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SIw Smiting gjwrffl
Weekly .National Intel ligoncei".
1. .1, hl'IIHIIT Mltor an.l I'ror-rlrtor
WAtlllNtlTONUfSfilllsrOiTOlinil 1S
Tllfi KHIIIHt.
lnillcallons fnr "utilnclon, liiltlmoro nn.l tlrtn
Hv ln-Hj! Mlahily warmer, fair weather.
The nmlmum of the thermometer jcMenlay wai
(3 r, theinlnlmiim 41.
NitnJiAiikrTOtKnrinr". Klacman, cor. 7th A K.
Rnx itnv render of the Sunday II rutin
xhonlil prrino ttio ndrcrtlsrinrot In another column
of Mr. ."e!tni Happen, 6M Ninth street. 1 ho stuck
of fnwiiulile novelties In More hn never liecn n
lrco and complete s now, and embraces a, line ol
rood onl j to be found lit ttilt establishment. 1 Jiilles
will nndltasivlngof tlraoan.l money It itiej goto
Tiir Donenh It. II. I n Joy forever, lit V In.lsot's,
IMS New York avenue.
"OMot.KPoot,"tfin new invention of Bfieen-lull
pl, Hone of tho leading Attractions at Ihehllllard
parlors of onr friend Scinlon, 4l Ninth street. The
game la greatly enjoyed by nil who have played It,
pronouncing It anperlor to the nl.l one, livery table
haanmlergoneropalr, while new balls ami cues have
been aililed.
Sfe the slnglc-brca.tcd, fly-front sack overcoats
nt KlMman ltros , cor. tin, A K.
0i!of the most nsefnl Inventions of Ihe aire Is
that of Protcsor .1. .T. (Icorges lor making the shoe
nt Ihc foot, ami which prevcnlsany deformity In the
foot' anJ at the same time adds comfort to those
Using It, Call upon him, at 120s F Btreet, andlet
him explain lis advantage, See advertHcraent.
ske the ilonblMircastcd sack overcoat at Elscman
llros , cor. Till A K.
lnr.VAmvnTOv,solonit known as one of Wash
ington a best dressmakers, has returned 10 this cllr
hint opened elegant parlors at 007 l'enn'ylvanli ave
ime,oer.Mr.llntchinon, where she Invito all of
of her rasiamer nnd friends to call and Inspect her
nrilsllc work. Talior-made suits a specialty.
A rirasiNT hour can always be passed at 1
.Mourn cosy retreat, on Klgtith street, Jim alove
1'entisyhauia avenue. The choicest and purest
lands, the most delicious clears, and everything
belonging to a first class estatiltshment.
WitlnUto special nltenllon thl morning to the
advertisement In another column of air. K. i. Davis,
719 .Market Spier, In whkh will be found named
some of the bargain that can be obtained there.
CAfK o thco its. Khoruau, cor. "Hi A K.
The Post Combination Sewing Machine took the
ilrst prize at the lrglnla Mate Fair, at Itlrhmond,
on the 21st Instant, and at the Augusta I'alr, In
Staunton, on the lilh Insunt.
Etcelsioii TCRco-ltrsji in II iTiis, at Shedd's, 903
E street, are good for colds, malaria, and the nest
of all cosmetics. Established In 1S7I.
SLT.TocTOVKnoaATa. niseman, cor. "lh A K.
WisusoR'd Is headnuattcrs for dancing pumps
and sireet and parly shoes.
m m
mi: national milks FA 111.
The National ltltica- grand fair and exhibition for
thelieuentof the armory debt fund will open Hon
dav evening, November '-', and continue two weeks.
The object 13 a meritorious one, and as the entire
proceeds are to bo applied to the liquidation of the
mortgage debt on the beautiful armory, which
now burdens thin honorable and enterprising com
mand. It Is hoped that ccry resident of Ihe District
will lend a hand In the laudable effort. The organi
zation has proven Itself worthy of the lonOdence
and support of our people, and deserves all the
recognition and material aid that can be bestowed
upon It. It la one in which all our people should
take pride. It enjoys a national reputation as one
of the leading military commands, nt this great
country, and tanks second to none in personal de
portment, soldierly training, and social lutlucnce.
Organized onlv live years since, and possessing
uothlngTvlth which to build Itselfnp buttheenergv,
persemance. and good business qualities of its
membership, it has stepped rapidly from the rear to
the front rank of success, and to-day U recognized
as one or the leading organizations In the Untied
states The command receives no support what
ever from Ihe United Mates or local government,
'ihe armory In which It meets to perfect Itself in
drill, to euah'e It 10 act as a well-trained body of
troops In case of an emergency,! heavily taxed by Ihe
District go eminent. Ihe uniforms worn by the
inemtiers are the property of the command, paid for
out of the pockets of the members. Even the arms
carried by ihe command are only loaned to It, and
then only loaned after the officers had gHenagood
and sufnrieut iwnd for their reinrn -when demanded
by Ihe Untied .states. No itreet festuitles take
place here or in Jtalilmore but the Junes are called
upon 10 participate In and help make a success, and
such alfalrs are Invariably at the expense of the
command, ho the contingent fund of the company
and the pockets of ihc members are frequently and
severely taxed to meet these demands. It will be
sen that the military have good nnd Jnst reasons
for appealing to their friends and the public for aid,
" encouragement, nnd support. They give their time
and attention In keeping up the standard of well
trained and well-disciplined soldiers, nnd the cltl
zensof the District should inturn contribute to their
maintenance and support. They are a necessary
adjunct to onr )mlce force, and are capable of doing
au Immense of good In protecting both life and
property In this District If the emergency should
eer arise when their services would lie required,
ho let every one In tho city help the good cause.
Every contribution, be it ever so small, will pay a
fractional part of the debt on the Rifles' home. I et
the fair be a big success.
The following businessmen and others have en
gaged space for exhlbits-at the fair; the remaining
apace will be taken Monday evening: Saks A Co ,
home and clothing: tM1eara,osliclae: W.P.lloose,
Igsrs and tobacco; J. w. Boteler, chliaware;
rrank Sharpless, candy manufacture; Lansburgta A
Hro , Tost sewing machine; l. Busnltz A Co , ci
garette factory; Austin Ilerr, family flour: Alaynard
A to., electrical eoppliea; A. Andrews, popcorn
manufactory; Julius Lansburgli, furniture; Jtfllno
A Co , furniture! Wild A llro , piano; J. slopbam,
trunks, harness, etc; W. S. Uoose, cigars; btod
dard A Co .type writer; DeckerA Co., piano; J. L.
Whlttlngton, stationery, etc.; Dalton A Mrlckland,
shoes, etc; Potter, callgraph; VogelerA Co, Haiti
more, drug supplies; Ittmlngtoa A Co , lype writer;
Hahn A Co, shoes, etc.; silver A Co., New York,
household goods; Chlcage Ciracl Co .corsets, etc;
Noot, laces, etc; King's Palace, fancy goods; Dud
ley, artist, pictures, etc: Marvin Safe Co., safes;
Noma A Co. New York, maps; Chris Abner,
Lemp'a bt. Louis beer; A. I'. Tea Co., teas, etc
The rateS I tint ieri t hflVAlnVan hliiKa nil Vnn.
day for the benefit of the HlflcsTalr have been In-
ucuuueiy posiponeu.
Old rlnl era who remember the great crowds that
j '- - -...- u, ue -,ii, fuih-aiciiucniui,
are remarking upon the lack of Interest that is now
displayed In the game. 'I his cannot arise from the
fact that polo ltaelf has degenerated, aa it Is Jnst the
reverse, the rules having been amended and greatly
Improved without In ike least Interfering with, thu
attractiveness of the came: and so this lack of In
terest cannot be attributed to the game ltaelf, but
can only be charged to tho manner in which It haa
lately been played here, when the spectators were
treated to several veritable "slugging matches,"
participated iu bv vouni! men who seemed to have n
vicious disregard for the personal appearance of
mm uiurr, wuu otowi iu no jearoi ine penalty at
tached to the crime of mayhem, and who lacked the
necessary enterprise to keep abreast thettmes and
learn to tllav nolo aa it should be nlavpil. Ther are
reveral exceptions to this class of would I polo
1'inicin, nuu urscrsBKicnicrcuii lur iuo manner in
which they handled the slicks In the game last night
at the Ninth-street Rink, nn account of which ap
pears In this column.
JllssA. V.TarrlBie la one of the most expert of
our lady fancy skaters, fehe skates with confidence
and skill, and, combining these attributes with rare
grace and cane In the executlou of very difficult
inoretncntB, she is the subject of many favorable
The carnival season was auspiciously opened at
theE-street Rink last Monday evening, 'ihe cos
tumes of those participating were very pretty, and a
beautiful elfett was produced In ihc grand mart h,
led by Miss Alice Rice and Mr. W. II. Rich. 'Ine
costumes which attracted the most attention were as
joiiows: itypsy uiris, ine Misses nice; Peasant
Olrls, Mamie Hrooke and Lula Lay; Trapper, II. II.
NlChOlSOU: CoWbOV. 1.. T. hnnwf Primp, a.
Newman; Colored "Dude," Harry Muckbee; Conr-
icp r rr.it........ ' '
lttlUi J,i lUUUIBUl
Professor Plnglesgave two cxcelletil exhibitions
of fancy skating at the Ninth-street Rink last week.
He shows great liuprot eraeut eluce last year, Intro
ducing several new and entirely original movements,
which werei very Intricate and dimcult.but executed
ttitu lumaiiif ibhu grace auu bkiu.
Manager ('rouse has now got his rink In complete
order, and is receiving a well-mental patronage.
The system of lighting Ihe building this season Is
much more natui.-u lory and a great Improvement
u)."u inn lucituM ,11 last jeui
llegluuers, h a general thing, want to get on too
fatl, and neglect the rudluema Hi tbedealreto be-
euine lironcient in the fancv movements. Conn
elence Is auexi client quality Inn rollir-tkattr. but
too much assurance and very little ability generally
make the prole.sur thereof a most ludicrous fcix-i-
iawc. jiuc-rn pirnou lias become iaiiiiiian11 witti
IlieskatCi. and is able 10 mom htrafirtit aheml with.
uuiastlauncc, the next movement in order Is Hie
' roll," or the "outer aud Inuer edge." 'I hese mov t-
iiiiiiw uru iiiu a, 11, i' 01 ts.atiug, ami should lie
thoroughly acquired beforu anything else Is at
tempted. A person who canuot "roll" well will
jivicr make a gooij bkaier, aniiougii many move
ments may be acquired, but will always be executed
In a stilly, strained manner, entirely devoid or ease
uud grace.
'I he ginlal, pleasant face of Mont. Daufurtu was
clouded with Borrow as he stated dejectedly around
the surface last Wednesday evening. Ihe carpeu
lers are hard at work striving 10 remove the dent
from Ihc floor.
The Dtincaa combination, which apieared at the
NluiU-nreet Rink last week, gave fceveral excelleul
performances. qynsn,the fancy skater, surpasnes
all who have, visited us this kcasou, being espe
cially eillclent aud probably not exalted in bis
spins and loops. Deuicaa, the burlesque skater, Is
very funny, aud does ome exceedingly difficult aud
neinlu.ly daugeroua falls.
The National limes' Cadets, ('apt. T. Arlhur Tom
llnsou eouiiiiandlng, vlalled Ihe li-.lritt IllokThurs
day evening last, cwirted by Professor lirouso'H
full lullltury baud. Afier the well-known racket "
of uie corps was remltretl Iu compliment to Maua
ger Cronse, "ihe boys " broke ranks, aud were noon
ogavul lu a struggle vvllti the rollers. A most en
joyable evening was spent.aud at Its eloeeino unan
nuous thanks of the corps were extended the man
ugementof the Rink.
The game of polo at the) Nluth-strect lllnk be
tweeu the War and Crescent Clubs Ian nlghl
was a one-sldel aaalr lu favor ol the Inner
1 ub, owing to tho upleudld jilaylng of Profiswir
i'lugles, who was ably abslsted by Mr. John Robin
ton. Plnglea worked the ball au hard that 'iynau,
the Pennsylvania eliamplcu, skated wiliiln a radius
of eight feet f 1 urn his goal, seldom Increasing the
distance. The goals vm ua follows; Pirn, lu
three uiluutes, by Piug'cs; sec on J. lu nluo minutes,
by Robinson; ILlrd, tlilrlr seconds, by Robinson;
fourlU, Uve mluutes, ly Pliigles; llltli.lour uiluutes,
Koblmtou. 'itital, Crcwents, 0; hum, u. 'Die
plsyersvvere aa follows: Ciesoenls-Piogles, first
ruin; Hill, aecouil ruth; Robinson, polut; lleUford,
half baiL; A leu, back; Justus and Robinson,
goal, btara 'i'jnau, half back; Olds, Oral lutbj
Jcwli, accoud back; Charles LewU, lack; Cald
well, point; Clark uud Carusl, goal.
Us Are
Clothiers, and carry a Hock that embraces cv cry
thing that It new, Jcisemau llros , cor, Ttb A V-
' Sll
hat Out Iitlltr 1'ropnly l'li J bid.
JNeu ton (Kau ) Republican, bept. 1 8
Ticket No. M.SilO, ao!d luflfiha, at one dollar each
Ollh, one of which la held lu Newton, drew tho tec
ond capital prize lu He I,oulisu4 plate 1ittery on
htnu-uiWrS. fie-orge Jackaou.thedrlvtrof Wells,
Pargo A Uo-'a cxprea wagon, w the lucky man. lie
U highly dated at his good fortune, one day last
week he olfercl half hi ticket for Ully cent, which
cllcr was uot accepted.
The poor loitl tilto cll tins nn nco conrses In
Ihe Interest of Ihe linokmakemml write to a little
spoiling paper called Ihn ItorM over Ihc signature
'MVniaiir ' seem In lint 0 been In hard luck the II rut
day of our mcellng and to havo ve nted hi dtsplei.
urc on Ihc people of Washington, for he mys:
" There I no doubl now that the meeting Is a pro
nnnncetl sncee ss from ft flnanclil point of view, and
II I Ihc visitor that make It so. 'Iho nillvessrc ft
sorry lot of dubs, llkothoe at llalilmore. There I
no enterprise, no push, 110 pluck among them, and
a regards spotting sp'rlt, there I none amongihcm.
ol cuiiise there nt 0 exception, but when one looks
nt the town nnd nt tho sucies of the National
Jockey Club ono cinnot lint lio surprised
at ihe succcs which such men as capl.
Ilnlllnesheid. hccrelarv Melntvrc. nnd a few
others hive achieved with such jmormnterUI." It
1 111 nn iitiiii niu.iin-Kej ciun win 111 iiiiurc spcnn
no money on a sheet that prints such spiteful cat
tunnies as tho nbovc
Dr. nd.Mli. Ihc noted chemist of New York rilr.
nnd who I nt present employed In Investigating Iho
water-works of that cltr, has made, a report to tho
heallh official nt the canse that led to the had taste
of the water last summer. Dr. Kdson attributes tho
Mine to wnai i Known a "deadends." A dead
end 1 that portion of theplpo thatot It furthest
end ha no outlet ; tor Instance. In Washington a
connection nllh the big main at Ninth and I, streets
run sonin, ami at 11 street na a "dead end." Dr.
Kdson fonndthlrty-nvc miles of "dead ends'' In New
ork, nnd he holds that Ihe water through stagna
tion becomes Impregnated with organic matter.
Hot weather, according to Dr. Kdson, caused the
Impure water to expand In volume, and, flowing
hack.mlngled with thu pure water.and with It entered
the service pipes of the houses. In n talk with ono
of the Inspectors of the mains of this city It was
learned that "dead ends "necessarllr exist In this
city, but not, of course, Ilko In New York. Tho
nuaoing auoptcu nero tnrougn me uso of the ore
pitign wor& most aiivamageonsir, ns most of
ihc stagnated water Is removed by that process.
Another method In force Is the "blowlnrnut" s?s.
tern after the pipes are flushed, and which generally
removes nearly all secretions deposited In tho pipes,
or course all organic matter cannot be gotten out In
this way. and It allowed to rest In " dead ends " will
necessarily lead to Impurities. Krom another source
It was learned that " dead ends" had been removed
from tho plpoaof this city covered and reeking with
barnacles and ot her Impurities. 1 1 such la the case,
a remedy should at onco be adopted. Dr. Kdson
proposes in un ici"ri anu u m uacKeu op uy emi
nent engineers ot New York City to connect the
14 dead ends " so that a constant and cnmnlntn pircn-
lttlon will bo kent np In the pipes. A similar meas-
nro should bo adopted here,
The mnslral nnd lllerarv entertainment eiren at
Carroll Inslllulo nail Monday evening last by the
Choral Union nnder the auspices of the St. Patrick's
Total Abstinence Society wai a great success, both
miinciaiiy nun sociiuy. 1 oc scaling capacity 01 tne
hall waa Inadequate to accommodate Ihe large num
bers that wero In allcndance, and at 8 o'clock,
Ihc hour announced fnr tho commencement ot the
exercises, there wa standing room only. Apropos
10 the occasion n few words In regard to the St.
Patrick's Total Abstinence Society may prove Inter
esting. Thl society was organized July 7, 1810,
scvor.il of our leading citizens nt that time being
among Ihc organizers The society has accom
plished agrevt deal In tho way of redeeming those
who have been slaves to strong drink and replacing
hem upon n lev el with their fellow-men. Tho regu
lar meetings are held Sundvy e enlnga at Carroll In
ailtnlellall. Eloquent aneakcrsaddrcss Its meetings
and large numbers regularly tako tho pledge to ab
stain from Intoxicating liquors for a longer or a
shorter ncrlod.
The liody of Air. (leorgeC. Kinney, aformer resl
dent of this city, living for years hi Ninth and II
streets, was round drowned In Lake Superior, near
Chicago, Monday last. The body appeared to havo
been In the water for several days. A ticket found
in bis pocket led to the Identification. A number of
former Wnshtngtonlans, among them Loundes Pal
mer, Prank Hall, and Arthur Walto. took charge of
the body and saw that it waa properly burled. Mr.
Finney la well remembered here, having been en
gaged In business with Lansnurgh A llros., Wood
ward A IJthrop, and other establishments. Many
years ago he waa a prominent member of the old
Jefferson Rise nail Club.
New Issue of Btock, Equitable C. D. Jttsocla
tlon. Shares In the tenth Issne maybe taken and
payments made at the omce of the association, HIT
P street, frotnS:30 A. 31, to 4:30 P. M. dally. Shares
are fist) per month. Assets, October tc, ISM,
IW-MliCC. Pamphlets explaining the object and
advantages of the association furnished upon ap
plication. John Joy Edson, secretary.
Some of ihe many art Btudenta In this city have
an ldevvf organizing and Incorporating an art stu
dent' league, similar to the one In New York City.
The New lorfc league Is self-supporting and selr
governlng, the board of control being chosen from
among the members who are students. This seems
to be an excellent Idea, aa such an association has
many advantages, nnd it should be taken np earn
estly by the large i lass Interested In an In this city.
An informal meeting waa held with this object In
view at the rcaldenco of Mr. Burnett, on I atreet,
Friday evening, at which a committee was ap
pointed to Inquire about rooms and other essentials.
A second meeting will be held next Wednesday.
When the Improvements were made on Tenth
street in front of this omce the roadway waa nar
rowed to snch an extent that three wagons can
hardly pass one another. It la acommen sight to
see a Jam at the corner each day, and the profanity
of the drivers is equal to that of cowboys.
The city was flooded last week by members of
thellgbt-nngered gentry, 'attending the races here,
but the vigilance of onr officers prevented them
from practicing their nefarious arts. Only about a
dozen cases were reported.
The various campaign clubs are making little or
no arrangements to Bend home voters to the Slates
that bold elections next month. The Republican
clubs that flourished here bo numerously previous
to November, 1S34, seem to have given np the ghost.
Commissioner Webb will preside at the meeting
to-morrow evenlnc at Wlllard Han for the nnrnone
of framing some plan, not now folly covered by or
ganized agencies, to ;hclp the poor and needy the
coming winter. All f rlenda of charity are Invited to
be present.
Since the tearlntr down of Christ Chnrch. In
Georgetown, that city haa been wlthonl the nse ot a
flre-atarm bell. As there are plenty of available
localities for the erection of a bell, notably Curtis
School Building, some measures ought to be taken
to supply ine wane
Tho f rlenda of Mr. Richmond Kendall, of Capi
tol Hill, will be gratified 10 learn of his return after
his sojourn In Western New 1 ork. It la understood
he will resume hta connection with the United States
senate, where he haa been a trusted and valued
employe for several Congresses.
Messrs. Herbert L. Shepard and Prank Simons,
o( the Treasury Department, have returned from a
week's very successful gunning trip In Loudoun
County, Vo. Tho quail family In tho vicinity of
Gutltord has been thinned out considerably in conse
quence of their visit aud unerring aim.
The Boston Courier says the Hon. John B. Alley
baa Jnst purchased an estate In Chicago for 1 100,000.
The fur department of Messrs. Wlllelt A Rnoff,
X5 Pennsylvania avenue. Is stocked with all the
latest design In ladles' wraps and furs. Their low
price ami fair dealing Insures for then a heavy
business for the coming Beason. Our lady readers
will not regret a call, even to Inspect their display.
The management of tho Dime Museum offer the
public one of the most attractive performances of
the season for the eomlng week. That popular
favorite, Frank I. Frayne, who has Just returned
from a most auccessful dramatic tour through the
Ertncitnl cities of Europe, again appears where he
as always drawn crowded and enthusiastic audi
ences. q he play announced for the coming week la
bis new version ot "SI Sloeum," with all Its remark
able scenic effects, splendid cast ot characters, etc,
Introducing tho wonder of both hemispheres, the
great and only "Jack," whose marvelous sagacity
and Intelligence astonishes and bewilders all who
see him. 1 his is a great family entertainment.
Over three hundred ladles met last night at Na
tional miles Armory to take preliminary steps look
ing forward to the managers and assistants at the
coming fair of tho Rifles. Nothing of Importance
waa done and the meeting adjourned till next Sat
urday evening at the same place. A complete list
of tables, with their managers and corps of assist
ants, will appear In our next lasue.
The contemplated races at Ivy City for to-morrow
by ibe Rifles were abandoned because the book
makers and others could not slay over, owing to the
extra meeting at Jeronn Park, which commences
Mr. 8. R. Ilynn.of Hie Capital and tho Balti
more .vm, started jesterday for Chicago. Ho com
bines btisluesa and p'eaanre, and will be gone several
Al-ont 10 o'clock last night erica of murder from
the wbUKy shop at K and Fifth streets attracted the
attention or Officers Simpson and Walker, of the
Seventh Precinct. They found a man lying on the
floor unconscious, and the proprietor, A. l'cnnell,
standlogby with a bcersplggot In his hand. It Is
claimed the wounded man, Willis Rockwell, refuted
to pay for a game of pool, and in Ihe fracas Pennell
struck him on the head with the splggot. Dr.
Charles oweii attended him. Peuuell left ISO far
his appearance.
A colored man said to be employed In the boose
of secretary Manning went tu the Comlqne last
night, but Instead of seeing the clay played mop
for Ihe door-step, '1 ho fashionable valet had same
mlsunderttandlug with the private watchman.
" Just h'a old tand."6ll atreet norlbwest.buys
gems' second-hand doming. Nolo by mall promptly
attended lu.
STAIIIIFD IV A (Jl'tUltlX 01 Eli A I) IMF.
Last night a qnarrel arose In houao it l'ralher's
Alley between Cllllou Hayes and Charles Wright,
twill colored, over ten cents, whit b Klngdropped ou
tho floor and Hayes put a claim fur. Blows were
exchanged, when Hails drew a knife and
plunges! it Into the ueck of King, who made
an attempt to reach hla assailant and received
a ut lu the aide, Haes the u rau, with King
alter him, going up Fourth atreet to MasaachusetU
aveuue to hevcnili street. At I bb corner of Seventh
atreet and Massachusetts avenue Officer Lee Joined
luaudKoon overtook King, who was hoexhaustcd
from loss of blood that lie was unable to explain.
Haves escaped. Dr. 'J arlor attended KIng,aud pro
nounced his wounds lUngtrous, He was taken to
his home, 7I7K Fl'lh street. Hayes had not been
fouud at a late liour,
'1 ho large ami valuable acceaalons to the National
Museum Iroui Iho Now Orleans Exposition are auf
llrlentcvilenifnnf Hie wisdom of Commits In ap
propriating means for tbalJuvcruuicnlDepaituieiiU
to parllUpatci In mil Exposition. Every foreign
power represented there gave a iiortlon of their
exhibit to the National Museum, besides accessions
from a large uumijer of ludirldual exhibitors. The
curators of the various departments urenow busily
engaged lu Installing then 4llecilons, aud by early
winter Die ioumuuiwiII preaeul a most attractive
aiqiearsuco In the display of the atta and Industries
of nearly every natlou 011 tho globe, 'ilio most re
ctnl collection la lhat presented by ihe Japanese
got eminent, whli h has Just been unpacked. It la
Intended lei present au epitome of Iho resources of
tuatcounlry, andlaa most unique exhibit. It In
clu lea Illustrations of the handicraft of Ihe artisans
of Japan In lacquer, porcelain, pottery, silver, i-op-per,
bronze, brass, Karl, and shell work, models
and wau-r-Milur skeli lies IlluMratlve of the flsherlea
of the Japanese aud liielr domestic occupations.
Muuy more i-xhlblts from forelgu eemntrles aim re
main unpacked, and when all ure properly Installed
the inuuuin wilt be entirely metamorphose 1 lu Ihe
chaw ter ot Its Interior decorations.
Thelwo liuudnd aud seventy-fourth tneettngof
this muuy was held last evening at the Army Med
ical Museum, when the follovilug communications
were presented: Mr, II, A. liazeu,"Th Condens
ing lligrometer and Sling I'sjehrometer;" Mr. T
c. Meiideuhai), "Exhibitions of Thomson's New
Volt Meier," and " Discussions of Anthropometric
Apparatus and Kesulls;" Mr. W. Hsrkness, "Flex
ure ol 'I ranslt Instruments" 'J here was a goodat
len lance, aud tho natters were received with consid
erable interest, Thesocleiy adjourned at joo'elock
to meet at the same place November 7,
This famous family of roller skaters la to be at the
Nlnlh-btreet Itlnk'lueniav, Wcdueday,and Thurs
day nights ol this ueck. They are unuoubteJIy the
bel iu the profession.
Is a main feature of our establishment. The reason
of Its popularity, wechargo no faucy pilots for relia
ble and stylish goods. A polo cap given with every
suit or overcoat, l.ueinau Jlrys-, cor. lib 4 1:.
Till TUHF.
Atlrami YirrV'sttatlagat Ivy Illy.
Tho raresnf Iho National Jockey Club nllracled
large crowd of the best people In Washington to
ivy city last week. Homo of Ihe sporting writer
comment upon Iho absence of s'mwy equipages, but
every true Washlngtonlsn tejolce that Iho CapHal
shonAyet few lgnnf that worslilpof Mammon
which make what I called society In on nnny other
clllc offensive for Its vnlgn ostentation. Tho fct
Is that society here ht always btcn led by families
ot moderate Income, or ot others whoso position has
been too well assured to bo disturbed by a modest
wnynf llvlnj. Those coming here, It Ihey possess
Intelligence nnd tat t, are shrewd enough 10 e that
a display ot wealth gilns them little here, where,
Indeed, It Is moro apt to bo regarded n tho stamp of
thepvrvenno. So.lt tho cads who come In Ivy t'lty
with Iheturt gamblers notice tho quiet' lone which
prcvalUbothlndres nnd equipage they really piy
in a compliment, for Iho absence of the shoddy cle
ment Is what constitutes Ihc distinctive clnrm of
Washlngtonllfe. Though there miy be few four In
handsln Ihe Held at IvyClty,thc grand standnsually
contains a greater number ot ladles cf genuine so
cial rank than can be seen on most American race
course. To cnumcralo thoso ot official, diplomatic,
military, and naval circle who attended would take
more spaco than can be spared.
It Is greatly to be hoped that a few Inexpensive
Improvements will bo made beforo tho spring meet
ing. The most Important ot Iheso I a lengthening
of the poot lawn, and the erection ot an open stand
at Its end llko that nt Plmllcn. This enables a largo
nnmbcrof persons to get tip within lew ot a raco
after they cry " They're off," and relieves the crowd
ing on the steps ot the stand. Persons belated on
the lawn at the start now havo llttlo chance to see
tht horses during any part of their course.
As for the sport It was aa good as ha been seen
at any meeting of Ihe year. Iho llelda wero of high
quality, and Ihe very first dash gavo nneat exhibi
tion ot horsemanship, when llwyer's Lulu, coming
with a rush, carao near nipping Strathspey on the
post In very fast time. Iho two year-old slakes Ihe
same day also camo near tarnishing an upset, lor
had Mcdlnger'a F.'.kwood, who got otr badly, been
well ridden, ho would have outrun ncss, for at tho
llnlsh he was at her head and gaining at every stride.
Tho second day saw the first victory for tho Western
string and a good race between Strathspey and Jim
Douglas., which tho latter won In 1:3, tho fastest
rallo ever run over this track. Tho talent overlooked
public form when they made Mnthspey favorite,
tor.the Callfornlan has time, and again shown him
self the faster horse, and beside ho had seven
pounds thebest of the weights. Under thoclrcum.
stance the odds ot 11 to fi against hint were surpris
ingly liberal. They would undoubtedly have been
moro rreelv taken but for the lurking suspicion the
bettor always ha when ho sees what looks like a
good thing, that the bvokraaker havo secret Infor
mation Ruonl the condition of tho horses. 'Ihe
other dump of Tuesday was tho defeat of a lot of
platers, ot which the Brighton Bencher, Cardinal
McCloskey, was the f av onto by Tony Foster, who,
although he had McLaughlin up, waa au s to 1
chance. Ihe last race ot Tuesday waa another de
feat for tho talent, for though tho renowned Mc
Bowling was fresh from various victories In fast
company In Kentnckr, they could not believe him
speedy enough to oulfoot Frankle B. of Brook wood.
He did It, however, and made a very pretty race.
Frankle took tho flrat heat easllv lu liicvf. But
this apparently only warmed the Westerner up, for
be took the track. In the second beat, and making
all the running, won It In the samo fast time, 1 :18.v.
McLaughlin, on Frankto B., linding the pace pretty
stiff, iu the homestretch eased up and let
DrooVwood chaao McBowling In. The youngster
ran well and finished c'osa up, and It he had
not got off badly might perhaps have made a
close thing nt It tor McUowllng. 1 he most surpris
ing thing about thl race was that the third and de
ciding heat, In which Oodfrey pursued tho same
taciica with McBowllug ot making the pace, waa run
In exactly the same time as the two others.
On Thursday, having had a whole rainy day to
look the Held over and ux things, the Brighton ging
camo out In great style and showed the people who
bet on public form that stable-owners kuow how to
prepare for the long winter months when horses
will be eating their heads off. 'ihe Brighton starter
did not trouble himself to bsvo appearances by
keeping the horsea at the post, but as soon aa he saw
Soverlegn Pat and Jim Douglas so far down the
stretch that they could make a show ot trying with
out risking anything, he promptly dropped hts flag.
Lnlu and Resale had a running start In iho lead, and
galloped over the course In the suprlstngly slow
time for the weights ot 1 :47,v. Holloway on Doug
lass made a hollow pretense of riding, but It Is ridicu
lous to suppose that If the horse waa meant to
win he could havo been beaten In snch slow time
even wltn the start he got. But to prove that he
waa ridden for the bookmakers, though he made no
effort to beat Luln, he waa whipped the last few
strides In order to beat Bessie U. for the place.
Daly's filly, of course, carried some place money,
but a Douglass had not been backed except 10 win
this little spurt was of course In the Interest of the
bookmakers, who had offered ridiculously short
odds against Lulu and long onea against
all the others for the place. The time In
which the next race a stake race waa made proves
conclusively that Lnln'a win was a put-up Job. The
Bard, a two-year-old, carrying its pounds, two
pounds more than Jim Douglass did, won easily In
I M, only half a second slower, while he was lapped
ont by Bess, who carried 117 pounds. Lulu and
Bessie II. must be even poorer than they were
thought. If such moderate colts as The Bard aud
Bess can beat them forty pounds. The Washington
Stakes looked (suspiciously lite another bookmaker a
race. Although on public form the right should
have been between Sprague and Barnum, and al
though the state of the track favored the latter, he
receded In the betting as soon as It was seen that he
waa to be ridden by niggs. Tho race wis a farce,
for Maynard on Spragne made no effort, and though
Higgs appeared to force the pace along the back
Btretch, he slowed up around the turn and allowed
strathspey to come home In a canter. He may have
ridden to orders, but In that case whoever instructed
him knew he must lose If he obeyed. It Is notplcas
ont to have to write these things, but unless the
managers of the National Jockey Club show some
determination to repress such swindles the lorf In
terest here will soon go to the dogs.
On Friday Swllt waa scratched In tho Ilrst race,
giving an easy victory to McBowllng. Bersan won
the Potomac states in a big gallop, and coses ihe
season as he-began It tho three.year-old champion,
Volante, despite his want of condition, ontfootlng
the others for a place. Fosteral ran a good race for
the Congress Stakes, and Bob Miles showed Ihe ef
fects of his recent bruising contests, for he was
beaten away off, and the light-weighted but disap
pointing Enigma ran into the place Barnum won
the first of the mile heats, carrying 119 pounds, like
a real race horse, and the way ho won It showed
that ne" didn't try "the day before. The twnoiher
heats were taken handily by Heel and Toe. Yester
day's card contained Ave regular races and one
extra, of which last moro anon. Bessie B. took the
two-year-old stakes handily, Frank Ward and Wait
awhile having a close Bght for the place, the favorite,
Elkwood, making a poor showing. John C. wan a
good race at seven furlongs after a close finish with
Uberto, Queen Esther, the favorite, Unlading In the
ruck. Bersan was scratched In Ihe 1", handicap,
and the public having been taught tho lesson that
owners are entitled to all the money when their
horses wlu, the big Callfornlan Jim Douglass was
let go and romped home easily In spite of his top
weight, Swift handily dropping right where sho was
wanted, to save the books, Into the place. Perhaps
she could not have beaten Douglass at th weights
and distance, but her owner was not disappointed,
for aha waa apparently not wanted to get any nearer
the front than sho did. Colonel Spragne, who could
not ran a bit when Strathsjey waa In front ot him,
and who was excused because he was said to be
"all gone," came around all right yesterday and
galloped In an easy winner In 1 :ux. The despised
Jumpers vindicated public form by running tho best
horse flrat and the poorest last, and It Is a pity for
the dab that the day's sport was not allowed
to finish with the steeplechase, for tho bo called
gentlemen's riders performance was as barefaced
a swindle as was ever seen on a race-course. We
only know what appeared on the surface of this
affair and havo no desire to Inquire too closely Into
whst occurred behind the scenes. The young "gen
tlemen" who rodo may have supposed they nero
actually engaging In a race. But Mr. Ilarnood
ought to know that It adds nothing to the reputation
of a gentleman or a sportsman to accept a mount on
a horse which on public furm ooght to have a
chance to win, but which, when It comes to tho teat,
cannot run a bit. It needs no argument to show
that tome one Anew that Ecuador had no show In
this race, even though Clark's chance had an
parently been Impaired by having already rau a
hard race with Col. Sprague. Jn this connection It
la proper to remind the managers of the Jockey
Club that there was no little unfavorable commen.
upon the reinstatement of W. C. Daly. It would
have been better for the club to have kept him off.
If he Is to come back and Is given a chance to become
either principal or accessory In such outrageous
perforniancea as the last race ot yesterday. Below
will be fouud the details of the racing ;
'ine weather waa due, the track good, and the
attendance large. The flrat race was for the Ivy
City Stakes for two-year-olds; JU each, h. f.; club
added 1150 to second horse; the winner to be sold at
auction fur tVA If entered to bo sold for fLOOO,
allowed a pounds; If for t3,ooo, 10 pounda.lhen 1
pound for each lioo down to fj,ooo, then 1 pound
for each tloo down to tl.ouo; horaes entered not 10
be sold to carry s pounds extra; one mile. The fol
lowing started: Waltawhlle, (Davis,) b7; Utile Min
nie, (Cotter.) 0; Flkwood, (Anderson.) 103; Frauk
Ward, (U llliams.) U.and Bessie B .(Kllke.) it. Elk
wood was favorite at tM to 125 for Prank Ward, I
for Bessie H..IU for Little Minnie, and w (nr 0aii.
awhile. Tho betting was I to 6 against Elkwood, JM
to 1 against Frank Ward, 9 to I against Bessie Ii7.
and Ctot each against Waltawhlle and Little Mln
nlo. 1 he start was poor, with Ltuie Minnie in froul,
Frank Wardsecoud, Bessie II, third, Klkwood fourth,
and Waltawhlle last. At the quarter Utile Minnie
and Frauk Ward ran head and head In front, with
lie-tule 11. third, Waltawhlle fourth, uud Elkwood
last. Iu Ihe bai k-slrcu-h Llllle Minnie again showed
In front, with Fraud Ward accoud, and lucre waa no
change III the positions of ihe others, and so ihey
fassed the half mile okl. In thu lower turn Bessie
1. went to tho lront,and Waltawhlle aud Frank
Ward ran bead and head to tho three-quarter post.
Ilesalo II. held her advantage, and finished winner a
length In front of Frank Ward, second, u net k ahead
of vVallawbile, third, Elkwood fourth, aud Utile
Minnie last, 'i line, 1 ;,', Mutual pools paid 3J a.
Bought by owne r for t l.vis.
Tho second race was a dash of aeve u furlongs for
horses beaten lu selling race at this meeting, the
winner to be sold at auctlou for tl.inO; if to be sold
for less one pouud allowed for each tioudown
lofl.wo, tueu two pounds for each tm down to
l.uoo, then three pounds for each ttoo down to
jsoo. Ihe starters were Barbara, (Watson,) til;
llolachlmle, (Urecn.) 102; Roselle, (Auderson,) hi;
JohuC, (Higgs.) Vj; Millie 11, (Collar,) UO; Lord
Lome, (Potter,) VI; Uberto, (Huston,) li; Pat. Den
nis, (O'Brien,) w. Queen Esther, (Williams,) u, and
Itlchard L., (Itliers.) w. Quecu Esther was favorite
attlootofforJohn U, fit) for Uberto, Hi tux
Mlltle B , III for llolachlmle, and Iho Held 43. '1 he
betting was IS. to Id against Queen Esther, 3 to 1
against Jobu tt, 6 to 1 against Ulerlo, c to I aaluat
Mltlle II , IU to 1 each agalust Roscllo aud llota.
ehlinle. It to 1 against Barbara, and vo to 1 each
against Lord iMue, Pat Deunls, and Klchard I
After throe breaks the horsea were sent away to a
good start, Richard L. lu front, John V. second,
Uberto third, Barbara fourth, and the others to -geiLer.
There was no change at tho quarter post,
Richard L. held tho least jhrough Ibe back-strelch,
and at the half mile Tiberto was close up second,
Rosetle third, John C. fourth, and Iho others
bunched, lu the lower turu John I,', went up to
third place, and without futther change the three
quarter ,poat was moused, Down the botuostrctiu
Ihe result was lu doubt, but when bearing the ttulah
John C, forged tu the frout, aud was first under Ihe
string, a head lu front of Ubeito, second, a length
ahead ol Rosette, tllrd, Richard L. fourth, llou.
cbliale fifth, Queen Kslher sixth, Pat. DcuuU aev
euth.anlBaibaralasi. Time, lut. Mutual pools
paid tic cs.
The third race was a handicap sweepstakes cf lio
each, h, f.; club added I0O0, ot which 1150 to aecoud
boras; dlstaaco I); miles. The starters were Leroy,
(Vincent,) 64: Jim Douglas, (Holloway,) 115; dwllt,
(Houston.) lost Heel aud Too, (Uentoo.) lull King
iieorge, (Williams,) M: Valet, (Mayuard.) lw, and
Enigma, (Potter,) as. Swill was he favorite at I5J
to 112 for Jim Douglas, to forYalcl, Hi fur Heel
and Toe, ami tu for Ihe Held. Tho betllug closed a
to 0 against Jlen Douglas and 11 to S sgalual Swllt, S
to 1 against Valet. 7 to 1 each airalnsl Tied and 'I on
and Enigma, 10 to It to 1 against Leroy, and It to W
10 1 against King Ueorge. After five breaks Ihe
hoi ics were sent off P a fair atari, HeeUnd 'loo lu
front, Swift second, King George third, and the
others together. Before reaching the ataul King
Gcorgo went to the front, with lruy second, llcei
aud 'Joe third, King deorgo fourth, Bwllt Mib, 1 akt
tlxlh, and Jim Douglas last, and luthat order Ihey
fiawed the quarter. There was 110 change arouud
ie turu, nor at the quaiter ixt, but lu the back
s.ritch Enigma went to the lead, with Jim Douglas
coOal,IIeel and 'Joe third, Valet fourth, and tho
c-ihersrloso up,anl to they pxse.l Iho hilt mile
post, nronnd the lower Inrn and to the threo quar
ter. In Ihc straight Jim Doug'as went to tho lead,
and finished winner by fonr length In front of
Swift, second, n halt length ahead nt Hnlgma.thlrd,
v alet fourth, llecl and loo fifth, King deorgo sixth,
and I-crny last, lime, aril. Mutual pools pall
Tho fivtulh raco wn a ilnsli of ono mile for horse
that had run and not won at thl meeting; iimsonot
having been placed aecoud allowed Ave twnnds, nnd
non winner In ls.v allowed twelve pound. Ilare
foot, (Simpson,) 1M; Bessie, (Wlthei,) lilt; Col.
(lark, (Uodfroy,) lot; lllca, (Mraton,)lln,nn.l Col.
Spragne, (Maynsnl,) lio, started. Col. Spragne wis
favorite atlioo icif.it tor lllca, tit for Cobl'latk,
and Ihoneld HI. The betting wa II lo lion Col.
Sprague, 4 to I against Idea, 7 to 1 against Col.
Clark, 9 to t against Bessie, and 10 to 1 ngalnst
lliirelnot. The start wa good, wllh lllca first otr,
lleaslo second, Harcfoot third, Col. Clark fourth, and
Col, sprngno last. He tore the quarter wa pissed
Col. Clark went to second place, and Ihiy ran
through Iho lurk-wretch nil well tip together, but
without change, lllca held the lead at Ihc half-mile,
wllh I'ol. Clark second, Col. Sprngno third, llareroot
fourth, and llesslo last. There wns nn rttsntrn 111
tho lower lutn nor nt Iho three quarter post, but
mini tiicjr euieieti inu nuiuc-sirt it II call, rpraulic
bulled out and went to tho front, finishing winner by
four lengths ahead ot Col. Clark, second, one length
In front of lllca, third, llesslo lourlh,nnd Hareloot
last, lime, l;ll)i. Mutual pool paid 17.85.
The ntlh race wa a free handicap steeplechase
over the regu ar ateeplechaso eonrse j purse tioo, ot
which f 100 10 aecond horse. Tho atarters were Que
bec, (Pope.i 1 Mi Tllford, (Wynne,) 1 Jt, and Jim Mc
(lowan, (Walker,) 14t. Quebec wa favorite at f.10
to 4J for Jim McUowixn and U fur Tllford. Iho
betting wa 4 to 6 on Quebec, 0 to B against .lint Mc
(lowan.andotot Rgainst Tllford. iho start was
good.Qnebecln front, Tllford second, and Jim Mc
(lowanlasi, "lhcrownsno chango until tho second
Jump In the east field wa passed, when Tllford
went to ihe front and wa rlrst to return to centra
field. Quebec then again took the lead, an 1 all Ihc
Jumps wero successfully made until tho water leap
waa reached, when 111 lord bolted nnd went out of
the race. Quebec held the lead for tho remainder ol
the race, and finished winner eight lengths ahead of
Jim McOowan. Time, Bill). Mutual pools paid
19 as,
Tho sixth rseo was one rallo tor gentlemen riders;
welterweights, overweight allowed; purse Hto, of
which SM to second horse, q ho stsnera wero Mor.
Hunt, (Tompkins,) tu; Col. Clark, (Blunt.) 149, and
Kcuador, (llarewood.) 1M. Ecuador was favonto at
tlMottttorCnl.ciarknnd 17 forMordannt. Tho bet
ting was 0 to B on Col Clark, 7 In 10 on Kcuador, nnd
to to 1 against Mordauntf The start wa poor, Lena
dor being four length behind, col. Clark led off,
wllh Mordaunt second, and Ecuador last. At Ihe
quarter Mordaunt went to tho front nnd held It to
Ihe half-mile, when Col. Clark went to the front and
held It to the finish, two length ahead of Mordaunt,
second, and ten lengths ahead of Ecuador, last,
q line, 1:31. Mutual pools paid flo 53.
Raring at Tirlthton Ueaeh.
Nkw York, Oct. at. First race Purse MJti,
selling allowances; mile and a furlong. King
II. won, Jim Nnne second, and Black Jack third.
Time, 2:01V. Mutual paid Mi.
Second race Purse tt), Belling allowances; mile
and a furlong. Hickory Jim won, Ktohhi second,
and Nonago third. Tlme,2:0v!. Mutualspaldf.il.
Third race Purso tm), handicap; heats of ono
mile, Tho flrat heat was won by Brlc n-brac, Topsy
second, and itushhrook third. Time, :ioj.
Second heat Mollle Walton won, Topsy second,'
Caramel third, anil Keokuk and llustibrook dis
tanced. Time, l:JIi(. Third heat Pools sold:
Brlc a brae and Molllo Walton, K.a each. Mollle
Walton won by a length and a half. Time, l;wl
Mntuals paid for the race f Tt.
Fourth race Purse f25, fnr maidens of all ages,
to carry 100 pound; seven furlong. Castliian
won. Harriet sei ond, au ITeresathlrd. Time, 1 :3iV.
Mutual paid .".
Tbo entries and weights for to morrow at Brighton
areas follows:
First raco Three quarters of a mile; selling.
Electric Light, 110; jr. W. White, 11a; Petrella, 103;
Castliian, 109;. Terry Barton, los; Bonanza, 101;
Unique, 100; (lanley, loo; Billy Mack, 100; Yelver
ton.m; Hop Sing, I; Llzzlo Walton, 97; Leonldas,
93; Catiline, 91 ;1logos, 91; Lizzie 1) ,91.
Second race seventh eighth of a mile; selling
Tacoraa, 113; Belle ll., lnvj Woodtlower. 103: Ten.
strike, 103; luttledore, 103; Black Jack, 103; Joe s ,
I0J; Miss Goodrich, 100; Endymlou, 100; Barry
Hose, 100; Joe Murray, loo; Brooghton.lOu; Jocose,
10.1; (larfleld, 100; Granite, lno; Brevet, n; War
der, 97; Cricket, 97; Error, 97; Bahama, 93.
Third race lenities. Klohha,llo; Corslcan,lt)il;
Waukesha, 10a; Jack or Hearts, too; KlugD.100;
Mmblcroot, 10; Joe Howell, 93; Bllzzird, vs; Hick
ory Jim, 93; Allanoke, 93; J. W. White, 90; sparta
cn,90; Monk, 90; OlioBt, 90; Wa-Ma-Ila-Ta,9ii.
Founh race T hree-quartera or a mile. Sutler,
lis; Little Mlnch, 119; King Tan, 119; Jim Keuwlck,
us; Pericles, us; Millie, 113; Theresa, 110; Lanra
(inrrlson, 97.
ntlh race-Ono mile. Trafalgar, 11g; Clarence,
lie; Mineral, 113; Audacity, 113; Nonago, 113;
Petersburg; 107; Rlplolte, 104: Ernest, 1(9.
- v
Kate Call.
At Cincinnati St. Louis, 13; Chlcagos, 4.
At New York Brooklyns, 3; New 1 orks, 3.
Cincinnati, O., OcL 84 .Before to-day's game
betweenthest. Ixauls American Club and Ihe Chi
cago League Club it waa anuouueed that br mu
tual agreement the forfeited game given to Chicago
had been declared off, and that to-day's game was
to wind up tho Bcrles. Each club having already
won two games, to day's contest nettled the question
as to the world's championship.
The game that was announced for to mm row nt
Capitol Park between the St. Ixmlsand Chlcagos has
been declared off, the two clubs having disbanded
after their game In Cincinnati yesterday. Cold
weather was the main reason of giving np tho game.
A gentleman prominent In base-ball mattcra said
to Tub Hekai yesterday that the recent base bull
convention at New Y'ork was called to consider two
questions only, viz: the new national agreement and
me mailer ot salaries, and that the question of ad
mitting new clubs to the League or American Asso
ciation was one that would be determined at the
regular meeting In December, at which time bo was
assured that tho National Club would bo admitted.
He also said that the hue and cry of stealing players
was exaggerated, that but nue manager had at
tempted to take any of the players, while assurances
had come In from oihcr clubs that, while they would
like to have several ot the Nationals' men, they
would not Interfere until the question of their admit
tance to the League or American was determined,
as they were satisfled this club would be admitted to
one or tho other association. It Is also said lhat
lhat none of the Nationals' players will sign until
this question Is eellled.
On Tuesday Mr. Charles White, the treasurer ol
the National Club, received a dispatch rrom Presi
dent Byrnes, of ihe Brooklyn learn, astiog If Cook,
the catcher of the Nationals, had been released; It
so, they desired to open negotiations with him, but If
reserved they wouldn't approach him at any coat.
This was manly, but unfortunately the Clncinnatis
had dropped In unaware and secured the valuable
Powell, Fnlmcr, and Burch have signed and will
almost certainly play In Baltimore.
President Whealley, of the Polomaca, says he. will
not be a candidate for ro election next year. It Is
very doubtful If the rdcrabcra of tbo club will a'low
him to retire from tho helm, as ho has given too
much satisfaction during his administration.
The fair committee ot the Washington Club are
quietly canvassing the Held, and say that If the pros
pects continue a bright the rest ot tho month there
Is nn doubt but that they will hold the fair, and that
It will bo a glorious success.
Cant. Stlnemelz, of the Columbia, says lhat If
matrimony keep up In hi dab he will bo able to
gel out a crow of married men that will sweep the
river. Wade, Knox, aud Brewster are the latest
additions Next?
By winning the Junior four-oared race this year
the Analostans have awakened from their dormant
condition and are now Ihe liveliest club on the river.
Indeed It Is not tmprobablo that next season will
witness representative crews from this clnb In every
race, as II U tbelr Intention to secure an elght-oared
shell early In the spring ami go right to work. The
other clubs will have to look well to (heir laurels
hereafter, as the Analostans are determined to be
aggressive henceforth.
The resignation of Assistant Secretary Coon fiom
Ihe Treasury Department caused quito a flutter
yeaterday among tho members of tne Columbian
since Mr. Coon aasnmcd the presidency of this clnb
It has known but few defeats, wnllo lu victories at
home and abroad have been many. If Mr. Coon re
moves to New York, as Ills likely he will, the club
will be deprived of Its best worker, and It la no dis
paragement to any others to. say his place will be
hard to ST..
It Is now denied that Sweeney, who pulled bow for
Ihe Washington crew, Is tho same Sweeney who
pulled In the professional crew at Portland. The
report was ilrst made by tho friends of the oarsmen,
and of course usturully credited, though the good
sense possessed by Sweeney should havo told them
better, lie will return here In the spring.
Already atens are being taken looking forward to
the elei Hon of officers In ihe clubs fnr next summer,
In the Potomacs tbero appears to bo u tendency,
outside of President Whealley, Treasurer Jones, and
Secretary Schmidt, to have an entire new set of men
In the offices.
m -
Hphclal Detective Breen's attention was attracted
yesterday In Iho Smithsonian (Irounda by a group of
Ihree young men and a girl. Their conduct was not
strictly lu accordance with propriety, and he de
cided to arrest them. The young men, aeelng him ap
proach, made off, but the young girl was apparently
too frightened. At tho Fifth Pieclnct station she
Bald her name was Clara lleecrall, and lhat she
camo from Cedar Urove, Montgomery County, Md
Her story la so revolting that It aeeins scarcely cred
ible, her own father being charged with her ruin.
A young Italian who v, or lid ou her fathers farm
Induetd her to leave and come to ihla clly, aud for
one mouth sho ha lived with him lu a tenement
wllh other Italians. Her attention was attracted to
an advertisement lu ono of the papers calling for
female help. She answered and si-cured a place,
but soon fouud that It was 1101 a fit one to stay In.
Sho left It yeaterday, and was In search of her
friends wheu approached by Ihe young men In the
park. The girl Is rather comely Iwlli In face and
form, and Is only about tlllecu years of age. She Is
detained for a hearing, and also tu Investigate the
charge against her father.
Tbo great advanco In prleo of building lots In
Iho north ami northwestern part of the niyhavlug
reached a figure that makes It unproiit ibe in build
small houses, the uorlheaatern section of tho clly
is atlractlng the small houso builder, onulrlpover
Ihe Columbia Railway to t Kteenih street northeast
one not Ices ina.l,coiofortah!e houses going up along
tho wliolo Hue. Tho Hrlck Machine Company have
purchased a whole square between 11 aud I and
Eleventh and Twelfth streets northeast, and have
under construction a large number of small bnuacs,
containing all the modern Improvements. W. II
Cljgetl, In auadvertuimeiit, calls ollentlon to the
fact that be lias subdivided blaproperly,"llosvia!e,"
located Immediately at the eastern end ol the Colum
bia Railway Company, Fifteenth atreet east, and
offers building lots at very low prices upon easy
lenus. Mr, Clageit Intends building upon tils prop
erly corner of Fifteenth snd II streets norlhesst,a
Farmers' Hotel, wllh sufficient ground attached for
a wagon yard. Several parlies who have purchased
lots at Roacdale have commenced to build neat and
comfortable small houses.
The members of Meridian Cominaudery No. 178
aud Halcyon Coiuiuandcry No. Its, United Order of
the Golden Cross, will give au entertainment Friday
evening neil, October 1)1, lu SlldUaui's llall.ioii
Kvvinih aireet.at 7 :su o'clm k, to which the public
are cordially Invited. 'J he exercises will consist of
vocal ond mslrumculal music, recitations, aud read
ings. Interspersed wllh several bright essays upon
the beuenls of Ihe II. O. G. O. and kindred topics by
Sir Knights F. it. Woodward, J, M. Andrus, Charles
Bruwu, P. C. Severance, and others. Sir Knight
William H.Pope, of flood Mill Coipmandery, will
preside aa chairman. The cominlltio consists of
sir Knights Jamus J. Brooks au 1 G. W. Callahan, of
HerWuu. and Ocorge J. P. Wood, Addison Walker,
and E. V. Holmes, of Halcyon. All will be inadj
The members of Ibe It. W, H, are making active
prepdratluus tor tho coining season, anl the first
eonceu will probably bo glveu ou the 1311) of No
vember. II is expected that the sctlcs of toucerta
will meet with Ihe samn marked success as those of
last year. It Is advlsablo that applications for mem
bership should be banded In at an early date to the
secretary ot tho society. Mr. A. E. Knurr, 1505 Q
street ncnUweai. Circulars will shortly be Issued
to tho members and spplUsuts for membership.
A llranil Siifffss Beyond a Moalil- tlr ItM rrosperls
AIimiI f Soon Wiping Oat I lie Mortgage Debt
on the tifsnlirnl Armory ilattdlng-Mhtral and
Vlrrsnt Donation Being made Vmjkotly Con-Irllmllnr-"
ilify Hare Hern Pat on the List "
" Onr committee labor nt Iho past threo monllii
are now beginning to show good resnlt," said Mr.
deorgo W. Kvans, s-ecrctary of tho FalrCnmmlltcc,
last evening. T ho Fair I going to bo a grand sne
er ss in every particular. LHieral response havo
been inado to onr appeal, and there I no doubt
now of our oon having onr bcaottful military homo
clear nt tho debt now hanging over It. Head tho
list of elegant donation made and thoso promised.
And Iho cry Is, "Still Iheycomol" Contributor
arc urgently requested lo send their donations to iho
care of tho Secretary, nt tho Armnry,920(i street,
not later than Saturday next :
Alphonzo (I. Scltz, ladles' MIk-llncd ulster lo
order; Austin llerr, fourteen barrel best family
flour; M. W, Gait. llro. A Co , silver stand and cnt
glass berry dish: Mccreary A Co , a club gamo and
ptush box-holder; Yolgt A Has, gold-headed cane;
Wntali A Ireland, six dress shirts to onleri llliam
11. Colo A Son, Baltimore, Md., by ltobcrt Boyd,
nickel coffee grinder; Judd A Detwcller, printers'
nickel plated slick nnd set of composing rules;
Henry U. Erich, publisher, Baltimore, Md , "History
otTwo Americas;" Shepherd A Dudley, New York,
surgical Instruments) George W, Ilerold, gent' lino
dressing gown; MU Fannlo (loilcy, sola pillow;
MlssSnslo Brackelt, Minnesota, fancy work; Gen.
John s. Cnnghlln, pcrfumo case and Iwttles; J,
11, Vermllyn, pair ladlea boots lo order1
lander A George, Baltimore, Mil., by C. It, Itaub
A Co , ten pounds Kon-Go tea; J. c. Hutchinson,
ladle' Imported hat, designed especially for National
(line' Fair, wholesale valno (if; also fonr pair Fo.
ler Vld glove to order; seaton Perry, handsome
Crclon appllqun table covert OttA Brewer, Tron
ton, N. J., by .1. W. Unwell, ono tea set. Ballek
china; Ilnll A Barnes, sterling silver-headed cano;
National Holler Rink Co., by U.S. N. Cronse, man
ager, pair best quality nlckel-plateJ skates; Miss
Italllo Merrill, Miss Anna Pope, Mis Florence Hoff
man, Mis Rattle Maxwell, of Portland, Me ; Ml
Addlo McCahan, of Philadelphia, Pa., fancy em
broidered attleles: Julius Roaenihal. four silver.
headed canes; Woodward A Lolhrop, silk dress psl- J
le-rus; i-isicrsoi 1110 uoiy cross, nanu-painieu ban
neret; James lansbnrgh, ono sharo of stock In the
National Fair Association, to be sold at auction, and
he bids tm for samo; Brookvllle, Ind , Bank, cash
in; Ml Maggie O'.Mears, lawn tennis racket; Mrs.
(icorgle Watson, fancy work; Mrs K. P. Brooks,
hand-palnled scarf; Mrs. It.T. Patrick, fancy work;
Mis Bccklo llextcr, pair hlsqno ornaments; Mr.
Haas, whispbroom-hofder and album; P. B. Miller,
cash f-t; Mr. C P. Kwlng, cnt glass horry bowl and
ten fancy pincushions! William II. Fletcher, Bras
sel rug7b4; Mr. Kmmon Smith, fancy article;
Mr. Sarah Miller, Philadelphia, Pa., cash i; D. P.
lllckllng, per turnery ; Mr. William lloiharge. fancy
articles; Mr.Kpp Sargent, fancy articles; Mrs. J.
s. Miller, pair slippers; Mis Ooorglo Miller, Mrs.
French S. Kvana, Mis Florence ltobcrt, Miss Csr
rlo Morgan, fancy work; c. 11. Bnrges, ton of coal;
Mrs F. B. Wilson, Mrs. Mary II. Smart, Mis Joslo
Sterling, Mis l.lbble Kills, Mis Annie Preacoll,
Mis snsle Kills, fancy wotk; Miss Edna
Kills, hand palmed bras plaque; Mrs
15. N. Icwl. one largo onkc; Charle
K. Wceer, fancy clock, (through Samuel Gassen
heirnsr:) MIssGnssleSpengeman, glove and hand
kerchief sachet; Mis Mamie Keyes, fancy articles;
tlawo A Doner, (by J. W. Boteler A Son.) largo liar
liotlnovase; Mr A. M.Kcnnaday.hand-palnted ban
neret; George W. Harvey, (Eleventh mreet and
Pennsylvania avenue,) cash lio; Mis Mllllo Young,
(Fall Church,) sofa tidy; Mr. J. o. Manson, nro
screen, valuottt; Miss Jeunlo Darkness, fancy ar
ticles; Mrs. J. c. Pedrlck, fancy articles; Miss Iloso
rianagan, fancy articles; II. D. Barr, one dress suit
loonier; Win. II, Brown, one dozen Jars preserves;
Dr. Win. Merrill, cash t; c. C. Bryan, ono barrel
(lour; George T. Keen, Ilrst quality overcoat, t0;
Christian Rnppert, (by Mis Elraa kbert.) Japanese
silk tiro screen and ono beaded embroidered lambre
quin for bracket; August Mencken A Bra, dona
tion; J. O. A. Shields, N. I'acTca Co.,tlvo lbs. prize
tea; L. llanm, one cloak; II. sellnge, gold ring;
Volet A Haas, one gold badge to bu voted to the
most popular cadet; A Mlchaells, Dtty cigars; W.8.
lenks.pne gasoline atovo; Aug. l)leterleli,one(lrand
Army hat; A McUrl.le, donation: Mr. Young 731
seventh street, one labia cover: Wm. Hahn A Co.,
donation of shoes; King's Palace, one lady's bonnet
Chlcsgo Grocers Co, donation; StrasBbnrger Bros,
donation: S. Illrsch, donation; John 11. Major, do
nation: The Oriole, dry goods donation; T. A. Of
terdlnger.nneboxclgarsjThomas Walsh, onega'
Ion whisky; John Ilogan, Ave gallons oysters; J.
nnrley, ono box cigars; II ,1. Behrend A Bon, dona
tion: II. Goldsmith, donation; Frank llegstcr, cash
J; C. A.Osborne, ono barrel Bass ale and Dublin
tout, 119; 0. 0. wild's A Bros , two musical Instru
ments; Great China and Japan Tea Co, donation:
Harris A Shafer, American stem-winder hunting
case gold watch ; James S. Topham, gent's traveling
companion and drcaslng caac; William 8. Uoose,
two heavy gold-headed canes; National Theatre,
opera box one night; Franklin A Co . ono pair opera
glasses; F. M. Buckingham, assorted candles; Geo
W.Cochran, cash iv; Henry Semken, lady's per
fume aland; o. c. llergllng, silk umbrella; J. Fus
eell, Ave gallon Ice cream ; W. Il.fcrhoff, bronzed
plaque; A. P. McEIroy, picture; C. A. Osborne, one
barrel Bass's nle, one barrel Dublin brown stout;
Daniel Sloto A Co , New York, by Kastou & Hupp,
setot blank book; Charles Markcll A Sons, ono
case groals; Holmes A Bro .barrel Hour; Mis kula
lio Gardner, fancy article; B. II. Sllnemctz A Son,
officer's dress belt, ono Bilk umbrella; Miss Pearl
Muzzy, fancy article; p. F. McMabon, box clear;
V. T. Lewis, ono dozen scarf pins; o. F.
Goodwin, cash ta; Mrs. Frank J. Tlbblts,
fancy work; Mrs. Lloyd Douglass, fancy
work; William Muehleisen. case of wine;
Burdclto Organ Company, Erie, Pa, ono flrst-closa
pipe top organ: Saks A Co ; one tlno young family
horse, v alue ta ', to be rained. Tho Mercer Pottery
company, Trenton. N. J., by .7. w. Boteler A Son,
one china lea set; William Sullivan, bx sheep-wool
mats; Friend, twelve plush plaques; Friend, tfo;
through John W. Botch r A Son the follow
ing: Aithur Bradshaw, Mertden, Conn., silver
plated pitcher: Burroughs A Monteford, Trenton,
N. J., decorated china chamber set; Ilavlland A
Co., Limoges, France, French china. Through O.
A. Bentley: Benjamin Brooks A Co , rhlladeTphla,
Pa, toilet articles aud fancy soap. Stott,
Cromwell A Co , and Tsc-hleffely A Evans,
donation or toilet articles; James 11. McOlll.
cash lis; J. Wash. Miller A Co, Philadel
phia, Pa , cash $3; b. Busmitz A Co , Richmond.
Vu., by Alexander Abraham, Scotch Cap cigarettes:
Mnlh Bros. A Co, Baltimore, by G. A. Bentley.
dressing case and fancy articles; Louis D. Mellne,
oil paluung; Prior A Hllgcnberg, Baltimore, by u. I.
Boyer, nccordeon; Miss Alma Kbert, oil palming;
Miss Uzzle Anderson, fancy embroidered articles:
J. A. Adrians, cash 15; J. m. Wheatlty, ono ton 01
coal and half cordol wood; C. F. Cummins, em
broidered pin cushion; C. C. Wlllard, Kbbltt House,
cish $tn; Mrs. Sarah P. Barnes, crayon portrait of
President Cleveland: Dr. J. w. Hutttpv. i-nati as.
K. B. Bruce, Balllinore.Md ,byC. II. Itaub A Co ,onujJ
cisu u, ntuu, jhiiuci, jiciiu HUU nvn UCIUOllirCVIfie,
by U. L. Boyer, French plate mirror, bronzed frame:
II. Oppenhelmer, Baltimore, Md, gold cameo ring;
Mis Eva sterns, embroidered silk banner; Prof. II.
C. Spencer, a life scholarship In the Spencerlan
Business College: Wash. B. Williams, ono set
parlor furniture; C. A. Sautter, Bllver pitcher; PoBt
Combination Sewing Machine Company, by James
Lansnurgh, one sen ing machine; John p. Hamlin,
six metal coffee-pots; John Harinelt, one case of
wlno; by E. (1. Davis A Co , Ilerlleln A Schlatter, of
New York, sllk-cordcd dress front, valuo till:
Sldeuburg A Co , New Y'ork, ladles' and children's
neckwear; Calhoun, Bobbins A Co., New York,
largo assortment of Imported fancy novelties:
Eastman A Bro, by John W. Drew, fancy
perfumes; Frank Itvlgnl, gent's plush dress
ing case; Samuel c. Palmer, one water color
painting; Thomas Somervllle A Son, plumbers'
oulilt, ui pieces; Col. Herman Sellgson, cash
$10; Carstalrs, McCall A Co., Philadelphia, Pa., one
casoof whisky; Chas. A. HoaaACo., Baltimore, Md ,
ono barrel whisky; Olthcns A Rcxsaraer. Philadel
phia, Pa., preserved fruits; Independent Ice Co ,
Ico for tho fair; Henry Troemner, Philadelphia,
Pa, one pair ot druggist's fine prescription scales;
John J. Thompson, Baltimore, Md., fancy toilet
articles; Kasiinati A Bra, Philadelphia, by U. A.
Bentley, fancy perfumes; the Llllv Manufactur
ing Company, Colnmbus, Ohio, officer's sword;
Samuel C. Palmer, loan of soda fountain and appa
ratus; It. T. Danrorih, fluid oil-stove; E. M.
Grant, Washington Rink, oue pair nickel-plated
full clnb roller skates; n. Ourkbart, one velvet rag;
C. S. Cudlip, one lurge sized (rained photograph of
Washington Moouiuent; L. D. Wine, two gents'
toilet sets, Iwo hand mirrors, Iwo combs and
brushes; B. Kurtz Jo!insin,-one ton of coal: Senas,
ttan Anun, one casoof lludeahelmcr. Berg Riesling
Ansiese, 1305; Detroit Light Infamry, tlno
French clock, Inlaid wllh onyx and ornamented with
a bronze statue; Miss Katie Schmidt, Infant's coat
audbonaet: Johnson, Sutton A Co., Balllinore.Md.,
by L. D. Wine, pair of all-wool blankets, 78x81;
Mrs. C. T. Nutze, fancy tidy, embroidered lamp
mat, embroidered tablo scarf; iho Misses Johnson,
fancy willow card basket, hand-painted satchel ;
Davidson Steam Pump Co .New York, by 1 homas
somervllle A son, cash IfS; a friend, through j.
W. Boteler A Sou, one French decorated dinner
set, 130 pieces; Richard II. Taylor, one tlno French
doll and trousseau; Bergner A Engcl Browing
Company, Philadelphia, 1m , (II, Q Dauterlch,
manager,) l barrels beer; National Chalk Holder
Company, four patent chalk holders; Raymond
and Wnitelocl-, Now York, presentation sword,
so; Miss Mlnnio Schulze, embroidered chair tidy;
A. W. Hoover, iw cigars: M. P. Rice, ono dozen
panel photographs to order; Vogler, Sou A Co,
Baltimore, by O. A. Bentley, case fancy per
fumes; Sunuel Gaesenbeltoer, silver pitcher; Wil
liam II. McLean, lumber for the fair; I'aceASIzer,
by U, I. Boyer, Richmond, tobacco and cigarettes;
William J. Lemp, St, Louis, by c. Abner, tlvo
birrels bollled beer; Chris. Abner, gold locket;
Chris. Xiinder, case llhlno wlno; James Hurley,one
day's services ot plumber and assistant at the fair;
Brenlano Brothers, stationery and books; Mrs. G.
II. osmun, Lunslng, Mich .embroidered labia cover;
John W. Boteler A Son, ono pair large size bronzed
figures, "The Warriors;" S. Prank Johnson, too
cigars; Henry 0. Towles, one hard wood finely up
holstered editor's rosy chair.
Tne following persons havo promised contribu
tions; W, W. AJ. B. Wenlzel, F. Freund.J. F.
Clements, C. F. Mills. W. s.Tappan, Charles I, Kel
logg,'! hormuJarvl, Henry y.liumeruiao.I.r.ltoceu,
Mrs. Htlina Ruppert, W, O. Douglass, It. I. Wld
dlciimb, 11. 0. EdmonsUin, Klphotui Youngs, George
Winner. John Key worth, W. It. Riley, v. W. 'j horn,
J, Bradley Adams, James T harp, GeorgeTatspaugh,
George F.TIinma, banders and Stayinau,C,B.Shafc-r,
Henry Alachnee, s. II. Kllery, I, Alexander, II. E.
ILartwoU, Dalton A Strickland, J. W, Shaw,
F. A, Lu'z, 11, llcbuer, Charles Fisher, Barber
A Boss, John T. Given. Moore A Ledlug, Hay ward A
Hutchinson, J. Wc-lrli h, Joy T nomas, John L. S'ogl,
lllnko A Budd, Mlsa Carrlu Sinister, T homas Reedy,
Iho Misses Speui ir, John Parct, George A. Hhchon,
Charles F. Si hoeldcr.ll. Walker Tucker, Dr. W. T.
llaldus, Charles II. Rauti A Co , Wllmarlh A Edtuon
aton, W, B. Entwlsle, W. A. Whlltaker, Simpson A
Guy, A. M. Breiinlnger, Jesse I'rgood, M. Gold,
snillh, II. Iloblnaoii A Co , Metzerott A Co ,
Wlllelt A ltuoff, Clark A Truuel, Hume, (Teary A
Co , W. II. Iloeke, Kinmons Smith, (Boston variety
store,) II. King, J. J. Georges, W. H. Houghton, A.
r. iicuiirrniiuii, ucurao a. Jiiuneuj &Bon,.QUn
House, J. II. Hlmms, Solarl llros, V. G, Fischer.
William II. Wright, W. A. Henderson, J. J, Nairn!
George Walts A son, J. II. Magruder.Tysaowskl
llros , James II. Laiuble, 0, Kdmonston A Co., Joseph
D. Free, Jr., George Kraft, Charles F. Moore, V.
Roux and P. St. Elienne, Whiteside A Walton, Cal
vin Winner, J. W. Sclby. J. II. Small A Sons, (). II.
Hoover, Robert Cohen, J. F. Helbergcr A Son, F. P.
May, William II. Combs, Oliver S. Hurdette, F. M.
Crlswdl, Dee ker A Co , A. Gblselil, J. W.Belby, 1).
Slirnnehau, N W, Burchell, 1). P. Watrous, i. II.
Suit, A. Mcllilde, Chicago Grocers' Co.,slraus.
berger Brothers, s. lllrsch, John It. Major, The
Oriole Dry Goods House, II. J. Behrend A Sou, It.
Goldsmith, Great China and Japan Tea Co.,HchwlDg
A Clark, and John W. Drew.
The following articles will be voted 1 French Dec
orated Dinner Set, 130 nieces, valuo tioo, to any of
tho lady managers of Ihe Fair; Solid Silver (1100)
Fuutb Bowl, to restaurant keeper; beat quality III
cvcle, to auy bicyclist; Ihe Speucer Scholarship, to
any young sludeut; tho 11.11. Taylor French Doll
aud Trousseau, lu any young miss; Gold lluullng.
milil VCra,li tr. Inllu, n.nl.,., 1 ll..n...... ,.....1 rn
Ployect the Government Piloting Office: Iho Post
,oiuuiimuuu oc-winu mucuiue, iu lauy or ine iiurcan
of Engraving and Print lug or the Government Print,
log Office; the Chris. Abner Onld Charm, to the base
ballltts; the C. A. Sautter Sliver Pitcher, to tbo
patent attorneys; iho'lrotmner Druggist Prescrip
tion Scales, to the druggists; the Printer's stick and
Composing Rule, to the printer of any private print
ting establishment tlu Somervllle A Sons' Plumbers'
Outni, b3 tfcols, to auy Journeyman plumber or ap
prentice; Ihe Arthur Bradshaw Silver-plated
Pitcher, loiilalo printer of Bureau Engravlug and
Printing; Volgt A Haas, Cadet Badge, to most pop
ular cadet; Alphouso (1. Belts, Ladles' Sllk-Llned
Ulster to order, valuo l-O, to any lady assistant ut
tho fair,
Eminent or Past Eminent Commander ot Kulglil
Templar; Iho II. p. Towles Easy Chair, to eiUWrs
of local Journals: Live Fug Dog, to lady asslsPUiU
of the Fair: Gold Ifuntlni.e.aHWnirh In nnVTJA:
"AUerney Dairy Wagons."
Fresh Alderney hotter churned every morning ana
dcllvcrod in M-pound " Ward " print, 40 cents per
pound. Also collage cheese, hnitermltk, nnd sweet
milk, B cents per quart. Cream, 1 cent per pint,
M()RTON-1IASTINGS.-Atlho residence of II.
McMasier, salt Idka City, llish, on Thursday, Oc.
tober 1.MM3, by the Rev. (I. II. MrNlccc, I). 1) ,
I lent. I hnrlc 0. Morton, Sixth United Stale In
fsntry, and Ida, youngest daughter of Iho lalo Maj,
David II. Bastings, U. S. A. NO cards.
niKD. ,
DOIID. At Fort Davl, Texas, October 17, 1.U
Allan II., aged 14 monih. only ton of Lieut. Georgo
A. and Agne Sleelo Dodd,
LHWI1.-Oclnber S4, Georgo David Iwl, In tho
thltly-clghth year of hi ago. Funeral from til lato
realtfeneo. No. 431 Ninth sireet Bonlhwest, Sunday
afternoon, at 4 o'clock.
T O S. O. 115:13,
Formerly of
325 Pennsylvania Avenue Norihwest,
Residence on tho premlsnf fehS-tf
pfiiiil floUr-fH.
fjgj) TO Tit It POMOK AtlTMORITirS.
Two more thieves discovered
lawyer, ono a elgar maker.
Ono a so-called
K a toller disagree.
What 1 tho dirrerenco between a lawyer and n
cigar maker?
It I simply a mysleiy.
oci3-lllt ii. c. THORN'.
Dime Museum.
Pennsylvania avenue, near hleventh street.
III first appearanco In America slnco his return
from his '1 rtnmphal EuropeanT'our of two yeara.
In hla Powerful and blaming Drama, entitled
Introducing the Great canine Wonder ol tho Age,
Whoao nurve'.ous display ot sagacity nnd Intelli
gence astonishes and bewilders nil w ho
see him. Supported by a
Novel and Bewildering Scenic Effect.
ACTS land 2-M Siocura's Milk Depot, Philadelphia.
AUT 3-Tbe Excelsior Oil Wells, Pennsylvania.
AOI' 4-EchoDell. At Home!
ACT 6-The Mountain Peak. Itlght Triumphs.
Admission In nil only 10 nentN.
Seats can bo secured threo days In advance.
At the wish of hundred
From the Union Square Theatre.
This great emotional drama has been transferred
bv Mr. ,1. M. Hill from New York to Wnshlnginn
Ho has brought the Scenery, the gorgeous and curl
ou furniture, the bric-a-brac, the costumes, and Iho
??,m.e ro company, Including Joseph llaworlh,
William Davldgc, K. if. sotnern. Henry K. Walton
James F. Dean, J. W. Plgott, Marie Prescott, Flora
May Henry, Magglo Harold, Charlotte Do Musselt,
and Jennie Langdon.
Nothing has been omitted to give this clly a rare
treat In the completeness ot ci ery detail.
A MORA I. sjltlMK, '
Uox office open from 8:30 A.M. to 10 P.M. Cnr-
rlsges at lo:M).
Next Attraction'-The iih In Vncallmi.
Every evening during Ihe week, only Matlneo on
. Aided by the
Host excellent Comedy Oricuulzatlon
That has ever heretofore appeared with them In tho
presentation or their famous laughing success,
Under the Direction of Mr. C. A. cniZZOLA
Will be supported by tho following Eminent Artists,
their flrat appearanco here:
iiKI4.VIi?5?u,nSi.?.,,r- t-LHOIOASATT, Violinist; M.
Flutist; Slg. PAOLO GIORZA, Musical Director.
The sale of seats will commence WEDNESDAY,
October 2.3, at A. M., at Brentano Bros.', Eleventh
street and Pennsylvania aveuuo. Reserved Seats,
,, ,nw, uuu t, qccuiuiuK m wciuion. ocja-zi
Ono Square North of Pennsylvania Avenue,
s P. M. Two Performances Dally. 8 P. M.
Tho Brilliant Emotional English Actress,
Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Nights,
Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nights,
Every Afternoon, at 9 P. M ,
Popular prices. To family circle, 10 eta. ; Parnuct
and orchestra Chairs, in ci. No extra charge for
reserved seats, secured six days In advance. At
Matinees only children under Pi years of age ad
mitted to Reserved Chairs, 10 ccnta. Box oftlco
open from 8 A. M. to lo p. M.
ur THE
Assisted by the Famous
Admission', 0 oenls. Reserved teats at Kills A
Co.'s without extra charge. ociS-HS
Ninth Street and Rhode Island Avenue.
MONDAY, Ladles admitted Free.
FRIDAY, concert by Full Band.
Rebate tickets at all Ihe drug stores.
Havo opened their popular placo of amtiBcmcut,
Oil AND OU E Hl'ltHlCT NclltTIlWlMl'
Three sessions dally. 10 to 1'J A. M. ladlea ad
mitted tree, siooanu i:ju to iu:.io j. ai. aumu
slon 10 cents; skates, 10 cents. 1-adlea admitted
free every Monday night. The largest and best
surface lu the clly. lAdlca' aud children's maUnce
every Saturday, Admission aud skatci,1a cents,
Good inualo.
ocms-iur II. H. N. UllQUHK, Managed'.
o.,i,,f.Rif,!,.'.wJ',?!.(..P1l'! ?.' ""'o r
7. .. . -b vers sib, IUK!UniUM aiailV HUU
r.",-"- . i. ""imw win auu turuwn iuo linn
Into a coiafortkblu and natural -poaUloii, Will mop
Itll frlf.llnu nn.l kemn itnnkr.n. -,,. i ' . '
rapidly. It sliengtbens the arch Instep and aukle ol
tho foot, and will enable you to wear a shoe a sly!
u?.lJr,ft,, a,B0 flvo '! ,uot Kfcefol appearance.
A trial wilt convluco the must skeptical, Vail aud
be convinced,
T. .T. Ooorefea,
AHkleHlcal Hoei um4 hkoe Maker d
octa-sta linn F BTKKKI' NORTHWEST.
CftUAlUfl rramAlllr
NaaUood. Ac.. to.;
idlacoTvrcif aa.c
vnipa u wi
Id hla aTlaw-Mjrararo.
,B.i3Chataamat.,ft, Yets.
1, IBM. There will ba sold at thoOOlceof Iho
"in, io. lacro wm oe soul at tnoouice
United Stales Copland ocoditie Survey, u
Jersey aveuuo, Capitol Hill, on MONDAY, I
day of October, 1&3, commencing at lu oV
on New
If.lfu-k A.
M.. suudrv unserviceable articles of Gnveriittif-nt
property, as follows t Camp Ecjulpage, Cbcmlals'
Weights snd Measures, surveyor' licld Instru
ments, Priutlug Press, Lathe, Furniture, and Junk.
There will bu sold alto ou the tamo day, com
mencing at U o'clock: p. u., ou tbo "While Lot,"
south of ibe Treasury Building, sundry unservice
able Government property, consisting ot Chairs,
Desks, Carpe.lt, etc., etc, '
T'lrus of sales: To the highest bidder for rasa.
ochj-us DANIEL MAmjill,; tJecrvvtary,
Manhood Resloreil
UaclV. MnrnUBi Ilstlillilv. Ikssl
ilsv triail in wain satistra Ltmiii
atumnnavniof alf-LUt.
For Iho First Tlmo In this City Mr. Robert Buchanan's Latest and Best Effort,
rni"rviiili.m r''Si.,i'V,iP "V, l-""sOll,r'r,'", M!S9 00UA TANNKll, mtppotto,! by
Col. W lam h. S nn a llrookl vn. N. V I'.tt k Theatre) Company. Magnificent nn'l Original
Sconlo Ktrec s. Startling MeolmnlMl Mm-ls. l'alllifitl I'lctiires of n Oreat Oily. W eg"
J"" "fT' ,,1B "!"" "M'wIl.mHit i.y Klrolrio Light. Tl.o Hrlllsl, Metropolis
lL..i. TtSr."8,'r"t. T,""nPa KhV ''' Mooiillglit. Tl. 01,1 Sidle House, with the
nrihliB Waters. TIib Rmom .r th Ilerohi... Tl.o Mott Ktlecllvo Water Scene ever
K?i UOeirJ,,,,0",lyeMl A "r A?'1 '"". .lhon.i Mirrnmidea l.y four million
.For Stile bl
Old Government Java Coffee
7V tin cent pev round. Mounted Kit jj lhiy.
Made from ilio Choicest Minnesota Spviim Wheat,
roll SALE 11Y
JVO! P S Villi KVX. ir.
41S SEVENTH ST ls:irI TV. -.s
V A hi, V.AHI.V.
Ml'AIIPS, all Styles and Hliapcs, formerly rule; now v and 3.1c.
SCA ItPH, all hi) les and Shapra, formerly J3c ; uuw sue
HCAHKS, all ht)lcs unci SIisihs, formerly II iinilfl.xi; nowirtc.
Full Line of PALL UNDKUWEAU Bt Popular Prices r Hill HTS '10 MKASUItE A SPECIALTY.
810 Tf ST It 13 13 T IN O Tt. T II AV EST.
Will Continue Dally Exclusions to MarKliill Hall
and tllymuut until NOV'EMIlhlt I.
Boat leaves EVEIIY MOltNINO at 10 A. M , return
ing at 4 P. M.
Pare 25 ccnls for round trip.
SUNDAY Iloat will leave for Marshall Hall at 10
A. M. anil 3 P. M., rcturulng at 1 nn.l r.:3ii o'clnck.
Faro 2J cents.
Have opened tbelr Latest Iuipoilatlons ut
Also a fine assortment of
Approved by tho Acaileruy or Mcdlclno of Paris, ara
Blun.lall. Mmmm.n.lful l.u thA Un.ll. t rtr tt....... .
Tt V.T '..."''".' ' "J f,,w ftcuicaiciiciillllCMOl
tho World fur berotula, (tumors, King's evil, etc.,)
.i. cauj hiukc'b ui e UUUU1UJI11UII, couslllullonai
Weakness, Pourneasol nicibil.aiid forstluiulatlngnnd
rcgulatlnir its periodic course, Nono ecoulncuulcss
signed Illancard, 40 rue llonapatie, Paris."
IEi,'",,,T"! tCoN. Y.. Altculit for Iho
II. M. Bold hy DrugRlsIs generally, dol4-lye
8KK TU It $100 miZT Jltu, Iy
Tin: Wimnnvr.
Oir(f, Wrorrvs.
Suain akrlal.
HV invite an fxttmluallon of our
London, Berlin, ami Vienna
A(ltletl tovull-stlected j.uvhascaof
Mil hts an Attractive Exhibition of
3sr or ei l no I IE s
Useful Articles.
Hayward & Hutchinson,
434 IN1IVTI1 Srl
kalsominind, wall painting. and
oenkha'l hoii.ik deAhatinVj.
Sign Painting, Gilding, Etc.
C Macnichol k Son.,
OAH OFKItiR. " tv
7 M8cfi,l!",l,,!?tOclobfr1l,iss,
' A. JL LyncliliurgMa .dally.eiccntSuniiai ia
local sta loss, coiiueclinir al Cnarlott.BvlHH wiPt
1HP,",ke nud oi)lo Jlnllway.aud "t ynchJs'JS
M iKIngcloseconnertlons South and UouUiwht OSi'
neclluir nt Ljneliliurif ultu N. aud W. ii i?
H pen iiir iiniri.i tnu r7.. wmVJ?.M.. IV..": .
.ivvfiujmtcvmBuuin new lora and WosMuv.
tOntoAlanla. I'nllmin wiontti. .?..." "'T!T'r,
, v;;ci:."...M ..''' ""."' .
tiiib ana ouarlottc. It'' u nnumweat, via uan.
Washington, vU au' -"jnan Sleeping i'ars froia
oiuuisumerj to J' ",tMMumumor7, i-srior car
ton. via OMit' Jr Orleans; also from Washing.
P- '" i '"'., Jvtal?2 Trf ,n lei"" WasDiugtou at 4 16
' nSS 0iVi,SAffr.'taU' "" ,UiW
For tlcltcu and all Information Inquire at com.
pany'somce,eiu Pennsrivanlaavenue.' iralna.MTa
.502,.,",.1"moroal"t PutoniaoBuilon, ""lum,l"B
al. HLAUOHTKIf, Uen, Pass AKetit.
neir mil, ,$ MAPANIKL, Agent.
. HOL. HAAH.TramoMananer.
Trains leave WaslUnoion, from Htallon.'corner ol
Hlcllinnil liulrt.fiu nt..i rf -"MI w
l'or Plttiiliurgundtlio West, Otilcago Limited fil.
press of Palaiohlcciiliig Cars, ut y 60a.m. doPri
Past L uc, ti.60 a.m. dallylo C'liii'lunatl and m. liu w
)" WJ' i-'arj from Harrlsburg to ClnclnnJll.
and Hole'l Oar lo ht. jii; dally, excent huiuriiav'
to i.'Dlcago, wllli weeping l.'.ir AUooimTo cwcSfo.'
Chicago and Clnclnuail Expicss, 7.10 p. m. ilafli
wllh bleenlng Cars Was)irDgon 10 Culeago anJ
Harrlsburg t,i IulsHllii: "conneellng at liar,
rlsuurg with Western Jfxpresa wltn ttirouh
Hlcep.n( for Ht. Itouls. I'a-li lixprVas, 30 p, m
'?" fnr Pltlstiurg aud Hie Wear, wit'b tiuouia
Hlicper larrlaburg 10 OH velaud and Culcairo.
l'or Jtrlo. Ouuandalgna, Koolicaler. lluffalo. N.
agara, at 10 p. m. dally, except Watunlay. wlu
Palui e Cars Wastilnirion 10 Hocueatr r. '
Por Wllllarosr-ort. ix,,.i, Har en, an I Hlralra. at so
a. in. dally, except Hunday. 1 . i.
Por Now york and moP.aat,T., s.ao.u a.m.,V.00 4.
10 p.m., and VAl6iilgi,t. on Huuday, 8.ao a. m V.
4 audio p. 111. aud Uisnlglit. , m., ,
Llritltcdlixpressof Pu lliaau parlor Cars san .
m. dally, except Hunday. r " ,'M
Por loaton without iliaogo, 11.00 p. ui. every dar.
ITorUrooklyri, New York, all through trains 1 conl
nn t lit .Inmntil'llv will, l.nAu aa 1... .?.. "" 'Vil
affording direct transfer tu Kulloa streetf avSSfu'ei
doulilo ferriage aeroaa Hew York L'ilr. a,omulH
lPorPlillntlrtlnTilit T IK u t)iiu..., ,, " .. ., . .
10-nVrn "SuifiiT Hlilfir "on Huudat,'8:u1 iTuBT
4,4. ami jo p. in., and i.u ulght, ' u "
l.lralicil Kxprcss, 0.411 a. ni. dally, excr ut Huud.v
for llaltlwore, i.88, 7.18, 8.30. .4o: W 11 W'
la os. , 4, 4.V.5, 4.40. e.'f.lo, 0 n.'u, , aud ii 1 J 2iS'.'
on bunday,H.aii,60 auj u.uo a ra.. V 4 a 1 'la'
lop. m.,andl'416ulilH. " "! , i I.l,
War I'smii'a I 'r Ant- inn via. ... ... a . .
Uiiy,M,cptBuuda:,""",", """ "u V- m.
l'or AnuaDoiii. i.ii &. m. onii iu nt Ah,i
dttU,excii.tJm.aair. On HunJaT 4 v w v '
ItA I.IIOA )? -"" "" "AIHlinUTOW
PorAloxandrlu,.lio,7.0ii,li.j,ll.oi,andli ss. m ,
.06,4S(I,4.48,.115, 8lij,li'd tliifcra oiSoJida'J
rMi.'. anl m. and til iTu,. ""1'
dally,anil4.48n.im.,taUyVxcsni8unday. "'Vl ' "'
itMyruL0ieAvf',JIB1,'''0' fiashlogion,
I0.ui), and 10.IB n. m 1, a.oo, b.w, 8 m, i.oj. aujii si
p. m.. and l.to miiioltrBi.f.., T.i'n..!i. . .,? ?
Tickets aud laformailnn .t ,h. nm... -c
pornenf Tlilrtftuth street and I'cnnsyiTanlsMenne
aud at tho mat nn. uhiri. r.r.i,... r "r. ,"Vf 1ruBlt
icsMeaccii' ba,ti!,((, t0 "ttolton Ifoin hoiUa"'ft
OUA1ILK!) K. l'UGU, (ieueral Uanagtr.
J. It. WOOD.fiewalPamageTlivU
intrtnn tu Nun
J W m iavmHSitFM i r I ihT .,? . 'm
uuuiuiiiuTiiie, mint nf on, anl Luiuur- .", n
o inna I, L JUlavlllc, aud all Weiatcrn pV" ln
Mseplngcars, Waililngton ta lui" .Mt' Pullman
10.40 p. m. HOUTHEIIN M" ".
nUi.ti all tttlnt. ii,...T,V"..l. AN I VT-IUIVUU

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