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New Goods,
Early Spring Wear.
llnio JiiRf Rrcolveilt nr rirnt Ship
m r tit or
Jn riiii uud Vanvu Cloths, Tri
cots, Novelty Cloths, I'ln-lhad
Checks, lintHuh Checks, lUnck
Cashmere, and tlanrUUa Cloth,
nud Jtlitcl: Silk, Plata and ,Tct
Our $12.00 Suits
auetiii: mat vai.uk kviiii ofi'kiil'd ,at
mi? I'liioi:.
Aitn (looi). and ir will m: to rvbiiy
(INK'S iNri'.itrsr io call and examine
nit PKVNl. AVF.NIIf-..
a. Ave.
'a Aim
111 ill VI
CtOtliliiK o UUM fur ami lclU chm.
1H3 I'tiiiijlgiinlnnvcnue.
Cor. ITiIIi
mill tl.
Cor. l&lh
nml CJ.
Our iriliutiont arc all mltclal
tor their excllrnee it ml to meet I lie
wants of rrl ncin oil ami fooit taste.
Their true value will la aitprcci
alcdwhvu (.vuiii)ticd)i:iltoiinftrcl
with other (foods.
NO. 15
Sliivtb, io IVIeciFmi'e.
Tyssowski Bros.,
Import! r of Men's Wear.
Cor. 15th
mill (J.
Cor. 15th
ml (1.
MR. LOUIS KOlvWiUIill in now snipping
to th UiiilelSUlea ,i,ry cliuiiipagiiokiiown
M tliu "(1RAND VIN SIIC," vvliloli Is of lli
name IiikIi grmia as tlio "OAK I'K IILANOllK,"
at present bliippeil by liiui, ami vvliluii lias
bean so favorably received liy lliu Atneriunn
His wIuhs .tro tlui lliicsl intulily lliat can
da sunt friini frame, ami Iio fm-ls t'onflJunt
thaltlio uewriry iviun will meet with friends
wherever It la known.
Quarts, $30.20. I'liils. $3.20.
l'OU HALM 11 V
141(1 mill JUS J'enna. Avenue,
Ami the Leading Winn MfrchnutBMid Grocers,
dc.'ii am
"In tho Importance of possible results Ihero has
been no debate Blnco lstll that tins been ot greater
Interest lo tho nation Ihun that which no.'
enrred In tho Sensto on Monday nttcrnoon,"Bald a
Cahlnct minister when tho writer naked Dim what
ho thought of trio matter. "Thero was one feature
of tho debate that appears to havo been overlooked
by Itio press In Its consideration ot tho question.
Under tho Edmunda bill tho Dcmocrntlo party,
through I Iio action ot the President, will haro an op
portunity to iio what It illil In iai2,aml again In
isis-'ifl-rtolendthlsoountrv from foreign encroach,
incnts upon tho lights nt ll citizens. Tho bill, so
atily drawn by Mr. Edmunds, gives tho Executive
almost nnllrallcil power. This must have been up-
pnrcnlto every Itepubllcsn Senator on I ho noor.
Uut for once, nnd to their credit he It said, polltlcnl
piedllecllooswero Ignored, Mr. rryo'srclctoncoto
thol'icaidcntwns verr handsorao nnd kindly. No
higher eulogy could novo been passed upon tho
Chief Magistrate than that ot tho Mnlno amnion
And, though the bill, (drnnn br a llcpubllcan Sena
tor, nml reported bys commltlee, tho majority of
nhkli Is Itepuhllcan,) glfcs President Cleveland
an opporlunlly offered to but few men In their Ih es,
tho nearly unanimous voto by which It was passed,
showed that It was possible for Senators to forget to
bo pirtlsin In periods ot emergency and remember
that they were Americans. The l'tcsldcnt Justly
regards this voto of forty six for to one against the
net ns an expression of tho highest confidence, and
tho Cabinet concurs " I had not thought of this
until It was prcsentodso forcibly by Iho eminent
gentleman qnotcd. I wish! might glvohls name,
but for obvious reasons it would bo Improper. Tho
vote of confidence upon so important n measure
cannot but hat can CTiellent elfcct upon Ihecountry.
"All this discussion will do good," said a lierao.
crallo member ot tho House, to whom 1 spofce.
"Tho patriotic expressions of tho majority In Iho
Sonata will bo appreciated by Iho people. Tho
American sentiment Is not dead, but sleeping.
Among other good results that will come nut of It
will ho Iho entire re-crenllon ot Ihc United Slates
Navy, tlrcitldeas.livo trees, nrc of slow growth.
The seed mii't bo planted and time given It to hud
and bloom. Forlenyoarsorinoro Iho Democratic
party havo been advocating the rthulldlng of our
Navy. Nowwpeeo why wc should have such a
warned as tho posslb'o tcqulremcnlsof the nation
demant. H may havo been it coincidence, but did
ton notice Thomas's bill, Introduced Mondiy, au
thorizing the (instruction of thirteen additional
war vessels, two 4,ooi) ton steel cruisers, thoRtcel
gunboats, nnd six Bwlft-stecl torpedo boats, and
liawier'aresalntloninslrin.llngtheNaval Committee
tolnqiilrolntolhocxpedlcncy of appropriating Im
mediately fjo.ooo.ono to be expended by the Scire'
tary of tho Navy for tho conduction, equipment,
and armament of such new vessels of war as ho
may deem necessary 7 These things are very Rlg
nlltcant straws. Ono difficulty In rebuilding the
Navy has been that members from tho lntcilnr
States wcro not wilting to vote such sums as wcro
ncccssarv, not seeing aoy especial reison for doing
so. nut this has changed, and now I he most ear
nest n Ivocatcs of a new navy, olio worthy of our
past traditions, arc members from btatcs a thousand
miles from the seaboard. No better proof ot Ihc
growth or the American feeling, or.to speak moro
accurately, of Its rehabilitation, could bo adduced
than these Instances afford. 1 am glad to sec It.
Wo have been so busy making money that we have
neglected other matters Hut with such a rum of
money as wc have In the Treasury lthigtlle Ihere
need be no furl her delay. Iho people, whoso
money It la, will direct how It shall be used, nnd
they havo spoken In no uncertain voice, bet Ihclr
will bo obeyed."
It Is a good thing for tho Army lhat It has sucii a
watchful, lottlllgeut friend In Congress as Is (Jen.
Joseph Wheeler. I liato before mentioned that to
this Rcnllcmau belongs tho unequaled tnemtgeol
having held the hlghist military rank ever attained
on tho North American continent by so young an
officer, lor lie was n lieutenant general long before
he was thirty years old, and had reached this grade
In tluio of war without any political backing, but on
pure military merit. From an oitlccrof ?uih dis
tinction naturally a good deal was anticipated when
ho camo into Congress. Ills ucrrormauics and
lecord havo maintained tho hlgnesl expectations of
his friends. Of his alma mater. West l'otnt. Gen.
Wheeler Is especial v considerate. In tho appropria
tion bill for the United Stales Military Academy for
Iho next year thero Is tho best possllilo evidence
or Ms thoughtful ciro In Mho ships ot money lor
Bjino inucti needed Improvements, lucro Is
(lo.ooo tor enlarging and completely overhauling
Iho chief academic building, and a great ileal of Im
proving ian bo dono with lhat amount ot money.
Thero is n further sum of (I l.oou tor new quarters
for tho enlisted men nt the engineer", and others
who aro needed thero, tll.vio tor u new quarter
masters building, nnd fl,Mi for the wharf nt the
landing on tho Hudson. Iho licit year, Cen.
Wheeler Bare, ho will give them aimtuh more, If
po-filljlP, to inako Iho Institution what tt should be,
the leading Military Academy ot Ihc world.
Tho appointment of Mr. 1 homas II. Counery lo bo
Secretary ot Legation to tho American Minister nt
Iho Cl'y ot Mexico Is one which I don't think any
one will find fault Willi. There aro some rather in
teresting details current In relation lo his appoint
ment, which I only give as I receive Hum. As the
Journalistic world knows, Mr. Connery waaforycirs
Iho managing editor of the New lork lleiaUl and
the ablest manager that paper has had Blnco I'reder
ii k Hudwn'a administration of airalrs. Hard work,
and lis coucomllant dose tontlncinent for more than
ten rears, broko down Mr. Conuery'a health and at
his own request Mr. .lames Gordon Ilcnnctt re
lieved blin. Though Mr. Connery Is not a inllllou-
nlroof Iho Vanderbill class, he is by no iiuans en
tirely without some of this world goods, ond so ho
need not bo very noxious concerning the future, nut
he did need a chaugo and sumo congenial employ,
Dr. (leorgntl. Miller, clltor of tho leading Demo
cratic Journal In Nebraska, to Mexico upon pnblla
business, and It n, what Is tho csusofor such ex
Iremo sccrocy alwut his going? Members ot Iho
Ncbrassa delegation In Congress one branch at
least say that Dr. Miller camo lo Washington nt tho
President's request. As Miller Is a sound Democrat It
was thought at first that ho wAs liiboconsulled atiou!
tho patronage ot Iho State. This was not Iho mai
ler. After thrco consultations Miller was nentlo
Mexico upon business bo mnfldeutlally guarded
that no human being, excepting tho President,
Miller, and possibly Iho Secretary ot Stale, havo Iho
least Ilea ot what It Is. This Is Iho story precisely
as It was told to mo. l'cthsps Iho rutnro may un
veil this injstcrr, If mystery Ihero bo. Tho No
bnskans say thero Is one, and seem to bcllcvo II.
So ho will wait an 1 seo.
Thcte aro phases of human nntlito that nro not
pleasant to rotitcinplalc, and one would fain bo
spared their illBctiBslon. Washington I mean tho
people who llvo here has beensntreo from Iho
grosser violations of tho usages governing good
Boclcly lhat their mention la seddom necessary, and
tt is with tho deepest regret tint 'one heats of In
fractions of the Hoclal usiges current amour; well
bred pcoplo of Btich an otitrngcous character as
aomo lhat arc reported. It has been n mailer ot
general comment Binro their occurrence that nt two
of tho most prominent entertainments at Iho past
week thero wcro a huintir ot persons proient who
wcro not known lo Iho givers, nnd thcretoro not In
vited, and tho worst of It Is that Iho chief oltendcrs
In lheso cases wcro women! For Instanrc, ottho
JapancaoMlnlslcr'srccrptlonlt Is reported lhat nt
least aiic-,Hjth of Iho pcoplo who crowded Into tho
suloii were unkiiiwn either lo tho Minister or his
amiable wife. Hut Iho clhna seems to have been
iciched a( the reception and lull glrcn tiy the
thlneso Minister on Tuesday evening. Six hsndrc I
and fltty persons wero asked to come, nnd it Is esll
mated that jlfteen lmiulictl wcro present In Iho
(oursoof thucicntngl Making duo allow.anco for
exaggeration In aomo ot tho nccountB, It Is evident
that tho customary usages gncrnlng well-bred
pcoplo wcro deliberately disregarded In many In
Btanns, nnd penp'e Inltuded themeelvcs wlicro lliey
were neither asked nor desired. If the stories cur
rent detailing icrtaln occurrences in tho supper
room be correct, thero must have been Been some of
the most objection iljle form, nnd vulgar and dis
gusting phases that human nature can nttnln. With
thesothlngsuimesaatatenuntln Iho public Journ is,
which pccms to bo aulhorlrcd, to tho cltect IhatMrs.
Cleveland was compc'led Ust week to give up
theaeml-wcckly mil day icccptlons she was lu Iho
habit ot till ling. In or lor to meet hei n limit nnd
ncHafiiiiicr, because pviple whom Bhodll not
know wonlil crowd In, Ihus making, what was In
tended t, tie a ptcasint reunion of tho hostess's
fitrti'l'.a general crush. It docs seem a plly Ihit
Iho mistress of tho Whlto IIouso i tuuit bo pcr
mltlcd to see th iso alio desires to seo and when the
purpose of tho reception was bo tmphatlcilly and
dlstlnilly Hlated -without being Bubjcclcdl, such
unpleasant Intrusions, tint nho must give up
seeing her fricu Is lo iltcctually cud the tush of the
No nno nioio regiels tliU necesslly than the
amiable, courteous youug hostess lietBclt, but It was
lmKs3lb!c lo fiililltthclnlcutljiiand purposoof her
receptions, nn 1 theio was no remedy but to glvo
them up. 'lhls tact develops suih a condition of
nlfalrBthat nocriilclsm or ojinmcnt la needed lo
understand It.
"What Bhil! wo do to keep pcoplj out ot our
houses, whom we don I know utul hate not In
vited?" sal I a la ly who Is a social leader. "Thero
Is but onoltilng that will relievo us from entcitain
log people we don t want. Ills tills: vvuheaiti
card nt Imitation let there be a small ticket of ad
mission, with the name ot tho person tnvltid upon
It. The guest will bo asked to present thin at tho
door, nu I no one will bo admitted, no nnttcr who,
that has not lhls ticket, and does not present it
1 his will pret cut the brluglng ot a baker a dozen nt
women. (I but use the words nt tho sneaker.)
" when but nno was asked Wc (.aim it hihi will
not endure this outrageous Imposition inir longer.
1 ho card svstcm Is tho rnlc ntlopte I by tlio Armv
and Navy German Club, -and tho Wednesday nnd
other gennans. It Iscftcctuai, nn I we Bliall lie com
pcllcd to resort to iho samo (let Ico lo keep Intruders
out of our houses."
J . .J . niiCKER,
llll I' MHI'.l.l' JVOHTIMVFNT,
AXI HSU It A V lilt.
C Villi AM) ili:iHUo; INfilUVINU
lie Ihoii llio Muml nntl Will Son ii
Unas icporled yesterday that Iho condition of
Hon. H. S. Cox was critical and alarmlu g If not
hopeless A rcpirlcr of 'IllK buMiAt llpiuniBaw
Dr. D. W. IIIIhs, his phyel Ian, nt n lato hour last
night, vtho said there was no truth lu the report,
as Mr. Cox was steadily and surely incudlng. This
will, ot (OiirBC, bo KMIIfilnir news t Mr. Coxa
largo clrclci uf friends and admirers.
A complete lino of tho IIUSl'Hl'ATIONUHY.
OAltl) HNaitAVlNUof.illkludaiiu.dforall pur.
uusoa. mliiii-ly
FINK IlllUblllCS, :tl'.,AT
felt ly nn I N I N ril nthrkt.
Full Llito of HuUlntiH,
OvaramtlntfH and Trou-
aorlnu foi' J''iH ''
Hlnto? revolved. My
own rmpoi'tHtions.
Gontloiiioii will plettHO
Ivavo tlio 1 1' Ovdoi'H at tho
tlio fioadhm Tttlloi'lnn
JiHtublltilimont of Wih1i
FT. D. XSari.
.1 V I'OltNKl'-A T-XA IK,
0 inter ut Imilsliua uvouuo and Four-jud a-lialt
iroot,ui)jr City Hall, WasUlugtou,!), V.
Tho New York He) ultl was the first of the great
independent Journals to take up Mr. Cleveland's
causo when ho was nominated for tho Presidency.
'1 he President remembers lhls, and would havo tes
tified his appreciation ot Its Ben Ices nearly two
years ago by appointing Mr. Charles Nordholt to on
Important first class mission, had that gentleman en
couraged tlio Idea. Mr. Cleveland believes lhallo
Mr. Nordholf, moro than to any ono else, ho owes
Iho ffirriMV staunch support lu isil, and I fancy he
has excellent reason for his opinion. When the
suggestion of ofllco was made lo Mr. Nordhoft he
simply Blgnitled his appreelallnn of Iho Intended
honor, but declined. Then Hie fuuuy man In tho
fifth column of the New York Times (Mr. Aldcnj
was made Consul General at Home, and Iho Timet
was Ihus "recoguUcd." Mr, Cannery's Irlcuds
thought that If any Journalist deserved recognition
no waa tho man, 'Iho President agreed and to
all Is serene.
In fact II lias bcni evident for sumo lime lo Sec ro
tary of htato tlayard that Mr, .fuscptt I.. Morgan,
now Secretary of Legation at IlieClly of Mexico,
aught lo bo relieved, While there Is nothing
i tiarged against Mr. Morgau that Is detrimental in
his character, It Is urged that ho Is not Iho person
for thoplacD. He Is a Bon-ln-law officii. Frlshlo,
who lias hail a very remarkable career. He la Ameri
can born, but those, who know him will say he Is
rar mora ola Mexican In feeling than American,
He went to California, a "49fr," and married Hie
beautiful (laughter of cx-dovcriior Vallejo, iho last
Mexican (lortmorot California, Governor Vallcjo
was enorinounlj rlili In lands, aud Ilia Bhrcvid sou.
lu law added greatly to t alii Jo s wealth by his sharp
luauagcmcnt. It was den. Frlshlo who obtained Iho
valuable cone fsulons from the Mexican got em
inent nowowucd by Hie Mexican lulernailonal and
Denver uud Itlo Grande railways, and whether
Justly oruol, Mr, Morgan Is charged with caring
entirely too much fur tho Interest of his lallicMu-
law, uud loo Mttlo for Iho public business ho was
selected lo attend lo. Iho elder Wcller, It will bo
rcinimbcrc I, selected the mottle-faced man as his
legal adviser npon tlio theory that he wes an old
stage driver and consequently a good Judge of a
horse, and being lhat was a good Judge ot anything,
I think u really well-trained Journa'lst catidn almost
untitling well. Consequently, 1 bellevu Mr,
Connery will be a most able and eftlelcnt Sci r clary
ut legation, and I congratulate Minister Thomas
0. Maiming upon his distinguished nfiurAc
It signs go for anjlhlug, Mr, Murgau's poslilou Is
not the only ono In the laud uf tlio Azloo and lalUc,
lhat will boon linvo uuother lucumbtut. "I'ureli,
Consul Genera!" to use the exceedingly expres
sive language of the Btrocl-'Xllkuly to bo UrcJ."
'I lie main dlrUcully In the case of James W. 1'oreh,
now Consul General ut the City of Mexico, Is that
he eauuot keep his hands from pen uud Ink. Ills
weitkuosa Is a ooiumou one, and It generally results
lu gelling the person antlclod with It Intu trouble.
In tlio Cutting vase, lu I'io Sodgwlek ease, and lu
Hie later perturbations relallug to Minister Mail,
nine, "Porch, Consul Gcncia!," was brimful of
oplulous. 'Iho Secretary id btato aatisflod lilinsclt
lhat tho stories lu refeieuco toMr. Manulugalii.
toxliatluti were uutruo, uud Iho Prcsldcut tout
lu Ills uauio tor continuation. Morgan aud Porch
bad becu his detractors. Thelogio ot the situation
While I am upon i cs .li xdumi I would Just llko
touskoDOquesllouuf Iho prcsldeut. Did he scud
What C.iilHcs tho Humor llml llu Will
Scerebiry .Manning's ntlcullon was jestcrday
called to tho pnli'lshel statements tint ho cxpcils
shorily ti icslgn from IlioTrcaiury to liecomo tho
head of a new bank in New York. Tho Secretary
replied that ho had nut tiecn offered tlio presidency
utnuyBiicti bank; that necurdlnglo Ills experlciuo
It Is iiittoinary to organize n bank nnd clod a board
of directors before selecting tho other otllicrs, and
b fir as ha knew this hut not et In ell dune. Mr.
Manning's remarks indicated that ho did not wish
to appear ns expressing In advance, nn opinion upon
a contingency which had not arisen. 1 no fact that
several ot .Mr. Mannings friends nro among the
organizers of Iho proposed new bank, and lliatii
Inrgo number nt Iho hciivy Buhacilptlous for tho
sirs k havo been m Ida contingent nn sir. Mnnnlug a
becoming tho prisldenl nt It, glvrs inlur to Iho
rumors thai hols bi resign Ida place lu the Cabinet
In order to bcunuo iho manager or Hie enterprise.
I'roiioMftil llc(lulnr to Itie I'revlitcul'N
In Hie Borcl session of the Senate jcutcrday
afternoon Senator Ingalls offered, In tho form of n
resolution, a letter to tlio Proildcnt In reply to tlio
message Bent by htm to tho Senalo soma weeks
since, giving Ills reasons for renominating ,1. c. Mat.
thews, nt Albany, N. Y., U bo Itecordcr of Deeds
tor huh District.
Tho letter went over unonnn oblecllou. and will
i onio up at the next secret session.
lis puriHise is siaieii lo no to correct mo Inipres
Blon tvhlcli prevails lo somo extent that Matthews
was rejected because ot his color and Ih H the
nominal loll was undo it party question by tho
m i
ThnUlDlrlol Arorlatloii mil I'.iNieri
liy llin lluitae,
III the Kenale, nfler Senator Heck's rallroid at
torney's bill had been laid over until Monday, on
mutlon of Mr. test Iho consideration oflhu (l
lowBtono Park bill was resumed by u tutu of 94
lo IT.
Mr. Van W'jckorrcrcd an aniendnient, wlilch was
adapted, providing that any acillcruuilio leriltury
uowly added to the pirk by this bill shall lie
entitled lu nil rights mid privileges now given liy
Iho lawsof tho llnltod Stalls nud lirrllorles.
Mr. McMillan said he would tulo agulnst Hie bill,
bci ausu It Imposed rcmrli lions and Itmitatiiuis, nu I
committed authority lo Individuals which he did nut
lielleta to bo wholesome.
Mr. George opposed Iho bill, because It Mt nolle
3.50(1 Buiiaie mills as a pleasure gruuiid Nntouo
OtUen 111 tin thousand would cterhavu Ihecliauie
loeulovlhat nleasure croiiud. All Ihn bulslatlin
power of the Umtcil states was vested In Cougn?.
and It had no right to abdli ate lis dutli a and conic r
lis power on an executive oftker.
tir.Mandcrsou suggisted lhat the Iiitcr-Slslo (''Hu
meri e bill, which the beusiorf rum Mississippi had
advocaled ami voted for, wus llabio lo Hie s nno oti
lection. Mr. Vent replied lo Mr. (Hnrgea coiialllutlunal
argument, llu rind a private Idler fruiu t'liicf
Jiutlio W'alle, Baying that he had read Iho hill mil
that It Binned to mill the riqulreiueuts of the ase.
on motion ot Mr. Hoar, Hie bill was amended br
luseillug a provision for an appeal toino Dhdrlil
Couitof WioiiilugTetrllurr, In easrsof Imprlsun
lucnt.lliMl tneiilt nuspassedi cas, 4V i nsys, 8. Iho
narslielng Mi sirs limy, lluilir. Coke, George, Mo
Mtllau, Morgan, W hltllioruc, aud Wilson, of .Mary,
Al3:3iithoStiia!o went Into ueirtt bcbsIoii, nut
adjourned at 4 u clock.
IIOt'8KOI'llrilirsl!NTATlVKB The Post Ottlco Ai
proprlatlon bill was takin up In ('ommltteo of Hie
w liole, and Mr. Dlount (Ga ) liriefly explained It.
Mr. I'cicrs (Kau ) regntled lhat II did not luntuln
a provision making an ullowanc o liiposluiaslirs ut
tho Ihird and fourth class for clerk hire aud light
and fuel.
Mr. Wallace (U ) moved to amend Ilia ilauso
making appropriation fur special taiilltlesou trunk
Hues, byuddlugn prut Iso that all sums eipindud
for special fac Utiles shall bo evpenlcd vvllhlu the
dlscretluil ot the I'osliuahlcr Giueral mo us to muter
tho gnalist lieuillt on busluess uud imslal lute rests,
aud where two or more trunk lines are In operation,
having tho satuo general dlrcillo'i aud tirmliial
poluts,spoclai faillUlcH shall bo extended lu Iho low.
1st bidder after adverllsciuini.
Alter protests Iroiu Messrs. Illiiuiit, Ilia ,) Mo
Comas, (Md,) and Uouglurly, (Flu,) luo uiulluu
uaslosl is, UJ. 1 ho bill was llieu uporicdtotlio
Houso and passed, and Hie House ngalu went into
(Vimmltlce (Mr. llluunt in the i hair) uu the Dlslrlct
ui i uiiiiniiia Aiipriipriaiiou mil.
Mr. O Ferrall (Vit ) took advantage ot the general
tcbate lo deliver it speech In favor of lliu illalr
cducalliual bill.
'1 ho peiidiug bill hat lug brt u read bv p irjgraphs,
Vr. Hiichaiisu (N. J ) luqiiired whcthir any appiu
prlatloii was uinialued the rein for the extension of
Massai husetts avt nno.
Mr. Wilson (W, vu.) replied lu tho negative.
Mr. HeiiderHuu (Iowa) thought that It was duo to
HioDisirlitCuiuiutsiluueiBto slulo that they had
not iiskid for uuv such iimirunilatleiii.
1 1io uuislde ration ut Iho bill, wus then uompleled
an I the ctoiiiiuUteo having rlsiu, the 1,111 wus passed
'I Uo House thou, ut 4:19,udJuuruod.
Mr. (llmUtoiie'v Visit.
Lonpon, Ju. s.i, A large crowd awaited I Iio eoiu.
lug of Mr. aud Mrs. Gladstone uud the Prlueo of
Wiiles ut the luilway station ut ljuu. Upon the
nrrlvalotlhetruluMr. GUlstouo wascallel upon
tin a sneieli. llu resnouded bv oxiiresrtlniF lili
I tuauks for tlio friendly gricllug avevtUed him.
Tim llrllllnnl Nitrrtnclo nn II Nlrtirli
Ihn Furnttlnrpil r.yo of n llornld
On Monlay, Tiicslivy, and Wednesday ot last
week tho National was transformed Intont least
several scenes nt fairy enchantment, (to employ the
prescribed rcporlorlsl foimiils,) If not more, by onr
scson 1 Klnnes. Wo daro not liopo that tlio Klrmos,
llko Iho poor, wo shall havo always with us. Hut
ceilalnly from Its successes of last year and this wo
may lode for It ns nt least an annus! Inslltntlon.
1 his tlmo It was given tor tho benefit of Iho Nations!
Itoimropathlo llo.pllal. Hut tho N. 11. II. Is not
trno lo its principles by a fine, large, allopathic ma.
Jitlty; Towll,ntmoly,lnlhatlthas given ns tho
Klrmesthls year In a vastly bigger, bolder, and
moro heroin dose, ns lo numbers, splilt, and general
crtecllveness,ttiannnlh6 Initial (rial ot this Dior
onghly agree iblennd altogether sugar-coaled formof
charitable trcitmcnt. Mnny of the managers as well
os dancers nt list ycafB Klrmos wero present and
ncllvo lu lhls, and Ihc result has been that tho In
dcfatlgatile Proressur Mnrnlg has been able to
marshal his largely aiigmcnlcd forces tutnuclibetlcr
ndvantagc than before, t'crlnlnly nuylhitig more
brilliant and dtming than tho stngo of Iho New
National, when Iho nlwajs remarkable drop curtain
proceeded lo Intolto upon lis own Iranscendtnt
loveliness last Mou lay nlRht, would bo dlflluilt to
Imagine. Tho resources of Iho palette, Iho ralnlmw,
Iho transformation si.cn e, tho dictionary, Iho kalei
doscope, and of all the dally papers had been some
thing moro than exhanstcd. And from tho plump
llltlo figure of tho tiniest llaby lice ut Iho Flower
Dance, reclining nn Iho atago nboul tho normal lati
tude of I tic footlights, to tho porlllcst nn I most
Imposing matron nnd Managercsson the back bench
away up under tho wandotthasomcwhatnvcrwoikcil
liitidmnstei, the ulumc ot color, form.ntid grouping
was perfect and complete. And tho stalls nnd
boxes even moie than reflected the brilliancy of the
Btago. Nn more striking naacmh'lcs, In Iho point nt
J)fimm-,(llstln( Hon, Hie array nl tcmlnlno love
liness, and Its proper presentation by the nl mpt
unlvcisal prevalence of full ilrctn, havo ever
been gathered in Washington. Each nlghl, despite
Hie announcement otnn early atari, tho circles and
luges were filled with a glittering expanse of gleam
ing arms nnd shoulders, Dashing Jewels, shimmer
ing silks an I satins, waving rans, and smiles and
glances moro nclntlllantthan nll,dlverslflidby the
usual cmtrnsts of black contB and snowy shirt-fronts,
long before the some what cacoplionouscltorlB of the
artillery band began to distribute dejection among
the audience. Hut when Ihc iiirtaln finally rose.
and Iho well meaning ntllllet vtucii tired on n still
bolder salvo of distressing Biund, and from Iho
broad Held of finely massed color at tho rear of the
stage, a slender filament of splendor detached Itself
that wound around the floored In orchestra, and up
nnd down and back nnd forth, till tho whole aro of
vision was tilled with the goigeously radiant, ncelh
Ing, and Involute blare of the grand inarch, the en
thusiasm ot tho atidicneo knew no bounds. Then,
when all had relumed to their plat eann the amphl
theatrcd terraces nt tho rear, reaching hall tho
height. of the stage, Ihero was a lull In Iho music
nn I Iho sea of color was sill!, buddenly there mole
forlti a Btraln of simple and pastoral sweetuess, aud
down the midst of tho great noor there I ripped two
quaint and chauning litllo llgurcs, high-capped,
utiort skirted, that might havo stepped from the
pages ot Irving or Iho canvas ot Kaulba tl. Thiy
wero Mrs Schooleyanl Miss Lincoln, the leaders ot
tho llollandalscdsncc, and lu a moment Iho entire
troupe of merry little Duchesses wcro treading
their demure huteiacefulnicaatiiCHiin the shining
boards Suydam aud Potsdam, Atnslerdam nnd
Itoltirdam, but they were pretty! Again a lull and
chaugenf mcasuie, nndalava lorrcntot red caps
ran d)m Iho pvrll colored tnuuulaln Bide of
human llgurcH nnd spread nud curved In irimson
convolution oiitlioplaliauof the parquet. Winding
In nnd out with myriad hired Intertwining of their
Koman Buarrs, kntcllug and holding their nets to
Heaven ns If on tho lujkiul lor flying llsh, these
Nc ipolltsu flsherfolk from the nppi r circles, squares,
and triangles of Ice bouud Washington might In
deed have been dark-eyed girls of Capri, nud
picturesque lazzarunt or Nupios, for tho languoious
giaio and 1101,114011 of their poses. Iho Illusion
wasuimplelo mil you teltti slug mill Huctixnan
"Vly hoiiI lo day Is far away.
Hailing tho Vcsiivlnn Hay."
lint Ihc Ushers dually hauled In their nets, and
Ihen camo the fclo of flowers. Mushing roses,
crimson popples, wldc-iwako daisies, and purple
pinnies, nil pcrsonntrd by slim little misses, llicni-i-eltes
sweet, bud ting flowers of girlhood, grouped
Inlotely parterres npon tho stign, while arount
them hummed andhirrzed, Inulrlp-sof gold and
brown, llioliuslost little bios thatctcr pltindeied n
garden. The tiniest Utile lot of a Ipe, wh iscroly poly
legs 1 wild scarcely k cp up Initio lour ot the flow
ers, was led out by Professor Marwlj; to respond to
the hmrly plaudits ot tlio audience.
Now, however, tho heart quli kens and the blood
bounds ns Iho pulsing llnobof the castanets falls
sharp yit sott upon llio cnr.nnd two lluca of lithe
nnd lightly swaying shapes deploy upon tlio Bceno
It la Iho Spanlsii d nice; perhaps iho mosl grace
fully sciliiellvo of them nil. Dark eyes softly Hash
lug from heucnih Iho coquelllsh manllll.a, coy
smiles from Iho fatal ambush of tlio fan, white arms
glenmlng nuild Bhalowy folds of lace, It is n charm
Ilk? wily Vivien's "of woven paces and waving
hands," nnd there' Isn't n wise old Merlin III the
Metropolitan Club who could have wllhslood II.
Mozart's minuet music, audio nnd behold, led by
Miss Walte and Mr. Acklcn, In broca led silks and
powdered h ilr, hlgh-liceled Blioes nud clocked hose,
Iho figures ot Hie last century reappear upon Ihc
scene, to tread tho incisures dear to tho pcnwlggod
Bonis of our rcspecicd gre it grand parents. Llko
the pecra In "lolanlhe,"lt was all very "dignified
nud H'jilcly," and we hive no doubt our ancestors
enjoved It quite ns much ns Ihclr more rapid dc
si end nils, the "racket" or can inn. On tho left
was Miss Lou Dur.aui, whoso graceful dancing nud
handsome appcarnnco charmed all eyes.
Again a change, and the "Chlmea of Normandy"
are 1 1 inglng out upon the fct crish air, and n sea or
snowy npsiiul Hlreunlng rlbluns dashes upon Iho
stage. In the Normandy, as In Iho Iloll md, Span
ish, and Flower dances, It was somewhat rough upon
tho girls thai "every lassie" did not "havo her lad
itio." Hi those d lines, In fact, the male element vvns
conspicuous by lis absence, but perhaps tho lack In
pic luresqtieiiCBS and variety waa innro than supplied
by llio gain in accuracy and graco. For llio male biped
or tho human spec lesjrom soino uncxpl lined reason,
does not tako kin liy 10 exhibiting his legs and kick
ing up his heels even for Swcil Charity's sake, and
his occasional attempts In tint direction aro never
devoid ot 11 certain siiainc.faced self consciousness
whieli i annnt but detract from the easy alxiiiilon ut
tho fuirt eiwenilile.
Ill Iho Indian dame, lioncvir, the male Kir
inesscr. bo 10 rpeak, had his liinlugs, andiauieuut
alrong lu paint nud wnr.whonp and grunlfl and
feallicra. Most of the costumes In Hits splendid
tableau nl satagiry vvira Iho rial thing, and llio
mlmlu aborigines bo lite llko that from sheer force
ot Hie Imagination many ladles In Iho audience wcro
( bet tied loiemil 10 the Ir mulling bottles,
1 lieu 10 a bright and 1 atehy polka air the Swedish
lads nud lasses, In Jaunly peasant rig of black and
yellow, camo skipping on llio boirds, Tlio boys
kuelt and slipped lite resounding flior nud tho
light-fooled damsels aiviing laughingly around
llieiii. 'lutileau Hiieeieded tableau vrlin quick,
ntss and precision, and the last dame but one ot the
Ivlnucs was over.
'I lu re was n p mac of somewhat moro Imprcsslvo
duration th 111 before. A burst of wild Gypsy tint ,10
Willi the mad Jingling of tambourines broke tho
sib 111 e, aud 11 slnglo flgui c, sli ndcr, v. lllowy, repleto
wlih graco In every lino and 111 iveiucnt, stood alone
inthutasispaic. From head to loot she shone re
splendent In black nnd scarlet mid gold, Intricate
embroidery, glittering nilns, nud medals well
worthy nl Uioi'uctu of "II Hie Gypsies. In the
right and then Hie lilt sho danced wlih rhythmic,
s)lph llko sup And Ihen, Ilka a prairie lire skirling
Itiodrj grasscs,nlluoof rUino llko eotur lisped In
amoimnt ull around Die eiiclrillug space, Ihu
prelly Iloiuany queen was Miss Mary Dullerworlh,
IhollnatifiUiiiowashcrwIllbiiidof Gltanl. All the
splendor und be tut y that ht 1 gono bcfoit, si 1 uud us
11 lining to llih ni 1110 and (Umax of barluirlu bril
liancy. 1 ho pooplu looked an I applauded llll both
ejis nud arms wero weirv, nud Iho curiam de
scended upon Hie aim 1st blinding- radiance of the
nnaloof tho Klnnca.
Iho total roeelpls uf iho Klriucs will be about
iT,TcH) and the expenses about I I,3n0, Icat lug a prom
tor llio llospnaloi about J,lou.
I'lrii 1111 n New York Uurh,
Nut iiiiik.Jaii VJ llio broko out mis alter
110011 on Ihu ('roiuwilllluuplerNo.il, North litter,
and lu less Hiati an hour iho wholohtruitura and lis
eonteuts wi re deutruyed. 1 ha Ifro was first sem lu
a slue k of uittuu bales iu the unite otitic clock.
Alongside the Plir liy thuljiiilsliua, which wasjiul
ready to sail. On lliu other sldo w.ntiiu steaiuir
ew(lrloulls llotli vessel weru low ud out loin Id
H ream, '1 he p nweuge ra on the Louisiana wcro taken
nit by isilbovvho vvcru prolcdlug Iho nun union
workmen. 1 ho vesud'a upper J 'bier works wi ru lu
nanus while tho iitsscmrers were beluir ni4nel
down the sides She will bo ready to sill as huh as
rep lira 1110 completed, 'Ihero vveio u balisul
lotlou ou the dotk, besides a quantity ot tdhn
freight 'llioliouglirauch pier caught lire several
times Pier 10 011 iho north silo 1 si ape I with a
seuiiclilng uud s 1 did Hie housed iiiiWesl slrcel,
About twenty t reams ot water weru playing oil the
llro leu mliiuiis uflir It broke out, one halt being
from engine suit I the other hall from tho lire-boats
uud steam lugs 011 the river. It wus reported that
lliu urn was hi ulid by strikers, but the pollen deny
litis. 'I ho police cslluiatu tho diuugu lo bo about
Ituclni; nt New Orlnutm.
NnwOuiKtNS, l.t.,Jau.VJ.-'liie weather to-day
was dear und pleasant, nud there wus a good at
tendance at Iho Louisiana Jeiekuy Club races, lite
truck wus muddy. Hrsl race -sotiu-clghllit of a
lulle.iluudy Andy won by iwu tenglhs, Little Joo
seeoud, Cuthcart third. 'I Hue, l:3I)i. Sectond
race six furlongs, bitter Mario won by Iwolinglhs,
Hello seexiud, F.ntoy third, 'lime, 1;'J. 'Ilitril
rueo Ouu inlle, Itevuko won by thrco ItuglluLbt.
altulluu second, Probus third. 1 Hue, 1 iSJ.Si.
I,at week marked tho cllmaclcrl) In tho uncial
world. It was tho height of tho season. 'Iho
most desirable pcoplo hi society wero engaged
for every afternoon and evening, an I sometimes
Iho promises wero In Itlpllutlo. Mrs. Cleveland
was no exception lo tho rule. Sho absolutely
had all sho umtl do to keep her engagements,
and found great gratification and satisfaction In
her sham of ttio pleasures 11 will bo remem
bered lhat Mrs. Clevelnnd Is yontiE, not twenty
four, lhls Is her very first season In metropoli
tan society, nnd thus far sho really likes It. People
havo been extremely kind lo her, Bho says, and
kindness creates kindness In all her career thus
tar, nnd In tho most dimciilt position a woman,
voting or old, could Iio placed In, not a slnglo un
kind criticism touelilngner has reached her ears
or been openly made, lhls Ian fact unparalleled
In social iiistorv, either hero or In Europe. Tho
esrly dais nt (ueen Victoria's reign, front 1M7
till her marriage In tsiu, wcro full of iho most
Unhappy even wretched dsvs, beoanso nt tho Ill
tempered ir 11 Id, ins nf older women. Hut for
nncc tho oldest and ugliest of Iho sex has fore
tiorne, and tho radiant young woman who Is the
ornament and light nt tltc Whlto Houso cujiys
tho world bexnuse It loves her.
It has been a very busy week for Mrs. Cleveland
though. Monday, aflcrdlnlngat scveu, sho dressed,
rode folly miles lullslilmoro by rail, then nearly a
mlla In ncnrfhg.i, and then went directly Into the
b ill-room, -vlltriiui the slightest opporlujilly Ifi II x
tip or "primp" wliativcr that may mean. "No
woman in4 very sure of herself could havo done
such a thing," said Ihociiif'doriume whorcioiinlcd
tho little Incident to llio riportir, "ror she was
making her llml appearance In a st range rlly, ono
noted lor tho clegsnco and tasto ot Its women, npon
an occasion when Ihc ftrlslocjncy wcro sura to be on
hand In furce. Will, I doll t bio how sno dared risk
It. She not only did It, hut Bho was at knowledgcd
tohotheinnatticauiltut woman present, lsn I that
alrluraph foryoii?" Mrs Cleveland's costume on
the occasion nibbled to, the Charily Hall nt llsltl
mote, was it robo ot white Bilk, tlio main part of
which was her wedding dress, somewhat t hanged
an 1 adapted to the exigencies ot greater usage than
It would rccelt eot a wedding. Sho was enthusi
astic In her acknowledgment ot tho plessuro the
visit gate her, nnd Iho charming people she met.
Tuesday, nt her noon reception, Mrs. t'lcvc'nnd
wore a dress of navy bluo Bilk nnd garnet velvet,
the latter being employed tn make a panel In front.
About her net k waHa hand of garnet velvet, nud
her toilette was completed by n Jacket of ecru Hus-
sian lace, vvuu nirs uicvcisuii was ucr menu,
Miss stcrnburn. ot Hulfal , who Is ra ikltig n visit nt
the White House.
Wclnesday afternorm Mrs. Clcvetanddrnvo with
Miss Stcrnhutg and Miss Kingston both ladies be
ing her guests until nearly nve, and niter dinner
she and the President, Iho two young Indies men
Honed, with Colonel and Mrs Latnonl, went to Iho
Urines. Tho National Theatre was lull even
beyond standing room when llio Presidential
parly entered. Mrs. Clcvilaud b gown was ot whllo
silk worn iiign npon uie,ui( k, very piainiyinn'ie,nui
tilling beautifully. It was ornamented with gold
passementerie. 'Iho President's second ofllelai re
ception was held Thursday evening. It was In
honor nt Iho .ludli lary and Congress, an I was well
attended, but liy no means crowded. 'Hie public,
was spared tho too trniueut Bpeciaclc of women
pushing and elbowing every ono In their paths 111 a
manuer that Indicates Ihc presence of much physi
cal strengt h but the total nbsenccof any ecni tnietit of
rcllncincnt or good breeding Mrs. Clivilnnds
dress ivns that worn Monday evening at tho Haiti
moie Charily Hall. Itls nu rxtrimcly becoming
one; the low cars tgo was covered with white ostrhh
lips, tho front nud sides bclug trimmed with Ihc
same material Vtrv much to the regret of nil her
friends, Mrs Cleveland s delightful sociables on
'lucsday nud Ihursdny noons hav c been given up.
They were Intended lo afford her nn opportunity ot
seeing something ot the people sho knew hero, nnd
to allow her friends and acquaintances to come nnd
vlilt her a half hour twieo a week. Hut tho Iml
littllol would not penult this, liroves and crowds
ot women (for they were llio orfendcrs) buc had
never seen would march In and stay till there was
neither room nor npnorlunttv for nnv one else tn net
near. It Is not a pleasant thing lo record, but the
facts are precisely as slated. So they tatisei elx are
given up, and one putilio reception a week will be
given hereafter.
Tho most elrgtnt pritato pirty ot the season
was that given by the wife ot Senator Mcl'herson
Monday night lo .Miss Dillon nud Miss Midlll.
1 here wero thirty five couples lo dancu the cotillon,
which was led by Miss Mcdlll aud Dr. Itulh. of Ihc
Navy. Ihc spacious rooms of the Iioubo opened up
mostcnehniilliigly. Iho corners weie Illicit Willi
great palms and the 1 tialra aud mantels vtcic
heaped nilh the Mowers that were Bent to the young
ladies of tholionecaud to tho hostess. Miss Mcdlll
wore a ball dress of lulla covered Willi goiit bans
aud poinegr mates. Ihc bodice was low nud
sleeveless, and Bho woro a gold ueckla( 0 ot an
Oriental pattern about her neck. MIsh Dillon nore
a ball tin as of while tulle, spangled av llll silver nnd
pesrls. Her parincrwas Mr. Harry lee Iteynolds,
ncphowoflho Hon. W. W. Coreurau. Mlsa Mar
garet Itliiino'H partner was Mr. Keep of Chhsgo.
Alius Itlaluo woro 1,110 lull(. and carried a jrrcat
bouquet ot vlolels nud lints of llio valley.
Miss May McClelland, of New tork, Iho grand
daughter ol Dr. Alexander MeCulinueh, ot New
v.urk, wore white tu.lo nnd silver bangles. MIsh
Harry, or New 1 ork, woro white tittle, braided with
white ribbon. Mlssllecksher, of New .ork, wore
white tulle, trimmed with lavender rlblmiiH. Miss
Julia' stoekton avoio whllo mile, with Iho bodlio
edged wllh violets. Mrs. Scoll 'lowusend was lu
blue Inllo, Willi a Prlniiss'H ransom In Jewels upon
her nick and arms Mrs Hill, who Is Iho liusiess
of Miss lllaltte, wore a hcaiitttu! costume of pink
silk, veiled In Valenciennes lace, nnd n spliudl I
diamond necklace. Miss Phi lps wore ft losiunieot
bluo tulle, edged Willi narrow blue ribbon. Miss
Mulllu Mitchell, 11 simple Iml exquisite dress nf
whllo tulle; Miss Wist, pink Inlle. Tho favors
wero Prlmess of Wales plumes ot ostrich, iinndu
llus.nrlirii tal ruses with rubber stems, lioiitounlers,
pearl ncik senrlptus, 11c. Among Ihc guests
wero Iho Misses (In en, llvm roll, W'a'lai h, Mc
lorln I iniri, IliirroiiKhs, llirghmaiiiis, nnd How
I md, Mr. and Mrs. Ilclyar, Col. bchuylcr Crosby,
and mosl at Iho Diplomatic Corps.
Somo of Iho Americans aro still having n good
tlmo In London. I'anllti I'nlr says: "Ono of Iho
pleasanlcst galhei Ings of New Year's Day was Mrs.
Donald's, In Cidogan Place, where sho received her
friends In tiuo American fashion. Musto was, ol
course, well re'iireseiiled, and one or llio isiirprlstB'uf
the p trly was it new song by Sir Arthur Sullit in, lo
line sweet words by Mrs. Illouinlleld Moore, begin
ning 'In waves tho inuslu rose and fcl'.' '1 hoBongls
one of the most emotion il Mr Arthur has written
since Ihu 'IaisI chord.' and will shortly be imhHshcd
under llfb name ol 'For I'ver.' Mrs. Donalds, no
cniupanlul by Sir Arthur, did both words nud music
full justice at Ihclr Inaugural luiioduellouunNew
iear a Day."
Those who went eirly to the Chinese Minister's
tialll liursday night probably stwtho handsomest
Interior everprepared for such 1111 event In Wash
ington. Alter the crowd arrived mere wns not a
good chance to Bee Hie I'ffeet of I ho decor itlons. Hut
wlu'ii Iho first guests weru arriving blcvyarl Castle
was it verltablo Poire r of beauty, our premier
florists, tho Smalls, uf Fourteenth street, who had
charge nf the nor.il decor ttlous, oxce'led all Ihclr
previous elTurls, for the edicts I hey produced weru
magnlilcent. All tho mantels and every oilier avail
able place weru banked with II itvcrs, uud the whole
BldeotoneroomvvuHaiuaHsuf Ihueholeisiroses. 1 he
drawing room, along Willi the palms' and plants, was
also adorned with chub 0 ecramlia and ( urlos or llio
Minister s prlvnto collietiou. Stewart Castle s ball
room has always been famous as the llueat apart
ment of Iho kind In tlicelly, liiui lo-nlglit It was so
crowded lhat even In lhat largo room datulug could
mil bo carried on Willi unutort until tale In Ihu
cvenlug. llio illuiUK-room, wllh Its bc.iutliully
decorated table, was all too small In contain the
crowds that pressed Into It, Ail elaborate titppir
was protlb'd thai Included lenuplu, ehainpague.
salads, giiuie, lets, und con fee I Inns, mu puueli nud
lemoundo wiro served from lublis In tho largo
hall, 'llio prlvaio iiparlminu of Hie rieoiid floor
weru usdl for 1 loak rooms, and llio whole building
wus lighted ami thrown open. 'Iho Minister re
iclvcd at the drawing room door. Ho wore a new
pearl-e olored rube, Willi over blousootsky.blue silk,
and 11 huge aulllnliu diamond ul gie.it vuliio glillend
in Ihc trout of Ills black skull tap. 'Hie irowd wis
Imuiiuse, and ihriu must Have been many iinln.
tllid. 'lo 11 ime 111 iso piescul would ho to inuiiic
ralo all the noted people lu sot lal und utile lal lite'.
'Iho 1 or respondent ol Iho New York llmtttl
writes lhat Hie Chlueso Minister had Inleuded that
Ids bull Bhoiilt bo a pleasant illtlounatrot about
two hundred guests, "liy uniicst," ns might bo
said, his list was Blrcti hed out IciHlx huudied,and
evperls rslliiialed mat thero weru ne.uly tight
hundred people In tlio house. 1 1lls, added toot lur
retail ant tal iiiiisisll Ions uf HiOBttue kind, makis It
tery icilalii that a reform will soon bo Hummed lu
Wustilugluu s Hltly, and ulmlllaucn to lueepllous
ami balls at iiillclulliuuscH and ligations will bo by
card licreutler.
Mr. William 11. '1 ian 1 a has for scvetalji ars been
Ihoowncrof ahuuse liilhis 1 It), and Ihu ladles of
his fitully hutu gtncrally fpent somo tune hero
citiyBiuson, 'lliey had luuleniplaled luaVIng IliU
llulr permaiKiil winter risldtiue, mil would lute
bcni lure tills year fur the III si tluio us house
kripcrshsdnol Ihu tailing heallliol Mr, Iritirs
(oiupellul him logo Hi llinuu.l.i Instead, 'I lie iho
lent wiektauiiellieHuliiewsihai he has grown so
much worse lhat new sol liUdoutti may iuhiu be t .
peeled. Mrs.'lravrrs vvasa daughlir ol Iho latu
Ititirdy .loiinson, and has many rilailves lu W'ush.
Ingtou und Alexandria as will as lu Hattlmuru.
Mrs. Inter, who Is a dtughlernl Mr. Trattrs.uud
seviralnllur iiiembers of Ihc fumlly sallc I from
New 1 ork fur Herinud 1 011 1 hursday.
1 lie ev rrespoudeut ot a New Yoik Journal saja
thelitlruslouut uulnvlled giiestanl huuscs lutbls
ill) iceilved a proper rebuke ut Iho recent Satur
day couicrlut llio I'rltl.h legation. 1 Julio a parly
otlntrulers appro h hed MUs W ibl, Iho joiing
husiios, who, hat lug been Irludlu thai wuynt pro
vlousintirluimiieiits.as well it" on lhat ihuuhIou,
iiultl pillciuiu eased tobea virtue, lu a polite and
dU'ultled luiinnersall tolholulrti lers.wtlh tvlmiu
alio was uintuiualhted, ".ou iiiust havo made it
mistake; this Is a private ecuieort tor Invited fiitsta
only. Gekklulle'inuoti," 'lliu party look the hint
uin left.
Mrs. II. M. Woilf. of "I'loverl 111 1." Fauuulor
County, V,i , lus bee 11 itslilng rtlatltea In thUtlty
u'ao ,tii it umii.
Mr. an I tlrs J.iiuesU. I'ariie.ol '.114 Massioliu
si'tis utouue. tiavo lasuot luvltutlons In a tea on
Wtdiit aili), Irom 4 lu J, to incet their guest, Miss
Miss Kslelle llrlghl.ol Wlliiilnglon, Del,, who hits
beei vUlllug Mis Maine Owc-iis, of Wist Washing,
ton, hits returned loner huiiio.
MI.sFloieinoAiidcrrt.nl, ol llugerslowu, Md.la
IhoguistotMra. Illchard Murgau, ut Wist W'asU-lllglull.
Tho third cotillon of Iho Wcdii"sday F.vcnlng
Club last week was lonsldernbty larger than tho
preceding ones. The hall was handsomely decorated
and Iho bower of palms on tho stage was particu
larly effective. Iho collation nerved during the
wholo evening was perfect of Its kind and the music
by tho Marino Hani oxccllcnt. Mrao. Honaparte
received Iho guests, the presentatlonsliclnginadoby
tho president ol tho club, Mr. W. II. Slack. Lieut,
Hotlgers, of tho Navy, ledthe cotillon, and tho Vir
ginia reel, which was danced wllh greatnnnlmntlon,
closed before 3 o'clock. Tho costumes wero among
Iho f rishcst and handsomest seen this year. Among
thnso present wero Colonel and Airs. Ilomparle,
General and Mrs Sheridan, Mr. an I Mrs. David
King, Miss .lanlo ltlggs, Mrs and the Mls-cn lleach,
Mrs and Miss Audenrlcd, Mr. nnd Mrs Augustus C.
lylcr, Mr. and Mme. Hentcrskjold, Mr. and Mrs.
Diehard Davenport, Mr. and Mrn. Illchard Stnt kton,
Mr, and Mrs. I titer, Mrs Mcl'herBon, Miss Dillon,
Miss Medlll, Mrs. llllt, Miss Margaret lllalne, Mrs.
Ilclyar, Mr. ond Mrs. Fred I'alne.l leulenant and Mrs.
I mory. Lieutenant and Mrs. Logan, Miss Porter,
Mrs. nnd Miss HnWell, Miss t.l7ln Patterson, Mtss
Slonl, Miss Hanks. Mr. ami Mrs. Then. King, Miss
Harry, M. Houslan, Count Sals, Mrs and Iho Misses
linen, Mrs nnd Miss llorrowes, Mrs. TonBcnil,
Miss HcckBhcr. Miss nriswold. Mrs. and Miss
Dolph, Mrs. Wright, Count Llppo Wclssenfcldt,
tho Misses West, Miss Mitchell, Mrs. Wasti.
Ington. Mis lliildckopcr, Mrs. Warder, Mr.
and Mrs. Kdwnrd Mct'nwler, Mr. and Mrs.
Ichmsn, Miss Dmtge, Miss Itonth. Miss Hndl.
lotl.Mr. nnd Mrs. ('. II. Poor, Mrs. Klndleberger,
Mrs. Jewell, Miss Poor. Mrs. and Miss Inland, Ad
miranipshiir. Miss Markoc, Coinmcutoro and Mrs.
Harmony, Mrs Hush. Mr. and Mrs. OwcnScolr.Mr.
and Mrs. Wyckllfto Preston, Miss Nathallo Ilerry,
MIsh Myers, Miss Thnron, csptaln nnd Mrs. John
Hogcrs, Mr. and Mrs. I'syson, Mrs and Mlssl litany,
Count and Countess tialll, Itornn edwllr, tr.
Jnnlsch.Mr. Dollose.Mr. Do strute, Dr. and Mrs
O'ltellly, lieutenant and Mrs. Duvnll, Dr.nnd Mrs.
Dickson, Commander and Mrs. Ijiary, Miss John
on, Dr. nnd Mrs. Lorlng, tho Misses Caldwell,
Senator Halo, Mlsa lirlng. Miss Macomb, Mr. and
Mrs. Stephen Vail, Mrs. William II. Slack. Com
mander ami Mrs noir, Mr. snusirs. iiuniunn nrsu
ley. Colonel and Mrs. Hlnnt, Mrs. Foster, Mrs F. II.
Howe, Count Alvenslchcn, aud Mrs. Do Kovcn, nee
Ihe ball on Thursday evening In tho Nationals
Itlflts' Armory, given by tho Amaranth club to tiieir
trlents, was a handsomo affair, lhls club was
organised only a few months ngn, nnl lis members
may well bo proud ot tho grand success they
achieved In bringing together nuch a solcct gather
ing nf prclty girls Iho members present were
Misses Fisher, 1 owler, Gardner, Fletcher, Mnltlngly,
illlh nnd May Miillan, Lucy nnd Dells Hammclt,
Verger, Fish, Lushman, Williamson, acntman,
Young, and Messrs. Davis, Myers, (Ircenwell, Frank
and Howard Ileesldc, llleston. Howling, Tod I, Sei
dell, Murray, Keene, Footc, Mlddlcton, I ewls. nnd
Young. Among others present wero Mrs. Fish,
Mrs Yeatinnn, Mrs Fisher, Mrs. Young, Misses
Crnwcll and Kccteh, ot llxlilmorc; king, W'vllc,
Shryock, Hcaman. Young, I Ibtilo nud Susie hills,
Hlsnchonnd Maud I Ightloot, Gray, llacon, W hltc.
Shutter, McCord, Miillan, Dickson, Ironsides,
Slesrns, Houston, Mrs -Gllihs, llallle Fisher, Kecne,
Hutlon, Ilulchinsun, Pour, Clarke, Mclntlro, W llson,
of Camden; Collins, Kbby Newman, Hell. Cyphlcr,
Jarlsn'.Shomo, llaininonil,Owens,Hoswcll,Ilolilngs
wnrlh, Mrs Cisiiniis, nnd Messrs. Iluckharl. Manger,
Jntin and W 111 Win, Dledel, Appleby, Field. Demar,
Moore. Stokes. Domcr. Iloleler, Sessford, Cook,
( oekrell, Metrgcr. MiMurray. Sullivan, Hcliarf.
Itcall, lomllsein, Woolen, Waniwtll, Wright, Sam
lwls, Ijincasler, Murray, Mornn, Collamer, John
aon, llaxtcr. Alirnms, HolIlngBworlh, Way, Latham,
Smith, and Scarle, many others.
Ihc marriage at I lent. J A.IIaynes.lhlrd Arlll
Icry.ln Miss HcnrleUa Smith, daughter ot Capt.
Iwls Smith, also of tho Third Artillery, will tske
platolucBday allcrnoon, February 1, at 2 o'clock,
miiin Wnatilntrton Unrrncks. Altera short recep
tion tho young coupln will leave for New York,
wucre tucy win pass tucir wc iuiuk tour.
The Kntre-Nous German Club met at the residence
ofMlsaMagglo Darnelllc, West Washington, last
Friday evening. Among the members present were
iho Misses Spring. Misses Darnelllc, Miss Cameron
MIsH.larkaon. Miss Ilrvan. Miss Aslson, Miss Jones,
Miss llurant. Misses (Irtnllli, Miss Smlthe, Miss
Prcscott.and Messrs. Whiting, Cameron, Mac kail,
Illrum Mllchcll. Johns, l)r Kennedy, (Ircenougb,
Pciklns, Durant, Denlc, Taylor, Darnelllc, and
A pleasant surprlso puty was given to Miss
Mamie Williams, daughter nf MaJ. L. P. Williams,
oflrting street, near Seventh street road, lrlday
evening. It proved a (.omplcle Btirprlsu to Miss
tv titiums, ami a merry timo 10 inose iiresciu, smuug
whoni were tho Mbses Hunt, Walson, Johnson,
Sterling, Mat auley, Camnnck, Dolog, Jones, Pres
cntt, lloge, nud Moore, and Missrs r-ehaelcr.Moore,
llarncs, Hodges, stowcll, 1 bcl, I'rcscott, Davis,
Gaiter, bicrnug, uogo, niueiien, lius, ami uuuu.
MlssChrlsluiasnlll bo at homo on Mondays at
1114 Fourteenth street.
Opera parties Becm to bo the prlucipal nttructlou
Ihc uinilng week. Among iniuyolhcrfl, a box pirty
will Iio given tho wlfo nnd d iiigtttcrs ot Itcprescnta
tlvo J. (1. Cannon 'I liursday evening. Mra.Ciunon
tuts Issued Invitations lor a tea at W'lllarda on
(Wednesday, hebruary 2, Intro luclng her youngest
daughter, Alaliet.
Intltallotislolhe wet ling ut MlssCaro'luo Mor
gan, daughter of the lato I). P. Morgan, to Mr. Itu
dolph II, Kissel ore out. Iho ceremony Is to like
place 1 humbiy, 1 ebrunry 10, nt St. John's Church.
Alter tho ceremony .at Hit- chuieli there will bo a re
lepllon from i:V until 5 o clock at Mrs. Morgan's
resl Icnce on hcoll Circle
Ou'lliurs lay evening last, nt tho residence of Iho
brldu a .aunt, Mrs. M. It. Denmnii, of Newark, N. J ,
Mr. George MIsh Mullh.n ipular young clerk In Ihe
Ofllco ot Iho Ailjiilant General, was married to M Iss
Mary Cross Slctcns. A number of Irlcuds of Iho
young couplo from Washlurlou and other points
wero prtsenl and many telegrams mid letters of (un
gralulullou wero rci cived by the groom. 'I ho prcs
iiils. .tmong llieiu Buiiio choke icslimonlils from
Mr. smtllis friends lu the War Department, were
greatly admired. Mr. nnd Mrs Smith will bo at
home nt 810 1 tveltlh strict.
Airs llaywari! M. Hutchinson and Mrs. Hall havo
Issued tarda fur February 1 and in, from J to 7
Mrs Shcllabarger an I Miss Mary bhclluhargcr
hato Issued "at homo" Hit nations fur Wednesday
ct euing, I ebruary 2, ais o'clock, at 81 J Seventeenth
street, '1 ho cotillon will bo danced at 9 o clock.
Mrs. Will ir.l Warner held qulio a largo reception
Friday last, nlher lioiiicou Massachusetts avenue,
assisted by MissCiintleid.
Dr. and Mrs. Charles C. It) me gavo 11 delightful
tea at Ihclr quirlera at tho Soldiers' Homo losl
Frl lay, tho 2.MI1 Instant, from 3 tor. P. XI. Tho diy
was line an I man) people! at tiled Ihimaelves of thu
beaiillful we ilher to take lhls pleasaul drive.
Miss Sadie Loving, of Lovlngston, Vn , is visiting
Iter brother, S. II. Isivlug, at mil Flgliteiuih street.
MUs Hest, ut I'hiU lelplil.1, u vlslllug MM Hryau
at lur houu ou Coiiueillcut uv cuue.
Mrs. Augustus Tylers Inst Jauuary tea In tho
Powell house, 011 I street, Wednesday, was unci of
the most notable of tho season. Mrs. Col. Ludlow,
Mrs. kluir. Mrs. Duvull. uud Miss lliulti weru nu
duty lii tin) dining room, uud Mrs. Hit Cooke as
sisted the hostess lu tho Uruwlug room. It was at
tended h) nearly rtir) bodi lusiility, andunltcrsal
regrtt was tell at Ihe tcriniuatloii ul ilicao clianiilug
Tint prelly Miss llargous.ul Nciv Y'ork, who fur
set cruise is ins Ins played such sad havoc wllh the
hearts of Arm) and Navy men at Old Point Com
fort, has surrendered In Linn. David Price. Flfih
Artl'Iery, Bl illoncd at W est Point, as per aniiouiiied
Ilia engagement f Mini Adelaide ratcllo Heach,
ilaughterol tho I Ho Hon. lewis Hcaih.Coruwill
on ihc-lludsoii, N. Y..to Dr. Hubert Iteyburu, Jr,
of I his city, Is announced.
Mrs. II, G. Gibson, thu charming wife or tho 1 om
nia mlnnt at Wiishlugton llarrni ks, will hold her
usual reception to morrow from 3 to u P, XI,
A progresslvocuchreclubwascnterlulnedby Miss
Sharer Fild ty et cnlng, at her residence on Twellili
Btrcel, 'I ho prizes were both unlquo nud handsome.
The king prizes wcro won by Miss Isuhrop and Dr.
lllrdpll, progressive) prlr(H by Miss Hacou and Dr.
lllilclle, nnd Iho booby by Miss Grnv und Mr. Mc
dlll. 'I hosu present wcro Misses Mcodcmus, sini
ster, Mi Cliesfcv. Noble, Gray, Jliiiieaiison, Clc.
Iihnue, W llson, hlinb ill, Kiiiitirus, sicvens, W'yard,
I'ontln. It u.iii. fliul llio Misses Al. liuglilln. and
Messrs. Field, Hicdell, llrnnner, Itldello, Cooper,
rumps, nuon, (Tinner, l.uucu, Miiiiu,Mi.aic'r,iioii.
luson, Dr. Fr iiikcnlleM, Shuslcr, nud Shaw.
A prelly ninsipierado party wiiB given nt tho rest,
(lime of Mrs. It. K, Major, Ills It street, last Mond ly,
Among Hie maskers were Mlnulo X.unlcr, ns Yum
Yum; Mis, P. II, Hull, Nigrollrldu; May llcrens,
TyrulesoGIrl; lllly Kesscl, Old laulylutho Shoo;
Iltrtha lloyd.TaiuhuurluoGlrl: Mrs A. XI, I alniir,
Gypsy i;ui(ii; Agnta lnrnll, 'lopsy; I'rmcts
lliu k. 1'irslan (llrlt Hcssln la.wls. (Jiiccu of Mieb 1;
Addle l'arker, Hail in Girl; Mrs, laiporle, Irish
Woman; Mrs. Major, French I'liisaul; Ilia Lewis,
(Ii nu in Girl; Maud Diitttui, Spanish Piliiuss; 1.17.
ylu Flo)d, Spaulsli (tjpsy; Mrs. J.W. Pulton. .lap.iil
iso Oiuen; Mrs. (', lliick. llishfii! llousekcepir;
xirs.,ioliii Moral!, Matron; Mrs. Finery, Ilashfui Old
Maul; Mrs, I), la wis, Foriunu '1 tiler: 'Hie. II,
Hull, Pocjhoulua; .1, W Idle, Clown; J. W. Hiilloti,
Irish Don ti) brook; P, P.. Major, Clown; Horsey Moruu
Indian; A. M, painter, Mikadu; J. W. Dyer, lurk;
,1, Moran, Negro Dudu; Harry Mor in. Lone Pluliir
111111; Mr.Susil, Negro 'Iramp; Mr. boss, Sol Ikr:
Alliu Moriii, Fuuev Hu to; Andrew lewis, Negro
Wiiich; Mr. J. kilty, liruinnur Hiyf Hr. I airy,
I'riissiin foidter; ('. Huik, Comlu Mlusiril; Mr,
Ditld lewis, HulTili Hill; John Moruu, sr , king
Henry ; J, liuiiy, llallau Organ (Irludir; Ilr.
Mid 1I1 ion, pink ilomluii, 'Ihe iniulo was (urul.tiid
by Prolesbor lliu k.
Miss Ida S. II illlct.of II illlt Invillc, la high c.uinly.
Pa ,1s visiting .Mr". .1. II. Alhilghl, ul her home, 11 it
H sin el.
Miss LauraS. Hiker. ul 1'iederUk County, I'd , Is
on a visit to this 1 liy, and 3 slupplng fur Ihu present
wllhbereoiislii.Mrs.lt. II. II. Cullcdge, 1121 I Ighlh
Unit. Shewlll visit fricu Is In Georgetown before
1 el inning homo,
Tliumariliguol Mr, Ariliur W, tertians 111 in Miss
-klury suiitou Williams lakts plaeu lu St.Juhu'a
Churih.Wist Washbiklou, 'lucsday evening next,
at To clock,
, Miss I'Mllli puck, u( 1313 Flint Blrcel.tvasthuro
1 Iplctit ol a surprise m tsqiicradu party i'rld ty even,
lug, ut which many qiaint eusluiniH wiro worn.
Among Iliuso presitit wire tho Misses llallle liuiipn,
.Iciiulo HeiiUuii, Annie Major. Fiiiiiiti Hisilimf,
sttepheril,'liioiiipsvin,Multti,Cruvvii,'loirtii)ii, Hlalr,
vvooiiwaru, I'liiiups, uu 1 jfiirics, ami aiessrs. ihii
Ion, Foyntiui, Thompson, 'laylor, Mntuse, Muorev
Smiley, Mciiuis, need, joucs, iiuchuii, am New-man,
Miss Dora Ktudlg has relumed Irom lilclimuiid,
Vn , vvlicru she had been Hie guest of Miss Cei ilia
Plzzltil, of tint ptacu It is iinderHloil that Mr
kenllg and limlly will siloitly rt'iuituto liiiuis-
MIsh Iteikla W'lllli in, a youugludy well kiiuwn
In Wist Washington suclely, but who his b. in
llvluglu I'rcde rlc k, Md , Is ihu guifcl fur somu wti ks
olMlssNtlllu WllllaijiSgOii PbIiciI,
Ou Friday ntlcrnoou, thu 4th proximo, Mrs lu
Calla, wife ot Coiuiuaiider Mul'ulli, ot iheN.ivy,
will have lliu ilrslul lur ul homes in Fibruury, al
Ibilrbiuutllul rualdiuee, IWlvvcullelli street.
Mrs John Sliermiii, thu wlfo of Scuator Sherman,
villi hold lur usual Muuda) e'ViiiltiglieipllunlliU
Mrs. Hello H. lluu Lot Ileulou, tho popular reader
uud ilocuileiuUi, Is tuning her parcuu for u few
weeks ut their rnWciue, No. toiA p street,
Mrs Commoloro Greer nud Miss drier, No.
'.ilia llll.ver Pino, luvu lisuel "it noma" curds
fir haturd.ijs, Icbruar) A .md H. from J to 0
r .vi.
On Thursday tho Cblnco Minister gavo n charm
ing muslcnlo lo alwnt Ihreo hundred verbally Invited
guests, nt tho Legation, (Stewart Casllo,) In cele
bration or his birthday. A delicious supper was
setveil, from whh h the stelne of last Tuesday wcto
noticeably absent.
Tho Informal hop at Washington Unrrncks last
Frldty was ntlcnded by tho Misses Lyons, of lllch
mnnd, who hat a been so greatly a Imbed in soelely
lhls winter; Miss Mar Potts, Miss laMIa Johnson,
Dr. Hcane, and Lieut. Mnycr.ot Iho Navy, and many
Mrs. C. K. Dullon and Mlsa Dnlton, tho wllo and
daughter of Capt. Dull in, of tho Ordnance Depart
ment of tho Army, at 5113 n street, will glvun tea,
from I tu I P. M., Friday, February 4.
An cnloyntilo birthday parly was given by Mrs,
Dillon, of SI 11 street northeast, lo her daughter,
Miss Hesslo, last Thurs lay evening. A largo num
ber of llio young lady a friends wcro present, among
whom wero Missrs Heed, lllton, Nairn, lllhtis,
Itntlibono, or Alexandria: Dunn, Ilrndtord, Hen
nine, Hough, nnd Hatlcy. nnd Messrs. Mulllken,
Heed, 1 eel, tf Merle, itrndlord, Thompson, llrown,
Jones, and 1 1tibs.
Miss Loomis, daughter "I Paymaster Lnomls, ot
Iho Navy, is vlslllug Mrs. Payne, at !IIJ Massachu
setts avenue.
Miss HoaltaCrowclI.of Ilaltlniore, wllh Miss Klta
olek,iltughterof Dr. Adclbert J. olck, president
of tho Charcoal Artist Club, ot Hsltlmorc, Is vlsltlnj
at Iho resldcnco of Asslslnnt llcglstcr ltos. A. Fish,
12ua irglnla avenue southwest.
Tuesday is tho generally recognized Georgetown
rctoptton day, though very few of tho ladles havo
any special elar namod on their cards.
Mrs. James II. Hopkins, Nn. 1141 Klgliteenlh
slrect, who has not received hitherto lhls season,
will bo at homo on Saturdays during February.
Miss Polly Todd, nt Ncwhuryport, Mans , Is visit
ing M rs W allnec, 421 Second street, lor a few weeks.
A very cnjoyablo muslc-alo was given to his
friends by HobcrtYeatman, 201 Tenth street south
west, Tuesday evening, at which woro present
Hon. belli I. Mllllken, of Maine, his daughter
Maud and nteco Harriet; Hon. ltos. A. risti and
wile, Hon. V. F. Swltzler. Judgo Thomas Holla
day and daughter. Mr. Illackman, ut Lugland;
Hr. K. H Klmnalland wife, S. II. I lllcbrldgo ami
wife, Mrs. Dr. Taiklnglon, uee Y'calman,) Miss
Annua Ytnlman, aud Messrs. Daniels, Kuechllng,
nun leusc
Mrs. Senator Duller, assisted by her two daugh
ters, Miss Mtildruiv, of Mlaslxslppl, and Miss Shan
non, of New York, was tho recipient ot n numer
ous throng of ealiern Thurs lay last In tho red
parlor nf tho Phhllt House. Among Ihoso tailing
weronniccrs of tho Army and Navy, their wives
nnd il iiiglilers, foreign ministers, and many ol hern
111 onielul lite. Mrs. miller's dress was black
velvet, embroidered train, point d' ngnllle lace;
ornaments, peirls 'Iho young ladlca assisting
were becomingly attired.
Mlsa Mary Vermilion, of Norfolk, Va.,ls visiting
Mlsa Avle Harry, 121 C street southeast.
Mrs. Ptnllne Hmulryx, tho venerable mother of
lien. James A. W llllamson.of Iowa, died last Thurs
day at his rcBidcuce, 1312 Connecticut avenue, and
was burled yesterday at Dock Creek cemetery,
since ho removed lo tills house a few years ago Gen.
Williamson has been altllcled by the deaths ot his
lieaiillful wile, a favorite and no less beautiful
daughter, nnd his only grandchild. Just beforobe
took It, Gen. Charles Klag die I mere,. Within a
few weeks Mr hhcrrlll die I In tho Itiuse ou one
side nud Mrs MeCcney In Ihe next house but one. In
rail, tho vicinity ottho HrllHIl Legation has become
noted tor Ihe number ot tuner a's it has witnessed,
M4ss Cheney, of Near Hampshire, Is spclillng a
short tlmo at Senator Hlnlr's Mm. nialr will be
assisted Monday by Mlsa Frames E. tVlllanl. Miss
Gordon, Miss Cheney, and other New Hampshire
Mrs. Horsey Chgctt, 1311 N street, will bo at homo
on Mondays In February.
Mrs. Henry Strong, 1"3.V I, slrect, will have with
lur lu receiving W educsday, Mrs. Justtco Miller and
Mrs. Judgo MacArthur.
Misses Uurson and Sara llathbono gave a delight
ful reception and il ntco at tho homo of the former
In Alexandria lost Frl liy cvenlug. Among those
present trout Wushlugtou were Misses Heed, t.ax
ton. Stimuli, Fennlek, MacUrldc, Nalru, Dillon,
Galbrallh,.anl llcnnlng, also Mrs. Hradford, who,
chaperoned Iho parly, and Messrs. Tcel, Hradford,
Clarence Latimer, Harry Latimer, Wesson, IaiMcHc,
Uatca, lllbbs, King ltd, an I Murray.
A unique cuchro p irly vvas given by Miss Schaef
fer, at her homo 1111 Tweirth Btrcl, last Friday even
ing. Among thne (ircsmt vvcro tho Mlascs Mo-
Laiigtilln, W Us iu, slccttcsuey, Shuslcr, Nlcodemus,
Donaldson, Noble, Clcpiiue, Gray, and Lothrop,
and Messrs. Dcldcl, Field, Llltlo, Cooper, Shaw,
Fraukenflelil. Cowcb. and bhustcr. Miss lyilhron ear-
rledot Ihoklug I idles' prlro an I Mr. Heldei was
the fortuuatu w Inner unung tho gentlemen.
liy far tho most elaborate allcrnoon tea of tlio
season was that given by the Misses Davis at their
residence, ion K street, yesterday afternoon. The
floral decorations surpassed anything ot the kind
ever seen lu this eltv at a private reception. Tho
stairway was a mass or putted palms, twining smllav,
nnd vivid scarlit blossoms, leading up to a group of
ian tropic 11 plains, niung 1110 landing rompieieiy.
Kvery window and door was garlanded with fes
toons ot diinty asiurigus vine, aud India rubber
plants nnd pilnn lined tlio corners aud recesses.
1 he ecntcr-pleco of the hcatitmil table In the din-Ing-risim
was composed of La France ruses bn
lieddedlnsiullax, an I extended from Hie tablo to
Iho chandelier, tapering thence to thu idling. Iho
walls were demratid tvltti Indian relies tastefully
entwined wltti ilnwira ot al! descriptions Cham
pagne vvas served (11 ttie dining ru m. Kvcrr one
pri'sint remarked upon tho elaborate Aural decora
tions and cspctlally Iho nppcarancc or the table,
whlih nasnrinaridlir Murg in, the loading citercr
of Philadelphia. Washington has never witnessed
t inoroBiiperoiiiicruooit reecpuou tusii mat given
bvthe Misses Divls. Over Ihreo hundred pcoplo
passed In and out of the house during the afternoon,
.md llio Artnr ind Navv wero csnoi lallr well renro-
Bcnteiband tho ladies from i-enatorial and Congress
ional circles were numerous.
Mr. ami Mrs. Horatio King entertained at their
home ou II street yesterday afternoon about two
hundred pcoplo, comprising miuyot thoso promi
nent In social, diplomatic, and literary 1 Irclea.
Among olhcra present vvcru Senator and Mrs. Dawca,
Mrs. llolph, Miss Dolph nnl Mlsa Odeneal, Judgo
Drake, Mrs Sweat, Mrs. Ware, Judgo nnd Mrs. Mao
Arthur, Dr. Sunderland, Mr, and Mrs A. 8. HirncB,
of New York; M. Koustan, Commissioner Colinau
and wife. Professor. Mrs . nnd Miss Ncwcomb, Pro
fessor Taylor and Miss Taylor. Mrs. Colo. Mrs.
Laughton, Mr. nnd Mrs. Hu toltili Kaurrmann, Judgo
Lander. Mr. nnd Mrs.S. II. Ivauffinann, tho Misses
Nlniiuo, Professor (lillnudet, Mr. A. It. SpofTord,
FrofesKor Masiin, Miss II. II. Juhnston, Mrs. Powell,
.Mrs, Carlerand MissJudd, tho Misses Ilradlcy, Miss
ieiug, ui iirooi..yu, uuu .ansa eisiuuru.
At tho last Wednesday evening gcrman several
people came without Inv nations. It Is a rule or the
1 tub that only those whose named nre npon tho cards
of Imitation Bhull be a limited. Tills rulo will be
strictly observed lu tho future.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles Towle, of L street, In vo an
luf tnt son, who was burn last week.
Mrs. Theodore Noycs Is now In Chicago, but later
111 tho season will Join her husband hero.
Mrs. nnl MM Xlsck, of Twentieth steel, gavo
Iho last of thslr Wednesdays In Jannary Frldij
The third Army and Nary eermin, to-morrow
nlftht, will bo led bf ihn Secretary of the clnb, Llni,
L. L. Kearney, ot the Navy.
The matrhgtvof Mis, Han lal!, daughter ot the
lion. Samuel J. llaodall, to Mr. Charles Calvert
Lancaster, of the District bar, will take placo on
February S, Ihe Itlgnt Her. Illshop Spalding, of
Pcotla, III, coining on to perform Iho ceremony,
which will take placo privately. Tho Invitations are
Issued only tor tho reception, from 4 to 7 o'clock, at
tho residence) of too bride's parents, 120 O atrttt
Mr. and Mrs. John Drcxel.ot Phlla lclphls, spent
a eoupln nf days last week with tho family of
Marshal Wilson, and look away wllh them Mla
i m
Tho Nnolnl Cntflttilfir.
There la n good deal going onhosldcn tho opera
for lhls nVch. Soma erf tho fixed events aro as
Mrs. Gibson's dancing ret option at tho DnrraokJt.
1 hn Army and Navy Assembly and german.
Mrs. nnd Iho Misses Tiffany, a gcrman.
Wed ling of I lent, llnynes and Miss Smith, at
Washington llarncks, 1 P.M. ....... .. '
Fergnson-W imams wcddlng.at St, John s Church,
Georgetown, 7 P, M.
Tito trail at Admiral Porter .
Mrs. William Millhcws laiy, I tod.
Mrs. James G, Payne, I lo 7.
Mrs. J (l. 1 snnon s tea to Introdoco her daughter.
Mrs. llnti hlnson and Mrs-, Dell, tea.
Iho bhcllab irger s rtt homo and german.
Mrs. Wliltman'rtat home and gcrman.
Hit tit V,
Mrs HiHsellSolfrl.lgc'stct.
Mrs t( Calla's tea.
Mrs. Dnlton tea.
StTtJItnAV. -.
Thn Slocklon lea
Commodoro an I Mrs. Greer's lea.
A I rrrrn rciclvcd from tho homo of llcptcscnta
tltoAlkcn.ofSoulh Carolina, reports bis condllloo
as most discouraging. In December, ll, ho fell
nnd Injured himself, bruising somo of tho small
nerves of tho back. 'Iho Injury was aggravated by
n similar necl tent In this city February 22. lw. Ho
look to his lied lu March, 1WI, and has been con
lined thero ever since, ttio nerves having become
Inflamed nnd enlarged, causing Intenso Buffering.
Ho wns treated for somo tlmo for sciatica. Ills
doctors, Innconsultallon reccniiyncld, decided that,
ho Is also sintering from a malignant tumor. But
llltlo hopo la entertained of his recovery.
smirrAnv Itsiiiioa-rhaa returned toWashlne
Ion f rum a visit to Hoston.
A writer In tho Chicago tribune, predicts that the
wlfo ot hciiator-elcct Davis, of Minnesota, will
ireato a sensation Hi Washington, as she Is the most
beautiful woman ho has ever met.
Tuesday night last Mr. II. 0. Osboru and MIbs
Annie Ful'er were married nt the parsonage ot Iho
II strict llapllst Churtli by tho Her. Hr. Fuunee.
Ihero wero present only n few ol their Iniimatu
friends. Iho bride of course looked charming lu a
tratellngdrtssot bruwu brocada vclvitand bonnet
tomiteh. Iho happy couple left 011 thutlo'clock
express fur Hrooklyu, their future home.
1 ho second class of naval cadets gavo n gcrman
nt the Nival Academy Friday night. It vvas led by
Cadels Itellhaui, llayward, lltsselt, and Marble
'1 ho dam 0 avis kepi up utilil II ociotk. Mcsdiutcs
Farmer, Leuize, .Maiiin.aud llutchlus distributed
mo tutors.
Secretary Whitney given small dinner party io
Mrs. August HumontiilGiasaUud Friday oeliiug,
1 he yiuiug ladlea of tlio N tval Academy havo or.
gaulred a "li!o Club," which will hold weekly
Mr, W. W. Coreor 111 was In Halilvioru Friday and
1 ailed una number of his old friends. 1 hough In
the eighty-ninth year of hUago,tneveuerablo plill
tinthruphlst Is In excellent heallh nnd is bright nud
t hctrlul us ever. Mr. Corcoran liuu tied at the Mer
1 hauls' ('lull with llio lion, Henry (I. Davis and Mr.
W alii r II. HriKiU, presldcnl of tho club.
Iho Misses Caldwell, wlmsa brllllaut social
triumphs hero havo creitcl a sensailou, aro the
e'rand dauclttcrs six gciicrations removed of Col.
IbitierlCailer.vvho wus Iho scirclary uf Iho first
king's I ouiu.il In Coliinlil Virginia, an I who re
1 tdv id a grant ol toil fur 1.1,000 aires through iho
liiiiuencuui i.oru 1 airiax.
9 1 hu fane y drt ss b ill nnd reiepllun of llio pupils of
Mrs rluraC. liiuiilsou'a Aiademy will laku place
mi lilday ivcnmi: next at Iho National Utiles
riuor) . 'Ihe pu plls hat 0 be 1 11 pr 11 lie lug diligently
fir WL-cks.aud lliu programme will he nuc at Interest.
ilia beautiful "llollaudaise," that attracted so iniuli
applause al Iho late klriuts, will bu repeulid us a
etiiiiplliiieut to Mrs. Donlcon, tv hu dcvuled u gesid
dial of her spirullmu drilling the dsiutra. 'Ilierei
will also bo act oral iilhir llaurea truin Ihu klriucs.
bisldis oilier utw uud novel ours.
Mr. an I Mrs. William Matthews la; will glvo a
leu 011 W idnihday, fieuu I lu d,
Mrs J. II. Whecler.of Hallliuuriviud Miss Myra
I'uilir.eif New Yiuk,aru vUlllug Mrs.M, II. ILileh,
ll)U suudeiUud Plait',
Mrs. 1:111111.1 D, Htcry rtcclveson 'lliursdajs al
l'3ei 1 siriet.
'IhOhieondtlluiur of Ihu Washington Art Club
liukplaeont W'tlekcr's lust night, with a luarkM
mil unco lu regard lo attendance mil enthusiasm
from n,c Inllliliucctlug. II has takcua loug tlmo
ti get tho uil-v.'orker" of W ushlngluu ptlultrs,
kCiilptois,orlu whalevir lines ot art priHliietluti or
erlllelsiu leigellicr Itiau urgiuualiou of thlstlur
utle r, vvliit h stems lo bu ,1 matter ot courso In either
cities. Hut Irom Iho iutirtst iiiuulfested In lltcsu
icunloiislt may 1101V bo flirty riktudcil usuuueeoiu
pllshe I fact. Aluulig ihu incluln ra of the ilub pres
tut who Messrs. Jolitistou, Antrim, lliaton,
Weil, llultues. I row no. Mellnc, Duubar, HoJgklus,
Fatilanl, Mulihcws, Collin, e orutug, Maun, kraus
kopf, Gill, uud Murdiek, After Ihu elluuir 11 num.
lur of those pruciiluJJourucdio the ludlu of Mr.
Wurriu Hrovvu, wheru song und lury tulveued the
scciiotciu latour perhaps early hour.
Mrs (Ml, W'hlliu in hus Issue luards fir nu "at
liuiiiu" February 1. I10111U lo 14 ii'eloik, followed by
a geriuuu ut Ihtriy couples, l:su.
Miss ad lie Nlcvhletuiii, of 11 musboro', Md , U thu
guest ul MUs snifcr,of Iweltili nieel.
Dr. and Mrs. II, T, Muiriy, ut seventeenth street,
gtvouihiulro parly oil 'I nun. lay iveulug In Mrs,
Harry ('. Huers,cit Nc.v Yoik,
.Ml, Dauauher. ot Hast W lUhliiglou. lias returned
liuuioatlcr ii.uiluutnre'o luoulh amou friends lu
Mr aad Mrs. Slice 1 Piuucbakir liato urrlvcd Iu
I tbu city aud aro ut U'jl cvreorau street.
RnsllRti YVnr-Milr" C'nmlni; In Ihe
Hprliic-ltelllcoso Itl lie. "Hemes-Alrtriri
In New York.
Ottawa, ost., Jan. 23. Tho government haa
Just received assurances from tlio Imperial au
thorities Hint men-of-war will bo despatched to
tho inarlilmo provinces In tho Boring for tho
purpose or co-operniiugwiin uanoinn cruisers in
iho enforcement of tho fishery protective service.
Tho promise of tho Kngllsh government creates)
great satisfaction In oitlclal ilrclcs. A Cabinet
Minister savs: "I havo come lo tho conclusion
that American legislators, having gono
no far, will never yield their consent
tn tho appointment ot a commission.
Gloucester fishermen will not venture Into our
waters again in force, nnd next April will wit
ness tho llrstfltart'lng ralllngoirinlhclrlrade. Two
years hence the splendid Y nnkee fishing licet will bo
a thing ot the past. Ut them resort to retaliation
If Ihcy will, ond tho result will bo that that gsmo
will work both ways. Portland, now n winter port
of Canada, will decline, whllo Halifax, under tho
new order ot things, will flourish. Civil war be
tween the Eastern and Western States would follow
the adoption of a retaliatory bill."
New Y'okk, Jannary 23. Tho Prodiico Exchange
members hold a special meeting to-day, when ad
dresses wcro made advocating tho necessity of an
Improvement In our hariior defenses. Desolations
were adopted Betting forth that our coastwlso de
fenses were nnl In a condition tn enpo with modern
ordnance and armored war vessels, nnd tint any
delay In meeting thin emergency was criminal negli
gence, requesting Csngrcss to authorize tho ex
penditure of finch sums nSBhouId In tho opinion of
competent authorities placo tills harbor and all other
Important seaiHirta Inastato of completo defense.
It vvas also resolved to send a copy or thoresolntlonn
to each of tho Senators nnd Itcprcsentatlvcs In Con
gress, and reqnear that they urge Iramcdlato netlon
by those liodte. It was slated at the meeting that It
would tako tl25,ooo,(sni to make tho proposed Im
New C'onillcntlouN Threatened Se
rtoli llesiiiIlM Already l'roilnceil-
Nkw Y'oiik, Jan. 23. Thero seems to ho a strong
probability that wllhln tho next twenty-four
hours tho strike situation In lhls vicinity will bo
complicated liy tho tying up ot almost every Bur-
IIC0 rauroau 111 liiuciiy. iiunnicii in oaiit ,u uu
III contemplation as an act ot moral support to
tho striking Longshoremen aud coat-han Hers.
Conductors on several of tho roads
declared tills morning lhat tho tie-up
was not only in coniempiauon, nut
had been practically decided niKin. Great re
sentment waa caused among tho drivers on a partic
ular line this morning by nn order from the super
intendent taking away their stools. Heretofore It
has been customary for drivers to drive sitting down
between Forty-forlh nnd Elghly-Blxth streets. 1 ho
drivers said that every man on Iho road would strlko
uuless llio stools were restored, Independent ot tho
proposed movement to support tho 1ingshoremen.
A meeting or t Iio employers ottho road avid bo held
to night and the Btinls will be demanded from tho
Bupcrlulcndent, If lie refuses to glvo them, tho
ordtr tor the strike will he sent out.
qiicllnsecdoll works, J. Dean A. Company, pro
prietors, nt West Port Hfehmond, btatcn Island,
wero closed to-day, throwing oyer one hundred men
out of employmeut, owing to a scarcity ot coat.
Tho Staten Island breweries are having their fuel
carted over from llergen Point, N. J. 'Iho supply
nt tho gts company is nearly exhausted, and tho
lumpany will probably have to stop business In a
few days.
Jncspv Citv, N. J , Jan. 23 Tho protracted
Btrlkeof Iho coal handlers and the consequent scar
city of coil has thrown two hundred men nut of
enip'oyincnt nt llio oil refineries In Constable Hook,
which hive been obliged to shut down because ot
failure lo get coil. '1 no situation In tho coal strlko
nt Jersey Lily, Wcchuwkcu, and Port Johnson Is un
insured. Mora men, It Is expected, will bo put at
.Monday morning at W'cehawkcn. Tho coal supply
Is rapidly growing less, and the companies havo de
termined to make an effort to movo more cool next
Nnv lliii'Kswii k, N. J., Jan. 23 sheriff Convery
sworolu an additional pussoot loo deputies to-day.
1 hey will go to South Amboy Monday morning to
prelect tho property ot tho Pennsylvania Itallroad.
Tho strike has already cost tho county 112,000 In
wages of deputies, aud there Is much complaint at
the expenses.
Lo-wov, Jau. 23. Despatches from I'ckln con
firm the Btitemeut lhat Port Hamilton hut been
evacuated by Great llrltalu and restored to Corca,
PiTKiiAti, l'nuwiA, Jan. 23. Princess Augusta
Victoria, wlfo nt Prince William, eldest sonot tho
Crown Prince, gave birth to a sou to-day.
Sr. PKTEiisiuiKit, Jan. 23. Tho Journal tie Si.
J'elet tlmn. commenting on luo nltltudoot Great
Ilrltatn with respect to foreign affairs, as revealed
by tho proceedings ut tho opeulugot Parliament,
says it could not expect from the Marquis of Sails
bury any sounder or more equltablQVlew ot Kussla's
Inteulliius than that which ho condescended to mako
In the House or Lords on Thursday. Lord liandoipn
Churchill's statcmcni,tho.u!ii'fmlsays,woutdenahlo
Itussia lu form uu opinion concerning Lord Salis
bury's unswerving pacillo liollcv.
Deferring to llulgarli, tlio Journal Bays It Is Im
possible fur Itiiss'a lo treat with the regency. The
negotiations between Hussla and the Porto may now
cter, thn piper thinks, result in nu arruugement
based ou ltusslv's programme ror Hie formation of
a government lu llulgirut wllh which Hussla can
Ireat, In any caso Ihu fact that Hussla has catered
Into these negotiations relieves her ot responsibility
for tho consequences of a prolongation uf the an
archy lu Iliilgana.
Wall Ntrect Yenlerilay.
New Y'oiik. Jan. 23. Tlio opeulug was weak
again, first prbes showing declines from last even
ing's final quotations of from '. to '.' per cent,
some llllle activity was displayed by Heading, ltlcli
mond, and West Point, ht. Paul, nud Laku Shore,
and after some few slight advances, the entire list
gave way. '1 ho market bteume extremely dull with.
Iho movement lu prices almost Imperceptible, but
w hero 1 hanges lu quotations were established, t hey
wcro almost luvarlibly in the direction ot lower
figures. 'I ho market finally closed dull ami heavy,
generally al the luwesl prices reached. Ihe net re
sult nf tho day's business tan deelluo for almost
everything 011 tho aitlvu list, although Manhattan,
with a Iosh ofitf per cent., waa the only stock
which ihovva a net deelluo uf mora than ', per cent.
Our Nntlounl Opera Couipiiiiy.
lliniMoitK, Jan. 23 "Martha" was presented
Hits afternoon liy iho National Opera Company ut
Iho Academy ot Music, to 11 fair house, Willi Mile.
L'Alleuiand Initio role of lately Harriet. To-night
-'Lohengrin" was snug to a houso packed front noor
to celling, thero hiving been uuly standing room
obtainable utliT Iho doors were opined, Mr. ('audi
dus as laiheiigrtn aud Cornelia Van aniilen aa
Otlrud wero roundly upplauded, und llioiullro opera
waa rendered with a perfection or soug and acting
rarely witnessed lu Ilaltlniore.
Tin, TiaxiiHfsttiiiatiiriililii.
Aisiin.Tkxvs, Jan. 23. Iho eighteenth ballot
resulted Muey,H; llcigiu,.'ij; Ireland, 3a; bona,
tor Hurgoss,;i, llio uiniiiiiiih uud twentieth Int.
lotsstiow unimportant tlianges. Iho tweuty-first
ballot re siillt d Maxey.Iel; Hiagau, to; Ireland, 34.
A motion that Iho hen He. trlthdriw from Ihu Joint
session was dcfcilid twice',' but 'prevailed thu
ihird llnio bvono inijurlly. All adjournment wus
lukm mull lOoiioekun Monday,
('uiletk' Hull ul AiiiiiipollH,
Amuioi in, Mo ,.!au. 23. -Tlio semi annual ball
ol natal 1.1,1,1s took idaeo to night, uud It waa
I trge'y attended, many being Irom various Stales ol
Hie Huliu. Alnongllio p.irllelpants wero Governor
1 luyd. ot Maryland, and wile, and MUs Purler,
daughlir ul Fitz-Juhii Porter.
Mi'Clollait'M Cliuractcr.
(Now Prlucitoit Hcvlew.)
Me lit llau was Ihe first to show appn elation of tho
qualities ut his euiiules, 1 LU rupu 1 for Ills adver
saries (an ctscutlal quality lu a great military coin
maudir) was lu him Ihu result of old pergonal lull,
mac lea with some nf thctu, but, Mill more, the result
of n keen stusoof Justice Joined tu a mild armnesa
of tharat ter and temperance of spirit; and In sctllug
aiiexumplo lu lilts to others hu accomplishes) a
brilliant strukuoliHilloy ho prepared Ihu Army ut
Ihu I'olouiao lo uppreelatu Grant's generosity al
Appiiuiltiix I'outt House. Ills military bearing
brealhed a spirit ul frankness, benevolence, uul
llliiu.t.". Ills look was piercing, his vulio wus
gentle, tho word of etnuiuaud ilear an I dtilulte, UU
ttniper equable. Ills cnmuragtuient vvuu alutcul
.uiiciloiiale, his reprlniuud couched In linns of tier
leu tiollit news. Discreel, us a military or political
1 bid sliou'd be, bo wus alow lu beslovvlug cuutl
deucet but, oiuu given, It vvas never withdrawn,
lltuiaolf pcrfcetlyluyalto Ida friends, hu knew huw
tu Inspire utiu is Willi uu absolute devotion,
Wotllllu'f. Ilolel Sllicli.
"What arc you going to glvo papat"aktd Mrs.
"Nolhltig," said lltllu Johnny, laconically.
"Whutmeuuboj)ou are; fur uuiut,'' ehWod
"No, I ain't, ma," pleaded tho enjanl ttnLUe,
"Pa doesn't expect anything,"
"Why, of course, liedoe,"iiJiculatedMr. llrown,
"W li H put such uu I lea In your head 7"
"Why." ti turned llltlo Juhuuy,"l heard tiliu tell
Mr, Mcrrltt 110 was Jum gulug to liaug up kin walcli."

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