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Weekly National Intolligonoer,
Ciltrrt t the resit Uirir at whtnRton,H, C, "
SMOnA-tltM Itiltfr.
Editorial and Publication Offices, No. 409
Tenth Street Northwest.
1.1. tlOUKITT r.lllorindrrortltlot
r. rt. km.mis rtiiikfr
WASlllNTONiiiiiiii::::;!;-ocnxlili i,iw.
It is not a nice exhibition of journalism,
or wliat Mr. l'allen, of hi. Louis, calls
"newinaperlnin," to choose the time of the
9olemu ceremonies over the reraatui of the
lite Thief Jnslieo Cliasa to glre spioo to the
extraordinary letter from the woman who
stgru herself "Iner Spr.iRue," attaching the
laughter of that honored mau. It la ilouht
fill if such a coniiosUlon was ever seen he
fore in the colnmus of Journals professing to
he resnectahle, for what n. tlioronghl.v spite
ful an 1 unscrupulous woman can eay ahonl
another no philosopher has ever protended to
pet hounds to. Her ingenuity surpasses not
only tint of the other sex; It has something
infernal in It. Whatever faults Katharine
Chase may have committed, it was an outrage
on wonnuhood to publish such an attack on
her private clnracler In her retirement, and
it is a pity the newspaper that began the
work cannot he punished.
The ren ewed friction between the District
Commissioners ami the Secretary of the Treas
ury is unfortunate and apparently unneces
sary. This journal is predisposed to take a
friendly view of the acts of tho present
Hoard, hnt the position they have taken In
regard to tho estimates appears to be more
thin impolitic. They should have frankly
furnished the fullest information In their
power. In the matter of street improve
ments it is the right both of the citliensof
the Dlstrictaud of Congress to have exact In
formation as to the street areas which it is
proposed to pave. Much dissatisfaction his
been caused hitherto at the manner in
which the money was apportioned, the
lion's share always going to favored locali
ties. There is no good reason why the
Commissioners should not submit a sched
ule of the streets they propose to improve,
an 1 Cougress will be pretty apt to require
such details before it votes the'mouey.
The project of making President Dlai
avowedly as well a vlrlnally Dictator of
Moxlcojandeveninaking tho office hereditary,
may very easily bo a sign of the approaching
oud of thefarca of republican government In
that country. The rule of effete and cruel
Spain was a poor tutelage in her colonics for
tho blessings of free loin, and revolt seems to
havomrely exchange I foreign despotism
for oven less ctvlltied and mora crushing
native despotism In many of the unhappy
conntrles south of us. Tho absolutism of
I.opei,lUrrlos, and other potentates, under
forms of lawful government, recallvl the
Kings of Dahomey. There is one point that
Is not clearly understood by all North Ameri
can rollers, and thai is tho extent to
which the possession of power enriches the
Spanish-American ruler and his friends. It
will be found that In tho smallest and most
poverty-stricken "republics" the "l'resl
"dent" and his "Ministers," oven after a
short term, aro wealthy men oven according
to the modern standards, and the ratio
rapidly Increased with the size of tho domain
to bo plundered and length of time allowed.
The. widow of Ibrrios is living in the
United Stiles on the income of a largo for
tune. Kx-1'resldeiil (lomiles, of Mexico,
whoso assassination was rumored lately,
went out of office with suoh a "pile" that
even his supporters, tho friends of Dlai,
were stiOckol or grumbled at his greediness.
If Diaz Is not rich, it Is because he seems to
prefer power to the hoarding of wealth.
This is a very sordid and sorry view of
the aspirations of Spautsh-American leaders,
but there Is teo much reason to believe It
tho.lrue one. It is poor satisfaction to have
caused the sacrifice of tho wretched Maxi
milian, (which llidcau, by the way, argues
strongly was directly due to the bitter re
sentments of General (Irani,) only to see him
probably succeeded by a hereditary "dicta
"tor" iu Mexico.
Tun police look so hnndaomo In their new mills
that wc arc anxious to sec a greater number of them
Tub American people should lmc begged panlon
or the I rench last 1 hum lay, tor wc were certainly
taking a great liberty.
li Miss Cloiclnnd la Urol out by three months'
editing ot a small magazine, It Is evident that she
can ncrcr be the (lull Hamilton ot this Administration.
"Tn r million and a halt ad led to tho rerenno of
Mlasonrlhy high license during the fiscal year l'.so
as money contrlbnted in the cause ot temperance,
as Is shown by the marked decrease In tho number
of siloons," says tho fct. 1juls frjiuMfnni.
ThttifirltifllitlNlnliir MrK.NIenntlnnit
tho .Stolen Nkclrton-1 lltnril I'nrrer
Stntto tlnslp.
'1 lie iliscusston of the proposed stretching
out of Massachusetts avenue into the open
fields may serve to settle the jnestlou of
what kind of development this city most
needs at presnt. There are many who
think that solidification iu tho centre is
more desirable thau the rush for speculation
iu suburban land. Both processes may go
on together, hut not by throwing all or too
much energy into the suburban idea.
Washington will be a grander city when the
mauy vacant or worse thau vacant lots now
to he been on all sides are covered with
buildings worthy of their surroundings,
and when the streets iu front of them are
placed and kept In good condition. So long
as Investors think more money is to be made
out toward Tenleytown they will confine
their outlay to that direction, especially
when they are favored by Buch encourage
ment as the Massachusetts avenue scheme.
Handsome Euburbs are an agreeable inci
dent to a city's growth, but they ought to
be the frame to a handsome picture, the sur
roundings of a solid nucleus of built-up and
well paved streets.
The extreme shortness of what is too
truthfully known as the "short session" of
Congress is already bewailed in advance,
from the prospect of hasty legislation and
the neglect of many useful and important
measures. Nowhere is this more acutely
felt than 111 the District of Columbia. As It
seems impossible to get Congress to meet
earlier, every citizen should show an Inter
est iu the proposed amendment to the Con
stitution prolonging the session to April 30.
This amendment of oonrse refers to Inaugu
ration Day, In which respect its quadren
nial benefits to those desiring to visit the
U Public Printer Honcdlct wants to do a sensible
thing he will appoint Sir. 11. 1". llackman foreman of
the i.f coi d. Mr. llackman Is n thoroughly capable
printer an 1 a sound Democrat. The .etrs says of
tol II V. llackman, a well-known printer and
talented Journalist, some years ago publisher of the
SniiiiniMiiomre and later of the Amet lean o
fsfer, of this city. Is In nahlngtnn Lol llickmau
Is much spoken of for foreman of the lloviniment
Printing oracc, under Mr. llcnedlet. Tho t.ovcrn
ment could not secure a more emcltnt and capable
oillrer than Col. llackmin, and his apjtnlntmcnt
would give Infinite satisfaction to his numerous
men is, an 1 would be a recognition or the (lull
Slates, which lmc Just claims to Iks const kred
In connection with the position.
TI10 Mature atllhont n Untile Mtisrn.
lnr Mnlils for Women or I'nsJiinn
The Hunt Ilnlls nnd tiigtlnt. Act
It Is now but two days to election, an 1 the voters
should not forget that not only did the President
keep his wife home from ltlchinond as an express
affront to the bouth, and purchase his country resi
dence In the Interest of a corrupt real estato ring,
but It Is now positively ascertained that he took ad
vantago of the absence of benator Duller and Col.
Ochiltree to put up the earthquake Job on South
Carolina, and run in a cyclone on Texas. Herein
Washington It Is common talk that hcpoBlthely
ordered fJen. Hazen to fetch on his rain hogshea 1
for the Ivy city ltaccs, ami that a portly gentleman
of about the Presidential lighting weight was seen
hanging around the Capitol 11 III tin store last Mon
day night Just beforo tho gasoline tank exploded.
The Jicw York Tilb'tne isn't lnlng up to Its old
time record on campaign canards this fall, and we
generously give It a lift.
It is announced as a curious Item from abroad
that Hcrr Benjamin Moore, the proprietor of the
Ilerlln "Academy of Music," who recently died, lift
all tils money, 150,(nw marks, to the Ilerlln Society
for the Protection of Animals, lie said In his will :
"AstnenriMeriohc-irts, Ilcnerny fortune to tho
"animals," and stipulated that the Society for the
Protection of Animals buy up all dogs employed In
drawing carls In tho city of llerlin He provided
also lor the payment or a reward of four marks to
every policeman who brings a case of cruelty to
animals beforo tho courts It Is a coincidence that
a similar case la now pen ling In this District. The
late Major Fuller, son of Mr. T. .1. 1). 1 uller.tholaw.
yer, left a will bequeathing his estate to the Society
lorthePreicntlonof Cruelty to Animals, with on
incidental legacy to the person who should present
the document for probate. This Is now contested
on behalf of his infant half brother, on tho ground
that the testator's dislike for tho rest of tho tinman
race v, as so morbid as to amount to a mania.
Federal City would be obvious. Its lilen
a fail l.Aitnflld tti tivAlAnrrlnn 4 1. a I.1Iah1 Ari1M I
,. u . t ..b...b.u, ..u.cmuuo.y MwOiiilIuniTos has been liilulglng In some
brief period of Congressional labor, (really
about two months after the holiday recess,)
anl iucideutally, perhaps, in avoiding hot
weather work the year before and after,
would be greater. An even later date
would he desirable, but as as this has his
torical association with the inauguration ot
the first l'resldent to strengthen Its chances,
it is doubtless better to make the light upon
it. Surely there should be no objection in
Cougress to submitting it to a vote of the
States. Just at this time it seems that no
strong partlsau feeling would be involved.
Thu Critic thinks that the conflict of opin
ions and of rival interests over the Massa
chusetts avenue extension project, and the
similar conflict last w iuter over the selection
of tho site for the new city post offioe, show times, but It Is never well to mako them silly. How.
the need of a Citizens' Association. The ever, wc think Miss Hamilton draws too serious an
grave reflections on the ull.lty of modern young
ladles. In her article on "ihodlrl of tho Period,"
In last bun lay's Ifoi la, sho expresses tho opinion
that "between the strict domestic clucallonot our
"gran (mothers and the high collcglalo education nf
"our own days the unhappy girl ot our period main
"deed come to tuegroun 1 " T his Is ba 1 new s,tf news
It be. The assumption seems to be founded on the
letters of ono or the "high collegiate" type, which
aro quoted mid commented upon at length. 'I lie
letters must bo genuine; they have a familiar Hound.
Hut It docs not always follow that because a young
lady does not wrlto logical or coherent letters to her
friends sho Is also Incapacitated for the Important
duties of a housewife. Miss (Jail Hamilton has a
pungent pen, and tho contrast between her clear
cut sentences and the careless How of words of her
nnguarded correspondent Is very marked. Ono can
not help wishing that the myriads of young damsels
who arc growing us to write Just such letters as
those quoted, which sound well enough In the
privacy of the family circle, would notice this con
trast. It Is well to be chatty, but It Is not well to lie
trining. It Is well to make ono a letters personal at
Critic has given many reasons iu favor of the
organization of such an association; but this
time it reveals the real dilllculty, which Is
in the danger that any Citizens' Association
might fall into the hands of men with axes
to grind. Tub Sobat IIiuulu has already
approved, in general terms, of the plan of
having a voluntary organization of citizens
to advocate the interests of the community.
This is peculiarly desirable on account of
the disfranchised condition of the people of
the District. Hut there Is too much reason
to fear that any body of the kind would fall
into the bauds of men having special inter
ests to serve. What the Critic should do Is
to explain Iu detail the methods by which It
would have Its Citizens' Association created.
Then jierhaps wo may be able to judge
whether it is possible to organize a body of
citizens which shall be truly representative
of the immunity at large, and which could ftSJftJ
I IrWulfisl in f&ltlifiillvilafrin 1 Hindu tnluruufu iliutuiH. umlau oiizludi letter of liU (never hi fore
I'uiilinnvt; iiiociunuiK uv inw hib VluaiUI IIIV
Inference, bho docs not overestimate the lmpor
tanco of domestic educationthat would bo Impos
sible but she un Icrisllmatcs tho young woman's
capacity, Boinctlmes the writers of the most gush
ing letters mako the best bread. 1 1 is not necessary
to be logical In order to cook, burcly, with all the
cooking schools of this day, the trend of modern
education Is not altogether away from the kitchen.
Tho domestic Instinct may slumber a Utile when a
girl gets so far from homo as Honolulu, whence
Miss Hamilton's letters came, but wo venture the
optimistic opinion, founded on our ubseriallon of
tho girl of tho period, that she can generally cook a
steak an I mako a bed.
The Not ember iUvjutlne of Amertam IIMurv
has a superb frontispiece, n iwirult of (lov.
eruor 'I nomas j'uwnall, from tho celebrated
Iird Orford palming, In Ilnglaml. It la
accompanied by an admirable study of the
versatile charautcr, statesmanship, an 1 works of
l'ownallas the lea ling article of tho nuinl.tr b)
Hubert I.udlow Fowler, 'i his narrative Is the more
noteworthy ut this limo becauso of lis wealth uf
fresh Information, 'iwoot l'uwnail's pencil draw.
nigs ui Anient an scenery uouih uiu mm ueui me
against all schemes for private speculation
and Jobbery,
It Is a deplorable fad that when those
who are dealing witli the public authorities
are delinquent the penalty seems always
to fall on the iiiuocent and long.eu luring
citizens. Thus the community suffers
whether a thing Is billy done or Is not
done at all, I'or iustauce, tho new jiavu.
ueut un l'iflli avenue, New York, was dis
covered by a vigilant engineer tu he laid In
llagrant disngard of the contract, which wus
exjmctel to make it tho finest pavement iu
the city. IJjiou notification to the contractor
he promptly stojiped iork, having artfully
disposed Ids materials bo as almost to ruin
the shop keepers aloug that now commercial
highway. So Intolerable did thu unlearn o
become that he has been allowed to proceed
in his own style. This Is nearly a parallel
case with the Aqueduct bridge question
here. The holders who jirofited by the tolls
on that antiquated btructuro not being
seared oil by the threat of bulldlug an opjiu
sltion briJge, thu District Commissioners
took advantage uf a serious accident tu put u
general embargo on thu use of the roadway
except for a favored few. '1 ills Is now bo
ginning to raise a loud outcry. The bridge
lessees nru not brought to terms, but peojilu
on both Biles of the river ar subjected to
treat Iom anl iiicoiiveuieiicu. The addi
tional travel thrown upon Hie Long llrldgu
has male moru glariug the defeots in that,
but our advice to the publlo is to say little
about them. If thu authorities or the rail
way companies aro Irritated, the first that Is
known that bridge will be blocked by "re
"jialrs" or embargoed, and those who can
not get ferriage across the l'otouiac will have
I o swim or wait ivt 4 freeze.
(loieruorshlpof Mw ork. 'lhosci.ond article of
the number, "Hie Hermitage," a onh Carolina
homo of great age, belong lu the popular scrlis of
"Historic Humes" 'Iheu wo haven succession of
bright anl interesting papers "1 lie I'lrst Anar.
chlst," by Arthur lu IK Vinton, "lira block's Do
feat," by '1. J. Uiapiudi, A. M.; "Wrglnla'a Con
quest of tho Northwistirn 'territory," by J. I'.
Wills, "The Split at Chirlestim In Ibwl," by A. W.
I'lasm; .'from ccilar Mountain to ( luntllly." tho
third paper In the vulujblo civil War Ktudlis uf
(Icn. lo, "(Icn Pope Again," a sharp rltlclsin on
1 opes article In the c'tiidiit, by (ol Allan, Hune
wall Jackson's lmf of ordiuueelu Hie tampilgns
unlir review; "Margery Corblu," a hui, by
(Icorge lluughtou, an I Ilia scleral di parlinenu
tilled with choice anl arlod reading 'i hU in riodl-
ul has fairly unl Justly i arnol Its high mmlilunas
"lliu I est publication uf Us kind in the world "
1 ubllshed at M 1-itavilto Place, New lurk Lily.
'J ho .lil.l mull tic for November eoulalns a sink
ing double page colored plate of Magnolias, by c
turHaiigon, with full directions for palutlng tho
samo; he contributes alsoKoino charming pen and
luk studies uf roses an 1 utbir dowers '1 he number
presents a specially notable array uf lurge and
haulsoiue Illustrations uud dcslgus, liiclullug u
doublc-pago tapgbtry decoration, ubaibirry ikslgu
fur ciiii uud saucer, oivcral pages of Kcular uud
ecclesiastical ncidlcork,u lugcot Uguru sketches
by Ldlthbcauuell, aula variety of dcslgus for fau
painting, wood caning, and rtiiousse brass work.
A uncoil feature Is some particularly lino illustra
tions of HuWlaiid porcelain. Among thu numerous
toiiics prsi iiutuy uiscusscu uru nucr palming u
ills, luiitil naluUug, drawing in Iu lla Ink. fun nalnt
lug, lapislry palmlug, tluua llrlng, the uillatlo
ullerallou of ol 1 fasliioued houses, un 1 design In
ncotllcHork. 'I he prospectus fur li7 otters literally
uinuliltuduuf atlruclljiis, uudfuriilsiKs uu ninpu
guuruhlcetlut the Ait Auuitiui's high clandardul
ezcelliuce 111 be fully lujlul.ilnu I during thu cum
lug jcar. Montague Marks, publisher, a Lulou
htun,Niw o.ork.
'1 line well kiiosruauors'iavo eoulnbutcd to lae
next t uluinu of the "Actors au 1 Aclresses' ".scries uf
books imWIslie 1 by Alissrs. DussdlA Co. I.awniuo
liarrclt will write Uo articles, cmo treating uf 1 or
rcsl,aud Iheotiur uu Maeready; Harry Jidwards
uiutrlbatc brief sketches ol Matilda lliruii uud 1'.
I.. Daviiiporl, and W. J 1'luriuco illscusscs his
frleul. 1.. A. huluiru K. lliliilllotl Hell, whosu
uew play, "Daulcla," Modjcsku Is now rchcartlng,
wr.tcaut Hiibsou, the l.ugllsu uetur, 'I no loluuie
will bu pub Itsheil Nuvnuuir 1,
A Hanker uf UsuUravlllc la Hie title uf a novel
by Maurice 'J iiouipson, which Missrs Cause. 1 .V Co.
announce for early pub lcaliou '1 he story touches
a question which will atlruct the utliiilluu uf our
uixtlongress, the question of a treaty (upon ex.
truiltlon) witliluuuda 11 Is written lu a ucwtilu
iurMr.'Jiiuuipua,uimluis noil) Ousti tuuupoary
lulls vwu.flU.a.
("pedal Correspondence
Nkw onx, October M, lssn.
I have reason for believing that wo shall shortly
heir from M. llatlholdl and the newspapers gene
rally a protest and a growl ngalnst tho mutilation ot
tho ton h ot tho siatuo ol I Iberty for tho purpose of
lighting It tn a manner not designed by the artist
and unadvised by tho clectrlclsnswhn dmstcd tho
apparatus to tho committee. When tho Maine was
designed clci trie lights were not In general an I sne-
csstiil use, as now, nnd tho design was to havo n
name thrown high abovo the torch. As now allcrrd
thoclcctrlo lights will lie seen through glass whlih
has boon Inserted In tho sides ot tho torch. How
brlRhlly they will shine, or how far nliovo tho torch
tho lights ol tho lamps will rlsre, nobody can tell
until to-night, when tho lamps aro to lie lighted for
the llrst time. Hut t understand Jt. llarlholdt was
much chagrined an 1 dissatisfied at tho unauthorized
change which tho I Ight-llonso Hoard has Introduced
In his torch, anl that tho American blectrlcMami
facturlng Company protcslcd ngalnst the i hango as
having serious practhal dimcnltles. Among other
claims tho latter made, It was understood, was that
with tho ten ,isio-caiid!c-is)wer lamps In the torch
no man who value! his lite could bo found lioid
enough to ntlempt to repair ono of them should It
get out ot order. Ilo would bo literally burned
1 he dc Uli of Mrs A. T. Stewart excites comment
largely mi the probable dlMrlhullon of tho Immense
estate which A. T. Slcwart left her, and creates
wonder whether, now that she Is dead, Judge Hilton
will make public the truth about the non recovery of
tho dcid millionaires stolen Isidy. Iho estate Ins
grown const lenlily since Stewart's death. Mrs.
Stewart's share was then csllmatcd t about fzn,.
otsyw. it is nowprolubly saytoo.ooo. ihcylctt
no child to enjoy It, and It will hardly remain un
broken among the many more distant relatives of
Mrs Stewart. Uf course, a large portion ot It will
tio a Idctl to tho Hilton estate, for the .lit Igo was tho
one adviser on whom Mrs Stewart relied after the
death of her hustnud nn V her brother, Charles 1.
Clinch. It has long been known that Mr. Stewart's
body was never recovered, although Mrs. Stcwatt
was led to bellevo otherwise. Iho one person, ot
the several robbers who pcrpetntcil the outrage, to
whom the pine ot the secretion nf Iho body was
known was called .lake Ituliy, and was known to
have been an o'd burglar. He had arranged to re
veal tho place anl betray his confederates, but be
fore he could carry out his design ho suddenly died.
Tho man ft ho planned the robbery t met on
Dcy street only last Saturday. Ho had
made several thousand dollars In recover
ing somo ot the bonds stolen from the Manhattan
Savings Institution koiiio tvrclvo years ngo, and
spent It all In organizing" the theft of stcn art's IkxI.
He Is the Bimc man who returned tho conin plitc
ami other articles to tho police through cxd'ostmas-
tcr Jones, of tills city, who attcniptel to arrange
with Hilton for the payment of a large reward for
(he body. Tho Judge refused to negotiate, and It
was tnen that ituby, nndlng no great reward would
lie paid, offered to confess. Tho part he Innocently
look in tno matter rulnel poor Jones. Ills law
praclkcwas entirely broken np.ainl remains so to
day. The man who organized tho theft lsallunn
clal and physical wreck. Ho met Mr. Henry Con
quest Clarke (who, as private secretary ot Governor
N nrmouth In New Orleans, was funlllar with the
man s career as an abductor of a young lady of that
city) and myself on "atunlay last, and seeing he was
the object of our passing remarks lie disappeared In
haste, trying tu conceal his countenance. 1 ho cv I
dencc to convict him was never complete; he was
lawyer enough to know that, an 1 tie returned to the
city, where he is constantly un lcr police espionage
Simultaneously with the transfer ot the "Dutch
Castle," which Henry Mliard built In this city, to
Whltilaw Hit I, of the n fbune, the former reap
pears Iu New ork as agent of a syndicate ot tier,
man bankers, who havo employed him to make ln
vestincutshcroon.i wholeaalo scale. The careers
of these two men have been remarkable, and they
have been simultaneous nu 1 nltnost on the same
nelda. I nrstknewMllard In tsol. In Kentucky,
whore he had gone as a New York Una hi corre
spondent, with tho Idea ot establishing a llirall
bureau In Itleiiuiond 1 His earthly possessions at that
time were his salary nn lhlsaudaclty. Hecmploycd
Hie latter In proposing to (Jen Tccnnisch Sherman
his plan of serving tlioHnoM In the Soulh, mid
was told that If he attempted to cross the lines into
the Confederacy ho would be shot as a spy. There
upon Milan! got out ot Sherman's department and
published the story that Sherman was irazy. He
made another attempt w hen (Jen. Iltiell was In com
mand or the department, but never succeeded As
late as IScs he was n Ti timne corrcspun lent. I
heard little or nothing ot him alter that until about
lsTO.whcnhcwasgettlngupagullo book for emi
grants to this country. He hal Utile money then.
Ills accumulation of several millions In bonds uu 1
other paper must have b"en made between 1S73
and !-!. It had all to bo surrendered except tho
"Dutch Castle" he had given his wire, an 1 for which
Mr. Held has Jnst paid but lltio.isio aliout half tho
cost of the unfinished structure. I originally met
Mr. Held shortly after ray first encounter with VII.
lard. It was before Corinth, and ho was there as a
war correspondent. Ho had somo properly in Ohio,
and owned some Block In tho Cincinnati (,'nzi lie. but
i lancy his pay as a correspondent inoro than equaled
his lncomo from oilier sources. He was Washing
ton correspondent of the same paper after the close
of the war an 1 until about 1SG7, when he bcatno an
editorial writer on tho row lurk Tilbum. He
bought some of Us stock at the lime. On tho ( vpub
slouof John ltusscll Noting lt( id beenmo managing
editor. After tho death of Horace (Irreicy. whose
brain hat succumbed at tho almost simultaneous
loss uf his wife, his defeat tor the I'rosllency, and
tho knowledgo tint tho frltmnt had been sold to
William Orion aim a syndicate of capitalists who
wished to inako Schuyler Colfa tho editor, Mr.
Held showed me a check for 10,000 pal 1 Mm for
four shares of stock, and w hlclt, he sal I, represented
his dissolution with the li Untile. I fancy it nlso
represented his solo iwssesslon In New otW. A
week later he owned llfty-one shares a majority of
the whole for which he had paid til 0,000. lie lias
accumulated slill more since, not only of stock, but
money in largo amounts. lie paid js,ihio for the
house he now lives in, an lit cost as iiiuih more to
furnish It for the bride he founl In Miss Mills 1
supposo Hell Is north a million or more, which he
has made since 1S72 by personal Investments. Un
like the meteoric illard, he has managed to keep It
all In secure Investments. There was another thing
in which the two men were In direct contrast. Held
hail a 1 cry delicate constitution and had to take care
of It, and at forty-nlno he Is strong and healthy, if
not robust. Mliard was of uugnllKcut physique
and hardy constitution He used tnem roughly, nnd
at fifty ho has by no means Iho health lie once enjoyed.
I haU pleasant talk with Miss Minnie (illmorc, of
whom I have previously written, and whose liook of
poems, "Pipes from l'ralrlo band," I haio found to
ho a much more remarkable production than 1 had
been led to cxiicet. One of the serious poems, "1 he
Hirer on tho Plain," Is rcmarkablo for Its descrip
tive style anl tho thought It expresses. Two dia
lect poems, "Tho 1'ionccr 1'oct" am! "At tho Mouth
of Iho Tunnel," Hro superior for recitation to any ot
llrel llarte s, and both arc decidedly original In Ideas
MissOllmorelsnot yet twenty-two. These poems
havo ben written since sho left a convent school
thrco years ago. "A Iloslon girl by birth," she said
to mc, "a Gothamlte by adoption, a Metropolitan by
vlrtuoofourllohcmlan, strolling life, It may seem
strange that my first work should bo distinctively
Western. 'Lie verses aro simply the records of
roso-coloroil Impressions received during my llrst
peep at life, when from the seclusions of aconunt
school I was transferred, for a year, to the wild free
life of tho prairie. The country, which 1 have lov cd
from my youth up' the prlmlttvo social atmosphere
biro and, above all, tho life on horseback which 1
led, took ray heart by storm, und I have been rcsllvo
under civilization ever since. IllcruryhablisT Oh!
none; beyond the Invcteratu habit of scribbling, I
fear I hat e none." M Iss Ullmoro ivl lently docs not
recognize the excellent work she has done, and will
le surprised, I am sure, nt the reception her book
will meet, she has Just returned to New 1 urk from
ht. Iiuls,whero she has been with her father, who
led tho big ban 1 at tho St. 1 .011 Is exposition
TIIKATIllC'ei. .OTl'H.
Mr. Wilson llarritt, having dctcrnilnul to play
"Clau Han" ivery night of his present engagement
here, gave tho public a taste of his quality in ulher
parts un saturd 1 afternoon last by playing two
snort, one-act pirls, Inlli unlike "Clauliati" and
each unlike the other. One was that of a grizzled
curutoof filly, with mixed humor anl pathos, and
the other a boy of ntnclicn, fu'l of tire, uf passion,
and of traglo temperament. One gatohlslovo away
to a younger rival; tho ulhir commuted suldde In
dtspalrut not lnlng luted. Mr. llarritt nut only
looked Isilh the did man and tho yuulh, but pluycl
(in h Willi such consummate skill us to Justify me In
tho Ik lief I have expressed that In Mr. llarritt we
liavoiresiniidloiisauaelnr of extraordinary ail
and original und bciiiillful niilhiids
I hall suspect that Mr. Harrctl arranged Ills bill
uf three pleecs at that iiiallueu to give his aiidlciuo
an Ithuirillcsauoihirsurprlsu. Hisbroiher.dcurgu
llarritt. npi cared not only Iu tho two piucs in
which Wilson llarritt played, "A Clerical Krror"
and "Uiatcrtoi!."liut also In 11 tulrd, callid "Iho
(Special Correspondence.
Nkw onx, October tin, 1S".
Icl mo tell yon ono thing aliout llbetly,
who was unveiled In our hitbor on Thurslay.
Sne Is nn outright fallnrc. Her face Is gool
enough, but look si her dottiest Tho biggest
woman In Iho woflt, placet conspicuously im a
pedestal as a ciiidl late foralmlrallon, Indistinctly
an 1 disgracefully unfashionable. I havo ha 1 a talk
with Hartholdl about It.
"It Is evident," I sal 1 to hlm.ns wo stood In a
patty viewing tho staluo from Iho deck of a stenn.
host, "that you draped her skirts atthollmo of the
sr-ithello craze, when clinging, ntcdtinvnl garments
were In vogue) but we havo now coiuo Into an era
of bustles, and she really won t do."
The sculptor was visibly amazed. I prcsnineth it
uncritical adulation had ma lo him self satisfied an t
vain, nnd so con lemnatlon shocked him.
"What would you hate 1110 dot" ho nt length
faltered. "Surely, I Iberly's garb Is classh al; and
can yon expect her to 1 hango her bronzo costume
as though It were fabric with crcry alteration of
"lixaclly H11I," I answered. "Therein you would
show Irno genius. You ought to hnvo conltlvcd
some means of changing Iho dress of Liberty four
times a year, thus making her ever a timely exhibit
ofnlmlred and admlrablo womanhood, lust see
how dowdy nn 1 back-numbered, not to say ihest
nutty, sho looks without any lonrnurcl"
Iho Frctichmm appeared to think t was Jiklng,
an 1 1 am afral 1 1 ill tn t make much Imprest in. Hut
t was right. I Ihcrly Knllghtcnlng tho Won 1 ought
lohavotho aspect ota laly a well dressed lady
and she hasn't.
Otconrse,nnlinp(irsonatorof any particular thine
ought to bo costumed to suit tho character, but 1
hold that, as liberty keeps right up with the limes
ltiNowork, her statuesque exponent absolutely
requires lnodlshncsalo mako her respected. In the
way ol perfect suitability In garb Helen forlcsi uc Is
an Illustration. Shelsnslslcrnf tho actress whom
lord Oarmoylc wished to marry, then wotildn t, nn I
finally had to pay $ae),oon to her for changing his
mind. Helen Is hero In tho samo company, anther
rolo Is that or a 110 ir peasant girt who returns to her
home n sort nf prodigal daughter, rigged nnd bare-
fooled. Mention Is made ot tho bare feet, nnd, as
tho play Is In blank aersc, perhaps nobody nround
the concern had skill enough to niter Itn text with,
out spoiling the meter. Anyhow, Helen appears In
five toed stockings, and their Into Is flesh-color
which Is not to say lllo bright pink ot tho ballet, hut
a realistic skin tint, that makes f ilksdrop thelropera
glasses from her head to her feet to discern whether
or not the girl's feet an I ankles arc covered. As tho
nails aro ilcflly outlined, It Is hard to decide, nnd
opinion Is usually divided on Ihc sex line. 1 ho men
are gallantly ready to believe inat 'ho apparent
pedal pcrfo lion Is genuine, but tho un mpisslnncd
women will not concede so much; ni' If Helen
would only paint a corn or two on Iter toes alio
would command unprecedented surccss.
One ot the dozen actresses who havo played In
town lately, nn 1 who Is cclilirntod for tho beauty
anlcostot her costumes, decides during the llrst
portion of "Camllle" whit sho shall weir In the
ensuing ball scene iho has four cnstitnics for that
act, ranging In quality front a beatltic new creation
fresh from Paris to a worked-our gown from sea
son before last, nnd her choice for euh evening
depcu Is nn Ihc size mid demeanor of the audience.
Only n full auditorium and plenty of inltiuslasm
command the very best dress, with the luslro and
frou frou of newness undiminished; au assemblage
a little detlclent In numbers or appreciation sees the
second best robe, nnd so ou down to the frayed one
for a old, small house. Sometimes, lion ever, a
half audience In slzo Is so cxpan llngly fullot delight
that the actress rewards It with hcrllncst dress, and,
on the other hand, a iiilsbchav lug crowd Is putilsticd
with the worse for-wiar costume.
Society Is awfn ly distracted about actresses any
how. Hunt Club balls nru Ihc diversion uf the prcs
cntfurthoso who dlsllko to amine thcmsclvcB In
ways posslb'o to the million. There were two last
week ami thrco this. A coterie of Incontcstlblc
swells organize a club for sliepleehaslng and fox
hunting, tiuynrleise a spacious country honso and
grounds somewhero within twenty miles of town,
and resort there for Hell spirt, after III' I'tiglish
fashion, llach meeting win is up with a bi'l usu
ally in tho evening, though on election diy Ihc Je
rome Park special races nro to be foltowe 1 by a
matinee d incc. Well, there are half a dozen or so
of Kngllsh actresses among us, fresh from lradon,
wncro somo ot tnem nave llgurcd In aristocratic
society recognl7cdly. Now, ready as we are lo ac
cept Kngllsh usage us right, wo have all along
shut our doors ngalnst stago women whose
record watt nt all cloudel. I could Illustrate
with names, but tint would be uuplcasant.
What I wish only to tell Is that a move
has been ma lo to Introduce theso professional beau
ties at the hunt balls Invitations havo been ex
tended and revoked, bltlcr things have besn sail,
and thero Is a commotion altogether. Thusrar Iho
Couvcutionals have held their own against the In
novators, ami -three actresses with Introductory let
ters from London dignitaries have been excluded
from the charmed nnd moro or less charming circle.
I have said that ultra-fashionable women strive to
do what less briskly mo tish Imitators aro not doing
An Instance nf this Is tho abolition of tho nurse
maids cap in Fifth Avcuuo. As long as It vtosa ills
ttngulshment to send out one s fcmlntno servant
with lace headgear It was done; but lately Iho style
spread so far that tho llowery Itself lias capped
mculalsln plenty, and thu belle matrons of Murray
Hill havo put plain hats und bonnets 011 the atten
dants ot their battles. I'or them tho climax was
cappe 1 lust spring, and now tho I ish lull Is discarded
1 ho entirely new freak of the apex belles Is to em
ploy strapping, muscular maids, Instead of the deli
cate looking ones formerly preferred, as menials for
personal service. 'I his Is done particularly by the
Anglomuntac set, who delight In equestrianism, pc
dcstrlanlsm, and other out door sports. They pride
themselves on tho taking ot healthy exercise, and
the brawn now dcinan led In their body servants Is
somewhat In Iho naturo of the strength nquirc I by
a professional athlete of his trainer. Instcadot the
groom following my lady on horseback, thero aro nt
least three cases now in which the mounted ser
vitor Is a stalwart youug woman, habile 1 not unlike
her mistress, but wearing conspicuously 011 her
breast the monogram of her employer. It Is a part
other duties to lift her ladyship ut Junctures of
laziness or fatigue, rub and spray her after hard ex
ertion, and act generally as an Idealized trainer. As
tho physique combined Willi the skill required for
such service ts raro ludced, you cm sco how
uniquely distinguished It Is to command them. It Is
calculated that wealth can keip this indulgence to
Itself for some considerable time.
Shopping la rampant In New York Just now. Ono
whom I saw hard at It was young 'and fair and
s'cnlcr; but grief had marked her fur his own.
Tho long folds of crepe 011 the black dress, nnd
the double veil falling almost to her fcit, told n
sorrowfal tale. A Utile girl, perhaps eight years
old, called tho young creature "inauuna." She was
also dressed In unrelieved black with huge bows uf
crepe on her hat, and black gloves Dial covered Iho
whole of her plump little anus. It was llko a pa
thetically twice-told talo as the mother and child
moved through tho gay throng. Hut thero was nno
mitigating fealuro which saved tho systematic ob
server from too great hcarlacho; tlieyoung woman's
cars were ndorucd with diamonds of common size
and brilliancy, her crepe throat band was clasped
wltti a dazzling diamond brooch, and the child's
small cars bore cacti a diamond supposed to be
suited to their size. They were out shopping, nnd
were examining bright etching silks nnd giy
plushes. 'I ho silks lluwcd over tho sombro gloves
and down tho crcie skirt In unrelenting brightness,
and tho diamonds Hashed Inllio light as If grief was
nivcr known In the wurld. W hatdid this mourning
couple do with thoso showy fabrics? Denied by
autoeratlo custom a use of colors on their persons,
they might bo solaelng themselves by purchasing
for others not so ailllcted as themselves, or for homo
decoration, where colors aro not forbidden. crlly,
grief Ins Its mitigations: It can go a shopping uud
wear diamonds. CI am llmr.
t'aiilltlu HneiO'H Trlrll.
Cent. Hoggs, a IrglnUn, who lull a captains
license on the Mississippi Itlvcr beforo ho was of
age, nuti wno lor louru eu years 11a 1 1110 contract in
supply the military floats In Utah, Colorado, New
Mexico, and Arizona with full, tills the following
story ; ,
"I wasdiwnlnllielllo reservation In Colorado,
and had strolled down tu the snores nf a sm ill lake,
whllo my mules and teamsters wcro eating dluncr,
when I euuie across n pirly ofutmulndozcu Indians,
liny were armed with rlries, and wiru shisiting at
11 snag which slink out of lliu water about two hun
dred yards distant. 'Iho stakes fur which iliey were
shooting wire composed ut a quailcrufa dollar
from cacli mau. I stood watching the in for somo
Utile, and tlun ncemci 10 1 nil r tno compiiuinn,
Manager AVMngh, who thns early In tho year has
alrea ly done ss mnch lo entitle himself totho thanks
nf the theatre goers ot Washington, has mado yet
further Inroads npon their good graces In tho raot
week, by Introducing tn their nollco and approtnl a
p'ay new to Iho Capital City, lint bearing tho blush
ing honors thick upon It ol n whole season's tri
umphal rnn In Now .ork. It Is not permissible to
speak oP'Orto of Our Olrls" ns clever. Mr. Hron
son Howard woul I havo to gi very fir ntleld fmm
his previous literary habits mil reputation lo wrllo
anything that was not. Ills litest otilpnt holds per
haps a somewhat Intermediary position among his
best work. Possessing, ns II d ics, nil avowed social,
an 1 perhaps wo shoul I say moral aim, a definite and
well conceived plot, skillfully contrasted ( narncters,
and Ingenious an I rjltnacllo situations, It Is ns much
above tho diverting If somewhat frothy and farcical
,"aratogi"(iii(jlf(r"llrlghton")ns It falls beneath
Iu coherency and sustained and consistent power tho
moro ambitious "Itanker's Daughter" nnd "Young
Mrs. Wlnihrop." I Iko tardon's Inlmllatilo "Dlvor
cons," which In soinowliat diluted shapo was served
up to us a week ngo by that naughty llltlo (lalllo
llcbc,Almee, It deals with tho absurdity, or some
thing worse, ot tho conrenllmal Trench marriage.
Hut whllo Iho great French dramatist treated the
subject with a loglo as mercilessly severe ns his bs
lire, Iho brilliant American has largely depended
upon elTei tsot contrast, which, In striving tnrciuler
more sinking, ho often pushes over tho vergo of car
thnlnre. I'or cximple,whcn Iho Impulsive young
American girl Is leaving In righteous olfcnsotho
homo of her tiohlo relations, but pauses
un tho threshold for n humorous usuine
of the tremendous yarns sho hat Imposed
upon their guests anl countrymen which rn Itnls,
bo It sitd, wcro not all so new as to bo wholly worth
tho tilling Or again when thoso samo nolilo rela
tions yawn most grievously over the narrative of
their son In-law's supposed fatal duel, but aro Im
mediately plunged In depths of anguish at their
failure In Invito n certain diplomat tn dlnucr. All
this, whllo amusing no doubt, serves to cast a sus
picion upon the more serious passages of tho play,
and Is not strictly essential to point the contrast be
tween llic pale mil tided outlines ot tho nncffii
iiiiMcsur of France an 1 the fresh and vigorous per
sonam nt New World young womanhood. And
If l Kiifi .SMjiCihcrself, albeit "Oneof Ourtllrls,"
Is by no means a typical one. .No more soo en than
maligned and misapprehended "lot! Jfitci."
Not so much so, perhaps, ns Mrs. Iturtictt'fl"l'alr
ltirharlan." Hut It Knot considered strictly good
form to Inspect too closely the molars and bicus
pids of a donated animal of tho equlno persua
sion. Wo ought, perhaps, to tio so profoundly
grateful for any American play which Is even fairly
good, In view of tho mass or trash that goes
by the nnmo, ns to ralso no question nf Its abso
lute per tccl Inn. In nn age Hint satirizes every
thing, nn age to which nothing ts any longer sacred,
let us not tic too nice and finical about the minor do
tallsofaplay which In Its motive and methods at
Icastls dean and strung; Its central ilguro a glrlns
good nnd Into as sho Is bright nnd captivating; Us
lovers, bravo and honest young fellows, always
manly and never mawkish In their sentiment; Us
denouement, n triumph of tho right, as It Invariably
used to bo on tho boards and still Is occasionally In
real life. Tho talk, as always In Mr. Howard's
plays. Is full of things nno would llko tn have said,
and tho situations so cltccllvo that cacti descent of
the curtain Is thcBlgna for repeated recalls. Tho
cast Is the same ns that ot the long run In New
York with two or three oxuptlons, each of which,
perhaps, Is an Improvement, of Miss Dauvrny's
Kfifei Mli'ltu It Is illittcult to say too much
lor tho cxqulHllo case, grace, and cliann ot
the Impersonation It lives In the memory with
the persistent power of a true creitlvo typo. One
ran readily believe the statements of the nctrcsss
Juvenile trlumidis and life long career upon tho
stage, and look pleasantly forward to tho brilliant
future yet In store for her. 'Iho Ciij f. ilirgoiy of
Mr. F. II. Sotlicru was nn agreeable exemplification
or the frequent transmission ol dranlatlc genius, a
herltngo unfortunately so raro In oilier realms of
art. This moro than promising young actor gives a
much more acceptable sort of Fngllshman than Ihe
one Immortalized tiy Ills distinguished father, nud In
aqulet,Jtidleloiis,ancl foricful fashlm tias so con
trived to blend thoiomlu and heroic ns lo Inspire
laughter and rcspeit III aliout equal proportions. It
is not every actor who could coucelvo or carry out
tho daring dramatic anomaly ot a red headed hero.
Miss mil Leslie rendered In n very wlnsomo and
touching manner tho ro'cof thcynung rrcnchglri
the scared little canary suilelenty siliioso from her
convent cagolnlo a world nil liwsh anil strange
who forms such nu effective foil lo the lark'-likc,
nottosiy"nrklsh,"fre',ilomof lur fair American
cousin. Miss Ida crnon mado a very stately repre
sentative ot tho old iritfiir', uud divided with the
other ladles or tho company tho burden ot feminine
admiration nud envy by the richness other toilets
Mr. Joseph W tilting as tr. UlroUt t wns a pnlpahlo
improvimcnt upon Hie rather perfunctory
reading of Mr. Louis .lames, who formerly
sustained tho n irt. Our old friend, "lack" Havlllo,
ns Iho Icy villain, the CuniM dc Ci Chilian, arid Mr.
Prank Itolncy asthoiinhappyyoungsclentlstlover,
Item I SI llllnlie, aro also man icceptablo acquisi
tions tu the original cast, while Messrs Do ere nnd
I'igott, tho aristocratic, father and tho noble fortune,
hunter, seem to improve In their ch irnclcrlzatlons
wltti time The beautiful stago settings, with their
Innumerable nrllsilo accessories, lend hopeful assur
ance to Miss Dauvrny's reported utlcrance thai she
proposes to do fur comedy, In tho matter of mine en
sa ne, what Irvltig lias so superbly aclilcved In irng.
cdy. W e hall her as Hie priestess uf a new dispensa
tion Itilhe worship of the blllhcsomc Muse.
band a little short, Insignificant, hah! headed man
too lazy lo bo wicked, ncinally too small to bo bravo,
and aiisoiuiciy innm irom cApenciicei. uu tn uci
exact opposite an Incentive to her lively tongno
an I dictatorial away. Holsjnsttho man lo make
her 'so nervous she can t sit still,' snd sho Is Just
tho woman to crush what lltllo manhood ho may
otiglnally have had qnlto out of existence"
13. IT. Guy.
II. O. To-wles.
It isnown number of years since tho management
uf the Madlsou Square lhcatre sent the pliyand
company with which Iliey propisc 1 tu iipcn their
beautiful llltlo play house lo Washington for a sort
uf 0 preliminary spill over Iho course. Wo were
accustomed to hiving the District use I as a propa
gating garden for all kin Is of new experiments In
politics and government, emancipation, unlversil
suffrage, territorial oDlecrs, etc, but n "customer
( onto to try on" In the play lino was n novelty. The
drama In Instance wns 'The Iron Will," afterwards
tu bo known ns "Hazel Kirk," Iho llrst of the ro
markable scries of Mil llsou Square successes. Iho
title rolo wis sustained by Eiflo lls'er.nnd thoso
whowcresofiirtunato ns to witness tint perform,
mice will recall n won Icrful lltllo woman whoso
seemingly heart-felt totics of I01 c and pathos swayed
tho emotions ot her audlcnco nt will, and mado of
the week's cngigeuicnta moist nud tearful eront
that required tho carpets and cushions to lie hung
out to dry for days tu como. Miss Kllsler has re
turned to us after a long nnd rcgrclablo nbsenco,
and, despllo a certain somUlellaut h irdncss of re
gard and delivery at Utiles, must slill bo recog.
cognized as nn imotlunal actress of greit
magnetism and sympathy. "Wutuan for wumin,"
however, Is scarcely a play Iu which her power can
bo appreciated to tho bust alvantage. As so often
Iho case with productions of lla class, Iho self sac
rltlco whl ch makes Its action possible Is felt at once
to be not merely foolish but wicked. Ami, In gen
eral, It should bo said Hint Iho drama of liumbio life,
which involves Its talo of drunkenness nud sordid
misery ami crime, should lie Informed throughout
with somo puro and lufty principle or motive, somo
saving strain of poctlo feeling to render Its dreary
mid dispiriting details cndurublo. Miss Kllsler g ivo
n very moving pkluroof the suffering heroine, and
was ably socuii led In her effurts by Mr. Frank Wes
ton as tho workman husband, whoso happy homo
has bicn Invaded and laid waste by tho demon of
distrust. Miss Karle deserves credit for a rather
painfully realistic Interpretation of tile ungrateful
rolo ofjfm fuf llMfioouoV'lho tough customer." 'Iho
comic clement was mainly supplied by tno hero s
bibulous father and garrulous mother-In law,
though tho excltablo Utile bridesmaid had her say
viry amusingly In the last act. In general tho com
pany wcro acceptable In their respective parts.
Kerns'n's Washington Theatre presents this
week, beginning to-morrow, November 1, the most
mastodonlo entertainment tho patrons of the van
dcvlllo have ever wllnesscd-ltellly and Woodsldg
show. Tho Nelson family, five In number, Is nn at
traction Iu Itself, being Iho greatest fealuro ever
brought from I'uropo nnd performing tho highest,
salaried net tn tho world lint tho bill Is big beyond
precedent, Including Hobby tlsyler, Iho unrivaled
Itlsh specially artist 1 thoCallf imla four.thc masters
ot Klhfoplnii comedy; Fields nnd Hanson, tho tnusl.
cat enampionsui 1110 woriuj ii'iiinv-. iuc'iiiiji.u'i"ni
cal phenomenon! Mite, rorgardns. tho cmhanlliig
bin! trainer, Mile. Cnstello nnd Mile. Sherl tan, Iho
Tuplschorean champions; Iho Alltoffs, musical gro.
lesqnes; Miss Florence Miller, tho Homlum beauty j
IH)nzo,thoAincrlean Juggler; Miss Aden Wilson,
queen of thorcvnlvlngRlobo, and tho two greatest
Irish punsters ot the age, Pat llellly and Hobby
(laylcr, who aro Introduced In tho funniest of after
pieces, In which the cntlro company lakes part. A
special featuroof this palaco theatre Is tho ladles'
mallnecs, on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, tho
most liberal pitronago nn tho part of Iho fairer sex
being proof of Its popularity. Iho company being
tho largest on tho van levlllc stage, single turns ran
not bo given. 1 1trco nets at oneo will tie the Icatiiro
of the show.
A SflMlsils Jtin Who trill Cams to Comress
Tho special (Alhiny, N. .) correspondent of tho
Washington Slur, In a despatch lo that paper, pub
lished on Iho Mth Instant., Indulges In n few per
Banal reimtks In reference tn somo of tho candi
dates for Congress In Iho Slate ot New York.
Among those assailed ho mentions tho Hon. Nicho
las Kane, tho regular Dcnncmlio can lldalo In the
Nineteenth District. In Iho words nf tho scribe,
that gentleman Is "a man of no education, and of no
political experience, save two terms ns town super
vluor, and," ho aids, "the nomination Is as absurd
as tho two nominations In tho ICImlr 1 District," con
cluding with tho Innuendo that "Mr. Kano Is willing
to spend 20,ooo " This correspondent has evidently
gnno out of his way to make remarks, Instca I uf
sending news, an I It seems proper that tio should be
disciplined accordingly. The ordinary observer
would presume that the vol era ot tho district In
which tho candldato resides know whit they desire,
nnd when their inndldato Is assailed they aro also
presumed to knuw how to protect I1I111.
"Iho Hon. Nicholas Kane," quoting Iho Albany
.tiV'is, "Is ot tho material that our best representa
tive men aro mado of, a thorough man ot the people,
winning tils way In llfo by his own stout heart nn I
natural ability, and Idcntlllcd nt all limes with the
great Industrial army that dcvilnpa tho llllmilablo
resources nf our country." "No mnu Is moro
thoroughly conversant with the needs and Interests
of labor, nor moro practli al In his Ideas on nil Indus
trial subjects" "lie Is a sterling example uf that
noblo typo of American chancier, a self ma lo
man "
Much words of pralso at his own homo are sum
clcntly amplo to refute the Idea that Mr. Kano
would not be a proper man fjr Hcprcscnlntlvo In
Congress from Iho Nineteenth New York District,
and It Is nlso lobe behoved that tho voters ot that
district aro tho best Judges of tho qualifications ot
their candl late, and need 110 Instruction as to whom
they shall nominate, vote for, and elect.
Mr. Kane Is a man who has risen from Ihe people.
and Is of Iho people. Ilo thoroughly understands
their needs and wishes, and It ho lias not received a
colleglalo education ho has shown his ability In a
manner sufficiently notable lo demonstrate that he
Is well Informed, capable and incrgctlc, and abun
dantly ablo to care for himself and frlcmls,and,lf
elected to Congress, will no doubt prov 0 to his con
stituents that their couQdcnce was vt dl placed. He
has received Ihe usual common school education,
and It has been of moro value to him than a colle
giate courso has to somo wo wot of. Ho has shown
himself to bo manly and Independent, anl through
his energy has amassed a large fortune.
Tho nomination Is not absurd, becauso his past
life Is a complcto refutation of nny such idea and ho
has proven his ability, and he will doubtless mani
fest that samo enthusiasm and energy In Congress
that has distinguished him during his past business
career. His friends In the District ot Columbl 1 havo
faith In him, and know that ho will bo a valuable
member of tho Ilouso of Iteprcsentallvcs. 'I hey
will be glad to welcomo nun here, ami tho voters of
his district will bo honored themselves by electing
HrrsM or (ho English Swell.
Cleveland Leader
Tills Is tho great shooting season for (treat
Hrll ilo. and tho Highlands aro full of gentlemen
burning I have seen hundreds of mcuou their
way to their estates for this purpose, nnd the
boats nnd cars are full or men dressed fur thu
uicsirs 'J here Is more Individuality uf dress In
lingland and Scotland than tn America livery
man has his suit cut to please himself, and 11
favorite costume Is a short sack coat, pantaloons
rntlicr full above tho kneo nnd fastened tight
around Iho leg Just above the calf. Then a pair of
long, thick woolen stockings come up to whero the
knee breeches en I, and the feel aro clad. In strong
sliocs. lhls makes a very stylish costume. If thu
wearer Is tall and has gool legs 11
Is worn everywhere, nnd even gentlemen
going about Willi ladles on tho street nre bo clad.
Add to this 11 helmet uip or u derby, and you havo a
prcuy luiriueaoinno class ui r.cuicn ur i-iignsii
dress, stanyof theswcllsnliouttliowalcrlngphKis
wear clolhis of colors us bright as those of Dolly
V inlen s, snd I havo seen somo young men lad In
wide red and tiltioslrlpis of sift fliuncl, others tn
jackets of plush nnd velvet lucre seems to bo a
much larger genlluncn uf lilsiiro class hero than
with us, uud In thu Irussacha nnd about Iich
l)moiui, wueru 1 wcni 111 -iu uinniKu oiin ickumi
made famutis by Sir Waller Scott, I rudo miles uud
miles without hearing the word business unco.
Furnaces, Ranges, and
Fire-Place Heaters.
Parlor and Other Stoves.
Your Attention is Called to
B. IF1. G-TTX" &c CO.,
won PMMfsrrjVAifiA avenue.
Hoot and hocjs.
IjariCft Slock tu tho City to Hi lec t
l'crfecllu EiUlntr. Durable, and
IN All. Till
POPtliAIt 8TYIil3H.
Cnlt'AVallcliiK eiioon,
Fine L,ifjrit our.
JTl'olloll 3CIl, llIKl
l'uLout Xioutlior,
IN llli: HUH I' S1M.RS AND MAULS l'"()lt
oclt HID I'eiumy I Trillin Ave.
(Conl iitul Wood.
Having mado a lite long Btndj of Hoot and Shoe
Making on nnatnnilcal prlncl tiles, I am enabled to nt
the most pccnllarlr constructed feel. I dcTj nnj
one to mako n inure speedy cure of corns or bunlonB
I have mado a special study of the feet ror many
yctrspaitt. 'Jhoiiumeroustcsilinonlalsnn lllo will
cnnvlncothemo.it skeptical nf the clllcacy of my
treatment. I have entirety eradicated corns and
bunions from tho feet uf persons who havo spent
money clscwhcro with no benefit whatever. No
cradlcAllun used. No charge for consultation. My
remedies nre now In almost universal use.
J. J. GE011GES,
J208 JT Street Northwest,
Arllilio Hoot nnd Shoo Mikcr nnd Chiropodist.
se ie un
Coal and Kindling Wood.
Mill mill lirpol, Nevrnlli-nlmrt Wlmrr.
Wo havo established anofllcc nt the atiove ad
dress, whero a member of our firm will nlwsys bo
1UIII1K UlllllllfUlllCU IIIMI1H.
Wo shill oiTcr for sale only tho
Ilcst (liisillllcs or Goal nnd Wood,
And sucli ns wo bclleio.wlll meet with your favor.
Call nud onHiilt with us In regird to prices before
purchasing elsewhere.
J. Maury Dove,
Coal and Wood.
The Finest Splint and
Cannel Coal
MaiaOfflro Twfiity-flrsl and i Streets,
X 03T. IiIJV'S (101,1) WATCII, WITH
-LimllliiU nn front cine, "It. .1. 'I'.," nnd chain,
with two Citholluiucd lis 'Iho Under will receive
a reward by calling at Ueil Fourth street north,
west. oc3t-tn
Hmnaut 3aUor.
gl.ItO, 8'J, 02.110, 83
Fur Dress nud hcliool Wear, 00c,, 75c, 91.
One I'rieo lint nud Furnishing More,
tlJO NotciilliMtrcci, bet. I mill Kit. W.
Bel.! 113 HM'AIILISHICI) 1S03.
Sign Painting, Gilding, Etc.
C. Macnichol k Son.,
uab urniB.
I ulur Hcrc'cmit." He played sucecimivcly three ec
centric old iiiui, but caeii was so dllfercut In style
from the other that It was illlllciilt tu bellevo that
I'aeli mail had three shots, un I the mini who lilt the
told by the sp'ash In the water; thu tills by tho
'1 he 1 clcbr.iled tragedienne, Madaiuo .IiinaiisclKk,
will coninienco hor furowell season In this city to
morrow ut Alhutigh's (Irund Opera House 'this
famous star Is ono actress uiituf leu thousand, In
that, sho combines tho strongest innsctillno mag
netism with tho very deepest of womanly nflccllon
and gcntlo purily. 'I ho actress touches the Inlcllb
geneo nud tho heart, stirs tho blool of Iho soul, and
In her hands Iho most splcudll passages nf Iho
diamallHt find oiipropr'ato nnd thrilling Interpreta
tion. 'I here Is unci thing for which Ihe Amerli all
stago tias to think MaiUmo .latiuuschek: she has
brought in It an heroic rircngili wide h luul well High
departed f rum uur Iki irds, nud redeemed the clasHio
drami from deoalcnco. Malamo,Iauaiisoliek will
lie supported by an exceptionally strung company,
carefully selcelc I by herself. 'Ihorepcrtiilra uf Iho
week will hot klon lay, 'lues lay, Wedncs lay, and
'Ihursluy evenings grand production uf "leg
Merrllllis," which will li Hodmcd with new and
appropriate scenery, all thu urlglual music, ami
grand ihorus, .lanniicahek, fur the llrst I lino here,
In her superb Imperiuinatliin uf WV( U n tlllef, tier
1 lit nt and KTcitcM kih.ic.is; Wednesday mitlnec,
"Mniher und bun." 1'rlliv lulling and Maliirilnr
matinee, "lilcak lluuso,"hiilurday evening, ".Marie
snag the must lliues won thu hiI. 'Iheinlnses wcro
the siine pirsun enacted them nil. A blull, blunt
Bailor iu the first, u pirlly, Impudent butler In the
secunl.aud a ifliillr.iicd oil sot Iu the third -each
marked bydlltereut 1 Iriruitcrlalkf. uu I neither ul
them In ihe sllguUHt degree exaggerated. Alto
gether tho aftcrnuuus cnurtulumiiu was the iiiuat
lutclici tual I li no ever seen presented Iu Hits city
urc'scwhire. 1 ndvlsuullyuur rcalera.ll they get
u chain c, nut to miss theso three performances Iu
MUaUlllauOlcott finished her extraordinary en
gagement uf six weeks uu HjturiUraud hlu.l tier
niuiu iu Montreal. Oiieuf the features of thlsladr s
iH.rfurtu.iuco which will bo remarked by every ub.
server Intho Intensity ut her luvu making. It Is
quite us fcrvl I us that uf Kara lleruhurdt, an 1 all the
inure bcwilchlug that the luve making is dune liya
tun liKiiuer woman Hun llenihardl -jud 11110 nut su
11, in. MU Oiuill wus shunlug lue haidou a uruiuut
book, In which the uulhur ha 1 marked opposite soiiio
directions us to liuw 'Iheuduru wus tu uppreuecU
AtidriuSiSlltiugoii 11 couch, climb mcr lliu couch
bchliilliluiau I finally throw herself uu hU knees
uud neck, hard iu had wiltttu, "I nu lethUbuiiliicas
fur Huru.but Miss Olcott can change It, If tuu Im.
modem" bliodocBJlt change It In the bust, uu I It
creates u sensation when sho does It. It was
aiuuuluglo wutcli the la lies iu lliu audience whi 11
sho plujul this 81 J-lie. 'ihc J wcro snccehlciis uud
liiiniiivulilu until '1 hetudurj. ut the cluu uf thu bunl.
ncss, claai4 Audreus about Iho Huck , Hit u tin ro we ru
many uudlU'e sighs uu 1 u Muttering uf tans lit lud.es
v lolet I'tuiliron appeared tu u small huuic, prim 1
bally mado uii uf critics, uu Monday ulghl, In "lieu.
Iillwortu." 1 remained ou!y thruugUuiioact. 'the
uudlcucei did not laugh a single time. '1 he reception
uf Miss Cameron eauicunly frum ushers In the lubby,
'I he Ulgtitcoutluucs, I am glad to say for tho sake
ufthe American stage. If I'.uglaud van send us
iiothlug belli r thau this Iu the May uf buries mo,
theiu we hatoalurgcr balauco incur fin or uu m
cuuut, bu.ely, ol Dlxey lu "Aduuis .
' YllLLUM i', U. BUANK8,
uliMi iu ti uf the Hiilautl
"After some parley wllli Iho red.Vllw I gut them
to allow mo to cuter tho match, Ihuugli they luni
pellcdinctudeixMlt half a dollar, while they put In
but uiiuarltr. I hud u Henry repealer with iiiutliut,
fortunately funny purpose, was then unloaded. I
was accounted ono uf 1 he be st shuts Iu that 1 uunlry,
luit kucw that the Indlaus were nut by uny means
slow. 1 slipped thrco arlrllges Into my rlile. uud
asl did sul broke the bull ulf, thus leaving a blank
cartridge. (If course tin splaaii fullowcd uuy uf my
shots, and the III Uana thought 1 had hit I no sung
every lime. I won that pot, hut Iho m xt lime I In
tentionally lust by mil breaking tho ball uir uul by
taking ludlRerent aim.
"1 111 e 1 1 broke all the lulls oil until 1 had won (IS,
1 hen thu Indians, who began 10 look ul mewitli sus
picion r awe, refused to stioot uuy more. 1 Invited
UK 1.1 up tu the store, and mint Iho moiiiy oil kill k
kuacks, which 1 divided uiiiong the 111. 1 then took
them bat kto tho lako anl showed them tho trick.
'Iliey were very much surprised, but took It lu good
' (in reluriilug that way a few dsys after I found
thosiiinuIiidUiisoutlielakosiioro, shouting a big
match with a licitinu inug irme, wiium nicy weru
rapidly ilcauingouldf even thing I learned thutthcy
lial'ialiiucd'cvery Indian In tlie country that they
could get to shoot ugsliiat them. I catd nothing,
but mused nil Iho rcailluiasut the savage to udupt
the whttu man's tricks."
Tho Ituclor'it l.iist Words,
ICIcvcliul Vulicl
A guol story, hlthirlo unpubllshc 1, cuuierulug
the trip ot'i well known 1 icvelaud Irlowliu' did
up'lhu eiteto nioii trebles luu coup'ouf weeks is
wormy of embalming by Iho JounulUtles process.
'HicyiiaJ gouo tho Continental ruuuds uu I were
back ualuun the right Utile, light llltlo Inland It
was tho d iy uf Rilling fur h jme. Down tu the ducks
Iliey went heavily loalul with baggage. As limy
uiufci il iiiiltii! lram-wuv to Ihuutcaiiicrs deck unuuf
the three a ge ulleiiiau not ruinotely connected with
Iho prufcssiiu ut luudlcluo paused lu the centre,
und, stretch lu if out litis rucuuiWi d hands, dramati
cally uddressed tho surruiudlug scenery, It wus
a vague sort of audience, but he delivered tils lines
with stunning force: "If there Is," he hoarsc.y ex
claimed, "one blarsted lirlilsncr uu tuts cutituuuded
Island that I Itaveul gluuu quarter tulethlui
1,01110 forward uul get HI Its his last ehaucvt'
'i lieu ho ttla'.uicm board with uuttlr of great to-lief.
Full Lino of Suitings,0
Overcoating and Trou
Hoi'hitfti for Fall and
Winter received. My
own Importations,
Qontlomen will pleane
leave their Orders at the
the Leading Tailoring
ExtablMimont of Wash
ington. EL. D. Barr.
Fur nno wick, commencing lo morrow uflcrnooii,
Manager Harris, uf Hie III m '1 heilre, announces a
splendid production nf Iho grent speitnculnr tuelu.
drama, "Mnrm llcaliu." I'laboruto pripirallous
have Is en going uu for the list three wee ks, and tho
patrons uf this popular theatre can rest avsurcd that
they will wit neas a beautiful play mire bcvitlfully
aeled and mounted, 'lliu si cues are must realtntlc,
Including tho moving Icebergs, deck of thu emi
grant ship, and burning of Hiealeauieriiimld-occaii.
lu the caat will ho found Mr. T. If. (ilciiuy, who us
tunics Ids origin il character, ns played by him lu
both Knglaul and this country. Iho i'lllnlitlrg
;. infer has this to say uf Ihoconipauy! "A glorious
pcrfuriuani 0 Is tho ono now In Ink gin 11 ul lliu dpi ra
limine, being lliu specUciilur tuelu diama uf Worm
llcalen' 'I he caat au Isccnloclfcets uru without uu
oxupllou Iho beat seen licrelliUeliaou. 'Ihohouss
Is packed ut every performance."
At Iler.ogsMntli Street Opera House this week
Mr. fcll llurgcss arpcirs lu his famous play uf
"Mm," which liaahccu seen by largo uud delighted
uulleuccH lu this illy uul throughout thu eouuiry,
An experienced entlu sayst "'Vlui Is funny, ex
Iravagaul, huinoruua, ildtculuus, truthful, lueou
alstiid all Hi one but above all, funny. Nu one
wanlstotcuturoucolt with t ho remotest Ilea uf
sitlngu cIushIu drauu ur cmi 11 'Ugtttmite1 It
was never iiiuaut for illhcr. Hut II has u merit
nultu mown, corn i in ling Willi Dciiuuu '1 hump
uuus 'Joshua Wliltuiiuli ' I ho plav pictures u day
ur a neck lu u Ju'W 1'nglaii 1 kllclieii -somewhat ex
aggerated, 'lis lruo-bul with such a large share uf
Hull! that tho extravagance Is furgolle 11 lung ere Hie
play Is halt uicr. A view uf uu ordinary eciuutry
kitchen Is dim loscd, with its cupboard full (if dough,
nuts uud ginger snaps, Its brightly polished stoic,
llaplacks, typlc.11 wuiir pall mil dipper, elite kens,
uud all. 'llicru Is Mm. l'njlv u sharp, quick
tuiiguuil, gmul iiilured, whulu-Houlod. gosalpy, uul
lalky old lily, us truly delightful uud uuiusiog ns
alio la original, uud )el llfv-llke. 1 have met her
iiciurc.iioi liiuuu iicrauuur uiiiuu uiuci uuu uavu
seen her. 1 have hcird her high strung voice us It
came iljliu out ot the kitchen wludow uu u tiprltig
inurulug. freighted wim terror tu tho chickens uul
her lazy husband. 1 have seeu her lu tho kitchen
dour, sawlug the ulr with a big spuou tu the cud that
the law alio wus laying down to her helpinatv might
luako uiKeperiuiprisaiuu 1 iiuvoiticiiiiccniiiciiiu
large sllcouf brua I Willi sweet butter, 1 its ut rasp
bury Jsw, uud Mud words, 'mm there Is lit r hus-
1121) rcnnsjltaiiia AieiuiP,
nuts am
'lliu OrJitliml null Only UcnMliif.
(Uh tod i"j IlrlUI la Ufwaraof wwrlblfM lailUliuni
lu-llswiatfcltU in LADIES. Ab )vur Jlmjffflat fcr
t hlrkrter'FMTUIi1'aui UU iw ctbtr ur luumt i
(umt'ila tor nitluulftr in ttlr I jr return niulU
H AMK CArtn wicarcr i urtnirm
(JOB .X'tmnisylvinilu A.V011110.
8C5 lllV
The Bering School of Langiiagts,
and nil other principal cities. Kccngulzcd as superior
to all oilier similar Institutions.
llucxi died advantages for learning Conversation.
Ucst of natlvo teachers, l'co extremely low. New
terms now for ladles, gentlemen, nnd children.
KltKli 'I UIA1, 1.IMMONH KVititV BA'l U It DAY.
"Vynwerly (Seminary
At una IC street northwest,
Circulars ina bo obtained on application to 1 01
rennsylranla avenue, northwest.
seta-tlei mihb i.ll'HCOMIl, Principal.
A select Hoarding and Day Kchool fur Youug tallica
and Llltlo Ulrls,
lill'J nud rjlirourtcfiilli Mrcet N. W.,
fifth annual scsalnn opens Hltl'T, 20, tssii. und
l'ull course, with Diploma uf high grade.
Kxceptlonal advantages In Music, Klocntlon, Lit
erature, and Iho Modern languages.
ruplla sh.i tally prepared fur furelgn travel or fur
any college.
Hummer session In beautiful and healthful lu.
Niirwimil, Nelson Vuiiutr. Vlrullllfl,
Juno vi) to K plcinbcr ltd.
Address Principals! Mr. and Mrs. WILLIAM 1),
UAHKLL. liulo tIJ
Iu addition lo uur Premiums, a list or which will
bosctitniinpilciitluii. wowlKh to call KSI'KCIAL
NOTIUKIoourCAIIINUr 1'OltlltAllH of
D'Oyley Carte's English
Mo light opera lias ccr been produced In the
United mites tint has equaled In popularity "Iho
Mikiidn" Iho original company to produce it In
this country wns D oylcy Carte's Pnclnjli Company,
selected thero by (lllbcrt und Hullivaii and sent
to Ihts country. At o havo Issued, fur distribution tu
our patrons who will send us wrappers us below, a
scries nftSltMiN CAIIIN1ST POItVltAIlHof these
orllHls, In charai tcr and coaluine, the lliicstpholo-
gruiuiiu gc-iaiiuu wurk ever prutiuccu. J ucy com
prise t
(iFiiAintNK Ui.MAtt.ns "YuiuYara,'
susses u i.u.iu, iriiiTKii, nun ht. mauii, as
"llirce Little Maids from Kchool."
KATK POSTKll, us. "Plttl King"
couuTicr Poiwus, 11s ,,, "NanklPoo."
I'liroKi.ici.uB ."ino Mitsiia."
l'HEU HimsiiTON.as. "Pooh Iiah."
IfOurprlceof IhcsoporlrultshitwcHty.rJve cents
each, but tu any ono who uses our soup, anil sending
iislS wrappers of Dobbins' Lleclrlc boap, nnd full
post iiillce address, wo will send Iho whole series,
IKwUgo paid, and I'itHi; Of CH AUUK.
Ifyour (Iroccr does not keep Dobbins' Klectrlo
Soap, send us 15 ccuts In slumps to pay postage anil
wo will send you by return mall a sample free of
charge, lu sending fornsaiuplcmcnlloii this paper.
I. L, CRAGIN & CO. PhliadSlvlils)!'
Oil & 010 'euiisylvaiiia Atenur,
aiiiJ-ly '
ADnOITIlir Curo without Medicine,
rUol I Vt l'tentedpctoberl6,i8l.
most oba.lnato case In four days or less.
AlInu'B Soluble
Medicated Doubles.
No nauseous doses of cubcba,copabla,or oil of
sandal wood, that nro 1 ertaln to produce dyspepsia
by dcatroTlng tho coatings of tho stomach. Price
II.M. Bold by all drugglsls, or mailed on receiptor ,
price. For further particulars scud for circular.
P. O. lloz 1013.
SB John street. Now York.
Huurti, I'littailit., I'a.
eMnyrulul I'lllfc LkatiouUi.
.Id by llrUHl.ta rveryHlirni. Ik It '( blrhr.
tvr , w uiuiR" 1-1
IHl-llKOI' Ill'lll'lMI Hill HrATg,
Wasiiiniituh.Ii. O , October Kis, lsbfl.
HKALUD l'ltlll'lldAI.S fur furulslilng ami ilcllv
lug Imiucdlately 1 Iti.eKH) feet ut Pluo Culls und J,r,oo
fi ct uf helucts ut tlis silo of tho llulldlng fur Hiuli),
Wur, uud Nuvy Hciurliuenls, lu this illy. will lie
ucihcdal this oiilcounill U M.un 1'llllHY, the
(in day uf Kuvcuibcr,lHis,aiilcpciiicl liiimcdl.ilcly
Ihcreulter In presciicuuf bidders
Hpeclllealluiia, general lualruetious lo bid lers.uud
blauk forms ufprupusal will bo fiirulahid tueatub.
ll.hcd insuufdctuursund dealer a un uppllcullou lo
thlaoltlce. T1I0MA(i , IN( ollU (JAHHY,
inJl.im t uluuel Curpa of Knglnuets
OmtKlIF IIUIIIIINII l()llfirll,
WAII, anuNamt Hiiaiiiuunis,
Wahiiimiion, D.I'.,Oclubcr nil, is0.
HKALIil) Pilot OMALB for furulslilng uud ilcllv.
(ring floor Itaga, bulks uu I luirtltlousnf black slulu,
ut tho llulldlng for male.Wur, uud Navy IKpail.
incuts, ut NVushluglou,!), U.wltl be rocelvul ul
llilaollkouutll W M. uu UliD.NICHIIAl.llio luth
day uf November. lMfl, and upcuod luiineJUUcly
thereutler In puseucouf bidders. , .
Upccirjcatluui, general lualruetious to bid lets, and
i.i.i, e fnriiiMiir iirutiuaal will Im t urnlahoj to eatab.
Uahod manufacturer uul dealers ou uppllcatlua to
uul-HJ toieiuti, Corps ol Uugluiers,
Firemoirslnsuraiico Oomp'y
UHAltlKUItl) 1IY CON(llll'.hH,'IS3T.
t)llillltl, tJ(IO,UOO. NllrillllH, HKiU.OdO.
NliW IIUILDINU.N. 1'. l.orncr Ilh btrcct uud IaiuIsI.
uua Avenue.
ALHKIt I" A. WIIXON, President.
TIIOMAHl'AltKKIt, Mco Preside III.
0. W. HOWAIin.Hmrctary.
It. II. HA.AIID, Assistant Bccrctury,
DIIIIUnOKS-AlbcrtA. llson, ! hiiiuas Parker,
Wllllaui U. Howard. Joaeph llcdfern, li. (I. Davis,
Hllllaui J. Wllauii, 1'. A. I.uu, 1'ruuk Hume, II. u,
McCuuley, J. W. Drow. Uatuuel K. Whculley, II. ,
Crupley, uud Jnhii M. Wuturs. ueJ aui3
zxuvtuw' &mt.
Wo Oiler the Celebrated
Crystal Latrobo Stovo
Willi renewed cunildeuco. uftcr six yeara'use. W 1th
theso Htovos 11 lire maybe lurried thrco days
without replenishing, which eanuut bo
pruuu uf any uthcr uloic.
The Kitchen Range
Is must favorably uud widely kiiov. u, uu 1 still leads
the prucoaniou.
i:aiilyand iiiu.su 'im: muiiKbi com.
OcJUi U1NINIU hfllUKi;
'lO'lllK NOIllil, WIC8I'. AND BOUIHWItHr.
, iNlfi'i'KorjULYii.W
Trains loaio Washlnglon, from Htallon, corner of
Klxth and II streets, as follows 1
Fur Pittsburg and tho West, I huugu Limited Kx.
press uf PalaioWci ping Cars, at lim a, in. dally:
Fast 1 1 lie, v ft) a m. dally to (Jim InuallandNL IxiuIh,
Willi tileenlug cars frum Harrlsburg to Clnelhnatl
and lintel Cur til Kt.lAiulrii dally, extent Halurduy,
In Chicago, wllh Bleeping Car Alloona to Chlcsgei.
Chicago ISxpress, at 7.10 p. 111. dallr. with
Bleiplug Cars Washington tu Chicago, and Harris,
burg in ( levelauil,iuuimiliig nt Harrlsburg wllh
U eatcru Kxpn as, with through Hliepcrs fur IaiuIs.
vllle und Bt. Loula. Put lliu itxprcss, lei (HI p. 111.
dally, fur Pittsburg und Ilo Wist, wllh through
hleeper llarrlaburg 10 ( hlcago
Pur Trie. 1 uiiaiidulunA. Itnchi Mb r. Huffiitii. ni.
agara, ntiu oil p, m. dally, except Baturday, wllh
luiaco curs n ushiugluu tn itm lie Hit r.
Pur llllaunipurl. Luck Haven, uud Klmlra, at 9 r,0
a. 111. dally, rxi ( pt Bunday.
For New ork uud tho Jiast, l.lo, 00, 1 1 00 a. m ,
1 uu, 4 ts, 111 m, and 11.20 p. 111. on Bunday, 1) 00 a.
in , J.ni). 4 IS, 10 no, and II u p 111. '
l.lmllcd Fxpressul Pulliniu Parlor Cars, 9 40 a.
111 aud J nu p. 111 dally, except biiuJay.
Fur llostuu without change, tl.110 p 10. ct cry day.
Fur llruuklyn. New t urk, all through trains con.
nci t at Jersey city wllh boats or "llruuklyn Annex,"
iiifiirilliigdlrict transfer to 1 niton si reet, avoiding
iluublu ferriage aernsa Now t urk City.
. ,1."r, ''"luwilptila, J.ts, v uu, und li 00 a. in . ! no,
4 16, (lew, 10 ou, and It li in. Ou Buuday. u.uo a.
iiui J 1. iiiui ,,1 ,u, .T...... ..,, . ," .
'V. , ':.. ,vwi'" wiu"l,,i mu 111.
I Jmlteil l'xrcss,v 411 u. 111. und 3. Ml p. iu. dally,
u id Bunday, ' "
A ur fiaim uiru, u ui, 1.10, V uei, V III, V Wl, llUelu.
Ill , 1 i M, 1 W, S f.el, 4 16, 4 SJ, 4 40, ll ul, 7.111, 0,UU,
uud II up 111. OuHuiiday, 11 mi, li (ci, uud 11.00 u,
111 ,iui, 1 1."., el mi, I.iu, liiiio. unit ll.vo i 111
FurPupus Creek Line, 1.15 11. 111. und 4 40 p.m.
dully, except Bunday,
Fur AuuapolH, 1,15a. in. audliOo and I Up. in.
daily, except Buuday. Buudays, u u. in. uud 1.16
p 111
Fur Alexuudrl 1,0 ii,T 03,9 21,10.65, and 11 ana tn ,
it (13, 4 W, J 33, 0 ol, u ut, and 1 1 HI p. 111, 011 Bunday
ut (I.00. ti n, uud iu 66 a. 111 , uud t) ul 11. 111.
1 ur ltd hmuiid mid Iho Hon Hi, 11 00 uud 10 63 u lu,
dally, uud 4 116 p lu. dally, exu nt Buiiday.
'I ralua leave Alex 1111 bin fur wiiahlugiuii, 0 (11, 8 on,
10cK,iindlu luu 111 ,1 uj,j oi,3 vt.Ci.lli.T n".,uinl lu J J
p. 111 , uu I It lu ml inlglil, (exe ept Muuduy ) (111 Bun.
iUy ut s 00 uud 10,1011, ut. T ui, mid 10 il p. 111 , und
'tickets und Information at Hie oillco northeast
corner of 'I hlrtccuth street and Peunsy Ivaulu uunuo ,
uud at tho station, where orders eau be left fur thu
cheeking of bjggugo to dcatluatloti from hotels aud
U11A1II 1 a K. I'Utlll, (icncinl Manager,
J II, WOOD.UinirulPjsseugerAgiut,
i matv-mv -

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