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Saving Fish That
WASHINGTON. A conservation
measure of vast Importance, says
the annual report of the secretary of
commerce. Is the rescuing of food
fishes that are left In temporary ponds,
lakes, pools and sloughs on the subsid
ence of the floods of the Mississippi
river and tributary streams. The an
nual losses of valuable fish life owing
to the drying or freezing of all these
shallow Maters have been enormous
and have affected the food supply of
the entire region from Minnesota and
Wisconsin to Mississippi and Louisi
ana. Thus the-situation is clearly one
that comes under the federal purview,
and the bureau of fisheries has as
sumed the task of mitigating, as far as
McCormick Would Shake Up Departments
ABOLITION of the Department of the
Interior, creation of two new de
partments one to be known" as the
Department of Public Works and the
other as the Department of Public Wel
fare and seneral reorganisation of
other governmental departments is pro
posed in a bill prepared by Senator
McCormick, Republican, Illinois, for
introduction at this session of con
gress. Senator McCormick is now In . Eu
rope and the principal provisions of
his bill were outlined In a statement
IsMicd from his ofllec. The statement
said that while the bill would be Intro
duced early in the session action on It
probably would be deferred until after
the inauguration of rresldent-elect
The proposed Department of Public
Works, under the bill, would Include
nil important engineering and building
services of the government. The de
partment of public welfare. would In
clude various welfare ngencles of the
government, such as the woman's bu
reau, now In the Department of Labor ;
the pension bureau, now In the Depart
ment of the Interior; the public health
service, the bureau of war risk insur
ance and the vocational training board.
The Department of Commerce would
be enlarged so as to increase Its use
fulness to business.
Poor Old Nineteenth
POOR old Nineteenth amendment's
troubles are far from being over,
according to the National Association
Opposed to Woman Suffrage. Anyway,
the organization with this elongated
and Impressive name says It has Just
begun to fight.
In other words the National Associa
tion Opposed to Woman Suffrage an
nounces that It has begun a new cam
paign. There are two purposes which
We Are Living in a
. "HAItACTEUIZING the progress in
v. the radio art as "nothing short of
phenomenal," Major General Squier,
chief signal officer of the army, In his
annual report, says that from a tech
nlcal point of view there has never
been -a period when the whole subject
of electrical methods and means of In
tercommunication was in a more
healthful state.
General Squier reports that not
withstanding the estimated general In
crease In cost of telephone service
ot 25 per cent throughout the country,
the signal corps succeeded In decreas
ing the cost to the army by 42.72 per
cent. .
, He believes that, as a matter of pol
icy, the signal corps should own, main
tain and operate telephone systems at
all permanent activities and announces
lhat n rapidly as the permanent sta
ins of military posts becomes known
negotiations will be opened with the
telephone companies for the purchase
t war activity telephone systems.
, Asserting that with suitable nppnrn-1
Stray in Flood Time
resources will permit, the yearly de
struction of food fishes. Its operations
being supplemented by those of several
During the fiscal year 1920, more
particularly in the period from July
to November, the number of food fishes
rescued from the overflowed lands bor
dering the Mississippi and tributaries
reached the noteworthy total of loo,
659,000, all of which would Inevitably
have perished. This salvaged output,
which was about 100,000,000 In excess
of the results in any previous season
was returned to the open waters
the vicinity of the points of collection,
with the exception of less than 1,000,
000 fishes of various species of bass
that were used In supplying Individual
applicants or in,satlsfying the requlsl
tions or nsn commissions.
The young fish spved in the 1920 op
erations, if they had been hatched on;
reared In the usual manner at the ordl
nary fish-cultural establishments,
would have required several hundred
such stations to produce. The entire
cost of the rescue work was only 13
cents per 1,000 fish for about 75 per
cent of the output.
Creation of an office In the state de
partment to have Jurisdiction over In
suiar affairs and territories such as
Alaska would bo provided for. Tho
alien property custodian's office and
the division of the secret service would
be placed under the department of Jus
tice. The office of the'comptroller of
currency would be abolished and its
function transferred to the federal re
serve board.
The McCormick measure also would
abolish the board of mediation and
conciliation and transfer Its functions
to the Department of Labor, and abol
Ish the council of national defense
and discontinue its functions.
The measure transfers to the depart
meat of commerce the weather bureau
patent office, const guard, lake survey
office, hydrographlc office, naval ob
servatory and Inland and coastwise
waterways service.
Amendment in Bad
animate the association and inspire
the campaign. One is nothing less than
the repeal of the Nineteenth amend
ment. The other Is the passage of leg
islation to" restore "state rights." It
proposes to have congress pass an
amendment requiring ratification by
popular vote of all amendments to tho
The anti-suffrage association, In an
analysis of the woman vote in the re
cent election, says, "the majority of
women stayed at home" and "instead
of twelve million only nine or ten mil
lion women voted."
"In other words," says the analysis,
"only one-third of the 27,000,000 wom
en eligible to vote, about which the
suffragists have been shouting for
years, could be persuaded to go to the
No wonder the N. A. O. T. W. S. Is
on the war path.
Tenth - Second World
tus messages may be exchanged be
tween any two points on the surface
of the globe, General Squier saya we
nre in fact living In a "tenth-second
world," since with suitable equipment
any radio Impulse passes between any
two points within this time.
Perhaps the most important of the
many developments worked out dur
ing the year by the signal eorns has
been the putting into practical use. of
General Squicr's own invention of ap
plying radio telephony and telegraphy
to bare wires laid In the sea or In the
Detroit Man Hat Eliminated Sunday
Afternoon Outings With the Old
Gasoline-Driven Boat.
What has become of that old-fah
loned institution known as pleasure
driving? Sunday, being a beautiful
day, we decided upon a pleasure
drive Into the country. So. did every
body else in the world. The out-go
ing trip was not altogether unpleas
ant, but when the migratory birds be
gan to wing home word the road beg-.in
to suffer hardening of the main ar
teries. We elected to come in by way of
Farmington In order to miss the traffic
on Woodward avenue. We missed the
Woodward aveuue traffic all right, but
what we ran Into out Grand River ave
nue made us long for the old Jam we
were fumiliar with.
At Kodford we ran Into the deluge.
From then on we were able by sharp
driving and careful maneuvering to
make at least 30 feet every two min
utes. The old left arm was kept busy
operating the stop signal. Every few
minutes there came tho sound of
breaking glass and twisting fender.
Somebody just ahead or behind had
miscalculated the distance and had
given up Ids headlights and his wind
shield In consequence.
Occasionally an Impatient driver
would break out of the line, to be fol
lowed by several others, and endeavor
to gain time and distance by traveling
the wrong side of the road. This re
sulted In as perfect a tleup of travel
as It Is possible to obtain on one or
dinary road. It stopped traffic in both
.Then came a slight break. We could
see the cars ahead moving forward,
hut the man Just In front of us had
dozed off momentarily. Winn he dis
covered the line In action ho slipped
In his clutch and stalled his motor.
Having to get out of a car and crank
the old engine In the presence of 10,-
000 Irate motorists Is not a predica
ment to delight the soul. Nor does it
particularly delight the folks behind
who nre obliged to wait for him to
do tho trick. Peace-loving as we are,
we nald a few harsh things to oursclf
about that gentleman. At the end of
an hour we had almost made the city
limits, and when finally we did get
homo it was a frayed and nerve
racked body that stowed away the
bus In the garage. As we staggered
Into the house we made the public an
nouncement that from the list of out
door sports we had definitely elim
inated pleasure driving. Detroit Free
Press. -
Thirteenth Century Tomb.
An interesting Thirteenth century
tombstone has been discovered t
Workshop (England) Priory church,
which Is-being restored as a war me
morial to the local men who fell In the
wnr. The tombstone which Is beauti
fully carved, has been Identified as
that of Lady Furnlval, who built the
church in the Thirteenth century as a
thnnkolTcring for the return of her son
from Palestine, whore he had gone Ui
order to bring home the heart of his
brother, Gerald, who was killed by the
Saracens. The tombstone bears evi
dence of elaborate brass work, but the
metal Itself has disappeared, appar
ently having been stolen or torn off.
The Lady chapel is one of the moat
characteristic specimens of early Eng
lish architecture in England, and Its
lancet windows are considered among
the most perfect In the country.
Make Them Your Friends.
All our poets have been men of deep
and firm faith in God, and his good
ness, ana no noy or gin eouui spend
more enjoyable or profitable hour
than In the company of any of these
great and noble men. Ihey are the
pioneers of progress, leading men on
nnd up to the serene heights of holi
ness end Godlikeness, and there they
wilt shine forever like great silent
stars In the deep night sky. Edith M.
Apostle Spoons.
'Apostle spoons," called also "gos
sip spoons," were gilt spoons given by
the sponsors or 'gosshfs," to a child
at its christening. They were so-called
because each spoon had a figure of an
apostle on the? handle. Wealthy peo
ple gave the whole twelve apostles;
those of less means nnd generosity
gave the four evangelists.
Holy Cities of the World.
Allalmhnd Is the holy city of
Indian Mohammedans, I Sena res Is
holy city of the Hindoos, while Cuzeo
is that of the ancient Incas. Jeru
salem Is tho holy city of the .Tews and
Christians. Mecca, Medina and Da
mascus have first place In the affec
tions of the Mohammedans.
What a Pun.
A witty man used to keep a nutmeg
grater on his tsbie In order to be nble
t say when a great man was. men
tioned. "There's a greater.'''
The Best Rule.
Think twice before you speak, then
talk to yourself. Arkan.viw Thomat
Department of Agriculture Reconv
mends Careful Selection of
Breeding Stock.
The Tampalgn that has been inaugu
rated by the United States Department
of Agriculture to btimulute and In
crease poultry production along more
efficient lines Is divided Into the fol
lowing phases:
Careful selection of breeding stock
to reproduce a larger percentage of
good types of profitable producers.
Early hatching, so as to produce fall
and winter layers.
To confine mother hens to brood
coops for at least two weeks after the
chicks are hatched.
To provide free range for both grow
Ing stock and layers in so far as pos
sible to stimulate growth and produc
tion and conserve food consumption
To preserve eggs for winter use.
The production of infertile eggs as
soon bb the breeding-season Is over.
Disposing of surplus cockerels as
broilers to conserve grain.
To discourage the marketing of all
profitable hens of the general purpose
class until the end of their second
year, and of the Mediterranean or egg
class until the end of their third lay
ing year.
To encourage the careful selection
of all hens In order to eliminate the
unprofitable producers.
To discourage the marketing of all
profitable pullets as broilers and of all
well-matured pullets for meat.
To encourage the caponlzlng of cock
erels only when free range can be
provided and a special nearby market
To encourage back-yard poultry
keeping, especially among city and
suburban dwellers, thereby utilizing
Leghorns Are Well Adapted for Pro
duction of Eggs.
Scraps for the production of
and eggs for home consump-
To encourage turkey, duck and
geese raising when circumstances are
House Must Be Kept Dry,
tilated and Sufficient
for Scratching.
Well Ven
Space The poultry house Is bolh the
home of the hen nnd the. factory
where winter eggs are produced, and
unless it provider; suitable living nnd
working conditions the hen cannot
be expected to lay well. The chief
requirement Is that the house must
keep the birds comfortable. To be
comfortable the house must be dry,
well ventilated, well lighted and have
sufficient floor space to provide exer
cise by scratching. Dryness Is In
sured by having a good roof, keep
ing the floor of the house higher than
tlie surrounding ground, and bv pro
viding good ventilation. Ventilation
must supply plenty of fresh air with
out drafts. This Is secured In the
poultry house by having the south
side relatively open and the other
three sides absolutely tight. The im
portance of light in the poultry
house hns not been properly emph.v.
sized in the past.
Feeding Stimulants or Highly Con
centrated Food Is Most Injurious
When pullets' are forced to lay
early, by stimulants or highly con
centrated food, It Is an Injury, os It
taxes their vitality. A pullet that Is
forced will lay Very small eggs for a
whileand when she ceases, In order
to rest, shd will not bein again as
soon as an ordinary uen. she be
comes prematurely old, and, on the
average, does net prove as profitable;
as when she is given time to mature
before beginning to lay.
,. s i
- , , v
"Only One Thing
Breaks My Cold
'That Dr. Kind's New Dis-T
coTery, for Fifty Years
a Cold -Breaker"
TIME-TRIED for fifty years and
never more popular than today.
Nothing but the relief it gives from
stubbor old colds, and on-rushing
new ones, grippe and throat-torturing
coughs could nave made Dr. King's
New Discovery the standard remedy it
Is today. No harmful drugs.
Always reliable, and good for the
whole family. Has a convincing, heal-,
ing taste with all its good medicinal
qualities. At all druggists, 60 cents,
$ 1.20 a bottle.
Far colds and coughs
New Discovery
He Results of Constipation
are sick headache i, biliousness, sallow
skin, waste matter in the intestinal
system. Correct this health-tinder-f
mining condition by taking Dr. King's :
Pills. Feel good every day. Keep,
the system dean and virile. Sama!
old price, 25 cents. All druggists.
Bad Stomach
Sends Her to Bed
for 10 Months ,
Eatonlo Cots Her Up t
"Over a year ago," says Mrs. Dora
Williams, "I took to bed and for 10
months did not think I would live.
Eatonlc helped me so much I am now
up and able to work. I recommend It
highly for stomach trouble."
Eatonlc helps people to get well oy
taking up and carrying out the excess
acidity and gases that put the stomach
out of order. If you have indigestion,
sourness, heartburn, belching, food re
peating, or other stomach distress, take
an Eatonlc after each meal. Big box
costs only a trifle with your druggist's
Banner Lye
is easy to use
No other lye la packed so lately and con
venlently, or Is so economical not a rk
No other lye or soap clean and disinfect
so easily and thoroughly ae Banner Lye. It
la not old-style lye. Odorless eni colorlesa;
the greatest cleanser and disinfectant the
world baa ever known. Use It for cleaning
your kitchen, cellar, sinks, dairy, milk-pane
and bottles, for softening water, and the
tabor of washing and cleaning will be cut laj
and saves money besides. 'A can of Banner
Lye, pounds of kitchen grease, ten min
utes' easy work (no boiling or large kettles).
and you have 10 pounds of best bard soap
or 20 gallons ot aoft soap.
Banner lye is aoid by your grocer or
drucelsta Write to na for free booklet.
Tsea of Banner Lye."
The leu Chemical Works FhUaderphl USA
This Large
Defile of
4eLMBIMaMl MMf iSnel MA OSa
jjjjjjffiftl much as the usual
ou cent duius vi
liniment and lasts
the average family for months.
It quickly alleviates pain caused
from rheumatism, sciatica, neu
ralgia, sprains, etc
Sold by all dealers. Price 35c
:W VsHeWTS15Hl
GILBERT BROS, ft CO., Baltimore, Md. a
for FORD Permanent Non-Skid Chains.
KOO dellrered. Instantly cm and off.
Big sales, liowe Co., f laatsrllle. Cone.
AGENTS, Ekber Sex, Earn $5 to $15 Per Day
Dlgnincd, cany, we require yonr pieannw aeroiee
hours pr day flrst S days, afterwards you will want
to. KOOM 12. VOUBAiNB BLIHJ.. i t Worth. Texas
waadsrs for si had cotnolxroaL.
IsaWs nr (l 11 9ft. jr. C. M. Katrts
C. 2979 MicMcan AvaiMMg Cli teats)
win sWtaal cougn,EilL My
aother fiftc Yt tomi when I get
a.ongb.aad ycatloaf hear mc
coughing all tie time.
lf ir Kit
W. N. U., CINCINNATI, NO. 52-1920,

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