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crossville ensoscLX
Dr. F. J. UPHAM,
Souring Milk by Elertrlclt. "f tf ,Wr Tfh
Milk that I. expend, immediately -
First rooms lo Bank Building.
Charles W. Powell
Successor to McOartt & Powell
Undertaker & Embalms
Phones: Day, 28; NlRht, 202,
Rockwood, Tenn.
.Winter Brings Many I1U to Pale,
Overworked People
Fortify Your System Good Blood
Will Give You New Strength
To Keep Well
If you feel the least bit run down,
,jOt necessarily sick, but tired and
blue tnd sort of down and out, it
ihows plainly that your power of
resistance is low.
It is dangerous to go around that
jvay. You don't want to do it.
Make no mistake about it, when
you feel yourself slipping into laiy
things you naturally like no energy,
too vigor, always tired it is time to
look out. It does not mean that you
fcre sick or that you will be. But
Jthere are diseases that would have
an easy time of it with your system
When your blood has no fighting
, ,You want to be well and keep well
and feel strong. If you build up the
'quality of your blood by taking Pep
jto-Mangan you will be in trim to
fight off winter ills. It has just the
right ingredients to build up "your
blood with rich, red corpuscles.
Pepto-Mangan gives your blood the
'qualities it needs to pick you up and
'start you off on a healthy basis. You
will notice the difference soon after
you start taking it. Yon will have
better color, better feeling and more
You can take it in liquid or tablet
form as you prefer. Both have the
feanie ingredients. But be sure you
get the genuine Gude's Pepto-Mangan.
Ask for it by that name 'Gude's
Pepto-Mangan" and be sure the fuh
iiame is on the package. Adv
sours during a thunderstorm, and this
phenomenon is accounted for In a very
simple and natural way. Milk, like
most other substances, contains mil
lions of bacteria. The milk bacteria
that in a day or two, under natural
conditions, would cause the fluid to
sour, are peculiarly susceptible to elec
tricity. Electricity Inspirits and In
vigorate them, affecting them as al
cohol, cocaine, or strong tea affects
men. Under the current Influence they
fall to work with amazing energy, and
Instead of taking a couple of days to
soar the milk they accomplish the
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Farmer and
and thinks the cockle, now converted
Into such a thing of beauty, was alive little daughter were the guests Sun
millions of years ago, and had its day of Mr. Farmer's parents, Mr. and
home in the shallow see oy wnicn uie Mrs A Parmer,
interior of the continent was coverea
in the almost fabulous past
snow. Aud too much ram durum nes
ting time. All of these causes, ex
cept the last, are done by man, and
could be prevented.
If there wert no. birds a very large
oart of the beautv and cladness of the
Virgil" Smith, of Mountain City.was I w0.rld wouId be Uken awa; and th
at R. S. Hamby's Saturday on busi
ness. E. J. Davfc and son, Walter were in
task completely In a half-hour. With j who advertised the car. "but surely
an electric battery it Is easy, on the
same principle, to sour the freshest
Dreams of Animals and Birds,
George John Romanes says that the
fact that dogs dream Is proverbial, and
.notes Seneca and Lucretius and fur
nishes proof from Dr. Lauder Lindsay,
an eminent authority, that horses
dream. Becheteln holds that the bull
finch dreams, and gives a case where
the dream took on the character of a
nightmare and the bird fell from Its
A man advertised his car for sale.
Early the next morning a man who ' Crab Orchard Tuesday on business,
lived across the street came over and j Gustie Farmer and little daughter,
said: "Pardon me, bat I see by last , EuIa were the gutJ of Mr and MrJ
nlaht's naDer you advertised your car r-
for sale "Quite true.- said the man , ' " , V
. anu a. iiaiuujr wcif ill
Crossvillc Tuesday on business.
Misses Gracie and Icy Spurlin, of
Mountain City were the guests ot u.
you are not in wc market tor 11.
"No," was the reply, "but I only live
across the street and I also want to
sell my car. And there would be no E. Hamby and family Saturday night.
need for my spending my money for
an advertisement if after the people
were through looking at your car you
could Just send them across the street
to look at my car." -Argonaut.
Her Threat
The dissipated spendthrift of a hus
band begged for another chance. "Be
patient, my dear," he said. "I am like
I. R. Hamby was in Crab Orchard
Monday on business.
N. P. Hamby was in this vicinity
one day last week from Mountain
farmer's present day problems would
seein infinitesimal when compared to
the hopeless warfare he would then
have to wage against destructive in
sects. Man should not boast of his super
iority so long as he is cither indif
ferent to the welfare, or actually
preys upon the lives of those little
creatures, who are his best friends.
O. B.
perch, and four great authorities say I P"?1' ' IshaU Z0, by,
that dreaming become, so vivid as to : " bette' at 0P i
Rev. P. E. Radford preached a
very interesting sermon here Sun
day. -
A. A. Hamby and Ellis Taylor, of J Mrs. Carrie Murphy left Monday
Rockwood, were in this vicinity Mon- for Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She
day and Tuesday. (will be away for two weeks. Miss
Misses Delta, Gladys, May and Forrest Kemmer, of Grassy Cove is
Winford Hamby were guests at F. .teaching the school in her place.
lead to somnambulism. Oner gives
a case of a somnambulistic watch dog
which prowled In search of Imagin
ary strangers or fowls, and exhibited
toward them a series of pantomimic
actions, including barking. Drydan
says: "The little birds in dreams the
sengs repeat"
Interesting Tibetan Curies.
Most Interesting In a wondrous col
lection of articles frem remote and
mysterious Tibet that has been re
ceived at the American Maseum of
Natural History In New York are
those pertaining to Tibetan mythology
and beliefs. They include the elab
orate costumes worn by the "devil
dancers," and the masks used In the
ceremonies for driving away demons.
Of these "Todgain," the five-skull
mask is especially celebrated and sa
cred. Tho five skulls surmounting the
mask are supposed to be the skulls of
slain enemies, trophies of the devil
dancer, who represents a warrior of
the old Tibetan mythology. -
will be like the prodigal, too," she
warned him, "for 1 will arise and go
to my father."
Liberty's Aid te Genius.
Parsons of genius, it is true, are,
and are always likely to be, a small
minority; but in order to have them
It is necessary to preserve the soil In
which they grow. Genius can only
breathe freely in an atmosphere of
freedom. Persons of ganlus are less
capable of fltting themselves without
hurtful compression into any one of
the small number of molds which so
ciety provides In order to save its
members the trouble of forming their
own character. If from timidity they
consent to be forced into one of these
molds, and to let that part of them
selves which cannot expand under the
L. Hamby's Sunday.
Jan. 31.
I. L. Burgess has been very
Sunday after a visit of a week with
her daughter, Mrs. Jewell Hale, at
Mrs. Lillian Patton, of Linary, was
visiting her mother, Mrs. James
Norris Sunday.
Mrs. T. V. Hale and Early Webb
Chas. Dixon,
Ed. Mitts,
Before O. B. Rector, Justice of the' Pnt Sunday night at Burke with
Peace of Cumberland County, Ten-, their grandfather, Walker Brown,
nestee. (who has been very sick for the past
In this cause it appears by afnda-; week,
vit that the defendant, Ed. Mittt, is
justly indebted to the plaintiff, and is
a non-resident of the state of Tennes
see, so that the ordinary process of
i law cannot be served on him, and an
I original attachment having been at-
pttoari LarJy Suffered Until Sin
Tried Cardui. Sayi ''Result
Wis Surprising." Got Aloof
Fine, Became Normal
and Healthy.
Springfield Mo. "My back was so
weak I could hardly, stand up, and I
would have bearing-down pains and
was not well at any time,"' says Mrs.
jj. V. Williams, wife of a well-known
farmer on Route 6, this place. "I
kept getting headaches and having to
go to bed," continues Mrs. Williams
describing the troubles from which
she obtained relief through the use ot
CarduL "My husband, having heard
of Cardul, proposed getting it for me.
"I saw after taking some Cardul
. . . that I was improving. The result
ftras surprising. I felt like a different
"Later I suffered from weakness
and weak back, and felt all run-down.
I did not rest well at night I was so
nervous and cross. My husband said
a would get me some CarduL whlcn
e did. It strengthened me . . . My
octor said I got alorg fine. I was in
stood healthy condition. 1 cannot
ear too much for lu"
I Thousands of women have suffered
IU Mrs. Williams describes, until they
found relief from the use of GardaL
tllnce It has helped so many, yoa
ihoald not hesitate to try Carnal it
troubled vita womanly sjlaeat.
t ftt aata everywhere. Alt
Bone Libraries.
"Lending libraries" In which bones
play the same part as books do in the
orthodox library, are not uncommon in
connection with universities. Any
bona in the collection may be borrowed
and kept for a week on payment of
38 cents. These libraries are In some
cases valued as hlghlv as $25,000, a
skeleton complete being worth from
980 to flOO, according to Its condi
tion. A skull brings from $1.25 40 $5 ;
and a perfect specimen a comparative
rarity as much as $50. Leg, arm and
collar bones command a ready market
at from 50 cents to $1.25 each, while
a perfect string of spinal vertebrae Is
valued at 95.
pressure remain uoexpanded, society I tacbed garmshmeat on his proper
will be little the better for their gen- ty and returned to me, it is therefor
Fefr. l
Mrs. Vista Simpson, who has been
visiting Mrs. John McLean, has re
turned to her home inBriceville.
gen- iy a,ltJ rciurnca o mc, n 13 mtrcivi -me many trienas ot Mrs. jonn jhc-
lus. If they are of a strong character ordered that publication be made in Lean wju be giaj to know that she
and brak their fetters they become j the Crossville Chronicle, a newspaper j, fast recovering from a very scr-
a mare jog me society wnicn nas not .published in the city of Crossville, ou$ jUness
succeeded in reducing them to tne com- T for four conseCutive weeks,
monplace to point at with solemn , d Mim
warning as wild and erratic and the . "
like; much as if one should complain P"r me' a office in Cross-
vme, on tne iotn. aay 01 reoruary,
of the Niagara river for not flowing
smoothly between its banks like a
Dutch canal John Stuart Mill.
Seng Writing Profitable.
"Her Golden Hair Was Banging
Down Her Back" earned $80,000 In a
single year for the writer and pub
lisher. Other songs which
brought in tens of thousands
The Moqul Desert
Never was life so lonely and cheer
lees as in the desolate hovels of the
Moquls. Their land Is not a tender
solitude, but a forbidding desolatftra of
escarped cliffs, overlooking wastes of
sand, where the wmds wage war on
the small shrubs and venturesome
grasses, leaving to the drouth such as
they cannot uproot, A few scrubby
trees, spotting the edge o.the plain as
If they had looked across the waterless
waste and crouched in fear, furnish
1921, and make defense to said suit,
or it will be proceeded with ex perte.
This January 24th., 1921.
Justice of the Peace.
1 -26-4 1. Attorney.
Albert Roberts, Mine Superinten
dant, has returned to Nashville for a
few weeks and Mr. Acres, also of
Nashville, has arrived to take his
Leroy Niles spent the week-end in
Rev. Clair S. Adams, of Knoxville,
held services here Saturday evening
and Sunday morning.
. Charles Hayes and neice, Miss
Grace Abston, have returned after
spending several days in Chattanooga.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Lacy Smith motor
ed to Knoxville Monday. Miss Bess
Hudson accompanied them to Rock-
In spite of the many pleas that'
have been made in behalf of the birds wood
they arc rapidly decreasing; and inj Cha, Hudson, who is working at
a little brushwood for the fires of the some parts of the country species jsjew Rjver spent the week-end with
juvvium wv biv uguiiug uui uic uaii.i j wnicn were iormeriy wen nuuwn , nomj folks.
or existence mi is naroiy wonn uie have become almost extinct.
struggle. The seven villages within a Th. fapt nillt. nrtticMhU dur
j " " -i
hava circuit or ten mnes nve Dean isolated i , . . . ... i - '
of dJ,! ! from the world through centuries, yet in8 the sPrin ! he ,ast Creek Coal Company, here
Mrs. John Murray has joined her
husband, who is working for the Fall
and the fall and winter hatre
tiM -iitv nr. r i. ! thnv hava so lttfle intAiyntirKA with year:
Bank at Monte Carlo." "The Rowdy-1 M otJier tua thelr tr,baI languages, j revealed the scarcity in a startling
Dowdy Boys," and "Ta-ra-ra-boom-de- , ererywiiere suoject to swin muianons, way.
ayl" But probably tbe biggest sum
ever gained In one year from one
song was secured by "Queen of My
Heart." In 12 months it netted
His Instrument
are entirely
unlike. Susan Arnold
Several years ago many varieties
of birds wintered here; but this year
Origin of Sundae Disputed. ' I?" ""71 VT " , : ,
A druggist says thst the origin of ' Iorin Ul " -
the word "sundae" has been under dls- but the sparrow, chickadee, and now
cusslon in drug trade papers for years, and then a robin, blue bird and car-
to be so
"The poet I met told me the type- e sa ,that T"" fflra f tbe . dinal. The, quail that used
titer was too prorate an Instmrnent P?' Circular made the follow- pletiflI, here and came to
Jan. 31.
The Vamp
writer was too proalc an Instrument
for him; that be had to have an In
strument to fit his mood. When be
was aggressive, he wrote with a steel
pen; when he described beauty and
wealth, he wrote with a gold one."
"Then I suppose that ordinarily he
wrote with a quill of groose."
When Hanging a Picture.
One Important consideration before
hanging a picture Is Its shape and
slee In relation to the area of the
wall on rtflch It is to be placed. A
fine adjustment of areas and rec
tangles Is very necessary to achieve a
satisfactory result. 1 recall a room
In which a small wall space was liter
ally covered by a large portrait, and
on a largo wall space of the adjoining
NO. 1450
J. M. Marsh et al.
Walker Coal and Lumber Co. et al. .
In this cause it appears that S. S.
the very Spruks and Walker Coal and Lumber
Ing statement In reference to the word, Annr (r.r rriimh. nr train are no more Comnany are Non-Residents of ttie
after citing various accounts from ltonr--, duri the-winter; and only a state. They arc therefore hereby re
M?:. -all number appear in the spring, j quired to appear on orfore -the 4th
Since all but one must be false, It The -pheasant is fast becoming ex- Monday in Irebruary, 1921, before the
may be that they all are." Among tinct. The olive-backed thrush which Judge of the Chancery Court at the
the explanations given Is that a Mr. j used to greet us with his cheery"Jo- j Court House, in Crossville, Tennes-
Sundae of New Orleans was the oiig- ree,joree,joree" on every bright.warm , see, .and make detense to the- bill
1. a 0 e-ttlaa Il Alia rAnnintiAn i ,1. . .aUm 1 !4
umiur w . js n0 ongtr wUh us rt,na even
Another well-known theory Is that Sun- J d b . t
dae is a corruption of Sunday, and ine wrcn , u , . . . .
that the confection was. so called be- numbers here during the winter is
cause it was originally a specialty on seldom seen now until spring.
Sundays of many drug stores In places Each spring reveals a diminished
where confectioners- were closed on number of wood thrushes, mocking
that day.
birds, blue birds, scarlet tanagers,
pewees, doves, orioles, warblers,
The Moaui Desert,
Never was life so lonely and cheer- whippoorwills, thrashers, cat-birds,
less as In the desolate hovels of the hnmminc-birds. etc.
wall were hung four small pictures , Moquls. Their land Is not a tender Th- decrease is due to several
arranged - on a diagonal line like" a
flight of stairs the effect was very
disturbing. It would have been so
easy to have arranged the walls
properly by putting the portrait on
tbe larger wall space, one of the four
small pictures on the smaller wall,
and the other three In the closet-Exchange.
A Cockle Opalized.
A perfect cockle, petrified and opal
ized, was on view recently In Ade
laide, South Australia. At first glance
It resembles an ordinary cockle, such
as may be found on any of the ex
tensive beaches of tbe commonwealth.
A closer lntesUgs-Uon, however, dis
closes the fire and brilliance of tbe
JSpne. tiltsi through therbbfd
solitude, but a forbidding desolation of ons among which are : The forest
escarped cliffs overlooking wastes of woods when
sand, where the winds wage war on r" ""i"
the small shrubs and venturesome the trees are green uv
grasses, leaving to the drouth such as nesting. Failure of parents and tea
they cannot uproot. A few scrubby chcrs to instill into the child a love
trees, spotting the edge of the plain as ana kindness for his feathered friends
If they had looked across the waterless whjch wouid make him their protcc
waste and crouched In fear, furnish . d thcir enetny as s too
a little brushwood for the fires of the , t0.r insieaa 01 ,aw
Moquls who are fighting out tbe battle often the ca3e" A, ? ,axt gfmC ,a
of existence that Is hardlv worth the I which allows the killing of the quail,
struggle. The seven villages within a
circuit of ten miles have been Isolated
from the world through centuries, yet
they have so little Intercourse with
each other that their tribal languages,
everywhere subject to swift mutations,
are entirely unlike. -Susan Arnold
dove and pheasant in and out ot sea
son; and the pot hunter who searches
for the robin roosts 'and destroys
thousands each you. The failure of
filed against them and others in said
court by J. M. Marsh et al., or
otherwise the bill will be taken for
It is further ordered that this no
tice be published for four consecutive
weeks in the Crossville Chronicle.
Thi9 January 31st, 1921. 0
2-2-4t Clerk and Master.
L. W. Martin, of Crossvife. y..T: in
this vicinty the first of the week
looking Over some timber lands.
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Adams and
Mrs. Morris Goss made a trip -to
Monterey Thursday of last week to
have dental work done.
The infant child of Mr.. and Mrs.
Andy Goss has been quite sick.
The ckjld of Mr. and Mrs. Jessie
Adams is quite sick now.
Judge C. E. Snodgrass has some
people ingeneral to remember the' men opening a coal mine on his land
birds with crumbs and grain when 1 here. ,
the ground is frozen of covered with J Jan. 31 Daisy

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