep the hiigade fioui glow
ing Misty or slothful Hindi hotter th-iii the
piosent 1 rude and mslly expedient of l.ning
tlicin thiougli Clouded sheets, a ciicns show
for small Imvs.
irt forSeptotnher. fiom the publishers, 1
1 nspu, iTier, iiniein, A co,, .rw ioik, is .1 tmigii
lirly th'intiriil iniiiiher.
Wr have received .1 copy of tho Ilev. Dr.
1 . . wniininrii'sniiiircsscni "miiiieai 1 ruici-'iii, "
nt tie Vlriliil.s1lirsilojlcnl Sfrnlnity. leprlntnl fiom
llio I'llnrrluli Itptlewr.
JiMM ,1, CitAi'itAN, of Ihis city, hrlngi out
1 The rrutp of llio Vtorpiice, ' a isifiitarnai rallre.nr
rillipr llio mint liitrrrsllns iil(ii of (tie Jfiirnilef
Hip MTllmlnnv Alclle ntimlltlon nt IMT-'Js. islllpil
liy its ('nnipt piejwtor, I'ait.ll. llowgalp, t
tlio Army,
Tim latest iiiinihiiis of Mtloll's hiving Aty
rcmtalni, iinifingetlier goo.1 tilings "'UioM'orVsftf
lteiiilirniiill, " C,iint Ciinur," lM.1g1itKinltlHiK
Annnil,' (Vrofpsir llunp.ui,) ulitnpo l.miM Nfl
piilism's rxsslulnn to llimlogiie," nml "A tlnlllolin
Nnvi'lUI,!' with rniitliiii.itldiis et .teiii liigcloR
".snr.ili itn Ili'iviiger."
I.KWis 11. llAMPnst.v ti Co., of Vhllailel
plila, Mini in tlio Ortnlipr iniintipr of 'I lie Viiltt-I Scr-'
vIpc, a qinrleilj review of tnllllriry nml imvnl nlfAlr
wlilclilpy far Is tlm Ixsst tlmy Iniotlms fir Issnpil, nrol
cntililns tlio follow lug nrtlrlosi 'I ho ('heipc"i!iO mnt
Bhiiiiiiin, Juno I, Ilia, hy llpsr Ailiiilrnl Opiir'jolli
I'rphli, )'. H. N'.( tents for Hie Army, hy lien,
.lnhnllllilsiii, V.H, A.i Natal IVInc.1ll1.11, hy I.IphI,
VlTilpllpV. fntlllis IT. S, N.t lllxill llio l.niiliutu'!lt
or I'IpIiI AilllMy liiulin; llm Norlh AiiieilcmiMMrnr
sppfi.loiii spiiHllini of ('.niiinii for Viiliim Anna
Iiicn1s hy Coiiiiinsloi-n V. Simpson, I". rs. N,t Snuio
lipfislsnf cmrc-nvnlrvfisslpiii, hv Hen. Wesley .Mpr-
III, ri.lniipl Klflli C.nnlijt Norllt Afilpa 1iiihI
Illl.lliitSi.l, liV I. lent. Sp.ilnliMditoislpr, I'. M, N. A
Nat.il ltpinliiWi'iico the tii'stinitliui of llm Union
.MiirliSppiiiiili, hy Mp.iir.il dIi-ih tor II. shl.ssi, li,
H. N.l 'IhnAilti'liI r the lnmrl.nK liy .In-spli Hi
1'nllc: 'llm I'iikIMi m s.hiIIi Afrlia, liV l.li'lil,
I'lllllp Kpulp, 'Ihlrit Intaulljl 'llm Hllns l!i.ill.ho
1'iiice, iwiiinl iiiin-r, ) hv Mini. II. M. It. Ilrimii,
II. H. N.l 'llm N.imiI llilciilnniiil llm Millne Hit
Niinprsniiil Ihe )pop)o on ouotIiIp. sih) tho cii'ltal
htson tlio Mlieri tint tho MrenRlli of tho msllitlnti
nnsiinttwiniiicliiii llio Imlehlcil nml ilcprpssisl S011II1
MlntlnitlPh Stslanf Massatliiewlli nml tho stfmlr
tigttciiltiiril State of Maine, lmtli inolel New llngl.inil
L Tlioreliifiief fllvpf iiionpv wonlil In! Iliplosn liniil-
Milp on rrislllors, ss Hip snllimUpti &ianiisrii 111
AiiipiIpi puis ffolil toslltpi si nlionl Mxteon tonne,
Itistmil of fltlppn nml a Imlf tn (mit, tho Viiropesn
slmnlsrilj tniKi-iitenlly llipprespiitcltpars'iilng nt Ml-
t ap 1 n ntillfr ilpnitlnro frnfii tlio till! Alnnilnril liV
hipwanlsot threo )pr cent,
t.lllniislil llm l.ilan Slllkes el IS??. III.) hv ('.let
Henry t'l iv iVsln.ine, t'. n. M. I'.t The lillfiiiiim
Hi Iwppii Minimi mnt M.irllil l.sn, hy c'"l. Ilii.ii;ii
A. WiHHlitnnl, V, S. A. 'llio Imlilhliers 1111110111110
mil iCKinnuii Willi 11111 new .ton, 1 up nnieii rs rint)
will ho lsmip.1 inolltlily, illliilit,'P Willi ll their re liters
wllltpgr.illlicil liilpuiinf, nsli Isnti t'tl'lpiic-t' of Hip
Slliipsswhlilihlsnllpliiliallhrlri'iriiltt, tho Mnlilhlj''
Uiillnl splip will Itpnf lhos.11110 fniiii mnt npiipir.
atiieiistlipiitiuli'ilv, nml wlllcniit Oil flnm 12s In llio
piKOs In iti'll iiiiiiiIht. thus iniVIng II llio l.llil
iiiil irliipot Hsrliss 111 tin Moll I. tho II rut linnitipr
will nniK'iir en lipifinlsr I noil. lliciiiillllir.vMiloiif
thnlilitnlllll tint nf the liMglltiin will lionmhtd
llipiliiisllimnrnii. insiigo a, wixhi.uu. u, m, a,,
nml Ihpliiialliliih'i Ihllnr Ml, Lewis It. ll.iliiiKll,
as Iiph Inrnrp.
Sin (Ii'iiiwi'Oavi'Iihii., M. V., haswillten
nnu nt the klmlllpst 11 not llioUlliilllpslnf lslnil
Stuart llohson is forty-lhiea.
I.nuronco llanelt has tinea dnughlei
Tho National Thoatto Is to have 11 new
Miss Allele llelgtado Is salil to glenlly 10
fpinhlo the (llpst llarhpl.
Mnv Hlrakoseh's Ungllsh opotn isiinpaity
.1, opens In Nrw York SeploinhPr 51,
I!. A. Solhern s son, Ivlwaid, will porfoim
this season wllti.Mr, .tntin MrCiilloiiKh
Tho (Vlvllle hurlesipii! eoiupmy open
tii-iimrmw creiiln; nt tho Wslnul-nlrpct thoitte,
l'litl nlplplili,
Mrs. dales and company glvo soveial per-
fnliiifllirpi In Iho mole llitpnit.ilit lnwns of lpiini3l-iinlilhlswcpk
Miss liosn Kvllncoaiid llnry Sullivan havo
liein I'lulni! "I Im MniiBir" nt the ll.itiuaikct
thpalie, l.iiiiih'ii.
M.iL'elo Mitchell Is said lo havo lost
Iio.isniIiv thprotii Inline nf a iiiniti!.iiri!oii hir Mill-
eilynt Long llrniirh.
Tho sleamer lerlore, fioni Havre, has ar-
rlteit, hilngliiglllli". 1'iitoll.i IMHI nml lipr innipil
lollipillV. iniroS'll III t nil kpiiui; ii.iii pi i'ipiii
her 21.
"A Million" Is llm tltlii of a new play
itlllten fur llm Hpioiipos IiV Ml. Hill Wlmlf. the
iiiillmrnf " Ihi'MlRhly linllir." It will iHipiiNliirtil
Mils spa 1011,
(leiinvlevi! Ward has been playing " 1'nr-git-Mi-Nol
" In Liimlnii. this pliy Ins las'ii iiiy
sin ipssrnl, nml I'l-oml s's tiiinoio thin letilpte hr
pll liWM'S.
Mr. li. A. Sotheiii was playtug "Sam"
nl the Vnik t heal re. New Vnlk, lisl week, Tho
pliknl isiiiiniiysiii'iHiillnglilni Isnahl to tm mi mi
ii'iiillv lino imp',
lluinaiiil's loinedy, " lloulogiie," npapled
rmni tho I'lelirll, which h is liivu ileilisiilnf Us ihIkI
nil "III, IHIS lllllmlllllil III tho Allii'llimi I'llhllC III
IIiikIiiii lot WPtk.
Mr. tins Williams, of whom. I. K. Uminet
11111 ileiiiiniH. tililahl mo linll ilois, Is Ml. I tn Inlo
nio ... , KiuioiPM ni. ... ym -'"""' . 7"," i.i i.le .. rTimI lilt In 1,1s now rim i. ler pi ly, "Clnr
tills i.linlry. Hi his " him ami lin.ki l'n ""'"""'Tllpiiinii "spn ilni "
,.r ,, visit I..II.0 lfnli.,1 Mill's" (P..I.II.I..-.1 1.. Sewf- u.uvllngi, has made her n.aik in hen
..ik hy II. WoilhliiKi nml f.u .il hy liol'i'i I ,,, a,u;..M.i,ii,l,lhPi--.fliin.ii.ly llill,..ot.
leill.) In till, nltoi KllmliiR mil II, llm nlriago
AlllPllllll Will I'Mlllllll "Isll HlSllll! I lltoln tlw
t'li..ihppili.lip.ll" Hut lluiloiisli lenllngwlll
show Hi II llm mi ml. it fnl l I. ko.ll.lt Is .1 flu mill llnilill
ImliilKPiit nml iplliiillli i.lisoiul-, nml It Isiuwo
iiililil rij, Iplwppii llm lines lint wo flu. I i.nr
S'lita exa.llv inho.lisl l his Him liouy ..ml mlill..'
sil44i"th.u. thp wmk t4liiiilonii'f nil aillilti will!
111." Illl.. "Willi.- nil.) III 11k liitlieSnilllioliilll.llos"
pillillihiil i.llgllnlly In tho Ki.llliluhll.l Iti'll.."'. i.f.1.1
iltcspstlpllti'iiil hprmn Iiliri.ii.llliii ills In llio s. ulil.
hiirults Iiiiiiii.lhti'l3' nrter hU h-tiiiii. an. I of inrloiH.
osltails fioni ttiiniitliois Joiiii.il,
In Ihis W'ly lino Ih'I'oiiio slllppi, II Is on Hip
ColllllllJ, iI.'HIHpss rioiil tlio Itrei'l nf fit'
ipisllt IPtlhllS .111.1 lli'lloltl Mllillll.sliill (if It tn
tlio pnHlP, istlplni'l) IPiitlhl.', etell lump
si II1111 tho work nf Ml. llusM'.t Ylihll, M. 1'., who
J111I iiipipih-il Sir iloiugd lii Ih.IiiI of limp, tlm
I nro t.illisl in ivlnti I.ihIcp, no II iiioihIpSiI ltn.ul
rtlr.nnnllc .Mlllt.r,
Mile. Aimee appealed last week at the
Vlflh Atrtiiip 'IIiimIio, New Vmk, In llio '.lollo
I'liriiiiii'ii-p,' tho iiiiith'iu ps wpio sin ill mnt tlio
i'l Tot III tilt 0 tllli'tlKli'Slt 1 nnillinll.pl t. 0.
t'.iiuphell, llin baritone, who has Italian
Uisl his 11 ilno Into C'.iiiiioIh'1Iii, H fHikpn nf hvpis'in
Iii'IoiihIIk! Mm of an r.imllsli l.iiil t'.inil'lipH, nml Is
piiiri'ilKlpill. nsil linn singer. N. V. Jllll.il.
Nelll.i llailliold, of this city, whosn tniisl
pit nl.Hltv tititsl.liilng hoi yonlti Is wntiihifitl,
11, an.l nr.ntlolis Llaitpsfnl .Suit Vnlk Ihlswi-pk to till till Pl.i:lgt'llli'lit.
t lii'itsli II inlfihl pMieiniy stiy lliiio all wlnlei to pntMio lipr liiiislitil
Klgiior Salilni, II Is said, Is about enter-
lllg llllnmi I llgl11' llli'tll fnl tlnnUier ill.ri'SHlnllll t III
llilnilKh Hip 'llnil.tl i'IIIps i.r llm llnlleil SUlM.
IIMnll Mill li' a tiit'inlier nf tin! sltno .ninplliy li)
lililili'Clltllil l..-l..iij;.
Soveial nf the New Yolk lliealies have
Hj;IiI. I nml Innin st.et.tiy hiiII.iiis nf llio l.li,H'liLLlt, m u.iiNiii-llrkil pllll. tit ki-lswllh i'ilnus
his lln.1 resentment cools fi oviV wero then,
not ginver reasons allcgeiragalnstltobiiison'H
renoiniualioii, in tho shape of nliiliation with
the enemies of his parly and Insuhoidlna
tion to the popiil.11 will. The attacks spoken
of weie plainly luloiiiled for no good pur
pose, hut to weaken, disintegrate, and ut-
teilyhieak down Tamuiaiiy'.s stienglh be
fore thu day of the tonventiou at rived, lest
it might mako a successful npposition theie.
Surely those injured must havo been some
thing less ormoiu than men not to stiiko
hack in somo foim.
Ilowovei wo may deplore a holt, wo must
still atlheie to coriect judgments of the light
anil wiong of tho question in vol veil. To
leach out and contiol the " hack deeatrhts,"
when a Democratic majority is never looked
for in the wildest calculation, ami to mil in
on these anil over iMctliu wishes of the men
who have tho majorities to make, and who
aio I died upon to elect the candidate at last,
might be called almost peculiarly Tilden
stiatcgy. The pi in ess is luvoi.-ed In nation
al politics, hut tho principle Is the bame;
delegates an then setuiedfioin southern and
other solid dktiiets, where tin. result is so
slue that tho people and politicians aro coui
paiatively eaieless who is put up. Tito le
Hiilt in New Yoik and similar States is that a
minority of ij'idiir yiry rotr dictates tlio
slate to the inajculty, who then haie to hear
tho licit ami bunion of the day, with all tho
added Weight of a candidate whom they dis
like, hare opposed, ami know lo hu iinjipu
lat among theii people. I'lolests havo
hitherto been met with nppiohiium amide
lision, as long as the "old man" continued
to get the twist on the lnys nml thiow Hum
again and again hefoiu tho giinnliig faces nf
his stolid partisans liom tho cheesc-pio-.luting
legions. What the i vault will bo now
that tho "sacred right of involution" has
been Invoked witlt such suicidal boldness,
ami a legular political hari-kari committed,
remains to hu seen. Ceitainly Tilden and
his adheieiits nro not entitled to any sym
pathy as innocent victims when they havo
themselves shown such uiisciiiptiloiisiiess in
uioio than coqiielliug with tho enemy, ami
splitting tlio paity in New York city to elect
Coojiei,as against llio legular Doinociacy,
just an they had previously .loun In tlio casus
of llackitt and MoiiisBey. Yet many think
Tammany would have occupied a better atti
tude pusentlng the name of somo ictlly
stiong candidate as theii ultimatum titan
going In under that always iiuliuky ciy in
Anieilcan politics, "Any tiling tnlieat" Itnh
iiisiiu; and that, though they had a just
cause of icnontineiit to stall with, they put
thelttiielvos in tlio wiong allerwaids liy ie
fusing to submit to the aibltiaineiit ofahard
and sijuaiely-fotight baltlo within tlio con
vention Itself,
VYonionot without hope, fruni tho latest
Intimations lecelvid, that itnblmson nml
Kelly may nititually wlthdiaw, and a new
i-aiiillilate he ihoseii, such, Jor lindaiue, as
Mi. Claikson N. I'otlei, who has nllcady
been nominated lor Lieutenant (loveinor hy
the tiliunphunt faction, and will be accept
able to Tammany. Worse slips than the
pii-M-iit oho havo been letiiovid In Now
Yoik politics, tiB, for instance, when a pe-
leiuiitoiily doellniiig lantlldnto was uomt
nated iilidei a mlsapireheuslon and tho con
vention had to ho it called, yet tho victory
iv'.ff ajtnlnccl alter all. So may It prove in
j0iMf pieseiit instance, for tho J'miduutlal
election ol lbti) seeitis in no iieinuiiug ill tun
balance, ami till lesser consideintlous should
glvo way.
If, on tho contiary, defeat Is the loeult, a
possibility which might as well ho fated and
loiuldeiod, Mr. Itobliison and Ills well
understood htckeis will he held fully as io
bponslblo on all sides as Air, Kelly, hit
them not deceive thcimtclvea, lis Ahiain S.
Hewitt, who piobably icprosents the Cuojivi
wing of tho nondescilit paity, seems to do,
Mil. I'ilAM.l'-cn in: fl Ml vv, the engineer
lepioi-oitlativi of Meho at llio exliaoidl
naiy iiiler-oeeanie ean.il ii.ngi.ws lately held
in Vails, niul which distuibed the United
Stales with specties of a Hlauglitei.il Mnnioo
iloctiine, has come out with some more flank
revelations of the Into Inwardness .if Ih'il
allair. lie describes M, do hesseps as an ex
ceetlingly magnetic old gentleman, with a
pielty wife and pietty ilangliteis, mid when
ho sits with his sweet dtildreii on his knee
and talks in his linen t, fascinating way, he
is quite too irresistible lor Mr. Nathan Ap
plelon and a clique of enthusiastic; adliei
cnis wlto sun oun.l him. Mr. do tJaray was
put on a "section" at the louguss
and did the lest he could- .with
tho extiaordinary mare of figures, ijw!
nntl.aIry;gnesso.s submittal loTlieidlpntse
n i.)s)it 011. When ho pointed out vast and
insuperable dillieiiltles, de hesseps was called
in and said it was all light, "look at the
"Suez canal !" When he pointed out that
their gigantic Vauaina ship-tunnel would bo
pitcli dark tlmy said: " Vut in eloitric
"lights I" Finally, with an iniiuilablo out
burst, do hesseps 11 id, timing the filial
ballot, as 0110 of tho Dutch lepieseutatives
voted aye : "Heo, gentl.ineii, how thu mall
"who comes i'iiuii thu louutiy ol canals
votettl" And witli this soil of busiiliss the
momentous question wasfoiccd tq a deiisinn.
AltKliol tho hotter class of Itepuhlicans
who behaved So meekly at fe'aiatoga in icgis
teiing tlio behests of the insolent Conkllng,
sony that they did not anticipate and t.'ll.'o
advantagu of tho split of puties in that
State hy running on an independent ticket
some such a man as Vostmaster T. h. .lainis,
of New York city, and povdhly cairying the
ing oil the hush t
Tin: Democrats holt an i.hmixious nomina
tion ul.lla tlm li.'i'iil.lli Jin l. It now. th.U Islho
VntiiM'S nephew IVIton will turn initio
Im really lfl"nsllle.i tin. rplit In the Dfinufl-JfJ'
nt s3l:uiise.
SoiiiioiiY asks it Cmkliug is a i-cir-ui.nht
111 111. Nut .it .ill, 1... Is ' ina. hlnu "in i'!c, anil l.u 11
the 111.11 kanf all lit iniifa. Iin.inf llul Mini.
Dm anybody hear of a sliav candidate
n.iliuil Cltitrili nioiliiil or ulKi.it tho Syiai'iiso Cniiti'ii-
ll.iti, or was Hip UMjesllcMi.it .irjIii 11 olf lh" courhu
iiii.llsl.ln.kcti.il' Almllicr InstalKO of the lol.il
voito uf Chin rli nml .State,
toliiiiip, null as llio IiiIpiiIpm with .Mr. llntps, tin.
ilPMllpll.tii nr 0111 All. .llii'V IIpiipi.iI as .1110 "who's!
M,k' .nut ii.su nice Monl.t pits expii'illnjtly well In
the hlKhirpti.es. r .tiiilii"lpr ll.ill, " nml so on,
hitoh. xlpuvltily iiinlpil li.l Hip pli'ss, hut wo
hivoui'l Ms'il ttm .!tloimlt. ininik'tp llnxili hilcf
skt'tili of lil-iiiel till sin ami logll tui'l.T, whl. h slimis
aio.illy iptiisikil.lpui-as.iiif hint., .oiiihinp.l wlUilhp
hlf;lipstslmliill) nfsl llPliloul,IPlii,liU'pilmi,whoiii.
We eltel'lup toll, not lt'miM.tlio iIpws ."thl.ssp.1
will ho lieu I, atteiitlto ipi.lpis..r tln'so column., hut
iKinuspsn r7i .is llioy go Hip. ...IiuI.Ip cv.ictly Willi
nut' nit 11, .mil foi 111 Hie illslnlpresttsl lenliimii(t uf
:t tolupilplil wllln"'S llll.l tliLU'foip nf tho highest
inn 1 inini'.M'v .n'l.srmv.
thoilnllii 111 whli li llio Itnlli'il Mates liioiit'tai)
sji-tt'in Is 1. 1s.1l w.isoilKln-Uly aslliei coin, tUfevv
rritrtl hilrhuj lirtt iiMllif.if ml the Verfritn ttllrer
ilttlliir. Illll .liii'ist .'.. -mil- im- iii-.iiiiiii.'ii 11.11
A lili'l I. .111 M stem M'Pins tn h it.. I. pn 111 sit It lliess hl
IiipIiiIIIp: llnl IS IhiIIi slllermul RM weieinlmil III
any HiiintltV Tor all pel'' lis whnl.ii'iif;ht Hipep inetals
to tho mint. thoili'lilol hnl llio ..illnll r pl.tlllg
ollhpi In Mliernr lii ai.l.l; mi. I, as Is iip. ps.irll3 Hu.
i..m' unilt'l imili a rule, liPuriniirsoiilw.ivs pihl In llio
rnlti whli li !inp.clicl tnlic.hpis-l at the time, the
silt el- ih.ll tr nr tills 1 nlli.iKe Is tho ".l.'ll.ll nr our il i.l
ttles, " welylilut: 112's gl-llns lluv, uf whlrh 011c-It-ntli
Is alloy.
tint, then, was tho hl.ilp.irililiujs ii). tn IB'iJ, Hip
ih'htol li.u lug Hum I'llmi of .l)lliglll hjllel or III L.1.1.1.
miitonlhit liisls.ill ..uiti.iils wi'in 111.11I0 ami l.nns
enntl.illcil. Ill IS''.-. Ill i'.inspiiipni o nf the war, a
tt-iv liiinit.int . 1. 1111:1! t.M.k pi ice tlio legal enlnslp
111 tliitsl lh.' s. 1110 nt U'foiu In theory, hut ill II. il nml
Iho follow Inuji'irsleiy luge. lUinllHes i.r luroniprt
al.lo pii r miles ttcie Ks.uil ami luiile Ic'K.il It'inlcr
tsiiillt ttllli.olii "In iii.tlncnt of all ilohls puhlli"
ami piltalp, itupt ilntlpsoii Imimlls.iml liiteivvt tin
Hu. piil.lle ilelit." I'i.u Hi ally, pnlii was nut seen
ngiln In Hip Hiilh'ilhlales till .l.itiuiry 1, 187'), nor
ptoii ihen, lie ml's'lU Into iiihUst, etippl lis n nirl
lty.) ......
Moaiitlnui the (utmost. if llm IntelPst-lsMllnit iluht
hail i(-in.ilnt'il pliable In rnlu ofiniour tho other .l
sprliillnn. Hut tho uolil .Uncoverles liml lemlelisl
litos I cold Hu. i Iiimi-t iifttil. ami tin. iiiiisVuiimiich Wnsthit
,P;i;w.y1.ig-tW.l.llF 111 I ..111 lt-rr.Tu-rVl.GtiT.t in K..l.l.
I n iwi nuiinim nviitun uni ninwuiit tim mu tin
l-lli'Vf. mi time. nlmry, tli.it inward tlm Mllur nut ir
tlilt ihMtml tlio iKtiiiMi-Mtlt-Tir ntnt monoy-li'iiilei-K'' imi--ptnuy
li.nl tfcun In Mink, niul kiMu.ihuIiI liei'iu-Mt
It an wht)r? iitln,
"Hits w..h tliuMntoor things um a ww vtAing .i
v,,syr.'U li7:(. blhorw.tHiu.t iltMiMiiieilriMl tlio
tMtiiK t.'.llir-, Mill ifiimliKila lin:il tt'iidL'r; but tho
nt'W a.t (looking im- ilimM, tn thu j'rt'vnliit tiiuiif
olil, Nif.iraHiuiy mlu ;it iwtt) tlniiil llm Mlvir
thill 11 (tut if tin new ii'ln m. As In truth, for iun-t
nf tlm niilliiii) liiisliti-w mini lrutH.ictlHiiiif lift, im
mill at :ill vvt ttun until lii tlm Uliltnl Wt.lli't, llllln
1 1-IMt 4 llei t w.iHi'irlunl hy the now act. Itut, .n
ii V f w isllvir ih'll.ns wiiu In mhtt'hi e, am) no in'W
iiitr weui to hoctiliit'il, thuelhrt (t'ltultily u.itthut,
tur.iiof it'Miiiiptlmi ut H;.o lo pijim'Hl-, ;M, .mil
IH.t MlUr, llHIhtlw thu coin llsHl.
'Ihni t nf 1173 m ins tihin luin ut Intu thuhiim
In with h It u. 14 ultimately Jukn-sI at tin) 1 ist inniiidit,
and, iiinh r thurlirii!iiKtaiiies ir 1 1 1 1 time, w.iHiiotur
tlm hlhivt InlcH-ht, iHinlhl It i loitoany ! Itomuil,
'lnye.llHhter (III 1S7-5) Hit) .lit hl tho lesllliilillnu
f fpt'dii iniueiitH ins insstil, irn tiling tint the
tlulttil M.iteHiiifti". liMuM UMMh'i'iiaxUiii .laiiuuy I,
ltT'i, In (iilij nothing waHf.ilil uf llm ihirlpth'ti rf
ItutalMiut IhH tlniiin t;i''it f-hni!;e Ik--ui to t ik
plieu In the l.lillu-.thiM.r koM ami Mitel. liuM
ii'hitliilv wfiit unliiMilmt aihUlUir went ihmu. at
WO ail hiH, J lit li li n.is M'i ii mi ii .i tiisi iiilihii
nllaihfil fnl thoMM-uHi :mi luol, whhhaio suM :it
ifliiteil Lilc. I'l'iiniiH hulilliij; tlid MiimL'.tii usual
in my o.uli ntuht in they tleshv.
"Tlm Kium.1 AMmtl 0Hl;l llllp.1MV,,
h'lh'Htsl MiHhcihuii In New Yoik lut Mmnliy In' Tnnl
roiul VhKliiU.1 Tim New Ymk iivihsh.ch rrltt-
t-i lhooHi.i a -4 itmleieil ami tlm Elitist, the only
Jl.if4i helii? htwtoHiil tm .Mm. reuhi.
Tlm PlMlai.elplii.i Drnmntto Minor snyrt
.iir.mriiH'iilHfoi a lestluionl.il houellt tn th it steiHa"
iilil .ii loi, Ml. V., S. ( 'minor, h u Int'I aii.iii);el, ami
will 1h)!1ii'Ii eiilyln (irtnUr .it llio Wahml-HtiiTl
hiulie, All. (Viiiim-upiieulng In lil-t leit rhn.iilei
of AVl'kk'm.
The l.niiilnn Vitnio says nf ,T. H. ClaiKu:
Aftu llion.iiihish.il of hiH fiesi'iit wiles of 1hi-
jrj..im HiccM nt llm Il.ijin uket Mr. htko will jm tn
AUlL-MCI tn IthiKtlMH hH rilHl.llilllliellri"4. 1114
pi oh ihlo lint ho will imt ho si-en ailn on tho t.ninhni
Mice till thneiily.iutiiuiu of UiSii, whi'ii ho will le-
rn.e.irat tho llnyinaikct.
Il is unnomu'pil tlinl Miss l.imna C.TImi'.sl.y
hi4 in nio an I'liiuii'iit wllh M. Sti.ikih fdrnn.ii-
ivit siMs.ti in ihi-ititiiuii v. i.ej:lmiui;li, cini'iT next.
i 1-e 'I hill hi y 8hintl-s.it the h'M.l of llm i mu il I MnjjelH
In rtiH.)H :niilii ilHisthmi jstlnt hue Ihimi I ihtuil
on her In London nml iil-t. Her ulinii tn Aiiieile.t
jUI he i;oihI news to her luml i.r .ulinlicirt heie.
Mi. Ittirii.iiiiVH coinoily, " Itoiilomt!" w.n
hlmply cillleletl In lliKstoiiwhori) It was lliM .io
ijiicril list Mom! ty eeiilu. Veiy llttlo mm It wan
fviniiil i Itlur In Itfl illilouo or It h ,u Ih.tt. Vet the
llnj'llsli lutle.U'M WHiinit to ho ihllhlul wllh Mils
hliht (p, linen of Mi, ltiiin.iml'Hhuulh lafl. Imhvil,
Fill) r.o-slHiliii1iurm Mt.'t.i"'," ilrxilliiHliihirliey,
Olio Uiilllil se.llitlv Ul lh h, Imletil, llm Wit nf rniuh
Willi th il .riiaiil. N. V. 'Hint's.
hTatn I'ioM is cniniii lo Aiiiniir.i in (Vlo
hti, iiiuUi an eii;iKeiuentwllh Mnjoi rnml,or Itoslnu,
hfloa MSlo-romlr iniixh ,i iiiti I iliiiuint of an n
llrcly uoM'l ttoseilnthin iliulii Mm wlnh r st.imhi. II
rstolfomitllliil 'M.omlon l-v lHV.'in.l.N'lhf. unillsn
lauslral niouo'nKiicrniiHlstliiol tkuUht of all plug's
of Loiidmi Hti)ly, ilpli nml Jmnh, Icullnj; tho amll
Vhco tntiliiimrmul ovimtnj; jutttOH, lhooiH.ra, nmsle
hnlln, tluiiitivj, iN.llctirourtH, In tho I.mI l.uU, lEotleu
Ktiw, lloiirotf f'oinuioiiM, ete. l.irh dktlch will Ins
UJiistnittil hy a boujt, hiniHinmiorotlieml wnne of
titin wilUv-ti-isHb-vsfr-.'ilhi Flehl.- Cluvur tJeorKo
AriKwinlih (Hir Josepti Porter) In willing ami urnuiK
ltiff tho eiitsirt-ilhiui'iit with MKh Klt-M. Dramatic
Tlo Hutlalo Coimiioitial of Sqitrmlivr fi,
in hptMltluj; of llm now j.Hy of fHt.u; or, T.iMn
ami HI liuumH " wjhi If tho ettiau, -Mi . Chillies
(Jahn, linl auv (loiililHalHiut thobiittessor IiIm litest
ulforl lhevaitihml.iliHtllHit lleil hy thli tlmo, fm tho
llrht pioliitllnii of ' 'liu; or, I'.istiiaiHllH.imomlri,
at tlm Aeailiiny of .Mutlt I ist mi tillii ni.iy ho pm
uoiineetl auenulnn MUtchS, 'I ho .iuilhuo was a lii!;e,
iiiU'llloiit, ami applet lalUo ouo. At tho touilu-doii
r Iho Hfrmnl iii t tlit'io was tiilto a fiuoiv, aiul the
in t.iln hil m.t only In ho iiiu up, hut nftrnwaitl
tlio pllntl pals In tho Mennweinnhlljrtil In appe ir hi
fiio the iliop ami Imw their urkuoHlfltfuieuls. lfii
tMs won hi notMilllto, ami, In irnmiiso to lepi'.il, .1
i-ills, Mi, -li.ijli'i apjHiioil, hltishln MKo upliy io,l"K
liuhlen. Ho iiiinlhllv ailnillteil lint It iron htm
) IraMiiu tn it"-) iiin I In Kilt li x UeiiuM (.ills. Ilo was
no iio'tlt'O In mm h m titers, It litluu ulniut tho lirilt'th
tliiio Im li ul ;ono Ihiiiiili tho n.inio exMilruio. lit'
tnmoliefoto Ihtmi to to kinuliil,;o Iho tiiuiplimenl
p.ihl him, tlmplfte, ami tlmsQ whnlouk put, ami to
iiitmu his ami thtlrhn uty th.inkH, ainl If smuo weio
ilIsMisetl to laiih ami Im auiiiMst, his aim was nc
lonipMslieil, amlhoauil lliu.u lois.uiil at Ues-sert wt-io
Mtlstleil. Mr. Oijlti Ki.uefully ultlnhiu iiuihl h.inl
nppl.uiM). 'I his .l iy Is titionc In pitlm ami lnimni
ami wlllibiinUftul pint to snt lin thutnlfiest Ihioiih-oiit.
i;xirrioiHO oTn Tlrllm of tlio NcmmII,
iiohc'1 Sy rhitr-.
1in1liuiK.Hs Nrwi.
11 llmv iliil I over fitto mynolf of llio opium
liaMI" "sfiM n mm n HIlKnuAro than lliltly ytnmof
njro Inn NpwroiHirtirlltUiiioriiliifi;. ' Tirol, I'll
till you how I Rot In llm Mnv f ln Iho luiff. I
tlon't lKooptiim inytelf, lnlml jnu, hut nmrpMutlho
AfthPViliirliilAMoi'lniM. 1 took It nuiralermlraltyt
nmlor Iho (skint tint l, tho nmrptilnoin mlntUtn whs
lnjcrtoillhlomy nrnii nit now r Into hml lnfliin
untory rlieuniatMn, peilnirt? Well, I havo, nml
when a unit his th.it. hoMI jump ntnuythlnR form
lief, rUoyCsHncnl hecnii Iho nn cf mmphlnohv
fiihfutaiionuslnjrrtlwi 1 ncer niot tholltlloiieeille
tinMcilM'rlniroinvlfil'Ul thonoothliiK fluht wasnlwajs
liijccted iy mypuysirnn. ai nrni u was Riven m mo
twnnr thi'eo times n week uuilerlho frklu ormy firm,
hut UwnsiioRtoil whllo until thoftyrlnjrorninolnlH!
tsl tint oftpnonlnlii, nml I ler.imon Muotn Iho
tliiiU, I was Rloomv, tieiiMtmlent, wmthKvn, oxtept
WlK'll llTHier lim iiuinriu-ij hi iiiu -'i ui'i nun whimi
hirBPt "HI' It qnllfl ns woithloss, ntholusy
AlMims Hint followpillls nna wero nermnpiiiletl hy a
hiiRnnrJinilHstlesMiessllnl infnlnmonUoilynverso tn
Bllpxerllim. Mv rlRhl arm (for Unit mailer myh-ri
also) InslKfii sn'-rhiely punt tnrpil wllh holes finui Iho
Iho ftvilugo point Hi it oii rniiMn't Hy ft quatler
ilnwuon my aim nujwhelo wllhnul lourhliiR two nr
thrift Bnmplires, for tho mntphluo lull mini thollovti
w honker liulslon was timle,
"Women wlm u"0 innrphtno hyMKlermleally lnvo
tho lluhl Injerltsl tuMer tho kneo-r.ip. lhls Is for
tho lonsoti (hat they ilo not like tn tlliflRinn their
nrins, Two lunulas nao l noieriniiiisi iriKoinnoi
SprlnRs, Atk. in feo If 1 ctniMn't lU tho limr
phinooutof niv pynlentf ami iimlotlnko nmuti tleil
mint that wnuM euro nm or Iho Inhll. 1 wis
a nine In morphine. It Mil eninptotely fiii'Matnl
mo ami mined mo for terylhlut;, Cuiiil of then
tiiitlut, 1 hml acfu1iM lit lis Momt llin opium
illm'iso, (.plophnR)') Whhti was Infinitely worcp.
MIhmi I left Ihis (Hy In n to llm lint HjirhiK'' my
pli)M(laii niHlntsI tim In l.ikoaisolullou of moiphluo
nloitK with tuoiiml a hjMNh-rmlr Mtlno, 1 tllil so,
hut hstHril hot In uso It uulll tho lisl rxltomlty.
Ho 3011 kmov Hut llm rravluf! for Ihpior Unotlu
Im (mupat-r.) with Iho Insatlito tleMio that a inor
plilna user h is for Iho neHiilho1 Hu Iho c.itjt, on
mv wav In tho p1tuRS 1 suireieit ti nlhly, toMt.Utnl
not Iniiso thonplihs hut as 1 110,1ml 1113' itellintlon
my ftutreiliilni lOsiMil, 1N'oiIooii tho tat wtmssiw
my willhliifroi mv llmhs iHMamoetiutotttHl ami my
IihIIi Ri.iteil together) UiourIiI mo mid, Vlnnllvl
cohM luthl nut 110 loiiRer. Wllh Kvt ilinitutly 1
hiitil my aim imd with uuslouly html J ihhcd tho
Million Into Id It tt nick a Mhi or an arteiy, 1
itonH know whlrh, Tho IiIikhI spmlod aeinss
Iho r.ir, thtiti 01 four womiu f tinted, and
nmer.il inrii rusttiil foiw.itil thinking It iiMiltlde,
Von cm lno im Idct of Iho Jtlttik llnl went
tlnuiiRli nmasllio tluhl t uterod tlmxtlii. 11 ih attir
tlish if mviIiir, hllmlliifj; tlRht ftlmt anoss my e)ftt,
nml from luv heels tn tho inn nf my tpln il tnhimu
wint uiMdef tiliMlkoruiivnl that fieeim-d tn hum ns
11 lan. In fltomlnulea I Toll iihihcH nualii, llintls,
my old moiphliirt h If, hut Itmronmro toMihtl tn lid
mHelfof Iho iH.mlflRO, oM-u IT my ltfo Wiiitnut In tho
ciVi.it. When 1 got liilhofpiliiRS 1 put my hpinhM
mtpMdnllonaml tho lusliumentashloiiml heir.in Ink
fi Iho hilh. 1 1I011U know wlut lur limy did mo
any kinhI or not. 1 don't know tin thing lint nr
ruJriil tlmlnir thoiiexl Usiilnvs. et inllh.ii 1 Milfcitsl
a llimis.iiidih'.ilhs. 1 lmd curv lulu and athuth.it
almauieeMi loltl nf. Moiphlno Is adniR llntlho
t-ntlio shtcm Riovv 1 loninl asslmllitcs with Ifjou
ih'prloouiM Kof Itafttr It has Iwcoiuo nocesMn In
ou, jtm tmlfer tho loituieH of Iho il.uuueiU Iliad
hut oiio thnuRhl In my mind tu nil Uioho teitlhlo
di)- to Treo myself finni tho ilin. I did It, and
thank Hdl foi it. Iht joti fen my hill how m iy It Ut
Not ouo man lu a Ihoustnit, lo Ikvii tuld, (inilildo
whitlIno iloue. Hovnal phjslrl.ms tn whom 1
lino lohl my uH'itturo look 011 mo In wonder. The)
mv my imnolsunuiiiiled, 'Ihev miy ho iIrIiI, I
unit know lint (.'.0,000 wouldn't hlin mo tn umh Hake
tho OYpeileiitonf Ihosti ten iUjh iir.iIu."
Thai .1 1 finely urulnof Hiirh nminioii, Himplu
plmtsas HopH, Ihuliu, M.nuli ike, ltimlt'llnu, tie,,
TiMiild in iko mi m my ami iu h inimh.us and won
ileiruUuivs as Mop ItltleiM tin, hut when old and
joiui,', ihliaml hHir, pisim ami dot tor, l.iwuruml
rdlloi, all lesllf to hivln;; Iss'ii t untl hy them, 3011
must lull (mo and liy Ihein joniwir, and ihrnht im
luii'vi. SiHiothtr toluinn,
tv rtvcv(iscmcn(
1UW1N' 1.i:rll. in WatthlnRton, 1. f',. 'lluirs
diy.Srplenihei II, IhT!, hy lho1(e,.liepli II. Wheeler.
II. .May liwtu, or rranklln, IM., In .Maty I.011K',
d.lllXhlei of tlio llio II. V. l.tsth, V,t foiinellyot
liihiuiie, Iowa, No imiiU,
Itl.ANM'.Y. M.irv 1'.. 11. Illmrj, widow nC tho
lilo .Major tleortm 11. l.auey. llulliil Whiles i:iilmi'i
('01 ps at f'aillsle, IM., In her ti't ntv-tllth M-.ir, on
Koptembei 1, is?!). Hir only sou, W, It. Itlaimy,
ciilet o.l Iho Union Auuy as an nlthu In Iho 1 do w.ii,
and tiled tu m'lihe. Mho lefl Ihieo thiiiRhteis, tho
Wives nrtlt n. W. 1.. 1'lllnU, U.H.A.t A. It. Hlinipe,
Op,, (MilMe, IM., ami Ct.l. W. It. I.aue, II. S. A.
AN'li:iiS(X, Sopleinher t:i, llallle, diuhter of
W. I. ami Molllo Auitt'iMn, In Mm rH!(Uilh u.ir of
herinro. I'mii'iil lo-diy at I n.diHk I'. M,, fiom tlm
lesld.iit'O or Mis. Mary Atihlton, Til Xew Jeisey
aeuuo llm tliwest,
CUItlir.X. Sptemher VI, .lohit V. Cuiieii, tiRed
IwtMilA-M'ien jau.s, runoial fiom Ids put ntH' ttl
tluiM', Xo.'jM ,M Htuot iioilhwosl,liiMl.iy.it lt:uil.M.
IIUIMIX. On Iho l'JIh of Hepti mini, Mis. ltulh
(lilmiM, In Iho fiiil-nlnlli o.iroi her it;;o, ruimiiil
fri.m hor lito leshlt'iiee, 1211 1'ointh Klioet, ludwocu
M and X ttlit't tsutitlhwpsl. lo-tliy al .1 1. M. rileudi
and lelillu'saio it'spi-t irult lulted.
H()I.MrS. Hephmher II, lli-my .V. Holmes, a,'ott
IlililV-lhiee joais. Viuieiiil fiom hit 1 ito ioshlenn,
UVt I'ouiteenlh t-licet, tntliyn llnMuik.
iVHtHtMAN,- On hoplcinlier I J, ls7a, at A;. Ill 1
M.,ralit(k OMloinian,aj;t'tl Ihlity-ntuo eaiH. Iteli
Ihesaml fihmlsof I he Lunlty aio ies.c(tluUy lialtnl
tu alloml his fitiieial fii.ui his I ito it'shh-iitf, '.lo'l
Thlid Hieel simiMic.ihI, tu-tlay at J::tn I', M.
WI'.UNr.i:. On tho ltlliuryiplimlH.r, Ch nli-i H.
Wuner, In tho foitlelh joir or his ae. Vuneial
fiom his lalo leshleiit 0, TOcl Heeouil Klitt-t mulhwest,
on .Monday at :i n'clftek 1. M,
MI'OIILIN1. SiiiMoiily. nil Satunlay morning, tvp
temlKr i:t, IH7, Fimeiice, cldeHt diiiRhler or the I tto
A. It. Meddtii. ruueral from tho rosldonro of her
Mtttci, AIih.O. A. Mink, TO'l'wriitkth Mroot north
west, Moud.iy.-HtMteinUr 15, at 3 1 M, ',
New 01k pa 1 font pleano copy,
II N 1. I'. It T A If 11 II ti.
STonKl'Oll HUNT. No. 207 1'KNNSYl.
VANI rNl'i:W'iilliPtit. fonlillis7 infinis,
nil mislprn ImiiniM'iiiPtils. 'Ilililsn (lrl-i Hss Maml
for .1 clottilue -lorp. Ilrul, ("id ipr mmitti. A)'ly
A, A. Nlt'lUH.'soN,
ml.lll Cur. Sppnlli nml list. iinrlliwpt.
No. 1 105) ami MM VVMX, AVK.,
.iii.nn.t. wn.i.Aitn'H itoTr.i..
t I.1V0 i.lpaMUP In Informing llio rniMIr tlinliny
l'.sntilMniiPlitlilslss'li rnlUKPil, lminiitnl, nml Ilo
fnrtilslicl iluilttR llio 1'isl niiiiiini'r.
VI NI! Ill NNt'.i: will lsi H.'rusl In unlir, In VuMlo
01 l,il:ilollliilii;.ltoiitii9.
t'ATI'.rtlNd for l'.ntlc, Hill', or llppri'llons A
KVintV lir.l.K'AOV ot Iho Now Vi.iI., llilllnii.rp,
nml WasliltiRlMi MnrVpIs wrvnl In w.is'ii.
l'i ni lilrnrf. lilna l'olnt, nml 1'lii'siiip.nlio li.yOYS-
Ti:iltJ ItuiPtyMJIo.
wll-nm '. I.OSr.HAM, l'roprl.'tor.
'inn only ri.Acr. mii:iii;
AMI HAMri.l'.M Altll HIIDWN.
N'ol hi im Imt llipllnpst iintllpsof nni iisisl,
W r.litMNll r.NVr.l.nlMX In kuviI nrltlv nml
lliii . liolii'. tittli ins. t'llipstilsi, MonilPrrnll) li.ii.
WoiiMI'.! Iini'iy li. M.ou tl.p Min'ilps looi.-iy onp.
Illll I'I'.NNSVI.VANIA AVr.Slll'.
kpII'III liptn.Tii Nlntli nii.l Mi'iilli i,ls.
1223 F STREET N. W.f
4(Ai:i:riit. ArniNntiN- iitvny -id am.
MArrHlfS I'll.SNI CIKIl Wl I'll HIIAI. I'.NI'ATi:
fln-Ai.i.ritni'i'.iii'V ri.Arrn is- ni'i: iianiw
von hunt wii.i. in: i.iiii.iiai.i.v ahvi:i:-
TISI'.l) AT lllllt OWN r.NI'1'.NHH.
IS-l'UStTltAI. 'l'l'.NANTM HDftlltl'll, ANII
ritiiMiT Hi;ru,i:Mi:Ni') jiaiii:.
il3-('IIA1tlll MOIM'ltATi:. fPll-Oill
or 'i m:
!)2I IViiibylViinia Auimr.
i.. M'.i'ri:jiiti;u (
'riu' ilp. oi.itlonsoft1ilslsi.iiltirnliiliillpll'r1iti'0st.ilillsli.
lUOIlt Mill I"!. OIIIJili. tt'l Illlll Stl'l kill Mltlttlll till'
Choice Styles ol Clotliing
On tlio sihirto ilite Iho htiusuwlll heoiH'iietl
1'ni' inoiL! linn till 1 1 V P.ii'i. lit fi'impr tinips. ton
.Inil.sl tlm tul.ili'i of this Iiiiiim', .iii.I nun IliMlpslils
ftlpiiils lnr.ill unit si'.' him on tint nr any Milisi'iiii'iit
si'iiciAii attka;tions roi: i.miiks
W. WALL & (J().,
will-Ill !K!I IT.NNSYI.VAMA AVI'..
In IIn OvfiftilirlinliijE; Jroiiulr(rtic
Over Any lltlioi Mmmv In i:xiNtoii4o.
OtVX AMI DNIiY llti:,Tl'..ST .SHOW
on i:autii i
Willioill Ultlul,
ICcciiKiiiiiii; Ni i:iiill, anil
Itl'UIirillllK JV 4lIONitlOlll
I tf iiccinl Dotlcw.
No. 813 Nl till Nlroi'l HoiiIIk'UsI,
llm lIMiimcl llm 1'niftlriii.f Ms riofis'lmi. wH-3t
rj;T3j It I I) II .? l! W II I. It V . "
We olrpr Rrost lii'lnrrinciits In cnsti imtrlinrcrs In nil
WATt'llr.l, t'l.OCKil, 11IAM0N1IH,
mtoN7.i:s, irro.
A T 1 It I V A Tl! 8 A t, r. .
s. ooi.nsrr.i.v, .t i'.,
l.fiilii nml l'iiimiitsiliiii llrtilirrM,
Nf.rtlionrl fi.inor 1 0t 1. nml II !.".
Til IIIIV llliAH AMI Sl,l.l,:lll:,l
Is our motto. ,1 lis lll'S (ll.ll HI'AMIIs
n KuiMntpp nf ll.nnl.nvo. lVirflrst'tlnsiBKUONlt.
II AN I) CLOU It Nil, (of Mlilili 1 iiLilifl n xi'.rtnHy, )
llio IiIrIipbI Iirlt ps will I'ii isisltlvrly i.ilil. A.lilrpss
or mil nt .HIM I II 'H Ol.l tsTANII, No. (119 II sllPOt,
lipturcii HUlli nml Hirtciilli N W.. or nt llrnnrli
Hloio, 108 Ninth ulrri'l N. , Wtupcii II nml 10.
N. W. J)-lf
'I Iks nillintll tPllll of tills IliKllllltlunnls'lis U'KDNI'S
1IAV I'.VI'.NIMI, OCIIIIII'.II I, 1MB, lit llio Ll'dlllo
llnll, titri r mrcn! imt lira rot, In nxliliiKli.il city.
'Imimni l'or tlioti'Kiilst rintifiii or to ..cnrti, V0
iiprniiniiiiit for tin. wst KiiHlnitrtioiii'HO of otto)0.sr,
21. Allpiiilannioii lptlniis lmlf tlip nlsivo mtus.
Iho Ht'Hslotis nit! hililnlnn i-itilv tionr In tlio ovnn
ItiKln inilt tin. i(.ii.'iilciiisinf ttioso cngnfrpil tlurlnt;
tlm .Hy or m-iillng In tin. llhinrlps.
For nil i.iiltriiliit9, or for mlinlssloti, nly tirsoii
nlly or liy Iptlpr ti.
W-M. lti:V1IV DI'.NNIS, IscclLtin',
R.l I.Ti tllllPi! In Clly Hull, mpsI wins.
TVT I! 9. '11 U 1! Il ' S
r.xtu.isii ami nti'.scii sellout.
KOll VOUNIl I.Allll'.s AND Cllll.DltKN,
will in-P.on Si't'l. ;, npsllst. spll-ttl
No. 1-112 ir hi itt:i;r Noimnvir.
lttmitllii!' niul iHy Srhinil fur Youiiff I ..ml let nml
srsBii)y oit.n's hi:ii,i;miu:u i.
Villi mriH nr i'Xpeilcmoil Itnthcrft. Chculm at
li uk utul iliuc fitnii". I'nr terint nnnljln
miss uiKsroMii,
uu'll -I'liue Iiliirlnli
ntB.NCii rrissi:M,
I :viil nn ( "I n iet ftmr ki .nlei ftmr tlaj s i o-niul-r-htir
hnur-t. 'lVunm.iH Inw ni i,hii pirinotith. Artct
iiihiu CliKse-t Ljulles 'I lieml iyKt 'I hurwl.ijs nml tf.it
uittiynt ChlMieii Mnmliji, tilni"hiifs nml Frl
ilajH. riinscH will iipeii HeteiulK'r n. ANu julv.lto
lutniM. fliu;lv m In rlivsei. ('nil nr wml fir i lirulir
utlcir.x i:. i. (iii.i.ir.iti:. a. m.,
iinll-lttt 1211 1 Mivel iinrUiwiM.
Rock Hill College,
I'.l.l.ltOTT CITV, Mn
lln.lpr tlm pup ami in iniKPiiipiit of llio Chllsll.ni
llioilipiK. Cnniiiioril.il, CLissli'til, tiii.l r.njliiiilliif;
Conrps. Mn.tlts iiisiinipil .Mimil.iy, Si'iitpinlipi 1.
Ilo ml .iii.I Tnltluti, 1'pi yp.u, ixo.
iiuoTiir.it ki:tti:i.in,
nnm-ats PrPHlalPiil.
T IIP. HANNAH illOltl'.AVAlll'.MV Hilt
1 1 It INKlfHTii mll.'s In. in ll.illlnioio; 1, lonfisl
niiivjll'li'i aiiissii.lofiiiiin'Miyillit'illi'ii ly Im mill.li
nml i ill. llml it'lrntittttre tor licillh, . oinrotl. tl.iin
In.', unit liiHiiii.tl.iii. I5lti your IipkIiis Hpil, 17.
ltiv. Aiiriiiin.l. Kit (, M. II., lipiloi, lttlstpiliiiMi,
Jlil. tingin-rt
l'or. Nctrulli mill I. Mh. H. W.,
tllipspiltii.illiin lor it'll! lift! 1i units nml iLliiKhlcm.
'1 lui piinrso t niiiin 1ms IViiiii nislil, Sis lllii':, Coiiiio
hltloii, Ciinpsiiiiiiilpiipo, Itiislnpss Alltlmiptlp, tilliRlo
nml lln.llili'-l'nliy I1imiI,K..piIii(,', llnslllpss I'i.iiIIlo,
t'nlllk'.il l'tniiiinty, C.Miiini'lilil Linv, :iml Lt'ctnips.
Il.iy tunt I'.vpiilntf hPHstons. Oismi for ii'pp)tliiii of iitii
lctilst.ist Jloniltj In AiiriisI, nml llipienfter. Fur
ii.irtlpiil.il n Ml tin! Inl li'iw or mlilipss
aiiRlT-tn H. O. SIT.NCI'.lt, 1'ilnclrnl.
JUIll Oil..', .112 rplll.sijY.lliUUU'tlllt! lioilliwi-t.
lli.in.lt olllii n, -iss .Miujl .ml .iMiiiii.i Mintlm ol niul
Hill IVluiKjli.iiil l. si. 'linn Mint Insist. tlilK-llljh
R. w-
Willi R mimIo not M to bpenk hultlyof
t'liuiiiIiKkyJIr. Nathau Ajtltton, ulm mi.iuh unx
1ms tDliKiiro.ull.u Jiutl nmlcr ftirlhu l.ewm Imhhii
In ihtsriuiiitiy, u think ho ibU ifinluu fclKiullylu
grk-f hiiulilln Ihu l.iKJt.r iit-hrl.ty to tliu tiihl his
truof the n.iine lm Inht lit.
Om: uf our olil j.v-MnyoiH, in tlio tiansr.o
tlounr hiisliie-ii at Ute ColmuhlA llullilliijr lt wuc,
Sihl toafrlehili My hiiMmtts Innk ine thioiif;h tlm
"cntlio I'lilMlntf, audi nr.m,) iniii.ii.', l ruuinlculy
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IMMilit i-en.It)timiij;wir(mteK, J ft'iiml theyuiro
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utllH next sehbluii.
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whtiih.V uusuit.'ftlitKainl cnt'iMiii .eoi)u may luiu
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Tm: l'latfiuui ailoitiil ly tlm Nw Yidk
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day ti) I'lnpeil) n-ibi
W'uh-'k ullh t-ham&aiitlN-iiuu im thu dlute
ful iijmillallwii t.full iJiHr ii.i!-.M.iiuf (Hll-MiUce
rcfniiu by the l.xt utlvn and ldtuiMjlei, Ftultial
oitUt'tf lue hull fievly Rhiu fnr thi-phaldu uiiKiu
wivht-H; lcHlluj,'-iiurnr tho Cttrjiinciit aio malt
Jin; ..iilUiit t.-v(lHA luanaKliiKlx'lilUal t.Hiil(,'ii",
and ifinliliiK Ihulr huluUliiatfHhiniiitillailo HM.Hn
i.il'u fuudu, hi iliitK.Ht"ti cf ivny iiulil and
l.MiinWi ni an iiuniisi t nu M.nuo. i no itu.wu i r-u
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ngalunt thu ioilo.
lUUlcdl pulilh laiu may think Hut tin Ir -RlMon-fcr.w.4l
lijj'utiUy and mcudacliy uu thu Kie-it 'lutl("
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due uiuonx all lionet and cU-.u-blhtf-l men, and
IU-h h3'ily immlUuto tho inajoiliy oflhe wyi.
ASsbooiitisthu moiu lrLalnu tuiiiiicyand taxutluii
lrikdiiuaiualUuluiiwii'aith.iii tt-imio fur u(u
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agioataUiiiO, .iud Iho t iiatuu of tho 'iDuUdnv"
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IS7J. Ml 1111 ill" nt mi inu Miujin wm t iiiiiiuriit tu(
.Hid uiulotiKi-.l undtittlltnl dlituit'-huis tiHik j'hee. It
u.ih not till Kthiuary. lK7ri. that iho at t lu inline Iho
uld slUtrihxIIirttt thutnliiMKOitt'thtdtho l'li-Mitt-nt's
ahent. 1.lii men it wax itsinuii in iniKim i.uiifi
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unlliulttdti'hmj;o(r hllvei ilullirHtUi at onto jx i
inlllfillhuhnldiliiuf hlU.T Wi.ill.l et.ihll-li iuiilnHil)
nilfiMand L'tt all Iho lunflts, and then Com It w.is du-
It liulitt-d 1'ihrlnj; In lh Mhenhilltr iadu itlj. 'J ho
Tie.iuiy t n In nuith.iM! in-t Wt- th. m twn inllllnii
nui iimn th.ui four tulllh'ii iK'Uiih1 . -.nth f Mhfi
nmiithh, rmd liitnlii t foi tluuhtlnu. 'the at t .dx
iiinthlt-d tli it. uhllo Mb el imllllft fhrtiilil hn I IiilmI
tfiidfi, an exit ptluii h(uld he m idu whtie nlhi'ilso
(ktufudyMliiiiliifil In tho i nut) ail,
A Kieit nul-iiy 'V.ii inidii 'lffilu-t IhW ait hv the
liinuevtd Inn it hU In tho .S'nittuni tit his and lu 1 nf,'
l.iud, mi tlu Kinuiid th.it It tleilhnl thfiiinf tho ih.ll
gfi uiIih Uph Ihev t-int.iel tu ittolxu and nt
HiflllKlf HlUillltMp MlVrl mlliS. I iUt .iy III it fil
Iho UH)'stKtlt I l.lllllfd Nd thit IhU In Illll ilhui U is
uell fnuuihil. It M' uift ttt mo tint muonf Iho htil.h'U
nr c redlh if, u h'i'H IihiuH thito iilui lu tho ail tf
tbT.I, (.in iftinlilii, f'i they ttitahily t t i k a tl
wlrit Ihey h-irK-dnt-d ftr ?.t if, lllui .nl I t.r
dlwr, and Itds lm liuh'H thou licliM.f tlm uhlh nh
cathnsnr thu United Ht.iles. 'ho only n'olo h'
lulKht Nem tiilnvo.i f.tlr ao atu tho-to u Im nude
Hdilrirlinrlont inone httwieii IS73 and 1'Lhiiitry,
7Ht hut inoi.tllyt.vcu they ihi md stem tuhato intu h
t.ifetrif li:il-Mill's; they ileal! In nr lent KH-eiihu kn,
which lu &75Miat atllMOiiiit of iwehn tu flfheu
mtii nt,, hut uhlililhoaetnr thiljnni ( t l!
iff.tiirtil lu i tilli .ihlO. Ill IhT'l (In) .llunt.r tho ifircn-
hael. uartilln;Mry hhmly, an lthn-uj;h-iit tint .mil
tho following ji.tr, hll Iho ii(t hu lehtuiluj; llm
tllst i thdlir hjh nmhr ilUnihshiii, It w.ik ovldent
i nuu'; h llnl It unuhl he leMoit-d, Iho jiirlhulii foim
ot thu uitt.iMiionnly heiuiluuhtful, hutlut ttuiouas
no tuii-iH't
Alnitiiir tht in has fm iho ue-tnt fnnie In Ihu aid
nf Hum led Unit! the jiin.MniH lmlln(f thtMnlnaRonf
fllui, 'Iho I'H'Hdunt and hit a'l-ilMiis.iro unrnuni
hlo tnlhitllU'i tnlu.iut'.aiiil I U llnvullioy lum tohitil
asllttlo.trt tho Im .illnua thfinj 4fUMiieu(y ii tu
IhU lluio iheio h Mtlltllohlllei In (liiulitlou Ili.it !
Humid lake llm I'lutMif nold, Itehunil'thui his hi-u
In iaithuiTth iliil lu (leii'Kuld, mid thuKietuhitknr
lhoiud aoviiilt'tu iuih hiu nmv hucino unilhlU
riatlh.illy, tlitrii, iho I'nlUd bl.ilei .iiunl Mew nt
In iho Mlno ."HI'm int lliiiMatenfif thu Lilln llnhui,
ri.into, lili'l in" lenj inn is to n.iy, iiiiiiniiu I'uni
ami ll-ir (Miih aio llh h'-d U-ml. r, Iho tituullly
til lhir (olu I f iithhll lh.it ki'ld Is Iho ie.il
iitf.iMiio nf t.ilue, and hllur inln, w fir as
U i Irtulitos. (and uu knuu Hut ll ilriuliten
Lnutly lu li.uiif.) It'iirH an aitilhlil .ihio f.ir
alHivoltHiialliitiliikle valuo, Hut llulo U thh liu
itiitantdllltituif, that MhtitMH (hu J.atlu Union lis .
lot.illlmll lulhtlr b In llif. Iho United hi He:
ii.ivotuih flxod Ihoiiiimiiut lu 10 ioIihiI monthly. If
tfm l.ltM'lit luV HainKhlUil tnluiuit L'u nil Uiiuiuil
litlnUi and In Iho end It imiM lneluhli hilnKdnui
Iho -luhionf tlittthitlaiHof aitf'iiut, (heaphllui iIoIIiih
llNditliiuiiiurg'iit)uii.iiii, uinur mo t-iiMint; uw
till -4 ln.l IllflO Illll bIIuii nf lime.
TuiiMlUuthu inHjiMu(unf tliU inieMlnii n lmi-t
leiueiiinur uui it i nni nuiy a ipi-uhiioii m um mi
i lit v. nr id tho iii im lit id Iho nultlle ilthU and tl..
Kalluuii. Imt nf -al Jul. ate thihlti and oldlit-Jthnis,
J.try nuiiului lriiiijuiuln ihll.trlu loll must nun
..iy hat I. a thill ir two and u h ilf llmtn iuitu :ilu il.l.i,
J, wry mail ulw hiimtn a ilolliilu l'W(.iflti Hit
Mar was will ust niul -mtrj jmnl hiy hu k un.iily nno
anil 4 h.iiniiiMBt in iy man wiiu hmroMitl In l7.' i.r
JbTO iniihl l'i) lm hihlltLU l-u aid, lui'ie; uui) nun
U(t Itmiimid In lb77 liiiiMi ji.iy twn lo hi K I'll nut.
iiiuiu, Nuihxiht this Is a hii.uy ta oil tlthtoiK, um a
KieJt Iiiiumw lu ihu aluotho iiidltorn tun (I tlm,
iht to aioiwt nuny th Idmit lu thtirihiteif I hat It H iuj
MMuhri thero tsantnuiR fttllnj,' tm iho tmhjeit, iho
i(lo Nta th ihldomtuu Ihuiiinsuof imal i-ioiile-fniii
anl nhtt Ihioiiuhniil Iho inuutry, uhllo Iho
t rislltmu aio Iho ijUuIuiii In tho Uik'- r lmwi- and lu
ll Isiiioituufoiliuiatn that Ihuatt nf l$7uaitci
jiaMd. inthaditnt U-tiifoi ilul thiru L-nuld halo
Imh.ii noKluundnf (.oiiiplalut, ami Ihu ilfchtou would
havoiui'l IhuUiitilt of ihothtMhfllur to ulilih iho
Mm undiruhhh ihty liiriiiitslihoiUhlH-tiillllotltluin,
'Jhon, Uffalu, If al Iho tlinoof IiuubIuk uf Ihu lh
Miiuidliiit Atnf 1675, utitloiihiidat Iho mi no I Into
iMsen inadoforiolnliiylliuklher dollar, lift unu (oulil
hmu roasiiiiahlv t oiiiiilaluttl. lhu erntlihatk lcllij
Ihuii ataUmt mit'4,u l-rtoiit. dUoiiiil, It ion Id holm
hai iMili.tiJui.it.it it jiayahl-jlu Hhei tolu, ucinrdlni;
tu Iho ni lKlu.il i mill ail, fur (t oh lliut would liatoeu
Jiaintd HiU.lstlni.' .tliin. 'lhoiuwouldthiuliaulHHil
u hanny undtuu liaiikltloit fium t;imiliaik tobllui
sojtli a litllu, hut nut Uiv muth mum tluu tho
i.'itiiih.mViof 7A, without tllMuiluiKunrillimully,
Awltli, ihoriedlloiHilalut thL'li lnuiid nf(;olduuihr
tho .tit of 187J and ih-iti. tune thu attof l&7d. uhhh
wily Mluiuslu Ihu Halo uf thing nilur tu JV3( u
It watlhoiusillunUlilntutliltoriof a lotiiiu luu
j;oM kl.tndutl, Duliullnt' thooldMlHr nidluii, uhhh
I'lodutfsl tho lutnt unitjiiouiihlo ami iunucuivdul
liL'tiailuu fur a iittiiu lu L'ltvnhuik. hut It iiliiou-ly
bliOMliOW lUU4.ll thu 'jUObtlOU U ouu bvtHUii thu
Itllf f IHIIUlit'H, lUlU'll SiiahrN, NtrllHMl
NiiiilteH 2:i ii l'rollr.
,M!.i miji (Ohio) (inretlo.
Mr.Joliti D.Merlnn, a wll-knovn Irawlhig
rutcHiitan, h.td'Ki ishm it (jo fiom 'oniitUUtvllte, I'.i,,
In Ahhtahuli, l i .1. liVirson,ou 'I hun-d iv of 1 ist wet-k,
VMIotlilvlu;;hUuitlyahtut;lhtoiiKh Kit orS.nilli
i' 1st I en iu.uk Ml, .Mitlmi hoiid a tdr.iiitfu miiiiuI Is
Mil) iff f I nn I aihiiho niideiKMiwIli al Iho Mdunflho
HUi. 'Iliuiullilll Ul K'd nut nf llio hllKtfy tollUtb-
lli;atti Iho imuo of IhonoUe, In luifnr .iiuiluintkiiiii
tit mind. llltihln his limits, hu eauthuiily ailit
Iho hii-hus .nid tteilthlly undo his way Into tho
llilrket, fnl iHihlps the dl-l.tiiiii of lliu fivl; Into
w li li hKt of Rloniid alxiiit twtlit) fiet In ill lint It i,
whhh was nn h a luo ax nno wnuld huaino fm u
r.dr's h.ill-iooiu, ihu MhkH and hiirdi wtioall
i ImiLsl .iu,i) lu tho fii no, iluuhtlesshy Ihu huiulii uf
a huuli heaii. Noli.lthsl imllii!! tho L'l'iillein.iu hid
nmdo Ids wa Into the hunh mi qulitl), all stuiuils
wvro iiusuiii at ins :i-uoit u, Kit nio uuii'ini; in u
imi unholy (ilt l.t I, ni tho diowny Mnylujiof a ilM.int
hux'st tty. Mi, .Mm ton, not tu hu nonplused, na
tluwii ul mju il l"t? I' full leu id Ihis it i t-iii and
Uiialteil ihailouiii ids. Mu liul hut a hhmt tlinu to
w.ilt, fur not uioio thin a inluiitu hid pismd etou
hiiull htllj-td hii iKotl ii lnl out ufa huiith of i;i,ihs at
tliofdonr thu in en i, ami iiiiiiini'iirttl iiinniiiKiiioiiml
llm nine In at lulu: aiu'thei' pnal.o u lltllti l.iiirm whui
fiillowed, ami thui a lattlenake ahuut two feel In
hniftli Jotntni in wh iiN'tuinl tu ho a Hilt nf mi iku Ju
hllui; utfiy M'toiul aftei that wiined tn hilntra uow
t lunei of ttonio lii lid. It was anolheihlo hut that
hiilittl Mi.ikes, milk Milken, iallleMUkortt hl.uk
Mi ikes, and watel Mukosall Joliu-d Ihothhuij; In Iho
Kreitest li.iriiiiuiy,
Whi'ii peihaps ht'euty-llo or ilnhty hU.ikt'Bhadfii
ttittllho hpue a unions (ouihln itluii nf uiiln,
ijitllluMundfiaiiiHo at nuu hhlu nf tho tliiio. A
lihMto In Ih'it illiutllmiillMlu4! U liiiio MiiakeM
two i.itllehinket, a tl4 Muke, ami two hl.uk
Hiikus lliiiliclehPtl upmi a lo, iho latlluMiaken
wrio tdukliiK Hull iiillh'H iib ntty, ami eatli of tho
throe i enulnlm; 11)1)1(1 b had afiotfln ttttumuth whhh
It wta toittulnji liif(Mo.iklut;am nuklnj; noises fioj;
fashion, iiiii tu nlly fm IhuauiUMMut'iil nf (Im Miaken
lu Iho lint; hrhm. ihu rail W ami I hoi making fioga
iii.ulo nuh) inihle, whhh fiiinliditil w lyf ilriuari'hlng
tlmo tfilhUM(uliiuliiK niimof m iiniilu, and nui lu
Imni mt h.i) thc V pi ny Tali lluio with thninuMe,
thtlr hi'sids all w ii) luln iiuImiii fioui niuldo to tho
OUU I, IUO:tUlllU III W1I3 UIIIIIUI I hll llth aiiuu wuu-
ihifuUlKhl, aii'liuull Maiudy hellovo It was not a
illialil, lluhaid lo lid! "Of tOUIMi ) nil Will Ililuk ll
iiiiliui'inhahlii, iMIculous ntuiy, tu 1 wnuld luyht If If
an) nno tiro (old the mum In inr, hut lnyowno)etilKht
hall Iho evhhmn 1 want." After waldduj,' Ihis
Mcuofur kuIiii a iHiarlei of an houi Mi, Mm
Ion thought It would I hiu nuu It uiftl' plain nut mi Iho
in l'i, uml Mai hd tu iimwt lu that illiotlhui, AuHomifi
hid ho inado.ihllr Ihiu Ihu liuiilo uasoil, uml uriy
firhjit dliJipieHititl as If hy luinle, 11 was a nno
Mr. .Moiloii will I'inhitdy leinttiulH I to Ida d) luu day,
and Mich aunuas mintlui man inr wltnonitd. In
lillii'U'ii-slho-Mmy, Mi, Meilmi would luvnhiiitailly
M'nid k'i oury h w iuliiiiteitt as though tho mint of
n'UU'jt was uimoiiiiii,
i:-i:iiiirt".H i;ii(;iiilitN AVuillli.
London Cor. 1'hll.i. i linen,
Tho (ix-Kiiid(iri3 of I'ranen U nnh to lm
I'liot.f IhuihluM ,,.UiU lu r.njji.ind. Ju aihlllluii tu
lur lliiuifiulaniKtilomu Ins a talo luhulii and a
nhu plutu In MwllniUud, Hut haul tu-hti whit
iniiii'4lunt.t lM.ful tu ilolhimud WAtitliiiia who h ini
luiuluui, linjuf Hd Ihu I inpiras Iij luiiK had iihiiu
d Jim i, .Uslniahvl in '.tilnlhat -huls wuith at
hMut XlKuvi1) Mirllug, Only lueiitly hhu wld
lujii) hl"i,li.iif hoiioo I'lop'-'lly In thultuutl'Alh.1, In
fails and .M, Ifouho'a house, it Will-known i-lltlial
Oldie a thuoaiiirnriho ltiiuilM.lyneo, was hoiH.lu
lur nnn lluht, and wan Mdd Imt )i.ii fur 113,000,
ilioilealhuf Ihuliliutiaddi tuhui pM'ltlly, rliuuho
Klllnlui a ouuhk-rahlo aiuniiut of lamletl jiropiily
lu Italy, aHwellait itiuioiihiiitio l'HltilJ, he-iuwilhed
tulitm hy thuiM)' utneial who had Utu i-iioiiy tu
Iho I'lliuo wheiihoohlloil iiIkuiI thniorildom nf Iho
iiillierlun, u.-aiiy Uiioohx-i iiiijii, aim wiucim-i wuu
Ihu lulnlatiilu unlf.'iin nf a (tdoutl lu Iho (lent (laido,
'JhU aU proHiiywa im tmuuuhiamy to tho I'm
pitas whllo)it nhohad a hou tu llioand btheino for.
It wan dialiiuil jut tty frotly hy tho iuuai..iiflt uruiu
nf llio ihom lu fiaiiio. ihuUidroand tho 1'aj woio
U Uhly MipiKii toil hy Ihu Kiumobri, ami ho alo tlruw
luii.lH'ino t l.ukhlu fawiof tho lodat thui id thu (Uu
luW. 'XIiuiumhI foi kupliiKlhcrtO llitMwan.i li nmv
dead, iho KuipiuaU not likely tu kt.p nowi-nap-ci
alive lo woilc (or lur kouI mm-u Jtiuiuu, Hhu will
not, hower, tlnd hu il(hu an (iiuluiiasuiunt as
lung ut ihu pritht luu luady atioi lu lur, A
it-vwMiHiul bUpl'lh'itl.iiLooiith t foi buiMlluomiabh,
hut 1 think on tho wholo ihu (luirduau Jioldltauwn
In ilvahy of thUduia-tter, and a Hood ihuithwoniiiu
llku lh.iupitti will not ilmlixiaiwl'ii lodUIUdrihtu
wit fur mtaiu of ilhiilnu nf Iho luluiiint, and cvunlu
ully the capital, ot h uillliui bUrllut',
IT l i: 11 T A K V. It,
(;i2lioveulhHtiert N'oilhutt,
IlntrnmtanUy on hind a laio .isRuitnieiit of Cas
kets finni tho follow I nj; rthduatttl in inuf.u Iiiicih:
Also n full assmlnuuit nf Itmnwood, Walnut, and
Iiiilhilloti ltoiowoo ColliUrint prlres lu Milt tho llinet,
ciiir.iiur.N's wiiiTi.dAHKirrs AHrr.ciAi.iV.
Jv gulvtvtiscmcntis.
ihis Unappiouh ilili
wlllt xhlhltal
3Iotkd tif Mipietun Kvrclleiu o
Hoiitiiiiiii'.' j, U'.t, niul ul.
Without lliniliiiitt'in or Ciiil.illiiiint In tiny lli)i.ilt
ini'itt, Imt with LiiKily Iiiiip.is.i1 Alli.iLilntis ims
oil.'iisl dy mo In nny )t in loin jet,
Vnslly Iiiircasctl Allrarlions.
1110 A ClltCII.S tdJUMNY or 100
H r.IUHT I.AIIV ltllir.ltNI s
1 1'Ui: INCOJH'AltAIII.i: tlllAKTI.T. 1
Tin. I'mir UrdU
4 ahtjkti:n 01- tiii: WOltl.ll. 4
lMt0riSOU.I. II. tillllHIXH,
rnniosliiff to rpiit.iln In AVnsliliiKton iltnliiK H'O Mim
mci inmillis, Mill Im Ini.y lo Kho Instructions In
l.'rpiuli rruiiiin. I.1II.111 niul (iiM'is.itl.in, and llljili
Ait IIriiIIiir nml riri'.thii Sp..kln(,'. I'ii.lls wlin
ni.iy IsipiiK.iji.sl In tin. nil.llti IliiniluiPiits ilniln"
tlipiliy mil Im w.illnil iii"ii hy I'mfi'ssor Hlililmislii
tlii'li oiiiiiiilv.il.!.i)iiitiiii'iilsln Hip oi piling. A.lilir3:
JOlll-tfl! INl'.tOllIlP, V.isiIiiiIoii, li. t:.
, i
707 l.lul.lll Nlll'.'l 11.11 111 11. 'Nl,
l!poM?ii!ispit.'iiil.pr t. lnilltli',ilvpil .iflel August
2tl. C.rt.il'itmis on ti i.llpiilluii.
Tliouot Sesshui will iN'glu nil TIIUItSUAY
tcniiMir l.
Kxainln.ilh'ii'i fur Adiulssloii mi MONDAY", S?ep
teiuher 1, and tlniiMftfr.
iho I'-Htiivt lais nui within twnhlotksof the Col
0K"' 1'. 1 IIHAI.Y, N. J.,
an2l-ftt I'lcshlcnt.
aid: itrci'.iviNii
Nowr Fall and Winter Goods
l A. 1 X. -V.
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lll.li ll WH. lis. rs.itll.s, Hlll.n.iin.l till.. I It Now lllii.
In Mil. nml inl IIipk. I I.mhIx. Ill ink. Is, I'ltiiui'l.,
C.isIiiii i.m mi.l llisl hiip:uls: i..ih.'yor Ctnliiit ri.111"
lipls, ills, III, fl, 11, It., nml IM'; llm i!pips of Col
oii'il c.islitn. Irs. all mm!, fiuiii lip. mt to Jl.
A fii)liliskor out lulpitl lnllll-lii.nl.. .I.i.il.k'-s.ku
iii.nsr-i.iit. (.1 fm ti i, itiuL'ii. N.i iurrn.it.
'Illll I'.ll. "Ut lilltO Hill III! ll.llllt. I tltll.ltP. All POOltS
llllll.illt.il lii liptisli'1'lis.-liti'it hy tliuti.llpi.ii!ili,
w. w, iiiihiii'.ti'i: , ro.,
l-pll.ltl Nol. tOSiH.'ltlll hi. lillil 7011 Kht.
l I I'llOF. .T. K. SOUEEIj,
I Ti lit hl'r lit lit
vV ll'llNO. OIIIJAN .1 NI. ll. Mil ti
IM I'Iiim.I.', ChlllPliA Oppnilli IllliKlp. A.
I Tunis Low. Sfiitl for circular, 734 12th St. N
li. iti: iiiiii .inns" m. i.t km it,)
Aliiiiuiiiiii In llnlr flhliils inn .'iihlonipiii lh.it limy
am iioi. lot'iilpil nt 1.17 Ninth Mir. I. Illlp, lliill.lli.K,
(imi tm. rp Plrlnff .lull) nuiv iin.lthohi. tl,lpsln
rour.Hjs ami iioni:sTin vihii,i:nk
roit iir..NTi.r.sii'.N'n whaii,
With h ihpy mu .ii'.iipil to ni.ikii in thu i.pi.1 ...-.t.li.ni
in unu i, nt
l'll'l'IIH'l,V 1.1111 I'l'l.'.'M.
CI!'-rl.J, HI A li I. Ml, ANII TIC I SI .11 1 Ml
(UN Tin: i;i:i:i.i:u i'i.a.vi
a ni'i:oiAi.rv.
The Finest Restaurant
iiv 'iJUd cri'Y.
Tho lies! Mvuls,
Tlio Wnosl Ofsfors,
Tho J'iti'i'st Jilqiiom,
ii7 TiiiiiTr.nxTii M'ltr.ivi' .v. .,
Godfrey & Sullivan,
a. (ill. ll I01ltT33'J'OIH
I lmn.l.l.loifurtht).iiitli.-l's)ut b'jnjtlOO of ulllll
tut.it, utul illll .l)p llio lilhput luulkit l.itts.
'.' Ir'0lir.ull.ltl'h..lf Mllpct,
I0l.lt 'rhioeiixiimioilltuf ColuinliUllulUllni:,
hljii wnwL 'iall
I 'IIAIIAJll'. I'.I.ISi: IIOt'Kltll.I., I
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ttl.r. IIAlti:ilA(,'l AIT, liml hi'rW.mihir.ll.lllilNll'
Cllli.nil A1-1MIN I'IIUII iiiiusi:s.
ill liei
'AiiipiI.m'k hlilii-Kiililln ymvii,"
."III 11 IJ;.. All.
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'llin Ijn.s'ii.if Hip I'l imili'; .nip, Itilipr I.iii)'liiitiiiil
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i miss HATi; stoki:s, i
III In l UtMiillfiil ll.ll. link Ait..
SI 11. Ml It M'tlASTIAN,
'llio ch.ini)iuii iiis.itiinil ll.ii 1 1. u K Itlihr of tlio
W'.n I.
ruoM tiiiii.iox lticr.wr.itv or xkiv
lliitllpil for llio tr.ulo, nml i's)ks I illy for fllmlly itbo.
IIpIIipipiI fipo i.r . li.uti to any )i.nt of the city hy
I?. JP. o-isivrY,
Hiiiitlipifit or. ri,lith mnt II stipols iimthu'it.
Jo 'Ju-auiii
a vim: i.uiirriiu in kvi:iiv humim?.
'Iho liost ntiil ctipn)iist lii itap, ami llio only hittnlliiil
wutHlliiliiHliuliiftnlliiillKlilir. AnKjimr uroi el Tor
It nml t.ikti iin.it her.
A fiilimoikorCo.ilat l.iiii'st iiiiu kilt mips. Ol'
TICK, H. V.. Coin.r Will hlllii't nml I'riiiisjhuuia
tivpiitip, Mill ami lipjiotBuVpnlli-kliiPtwIiJif.
Tiiculy lniiiil'llil
nil 11 A 14 I', H O I' A N I .11 A I. N 1 mi
fiO,00 ff !rt ?A,VT.,,J.,N.r0,000
iioNiii:., iiiii ulinii.
i'o.sti:.vm:m'n, iiiuTuiiimk-.i uiciii.
.illiiiili! H.'.l.'r, Ihiriluiirl,
tiii: mvmt.iuoi'n i.aiiv.
Oil 1 O.MIA V, M'l.lll.!'r ii!!, lit II 1'. .11.
AilinUklun, no ti'iitsi Chlklipti miller nlno, "Jft
ti.nu. itps.iipiiri.iifi.iiu .Siiinisiisi i iittiib, vjiinu
t'llta. Dunn ..iui.tt 1 .mil? 1. M. 1. llul liutiii!
iniu hum l.ittr. , , ,,
l'or tlio in iuiniiK.ljll.iii of l,..ilpiiml 1 uiullli?. .
ll.tu.uiit hu t.iuis.illu lwtiu.1. il tut liiiiutiisti il.il-
foi III, Mllll
3,(1(1(1 ItiMiiril Niimlicrol (hairs,
Which in.tyUi hoiiiiisl lit llm '111 kit oniio on Iho
km. itii.l, oi hy tlioMi Mho ttl.lt lu aiul.l IhoitoKiuut
l.llls'l Mll.lo btoto, ttt tho u.u il lilluht .I'll am p.
:i 13 s t wtj xt. a. is ri,
li. fully Mt')ilp'l Willi llin llni'sl l,.iitns uml Iho
iH'nt ClllhlllO 111 tlio illy.
riiinllli'S ni)iilliil wllh ojsliis Iii anyiiiiiiiillllt'S,
ami tlm himo tlclliPiiil fi.'o of lh iiko,
'Iho )iiihllcatoliillpil,
ti'T-IID riirliliir.
ANl'l.l'.lVllllUH'I'IHl'I'tlNlTVTO WIN
A lllimi.Ni:. 'IIJNTII I11IANII IHSI'lll.
nui ion. ci.Ahs J, atni:'iiii.i:anh, iiii-.s-
IIAV, ll(IIHIi:lt II, Ih'll-lltllll KIllllllll.Y
State Lottery Company.
"Ililsliihllliilli.it uiiiii-iriilirly lnrois.inti'.l hy tlio
I,pusiiiiiio ot llm isiulu Im IMiir.-itl.. ii.il uml ( li.nlta.
hi.. .,..is.M.H in imn KoiiTiui'o.iiH or;nvi:.NTV.
KIVi: llIAlIrt, tn tt lililt onli.il I lliii lnvlol.ililof.illh
of IIiii Hl.ll" ll I'li'lKi'l Wlllilll'll.llalof tl.OlHI.OiiO, In
uhlihlt lialiiiuil.lulnnsi fn1"' "' tlM,iio.
Ills (lltANIIHINIII.i: NIIMIIl'.lt IHH-llllllliriON'
will lnkii.l mi iiiiiiillilyiii llm wsoml TueMlay. (
nrirr p.'1. nr ynnlimntt, l.tk at tho fullonliii;
illntilhiilloni .,,,
(iAl ii.iii i.t...., t w'i'.v.
100,000 TIUKiriM ATTMII Illll. I.AIIS HAC'lf.
IIAI.r-'lll'KI.I'H. OKI! IIU1.I.A1I.
i c.ii'iiiirii'p (3fi,or.o
I im iliall'ilio lo.oou
i c.iiitiiriiu! tw
i iilr.i.H ..r fj, r.ixi... M
f. l'llumif l,lsm,.,.., , 6.000
'JO I'll II'H i.t dsi I0,ti0
loo rill-omit HHi io.ooo
tioo riUuot ui 10,000
500 1'lUcal.f - fie00
l.tioo l'i U. not n 10,000
AI'I'ltOXIMATlOX I'lllZl-ii
0 Ai'liioiinialloiil'rli. sof fass. ,. t'.'.VPO
U A l.lili.xlliltllh.ll l'i Im of mm 1,800
A.).iinliiiallon I'llzcsof loo voo
1,(357 l'tUi-3 niiiC'iiiitlni! to., tlio. 1(0
lloiH.iull.la coiirunlliiB nscnU w.into.1 lit all
iiiontliu'iit l'l'liiln, lo n houi a Ills r.U i oiiiisiiibiitli.il n 111
A iiilirnlluii for lutes tt. t lulm thonlil only ho unnlo
tn llio llonioOIIIrt.itl N'.'W llll.alin.
Wiltn, ilt-ailyctiitliiKfnll tul.llvm, for fitilhcr In-
'""""" WMO,,,",U,,,M.A.llAII.lll.
I. O. Ilux flll'J, Nun Orll'ilim, I.uiiUIuiiii.
Ur Mini. I'll mm at
No. illll llrtmiliwiy, Niv York.
All our (li unit 1'jtnntnttitttryJti tttt luu in runUtr
tltt lilervtstvn nml tiKliutij fluent oUV.N I'M AIM U,
T. li:AlUtl llAltll (l.if J IIIIAI. A. I'AHI.Y.
Mil Mt
AMuutliuiul tuci'iiutoa Kiiaiautviil tn Agents,
Uutnt lay. BHAW &. LU,, Augubtu, Maine,

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