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Crossville Chronicle.
resources and people are not identical.
Politically they are not always har-
j monious. For example, in the prohi-
Noarlu $7Fi nn Hand as a Starter to i bition amendment contest a few years
Be Used for Premium Money.
The following comtuumction from
Harry Martin, Coresident of the Cum
berland County Fair Association will
be read with much interest by many
over the county. It should, and doubt
less will, encourage many farmers to
plant one'or more creps with the view
to competing for prizes.
Editor Chronicle,
Dear Sir : As an answer to your ar
ticle as to whether there .would be an
other fair this year, I wish to say that
we talked some of trying to get up a
stock company and buy some ground,
fence it and put up buildings, etc., for
a permanent fair, but after talking the
matter over with the Committee we
decided not to undertake it, but to hold qrottj
another fair nn the same plan as tne
one last year, omy on a larger scale.
soon and we will make out our pre
mium lists and have them published by
the first of April.
1 have on hand deposited in the First
National Bank $71 87, left over from
last year. 1 ihink we ought to raise
about $400 for premiums by the county
helping us out as much as they did last
Now I am much in favor of a larger,
greater fair, a fair that will encourage
our farmers and stock men to greater
efforts and will advertise our county.
I heartily agree with you about hav
ing a sale day at the fair and I think
the fair should last th,-ee or four days,
and that the people of Crossville should
get up some sort of a carnival to pro
vide entertainment arid create a friend
ly spirit with the country people.
t here is no question but that we will
have a fair and a good one too.
Harry Martin, Pres.,
Cumb. Co. Fair Assn.
ago, North Texas was strong for pro
hibition and South Texas was uncom
promisingly opposed to it. The people
of North Texas claimed at the time
that the corrupt and fraudulent vote of
the negroes and Mexican "greasers"
of South Texas defeated the amend
In recent years the Panhandle sec
tion ot Texas, comprising an immense
area, has rapidly grown in population,
and it is this territory that is now
spoken of as one of the three proposed
new states.
The most interesting and important
political result of the division of Texas
into several states would be the in
creased number of Democratic United
States Senators.- Nashville Banner.
Reaching This County and Pass
ing Through County
Mrs. r. Neureuer, Euu Claire, V ia. ,
ays: "Foley s Honey and Tar Coin-
shall call the committee together pound cured my boy ot a very severe
attack ox croup alter other remedies
had failed. Our milkman cured his
children of whooping cough." Foley's
has a forty year record of similar cases.
Contains no opiates. Always insist on
Foley's. For sale by Reed & Burnett.
Varner Dillon and little son came up
from Emory Gap Sunday for a day or
two visit with home folks.
Cas Smith, ot Lowenthal, spent Sun
day here wit!: his brother, Hickey
Mrs Elmer Lingli and two children
were at Weste; over Sunday visiting
Mrs. John A urn is still quite sick.
Miss Miller, Knoxville. is here
for an indefi'-it' tay with Miss Allie
Rev. Cassady filled his regular ap
pointments here Sunday.
Andrew Clowtr and Ferd Rice were
at Waldensia Saturday on business.
About twenty of our people went to
Uncle Bob Manning's Thursday to
preaching services hy Rev. Jess Sumh
in the t ome of this aged couple.
Miss Naomi Dyal spent the past
week at Crab Orchard with her sister,
Mrs. Sam Hutsell.
Feb. 15. Dot.
For quite a while there has been talk
of what is known as the Dixie High
way, which is intended to connect Chi
cago and Atlanta with a good automo
bile road. The plan is to build it on a
concrete foundation thereby making
of it one ot the best roads in the United
States and of so permanent a character
that it will be just as easy to motor
between Chicago and Atlanta in mid
winter as in midsummer and much
more pleasant.
I Several meetings have been held in
Chattanooga at which C, L. James, one
of the wealthy men of Chattanooga,
j I; as been a speaker and prime mover in
the proposed highway. Atone meet
ing he proposed to pay the cost of the
survey of the road from Chattanooga
to Crossville in person provided the
road be built so as to reach his hotel
on Waldens Ridge, a few miles from
Chattanooga. Mr. James has built a
splendid road up the mountain from
Chattanooga to his hotel property and
is working to make of his Waldens
Ridge hotel and land connected there
with a permanent summer resort.
At a meeting of tnc Chattanooga
automobile club Friday night Mr.
James 'made the statement that the
road would be built via Crossville re
gardless of what direction it might
take from there on. Nashville parties
are trying hard to influence tlv road
via Manchester and on to Nashv:rj and
from hhere to Louis'iille, Ky., as one
of the objective points on the proposed
line. Loutaville people are working to
have the line come via crossville as
the more direct and shorter route, and
it will at the same time render the
road much more pleasant to travel in
While raiding a wildcat still in Put- ",7 r' -
wnue u" w . Mr. Sam Hutsell. would miss lor nearlv 7f miles through
nam county Wednesday, uep-wy war- t- ,r , ----
l aril wiiw - CCO. IO. UOL. ( nmintri' nanrlii U mill
shal John West was shot trom ambush i , lo 1 JJ li Tl
itrAii dukii i Titvt 1 1 1 " ' v ' i i ,i i m uin ui lilt u n L
and d ed in a lew minutes. WAR SIIUAIION. , "
.... ih n.nti fMlMt.l picturesque and salubrious sections ot
fit? 111 CUUJUCUJJ wiuj rwjrw j . ,
or Tipton, of Knoxville. and Will Gil- No very important changes have country in the eastern part oi the
breath of Cookeville, had destroyed i come in the battle fronts. The Kus- Umted tates-
to another ians nave ueen driven out oi rrussia I '..
The killing ! and the Germans have captured half a ' l"e K"way -oum miss cnrougn
UroiSVI ie, Mr. James stated that a
one still ami were going
near hv when be was shot.
took place near Boma.
in a deep hollow and the shot was tireo
from a pistol bv some one in the
bushes 100 yards away on the hill side,
the officers returned the fire and stav -ed
with the wounded man until he died,
which was in a few minutes after be
ing shot. I'he parties supposed to be
implicated in the killing have been arrested.
The party was mile of the French lines in the Argonne -'ossvi 1(J. lvlr. James stated that a re
in. These are matters thai onjy P" W0Ula ne reaa 81 lne nexl meeting
3ent .slight changes in fact and do o! the cIuh lowing what progress had
have any marked influence on the Deen ma(,e Wlth tho 'orvey between
as a whole. 'Crossville and Chattanooga, lhere
e Russians have temporarily stop- was mucn enthusiasm over the road
the nroizress oi the Cernians I among the club members and the one
toward Warsaw, Russia-Poland, hut feature that seemed to be stressed
the Claim is that the advance on War
saw will begin again soon.
it claimed that Germany and Aus
tria Hungary have promised to support
Poland in establishing a kingdom.
This is done to injure Russia and
Should it be carried out it would doubt
less draw the Poles entirely away from
Russia ana put them on the side of her
enemies. If such an attempt can be
carried out is questionable.
There seems to be a great deal of
Dixie Highway Now Seems Sure 0f!misun(ierstand,ng as to what the Boy
ocoui movement is ann its true princi
ples, aome nave aenouncea it as a
military organization backed up by the
United States Government and say that
the government furnished guns for
drilling purposes. That iB not in the
least true as the Boy Scouts do not
take military drill. The Boy Scout
movement has as its purpose the de
velopment of the boy into the highest
class citizen, with pure motives and
brotherly love.
Again there seems to be a great deal
ot mist hanging about the Scout mas
tership. Some say, how much pay do
you get for your work with the boys?
The answer is easy ar.d plain so that
no one need misunderstand: The Scout
master gets only the love of the boys
and a lot of nard work together with
thu boys and to share the expenses out
of his own purse.
Perhaps the movement can best be
understood by the following extract
from an article in The Outlook, by
Jacob A. Riis, Oct. 25, 1913.
"The savage has come uppermost in
the boy, and he lives the law of the
jungle. Put before him the other al
ternative, and he will adopt the Scout
law to be dutiful, obedient, heplful and
clean, with the same enthusiasm.
They really start from the same point;
it is the way they work out that makes
the difference. Everything depends on
the guidepost where the roads fork.
"Write the word 'don't' there, and
only that, and the boy, it he has any
spirit, will take to the jurigu. Every
father knows it; every teacher has
learned it, if he has learned anything.
The word is not in the Scout law. It
is all affirmative. A Scout is loyal, he
is heplful, he is friendly, he is courte
ous, kind ; he is obedient, cheerful,
thrifty, and brave : he is clean in body
and thought, stands for clean speech,
clean spot t, clean habits, and travels
wiht a cii an crowd. And he is rever
ent toward God. faithful to himself,
and respectful toward the convictions
of others, these are tne -Scout laws,
and he obeys them not only because he
has promised to, but because he wants
to. There isn't a 'don't' in the lot.
It is as easy as all that.
'Here are two little Scouts coming
upon a horse that had upset his dinner
and scattered tne oats on the pave
ment. Seeing that he cannot get his
head down, they sweep up the oats and
hold the box until he has eaten.
"In New ork City the Health De
partment enlists the Scouts in the
'Clear. City Campaign.' They did it in
Yonkers so well that the oldest inhabi
tant would not have known the bank of
the Nepperhan that had beer, the gen
eral uump oi tne city lor a genera
tion. "
lhe scout s mind is caught awaj
from the negative Jaw of "don't,'' be
ing asborbed in the action of "doing.
Closed Its Labors Friday With a Few
Convictions and Hung Juries.
Circuit court continued its grind
last week until Friday night. Follow
ing are the cases tried and the result
of the trials :
Jas. Randolph was tried four times
for tipppling and it resulted in a hung
jury thiee times. The fourth time he
was founJ guilty and was find $f0 and
costs and yO days in jaii as a result.
Thos. Smtih. carrying brass knucks;
$5u and costs and workhouse sentence
for fin1 ind costs.
Anriy labor, assault and carrying
pistol ; $15 and costs in assault case
ami $bu tine and costs in pistol ca.se and
sentence for Hue and costs,
pson, public drunkenness;
win kh
and tn
motliL i
ore, son ot Mart El mote,
wan charged with hiving
most was that of permunancy, which
means that nothing less than a road
with concrete foundation would meet
the views of the club membership in
Chattanooga as well as those interested
in the movement in Louisville, Nash
ville and Chicago.
There will be a meeting of governors
of several of the southern states held
in Chattanooga April ;;. This meeting
into the store of A. L. Tabor
en a sack of flour, lie said his
and little sisters and brothers
were il iiouie with nothing to eat and
he had tried to get the flour on credit
and i a und he went to the store at
night and broke the window and took a
sack oi flour. In view ot the condi
tions t' jury fixed his punishment at
three months in jail.
Joe Meyers, tippling, two cases ; sub
mitter and lined $50 anu costs and given
jail ser tence of 80 days in each case.
Jack Bnrkhart as charged with tip
pliru; nd was : ied three times by
juneh that disagreed. Ailsr the fouith
trial tin I hegui t' 1 plea of not guilty
was withdraw : he pleaded r nifty
and received u sentence of 350 and
ci sts. He w;uj -dso tried for public
drunkenness ami lined $l0 and costs.
He w u given a workhouse sentence
for fineH and costs in both cases.
A. W. Benedict, carrying a pistol;
$50 ani; costs.
Mart H. Burnett was tried Thursday
for the third cime on the charge ot
sellm whiskey. The jury was out. un
til attt r court convened Friday after
noon and reported that they were un
able to ..gree. The jury was polled on
order o; the court and stood eleven for
convict. on and one for acquittal.
Cornell Cline and Carl Scarlet were
charged vith disturbing the Holy Roll
er meetings at Crab Orchard and on
being brought to trial the Jury prompt
ly acquitted them both.
It is a matter oi "he is
"you must be." "Don ts
Five even to grown tips.
How and what some boys reported to
and not of
are repu
was called by the governor ot II inois , a scoutmaster as their good daily turns
The dicussison in regard to the divi
sion of Teaxs into three states means
much more than such a proposal would
In connection witii any other state in
the Union.
If any other state should desire to be
partitioned into two or mvia atmes, n , xhe umtefj states has filed a protest anu "as ollf OI 1 s prime oDjects the as they express it in their own lan-
would be necessary to obtain the Con- against Ceimany widening the wai 'building oi an automobile road between j guage :
sent of the federal government. Not j ,.one to ,j0aiprjZe the shores of Englanu Chicago and Atlanta. There will be a I "1 filled my mother's wood box for
so in the case of Texus, for this con- um France, but the Germans stand bomber of prominent speakers at the j jit was baking day. "
sent was long since gven. tirui. England and the other warring , '"feting and plans are expected to be i "1 buttoned Mary's dreo;- because
Texas was admitted into the Union nat;0U6 are informed that the United Put on foot that wili rapidly crystallize ! mama was busy. "
under circumstances different from j states looks with alarm on the idea of tne efforts 01 those interested and start j ot ha th.hD 80 that father
those surrounding, the admission of any i ntsmU of the belligerant powers using construction work at an early date. j ""gave anan 'his crutches. ' '
other state. Alt oti.er states were j tfag3 0f neutral powers as a means of The immense value of this road to I "I done up a finger for a friend. '
formed from territory already belong-; escaping attacks hy the enemy and this county can hardly be over-esti-! "I wiped the dishes for mother."
n ta. nut Txas i England has replied that British ships mati it , hnncH that. mo This list could be continued for a
' o ' haTrp hfn nHvisprt tit iiKf i tr:i! If. . .1 ....... i wimN ."olmnn . , i . , , l, . ....l , , . . . ...u.nu
make the boy a real man
. . dir 1 ' i UTiard 111 uoc I i iiii.i , I - ... ... . . . .
was a tree and independent republic ony m extreme cases. citizens win make it a point to vi. S
before it oecame a part of our country j Portugal has stated that 3he will Chattanooga when the governors are
and it was made a me iber of tbe fed-1 furnish troops to assist England &vi
eral union by a treaty between the I the allies against Germany. The limit
errti uuiuu i t i u a it. . oi her ability to furnish troops is prob-
KeptiDiic oi me unue dmh " i thy about 31K),000 men.
Republic of Texas.
One of the provisic
was that the State
have the right to sul
into as manv as four
it saw fit to do so. S
size, wealth, populat
Texas has so far prev
agitation of the quea
sion. Ot late year?
has been a growing
tween North and So
natural features and
tens tics of these tv.
somewhat different.
Conditions in Russia are said to have '
s of this treaty ! improved to a marvelous oegree since
f 'iv,. uhnnift the war as it was the cause of the sale
t texas snonra if natlonai dnnki 4.dkat t)eing
,de its territory ; sto pecf a now develop that stills
tates whenever , to the number of 1,800 ha'
;.te pride in the I ir lifferent parts of the c ' try.
and history of
ted any serious
there and assure the Chattanooga peo
ple that the people of this section are
heartily in sympathy with the idea and
will lend such aid as we are able.
Seems a little strange that the South
C. V Bellamy,
Local Scout Master.
been found is leading in the number of states urg
ing woman suffrag ' b fore legislatures.
A generous offer. Ci t ou
enclose with 5 cents to Koh
Chicago. Ill , and they
our trial packages of F le
n Texas. The and Tar iompouna tor cougr
,:...; i croup, bronchial andlagnppc
imam- umi aw W.J i l . r. ... .1 : - i i u
sections arv oiots. For sale in your town by tual extension of
Their products. ' Reed & Burnett the South is assun i.
on of subdivi
nowever, there
antagonism be-
this au.
end you
Alabama, Arkns
homa, Tennessee,
Georgia, Florida, N
Virginia are amon
conservative So;,'i
tioned the legislat
cognition of wo
Eas Swafford and Bob Walker, who
are charged with killing Deputy Sher
iff Dunn, -in Bledsoe county a short
time ago, have been taken to Chatta
nooga for sate keeping until the April
term of circuit court convenes in Bled
soe county.
Senator T. E. Wliion. ot Crab Orch
ard, was in the Cove last week havini'
some repair work done on his house
and barn.
Mr. and Mrs. Ceorire Tnvlnr nt
Crossville, visited relatives in theCnva
last week.
W. li. Andrews was in Crab
Monday on business.
A. C. Keuaiuer was a Crab Orchard
visitor or e day last week.
A number of the Cove people attend
ed church at Meridian Saturday.
Floyd Wilson spent last week in the
( :ove.
O. P. Burnett came veiy near losing
his home by fire one day last week.
Oscar Kemmer and Clinton Bristow
are at home trom school since the fire
at Grandview.
V..ji Davenport ape;;t
in ( rossville.
Wuyne Burnett
A. J. Ford had the remainder of his
sa iriij' moved to the Cove from Wai
deiiSiTi !.ist week.
N. M. Hart man and wife want fn
Crab Of chard last week.
'','' Tube Rose.
the week-end
visiteiT ,.t Alloway
ughs; states much fa-
s. Texas, (. kla
uth Carolina,
h Carolina and
ne states of the
bieh have peti- Services second and fourth Sundays
lor political re-; at 11 a. in. and second and fourth Sun
In some of these days at 7:00 p. m.
3 sentiment de- Sunday school every Sunday at 10 a
re, and the even- m., Geo. P. Burnett, superintendent
:an suffrage in all i All are cordially invited.
L. A. Hurst, Pastor.
te Crosby died at Bridcennrt
C.;:.t,.. Friday at the age of 95. She
wi - .. noted hymn write; and had been
biir.d from infancy. The ojitic nerves
oi h I ayes w.;re destroyed bj a hot
poultice when a babe. Sh married,
but her husband died i.iany years ago.
She retained her maiden name of Miss
raniiit Crosby. She wrote e gbt
th isand hymn? among them being
;-; .. of the most popular and well
known hymns used In Protestant
churches today. A-rcrg the number
are; "Saved by Grace," "Bl sued
Assurance." "Rescue the Perishing, "
"Safe in the Arras of Je3us" and many
others. She wrote the last named one
to tit juiusic that had been composed by
a friend and she was only fifteen min
utes nr. ting it.

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