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6 Bell ans
Hot wafer
Sure Relief
Fabrics for the
Summer Clothes
Aches, pains, nervousness, diffi
culty in urinating, often mean
serious disordeis. The world's
standard remedy for kidney, liver,
bladder and uric aad troubles
tiring quick relief and often ward off
oaadly diseases. Known as the national
remedy of Holland for mora than 200
: years. All druggists, in three aises.
Leak for the name Cold Madal oa eracr bos
ana accept no uutataoa
Writer Protests Against Custom, All
Too Common, of Keeping Useless
Old Household Good?.
Articles which owe their value to
their utility may become unservlce
able, but the owners, instead of get
ting rid of them, find some niche In
the home In which to store them, or,
worse still, keep the old goods In a
place of honor with modern furnish
ings and make their homes ugly as
well as comfortless.
Where families have lived In one
house for years, miscellaneous articles
of useless furniture will be found lum
bering up the place. If the more sea
slble and practical members of ' the
family ask for their disposal, and
comment on their uselessness they get
a lecture entitled sentimental value.
The amazing part of the sentiment
al value plea is the little regard these
misers of rubbish place on. the tastes
and desires of other members of the
family. The worshipers of household
goods are likely to become exacting,
and unhappily these fallings increase
as they grow older. San Francisco
"Cold in the Head"
fa an acute attack of Nasal Catarrh.
Those subject to frequent "colds In the
head" will find that the use of HALL'S
CATARRH MEDICINE-wiU build up the
System, cleanse the ..Blood and render
them less liable to colds. Repeated at
tacks of Acute Catarrh may lead to
Chronic Catarrh.
taken Internally and acts through the
Blood on the Mucous Surfaces of the Sys
tem, inus reducing" tne intiammatlon and
restoring normal conditions.
All Druggists. Circulars free.
F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio.
One thorn of experience Is worth a
dozen roses of theory.
Freshen a Heavy Skin
With the antiseptic, fascinating Cutl-
cura Talcum Powder, an exquisitely
scented convenient, economical face,
skin, baby and dusting powder and
Derfume. Renders other perfumes su
perfluous. One of the Cuticura Toilet
Trio (Soap, Ointment, Talcum). Adv.
Bread Is Hie staff of life and hard
tack is the crowbar.
Before retiring a cup of Garfield Tea.
lor good digestion and continued good
health. Adv.
Evil-minded rolk measure others by
their own standard.
Are You Suffering From
Gall Stones
or Gravel
Avoid an Operation
Gall Stone Remedy
Send a $2 money order for a three
ounce bottle of this wonderful
remedy. If it does not relieve the
pains return the bottle and your
money will be immediately refunded.
Write for ksiimoniali
Neddo's Gall Stone Remedy Co.
P.O. Bos 422 Norfolk, Va.
Women are Interested In Snowing
all the fashion news, but there Is a
great deal that must be accepted as
news only, as In Its original showing
It is not applicable to the use of the
woman who makes her own clothes or
has them made at home, avers a
prominent fashion correspondent.
Then, too, there are many Ideas that,
while extremely useful, as sugges
tions, cannot be adopted In the way
that they are originally presented.
Some models are original designs
worked out as suggestions for mak
ing simple and Inexpensive warm
weather clothes that are practical to
wear at any hour of a summer day.
The materials selected are the liew
est cotton imports of the sheer variety.
Some of the advanced summer mod
els that the French designers have
sent us and some that our best
American dressmakers are preparing
are very attractive.
In materials, drop-stltch voiles, ba
tistes, dotted Swisses, organdies, Eng
lish prints, handkerchief and heavy
linens are used. Then there are Im
ported voiles and organdies, daintily
embroidered, In many instances the
fabrics being of a pale shade and the
embroidery white. A frock made of
such fabrics naturally would be very
simple, with perhaps a tiny ribbon
girdle of a contrasting color.
We have had all of these materials
with us In past seasons, but this year
they are so remarkable in their color
ings and weaves that they give us
fresh inspiration. All the marvelous
hues of the most beautiful silks have
been reproduced in plain, brocaded
and checked organdies, voiles, batistes
and Swisses. The shades range from
the palest tints to the deep browns.
cerise shades and new reds.
The clothes prepared for those go
ing South are noteworthy for the prac
tical element combined with the
daintiest characteristic of' summer ap
parel. There are no extreme effects.
All of the dresses are of designs suit
able to the well-dressed woman's sum
mer wardrobe. Many of them are of
the chemise type, with trimmings of
drawnwork and hemstitching. When
they are made with a waistline it Is
placed low on the hips.
Youthful Model in Green Linen.
In direct opposition to the straight-
line frocks are those for young glrla
and the slender woman. These .tave
very full skirts, with a tendency to
ward the extended hip. One model,
developed from bottle-green handker
chief linen, has a straight skirt com
posed entirely, of tucks ranging from
the hem, which forms the bottom
tuck, and is about three Inches wide,
to one at the top of the skirt, which is
not deeper than a quarter of an inch.
The waist portion has tiny tucks
and drawnwork running perpendicu
larly. The skirt is joined to the waist
at a low line, the front and back be
ing perfectly plain, while the sides are
gathered very tightly, thereby produc
ing the extended hip appearance. The
short puff sleeves are of alternating
rows of tucks and drawnwork. The
neck is in V-shape, and slashed down
several Inches, the opening tying with
strips of the material finished with
hand-rolled hems. These are short,
so that the bows are very small.
Another attractive model Is of sal
mon-colored batiste, with plaited sjde
tunics trimmed with tiny white ba
tiste ruffles.
The frock of white organdie Is al
ways becoming and finds Infinite use
In the average woman's wardrobe, as
It can be worn on so many occasions.
On a white organdie which embodies
many ideas there is a fonndatlon of
the material, over which Is placed an
apron tunic extending three-quarters
of the way around the skirt. The nov
elty lies In the trimming used on both
the tunic and the underskirt. It Is in
the form of circles made of orange
and white organdie, one interlacing
the other. The chain thus formed
Inserted In the organdie. Two rows
of it are in the tunic and one in the
underskirt. The round neck is bound
with navy blue taffeta ribbon, 'which
continues down the slashed portion
and ties in little bows. A girdle of
the same ribbon about three Inches In
width encircles the waist at a rather
low line and ties in a bow with long
flowing ends at one side. This model
may be worked out In many different
combinations of color.
Linen Frock of Simple Charm.
A frock of unusual charm, and one
that might easily be made at home, is
developed from orchid handkerchief
linen and made In simple chemise
form, with short kimono sleeves. The
neckline is of square cut and slashed
at both corners of the front to a depth
of about five or six inches. The trim-
Emerald Green Organdie in Shadow
Check With Square Cape Collar.
mlng Is quite as simple as the frock
itself, and consists of tiny loops made
of bias strips of the material.
These loops are on the bottom of
the skirt, the sleeves and neck, con
tinuing down either side of the slashed
portions of the blouse. A dainty girdle
of narrow velvet ribbon a few shades
darker than the material from winch
the dress is evolved ties In loops at
either side at a low waistline.
It will be noted that practically all
of this summer's frocks slip on over
the head, whether they are In chemise
form or made In two separute pieces.
In each instance tfie waist portion Is
slashed to enable the wearer to don
the garment more readily.
White net always a favorite for
lingerie dresses this season is em
broidered, and sometimes is used In
conjunction with batiste or another
sheer material. A charming frock for
a young girl Is developed from pale
pink batiste and white, net. The
foundation of the dress Is of the ba
tiste. The skirt has an apron tunic
extending below the foundation. This
tunic is of alternating bands of the
batiste and net, the former trimmed
with tiny picot-edged ruffles of net.
Children's Laughter a Pleasing Sound
lF , v Hj
I lls t:: y
UP ' &A
Clothes For Tropical Climes
Rellere FeTerishness, Constipa
tion, CoMa and correct dtaordersoi
the Btomafa and bowels. Ustdh
Mot km for wtr so yttrx. All Drug"
elsts. Sample mailed FREE. Ad
dress Mothtr Grat Co., Lt Roi. H. Y.
With the turning of our thoughts
toward clothes to be worn in tropical
climes there comes the question of
hats. The fabric hat is always popu
lar for resort and warm weather wear.
Some of our exclusive American shops
are Importing and creating hats to
accompany each individual frock. One
dress Is of white georgette crepe,
made in straight-line effect, with a
deep fichu collar finished with double
ruffle of the material, plcot edged. An
embroidery design of large white
daisies done in heavy white silk
threads, the centers of the flowers in
yellow, Is worked into both the waist
and skirt portion.
Bathing Suit Now the Thing.
No longer do women Indulge In
ocean bathing solely for the exhilara
tion pf the salt water dip. A very
long time .ago the bath was the thing
and .t,he apparel merely a necessary
adjunct, butso surely and so steadily'
have battling" suit fashions been gain
ing for themselves a place of impor
tance that we have all but forgotten
that we ever went to the ocean just
for the pleasure of swimming. New
clothes are the first consideration, the
dip a secondary one.
No true daughter of Neptune is
without two or three of the one-piece
jersey swimming suits that have
grown In popularity each year. , These
have become almost a standard fash
ion in bathing suits, so that there Is
little change In them, except in the
colors favored. Last year the darker
hues were in the foreground. This
year , the shops are showing many
bright-colored jersey suits. It is a
question as to whether old rose and
French blue woolens will retain their
charm of color after a few plunges in
the ocean.
Decorating the Hat.
The new hat's decoration if there
Is any is usually on the left side, al
though occasionally a plume or a bow
of ribbon falls from the right of the
hat. Ribbon is often the basis of the
satin spring toque, an immense knot at
the side, falling farther down than tht
Altoona, Pa. "I am writ
ing to tell you what Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Com
pound has done for me. We
had six children die almost at
birth. From one hour to nine
teen days is all they have
lived. Before my next one
was born I took a dozen bot
tles of your Vegetable Com
pound, and I can say that it is
the greatest medicine on
earth, for this baby is now
four months old, and a
healthier baby you would not
want I am sending you a
picture of her. Everybody
says 4 That ia a very healthy
looking baby. ' You have my
consent to show these few
lines to anybody." Mrs.
C. W. Benz, 131 3rd Avenue,
Altoona, Pa.
Mrs. Janssen's experience of interest to childless wives.
Millston, Wis. ' I want to give you a word of praise for your wonderful
medicine. We are fond of children, and for a considerable time after we
were married I feared I would not have any. I began taking Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound, and it strengthened me so I now have a nice,
strong, healthy baby girl. I suffered very little at childbirth, and I give all
the credit to your medicine, and shall always recommend it highly. Mrs.
H. H. Janssen, Millston, Wis.
Mrs. Held of Marinette, Wis., adds her testimonial for Lydia E.
Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. She says:
Marinette, Wis." I was in a nervous condition and very irregular. My
doctor advised an operation. My husband brought me one of your booklets
and asked me to try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. It overcame
my weakness so that I now have a healthy baby girl after having been mar
ried nine years. I an) glad to recommend your medicine, and you may use my
letter as a testimonial?' Mrs. H. B. Held, 330 Jefferson St, Marinette, Wis.
There are many, many such homes that were once childless, and are now
blessed with healthy, happy children because Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound has restored the mother to a strong and healthy condition, as it
acts as a natural restorative for ailments as indicated by backache, irregu
larities, displacements, weakness and nervousness.
Women everywhere should remember that most of the commoner ailments
of women are not the surgical ones-? they are not caused by serious displace
ments or growths, although the symptoms may be the same, and that is why
so many apparently serious ailments readily yield to Lydia E. Pinkham s
Vegetable Compound, as it acts as a natural restorative. It can be taken
with perfect safety and often prevents serious troubles.
Therefore if you know of any woman who is suffering and has been unable
to secure relief and is regretfully looking forward to a childless old age, ask
her to try Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound, as it has brought health
and happiness into so many homes once darkened by .llness and despair.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Private Text-Book upon M Ailments
Peculiar to Women will he sent to you free upon request. Write
to The Lydia E. Pinkham Medicine Co., Lynn, Massachusetts.
This book contains valuable information.
Flattery is the praise we hear be
stowed on other people.
Hoxale'a Croup Remedy for croup, cougha and
colds. No ODlum. No nausea. 60c. Drus-
(lata. Kella Co., Newburgh, N. T., Mfri. Adv.
Victim of Carelessness Came Back
With Pointed Remark Concerning
Companion's Immediate Future.
Two negroes' were working In a
coal bin in a Mississippi town, one
down in the bin throwing out the coal
and the other wielding a shovel. The
one Inside picked up a large lump and
heaved it carelessly Into the air, struck
the other a resounding blow oTi the
As soon as the victim had recovered
from his momentary daze he walked
over to the edge of the bin and, peer
ing down at his mate, said:
"Nigger, how come you don't watch
where you throws dat coal? You done
hit me smack on the ha Id."
The other looked surprised.
"Did I hit you, nigger?" ,
"You sho' did," came the answer.
And I jes want to tell you, I'se been
promising the debil a man a long
time, and you certainly does resemble
my promise." New York Evening
People who vote have a great ad
vantage over those who only argue.
No harmful drugs in Garfield Tea. It is
composed wholly of simple, health-giving
herbs. Adv.
The Modem Accountant.
Stella What Is her hushund worth?
Bella Well, I don't know' his re
placement value.
Colored Man Evidently Had Little Con.
fidence In His Own Judgment in
Important Matter.
A visitor In Kentucky came across
that rare specimen, an unmarried col
ored man.
. The negro was a quiet, elderly per
son, not shiftless, but quite Industri
ous, so the northern ninn felt curious
and determined to find out why ha
had remained single.
"Uncle Jim, how does It happen that
you are so opposed to matrimony?"
The tld fellow looked up with a grave
face, but there was a twinkle In his
eye, as he replied: "Me suhl I ain't
rposed to matrimony."
"Well, why Is lt you have never
married?" his Inquisitor continued.
"Haven't you seen anyone you liked?"
"Lawdyl yessah but you see it's
thisaway; I couldn't resk my Judgment."
Sympathy's Cheaper.
"It's all right to sympathize with
the under dog In a fight," remarked
the Observer of Events and Things,
"but a fellow would be a fool to bet
on him."
IcSungsters grow husky on
Qhe great body-building values
'which Nature stores in wheat
and barley, are retained in this
easily digestible food.
The unique, sweet flavor
of Grape Nuts makes it
a biff Favorite with both
children and adults.
"There's a Reason

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