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tlV l-.tur.NF. It. Ml NDAY.
OM friends nwl new our notice) clilmi
Tlmw In norry I'llRlit
lifftrlmol nnil weiin, of grsfM iliotn
Tlicn Mntrljr, fiesh, tinilbtlcilit.
Iiiow-i'cfiel IroiijtiltlifiiWrvIci) ileum.
TIipo nllh llictr lxnuty moi
1 hoy I atiiM lirfnro s for mr ledce
Tim nlcl lyi-cs ami the new.
What ilinteeif . . 'lli'iio tnrcs'ill nro scnrresl,
Wlill IlieMi mil oli.it p unit tlr.il i
'I Mni holies lent, Iholr i. iRnr fjiciit,
'lln"orlrnli;ht tin.l Mieingnvpc.ir.
NTot iiithlpnly, llimigliMRMlyi
Clove, s0 UlO III let lclcw,
III.) tiiliiuplltollionl.l Ij pes lielf,
A nit -'clc-nino tnllie new.
Not mtlilcmly I . . . 'I ho otvltor
lint l(liiin1iiiiiinn thmiRliI,
Tlie.iiKlio-.orlliim-ii flint useless Kreiwiii
Will ncur (nil (i mwiglit:
lliKlintiRnl Innilistfine-c, l'lirKrilot elross
Tlmt ciecim their Moms tlirniiRh,
llio cunning finuiiler'a ntt Minll iiionl.l
'rii-o fill tyi-cs Into new.
'I Imii in.in, llio ).irnR(.ii or life,
'Ijimrtt f ti mat irfi r,
VleMs tnelocn'', luisMni: ciwny
'llio tt muter ef fin heiitri
lint linttt nil, -.lalneit, worn, tirnleii, nieclcel,
Worthless lomnilnl le
Tlio Muster riiiiiiite-r'fi In'ofchall Tumi
Those! nKI ftilliiswltti the) new.
riin.Aiii t.i'im. Anoint:;. ivio.
AlOlllil TllAlTlilill'uiATOU.
Long shafts of moonlight weio shoollng
ilown thinngh what seemed an almost Impen
etrable wood, nnil einlvcrlng mi tlio green
mosses. A faint nliicl dallied with tlio foli
age. Wlhl IliiwtTB llocki'd thu giniinil.
lleie In llio .sylvan n-trimt--.it All-. llaimn,
nml lio was very much nut of humor, for
every now and then sho eliotc tho point of
her paiased Into tlio lilioiroinlilig mosses,
alio looked and was downright illsgnstesl
with everything and ovcryliody. Thu hullo
nf tin on seasons, whh'h shu had escaped
lieatt-wlioln, sho was now caught, nlnl all
because of a three weeks' sojourn al a country
'J'o ho sine, moonlight sifting thiougli
villi's over n rustle pinch has something more
intoxicating than tlio glain of gas-jets; a
wandoilng, scented wind Just nil' fiom tlio
meadows has rather a liner appeal than air
vitiated hy cut 'lowers) and gas; dilvo.s uvcr
giass-grou'ii loads that aio IIciIri'iI with wild
vinos and nvoihuiiR with branches aro Just
nil lilo ellllorent In oiled finm tlio London
narks in landau or nhai'tnii; and that nut-
ninl, man, who In town Is bo carefully
-tressed, !.s, in tlio coiintiy wheio ono would
Blippeiso zoological specimens would thllvo
butler soiucthiiiR nioio hiinian, in tweed
and felt hat. At anv rain, Madgo had found
it en.
Madge hail nuvor hi;en olf her Rliard bo
foie. Hitherto she had visited fuiihloiialilo
watoiiiiR places, hut this year bIio had conio
to ii (itiuter place, and had met liyndhliiat
Hitrlngtiin. Hhodld not yet know, however,
she was In thraldom.
Khu only know sho was cioss and lono
uuiu'i and so sho sat punching tho little) blos
honw and pouting. Sho thought llarilliglnn
exceed i ugly conip.inlonahlo, and that the
other four gentlemen stopping at tlio villa
wein littlo hotter than wooden men. As for
downright, earnest lovo, why, her Intentions
for linen yeais had lieen novel-to venture
her heail a't hea, lml only to glide along the
slinie, Hilling, safo to dlsemhaikatany lime.
Yet sho was now thinking of Iiyndhuist llar
llnglon in a way many would have teinied
lovo. Hut sho would not admit this to her
self, llo was a delightful summer friend,
that was all, sho said.
.Sho liked summer, and Mowers, and lizy
alnuisplieies.and hirds, andaqiiiet flirtation;
hut when these went thoseasou hmiight new
enjoyments and fiesh tllitalions, and ll.ii
linglon coiilii go -itli them. Weio thuie no
otheis, pray, who could load Tennyton and
sing tenor ? Hut now, just this moment, It
was lather loucMinui. If ho only would
i onto I
JTo had gone to town the morning previous,
promising to rutin n In tlio evening. Sho had
walked with him Ihioiigh this wood-path on
his way to the station. Ho had lingered a
moment at the stilo heyond to tell her "how
iieaiitiful sho looked how tlio tiesh morning
air had hriglitencd the color cm her cheeks.
"Oomo this evening as far as hoin to
meet mo," lia had said, "won't you?
The path will ho a horrid lahyiinlh without
" You will suioly lelnrp ?" she had asked.
" If you don't I shall find ovoiy tieo a hoh
gohlln when I go hack nlnnu."
" Itotiirn, indeed I I shall think of noth
ing else. I shall do nothing all day hut
put out my watch to wo if it is time for tlio
Then ho caught her hand in a ipilek way,
thought a moment, hounded over tlio stile,
and hastened ilnnn tlio path turned often to
look at th pi city pictui o sho ni.ulo, listlessly
leaning on tlio stile, with a tiugo of regret in
her f.ieo. At a tin n whom sho would soon
ho hid finm sight ho had dated tow.ivo her a
Madge was now waiting aeroidlug to ap
pointment, and sho had taken caro toenntnet
a most ravMilng toilet.
lint all herllttlepiopaiatious were wasted.
I.yiiilhuisl li.liiiiigtoii did not come. .Still
sho waited. It soemed so unreasoiiahle, so
cruel to disappoint her. l'orhaps ho was
only trying to toa?o her, hadgonooutiinseen,
nml would surpiiso her diiectly hy his ap
peaianeo. A doleful sough of wind coming fioui the
daik lecessos of the woods, a sudden shut
ting down of night, undo Miss ltairou feel
something like fear, and ulin htm ti d nervously
to leturii. As it glow daiker her ilruad
hecamo terror; sho fancied stiango noises
wuio ahout; her feet scauely touched tlio
ground; sho skimmed on, lluttuiiugat heait
like some low-Hying I. lid delated fiom its
AVhat wonder that bIio vowed that nlghl,
as sho hiusheil out her hair, noverto foigivo
Mr. Han Ington. What wonder that a hm in
lesi lltllo liuiiih of violets uhicli ho had
gatheied for her tlio day previous, and
which sho had tieasuied In a va'o on her
diet.ing-ioi)ni rase, sho now found failed,
disagriHiahle, and odorless, and that sho
tossed them pettishly into thu d.irkucss finm
her window 1
" I detest him and tlio violets I" shociied.
" Ho may stop in town till duoiusilay, fur
aught I caro."
"" Mls Huron did not sleep well, and lose In
the iitorulng with a lltllo dull weight upon
Iter feelings,
" I'eihaps," sho thought, " ho will not
conio oven to-day."
As sho dressed for hroakfast ho was con
stantly In her mind.
" l'orhaps ho did It on pmposo," sho said,
"t'eihaps ho didn't, hut lost thu tialn. Hut
Jio had no huslnoss to lino tlio tialn," eho
lidded crossly. "I'eihaps ho was ill; pel haps
.omii woman had asked him to remain. Well,
if so, I don't eaie," sho said. " Ho shall see
I am'happy ouoiigh, and rJlot-uvnn jilijued,
when ho conies,"
" ytill, as tlio day wore on Madgu found
thu ladles of tlio company piovnklng, and
tlio gontleniiili iiioioiiulllteiestliig than over.
Mechanically, (nwnnl evening, sho donned
tlio sauio toilet as on tlio night pluvious, and
took a circuitous loiltu thiougli the giudoli,
that iioiio might ho cognizant of her move
ments. Kmoigiiigout of sight, she slunk
straight for tlio unod-path, ami hem wo
Hud her again listening for thu mar of thu
train, uotuithstHudlng all her angry vows of
the uieht hufoio.
lloautlful, cioss, iinreahouahluglil I
" 1 will not gn to tlio stilo," sho was bay
ing to herself, "and that will ho a disap
pointment to him."
Sho was somewhat unsettled, liuunvi.r, tor
fear alio might ho in just thu sauio pmdic.i
ment as on thu picceding uvening, and le
turu through tlio gloomy wood nloiui.
Hhu had sovnii-ulghtlis of u uiilu logo hack,
oven yet. Hut alio remained, after all, so
pervei so Js woman. ,
At last, with a sudden seieceh, the engine
camo steaming along. Miss Jlurioii hegan to
traio ilguroa outljo giound with her paiasol,
and put on ail expectant air, her leatuies
hluklng into icjioso and unconcern henign
enough to hpiielit n snlnt.
Blio saw I.yudhurst Hnn ington descuud
from thu train, amUomostrlilingoii joyously
till he camu in sight of tlio stilo, for, though
hidden herself, sho could nhborvo all his
movements. Ilu camu on i-agotly, looking to
the ilghtnud left for her, and almost stum
Med over Miks Harrou.
"Oh, Mudgol" ho cried, as lie thiew him
self at her feet, "you did foigivo me, and
havo coinu to meet mo J"
" l'nrglvo you, Mr. Darlington f" Nothing
could liu nioio icy cold, "i'lay wliat has
heen your fault f"
She lookod, as sho spoke, stialght hefoio
her, hut Willi an air of sin pi ibo which was
exceedingly well iciuutei felted.
Ilu lookod up eagetly Into her f.ico as ho
" Why, 1 was luittoiied-holcd lo death In
town yesterday. It seemed as if a con
spiracy had heen oiilcrod Into, and that
every follow I know had left his summer
haunt to go up town to detain me. I trans
acted luit half of my husliicss, and put oil
Jack Iiongloy with only a nod on iny way lo
the station. I suppon hn'll never speak lo
ma again. Ariorall, I was one mlniito loo
lale. I saw thn con founded train sweeping
out of llio station nst as I reached It. I
was in despair, thinking you would romo to
moot mo."
" f did walk down last evening, hut I can
hardly say, sir, that 1 cani'o to meet you. I
did not expect you; you might ho gone a
week. I uover thought nf ynil as liolmoh
hlng w Itii your malo friends and Riiiiiteilng
lotho station."
" Madgot" and a seiloiis look came Into
his face. " hot us stophickpiing, and Login
wheie wo left olf yesterday."
"Very well," shoieplled. "I Lellevolho
point at which you loll oil was whistling,
and I was doing nothing In particular; ro If
you wlllsttlkn oil n slave of anything, I
villi demuielv hut admiringly walk hy your
"Madgot"hoeclalmed,oxelleilly, " I did
no such thing. Do men Ra7o at slatuaiy or
paintings and whlstlo? 1'allh, my last in
incmhiatico Is of a preltler plctino than any
art room ever held. 1 saw a Iwaiillrul wo
man looking regtetnl my leaving a woman
I want for my wife."
Heio was a pmorl 1'ioposed to I It camo
like a sweet surprise, novel theless. ltul It
was contrary to Miss Haiion'stactles. Weio
weeks of ilelhihtful llirtlim tohocut olf lua
moiiienl In Hits fashion 1 How could ho
have lielleved her In eaineslf II wasildle
uloiis. Him had nieatit to phy llio Injured
nilstiess for several days, and niakn him ab
ject !u hlsell'oits tnrelii'tato himself with
her. Sho did not want a climax leached
with this man. Ilerheait had told her It
would leave a legiet hho had nover known
heforo. To avoid this now, she would hegin
with rallleiy.
" Ileally, Mr. Hart Ington," sho said, "you
must ho hiingiy or ovm tired to maVo such a
stalemenl. A well-spread lahlo, steaming
viands, comfott, ninl u wlfti must havo shot
thiougli your hraln. I can assure you n de
lightful supper now awaits you "
" Miss llnirnn," he hegan, fiounlng, with
out apparent notice of her wonls, and ilslng
to his feet, " thieu weeks ago I did not know
you, Tint In that llmo all my life soems to
havo heen ciowded. 1 never stopped to
question your actions. It seemed nslfthoio
was no need of asking for vows; they would
denote a commencement of love. I wanted It
to ho as If wo had loved foievor."
"Very well," sho said, let it ho so; no
vows, no conmieiiieiuont. You see 1 agleo
with you perfectly."
"No, I will not havo It so," he ci led, tiyl
lug to tako her hand.
" As you please," slio laughed, shiugging
her shouldeisj " I can pick my way thiougli
this hog without help."
" I hope I am not wauling in gentle he
havlor, hut hefoio I or yousllra stop fur
ther," ho said, stopping In fionl of her and
hailing tlio way, " 1 want a simple answer
to a simple iiuritlnn plain ' yes ' or ' no.1
Do you lovo me, Madge 1"
" If 1 cannot say ' yes,' perhaps 1 cannot
say 'no.' I think friendship does not jus
tify an nln upt ' no.' 1 "
" 1 don't want equivocation," liu hroke
In. "If yon loved, eyes, lips, voices, acts,
all would hlenil Into 'yes.' It must ho
'yes ' or 'no,' I say."
Madge had never met any man so master
ful. Hut shu answered, novel theless.
"Then 'no,' siiiioyou foico nio to he so
" 1 do not ask you to ho unladylike. 1 do
not say you aie. I asked you for your hue.
It was a Htiaightfoiwariliiuoslinn. I wanted
a straightfoiwaid answer. My mm, Miss
Ilai inn."
And thus walking, assisting her over
nvery trilling ineijuality of giound, they
went on to tho illa.
Miss Hairou was uvceedlngly gay that
evening. Iyndliuint loved her I Of cohosh
sho was not going into n piosy engagement.
Shu could not hedge hoi self in hy maniage.
Hut they could livo thu dellglitlul lifotln-y
had lived this hist tilled weeks always. lie
had untiling in particular to do. Why
should hu mil, when they should return to
London, visit her every day. She could,
she thought, lliit all tho same when ho was
not hy; nml his attentions, tlieiefoie. would
hu just as much gained. Her life was not to
ho ulteied an iota. Sho did not profess to
lovo tlio man. lie must not, however, scat
ter his attentions.' Ho must iiinceiitrato all
his admiration on hoi.
Hut liiwiiid tho close of tin) evening, when
Mailgo found ho had not sought her one e, n'
shadow ol a thought passeil thiougli her
iiiiud that perhaps ho was not a pondlu-dog
after ali, to hu led ahout In this way hy a
Sho had sung, thinking to lnlng him to
her side, hut ho had lounged away a tiling
ho had never donn heforo when nho was at
tho piano. She had taken a gaulun shell
with a rival, Mr. Oakley, and Lyiidhurst
hud caielessly diann up his stretched legs,
as hu sat lazily on thu verandah steps, to let
them pass down without other notiie of
their piesemo. Hu had, sho decided, faiily
ill-tieated her, a lady, and she would not
tnleiatu iudcnos. Sho would to.ich him
what was duo to her.
Hut days passed. A week woiuCiu. Shu
found no possihlo cluinco to visit her anger
on him. He never joined her. Ho was
always civil and well-hred, hut that was all.
She was ilowinight perplexed.
Sho scaicely ever met him, oleii at the
tahle. much less of an evening. Jin wont
lishlng hy siimiso, rode on hoi.seh.ick half
tlio day, nml at nlghl nsKcii the geuteiuun
up to his ihiimhei: the ladies, silting alone
in tlni pallor, heaiil thiougli tho open win
dows laughter ling out ami gay songs heing
sung. It was getting maddening.
One ovoliing Madge culled heiself up on
a sof.i and looked at tho matter soiiously.
Shu inilsl outgeueial him. lint hmi' 1 Sho
had tried hauteur, mid it had signally
failed. Now sho would tiy a dash of "giving
in," oven though it hurt her to do so. Sho
would plant heisolCou tho old fooling.
Just then Lyudhuist stepped into tho
loom, cautiously at Hist, as if feaiiug her
piosciico. She immediately line to meet
him. Ilu did not stmt, hut looked her over
from head to foot without a wind. She gain
said: " Don't you think your highness is uver
dfilugfl things n tiillu if" Then shu lost con-
fi-nl ol liersell, ami slioweil her vexation.
"Sng In mo," s)i flip'!, ''wa)k with nie,
talk to niu, do anything to ohlitcatu this
doleful week."
" Well, Miss llarinn," huanswenul coolly,
" suppose wo walk and talk. I'll say under
thu stars what 1 said under tho oaks, and you
shall glvo mo n tine answer."
Sho looked iff. Iilni n i)oniet, and tluin
faiily hlaed.
" I novel- saw such peislsteniol Thank
heavenl J go homo toinonow, wheio gelitle-ii-ii
know what to do to u lgdy and tako
' no ' for no ' without getting sullen, (loud
uiglit,Mr. Han Ington, and good.hyi). Ifynii
ever consent to hu less boorish, peisisteiit, 1
shall ho pleased to seoyon In town."
Ilu watched her nut of the loom, and thou
sat down to tho piano,
Miss It.irion's first Impulse was lo rock nilt
the paily on tho lawn; hut somehow oyeiy
face on earth hut onu seemed tamo. Then shu
lesolved to go into thu library and lead) hut
books were so wearying,
"I would play," sho mild, pettishly, " If
that hlglioiideil iiiaspujlno was iiotmiuiiipnll
ilig (hi) piano,"
Just at this pnlnt she lunst lull) trms,
Ciying, usually to Miss llarion, ciiiniistod of
a coiiplii nf teais iuojHul up by a bit nf laco.
Shu had never befuio lliiomi heiself down In
such a ii)ip shape and got herself Into such
a thorough tempest of weeping as now. Sho
was an our at It. (Iradiially sho gotcalmer,
Shu sat up ami began n consider what was
next to do.
She tiled In think nf going homo as a pleas-
tn i near at hand. Home! What had she
them t Only all old aunt who closed III a luiu
cap, ultli ii cup (if chocplato at Jicr ellmw,
half thu 1 1 1 ntt. I'lio ineuioryol those pleasuiit
days heio would dlivo lier wild III that
gloomy hi. use. Then shu acknowledged that
It would hu tui libit) any where without
" Hu will dilvu mu wild," shu said," hang
ing in that way on tlio piano."
Shu passed into llio hall and looked into
tho drawliig-iooui, wheio ho sat placidly
" l'oor fellow-1" shu thought. " How can
I call It obstinacy? It looks like miseiy written
all oyer his fuatmus. And isn't ho supeih
looking 1 Why no nnu olso has over ap
proached him. And ho will hu initio it I
Bay it."
Suddenly can you touijuehend it I shu
walked straight into tho parlor and stole up
behind him, put her nuns about hU neck,
and pleased her cheek against his.
Not a wind was said lor some momuuls;
Jiu.t his tlugeis foil fiom tho keys, his aims
dropped listlessly at his sides, his head sank
lower and lower on bis breast, mid M.iilgo
foil ft mlsl (jalhcrlng In her eyes a mist of
happy tears.
" Conio out under llio stars," she whis
pered; " 1 want In say 'yes' to you."
" I nm answered, Madge," ho said, draw
ing fuin of her hands over his shoulders and
talking ttltii It against his lips. " Let us
not mar Ibis moment of surprlsn and ny by
n slnglo word."
"Lyiidhurst, you atu as provoking as
ever. When I, will not, I must; now 1 will,
1 shall not. 1 shall havnlopractlco humility,
1 see, and study iny hud's mood.s. You've
played tho high hand long enough, and I
Insist in siylng 'yes' In my own way.
Then', now, If you don't want tospeak again
In an hour, I will resl my faro here and
" I don't think you will find mo a tyrant,"
ho said, kissing her. " Hut conio out, Madge,
and let ns compare our mutual mlserlei
dining the. past week."
llo led her through tho open window,
holding back llio swaying vines for her lo
pass. Theie, ariu-lu-arm, under tho staif,
let us leave Ihein.
Lonilnu (Untie.
Tho loyal tomli at tho lvirurlal, near
Madrid, Is peihaps the most Impressive
foreign mausoleum that continues to iccelve
shrined and mfllucd kings and queens, II
w.is commenced by Philip II, advanced by
l'hlllplll, and completed by l'hlllp IV In
IRfi I, lleie Is accommodation for twenty-six
dvad kings and queens of Spain in twenty
six niches, each furnished with its black mar
ble saunphagus, thu kings lying on tho light
sldo of the gieat nltai, tho queens on the
left, and each urn distinguished with tho
nainoof Its loyal occupant. Willi tho ex
ception of I'hillp V nml KiMillnaud VI, all
llio monarch of Spain aio hurled hero since
Its foundation, and foremost among them the
tomb uf Chailes V eomiiiands tho visitor's
attention. It was opened by tho loyolu
tlonary .liint.i In 1 Sti'.l, and tho great Km
pernr's remains were found to be In excellent
presorvallon. Thu acquisition of liomu by
thiijtallau Cionn In JSTO turned thu l'au
llieon, so Riaphlcally described by " Chlldu
Harold" as
Simple, eleel, t-eieic, nnileie, hillillim1
Hlnhiiiof nil Minis nml tciuili)nr nil rihIs
to thu mom ninndnno purKises uf a loyal
lnaiisnluiiin. Hero, whole llaphael lies, coin
mended In posleilty hy tho eulogy of (janll
nnl Heinbo, was laid away two yeais ago
King Victor Kmannel, and hencefoiward tlio
houso of Savoy to whom In thu past many
a glided monument is raised in what Is now
quiet, provincial Turin as masters of the
imperial city, will leave their bones under
its famous dome. Hut If tho lioiuans have
their l'anlheon, tho l''loienllnes havo their
Santa Cioce; and, though as a temple It can
bear no conipailsnn with the great simple
chinch which thu Unmans love to honor, it
contains "ashes which make it holier." Did
It contain "the mighty dust" of Dante,
l'etraich, and Hoeeaccio, it would certainly be
the gieatest of all foreign Westminster Ab
beys, but even without the remains of the
lllustiious three, it Is second to none in
bilnciiur under ono roof lepresentatlves of
art and poetry, philosophy and science.
Anueln's. Alfletl'M imnes, unit Ills
'llio slurry (l.illlio Willi Ills wt.es:
lleie M.iililiH'111'flo.nlli H'lnriieilliiliclicoUloHe.,i
Alfleil's beautiful tomb and monument
were erected by his friend and adiuiior, the
Countess Albany. MachiavolHdled In Lri27,
but the monument in Santa Cioeti was not
elected till 1787. Thu long delay mav bo
considered, pel haps, to ho In pait .atoned for
by tho llattering insciiptlnn, " Tanto liominl
nullum par enlogiiim."
In tho Chinch of St. Michael, at Moscow,
repose tho leinaliis of llio llussiau sover
eigns, with veiy few exceptions, fiom tho
timo Moscow hiT.iino an iinpeiial lesidcuie
up to llio close of the S"M'nieenlli cunlury,
when tho Czars migiated lo St. l'eleishiiig
and made their lestiug ilacu theie. I'liini
Ivan Vassillevitch I to the the last Ivan, tho
lolleaguo of 1'eter tho (Ileal In tho (Vauloiu,
wo have here an alnne-t jieifect collection of
Hie dead Cais. Kach tomh has hut a small
silver plate hearing thu nanin of tho deceased
sovereign and llio eia of his death, but taken
together those simple saicojihagi pi each lo
us a most eloquent epllnnie ofthe histoiy of
old Muscovy, and tho lisuand piogiess abai
bai ons Asia! lo power .iihloved at the hands
of its cnpahlu tyrants. Hegliining in older
liihl with that libit) Czar, the first Ivan, the
founder of llussiau greatness, who ascended
the throne of Moscow ill ld(!'2, wo mu le
lnimlod thai, fcrncioiiSLty rant though ho was,
he taught his peiqilo timlo and conuneiin
witli foreign nations, inliodii 1 gunpowder
and casting cannon, and induced civilized
Kmnpu to send him ambassadois and so icc
ogliize his title and his Ihiniio. )ly his side
liu Vassili Vassillevitch the llllnd so-called
on account ol his eyes having been put out
and Ivan Vassilievilch II, boii of Ivan tho
(lre.it. Ill a liulghboiiiig chapel icpnso the
leinaliis uf the most restless of all llussiau ty
lanls, vau IV, or " the Teiilhle," ns huwas
mnro lltly known lo hisunfoiliiiiatoHiilijctts.
Ho it was who put out the vycs of Hip aiii
tect of tho Holy Tiillity of Moscow lest hu
should build as peifecta strmtuio for any
other iiinuauh. ilu munleieil, also, his own
son in a fit of liiutal passion, an when he
passed away in a paiovysni of fuiy, in 1.181,
lioyaid and peasant fell and equal roller.
His lnindeied sou lies besido him, an in (he
saiiiu chapel is tlmi tomb of his successor
I'Voilor, the last of tho diicct houso of Itiiiik.
Thu soveii'igus of tho houso of ltoiuauoir aio
Inleiretl ill the bisly of the ihiiieh. 1'iist
tollies Michael I'eoiloiovitch, a jn-mluiit and
modeiatu monaich, whoso ehctton to the
thiouo ii Ii) 111 iit an end to a long scene of
civil bloodshed, mid lestoied ti,iniiiilllly to
tho country. His son's ashes Alexis Ml
chaelluvllch aip lqixt to his; hu who who
ie vised tho todo of laws of. Ivan II, .nml com
menced lefoiins after llin Webtetn i.iteiii.
He, tho father of l'etor the (lre.it, died in
llifli, and oppiisilo to his tomh am those of
J'Y(iitn)' nnil vnn, tho c'lillil wo for a slmit
tiuio lelgiied In company with l'oter, a lay
soveielgn. The other sovelclgus of tho house
of lioniauoir, beginning with I'eter the (licat,
aio to bo follliil 111 St. I'eteishill'g, Willi Hie
single cixiepllnii of I'eter II, who changed
his loidenco to Moscow, and was carihd nil'
by smallpox in 17U0.
V'nr an HugllMiiaii Jhu Chunh of lioskildo,
near Copenhiigeii, possesms a singular ami
exceptional interest. Heio lies ll.iiold VI,
" King nf Deimiaik, Uimland. and Norway."
who died 111 Ibo year ilfcll A. D., and who,
actoidliig to the ipsciiptiou on his giavo
stone, "niciiill scaudeio celsa poll." lie
was siirnauieil "Hlaataud," was tho sou of
(loiiuuo II), or !'od," and ils name occiiis
frequently In tti Saxon chioulcleis ns one of
tho invaders of Unglaiul In thu tenth cejtiy.
Ho estahllshed his authority fiver tho king
dom of the liast Angles and Noilhunibia, and
was tlm father of u io of Mugs, of whom
Swoyn I, his son, was well and terribly
known for his dcpi citations on our coasts;
while Canute, his giniulson, veiy justly
tailed " tlio (Ileal," who uiiilid ill his n:r
sou thu iiownsof Knglaud and Ihuuuaik,
was iindouhleilly ono of tho uiost powerluj
jiiiutes of his time. Tho lino of this llaiold
was extlntt with llaidlealiute, tho last sov
ereign who woiu the douhlu iiowu. In this
iutcic sting mausoleum leposexaLsiiSweyu 11,
the gieat king of titi "Mdio Itacp," who
asculiiled the thiouo KM-A, II, A J.alln In
scilptfnii on his tomb calls him, llko Haloid
VI, "King of Deiunaik, Unghind, and Not
way," and though during his reign I'Mwaul
the Coufpssor had undisputed sway over ici
S.imiii realm, when ho died mid tlU rfoiiuaus
put in tiei'i')aiii, this )ady Noisi'iunp scut
a fleet to (ntiuccpt "ho lomjllcior,"
Hem, ton, ti tlio tfiiuh with ailfiwiifnclligy
in aiaiiaster ol thu famous Maigaivt, tho
" b'ciiiliaiulu of Hie Ninth," m " thu King in
pettltoats," she has been vnilously
styled hy mi adiutiiug people. Shu was
Imrn in HIM, lhoi.'iughtcrpf W.'ildciiiar 111,
w1i.ii said pf hu) (hat iialui)) had iuteinli'il
hel for i) iuai, upd cied in leaking her a
woman, Shu was i boson Queen In ItlM
tho flist inlaii('i' it U sa'd, if a w'oiinu hay
ing been ulci led sovereign by llio sulliages
of a people and an Inscription on her tomb
announces thai tlio luouiiuicut "wiiHialscil
at thu oxpeliso of i In of I'onitnoinnla, in
iiieiiiory of apilnuss whom posterity would
uover siilllclcutly honor as shu deserves,"
In 11)97 she iiuilod Noiway, Sweden, and
Deimiaik under her ciowu. All thu soy
crclgns of tlm housii of Oldenbiiig nio In
tell ed In Jtoskihlo Chinch, save John Chils
tiau II and Frederick I. CliiUliau I, thu
founder nf thu Hue, lies In a small chapel
without any insciiptiou to his memory.
Here, too, may bo noticed the chiwilila
Chiiidian IV, ono of tho heroes of inoiterp
Danish history, and alternate Fredericks
and Cluietluug. I.'liilbtlaus and riciloiiiks,
follow In buwlliluilug biiefeibli.n, ii)kng to
gether in fiagmeiitary illustiatoin Ihu story
of Deiunaik mid Its kings. Tlio philosopher
as well iih thu historian may lead with in
spect ami liileitst thu ejitaph on onu of tlio
Chilstiaus who Is luirtutl hem, II inns sim
ply thus: " Mulu llolliiung 1st (lot) alloiii.
Tieu IstWildprutt." Wildputtwas lit dug.
ijcjiUi.M.wMmj'icii cw
Hy sntier Hioimi Heard, wlioin mon khcm to Invo seen
of whiter! niiilimtniiierswiniollilrty-ntiil-KH-fii,
Trlprssl llRlilly (li.MTiewesof sweet smeiiteen,
Tliotsinnlfst erMtnro on tills Milobf licnven.
' ' llmv pleisaiit ttie MenliiR ulRlis lint stir
Tlio riKtlltiR lenes ns tlio wikkI Rrcm s illm f "
Sueti aimless wonls spike, lili lips to tier,
Hut his Ik it t wni mtilleiliiglow tolilnu
"ii, tint tlmsiiintnernt llto weie "I'tliig I
i, to tnve foiuiit tie! ImigimniiiieisnRo?
Is It yet tixiLiliit Wonl.t (Ms liilRlilyciiiiiRllilnr;
llltellinli'iis'iif liei yinitli to nli, no, no, nnl"
' Yes, jOeKiiit It Is wlien llio wils grow ilhit,
'I'olie.ir llinneniiil of llio lei) en Hi il stir. '
Such trltlnl wunlsoilil licrllpstolilm,
Hut 1k r lie.nl was wMpetliiR tow lo lu-ri
"Istlierecieramiii lltco llio tnnii tint 1 sw,
A inin llle Hie Hij'nnl of urm uru?
Ilu tlilntti mo elillilMi unit fuelMi, nli ion !
Coul.t lioieallycnw fnr nli, m no, no 1"
(Juolli liMI.s, "llooit nlRliti jciiinroiiownt lllllllc.,,
Prnjcsl Ms heart, "(led Metier, wlmso cier slio
l.o in
HaMliel ltM, "IIikhI iiIrIiIj Jell Well! Unit "lo cs.nio."
(Igliisl her lieiit"No lio neier, cnuM iieier Imo
mo I"
Tlm 'ilnu roc Which ii ('outlet Wiih
Nenl In Miic-NlllK I'rlHon.
lMmll News.
Ill 18C0 I was a student at the old
" 1'armeis' Academy," at (losheii, N. Y.,
near Now Yoik clfy at least It Is about
slxty-flve miles fiom It. Ono nlghl III No
vonibor Mail I'alnes and myself weie coming
homo fiom a dancing paity out at Snake IHU.
Tho night was daik and cloudy, but the
louils were occasionally biokeii n llltle, and
thus gave tho moon a chanco to peep nut and
show us our mute. Wu weio walking hoinii
aiiine, having left a Riolip of gills behind In
clmigo of Ned North and Hobby 'White, two
of thu boys who liked to bo with gills belter
than wu two did. In thosu tlaj-s I was not
veiy timid, and I wasqultoasBtrongas I am
now, but a leal, caincsl, rough-and-tumble
test of my stiength had nover been called
Wo wore tiudglng along ahead of the lest
of our lltllo party, when suddenly Tallies
stailled me with the proposition In out across
lots and go through llio cemetery, which
would shoiteu our ioiirnoy a little, mid ghe
us a chance to get Into tow n far ahead of our
When Malt and 1 got tothocoiiier wheio
tho stlln ciossed thu fence leading into tlm
silent dwelling-place of the dead, I fell for
my match-box to get a "luclfer " with which
In light a fiesh cigar, (smoking Is no new
habit with me, you see,) and ronichow 1
managed lo dt op the hex, and as It sli lick
tho wooden stilo with a sharp metallic ring,
wu lieald a well-ilellned "whist," that was
half a w old and half a low whistle nf warning.
Wo two l.uls Instantly sunk to tho ground,
wilggled up close to thu fence, anil began to
look and listen in order to see where the noise
came liom. In a moment Malt nudged mu
and whlspeied, " (Iravu lobbeis, hy thun
der I" And Sinn enough as just then tho
moon came out, and wo saw two villainous
looking chaps, who to my distorted Imagina
tion, at Hist looked to bo aliout eight feet
high. While tho moon was shining Ihoy
stood pctfcctly motionless, hut a moment
later, when It hail withdrawn Its light, they
stooped down and resumed tliuirillsiepulahlo
lly tills time we had got their hearings
piet'ty well, and I, who had been grasping
Mail's band, suddenly felt him begin lo
liemblo. At Ihsl I thought it was fear, but
a moment later I knew what was the matter
when hu faiily hissed in my car: "Charlie,
that is Amy's giavn, and if yon will stand by
nm I will kill or captiii uthe hellhounds who
mo trying to tear her out of it. thenil"
I had never imagined It before), but in a
twinkling I grasped the idea nf why hu had
been so giiiiu si nee beautiful, haughty Amy
H died, and I was in a moment as angry
as lio was. We listened and watched, and
made oul that thorn was out) uegin and one
white man in tlm giaveyaul the negio
being a eel tain big, spray-footed inoko from
" i'iddlei's dleen," a classic porllon of old
(losheii, w heio tho lilggms luno lived over
slnco their Yoik Slato aucestois were set
fieo, for you lumeinher that Blavcholdiiic
wasouco thu custom in that Stale". Thu
other chap was sinallei, and was evidently
a man uf tho kind who piefcned to let others
ilo the haul wink. Ho gave onli'is. Now,
the.su grave-iobbei.s don't dig open tin; entile
giave. They simply ilig a nolo In hesnto
tin) inavo, smash in the colllii-box and
casket, mid with a hook or lope, drag out
tlio poor dead lemiiaul of inoilality, double
it upand tin list it into a hag, lelill thu hole,
leplacu the turf, and dlivo olf.
Hy tho time wo got our plan of attack
upon them digested they had dug their,hule
and weio making airangouients tosinash thu
cnllln with a sharp eiowhar when wu up and
at 'em. Tlio feiicu near the stilo was hiokeu
down, and wo had each selected ono of the
sepiaiu pickets as a weapon. They liso vak
pickets down lliuie", Cliaillo; heavy oak,
about an inch square, and they weu cm cl
ient, 1" break a loan's head with at luast a
whit" man's head; but I found a mimed
man's skull a haul nut to crack. Wo made
a clash over the graves and weio upon thcui
before they got faiily tin ned lo faco us for
thu scamps did not inn as I thought they
would. I sedected tho white man, hut as wu
closed in upon Ihein I found that I had the
Afiican to ileal with, and I led him have it
with all my might, stumbling as 1 stunk,
and falling upon thu giound witli thu ghoul
on teqi, my head ami his heels being in close
pinxiuiily. Tochaiigo " ends" wnsashoit
job, and just as I was fastening inygiipon
his (Inpat he got onu of his long aiiS fieo
and dealt inn a htuilblo bow hutwuci tlio
eyes, and the sauio moment I y a Hash,
hcaid a shaip cpoit, heaiil Mint yell, ami
thou all hecamo confused, fur I only kqow
tjiat I and lat Itqiihly siong black eleyjl
Woi lo(kc'd in each ntiiiq's nuns that I bad
his head " in clianeeiy," and almost had
one hand on ids tlnn.it.
1 nover shall foiget tho agony of those few
moments wheuwo each fought for llfo. They
seemed llko bonis as wo wiitbed mid smug
gled thcio over thu giavcs. If 1 could have
got him by tho throat I could soon havo fixed
him, hut wo each had to iimi a hand for pin
tcetion, and It soon developed lull) a meiu
question of eiiiliiiaiico." 1 had nn time) or
liieath to tall for help, and, indeed, 1 am
not sine that I thought of it. I only thought
nf how In choko till' that black anil hideous
lleml, and at tho same tluo keep hmi
fiom lislug to his feet lo choktt niu oil'. 1
almost prayed for an aim six inchi's longer
In older to get my digits aitiuiul liis thioat,
fur wo weio locked lu such i queer shapo
that, although t liail his (eail iniler my
ai in, 1 c'oiihj not get. iiy bands upon Ills
Ihtuapin ilint, and for n lime I almost
eli'SpnliisI, until tini Iiig fellow, by nil ell'mt
that must have stinined his niiiuele.i not a
lltllo, managed togut to his knees. Hull was
too quick for lilin, mid, bieakiug all holds, 1
spiang to my feet, mid slunk him sqiiaie In
the faco. 1 could hit haul in theme days,
Clem lio, and, after stoggcliug lihn, I closed
with him again, ami taking him by the
tlilo.it. I well, I guess I hanged his head
over agiiliut the pretty headstone that Is
sailed to the memory of Major Winston's
They lold nm altei ward that Hob White
and tho gills licaid Mart jell, and hoanl Ibo
pistol-shot, and a moment atlerwanl saw a
man spilug over tho feme, leap into a wagon
thai had been standing lu thu shadow, and
then suddenly, with a cry of lulu, fall nut
again. A moment hitpr, healing thu upgio
nii'l tup paniipg ami snuggling Hi tlio grave
yaid, Hob had made a hicak hu wheio i was,
and had gut tlqiu Just as I had managed to
batter tho ugliiieas out nf thu black ghoul's
lieail, .-tint hail l.ilntcil away. Just then
Mint mvlvcd (he had not been hint badly,
hut a bullet It-It an ugly iltgp along his
lliiht temple,) and Ihoy tied thu uegin with
ills onii opofl, nnil wpql pi loo); after tho
wupo guoiii, no was iiicio suiu ci(iigu.
Malt had biukeu Ills light foieana with Hint
oak picket, apd tliu fellow did not find It. out
until no si i in I. againsi nio wncei in cimuT
lug liiln tho wagon and tho imln caused. hhu
lo fall. Tim tumble knocked his head
against a clod, and It inadu lll'u a blank- loi
hhu for a lew minutes.
Wo I'ecnRtiUcd Ii I in as a uicu ycuinc; man
who had been loafing about town for somu
weeks, and wu thought hu was too badly
hint ami scaieit to nccii inuili watclilng,
Hut while wo weio loading thu negio Into tho
wagon our "nltu young man," who was a
pi ofussloualBiipply agent for ucei tain college,
hud given us usllp; but unstayed by our col
ored fileinl until wu saw him safe, behind the
piiaon Lais Hint nlglit, unil, f pyoy yim nto
detiiilpel o go down to. Sng-SIg to inttuvlew
soiiio iiicat in sou iilni, inmiiru for No.
2,621, i,ud that I Nick l'aiiuluu, tho coloiod
Orangu cminty giavo robber, sent up for a
long tenn for that night's work. Ilu killed
a Keeper altcutaitl, ami they mado him a
J did nut get out of bed after that tiisslo
tor two clays, aim lu this hour 1 mu not uvcr
fund of lonely giayeyards.
Iticllnu l'.lcphmils In .Virion.
I.oiei Times.
Them has been much talk recently with
rrforoiicn In tho utilisation of tho Indian
olephant lu Africa, and as nn pporlinulf
tho King of the lloigl.ins went to tho oxpeliso
if getting Iwomilns and two females brought
from tho (lovernmeiit of llombay. These,
with fix mahoiitu mid ft serge-nnl, worn
shipped In the Chlnsitra, and after n voyage
if twenty-tliri'o days reached tho African
ist at Msisanl bay on May 21). Mi Vainb'ii
ilelivcd, onu of tho llelglan ovplorers, elc
etibes llio illsenibarcalloii 111 ft letter to tho
Commit too of tho International Afilcau Asso
Slatlon, Msasaul hay Is a llltlo lo Ihu north
west of Dir-es-Salaatn, and tho animals weio
iandcil on May ill. Tho noirest point of tho
coast to which tho Clilnsura couhl approach
was 2(M) yards olT, and Dial wnsrorored with
llilek Jungle. Tlio nearest favorablo point
was tOD yards nil, and 11 was ieolve'd to
Hleiiipl to' maknthoelephaiils swim this ills
lance. On a foremast a system nf pulleys
was ananged which permitted of raising Hie
lephanls from tho hold, moving them to thu
nidi! of tho ship, Ami allowing tlieui to descend
into the nea an npeiatlon both dllllciilt and
dangerous. Thu lirsl elephant to be dlsein.
lull ked was surionnded with iojios to which
clung two mahouts. They passed under the
lmdy a iioilof belly-band mado ot blankets
nud a sltong doilbli! cabin, tho tixlielnllles
of which weio .ittnched lo a strong double
The animal thus tied up fonui'd a huge
ball, which was raised fiom tho bottom of
the hold In-eho feet or fifteen feel above llio
luhlgo, swung loiind In thhty feet finm thu
sldo nf tho ship, and then allowed to do
stolid Into the sea. At tho moment uf Im
meisluu, the mahouts, clinging to the) back
of tho animal, cut thu lopes around tho ele
phant, which thus found Itself at liberty In
thu water. Tlio operation now becaino (mi
tlcnlaiiy Interesting. Almost torpid by a
month's sojourn at tho bottom of the hold,
surprised at finding Itself suddenly iilnngcd
Into tho waler, tho poor elrplinnt, epuHe con
fused, did not understand tho onlurs of thu
piahoiits, and, not knowing whero to tut ii,
iemalneel niolinnless, Tho mahouts roused
r. up with their pi Ices, while It was forced to
turn from tho ship by means of n rope at
tached lo a boat. The) imor animal turned
twice to tho ship as If seeking for its com
panions from which it had been su suddenly
separated. At last, after somu eITort, they
sifeeeiled In getting it away fiom tlio ship;
the sight of Ibo shorn seemed (o put life Into
It. It inniicd lately began to pwim ton aid
the coast with raised trunk, and leaving be
hind it a hinad wake. It rapidly coveted
'the SCO yaids, and on leaching turra fltnia
began to run about joyously, to thngieat as
tonlshuient of tho natives who watched the
Hist tamo elephant tread tho soil of Zaiul
h.ir. Tho others worn illseuihaiked nuxt
day, thu ship lu the meantime having been
ablu loappioach tu within about KHI yards
of thu coast.
Tlio I'ti-Ht Hide Tlironeli C'nnoii.
Two ailvoiituioiis lnlners recently took a
riilo through thu lilack lloin Canon, tu tlio
Yellowslono Iteigion, uover hefoio traversed
by man. Had they boon ablu graphically to
ileseribo their advoultuc. they would havu
lold a (ale seldom equaled in thrilling Inci
dents. Wishing lo save 200 miles' travel
.Hound thu mountains, they concluded to tiy
tho canon. With somo tools they had 111
'their mining camp they built a fiail cralt at
tlio bottom of the canon, havlnir iiiovioiisly
taken down their material of led cedar. Tho
boat was made twedvo feel long, thieo feet
wide, and, upon trial, was found to carry lis
caigo of height and passengi'is admirably.
So em the morning of thu 2:)d of duly they
untied it and pushed Into the current. Thu
insli of the) river, which before) staitlng
was almost deafening, was teriiblo ns the
boat stalled on its journey thiougli this un
known roiro. In ro hack was iinpnssihlc:
to climb Hie solid limestone! walls which ioso
600 feet alsiyo their heads, whole a nan on-
stieak of light lighted up their course, was
not to ho entertaineel as a means or escape;
through they must go, tupling to their
ability to avoid locks mid to tlio stieiiRth nl
their cralt to urn thu rapids which they met
at ovoiy bend of tho canon. Thu loudest
.halloo was heanl as a whisper, (linttns,
eaves, unknown ii'cosses ot liatino -were
passes! hy these hanly navigators, lu place's
Hocks of mountain sheep, startled by tho
.appeal aiico of tlio euiitsily lushing hy he-
low them, would inn along a leilgti or locks,
jump fiom ci;i; to eiag, whom looting for
Viail wtuld ho impossible, and disappear,
''veiling coming on, they attempted to tie up
for thu night. Thoy wen ked tlio boat close to
liniiip-jiimpcd nut, and away went the craft,
cm lying thu guii'i and pinvisinns. With
starvation behind them and baldly a foot
hold bofoin tlieui, their chances ot keeping
on wore doubtful, when they luckily found
two logs, which Ihoy lashed logotln'r with
their belts, and again ti listing to thu live)'
and still niiiio ehingeioiis locks, thoy sot out
lu seal eh for their lin.it, which they found two
miles below, whom it bad slopped in an
eddy. On tio atteinoon of tho thiid day,
whilo wouileiliig how ninth longer thu Hig
Canon inulil possibly he, thoy suddenly shot
out into the beautiful Hig Honi Valley, with
I'm tC. P. Smith on their light.
"Tin-in: was ono tiling iny faun never
could raise," said thu obi man, ns hu sollly
worried Ihu loll of tobacco, and thwn expec
torated on the stove. And as tho statesiueu
who woiu sitting mniind tlio cracker ban el
patiently awaited Ills explanation, ho con
tinued : "And that was a inoitgnge."
Iloekland Cornier.
Natiiiik does not execute "snap " judg
ments, lill llln.lii wiuns Hid cillelider liRillnst lul
lins hy liu inllt limine pilii. Hlwi ntleiitlmi to In i
wiq iiIiirs, :oii Like l). Hall's I.iIIiiuiio Pills hi a
IflMMl thou lo pitiieiit tlio ciiitiMcliliidit of lIl-SMkC.
I'l It e r in'lls.
Cofurr J'ciiihi. Atw. anil Xlnlli SI.,
Cash Ailwuins lllaili' M'hrii He
'IUI.SIIAVH, lllllllsliA'iri, iiml h.n HllllWS.
JOHN 11. KKIeleV,
IJEAI 1.1) M 1 (HST-C(.Ab
h-um:i iii:t;r a nji:oi a ii V,
HIU628, C20, aielCJiiCcHUoJIailct. Mutli i-lrevt
ttll.j. lin.lCuU.ui.liOi Nell In 111 l.lluilv Mill kit, er
in'!tru.t ll( 7U('lly 1'n.l iiiUcu. KJ-MuiUelliic
uaili'reil fluu uf t tiiiKO lo nil .n ii uf Mm t lly. nc2atf
Kltaiiug nuil llalr-Dmsiug Saloou.
Ttm Uiiicbt, cle.u.t-et, luu-JMHtut, iibil uit-bt com
foitultlolu tlio tlty, only tLo Wot liailHtiM uiu
Vty aov'27-tt
mm in ii ii w,,
CM'occdcis and iu.uov$!.
B. Bryan & Bro.
I'iiit ( iilcr Vinrgsir, llii-rc joarn old
mailp In Marj laud, wai raiilrde I'mc
Splrfs, all kind?, (irrrn (Jiitgcn
While it llrown Sugars, al lowrsl
mm rr.NNNYi.VANiA Avr.Niii'.,
innyll-ly (IpiioslliOleli-opolUnn Hotel.
Itoolllloi'H OfHlllVltH,
anii -iioi.i-Ai.r.i.iiiMm liiiAi.p.iit.
017, fpV), nn.l nil Uiiililin-i avciuie.
A(tenl nf tlio llltllANA DATAWHA WIN I'd,
)lVOI'.'8lllllbt.lANT(lll.,tliosirel HIiilulliSK.rlll
tlinnnllill nisei for HAUVIWr gltKI'.N l'AMII.V
nnil -sn.vrusi'lciMCl l. l ie. r i.utm.
gkvmij mid $iuty.
ni!:i Seienlli Nlrecl XnllllllPMl,
VAH1IIM1T(., 1. !.
ltllFl'.IIM '10
(leu. II. tt. ItueVcr, (), St. 1)., It. H. A.
Col. UiurlcVJInHcry, U. .. A.
Cut. .InmenM. hie, ) 31. 1)., U. h). A.
Cipt. II. W. Ilcmgnle, If. H. A.
Cutit. lleiiry.l.ietcMio, .Hi (.'.iv.ilry.
(-.ipt, thus. .1. SH.iicer, tf, S, A., I'lortwi Mili
tary ("eleni i! nnil Tactic s,
l.leot. .lames Itpgan, Mil lur.uiliy.
I.teol. .Inliii II. Jln-ut-, IJ. H. M.
CMit, IIA.jtirtleliMniliinlVips. inaylMy
Tlti l.ingfsl Assorlnifiil and
Host (ionds In (he Uoild.
llliislralivl PltlC'H I.I 8TS seal cm api'll-
ojio. v. imxxisa,
ilecJS-lf Washington. " c-
Four Iron VI ro Escapes.
Torrm S''i $3a and $2.50 por d.iy.
r.N'IAlll.lSIII'.ll lH'.l.t.
1 OMAT, ilinlit! h.iiilloes, lii iuailer locs,oiily '2 jier
1I1171M1: Mtiuiil.iln '1 1 out, Fi leil Sea '1 1 mil. Am ttuvlc, a
I.'lliilli) aiiilalsaiiiiiiue; II uliteck lloes, Klpiicicil
(I It N N
V.n moiitli ltliiiters, An
elitoy r.iste, rotteil Ham,
Slillnip l'.istu, 1'iilleil
Tulljllie, I.iicMiiiv.' Cliul
lll'V. l'.irnies.in ( 'lieesc,
I.S luces Ulc.lt ntl(ly.
(.'(K'elA ANII MILK,
I'lti'i'Aitrn I'licicot.ATr,
i'.iiiiiii:n'h i'.viiiaci' ot-
Nimr.s. 'ihihi, stoik tui no, i:.iiiMt, pirihiu,
blKHps Haul, TciKipIn, M.ut.uiiiil, ulc, vie.
Ca Ur I'll kM. lUbt IiHUiUlhiKlii4tSliiirtil Oil Miiu
(:''. CIiuw-CIiow, H.iMiy, Aiitmnii ('lutprn, Cluiu
iniii-n, MitMili'-t, loil, lti.unllt.-H, :unl W'liisVlos.
"'o Imvn now In tnrk nnu nf Mm nm-4 -oiiiti to :is-s-.rtnifiiti.f
riNl'.UItHCriMIX In tlm UlilhVl SI itci.
'inn run igu liiHMiH Afin -Ht'it't ten iii m-i,si-ii tnuiiij; int'
past humiiKT, ami nirangfiui'iitH iii.nl-.) fori-Iili-iuotili
nuintlily. .
"Will ftiruiiiil im Ices ami (auii'le- mIicii irnmMi'il,
srKciAL aiikaniu:mi:nt madp. with aumy
AND NAVY. IIihhIh i.ukfl fur Milineiitto any
IMilnt fieii irilurK. f'diniiilsKluiis U I'uirlnfOtfoiHli
nut Iiiour Hiio.ittt'iitlcHl In, Ilau UM iloalliiri ullli
mili'Diti ot tlm Al my and N.ivy Miico tlio Mexican u.ar,
nnil uuvt'r filled IukImi p.itlsf.u tlmi.
WIiivh, Ilr.uidU'-', ami I.lqiicuis. Vroi-.li luipoilatUni
ir C'holro C'laieH,
vike (HiAitirr onijY ?i mil no.., iackiui.
i.tii-ouTi:it.N ami iii:ai.i:k.s i.v
Miiil) mill I'mioy sT'riii'ri'ii'H,
Tlllilo I.uvurloN, Ac.
121(1 V Street NorlliurNl,
oni: lit.ocK r.Asr ok thu rimrrr ihuisi:.
is. ir. w: iiKKP, )
'. H. lli.i n. (
In CltHICS, lilt: ii(lHlmiiili:l Mhltlc
xiila I'dlilll Woni' In I In: Vnllvil
Statin, i.nrjilhit none,
n STHUhlXa'Srilihi-utcil il'llllci
ll'liiul Vnhiil, i iniiiiiililiiiit Inin;
The Dolighl of llio Cook
In HOhhKX II 1 1,1 II In better
Hum It rvrr irns, bfliifi mini iiititlo
till tin- rri't latent liiifmnvil anil the
must aiiivm'eil iiineliliiecj 1,-uoirii,
H'n fiuiieiuilro in iitmeo naiileil
jlom to iikiI.v beautiful, tltilit, ami
snoii'-uiilte bveail, rutin, anil bis
cuit. J''or nulii bi urerii I'lrnt-t'liihH
Ullt!l7 I
VKMMilltN' l.lVi:i(V STAIII.I'.N,
No, i;:i 0 l,jUI, be-ciulccnlliainl I Ijlilcwnlli i-U.,
WAbllt.N'i.'Kl.V, II. u,
Kueii fm lilioull Ilia l..ilott bhlcj Pf rairlJEily
lliollOtlllor 5I0N1II, llh
iiiivi:iit i.v i.itiimv.
I'Aitiiciu.Ait ATI i:ntkiv nivc.s 'i
jFAW Ol'l'JCK Ol'
kiiw'aiiii a. lN(ii:ii(i.i.,
Nil. Jll LCHlleUlM UU'llUU. Ol'lsiolltl I'l IV Kill.
A'JiWnuioii, fi, v, uuur-tf
W$ PflpMaNGINGS, fi
Fall importations
Fine Millinery Goods,
Flowers, Feathers.
Silks, Satins, Velvets, Crepes
Sciii'l's, Tics, and Flcliucs.
Ileal ValeiielcnneH nml
7irir.s'c r.acn (liiinl.t,
In I'.li'Kiint Vnrlrly.
Hrsl Qiinlily Muni Collars nnil CnH's,
Ilfinslllrlird nml l'mlirol'lrrrrt
mui no 1 1) nn i: o 1 'jcstn,
Ami urelorN falcon Tor llinn In (tory
Suits, CtmlLx, Fur-I,liul Circular!,
JllttscsXffoakx. J'lanml Wrap
pers, J''iir-IJucil Foot Mali's.
rarisinn II.-hmI-iii.-kIc Iliiiki'g.-trinrnlSi
l.v!)ii:s' KiMiiuoinciti:!) iiosi:.
,. j:. v. ,i) v. i: coiitsicrs,
WIiiii)siih Glarc-WUlno Corset,
Vine Hair ami Chatelaine. Jlralils
IN' l'vr.itv coi.oit,
Ami in Villi I. Ino ill
Clio ice INoA'oltios.
I linn- laliily aslilosl lo ia- SteicU llin
j-AiiA.vn:r.i urAr i'iii:m:bi jiaki:.
AIAII Till'.
'.I-ltll'l-I'O.V (il,UVK I'Oll -.1(1 CL'I'.NT.S.
Iaiiii; Miicre'NHfiilly liapurloil 4'onclN
fur tlie pitNt Ihlily j-nnrw lor ciihIi, cnii
lili'M nio lo Hirer (lie tery IntoNt JVctvrl
Hon in aclinnre kf any ullicr IIsmihi.
anil al prices lien! u III Im loiiml hhIIh
rarlciry. .tlAltAHl. I.i: :.VKVIN, iilio eic'CliiloH
Hut I'nrloi'N iiImii iny Nleers- ullieo IhnI
June. Iihh alri'iiily lici'iniies n most pop
nlar Ilrcssinalii1!. Iiolli Jn Sty, Ics unci
907 Pciiiisylvanisi Avenue.
7 ciTi: Titr.visi:, iauin.
J H'J,lt33"KrJP.
Illi: I.ATKnT STYI.r.S 101!
OAliUIAell'.S OF
I'arliis, IVcililiiigSt and Itccoptious
fiilnlslieit iilllilluiliinst ciiiiirortntilomiil elci;int enr
tUgi'i. Atli'lilhuilli.l It'll el.li! tlllcm.
iioitsi-s rent sai.v. anii l-.xciiANcir.
l.iltlrulir:itlelitloli li.ilil tiitioiriUiig HurM-ie.
Discount ol' Twenty Per Cent
(IN illFIt l'lNi: bKICK OP
ICIMJi:il A lllt(l.S
ami .iii:itiiii;.N"s
l'Olt.MVI'V IIAYH I'ltOJI .111 I.V fi,
III virile! lei llal! Itooin lor (liir l'all
i:ir. Mivi'.-ei'ii STi-.s'.i'r,
lll'tH C'll II lllltl I.
Avoiti.n iti:NTov.si;i
'IIIK lllr 31ADK,
Kwry lusti iiiucnt fully unir.dili'il. ritiuin ami
ui.uih riHiu iitin-r (I'lcin.iiisi r.u tt-iifH ri iti, nm,
ir I'll ll llltu 'i tlui IHUrtt ll'JMfli 1 1 ilo li'llii-t. bjti'tlll
lU'lllll'IIK'IIIH lOI IJIMi lir MIOII lllllt", HI lil'I Ill'tlU II Jt '8
1'l.iint Vu iiniih-, -121 I'Kwt'iilli islitH't, ii fun iliK.ih
uImiXO IVllllr-l.lllll ItWMlllit. lift Tel)
pain r.r iNt;.
lleiliHCi, Nlcn, iieiel ltfi'oriilli I'litlilee',
'. .1IA).VK'IIII,,
-HT't'e'iillibllie'l lieu I 111! tl ,
1'i.iiy lliislirUiKllii'iriiriir J J in
Tuuily.lUo llu.l.ilnl. Ilwi.'.ir..i- 1(1)
iiAHi.tiiirr ornci;
M'iHi-iri! Ill iimi I i:t'l' nlli i.i.'i I iiiiliuit.
'Tho Illchest Hlooel, BwccUiJt ltrciilli
ami Falrcbt Skin lu Hop Jllttcri)."
. J" A ItttlO 111)11 JlllUTtl H.lYl'11 lllj clDCICir
.Wild niul lotij; Mckuciu."
"Tliat iiivallil wife, motlicr, Hintcr or
clillil 1'iin Im lniulci llin lilc'tiiii! nf henltli
Iwllh Hop lUlic'i-H."
' V'Whcii worn down nml iciuly to tako
lyonr lml, Hop IllttiTrt H wliat you litiil."
I Xil Don't jiliji In nnel iliynlc, fiir It wenk-
una anil elcstroyH, but tnko Hop lilltcTa,
that liullil up (niitliiimlly."
I yj Pliyulrl in of till K'luuiU liso ami
,rccoininiiiil Hop lllttciii. 'IVtt tlii'in."
Vllcallli Islicimty unil JoyHop Ulttors
given hcaltli nnil lu'.iiity.
k." Thcio aro moro cuna iniiilo ivltli Hop
lllittcis th.m nil oilier uutllrli cu."
Ik." When llio liralu U wcntliil, tho norvea
uiiBtrttni;, thu muscles Mivit--, xoo Hop
VTUatlcffi-, iicrritlnfovcr,wauti J!Uccp
'anil wcakncM, calU for Hop Dittr V,
Hop Couch Curo and Pain Rolli-f lt
i'.).-"t Ploasant, Suro and Cheap.
ot ealu by nil druttgl.t'.
T II, 11INH,
'attouku Y-AT- hA w,
(Viriierof l.cul.l.iul ateuuo ami Keur-auil-a-lulf
ttuct, near UIV Hull, M'ablilnfiiu, 1), ('. uii'll-tt
I Hill IU.
Wcchly Rational ilnlcUiucurct
! it i : r
i:cliitillslirl I son.
i:-ciai-iiMic-t isnn.
In Iimi nf niiiiniincliig tho iiinclili"i which
will rnlo llin lilltorlnl roneltirl nf thU Jour
nal Wei might lofer nur older reneliMs to Itn
cnlnmii tliroiiRliout llio past eight years,
ilnilng which It lias heen muter lti jin-scnt
inaiingi'inciit. llaiiliigtholneivltalilo falling
Bhort of a high Htntnlatil, II will poricroro In
thla t'Otima lo thu end, l'nlltlrnlly, It will
nilvocatii tho Installation In power of tlui
Democratic party, both fiom conviction of Its
li-ncti and lircaupo tho porlocllcnl rovolutlein
Is now greatly needed in our gotcriimejit
from Ilncllc.it In Conservative control. Hut II
will 1'i'cp In vlow tho guldo posh) of right,
and when tho party leadom turn aside, or
ntop short, or dodge, tho jouiiial will en
eliMVor lo keep ntraight on. In otherivordu,
it will ilfoiepiit fii'oly fiom any party nieasuro
or platfoim It cannot approve, anil glvo only
what Isafterall thoinost valualdo adherence,
that of a dliliile're-.steMlaiidlnde-poiiiloiitnowft-paper.
Hlncej Homo Ilulo lias beou taidlly ac
coided lo all tlio Southern States they can
he nafely left to take caro of tlivinselvcii In
llio national hrotherliood, and. no real sec
tional issuci remain to embitter our polltlci.
All good tltt7oiiB can, therefore, turn their
eyes to matters which concern tlio wholi!
people alike. Iledlovlng that Reform In Fi
nance and Taxation Is nlt.it tho country
most needs, Tim Sunday HnitAin will feel
Justified In tieatlng that at thu pal Amount
issue, and will labor to havo tho constant
trend of ltnellc.il legislation in favor of tlio
uioneyi'd classes givo way to a coimter
.streaiu of benefit to all, in tho way of thu
creation of a modernized, unvarying, and
nn ivei sally dltl'iised measure of value, by
the iiisuo of legal tender papor money fiom
tlio Tieamiry, thus perpetuating equal deal
ings between dobtom and crediloi.s and giv
ing tliu people) instead of tlio banks tho iiu
nii'ii'W pmllts nf tlio circulation.
Wi "ihall urge Hiuli changes in tin) system
of tavntinii as will nhilt its bui'doii3 from
toiling pinducei.s and needy eonsiuneis to
tho accuniulnteil wealth which floveiinneiil
is ohielly called on to guard nnel protect. In
client, wo shall thus defend tho vital and
substantial Interohts of tho working classes
against tho overweening power nnel avarice
of llio capitalist.
In pursuance) of our ideas of what good
government ought to be wo shall favor all
appiuved plans fur tho full lenionetization of
silver, ieelure.il taxation on all subjects ex
cept eapltal, postal savings banks, the postal
te'legiaph, ami libeual iii;peiidituros for all
needed public buildings and improvements,
continuing until returning prosperity fur
nishes ouiployim-iit fur our starving lal-orcrs,
anil U'Storcs wages and materials to their
normal rates.
Itolioving that tho path to victory in this
struggle of I'iuanciiil l'olicy lies through tho
agency of tho Democratic party, and that it
liiiist maintain pioiiiineiico while our public
de-lit remains, wo shall glvo our energies to
stimulating tho party into tho light attitude)
of piogroi-s, latlii'i- than having recourse to
ii legulnr and desultory warfare outside the
ranks. Hut if tho legular candidates are
plainly unsound on this question wo shall
place principles involving tho public welfare
above men and parties.
Uelievlng that JcU'ei'Miit, and not Marcy,
lepiesented thotllln heiunof tho paityontho
systi'in of thei giivoriiiiioutnl civil service, wo
hhnll ccintiuuo to insist upon peiinauint ten
ure of eiilUii for Kiiboiilliwitn employes, espe
cially tllilr.0 ill the) Kxeciltlvn DeipaitlllOllts
lii'iei a teiiino placed abovci tho mutations;
nf paitisan HiieceKSjind alleeted only byuieilt
and gnnil bi'liavior. Wu shall contlniio lo
hiiiuiueinnnya't thu point that tho "spoils"
system and "intntioii lu eilllco" nio vicious,
waietiilul, and ibuigi'ioiis, and a bar to the
bringing-ln of civillcil methods in our vast
spheioot' piiblluniliiiiulstiallun, until decent
people am aiinisi'il to the necessity of ovor
inlliig tlio Ii.ie.ks and "inaihluei" men.
Alley all, a journal must mainly lopie.sont
its i o.nleih lather than its wiiters, and so
'I'm: Bumiay 1Ii:i-aiii is pioiid to avoir a
ill, nli Ie of tlm best iI.'ikm-h of tho latgo juipii
latlon of the Dlhttkt, ncemslilernblo uuiiiber
iifeulluieel al id ajipieei.itivu leMelei;, In Amor
lea and itbiei.nl, and our gallant soldiers and
sallois, villi their families and Ii lends wher
eive'i' elisieiesl, ami it iniii.1 contliiiiij In the
fiitiiiii ns in tlm past to illug to its high tiadl
thins of good fcenso, good taste, nml decency,
to scour the Held for llin e-nillcnt Social Ink
lings, tho choicest iiiiw Tales and l'nems, tlm
most iutei esting Allscellany, tliu In Iglileid and
must le.idalilo ('oiiiH)iiinileiiio, and Ihu
littei.l and uicVt tiustiunthy News at linuio
ainl nhiiiiel, by I e.'j'in lit or by tiili-ginnh,
lleiiigieiiiiluiteil as ami for a t.uully iicum
pijiei tlieMicnliiiiins, w huther of ii'adiiig or
adve'i Using nutter, nill Im seduhumly
giiaidcel ngaliiKl Indelicacy, piuiieuey, and
piivatoscaiiiliil. Their plai'ii uo shall en-ile.-ivor
to till iyi with genuine nit, spilghtly
Imt imviT uiikliid or seaiiilalftiis ciltlcisui,
vailed ii'iiiuieiiit mi men and things, man
neis, art, llin stage, and lileiatiiie, giving
pieifeienco aluays to Jottings and p.uagiaphu
over labiiicd levlows, both as nioiii leadabln
and ns enabling us to ioor mom of tlm ex
tensive! Held putc'iile'd tn us eatli week.
ahc viny nml -ilaiiy GhHtion
MSjl reiiitiiin a (nmplctu absli.ict of all im
jioitant oiilcis fimn thu War OHlin nr the
vaiioiis lleailiptaituiti, Ingethei with all tho
geiiri.il or peisoual hums of Interest to tlm
seivice, carefully cuiupllcil iii to Saturday
MallfUbirfiliilloii. (im.l.jijl.li r liuuum g-j an
(I Kty irut aiiaiUou.ll for iit.iKO when maltiHl tu
1. V. lll'ltlUTT,
1'illtor.uTii l'lvt'tlvior.
T. II. KALIIl'l'N,
j i , ' !

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