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Cot Ninety Millies Dollars and Sold i Wage of , Employee Mutt Be Cut
for Lea Tho Four Million
During the war people of this sec
tion as well as all over this and ad-
Or Road. Will Co Broke.
The Association of Railroad Exe
cutives has been insession for some
joining states heard much about the days in. Chicago looking to a reduc
powder plant near Nashville known j tion of wages of employees,
as "Old Hickory." Well, "thereby i The operators claim that a wage
hangs a tail." ' reduction is imperative if the roads
Old Hickory cost the government continue to operate within their in
ninety million dollars to build. It; comes. It is expected that a confer-
never produced a pound of powder , ence will be held between the opera
for use in the war and it is well under
stood that the du Ponts, who built it,
got a handsome rake-off, just how
much none but those on the inside
will ever know. After the armistice
was signed the plant was closed down
and a guard was left there to look af
ter the property. A large amount of
platinum was stored there that be
longed to the government, lit is
stated that the amount was over
half a million dollars. The officer
in charge of the force which was
t ftunnncrf tA K ui trhintr rarrfullv
that property of Uncle Sam stole
more than $iocy worth of the plat
inum, but he was caught and most of
it recovered.
A tittle later that plant that cost
Uncle Sam ninety million dollars
was sold to the Nashville Industrial
Corporation for$3,jo5,(Gco, of which
amount only $200,000 was paid in
cash and the remainder was secured
by ten-year, 5-pcrcejnt notes. So
your Uncle Sam stood to lose about
86 million dollars on that deaal.
This deal, in common with many
other sales of a. similar kind is regar
ded as being so ridiculously low as to
be easily, voided because of the small
nesa of the compensation, and suit
may be brought later to recover.
But the most ridiculous, amusing
and at the came time disgusting fea
ture of the whole matter is, that the
man who negotiated the sale with
the government was later decora
ted with the distinguished service
medal for his services in disposing
of army property "at exceptionally
advantageous prices." He certainly
must hvc labored under a great strain
if he had a conscience.
tors and the Employees looking to
some satisfactory solution of the dit
ficulty. It seems that the employees
realize that the condition is serious
and they will probably listen to rea sonable
propositions looking to wage
It is estimated that the general fall
in prices has increased the purchas
ing power of the1-dollar from 15 to
20 per cent and for that reason the
employees can well afford a reduc
tron. The operators claim that tut
high freight rates are slowing up
shipments to such an extent as to
seriously affect the income of the
roads, and some of the operators are
talking of reductions in both wages
and rates as a means of increasing
the revenue of the roads. "Such a
course would materially aid the roads
as both would strengthen the ability
of the roads to buy new equipment,
which is badly needed by practically
every road in the United States.
Fiadlay Company Will Market Lum.jTk Acreage Reduced L Tbaa 3
ber and Coal ia KnosTille
The J. H. Findlay Lumber Company
has opened offices in Knoxville to,
The indemnity determined upon
from Germany to the allies has been
fixed at 226 billion gold marks, which
is about 56 and one-half billion dol
lars. Besides that there is to be a
12 per cent export duty which goes to
the allies. At this time the German
mark is worth only about five or six
cents, but since the terms state that
the amount is to be paid ingold marks
it would seem that the standard
would be the pre-war value or the am
ount as above.
The attitude of the German prress
on the .decision is very bitter ana !
The Art Circle Library has recently
purchased several books by the best
popular authors that will prove , of
marked interest to those who patron
ize the library. There have also been
received several books for the young
er folks.
The library is open each Tuesday
and Saturday, from 2 to 4 p. m. Any
person wishing to secure- uook?
should remember the -U:: ;.nd !-
and be there promptly.
Following are the names of the new
books with the names of the authors:
The Thread of Flame, Basil King.
Erskine Dale, Pioneer, John Foxjr.
The Age of Innocence, Edith Whar
A World to Mend, Margaret Sher
Transplanted, Gertrude Atherton.
Youth Challenges, Clarence B. Kel- j
The Four Horsemen of the Apoca
lypse and Mare Nostrum, both by V.
Blasco Ibanez.
Returned Empty, Florencce Barclay.
Harriet and the Piper, David Grayson.
handle the lumber and coal that will
be taken from their 4,000-acre tract
south-east of town.
J. H. Findlay was in Knoxville last
week and arranged for the purchast
of a business, site for handling the
output of his holdings in this county
and points in Mississippi. It is the
purpose of the company, which will
be known as the Findlay Lumber and
Coal Company, to handle its products
in a wholesale and retail way.
The incorporators of the new com
pany are W. M. Van Harlinger, H.
T. Spencer, H. G. McMillin and S. E.
N. Moore. The capital stsock will
be $75,000.
Editor Chronicle :
All want to knew the truth about
my boy Earl Read being cured last
September by the power of God.
For nearly two years he had been
hurting with sharp, shifting, acute
pains; as time went on he gradually
grew worse, until the pains became
constant, both day and night.
A number of good doctors tried
their hands; the best-in the Rock-
wood hospital and one in Nashville
without the' least help in stopping ttit
So we were discouraged, but we
knew that if men could not cure the
Lord could, if he would when asked
in humility and faith' according to
"Is any sick among you, let him call
for the Elders of the church; and let
them pray over him, annotating him
with oil in the name of the Lord; and
the prayer of faith shall save the sick,
and the Lord shall raise him up and
if he have committed sins they shall
be forgiven him." James 5. 14.
In the last chapter of Mark Christ
told his disciples to go into all the
world and preach to every creature,
and he that believeth not shall be
damned. "And these signs shall fol
low them that believe They shah
lay hands on the sick and they shall
recover." "In all the world" means in
Tennessee as well as in Palestine and
"to every creature" means us as well
as others to whom the Lord promised
the blessings.
So last Fall when Elder T. C. Kelly,
of Indepedence, Missouri, came to
Crossville to preach, without pay, the
churches, court house and picture
hall seemed to be closed against him,
From Lett Year.
a Not a few people have been curi
ous about what would become of the
country in case the farmers "got mad
Some latereeting Points About Its'
Sixe and Location.
Since the public has decided by
the large majority of five to one that
they favor spending $jo,ooo for a i.ub-
enough" about thw price of wheat, j lie school building, that necessarily,
which they declare is at present be-:-.v
the cost of production. Th-:
swer is supplied by the report just
issued of the are; sown this fall to
winter wheat.
The farmers have been thoroughly
incensed by the decline in prices of
agricultural products but they have
not been deterred from looking for
ward hopefully to better things. Thv.v
have planted in winter -wheat 40.605.
000 acres, which is less than three
per cent under the acreage thus sown
bst year.
On Dec. 1 the condition of the crop
was 87.9 per cent of normal, which is
considerably better 'than last year
at the corresponding time and but
one-half of ne per cent under the
ten-year average.
This affords great satisfaction to
the American people, for whom the
wheat will provide food. We ima
gine that it is even more satisfactory
to the farmers. They have done the
business-like thing. What else could
they do? Producing foodstuffs is
their business. If a crop fails they
do not let the fact deter them from
planting another.
Though this year's crop is unprofit
able that is no reason for not produ
cing one next year. Temporary losses
usually spur the business man to
greater- efforts. So it is with the
With all their grumbling, and we
sympathize with them in the unhappy
conditions prevailing in the market,
they are good sports and good busi
ness men. We will all have bread and
we hope the farmers will secure such
a good profit next year that they will
be able to laugh at the troubles of
1920. Pittsburgh Gazette-Times.
Doe Not Repeal the Robert Law
But Orders New Atemeot
brings to mind some other important
things touching this improvement for
our town.
Naturally the first question that
would arise is: Where should it be)
located? There seems to be soma
diversity of opinion on that as was to
be expected. Some persons say to
build i vet rf the court house on
the .. ;d near the residence of Mrs.
Francis Dickson. The reasons they;
give are th;u '1 is a central point and
can be easily .reached by all tha
people. If any other reasons are ad
vanced they have not come to our
Those opposed to the location ay!
While the site is level .it is low and
will be very muddy. That it is so
.far from Main Street, that it will not
be readily seen by people passing
through our town and that we should
locate it so as to be a standing
vertisement of our town as well as
to be centrally located.
Otfjers favor the site now occupied,
bjf the CtfPCregational church and
claim that the proper1 can be bought
for a reasonable sum, the sft? ""Rh
and free from mud and water, .S
good walk to it now from one direc
tion and to approach it from the
other direction is av and nn i
and wet as in the case of the otnei
site mentioned. - It would naturally
face the Memphis-to-Bristol High
way and would he in such a notice
aLle location that it would always be
a standing advertisement of great
value to our town. It would adjoin
the present grounds of the city school
and would be an excellent site for a
Sixe of Auditorium.
.1 . 1 ii ii f
The Friendly Road, David Grayson. !?na lne uaa wca?nLr ,rmu ouls,"l;
The Enchanted Barn, Grace Lutz. j preaching; so the people lost some
Joy in the Morning. Mary Shipman j thinS more va'uab'e th?" mone' b'
; 1101 nearuig mui iiuiimjic sciviji ui
The present legislature has passed
a law that will require real estate to
be assessed again this year.
It has been the custom under the
law for real estate to he assessed
once in two years. That work was
done last year, hut the legislature
felt that because of the fall inprices
the assemeut should be done this
year to bring land values more near
ly to their proper level. The new law
does not repeal the Roberts Tax Law
hut does leave the nap down for much
lower valuations being established
because of the atmosphere and gen
The building shown as a sample or
what our town could secure for $20,000
contained an auditorium with a seat
ing capacity of only 400. We have
heard many persons speak of that
feature and in every instance they
expressed a strong desire for an au
ditorium that would seat at least t,ooo
people. When reminded that such an
enlargement would mean more cost
they invariably, expressed the low
ing that the conditions could be met
by another bond issue or by private
subscription, but by all means have,
the lage auditorium. Some seemed
numbers of the leading papers claim
that the finding must not be taken
seriously for it is not intended to
Premier Lloyd George says th
the Germans will finally accecpt the
findings regardless of their present
bitter attitude.
i Andrews.
The Man of the Forest, Zane Grey.;Uod-
But while
The effort to repeal the dog law
seems destined to prove a failure.
From all parts of the state come pro
testsexcept possibly West Tennes
see where no sheep are raised
against the repeal of the law.
People who wish to raise sheep and
produce something worth while for
themselves and the state do not fa
vor the idea of the shiftless and thrift
less negro or white man keeping sev-
- era Ihounds to live off the sheep of
' the state. They have sent in their
protests in no uncertain manner and
there appear now no chance fer the
repeal act to receive anything but a
death blow when the voting time
here we asked him to 1
administer to Earl, our sick boy, ac-!
willing to put up. with an auditoriuui
j that will seat. 800, but all preferred
i the larger size.
j We have not the slightest doubt
I but that the Mayor and Board of Al
! dermen would be glad to have the
1 1 1 . . 1. 1
eral understanding under which the ' 1,C1,IC ",aKe lncu wlsncs Known on
, norii tne location ana tne size ot the
; auditorium. We shall be glad to ic-
recent law was enacted.
nrnc miiqt ctav im prkhm cdve short lettrs re,a,ive to ,l,t-
; cording to gospel and he did so, cur-. ' (two points and will publish same. If
' . , ling the boy immediately, and thus all j precident Wilson has refused to ' our PeoPlc do not take the trouble to
Victor Merger, who twice won nis honor power and glory is due the 3C ,,Wn v nc ,t, ; ' make known their wishes, with the
scat as
congressman trom wuwau- : Lord, the greatest of all physicians ,T ...tpnr. f ln vpar. ,n ,H 'reasons on winch they base them,
kee after he had been sentenced to: and the giver of all good gifts,
the federal penitentiary at Leaven-1 Brother Kelley is an Elder in the
worth, Kansas, for , interfering with Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ
the draft during thew ar, has won his of Latter Day Saints and has been out
suit before the United States Supreme preaching without salary for 29 years.
Court on the grounds that Judge K. No charge is made for administering!
M. Landis should not have tried the to the sick, nor marrying people. But
case after his eligibility was attacked, if very young couples come to him to
Berger was denied a seat in the be married to which parents might
lower house of Congress. The third object, he would refuse and giving
time he offered for election he was1, them good advise, notifying their
defeated. He is the publisher of the parents like all honest men or Chris
Federal Prison at Atlanta, Ga. The
showing made by Attorney-General
our city fathers should not he blamed
should the location of the building
Palmer did not appeal to the presi- and tnep size of auditorium prove
dent as sufficient reason for his re
lease. -
unsatisfactory. Full, free and pleas
ant discussion of the subject is tne
surest way to reach what is best and
most desired by the majority of our
people. Let your views be known. '
The Chronicle is needing a printer
and Linotype operator. It means a
steady job for the right man and the
wages will be in accordance with
Milwaukee Leader, a socialist paper. tians would do; as they wish others . what he can do. If you have never
Switacrland bars all cations from
Four of Bergor's associates were
tried and convicted at the same time.
The finding of the court means a
reversal of the" first decision and a
trial before some other judge.
to treat their children.
Yours for gospel and truth
WmvE. Read.
The legislature has repealed the cig
aret law and it is the claim now that
The legislature has set the date! a stringent law forbidding sale to
for the races sfron February ti tominors and one placing a heavy tax; become extinct as they seem unable to
March?. . on dgarets will be pased. (stand the ways of modern civilization.
operated a - Linotype nor done any
work in a print shop, but have a high
school cduccation you will be con
sidered for the place; cither man or
woman. Apply at this office.
The native population of Hawaii
has decreased nearly 3,000 in the past
ten years. It is expected to finally
' Saturday, February .4 Norma Tal
madge will appear again at the Mec
ca in one of her powerful photoplays.
The name of . it is "Panthea" and
believe us it's a hummer. If you do
not want to get so entranced that
you'll forget where you are don't
come to see "Panthea." But if yoa
like a good movie; one that is thril
ling without being brutal; one that
is uplifting without being insipid, see
"Panthea" at the Mecca Saturday.

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