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The Tale of the
I1Y Till".
1117-11.9 PENNA. AVE..
tih: sum r tai.u, by it, u,
1 niji tlia Inner In the dent's Furnishing Depart
ment, ninl, being ii Man who tins been all hi Ilia lit u
gent's fuml'ldm; More, I knosr gentlemen's) require
ments. Now, about Milila, (lentlcmen think wiles tbey
Py a high iitlrn fcr i rlilrl Hie tin till v cvnriot lm
good, (leiiltemcn, )nu ire wrong. In thesoilayatir
keen rntiipellthui w uudcrs in it petroimed liy capital,
ininblned Willi brain. '1 lio Pain Itnjal liai rjjilnl,
anil Mi Llsner t'tuplo) men with brain In lake
chiiito ur Ihe various ilcpiitments, 'Ilio modest
writer uF tills in tit In clilms that l) the use ( Mr.
Llsncr'ncapllal, amailly and prudently Invested, he
Its ntirceeitpil In luauurirturlng ashlrt utieiiualed lit
the United Httles tor the money. We have now in
'.uck in.noi) shirt In fourteen tlltlerent sites, nU led
toull ngure This shirt weuive named the
rill' rmr r s'jcr.s rs.
The Palais Hn)al Shirt ll.idle .tie Wamsutta, cut
leiigthulsoof lint muslin: the neckband and wrlst
tnn.1 three ily linen; the bosoms tlnee-pl; lluou; the
evelet hol.'s and buttons holes hand somi.
Huycrs not salWlcl with Ilia PALAIS HOVAL
jlllltr will have the money cheerfull) refunded.
iiai.t nosi:.
tiewile-lcnsjust received In Plain ami Stripe 1 Ual
hilggans, 25c. per pair. Also, 800 pair Striped and
New shades in solid Colors, at 60c. per pill, and 250
pair Llsle-Thrc.nl halt hose. Ths.e hose have all tho
appearance of sill-, prices, oil, GS, 75, .mil l)8c. per
HMIl.Uvl IMIt.
.Iut received, Cartwrlght A Warner's, llrettle's, aud
I A U. Mnseley'snnvelllea for tho spring. Shlrtsand
Drawers at JO, 03, T3, nsr , I 25, jl 50(1.0, ami
: Sacich.
sO kill's.
s, 000 Scurf's from I .k, Clul. & rTajg aud othei
eminent inal ei s
(jUAi.nviio. i it soc.
' 2 Is Lie.
' " J Is !SO.
Above Starts tiro In Tour Improved shapes In endless
vailetv of oiot an 1 design
IVtrrautod ilrl-cia-i ininur.ictuieonly.
Wo do not keep I rali, or u a cuul I sell a Scarf at 23c,
and make a good front on It
Indent s '111. Umhicllis uenl's Jewelry, Gent's
llainUciclilef, Uenrs &itpeuders, Gent's Colltrs,
Gent s Cutrs, dent's Night -hlits, dent's Flannel
Traveling :hlit-, (Hot slllorle Hose.
1117-111!! PI1XM. AVII.
HAvr i hat iroci: on tiii:
M'EfllOH. IN VAllimV,
CKf. ANVlllItiO EVEl: OF
1 UIII'I) 11 V Ml'.
oNiz-riticE ci.oiineit and taii.ok,
ioi;ai:a:iii i in wuiiino
l'UICB and quality.
liur lcmi Ate, I 79 VV. i'njetto bl..
WabliidgKin, U. I Itnlliiuore, Aid
Having imrlved our Immense stocl of novelties
from tliti leading houses of Kngland, Frame, and
Austrlt, will lie pleated to bhow tlient toour many
Seltz & Mertz.
NA'IIONAI. ('AI'll'AI,, il aud 1214 Four
teenth stm t, roiiiteenih-siifOirirLle, Washington,
l),f NOliWOon INsllllIir, Select Prhoot for
l.a lies. Few luuideisiecclted. rtciomllet in opens
I'chruilVB Adilicsj,
)e2i-lt .MU.and Mill WM l ( A lll'I.L. I'lltii llwl'.
Ollicers oi' ilio Army fc "Navy
Ketlrcd oi on duty, ran find at our tloreiomplete
outfits In
ii:c'(titATi:i l'liiTiOTAMi I'ouci:-
MIN, r, IhHWAlli:, f'HTI.i:i(V,
i'im: i'i,ati:i waici:, ami
Of the hot lass al 1 n.oit inn let rates.
iuiiu i'i:nvivi.v.ini avi:niii:.
HecPdeal , IS'j in Ibcenl.
4'omed llccf, c lo 4 rents.
Choice lloi.tn, 10 to 10 1 ent.
Choicest I.anili and Veal brought lo Ihls liurket at
iowcit luurkit price, (live mou call, nainlno lay
good, and he convinced that money ran be saved by
giving iue our pairoiuge
stalls ti and fdic,
Ninth-street Wing, (Vntie Market,
i:n;kavi; ani. uTiiouitAruiNG,
viu. i in it and NoTr iirAiis, piiiV kh,
Card hugravlng and Printing a Aptclally Slocks
aul Uoiidsprtp-irid In a luuat AltUllc Manner.
UdltU DU.VI'.AT LOW I'ltlt'l.fs.
.1. ij. lt-TUltVA.NI,
Itil'J I'cnnsyhanla avenue, upstairs.
Is Now Vury Largo.
Alto, PI l'OHI)-IU!ll (iAlllllAIK!i of tvery Do
itepalrlng ptuiuptly attended to,
itoiir.KT ii. tiitAUAsr,
Iteposltoiy aud Factory, 410 416 Klghth street M, W.
Thanl lug the puhllu for Iho liberal patronage here
tofore hemmed upou tuc, 1 lal a pleaiuro lu herewith
Mcoiutuoudlug for alloicaslous, audi as Weddings,
.Jenuat s, Ulnticr I'artles, Funerals, etc ,iuy assort
ucnt cf
fini: cur i'i.owru9.
11 r. A GUlUMtio Artist of uiy Mtabllslitueut, will
grTo bit pcrsuuat attention to niiy deilgus ordered.
N. (iTIIItlUI,
dcll-UJ StIH r Mlro.it liirllivx'Ml.
DM) uim: and old fricmis
Alti: KNOWN AS Till BF8T.
bli lb JllliTH'K OI.11 iiTANU,
Known for eari at the only phre whero flrst-clasi
SL.CON1)-11A'0 CLOrilINU can bo '0)1 at re
peclable prices. Address or call at
A'. 1U lb(rcvt JVrllinct.
N. 11. Noteamt by mall pniuptly ulteudeJ to.
Taylor & Hufty,
Pennsylvania Avenue.
Are move popular tlntn ever, tnl
thclv style in perfect.
AYeitt, simple, elegant, theynllll
every requirement of a house ova
street (fress.
i They may not be popular with
I people who prefer showy garments
to simple ami ladylike costumes.
Out the best taste will invariably
choose them, 'Their success is as-
sureil, and lutltes can jmrchaae
them with the certainty of their
being the proper thing.
In the tTersey Cloth there are
'The Xetv Spring Wrap, with Slllc
JLinetl ILootls.
In the same goods are shown a
large variety of
And these can be procured at only
one house in toivn, that of
There viay also be found a va
riety of SVJiINQ VJtAl'S, DOL
for Ladies, and SJ'ItINO SUITS
aud SACQUES for Misses and
HJIIltT WAIS'TH for Hoys from
four to ten years, In dark, light,
and medium shades, perfectly jlt
llny, the percales Ununified for
immediate wear.
Are Invited to inspect their slock of
FltlliYOir Ft, A XN E hS and EN O
and ZEJ'HYJtS for XEGLIGli
These aud the EJXEHT VJtESS
NUJltTS made to order. The best
fit guaranteed.
VOLLAHS and OUEFS always
In stock.
Gentlemen's CADET GLOVES
selling at reduced rates.
-t i
Taylor & Hufty.
(leorgn llllii mini lmvo a liertnllfiil volrp.
I One of tho lawyeri who Is In dally ntlen.tanrn at Ilio
ftar-ltoiilo Ithl nays that his video founds liken
waifon-load of temp Iron driven at full lilt Mern
I rordmny toiil. Its nonnd has ile eloped a new dls
I cie, elo.nenlly decilhed l.y una t.f tho roloted
jurots the oilier il-iy as "inlseiy In tho hold."
The stAtilo of llnliorl I'nlloii, iilaceil lit the
ltoherts, ajouiienndBnihltloiH sculptor of Philadel
phia. In tome respects this etatnu Is a tofresldnir
ronlrast lo the stiff and unnatural-looking figures
ranged about tlie hall, Ilia figure of Kullou Is a sil
ting one, and In many ways Its lines ate scry plesj
Ihtf. There Is, however, a general etiiesslon of
weakness In the work, The air and attitude Imtlcalo
more In Ilia way of sentimental tevery than Ihn
liuggles of an Intellectual worker Iho hands of
the figure ate ety well done. These generally nlo
found tu he the most dlnicull parts nf the flgute for
J.til.11 P. Poland, iittwly-nlected inemliur of
O'ngrasj liotn Veiniuiit, has been lu Washington for
rveialilaya, Ills hmwii, imhogany-rolored faro Is
wtln lines of tho most tlgld austerity. Ills colfeo-
Cidnred mask nf nvlrntitn tilMna 1. ..I i.ir I... ......!.
cling i lug of snowy, whllo side wlilskeu, which lii.iily
meet under his chin. Ills hair Is ciiually white,
tltnttgli Ihlnner. A stranger looking at him would
a, "Whalagtatidly giMHlohl inaitlieiniist he,"
und the pious would he Inclined In liken Iho Hum!
white about his faco unto n halo. 'I hen his lncallly
(Veiinniit,) tho land of tron-clad virtue, helps Mr.
Pol ind's appeariuce. 11 is all In the uppeannre,
however, 'Iha old gentleman has a pair of very
wkked hlick-hiiiwn c)e, wllh a bright starufaident
feeling lu the bottom of their velvety depths which
beli.il Milt. I u every sense of the wotd llrtndp
Pol ml, 'is ho Is sumetlmes aireclloti tti-ly tallnl, Is
what Ii known In this std woildns imouf the Imjs.
He i. in sit up later and drink more clumpigue with
out showing Us ellei Is Ilia licit dty than aluiosl anv
man that eter cnim to Wellington. 'Iheu, too, he
his a fondiioM forthe ladles unsurpassed by auj jntilli
lu Iho laud. 'Iho grace and dexterity wllh
, mum hiis out geuiiemsn cvu iimck n pieltj
I itlllllllil l.lll M.1K ,1... .,
" ' h". """oi i"c kiiiii nuti I'ou ill
liei In Iho Imguage or MuAeta ptovo that his
heart Is ever green, and lm htm old age Is hut a
mere huue. Ho uppeiis hern, however, In the
ihiuclei ol u ghost n( by-gono limes, lie was
clmliiiHiior the ciciit Moblller ruinmlltee In tho
llou-e, theterrlblj tonimltleo which blought down
so main si iiesin m. ivi in 1 disappeared soon 'Jter
ftoui politics, ami bis leturii to-day Is largely the
result of an accidental inmbln itlon lu Iho district
now upicsented by him What u pi.tcosslon or
statesmen once inssol lu review befoie this old man,
hefclttlugasthelrjudge 11 was before him that
(leu. (Illfltll sit and wept billet tetrsashuplo
varlctle.l and sliamblsd otei tho pitiful llneo
hundred and tweuty-nlno dollats paid him as a
dividend upon stock given him by Oakes Ames. It
waall.e woik r this oil gentleman that retired
Scliujler Cuirax tondlngy and deserved i.hscuilty.
I wcinler Ifold Father Kelly, who also shed salt tears
before Ihecniuuilitee, Is pleased lo halo tbesaltaiy
looklng Pohnd hack In thollouio to remind hlin of
that unhtppy time.
And, l.y tho way, theiolsiinothcr member of tho
ol 1 Credit Jlohllltr Committee who has been In town
for the last week. lids Is N. P. Hanks. During
tbetlosliigdajn or Iheeesvlou his laige gla)-maue,l
head ami huge tlguie wele seen hack of the members'
I teat) Mi. Hanks si luds about with the gloom) luuir-
i iiaino mrui a riiinrurubiy well-fed oi. Itlssald
trut ru moineiiia or nupteme routeutment he chews a
Bin.tll tud, iiWaihlmi. In public bo always cai ties. t
light nt en oat ..w i I, Is Kit aim. 'litis Is tlietiade
itiirkuftteiy pliture of Hanks taken fur lliolitt
twenrj jeais 'lo ones his entile success In llfo lo
hlslmpo.lng pieseiunaiid tin ikh, sonorous voice.
Yet lu .ill .tlfalis tel itlug to ptactlcal matters he Is as
helpless as a child. He never has beau able to keep
out of debt. The public crib alone has been aide to
rnstaln hint. Wltbunl tboaldcif .in offlceor the help
cf kind friends he would have etarved long jgu. It
Is related of him that when elected (Inventor of Mas
sachusetts he was so hopelessly lu debt that It tool,
tho subscriptions of a largo uuruber of ftUnda toget
hlniout of pawn on Inauguration day. He at pre
sent holds the olltce of United States Maishal ol the
Eastern District of .Massachusetts. The place Is
really a pension, as the duties of the office ate per
formed by his deputies.
"Ciutrie old love?" was the tltleol'a
Miisatloual Pngllsh novel published it few jeatsago.
'lhequerj of this book could well bo answered by
Mr. On, the stepfather and father-lu-law of Con
gressman Harris, of Massachusetts. .Mr. Orr Is
clgbty-seveti jearaold. Hols very bright. Nolh
lugtrr Iris manner or conversation Indicates his ad
vanced age. Ho was Mr. Harris's father-in-law
first. Mrs. Orr tiled about two jears ago. Mr.
Harris's inothet, a widow, was then living wllh tho
faintly, and Air. Orrmarrlel her about Mi months
atlerhlsllrst wife's death. The second Mrs. Orr
only lived six months1. After her death Mr. Orr
came la Washington to calm his filler byspeudlng
the gay season here. Last 'luesday morning he left
for Massachusetts, saying to a friend that he was
going home ro bo married again. So great was his
.ndor, be left upon tho early train, at eight o'clock,
and v.ould not wait for the later train, at one, to go
with lrl stepson and sou-ln-law, Mr. Hanls Tho
old gentleman Is rich aud manages his own alfalrs
himself. He is a fine type of a vigorous old age.
Two Welshmen were recently seen riding
lu a streetcar lu this city. They were conversing
In the beautiful language or their country. Onoof
them wore a slouched hit aud a clo ik. Ho had the
ulrand manner of a conspirator. Kvcry tlmo ho
adlressed his companion ho would raise a fold of
Ids greasy cloak over his right hand to Ids mouth
ami talk confidentially behind this dirty barrier, w title
ho would glare tuspiclouslv at tho other passengers.
Hlsptecautlons seemed wise, becattso the beautiful
Welsh Unguago Is now so generally spokeu.
Senator IMmnnda. the new nrtlm. Vln
Preslderd. It Is understood, win onlr retain .T.m"
until next December, when ho will give way for Sena
tor Anthony. Senator Edmunds has tho gener il rep
utation of beluga man of rnoderato means, lire re
veite of this Is true Hehasnn lucerne ranging flout
sevtnly-flvo to one hundred tlrousaud dollars a year.
His salary as Senator tsflio thousand dollars a) ear.
He receives a salary of Ave thousand dollars a year as
counsel for Iho Vermont Central Itallroad Company.
'Ihero Is not a single Important case brought to the
Supreme Court Ihat does not first go to him for an
opinion, For these opinions he lecelres sinus vary
ing front live to ten Ihouisiid dollars. 'I his spring he
went over to New Yuri und madsurr argument In two
rases. Ilia fee lilt tclt case was ten thousand dollars.
Wueir Matt Caipentei died he had lu hand all Iho
ruiiipllralul caios growing up out ot French claims and
thellllgatlorr of Ihe cable companies In this touutry.
When Carponter found that ho was going to dlo he
notllled these companies. They ailed him to name
his successor. He said Beiutor Fdmunds was the
only man who rotil 1 tal e chargo of the rompllcaled
detallsol the rases. It Is sal I on good .intbotlly that
Mr. Fdmunds, uf ler Carpenter's ileitli, leceUfcdoue
hundred thousand dollar lit retainers from iherable
companies. Mr. Fdnrundi Is worth to-day at least it
half million ot dollars,
Mr. t.-(1fitiiml.1.ift I,., I'ri.i.H,..- in ... u ,. ... ....
b.ii.....tul.lr r..,,VLoi
tertheie, Mr. Folniuuds proposes logo lo New Or- I
leans with Ids family for a visit, and fiont thele will
go to the Paclllo Coast. He will probablv remain
with his family In California for the greater pail of
thesumiiici. This Southern and Wetter n nip Is
made solely on aciount of tho frail health of the solo
surv Ivlng daughter or the Senator.
What a tt listing heart Is uoiiietlmes found
beating Iii ihe rural breast. Here Is tie case of a
countryman who lad ucUltu.aud who shed term of
gratitude when he read lu one of the newspapers Hut
atlait Ids bill was on the lalendar.
,.,..., . .. . .
is i.oii 1 ttirieroii K01IIL' 10 tile f Tills Is the 1
tjuesllou all of Ids frleud, are asklug. He surfeit
such toilure aud hurrlblepalu a, tuweakeuhlui tutlte
point of fainting, lie ha, lost flesh very rapidly, and
uulesi he Is speedl ly iclleved this rich and powerful
Seuator must die. How ho must envy Id, father's
vlgoioits health. Ihe old gentleman la over eighty,
but Is )et strung and well, He lulendi lospeud sumo
lime nn Ihe Patlllo Cunt Ihls i-prlug, where ho has
gotielu rutupauy wllh Pdllor Dana, The friendship
ut the two dates batk tu the tliue wheu Cameiou was
Secretary of Will and llau.i wa, hi, aul. taut,
est Ion all of his frleud, are asklug. He surfers I
Of the out) huiiilreil and foity uiemheia re
tired frum the last Congress, ono huudrid are uppll.
tautsfui .1 Pederalappoluturerit, One of the" lame
duck" members, lu eloquently pleading lor a place,
tald, "I uiiislhaveaiUtej I cauuot earn ut) llvlug
wlllioutoue, "
The retnarkahla age attained by Alex
ander ll, Stepbeuidc'vemy-four years) merely Illus
trates tbo length of life, atclduut, eicepted, Data
imtueuit leavu oy labtug vxiremu iaie or himself
H... .. ..... n. .,. 1 si. .. .. .... . i
I tu UUIU U HTMIIir rvtvii.
si-.-,. .... ... 1
IIMU KlCI UtWUlllt: lit 1111 runintl III inn Pint Kitnil l
iioicuroin oiou o'cioctc. 111, Uluncr wa, served
lnhliHttlng.rooiu. whoro ho wa, waited, mo,, hvi.i. '
- , ... . (.V.T
twocolored body servant,, who wero neatly alnay,
wlthhlm. When ho bad Uulihtd bl, dlnncrbo
would draw 011 a pair of browu .Ilk glove,, loucha I
black soft hat over hi, bUct .patkllug rye,.ud have ,
hi, Invalid chair drawn up in front of tboilro, nhcro
he superintended blruiolf tho putting oucf niorocoal
Ho wa, never satnacd If the tompcrature of too room
fellatal. below e.gh.y.ve. ThU Inv.d c.,a.rT
which ho sat uud with which ho could eailly propel
hlmtelf about the room, was tho rcult of many pain.
ful experiment, upon the part of numerous inventor,,
. When Mr. Sttpbco, flr.t came back here he had tt ad.
f "J. ".V.!""" "" '" " " "'. "uco.uo "?""- ' up '.r, ,,erreuL to Ihe , Jose: Unloi I'lH '?.., ..'"..."? i. '' ; "er little son left . v , A" , ' "" . K V . -y'""; " "' ".""."I'MWUi'Mtiillii , tXZ.i ' ,UV .'. ".' , .' '."'.' .uW.''"9IO'OfO
)... una. nuiuig mi lan lerru ot uuice hero u, a Vauderbllts. Northwests and Missouri innii; iaV.ii.,; ... " iuy " a inree weei.,' 1 lilt to her parent, " "v"'" " " a,m) umere were prepari'tl ::,""-,.:-i ' V"' ',"" .' "'. " general light ,
inemuerot CODirrOVS 110 used to hold a reeulie reept.. 1 llldutiward tuoieiuuiil. In iIia iti,..l ,A. .7. I ,M 's-ni. ul iue War LltfOaltmeut va.lLr.lav nflprnnn,. 1
VeillsfillolhevvoiMlhatliowas trcklng an elsy In
valid chair, and Iho result was ho was overrun wllh
Interilora and tholr models, I wis In Mr Stephens's
idoih one morning when a trtl-fareil man rsntolii
nun said thai ho hid a chilr which he knew
would suit Mr.Slephens, 1 he hller Imwed wllh grrat
pouitesy and asked him In bring In the (hair. Mr.
Stephens hniknl as plcaoed as a young rbll.l who Is
about In bo Inn. led a new Iny, 'Iho i hair was
w heeled lu, his twit semiiM lifted him Inlnll, and
then lis trill begin, Mr, Stephen-, whirled lo lite
right Willi It, then ho whliled as suddenly to the left.
Dittoing Ihlsbo gave his fiallbislj rt wrench, 'I tie
pain threw hint Into t hlghirul rage, Ills high
piping tones were a perfect ntuos.1 ns be
shrieked- "lake tuo out of this (1 d Ihlng
and smash II over tho head or thud-- d man Ihat
hroufjit II here. " Swotting and groaning, ho was
ItritHl frnin IIia iti.rt It i.Ha tt.. tj,-.. . ,..
- - ,, .in,.- in, nirineiis WHS in
Ihearmsor his hegtit servants he suddenly slopped
sweating. Ho thought 'or Ihe first ttmo of Ilio mhii
llllflitnt. wbii u-jts ntl I,, it. ,n..... n .............. .t
- - v..-.... ,( iiitiu,vnui
him, Ml. Stephens Slid, with a gracious wave ur his
It mil I "I uaiejt-ur pinion, kind slr.fnr llterhlld.
Ish pcliihnce nf .i iitl.eiilde lutalbl, I thank jmr
sincerely fur join kindness In coming hero with lids
chair, and regret Hull do not find It sallsfaclory. ' '
At Ids evening ti'ieptlmis he HUd lolivte arrotvd
abouthlm lie rarely It ever would penult anyone
to go until i o'clock. When Iho hour of nine was
siruck eieri into was dismissed, .Mr. Stephens at
tributed much nf his sitcre.s In fighting Hie litany com
plications nf disease) tu his unyielding rule nf retiring
at precisely nine, liming Mice evening icceptlnns
ho would wheel hlnivlt up an 1 don n the lo.nu, milllo
quiring, asking itieslluiis, drawing nut every one.
Nitt'tie was ever iietls-cle.1. I la had .1 must leiuaik
able iiiriiHttjr for tat est and natiins, lie i mild leiiiem
tier tins fee sb.1 name of nevtly esery tins lm had met
In Ids I-hMsc rum In hit talk lie was never a par
tisan. HP t.lk wss I tutor a hll.wophcr. Ilewss
li II- mdlmty rnusl.terillona which Inlhienco
iitrn, IikIm.1. tie did not seem like -v nun at all, hut
inni.1 tile a spltlt.a glio-i of Mime girit man spetklng
thliMleti the fralt lii.ttiiiiint.iiiv t.r n ,..Kt i.i..in.
imiiI au I ilff.irme.1 tH.ly. Mmli of Ids talk wasdo-
voted tu political leinlnlscenci's. Ills nccurvle
nieni.it) gate his rout ers ilhms hlstot p v aluu.
Many of Ihewriinverstihinslnvi) since been em
bodied in Mr. Stephens's books. It was not an
iiniisu il thing for him when ho had tlnlshed a pirllru
Itrly Interesting ittnlnlsceuce to say, If any news
paper tiirrespoiidenla were present, "tleutlcinoii, I
tiut)oii will not uvo this stoiy, ns I am tesertlnglt
for uo In my coming bonk." It appears thai Unas
Mr. Stitiliens'stirnftli.,tn,bli.ir..itiAi.n..,..rn.,. i.
---, - , - -- ... u ... v.." i nu i iiu i ii i"ci am nn
book, tt iisrently In InformM conversations, duilttg
his evening leieptlons. Stimulated by an audience,
he would hlmseir recall much innro tliau if he had con
Hned himself and his writings to privacy, orteu n
iiuesllou would boasl ed or a suggestion tnado by some
public man ptesent which would be of great advan
tage to Mi. Stephens.
A great many public men came to his looms. He
was constantly being consulted about public maltets.
His clear common sense ami absence of partisan Pre
judice will maku hint gtetlly missed.
A novel In 1 miction ease wan iiieiiaied last
week, stvs tho Chicago Aeros, ngalnst Coii
giessuuu lluchauan. Two or thrto weels ago
ago a Snulbei it inember of fungi es went to a dentist
onl'btieet and slid to him " waul a set or uper
teeth. My old plate Is so wot n that It tltops down
wl n I speak and Interfeies nreally with the flow or
inyehipieino, besides Imp ilrlug my titleraure."
Thodenllstsald that ho could please him, he thought.
Ha itietsiiinl lite member's nmuth, and ailed fur a
depoiltof monoyciptal tu Ihe valnoor Ihe material lo
boused Ilio deposit wis made. The tuembei tbeu
said- "Itls.tgieed tint 1 do not pay for Ihe teeth If
they do not suit."
'In this tho dentist tuld- " oh, nf toursenol.
thai Is understood. It Is in object for mainline
you gel a good Jolt or nono.
Tlien tho member asked when the teeth would bo
done Ho said ho had a speech tu male on the fol
lowing .Monday week, and he wanted a new set of
teeth, so that ho tool I unlooss the lluod-gatesof his
eloqueuie without being tiamttieled by the horrible
Idea or loslug bis teeth lu the midst or one or his
most eloquent sentences,
The dentist said: "I think I cart have Iheiu
ready rorjott early Mauds) inoiulug."
"Not earlier "
"No, ami tu get them ready then I will havetu
"I do not like Ihe Idea of the work belug done on
tny teeth nu the holy Sil b lib. ' '
Atthlstbedentl-tietlied mid consulted his pail
ner. Iho latter told hint tothiow up the Job. "Tho
holybabbath" objccilon m ide the pailnet advltebls
assorlatotoasl: forcashdowu, or no teeth. Thelat
ter, neisuadtd that no Congrussuiau could prove it
troublesome customer, agreed lo tnako the teeth and
have them ready on Saturday evening.
The teeth were made und delivered on the time
agreed to. 'Iho member asked lotry the teeth before
paying the bill or thirl) dollars.
Upon Monday the dentist was lu Hie gallery, watch
lug lire play of tho teeth while tho member pt,le.
The laltet was ivltdle plmmim itnin i. .. .. .-.,....
bun Icauo of oratory the new teeth fell, and It was
"ij uj lueietiuingio neovcrcomo with emotion that
he saved himself aud his teeth
'I ho dentist had a call from tho ttii.iir n,t laPl.
day. lie wis Indignant. 1 he doctor sal 1 new teeth i
had to be adjusted. II was too much to expect that
they would go until carefully tested and readjusted. I
Ihe member said be was dissatisfied, aud added:
"Orcourse, I thall not tuy jnu now." I
i lieu hand over tho teeth, " said the doctor.
"No; I paid you for the material, and I was not to
pay for the making unless tho result was satisfactory. '
Tho member walked r,ir uiin iim ,- - i., i.i..
...... ,.,u .,,, evt , ,ia
mouth, and Ins since refused to pay for them or to
deliver them op.
Tho doctor has consulted a law) er hero, who says
tho member cannot bo med because ho Is a member of
Congress, bnt tho dentist may get out nu Injunction
restraining him from using Ihe teeth.
The attempt to get out an Injunction failed. Ills
last lesourco will ha toir) and prevent tho member's
leaving town before settllnn bv tal.lnir nutnicriim
recover the piopetty.
T. C. C.
Till! 1'ciilioilv I'niitl
ii 'J'iriiiioMuoo.
HAiTiMnnr. Mnrcli lfl Rn,o ,-OOM t,.r...
!il.?.a.,i'.0.f.orR?..I'".bo;y' thephllanthropisr, estab-
mh e' eV'.a. ")""", !" .' ",'""!? L0.' I
iiioiiigneriirancuesur euucal on, bearing his own
n nuc, aud for the use and benellt if all citizens of tTi" '
United Stares. Tho building for thu Institute was
np.l.il m. llnu, 1'a. ..-... ,. .. . .
milieu ciau-s. t tie uuiiuiug ror tliu Institute was
V.. ... '. . M" 'K,',w, ojtiaie-, uuuer iue snadow
tit Ihe ivathlngtoti Monument, In ItsOV, for llm Tiur
poso ot completing iho building, Iheu partially con
mucred, Mr. Poabodygaio to Its trustees JWO.nooin
Cpei cent.Teniies'tee liopds. The bonds were of the
deuonilnatlorr or JLOfiO oich, elghty-seveu or which
wero Issued lor the Hank til Tennessee, lu Ibis, by
tllO tt&IO Of THIltlfaie... flt.lt till, tnionl,,. la. .. n 1
tired ani thirteen bonds, tvern .nis,ii,iiiiv
la-tied lor public Improvements. For a num
ber of years the stale has defaulted lu
I jihik i no interest ou rrie-a) homi, and the lustl
lulii being thus deprived of a largo annual Ineoruo
has been seilotuly crippled lu Its iiwrulne, lu ilio
ineautltiie tho Stare or lennessro luiieeelted ';i.o,(KiU
from themiiullltititilouillouor Mr. Peabody for Iho
suipoit ot Hut educational Institutions In iheSt.uth
ern Htatts. Iteteutly .Mr. 1 nnclt Pratt, tieasmeror
the I'ealiodv Institute, appeiled to Ihe (lenerul As
sembly uf 'ieiiiiriera lo pty the Inlciost ou these
bonds and make piovUlon fur the Dual paymcut. Ml.
Pralt Islnfoirueil Hi it on Wednesday last a I. ill foi
this purpose was lulruluied lu the Sjeiuto aud House
id llie'JenriuBsui Leglbltlure, and he, wllh the board
of trustees, and tho public of Halllitiore desire lo ex
biess their gratltlcailon at Ihls partial act or Juitke
by the Legltlalme of that Statu,
I Ins .lIlsuUisliil Vulli-y I'liioile.
MfSII'HIH. Tl-NN.. Mainlt III Tl... . I ,,
atealiout two hundrrd ami liny feet wide, andlli
"If "V "f lb" " i In seven miles per bum
Sklpwllli, Miss,, special aays; "Tho flforu to stoit
'I he gaps
'll.ii water 1. llir, fjt ,1.,.,, A .Ln.i ..ni... . ,
. . . - , .. . .' ' . "-'' t'"iiu lias ue-iti
ii'luitrd lu the leviunn Ihe lames Itkhardsnn l bin
latlon.ncar Moiiinl Landing, Tho levee Iwtrd has
cut Urgufuiceof men lu pioleit Ihatpulut, The
ptnteellonuud iitalii leviealo ellll rontldetel safp,"
SlMWHiiTiiWN, In.., Slanh in, -,o greater
poilbiiiof thu town Is now out of water. 'I rains ale
luiinliig again. Many houses that have weathered
the Hood aro now tailing, total or partial wrecks,
l.tnir ttfiti., aiii March 10. theilierat Ar
kansas city has ilsen an Inch lu the twenty.four
hours ending ut Ilio thli itleinoon, and Is still riling
'Ihe water Is only eight Intbrs below the highest Hood
oflwijeai, anil the luckn.tei only four luches be
Ml lll'lll-. TL'iv Vtjrt-ti to 'Mm f.. ,.ii..
leua tpnlalMit "'Ihoilinl.
i.,.t; .. ..i' ; . .;. r" :r vr,-ii',r" .
having fallen lo.i lliau an tmh. -ii.u ,i:,in..r.,.V
vuyiMimM), -luuuici is siauouaiy 0 lilgnt
I'"'"''"' to Ihe lunation of the uaileru gale pievall-
......- '---- .--" .v.. w. invu.neiH Kin; iiiotaii
lug all day 'Ihursday arid Ihroughout Hie ulght, lot
I.SI.hI I.U Ilia irlu," i.,-.,j ,.l . ..... 1... .... ..'...
....'.., ""-";" "'" s jr.mutiy, wuieucat-
rletl the tide away fiout theshore. "
Mw UKIV.-.1,, March 10,-riie P(cugrtu'
Helen 1 Filal lepurla a break lu the lotee ut
LaionUI inle, tiny miles below, 'there Is much
eitlleiuent thele. the water rushing through wllh
great rapidity, llnless Ihe cicvasie 1 closed lunch
damsgo will result.
Mucins rmllluif lliiflmr.
intic, March 10. Money
v v ivenni riuinii. IUI HID ieUUiTlill 1UAII I i ( naiil
klKintr nr 1111 fill1. llirn m, llm tlivii ......... .n. .. . ..
7 if.,, n7 v,7.a:.v,T ." ' ." ;V"J. ' .,."r!",.u",...uL
.r.-rf..' -i T .-,"., :"': """ "." '.":'.'. ' ""c .'"-"me
,,.. VIU. ..unviiviii w.;Btei,uilcsi ..i.tiv-u luares.
u m - L
Keiluuoil Wai-es nf ir.. ii'.i,.
l'ltiupEIl'lllA March HI Tin. iln,, t,u
lougmg' ?oPfh
"1 tbtt they aullclpaie no trouble when the new
"le, adopted at ibelr last nieeilug, ihall p0 ,m Ullu
!?f m?,mi? H ','f' ril0,",0,v "'"ln U based orr
l&&$&?&9 "K
' huge mills the heaters will bo reduced from cs to
5' ',''. roller, froiu ,1 to iiuli.aud bi'lp"r,
f eTof" the0band.CarJtJ M JS.,,.,? t'l?..""1'" "' ""
lirtlSu. ' Cti ail M", pr
Vr . .., m.Miii 41. iiiuiiey nu Mn. WhiiH. HiiiiMindiniminiitii !itW ." - t,,M. w. ..u iin.t.ni luiupairy
tjl il viiiiL nin...i. in tt .. -....-....,,,, ,dii. in, nniLi fiuii iii'i uiiiviinir. ' 1 iip rimnritini-i.- n Mm iv .... i.. . ..
ii iiiliii ass
r",."",-.':,.,.,j'" "..i.i.'T "."'". .'d uy iiuiuu 1 -;-"."'., .:.'.::.::. ; ".'"."' . , which win .ansrv u,. sr.i ia7.:. :..r.v:,.", auaiinni iueuiier,ortiiaeuv..,n.,.v.-; ;...":.y
Kus!i.,S S,s S 1 1:, jidWpiv: The Kr's:;;:" A : isy-
a pat Hal reaction, alter which Ihe itiarl.t becamo J,'e''0. ' f . Urcus combination ha, induced a number of .torn, ol i.ial . !..-. V .7.. ,. tf,S. J".. . ..al'.0,a' A 1'lllLiDHl'lliA. I'a.. Jr.ir,.!, 1nn
6 lutll'onnii liirteated it.lni.ia r l,.,.i,... ... r:..i.T .. ,..,. .... I wutau. una ll lUUCUlgo lud lull to uln Ibu Irnni,., ;..-...-.' '., 7.7" "A" '. ""?" " "wnueiiieiij course. ,.., .. .,...;.;.....:. ...-". "eurgo l-.
.I..,,. ....; j u ; 1 ..:."."- "-"'..","'. . ' 1 ..'.:.:.:" '. .
A liltlvof Ktv-(lVti ci'lllli'iiipii ninl laitlus
vlslliil Ihe (lovernnient School fur tho Induslila'
Tialiilng of tndhn Yotillr at ftllHle Itvtracls on
luosvliy, Invllatlnns were cvle ndetl hyfapt, 11.11.
Pralt, and Ilio spei lal train of two cars was tigered
bytlto Pcniisilvaiilv ilallroad fouipviiy, Ihe train
lertUasliliiglnnats A M. and re it lied Carlisle at
ilium, leaniiglhfttsshoillyafler 4 o'clock, It ar
rived hereat fi P, JL, giving all ample time for vls
lllng Ilia vIimiI ami returning on the Mine dsy. 'Iho
now tell (le-vdlly all ill), hut tho guests were wel
comed by Capt. I'laltut the station, and tlilvcn lo
the llarracks Itrcarrligcs arid llerdlcs. Mrs. Pratt
etiterlaliiedlhorotnpany at a handsome lirnclr at Iho
NlllmtllttK.I.lt.lm.aI. ....,,.....,. ..-. . - . .
km..';,., n ..in,-.,-, .inn n iiiui-ii s.as nieiiarr-tl tor
oieh visitor to take back with them on thoevrs, Ihe
a. u ihlldirn piesentoil satisfactory progress and an.
tiearanre, and In the school-ioorns and work-shops
gave full proof of their abilities and ad
vancement. A lilting those who made the ttlu were
Secrclaryand Mrs. Teller, Mlssleller.Cntnrnlssloner
I tlru, senalor Logan, Senator ami Mrs. Hawley,
llepresentithepeelle, ltepresenlallvoand Mrs.lleit-
MAraitl, St.. U-.inlh. llll It- a..., ..... .....
il- V. ' ""-;'-"" i'i.iii mi. miu urs. ,i ii, rtrtl
ler, Dr. and Mrs. Itankln. Dr.aiul MlsSuiiderlsn,i.
lien, und Mrs.Whlltlesey, Miss Fletcher, Miss Cook,
MlMlleuerlsnii, Mrs. Halt Mrs. Hall, Ur and Mrs.
t r.llDhead. Miss ('lii'ster. iv,t. vttAVAt,.f,n i ,..-.
Si'' -V1.'1 A"'."""". Mrs. Tullock, Mlss'scbl'more,
Mlsa iilnii, Mr. nn. I Mrs. Smllli. Mr. and .Mrs. D
.othtop, or llosloiii Mr, T. Y. Keau. Ill, Power.
Dr. Oreeiie, Mr. and Miss Itradlev. Dr. and Sirs
Ijelley, Mr. 11 P, Kane, Dr. and Mrs. fhild. Miss
I lark, Dr.W)nktii, Dr.Walle. Mr.aml Mrs, Howe.
Mr.lilckttitd. nnd.NIr, Paltrier.
On Tlriirtiilfiy a illtlti;iillieil party wctil
down to Mount Vernon on the Despatch, lite affair
I'-lnggollen up tu honor of the Malagissy envoys,
who .no now In this city tut diplomatic business.
1 lie Marino Hind accompanied the parly.nnd a hand
winie t'olhllon was nerved In lliei'ildn, Amoiit those
who went were Mrs. Mel Imjr. Miss Arthur, Seciu
laiyaml Mrs. Krpllngliiiywii. the Misses Fiellnghuy
sett, Mrs. fhamller, Mrs. Ulngsley, Mrs. Lleul.
inniy, Miss Fii'iirli, AHMaichl Hey, Sefmr Harca,
SeAiirilnlojr, Senalor Hill, or Colorado; Chinese
Minister ami anllo, Jipinpsa Minister aud suite, Dr,
"tiling, Admirals Worden and I'. II. P. ltndgers,
llnwcll, lien. ( hauncey Mrh'eever, Hon, Mr.drlpr.
Hawaiian Mlnlstpi, Mr. Ttecott. .Mr. Wlnthrop,
( iiiinuislore Walker, Hon. dnhn Kasson, Coininls
sloiier Lining und Mis. Lorlng.
Kenator Kalr gave a farotvell dinner tarty
rnr this season at Woimley's on Monday evetilug,
Iho long table In the west pnlor was lib! for forty,
seven, and was det orate I with elaborate centro
plecesanda wide border of fliinurs, Ihoso present
were Postmaster Ueneral lloe, ex-Seualor David
Dvvli, Senalots Arilhoii), fill, Cameron, Cockrell,
I nuger, Dolpli, Farley, (Iroouie. drover, Harris,
lllll, .lacksou, dtuias, dones of Florida, Jones ul
V. t,' I.t"tar. I.iiphun, Jllller ot Caliromla,
Miller of New v.ork, .Morgan, .McMillan, Motrin
Piatt, Plumb, Piigh, sawvir, Slitei, Yanre. Vest.
ooibees, Walker, Williams, and v Indniu, .lusllccs
ami Miller, ux-buiutor Ilairow atut ex-Senator Ket-
Tlit) l'roaitltilit Lfavd a fdrmrrtll illimrti-
paily nn l.lsMMersoiriliiirstlHy eveiili.L', aiulacom-
t 1. 1 t.t .. ....... a a
I-J..J vi incillj-3ll VYtJie -iOHfM ai IHO Irtltld In Hie
4 tutu. 1 1 1, I sir. ,.-..... ili,..,n- ..
u...iD.mhiiiK-.uuim. .4io i4uia waiMji wuuuower pieces
In low form of decoration, ..ml the lUlos' nqueta
IlKlUllF III.. .Iinlna.l -n-n. .-( ,....- ?..
...w... ...u vmu.id.i luioj. uesiues mo i resnient iue
couipany Included Mis, Hvvnswoilb, Mrs. and Miss
Mel Iroy.Mr.tind Mts.aelh Fiench :tml .Miss French.
the Altnriinv Opnrnl ntnl t. iim.,-,-. .,.,....
,, . .. ...-c. oiunsici, V1-.3I8IHIII
Secret try and Mrs. John Davis, Judno aud .Mis.
iMircrori Davis. -Miss I lellnghuvsen, Sir. aud Mrs.
Macalllster, of Philadelphia. Itepresenlallve ami
Mrs. Madswotih, Mr. and Mrs. lolitt Field, Mr.aud
Mis. Duer, Miss Walker, Mr. F. ,1. Phillips, and
Mr. Wluthiup.
Senator and Mis. Talmr left WlUaiil's on
Friday iiioriiliiD-. and will makeu lonmr n. i..ia
cities beforo leluinliig to Col.iri.lo. r'ulliei flu
pello'bcoiitte In returning the ntarrlago reoor!oo
and declaring tho rotui that he went lliroiigh as no
terciumit of iniiilige lu Iho o)e of Ilio f hitrcb. Is
I1II1J" ll I.VHIIHl li.luil in. nil it.l .. a n.a . . . '..
".", ".; l,",n' "" w'3H".t. ,i nr&i ii was MUM
I lift I all 'I almp .Ie.iiIa.1 ,1... I ...... r I. i 1 .
.,. .... ,,.uu. UUII,U,, ,,IC, biuhui mi Having' nein
iiianlfslluHt, IsOulsUntSepiemOei. but It Is prolu-
l.t.l til I t limit is. Ill .1 ...I I... !. . .... .1 . . '
"" niv j ,. nmipi iij in u icji.ii i ereinouy nowt
Mr. Iloracii 11. lllll and Mhs Julia II,
Sterling, or San Prim Itco, weie nun led tjiiletly at
St. John's Church on Weilnesdtt evening. Mr. and
Mrs. lllll left lutuiodlilely after t tits ceremony for
Now lork, and salted fur Kuropo thliweok. As
MIssSIci ling the brldo has spout two winters Iter as
tho guest of Mrs. Senator Jones, on Capitol lllll, ami
her hippy marriage. Is a subject or lougratuutlon
fr our all her rrlcuds.
A inoatenjoyable luncheon jiaily waa given
lastlhuisday afternoon by Miss Lllcu JIcCouucll, at
hei lesldence, on tho corner or Nlulli and M streets
northwesl, In honor uf Miss halo Hills, or Cleveland,
who Is visiting friends In Ihls ellv. Among those
present were Mrs Charles Hills, Mrs. Hubert Srbut
ter, Mis. Harry Sherman, Mis. Dr. Kveiette, Mrs.
Clatk, Mit, Anthony, Mlssl.jinaii, Mrs. Uenedlct.
ami uthers.
The Jla-scotte Chili vras tlHliglitftilly eu
teitjluedtiuriblay evenltig.it the residence of Mr,
11. P. Dotrrr, niv Massachusetts avenue. A very
pleasant time was bad. Ptesent. Mls.es May and
Mil llonu, losephlne and Irene Koones, Wluters,
la)lur. hchathlrt, Hennle, Hodgerj, aud Jlessrs.
Mil, v Inters, and Mlddlelon, .Mayse, T'a)lor, 'Iodd,
louiuey, Srhullels, llronrpsuu, ami Phillips.
TIik ri,ya! ag nf Madagaicar, a white
lltll with scarlet crown and letters nu It, has been
living fiont the Arlington since tho arrivalof the
Knvo)srroiit Madagascar. Col, Wlckham Hoirnnu
vias deputed by tho Stale Department to receive and
escort the tolTee-cnloied gentlemen to the Capital, and
these envojs with the loug names are entertained as
the guests or Ihe nation during Ibelr stay here
Poslmastei Geneial Howe gave a dinuet
parly on 'I uesdry evening Ht which there were pres
ent ex-senator David D ills, Senator and Mrs. lllll,
henatnr Motrin, senator and Mrs. Angus Cameron,
Mrs. lugcnellale, Haron von Sbaelfer, M.Weckher
llu, Mrs. hranklfattou, Mr. and Mrs. lllalne, Mrs.
ei-tenalor Stewart, -Miss Page, Col. and Mrs lotted,
and Mies Anna Tottcn.
Peie Hyaclntlio and his wife, Mine. I.oy
son, will corao to this country In Juno, and travel
extensively through tho United States for somo
months. 1'ero Hyaclntlio has been engaged todcllver
a imirBo of lectures through tho North and West, and,
as ho speaks a clear and fluent Fugllsh, ho Is counted
upon as proving the mo.t attractive of lecturers to
American audlcncc3.
Tho Attorney General and Mrs. Brewster
gave a dinner party on Monday evening, at which
Vr, ," i ' re ,uenI Anlmr' ilTH -MrFlroy,
( HiiMrrBiingimysen. Mn joJm Iiavls. Mrs Jnsehb
, iuie, ...ra. uou uaincion.aiiaa walker, MlssKvarts,
I Mrs. 'I limn nan it Mr nml tin vrn.om.i.. it ..'
""' ArMarchl Hoy, M. Weckerleit. and Mr. win.
.. ' ....
fllr3' "n" Ml8s McI;lroy ' tlio White
it... - i-, , . . ..--..
' 8 " V'"Ur ""rttinWl "'0lr long and agree
. "'""'''" t" ' -resiueni. rney were accornpan cd
it jsevr lorrruyjir. and Miss French, who liavo been
tilt i'mairtonr la irnocle Inw il, rn -i
...w . .,..,. ,. ,.k.,0 ,ul luu .,., mu nays, airs,
Havnsworth,.ur Albany, tho elder sister or Prosldent
Aithur, will remain here for some weeks longer,
Mr. Homer I,. I'oninl, son nf ox-Hepre-sentalivo
Pound, cf AVIsconsIn, started for blj futuro
home at Harley, Idaho, ou Tues lay night Mr.
Pound Is to l.a register ot the land oitlie at that
point, aud lo further prepare himself for a career In
that rich lululug country has been ludylng assavloir
at the Pblladelphl ( Mint for Iho past je ,r. ,'"l
.Mrs. Chain lm gave a iliiiuer party tut Mon
dayrvenlng, the Sectelaiy of thu Navy belug uual.le
lu be lueseut on account of Illness, 'I hose Presmt
were -Mrs, Kinsley, Harou vun ITseinlecker. Cotn
modoie Miufol.lt, Senator, Logan, llatvley, Krve
llolllnt, Hlalr, IJiiriuau.theruiau, Alllsoii.aiu! Ileek!
Col. (leotgii llliss, ind Mi T. 11, Musgrave.
Mm. Kate Chase aiul her fhlhlreu have
been eslabllshed al their I dgewood home for tho past
fortnight, .Mrs. Clnse visited lire Capitol last S tttir
lay In company with tho wife mid daughter t.r Hep.
rts-ehtallvo Crowley, and occupied a seal In I lie Serrate
gallery ror borne lime.
Mrn. iTellnRhuysen ami her .laughters I
hclJiulloalargoierepllouon WeluetiUyaflernGoir. I
T belt series of Thursday eveulng iixepllnusarodls.
ii.nllimed for tho present, but II Is prulublo that i
aller ratter lliey wllliesuiue Iheiu fur a short while.
Keltlier lleuatoi aiul .Mis. Sawyer um
HenatoranilMie, lllll were pltieiit at Iho Tabor I
wedding, as some rorrespoii.lent, erroneously tele
graihed lo their pipers on Iho ulgblor the (ere
liiony. lleprent'iitutlvH la;ii ami nx-Kepii'tenta.
tllomij Alls llareltnn went to New Yoikuulues
myiileht fora.hoit visit, teliirnliig hereagaln be
fore Ihe) leave for their Iwitiei.
Heiiator ami Mr. Mheriuuu, Heuator ami
Mis.laliniiuds, aiiilei-llepienenuiiveanil Mri.llub. I
wiit.4H atiiotig i uuso wnu intend mak tig the
CallluinU lour ibis .uiunier.
MuJ.dt'oigu M. Downey, captain Twmty
tlr.t liifantrr.aridMr. llownet arilvrd at the Kbbltt
llnii.riln.t ll,,iui,v .... i i.r. ii...... i... .. .
the West. ' ' I
in ....
eiue oiiain iviiapii, oi lirooKlyn, vy 10 has i
been vlslilng her frleud. Ml.s lilaufbe 'lldball of I
Nineteenth meet, itluiiiedlobcr houieou Iburidsv '
Mai. ChnrLw A. W.L-,.11 ,.,i..r r'i........i.
!:.-'.' ,.,.T.- :.!!'! s 1
.,, :,;;; ;:" : i: : .:. 'z" v: i
. ,.,. ,.n ii ., ' .1.: Ir" " ' " ."'' "i 111
IMra I'l-inbtiroll rfsvi. ,1 Imwl. .n... ii...
--. iivvitnvM (,ii v w tuuvu iuh ijr uij iHllJ
(lav In hr.ilHs f frd tvi.,..r n...i mV. ,r .
' ," "' ' t-"u' '""' "'' ""worin.
Miss oMaude Oouioriieur will visit Mr. I
Patlctsou, In Philadelphia, on the I lb instant.
Mr.. rlM,n. ..,., l.ot !..... ... - ..1-1. . .
: aoruou, in iiodTounly ' l
Hepreseutatlve and Mrs. Hlscock left tor ,
their ticuro pull eJncsday
a.,rUpaarryaouIri3ue?I,)e"aU S
tiu nanyou lue.Jii)
Senator and Mr i. I'ryo left for their liom
lu Maine on Wednesday. U0
.. . -... ----".-" -- ".v ....... . ..,,., uuiuii ,,.r;...i0.. v .......:;.-..:.. .---:'. ..-v.-.w-
ititt i.e ir ift .,1 m ut (1,1,1 1 ii..i. . iiaitni: uauu iiuriroiej. wora nor t.tne.1. ihnnm. 1
iiw mu inai e 11 mil iu iue racrno i;oaii Ibis scrlnrr.
TIid Dnko do Mnrny, of Paris, wai roRli
tcred at Mormlev's list night. Ills father, It Is well
known, was Inir brother or Napoleon III, being a
yotirrtrer sort of Horlense. born afiMr her Sfiiai-fttrftit
from King Louis. The elder de Momy tlgitrcs as do
Moia lu I millet's mnriil novel, "Tho Nabob,"
Mid theporlrilturewasrmognlrcdlti Paris as Iny.
Inr; beeir etliemelT lire-llko. 'Iho present dukelsa
ytniiig inan In tho twenties, with nolhlirg lir his fsvor
lint wealih and rank, wllh a bar sinister but ono
generation liehliiit him, IDs principal relehtlly Is
duo In the lerent suicide In hUapailinenls ot Hie
be iiillful llussliu actress, Mile. Feyghlnn, afler he
had alnuiloiied her. Ills visit lo Ihlsroitiitry Is nn-
mk, ii. m in niTa uteii ituiieriaKert in pursuit ot a hope
mien. p. .... I I. ,. ....... ...l..a. ... a.......
. ... ..,..rfK.,i ,.j uci iiiiiuiertit inniryins nil AllteriCtll
linlrns, Miss Kernochiii. lint that scheme vsas
rnrstrateil by tho lady's sudden ntarrlago to Mr.
llobert Pell, which rainal such a sensation In Sew
voiksoclelya raw days since.
A very ulenint iniislcilo wai olvnn nn
Ihursday evening last at the icsblonreof Mr. tins.
i iiciiMihi, 16 rotirlh slreet soulheasl, Inhonor of that
geiitloinau's recent return rrom Xaw Zealand, where
his accompanied Ihe Transit or Venus parly. Tho
Mojartoicheslra rendered sotnenf their llnest selec
tions, and Miss Hertle Crawford ruined tho assem
blage wllh a very pretty Tyrolean song. Among the
guests were the Misses ltosalhellkiibl. Oil la Adams,
Anulotllhson, Hello Carroll, Virginia Mnrphv, Leila
Lo Dan In, .Mamie Jeffrey, Slay HratT, Mae Wright,
barlolle llescz, llerltnde Stepper, Mamie Crawrnrd,
Katledrair, and Messrs, .1. M, Lamb, LonU Mchol
son, N. I.orup, II. Klrkwooil, Hubert Kellogg, K.P,
l'pliiiii,t'ait N. D.Ailams, Pntfessor IMI.lmuilrli,
Charles Kaspar, A. Howies, A. W. Tyler, .1, It. (lib.
son, William Long K. W. Slone, Prutessor M agrrer,
Dr. 1 redcilck M. Schttelier, and A, W, Tyler, ,lr. J
Mr. ninl Mrs. llnwaid K. llinras passed
IhroilBll our cltv sesterdav. pn rimlA fur tli.,1- tmw
home, New York rliy. .Mrs. Hurras, uoe) M'heaton,
or Savannah, (la,, will lm welcomed In the Mettop-
nit. ,,,.,t I... ,. .- .(.., .... ... .1.
.-...., .... .iv, ,., ii,j iiiciius in ner out tioilie 111 too
Sunny Siitilh leleaso her with many legrets. They
VVflrn si.mnih,nl..l lit, II- .... I ,... ,. ..
....- ,-..,, v. ..j ..ii, iiiiii ,i, Iflliuup, SVIIO
witnessed their marriage last week In Savannah and
traveled with them through Morhli. Mr. J. F.
licituti. Iho lather or the bride, who accompanied
ho hippy puly to Waslilngtoii, has also returned to
his home In Savannah.
One of Uih iileaiatiteit liinclt jiartle of the
week was that ghen on Monday last by Ihe ollicers at-
iv..ci hi um rresiiieui's yacnt, trie iiespitch, now
nt llin Vitru S'.t.t 'I.i.a ..-.,. a...,...,, i , . ...
........... .... . ....,.,,,, t ,-,,,,, ,i,o I'usiitien, now
at Ihn Nave V.t.l. '1'l.n h.fih i.,ai.,.ia.i si.. ,mi.
tott, ol Haltlmoret Miss Nllos. her enest; Misn'rian-i.
gher, .Miss Anna Hendorson, and Miss Anna Wilson.
1 he table was profusely decorated wllh flowers, and
the llllich Blirh as tmlv IIid.m ir. limit .. nm,..
canal range.
M r. and Mrs. (leorge Haas have issued in
vitations to the marriage of their daughter" I.otti lo
Mi. I'd ward Volght, Jr., at St. Mary's Church, the
-i tit Instant, at? o'clock, 'Ihe groom expectant Is
the roreinin or the Jewelry establishment ot Mr. Wil
liam I'relderlrh.
Itehearaala are going on at the residence
or Miss Walto for pilvale theatricals, lo beglven
Paster week for Ihe benefit of the free dispensary. A
number or prominent )oung la lies and gentlemen
are In the cast of characters.
Col. ,1. 0. Tilford, of the Army, Mr3. Til
ford, and Miss Neita Tllfonl arrived In this city on
Thursday last from Now York, and will remain dur
Itiir the month or March. Miss Tilford Is pur"Ulng
her auulles In Vew York.
A very large delegation of yditng society
people tiom Hiltlmore will come over In a special
train tu-inonow night tu make a visit to the Skating
Itlitk, lu return for the visit or Wasblngtonlans made
to llaltlmore.
I.Ifiit. AiiMden and family liave given up
thelniuarters at 2010 (1 street. 5lrs. Alusderiand
her little daughter will leave ror her home In Ohio to
morrow. 'Ihe Lieutenant Is atftcned to the De
epatrli. Tins fourth meeting of the MVat Washing
ton Hucl il Club iihik placotni l'tbli) menlng last at
tho lesldence nf Miss Lull i shoemaker, .i:ui M street.
I bete was a full ttleiidauce.auda goo.1 time was had,
Invitations aitniit for the maiiiage of Mr.
Henry L. Dauterlck to Miss ,mella C.Helmiitli next
Wpdnesdiy etetilng, at V n't lock, lu thu Cnncnrdla
Cliuith, iiuuertif lwentlethaii.il streets.
Mts.Tlioinni A. Osborn, wife of the United
States Mlnlsterlulliaxll. Is stopping with her aunt,
Mot. Col. YedJer, for a short lime. She will sail Tor
llrazll In a week ur two.
Paymaster Gait, of the N.ivv, and wife
have taken patlois at IS110 street. Ills sister. Miss
Annie (lalt, orNorrolk, Is still vlslllngtheui.
The wiftt nf Maj. Nicholson, of the Marine
Corps, and Lieut. Jesup Nicholson ami wire will sail
for America about April 1.
Miss llnrtli, of Tennessee, daughter of ex-feergeml-of-Ariiis
Uureh, Is paving Iter frleud. Miss
Almy, a short visit.
The Hohemiaii Club will give their neit
regular seurl-rnorilhly hop at Sheldou's Hall ou Easter
Mornl t) night.
Mr. nnil Mm. P. 1' lta,su r t-'is
..... ,. . a , LlfcluGII) ,J lij
Thirteenth street, gave a large danclne nartv last
Missliesaiis llran-rtHi-. nf lialltmnpu Ml 1
visiting her sister, Mrs. Joseph Ualley, on Mghth
mi eer.
Mrs. S. S. liassett and Miss Hassett, of
New York, are inaklug a short visit lo this city.
Mrs. M. .'. !os3 and daughter have gone
to Fortress Monroe foru hi lef visit,
Miss Lena Smith, of this city, is visitinir
lu Plltslield, Mass.
Tub second section of the ".Act to alTditl
assistance and relief to Congrcssand the Kxecutive De
partments In tho investigation of claims aud demands
against the Government" (which becamo a law on
thO laStdaV Of the Ses.loni l Of trri-t lmr,nr,on" in n
-. .., .... g.var ....I.",,.,,,. iu a
lirjfecUssof clilnnnts ana to executive officers. It
TA.liU fid fflllntca. Il'lhat i l,n n .... ....
. ....,.., "" "'. viaiiii ur niauer is
pend log In any or tho r.xecutUe Departments Milcli
ItiaV (ill. iL a rnntrni net.., I n,.ne,str . . .
liwil of sucli Depirtinont may transnilt tlio same,
Willi tlif X r-111rli(ira n tnari isrA.fa .i -1 ..'
"" .-- .see t- -ij'S.B IUUI9, tllUl UUCUU1CU19
penalnlnc thereto, to salil court, cttie Court of Claims, j
.111(1 lll.l sllliA Rlllll Ik ftiAra nro-ood.,1 l ...i ...Js.
- " " "" -. neii,i,i,iicii iu UdUCl BUtll
rules ns tlio court mayaUopt. AVlien the facts ami
i-ujjL-.ubio.iBoi inv tu in nivo necn found, tho court
Fhall not enter JuJcment thereon, Imt olnll report Us
wis transmitted for Its guidance and action. " It
ikh u bcui tusaiuciiditiiteiiiai omccrs may. under this
:tft rl.l tliastit-.il trad nP nil n...t. . . . .
....i it.tittniieuicjui tin uminiii(.tui law or MCI
In ntitr Hint Inr ia.1i! Mi enmao iiAr.i.A ib.m i .. ,..., . .
v - "" "'"in i ut hi uj iiiiviiiK lilt?
faccretary refer the same to the Court of CMlins, whero
Ir Will liA fmllrvtnllir 'nvaotU..I ...! .!..-' . . .
,"-" iHiwiiiini uuuj uuifrmiueu.
Arter rccelvlnca leportfrom tho couit tho Depart
ment will have no responsibility but toboculdedby
Inn ilflrltlnn Hint ilitilniul nn.i t.. . t... .. '
... ....,. a v,. .,i1Ul nun iu JiViV iNCICUU
The question of whether tho Treasury
Department can legally withhold tho pay or members
orcougrcaswho are Indebted to the Government Is
exciting considerable attention Just now. The 1 Irit
Comptroller or the Treasury assume! that It can, and
so Informed thoTroasurer lu the case of iteprescnta
live Ochiltree. The Solicitor of the 1 reasurv is in.
clliuil to doubt the legalltyof such a decision. Ho had
!. i..tu.i-... ..in. ,... - - ' .
....s... av u-,..u, t,.w ivtsniui tu a hi, 11 v. uct-iaiuu. iiuiian 1
.. iuki ugqntu ockii-irtij ruitrcr jeaieruay arter-
" -... j-u.ii , uiiuKuiuutuiibiuerti umutu u uuuer ru's shut, ilirht wIipm i.a
wrono us a matter i.r nm.iin nr,iiB inuiiiii.c.ini.J.ii,! i. ... i.. .. . .", -"Un wuere lie
... . . . .. ..--: ---
bis aciount, as marsh tl ol Texas. The application
fur a (omiiromlw of thl, taw ror SOU has not let
beeir acted upon.
Hon. Ilosroi: Conkiikii ami other coutisel
for patties lit the Chaudler-PoileiiTell scrip case
made aiguutent bororo Ihe Secretary or the Interior
lesterday, 'Iho Chandler tase luiolies title lovalua
Ide lauds bordering ou the faut Salute .Marie Hlier.
Michigan. Chandler's claim had alread) been re
jected by Hecretary Teller, but rearguuienl wa,
allowed lu determine more ipetllltally thenppllca
bllllynf Puiteirield scrip Thern'cietiry held In Ids
iitlgtual deiUloii Hut Ibis scrip timid be located only
upon public lauds In n slate or natnie, but Chandlei'ir
lepiesentatlresiontondthat Ibis ruling Hat vailaucu
wllh pieilou, decisions, The case Is oneut much
tnleiest lolaud uttoruoys,
The iiiemhers (it tlru Civil Service Coinmls
tlou tailed at tho Pieiuilie Mansion )cterdiy afltr
110011 and bad a short ct'urerenco with the Piesldeut
lu irgard lu the general plan of operation lu beob
erved Iu earning the law Into die. 1. II was agreed
Ihat Ihe Pomnilwlnii ihuul 1 1 icpare 11 set of ml., lu
legurd It; lho(ueih,u, under Ibelr Jurisdiction and
mbu.lt ibcru lu the Presl lent for hlauppruvul The
election of a ibler eiiiulucr under Ihe foiuuiHiluit
has not) it Kerr igreed iihju.
Ir is anuouiieeil that ivsistant I'.iviini.ti- ;
-4.-.. uw ...,mu..., I,.,,,, ,,, IUIIU
UeotgeM Allen, of the Nav), will lender his li.lt;.
Haute , Ind.) I,,
. , ,, , , .
""' fuIlowiiiBoriU'ia Weie isstieil from the
fay llepailmeiit yvtviiliv Passed A .-,1.1.1,1 v,,t.
" - ''""""I N- Hlevensou nrderesl 10 (Mail Vuney
lul. Lliut. Cuniuiander HeoigeC. Heller, detat bed I
r; Nh.r',r'A tv-wr i
mti!rml',,,uuuu"',!' '"i'.m.u
- 1
ElueeroiUcer, Tho station, of Col. tlltotf. Malor
Nlllitr nti1 ntliAt. ntllisr.r. .. , 1. ...... .1 "
Kv H114W111UI vui.VIHII1lJU4UJ'tlU
tub Tallapoosa, which arrlvod at the Kor-
'oU' N,avr Vara l'rlday momiug, 1, detained there by
"' B!l10 r'Wl'iil! "'"ns the coast,
,pl V"0,"Cr ""' .r.
b.eil'd'isc&ihall,1 JV.-W ..."cK
J.r s.,i 1 had upon Ki,Pa to "JudgellKsell in
f uhathe never kuow any taic'ipersiuajJ. '.
I '' ' 8l,a. ",'"luli'uyi',"rKavotiiiua chc-k fir
fW.""""'" wuatevir and ho relierated the denial
Itnln, Snow, mill It lull AM n iH Pre
NKvtoiinT. 1!. I.. M-it-oii in.i .nn li M A
heavy rain-storm set In at II o'clock A. M. Tho
wind Is living, ami at rronrr was blowing very fresh,
litis. ton, Msrch to S to P.M. V special dispatch
from Newport si)- tremendous sea Is tunning
hcio. Iholldesarevcry high, and now roarhtnthe
totmf Hie wharf Idiles. Many resident are ev.
tremcly riitvous. I he surf row a II ha not done
fur veirs, and Spouting ttock Is sending up roliiuis of
water loan unusual height, A telegram from lllgh
niul Light sajs the wind Is southwest and fresh.
Iho Indications ate that a heavy gale Is coming nn.
Pmmoi Til, Mats., Mitch 10 2 3d P. JL It
commence 1 tn storm ut noon hens, and It Is now
raliilnglnrd. Tbevvlnd Is blowing violently, and
Increasing troni the nnrtheist, with a very roll sea.
U'lllffrLtLll Vt.a 1I..-1. In l-l. l..
," "I --., ,'iisi.i, i-inn ivseui-
firili now-storm of the soisnn began at It o'clock
till fornnnn. ill. .,,t.l,. ..t.l.iiv .... .!....
.................. .... nn.inillJI lfl.l. ,,,,,, o D, ltll.ll
during nny storm this evson. The birometer Is
lower lb m it ins been ror a. voir.
1Ut.ni.sr, N. S., March lo-5t3,i P. M. The
Woather hern Isnrerrasl sn.l n ilmm ttie.tann,! i
southwest breeze Is blowing. Thero aro prospect ot
mow and rain, but tmihing to Indicate a storm or un
usual seventy.
(Htvwv, osr., March in-inn P. M. A heavy
uoir-sltirtti Is now In progres bore.
Sr. ,lon v, N ll.iMarrlilo-.il. M. Iherewas
a strong breere rrom the miitliwest early this morn
ing, but It has slum subsided. 'Iho weather Is now
calm and cloudy, with ttioappoaranfeof rain,
Ciiirititi, March HI, A light snow I ratling here.
rliB weather through iho Nnrthwest Is generally
cloudy to-day.
SsVFi'.VNneto, 5larth 10. thero aro no signs or
a storm on tho Paclilp Coast. ProLW Igglns's proph
ecy trlghteiied some persons. A Herman resident
ha built a small ark and placed Hon liUronr, ready
for tho thlal wave which wa announced to sweep
through the Oolderr (lato.
Si. Liiint, March 10 Feir of Pntfessor Ig
glns's alorni ha icaehed bote. About IW flshernien
oporilooutbo -Mississippi and ou the Illinois Itlvers
rrniiibl. Loul lo Penrla, and they ire said lo have all
taken their net nut or the river until Wednesday
next. Fish aie consequently settee, 'I he weather Is
cloudy, wllh a rather high and gusty wind.
Nr.wVuuh, March 10, (here wore heavy Hoods
on tint Atlantic Coast tin long Island to-day. in
Jatinlct, Hempstead, mid Ihe (Iroat South Hay the
tide wa higher it noon to-diy than In been known
for inanv jears. Tho lowlands wero covered with
water. As far as could be learned there Ira been no
serious darnago to properly or loss of life. At
. -. . -'"--J. " - t.nuo ivk. ,,er' in iiiu siteeis,
ami the cellar or houses wore swampod.
i iii.niiiir ma iur,F en. ,.,.. r... ., .-... ,.. .,.- .. .
..IH-.1IIKAI-, aiarcit ro. inero Isgreat danger or
heavy Hoods lu this vicinity, as the St. Lawrence Is
rising laptdly. should rilit rollow the present heavy
snow -storm, nolhlni; rait prevent an overflow. People
llvlflt f... 4 1... I.-,.. I....1. . .1. . I . I m ..
..'.i; i, nu, luttiaiius near trie uauKsor i no river aro
becoming seriously alat nied,
Haih-'w, N.S., .March 10. lite wind Is Increas
ing In violence every minute, and Is now blowings
heavy gate, Itiln Is falling heavily. The tide, which
will nut bo at Its highest until nearly 10 o'clock, Is at
this hour 5 o'clock) wllhln two feet or the wharf
LvvctlliL'itn, Vs., Marrlr 10. The wealheryas.
terday was unusually rnllj, followed at night bya
brisk hall and heavy rain-storm. Iho snow Is several
Inches deep In Ihe southwest.
" I hear yon Itatl burglars over to vnur
house lastiilgtit," said the grocery man to tho bad
tioy, as ho came In and sat ou tlio counter right over a
little gimlet hole, where the grocery man had Hied a
darning-needle, so that by pulling a strlug the needle
would lly up through the hole aud ruu Into the boy
about an Inch. 'Ihe gioery uiaii had been laying for
the bov. for two days, and now that he had got him
light over the hole the first time It made him laugh
tO tnltlk hOW lilt Wllllt.r luaLalilm l.o.in an., .-Il ..!?.,
- - ...w ...,u j,.,,,,. a,,u JUII 11111
as he edged olt and got a good hold or the suing the
boy looked unconscious of Irrrpeudlug dauger. The
grocery man pulled, aud tho boy sat still. He pulled
again, and ogam, and finally tho boy said:
"Yes, It Is ierleil that we had burglais over
there. Ob, )ott needn't pull Ihat string any more,
i licardjouvvMsettliig a tup i,ir iU8t an,i ! ,lt
piece or a board Inside iny pints, and thought t would
letyoiiejerclsoiourseir. Ho ahead, ir Itamuse voir.
It dotr't hurt me."
Thu gtocery man looked sad, and then smiled a
swerv wn.t ut ....ii.. .. ,t... ..ii
j - " o,.,., . mu iiiiiuiu iii iiis inan iu
jiunclurotboboy, and then ho said, "Well, how was
It. 1 he pollcoiuan didn't seem to know much about
the particulars. Ho said there wa so much deviltry
going on at )uur housothat nobody could tell wheu
anything; was serious, and he wa inclined to thluk It
','Nowle''abaveaiuiiidertaudlng, " Hays the boy,
" Whatever 1 say, you are not to glso ute away.
It'aago, Is It? I have always been arrald or voir,
becauseyuir have a s.vrt of decayed-egg look about
you. ou aro llko a peck ot potatoes with the bier
nnu.inlnh n an r. a ..I .. , . ..."
...,v4Uu .,., dsu.,u. j aiiawuerry-uox Wltlr ttie bot-
toni rased up.no I have thought voir would cu back
I oil tl fell.iti . tint If ...,, 1..,,.,. ,. .. ... ... .
"--:. -,-.- "" """ . Kim ttieaway, uere
F.V ,',"1,''ea '. l"ni" le !' to bring up another
liottloor lluluient last night, n hen matorks herself,
or has a pain anywhere, slid Jut use liniment for all
th it Is out, and. i pint bottle dout last more thaua
?wk, Ve" ' ,ola "'y'1'1"". -ind vte laid for pa.
This llnliuent ma uses Is otful hot, and almost
blister. Pa went to the l.anglry show and did
not get homo till 11 o'clock, ami me aud my
thrrrrt decided to teach pa a lesson. I don't thluk It
Is right for a man to go to the theatres and not take
hi wire or his littlo boy. So we concluded to burgle
pa. We agreed to lay on tho stairs, aud when he
came up iny chum was lo hit him on the head wllh a
dried bladder aud I was to blab bltn on his breast
iwckel with a stick aud break the liniment bottle
aud make blm think he was killed. It couldn't have
worked bettar It we had rehearsed It. We bad talked
about burglarsat supper time arid got pa nervous, so
when he came up stairs and was hit orr the head with
the bladder-the itrat thing he said was Mlurglus hv
mighty, ' aud he started to go back, aud then 1 hit
hlru orr tho breast pocket, where the bottle was. and
then we lushed by him, down stairs, and
s.a ' 'J1 , whisper, 'I guoss he's a
dead mau, aud he went down cellar aud up the back
stairs to my loom and undressed. Pa hollered to ma
that be was murdered, and ma called me, and I came
ilowu lu my nlght-shlrt, and the hired girl she' came
down, and pa was on the lounge, arid ho said his
lire-blool was fast ebbing away. He held his hand
. . ... "","u u,m "" "o couiu reel the warm blood
trickling clear down to his boots. Hold pa to stuff
some tai iuto tho wound, such as hu told me to nut
on my lip to make my luuiticlio grow, and ni said
'My boy, this Is no time Inr trllllug Your pa Is oi
Ids last legs. When I come nn stairs I met sir biiriT
lars, and I attacked them and forced four of them
down, and was going to hold them and send for tho
police, when two more, that 1 did not
kuow about. Jumped on me, and I was
getting tho best of them, when ono of tbcm struck
rue over the head with a crowbar aud the other
stabbed me to thu heart with a butcher kulfe 1
have received my death wound, iny boy, and in hot
houthern blood, th it I ottered up so freely for inv
country In her time of need, Is passing from mv
body, and soon your pa will be only a piece or poor
clay. Get some Ice and put on my stomach, and all
...v ..-j ......, .... . ,,, v.ituiiii: ii. i went to the
Water pitcher and got a cbuuk of Ice and put luslde
pa's shirt, aud while ma was learim. ,, .,! ... . .1 ...
to stop the flood of blou.1 1 asl cd pa If ho felt belter
tiud If ho could descrlbethovlllalnswho bad murdered
blur. Pa gasped aud moved his legs to get
them cool from tho clotted blood, ho said, and Ire
went on, 'One of them was about six foot high, and
had a sandy mustache. I got him tlow n and hit him
11 Iho nose, and ir the police find hlru Iris nose will
be broke. The secoud cuu was thick- set, and
weighed about two hundred. I had bin, down, and
my boot was on his neck, and I was knocklne two
more, own, when I was hit The Uriel: set one will
have the mark or boot he. u nn 1,1. .1,...,. ,. ... ..'"
liuiiif. tv 11 I'll i .1111 'nnn u.iuit
police, wheu I am gone, ibout the booi.beei ...irt. ,
1. :.. .. -.--., .uv.,k lllv tytAiiiiit:
Jiy tiiui line minau ot the skirt tor-a un -ii, i -n-
Vi. TU",
-- - -...-....... (.,,,., auciuiiuii inn ,ri.L.n lt ,.
,1,. , 1. . ..n.i ... ... .... :: - .-
.... ..w ...... ..,.,,, ,., ,ai nu naa latienou the
st ill sand broke his bottle, and that thern,..,ni.i..;.i
on h 111, and bo said. 'Ho joii rueatr 10 tell luoiuvbody
aud legs are not bathed In human gore" and then ua
got up and found It was uuly liniment. He got uad
"'" h'l .'"It"".., ."..!'" -roo'-a'anj g,
.. .. b "? tM "mviu vh uis ieet aj It was
tnlltiir tt.Ain rlfilit tlit-n....!. ..., . " " "
eating, ben, rlgh, through ,0 Mte utti, a id the" .
he saw my ihuui put his head lu the door I
with ono gallus hanging down, aud pa looked
at 1110 and Ihcn be said, " Look-ahere. If 1 nud out
ltws)oubo)sihitpiitupibUiobouiuo I'll 1 ii, iii
!!r"n.0."1,?.V.''1.1.'','u'.l,l.,U'?,,.u''"'' I'lliua'le
.. --" -v. j. ..j.,.. ,,ni 111111K liniment I, Ice-
1 ream In tuuipirlsou.' toll ,a it didn't look
reasonable that ino aud my t bum mull be sit hurir.
lars, tU fiet high, wllh our nose broko. and boLr
lieeliiiatkstiuouriieik, and pabo said form logo
'J""wl'lr ,"" glioblur a chance lu n
olt that lliiluuul. and we letlred. Say. how does nv
pa ,tilke)oiiasagiKid single-handed liar" and be
boy weui up lutbu louuter while the grucery riau
weutaftei ascullhtofioal t"eiy mau
liithomeintlnioonour the Ktocer) man's best tus
tomets, a deacon In tho ihurili, had cniuelu arid sat
loHiiuutheioiinter mu the tlarulug-iicedle. anlal
Ihegroieryinaii caino Hi with the coal the boy pulled
tho siting and wont out door ind llppel Jui i
basket of rutabagas, while Ihe deacon got down on
the ruuuter wllh his hand rl uped and anger In elerv
feature, and lol J the grocer) man he could whlriblui
11 iwu minute,, the gncr)inn asked what was
the matter, and the deacon lim.t,,l up the source from
ulieliiiirl.Hii-iri.liiu.i.,..l1d. ,.. .. vw .u"t
.-- v.-iu. luiuuKuuiu Counter
and as the boy went across the street the deacon aud
Tlio Miorltliui l.xfruellllo.i.
Tiro rjtate DMriarlniMiil 1,,,., ... ..1.-...1 .. t..
, eut le Ul hi , the ,cZ!' i.f'li'- I",'"". KJ,,,U-
i'rrL.t ... i i" ,f,v.,,',c.",,"i ..'.''. ".""" .'." M'o
..mm.,,,, ,-.,;... '..t; ":."'..;".. .'cr
, w-
'i-eii ii c.i iu auauuou lutlbii piuuedlugs. the 1
--t- -- .--v'. v.aie,eiriteiiiui uaiy luaLear,
I II I' IIIHlll II. A ll.ullt. ,.r ,1.. .... .. ..... . '. 'w--.il
MldilL, utiil Mw PiikIih.i
SIIUU'I 111 tllrt I. II If 11 lfuirtAti
uWV-,'""', I,".'"'!,11 UU'J.'1''' .""' ud
nei. ,7,7 y:.,.::"".,'"'""""' " i.n
rhireV.o.ylir -.
V.11 lli.i finntt. n,ii...itii.V.. .'. .. ..
.,-r..r..-n .t,..ht.t..t7, u,i., mrj VI1JU UIIUV Nlllllli-
Cool, fair weather I, tndlCJitod ou Moudar In the '
ouir. bouib, and Middle vtlaul.c ,,5!?,","
llciiitiiiiKol Htm,,,,, Uuliilun.
MomiB.Ai. Mar li lu - Tho mujhH of
John Qnlolau, th,. 1 smancatliollebi'uopotlb'.ato-
llelu,tateattl,elafh:,nlill, e- aTmor. . wY '
minnlwiurnkv vivo " w" .
liai)ll'l.lll.lSMIJIHttlV.Ill 111! I i l , ,
ltnireiiliiic fsiirlnlftf lr Oomnnefrn
limit-V Nloritiy Berlin In liir Clinm.
I'vHto, March 1" Muntcpii of tIIH n-.lr
(trvfrnl visitM-dT Itare Iseen risnterrred to v.-i, .
teirm of linpil'i.rimeiil, the inavlinniri belnir Vir
iflofilh.. cevrn of Hie pilttmers have Imm a(uuiil,,i
Ttr fowrnineiit will inwllltely picveht the .,,, , : '.
ineMiHf nf Hmiall.t In tmirrnw, Nnnn,ni 1,.
allowisiftn ar.prffirh tho llolelde vlll. J
1 he ,f.rr( sat these meeting are iiterelr or.
(Hintirjofi grind dl,play to t mad. on the'sd,
Iv-'m'-v ,'." ,,, r""n'r of DepiitlM to-day M
Sj,i''.ea?,V.",lTT,l;.MI,,,,,,'r ftf ' "iliHor, reply
LtgloM, -aul tie Caagnac, avid that reptiblh aru
ctirttletnnett and tnnn.rpi.i.i. .. .. .. :.'.." .....,
meellng. '1 te (iovrrnmen sal I, wrm 1 en'or e
nrdor with all Ihe iirMt, at it iii.Tmnf. "
JI. tie Casagnc lirntestrtl agalnvt the charMs
lnadflaea n.tn.nimeel.l.t. n ......'..". cnarges
public ., answenhlo for' the ,,?, " '"- "
vi. berry wa In nwer thebeonatrv.i
M. Wa1ilerk.lorieiii rejoined that M de I as.
ffotlnj.' ',Ml' ,,'",w',, "''" ,mo t-U-etl t";
I'nun't tie Mallle. Legitimist, etelvlmed, "oii
a m.1'!1."" "."r" !"", "" ,,ll'' " order,
.enin !f,Ml'i """""""i ''''M that ir, through Iho
Mi.iV-,,',",'.1',.,1'"',c'r"- ny other party, futiiro
ineellngs ahoul.l les easily bo tl.,ered. d fferent
measure of repression would bo taken. ' '"""nt
fount Albert tie Mini, ins Catholic leader, sat.l that
cavalry rhatge would not solve social qireslion'
...i!?i ireft"f """Tl Puro and simple, was a,.
r.lo,I,:'re.,e',v.ngVrorn,vno'i,e;: """ "" "''-"-""U
1 tin tinlli-'ii illdrntniAJ l. A 1.... ..
"rresletiyrdayan ",, doMvend 'Zi'l 7
ginuer of Ihe mnvenicnt for Socialist meetlne
.? l",r 'V ,t.,,,t,'l.,,i,r"I,l h" '" hsiied for the
arrtsstnf Louise Michel, charging her with plllsceat
Iho head of au armed band; wilt, making violent ss
iritonlliepnllcei wllh ultetlng stHllHotVcrie. and
J'r ni" ,0 'I10 0Mltol' "' "' eVtabllshed'govi
ri ! at'hJSl lTo"VS re1"' ""I"1""""'1" "etr
IIfri in, March lti. The Rovernnient have
forbidden Hie Introduction Into Oertoany of the
I--. . . '..-Mti, .1. naio aireauy pronounced
against two numbers of thlsobnothiu Journal.
Luivin, March 10. The sale of a collection of
autographs will begin hero Lett Monday. Among lb,
slgoyure In tha.ll(vllun aielhoseof William Pit t.
Mwlrti " "'n' U'-""lnt0" UMhoiln, ani
llovir', March 10. Tho man who was arrested hero
.n,'; J1'11" ' nn lwii the person who. on the
v.,.t.t! " : ,hr,r ,,"""l,, M"a "10 fMblcnce of the
Atisti in Ami. tssi,rtn Italy aud the Austrian An
bassvdor In the Vatican and the lloyal rahce "f Hi,
yulilnal ha been discharged, nwlug to lick or av!
denco lo convict him of the offense. ,:,CKor,3vl-
Loniioy, March lO.-Tho election for a member of
it'ifi " .',',i?.0i' 1,:o,ll1,",""' of Wri ombe win Held to-day,
S.111. 1 sisiuiiiui .ur. mhii, ute Liberal
cand date, who received 1,10 votes, against SW votes
mi ..ir. earson, 1110 conservative candidate.
.,''m""' "o1"1'. ,0 T," Socialist, Intend to hold a
lneollng on Sunday at the Placode L-Hotel de Vllle?
Illotsaro etpecloJf to occur. Several ot the persons
arrested orr the Fspl made tie luvalldo yesterday ill,.
1 '$Z "1""i..?.':".'V,''t"'" AVa.icu, assert,
il. lata among 'the Hoter,. "' "'" " """'"
.ii'!! . .iM""cll ,0'T'" "' Chamber of Dcputlo
KiffAS'iSiV. "ir"A'?f . . ..? of. 5. 050,000
I in -; . 1 . . . , . "" """us issued under tha
bill are to be ledeemvble In twenty years.
.)'', V.",A' sr",tch "'-The authorlllea hero have
i. ""'Bkcmuieei ng, ne hi in Iionor
1i.)Vf Byr; rar,0?k of "" -"""er of an Irredentist
display lu ravoror rrulon with (lermany.
.llctlintllHi 1'iinrcroucn Ctiiiiltiir Hero.
.lW',N"F,?T,E." Va- MarcI' 10At the ao3
aloii or the llaltlmore Methcllst Fplscopal Confer
erice to-day Mclfeudree Church, Wash ngtou, was
selected ror Hie rie.t annual session. Prnvlslo 1 was
K?,' ,e,,J 'i1' ,l'l" ntment or a committee to supori "
teitdlhe publication or tho llaltlmore -Vfti"f(j.
I; ivejoung ministers were elected to deacons "i.
u?mafuX"!?",MK or,ll!"' aiul "ere addresi
by llsbop Warren. The amount reported for distri
bution among the superannuated preachers and
widows and orphans was D,.1I3, while the claims
!"rH.l'' 'I be preacher,-' aid food showed the
receipt of H.000. A comuiltteoof live ministers aid
nve la) men was appointed to devise a plan for estab
lishing a Ualllmoru Conference Seminary.
Uiiv. Niirairuo'fi Hrltln.
Cincinnati, March lO.-The Commercial
S:"; ' ''tl"Bton, W. Va special says Mrs.
llora Inei Calvert, who married eT-novernor
SK n'SK.r?, .'a:j. loir..?J!"?- tb. cauei.
-, j wiet.Mii, .vim, iiuiu rianh. L'.mert. a travelloir
salesman for a Cincinnati book house. IlermaldSn
Lni'rLYitf "J't","'1 be5 ",re,,,, wra """' "' Kast
-- , ,- .'.lom. one is iweuiy-nve vearsold
and has en attractive appearance. ""''"i
Htllevlnu; lh Olilo Vnllcj- Jsutrorors.
Indianai'Olib, I.Nit., March 10 Uovernor
larri'I. ."," y." i,0"d "' TrMi" ,Iellaf Committee,
lert here this afternoon for ati Inspection trip on tho
river from Liwreuroburg tt. Cairo. The .teSiie?
John Halp 11, a new boat, was chartered for the It In
K'S '" 1l1oa'1 of Provisions for U.Mrloutlou:
a,uWg,!!u,r.r"","!" '" ,OW"",',' " '
riiccim Nlioolluc;.
Cincinnati, March 10. A "clay-pigeon''
shootlng-malch between Carver and Uogardus oc
.Ttfen I'lr?. "J" a"e,"'0"- 'I conditlonrweret ot)
;'; l9 J"1" rise, sprung from the fourth
notch at full speed, use or both barrels. No. 12 eatrz.
live traps, Kugllsh giin-thib rules. The matfh wa's
IS!;,?!?';"'', "i"1 30U a W'tlonal to the winner if h"
should break 62 out or 100. 'there was a hearsnow!
storm, win, a itrolls n,nJ UurI , 1fn"
Carver scored 69, aud Uogardus 71. auuotiug.
Oeii. Ulu ut .llnutercy.
JIonterfv, March 10. Thia morning
Sve ?,-.,,,l.."iB.r "SLV a"lJ. ff'T. "ccoropanleS
h.7i. .; , H'uioiiicui.ciitzerrs, cai ed upon
,.,....; 'icu 1110 uetiot ami uulldlnifs
or the Mexican Natloual Hallway. In the afternoin
tho nirfv .tenia ,,. rs.. n. '. 'r. "" "isetuooa
-- , ..j ...w.w ..... ,wueu, ireituo's country s-at
wbeie a haudsotne collation wa, served. ", "-aI
A llurrllilo .Hunter.
iKDiAiiAi'OHs, March 10. News of thehor
f'n .D!frHe ' '.wo Tamea "'"'rron a farm fourtejn
Kr?Sffif?.5?''!?'?- Thevlctlm,
;B3,ra ?? J''A "tl-oi. year,. ?ii
outside of the house under a pile of straw, the
other lo the kltcbeu of the dwelling. The weapon
usedwas an ai. Thero I, no clue to the muVderei?
Tho ccrouer has left hero to investigate tho arTt.tr.
Tlio IlultcH-JViilt .Vfiiritcr.
UlilOHTOWS. Pa. Mniv.li 1f Tl.. ...
V11" i""-'''1" ,nuriler casa was secured to-day. The
dlfflculty encountered was not so great as was antlcu
hl't'1;. T,Vel of 5lI,y "'"" ,'1" "hlusted. When
the Jury had been sworn Judge WHIson put tbcm in
charge of ollicers and adjourned tho caso not I Mr-n-menccrn
' "'"'"Sof testimony w I corn-
PKOVIDE.NCE, R. I., March 10. Ex-Qovernor
Sprague and his wife arrived hero this morning.
A hill has passed the Arkansas Senate
chang Ins Horsey County to lie Soto County. Itwas
tlonera eI'Senat0r "0r50y Jh.K th. rwonVtra"
St. Louis, JIarch 10. An alignment was
';' to-day by Todd, French A Co., wholesale boot
Lia,b5,H,?ea,fajf5S5;oo'J.lia a"C" ar SW0 t0 .xS.'
Salt LaIbe, Murch 10 Tho po?t office at
Slioshono, Idaho, on the Oregon Short Lino, wa,
robbed last night of all tho stamps and registered
letter, and some money. rei,isieren
llocKi'oriD, III,, March 10. The boiler of a
freight engine exploded near Itochclle, on the North-
rart,,r)t!uhe,rreSn.UM,nC ,to
Api'LrTON, Wis., March 10 Tho huildiuc
occupied by Conkey A lirlgg,', Insurance agency and
,eLJ"'.11 '0P-keepers w a, destroyed by fife to.
day. Tholo.s Is 115,001.; lusured. ""roto-
IliLTiuo.iD, Va., March 10 The follon-Iurr
are the quotations of Vlnrlnla bonds In the market
heretO'day. Consuls, to bid, -12 askcl- 10-tos si
bid; tax. receivable coupons, Subld, uew3s, lfc.
MovTiiEii, March 10. Joseph Chaliot 'was
was found guilty of manslaughter to-day In the sama
caso a, hi, brother was fofrnd guilty 0 mufdei ft
Athabaskavllle, and was sentenced t" ten "i'lu!
prlsutiment. """ ,m
('","uu! MYcU 10M d
',m"cM '? day the aftemoou game wasvvou b
lauer' ""o ""red WO to Helser's 3ts.
. A 'r,,",a",0 'Oclety. wllh a capital of ,100
o bo formed here at once. ' " "'
Chicaoo, March 10. At the billiard lonr-
000, Ii
Nkw Vinic, March 10.i:mia aate0Couk
I lug now He at the point ol death at her residence it.
litis tlly. alio Is well known to IhousindVof p"t,ij
aVervu,,k,.r,t,e,:i,,',,,ii'rauco uo""S
UosroN, Maith 10. Harvey N. l.'ollaus
bee. the defaulting treaiurerof thello.toii Police it.,
lie Asuxlatlou, was ludlitcd by tho grand jury to
day on four totiuts, charging the embonleieut or
rof'trhii. "0",ei",lJ KUIII) and was'remrt'ded
ilAiKioMiiiP, I'm., Martli 10. Work on
the new Intern itlonal Itallroad. from this titv tu
Tampa and Key West, begins Monday morning. TuS
work will be pushed with the inmost rapidity. Oeu.
John II. ilordou. pte-ldeittof the company I, h,re
directing luperxtu. "t;i itmrii
IHnvhle, Va., Maiclt 10 f. N. J. Hvaus
edltorof the Mlltou tN. C , Vkronhl,. died thl!
luornlng at Milton He couimenced editorial ,ui
tU0!"r n','1 ,5iV." ' ,7" " Iho author f .. h8
ooWi'caJor:.'' "-"-'"wronb.toVi:
Cajipen, N. J., March lib-Frank V. 1'at
tenon, TliomaiC. Hamilton, aud Jobu II. McMur.
ray, publishers of the Camden IiifluuiirU wto
jseie arrested ye.lerdav for libelling "v. J. JlrowS?
ug. of the Hoard of Kducllou, weie ti-dty hedJ I ti
balltuau.iieratiourt. ' lu
Duiuih Cm, KN., Mart It 10 The round-
house uf the Alriiltuu, 'lopelta aud Saul K, Itallroad
lino caught lire lax night lu the ol.ioon,a,,d w1
ile,lto)rd, litgelherulth two loeuiuntlve,. Turouifll
ttioetrurihnr ittirii. i.tn., rji,-.. .;::.' i"iougu
'i t.Vi,.; . i:. : r.:..; i-. ;"..-" " were ij.
e.v vt .. ivji , tvsMt I V, VVVi
na.T r.r. -1,; i,;. ".,? ,"' ".t" u.ssu'1 ''"' inn.
' ! v'aVadTo'urZ!,,? Sii..-iw.w ?K
Ciwi,,, 0,, March 10.The prlncl-
Ital LiOke lurn&CAU nf AlAhlinn eml !.... ..!.
.-. ...-., vMmmjj,
$' "''y ;lW'Cd the prices ot all gradea or
SttiyKJirS ZT" V
I'lllLAPELVHLl Mar II 10 I-lar S Wafu.
mau, onoof thorn, st prominent 1 iwlr,lui
Mli',Je,i,iin.d T. ,'w',Ji'',"1' '' io gt n-er in tbu
titerttim,','?! Mr1"'1 ..'' .r"b"', r '-Mr
:".w, . SS. .!":. .. "wt'"s J tester
T" . ''; .imu, ruuuiu rm -vIoiNri.,
finMenMiirifirll.VlTieli i T 1 ,i I M , i I I I in I I 1 I 1 - - f I' ...'- .

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